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PACE Funding Group changes its name to Home Run Loans and adds a new unsecured loan product

PACE Funding Group announced that it will change its name to. has changed Home run funding and added a new unsecured loan product called Home Run Loans. The company launched in California in 2014 as a single product company: Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) funding for renewable energy, energy and water efficiency projects, and later for storm protection and other public home improvement improvements. The company launched successful PACE programs in Florida (2019) and Missouri (2020). With its new offering, Home Run Financing provides contractors with a single source of funding for their clients to get construction construction financing, opting for either unsecured loans or PACE financing when it suits better the equity in their house is tied up.

“Home Run Financing is the only residential real estate finance provider that offers homeowners both PACE and unsecured loans,” said Robert Giles, CEO of Home Run Financing. “We have learned over the years that customers like to have several financing options from a single source. We meet this demand. “

The PACE funding product is currently available in California, Florida, and Missouri and can be used in renewable energy products, energy or water efficiency products, and home improvement services related to earthquakes, forest fires, and / or hurricanes, depending on state law. Approval for PACE is not based on the borrower’s creditworthiness as it is based on the homeowner’s equity in their home. PACE is strictly regulated to ensure a high level of consumer protection.

Home run loans will be available in these three states plus Kansas and can be used for a variety of home improvement projects, including the types of projects allowed under PACE, in addition to kitchen remodeling, bathrooms, flooring, room expansions, apartment units, pavilions, and many others Projects. Home run loans offer the homeowner and contractor a quick application and approval process, no income documentation, and no lien on the property.

Home Run Financing works with a broad network of renowned, licensed contractors nationwide. Contractors can register through the program’s website to provide home run loans and / or PACE finance. Homeowners can encourage their contractors to sign up for the program.

News of Home Run Loans

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What You Need To Know About Short Term Loans In The Philippines

Short Term Loans In The Philippines

No matter how much you care about your finances, there will always be unforeseen circumstances where you will run out of money. In this case, a short term loan can save the day.

What is a short term loan in the Philippines and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Read on to find out more.

What is a Short Term Loan?

Short term loans offer smaller loan amounts and shorter repayment periods than long term loans. You have to pay off a short term loan in full in less than a year. It also comes with a higher APR.[1]

Most Filipinos apply for a short-term loan to meet minor expenses and financial obligations. For business owners, a short term loan can help fund their business needs to keep them going.

The repayment period for short-term loans can be adjusted according to the borrower’s request. But they are usually paid off in a month. If the chosen repayment term is longer than a month, it should not exceed 12 months.

Short term loans are unsecured loans, which means they do not require any collateral. You also don’t have to borrow against the value of your property. The downside, however, is that the interest rates are higher as the risk of default by the borrower or non-payment of the loan is also higher.

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What Short Term Loans Are There In The Philippines?

Photo by Freepik

Photo by Freepik

Payday loan

This type of short term loan can release your loan proceeds in just 24 hours. But payday loans are high interest loans that are usually due the next payday. You can take out between PHP 1,000 and PHP 30,000 in loans, but the loan usually only needs to be paid back once.

Credit line

This short-term loan gives you access to a fund that you can draw on at any time. The credit period for a line of credit is between six months and one year.

Once you have paid off the loan in full, you can borrow the full amount of your credit line again. Corporations and startups usually have a line of credit to cover cash flow gaps. However, it is only used when needed.

Online loan

An online loan works the same way as a payday loan, where online loan platforms offer short term loans to borrowers. The application is submitted online and the loan proceeds are paid out to a nominated savings account. It’s very quick and easy, and you can do it all on your mobile device.

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Invoice Financing

Entrepreneurs in a liquidity crisis can opt for invoice financing. This type of short term loan uses your company’s unpaid accounts receivable as collateral. With invoice finance, you don’t have to wait for your customers to get paid to pay your own employees, suppliers, or operating costs.

Cash advance for dealers

With this type of short term loan, entrepreneurs receive a cash advance and then pay it off from their company’s daily credit card sales. One of the perks is the flexibility of payment based on the company’s credit card sales. However, the fees and interest on this type of short term loan are quite high.

What Are The Best Short Term Loans In The Philippines?

