Mobile home park residents concerned for their safety after another shootout at a nearby nightclub

Residents of a Fort Lauderdale mobile home park are on edge after gunfire broke out at a nearby nightclub, killing one person.

This is at least the fourth time this year that a shooting has been reported at the Take 1 Lounge.

Those who live next to the club say they have had enough.

The rapid gunfire shook people in bed Sunday morning at the Cypress Creek Mobile Home Country Club.

“Very worried,” said a resident who did not want to be identified, but said the neighbors lived in fear. “Terrorized. My parents live here. You know, stray bullets don’t discriminate against anyone.

Police said Bernie Jean, 37, was shot and killed in the shooting, while another was also injured.

James Manoli, owner of Cypress Creek, is deeply concerned.

“We told them time and time again that someone would lose their life,” Manoli said.

In May, we showed you video of gunshots heard on nearby surveillance cameras and a woman sleeping on her floor to feel more secure in the event of gunfire.

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A Local 10 investigation found there had been more than 150 calls for service from April 2020 to May 2021.

Police continue to search for the gunman and people living nearby are hoping for a resolution.

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