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Freshly prepared food is a signature of London’s Old Town Grill – and this passion for good food is what has earned the London restaurant a spot on America’s top restaurants.

Host Greg Hutson and field producer Austin Turner were at the restaurant in London on Monday, filming an episode of the culinary series which shines a light on independent restaurants.

Hutson said the restaurants were selected through a nomination process.

“We don’t do national chain restaurants,” Hutson said. “We receive a community nomination and select those we believe best represent independent restaurants.”

Hutson describes himself as a “foodie”, adamantly admitting he has a passion for good food.

London OTG owner Mike Caffrey was more than willing to cater to Hutson’s tastes, offering a variety of dishes on the menu.

First came the Loaded Potato Bites appetizer – homemade potato bites smothered in ranch dressing, diced tomatoes, cheese, crispy bacon and sour cream.

Next, Hutson and Turner tried their taste buds with OTG’s Brisket Burger.

“It’s 8 ounces of burger (that’s half a pound), 5 ounces of brisket that’s cooked for 18 hours, then cooled and grilled,” Caffrey said. “Then we put in two slices of cheese, mesquite barbecue sauce, and onion straws.”

Hutson said the different flavors come alive individually with every bite — a quality that shows Caffrey’s passion for cooking.

Caffrey’s 38 years in food service have taught him many things, one of which is to prepare fresh food.

“We don’t have frozen food,” he says, “and the food doesn’t sit on the grill. We prepare everything fresh for each meal.

Caffrey said the key to successful restaurant patronage is restaurant reputation – which is based on customer satisfaction.

“It’s the guests, the customers you have to please and you have to be passionate about them,” he said. “If I wasn’t, I’d be bankrupt.”

Caffrey also served Hutson and Turner one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes – Sinful Chicken. He joked about the name, adding that he lures the Sunday menu by telling customers the chicken dish is so good they’ll have to go to church and ask for forgiveness.

After sampling the popular dish, Hutson agreed.

Sinful Chicken is freshly grilled chicken breast, seasoned with OTG’s own seasoning blend, served on a bed of wild rice and topped with a combination of spinach dip and alfredo sauce. Steamed broccoli is one of the side dishes that go with chicken.

Hutson said the selections for America’s Best Restaurants focused on freshly prepared food, customer ratings and restaurant cleanliness.

“We tell the stories of independent restaurant owners,” Hutson said. “We can tell that Mike has a passion for good food and good customer service.”

The episode featuring the London OTG will air on America’s Best in the coming weeks, Hutson said.

“We need to edit this, but it should be released in the next five to six weeks on,” he said.

Richard Dement

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