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News Photo by Steve Schulwitz Lindsey Randall weighs marijuana on one of the scales at the new Meds Cafe which opened in Alpena on Friday. This is the second adult marijuana store to open in the city this year.

ALPENA – The opening of the second adult marijuana store in Alpena on Friday was met with great excitement.

Dozens of people camped out in line ahead of the store’s opening – located on Campbell Street just off Ripley Boulevard – so they could take a look at the new business, score some loot and maybe make a purchase or two.

Meds Cafe, which has four stores in Michigan, welcomed its customers and rejoiced in the excitement of helping grow the marijuana industry locally.

Co-founder Scott Schroeder said it’s been a long road to get the store to this point, but everything is ready and employees are happy to serve people in the Alpena area.

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“It’s been a work in progress and it’s just super exciting and we’re excited to have the folks at Alpena coming to see what we can offer them,” he said. “We had people waiting in the parking lot at 8:15 and we opened sales at 9:00. We had 50 people come through the doors very quickly who took advantage of our freebies and everything was just awesome.”

The store offers more than pre-rolled joints and buds. It also sells vape pens, edibles, and topical creams, which are applied to the skin.

Schroeder said that due to the existence of multiple Meds Cafe locations in the state, the company is able to purchase large quantities of products at lower rates, which he says should keep prices affordable. and create more competition between existing stores and future stores.

“We’re going to pass all of our savings onto the consumer,” Schroeder said. “We are proud to be able to offer very good deals. Competition is good because the customer gets more for his money.

Before being allowed to open, the business had to obtain a special use permit from the city. The process was full of challenges after many people in the residential area near the store voiced their opposition to the permit and the store,

The opposition expressed by residents led the Alpena Planning Commission to twice refuse the necessary permit.

Meds Cafe challenged the refusal in court, saying it had met all the criteria. In early May, Alpena City Council voted to approve a bylaw, which paved the way for the necessary permit.

Schroeder said the store intends to show nearby residents that the store, its staff and its customers will not impact their way of life.

“We have been actively involved in every community we have entered and work with communities, not against them,” he said. “We are very community minded and want to be a good community steward.”

The grand opening celebration will continue at Meds Cafe today. Schroeder said there will be vendors, games, prizes, and grilled hot dogs and burgers.

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