‘Cereal Killer’, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ among coffee and horror-themed food specialties at this Flint cafe

FLINT, MI – It’s not everyday that you can walk into a cafe and hear people asking a barista for a “grain killer.”

No, not a serial killer. Cereal, like pouring it in a bowl over milk for breakfast.

Although, in this case, it’s served as a latte at Café Rhema, one of the many horror-themed specials in downtown Flint.

How is it made? Café Rhema co-owner Tiff Sommers provides the answer.

“We take grain milk by soaking marshmallows of any grain in the milk for 24 hours, filter it and end up with the sugars in the milk,” she said. “It’s steamed with espresso and served hot or cold depending on the customer’s preference. It’s sweet and delicious.

“My love for horror movies kicks in with these specials. We wanted to provide unique experiences for our customers and our community, ”Sommers said. “It’s October, and it’s time to dive into the horror movies and enjoy the spooky nature of the month. I didn’t see anything else like this, so we wanted to bring it here.

Sommers has always been a horror fan herself, remembering the first time she was scared of something “supernatural”.

Excited to see Michael Jackson’s last clip on MTV in December 1983, Sommers, then 3, sat on the floor of her parents’ living room in Hartville, Ohio, watching the TV for the best view.

The clip was for “Thriller” and (spoiler alert) by the time the werewolf appeared onscreen, Sommers was terrified.

“I started to cry and I ran and I hid behind the sofa because I was so scared,” she said. “So I still remember that and wanted to name a drink as well. “

The four specialties paying homage to different horror classics include the following drinks:

The thriller – An iced Matcha supplemented with a powder of Japanese green tea mixed with a touch of red velvet, which gives the appearance of blood

Rosemary baby – A café au lait with homemade espresso and artisan rosemary syrup and local honey from the Flint Farmers’ Market and steamed milk of the customer’s choice, served hot or cold

Grain killer – A one-size-fits-all latte, served hot with espresso and steamed cereal milk

The Pennywise – It’s the coffee version of a Monte Cristo. Instead of bread, the meal is served with waffles and completed with ham, Swiss, homemade jam and sprinkled with a little powdered sugar.

Drink prices are around $ 5 and $ 6, and the sandwich is $ 10.

Other seasonal dishes the cafe serves include pumpkin spice latte, cider, and chai cider which they ostensibly refer to as “chai-der.”

Cafe Rhema also has a brand new espresso machine, fully installing the La Marzocco Gb5 S last week.

The old machine has been in use since 2005, dating back to when the business was owned by different owners and was called the Brown Sugar Cafe.

“It’s made a lot of great coffee for Flint, but it’s always been in my heart to keep moving forward, to continue to provide the best coffee for this city,” Sommers said.

The purchase of the machine was made possible after receiving the Moving Flint Forward Small Business Grant, offered as part of a program that is a collaborative effort between General Motors and Flint & Genesee Group.

The grant program, established with financial support from GM, aims to expand revitalization efforts in city neighborhoods by supporting local businesses.

“We’ve wanted a new machine for a very long time,” Sommers said. “We were very lucky to get this grant and this machine. … It’s the best thing ever. The machine adapts perfectly to our aesthetic and makes a very good cup of coffee. The technology is better. The equipment is better.

“He gets a better shot of espresso. Steamed milk is just smooth and smooth. It will make the whole experience even better.

Café Rhema, located at 432 S. Saginaw Street in downtown Flint, is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday .

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