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Lexington nightclub’s liquor license suspended 8 days after shooting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The player’s nightclub on Winchester Road received an emergency suspension of its liquor license overnight, and only eight days after its last shooting that injured a man.

Officer Sherelle Roberts with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department in Frankfurt said the action was taken because of recent disorderly conduct, and that removing alcohol from the picture could prevent any other dangerous situations from occurring.

The nightclub’s crime issues opened up a larger conversation about gun violence in the neighborhood.

A mural on the side of the nightclub helps illustrate that conversation, and it’s endorsed by Fayette County sheriff candidate Tucker Bulleit, who has a working partnership with Player’s Nightclub.

Bulleit explained that the two faces on the mural lost their lives in the nightclub. The first was Iesha Edwards at a shooting in 2019, then DJ Streetz, who was a DJ at the nightclub, and died of a drug overdose.

Bulleit said he has a nice partnership with the nightclub managers to campaign against gun violence and drug overdoses, but admits the problems come from the territory.

“So we’re hoping that by improving the neighborhood they’ll see it as a reputable business and not as a dangerous and harmful area of ​​the city,” Bulleit said.

The nightclub has become a hot spot for gun violence, and Bulleit said, “We’re trying to do our part to raise awareness of the unfortunately rising homicide rates that Fayette County has been experiencing in recent months.”

Bulleit said the community is asking for more police presence and he agrees it’s necessary for both the nightclub’s operations and surrounding businesses.

“It’s important to have a good police presence and I think if we enforce those kinds of laws it might actually push the spectrum to the other side and we might get a different management out of it,” Bulleit said.

Bulleit said in his past campaigns, he’s seen how much the community appreciates seeing law enforcement interested in having a strong presence in the neighborhood.

Bulleit said the nightclub’s location is what attracted the new management, and with action taken by the Department of Liquor Control, he hopes the nightclub’s crime problems will be improved.

“These are young adults looking to improve the neighborhood. I mean, give them a second chance and see what happens,” Bulleit said.

FOX 56 has contacted the owners of the nightclub for comment and is still awaiting a response.

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Wollongong nightclub Mr Crown has applied for development to expand into nearby rentals | Mercury of Illawarra

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One of Wollongong’s most popular nightspots is set to expand, with the owners of Mr Crown looking to expand their entertainment footprint into two nearby storefronts. Prince Property Consulting has lodged a development application with Wollongong City Council on behalf of Mr Crown landlords, Wollongong Nightlife, seeking consent for the ‘change of use’ of two adjoining tenancies to extend the floor space current Mr. Crown of 177 square meters. While a site plan filed as part of the application reserved the additional space for a new gaming area, Prince Property Consulting director Shaun Prince told the Mercury it was more likely the space be part of an enlarged dance floor. Read more: Just getting your blood drawn: Mayor’s message after shock cancer diagnosis “It’s unusual for one let alone two vacancies like this to arise and it was an opportunity they didn’t want to miss from a business strategy point of view. a benefit to everyone for them to occupy this space.” Mr Prince said Wollongong Nightlife’s proposed expansion recognized the company’s continued investment in the city. “They are a key part of the night economy, they’re investing money in the CBD,” he said. what Mr. Crown is doing.” Meanwhile, a report accompanying the development application, said the proposal would not cause any adverse impact on the town centre.” The application will be on display until February 7. The room Illawarra Mercury press release is funded by our readers. You can sign up to support our journalism here.


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The Metro nightclub site will become a self-storage center | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record

The closed Metro Entertainment Complex in Riverside is being considered for redevelopment into the Metro Self Storage project.

A city request shows the removal of the former gay nightclub, which closed in August 2021.

The city has issued a Mobility Fee Calculation Certificate for Jacksonville-based Atlantic Self Storage to develop a 150,000-square-foot, four-story facility on 3.43 acres at 859 Willow Branch Ave.

Matthews Design Group of St. Augustine is the agent.

Through Riverside Avondale Atlantic Service LLC, Atlantic Self Storage purchased the property Sept. 1 for $1.85 million among four deeds.

Atlantic Self Storage operates 51 facilities in northeast Florida, according to

Jerald C. Rosenberg and Arnold J. Michaels have sold the gated Metro Entertainment Complex property for $1.85 million.

Holidays of Jacksonville Inc. and Holidays of Jacksonville LLC, led by Arnold J. Michaels and Jerald C. Rosenberg, sold the property, including the building, parking lot and vacant land,

The 16,319 square foot nightclub building was built in 1941.

On August 24, Daily Record partner reported that Metro Entertainment Complex owner Jerry Rosenberg announced that the nightclub would be closing this weekend.

The site said Rosenberg announced the closure of the nightclub, which had served the LGBTQ+ community for 28 years.

Rosenberg said the nightclub has been hit hard due to the pandemic.

“AJ and I would like to thank everyone who has supported Metro over the years,” Rosenberg said in the report.

“We have been the proud owners for 15 of the 28 years. It was an incredible experience. We have the most wonderful staff and friends behind us since day one. The pandemic hit us really hard, being so closed last year,” Rosenberg said.

“We have the opportunity to sell the buildings and land to a developer.”

Rosenberg also teased that a new location may open soon.

He said he was working with some key employees to partner with Metro’s move “to a new, smaller, brighter location in the community.”

Rosenberg said on January 22 that he had not chosen a new location. “We are working on it,” he said.

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Shut down by COVID, Houston nightclub turns into grocery store to support black vendors

Before COVID-19[female[feminine disrupted life across the country, a Houston nightclub called District 1960 hosted some of the hottest musical acts, including Megan Thee Stallion and Moneybagg Yo.

But when the pandemic forced the place to close, it meant more customers and more revenue for business owner Robert Thomas.

“They told me I wasn’t essential,” he told CBS News’ Omar Villafranca. “It made me rethink who I am, what my purpose is.”

It was then that a new idea germinated. Thomas could still bring people together – not to make noise, but to shop, in his own grocery store.

The space, which opened in November, is now called District Market Green Grocer. Instead of musical acts, it offers frozen food, fruits and vegetables, and a busy juice bar.

Thomas not only transformed the place into one of the first black-owned supermarkets in the city, but also gave himself a new mission: to create a platform for black sellers.

“Right now everything here is from a black salesman,” he said.

It comes like Ownership of a black business fell 41% during the pandemic, the highest of any racial group, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The goods in Thomas’s store come from 40 black vendors selling things like meat, produce, and spices.

One such vendor is My Mark 61 Cattle Co., which sells grass-fed meat. Owner Emory Davis said his small business couldn’t handle the volume required for large grocery stores, so before he makes it big, he starts small.

“It’s a good outlet because you can grow with it,” Davis said. “He starts. And then once he gets another location, hopefully you can grow with that and then you’ll be able to provide that next location.”

Another provider is Signature Sudz. Owners Robb and Jessica Tannan said they started making their own soaps and solvents for use in their laundry business after supplies dried up at the start of the pandemic.

“My amazing husband found recipes, he found ways to put ingredients together, and we first rolled out our product to our laundry customers,” Jessica Tannan said.

They are now selling these products in Thomas’ new store, hoping that business will increase.

“To be able to start in those markets and build the customer base, build product recognition, that’s super important,” she said. “And to do it with a community like the one Robert is building is just awesome. I mean, it’s just a win.”

Thomas, who had no grocery store experience, said he never imagined his nightclub would turn into this.

“No, no way. You could never have told me that I would have become a grocer,” he said. “I wanted a bigger club downtown, somewhere, something like that.”

Now he has different plans – for his supermarket: “I want locations all over the world.”

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Cat café ‘Crumbs and Whiskers’ asks President Biden to have a kitten

The owners of the business recommended that the first family adopt a homeless cat that was once in danger of being euthanized.

“Our black and white 9 month old baby with the cutest face. Mr. Sweetie loves to play with toys, and if you start to give him affection, he will melt in your arms! (Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers)

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

Our 6 month old orange and white tabby.  He is incredibly affectionate and will give you head butt to convince you to stroke him.  He even loves to turn around and let you touch his stomach.

“Our 6 month old orange and white tabby. He is incredibly affectionate and will give you head butt to convince you to stroke him. He even loves to turn around and let you touch his stomach. (Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers)

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

Our very playful 1 year and 4 month old tabby cat.  He especially likes chasing the sparkler or playing cuckoo!  Whenever he is sleepy he tries to snuggle up to everyone!

“Our very playful 1 year and 4 month tabby. He especially likes chasing the sparkler or playing cuckoo! Whenever he is sleepy he tries to snuggle up to everyone! (Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers)

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

9 months old and loves to stretch out more than anything.  He is very playful most of the day but will absolutely love the scratched neck!

“9 months old and loves to stretch out more than anything. He is very playful most of the day but will absolutely love the scratched neck! (Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers)

Courtesy of Crumbs & Whiskers

President Biden has had a new German Shepherd puppy named Commander, but the folks who run Georgetown’s “Crumbs and Whiskers” cat and cat cafe are having a little fun welcoming a new feline friend to the House. White.

The owners of the business recommended that the first family adopt a homeless cat that was once in danger of being euthanized.

The cafe said it has a number of cats to choose from, including Mr. Sweetie, a 9 month old black and white baby, a few tabby cats named Mario and Walter, or a black cat named Inky.

“There are rumors that the new First Dog, Commander, is looking for a feline friend to keep him company in the White House,” a Crumbs and Whiskers spokesperson told WTOP.

The cafe, a short walk from the White House, said it would like to see one of its adopted kittens – America’s First Family Kitten (KOTUS).

“We would love President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to come meet the ‘perfect’ presidential kitten to complete their family of pets,” said Kanchan, owner of Crumbs & Kitten Cafes & Cafes. Whiskers in DC and Los Angeles, California.

Crumbs & Whiskers is partnering with Homeward Trails, a cat rescue nonprofit, to prevent euthanasia of cats and provide ‘comfortable, clean and free’ environments. The organization currently has around 25 cats and kittens in DC ready for adoption.

Editor’s Note: For the sake of balance, WTOP would like to remind you that there are several pets, including cats, available for adoption in the DC area. Previous reporting on PupOTUS Commander joining Biden’s White House should not be construed as biased towards any particular puppy or kitten. The OMCP has not contacted the White House for comment on KOTUS.

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Cafe owner forced to shut down expensive business

A popular cafe that reopened just 16 days before the first lockdown was forced to close after Covid-19 hit the independent business.

Sami Mannings took over Wirral-based cafe The Willow Tree last year.

The Willow Tree has been on Main Street in Liscard just behind the Cherry Tree Mall for three decades, and some of the staff have been working there since day one.

Read more:Marks and Spencer shoppers ‘hooked’ to ‘amazing’ box of festive snacks

Sami’s husband Jay worked at the popular cafe as a chef for eight years, and Sami also did many temporary shifts during this time.

She said staff members arrived for their shift in February last year to find the locks had been changed and the owner had “disappeared”.

Sami, 33, told ECHO: “It was a huge shock, the staff just showed up to find out that the locks had been changed and found a note from a bailiff.

“When that happened, I told myself and my husband that I could have a coffee.

“We spoke to the owner and it was agreed that we would take over almost immediately. “

However, just 16 days after the ‘darling’ cafe reopened, all UK hotel businesses were forced to shut down as the country entered its first lockdown after the Covid-19 outbreak.

As the couple had just acquired ownership of the business, restrictions in place prevented all four of staff from being eligible for the leave, leaving all four as well as Sami and Jay with no income.

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The mother of four said, “During this time my stepfather has helped us get through the lockdown and keep the business open.

“While we were closed I put thousands of dollars in it – to decorate it and update it.

“I spent night after night raving about getting it ready for when we could reopen.”

When given the green light to reopen, all staff returned part-time and Sami was optimistic.

The Willow Tree came to the attention of locals in October after announcing they would provide free packed lunches to schoolchildren during their mid-term after Tory MPs rejected a Labor motion that planned to provide free school meals to schoolchildren. poorest families in the country during the mid-term.

Sami said: “I am very community driven – I love helping the community and always want to help anyone who needs it.

“When we announced that we would be doing the free packed lunches, it exploded. The number of messages I got from moms, dads and grandparents saying ‘you don’t realize how useful this is “, it broke my heart.

“We have four children of our own, so I can’t sit still knowing that other children are hungry.”

Sami said that during the semester, they prepared around 280 packed lunches a day for community members, extending meals to parents and their children.

But despite the positive attention and respected reputation, Sami said the cafe had never been the same since it reopened after the first lockdown.

She said: “A lot of our footsteps have always come from people walking through Wilkinson’s and out their back door to the cafe.

“After the lockdown, Wilkinson’s door still seemed to be locked, so we went to them and asked if they could reopen it, but their head office told us the door would not be reopened.

“It was a huge damage to our business and from there we just struggled and struggled – with the high rent and the drop in custom.

“I went as long as I could physically – I would convince myself that if we got to summer it would be crowded, if we got to fall it would be crowded, I even said that if we got there at christmas it would be crowded, i just couldnt do it anymore.

Sami, who is originally from Scotland and moved to Wallasey when she was 15, said the decision was ‘heartbreaking’ and that if she won the lottery, keeping the willow open would be the first thing she did. she would.

Outside of herself, she said it was “heartbreaking” for the staff, especially their other boss who has been with the company since day one.

Sami said: “It has been very difficult for my husband and our other chef who have been there and worked together for so long.

“I tried to keep going as long as possible because I felt so responsible and guilty if the staff lost their jobs, especially as Christmas approached, but I couldn’t stop it or stop it and when I talked to them about it, they were really understanding.

“We’re such a tight group, I love these guys – they’re family and I’ve known them for so long – that’s one of the hardest parts.”

Announcing her closure on Wednesday, Sami posted on The Willow Tree’s Facebook page how she had “struggled” and “tried her best to stay open” despite the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions that took her financial toll, but in the end , it just wasn’t possible.

Sami wrote: “It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that from Saturday December 4, 2021 at 3pm, we will be closing our doors for the last time.

“As most of our customers know I resumed coffee 16 days before the first lockdown, struggled and did my best to stay open through a number of lockouts and restrictions.

“Unfortunately, I’m now at a point where Liscard is such a quiet place and the cafe has become so quiet that I just can’t stay open anymore.”

Sami added that she and all of the staff were “going to miss” all of their repeat customers.

She told ECHO: “We have customers that grandparents used to bring in, and people who have been coming for years who come at the same time on the same day every week and eat the same thing. – people have memories here and we will miss it.

Customers flocked to the comments section to wish the team the best of luck for the future and to express their “devastation.”

Laura J Friess said: “Omg absolutely devastated for you, im so sorry. I send you so much love, I will never forget how kind you were making all those breakfasts for the kids who needed it . “

Jenni Ward said: “I am so disappointed for you. You have done an amazing job for our local community, it is such a shame. I will always be grateful for the kids’ breakfasts when I had the most trouble. J ‘hope you and your staff all the best for the future. “

Despite her heartache, Sami said if there was one bright spot that she could take away from her experience as owner of The Willow Tree, it’s that she had had the opportunity to make a difference for the community.

She said: “The short time that I have had it I have been helping people and that means everything to me knowing that we will always be known as the cafe that has helped the community.

“I would love nothing more than to wake up on Monday and be able to open the doors, it would be a dream come true but I have been blessed enough even if it was only for a short time.”

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The bar remains closed after the judge recuses himself | News, Sports, Jobs

YOUNGSTOWN – The social bar, closed on August 26 after being declared a nuisance and barricaded, will remain closed after the judge in charge of the case recused himself because his father, a deputy director of municipal law, spoke with a lawyer involved in the case. .

Mahoning County Magistrate James A. Melone said on Tuesday that when he met the lawyers involved in the case ahead of a hearing, he learned that Lou D’Apolito, a deputy legal director, had had a conversation with an opposing lawyer to “attempt settlement agreements.

