Inside Scott Hall’s Wild Life After Killing Man In Row Of Nightclubs, Addiction Battles And Infamous Plane From Hell

LEGENDARY wrestler Scott Hall killed a man in a nightclub and was one of the superstars aboard WWE’s famous ‘plane ride from hell’ in 2002.

The Hall-of-Famer, who starred as Razor Ramon, is currently on life support after suffering three heart attacks – just weeks after being hospitalized after a bad fall.


Legendary wrestler Scott Hall joined WCW in 1996 and founded the New World Order factionCredit: Getty
Hall is currently on life support


Hall is currently on life supportCredit: Getty

Hall is widely considered to have revolutionized the ladder match after his epic encounter with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X in 1994.

He won the prestigious Intercontinental Championship four times and joined rival promotion World Championship Wrestling in 1996.

Hall founded the New World Order faction alongside superstars Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

The Rock and Paige among many WWE stars pledge support for Scott Hall
Scott Hall LIVE - Wrestler 'Razor Ramon' on life support after heart attack

The sports entertainer was a nine-time WCW World Tag Team Champion and won the United States Heavyweight Belt twice.


Years before becoming a famous wrestler, Hall shot a man with his own gun after wrestling him in an altercation outside an Orlando nightclub in 1983.

Cops have charged the star with second-degree murder.

Hall claimed he acted in self-defense and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Recalling the incident, the wrestler revealed in a 2011 documentary, “He smashed all the windshields on my car.

“I came out and a security guard was there watching the cars. I said ‘Where is he?’

Hall admitted the incident was “burned” into his brain.

He said, “You know, a guy pointed a gun at me, I took it and shot him, point-blank with a .45 caliber. A guy died, and I’m the cause. It’s bad.”


Decades later, Hall was caught up in controversy as he was one of the superstars aboard the infamous “plane from hell” in 2002.

The chaotic incident happened as the sports entertainers returned to the United States after the Insurrextion pay-per-view which took place in London.

This resulted in the dismissal of several superstars, a lawsuit and sexual assault charges.

Hall was charged with sexually inappropriate behavior by making explicit comments to a flight attendant.

It is alleged that Razor and legendary star Curt Hennig, who was known as Mr. Perfect, squirted wrestlers with shaving cream – although Jim Ross, who was head of talent, said Hall was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Justin Credible recalls Hall being so drunk that after the robbery he “had to wheel him around in a wheelchair through customs.”

Hall was fired days later after the chaotic flight.

Speaking on Beyond the Ring, JR said: “It was a bunch of guys making big money and a few millionaires on the flight.

“They were acting like they were on a ninth grade trip to the zoo… I remember doing Raw after that ‘plane trip from hell’ and I had to call [Hall] home and let him go.

Hall, who had returned to WWE a few months before the incident, said, “It wasn’t fun, so the money starts to mean less. It’s like, ‘I can be miserable at home.

“I don’t need to be on the road and miserable.” That’s how it ended.”


Hall said he had never done drugs before meeting Hennig.

He added: “If you look at my life, I never drank or did drugs until I met Curt.

“I smoked some weed and practiced. All of a sudden, anyway, that was what it was. If I had to do it again, I would probably live the same way.

Years after being fired by WWE, the star checked himself into a rehab facility in 2010 as he tried to come to terms with his demons.

But weeks later, a pacemaker and defibrillator were implanted in his chest.

Hall also battled double pneumonia and started having seizures before doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy.

In 2011, he was treated for extremely low blood pressure.

His hospitalization came amid rumors that he overdosed – claims his representative Geena Jivev Anec vehemently denied.

She said Hall was recovering from pneumonia, MassLive reported.

Hall of fame

Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 – the day before Wrestlemania XXX was held in New Orleans.

WWE celebrated his work as Razor Ramon and Hall was joined on stage by sports artists Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

In his pre-induction video, Hogan said Hall made the villain “cool.”

The star said he felt a “certain kind of power” when he entered the wrestling ring and entertained fans.

In his acceptance speech, Hall said, “Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”


Years after receiving his Hall of Fame gong, the legendary wrestler was hospitalized earlier this month after a bad fall, allegedly suffering from a broken hip.

The news was confirmed by former wrestler and former promoter Jerry Jarrett.

He said: “I just hung up on the phone with my friend Scott Hall.

“He fell and broke his hip and he’s in hospital. Prayers will help him recover.

His hospitalization came just weeks before he was scheduled to make several appearances in Dallas, Texas ahead of WrestleMania 38.


Hall reportedly suffered three heart attacks on March 12 and is on life support.

NWO founder Nash posted on Instagram: “Scott is on life support. Once his family is in place, they will discontinue life support.

“I’m going to lose the one person on this planet I’ve spent more of my life with than anyone else. My heart is broken and I’m so sad.

“I love Scott with all my heart but now I have to prepare my life without him in the present.”

Nash said he was “blessed” to have known Hall as a friend.


He added: “As we prepare to live without him, just remember there’s a great guy you’re not going to see another like him. See you later Scott. I couldn’t love a human being more than you.

Dozens of current and former WWE Superstars shared their support for Hall.

The Rock tweeted: “Scott Hall shooting for you my friend. Stay strong! We need the ‘bad guy’ back in the game.

British star Paige quoted Hall of Fame’s 2014 speech: “‘Bad times don’t last. But the bad guys, yes. “

“Sending so much love, thoughts and prayers to Scott Hall at this time and his family. Wishing you a speedy recovery!”

Hall’s legend and close friend Diamond Dallas Page wrote, “Please keep praying for Scott and his family.”

90s superstar Jake “The Snake” Roberts tweeted, “My heart is so heavy. All my love to you and your family.

“I hope you find peace, Scott. My prayer is that Scott finds peace and strength to come out of his illness. Be free!!!”

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Eric Bischoff, who served as WCW’s senior vice president, posted: “Prayers for Scott Hall.”

And, iconic wrestler Ric Flair, said, “Praying for Scott Hall!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend!”

Hall, who starred as Razor Ramon, arguably revolutionized the ladder match at WrestleMania X after his epic encounter with Shawn Michaels


Hall, who starred as Razor Ramon, arguably revolutionized the ladder match at WrestleMania X after his epic encounter with Shawn MichaelsCredit: WWE
Hall was charged with second-degree murder after killing a man in a row of nightclubs.  The charges were later dropped


Hall was charged with second-degree murder after killing a man in a row of nightclubs. The charges were later droppedCredit: Unknown, clear with photo office

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