Ready Set Coffee’s Gordon Square Café is now open (photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ready Set is finally ready to go!

Cleveland’s Ready Set Coffee Roasters have opened in their new home at 7306 Detroit Ave. Monday, October 11. Dangremond worked on transforming the space – a former performing arts school – into their new home.

In the back room they have a roaster from San Franciscan busy producing bags of beans for coffee and wholesale. The shelves contain some of Ready Set’s most popular mixes, including its signature “Deep Track” garage mix. The name refers to the early days of Ready Set in Chris’ garage.

Ready Set also connects to Chris’ music experience, with a close-up photo of a vinyl record on the product. (He also heads rock groups Rosavelt and Falling Stars, and performs in vacation rock supergroup Ohio City Singers.)

“There is definitely music flowing through the veins of this place,” Chris said of Ready Set.

(Photo by Anne Nickoloff,

Chris said the Ready Set team aims to create a cafe that is accessible to any type of coffee drinker.

“We want coffee geeks and just your average coffee lover here. We know a lot about coffee, but we’re not snobs about it. If you want to put cream on it, that’s cool. But at the same time, we will show people different techniques.

This is reflected in the Ready Set Coffee menu, which focuses on batch brews of roast beans, espresso, pourers and a few seasonal specialty drinks. For fall, there’s a salted maple latte, a black cat mocha, and two chocolate drinks called “Sunburst” and “Cloudburst”. Cold and cold nitro drinks are also on tap, and locally made baked goods, including vegan options, are available behind a display case.

“We make a lot of fun specialty drinks that showcase the roasting side,” Chris said. “The other aspect is that we have coffees from all over the world there, so we can bring and try different things as served coffees – coffees of the day from Bali or Sumatra, Colombia, Mexico. It’s fun to be able to bring them in and try different things.

Ultimately, Chris said, the Ready Set team hopes to offer coffee-making classes and coffee tastings. He also plans to use the space for events, including an upcoming book signing and a holiday pop-up shop featuring local manufacturers.

Ready Set has been gaining traction since it started out in Chris’ garage a few years ago, when he first focused on local delivery and partnering with local grocery stories. Prior to opening the café, Chris and his partners developed partnerships and collaborations with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Go Buddha, Propaganda Coffee, Terrestrial Brewing Company and Immigrant Son Brewery. Recently, the company took second place in this year’s Cleveland Chain Reaction competition, earning $ 20,000.

The owners of Ready Set plan to use these funds to expand its team and reach.

“I’m not saying we’re going to expand into more places, but basically our business case was to invest in people and get more people to help us make it a bigger thing,” Chris said. . “We want to invest in people and invest in our own growth as a national brand. “

You can find more information about Ready Set at

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Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement