New student apartments under construction in the former nightclub Images

CONSTRUCTION work continues on a former nightclub in the city which is being converted into student accommodation.

The former site of Images Nightclub, demolished at the end of last year, is being converted into 83 student apartments by Rengen Developments.

Rengen took over the project from Thorneloe, which originally began demolishing the building in 2021.

The new building can now be seen beginning to take shape as work continues on the site, which was first used 150 years ago.

Most of the exterior structure of the new building has been constructed, with work continuing inside and out.

BUILDING: The new building seen from the bridge of The Hive

The first demolition works of the Images nightclub began in November 2021.

It originally obtained planning permission in 2019 with the site reserved for housing.

The original 112-bed plan was changed to a nine-story 110-bed plan to make the accommodation building the same height as The Hive.

A later plan sought permission to construct a 100-bed building, but this was soon reduced to 89 beds before finally settling on an 83-bed building.

Dating back to the 1870s, the building had stood empty since its subsequent reincarnation when the Funk nightclub closed in February 2012.

In 2014, the city council’s licensing subcommittee gave the green light for the site to become a club named Mamma Jammas.

The club was aimed at over-30s and the plans were met with fierce opposition from West Mercia police who believed the venue would increase crime in the area.

Worcester News: CLOSED: Images before her demolitionCLOSED: Images before its demolition

The plans never materialized and the images remained a horror until the demolition plan was approved.

Given the location of the site, construction work must have been given longer than expected, with Thorneloe stating in 2021 that it should be finished sometime in 2023.

The building that became Images was built in the 1870s by an engineer known as Mr Turton and was called “The Netherton Company”.

In recent years the Butts site has become an eyesore, with the derelict site now enjoying new life after 150 years.

Richard Dement

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