Wellness Boutique and Café opens on Trade Street | To eat

“We have similar offerings as you get in any cafe, but our specialty drinks use these superfood powders,” Luzardo said.

Customers can get a regular coffee, espresso, tea or chai latte. But they can also get tea, coffee, and other drinks with powders and concentrates with ingredients associated with wellness.

La Luz uses local companies Magic Beans Coffee and Vita Pour for its coffee and tea. Its wellness powders and concentrates come from Anima Mundi, a company based in Costa Rica.

Everything in coffee is plant-based. Non-dairy milks include almonds, oats, and macadamia.

Luz Latte is an espresso with homemade rose and cardamom syrups, coconut cream and a dirty rose chai collagen booster (associated with the strength of bones and joints, nails and hair. , etc.).

Mucuna Rose Matcha combines matcha with rose powder (associated with anti-inflammatory properties) and mucuna (associated with stress reduction, lower cholesterol and more) as well as an ‘elixir of euphoria. for a better mood ”.

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement