Student collapsed in A&E waiting room after needle stick in nightclub

A college student said she collapsed in an A&E waiting room after being allegedly drugged by injection at a nightclub.

Amy Taylor said her legs were “blurry” and her arm was bruised as she began to feel unconscious.

The alleged incident happened during the Fab ‘N’ Halloween Guild of Students club party on October 30 Birmingham live reports.

The third-year human biology student said she noticed a “puncture wound” on her arm after being helped in an Uber for A&E.

She claimed she was doped at the end of the night, between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Amy said The Birmingham tab : “I started to feel a throbbing in my right arm and looked down to see a strange bruise, but I ignored it and thought I was overreacting.

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The student said she noticed a bruise on her arm


Amy Taylor)

“My legs started to get blurry and my teeth started to chatter and although I had been drinking heavily that night, I never acted like this when I had been drunk before.

“My eyes started to roll in my head and I started to drift in and out.”

She said she was taken to the club’s “relaxation room” after staff were alerted that she couldn’t feel her legs or walk properly.

Amy said her friends were advised to take her to the hospital and, while in the waiting room, she collapsed and was taken to intensive care.

Amy attended a party with her friends when the alleged incident happened


Amy Taylor)

She explains: “Here, the hospital staff looked after me, watched my arterial pressure and took ECGs to observe me and verify that I was okay.

“They also took a urine and blood sample for toxicology and said my pupils were very dilated.

“They also found a puncture mark in the bruise on my arm. Once I felt better, they gave me a hepatitis B vaccine and sent me and my friend home to go home and advised me to call the police.

She has since reported the alleged incident to West Midlands Police and contacted the Birmingham Guild of Students.

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Amy said: “The police were very factual about this – they came to the house the next morning to ask questions, take a picture of the outfit I was wearing to follow me on CCTV and take another urine sample. .

“The Guild was actually very helpful to me – they called me to find out how I was feeling and to offer help.

“They have kept me posted on their plans on how they are going to make Fab (‘N’ Fresh) and Sports Night safer in the future.”

Following the incident, Amy said she would avoid going out for a while and would be more aware of her surroundings when on the move.

However, she said she was grateful for the help her friends gave her.

Police forces in the UK have received a growing number of reports of people infected in bars and nightclubs across the country, some of whom have reportedly been targeted with needle injections.

West Midlands Police previously revealed they were investigating ten reports of injection doping from Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull and Wolverhampton in a single week between October 18 and 26.

On Tuesday, Sussex Police said they had made two arrests in connection with an incident of “needle stick and drinking spikes”.

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