spicy + OFDA architects revive the city of mount fuji with a new cafe

the nearest town to mt fuji is revitalized

one of the most popular places to photograph mount fuji is the location of this Coffee designed by spicy architects in collaboration with OFDA. in the Japanese fujiyoshida town, many tourists flock to a shopping street called honcho-dori avenue where the snow-capped peak can be seen from a perfect angle.

before it became a must-see, the city was known for its 1,000-year history of producing high-quality textiles. architects say that today the once flourishing Honcho-Dori Avenue is almost deserted and dotted with closed shops and vacant houses. this project called ‘kissa lemon’ aims to revitalize the local community, stimulate other new activities and bring additional investments.

pictures of kusunose tomoyuki

kissa citron was made for tokyo-based designers lemon life, who also run the place. their idea was to create a space where local leaders who are committed to the future of the city of Fujiyoshida and the creative talent of Tokyo can mingle. in response, Spicy Architects and OFDA inserted two stage-shaped structures into the vacant building.

the first structure is a concrete plinth to reinforce the foundations of the building on the elevation facing the street. this façade also has a 7,280mm by 2,400mm timber frame on the raised floor to make it resemble a stage. the daily activities that take place inside the cafe are shown to passers-by like a movie. Meanwhile, the raised plinth at the front allows locals and tourists to sit, reviving the street.

spicy + OFDA architects revive the city of mount fuji with a new cafe
the new cafe is located on honcho-dori avenue in fujiyoshida

the second “step” is the raised open kitchen counter, which is designed to allow customers to see what’s going on inside the kitchen from every corner. polycarbonate panels suspended from a ceiling work like a reflector, distributing light all around the space and providing energy to people in the kitchen. the material and shape of the counter is kept simple to bring out the interaction between the chef and the guests.

“I hope that these structures will bring out the energies of the chef, staff and guests and that the vibrant tea room brings life back to the streets and to the neighborhood in the future.” said ryo yamamoto of the spicy architects.

spicy + OFDA architects revive the city of mount fuji with a new cafe
passers-by can watch what’s going on inside the tearoom, like a movie

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