Glasgow Shops and cafes need more money to disrupt filming

While it is exciting to watch the shoot take place in the city center, there should be some compensation for local businesses for the disruption it causes.

The Merchant City is in constant use for filming, which frequently sees shops and cafes closing their doors due to disruptions.

Even with pedestrian access, it keeps pedestrians away from the area because people can no longer park.

Mr. Jenkins
Merchant city

It is really time they put a ban on fireworks. The noise levels on New Years Eve and the following days in Glasgow’s Southside were horrendous.

Some of us are shift workers, please consider this.

Ms. Murphy

FIRST Bus will be offering a reduced service for the rest of the week, as the drivers are self-isolating.

I doubt that we, the passengers, will notice the difference. A bus is the only thing you’re very unlikely to catch in Glasgow right now.

P Duffy

I WANT to say how delighted I was to read an article in your journal about Lochend High School creating barista classes for students.

Often times, schools focus way too much on pushing students towards college when they graduate, whether it is in their best interests or not, so I’m happy to know that students at this school are also prepared for it. world of work.

S Thorpe

Our article in yesterday’s newspaper on the council’s budget got some talking …

“The KEY priorities are to fight inequalities and poverty in the city and to help economic recovery after the pandemic”.

Is this why they cut funding for Citizens Advice Bureaux? Almost to close five.

How are people supposed to recover without guidance and support?

The board embezzled our assets, privatized profits to arm’s length organizations, and publicized the debt.

In my opinion, we have had a capitalist city since the communes became businesses. Successive advisers have just nodded through policies to allow this to happen and poverty continues to grow.

People make Glasgow – they break it.

Anna marie doonan

THE council must stop wasting taxpayer money. The city is a mess.

We don’t need the more millions spent on unnecessary cycle paths that are not being used.

The SNP must regain control and stop its repressive and deliberately damaging rules.

Therese Ann McGinlay

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement