Rising Inflation Rates Affecting Local Restaurants | New

Rising inflation rates and supply chain issues have created a tough landscape for local restaurants to navigate.

Consumer prices rose nearly 10% in June, making trips to the grocery store a costly endeavor, and wholesale prices rose again, putting even greater pressure on local restaurants.

“We’ve seen price increases here,” said Patrick Bosley, Vice President of Moonlite BBQ. “We’ve seen price increases everywhere you go. It’s just a real challenge. Everything has gone up. There’s not one area that hasn’t gone up.

According to CNBC, 75% of small business owners say their business has been negatively affected by inflation, and these negative impacts have caused local businesses to change the way they operate.

“You raise the prices a little bit,” Bosley said. “It’s unfortunate, but you have to stay in business. You also have to control waste. It’s a big deal. Both waste and work, you have to be productive. Your employees have to accept that they’re working when they’re here, and you tighten up your hours a little bit.

And Bosley says he’s not sure when this supply chain and inflation problem will end, but he doesn’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

“I don’t see it ending this year. I think we’re going through the end of 2022 with all these issues in place, and we’re going into 2023, and we don’t know what’s going to happen. »

Bosley says business has gotten tougher, but Moonlite will continue to adapt and succeed with the times.

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement