These restaurants have the best chicken sandwiches in Dallas, according to Yelp reviews

DALLAS (KDAF) – One of the simplest yet most delicious food offerings these days is the ever-popular chicken sandwich. Usually found with fried chicken, gravy, and crushed pickles between two buns, there are even more ways to enjoy this entree outside of the norm.

It’s a beautiful day to experience any day, but Wednesday November 9th brings the heat and the savory goodness because it’s National Fried Chicken Day!

“The warm, buttery bun with mayonnaise and crispy cold pickles. This experience deserves a lot of respect, which is why we take National Chicken Sandwich Day seriously here,” NationalToday said.

We are of course obsessed with making sure our readers know where to find the best of all foods on the market and today is no different. We checked Yelp’s list of the best places for chicken sandwiches around Dallas, here’s what reviewers say are top notch:

  • Smackbird Hot Chicken – North Dallas
  • Palmer’s Hot Chicken – Lakewood
  • Streets Fine Chicken – Oak Lawn
  • Invasion – East Dallas
  • Claudi B’s Nashville Hot Chicken & Burgers
  • Mike’s Chicken – Oak Lawn
  • SuperChix
  • Ricky’s Hot Chicken
  • East Hampton Sandwich
  • Dave’s Hot Chicken – North Dallas

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement