Chicago’s La Catedral cafe serves chilaquiles alongside Catholic images

CHICAGO– You can sample 12 different kinds of “sinful” chilaquiles, devour divine pancakes with frosted flakes, and savor authentic Mexican cinnamon coffee while admiring super cool religious artifacts.

No wonder diners all over Chicago sometimes wait two hours to enjoy the heavenly experience at La Catedral Restaurant & Coffee. Chef and owner Ambrocio Gonzalez has created an unforgettable experience, featuring not only delicious Mexican and American breakfasts, but also an atmosphere of faith, camaraderie and love for his customers and Mexican culture. When asked why his waiters wear angel t-shirts with wings, he doesn’t hesitate to call them angels and credit them with much of La Catedral’s success.

“They’re the ones that make it all happen here,” Gonzalez said.

Chef Gonzalez grew up in Mexico, the son of a single mother. At one point in his life, he sold food as a street vendor. When he first arrived at La Catedral, in the small village of Chicago, things weren’t going so well. He fleshed out the menu a bit, prayed a lot, and after bonding with his neighbors, things took off.

“Our customers from day one are the ones who come and wait, no matter how long,” Gonzalez said, choking back tears.

Critics have called La Catedral “Chicago’s Best Mexican Breakfast” & Brunch” in “one of the most unique spots in Little Village”. Everything about the restaurant is special. While most Mexican restaurants serve one or two kinds of chilaquiles, Chef Ambrocio offers diners 12 different choices – from poblano to pico de gallo – for He adds another brand new chilaquile every December to usher in the new year.

“You could come here for two weeks and have a different chilaquiles every day,” Gonzalez said.

It also serves delicious Mexican egg dishes, like Huevos con Chorizo ​​and Huevos con Salchicha, and its French toast and pancakes topped with whipped cream and strawberries are to die for and go to heaven! And La Catedral Cafe also offers a wide selection of drinks. Chef Ambrocio prides himself on taking no shortcuts and brewing his Mexican Cinnamon Coffee just like they do in Mexico. Other memorable drink selections include Mexican coffee served with caramel or rice water, as well as a wide range of refreshing fresh fruit drinks.

Chef Ambrocio’s entire restaurant, from floor to ceiling, is filled with Catholic paintings, crosses, statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe and saints. Patrons lay offerings of money near the statue of Saint Anthony, praying that he will answer their prayers for love. Then Ambrocio collects the offerings and donates the money to charity or people in the community who need help.

“We have a few ladies who come here to pray and not even to eat,” Gonzalez said. “I think that’s one of the many reasons we’ve been successful.”

And of course, the religious theme comes with appropriate menu names such as “heavenly sweets,” “confession-worthy bites,” and “less sinful bites,” like chicken Caesar and strawberry salads. Reflecting on the success of La Catedral Cafes, Ambrocio said, “People say I’m lucky, but I say I’m blessed.”

As he pointed out the religious presence around him, he smiled and said, “I have a lot of help.

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement