Mobile home park residents concerned for their safety after another shootout at a nearby nightclub

Residents of a Fort Lauderdale mobile home park are on edge after gunfire broke out at a nearby nightclub, killing one person.

This is at least the fourth time this year that a shooting has been reported at the Take 1 Lounge.

Those who live next to the club say they have had enough.

The rapid gunfire shook people in bed Sunday morning at the Cypress Creek Mobile Home Country Club.

“Very worried,” said a resident who did not want to be identified, but said the neighbors lived in fear. “Terrorized. My parents live here. You know, stray bullets don’t discriminate against anyone.

Police said Bernie Jean, 37, was shot and killed in the shooting, while another was also injured.

James Manoli, owner of Cypress Creek, is deeply concerned.

“We told them time and time again that someone would lose their life,” Manoli said.

In May, we showed you video of gunshots heard on nearby surveillance cameras and a woman sleeping on her floor to feel more secure in the event of gunfire.

A d

A Local 10 investigation found there had been more than 150 calls for service from April 2020 to May 2021.

Police continue to search for the gunman and people living nearby are hoping for a resolution.

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COVID clusters reported at 2 Honolulu nightclubs and event at Hilton Hawaiian Village

State health officials are investigating three clusters of COVID cases resulting from large gatherings in Honolulu over the past two weeks.

Authorities are urging anyone who witnessed these events to get tested.

Health officials are reviewing events at District Nightclub and The Republik on December 10 and 11, and one on December 11 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village involving the Adult Foster Homecare Association of Hawaii.

DOH will begin reporting on cluster surveys on its Epidemic Control Division website. It investigates incidents with clusters involving at least three people.

State Health Director Dr Elizabeth Char said that despite reports suggesting that the effects of Omicron are not as severe as the other variants, people should not hesitate to get vaccinated and take precautions during this holiday season.

“Go get your booster shot. Get it right now. Don’t wait. Other than that, the things we know still work,” Char said. “So wear your masks, especially when you are indoors and especially when you are with people who are outside of your usual home bubble.”

Char said only about 23% of Hawaii’s population has received a booster and more than 370,000 people remain unvaccinated.

There were three deaths from COVID-19 and more than 1,500 new cases reported on Thursday – and more than 1,800 new cases on Friday. The test positivity rate is now 9% statewide, but it is above 11% in O’ahu on Friday.

Hawaii Department of Health


The Hawaiʻi COVID-19 dashboard on Friday, December 24, 2021.

Information on vaccines and testing sites is available at

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Bottle attack in the Palace nightclub, Bridgwater

A CLUBBER had to be hospitalized after a bottle was smashed on his head.

The victim was treated for facial and head injuries following the attack earlier this month in Bridgwater.

Police released CCTV footage of two men they want to identify in the incident around 1 a.m. on Saturday, December 4.

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said the assault occurred after a mess erupted inside the Palace nightclub in Penel Orlieu.

“During this incident, a 25-year-old man was assaulted, including a bottle that was smashed on his head,” added the force spokesperson.

“He suffered injuries to his face and head, which required hospital treatment.”

Police have released photos and descriptions of the two men, which they say may help with the investigation.

One of the men the officers want to identify is described as being Caucasian, about 6 feet tall and in his early 20s.

He is of medium build and with short brown hair.

In the picture, he can be seen wearing a dark t-shirt with shirt sleeves and jeans.

The second man is also white, standing about 6 feet tall and in his early 20s.

He was clean shaven and had short black hair.

In the CCTV image, he was wearing a white hooded top with a colorful pattern, a dark sleeveless vest and dark jeans.

If you recognize any of the men in the pictures or have any information that could aid the police investigation, call 101 and give the call manager reference number 5221284734.

Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 percent anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through their anonymous online form.

No personal data is taken, information cannot be traced or recorded, and you will not go to court or speak to the police when contacting Crimestoppers.

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Mayor Should Change Boston’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced a plan to implement a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for “certain indoor public spaces” during a speech Monday morning. “Vaccination is the most powerful tool we have to fight this pandemic,” Wu said when announcing the B Together Initiative. From January 15, customers will need to prove that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms and indoor entertainment. Full proof of vaccination will be required for adults by February 15. “We are also setting dates for children to be vaccinated to enter these spaces, starting in March,” Wu said. Affected businesses will be required to place a sign at the main entrance and verify proof of vaccination. ‘a customer at the entrance. Acceptable evidence will include a vaccination card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a digital image of the card, an image from another official vaccination record, or a COVID-19 vaccine verification app. Wu’s administration said Boston plans to develop its own app for this purpose. Sixty-eight percent of Boston’s population is fully vaccinated, the Wu administration said. So far, only 31 percent of the city’s population has received a booster. Meanwhile, Boston health officials are reporting an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases and associated hospitalizations. Wu, who supported the proposals to identify vaccines as a candidate, said her new policy was devised after conversations with New York City officials. She was also joined on Monday by leaders from several neighboring towns and villages, who expressed support for Boston’s plan. Communities represented included Brookline, Salem and Somerville.Gov. Charlie Baker said Massachusetts was working with other states on a digital proof of vaccination tool, but he specifically opposed the idea of ​​a warrant. On Monday, the Baker administration said it would share more details about the partial digital vaccine schedule “in the coming weeks.” At one point, speakers raised their voices above the noise as protesters sang “The Star-Spangled Banner”. For the communities that have not put these measures in place, I want these residents to speak louder than what you hear here and demand that they be put in place in our city, ”said the outgoing mayor of Somerville, Joe Curtatone, who said he and the next mayor would seek similar policies in this city. While some small business owners attended the press conference in support of the indoor mask mandate, the state chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses called it an added burden on already struggling businesses. . placed in the unenviable position of having to implement another government health directive, ”Christopher Carlozzi, state director of the organization, said in a statement to The Associated Press. Also on Monday, Wu announced an updated vaccination policy for city workers that will require them to be fully vaccinated or be fired. About 90% of the city’s employees are already vaccinated, she said. Wu mayor’s predecessor Kim Janey announced in August that the city’s 18,000 workers would be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo rigorous weekly testing. This policy, which was phased in over two months, also applied to on-site contractors and volunteers who provide on-site services on city sites, including all full-time workers, to part-time, seasonal, emergency and on probation. Wu’s new vaccination policy will eliminate the ability for Boston employees to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test every seven days as an alternative to full vaccination. said Sunday. “We are at a time when health must come first.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced a plan to implement a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for “certain indoor public spaces” during a speech Monday morning.

“Vaccination is the most powerful tool we have to fight this pandemic,” Wu said during his announcement of the Initiative B Together.

From January 15, customers will need to prove that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms and indoor entertainment. Full proof of vaccination will be required for adults by February 15th.

“We are also setting dates for children to be vaccinated to enter these spaces, starting in March,” Wu said.

Affected businesses will be required to place a sign at the main entrance and verify a customer’s proof of vaccination at the entrance.

Acceptable evidence will include a vaccination card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a digital image of the card, an image from another official vaccination record, or a COVID-19 vaccine verification app. Wu’s administration said Boston was considering developing its own app for this purpose.

Hearst property

The City of Boston poster features the “B Together” program announcement.

Sixty-eight percent of Boston’s population is fully vaccinated, the Wu administration said. So far, only 31 percent of the city’s population has received a booster.

Meanwhile, Boston health officials are reporting an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases and associated hospitalizations.

Wu, who supported the proposals to identify vaccines as a candidate, said her new policy was devised after conversations with New York City officials. She was also joined on Monday by leaders from several neighboring towns and villages, who expressed support for Boston’s plan. Communities represented included Brookline, Salem and Somerville.

Gov. Charlie Baker said Massachusetts was working with other states on a digital proof of vaccination tool, but he specifically opposed the idea of ​​a warrant. On Monday, the Baker administration said it would share more details about the partial digital vaccine schedule “in the coming weeks.”

