Lexington nightclub’s liquor license suspended 8 days after shooting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The player’s nightclub on Winchester Road received an emergency suspension of its liquor license overnight, and only eight days after its last shooting that injured a man.

Officer Sherelle Roberts with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department in Frankfurt said the action was taken because of recent disorderly conduct, and that removing alcohol from the picture could prevent any other dangerous situations from occurring.

The nightclub’s crime issues opened up a larger conversation about gun violence in the neighborhood.

A mural on the side of the nightclub helps illustrate that conversation, and it’s endorsed by Fayette County sheriff candidate Tucker Bulleit, who has a working partnership with Player’s Nightclub.

Bulleit explained that the two faces on the mural lost their lives in the nightclub. The first was Iesha Edwards at a shooting in 2019, then DJ Streetz, who was a DJ at the nightclub, and died of a drug overdose.

Bulleit said he has a nice partnership with the nightclub managers to campaign against gun violence and drug overdoses, but admits the problems come from the territory.

“So we’re hoping that by improving the neighborhood they’ll see it as a reputable business and not as a dangerous and harmful area of ​​the city,” Bulleit said.

The nightclub has become a hot spot for gun violence, and Bulleit said, “We’re trying to do our part to raise awareness of the unfortunately rising homicide rates that Fayette County has been experiencing in recent months.”

Bulleit said the community is asking for more police presence and he agrees it’s necessary for both the nightclub’s operations and surrounding businesses.

“It’s important to have a good police presence and I think if we enforce those kinds of laws it might actually push the spectrum to the other side and we might get a different management out of it,” Bulleit said.

Bulleit said in his past campaigns, he’s seen how much the community appreciates seeing law enforcement interested in having a strong presence in the neighborhood.

Bulleit said the nightclub’s location is what attracted the new management, and with action taken by the Department of Liquor Control, he hopes the nightclub’s crime problems will be improved.

“These are young adults looking to improve the neighborhood. I mean, give them a second chance and see what happens,” Bulleit said.

FOX 56 has contacted the owners of the nightclub for comment and is still awaiting a response.

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