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We are all looking for something new and interesting, especially when it comes to food. Here’s a look at some of the latest additions.

Umaga Cafe is in a soft opening but already brings it out of the park.

Umaga means “morning” in Filipino (Tagalog) and I could easily imagine starting my mornings with the Ooh-Bae latte, made with ube cookie butter. It was easier to scoop the butter from the cookies with the wide cut straw (designed for the boba) when the ice cream had melted a bit but it just allowed me to enjoy the flavor of the coffee.

Owners Jeremy and Jezreel Cruz started their business selling high quality coffee imported from the Philippines, and the coffee is available by bag in the store.

The queue was long on the first day of the smooth opening so I should have added a bag of coffee to the initial order.

Now on to the pastries, despite the warning that the menu would be limited as they went live, there was still plenty to choose from. I tasted pandan (screw pine), langka (jackfruit) and guava fritters. All were tasty and chewy, the pandan, topped with grated coconut, being my favorite. (And I normally don’t like the coconut on top, which is a testament to the baking’s balanced flavors.)

Finally, the donuts can be topped with a choice of options – milk chocolate with ube crumbs, Biscoff cookie crumbs, fruity pebbles, or chocolate or rainbow chips – but for now the case was stacked with garnished donuts.

Special praise is reserved for the ube mochi muffin. The last regular had been sold to the customer before me, so I got the gluten free version. It didn’t matter because the flavor of the ube was great and the chewy texture of the mochiko sweet rice flour was satisfying. I would gladly order this version, which differs from the other only by the addition of ube cookie crumbs, which contain gluten.

The banana and peanut butter fried bun, served with halo-halo ice cream, was a nice balance of crunch and sweetness. The peanut butter, which could be overwhelming in a flaky dish like this, was balanced with the ice cream.

If this was just a sample of what the cafe will offer, I’m excited to come back in the coming months and see what the full menu has in store – and grab an ube cheese pandesal, which was going to be a 30-minute wait as the initial batch was already sold out about an hour after opening last Saturday. (I had them at a previous Umaga pop-up held at the Idea Hive and I’m up for more.)

It should also be noted that the staff were courteous and helpful, explaining the flavors of the pastries and apologizing for any wait times.

I am happy to see another local family business take the next step in building their brand. Hoping Bakersfield does what he does best and supports him as fiercely as he did on opening weekend.

The cafe at 4801 Stockdale Highway is closed Mondays and open the rest of the week from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For more information about Umaga Cafe, visit their website or its social networks – Facebook ( and Instagram (@umagacoffee).

New and improved

Tuesday, Subway launched what he called “Eat Fresh Refresh,” a massive overhaul of his menu, which took heat for the quality of the tuna he uses.

The changes include newly improved ingredients as well as fresh sandwiches.

Roast beef and roast chicken, both cut last summer, are back along with three new sandwiches: fresh Cali steak, made with steak, hickory smoked bacon, crushed avocado, BelGioioso mozzarella, spinach, red onion, tomatoes and mayo; the fresh Cali turkey, which is the same as the Cali steak, except that the featured protein is the oven roasted turkey; and the All-American Club, which features oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest ham, and hickory-smoked bacon with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions.

The standard subway club also benefited from the improved turkey, ham, and roast beef.

Some of the ingredients in these sandwiches might have intrigued you (at least as much as Subway) and that’s because they’re new or overhauled. These include mashed avocado, BelGioioso mozzarella, MVP (Most Valuable Parm) Parmesan dressing, hickory smoked bacon, black forest ham, oven roasted turkey, and steak.

There was also an upgrade to his signature Italian bread – now baked longer, at a higher temperature, 370 degrees, to give it a crispier crust – and his multigrain bread, made with amber grains and three types. of seeds. The last bread change was in 2000 when it went from cutting the trench at the top of the bread to slicing horizontally

The chain is also rolling out Subway Delivers, described as a white label delivery provided by DoorDash available on the company’s website and app. It’s part of the company’s ongoing efforts to simplify the digital control experience.

Reviews have been mixed since the midweek launch. Have you tried anything new at Subway? Email [email protected] and let us know what you think.

Coastal Grill from Rubio now offers Cauliflower Rice, available in any bowl or burrito for an additional $ 2. It can also be ordered as a side dish or in a children’s meal.

The herbal option is made with cauliflower rice cooked with fresh cilantro, lime juice, lemongrass and sea salt. A nutrient-dense food that contains antioxidants such as vitamins A and C, fiber, potassium, and calcium, it aligns with Keto, Whole 30, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Vegetarian diets.

“Rubio customers are incredibly food savvy and appreciate being able to order personalized meals based on their wellness goals,” Rubio co-founder Ralph Rubio said in a press release. “When cabbage rice is replaced with rice in our California bowl, cabbage rice is just 130 calories with 7 net carbs per serving. It’s an easy swap that tastes delicious with great health benefits. . “

Rubio’s is at 9200 Rosedale Highway, Suite 200.

Popeye, which aimed to dominate the fast food chicken sandwich market, is expanding further into nuggets. Last on the menu nearly 10 years ago, the Nuggets will be available from July 27, taking “the quality and flavor” of Popeye’s famous chicken sandwich and breaking it into poppable chunks.

Nuggets are made from white meat and made with a special flour and dough system, according to Restaurant Business’s website. They are available in classic flavor and can be paired with several sauces, including Bayou Buffalo, BoldBQ, Blackened Ranch, Buttermilk Ranch, Mardi Gras Mustard, and Mild Heat.

Farmer boys offers two summer offers, both back at the request of customers. First up is the Pork Heaven Breakfast Burrito, consisting of three cage-free eggs, American cheese, crispy hash browns, homemade salsa, smoked hickory bacon, pork sausage. and diced ham, rolled in a hot flour tortilla.

He also brought back the Chicken Caesar Salad, which consisted of flame-grilled chicken, hand-diced Hass avocado, hickory-smoked bacon and Parmesan on a bed of hand-chopped romaine lettuce accompanied Farmer Boys Parmesan Crusted Sourdough. toast.

Menu items are available now through August 30. To learn more about Farmer Boys, visit

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