Luckily sober bars are more popular than I thought

There are many reasons why a person may refuse to drink. Besides the always assumed choice of personal preference, other reasons may include pregnancy, bad drug interactions, bad allergic reactions, weight management, chemotherapy, or existing chronic illnesses.

I chose to quit drinking to test its effects on my mental health. I write these two months sober and have since discovered many alternative options to drinking that don’t sacrifice the social rituals I’ve become so accustomed to. A whole world of #sobercurious people and #substancefree communities exist to end the stigma and support non-drinkers in fun ways.

Although I am new to this lifestyle, I learned early on how fragile sobriety is. Over time, I had to slowly relearn how to do things sober. This often meant only being out for two hours until I could master staying out a full night while my friends passed bottles of tequila to each other.

This has not been easy. Yes, I don’t wake up wildly anxious anymore, but I’m still human. I always crave alcohol on days when I’m stressed or sad. I was every day at 6 p.m. “shoot o’clock” girl. Even if I don’t drink, I still want to let off steam after a long week of exhausting my creativity. And, I shouldn’t have to compromise my sobriety to do so. If you’re sober, neither are you.

I recently learned that there are also safe drinks. There are also bars that sell some of these spirits, but not always. Alcohol has always been a big part of my travel experience. The first time I got drunk was in high school on an exchange program in Paris, France. This was the best – my friend and I bought bottles of wine, drank them under the Eiffel Tower, then stumbled on the metro back to our hotels. I haven’t traveled abroad sober yet because I don’t feel quite ready for it yet. But I did a lot of research.

Below are sober bars across the United States that have responded to the need for more inclusive, non-alcoholic social settings. Good zero alcohol consumption!

Soft drinks by Suckerpunch.

Threes Brewery (brooklyn, NY)

One of the things I miss the most about drinking alcohol is beer. I still consider myself a beer snob. realizing that I don’t need to compromise my love for beer has been great. Threes Brewery in Gowanus, NYC is a beer garden featuring non-alcoholic beers, a huge backyard, and food by The Meat Hook, which serves things like a dry-aged double cheeseburger with raclette until midnight on weekend.

Awake Bar (Devnver, CO)

Awake Bar is a café by day and a sober bar by night. The menu still mentions gin and tequila, but the liqueurs used are alcohol-free. Their Desert Rose, a cocktail made from Kin High Rhode with burnt honey, black cardamom and orange blossom, comes highly recommended.

Without Bar (Austin, Kansas City, Los Angeles)

Sans Bar is a black-owned, low-key bar franchise with three permanent locations in Austin, Kansa City and Los Angeles. The bar offers an extensive drinks menu, from alcohol-free wine to “hop water” (zero-proof sparkling water infused with beer hop oil) to inventive alcohol-free cocktails made from fresh fruit juices and non-alcoholic spirits from brands like Seedlip.

27 Restaurant and Bar (Miami, Florida)

The 27 Restaurant and Bar at the Freehand Hotel in Miami offers “tailor-made” cocktails – personalized drinks for guests prepared on-site. In this case, “Bartenders’ Choice” asks customers to specify their alcohol of choice (and “non-alcoholic” is a viable option), whether they want their drink shaken or stirred, and their flavor profile. preferred (“light,” “tropical,” “bitter,” “sour,” “herbal,” etc.)

Bar Tonic (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Bar Tonique in the French Quarter has an encyclopedic cocktail menu that includes a page of non-alcoholic libations, many of which center on fresh seasonal fruit. Bar Tonique also offers free mocktails to designated drivers, promoting the bar’s support for safe nighttime practices.

Fourteenth Oak (Boulder, CO)

Chez Oak at Fourteenth, located in Boulder, Colorado, lists its cocktails according to the amount of alcohol present in each drink. The High alcohol section contains drinks made from several spirits. Their No alcohol section is devoted to high-concept mocktails like the Secret Handshake (“Citrus Grove” Seedlip, vanilla, coconut water, orange, mango, elderflower tonic).

ABV Bar (San Francisco, California)

ABV Bar is an inclusive bar that offers a “0%” section on its drinks menu. On this menu, sober customers can find non-alcoholic beers, mocktails and tonics.

Sucker Punch Bar (Portland, OR)

Suckerpunch Bar is a foolproof bar that started out as a mocktail kit vendor in 2020. With incredible support from the Portland community, Suckerpunch has expanded into a physical space in Portland, Oregon, offering a menu unique and organized alcohol-free drinks. The bar is 18+.

ArKay House (Loredo, TX)

ArKay House opened in May 2018 with approximately 40 soft drink offerings produced by owner Reynald Vito Grattagliano who created his own non-alcoholic spirit recipes. The bar serves coffee in the morning and switches to NA drinks around 4 p.m. (noon on weekends). Menus of alcohol-free cocktails and seasonal “elixirs” are accompanied by sandwiches and finger food. An on-site bottle shop sells NA beer, ArKay NA wine and spirits to take home. At the moment, ArKay is looking to expand to other cities.

Sobriety is different for everyone. There are many who avoid spirits with less than 0.05% alcohol while others agree. If in doubt, it is always possible to order an à la carte non-alcoholic cocktail.

Richard Dement

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