This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

As city officials discussed the announcement, protesters began chanting and chanting aloud at city hall. At one point, speakers raised their voices above the noise as protesters sang “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

“There is nothing more American than coming together to make sure we take care of each other,” Wu said in response.

“For the communities that have not put these measures in place, I want these residents to speak louder than what you hear here and demand that they be put in place in our city,” said the outgoing mayor of Somerville. , Joe Curtatone. , who said he and the next mayor would seek similar policies in that city.

While some small business owners attended the press conference in support of the indoor mask mandate, the state chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses called it an added burden on already struggling businesses. .

“It is unfortunate that once again private companies are placed in the unenviable position of having to enforce yet another government health directive,” Christopher Carlozzi, state director of the organization, said in a statement. provided to The Associated Press.

Also on Monday, Wu announced an updated vaccination policy for city workers that will require them to be fully vaccinated or be fired. About 90% of the city’s workers are already vaccinated, she said.

Wu mayor’s predecessor Kim Janey announced in August that the city’s 18,000 workers should be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo rigorous weekly testing. This policy, which was phased in over two months, also applied to on-site contractors and volunteers who provide on-site services on city construction sites, including all full-time, part-time, seasonal, emergency and probationary.

Wu’s new vaccination policy will eliminate the ability for Boston employees to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test every seven days instead of being fully vaccinated.

“We are taking steps to ensure that we increase protections across the city as the number of cases increases,” Wu said on Sunday. “We are at a time when health must come first.

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Quebec will ban dancing in nightclubs

Quebec will ban dancing in nightclubs

Departure Monday, Quebec ban dancing in nightclubs in order to prevent the spread of Omicron, the last variant of COVID-19[female[feminine virus.

As we prepare to enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the development of many variants of the virus; nightlife, concerts and gatherings have been forced to reconsider restrictions as cases continue to rise. Last week the First in Canada announced new restrictions to be put in place to slow the spread that set new maximum capacities at places of business, places of worship, indoor family gatherings and nightclubs. “We must be able to reduce contacts”, and added: “Since the beginning, for 21 months, Quebec has been one of the places where the restrictions have been the most severe. We will continue to do so. We will continue to make sure we react quickly ”, declared Prime Minister Legault. For businesses and places of worship, they must reduce their capacity by 50%, and for indoor gatherings, they must cap attendance at ten people.

In a more specific statement, the Prime Minister banned office parties, karaoke and indoor dancing, as these activities tend to be “high risk activities”.

Last Thursday again, Quebec City reported 2,736 positive cases, the highest reported in one day since early January.

In a statement from Regional Director of Public Health Dr. Mylène Drouin, he stated, “The current situation in Montreal is not really what we expected or expected two weeks before Christmas, I think it forces us to be more nimble and resilient in the Omicron situation.

Image credit: Quebec City Summer Festival

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Brand new Parade nightclub opens in Exmouth

A brand new nightclub opens in Exmouth.

Shaun Spring, who also owns CrossFit Exmouth, had plans to finally bring a nightclub back to town starting tomorrow, December 18.

But the opening had to be delayed.

It is located on the site of the former Popworld nightclub which announced its final closure in March 2021, leaving Exmouth without a nightclub.

Read more: Exmouth pub cancels New Years Eve concert amid Covid ‘uncertainty’

It opened in 2019 after taking over from Fever, Boutique and Kukui, then reopened in August 2020 with strict social distancing restrictions.

The Parade premises have been renamed and renovated by local businessman Shaun. However, he admits it was an “optimistic push” to kick off his opening night this weekend and has yet to confirm a new opening date.

Exmouth New Nightclub Parade

He said: “After hearing some unfortunate news, we can’t open this weekend. Instead, we’ll chill out with a beer and relax.

“The club looks amazing and we can’t wait to open. Good things take time, I guess.

Inside the new Exmouth Parade nightclub
Inside the new Exmouth Parade nightclub

“We will definitely open as soon as possible.”

Shaun says the delay was not caused by the Covid restrictions but says it’s something they are very aware of.

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He said: “It has nothing to do with the regulation of Covid, although I am personally relieved not to open until we know more about the new variant and what the government wants to do about it. topic.”

More Devon Live stories:

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Partygoers are asked for Covid passports before partying in Manchester – as venue changes opening hours to bend rules

Party-goers heading to Manchester tonight will be asked to show their Covid digital pass as the requirement goes into effect.

Yesterday, MPs across the country voted in favor of using NHS Covid passes – meaning anyone looking to enjoy a night out will need to prove they are double vaccinated.

Either that or they must show proof of a negative lateral flow test performed 48 hours before arriving at the site.

Although it was a quiet midweek evening in the city, with most nightclubs closed until the weekend, one venue attracted huge crowds, dressed in costumes and sparkling dresses from head to toe.

Manchester Central Conference Center hosted another of its ‘Vivid Experience’ Christmas parties tonight, where tables can be reserved by parties or separate workplaces for a festive party.

And as excited revelers lined up outside to enter, they also pulled out their phones to show off their Covid digital passes on the NHS app, which was carefully checked by door staff.

A woman, who was on her way inside, told the MEN that she felt there was a need to show a pass in such a large venue, but added that many will feel ‘pulled back into a corner’ and forced to get their jabs in order to enjoy a evening.

Covid passes must be shown at nightclubs and other large venues from today

She said: “I feel okay with showing my Covid pass tonight, especially in such a big room where so many people are mingling from all over.

“I had my two jabs so I have no problem showing a pass as I would still have been vaccinated anyway.

“I haven’t been out in months, this is the first time I have been out in a long time and knowing that everyone has had their jabs or showed a test result makes me feel better.

“I wasn’t even sure tonight would move forward because of the increase in cases and all the uncertainty.

“It’s a bit unfair that places need to apply for the Covid pass as it might cause some people to feel pressured to get the jab when it should be a choice. People will feel stuck in a corner, I think.”

Another person in line to enter the room added: “It’s not ideal, it’s a bit of a pain but you just do what you have to do. It’s a lot easier than doing a lateral flow test whenever you want to go somewhere. “

Bettors are urged to be cooperative and patient as sites are doing their best to comply with the government’s latest coronavirus legislation as of today, December 15.

Speaking to social media this evening, the downtown 42s nightclub reminded clubbers that they should show a Covid pass or an email showing a negative lateral flow test result.

The new rules apply to nightclubs, any indoor non-seated venue of more than 500 people, outdoor non-seated venue of more than 4,000 people and any venue of more than 10,000 people.

There is also a clause that says any venue, regardless of capacity, must check covid passports if it is open beyond 1 a.m. and has a dance floor or “space to dance.” “.

Various locations will ask for proof of a Covid pass from tonight, including Cuba’s Revs

In this scenario, sites could check covid passports at any time prior to entry, or they could choose to start checks on those already inside the premises at 1 a.m.

Albert Schloss, on Peter Street, usually opens until 2 a.m., but a venue official told Manchester Evening News they are testing closing at 1 a.m. to avoid checking Covid passes this week .

The venue does not meet the requirement to request capacity passes, but has space for dancing and is classified as a ‘late night venue’.

A staff member said: ‘We don’t have a capacity above 500, but we usually open later, so we technically had to apply for Covid passes.

“We have changed our opening hours slightly and will close at 1 a.m. this week and see how it goes.

“The rules have changed every time and if we have to enforce them we will make them work. We had to get used to constantly adapting.

“We have done it before and we will do it again.”

A few doors down, also on Peter Street, is the popular Revs De Cuba bar.

When the Covid pass requirement was first announced last week, Manchester nightclub bosses also objected to the idea

The room manager has confirmed that starting at 10 p.m. tonight, bouncers at the door will ask for proof of the Covid pass or a negative lateral flow test.

Asked about the logistics to ask customers for proof of vaccination, the MEN He was told, “It won’t be different for us. We already have to ask people who come for ID, so it’s not much different.”

