Surveillance footage from Danbury shows man shooting gun outside nightclub

An investigation is underway in Hat City into an incident in which security camera footage shows what appears to be a number of shots fired following a recent altercation

In the video, several men appear to be preparing for a fight when a man dressed in a black hoodie and camouflage pants pulls out a gun from his waist and fires two shots in the air. Shortly after the shots, the video cuts out. The shot was fired at 1:23 from the video.

The following video was posted on Youtube on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 by the user “ctblogger.” This Youtube page is operated by Al Robinson who owns an independent news / blog platform known as Hat City Blog.

The video itself is tagged 12:39 AM … October 3 … Ives Street, Danbury … “ No further detailed description is attached.

I contacted Al Robinson from “ctblogger” and asked him what he could tell me about the video, it was by text, and he said the following:

“The video is from Kevin Paige (Hat City Ale House).”

“Security camera in the back of his house.”

“The time stamp is on the video ….”

“I don’t know the name of the nightclub in this area.”

We looked at images from Ives Street’s point of view on Google Instant Street View to get a better idea of ​​what we were looking at.

Instant Google Street View

The green awning on the right would be the back of Hat City Ale House, the blue awning on the left is the back of the Zona Azul Bar & Lounge. This is the enlarged image.

Instant Google Street View

When you zoom in you can make out the Hat City Ale House and Zona Azul logos on their respective doors and see the utility box that appears in the video.

A firearm incident was briefly mentioned last night (10/5/21) Danbury City Council Meeting and Danbury Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour didn’t say much other than that this was an active investigation. The brief discussion of the incident begins around 34:00.

As I-95 receives more information, we will make it available to you.

UPDATE: (10/6/21) 14:16 – I spoke with Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo and asked for his comments on the incident, Cavo replied:

“There is not much I can say at the moment, I know this is an active investigation and the police are hoping to identify the suspect.”

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