A quick Google search for the best short term loans in the Philippines gives you plenty of options. Some of the popular short term loan providers are Cash Mart, Robocash, Cashalo, Pera 247, Aeon Credit Service, LendPinoy and, Talajust to name a few.

Each loan provider has its advantages and disadvantages, so do your research to find out which one offers you the best interest rates and the easiest repayment terms.

In addition, you can view the list of registered online loan platforms[2] on the Securities and Exchange Commission website to help you make a decision.

5 Tips on How to Get a Short Term Loan

1. Look for the best short term loan provider

Check reviews or feedback online before submitting your loan application. This can help you stay away from moneylenders who are illegitimate, have a bad reputation, or are misbehaving unethical lending or collection practices.

2. Prepare the required documents

Once you have found the right short term loan provider, prepare your loan application requirements. The great thing about short-term loans is that they usually only need a valid ID, proof of income, and proof of invoice.

3. Fill out the loan application form

Provide the required information and make sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date. A properly completed application form also speeds up the verification and approval process.

4. Wait for your loan approval

If you meet all the requirements and submit all the required documents, you should receive an update on your loan application within a few hours. However, this also depends on the size of the applications that the loan provider processes.

5. Understand the terms and conditions

Be aware of the fees, fees, and interest rates of the loan. If everything is reasonable and meets your expectations, you can send your confirmation and wait for the loan proceeds to be paid out to your account.

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Final thoughts

Short term loans can indeed be life saving. In addition to the simple application and quick processing, you will receive your money exactly when you need it most.

However, a short term loan in the Philippines also comes with a much higher interest rate. Since it is easier to avail, you can be tricked into repeatedly applying for a loan when you are short of funds.

You don’t always want to be in debt, do you? It’s still best to stay on a budget, manage your expenses, invest some of your income in savings, and build your emergency fund. When you make this a habit, you will be prepared for any type of financial emergency and not have to take out all of these loans!

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Less than 25? This popular Nantucket bar might not serve you


“I don’t need the Spring Break type of attitude.”

The Gazebo Bar on Nantucket is only open to those 25 and older due to a new policy to reduce underage alcohol use. Luc Tedeschi

If you’re looking to celebrate your twenty-first birthday, don’t go to this Nantucket bar.

The Gazebo, a popular open-air bar, will no longer serve alcoholic beverages to those under 25. Tavern restaurant and Gazebo owner Luke Tedeschi made the switch just a week ago in a final attempt to reduce underage alcohol use. It got so bad that he felt he had to do something.

“What’s worse than I’ve ever seen is the number of minors trying to get in,” he told “Their ID cards these days are very difficult to detect, a lot of good ID cards will go through the scanners we have.”

Nantucket is “under attack” during the summer, Tedeschi said, and noted that the location of the oceanfront bar was another factor making his establishment so popular. He described how minors often claim to be only 21 years old. Therefore, setting the minimum age a little higher helps him and his staff to be sure that they are serving legal drinkers. It is also much less likely that an underage drinker will have ID showing that he is 25, Tedeschi said, and that it would be easy to determine he is underage if he did.

“If I am certain, and your ID is certain, and you are not here with hordes of children – inevitably, in the pack of hordes of children there are minors,” said he declared. “I’m using that as a deviation so say okay, it’s 25.… If you’re worthy and legitimately of legal age and you’re not smuggling minors… if you’re a 21-year-old couple and stacking up not and acting inappropriately, you are certainly welcome.

The Gazebo is a popular open-air oceanfront bar in downtown Nantucket. – Luc Tedeschi

While this is not a common gesture for bars, it is not without precedent. A 2016 Food & Wine article notes a handful of restaurants in New York City and Washington, DC that have implemented a minimum age of 24 or 25; one Long Island bar even has different minimum ages for men and women. Massachusetts liquor laws only mention age in the context of legal drinking age, and public accommodation laws only prohibit discrimination based on “race, color, religious belief, national origin, gender, disability (handicap), gender identity or sexual orientation in some places. public housing ”, including restaurants.

Tedeschi has operated the tavern and gazebo for 29 years and said that while underage alcohol use has always been a problem facing the industry, it has become particularly serious.

“It is a privilege to enter my establishment, not a right,” he said. “It’s a policy, and I never claimed it was a law, it’s my policy to run my establishment as I see fit.”