The new rules were introduced as part of Plan B measures, which were imposed on England to curb the spread of Covid-19 and the rapidly increasing Omicron variant.

John Hamilton, owner of Bar Pop and Churchills and vice chairman of the Pub and Club Network, said today there are almost 800 licensees in Manchester and he believes around 80% are affected by the changes .

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Speaking to MEN on Wednesday afternoon, he said the sites were still awaiting advice from Manchester Council on how they should interpret the rules.

When the Covid pass requirement was first announced last week, Manchester nightclub bosses also opposed the idea.

Mo Mohamud owns Manchester Club Liv and History nightclubs, as well as Yours restaurant on Deansgate and was devastated to hear Boris’ announcement.

“It’s an absolute nightmare for any nightclub. We were the first to be locked out and the first to be let loose like this again.”

And Aaron Mellor of Tokyo Industries, the company that operates many of Manchester’s busiest nightclubs including Factory, Gorilla, Impossible, Deaf Institute & South, added: super experienced in crowd management, better controls, tighter security and in larger and better ventilated spaces.

“We keep introducing policy without the systems to actually implement it, nor any proof that it is really needed or that it works. “

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The police put an end to a big fight in front of the Modesto nightclub. 5 outfits

A big brawl in the parking lot of a Modesto nightclub early Sunday resulted in five arrests, police said.

Shortly before 1 a.m., police broke up the scuffle involving two groups of people – around 30 in total – which spilled out from the Crocodiles nightclub on Prescott Road near Briggsmore Avenue, Lt. font Steve Stanfield.

There were reports of several shots being fired, he said, but apparently no one was hit. Based on witness statements, the shots were fired into the air, he said. No weapons were recovered, Stanfield said.

According to a summary of the incident, one person was beaten in the scuffle and had to be taken to hospital for treatment, the lieutenant said.

One of those arrested was detained for negligently firing a firearm and resisting arrest. Two other people who remained in custody later Sunday morning could face charges of resisting arrest and fighting in public, according to the Online Reservation Journal.

Stanfield said four people were arrested without incident on suspicion of fighting in public and refusing to disperse, but police had to use force to take the fifth into custody. He did not have details on the use of force.

When asked if this suspect needed medical treatment, he replied, “We always provide medical aid for any force we use,” but he had no information on injuries, if any. , suffered by the person.

Deke has been an editor and reporter for The Modesto Bee since 1995. He currently reports on current affairs, education and human interest. A graduate of Beyer High, he studied geology and journalism at UC Davis and CSU Sacramento.

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DOH reports 12 cases of omicron variant in Oahu, investigating possible connection to Honolulu nightclub

The South African doctor who alerted authorities to the possibility of a new variant, later named omicron, said the “unusual but mild” symptoms were what caught his attention. (Photo: Getty Images)

HONOLULU (KHON2) – The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) said on Friday it had detected 12 cases of omicron variants in Oahu.

“Most of those infected have no known relationship. This indicates that the omicron variant is spreading deeper into our communities, ”state epidemiologist Dr Sarah Kemble said in a statement.

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Dr Kemble advises close contacts with symptoms to get tested even if they have been vaccinated.

The DOH is also investigating four separate cases of coronavirus among those who visited Scarlet Honolulu nightclub on December 3. Samples from two patients showed a molecular index indicating the possible presence of the omicron variant. Anyone who has visited the nightclub that day is advised to get tested.

Scarlet Honolulu partners with Project Vision Hawaii to host a COVID-19 reminder clinic on Saturday, December 11, between 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Additionally, DOH officials are investigating a separate COVID cluster report with several confirmed cases – including a confirmed case of omicron – in connection with a Thanksgiving rally. In total, there are 16 other close contacts related to this cluster.

To view the full DOH cluster report, click here.

See below for a list of COVID-19 testing sites in Oahu:

(Courtesy of the Hawaii Department of Health)

Find more COVID-19 news: cases, vaccinations on our Coronavirus News page

The DOH says the omicron variant is even more transmissible than the delta variant and advises people to avoid large crowds.

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Plan B – frustration and uncertainty for Peterborough nightclubs

Peter Bell, Director of Operations at Liberation in New Road.

Peter Bell is the COO of Dance, Drink and Entertainment which opened the Rhythm Room and Liberation nightclubs on New Road in October. passports to be introduced

“Most importantly, we want our staff and customers to be safe at all times. This is the key to our business, ”said Peter.

“We will always follow the guidelines and the rules. The frustration is that the guidelines are not clear. And we need clarity.

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“For example, we have 18 year old staff who maybe haven’t even gotten a jab yet, what about their work?

“If we are limited in what we can do and we have to close or have a drop in trade, which means we have to reduce the hours, will the leave go to the support staff?”

“We’ve already seen a few nights canceled, which means refunds for presold tickets. These are worrying signs. And it is because of the uncertainty that has been created.

Peter said the guidelines were not very clear on the government’s website and that he had sought clarification from city council as it falls within their purview.

“The important thing is that business is as usual this weekend and that people can come and have a good time,” he added. “We will reassure staff and support them 100% where we can as we try to seek clarification from the authorities on our companies’ policies going forward.

“The rules must be clear. At the moment, we’re all guessing a bit. It was very clear last year – businesses closed and holidays arrived. As much as it was very frustrating, it was very clear.

But it’s not just club staff and customers who are affected, said Peter.

“We don’t just have employees, there are other factors,” he added. “We have suppliers and everyone expects this to be a really healthy business, but we’re in the big unknown whether we’re stopping our Christmas orders? Do we stop the people who provide other aspects of our business? It’s a real worry and everyone has been left in limbo and not sure what to do. “

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Man butted unconscious party animal at Aberdeen nightclub

Man butted unconscious party animal at Aberdeen nightclub

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New COVID Ireland travel measures: PCR / antigen test required during nightclub closure

Meanwhile, from tomorrow (Sunday, December 5), passengers arriving from overseas in Dublin and other southern air and sea ports will be required to produce proof that they do not have COVID via PCR or antigen test.

Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly TD has now signed the regulations amending the requirements for international travel to the Republic due to the emergence of the new Omicron variant.

From Sunday, December 5 (after midnight tonight, Saturday), overseas passengers to Ireland will be required to show proof of a negative / undetected COVID-19 test result.

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In advance, passengers are encouraged to adhere to these new travel requirements to support Ireland’s response to the pandemic.

A passenger with proof of vaccination or recovery may present either a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of arrival or a negative antigen test result taken within 48 hours of arrival.

Proof of a negative / undetected COVID-19 test result will be verified prior to departure and may be subject to checks upon arrival.

Passengers should also complete the Passenger Tracking Form prior to traveling to Southern Ireland (less than 72 hours prior to arrival): to Ireland who arrive without a negative test result are required to self-quarantine at home and have a PCR test within 36 hours of arrival. Subsequent negative / undetected text may allow the passenger to exit home quarantine. If no PCR test is performed, the passenger must remain in home quarantine for 10 days after arrival.

The Irish government has said the new measures “are intended to be temporary and will be constantly reviewed”.

The foregoing exemptions from pre-departure testing requirements apply, including for transport workers, children under 12, and people traveling for urgent medical reasons.

The test measures do not apply to passengers whose journey has started in Northern Ireland and who have not been abroad within 14 days of arrival.

For more travel information, visit, in a speech to the nation on Friday evening, Taoiseach Micheál Martin said a series of other restrictions were deemed necessary.

The Taoiseach has announced the closure of nightclubs from Tuesday, December 7 to January 9.

Strict social distancing will be required in all bars and restaurants including hotels and they must all revert to the situation that was in place before October 22.

This means: table service only; 1 meter between tables; a maximum of six adults per table; there cannot be reservations for more than one table; masks must be worn outside the table; closing time remains at midnight.

There will be a maximum of 50% capacity at entertainment, cultural, community and sporting events, all of which must be full. Face masks must be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking.

The Covid Pass will be compulsory for sports halls and leisure centers and hotel bars and restaurants.

In addition, NPHET advised that visits to private homes over the next few weeks should be limited to a maximum of three other households (i.e. four households in total) at a time.

Mr Martin admitted: ‘It is difficult because even though Ireland has done very well as a country and you have done everything you were asked to do, we received very harsh advice from our chief medical officer. and our public health experts who require the reintroduction of a number of restrictions.

“I understand and share the disappointment and frustration this will cause many of you … The challenge we face is that although we have stabilized the tide of cases in the country, the daily number of cases is still very high. “

He added: “This is not about going back to the days of the blockages. It’s about adjusting the guidelines to deal with the threat we face today and protecting the progress made to date.

“Across the country, scores of people in the hospitality and entertainment industries will be bitterly disappointed by this news. Many of them will fear for their livelihoods. I want to reassure them that, just as we have done since the start of the pandemic, the government will support them and ensure that they have the necessary financial supports to weather this latest storm and remain intact until we got out of it. “

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Covid-19: Fun Freedom Day as bars and nightclubs brace for new traffic light system

Fat Eddie's, one of the most popular concert halls in central Christchurch, will host crowds on Friday evening.


Fat Eddie’s, one of the most popular concert halls in central Christchurch, will host crowds on Friday evening.

Crowded dance floors and bustling bars are back, with the new traffic light system configured to transform evenings under Covid-19.

From Friday, venues can open without restrictions, as long as they meet the My Vaccine Pass requirements.

Under the new traffic light framework, people will have to show their vaccination cards at cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs to avoid tighter restrictions. They may also be required to provide photo identification to verify their passport.

In central Christchurch, hotel businesses were eager to operate without the current Alert Level 2 restrictions, which included the presence of all customers.

* Covid-19: Verification will be essential as New Zealanders start using vaccine passes to stop fraud and spread
* Covid-19: How bars and restaurants will operate under the traffic light system
* The Ministry of Health stalls on the anti-fraud measures of the Vaccine Pass

Janelle Pritchard – the managing director of The Oxford Group, which owns several locations including Fat Eddies, Original Sin and The Bog – said that while the transition presented challenges, it has been widely welcomed by the hospitality industry.

“We are in a business that relies heavily on late night trading and open dance floors, the complete opposite of what we have been able to do,” she said.

The group had developed “an extended modus operandi” to allow staff to treat customers calmly, as they would meet “some people who are not happy to have to present a pass”.

“We choose to scan, not just see the passes,” she said.

Nick Inkster is the owner of the Inkster Group, which operates an OGB bar and Austin Club in central Christchurch.

Joseph Johnson / Stuff

Nick Inkster is the owner of the Inkster Group, which operates an OGB bar and Austin Club in central Christchurch.

“We will cross-check the vaccination pass with an identity document.”

In addition to preparing to check customer vaccination cards, companies also had to gather proof of vaccination from their staff, which had been a “huge challenge,” Pritchard said.

Nick Inster, the owner of the Inkster group which owns the OGB bar and the Austin Club, didn’t foresee any big problems.

“It’s just a normal day for us, except everyone who walks through the door has to prove that they are doubly vaccinated,” he said.

“People who have chosen not to be vaccinated have probably accepted that they will not be able to get out of [Friday]. “

Regulars would be asked to show their vaccination passports once, he said.

“We’re not going to keep asking them every day.

“If we have people trying to get in who are not vaccinated, they will not be served and will be asked to leave. “

Vaccine passes, which include a QR code, were made available from November 17 and in less than a week, more than 1.1 million passes were downloaded.

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Barcelona workshop will teach how to create community clubs

Barcelona workshop will teach how to create community clubs

A new project called ‘What makes a club ‘ will teach how to create community clubs in an upcoming workshop in Barcelona. It will take place from November 8 to 12 and will be hosted by Temporary pleasure and the non-profit association Futch Club.

After a difficult year, Barcelona clubs were allowed to reopen earlier this month and with it new ideas spinning club concepts have emerged – this is the case with “What Makes A Club”. The 5-day program will consist of a week-long workshop and DIY dance floor in Barcelona, ​​offering lectures, design labs and a seminar on how to prototype community-oriented clubs. This whole project strives to emphasize the importance and relevance of communities to reinvent and create what they call “new generation nightclubs”.

The whole program costs a total of 80 € and you can apply and reserve your place until Sunday 24 October. The organization made sure to reserve places for people with financial needs. For more information, see the Temporary pleasure website or follow event social media here.


Join us for five days of conferences, design labs and a construction workshop allowing local stages to co-create community club spaces.

We’ve spent the last decade looking at clubs inside and out and believe brick and mortar clubs are broken: too rigid, top to bottom – and disappearing. To preserve the right to dance in community, we must reinvent clubs – replacing rigid clubs, barriers to entry and lost spaces – with fluid clubs, co-creation and new beginnings.

We believe that genuine collaboration and inclusion enhances the music, dance floors, and community development opportunities beyond the club. In alliance with @futchclub we aim to amplify local energies, marginalized voices and often blocked identities.

Together, in just one week, we will build a prototype club and platform event space that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Image Credit: Town Hall (via Facebook)

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Missing phone data could be key to Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez’s disappearance, investigation finds

A coronary inquest into missing Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez has heard that a number of questions “hold the key” to the 18-year-old’s disappearance.

The young traveler was last seen leaving Cheeky Monkey’s nightclub in Byron Bay on May 31, 2019.

Data from his phone showed he was looking for directions to return to his hostel near Belongil Beach, but was walking in the opposite direction towards Tallow Beach, near the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

In her opening statement, Kirsten Edwards, counsel assisting the coroner, said the key questions were whether he was alone and lost and had inadvertently died while trying to return to his hostel, or whether he was gone in Tallow Beach for a reason.

She asked if Theo intentionally went to Tallow Beach, why would he do that? Was he alone, with someone else, or did he run into someone after being kicked out of the nightclub?

Ms Edwards said information from Theo’s Google Account, which her family had accessed, was “transformative” in the investigation and provided crucial evidence of her movements and actions after she left Cheeky Monkey’s.

Theo Hayez was seen leaving the Cheeky Monkey bar alone.(Provided: cheeky monkeys)

She said Counsel Assisting failed to gain access to her phone data through multinational companies such as Snapchat and WhatsApp which may contain crucial information.

Why did Theo walk to Tallow Beach?

Ms Edwards said there was ample evidence to suggest he was a proficient navigator and it would have been easy for him to return to the WakeUp Hostel, where he was staying.

She said there was nothing on her Google activity to show that he searched for Tallow Beach or the lighthouse, which was a popular tourist spot for backpackers.

Data from the phone revealed he had stopped at Tennyson Street cricket nets for seven minutes.

A young man in a white shirt smiling at the camera.  Green trees behind.
Belgian adventurer Theo Hayez disappeared on the night of May 31, 2019.(Provided)

The investigation found that cricket nets were sometimes a favorite spot for people who use drugs.

He then took a route along Milne’s Trail through the bush – which is neither intuitive nor marked and would have been extremely dark.

Ms Edwards said the “complexity of the route” has led to one of the theories that someone must have given him directions or be with him.

She said Google was asked if anyone else looked for Milne’s trail that night, but was unwilling to release other users’ data.

Belgian authorities were able to use a technique known as geo-fencing to search for other cell phones in the area and could not find any.

But the finer details of their research, such as whether geofencing is limited to particular types of phones, cannot be shared without a legal aid treaty that the coroners court cannot activate.

“It is an unacceptable situation that we cannot access what could be critical information about what was going on that night,” Ms Edwards said.

Why did Théo deactivate the GPS service on his phone?

Investigation learned Theo took Milne’s secluded trail, turning into an even more secluded bush, before making his way along the sand dunes to Cozy Corner at the north end of Tallow Beach. .

Mrs. Edwards, he turned off his phone’s GPS around midnight, maybe to save battery.

