Millennials want to crawl into metaverse restaurants before they eat

Millennials are a strange mix of enthusiasm for crypto, mixed with social anxiety. That’s if a new survey is anything to go by.

A new survey has been published by me&u, which makes table ordering technology. In trying to determine what hospitality venues will need in the future, the report tries to give operators in the hospitality industry a head up. The survey was conducted in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom

Millennials and hospitality

The report revealed new comments about Millennials and how they want their restaurant experiences to turn out.

52% of these crazy millennial cats say they wish they could try a new place in the metaverse before showing up. You can’t give millennials surprises, they hate that stuff. They need to know what awaits them at all times!

The report’s writers say, “Hospitality venues of the future will also see the role of the metaverse come into play. Most Millennials agreed that they would be interested in trying out a new venue in the metaverse first. Half would be interested in a place using the metaverse to experience virtual reality activities, such as virtual tours of the region from which they selected their wine.

According to me&u, “As operators seek to keep abreast of consumer demand, this data will enable hospitality businesses to be ‘future-proof’, accelerating key aspects of their business for customers. years to come.”

Want another byte?

Restaurants are no strangers to innovation. Said me&u, “Over the past few years, restaurants and bars have begun to embrace the use of technology for the same reason that most industries are quickly adapting to these advancements – to create a more efficient operation. .”

Not only is technology expected to make things more efficient. But. Millennials want to use it to get special treatment. “With the rise of hyper-personalized sites, there is a need to tailor the experience to each unique visitor. Half of consumers surveyed were found to be more likely to visit places that use technology to offer them a personalized menu that matches their tastes, including bespoke drink recommendations.”

Crypto payments

What we love about Millennials is that they’re down on crypto. And, they want to pay for their burgers with a range of tokens.

According to the report’s writers, “Facilitating borderless, peer-to-peer, and multiple tokens and blockchains, Web3 will convert anything you have in your wallet into payment — bitcoin, NFT, or other digital currency options.” It’s not only what you pay with that will become easier, but also how you pay.

Generation Y and alcohol

What we know about Millennials is that they are huge squares when it comes to alcohol. 33% of respondents expect bars and restaurants to offer a range of non-alcoholic options. More than a third would frequent bars or restaurants without alcohol.

I guess they really like the idea of ​​virtual beer.

Apple juice on ice, thank you.

What are we going to do with all those responsible, nervous crypto aficionados? With luck, build better restaurants.

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