His restaurant, the Tavern, serves alcohol and has his own bar, but that’s not where he sees the problems. The Gazebo, however, is an outdoor bar open only for cocktail service and late at night.

“Underage drinking is a huge commitment to me as an owner, operator and licensee, and I don’t need to compromise my license to serve minors, that is, children” , did he declare. “I don’t need the Spring Break type attitude, it’s chasing people who can [drink] and are of legal age and are much more responsible and respectful not only to my staff and other clients.

Tedeschi said the bar turned over up to 20 suspected fake IDs to the Nantucket State Police barracks each day.

Tedeschi considers that increasing the minimum age is absolutely necessary, not only to limit alcohol consumption among minors, but also to protect against liability.

“If I lose business, I lose it to illegal drinkers, which puts everything I have at risk,” he said. “When drastic measures need to be taken, I am not afraid to take them no matter what the situation and it is about the protection of the establishment, the licensing and the limitation of alcohol consumption. in minors. “

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We are not a virus police, French cafes say about the new COVID pass

PARIS (AP) – French restaurateurs and workers are as worried as anyone about the coronavirus – but they also fear that the new mandatory COVID passes will turn them into police officers for the virus instead of purveyors of culinary pleasures.

From next month, all diners in France must present a pass proving that they are fully vaccinated, or recently tested negative or recovered from the virus. For restaurants – considered France’s lifeblood – the new rule presents yet another headache after a punitive pandemic.

“Previously our job was to make sure our guests had a good time while they were with us. Now we spend our time berating them. We weren’t trained for that, ”said Louis le Mahieu, director of the Parisian restaurant Les Bancs Publics.

The Bancs Publics are set up at the corner of a street in the canal that crosses the north-east of Paris, a neighborhood popular with young people who meet in its many cafes or along the canal to drink and listen to music. Vivid street art brings the neighborhood to life, and there’s a pop-up vaccination reservation space nearby, next to Paris Plage, the city’s annual urban summer beach project.

Like other restaurants in the lively neighborhood, Le Bancs Publics is already struggling to comply with the virus rules that often change in France. It is one of hundreds of Parisian places closed for not respecting visitor limits since French restaurants reopened in May for the first time in nearly seven months. Thus, its brightly colored metallic shutters are drawn and no guest is in sight.

Cafe and bar owners fear more problems when COVID pass becomes mandatory.

Bill preparing for COVID pass requirement for restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, trains and planes includes fines of 45,000 euros ($ 53,250) for violations – which could be fatal to small businesses that are already struggling economically after the pandemic losses.

For Gauthier Max, owner of the neighboring Mama Kin, restaurants and bars are no longer places of leisure but have become spaces of constraints and restrictions. “We have effectively become police officers,” he said.

A diverse crowd of customers usually stood outside Mama Kin with drinks and cigarettes and socialized inside, but it was also temporarily closed this week for virus violations.

A collective of angry restaurateurs are due to meet with the region’s police chief on Thursday to discuss the challenges of the virus and try to find solutions, Max said.

Unions pushed back on the new pass requirement, as did protesters during protests in Paris and other cities in France on Wednesday. Tourists are also confused about how they can get the COVID passes before they go into effect next month; the government promises answers soon.

Citing resurgent infections across the country, President Emmanuel Macron and his government say COVID passes are the only way to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed again – and to avoid more stringent measures such as new blockages.

With health rules changing rapidly, many restaurateurs have said they have trouble keeping up. Mahieu said even the police officers he questioned on the streets were not always aware of the latest regulations.

He said he would abide by the new sanitary rules, but warned they could incur new costs and lower returns.

“We will probably need a full-time employee and a security guard to handle the unhappy people that we will have to turn down,” he told The Associated Press. “We will be stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

Many restaurateurs understand the need to fight viruses and want to avoid even stricter measures.

“I am very pro-vaccine and I find the health pass a good idea and a very reasonable measure. Other vaccines are now compulsory in France, ”said Christine Boudon, owner of La Fontaine de Mars near the Eiffel Tower, one of the oldest restaurants in Paris. “However, it can be difficult for us to put it in place. Checking clients’ health cards is a bit like police work. Only the most senior staff here will be able to carry out this task. “


Angela Charlton in Paris contributed.