Soon after, he was having a “light conversation” with a friend in French via Facebook Messenger and watching a clip from a French show he liked, indicating that he had possession of his phone and felt safe.

“His phone stopped receiving data from the Telstra towers, either because it was out of range or blocked, or because it was turned off or put in airplane mode.

Three men smiling with their arms around each other.
Father Laurent Hayez, Jean-Philippe Pector and Théo Hayez in 2015.(Provided: Jean-Philippe Pector)

“At 6:17 am the phone started to receive data again. That means at least the phone did not enter the water.”

Theory of slips and falls

Ms Edwards said the prevailing police theory was that he may have decided to go up the grassy side of the Cape Byron cliff face, towards the lighthouse.

She said this area of ​​the cliff was “very dangerous” despite the appearance of “deceptively easy” during the day and “a lot of bad things have happened to people who have tried to do it.”

Ms Edwards noted that this was a theory the family struggled to come to terms with, given that he wasn’t taking any chances and there would have been no visible traces.

“It’s obviously dark and it’s dangerous and Theo’s family think it’s completely incompatible with the person they know that he would do something like that.”

She said if he lost his phone and fell while trying to find it, it would be possible that his body could be taken away without any evidence.

The court heard that there had been two previously reported cases of what was going on at Cozy Corner.

Earlier today, Theo’s father Laurent Hayez said he would like the NSW government to reward information about his son’s disappearance.

The investigation has learned that the way Theo was kicked out of the nightclub caused concern for his family.

“Theo’s expulsion from himself, and without a chance to tell his friends, caused tremendous distress to his family,” Ms Edwards said at the hearing.

The inquest has been adjourned for the State Coroner to visit several key locations in Byron Bay.

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European countries tighten restrictions in fight against covid-19

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Nations across Europe took further action on Friday in an attempt to prevent a covid-19 spike from spiraling out of control, hoping that action now will preserve the joys of Christmas next month .

A spike in cases fueled by the contagious delta variant has forced governments to act to curb infections even in countries with no outbreaks and high vaccination rates.

Meanwhile, the world faced yet another challenge in its long pandemic ordeal on Friday: the discovery of a new, potentially more transmissible variant of covid-19 found in southern Africa – which the World Health Organization named on Friday. “Omicron” under its Greek name. letter system.

In Belgium, where a spike in cases and hospitalizations has exceeded even the worst medical forecasts, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has stepped up measures for the second time in just over a week and closed nightclubs, while bars and restaurants must close at 11 p.m. for the next three weeks.

“We were deceived by the delta variant,” he said.

Referring to the more than 25,000 cases per day currently in the country of 11 million people, he said: “This is unprecedented in our country”.

[CORONAVIRUS: Click here for our complete coverage »]

Neighboring Netherlands have struggled with the virus just as much.

Health Minister Hugo De Jonge said hospitals in the Netherlands had been ordered to cancel planned surgeries and increase acute and intensive care beds to 1,350 across the country to deal with the growing number of covid patients.

The Dutch government tightened its lockdown on Friday night amid a rapid rise in infections and admissions to intensive care units, although it has kept schools and universities open – where most students will be required to wear masks in the hallways between the courtyards.

Acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that for three weeks from Sunday all places such as bars, restaurants, theaters and shops selling non-essential items will close from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. As part of the current lockdown, they are to close at 8 p.m.

“The numbers are high, higher, higher,” Rutte said of the spike in infections.

He said a panel of experts had advised the government to take action to reduce the number of people-to-people contact by at least 20%.

“That means we won’t get there with a few small tweaks. And that’s why we’re here today, a week ahead of schedule, with another message that’s going to demand a lot from all of us,” Rutte said. .

He urged people to stay and work from home as much as possible and has extended the use of face masks and social distancing to cover places where the country’s covid pass is already in use. While Rutte spoke, a few dozen protesters protested loudly, but peacefully, on a nearby street, blowing whistles and blowing sirens.

In Spain and Portugal, where infection rates are lower than in most European countries, authorities were also reinstating previous restrictions or adding new ones.

In Spain, although 79% of its 47 million people are fully vaccinated and hospital admissions are increasing at a slower rate than in previous outbreaks, the mandatory use of covid-19 passes is becoming widespread .

In Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, passes were to become mandatory from Friday to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs and retirement homes. But authorities in the region have said they are temporarily suspending the order due to an overwhelming number of pass requests.

The Catalan health service said in a statement that it had received more than 700,000 pass requests in the four days leading up to Friday. Health officials have said the implementation of mandatory passes will be reconsidered next week.

In Portugal, less than two months after removing most of the pandemic’s tighter restrictions, the government announced on Thursday that it would reinstate some of the measures such as mandatory masks in confined spaces or the digital certificate required to enter some premises. Even people who have been vaccinated must test negative to visit hospitals, nursing homes, sporting events, and bars and clubs.

And in Italy, where the covid situation was under control compared to neighbors like Austria, the mayors of Milan, Bologna, Padua and Bergamo were imposing mask mandates for the holiday season. New restrictions were also expected in Rome.

Denmark, meanwhile, announced on Friday that it plans to start offering covid-19 vaccines to children aged 5 to 11 from this weekend after the European Union regulator cleared Thursday Pfizer’s vaccine for children.

“Our assessment is that by providing children in the target group, we can increase immunity and eliminate infection,” said Helene Probst, deputy director of the Danish Health Authority. “We need it.”

She said Denmark was “in the middle of a historic health crisis”.

Information for this article was provided by Colleen Barry, Aritz Parra, Barry Hatton, and Jan M. Olsen of The Associated Press.

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Ayika married nightclub owner Kano found dead in car with girl next door

Owner of a nightclub in Kano, Steve Ayika was found dead with his girlfriend in a tinted car.

Police reportedly found the married man with two children, in a compromising position, with the chick aside, identified as Chiamaka Emmanuel.

The two were discovered early on November 23, according to the Kano Police Command, with the car locked and the phones turned off.

Steve ayika

There have been reports that the lady is due to marry another man in December.

Police, in a statement Thursday, did not state the cause of death or whether there had been any misconduct.

Ayika, who owned Knight House in Kano, was from Ebu in Delta State.

He was married to Jennifer Johnson, whom he celebrated on Facebook on June 25 on his birthday as “sweet love” and her “everything.”

Jennifer, from Enugu for her part, used Ayika’s photo as a cover photo on Facebook, to show her love for the father of her son, who was born in 2019.

Unbeknownst to her, Steve had a chick side, even professing love to her.

Read the statement from Kano State Police Command spokesperson DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa on the death of Ayika and her chick side:

On 11/23/2021 at approximately 4:50 am, a report was received that a car was sighted along Katsina Road, Fagge LGA Kano State with two (2) occupants, a man and a woman standing still.
2. Upon receipt of the report, the Kano State Command Police Commissioner, CP Sama’ila Shu’aibu Dikko, stood up and requested a team of detectives to attend the scene.
3. The team immediately rushed to the scene. The victims, a man and a woman inside the back seat of a motor vehicle in Siena, were abducted and rushed to Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital in Kano, where a doctor confirmed their death.
4. During the preliminary investigation, the deceased man was identified as Steven Ayika, “m”, of Jaba Quarters Kano, while the deceased woman was identified as Chiamaka Emmanuel, “f”, of the same address. However, an investigation is ongoing.

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Dusk Nightclub returns to South Shields for one night only, as reunion night takes place at Jade Thirwall’s Industry bar

Nightclub Dusk will return for the one-off event when Jade Thirwall’s Industry site is transformed to replicate the former South Shields site.

Twilight closed in 2015 after years as one of South Shields’ most popular nightclubs.

The meeting is the brainchild of former Dusk manager Ross Campbell, 32, who is now manager of Industry and its sister bar Arbeia, and former deputy manager Raju Choudhury, 29.

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The old Dusk nightclub.

Speaking of the scheduled meeting, Ross said, “Twilight holds a very special place in my heart. There I learned my trade and it helped cut my teeth in the nightclub industry. C it was a real wellness nightclub that everyone enjoyed.

“Jade loved Dusk and would be there every time she got home.

“I knew Jade from the club and that’s how I ended up working at Industry and Arbeia. I proposed the idea to her and she told me she was impatient!

Ross was director of Dusk for two years when South Shields was one of the most popular places and hopes the night will help bring back old memories,

The night will be a reunion of the old Dusk nightclub

He added: “People don’t go out to South Shields as much as they used to, so we wanted an idea that will invigorate people and remind them of the good times.”

The evening will aim to rediscover the vibe of the old club and feature original Dusk DJs, a cocktail menu and drink offerings as well as lasers, a Co2 cannon and confetti bombs.

Raju Choudhury added, “We got together and organized this night to give people a fun night and find some old faces.

“Twilight was the place to be. It will be nice to see all the old faces that haven’t come out in years.

Old Twilight, South Shields

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The old Dusk nightclub
The event will take place in the industry, owned by Little Mix star Jade Thirwall
The old Dusk nightclub.

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Alpine country stranded again, suspending tourism at the start of the holiday season

(CNN) – Austria has introduced unprecedented new Covid measures, Ireland is under curfew at midnight, but India has reopened its doors to vaccinated tourists.

Here are some of the biggest developments in travel this week:

It’s starting to look a lot like … confinement

Visitors explore Vienna’s Christmas market on November 15 before Austria returns to containment.

Joe Klamar / AFP via Getty Images

Austria will impose national containment on November 22 as Covid-19 cases skyrocket, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced, becoming the first European country to do so this fall.

But things are accelerating in Asia

India suffered greatly when it was hit by a calamitous second wave of Covid this spring, but it now has some of the lowest case rates in the world, which has earned it a CDC Level 1 rating as as low risk travel destination. Monday it opened its borders to fully vaccinated foreign tourists on commercial flights for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Ireland is now a Cinderella state

Irish revelers must now leave their Prince Charming and hurry home from the ball. Ireland imposed a midnight curfew in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, just a few weeks after the nightclubs first reopened since March 2020.
Elsewhere in Europe, the Netherlands has returned to partial lockdown and Hungary and the Czech Republic are among the four new additions in the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s highest risk travel category.

Ireland will impose a midnight curfew on bars, restaurants and nightclubs from November 18 as the country experiences a further rise in Covid-19 cases, despite one of the highest vaccination rates in the world . CNN’s Becky Anderson sits down with Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to chat.

Thanksgiving travel will be near pre-pandemic levels

In the United States, there will be a lot more shared turkey compared to last year, as vacation travel is expected to return almost to the good old days of 2019. Here’s our advice to manage the rush.
About 53.4 million Americans are expected to be on the move, including Jamal Hinton, who will continue his tradition of visiting his “grandmother Wanda” in Arizona. The couple met in 2016 when Wanda Dench accidentally sent teenage Hinton a Thanksgiving invitation intended for her grandson and an unlikely friendship blossomed.

Here’s what you might be sitting on in 2025

When you’ve been sitting on your couch for almost two years, a new era of business travel in 2025 may seem like a long way off, but designers are already working like Christmas elves on the luxury airplane seats of the future. We’re talking about a lightweight structure, extra space, bigger and better screens, and plenty of wireless charging. Sustainability, ethical sourcing and reducing carbon emissions are key concerns.

Maya Bay in Thailand to reopen

It's not me, it's you: Maya Bay needed some time to recuperate and a break from the tourists.

It’s not me, it’s you: Maya Bay needed some time to recuperate and a break from the tourists.

Mladen Antonov / AFP / Gety Images

Thai authorities have announced a reopening date for one of the most famous attractions in the country. Maya Bay, a resplendent cove made famous by “The Beach” – a 2000 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio – will reopen to tourists on January 1, 2022. This particular closure was unrelated to Covid, however; It has been banned for tourists since 2018, as authorities embarked on a rejuvenation program to revive the region’s decimated corals.

A chance encounter

When snowstorms prevented Jennifer Lowther from making it to her best friend’s wedding, a complete stranger came to her rescue, taking her on a dizzying journey and setting in motion a love story that is still going strong after 18 years.

Aircraft hangar, but make it bounce

Airport hangars can take years to build, but these inflatable models can be installed in a matter of hours. They have many advantages over the traditional design and can be used for disaster relief.

Isn’t the construction of traditional airport infrastructure such a brake? This scam can go on years. Thank god for inflatable sheds, which can be up and running in no time.

In case you missed it

United Airlines to serve hard liquor on its flights again

Crowds will be back in Time Square this year for some fun in New York

Black Santas are appearing in US Disney parks this season for the first time

National Geographic unveiled its top destinations for 2022

Two American tourists broke into the Colosseum to drink beer

CNN’s Natasha Chen, Karla Cripps, Stephanie Halasz, Tamara Hardingham-Gill, Niamh Kennedy, Lilit Marcus, Artemis Moshtaghian, Rob Picheta, Nadine Schmidt, Kristina Sgueglia, Francesca Street, Manveena Suri and John Walton contributed to this report.

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Rugby club bar will not function as a nightclub, says woman who hired him to give back to community

A rugby club that is said to be “the absolute hub of the community” has a new premises license, despite a resident’s concerns about noise and anti-social behavior.

Meinir Thomas told a Carmarthenshire licensing subcommittee that she and her husband David took the rental from Llandybie RFC to give something back to the community.

She said they were familiar with the village and felt they had a good understanding of the impact of the business on local residents.

Ms Thomas told the committee that, with that in mind, they had requested that the license hours be reduced from what is now.

Read more stories about Carmarthenshire

She said the club wouldn’t be for late night drinking and refuted a suggestion from a resident living across the street – Juliette Fane – that it would be more like a nightclub.

Ms Thomas spoke on two occasions in October that had sparked Miss Fane’s concerns – the first a wake, the second a Halloween party.

Miss Fane said she sympathized with the circumstances surrounding the wake, but said she could hear chants from inside the club in her living room and more noise from the parking lot outside.

Late at the Halloween event, Miss Fane said she witnessed screaming, screaming, shoving and fighting in the parking lot.

“No one at the club seemed to come out to stop him and ask for the noise to be reduced,” she said.

“When the police arrived, it took about 10 more minutes for it to calm down.”

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Miss Fane said she felt the license hours requested were “ridiculous” for such a built-up area, especially since there were residents in poor health or with very young children.

“I’m not against people having fun,” she said. “What I’m against is when it interrupts other people’s lives.”

Ms Thomas said the funeral was the largest the village had ever seen and that she had told several residents about it in advance. She said the bar was closed “at a specific time” and that she had helped organize taxis for customers between 10:45 pm and 11:15 pm.

“The whole hall was closed at 11:30 pm,” she said.

She said the Halloween party incident was a domestic incident, with one of the people allegedly involved arriving outside the club just before kick-off.

Ms Thomas said that she and her husband, after being made aware of an altercation in the parking lot, went out to see what was going on, despite the fact that they were both in Halloween costumes.

She said that when the police arrived, she asked the bar staff to stop serving alcohol.

“The whole incident from start to finish did not last more than 30 minutes,” she said.

Ms Thomas said the club had been at its Woodfield Road location since 1964 and was the absolute center of the community.

The club’s license meant that only club members and bona fide guests could drink there. The new license means it is open to all members of the public.

Speaking in favor of the demand, Llandybie adviser Dai Nicholas said the alcohol supply was a key revenue driver for the club, which had attracted many young rugby players to its ranks over the years. years.

Dyfed-Powys police did not oppose the license application, provided several conditions were met, and after consulting with a lawyer, the licensing subcommittee granted it.

The new license has a condition that no alcohol can be consumed outside after 10:30 p.m.

The Thomases will also install signs reminding customers to limit noise when leaving the premises and will offer residents a means of contacting them in the event of a problem.

