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BATAVIA – The Kmart building on Lewiston Road would still be empty, but part of the parking lot in front of Kmart, facing Lewiston Road, could contain a few new restaurants.

Benderson Development LLC, which owns the property, requests a special use permit and site plan review when the county planning board meets via Zoom at 7 p.m. Thursday.

County planner Felipe Oltramari said the additions would not affect the vacant Kmart.

“They’re going to build two new buildings in front of the north side and the south side of the parking lot. We don’t know what the restaurants will be,” Oltramari said. “One of them will be a restaurant or a retail space, but there will be a café as the end of the building. The other building will be a drive-thru restaurant.

One restaurant would be about 4,000 square feet and the other a total of about 8,752 square feet, including the 2,000 square foot cafe, he said.

Oltramari said the city requires a special use permit for any project that includes a drive-thru, whether it’s a restaurant, pharmacy, etc.

Benderson offers two drive-thru lanes. The total project size would be 10,752 square feet.

In a letter to members of the Batavia City Planning Board, Benderson said the project would include the following:

not drainage upgrades to bring the site into compliance with current stormwater regulations;

not an increase in overall green space and landscaping;

not new curbs, pavement and site lighting around the proposed buildings.

“The project will take a vacant property and a large vacant car park and revitalize the front of the subject property along the road frontages – greatly improving this property and the area,” the owner said.

The two restaurant buildings will require 84 parking spaces and the site offers 366 parking spaces, which is more than enough for the proposed uses, Benderson said in its application. He also said the empty Kmart building didn’t need parking.

“At this point, there are no proposed uses for this (Kmart) building and any reuse of the old Kmart building should require significantly less parking than the old Kmart required by code…”, Benderson said. “When future development is proposed for the rear of the property, Benderson will return to the parking lot with the planning board at that time. We are asking the Planning Board to approve the parking lot as it is currently offered.

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