Missus Review: Muslim Owned Cafe and Bakery at Bendeemeer Fresh Bakes

Missus is a Muslim-owned cafe and bakery in Bendeemeer

For me, a great cafe should tick those boxes: tasteful interiors, plenty of natural light, and delicious food that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. In our search for IG-worthy brunch cafes in Singapore, we stumbled upon Mrs.. The brand new Muslim-owned cafe along Hamilton Road has gained popularity online thanks to its beautiful space and wide range of pastries.

The cafe is in a prime location that is home to a few other popular bakeries, including La Levain, run by a former pastry chef from Boulangerie Brera.

La Levain: over 50 pastries at the new cafe by former bakery chef Brera, including a Bo Bo Cha Cha croissant

Food at Missus

missus cafe establishment

Missus became famous for their selection of grilled cheeses, with flavors including their signature Missus Melt ($17.90+), a truffled four cheese sandwich served with roasted garlic tomato soup. However, we wanted something less conventional, so the Slumdog Grillionaire ($19+) was our choice.

missus cafe masala toast cross section

This flavor bomb of a sandwich included masala potato cubes, cilantro pesto, and the cafe’s signature blend of cheeses, all nestled between home-baked ciabatta bread. It also comes with a side of cassava chips, which were unfortunately straight out of a packet.

missus cafe cheese sweater

The cheese wasn’t very strong in this one, maybe because the toastie was cut in half before serving. Nevertheless, the well seasoned potato chunks and fragrant pesto made up for that.

miss coffee dip

Although tasty, I felt the sandwich was salty, but that was easily remedied with the homemade tomato chutney. The dip had just enough acidity to offset the richness of the toast.

I felt bonus points should also be given for the delicious bread as it is homemade.

missus cafe chocolate toast

I have a sweet tooth, so I naturally turned to The Large Toasted Chocolate Sandwich ($13+). This fudgy sandwich was cut to expose a melted Mexican chocolate filling encompassing a crispy, leaf-like center – it was the epitome of delicious ugliness.

Luckily the chocolate sauce wasn’t too sweet, so we found ourselves devouring the toastie without feeling jelak.

miss cafe tater

Counter all that sugar with an order of Truffle Tattoos ($13+). Each tater tot was fried until crispy and well seasoned with finely grated parmesan cheese.

missus cafe tater tot dipping

You are given a small pot of truffle garlic aioli in which to dip each bite-sized piece of potato. The tangy truffle notes paired well with the salty parmesan; it was a surefire snack you won’t go wrong with.

miss cooked coffee

In addition to toasted sandwiches and savory brunches, the cafe also offers counter-fresh breads and pastries.

missus cafe sticky bun

I strongly recommend the Pecan Sticky Bun ($5.50+). This thick loaf featured a soft, sweet crust with cinnamon sugar swirls hidden inside, glazed with a drizzle of sinful caramel and crunchy pecans on top. It was deliciously rich and surprisingly not too sweet. My only complaint was that the outer layer was a bit overcooked, giving a slightly dry exterior on one side of the bun.

Atmosphere at Missus

missus cafe storefront 2

When we arrived at the cafe at 10am on a weekday, we were surprised to find it already half full with diners. Soon after, the seats filled up as more and more people started pouring in, proving the cafe’s popularity.

Mademoiselle cafe atmosphere

There aren’t many seats at the walk-up cafe, so I recommend visiting during off-peak hours. If you can, choose to sit in a comfortable nook to the side instead of the tables in the middle, which can feel a bit crowded on a busy day. Nonetheless, the space is cozy, well-lit, and beautifully decorated with a bohemian pink theme throughout.

The nearest train station is MRT station Bendemeerwhich is a five minute walk away.

The verdict

verdict of the café de madame

Missus impressed us with their wide variety of toasties, fresh pastries and sides which seemed to be more affordable than most other cafes. I liked that they are a bakery and cafe concept in one so everything you get is fresh out of the oven. I will come back to taste the other grilled cheeses and pastries lined up in the glass display!

If you live in the east, check out our guide to the best cafes in the region. Another lovely cafe to visit is Cafe Natsu, a Japanese-inspired cafe in the charming neighborhood of Joo Chiat.

Address: 16 Hamilton Road, #01-05, Singapore 209186
Opening hours: Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm
Missus is a Muslim owned restaurant.

Cafe Natsu: gorgeous cafe with Japanese-inspired brunch and mochi donuts at Joo Chiat

Photos taken by Hui Hui Lau.
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Missus Review: Muslim-Owned Cafe and Bakery with Masala Grilled Cheese, Sticky Pecan Buns and More

  • Missus Review: Muslim-Owned Cafe and Bakery with Masala Grilled Cheese, Sticky Pecan Buns and More – 8/10




– Beautiful space
– Wide variety of dishes
– Relatively affordable

The inconvenients:
– Slumdog Grillionaire was lightly salted
– Can be crowded during peak hours

Recommended dishes: Sticky Pecan Bun ($5.50+), The Great Grilled Choc Sandwich ($13+), Slumdog Grillionaire ($19+)

Opening hours: Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm

Address: 16 Hamilton Road, #01-05, Singapore 209186

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