Everyone is welcome at the Merritt Island Cafe with their dogs and children

Before we begin, let’s talk about the giant lemons in the room.

Debora Speer knows that the name of her new Merritt Island Cafe can be frowned upon. She was there for the sole purpose of leading a woman and expressing her distaste.

Speer knows Packing Mothers This may not appeal to everyone.

“I know it’s controversial,” she said. “But life is short and we are all having fun here.”

Learn the origin of the name and it makes sense. Scott, Speer’s husband, is planting an orchard of lemon and lime trees in his home on northern Merritt Island. He started calling his wrapper mom at home. They thought the name would be funny for the cafe.

Now back to business.

Opened about two months ago on the South Tropical Trail, just off the Merritt Island Causeway, Mother Packers is bright and eclectic with outdoor pet-friendly seating and a menu of fresh, simple breakfast items. and lunch. It is a beautiful place.

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Speer owned a cafe in Niagara Falls, NY. When she moved to Florida about six years ago, she vowed never to open another because it was too difficult.

She couldn’t resist. The space formerly occupied by Boli Mami Bakery is now available. There are many chain restaurants and eateries on Merritt Island. She wanted to bring something different to the community.

The menu includes smoothies, flatbreads, quesadillas, sandwiches and salads. Breakfast includes avocado toast, wraps, waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit, and yogurt.

Mom's avocado with avocado, caramel bacon, mixed greens, fried egg and balsamic vinegar at Mother Packers Cafe on Merritt Island.

Most of the dishes on the menu can be vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.

Speer said he buys fresh ingredients from the cafe every day.

“I don’t have a can opener,” she said.

How would you like to eat with your favorite sidekick? The menu includes a section for children and a menu for puppies.

“I am very dog ​​friendly,” she said. “If I could get people to drop off the dog and bring food, I would go back and get the dog …”

When coffee is late, Speer can find him hanging out with his customers over a cold drink. She cooks everything and returns to the kitchen when an order arrives.

“Sometimes things are saved in the kitchen, so people have to be patient,” she said.

She takes pride in every dish she cooks, but wants people to see her wrapper mom as more than just a place to eat. She wants to build a community.

Mother Packers Cafe on Merritt Island.

She got help from local artist Jennifer Garo. He painted adorable plump and cheerful lemons with his lips on the walls of the building, and since then has added a lot of artistic touch to the patio and indoor dining area.

The patio has a lending library and a place to unload and pick up egg cartons.

Did you get the cuttings from the plants you want to share? Leave them.

Do you think someone can take you to the door of death and revive the hanging figs you throw away? Take that home.

“Next door there is a small art gallery where people can leave small art objects and take pictures,” she said.

Speer recently added a piano to the patio. Guests are encouraged to play with the “Judge the audience by playing” warning.

It hosts an outdoor market for handmade recycling items on the second Sunday of each month from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Speer has a great time getting to know his customers and growing his business.

She wants people to put humor in the name of the cafe, but to be honest, those who don’t are not really her target audience.

“I want you to come here and have fun,” she said. “We are us and people seem to like it. “

Mother’s coffee 125S on Merritt Island. Located on the tropical trail. Call 321-848-0062 or visit the following website The opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday 8 am to 2 pm.

Send an email to [email protected] ..

Facebook: @SuzyFlemingLeonard

Instagram: @SuzyLeonard

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Inside Ashford’s old flour mill and Liquid and Envy and Cales nightclub which could become 60 apartments

Bold plans to convert a former flour mill and nightclub into 60 apartments were revealed by KentOnline last week. To better understand, Ashford historian Steve Salter took advantage of an exclusive visit …

It has had a long and colorful history with controversies along the way, it almost burned down almost 47 years ago, and it provided the social soundtrack for many cozy parties from the 1980s to 2014.

What does the old Envy nightclub, which used to be on the ground floor of the mill, look like today? Photos: Steve Salter

Today, the old abandoned flour mill at the bottom of East Hill in Ashford is about to begin an exciting new chapter in its 120-year history.

The long-standing monument, built in 1901 and first owned by miller Henry Sturges Pledge, has just been purchased after nearly two years of negotiations by business partners and developers Oliver Davis and Rory Brace of Oliver Davis Homes.

Mr. Davis’ plan for 60 ‘high quality’ apartments not only takes into account the heritage of the site, but he is also keenly aware of the amount of work that needs to be done to prevent the building from deteriorating further and falling apart. collapse.

