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Get ready to discover the best bars in Fulham – these are the best places for cocktails, wine, beer and more.

Fulham is becoming one of the trendiest places to have a drink in London – after all, it’s a popular place for young professionals, so it’s no wonder new bars are popping up every day too .

Whether you’re looking for a classy hangout, a fun place to drink with friends or somewhere in between, Fulham has a killer selection of venues. These are our favourites.

Fulham’s Best Bars

The little blue door


little blue door

It’s no secret that we love The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill and the new The Little Scarlet Door in Soho, so whenever we’re in Fulham our first stop is a drink at The Little Blue Door. This one is arguably the best.

Why? The little blue door is so fun because it was designed to look like someone’s apartment. Decor includes toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and toiletries in restrooms, cozy lounging areas, kitchen-type areas, game rooms, and party rooms. The dream apartment, if you ask us.

This Fulham cocktail bar also hosts one of the capital’s best diners, called The Supper Club, every Thursday night. The food is amazing and it’s open late into the night for your cocktail cravings. That alone makes it the best place for late night drinking in Fulham.

Amuse bouche


Looking for somewhere a little more luxurious? Amuse Bouche is a wonderful little place for champagne and cocktails in Fulham. An ideal place for a date, this bar offers an extensive drinks menu filled with refined classics.

This bar prides itself on serving vintage champagne and original recipe cocktails while featuring the best live music London has to offer every Friday and Saturday night.

They have both an upstairs and downstairs bar, as well as a lovely heated garden. Head here for great cocktails at decent prices.

The water’s edge


Perched on the beautiful shores of Imperial Wharf, close to Fulham Broadway, is The Waterside, a stellar Fulham bar. We love that The Waterside is still relatively underrated, and unless you live in the area, you probably won’t know it’s there.

It’s a great price for the area, especially considering you’re drinking on the river with a dreamy sunset and delicious food. There’s an impressive cocktail list with tasty dishes (and there’s heaters for those freezing winter months!)

Megan’s by the Green


Megan’s is popping up all over London right now and we can see why not only is the food delicious, but the cocktails are really good.

Megan’s bar is quite adorable, flanked by fairy lights and a magical feel. You’ve probably seen pictures of it online because, after all, it’s one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London.

Tip: Sit by the window and you’ll almost feel like you’re outside with the warmth and comfort of the inside. One of our favorite places for cocktails in Fulham.

Brinkley Fulham Wines


Formerly known as Joe’s Brasserie, this fantastic wine bar in Wandsworth Bridge Road has become increasingly popular for an after-work drink in Fulham.

The food is delicious and the service is always spot on, but the wine list is the reason we keep coming back. Brinkley’s new wines always impress.

We also love the outdoor seating, it’s quite romantic, you might want to add it to your list for a laid back evening option as well as being Fulham’s best wine bar.

creek house


Brook House is one of our favorite places to eat in Fulham and we’ve talked about it before on the site, but what we may not have mentioned is that it’s also the best place to grab a glass.

There are a few tables outside that you can grab if you’re lucky enough to get there in time, otherwise it’s mostly inside.

We love the great selection of wines, beers and cocktails. Brook House is also wonderfully decorated and you’ll feel like you’re in a posh Soho bar right in the center of Fulham.

It also accepts dogs, which is also a plus for us.



Vagabond is another great wine bar option near Fulham Broadway.

This posh London chain makes it all too easy to spend an evening sipping wine – just register a card on entry and you’re free to try whatever you want. Dangerous but fun, we think.

Add to that a stellar location and tasty charcuterie boards and you’re onto a winner – this is Fulham’s best wine bar.

Never Land – Fulham Beach Club


Neverland is the bar of duality – transformed into a beach in the summer and in the winter it transforms into a snowy cabin full of all the Christmas vibes you’ll ever need. Neverland is a great place for a drink in Fulham and one of the few beaches in London!

It has beds, cabanas, and beach-style cabanas that all need to be reserved before the day, but you can also just rock out during the day and try your luck or just head inside for a standard drink.

Fun music + great cocktails = one of the coolest places to drink in Fulham.

Cool Bars in Fulham: practical advice

  • Make a reservation in advance. If you’re going for an early drink, don’t just go because chances are you won’t get a table. However, if it’s a late night drink, you’ll probably be fine and we’re sure all the lovely hosts at Fulham will do their best to seat you.
  • Check out nearby parks like Bishops Park and Battersea Park while you’re in the area, it’s nice to take a good walk before sitting down for a drink.

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