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PADUCAH – There has been disappointing job growth in the United States over the past month. That’s according to the US Department of Labor’s employment report that was released on Friday.

The largest losses were recorded in retail trade and the service sector. The hospitality industry stagnated because of the Delta variant.

Signs like these may sound familiar. Many local restaurants have them displayed on their doors. They are displayed at restaurants like Subway, Marco’s Pizza, and Dunkin ‘Donuts. Chains aren’t the only ones struggling to hire help. Strickland’s Seafood in Paducah is also understaffed.

Bonnie Sanders is a waitress at Strickland. She says it has been difficult to find reliable workers.

“They’re having talks with people. They’re going to post on Facebook that they’re hiring, and no one shows up or just a few people show up. They say they want to work, but they don’t really want to work. They don’t want to work. not take shifts, ”Sanders said.

Bonnie sanders

Sanders says this puts a strain on staff who are already working.

“We take shifts. We try to make sure people can take breaks and days off whenever we can,” Sanders said. “Some of our managers have about 56 hour weeks. They also have kids, so we try to keep our families at work happy and the families you have at home happy and healthy.”

Staff shortage impacts wait time, so they ask for your patients. They don’t have enough staff to cope with the large crowds.

Strickland Seafood

“You see tables open, and they’re wondering why can’t I sit there? It’s like we are going to sit down, but the kitchen only has 3-4 people there versus 6-7 waitresses. So if we can just remember being kind and patient to each other, ”Sanders said.

The U.S. economy is still 5.3 million jobs below its February 2020 level, just before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

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