Follow all AP coverage of the coronavirus pandemic at

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Small-staffed restaurants make last-minute meals a thing of the past

Making a reservation the same day or going out for dinner at a favorite local restaurant was a no-brainer. Perhaps a prime-time table for four wasn’t always available on a perfect summer weekend, but restaurants in the Hudson Valley were generally accessible. Not anymore. Gone are the days of last minute dining plans, and not just on weekends.

Search for a four course dinner on a random weekday in July and you will find yourself everywhere from Kinsley Restaurant in Kingston to Saugerties’ Red onion.

Before you fully blame the massive influx of newcomers and tourists for taking their places, wait. “Staffing is a huge problem,” says Fletcher W. Tingle, III, director of operations and general manager of Amsterdam at Rhinebeck.

This restaurant recently increased wages to ensure that a 35-hour work week pays more than unemployment, and it has cut serving breakfast, lunch and dinner every day to just dinner from 5 p.m., as well as brunch on weekends. Even with these service cuts and salary increases, they still have a smaller staff than normal, so they can accommodate fewer guests at a time. It works for them financially, but it’s hard to get a table.

Jeffery Beck, Managing Director and Sommelier at Red Onion, finds himself in a similar situation. “Our summer activity is always spectacular, but the difference for us is that in the middle of the week with the labor shortage, I am definitely holding the reservation tables to see how our night is going.” The little restaurant has just closed on Wednesday evening.

His weekend bookings are also scarce. It is still losing 15 seats to the pandemic because it doesn’t pack its tables as tightly and it doesn’t have the staff to serve more diners than it already accommodates. A normal Saturday night meant 190 to 220 covers, but now it serves 160 to 165 diners per night.

If he had more servers he could turn up the volume, but he currently has four people in front of the house. During the pandemic, Beck notes that the entire restaurant industry has lost workers. “They kept finding different things to do. I have been here for 10 years. It was really difficult.

Beck says the overall number of diners he serves is off the charts. “We are hitting record highs every week compared to the previous week against non-pandemic numbers, even being closed on a day.” More and more people dine there or go out regularly throughout the week, instead of being satisfied with the traditional weekend crush. But between their higher labor costs and the higher cost of goods, this increase in activity did not lead to higher profits.

As local restaurants scramble to find more staff, Beck suggests making midweek reservations a few days in advance. For weekends, reservations must be made at least one week at both The Red Onion and The Amsterdam. “We’re heading into a two-week absence,” says Tingle, who adds that yes, the influx of new people and vacationers keen to eat out after a year and more of pandemic containment is partly to blame for the reservations crisis.

Making a reservation for two or four people can be an adjustment, but groups always require a reservation in advance – something diners may have forgotten after a year of eating without friends.

“There’s not a Friday or Saturday that doesn’t happen when we get 30 to 60 phone calls per afternoon from people trying to book six to 10 people at 7 am. No, we can’t do that! You have to book in advance, ”says Tingle.

Your local restaurant may have made it even easier to reserve a seat online. “Due to our small staff, we make everything bookable – bar stools, indoors, outdoors, everything,” notes Tingle, who recommends being flexible with your timing.

A restaurant with fewer staff on weekday evenings will have fewer tables available. Amsterdam is careful not to overload during prime time. “At one point we could handle 60 people at 7:30 am. Now I have limited it to 20 and am spreading it out so that we have the opportunity to welcome you and make you feel taken care of. It’s a balancing act.

Phone calls have fallen out of favor, but when it comes to reservations, the artwork is lost. Some restaurants, including the Kinsley Hotel in Kingston, only accept online reservations for indoor dining. For the outside, you have to call. So if a restaurant’s website says to call to check availability, do so.

Always call if you don’t see what you want, ”Beck advises. Although he is happy with online systems like Resy and Open Table, he does not always bring all of The Red Onion’s available tables online. “I keep it pretty tight. It’s not as smooth as running a restaurant. I still have some control over [reservations],” he says.

One thing is clear: Thinking that you can bypass the reservation system probably won’t require you to sit down. “I am not using the tables for the walk-ins. If I can book my restaurant before going in, I’ll do that rather than guessing how we’re going to get in at night, ”says Beck.

