Homey Duncanville restaurant Kim & Jenny’s Cafe gets a second life

A Duncanville restaurant that’s been in business for over 31 years has a new owner ready to give it a boost.

Called Kim and Jenny’s Cafe, it’s a breakfast and lunch spot at 450 E. Wheatland Rd. recently taken over by Bryan Kaeser, owner of two other Duncanville establishments: Mudhook Bar & Kitchen, and Black & Bitter Coffee and Books. Kaeser was also one of the founding owners of Dallas Beer Kitchen, a craft beer spot on Greenville Avenue, which closed in 2018.

Kim & Jenny’s is a classic home cooking cafe with breakfast, chicken fried steak, cookies and gravy, club sandwiches, pies and desserts. It was founded by sisters-in-law Kim Johnson and Jennifer Jones, who sold it to Moiz Syamshi in 2005 and opened another location in Midlothian.

Kaeser juggled with a desire to modernize the Duncanville restaurant while keeping its original DNA.

“Apart from the menu modernization and remodeling, it has remained the same so far,” he says. “Currently the hours are Monday-Saturday 7am-2pm, and I look forward to opening Sundays and adding some nighttime hours in the not too distant future.”

Welcome changes included replacing the funky old carpet with new plank floors to give it a cleaner, more modern feel.

“One thing I’m proud of is that we kept the whole back of the house and increased their salary by 35% on average,” Kaeser says.

The menu contains new items such as:

  • pot roast, served on Texas toast with carrots, celery and mashed potatoes, and gravy, which will be a regular lunch feature
  • fried chicken and waffles with pepper sauce
  • avocado toast with toasted almonds and diced tomatoes
  • Cinnamon brioches

Kim & Jenny’s is in Wheatland Plaza, a center near the intersection of 67 and I-20 that’s being redone by pioneering developer Monte Anderson, famous for revitalizing landmarks such as the Belmont Hotel in Dallas.

“That’s how I discovered coffee,” says Kaeser. “I was there with Monte and the owner said he would like to move on. I jumped on it, to keep it going after so long here.”

For the restaurant’s solid core of regulars, Kaeser has instituted an irresistible advantage.

“We took pictures and made personalized coffee mugs, where they get free coffee,” he says. “I want Kim & Jenny’s to still feel like home, but also appeal to a younger audience.”

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement