Why weren’t more bars and restaurants in Cleveland allowed late hours for All Star weekend? Editorial Board Roundtable

Visitors to The Block watch a video that was made for them by Ridgeland Studios and was made in a stop-motion action format. The Block opened today during NBA All Star Weekend, giving fans a three-day experience of access to top players, musical acts, personalities, local artists, designers and more around the corner from West 54th Street and Detroit Avenue, February 18, 2022 Yes, II’s NBA All Star party in Cleveland this weekend – but why aren’t more bars and restaurants staying open late? The round table of the editorial board is looking into this question.John Kuntz,

New Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb cited neighborhood safety concerns and limited planning time in his decision to allow only seven Cleveland hotels to continue operating for an additional hour and a half after 2:30 a.m. this weekend. -end NBA All Star.

But many in the city’s struggling hospitality industry who could use this post-pandemic boost were shocked by the decision, which left most of the 80 bars and restaurants that had taken the time to apply. . City Council Speaker Blaine Griffin said he was “extremely disappointed”.

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