Lou D’Apolito is the father of Judge Anthony D’Apolito, who is in charge of the case. Lou is also a retired judge in the Court of Common Pleas.

“It has been brought to the attention of the tribunal that there is a potential conflict of interest or at least a potential appearance of impropriety that concerns this tribunal,” said Melone.

Judge D’Apolito ruled on Tuesday to withdraw his court from the case and asked the court administrator to assign it to another judge, Melone said.

A permanent injunction hearing was canceled on Tuesday.

On August 26, Judge D’Apolito and Melone granted the city’s request for a temporary injunction to shut down The Social on the ground floor of Erie Terminal Place on West Commerce Street.

The city complaint indicated in the previous six months that Youngstown Police had filed several criminal complaints against The Social, including four for serving minors, four for disorderly conduct through intoxication, three for possession of marijuana, four charges of weapons, five for assault and five for fights or altercations between bosses.

John Zomoida – attorney for The Social and its owner, Fahd Daniel – objected to the challenge, saying Judge D’Apolito could still objectively hear the case and that there was no ” conflict of interest with this tribunal ”.

Zomoida said Lou D’Apolito got involved in the case due to the suspension of the city’s legal director, Jeff Limbian.

After a dispute with Valencia City Clerk Marrow over when to provide council legislation and recognize other communication issues, Limbian was given a two-week suspension without pay on November 18 by Mayor Jamael Tito Brown . This suspension ends on Thursday.

Gregg Rossi, Erie Terminal’s attorney, said on Tuesday he received a call about a week ago from Lou D’Apolito with “discussions on the merits of the case.” Rossi had no objection to the case being transferred to another judge.

James Vivo, a deputy legal director, also had no objection on behalf of the city.

Zomoida asked for the temporary restraining order to be lifted on Tuesday, but Melone denied it, saying her court was recusing itself from the case and would not make a decision.

Zomoida said the closure “has an impact on Daniel’s livelihoods”. “We just want to reopen.”

He added: “We have serious doubts about the city’s ability to successfully pursue this case. “

The company opened on October 31, 2020.

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Kinship Cafe Owner Serves More Than Coffee

TJ Roberts’ Kinship Cafe is easy to spot.

The white and blue building sits on the corner of North 6th Street and Ann Avenue in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, across from the Municipal Courthouse.

The heart logo of this black male-owned business was meant to stand out. It represents what Roberts hopes to manifest within the walls of the cafe: kindness, intention, purpose, service.

It all started with a simple cup of Folgers when he was just 10 years old.

At a church in Wamego, Kansas, just outside Manhattan, the seven-fingered biracial child of two white pastors served coffee he made to his family’s church worship team. It was there that he was drawn to a role he believed he could play in serving others, welcoming others and fostering community.

Now 30 years old and living in Kansas City Roberts Kinship Cafe recently opened. He’s been working in space for years.

It used to be a cupcake shop. Roberts completed many finishing touches on Sunday, working with the Chiefs game in the background. The space has a minimalist design with white walls and deep blue details. Small plants adorn the tables.

A menu featuring items from Gigi’s Vegan + Wellness Cafe sits near the counter, behind which Roberts serves a cold ale and a lightning ale, which he describes as less bitter and sour: perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Five years ago, when he realized how difficult it would be to invite people into the conversations about the breed that he felt obligated to have while working in insurance, he decided to marry her love of coffee and service.

KCM_KinshipCafe_102021_EJC_ (4)
(Left to right) Nabil Hossain and Brock Sauvage have coffee at the Kinship Cafe in Kansas City on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Emily Curiel [email protected]

Sip with intention

The heart of Kinship Cafe is fair programming.

Some Monday evenings, the dozen or so tables inside the Kinship Cafe are pushed to the side to make way for a meditation space, complemented by a series of holistic living lectures. On weekends, Wesley Hamilton, founder of Disabled But Not Really, brings his mobile gym for workout classes.

Roberts also has business incubation courses in the works. And a friend who can teach nutrition. A salesperson who can learn to cook with non-GMO products and eat healthy on food stamps.

It has partnered with Black Drip Coffee and a portion of its sales is donated to Porter House KC, a non-profit organization that helps bring entrepreneurial resources to underserved metro communities.

His motto: “Sip with intention.

“The heart of our business is being in places where we are not represented,” said Roberts.

Yes, he sees his coffee as a respite from the office, but also a place where customers can step back and focus on themselves.

But it also organizes a space that allows the space to develop.

“The goal is that we want to see people thrive, grow, develop and enter the real world and their business the way they want,” he said. “And sometimes they just need to be in places where they see people like them, and know that it’s okay to fail, you know, and that you’re in a safe place to fail.”

KCM_KinshipCafe_102021_EJC_ (2)
Kinship Cafe in Kansas City on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Emily Curiel [email protected]

A life of grain

An older white woman recently stopped by the Kinship Cafe for coffee. She was from the Jewish clinic down the street. They chatted and she asked Roberts where he was from. When he answered, she almost dropped her coffee.

“The first thing she said was, ‘I’m so sorry,'” said Roberts, recalling the conversation with the woman who had grown up not far from her rural hometown of Wamego.

She remembered how stubborn, racist people had been.

“I can’t imagine what you’ve been through,” she told him.

Most people can’t.

Roberts was raised by white parents who adopted him in Kansas City before he was old enough to remember.

In high school, the superintendent called him a racial insult and threatened the head coach not to play Roberts, who was one of the best football players on the team.

Roberts was the first African American man to graduate from Rock Creek High School.

In college, he faced a new kind of adversity playing for the Mid-American Nazarene football team. Roberts has seven fingers: five on his right hand, two on his left. Some players called him “Crabby” or refused to touch him.

Nazarene’s coach finally told Roberts that until he had 10 fingers he would never let him run the ball.

“That’s when I had to dig really deep,” said Roberts, recalling the suicidal thoughts that crept in as he relearned his self-esteem.

So he left. He joined the Kansas State squad as a running back, becoming one of the only D1 Big12 players to play with a deformity.

“It’s been a part of my life since I was born, you know, just to have that courage,” he said.

KCM_KinshipCafe_101921_EJC_ (2) (5)
TJ Roberts is the owner of Kinship Cafe, in Kansas City, Kansas. Emilie Curiel [email protected]

The search for equity

He worked in insurance after graduating from university. He’s won Rookie of the Year twice, once with AAA and once with Farm Bureau. He was one of the state’s top producers for four years in a row. But he was tired of being the only black in the room.

Through a little research, he found that only 4% of the industry at the time was represented by people of color. Of the approximately 8,500 insurance agencies on the Kansas City subway, he said only four or five were black.

In the wake of Floyd’s murder by a white Minneapolis police officer and the national racial calculation that followed, Roberts endured the brunt of the uncomfortable conversations around race at work.

Roberts prayed a lot. He listened to those with platforms talk about the experience of black people in America.

“We have to be vigilant against racism,” they said. Roberts asked God to give him the energy and compassion to do just that.

Over the summer, his job let him go unexpectedly. They never gave him a reason, he said. At the time, however, he had started many conversations about race at work and was speaking candidly about it on his Facebook page.

“They didn’t like my tone. They didn’t like the things I revealed, ”said Roberts, adding that the company didn’t want to take responsibility for its lack of diverse hiring practices.

Roberts had just signed his lease for the coffee. He hadn’t planned on running his new business without his other job as financial support. But to be honest, part of him was relieved.

KCM_KinshipCafe_102021_EJC_ (2) (2)
TJ Roberts, owner of Kinship Cafe, brews cold brew coffee with caramel. Emilie Curiel [email protected]

While working 60 hours a week at his office insurance job, Roberts landed a side job as a barista at The Roasterie and Messenger, where he spent nearly three years learning the coffee trade. and industry.

And now the industry is giving back. Many names in the home cafe have asked how they can help, with some even supporting it on their social media pages.

Daniel Smith, co-founder of Porter House, said Roberts’ story was a quest for fairness, so it’s only natural that he seeks a similar purpose in his own work, especially as a mentor for young people.

“He’s just a phenomenal young man, and I’m thrilled to see his growth and to help support him through the process,” Smith said.

A GoFundMe to help defray the costs of starting the cafe is available at As of Monday, Roberts had raised about $ 4,500 of his goal of $ 15,000.

This story was originally published 23 November 2021 5:00 a.m.

Kansas City Star Stories

Anna Spoerre covers the latest news for the Kansas City Star. Prior to joining The Star, she covered crime and the courts for the Des Moines Register. Spoerre graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where she studied journalism.

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GoLocalProv | At RI, restaurants sign up for an app to offer discounts

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Enlarge +

A new application is being prepared in IR

New app connects shoppers to restaurants and stores in Rhode Island – to buy surplus food at a reduced price.

According to “Too Good to Go,” more than a third of the world’s food is wasted. And they want to change that.

“We dream of a planet without food waste, and every day we work to make it a reality,” say the creators of the application. “Our app is the most direct way for you to get involved – just download, log in and save some perfectly good surplus food at your local stores. It’s always a surprise and instant good deed for the planet.


Customers can sign up for a ‘surprise bag’ of food – or lunch – to be picked up from a participating store or restaurant at a specific time at the end of the day, typically paying a third of what the food would cost. normally retail.

For businesses, they can be paid for food that is still “good” but is approaching its expiration date or, in the case of restaurants, for food that would otherwise be thrown away.

And like most food apps, customers can rate and rate restaurants and stores, so future consumers can get a feel for user satisfaction with service.

“Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take action against food waste. We know that in order to live and breathe this every day, we have to turn our words into deeds, “says Too Good to Go.” With this in mind, we have defined a new ambition: to contribute in every way possible to the building of the movement. global food waste. It is only when we all come together to fight food waste that we can generate positive change in society.

According to an app representative, an official launch in Rhode Island is expected in early December, but businesses and consumers can participate now.

RI now on App Map

Enlarge +

A new app wants to match stores and restaurants with surplus food – with customers looking for a big discount. PHOTO: Roma FB

In the United States, food waste is estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent of the food supply, according to the FDA. That figure, based on USDA’s Economic Research Service estimates of 31 percent food loss at the retail and consumer level, worked out to about 133 billion pounds and $ 161 billion in food loss. 2010.

“Wasted food is the largest category of material placed in municipal landfills and represents food that could have helped feed families in need,” writes the FDA. “In addition, the water, energy and labor used to produce wasted food could have been used for other purposes. To effectively reduce food waste will require cooperation between federal, state, tribal and local governments, faith-based institutions, environmental organizations, communities and the entire supply chain. “

In Rhode Island, more than half a dozen businesses have already signed up for the “Too Good to Go” app.

“It works very well for us. I like participating in programs like this, especially if we can help people, ”said Oliver Aldana with Roma on Federal Hill.

Aldan said that in addition to selling a meal that would normally cost $ 15 for a third of the $ 5 price, he likes to add even more.

“I like to do a good deal for people. I will also include bread and dessert, ”he said.

Enlarge +

The new app seeks to use technology – to help stop waste. PHOTO: file

At the Chalkstone supermarket, Rodger Rodrigue said the app also helped sell their hot food offerings at the end of the day.

“We can offer food products and packaged food [on the app], but there are ups and downs in terms of what people get, ”he said. “If I’m offering something that’s about to expire, there probably won’t be a lot of variety. It will probably be, say, four cans of graham crackers.

“We were already doing ‘grab deals’ in the store, if anything neared the expiration date we would lower the price,” he said. “We saw this as a way to get more people to buy from the store. “

“Everyone has waste,” he said of the industry. “If we can limit this and help people at the same time, you can’t go wrong.”

  • Lack of Workers Has Only One RI Restaurant Offering $ 250 Referral Reward
  • The next big thing in the RI economy could be emerging food start-ups
  • So what is your FoodPrint? – Dr Ed Iannuccilli
  • The best RI Waterfront restaurant is now for sale
  • UPDATE: RI man accused of defrauding local businesses of $ 830,000 in seafood – lobster, sea bass
  • Chris Tarro announces his departure from restaurants in Siena
  • Edmund D. “Ted” Fuller III, former owner of Gregg’s restaurant, died in January, mass in June
  • Providence McDonald’s employee stabbed customer who complained about food, police say
  • Seafood Shack Dune Brothers opening location on North Main St. in Providence
  • RI’s Food Policy Council announces food security plan – funded by $ 100,000 federal grant
  • Former Quito restaurant owner JoAnne Quito of Bristol dies at 86
  • Hope & Main’s New Initiative Places Favorite Rhode Island Restaurants in Local Grocery Stores
  • Veteran RI chef launches new food truck after losing job during coronavirus
  • Rhode Island startup commits to a better food delivery model
  • Angelo’s transforms Federal Hill restaurant into an indoor-outdoor place
  • How McKee proposes to spend $ 110 million on restaurants, small businesses and daycares

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Crackdown ahead for more than a dozen bars, restaurants and cafes in Miami Beach – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Restaurants on Ocean Drive and others elsewhere are struggling after Miami Beach struggled to clean up a noisy entertainment district.

“Repeat offenders, repeat offenders. It kills me. It’s embarrassing, ”said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

In a few days, they will no longer be allowed to operate the sidewalk café part of their business.

Some restaurants in violation are accused of being shady.

“Scam! Stay away from this place,” said one of dozens of reviews on Yelp of a penalized Ocean Drive location. Another reviewer called it a “nightmare of the experience of the”. hell “.

“We don’t expect our restaurants to rip off the people who eat there,” Gelber said. “We don’t expect them to try to grab them and sit them in their seats when people go by. We expect a certain level of conduct.

In a letter to commissioners on Tuesday, the Miami Beach city manager wrote: “The city has identified 13 sidewalk café operators whose sidewalk café permits were denied for 21/22. Two (2) sidewalk café operators are located on Espanola Way, two (2) sidewalk café operators are located on Lincoln Road and nine (9) sidewalk café operators are located on Ocean Drive.

“Restaurants have lost their coffee tables that don’t follow these rules,” Gelber said.

Restaurants that break the rules have helped create a Bourbon Street vibe in the area, the mayor said.

“Insanely huge drinks that really don’t do anything other than get everyone to drink and then we end up with the misconduct that we observed,” Gelber said.

The city passed an ordinance in 2019, removing sticky and deceptive sidewalk cafe signs. They also established a code of conduct.

More than two years later, those accused of breaking this code are on the verge of suffering the consequences.

Copyright 2021 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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15 Boston bars and restaurants serving hot cocktails

Breweries & Bars

Warm up with spicy hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and drizzled chai tea.

CYOC hand warmer series at City Tap House. Town tap house

  • Wine glasses

    Wondering which wines to drink this fall? Here’s what local wine experts recommend.

As igloos and fireplaces began to reappear across the city, it was only a matter of time before Boston bars and restaurants began adding hot cocktails to their seasonal drink menus.

Not that we were complaining. There are few things that compare to sipping rum hot chocolate by a fire pit or warming your hands around a hot toddy in a bar while the threat of snow looms outside. And while frozen mai tais and frozen margaritas may miss us for a few months, there’s hot cider to keep our spirits up.

To help guide your next order as the temperatures continue to drop, here are 15 Boston bars and restaurants with hot cocktails to keep the cold at bay.

Tequila Toddy at A&B Kitchen • Bar
Tequila Toddy at A&B Kitchen • Bar. – A&B kitchen • Bar

Hot toddlers are usually made with whiskey, but this West End restaurant gives the drink a twist by using tequila instead. On your next visit, try Tequila Toddy made with aged añejo tequila, agave nectar, lime, and hot baking spices, topped with a stick of cinnamon and star anise for garnish. (115 Beverly Street, Boston)

Wassail at the alcove
Wassail in Alcove. – Alcove

Want to combine your hot cocktail with a sweet sight? Take a seat on the Alcove patio overlooking the Zakim Bridge and order the Wassail, a soothing blend of Ferrand 1840 cognac, apple cider, orange and cloves. (50 Quai Lovejoy, Boston)

Apple Seed Sipper at Bambara Kitchen & Bar
Apple seed sipper at Bambara Kitchen & Bar. – Bambara Kitchen & Bar

Miracle, the Christmas-themed holiday event that is taking over bars around the world, won’t appear at the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel’s Lobby Bar until November 26. In the meantime, you can stop by Bambara, the Cambridge hotel restaurant and bar, for the equally festive Appleseed Sipper. Served hot, the drink is made with red lillet, altos blanco tequila, honey, lime and apple bitters, making it a smooth and fruity cocktail. (25, boulevard Edwin H Land, Cambridge)

Salvatore Toddy at the Mezzana bar
Salvatore Toddy at the Mezzana bar. – Reagan Byrne

This South End coastal Italian restaurant is heating things up with Salvatore Toddy, made with rum, honey and Averna amaro, the latter of which is named after its inventor, Salvatore Averna. (360 Harrison Avenue, Boston)

Bourbon hot chocolate at Buttermilk & Bourbon
Bourbon hot chocolate at Buttermilk & Bourbon. – Buttermilk & Bourbon

What else would a hot chocolate at Buttermilk & Bourbon be enriched with if not … bourbon? The South Back Bay hot spot this year has hot chocolate with bourbon, cherry jam and a flambé fluff topping. (160 Commonwealth Ave., Boston)

Hand warmers at City Tap House
Hand warmers at City Tap House. – Town tap house

Seaport Restaurant’s new CYOC (“Make Your Own Cocktail”) hand warmer series allows patrons to prepare their favorite version of a hot and alcoholic beverage. Choose from a base of hot chocolate, coffee or apple cider, followed by your choice of $ 4 shot: Stoli vanilla, Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, Baileys, Frangelico and other options. Finish it off with a filling of whipped cream, marshmallows, Christmas chips, Heath bar, crushed candy canes or chocolate shavings. (10 Boston Wharf Road, Boston)

Happy Birthday at Juniper

Happy Birthday at Juniper
Happy birthday to Juniper. – Juniper

A cheeky nod to Alice in Wonderland Tea party, Wellesley’s Juniper is now serving Happy Unbirthday, featuring Bully Boy dry gin, brewed green tea, Giffard pineapple liqueur, chartreuse yellow, and lemongrass simple syrup. Topped with hot water and a lemon wedge, this cocktail encourages sipping slowly – and maybe a finger in the air. (13 Central Street, Wellesley)

Chocolate peanut butter at Liberty & MAIN
Chocolate peanut butter at Liberty & MAIN. – Freedom & PRINCIPAL

At Liberty & MAIN, the recently opened American bistro at Legacy Place in Dedham, chocolate and peanut butter find a happy marriage in this decadent drink. The hot cocktail uses Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and Illy coffee, and is topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder. A final garnish: a chocolate munchkin. Who needs dessert after a drink like this? (500 Legacy Place, Dedham)

Warm Italian wood-fired apple pie MidiCi
Warm Italian apple pie over a MidiCi wood fire. – Italian wood-fired MidiCi

Fancy a hot apple pie? Assembly Square’s MidiCi gave the popular fall dessert a boozy twist, combining hot cider with vanilla whipped cream vodka and topped with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick. (463 Assembly Row, Somerville)

Spicy hot chocolate at Publico Street Bistro
Spicy hot chocolate at Publico Street Bistro. – Bistro on rue Publico

Publico’s post-ski-style facility, the Lodge at Publico, is expected to return in mid-December. Until then, you can stay warm with the restaurant’s spiked hot chocolate made with Kahlua and Baileys and topped with a good serving of marshmallows. Visiting with a crowd? The drink is also available in a large format cocktail served in a French press carafe. (11 Dorchester Street, Boston)

Hot apple cider at Puritan & Co.
Hot apple cider at Puritan & Co. – Puritain & Cie.

It’s the season for anything hot, including the festive Hot Apple Cider from Puritan & Co.. The cider is spiced up with brandy, figs, orange peels and winter spices, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to some of the dishes on Puritan’s new fall menu, like a dry-aged pork chop with fall veggies or a squash and honey risotto. (1166 Cambridge Street, Cambridge)

Chocolate in Rochambeau
Chocolate in Rochambeau. – Rochambeau

For another boozy version of hot chocolate, consider Rochambeau in Back Bay, where sweet lovers can find Chocolate. Made with amaro and Pernod, hot chocolate is a very grown-up take on a classic cold-weather drink. (900 Boylston Street, Boston)

Hot chai at Rowes Wharf Bar
Hot chai at Rowes Wharf Bar. – Rowes wharf bar

Named one of the world’s best hotel bars for 2019, Rowes Wharf Bar is a drinking destination on Boston’s scenic waterfront. Stay warm during your visit with Hot Chai, a seasonal drink made with Wild Moon chai liqueur, blood orange puree, lime juice, yuzu and Cointreau. (70 Rowes Wharf, Boston)

Burrabirra at SRV

Burrabirra at SRV
Burrabirra at SRV. – SRV

Harry potter fans, take note: SRV’s Burrabirra was inspired by Butterbeer, a caramel-centric drink that appeared frequently throughout the series. At SRV, Burrabirra is made with bourbon, cardamaro, hot spices, apples, brown sugar and butter, and finished with vanilla and apple whipped cream. (569 Columbus Ave., Boston)

Espresso train to the North Pole at Tuscan Kitchen
Espresso train to the North Pole at Tuscan Kitchen. – Tuscan cuisine

Snowport, the vacation home of the Seaport, returns to the neighborhood on November 19 with an outdoor vacation market featuring 60 small businesses. After you’re done shopping, head to the market’s Tuscan cuisine, where thirsty guests can find cocktails like the espresso train to the North Pole. Featuring Bully Boy Vodka, a double dose of hot espresso, vanilla ice cream and gingerbread, the cocktail is a great tribute to the holiday season. (88 Seaport Blvd., Boston)

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New nightclub’s cocktail bar closed for several weeks after an early morning fire

A cocktail bar inside Middlesbrough’s new superclub was closed several weeks after a fire.

Love & Potions inside the downtown STEREO club was hit by fire around 4:15 am.

Cleveland firefighters attended the scene on Zetland Road and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Go here for the latest news from all over Teesside

A post on the STEREO Facebook page read: “Unfortunately our lovely little Love & Potions cocktail bar was caught in a fire this morning and will be closed for the next few weeks.

“Customers with functions and reservations are informed now. “

STEREO opened in July on Freedom Day, welcoming returning clubbers to the city’s nightlife.

Formerly the Atik Nightclub in the Spensleys Emporium Grade II listed building on the corner of Albert Road and Zetland Road, it has been renovated and refurbished to provide a modern and versatile bar and event space.

The Love & Potions Cocktail Bar is located on its middle floor.

Opening night at the Stereo club, Middlesbrough

Fortunately, the main part of the STEREO hall was not damaged by the fire and the club and the club will still be open on Tuesday for its YOYO event.

“The fire systems and doors were in place so the main part of the building is intact, which is a big relief,” Gary Dobson said from the site.

“It’s a bit of a punch, but these things are sent to try us out.

“We have a professional company coming to review it.”

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Sarasota’s Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants at Bradenton Beach

While we love our Florida beach bars and oceanfront restaurants, we also love to drink and maybe dine on a fab rooftop. Just five years ago, however, there were few or none in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Fortunately, that all started to change in 2017, with openings continuing through 2020. Shown from oldest to newest, here’s a look at our five favorite rooftop bars and restaurants for cocktails, craft beers and can. -be a light bite or even a full meal.

Ticket Information Bulletin:Sign up for the latest news on things to do, restaurants and more every Friday

Restaurant Reviews:Best things to eat in Sarasota-Manatee, October 20-26

10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Sarasota:serve Florida stone crab from October 15 to May 1

The rooftop bar and eats

100 Marina View Drive, Sarasota; 941-217-4777;

Opened in 2017 and located on the 19th floor of the Westin Sarasota, the Roof Bar and Eats easily offers the highest vantage point of any rooftop bar in downtown Sarasota with spectacular views of the waterfront and the city ​​skyline. The pool is only available to hotel guests, but is otherwise open to the public, drawing visitors in for its expansive views of downtown and Sarasota Bay. The Roof Bar and Eats offers a selection of craft cocktails, beer, and wine, along with a menu of laptops and small platters such as burgers and quesadillas. There are a variety of living room furniture to take your drink or meal, including fire pits when it gets colder at night.

7 best restaurants, bars and hotels in downtown Sarasota:near Van Wezel, Mangrove Walkway and The Bay

Bar tab:The Roof Bar and Eats at Westin Sarasota dazzles with its view

The Perspective Rooftop Pool Bar is located at the Art Ovation Hotel in the Theater District of downtown Sarasota.

Rooftop pool bar in perspective

1255 N. Palm Ave., Sarasota; 941-316-0808;

Part of the Art Ovation Hotel in the Theater District of downtown Sarasota, this eighth-floor rooftop bar opened in 2018. The Perspective Pool is for hotel guests only (except when you buy a day pass), but is otherwise open to the public, with its own view of Sarasota Bay and downtown, and late-night Fridays and Saturdays that draw a nightlife crowd. It also regularly hosts events, including a rooftop reggae party hosted by Shantel Norman of Jah Movement. The Perspective’s menu offers signature and classic cocktails, beer and wine, as well as dishes such as a burger and a blackened grouper sandwich.

Sarasota Bucket List:100 fun things to do in Sarasota County, including restaurants, bars, beaches and more!

Bar tab:Art Ovation Offers Another Rooftop Bar Option In Sarasota

In downtown Sarasota, Sage serves a selection of creative cocktails, beers and wines at its rooftop bar.


1216 First St., Sarasota; 941-445-5660;

Opened in 2019 in the former Sarasota Times building on the National Register of Historic Places, Sage recently reopened its rooftop bar on the fourth floor. In addition to its historic background, the allure of Sage’s rooftop bar is its privacy, not reaching the heights of its downtown counterparts, but almost feeling like it is hanging out on the rooftop of Sage. ‘a friend, also with a big home. Sage serves a selection of creative cocktails, beer and wine, and plans to offer a menu of dishes on its rooftop in the near future. For now, you can go downstairs to try its acclaimed international cuisine.

Bar tab:Sage, another welcome addition to downtown Sarasota’s rooftop bar scene

News from restaurants and bars:Restaurant Sage, rooftop bar now open in downtown Sarasota

The Deck at Oak & Stone in downtown Bradenton is a 3,400 square foot rooftop bar with stunning views of the Manatee River.

The terrace at Oak & Stone

1201 First Avenue West, Bradenton; 941-357-4306;

Opened in late 2019 and located atop the eight-story Springhill Suites hotel in downtown Bradenton, The Deck at Oak & Stone overlooks the Manatee River with views of the Palmetto Shore, Tampa Bay, and the Bridge Sunshine Skyway. At the covered rooftop bar you can order from their menu of craft cocktails or help yourself to the beer wall with taps for craft beers, ciders and wine selections. There is also a large open-air space with several seating areas with coffee tables and fire pits. Hunger? The Deck now offers Oak & Stone’s full menu with thin crust pizzas, oven-roasted chicken wings and a tasty burger.

Best restaurants in downtown Bradenton:And what to eat and drink once there!

10 best restaurants by the water:for alfresco dining in the Bradenton area

Daiquiri Deck Restaurant and Bar opened its location on Anna Maria Island, on Bridge Street in the town of Bradenton Beach, in March 2020. This photo was taken on March 8, 2020.

Daiquiri Bridge Anna Maria Island

107 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach; 941-253-3300;

The Sarasota-based Daiquiri Deck has five impressive locations, but our favorite is the most recent, which opened on Anna Maria Island in early 2020. Located near the west end of bustling Bridge Street in the small town of Bradenton Beach, it occupies the second and third floors of a beautiful new Key West-style building. The rooftop bar and accompanying terrace offer views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as much of the island, as no structure can exceed three stories. Along with the alcohol infused slushies that made the Daiquiri Deck famous, they also offer seafood and raw sea bass, along with plenty of other menu items.

Bradenton Bucket List:100 Fun Things To Do In The Bradenton Area Including Restaurants, Bars And Beaches!

The 10 Best Places to Visit in Manatee County:And what to do once there!

Wade Tatangelo, the entertainment and dining editor of the Herald-Tribune, can be contacted by email at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Email entertainment reporter Jimmy Geurts at [email protected] Support local journalism by subscribing.

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Eatery Business

Research by the Elliot Group shows that investors’ money was used to make unsecured loans

Investors have expressed concern about how a property developer has used their deposits to make unsecured loans.

Last week, investors in the Infinity Waters program on Leeds Street shared their guilt, shame and fear after the program collapsed.

The Elliot Group’s Infinity Waters, Aura, and The Residence programs all came under administration last year.

CONTINUE READING:Elliot Lawless Dream Program investors share their pain, shame, and guilt

Liverpool businessman Elliot Lawless, who founded the group, said his arrest in December 2019 on suspicion of conspiracy involving fraud, bribery and corruption led to the collapse of operations.

The police investigation continues, but Mr. Lawless denies any wrongdoing.

Following an investigation by the Elliot Group, Liverpool-based ECHO can now reveal that Mr Lawless used the money from investors to extend large unsecured loans to affiliates in 2019.

The legal documentation filed with Companies House shows that the various intra-group loans were granted before December 2019.

Over £ 4 million has been loaned unsecured from Residence and Infinity to Aura alone.

The Residence Program has loaned the Aura Company £ 3.5 million and Infinity Waters has loaned Aura £ 746,000. The loans were unsecured as they were not secured by debt securities.

Equity Group Limited, a company controlled by Mr Lawless, loaned the Aura company £ 6,415,634 in 2019. However, this loan, which did not include investor funds, was protected by a bond.

Legal documentation filed with Companies House shows that the Infinity company has received £ 28 million from investors who have deposited funds.

Elliot Lawless of the Elliot Group

The website was purchased for around £ 5,050,000 and the fees were around £ 4.67 million. Investors put around £ 27,292,872 in, but it’s not yet clear how much was paid to the Vermont construction company.

Investors received notification in September 2019 that the financial firm was providing funding to Maslow Capital, but it is now clear that Maslow did not grant a loan.

Mr. Lawless also sold a large stake in the Infinity Waters site to a sister company. Land was transferred from Queensland Place to the Elliot Group and from Parliament Place to 1DOM.

An Elliot Group spokesman said, “Mr. Lawless has provided all necessary assistance to the administrators of his various developments, including providing a full business statement for each project showing the allocation of all funds. It remains an ongoing, formal process, and that’s the way he has to deal with requests of this kind. “

Max Murphy, who invested in Infinity Waters, said, “I am concerned to learn that Elliot used investors’ money to make unsecured loans within the group. It now appears that the company had some financial problems prior to Elliot’s arrest . “

A letter from administrators to investors recently revealed that investors face “enormous losses”.

It read: “The failure of the company has caused enormous losses to large numbers of investors, commercial and ordinary creditors. This is not the Joint Administrators’ fault. The failure and the structure of the company are subject to an ongoing The creditors have decided that liquidators should be appointed and that the liquidators continue the investigation “.

Liverpool real estate company Legacie Developments has agreed a deal with administrators David Rubin and Partners to purchase Infinity Waters and The Residence. Both sales must be approved by a court.

Last week, Infinity Waters investors told ECHO troubling stories about the breakdown of the program that hit them.

Mom Jacqui Parker said she bought two units and is planning to move to Liverpool with her son, who has mild learning difficulties. Mrs. Parker from London said the plan seemed perfect for her, but now she was left with nothing.

Speaking to ECHO in 2019, Mr Lawless told ECHO that after starting a building services company in 2010, he started buying land on the city’s waterfront.

He said he was committed to regenerating the city and supporting jobs in the region.

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Nightclubs Ireland: Everything You Need To Know About Nightclubs Reopening Tonight

For the first time since March 2020, Dublin nightclubs are scheduled to open tonight.

It comes after the latest easing of restrictions from Covid-19 means the hospitality industry can reopen with only a few restrictions remaining.

Despite the continued increase in cases and hospitalizations, restrictions on nightclubs have been relaxed. NPHET believes that the number of hospitals is unlikely to change if nightclubs remain closed.

Here’s everything you need to know about reopening nightclubs, from wearing a mask to getting vaccinated.

Any restrictions that are being removed from today?

Not only can discos reopen tonight, but they can also operate at 100% capacity. If the venue is hosting a live music event, it can accommodate up to 1,500 people standing and 100% seating.

And the masks?

Masks are compulsory so as not to eat, drink or dance. Masks are also required when social distancing in a bar queue.

Does my vaccination status matter?

People can only access indoor hospitality settings with a Covid-19 digital pass. The government has called on companies to crack down on Covid pass control and strictly follow regulations.

What about the curfew?

The 11:30 p.m. curfew is over. Sites may stay open late depending on the type of license currently held by the company.

What other restrictions remain in place?

There are still restrictions on table reservations at hospitality establishments. Customers can reserve multiple tables but with a maximum of 10 adults per table. This figure increases to 15 if there are children included.

Sitting at the bar is still prohibited, but people can line up if they are socially distant and bring the drink back to the table.

Do nightclubs accept walk-ins?

Some venues that have sold tickets to live music events will not accept walk-in tours. Most other sites will operate normally and accept walk-in tours.

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Lancashire nightclubs to be ‘boycotted’ amid nationwide reports of needle-stick women

Lancashire university student groups have created social media pages promoting a boycott of all clubs following reports of women being needled by needles across the country.

Recent stories have been shared of women reporting being ‘pricked’ with a needle.

The boycott comes weeks after people visiting the Switch Night Club in Preston said they remained “shaken” after consuming drinks believed to contain drugs.

Women all over the country, in particular in Nottingham and Leeds, shared personal accounts of going out to clubs and pubs where they were unable to remember the events of the night and waking up to find strange bruises and marks where a needle was used to drug them.

Red plus: Girl rushes to hospital with head injury as crash closes Preston’s road

Victims in various areas said they were pierced with a needle in their leg, arms or hands, which left them unconscious overnight.

University of Nottingham student Zara Owen, 19, from Surrey was on a night out in Nottingham with her friends on Monday.

Upon entering the club and passing security, she went for a drink at the bar, but that’s where her memories of that night end.

The next thing she remembers is waking up the next morning with no memory of what happened after entering the club, something that had never happened to her before.

Speaking to the Mirror, Zara said: “I was originally very confused because I woke up with no memory of the night.

“It’s something that never happens to me and it was confusing because I hadn’t drunk a lot of alcohol.

“When it hit me, I had been drugged, I was so shocked to realize that it had happened to me as I take the given safety precautions very seriously.

“I cover my glasses and cover my bottles to make sure nothing gets in, but realizing that I have been given an injection is terrifying.”

One person was arrested in Nottingham in connection with another investigation.

Student groups from Lancaster and Preston have now created social media accounts dedicated to raising awareness of the sinister attacks carried out in the dark.

The peak drink attacks that took place at the Switch Night Club reportedly occurred on separate dates in August 2021 with night accounts shared through social media.

Bernie and Alex, both 20, dated August 28 with another friend and immediately arrived at Switch before 11 p.m.

Change nightclub

The couple say they ordered drinks separately at “different points of the same bar”. Alex ordered two drinks and after drinking later he “threw up” immediately.

The couple decided to leave where they went to sit in Wetherspoons.

Alex said: “By the time we got there, Bernie was just awful. Bernie was falling asleep on the table, and it was all out of nowhere. From being ‘a little tipsy’ to falling asleep on a table, that’s something Bernie doesn’t. “

By the time they returned to Switch, Alex said Bernie had started to get “scared” so they decided to go home. Alex told LancsLive that Bernie “just collapsed on the couch and felt really shaky. I’ve never seen Bernie like this.”

Alex waited for their friend to come home and recalled feeling “shaky and in pain”. Bernie doesn’t remember the night.

Another visitor, who requested anonymity, visited Switch on August 7. She says she was transported out of the location around “3:00 am” and brought home by a friend’s relative.

The visitor said she had no understanding of what had happened, and while friends pointed out the unusual incident, she continued to ignore it.

She said: “I was in denial, I thought I had the worst hangover ever, but the symptoms of physical discomfort lasted for five days. I could not eat or drink without being sick and I ended up going to the hospital on the fifth day because I was so dehydrated that I couldn’t even drink water. “

As medical treatment took place more than 72 hours after the incident, the hospital was reportedly unable to test the substance she had consumed.

Following these events, discussions erupted on social media regarding recent reports of doping attacks carried out via injections.

The Lancaster-based Girls Night In group is a replica of many of the same pages created for other towns that all share the same goal.

Each page ran an article that reads: “The peaks have become an epidemic. Never before have we heard of so many students waking up with no memory of what happened the night before.

“It’s not ‘getting drunk on the dark’, it’s getting high, and it’s something that can be changed.

“We are asking clubs and bars to increase their entry security. We are asking clubs and bars to provide protective devices against drinks (divers, etc.) free of charge.

“We ask clubs and bars to provide a clear and obvious medical center and a safe way to come home.

“It is NOT a message to stay at home. It asks our students to protest against clubs and bars.

“They are not responding to our complaints, so we have to do them.”

In addition to organizing a boycott movement at each university, the pages are used to collect signatures for a petition created to “make it compulsory for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests at the entrance.”

Support for the petition quickly gained momentum as more women and girls shared their stories of the recent attacks on the rise.

Now the petition has grown to over 134,000 and the figure continues to increase hourly.

Following the incident in Preston, a spokesperson for Switch said, “” We were only personally informed of one complaint about a spike inside the room, that was the next day. Switch has dedicated customer service and an in-house first aid team every night we operate, including improved site-wide signage to remind customers to keep their drinks safe with them at all times. We pride ourselves on being a safe night out and have been doing so since our opening in 2017. “

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To stay informed, follow LancsLive on Facebook and @LiveLancs on Twitter.

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The nightclub essential item you need – Brig Newspaper

The nightclub essential item you need – Brig Newspaper

Welcome to Brig diary

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Welcome to Brig diary

Previous story

Can my jeans save the planet?

Latest blog news

LIFESTYLE / NEWS: A preview of the Stirling Climate Festival conference on sustainable jeans.…

A summary of a wet and potentially decisive afternoon for the title in Istanbul…

Light, camera, action! Recap of Cinema Week in the Strictly Ballroom…

Missy Malek delivers a short film with excellent portrayal, but maybe that’s the only good thing …

Jesy Nelson, the former member of Little Mix, decided to leave the group in December 2020. Now…

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Eatery Business

Mastercard is participating in the “Buy Now, Pay Later” race. However, experts say these loans come with risks.

Mastercard on Tuesday called It will begin offering installment loans known as “buy now, pay later” amid strong consumer demand during the pandemic. However, such offers can harbor risks, such as hidden fees and a lack of consumer protection, that borrowers may not immediately notice, experts warn.

Mastercard said its buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) program allows consumers to take out interest-free loans that are split into four equal installments, with the funds withdrawn from either debit, credit or prepaid cards will. The financial services giant said the program will allow banks, lenders, financial technology companies and other firms to offer the loans that can be provided during an online purchase.

BNPL products saw high double-digit growth during the COVID-19 crisis, outperforming competing types of unsecured credit like credit card debt as more Americans flocked to e-commerce during the pandemic McKinsey. Demand for the loans is expected to continue to outpace other types of consumer loans, with the consultancy forecasting average annual growth in products of up to 20% through 2023.

Many consumers have embraced BNPL as a way to purchase a product in multiple installments with no interest, while the credits are also approved during the purchase process. More than 4 in 10 Americans have used a BNPL product. according to to credit karma.

“Many consumers are drawn to the instant gratification, easy access, and predictable rates,” noted Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at “The line between credit card and Buy Now Pay Later is becoming more and more blurred. Mastercard’s new offering works, for example, with digital wallets and on retailers’ websites.”

Sellers like BNPL loans because they can encourage consumers to open their wallets. Mastercard said such loans for merchants can increase average sales by 45% and reduce “cart abandonment” by 35%.

Other financial giants like American Express, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase also offer BNPL loans. And so-called fintech companies like Affirm and Afterpay, used by thousands of retailers including Walmart and Target, are credited with pioneering the product.

Fraud protection

Mastercard said its BNPL product will stand out from competing offerings by offering some credit card protection, such as:

Such risks are one of the reasons financial advocates warn consumers need to understand the loans before signing on the dotted line. Returning an item purchased with a BNPL loan can be complicated and frustrating, an issue that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) highlighted in a July blog post.

For example, some consumers who have returned products to merchants have reported difficulties with paying off the credits. according to to consumer reports.

Credit risks, fees

When BNPL loans work smoothly, such as when consumers have no problems with the products they buy and make their payments on time, they can be convenient, experts say.

But it’s not uncommon for consumers to get into trouble. Of the 4 in 10 Americans who have taken out a BNPL loan, nearly 40% missed at least one payment – and many of them reported a decline in their creditworthiness. according to to credit karma.

Typically, BNPL companies perform a “soft” credit check on prospective borrowers that has no credit impact. However, missing a payment can cause some BNPL lenders to report the late payment to credit bureaus, which can affect a consumer’s creditworthiness, the personal finance website found.

Some BNPL products also incur fees and interest that may not be apparent without reading the fine print. Most BNPL lenders charge late fees, the CFPB warned. Because of this, consumers should take the time to understand the lender’s terms and conditions before agreeing to a loan, the agency said.

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Woman sexually assaulted after Ormskirk nightclub visit

Police are appealing to find a potential witness after a woman was sexually assaulted.

A sexual assault reportedly took place overnight until Sunday August 1 after the victim, a 22-year-old woman, visited the Alpine Club Lodge in Ormskirk.

However, it is not yet clear where the alleged attack took place.

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After combing through hours of CCTV, the police have now issued a CCTV call.

They want to speak to the man portrayed as a potential witness.

Police have launched a CCTV call to locate a man they wish to speak to as a potential witness

DC Dave Rigby of Ormskirk CID said: “We have combed through hours of CCTV and are able to share a picture of a man we want to speak to as a potential witness.

“We want to know exactly what happened, and that person could have key information.

“If this is you or if you think you know who this person is, please contact us as soon as possible. Likewise, if you think you know something about what happened, please let us know.

Anyone with information can email [email protected] or call 101 quoting incident reference 388 of August 1.

Alternatively, information can be reported through an independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111 or online at

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Man pays for breakfast in coins, this is how the cafe took “cruel” revenge

    Darren claimed that the man received the sandwich in such bad condition because he had paid for the food in only 10 pence coins.  (Credits: Twitter)

Darren claimed that the man received the sandwich in such bad condition because he had paid for the food in only 10 pence coins. (Credits: Twitter)

Upon receipt of payment in pieces, the annoyed cafe staff had cut the ordered sandwich into mini pieces.

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  • Last update:September 27, 2021, 11:36 IST

In an age where digital payment is widely accepted, people can have a huge amount of coins in their homes. Although they are generally used to fix the “change problem”, when needed we must all have used them to pay a little larger amount as well. However, things didn’t turn out so easy for a man, who paid for his breakfast in just 10-cent coins. One of the Twitter users, Darren Turley, shared the story of a young friend of his who received a sandwich, which was cut into small pieces. Posting the image of the sandwich, Darren claimed that the man received the sandwich in such a bad condition because he had paid for the food in just 10 pence coins. Cutting the sandwich into mini pieces was the result of the cafe’s main revenge plan.

In his Twitter post, Darren wrote: “A guy who works at Jag paid his screen with every 10p this morning. This is how his ass was when he opened it.

The image of the precisely cut sandwich and the hilarious story behind it has gone viral on social media platforms. Internet users share it widely as some find it funny while others feel bad for the man who ordered it. So far, it has been liked by over 17,000 Twitter users and has been retweeted by thousands.

One of the users wrote, “I hate being that person, but isn’t it sad if someone has to pay for their dinner in 10ps?” Feel bad for him. Calling it “Karma,” another said, “Do not anger the staff who serve you food unless you are happy that your food is swallowed.”

Some even pointed out that in general one pays for food after it has been donated, so that they would know that the individual is going to pay with 10 pence.

Have you ever paid for a meal in coins?

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Louisiana oysters are slowly returning to restaurants, markets; month of industry recovery | Environment

For the first time since the state’s oyster harvesting areas were closed for safety after Hurricane Ida, fresh Louisiana oysters are back on local menus.

But a return to pre-Ida supply levels is likely in months, according to Mitch Jurisich, an Empire-area oyster grower and restaurateur, who is also chair of the Louisiana Oyster Task Force.

“It will be months before the oyster farmers and fishermen in western Plaquemines and other places further west return to normal,” Jurisich said. “We’re a few weeks away from having a good supply.”

Vincent Mitchell grills oysters at Acme Oyster House in Metairie, Louisiana on Friday, September 24, 2021. (Photo by Max Becherer,, The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate)

As of Friday, only seven of the 28 oyster-farming areas along the Louisiana coast had been reopened for harvest by the Louisiana Department of Health, including five on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Orleans, in the parishes of St. Bernard and de Plaquemines, and two on the west bank near Empire at Plaquemines.

The limited number of health department inspectors available to sample the oyster beds and the oysters themselves, if necessary, is slowing this process. The Louisiana agency has up to 10 employees who perform inspectors at any given time, which is actually far more than any other state that practices oyster harvesting, said Justin Gremillion, who oversees the testing program. oysters.

The agency follows guidelines set by the National Shellfish Sanitation Program to determine whether oysters are free from contaminants like sewage or pollutants. These guidelines could also help speed up demining of remaining areas where there are no clear sources of pollutants, he said.

“If the waters return to normal temperatures for this time of year, to normal salinity levels, you can count that after 21 days of life an oyster can purge itself. Theoretically, after 21 days some areas will be able to reopen without sampling and everything will be fine, ”said Gremillion. This would not include areas where there have been reports of pollutants, he stressed.

But health approvals are only the first step for oyster farmers in what should be a very slow recovery process. Oyster farmers living in parishes most affected by Ida are suffering damage to their homes, businesses and boats. All of them add to the time it takes to get oysters into restaurants.

The raw bar menu at Sidecar Patio & Oyster Bar is as detailed as a wine list and reads like a love letter to the world of oysters, to routine …

“The oysters were very, very difficult to obtain,” said Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of Drago’s seafood restaurant at Six Locations. “On Monday, the Louisiana oysters came back into the pipeline and we were able to serve fresh oysters on Tuesday. Obviously, they were a bit more expensive. But that’s the end of the good news.

Paul Rotner, general manager of the Acme Oyster House chain, agreed.

“The biggest challenge after every storm is always availability,” he said. Its chain uses 8 million fresh oysters and fried an additional 3.5 million per year. After power was restored to New Orleans and other Acme sites after Ida, the chain turned to Virginia oysters for a time to fill the void.

On Friday, Acme was again serving Louisiana oysters in three of the regions that were reopened by the Department of Health.

“In a week, you can spend 150 bags of oysters in a restaurant, but with the storm, business has slowed down, especially in the French Quarter,” Rotner said, as well as in Metairie, Baton Rouge and even in his Texas. restaurant.

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“The state immediately closes all beds in the event of sewers and whatnot, for basic precautionary reasons. We expect this after every storm, ”he said. But with Nicholas following Ida so closely, this process was further delayed.

Once an oyster farmer returns to the water, there is still a lot of work to do before harvest begins. In a number of places overrun by the powerful central Ida storm, with winds close to 150mph, the two “floats” – floating swamp grasses – and the mud in which it was rooted eventually covered the walls. growing oysters.

Producers will need to determine which areas are hard hit and attempt to remove the worst of the mud and grass to ensure their oysters don’t suffocate before they are harvested in the weeks and months to come.

All of the same issues affecting commercial oyster farmers have also slowed the efforts of the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to clear the 1.7 million acres of public oyster beds. These oyster beds, once opened, will be the subject of captures of bags of oysters grown by commercial fishermen and, just as importantly, of spat or “spat” oysters, which producers capture and move into their own parks. oysters to create new cultures.

“The problem is, Hurricane Ida was so powerful that it was not only a natural disaster, but also a disaster for all of our employees, for our public buildings,” said Carolina Bourque, program manager. of oysters for the wildlife agency. “We have employees who are still trying to fight with their insurance companies, or who are still out of town, waiting for the power to be restored. “

The good news for public beds, she said, is that there appears to be a mix of areas where no damage was caused by the storm, with some areas experiencing the same coating of mud and grass. than on private leases.

“We haven’t sampled all the reefs yet, especially in the parishes of Terrebonne and Lafourche,” said Bourque. “But I expect we will still have a decent oyster season if the dealers in the area are able to recoup their electricity and begin operations.”

The state has also already started collecting information to seek a federal declaration of emergency on fishing, which could provide federal funds over the next two years to add tumbling – rocks and shells that oysters can. use as anchors – both on state public oyster beds and private leases.

One of the hardest-hit oyster farmer subsets is a member of the new ‘alternative oyster farming’ industry, about six producers who have established above-bottom caged oyster farms in the sea. Barataria Bay, just north of Grand Isle, said Earl Melancon, a Louisiana Sea Grant biologist and oyster expert.

“Whether big or small, most of them have lost all of their cages and oysters,” he said. “You would expect a lot of desperation, rightly after the hurricane hit, if they were to get back into the industry. But I am amazed at their resilience. They will all try to come back and that’s a good sign.

Oyster-bottom oyster culture efforts are in part aimed at finding alternatives for traditional bottom-growing areas that might be made too cool by the water from the Mississippi River used to provide sediment by the diversion of the Mid-Barataria sediments. proposed by the State.

But new producers have significant hurdles to overcome, Melancon said, as no current insurer in the state was willing to provide them with policies. Sea Grant is in the process of developing a grant proposal to identify better ways to anchor grow cages in the face of weather challenges, Melancon said. “But honestly, in the face of a Category 4 storm, it’s hard to say you could have a hardening that would handle something like this.”

For the oyster industry as a whole, a key question in its takeover of Ida is whether large oyster farms that contract with smaller producers to move their oysters to market will see those producers return. .

“Many workers and operators at the factory are homeless,” he said. “It will be a difficult climb for them to even have a sense of normalcy.”

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Largest nightclub in the world with a capacity of 10 km and overrun after the doors close

The world’s largest nightclub and an institution in Ibiza look sad and decrepit after two years of Covid-induced shutters.

Superclub Privilege near San Rafael could accommodate 10,000 clubbers each night and hosted Freddie Mercury, Madonna and David Bowie.

The huge summer party hall covers an area of ​​69,968 square feet – the size of an airport hangar.

But after 20 months of abandonment to the elements, the Superclub is in search of absolute state.

Paint is peeling off the walls, metal fixtures rust in the sun, and decorative elements are aging on the outside.

Buses that carried thousands of avid clubbers to the city’s hottest night saw their windows smashed and their exteriors covered in graffiti.

The institution of Ibiza has never been so tough

Privilege started out in the early 1970s as an innocent restaurant and pool, but after being bought by footballer Jose Antonio Santamaria in 1979, it became riskier.

By the mid-90s it had a reputation as a gay highlight of the Balearic Islands and was renamed Privilege in 1995.

People like Boy George, Madonna, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Spandau Ballet, and Freddie Mercury walked through its holy doors in its heyday.

Buses that carried crowds of impatient revelers are now abandoned and disfigured
Buses that carried crowds of impatient revelers are now abandoned and disfigured

The Queen singer and Montserrat Caballe filmed the video inside the club for their song Barcelona.

The privilege is also mentioned in the movie Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Covid’s restrictions in Ibiza mean nightclubs can only operate seating and outdoor spaces.

Anyone who knows Privilege will know that this is not the style of the beach.

Known for its dance and techno nights, the super club depended on an impressive crowd for its unrivaled reputation.

Decorative light fixtures rust under the scorching sun
Decorative light fixtures rust under the scorching sun

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During the pandemic, it became impossible.

Superclub Privilege has been closed for almost two years, although the true toll of its closure has only become clear in recent depressing images.

Ibiza last week changed its Covid restrictions to mean that social gatherings between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. can take place without restrictions.

But Superclub Privilege will need a long time to get back on its feet.

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Angelo’s transforms Federal Hill restaurant into an indoor-outdoor place

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Enlarge +

Angelo touted the completion of the new installation of new windows on Tuesday. Photo: FB d’Angelo

Federal Hill’s nearly century-old Italian restaurant has announced the installation of new windows for an enhanced dining experience.

On Tuesday, Angelo’s – located at 141 Atwells Avenue – announced the completion of the renovation that now allows for increased ventilation – and more.

Veal and sausage and fries may even be better – and that’s a high bar.


And although this is a major benefit during a pandemic, Jamie Anitgano d’Angelo said on social media that the project has been in the works for four years, to bring more light into the restaurant and connect the spaces interior and exterior catering.

“Ciao Bella,” Angelo wrote. “The secret is out, our new windows are here! They open fully, allowing open air circulation and beautiful natural light. It’s a long-held vision that has finally come to life – we can wait for you to see them! Thank you to everyone at Towne Glass for working with us and protecting our historic building!

Latest for Federal Institution Hill

During the pandemic, Angelo’s, like many restaurants, has struggled to “think outside the box” and deal with state restrictions on coronaviruses.

In October 2020, the restaurant featured a twist on an Italian classic and offered take-out ‘Halloween cannoli kits’, which included’ mini mummy cannoli shells, green mud cannoli cream. and Halloween nuggets for all your favorite ghouls and elves ”.

Earlier that fall, the restaurant offered its own “twist” on PPP loans – naming one dish the “PPP”.

“Bowtie pasta sautéed in oil and fresh minced garlic mixed with crispy prosciutto and peas topped with pecorino romano cheese,” wrote Angelo’s “Restaurant week has never looked better.”

During the pandemic, Angelo’s announced that it had obtained a ServSafe Restoration Commitment Seal.


The restaurant writes the following of its history on its website:

“In 1924 Angelo’s Civita Farnese restaurant opened on Atwells Avenue. Farnese is a small town 60 miles northwest of Rome (central Italy) and the name reflected the style of Italian cuisine to which the new Federal Hill settlers might have expected. Angelo’s was the “worker” restaurant, a no-frills restaurant serving simple and delicious cuisine based on village recipes. Every dish was plentiful and filling, never expensive, and the restaurant had an ambience which was and still is unique.

A place where food is known to be plentiful and the prices affordable, Angelo’s has had the help of history to establish itself as a landmark in Rhode Island. The humble restaurant survived the Great Depression. That’s when Angelo’s tradition of serving French fries with meatballs began, providing customers with an inexpensive way to have a full stomach without emptying their wallets.

When founder Angelo Mastrodicasa retired in 1954, his daughters took over and in 1965 moved the restaurant for the third and final time to its current location at 141 Atwells Avenue. In 1988, the family business was transferred to nephew, Bob Antignano, his wife Lee and their two daughters, Cindy and Jamie. With the Antignano family at the helm, the same spirit of generosity continues at Angelo, as thick and hearty as the tomato sauce, which is still fresh every morning. “

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Everything we know about the NHS Covid pass which will be mandatory for nightclubs and events in Wales

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has announced his intention to create a Covid Pass in Wales.

Those over 18 will need to present one of these passes to access many events and venues from October 11 in Wales.

The new system will mean extra work for the public and businesses, especially early on, so WalesOnline has put together a guide to everything we know so far about the Wales Covid pass.

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What events and locations will you need to show a Covid pass at?

You will need an NHS pass to enter:

  • Nightclubs
  • Indoor and non-seated events for more than 500 people, such as concerts or conventions
  • Outdoor events without seating for more than 4,000 people
  • Any setting or event with more than 10,000 people present

Who must present a Covid pass?

Anyone 18 years of age or older will be required to present a Covid pass when entering these places and events. The reason the Welsh government has not enforced the rules on younger people is that they haven’t had that long to get their double shot.

What should my Covid pass indicate?

For your pass to be approved, it must show that you had two vaccinations or had a lateral flow test within the past 48 hours.

The Welsh government has said the reason it added the side flow option is because some people cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons.

When do they come in?

The obligation to present an NHS Covid Pass will take effect from October 11.

How to download a Covid pass?

You can access the NHS Covid Pass through the NHS website here. This will allow you to produce a COVID pass using a smartphone, computer or laptop.

To access the service, you will need to sign up for an NHS connection. You will need to upload a photo of your ID (passport, full UK driving license, full EU driving license).

If you live in Wales you cannot get it through the NHS app as it is only valid in England. This means that it is only available through the website and you will receive a code which you scan or download in pdf format.

If you don’t have photo ID, you’ll need to apply for an NHS COVID paper certificate.

Your NHS Covid Pass includes a barcode. The expiration date refers to the barcode and will be updated automatically. It does not apply to your vaccination status.

You can find the full explanation here.

Will this apply to away football fans in Cardiff City and Swansea games?

Yes. If you are attending events in Wales you must follow these rules.

Are there checks that people correctly record lateral flow tests?

One of the criticisms of the new regime is that there is very little oversight. To record a lateral flow test, people simply scan a QR code. They don’t even have to take the test.

When WalesOnline challenged Mark Drakeford over it, he said he would consider passing legislation making it illegal to manufacture a test result.

“Am I concerned that there may be misuse of lateral flow testing?” He said. “Of course, we are right to be concerned.

“But I am relying on the fact that for the long history of the coronavirus in Wales the vast majority of people are people who want to help, who want to do the right thing and want to be sure that they are playing their part to ensure their security and other people safe too.

“We will be examining over the next few days whether or not to introduce a specific offense of knowingly and willfully falsifying a Covid Pass.

“So if there are people who think it’s just an easy race and they can just invent results, then they care about the big consequences for them.”

Why are they introducing these rules?

The Welsh government fears mass rallies will continue to foster the infection and hopes this will add further protection against the virus.

There is also a secondary hope that it will lead people to get vaccinated, although the effectiveness of this will be uncertain given that you do not need to be vaccinated to receive a Covid pass.

What are other counties in the UK doing?

The rules are different from those in Scotland, where people over 18 will need to prove that they have received both doses of the vaccine before they are allowed to enter certain places and events.

In England there are no mandatory event passes, but until recently the UK government has said it plans to have them.

Are people already using them?

Yes. The infrastructure is already in place and used in many places in Wales. The passes were required for the Green Man Festival and will also be used at the Manic Street Preachers concert.

Is it a vaccination passport?

Asked about it at yesterday’s press conference, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said these were not vaccine passports because you didn’t need to be vaccinated to use one.

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Hank investigates abandoned restaurants – Boston News, Weather, Sports

BOSTON (WHDH) – More than 100,000 bars and restaurants across the United States have closed since the start of the pandemic. Many others struggled to stay open and were promised government money to help them. But they never got that money! Hank Phillippi Ryan is investigating.

The door to the District 7 tavern has been closed since the start of the pandemic.

Inside, the bar is empty. The pool table is covered. The televisions and the jukebox are turned off.

“It’s been a struggle to keep the lights on,” says co-owner Arianne Waldron. “We are in debt. We are drowning. The Roxbury pub is struggling to find the money to reopen.

The bills are piling up in a very overwhelming way ”, Ariane says, “How are we going to get out of this?” “

Earlier this year, she and her business partner applied for a grant from the federal “Restaurant Revitalization Fund”.

The fund had $ 28 billion that Congress set aside to help businesses like Arianne’s that have been hit hard by COVID.

“It was like, okay, this was going to be our lifeline” said Ariane.

District 7 received an email from the Small Business Administration with good news: “Congratulations, award approved. ”

“We were delighted” said Ariane.

The email promised that a grant of $ 100,000 would be in the restaurant’s bank account in “3-7 business days.”

This money was going to save us. This money would allow us to reopen, to allow us to rehire our workers, and to be able to provide for the needs of their families ”, said Ariane.

Arianne and her partner used the email – and the promise of that money – to get a bank loan.

They began repairs, bought employee uniforms and rehired their manager.

But two weeks later, they got another email that said:

“We regret to inform you that due to recent court decisions the US Small Business Administration will not be able to disburse your Restaurant Revitalization Fund award.”

“I immediately had a stomach ache” said Ariane.

We found that the same shocking notice had been sent to almost 3,000 bars and restaurants across the country. The money they had been promised was not coming!

Their immediate reaction was terror, despair, grief, confusion, ”said Erika Polmar, co-founder and executive director of the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

What happened? When Congress established the fund, lawmakers prioritized applications from businesses owned by women, veterans, or those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

But then some companies took federal action to challenge that. And the judges agreed with them.

“It’s especially devastating when you think you have the price and it’s taken away from you,” Erika says.

The Independent Restaurant Coalition has been inundated with calls from business owners who have also already spent the money they were promised.

“I spoke to people who were rightly hysterical. I had never in this role called crisis counselors on the phone with people, it was just as serious and it still is, ”says Erika.

The fund then had to reconsider all outstanding requests on a first come, first serve basis and quickly ran out of money!

We found that only 36% of businesses that applied for money were ultimately approved.

And now, over 100,000 restaurants and bars – including District 7 – are still waiting for help.

“That sudden hit of that rug under our feet really left us out,” says Arianne.

There are currently bills in Congress calling for more money to be given to restaurants and bars to stay afloat. Industry experts tell 7-Investigates that if something isn’t done soon, more businesses will close and more people will lose their jobs.


Coalition of independent restaurants and additional resources

Video published by the Coalition of Independent Restaurants

National Association of Restaurateurs

Boston Black Hospitality Coalition

Here are links to some of the bills pending in Congress to replenish the fund and other laws to help restaurants, bars and other food and beverage businesses:

Restaurant Revitalization Fund Replenishment Act, 2021

Entry law

Information from the Small Business Administration on the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Companies that have received money from the fund

The Small Business Administration (SBA) recounts 7 surveys:

As of June 30, 2021, the RRF program has received over 278,000 eligible submitted applications representing over $ 72.2 billion in requested funds, and approximately 101,000 applicants have been approved for restaurants, bars and other businesses in restaurant type.

Underserved populations received approximately $ 18 billion in grants, including:

  • Women-owned businesses ~ $ 7.5 billion
  • Veteran-owned businesses ~ $ 1 billion
  • Socially and economically disadvantaged businesses ~ $ 6.7 billion
  • Businesses owned by representatives of several underserved populations ~ $ 2.8 billion

The remainder of the $ 28.6 billion was awarded to eligible applicants not identified as part of an underserved group.

