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In the lyrics of their new duet, “At the End of a Bar”, Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny list some of the “millions of things” you might find when you find yourself in a bar.

From the friendly ear of a bartender to the love of a lifetime, there are a number of things just waiting to be found “At the End of a Bar” – but Chris says he usually only looks for one.

“If there’s a place with good whiskey, it’s good. Yeah. That’s all I need,” Chris told ABC Audio. If he had to pick one brand in particular, it would be Crown Royal, a brand he frequently partners with for military support initiatives.

But if he’s ordering for Mitchell, Chris says all bets are off – he has no idea what his duo partner’s favorite drink order is.

“I don’t really order for my friends at the bar,” the singer explains. “I always laugh when, you know, you see a band [of] people, and they sit down and they say, ‘What do you want?’ “I don’t know, what are you eating?” »

“And I’m like, ‘We can have different things,'” Chris continues with a laugh. “They have different bottles. You can order whatever you want.”

Chris may not be familiar with Mitchell’s favorite liquor choices, but he’s a huge supporter of his duet partner when it comes to his music. Mitchell received Sony Music Nashville’s Billion Streams Award earlier this week, and Chris appeared at the plaque presentation in support of his friend.

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