Because the dereliction is really complete.

Until 2014, the historic mill was a selection of nightclubs where one could have a good night’s sleep.

It was owned by Luminar Leisure as Liquid and Life (later Liquid and Envy), but its predecessor Cales Nightclub and Flatfoot Sam’s, owned by Kingfisher Leisure, are remembered in the city.

What the old flour mill looks like today
What the old flour mill looks like today
Open five nights a week, Liquid previously featured DJs, podium dancers, waders and fire eaters, as well as laser and light effects.
Open five nights a week, Liquid previously featured DJs, podium dancers, waders and fire eaters, as well as laser and light effects.
Holds during the opening night in December 1990
Holds during the opening night in December 1990
Party people enjoying the first night at the new Liquid club in November 2002
Party people enjoying the first night at the new Liquid club in November 2002

Even a Facebook group was created to celebrate the ex-nightclub, with former punters calling for the much-missed club to reopen.

Until a disastrous fire struck the site and destroyed the old fodder mill and mill on May 16, 1974, the mill, which sits on the old arm of the River Stour known as the Lords Cut , was classified.

But following the huge fire in which firefighters saved the tower, English Heritage decided to write off the remaining building.

The mill had remained empty after Pledge left in 1972 and had become a haven for vandals, and with the explosive values ​​of flour in its dust form, hell was looming disaster.

It has now been seven long years since nightlife and music stopped in the old nightclub and time has indeed taken its toll on the mill.

Wedges torn off in preparation for Liquid in 2001
Wedges torn off in preparation for Liquid in 2001
The major fire of May 1974. Photo: Barry Lawrance
The major fire of May 1974. Photo: Barry Lawrance
Liquid played a mix of dance, R&B and charts anthems, while the Envy bar played party, disco and retro tracks.
Liquid played a mix of dance, R&B and charts anthems, while the Envy bar played party, disco and retro tracks.
The old staircase leading to the Cales nightclub used from 1990 to 2001
The old access staircase to the Cales nightclub used from 1990 to 2001
Like the old Liquid site above, Envy will need to be cleaned up before any work can begin.
Like the old Liquid site above, Envy will need to be cleaned up before any work can begin.
Bar staff expect their first customers at Liquid's opening night in 2002
Bar staff expect their first customers at Liquid’s opening night in 2002

But Norton Knatchbull alumni Mr. Davis, 34, and Mr. Brace, 33, want to change all that.

Having both spent their younger years hanging out with the old club, the couple say they are totally sympathetic to those who have long been calling for a return to the nightclub.

But both restrictions such as the legal obligation preventing it from being used again for this purpose and significant viabilities mean that it will never hear the sound of music from the charts and classics of the 80s ever again.

The mill in November 1965
The mill in November 1965
Bosses of the Luminar Group shut down Liquid and Envy in 2014 and moved to Station Approach, where Cameo is now based.
Bosses of the Luminar Group shut down Liquid and Envy in 2014 and moved to Station Approach, where Cameo is now based.
Cales opens for the first time in December 1990
Cales opens for the first time in December 1990
The old Cales site is cleaned up
The old Cales site is cleaned up
What the site looked like from East Hill in the 1970s
What the site looked like from East Hill in the 1970s
One of the bedrooms on the upper floors
One of the bedrooms on the upper floors
Liquid replaced Cales, which opened in 1990
Liquid replaced Cales, which opened in 1990
The Liquid site was renamed Liquid and Envy in 2007
The Liquid site was renamed Liquid and Envy in 2007

Although it has been continuously occupied since it was rebuilt in 1981, large sections of the mill – which first became a nightclub like Dusty’s and The Jolly Miller – have not been in use since 1972 and have been around for a long time. abandonned.

Since Liquid and Envy last moved in 2014, it has fallen into a more serious dereliction and there is an urgent need to save the structure.

All the work undertaken during his nightclub era appears to have been purely cosmetic, with little regard for the structural integrity of the building.