Additional economic relief is available: The SBA still administers programs such as economic disaster loans [EIDL], Advanced Targeted EIDL Programs, and Additional Targeted Advanced EIDL Programs. SBA administrator Guzman has increased the maximum amount small businesses can borrow through the EIDL program.

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The 13 Best Nightclubs in Sheffield & South Yorkshire – as voted by you

It is something that has only just returned to our lives due to the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.

But in the end, we were able to go back to the nightclubs and have a good boogie with our friends.

And Sheffield and South Yorkshire have some of the best to offer for an evening to remember.

For the latest news and stories from Sheffield, click here.

So we asked readers to Yorkshire Live to tell us their all-time favorite best nightclubs in the county which are the ultimate destination for a night out.

It could either be a nightclub from the past that helped create some precious memories, or a club that they just can’t get enough of now.

So here is a rundown of some of the nightclubs that you voted the “best of all time”.

Enter your zip code to see what’s open near you

The best nightclubs in Sheffield and South Yorkshire

  • Josephine (Sheffield)
  • Adam and Eve (Doncaster)
  • Living stones (Doncaster)
  • The Limit (Sheffield)
  • Crazy Daisy (Sheffield)
  • Elliot (Rotherham)
  • Niche (Sheffield)
  • Penny Farthing (Sheffield)
  • The Cavendish Club (Sheffield)
  • Arches (Sheffield)
  • Roxy (Sheffield)
  • The lead mill (Sheffield)
  • At Romeo and Juliet’s (Sheffield)

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Covid Scotland: vaccine passports for nightclubs, sporting events and concerts will be voted by MSPs in Holyrood

If the proposals are approved, only fully vaccinated people will be allowed in nightclubs, major sporting events, and numerous concerts and festivals.

However, opposition parties have raised concerns over the so-called vaccine passports, which would come into effect at the end of September, once all adults in Scotland have had a chance to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Labor and Liberal Democrats have already pledged to vote against the Scottish government’s proposals – despite the plan being called an ‘absolute sham’ by the Tories, with the PM being criticized for failing so far explained in detail how the program will work.

MSPs are due to vote on Thursday on the planned introduction of a vaccination certification system at Holyrood.

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Covid Scotland: the government is invited to abandon vaccine passports and focus on recruitment …

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross challenged Nicola Sturgeon on the issue at Holyrood, saying that although she had promised to publish an article on how the system works, it was “not enough” to do so “within a few hours before Parliament is expected to vote ”.

Mr Ross said: “So far there are no details or answers on the SNP’s plans.

“We wanted to examine the content of the Prime Minister’s proposals – but frankly, there is nothing to scrutinize. “

Mr. Ross continued: “We need the details but we don’t have them. We do not know how the regime will be administered or enforced. We do not know if the data issues have been resolved.

“We don’t know if the SNP will rule out extending them indefinitely or deploying them to other locations in the short term.”

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Warren man behind bars | News, Sports, Jobs

A man from Warren is behind bars after he allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill his father.

Bryan C. Steele, 39, 113 Front St., has been charged with offenses including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by Warren-based Pennsylvania State Police.

The soldiers were dispatched at 3:20 p.m. on September 4 and were told by dispatch that the victim had been assaulted and that a knife was involved. Upon arriving at the scene, the victim reportedly told the soldiers that Steele “Had a large kitchen knife pressed to the lower left side of his back and was threatened by his son”, according to the probable cause affidavit.

The alleged victim told soldiers he had “Been terrorized by his son for weeks” and told the police that Steele “threatened to hit him earlier today with a piece of wood about four (to) five feet long and three inches wide.”

He reported Steele “Took his cell phone and drugged him inside the residence so that he could not alert the neighbors or contact the police” and alleged a “Long altercation for most of the day” which ended when, according to the victim, Steele “” Passed out “, which would have been due to the drugs. “

The victim continued to speak to the police about “Several instances” where he was threatened verbally and physically by the victim. He recounted the knife incident and told the soldiers Steele said “I should kill you right now.” He told Soldiers Steele at one point “walked into the room with a reciprocating saw and threatened him with that too.”

He also told police that Steele punched him on the head several times, put his hand around his neck and held him to the ground and made new threats. ” Steel “, the affidavit states, “Also strangled the victim a second time, by wrapping a yellow bath towel around the victim’s neck” and the victim said he did “several statements that he was going to kill him and burn the house down.”

Steele has been charged, according to court records online, with aggravated assault – attempts to cause or cause bodily harm with a lethal weapon, common assault, harassment, strangulation, terrorist threats, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

Records show he was jailed on $ 60,000 bail with a preliminary hearing scheduled for September 15.

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New sustainable café and laundromat opens in Sheung Wan

OK, so the combination of cafes and laundromats isn’t new to the local cafe scene, but this pastel-colored space – essentially a fly trap for Instagrammers – in Sheung Wan stands out by focusing on one element – durability. Founded by siblings Bryan and Cynthia Lok, Clean offers great coffee options as well as self-service washing machines, while ensuring that they remain environmentally friendly and resource efficient.

The coffee only uses Rainforest Alliance Certified or Direct Trade beans. Their current house blend of espresso comes from Brazil and Honduras and is roasted locally in Peng Chau. Unlike most coffee shops, where plant-based milk is usually only an alternate option when ordering coffee, Clean uses Oatly oat milk drink as the default milk, with all of their drinks specially formulated to complement it perfectly (don’t worry, you can request cow’s milk for an additional $ 2).

Clean’s uniquely sourced bean selection is specially curated each season, so coffee buds can always have something new to look forward to. We highly recommend trying the Colombia El Paraiso Luna, where the beans have undergone a two-stage fermentation wash to reveal fruity and floral notes with hints of chewing-gum-like sweetness. And if it’s a ‘coffee-free day’ for you, opt for other drinks like matcha latte and black sesame latte ($ 38- $ 40), or try cascara, a refreshing skin-based herbal tea. coffee fruit ($ 30 – $ 32)).

As for those looking to do their laundry, there are six mint green LG washing machines available. Simply choose a machine to load your laundry, select your machine on a kiosk screen and make your payment, then simply click start and your 40 minute wash ($ 25) or dry ($ 35) cycle will begin. The machines use eco-friendly detergent from Ecos and keep things cashless by only accepting payments through Octopus, Alipay, and Wechat Pay – so you’ll be able to keep your hands off and your own wallets!

Located at 100 Queen’s Road West, Sheung Wan, Clean’s Cafe is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., while the laundromat is open 24/7.

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Cafe owner accused of not wearing a mask not allowed to appear in court for refusing to wear a mask

South East Queensland cafe owner arrested after she and her staff allegedly refused police instructions to wear masks, was unable to attend her hearing in person because she did not want to put on a mask .

Sarah Parsons, 38, was scheduled to appear in Maroochydore Magistrates’ Court this morning for a ticket, but appeared by phone after security refused to let her into the courthouse.

Ms Parsons told the court it was not her decision not to attend in person.

Magistrate Haydn Sjernqvist adjourned the case to September 13 and told the court her reluctance to wear a mask would not be accepted as an excuse.

“You won’t get anything on the 13th if you don’t go up to the first floor and talk to the prosecutor.

“And that may require you to wear a mask like everyone else, when entering the building. Do you understand?

New Earth Cafe owner Sarah Parsons has been charged after allegedly saying that neither she nor her staff would wear masks despite instructions from police.(

Instagram: New Earth Café


Ms Parsons told the court she was seeking legal advice and would ask the prosecution for the full record of evidence, including “copies of all camera footage worn on the body,” as well as additional time for them. examine.

How the owner of the cafe ended up in court

Police said officers went to the New Earth Cafe in Coolum three times to ask Ms Parsons and her staff to wear masks.

It was alleged that Ninderry’s wife refused every request and became verbally abusive towards the officers.

In a video released shortly after her arrest, Ms Parsons said she and all staff at her cafe had health issues and were exempt from wearing masks.

The exterior of a cafe
The owner and staff of the New Earth Cafe in Coolum have reportedly refused to wear face masks.(

ABC Sunshine Coast: Jessica Lamb


The business owner was fined $ 1,378 at the time for failing to comply with a COVID-19 health directive and a 34-year-old staff member was fined $ 206 for not wearing a mask.

In footage released by Queensland Police, officers at the cafe can be heard saying the compliance visits were prompted by public complaints.

“I understand you all have exemptions here?” The officer can be heard saying.

The officer can also be heard saying on the video that “under the Health Act, staff are not allowed to serve customers unless they wear a mask.”

The maximum penalty for summoning directives is $ 5,514.

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Is Australia Experiencing a COVID-19 Baby Boom?

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The sword striker who struck outside Reading’s After Dark nightclub has never been found

A man whose hand was slashed in a horrific sword attack 20 years ago is still waiting for his attacker to be found.

Lee Rackham is now 51 years old and still bears the scars of the attack, which occurred outside London Street’s After Dark nightclub in 2002.

Lee and his friends were drinking at Reading’s popular nightclub – now facing a very uncertain future after losing her license due to noise complaints from neighbors – when they mingled with a group of men.

Read more: Attack outside the club leaves man with broken jaw

The argument spilled over into the street outside the nightclub and Lee admits it turned into a brawl.

He admits to pushing one of the men who hit his head on a boot cleaner outside a desk next to the nightclub

Lee said that after this the brawl took a turn, as he claims that one of the men drove into a nearby car and got a “kukri” – a type of Nepalese sword.

He said: “There was no doubt that this man was trying to kill me, he stabbed me once and he got stuck in my coat.

“Then he basically tried to cut my head off.

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“I managed to raise my hand and the sword cut off my fingers.”

The man then fled, Lee claims.

Lee was rushed to hospital and required major surgery to his hand and fingers.

What he calls an “impressive beer scar” remains on his hand after the incident.

The sword went through this joint and his hand, as well as the front and back tendons and some of the bones.

He was off work for six months.

Police charged Lee with GBH for injuries sustained by the man he ran over.

He found himself in the odd position of facing his own trial and the possibility of a potential prison sentence, as he also worked with the police as a victim of the sword attack.

X-ray of Lee Rackman's hands after being attacked with a sword
Lee’s whole hand had to be rebuilt after the attack

His own charges were ultimately dismissed 18 months later, and he says police told him they would keep in touch about the case involving his attacker.

20 years later, the man has never been found.

He said: “The police told me that my friends and I had indeed fought with a group of very bad people and I don’t really doubt that he was trying to kill me.”

Lee, who is a computer consultant, is from Slough and moved to Reading because he thought it was ‘chic’. He then moved to a small village near Derby in 2016, but said his thoughts on the heartbreaking incident led him to want a ‘closure’.

He was quite surprised to learn that the Thames Valley Police are still investigating the case 20 years later.

He said: “I thought they would have closed the case because they believe the man who attacked me left the country after this happened.

“But I was told he was still under investigation.

“It seems very unlikely that they will ever find the guy.

“I was looking to shut it all down after all this time, but I understand they don’t close business if they never catch anyone.”

Lee Rackham’s ‘beer scar’ from brutal attack

A spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police explained: “A victim can be informed of the progress of their investigation at any time, whether it is an active investigation or not.

“This case, although it occurred over 20 years ago, is classified as ongoing because the suspect is still wanted, as such the case has no outcome.

“Despite the passage of time, we believe someone will have this crucial information that could be the key to solving this crime.

“Cases can be filed while waiting for further information to be revealed, but anyone with information can always call Thames Valley Police on 101 or the 100% Independent Crimestoppers anonymously, with any information that can help them. ‘investigation. Your information would be treated in the strictest confidence. ”

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Fake exit labels send two people behind bars, police say – FOX13 News Memphis

Memphis, Tenn. – Two men are arrested in separate cases after police arrested them in connection with false exit labels on the same day, according to an affidavit.

On Saturday, Memphis police arrested Martevious Harth, 24, who they said had a stop sign at Mill Ave. and Third St.

During the traffic stop, Harth gave officers three social security numbers, police said. MPD identified him with the third Social Security card and discovered his license had been suspended for failing to report insurance in January, police said.

According to an affidavit, officers searched Harth’s car and found eight false exit tags in a bag.

Harth was taken into police custody and charged with eight counts of falsifying car license plates.

Police also reported that they arrested Roy Sims, 33, the same day near Norris Rd. Because of his expired exit tag. They found his license had been revoked for DUI since 2016 and he had not presented proof of insurance, police said.

MPD searched Sims’ car and found false exit tags in the car. Officers said they noticed that the Sims’ car exit tag was a piece of laminated paper.

Police called the dealership to confirm the tag, according to an affidavit. However, the dealership said it did not issue the tag to this car. Police said his car’s exit tag was a copy and the barcode could not be scanned.

Sims told police he purchased the tags from an authorized dealer on Dunn Ave. He also said a mechanic left the tags in the backseat of his car, trying to help him, police said.

Sims was arrested and charged with altering, tampering or tampering with car titles, driving while license revoked, and financial liability.

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10 new shops, cafes and hotels that opened in Oxfordshire this year

Oxfordshire has seen new shops, hotels and cafes open this year despite challenges from the pandemic.

Here is a list of 10 places that have opened in Oxfordshire so far this year:

1. Kaspa’s desserts – Gloucester Green, Oxford

Kaspa’s Desserts opened in March. Image: Ed Nix

2. Lidl – Fairacres Retail Park, Abingdon

Oxford Mail: Lidl opened in AprilLidl opened in April

3. Premier Inn – Oxford City Center

Oxford Mail: This Premier Inn opened in July.  Photo: Ed NixThis Premier Inn opened in July. Photo: Ed Nix

4. The Craftsmen’s Emporium – Oxford High Street

5.QD (Quality Discounts) – Chipping Norton

Oxford Mail: QD opened in August.QD opened in August.

6. Geek Retreat Oxford Board Game Cafe – Oxford City Center

Oxford Mail: Geek Retreat opened in August.  Photo: Ed NixGeek Retreat opened in August. Photo: Ed Nix

7. The Harvest Café Dessert Lounge – Bicester

Oxford Mail: The Harvest Cafe opened in May.  Photo: Ed NixThe Harvest Café opened in May. Photo: Ed Nix

8. Premier Inn – Banbury

Oxford Mail: This Premier Inn opened in August. This Premier Inn opened in August.

9. Covid Cignpost ExpressTest test site at Westgate Center, Oxford

Oxford Mail: Cignpost ExpressTest opened in AugustCignpost ExpressTest open in August

10. Lidl – Banbury

Oxford Mail: Lidl opened in August. Lidl opened in August.

Do you know of another place that opened this year? Let us know in the comments.

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Customer Who Got Angry And Left Maine Restaurant Sends Letter Of Apology – With $ 100 Tip


“You never want to be ‘that guy’ and that day I was ‘that guy’.”

It’s a tough time being in the restaurant industry, whether it’s a lack of help or discussions about vaccine mandates.

Then there are the angry customers who are not used to waiting maybe a little longer than usual for service.

It’s been a lot this summer in particular, according to Tammy Stirk Ramsey, who has worked at Union Bluff in York, Maine, for about 25 years.

What she didn’t expect was that one of those angry, cursing customers would send her a letter of apology – and a big tip.

Ramsey recently received a letter from the anonymous client, who apologized profusely for his behavior and attached $ 100. In the letter, he describes how he was at the restaurant on July 5 between 5 and 6 p.m., and he and the big party with him were waiting “longer than I thought”.

At one point the man wrote that he said, “This is b *******.”

“It comes from a guy who tells people to be nice to the service staff and tip big after the pandemic – what hypocrisy,” he wrote.

“The cocktails before dinner before arriving at the Bluff may have helped – No apologies…” he also said.

The man said he planned to apologize in person.

“You never want to be ‘that guy’ and that day I was ‘that guy’,” he wrote. ” Sincerely sorry. “

When Ramsey got the letter, she said it gave him goosebumps.

“I was just overwhelmed,” she said, noting that she shared the tip with a colleague who worked with her that day.

Ramsey also shared a photo of the letter to Seacoast Eats, a Facebook group dedicated to area restaurants. His post had received around 2,000 likes and over 300 shares by Friday afternoon.

This summer has been particularly difficult in terms of customer frustration or anger.

“There have been so many cases,” she said.

It’s a stark contrast to last summer, when people were just thrilled to go out and eat when restaurants reopened after the pandemic forced them to close.

“Everyone who came was so happy,” Ramsey said. “They didn’t care if they had to wait two hours.

In addition to the unhappy customers, the restaurant also struggled to find help, which is not unique to Union Bluff. Much less of the regular summer help came back.

“We had a hard time hiring,” she said.

To those who may be frustrated while waiting to be seated in a restaurant, Ramsey says customers should anticipate that things don’t go as fast as they used to.

“I would say just give yourself time,” she said. “Be patient, be kind.”

Read the full letter:

Tammy Stirk Ramsey – Tammy Ramsey

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Local restaurants still struggle to find employees after restrictions are lifted

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) – Since numerous COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, businesses have seen more customers, but fewer employees. Small businesses have done their best to stay afloat.

For some, running a business is more difficult than usual. Some have done employee work in addition to looking to hire. Lynchburg managers say the process has not been easy.

Virginia Lewis is a waitress at the Italian restaurant Graziano. She said: “I think what is happening is people see that they are making more money with unemployment. So they decided “if we make more money out of unemployment, we can just stay home.”

Graziano receives a lot of candidates. But they are not serious.

Lewis said: “We have had so many unemployed people who say they are going back to the job market, so they come for a few days to work and then they never show up again.”

When that happens, it leaves more work for their manager, Chelsea Easterbrook. She said, “You are trying to find qualified people and train them. So as a manager I don’t really wait for tables but ended up doing a lot. You have to do this to keep the place afloat.

At Firehouse Subs, they usually have a membership of 14 or 15, but currently they have nine.

Director James Campbell said: “A lot of people don’t want to risk coming to work. So that makes us longer hours.

Campbell added that it’s great to see sales increase, but like most small businesses, they are looking to fill all positions.

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Bristol nightclub will charge £ 10 for door-to-door lateral flow test

Two of Bristol’s most iconic clubs are applying strict Covid protocols for entry to their venues when restrictions are lifted on Monday, July 19.

Lakota uses a coronavirus passport system or evidence of a negative lateral flow test in the past 24 hours.

Whereas Motion requires each participant to present proof of a negative lateral flow test within the 48 hours prior to arriving at the site for entry.

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If you do not provide proof of any of the following, entry to the site will be refused, even if you have purchased a ticket for the respective events.

If you haven’t done a lateral flow test before arriving at Motion, you can purchase one on site for £ 10 per person.

A statement posted on Facebook posted by Lakota said: “Although the government has indicated that covid passes are not a requirement, health authorities and the council have very strongly advised us to implement such a policy.

“As such, we believe this is the responsible course of action that we must take as the health of our customers is of paramount importance.

“This will allow us to continue to host high capacity events and provide a safe place where everyone can embrace, dance and celebrate freedom again.

“We will verify the COVID status of our participants upon entry by proof of negative lateral flow test or vaccination via a COVID NHS pass (obtained after two vaccinations).

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“Visitors will be able to view an SMS or email confirmation of a negative lateral flow test result – provided that the test is negative and has been performed within the last 24 hours.”

Lakota will host one of the UK’s first festivals after coronavirus restrictions eased from July 19 with a Summer of Love festival held at a secret location in north Bristol and the same entry restrictions being made will apply.

Motion issued a similar statement ahead of their reopening on Freedom Day and said: “In accordance with public health guidelines, we ask all customers in attendance to provide a lateral flow test before visiting the site and d ‘enter their results into the NHS COVID- 19 apps.

“We will check your result at the door. If you provide a positive test result, you will not be allowed to enter the premises.

“You will be asked to show your negative results, whether you have had a vaccination or a valid vaccination passport.

“If a negative test cannot be shown at the entrance, a limited amount of lateral flow test will be available on site but will be subject to a charge of £ 10.”

Responding to reviews that he was charging £ 10 per person for a side flow test on the door, they said: “As you can imagine we’ve ordered a lot, and the charge includes the order fee and treatment.

“We have also hired an external medical team who will be responsible for assisting clients with their testing and the disposal of clinical and medical waste. We encourage you to do your lateral flow test before the show.”

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Eatery Business

Rwanda: I&M Bank raises limit for unsecured loans

Access to credit in Rwanda has long been characterized by strict processes and requirements that have been found frustrating for many.

As a local financial institution, I&M Bank is trying to change the trend.

The bank has revamped its Éclair loan product, where it will borrow up to 17.5 times salary with no collateral.

The bank says the move to increase unsecured loans from 12 times salary to 17.5 times is responsive to market demand and consumer needs.

Faustin Byishimo, Executive Director of I&M Bank Rwanda, said that the move will also be supported by her many years of experience and the adjustment of the regulatory framework.

The efficiency of the credit bureau, he said, has seen the availability of more reliable data that gives them confidence in their move.

“There have also been changes in the local framework that have increased our confidence. For example, the credit bureau cannot simply divert one’s salaries without due process. The data is cleaner and the reliability is much higher,” he said.

To meet market demands, Byishimo said they have noticed a surge in credit demand, especially as the middle class expands.

As the middle class expands, there is a demand for credit as this group wants to acquire assets and make investments for personal growth.

“Salaries don’t always go up, but the demand for money has grown, people might want to invest or make acquisitions and buy more things. There is a demand,” he said.

In addition to raising the credit limit, the lender has also reviewed features and requirements to facilitate access to credit.

The bank reduced the requirements from 10 documents to 3 documents and cut the approval time by 50 percent to 48 hours. This is aimed at further improving the customer experience with access to credit.

In order to guarantee the payment processing and to relieve the customers, one may not use more than 50 percent of the monthly salary to ensure that they still have an available income during the loan repayment.

In addition to employees, the product is also aimed at professionals such as lawyers, doctors and architects who are not employed but have a regular income.

In the case of mortgages, the lender has increased the duration from 20 to 25 years in order to be among those with the longest repayment period.

The extension of the repayment deadline, Byishimo said, is intended to allow more people to take out mortgages as the repayment deadline often got in the way of large numbers of potential homeowners. The development also enables more people to own their “dream home”.

By extending the term to 25 years for the repayment of the mortgage, Byishimo said it was a vote of confidence in the economy and industries involved in the process such as insurance and construction.

The bank’s confidence in extending the repayment period from 20 to 25 years is based, among other things, on the efficiency of framework conditions such as land register proceedings, foreclosure proceedings, etc.

In addition, the bank has extensive experience with mortgages, which enables them to access market demand and trends.

“We are way ahead of the market with a 20-year mortgage that has been in place since 2007, we took a risk then, we have extended it in 25 years now. We were among the first to have long-term mortgages and others are follow suit, ”he said.

The lender also has decentralized access to most of their services such as access to credit cards, overdrafts, and others.

The lender is also in the process of automating and digitizing its systems and training its employees.

The bank posted a profit of Rs 7.5 billion after tax in 2018 compared to Rs 6.5 billion in 2017.

I&M Bank, which is listed locally on the Rwanda Stock Exchange, paid its shareholders Rwf 2.99 billion as a dividend in May.

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Rwanda: BPR increases unsecured loan limit and extends mortgage repayment period

Rwanda: BPR increases unsecured loan limit and extends mortgage repayment period

Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) Plc is aiming to relax its credit access conditions and has since reviewed the main credit conditions.

The bank has adjusted its unsecured loans from Rwf 6 million to Rwf 15 million. This is in response to consumer demand and market trends, according to the bank.

The bank said Rwf 6M’s previous unsecured credit limit has often limited consumers’ options in acquiring assets or using the loans.

For example, for customers taking out loans to purchase assets such as land or a vehicle, the previous amount limited options for the acquisition.

With the review of the amount, the bank has adjusted the repayment period of the unsecured loans from 4 years to 5 years in order to allow flexibility in repayment.

The bank has also increased flexibility in the amounts customers can apply for on unsecured loans. Previously, the minimum loan amount was 1 million rupees, while the maximum was 12 times net monthly salary. Under the new regime, customers can apply for unsecured loans from Rwf 300,000, with the maximum amount depending on the ability to repay.

Going forward, monthly repayments will not exceed 35 percent of the customer’s net monthly salary, but exemptions are being considered for customers with an additional source of income to increase the monthly repayment to 50 percent.

The bank has also considered potential homeowners, the lender increased the maturity from 20 to 25 years to be among the lenders with the longest repayment period.

Xavier Shema Mugisha, the bank’s chief business officer, said that by extending the mortgage repayment tenure to 25 years, the lender is trying to improve home ownership opportunities for its clients after identifying the tenure as challenging.

Mugisha said that with the majority of salaries in Rwanda between Rwf 300,000 and Rwf 800,000, shorter terms often limit potential homeowners’ chances of owning a property. With a longer term, customers have more options for properties to own as the monthly amounts paid are reduced and the options for home ownership expanded.

The adjustment also created a provision to fund up to 100 percent of the lower market value and sale price that incentivizes affordable housing and up to 80 percent for others.

Mugisha said the conditions for customers who want to own vehicles have been improved to make them more practical and convenient. The bank has checked the maximum age of the vehicle to be financed to 10 years from the date of manufacture of the last 6 years as this restricted the car owners. On average, cars imported into the country are around 7 years old.

He added that the maximum repayment period for used cars has been increased from 4 years to 5 years.

Previously, the minimum amount of the vehicle loan was Rwf 4 million with a maximum amount of Rwf 35, which has since been adjusted to a minimum amount of Rwf 2 million, while the maximum amount depends on a customer’s ability to repay.

The adjustments, which are intended to increase the number of creditworthy customers and improve loan conditions, will also lead to a reduction in the processing and disbursement time of loans. For example, mortgages are paid out within two weeks of application if all conditions are met, while personal loans are automated for disbursement in less than 4 days if all conditions are met.

Mugisha said they are confident that the relaxed conditions will in no way increase bad debts or bad loans, as measures are in place to ensure due diligence as well as improved efficiency of the credit bureaus using the quality of the data for decision making .

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Less than 25? This popular Nantucket bar might not serve you


“I don’t need the Spring Break type of attitude.”

The Gazebo Bar on Nantucket is only open to those 25 and older due to a new policy to reduce underage alcohol use. Luc Tedeschi

If you’re looking to celebrate your twenty-first birthday, don’t go to this Nantucket bar.

The Gazebo, a popular open-air bar, will no longer serve alcoholic beverages to those under 25. Tavern restaurant and Gazebo owner Luke Tedeschi made the switch just a week ago in a final attempt to reduce underage alcohol use. It got so bad that he felt he had to do something.

“What’s worse than I’ve ever seen is the number of minors trying to get in,” he told “Their ID cards these days are very difficult to detect, a lot of good ID cards will go through the scanners we have.”

Nantucket is “under attack” during the summer, Tedeschi said, and noted that the location of the oceanfront bar was another factor making his establishment so popular. He described how minors often claim to be only 21 years old. Therefore, setting the minimum age a little higher helps him and his staff to be sure that they are serving legal drinkers. It is also much less likely that an underage drinker will have ID showing that he is 25, Tedeschi said, and that it would be easy to determine he is underage if he did.

“If I am certain, and your ID is certain, and you are not here with hordes of children – inevitably, in the pack of hordes of children there are minors,” said he declared. “I’m using that as a deviation so say okay, it’s 25.… If you’re worthy and legitimately of legal age and you’re not smuggling minors… if you’re a 21-year-old couple and stacking up not and acting inappropriately, you are certainly welcome.

The Gazebo is a popular open-air oceanfront bar in downtown Nantucket. – Luc Tedeschi

While this is not a common gesture for bars, it is not without precedent. A 2016 Food & Wine article notes a handful of restaurants in New York City and Washington, DC that have implemented a minimum age of 24 or 25; one Long Island bar even has different minimum ages for men and women. Massachusetts liquor laws only mention age in the context of legal drinking age, and public accommodation laws only prohibit discrimination based on “race, color, religious belief, national origin, gender, disability (handicap), gender identity or sexual orientation in some places. public housing ”, including restaurants.

Tedeschi has operated the tavern and gazebo for 29 years and said that while underage alcohol use has always been a problem facing the industry, it has become particularly serious.

“It is a privilege to enter my establishment, not a right,” he said. “It’s a policy, and I never claimed it was a law, it’s my policy to run my establishment as I see fit.”

His restaurant, the Tavern, serves alcohol and has his own bar, but that’s not where he sees the problems. The Gazebo, however, is an outdoor bar open only for cocktail service and late at night.

“Underage drinking is a huge commitment to me as an owner, operator and licensee, and I don’t need to compromise my license to serve minors, that is, children” , did he declare. “I don’t need the Spring Break type attitude, it’s chasing people who can [drink] and are of legal age and are much more responsible and respectful not only to my staff and other clients.

Tedeschi said the bar turned over up to 20 suspected fake IDs to the Nantucket State Police barracks each day.

Tedeschi considers that increasing the minimum age is absolutely necessary, not only to limit alcohol consumption among minors, but also to protect against liability.

“If I lose business, I lose it to illegal drinkers, which puts everything I have at risk,” he said. “When drastic measures need to be taken, I am not afraid to take them no matter what the situation and it is about the protection of the establishment, the licensing and the limitation of alcohol consumption. in minors. “

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Coventry nightclub bosses ready for revelers amid public safety concerns

Patrons of Coventry’s biggest nightclubs can’t wait to get the party started.

But not everything is straightforward for nightclub owners and promoters, with some expressing concern over the government’s sudden change over Covid restrictions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given the nightlife industry the green light to reopen after confirming his intention to remove all public health measures from July 19.

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A final decision will be made on July 12, but if everything goes in line with the government’s plan, then nightclubs would be allowed to reopen.

Gary Holloway, manager of JJ’s nightclub at the Skydome, said he was “delighted” with the announcement.

He said: “The past 16 months have undoubtedly been the toughest in the history of the nightlife industry, with the Covid-19 pandemic having significantly affected even the most successful businesses in the industry.

“We welcome the government’s decision, which reflects its understanding not only of the important economic contribution of nightclubs, but also of the vital role that this part of the nightlife industry plays in the continued health of our shopping streets. and our cities.

“We look forward to welcoming our customers again and doing what we do best: providing fun and unforgettable experiences. “

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Like many businesses, JJ’s had to adapt to stay alive.

It recently reopened as a ‘nighttime pub’ allowing revelers to enjoy a seated disco and order pizza while the dance floor remained closed due to social distancing measures.

But the nightclub will look a lot more like its old self when it reopens on July 19 with a “Straight Outta Lockdown” party.

The event, which is nearly sold out, will kick off a busy launch week for the venue.

The Kasbah, in Primrose Hill Street, also promises to be back in full force with “flying” tickets for its big reopening party on July 19.

And while plans to exit the lockdown have been backed by the venue, promoter Sam El-Naaqib said the sweeping changes and the sudden shift in stance on what people can and cannot do have raised more questions only answers.

“This announcement has mixed benefits,” he told CoventryLive.

“This is great news for nightclubs, but there is an undercarriage to it all.

“What has been described is essentially a free-for-all. So all the precautions that existed before are voluntary. It will create a lot of uncertainty.

“It’s been a horrible 16 months for the entertainment industry. The number of bands, artists and singers who have had no recourse through no fault of their own.

“While these freedoms are absolutely necessary for people to come together, the message seems a bit confusing.”

