Restaurants and bars prepare to send drinks to the door again

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) — Lime, salt and chamoy may be some of the toppings for alcoholic beverages. During the COVID pandemic, it has become an option for takeout drinks. However, the state policy that allowed this expired last summer.

After the passage of this year’s state budget proposal, on-the-go drinks are back. Companies are now finding ways to promote this option.

“To us, Botanas are like finger foods,” said Elizabeth Gamez, owner of Primo’s de Tico. “It’s also a big thing in Texas. They go with chicharrones that look a bit like pigskin, with other kinds of appetizers, shrimp, peanuts, cucumbers.

Gamez says these can go with drinks like Modelos, micheladas, and margaritas.

During COVID, the restaurant was selling sealed beers with garnished mugs on the side.

“We’re waiting to get something in writing that’s cleared,” Gamez said. “That way we can actually sell margaritas and daquiris and any other type of open drink.”

Gamez says that while their main priority is the quality of their food, alcohol sales are still good for the business.

Other restaurants with a bar scene like Bad Apple Saloon say they’re not looking forward to changing things up this time around, either.

“Our Bloody Mary’s were very popular, so we’re going to bring that back and try to have a new design on how to have the best ones on the go, because we do a loaded Bloody Mary,” manager Sarah Rust said. “There’s your celery skewer, bacon, snacks.”

Rust says they plan to buy pouches for their drinks. She says this would make it easier for the restaurant to include all the toppings.

Several other restaurants and bars in the area, such as Primo’s by Tico, are in the process of selling take-out drinks.

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