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* Last month, June 26, remains a sad moment for South Africa and the rest of the world, as 21 teens died after a huge party in a South African nightclub. Several government officials joined police for a press conference to reveal the latest details of the case, report it Washington Post.

Experts had previously detected methanol in the victims’ blood samples, but they are evaluating further to determine whether the levels were lethal or non-lethal.

The teenagers, aged 13 to 17, had previously partied at Enyobeni Tavern, the east London coastal town on June 26, before they died. According to the police, some of them (teenagers) were slumped on the furniture when the officers arrived.

Health officials initially linked their deaths to alcohol and carbon monoxide poisoning before Litha Matinawe, provincial assistant director of clinical services for the Eastern Cape, ruled out the factors, after testing. Other reports indicate that a stampede may also have caused some of the deaths.

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A witness who spoke to the Post said people were heard in the tavern, shouting “I can’t breathe” and “I’m choking.” Others said people were “choked” on a substance that “smelled like gas.”

Yonela Dekeda, spokeswoman for the same region’s health department, said more tests were underway to determine the cause of death. He further explains that it is still too early to determine where the teenagers got the methanol – alcohol or elsewhere.

According to CDC, methanol can cause a range of health complications and is commonly used as antifreeze, in fuels, pesticides and pesticides. The CDC further explains that most methanol poisonings are due to methanol products or beverages contaminated with the substance. In the industrial sector, death can occur when they inhale large quantities of methanol vapor or absorb it through the skin.

A witness who spoke to the Post spoke of some victims in the tavern saying they weren’t breathing and choking while others were choking on something that smelled like gas. The 52-year-old club owner was arrested after the incident and will face trial next month. He faces several charges, including that of having authorized access to alcohol to minors. Two employees aged 33 and 34 were also arrested alongside him.

The teenagers were celebrating the end of high school exams when the tragedy happened, according to Blavity. Talk to CBS NewsBheki Cele, the police minister said the teenagers died dancing – they literally danced, fell and died.

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