Walk-ins look more and more like unicorns at The Amsterdam. “If you arrive at the right time of day you can, but at least 5-7 days a week we’re full,” says Tingle. “As far as reservations are concerned, they are one step away from being compulsory.”

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San Jose continues to close ailing Agave sports bar amid accusations of violence and prostitution – CBS San Francisco

SAN JOSE (KPIX) – Authorities in San Jose are aiming to shut down an embarrassing South Bay sports bar amid allegations of prostitution and violence, in addition to being the site of a recent fatal DUI crash.

The name was removed from the sign outside the Agave Sports Bar and Grill on Alma Street in San Jose, but the business was still operating on Wednesday. The question is for how long?

READ MORE: San Francisco woman convicted of stealing Walgreens while coughing, claims she had COVID-19

San Jose city officials filed a lawsuit against the facility on Wednesday, seeking to shut it down as a nuisance.

“It’s been a hot spot for many years,” said Dev Davis, a member of the city council, who represents the neighborhood of Willow Glen where the bar is located.

Davis said she supports the city attorney’s action to try to shut down the business.

“There has been violence on this site. Someone lost their life there because another person was too served there, ”she explained.

Last month, Alex Moreno, 32, was arrested on charges of impaired driving and manslaughter while driving a vehicle after supporting his construction company’s van into a crowded outdoor table, killing a woman and injuring two men.

Alex Moreno (San José Police Department)

According to the prosecution documents, Moreno was receiving oral sex while driving from a woman he met at the bar when the accident happened.

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Truck in sports bar dinners


“I cannot comment on the ongoing investigations at Agave Sports Bar, including whether they are involved in human trafficking or prostitution,” said San Jose Police Sgt. Christian Camarillo.

The city lawsuit alleges that undercover agents were solicited for prostitution by women working for the bar on two occasions in 2020.

Police said the business had also been investigated on several other fronts, including trying to bypass health orders and stay open during the COVID shutdown last year.

“They were offering the public not to park their vehicles in the parking lot, use a carpool service, or park their cars elsewhere so that it didn’t look like it was actually open,” the sergeant said. Camarillo said.

Repeated calls to the company for comment were not returned.

San Jose is also seeking homeowners to pay the city overdue fines of $ 25,000.

“I think it’s pretty obvious. They haven’t been good for the community, ”Davis said.

NO MORE NEWS: “Mountain View Is My City Too” – Lawsuit Brought Against City’s RV Parking Ban

A neighboring business with a similar name – the Agave Restaurant – is located on Monterey Highway. The owner of this establishment told KPIX that his business has been affected due to the bad publicity of the Agave sports bar. In fact, his restaurant reopened just a day after that fatal accident.

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Bond audiences share details of what led to the 2020 Aiken nightclub shooting

AIKEN, SC (WRDW / WAGT) – Bond hearings held today for two suspects charged in a 2020 nightclub shooting in Aiken shared additional details about the violent incident.

Discussions during the bail hearings of Monisha Courtney and Dustin Williamson, two of the five suspects indicted in the shooting, indicate that the incident was a planned act of retaliation.

In the early morning hours of November 28, 2020, deputies from the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office were called to the Seventh Parlor in the 1600 block of Richland Avenue East with reference to reports of a shooting.

Upon arrival, officers discovered that at least 10 people had been injured, including Craig Youmans, 30, of North Augusta, who died at the scene after being shot several times.

At Courtney’s hearing this morning, attorney Bill Weeks revealed that Courtney and co-defendant Lasonya Howard were serving as shooters’ lookouts. Phone records showed the pair made phone calls and texted the suspected shooters moments before the violent incident took place. The suspects also met before planning the attack.

Courtney’s defense attorney explained in more detail her involvement in the shooting. That morning, the intended target was a subject who allegedly murdered Courtney’s boyfriend McKenzie Corley Harley, Jr., 21, two weeks earlier. The lawyer said Youmans was not the intended target.

The day after the shooting, Courtney’s brother TyQuan Graham, 34, was murdered in what she believes was an act of retaliation. A day after speaking to police, she fled to Florida out of fear of being killed, Courtney’s attorney said.

Courtney was later arrested in Florida by the West Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office on warrants for murder and conspiracy.

Details shared at Williamson’s hearing further underscored his connection not only to the Seventh Salon shooting, but also to the death of Henrietta Creech, 77, which came hours after the nightclub shooting.

Williamson is said to be the driver of a vehicle involved in a drive-by shootout in Barnwell that struck Creech’s house and another house.

After Williamson was named a suspect, police raided his home and discovered a gun with cartridge cases that matched those found at Barnwell’s crime scene. Authorities also searched his car and found weapons with cartridge cases that matched those found at the Seventh Lounge, Weeks said.

Judge Courtney Clyburn-Pope denied Williamson’s bail. He will continue to be held in the Aiken County Detention Center pending trial.

Courtney has been given a $ 50,000 bond with several conditions including GPS monitoring, regular contact with her lawyer, and she cannot have contact with the victims, their families or other co-defendants in the case.

Copyright 2021 WRDW / WAGT. All rights reserved.

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OCS Update: RC Coffee’s Robo Café is the Best Thing Next to a Human Barista in the Office

RC Coffee’s space-saving Robo Café is an ideal hot beverage solution for retail spaces and office buildings. Equipped with two spouts, it can serve several drinks in less than two minutes.

[Credit: RC Coffee]

An authentic and convenient espresso experience is here for RC Cafe, which strives to please the discerning palates of coffee lovers with its cutting-edge self-service technologies. The RCC opened Canada’s first Robo Café in downtown Toronto last summer. The kiosk robotically served premium specialty coffees, performing all the functions of a human barista.

Editor’s Note: As the pandemic ends and vaccinations become more widespread, Automatic Merchandiser has spoken to several major manufacturers of commercial coffee equipment in the OCS space to glean their predictions on a recovery and to find out how their coffee brewing technology can benefit operators and customers. This article is the fourth in a seven part series.

RCC said the space-saving Robo Café is also an ideal coffee solution for office buildings. Equipped with two spouts, the espresso machine can serve multiple drinks in under two minutes, easily handling high volume stops. RC can partner with any roaster to create a “micro coffee” that maintains quality.

This year, RC Coffee presents three new Robo Café products. The first is the Robo CaféLight, a lean version of the original kiosk. It passes through a standard 30 “wide door. Also new is the Solo Café, a compact, self-service barista solution for offices that provides users with specialty coffees from an online menu. Features include a sleek Android box, an unattended Ultra VX payment reader from KioSoft and an Eversys espresso machine. Solo Café users scan a QR code to enter their order and touch a preferred payment option to activate the machine. Finally, RRC adds cold infused products to the Robo Café menu.

Based in Boyton Beach, Florida KioSoft Technologies, a developer of unattended payment solutions, is a sister company of Toronto-based RC Coffee.

Despite some elements of the pandemic-induced work-from-home routines, the RCC believes workers will soon be returning to their offices in large numbers. A good indicator of recovery for RCC is Starbucks, which signals a rebound in pre-COVID sales.

“We are convinced that the appetite is there and that the return to normal is underway,” said Adam Lang, Marketing Director of RCC. “We are preparing ourselves by developing self-service espresso bar solutions that are easy to use, contactless and, most importantly, deliver a barista-level experience through automated technologies. Consumers are changing their behavior towards self-service self-service systems in the wake of the pandemic. “

Robo Café espresso machines grind whole beans, tamp fresh grounds, and froth milk – all that a human barista does. Thanks to KioSoft’s all-in-one Ultra VX reader, Robo Café accepts contactless payments, NFC, debit, credit card, mobile wallets and the RC Coffee app; traditionalists can even insert or slip.

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Mount Kisco gears up for very first restaurant week on July 23

The Mount Kisco Chamber of Commerce Restaurant Logo of the Week. The room is trying the promotion which is similar to Hudson Valley Restaurant Week where participating establishments offer specials to diners.

If you’re a foodie in the area and fancy trying out different dining choices, Mount Kisco is the place to go later this month.

Mimicking the popular Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, the Mount Kisco Chamber of Commerce will launch its own Restaurant Week next Friday, with more than 20 restaurants across the village currently offering specials and deals to customers.

It starts on July 23 and runs until Sunday August 1. It not only provides the public with a reason to explore a buffet dining choices, but it’s designed to help bolster the local restaurant scene, where many owners have struggled to survive the pandemic.

“It comes out of the chamber as another way to help a segment of our members, which restaurants are chamber members, and after COVID we worked very closely with them to see how they were doing,” said The House Co. – Executive Director Loretta Brooks.

The offers of each participating restaurant will be unique to their establishment. The goal is to have the community and residents of neighboring towns learn more about the restaurants on Mount Kisco and showcase the wide assortment of cuisine available in the village.

House Co-Executive Director Beth Vetare Civitello said many area residents are always intrigued by what to eat locally when looking for a night out and it’s a great way to bring more choice for people and to help restaurateurs.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring people to our great city and one of the things we know has worked across the county and across the state has been Restaurant Week,” Civitello said. “So we decided that we should have one specifically designed for Mount Kisco, and the restaurant business is a pretty tough business and we have all these world class restaurants here.”

Last week, 21 restaurants registered to participate. A restaurant must be a chamber member to be involved, but if they are, they don’t have to register, Civitello said.

The list of restaurants includes Exit 4 Food Hall; Georgian cuisine Badageoni; Seafood from Mount Kisco; Kisco River Restaurant; Basilico Pizza, Pasta & Gourmet; Stone fire; Locali Mt Kisco; Social village; Skinny Buddha Organic Food & Fitness; Mimi’s coffee; Sette E Venti by Gianfranco; Mario’s Pizza and Pasta; Lexington Place Café; Italian cuisine and Mardino steakhouse; Frannie’s candy store; Captain Lawrence Barrel House; The Holiday Inn’s Hub Restaurant; Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; Dinner by coach at Mount Kisco; Mexican restaurant Azteca; the mount Kisco farm; and Captain Lawrence Barrel House.

Brooks said that for many downtowns, restaurant success can be the lifeblood of the business district.

“We really hope they are doing well,” said Brooks. “I think it’s a good time for someone to try a new restaurant they might have thought of and it’s a good excuse to try it.”

Civitello said the chamber has scheduled Restaurant Week in mid-summer, when some people might be on vacation and business might be slower, as opposed to spring or fall, when foot traffic picks up. usually.

If it works as expected, there would likely be more restaurant weeks in the future, possibly next winter, she said.

For more information on Restaurant Week and to find out what each participating establishment has to offer and if new restaurants are added, visit the Mount Kisco Chamber of Commerce website over the next two weeks at


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Manhattan bar stays in business thanks to loyal customer

Aabir Das still has a lot to learn behind the bar.

“I’ve never worked in the industry,” said Das, the owner of Keats Bar in Midtown East.

But that didn’t stop him from saving his favorite neighborhood bar as it risked shutting down this winter. He is a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society by day and now also the owner of Keats.

What would you like to know

  • Aabir Das has been a loyal Keats patron in Midtown East for a decade
  • The bar was grappling with the pandemic due to COVID-19 restrictions
  • He used his savings to buy the bar
  • Das says the family atmosphere at the bar is the reason he took it over

“I was sort of in a position where the previous owners couldn’t keep it anymore, so I was able to move things around and pick them up. For me, it was just saving something that I cherish,” Das said. . “I know a lot of the ins and outs, the vibe, the feel, so the learning curve has been a lot easier.”

During the pandemic, the bar remained open for take out, but it couldn’t survive on that alone. He knew he had to act fast to keep it going.

“Once we knew it wasn’t going to go through the second lockdown, it was either we had to move forward or someone else would pick it up,” Das said. “It was more of a ‘OK, we can do this, let’s go’ process.”

Das said he has met so many close friends over the years, sitting at Keats, and the family atmosphere made him buy it.

“We’re literally not a bar where people just come to drink. We’re literally a family, we have everyone’s cell phone,” Das said.

The city’s small business services department reports that 4,000 businesses have used grants, loans and other available services throughout the pandemic. For some companies, these services alone helped, but for others like Keats, they had to get creative.

Das used his savings to keep the bar open.

“There were some things that weren’t liquid that I made liquid,” Das said.

Since becoming the official owner of the bar, Das has said it has been a whirlwind.

“I didn’t have time to sit down and process and stuff, but at some point I’m sure I’m going to sit down and be like ‘Oh, okay’,” Das said. .

And yet the crowded bar and karaoke nights are well worth it, according to Das.

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