Mr El-Naaqib added: “What happens two months later when cases continue to rise and people start pointing fingers at nightclubs for reopening and young people for getting together?

“What I fear most is that a lot of people still feel vulnerable and this announcement has done little to allay people’s fears about safety in indoor spaces.

“I expect a new announcement next week where hopefully some things will be sorted out and many questions answered.

“How can monitoring and traceability be voluntary? There are things that shouldn’t be voluntary and should always be in place to certify a site.

“There needs to be more of a safety net and not just for the 18 to 25 year olds who want to come back, but who want to do it safely and responsibly.

“There is resistance from the elderly for whom we also have a market. Many think “will it be safe?”

“We need a more defined set of parameters, more guarantees for employees and insurance for the general public as well.”

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Vanessa Briones leads 906 Sports Bar power-off in Iron Range Women’s Softball League | News, Sports, Jobs

ISHPEMING – Vanessa Briones netted three braces to lead a strong hitting streak as 906 Sports Bar rebounded Pasquali 21-11 in a Class B game played in the Iron Range Women’s Softball League on June 9.

Teammate Jordan Kowalski added a pair of trebles, Danielle Minkel hit a triple and a double, Tayler Gray made a homer and Lexi Pomplun and Thalicia DelAngelo both doubled.

For Pasquali’s, Jess Geist tripled and doubled while Alan Nuorala doubled.

In other “B” match, Traci Sundberg and Hannah Salmi each scored to lead Martin Sports to a 13-10 victory over Globe Printing, which got a homerun from Chelsee Pekrul and a triple from Loretta Willey.

Rhonda Williams tripled to make pitcher Doni Hernandez a winner as Quality Car Care took a 19-13 victory over Signs Unlimited, which got a homerun from Leah Dompierre.

A massive 19-point fourth inning led Jasper Ridge Brewery to a 26-12 victory over Venice-Hickey’s, which Gabby Concord homed in.

Megan Mattson hit a homerun and Marissa Carello and Jordann Grigg both trebled to lead Jack’s Teepee to a big 38-13 victory over Dave’s Collision, of which Michelle Roose was cited in his defense.

In Class A, Maria Slater hit a home run out of the park as Heritage Glove Repair beat Tino’s 32-7.

Slater went 4 for 4, as did Britney Rovelsky, while teammate Brandi Logan was 5 for 5. Tino’s Marina Nault, Katie Rankinen and Miranda Roose all made it 2 for 2.

More “A” action, Mariah Dunham hit a homerun, doubled up and finished 4 for 5 as Screened Image-Venice 2 beat Buck’s Party Store 24-13.

Her teammate Niki Pfluger was 5 for 5 with a double, while Buck’s Debbie Zummak went 3 for 5 with a double and Bobbie Ayotte was 3 for 4.

Buster had the bye of the week.

In Class C, Chastity Ellet and Kelly Hebert both tripled as Paradise Bar passed UP Fabricating 18-16.

Ellet went 5 for 5, while Hebert and her teammate Kathy Maynard were both 4 for 5. For UPF, Alyse Schaffer and Jessica Noskey each got 4 for 4.

In other “VS” contest, Chelsea Roberts and Livvie Wood both got 5 for 5 to help Pineshears beat Palomaki Family Chiropractic 32-6.

Roberts did a homer, Wood tripled, and teammate Toni Tikkanen also did a 4-for-5 homerun.

Katie Trudgeon and Liz Valela were both 3 for 3 for Palomaki.

Jamie Kibler was 4 for 4 with a homer and a double as the Eagles flew over Willey’s Tire Shop 19-4.

Teammate Micailly Carlson was 3 for 4 with two triples and a double to help pit pitcher Elaina Treloar to win.

Willey’s Brooke Mitchell was 3 for 3 while Krystal Heikkinen went 2 for 3.

Information compiled by Sports Journal Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is sbrownlee @ miningjournal. report.

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Inside Ashford’s old flour mill and Liquid and Envy and Cales nightclub which could become 60 apartments

Bold plans to convert a former flour mill and nightclub into 60 apartments were revealed by KentOnline last week. To better understand, Ashford historian Steve Salter took advantage of an exclusive visit …

It has had a long and colorful history with controversies along the way, it almost burned down almost 47 years ago, and it provided the social soundtrack for many cozy parties from the 1980s to 2014.

What does the old Envy nightclub, which used to be on the ground floor of the mill, look like today? Photos: Steve Salter

Today, the old abandoned flour mill at the bottom of East Hill in Ashford is about to begin an exciting new chapter in its 120-year history.

The long-standing monument, built in 1901 and first owned by miller Henry Sturges Pledge, has just been purchased after nearly two years of negotiations by business partners and developers Oliver Davis and Rory Brace of Oliver Davis Homes.

Mr. Davis’ plan for 60 ‘high quality’ apartments not only takes into account the heritage of the site, but he is also keenly aware of the amount of work that needs to be done to prevent the building from deteriorating further and falling apart. collapse.

Because the dereliction is really complete.

Until 2014, the historic mill was a selection of nightclubs where one could have a good night’s sleep.

It was owned by Luminar Leisure as Liquid and Life (later Liquid and Envy), but its predecessor Cales Nightclub and Flatfoot Sam’s, owned by Kingfisher Leisure, are remembered in the city.

What the old flour mill looks like today
What the old flour mill looks like today
Open five nights a week, Liquid previously featured DJs, podium dancers, waders and fire eaters, as well as laser and light effects.
Open five nights a week, Liquid previously featured DJs, podium dancers, waders and fire eaters, as well as laser and light effects.
Holds during the opening night in December 1990
Holds during the opening night in December 1990
Party people enjoying the first night at the new Liquid club in November 2002
Party people enjoying the first night at the new Liquid club in November 2002

Even a Facebook group was created to celebrate the ex-nightclub, with former punters calling for the much-missed club to reopen.

Until a disastrous fire struck the site and destroyed the old fodder mill and mill on May 16, 1974, the mill, which sits on the old arm of the River Stour known as the Lords Cut , was classified.

But following the huge fire in which firefighters saved the tower, English Heritage decided to write off the remaining building.

The mill had remained empty after Pledge left in 1972 and had become a haven for vandals, and with the explosive values ​​of flour in its dust form, hell was looming disaster.

It has now been seven long years since nightlife and music stopped in the old nightclub and time has indeed taken its toll on the mill.

Wedges torn off in preparation for Liquid in 2001
Wedges torn off in preparation for Liquid in 2001
The major fire of May 1974. Photo: Barry Lawrance
The major fire of May 1974. Photo: Barry Lawrance
Liquid played a mix of dance, R&B and charts anthems, while the Envy bar played party, disco and retro tracks.
Liquid played a mix of dance, R&B and charts anthems, while the Envy bar played party, disco and retro tracks.
The old staircase leading to the Cales nightclub used from 1990 to 2001
The old access staircase to the Cales nightclub used from 1990 to 2001
Like the old Liquid site above, Envy will need to be cleaned up before any work can begin.
Like the old Liquid site above, Envy will need to be cleaned up before any work can begin.
Bar staff expect their first customers at Liquid's opening night in 2002
Bar staff expect their first customers at Liquid’s opening night in 2002

But Norton Knatchbull alumni Mr. Davis, 34, and Mr. Brace, 33, want to change all that.

Having both spent their younger years hanging out with the old club, the couple say they are totally sympathetic to those who have long been calling for a return to the nightclub.

But both restrictions such as the legal obligation preventing it from being used again for this purpose and significant viabilities mean that it will never hear the sound of music from the charts and classics of the 80s ever again.

The mill in November 1965
The mill in November 1965
Bosses of the Luminar Group shut down Liquid and Envy in 2014 and moved to Station Approach, where Cameo is now based.
Bosses of the Luminar Group shut down Liquid and Envy in 2014 and moved to Station Approach, where Cameo is now based.
Cales opens for the first time in December 1990
Cales opens for the first time in December 1990
The old Cales site is cleaned up
The old Cales site is cleaned up
What the site looked like from East Hill in the 1970s
What the site looked like from East Hill in the 1970s
One of the bedrooms on the upper floors
One of the bedrooms on the upper floors
Liquid replaced Cales, which opened in 1990
Liquid replaced Cales, which opened in 1990
The Liquid site was renamed Liquid and Envy in 2007
The Liquid site was renamed Liquid and Envy in 2007

Although it has been continuously occupied since it was rebuilt in 1981, large sections of the mill – which first became a nightclub like Dusty’s and The Jolly Miller – have not been in use since 1972 and have been around for a long time. abandonned.

Since Liquid and Envy last moved in 2014, it has fallen into a more serious dereliction and there is an urgent need to save the structure.

All the work undertaken during his nightclub era appears to have been purely cosmetic, with little regard for the structural integrity of the building.

What the mill looked like after the May 1974 fire
What the mill looked like after the May 1974 fire
Club Liquid underwent a £ 500,000 facelift in 2007
Club Liquid underwent a £ 500,000 facelift in 2007
Dusty's and The Jolly Miller shortly after opening in 1981
Dusty’s and The Jolly Miller shortly after opening in 1981
The promoters injected £ 3million into the site and promised clubbers a "escape from reality" when Liquid opened in 2002
The promoters pumped £ 3million into the site and promised clubbers an ‘escape from reality’ when Liquid opened in 2002
Real estate developer Oliver Davis is behind the scheme
Real estate developer Oliver Davis is behind the scheme
What a room on one of the upper floors currently looks like
What a room on one of the upper floors currently looks like
In 2011, the Ashford School purchased full ownership of the building, but Liquid continued to operate from the site.
In 2011, the Ashford School bought full ownership of the building, but Liquid continued to operate from the site.
Part of the mill was destroyed in a huge fire in 1974
Part of the mill was destroyed in a huge fire in 1974

It is not yet clear when a planning application will be submitted, but Mr Davis, who purchased the Ashford School site, has already been in discussions with Ashford City Council about the project.

He and his team are to be congratulated for having undertaken such a colossal project because an enormous task awaits them.

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DOTA 2 TI10 could leave Sweden after vote banning esports from sports federation

Valve’s follow-up requests to qualify The International were immediately rejected by the Swedish Home Secretary.

Despite previous conversations and assurances given to Valve, Sweden refused to qualify the International Championships – DOTA 2 as an elite sporting event. This is an exemption offered to other elite sporting events that allow players, talents and staff to acquire visas to travel.

Valve announced in a June 21, 2021 article that the Swedish Sports Federation voted not to accept esport into the sports federation. This denial of qualification means that players who would normally be able to apply for a visa and enter the country, would be denied. The post also notes that it would be up to each border officer to decide whether someone was eligible to enter the country.

Other calls were made, including an option for the Home Secretary to reclassify The International as an elite sporting event, but these were dismissed. The post then explains the other options on the table and points out that Valve still plans to host the event in Europe this year.

We filed an appeal directly with the Swedish government on June 9, but they were unable to provide assistance. On June 14, we asked them to reconsider their decision, and so far they have not been able to come up with a resolution. As a result, and in light of the current political situation in Sweden, we have started to look for possible alternatives elsewhere in Europe to host the event this year, in case the Swedish government is not able to host the championships. international – Dota 2 as expected. We are confident that in either case we will have a solution that will allow us to hold TI10 in Europe this year, and that we will be able to announce an updated plan in the very near future.

It wasn’t until last year that Valve chose to delay DOTA 2’s The International due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While there were hopes that 2021 would mean a return to the norm, it seems there are more hurdles to overcome before players can fight in the DOTA 2 Championships.

Despite this recent setback, Valve says the DOTA 2 TI10 qualifiers will still take place on June 23. Make sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest news on The International – DOTA 2 Championships.

Originally from the lower lands, Sam Chandler brings a touch of the southern hemisphere to his work. After touring a few universities, earning a bachelor’s degree, and entering the video game industry, he found his new family here at Shacknews as a guide editor. There is nothing he loves more than creating a guide that will help someone. If you need help with a guide, or if you notice something wrong, you can tweet it: @SamuelChandler

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Six Edinburgh nightclubs that will make you wonder how you came out alive

Vaccinations are resuming, restrictions could ease even more soon, so no doubt many of you have your eyes on a night out in Edinburgh very soon.

In the meantime, we take a look back at nights gone by and, in particular, those nightclubs that were fun at the time but can’t believe we managed to look back.

Still, once we’re cleared to return to the dance floor, we can’t say we’ll be avoiding these highlights of Edinburgh nightlife.

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Join us as we remember the best, worst and infamous parts of these six Edinburgh nightclubs.

The Beehive

The positive side of all of us used to keeping hand sanitizer on us at all times is that we’ll be prepared for the sticky charm of the beehive.

Edinburgh’s dirtiest nightclub divides the city into the city center, with some adoring cheap drinks and others insulting sticky floors.

At least the lights are still dim enough and the music loud enough that you can’t really see why your shoes are sticking to the floor, or why you had to pull your glass so hard to lift it off the bar.

It brings a mix of clientele, with its prime location on the Royal Mile inviting unsuspecting tourists alongside savvy locals.

This is definitely the place to go if you want a cheap night out and don’t mind ruining the pair of shoes you decide to brave in the venue.


Can you find your bearings during this eventful evening at La Ruche?


Every town has this club that goes through multiple rebranding, which means every other person you meet has a different name for it.

Cav, or Coasters, The Hoochie, The Network, the most recent Avik, and countless other nicknames, may have known different names above the door, but everyone will always know that at the base the club remained the same.

Getting in is a feat in itself, with notoriously rude bouncers deciding who gets in seemingly on a whim.

Once inside, there are enough floors with different music to suit everyone’s taste, as long as you can avoid the equally mean staff inside, greeting and serving visitors with Cav politeness.

Your Cav survival primarily depends on your ability to dodge or charm bouncers, with varying levels of success.


The biggest threat at Bongo’s is undoubtedly the sound. There doesn’t seem to be any volume control, or if there is, it broke a long time ago.

Nonetheless, if you like bass and the electric music they play, you will be in luck.

Bongo’s also regularly invites big name DJs from all over Scotland, so these nights are often jam-packed with clubs, so be prepared to step out soaked in the sweat of dozens of other people.

Still, once you get used to the volume levels and find a place with a little room to breathe, there are definitely worse places to spend the night.


by Garibaldi

Another downtown location means you have to fight your way through groups of drunk tourists at Garibaldi’s.

You won’t be able to get far, however, with the notoriously small dance floor making even the average night there seem crowded.

Go with a large group or you risk getting trampled or crushed completely.

Once you have enough room to dance, set it up like yours. Once you leave it, you’ll have a hard time getting it back!

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La Belle Angele

Your battle to survive La Belle Angèle begins in the queue, with famous long lines.

At least it’s located in a quaint corner of the old town, so you’ll have a good view while you’re freezing to death in the queue outside.

Still, there’s nothing quite like standing in line, slowly sobering up and losing the feeling in your feet to get ready for a dance party. Right?

Once inside, you’ll warm up quickly, with tiny dance floors forcing you to quickly get up close to complete strangers.

At least you’ll probably have had time to get to know everyone during the bonding time outside of the queue.

A line of young people waiting to enter a nightclub with a bouncer in a black jacket stands in front of them.
Prepare for a long line at La Belle Angèle.

Sneaky pete

Sneaky by name, sneaky by nature, this nightclub is one of Edinburgh’s most intimate places. And by intimate we mean tiny beyond belief.

Like all the little clubs in town, Sneaky Pete’s very quickly becomes Steamy Pete’s, with sweat literally falling from low ceilings.

With a maximum capacity of 100, you need to get there early to catch concerts of local talent and musicians from across the UK.

Even in the dead of winter, you won’t need to bring a jacket, with short wait times and volcanic temperatures as soon as you walk through the door.

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