What the mill looked like after the May 1974 fire
What the mill looked like after the May 1974 fire
Club Liquid underwent a £ 500,000 facelift in 2007
Club Liquid underwent a £ 500,000 facelift in 2007
Dusty's and The Jolly Miller shortly after opening in 1981
Dusty’s and The Jolly Miller shortly after opening in 1981
The promoters injected £ 3million into the site and promised clubbers a "escape from reality" when Liquid opened in 2002
The promoters pumped £ 3million into the site and promised clubbers an ‘escape from reality’ when Liquid opened in 2002
Real estate developer Oliver Davis is behind the scheme
Real estate developer Oliver Davis is behind the scheme
What a room on one of the upper floors currently looks like
What a room on one of the upper floors currently looks like
In 2011, the Ashford School purchased full ownership of the building, but Liquid continued to operate from the site.
In 2011, the Ashford School bought full ownership of the building, but Liquid continued to operate from the site.
Part of the mill was destroyed in a huge fire in 1974
Part of the mill was destroyed in a huge fire in 1974

It is not yet clear when a planning application will be submitted, but Mr Davis, who purchased the Ashford School site, has already been in discussions with Ashford City Council about the project.

He and his team are to be congratulated for having undertaken such a colossal project because an enormous task awaits them.

Visit our business page for all the latest business news in Kent

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New French restaurant in Eldorado | Business

French restaurants are slim choices in Santa Fe, and French restaurants that serve dinner are even slimmer.

Alain Jorand and Suzanne Eichler, soon to be married, will become French in their own right with their Le Pommier, which will open in one form or another on Bastille Day, the big celebration in France on July 14.

They won’t bolster French offerings in Santa Fe, but instead will open a bistro at La Tienda in the Eldorado shopping center, 7 Caliente Road. Le Pommier will be in the former La Plancha de Eldorado restaurant area.

“We want people to come here and feel like we’re going to spend two hours in the French countryside,” Eichler said. “This is not about turning things around. If you want to sit on the patio with your dog, then do so.

Jorand is originally from Reims in the province of Champagne north-east of Paris. He has owned French restaurants in Quebec; Florida; Buffalo, New York; and the non-French Flying Fish Café in Aspen, Colorado. He was briefly part of the Palace Restaurant ownership group in 2002, but has not owned a restaurant since then.

“Then he met me,” Eichler said.

She already uses her name on Alain and Suzanne Jorand’s business card even though the wedding does not take place until September 18.

“The menu will be in French with English underneath,” Eichler said. “There will be frog legs and pâté. It’s a very French menu. One of my favorites is the Ham butter – baguette with ham and butter.

There will also be steak fries, steak tartare and lamb stew with curry and apples (the Apple tree translates to apple tree). And the unexpected beef on weck, a nod to when Jorand lived in Buffalo.

Bouillabaisse and stew will make appearances on the menu.

One menu item specifically reads Chef Alain’s Niçoise salad. He said so often that the Niçoise salad deviates from the traditional recipe. Traditional ingredients include tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives and anchovies or tuna, seasoned with olive oil.

“If you go to Nice, that’s what you’re going to get,” Jorand said of his eponymous Nicoise Salad.

Le Pommier will open for lunch first and add dinner about a month later, Jorand said.

Jorand worked for 14 years at Peter Dent’s Adobo Catering before taking three years off and now returning to catering. He left France in 1976 and made his first stopover in Quebec, where he owned La Chaumière, north of Montreal.

He arrived in the United States in 1986, opening Restaurant St. Honoré, Brasserie St. Honoré and Café St. Honoré in Florida.

“I was going crazy,” Jorand recalls. “My blood pressure went up.

He moved to Buffalo, opened the Enchanté restaurant and was introduced to the beef on weck sandwich which now challenges the very French flavor of the Le Pommier menu.

While in Aspen, he heard about the Palace Restaurant & Saloon for sale in Santa Fe. He and two associates bought it from Lino Pertusini, who had owned the palace for 20 years. Jorand moved away soon after but remained in Santa Fe.

Why choose Eldorado for a French restaurant?

“We took a house in Eldorado last year,” Eichler said. “We already have a small community of friends here. We were looking to open a cafe for breakfast and lunch, and this one became available. It’s a great place. We can’t just make a little coffee.

Le Pommier will join La Tienda’s already eclectic dining options, including Thai Bistro, Santa Fe Brewing Co., and Mami and Papi’s food truck.

