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Fresno, CA 06/24/2021 4:30:28 PM –

Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) -Segment ABC30, Education Spotlight, Action News anchor Landonberg chats with staff from the Merced County Department of Education (MCOE) on some of the biggest topics in the ‘education.

Local restaurants provide customers with lunch and employee life skills. Landon Burke discovered Wired Café and its mission to provide opportunity.

Descent: Explain what Wired is for those who don’t know.

Cindy: Wired is a learning place owned and operated by the Special Education Department of the Merced County Department of Education. And it provides a safe and comfortable learning space for our students and adults. We have worked with several programs for adults with special needs, but extra time, extra opportunities, more so that the students and adults we work with are ready. Because they need practice, they have the opportunity to come and learn and practice their skills, taking those skills elsewhere.

Descent: What are some of the skills students learn at Wired?

Cindy: Food security is first and foremost. Thus, all students receive a food safety training certificate before they go to the kitchen and start. Once done, you’ll do a lot of hands-on learning, including learning a knife safety book. Not only does this ensure that we are providing safe food, but they also learn about the restaurant industry as a whole and what employers want. We really want students to learn these soft skills because employers want reliable employees and understand that they arrive at work when they expect to work. I am concentrated.

Cindy: And just by saying that they also learn social skills, I would like to add to that. For many students with special needs this is a difficult field for them and they have learned many social skills needed to work in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Descent: What are the long-term goals of students training at Wired?

Cindy: I think one, and the most important, is to give students self-esteem. In other words, everyone wants to feel needed, and everyone wants to feel useful. Our students also want to contribute. And our long-term goal was to give them the skills to go out, get it done, and get hired. And we teach all the skills that Lori talked about, and they can take them in and apply them, you know, we put them in different “transfer skills” contexts that I call that.

Lori: It is very rewarding for us to work with the students and the adults here. I would love you to join Wired to meet them and see how well they are doing.

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MCOE Education Spotlight: Wired Café Offers Lunch and Employee Opportunities MCOE Education Spotlight: Wired Café Offers Lunch and Employee Opportunities

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