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“They call me the king of nightclubs”: beta owner on the defensive in hearing

Denver Police Department body camera footage shows officers interacting with Beta nightclub owner Hussam Kayali, right, also passing by Valente Corleons, July 18 after receiving a fire safety complaint . (Screenshot of the hearing of the Department of Excise and Licensing)

The owner of a Denver nightclub defended himself as a legitimate businessman who maintains a safe environment for his patrons at a city hearing on Thursday.

Beta Nightclub owner Hussam Kayali, also known as Valentes Corleons, said after problems were observed by the city over the summer he took steps to improve security and compliance. capacities.

“I had new leadership, new security,” Kayali said during the second day of the hearing, which could end with the club’s liquor and cabaret licenses penalized or revoked for alleged violations.

“I’ve been there since (the club) opens and closes. I (entered) clubs (from) 15 years ago and studied everything before I got into this business. I usually do my research before I embark on anything. They call me the king of nightclubs.

As BusinessDen previously reported, the Denver Police Department, Denver Fire Department, and Excise and Licensing investigated the Beta Nightclub at 1909 Blake Street between June and August after receiving several complaints and noticed an increase in 911 calls near the business.

The city became concerned after a shooting took place on May 23 near the club. Police also reported that a man was shot around 1:40 a.m. on August 22 at the corner of 19th Avenue and Blake Street, but the department did not link the shooting to Beta in a press release. .

Beta faces 10 alleged violations of Denver municipal code and Colorado state law, according to the hearing order. City lawyers have asked the hearing mediator to recommend revocation of the permits.

Aaron Acker, Beta’s lawyer, tried to prove that the club weren’t overcrowded on July 17 and until the early morning hours of July 18. Town lawyers, firefighters and police say there were problems that night, including Kayali being “agitated” by their presence.

Acker suggested that Beta may not have been able to prevent small amounts of narcotics from entering the club, even with trained security guards.

He also argued that the Beta was not responsible for the violence that occurred near the company.

On Wednesday, DPD officer Alexandra Spencer said she infiltrated twice in June and on one occasion entered with a concealed gun. The officer said security guards did not detect him, even after a pat-down.

Kayali said it couldn’t be true.

“You can’t come in with a razor or anything, (security) will catch it, and if Spencer had a gun, and I put that on God, whom I love, security will catch him.” , Kayali said.

When asked if Kayali said Spencer lied about the gun, he replied, “(The officer) came in with a gun and we didn’t grab it? Impossible.”

Asked about his words claiming to be a member of Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian Mafia, Kayali replied that he was.

When asked about an incident in which an officer was checking to see if the club was overcrowded and Kayali allegedly confronted the officer, he replied, “It wasn’t like that. “

“One of the officers went upstairs and jumped in my face (and said), ‘I don’t like what you’re doing here,” Kayali said. “I said, ‘I’m not taking orders from you. I know you are a sergeant. … I said, ‘I’m a grown man in the Mafia, and you should be careful what you say.’ “

Kayali has stated that it is not illegal to be a “grown man,” and the FBI is aware of that status. He said the office offered him “a job six years ago,” but did not specify.

10.19D beta at scale 1

The Beta nightclub, located at 1909 Blake Street, has been charged by the city with several offenses and could lose its liquor and cabaret licenses. (BusinessDen File)

At one point, as the city’s lead lawyer handling the case, Katie Conner, was preparing an exhibit, Kayali attempted to speak to the courtroom judge Federico Alvarez, but his lawyer l ‘has stopped.

“No one for years has wanted to talk to me,” Kayali said. “I’m just asking to be treated like a human.”

Michael McCray, one of the former co-owners of Beta Nightclub, said he initially had a “tumultuous” relationship with Kayali, whom he hired to run the bottle service and grow his business.

McCray said Kayali’s methods fell short of the standards he wanted and their relationship quickly deteriorated. In 2019, when Kayali became director at Beta, he obtained around 20 to 25% of the company’s ownership and liquor and cabaret licenses, according to a hearing document.

“I just didn’t think it was responsible management,” McCray said. “With the beta being as important as it is, I just didn’t think it was a good solution. We were worried enough that we no longer wanted to be attached to this place. “

Kayali said he didn’t need to take advice from McCray, someone who had let the club almost fall into expulsion proceedings.

“He’s the last person I would ask for advice,” Kayali said.

McCray said he and his business partner Brad Roulier sold the business to Kayali, but they were not paid. McCray said he and Roulier had tried to help Kayali with advice and had tried to sort out some of the club’s problems because “helping him helps us get paid”.

The city’s excise and licensing department oversees the club licensing hearing. Department spokesman Eric Escudero told BusinessDen that Alvarez would likely issue a recommendation in about a week and then executive director of excise and licensing Ashley Kilroy would issue a final decision.

During Thursday’s hearing, Acker called Kayali to the stand with Bryant Watts, who worked at Beta and was asked about posting occupancy signs; Christopher Vitale, who worked for Beta as a manager during the summer and was recently promoted to general manager; former Beta employee Armando Martinez; and Denver Police Department officer Ramone Young.

Acker asked Young, who worked off duty at Beta, if there were any times at the club where he didn’t feel safe, and Young replied, “As far as gangs are concerned, yes.” After two “insufficient” managers were fired, Acker asked if Young thought the security concerns had improved, to which he replied, “Some have, yes.”

Vitale said Beta security worked to ensure no weapons or drugs entered the club and that he oversaw the operations of the contracted security company over the summer.

“If it’s something minor like a pocket knife, I’ll take it, but if it’s drugs or paraphernalia, they’re not allowed in,” Vitale said. “We have two entry points, but only one that we use when we operate. There is one at the back, but we don’t use it during opening hours.

Vitale answered questions about whether people were served after 2 a.m. on July 11, Denver’s cut-off time for serving alcohol.

Transactions, according to records provided by Beta, showed that the last alcohol purchase took place before 2 a.m. on July 11. Other purchases took place between 2 a.m. and 3:06 a.m., but Vitale explained that it was to service the bottles. the records of purchases made earlier that night were correct.

Day two of the Beta Nightclub liquor and cabaret license hearing began with a two-hour cross-examination of a Denver Police Detective, who testified about the management of the venue the day before.

Retail Derrick Keeton worked off duty from June 18 to August 22 at Beta, where he said he tried to ‘change the culture’ to make the club safer.

Acker introduced emails between Keeton and Det. Paul Streate who showed they spoke about the issues that arose at Beta over the summer. Acker also protested that more emails were not produced through a subpoena after witnesses said there were more, but Alvarez continued with the hearing nonetheless. .

Beta email

The emails are posted Wednesday by lawyers for Beta Nightclub at Det. Derrick Keeton and det. Paul Streate at an online hearing on the club’s liquor and cabaret licensing. (Screenshots of the Excise and Licensing Department hearing)

Beta2 EmailAcker tried to get Keeton to name specific people he identified as possible gang members or known drug dealers at the club, but the detective said that could jeopardize their safety.

“I will not give names because of confidential informants and security,” he said.

Acker asked Keeton if he thought his suggestions for “changing the culture”, which included implementing a dress code and using discretion to not let people in the club, were discriminatory. He said this type of app could have made Beta vulnerable to a lawsuit.

“No, I’m definitely not going to agree with you on that,” Keeton said. “I never said that someone couldn’t get into the club because of a criminal history.”

Beta Nightclub owner defends operation at city hearing

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Lanarkshire nightclub to host two popular Ibiza artists for a special big night

One of Lanarkshire’s most popular nightlife venues brings a sunny vibe with an exclusive night out featuring two popular Ibiza residents.

Wishaw’s Live Lounge will host Lovely Laura and DJ Ben Santiago this Saturday, November 20.

The charming Laura, renowned for her sets of saxophones in Ibiza rocks and Cafe Mambo, will be joined by DJ Ben Santiago to play an uplifting fusion of live saxophone and house music.

