Waterbury nightclub liquor license suspended and closed

WATERBURY, Conn. (WFSB) – A nightclub in Waterbury has had its liquor license permanently suspended and ordered to close.

It comes after several shootings occurred at the property, the most recent being a fatal shooting on Saturday.

The club is called the Litt Ultra Lounge on West Main Street.

This order was issued after the Waterbury Police Chief sent two letters to state officials urging them to suspend their license.

In those letters, Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolohe mentioned a shooting in February where the club’s security chief was shot dead.

Police say someone started shooting at the bar after a large group was kicked out.

24 casings were found outside.

The leader says the club was causing a lot of criminal activity in the area.

Then, last Saturday, Adam Bellamy, 38, was killed.

Two others were also shot and survived.

The chef added that “for the immediate surrounding community, gunfire occurring on the premises of Lit Ultra Lounge is a serious health and safety concern.”

Police also said they needed to increase patrols around the club area, pay unnecessary overtime and add officers to the area instead of other needed areas of the city.

The state says Litt Ultra Lounge must remain closed.

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement