Naughty details spotted in nightclub photos go viral

Some hilarious details spotted in a series of images taken in the UK nightclub turned a somewhat innocent evening into a viral sensation on social media.

Caught at a Leicester nightclub called Twitter user Mosh @ Lskiv_67 shared two photos that left the internet in stitches.

“Need a night out in Mosh ASAP,” @ Lskiv_67 wrote, alongside an image of two men looking at a camera and a man and woman huddled together. Pretty innocent – until you look at the suggestive details.

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A man appears to have moved closer to a woman pictured leaning against him, based on the foundation marks on his nose, lips and cheeks.

A Twitter user joked that the man looked like he had “a bag of Wotsits”, a British brand of cheesy corn puffs that often leave orange residue on their hands and mouth.

One person wrote that the man looked like he had “spaghetti bolognese around the chops”.

Another user, apparently dating Mosh, wrote: “I love that I have never been sober enough in Mosh to remember what it looks like on the inside.”

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Another photo of two men smiling enthusiastically at the camera also made Twitter laugh, albeit for a different reason.

While posing for the photo, a blond man appears to have had an unfortunate accident with his drink, and his mate has been an unwitting victim – with his arm around his friend, the blond man points his open-lid drink towards the down, knocking her down through her friend.

Stimulating a trip down memory lane for the people of Leicester, many recalled their own evenings before the coronavirus pandemic.

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“An unparalleled experience. I went there every weekend for a year and it took a decade of my life,” one user joked.

“I spent almost every Tuesday night of my three years of college in this sweaty, high-level blunder,” wrote another.

Others, meanwhile, don’t have fond memories of Mosh.

“Nobody needs a night out at Mosh,” wrote one user, with another saying: “As a person from Leicester, I can guarantee you certainly don’t need a night out at Mosh . “

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