Reign restaurant and nightclub violate closing order

The nightclub is supposed to be closed for a year. City now exploring what to do about the breach of order

ST. LOUIS – A downtown restaurant and nightclub are now facing more city problems after violating an order given to them just over a week ago.

A statement from Mayor Tishuara Jones’s office said city officials were notified of an event at the Reign Restaurant, located at 1122 Washington Ave, around 8 p.m. Friday. Police on bicycle patrol reacted quickly and ended the event without incident or arrest, according to the mayor’s office.

Since a shutdown order was issued by the City of St. Louis Problematic Properties Division on October 1, the city is now exploring next steps in regards to the violation of the order.

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“The City of St. Louis, along with the business, community and civic leaders of the Downtown Engagement and Public Safety Initiative, are dedicated to activating downtown to create positive spaces for all and will continue to hold individuals and businesses accountable, ”the statement said. noted.

Reign has faced problems due to an outbreak of violence in the region, with many neighbors and neighboring businesses accusing the establishment of bringing violence and chaos to the Washington Avenue corridor.

In previous conversations with Reign’s owner Dana Kelly, she argued that crime trends occurred long before they opened their business.

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