#trend: Club goers beg S’pore nightclubs to open earlier so they can ‘sleep before midnight’

In his rant, Milotruckdreams observed that nightclubs usually open at 10 p.m., with the revelry starting around 11 p.m.

“It’s almost bedtime already,” she lamented. “Why can’t things start at, like, 7:30?” »

She then described a preferable schedule allowing someone who finishes work at 6 p.m. to go into town, have dinner with friends, go to clubs by 7:30 p.m. and sleep before midnight.

One of the selling points of this new idea was being able to take public transport home and not have to pay for the ever-increasing fare increases of private rental cars.

One Instagram user noted, “All night buses home have also just been discontinued. No better time for this change.”

More importantly, the anonymous comedian pointed out that being able to sleep earlier will also allow clubgoers to make plans for the next morning instead of wasting half the day like they usually do.

One comment agreed, saying how impossible it is to start early the next day: “My friend wants to kill me because Saturday morning I can’t wake up for yoga.”

Another said, “Start early and finish early!! The next day you can still function and work.”

That could well include nightclub DJs and other staff, who Milotruckdreams says “still have to go sell insurance” the next morning.

Readers were very amused by his light on the seemingly vast number of people working in the insurance industry, and many comments about it.

“I died when I read that,” said one.

On Wednesday, Instagram user “jermheng” uploaded a video of his own heartfelt re-enactment of the rant, writing, “Finally we feel understood.”

His Instagram Reel has been viewed over 8,600 times, prompting further passionate comments: “Finally someone expresses exactly how I feel about clubbing to perfection!!!!!!!! We want to dance AND have a restorative sleep.”

Richard Dement

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