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It’s going to be very hard to get anyone’s attention today when everyone is full of chocolate eggs and stories of Jesus. But let’s try. In preparation for the next few days when so many people will say they’ve had enough of chocolate, let me introduce you to some (more) dark and delicious bars.

The first is by Luisa Whole hazelnuts in 75% Solomon Islands cocoa, £4/50g. I reached it after a few days of abstinence from chocolate expecting to feel worthy and munch on it like one of the Hitchcock actresses. Rope (it’s an obscure reference, but the girlfriend of one of the protagonists makes an olive last a very long time. I constantly try to imitate her).

It was a bar full of hazelnuts and the chocolate was so delicious, and because it’s 75% you can’t help but feel good about yourself.

Next is Born‘s Blueberry and Almond, £5.50/60g. I expected to have a bite and then leave it, but this was unusual, perfectly balanced and incredibly delicious. I loved that the almonds in it were properly toasted and also the toasted buckwheat – that’s a delicious thing here. Blueberries give a little sweetness.

Two black milks for the irreducible: Cocoa Retreat‘s Kentish Cobnut Dark Milk, £6.25/45g, was epic. I’m a huge Cocoa Retreat’s fan, but look at the bars, they look tiny, but before you know it, you’ve been laughing at 45g of chocolate.

And Mocha58% dark milk from Ghana, £7.95/68g. A good solid and robust milk that will not make you look ridiculous.

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Richard Dement

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