“It’s a wonderful affirmation of the vitality of this community,” La Tienda co-owner Destiny Allison said of the Apple Tree. “We offer a diverse range of foods designed to attract and titillate your taste buds. “

Married couple Kathleen King and Mark Hawrylak opened Eldorado Coffee Corral on April 1 at La Tienda. The organic, fair-trade coffees and teas come from the Agapao Coffee and Tea roaster in Santa Fe. It also serves donuts, breads and sweet empanadas from Whoo’s Donuts. Bagels are shipped from New York.

El Sabor Gourmet Cheese, Sweets and Meats opened in April at La Tienda. Owner Ashley Scott offers around 20 varieties of cheeses from Spain, Denmark, Italy and beyond, as well as Humboldt Fog from California. The store offers seven imported meats, including mortadella, prosciutto, and Molinari salami, and Scott has 12 gluten-free desserts, including cheesecakes, layered cakes, and pecan pies.

“I’m a fifth generation Santa Fe,” Scott said. “Basically I grew up in Eldorado and then moved to Colorado a bit and had a restaurant. I’ve always wanted a cheese factory. La Tienda fell on my knees.

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DOTA 2 TI10 could leave Sweden after vote banning esports from sports federation

Valve’s follow-up requests to qualify The International were immediately rejected by the Swedish Home Secretary.

Despite previous conversations and assurances given to Valve, Sweden refused to qualify the International Championships – DOTA 2 as an elite sporting event. This is an exemption offered to other elite sporting events that allow players, talents and staff to acquire visas to travel.

Valve announced in a June 21, 2021 article that the Swedish Sports Federation voted not to accept esport into the sports federation. This denial of qualification means that players who would normally be able to apply for a visa and enter the country, would be denied. The post also notes that it would be up to each border officer to decide whether someone was eligible to enter the country.

Other calls were made, including an option for the Home Secretary to reclassify The International as an elite sporting event, but these were dismissed. The post then explains the other options on the table and points out that Valve still plans to host the event in Europe this year.

We filed an appeal directly with the Swedish government on June 9, but they were unable to provide assistance. On June 14, we asked them to reconsider their decision, and so far they have not been able to come up with a resolution. As a result, and in light of the current political situation in Sweden, we have started to look for possible alternatives elsewhere in Europe to host the event this year, in case the Swedish government is not able to host the championships. international – Dota 2 as expected. We are confident that in either case we will have a solution that will allow us to hold TI10 in Europe this year, and that we will be able to announce an updated plan in the very near future.

It wasn’t until last year that Valve chose to delay DOTA 2’s The International due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While there were hopes that 2021 would mean a return to the norm, it seems there are more hurdles to overcome before players can fight in the DOTA 2 Championships.

Despite this recent setback, Valve says the DOTA 2 TI10 qualifiers will still take place on June 23. Make sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest news on The International – DOTA 2 Championships.

Originally from the lower lands, Sam Chandler brings a touch of the southern hemisphere to his work. After touring a few universities, earning a bachelor’s degree, and entering the video game industry, he found his new family here at Shacknews as a guide editor. There is nothing he loves more than creating a guide that will help someone. If you need help with a guide, or if you notice something wrong, you can tweet it: @SamuelChandler

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Nightclubs ‘forced to pay extra £ 718’ next month despite legal closure

Desperate bars, theaters and nightclubs will be hit by huge vacation and business rate bills as Rishi Sunak cuts life-saving Covid support starting next month.

Hotel companies are still grappling with lockdown restrictions after the government delayed ‘Freedom Day’ due to the spread of the Covid Delta variant last week.

But the Chancellor will continue to remove high rate relief and emergency salary payments, leaving small businesses with an estimated burden of £ 50million from July 1.

Labor Party analysis indicates theaters and nightclubs will be hit hardest by new demand for 34% of corporate tariffs.

The average theater will have to pay £ 1,048, followed by £ 718 for the average nightclub, £ 598 for the average restaurant and £ 500.

Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband has also sounded the alarm over job losses in the hospitality industry as the Treasury will force companies to pay 10% of emergency wage costs from 1st of July.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is gradually withdrawing his support

Pubs and cafes, for example, whose employees are always on leave, have the choice of paying around £ 122.80 for a staff member whose job they want to protect or fire them.

With many sites unable to open their doors, Labor is urging the government to change course by delaying both demands.

Miliband told the Mirror: “Businesses have done well for our country during this crisis and the government must do well for them. But ministers have repeatedly failed to grasp the simple premise that public health restrictions must be matched with fair economic measures.

“A one-month deadline may seem short, but for businesses that are legally closed to trade or those with their fingertips clinging to bankruptcy and relying on the summer season, the delay is another big blow. That companies unable to reopen receive huge bills defies logic. Unless ministers act, we risk pushing more companies to the limit. “

A spokesperson for the Treasury said: “Unlike the Labor Party, we put together a jobs plan over a year ago and it is working. We have deliberately extended our support to provide certainty for people and businesses over the summer.

“The leave program is in place until September and is among the most generous programs in the world – already providing £ 65 billion in support and protecting 11.5 million jobs. The government will continue to pay 70% of workers’ wages in July, with companies only to cover 10%.

They can also continue to access additional support, including restart grants worth up to £ 18,000 per business, and corporate tariff relief and VAT reduction – both in place until March 2022. “

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Brother-sister chef duo plan LA-inspired all-day cafe for the East End

A new all-day cafe is coming to the East End. Louie Cafe will open in late summer inside Giant Leap Coffee at The Plant, the redeveloped East End industrial site home to the famous How To Survive on Land and Sea wine bar.

The restaurant is the latest project of chef Angelo Emiliani, whose Angie’s Pizza pop-up was a resounding success. Emiliani will partner with his sister Lucianna – the restaurant’s namesake – on the project. She is a pastry chef who has worked for the famous Tartine bakery in San Francisco and locally at Tiny Boxwoods. Pastry chef Erica Valencia (Emiliani’s girlfriend) will also be there.

Initially, Tlauhuac, the Mexican concept of chef Nicholas Vera and pastry chef Stephanie Velasquez, had been planned for the space, but the duo are focusing on Papalo Mercado, their restaurant in the Finn Hall food court in downtown city. When the owner of Giant Leap approached him to reclaim the space, Emiliani says he jumped at the chance.

“I’ve always wanted to make a concept like this, an all day breakfast that’s super light and fun,” Emiliani told CultureMap. “It just happened to fall on my knees. It also gives me the opportunity to show my sister a little bit because she is really amazing.

The menu has been stocked with what Emiliani describes as “delicious” dishes made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. In the morning, Café Louie will serve freshly baked pastries such as viennoiseries (croissants and other puff pastry), morning rolls and kolaches as well as breakfast sandwiches. In the afternoon, look for dishes like candied lemon chicken with vadouvan rice, a poached egg and a salad of dried carrots and a white Sonoran roti with honeycomb, salted butter and canned roasted peaches, a dish he made while working at Emmer & Rye in Austin.

Other dishes on Emiliani’s tentative menu include croissant sandwiches, fresh corn polenta with marinated tomatoes and Portuguese sausage, and spiced roast chicken with fries inspired by a dish he ate at Dino’s in Los Angeles.

“I don’t mean to say it’s the best chicken on the market, but it’s pretty good,” says Emiliani. “As [James Beard Award-winning pizzaiolo Chris] Bianco would say, ‘as good as anyone.’ “

Overall, Emiliani’s time in Los Angeles shaped the direction of Cafe Louie. The chef cites restaurants such as Sqirl, the famous café known for its jams, toast and salads, as a major influence on Café Louie. Emiliani says he hasn’t found many similar restaurants in Houston and sees an opportunity to bring the concept here.

“I’ve been editing this menu for a while,” he says. “I can’t take things away because I want people to eat there. It had been a long time since I had been so excited about a menu.

As for the pizza, Emiliani says he’s put his oven away for now to focus on Café Louie. He has identified a space for a pizza place, but it probably won’t open for a year or more.

“I’m focusing on Café Louie from now on,” he says. “I hope it comes faster, but you never know.”

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Lake Worth Beach Restaurant Gives Customers Covid-19 Discount

LAKE WORTH BEACH – After COVID-19 food service shutdown last year, some restaurants nationwide resorted to ‘covid fees’ – supplements added to a customer’s bill to help pay for pandemic-related costs.

But Pasakorn “Eddie” Moopun, owner of OKA Sushi and Thai in downtown Lake Worth Beach, took the opposite approach.

After Governor Ron DeSantis ordered in March 2020 that restaurants limit their activity to take-out, Moopun instituted a 10% discount for anyone ordering food at his Lake Avenue restaurant, which serves a combination of sushi. , ramen and Thai dishes.

“Everyone was struggling,” said Moopun, 42. “So I opted for the discount.”

This despite its own result taking a substantial hit. Moopun said its business was down 20% overall last year after being limited to take-out for most of three months.

“It’s good,” he said. “If my clients are happy, I’m happy.”

Although the on-site catering service has long since been reinstated, the 10% discount at OKA remains.

Related:More than a sub-store: Lake Worth Beach couple looking to build community

Viva La Playa at Lake Worth Beach:Father’s Day Eats: From Dad-Fit Steak and Seafood to Waterfront Brunches

Sarah Martin of Lake Worth Beach was “blown away” when she noticed that $ 4.80 had been taken from her $ 48 bill during a recent visit. This left Martin wondering if she had received a happy hour rate or a day-of-the-week discount.

Martin was told this is the restaurant’s way of giving back to its customers.

It was poignant for Martin, an event producer whose business has been severely affected by the pandemic.

“Just to see someone in business feeling this pain and doing something so awesome, that gesture meant so much to us,” said Martin.

Pasakorn "Eddie" Moopun, owner of OKA Sushi and Thai in Lake Worth Beach, cooks lunch.

She wrote about her experience on Facebook and included the post: “Can you say, ‘CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! “

The post received hundreds of likes and comments.

“It will give them more business now,” one respondent said, while several others said they would visit the restaurant to show their appreciation.

“We’re going to try them out,” a post said. “Impressive.”

An OKA Sushi and Thai customer's invoice shows a 10% discount applied to all take out orders.

Moopun opened OKA in June 2018. He immigrated from Thailand to San Diego in 2003 to pursue a master’s degree.

But that plan never materialized. Instead, Moopun moved to Fort Lauderdale to join his best friend from high school. The friend was a sushi chef, so that’s what Moopun has become as well.

After working for 17 years as a chef in Broward County, Moopun opened OKA in June 2018.

“I love this job,” Moopun exclaims, even after working hard for an hour making sushi rolls – the Miami Heat roll is a big favorite – for a busy lunch crowd.

Moopun has five employees, each of whom kept even during the height of the pandemic.

The discount is there too.

“I’ll keep it,” Moopun said. “Everyone likes it.”

[email protected]


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San Francisco’s Taj Campton Place reopens bar and bistro

San Francisco’s iconic hotel, Taj Campton Place, is known for its fusion of modern luxury and warm, hospitable service. Situated above all the hustle and bustle of Union Square, it offers sweeping views of the cityscape, as well as a two Michelin star dining experience at the eponymous Campton Place restaurant, run by Executive Chef Srijith Gopinathan.

While this dining option is not yet open to customers, Taj Campton Place has just reopened its bar & bistro, best known for its comfort food, handcrafted cocktails and intimate ambiance. Its elegant and refined ambiance is perfect for business meetings, after-shopping dinners, locals in need of a drink and more. Located in the heart of downtown San Francisco’s shopping and dining district, it’s a popular place to relax, so much so that seating is only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Among the most noteworthy dishes are the black truffle fries accompanied by a delicious buttermilk garlic dip; Ricotta ravioli with cauliflower, red cherries, tomato sauce and Parmesan; Fish of the day simmered with asparagus, English peas and virgin basil; Aged New York steak with fries and mixed salad and the Paneer Makhani with basmati rice, lentil wafer and mango pickles.

We chatted with Chef Srijith Gopinath Girijia, who oversees the two Michelin star Cal-Indian restaurant Campton Place and the hotel’s bar & bistro, about his inspiration for the in-room dining menu, which was a main stay during the pandemic; the reopening of the Bar & Bistro; and more. Here is what he had to say.

The food at the hotel has a bad reputation as it is overpriced and not that great, unfortunately. How is the cuisine at Taj Campton Place different and what do you hope guests take away from their stay?

We are in the unique position of having a Michelin Star Chef who creates and oversees the entire food and beverage program at Taj Campton Place, including in-room dining. We have the ability to create an in-room dining experience that outperforms the competition.

You offer full in-room dining service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is a rarity in San Francisco. Why is it so important that you offer this to your guests?

Food and drink has always been such an important part of the overall experience at Taj Campton Place. We really want to create an atmosphere in which guests can return as much as possible to pre-pandemic life.

Are guests harder to please right now? Was it difficult to get guests back to the hotel and travel again?

Our experience has been that our guests have been extremely understanding and appreciated by the efforts of the hotel team. There is such a beautiful feeling of freedom and happiness that emanates from the mood of our guests and it has been so pleasant and rather contagious for all of us. We have seen that as the number of people vaccinated increases, the number of occupations increases and we expect this trend to continue.

How did the reopening of the hotel and restaurant program go?

We had plenty of time to plan our reopening, and although the city and CDC sanitary guidelines were an ever-changing landscape, we were well prepared and as a result the reopening went very well.

What is your inspiration for the in-room dining menu?

Healthy, hearty and comforting dishes created with seasonal ingredients and simple, familiar cooking techniques. Most of the dishes on our dining room menu are our interpretation of something we would cook at home.

Has anything on the Bar & Bistro menu changed since closing? What is the inspiration for the menu?

We’re excited to bring back some of our customer’s favorites, such as our Chicken Curry and Cheeseburger with Fries. We have added seasonal menu items to the hotel’s Bar & Bistro menu. Inspiration comes from the bounty of California, as well as some of my favorite comfort food from India.

What do you think customers are looking for in a dining experience on a night out on the town now?

Since most people have been dining at the house for a year, guests want to get out of the house and into town! With a long history as a ‘place to see’ in the heart of the city – attracting shoppers from nearby luxury boutiques, high profile businesses and travelers from around the world – Taj Campton Place’s Bar & Bistro is known for its cuisine high comforting, handcrafted cocktails and intimate ambience. The Bar & Bistro is the ideal meeting place to share a memorable meal with loved ones.

What can customers expect when they dine at the newly reopened restaurant?

The Bar & Bistro will be open seven days a week from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The most notable dishes on the menu include baked beets with grapefruit, mint, goat cheese and hazelnuts; black truffle and garlic buttermilk fries; ricotta ravioli with cauliflower, candied cherries, tomato & provolone sauce; and chicken curry with basmati rice, lentil wafer and mango pickles. The Bar & Bistro also offers an exceptional wine list and a selection of handcrafted cocktails. Places are available on a first come, first served basis.

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Identity scanning systems could become the new normal in Wellington nightclubs

The popular Wellington, Dakota bar has started implementing PatronScan technology after growing concerns about the city after dark.

The machines are designed to scan personal identification to verify if it is valid, to prevent minors from entering premises and to make nightclubs safer by holding data on those causing trouble.

Wellington Entertainment Group director of operations Cody Halton said the benefits of PatronScan are endless.

“Not only does this ensure that we don’t allow minors to enter the place, it holds people accountable for their actions.”

Halton said there have been no issues at Dakota since the system was installed.

He was hoping that other bars in Courtney Place would adopt the device so that they could be connected across town.

This would mean that nightclub security could see if patrons caused problems in other bars and decide whether or not to let them in.

That doesn’t mean a site will have to deny the inbound customer, but it will alert them to the fact that there has been an incident elsewhere, Halton said.

“I think this is a very good point for the system, as the threat of being banned from all Wellington nightlife – whether for a weekend, a week or a month – would hopefully deter , evildoers to cause trouble. “

Halton said they are advising people to always bring their ID to the bar, even if they are obviously over 25, so they can keep track of their entry if something goes wrong at the bar.

However, if someone wants to enter the club without ID, there is a manual option.

Halton insisted there was no privacy issue with the software.

“The data entered is limited to the name, date of birth, postal code, gender, then a photo of the person. The photo is taken upon entry and matches the photo on the ID provided to ensure it is the correct person ID. “

He said the data is permanently deleted after 30 days, unless an incident has occurred and an entry ban has been imposed on a person.

Anyone who has used PatronScan can request a copy of the information they hold by going to the software’s website and making a request on its privacy page, Halton said.

Halton hoped the software would be seen as a great way to get back to Wellington’s nightlife without the stigma being dangerous.

University of Auckland associate professor Gehan Gunasekara said he was not concerned with the use of the technology itself, but with how data is kept, with whom it is shared. and for what purpose.

“The Privacy Act requires that you be careful when using personal information to ensure that it is accurate, current and not misleading. Therefore, exclude someone whose name / ID you have. may have consequences. “

Gunasekara said laws other than privacy may also apply, for example if certain groups are treated differently from others, it could constitute discrimination.

The rules must be consistent and predictable, he said.

Wellington Entertainment Group plans to install PatronScan technology in The Establishment and The Residence bars over the next two weeks.

Wellington’s nightlife has been in the spotlight in recent months due to concerns about safety, particularly sexual assault and harassment.

In March, hundreds of people attended the #LetUsLive rally in Courtenay Square, calling for a city free from sexual violence.

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Fort Worth’s reinvented museum restaurant brings modern touches – Inside Jetta Mora’s modern cafe transformation

When Wolfgang Puck Catering took over the operations of the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art, it turned the North Texas restaurant world upside down by PaperCity first reported in March. Now we have it for the first time at the museum’s recently reopened restaurant of the same name, Cafe Modern.

It is now under the direction of Chef Jett Mora and open for lunch, brunch and bar service after a one-year COVID shutdown. Mora is a seasoned Wolfgang Puck Catering veteran and Roxanne Mclarry returns to Cafe Modern as General Manager.

A new modern cafe?

The restaurant’s famous setting, overlooking a spectacular reflective pool and modern landscape, would be intimidating to any newcomer. Tadao Ando’s spectacular architecture is as much a masterpiece as any of the works of art on display inside the museum. But after a recent weekend brunch at the reinvented restaurant, I can tell you that Jett Mora feels right at home.

The new executive chef of Cafe Modern is Jett Mora.

Cafe Modern has made a name for itself with seasonal menus rooted in ingredients from Texas. So how does Mora marry his own Filipino heritage and his education and career in the Los Angeles restaurant world melting pot with Texas?

Mora tells PaperCity Fort Worth that learning about the land and building a network of suppliers, producers and manufacturers lend themselves to the production of local flavors. He has forged all of these relationships over the past few months since being appointed by Wolfgang Puck Catering to lead this prestigious position.

“I came here for the chance to work with our regional manager, Andrew Swanson,” says Mora. “We have worked hard on R&D.

Migas is served in layers with a folded omelet. (Photo by Courtney Dabney).

Here are the new birria beef migas. I couldn’t resist tasting the Mora take. Ever since the chef grew up in LA, I knew this would be the real deal. Served on a toasted corn tortilla rather than having the typical crisps mixed in and already soggy by the time they’re served, Mora’s birria beef migas retain a slightly crispy texture.

Rather than the standard egg scramble, Mora features a delicately folded omelet. The guajillo chili braised beef crumbles in its rich tomato salsa. The dish is garnished with cilantro, onion, avocado cream and queso fresco with pinto beans.

But this chef is just getting started.

Mora’s unique take on Eggs Benedict adds some truly southern notes. The base is fresh ciabatta bread, with its texture and collars absorbing soy caramel-glazed Berkshire pork belly protein. The whole thing is topped with a mixture of wilted collard greens and spinach, which gives an unexpected touch of bitterness. Then two pretty Timberview Farmstead Vacuum Eggs and a rich Hollandaise sauce with just a little lemon finish it off.

Mora’s unique take on Eggs Benedict speaks with a Southern accent and Berkshire pork belly. (Photo by Courtney Dabney).

Want more? Mora’s Five Ingredient Cookies are served as part of a Southern Fried Chicken Cookie Sandwich or as a side. These square-cut doughy cookies, with an almost cornbread-like texture, will defy the one-bite rule.

modern - pasty cookies
Five-ingredient pasty angel cookies. (Photo by Courtney Dabney).

“I’m surprised at how health conscious people are here,” says Mora. “I want to make a Keto plate and add more plant-based blue zone friendly menus to the mix.”

Mora was not aware of the Blue areas healthy lifestyle before coming to Fort Worth. But now he understands that many local diners are well trained to look for this designation next to menu items and he is very supportive.

Overnight oatmeal takes center stage. (Photo by Courtney Dabney).

A great veggie brunch dish at this new modern cafe is the Overnight Oat Bowl. It’s almost too pretty to dive into, edged with fresh berries and bringing all the appeal of a magnificent charcuterie board. You have to sit down for a minute to figure it all out. You’ll find a spoonful of spring berry jam, coconut chia pudding, and Turkish yogurt drizzled with Kelly Farms honey. A little coconut milk and crunchy cherry and nut granola complete the dish to divide.

“When I have dinner with my chef friends, we order 20 or more items and share them,” says Mora. “This is the mood I want to create.”

Modern coffee is getting there quickly. And now, dinner service will be back in the coming weeks. With a chef who cooks like at home.

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