Vote for the best burger in Raleigh NC restaurants

Vote for your favorite burger among these tasty 16 in the first round of our Burger Bracket.

Vote for your favorite burger among these tasty 16 in the first round of our Burger Bracket.

There isn’t just one way to have a blissful burger, but you know it when you find it.

The sports bar, the walk-in roadside stand, the gourmet restaurant, it’s often the gooey cheeseburger that unites them.

The News & Observer searches for the best burger in Raleigh. We’ve narrowed down the city’s burger sphere to 16 of Raleigh’s most popular local burgers. Some are icons, some are beginners, some are shattering burgers, some are towering restaurant-style burgers served with a cloth napkin. All of them have made a contribution to the collective joy of Raleigh burgers.

There are plenty of great burgers out of Raleigh, and these burgers will have their time. This rack is only for local burgers in Raleigh, excluding some very popular and very tasty chain burgers from elsewhere. (For example, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar was not selected because it is a chain from Charlotte. Likewise, Cookout is not there because they started in Greensboro.)

The first round of the Raleigh Burger Bracket will go live on Monday, September 27 and will be open until Friday, October 1 at 11 a.m. You have four days to vote for your favorite burgers. Choose eight favorites from the grid below.

Check back for the second round starting Friday October 1 at noon.

Raleigh Savory 16

â–ª Beasley Chicken + Honey

â–ª Capital Club 16

â–ª Char-Grill

â–ª Cloo’s Coney Island

â–ª Cow burger

â–ª Good Folk

â–ª High-end burger

â–ª Mandolin

â–ª Mama Crow’s Burger & Salad Shop

â–ª MoJoe’s Burger

â–ª Neuse River Brewery

â–ª Retirement of players

â–ª Square Burger

â–ª The train station

â–ª Sam Jones’ barbecue

â–ª Town hall

This story was originally published September 27, 2021 at 12:59 pm.

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