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DJ and radio presenter Stevie Lennon, a regular guest of the Live Lounge, will also be present.

Tickets for the exclusive concert are on sale now for £ 15 per person plus booking fees and can be purchased here.

Tickets for the early birds are sold out, with sales coming from all over central Scotland. The venue is therefore encouraging fans to book tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Carlton Graham of the Live Lounge said Lanarkshire Live : “We are delighted that Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago are joining us.

“We are extremely proud of the quality of renowned artists and DJs that we get at the Live Lounge and we are always committed to presenting some of the greatest club bands to our local audience.

“Their uplifting sets are just what we need right now as the dark winter nights approach – who wouldn’t want to be transported to the sunnier shores of the White Isle.”

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Editorial: Still Life Nightclub Comes to Chapel Hill

From mom and pop stores and college bars to local restaurants, Chapel Hill and the surrounding area are known for their college aesthetic.

Local places – like He’s Not Here and Sutton’s Drug Store – help keep the vibe of the college town of Chapel Hill going. But, this fall, a new club is opening on Franklin Street that could bring a new going out experience to Chapel Hill.

Still Life Chapel Hill, a nightclub and rooftop bar, will be located above Sutton’s Drug Store on Franklin Street. Its official opening date has not been disclosed.

After losing many businesses on Franklin Street to the pandemic, the addition of a nightclub in the area is a promising sign that life is coming back to Chapel Hill after the pandemic.

As the number of COVID-19 remains relatively low, bars and restaurants in Chapel Hill can operate at full capacity. Unlike this point last year, going out on a weekend night in Chapel Hill is reminiscent of life before the start of the pandemic. This means that students and people in the community are eager to go out and visit the bars, restaurants and clubs. Still Life Chapel Hill opens just at the right time to capture this demand.

The nightclub is said to be Chapel Hill’s premier entertainment experience. This may be what Franklin Street needs. At present, the nightlife in Chapel Hill is relatively limited to college bars.

The library was once a bar with plenty of space to dance, but it was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic this summer. Other Chapel Hill nightlife spots that have room for drinks and dancing are often crowded and have long lines. Anyone who has had to wait over an hour to get into Goodfellows knows what we’re talking about.

Although Chapel Hill is definitely a college town, the addition of a large nightclub will provide new and different options for going out on Franklin Street. With bottle service, a sweatshop, and a rooftop bar, Still Life Chapel Hill will be unlike most nightlife spots in the area.

Still Life has owned several nightclubs throughout North Carolina, including in Greenville at East Carolina University. The Still Life at ECU is a popular nightlife space – the Instagram account alone for this location has 20,000 followers. But not all locations in Still Life were successful. Raleigh’s Still Life closed this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the location has not yet opened, we are already awaiting the opening of Still Life in Chapel Hill. Social media accounts for the venue are popular, and bouncers, bartenders and promoters are already in the process of being recruited.

The opening of Still Life in Chapel Hill is a promising sign that businesses are still drawn to the area, despite the high costs of renting space on Franklin Street. This venue is going to be a different experience than most of the nightlife spaces already in Chapel Hill, which is exciting when you think about what Franklin Street will look like after the pandemic.

With so many businesses shutting down during the pandemic, it’s exciting to think about what’s new in the region. A nightclub – with all of its attributes – is a welcome addition to Chapel Hill nightlife.


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New immersive nightclub experience, House of Leaves gears up for Las Vegas debut: Dancing Astronaut

House of Leaves is an immersive new nightclub experience landing in Las Vegas, aimed at bringing the vibe and atmosphere of the outdoors to the confines of an indoor club. House of Leaves will debut on November 13 at the impressive Keep Memory Alive center designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. The vision of House of Leaves is based on a narrative unfolding of the seasons in a nightclub environment, complemented by performances by more than 20 international electronic talents.

Dance enthusiasts may recognize the venue as having previously hosted a live performance by the late Avicii, and newcomers will find that the unique venue boasts concert-level acoustics, accented by nearly 200 windows scaling the curved walls. and curved of the auditorium. The room itself feels like part of the show, making it the perfect location for House of Leaves. Bringing the revelry of the jungle inside Las Vegas, House of Leaves aims to reinvent the nightclub experience as 2021 draws to a close. To buy tickets here.

The selected image: FHH Review

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New nightclub’s cocktail bar closed for several weeks after an early morning fire

A cocktail bar inside Middlesbrough’s new superclub was closed several weeks after a fire.

Love & Potions inside the downtown STEREO club was hit by fire around 4:15 am.

Cleveland firefighters attended the scene on Zetland Road and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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A post on the STEREO Facebook page read: “Unfortunately our lovely little Love & Potions cocktail bar was caught in a fire this morning and will be closed for the next few weeks.

“Customers with functions and reservations are informed now. “

STEREO opened in July on Freedom Day, welcoming returning clubbers to the city’s nightlife.

Formerly the Atik Nightclub in the Spensleys Emporium Grade II listed building on the corner of Albert Road and Zetland Road, it has been renovated and refurbished to provide a modern and versatile bar and event space.

The Love & Potions Cocktail Bar is located on its middle floor.

Opening night at the Stereo club, Middlesbrough

Fortunately, the main part of the STEREO hall was not damaged by the fire and the club and the club will still be open on Tuesday for its YOYO event.

“The fire systems and doors were in place so the main part of the building is intact, which is a big relief,” Gary Dobson said from the site.

“It’s a bit of a punch, but these things are sent to try us out.

“We have a professional company coming to review it.”

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Video shows man setting fire to memorial to those killed in Pulse nightclub shooting

Video footage released on Saturday shows a man setting fire to a temporary memorial for the victims of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

The video, captured on October 12 and published on Facebook by the onePULSE foundation, shows a man in a wheelchair approaching one of the exterior walls of the memorial.

The man appears to set a banner on the wall on fire with a lighter, and as the fire escalates, he leaves the scene. The fire burns for several minutes, appearing contained within a section of the wall. At the end of the video, which lasts approximately 18 minutes, the fire has gone out and someone approaches the memorial to extinguish a remaining flame.

In its Facebook post, the onePULSE foundation wrote that on “October 12 at around 8:30 p.m. EST, an individual damaged our wall of offerings.”

“Three Angel banners were burned along with other items in the affected area,” the organization wrote, urging those who may know the man in the video to contact the Orlando Police Department.

News week contacted the ministry for comments and updates on its investigation, but did not receive a response until the publication on Sunday evening.

Forty-nine people were killed and many more were injured in the 2016 mass shooting at Pulse, an LGBTQ nightclub, on June 12, 2016.

In its Facebook post, the onePULSE foundation describes the display that was vandalized last month as a “temporary memorial.”

The organization says on its website that it “was created to create a sanctuary of hope after the tragic day in American history – Sunday, June 12, 2016 – to honor the 49 angels who were abducted, the 68 others who were injured and the countless first responders and medical professionals who treated them.

“This fund is intended to support a memorial that opens hearts, a museum that opens minds, educational programs that open eyes and heritage scholarships that open doors,” writes the organization.

Video footage released on Saturday shows a man setting fire to a temporary memorial for the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Above, people visit a memorial in Orlando for those killed, days after the shooting in 2016.
Spencer platt

Last month’s incident is not the first time that a memorial to the tragic mass shooting has been vandalized.

In May 2020, a mural commemorating the Pulse shooting was degraded when a Pulse nightclub logo in the middle of the screen was covered with a Patriot Front sticker. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Patriot Frong a “white nationalist hate group.”

The memorial mural was located on an exterior wall of the Center, an Orlando LGBTQ rights organization.

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Student collapsed in A&E waiting room after needle stick in nightclub

A college student said she collapsed in an A&E waiting room after being allegedly drugged by injection at a nightclub.

Amy Taylor said her legs were “blurry” and her arm was bruised as she began to feel unconscious.

The alleged incident happened during the Fab ‘N’ Halloween Guild of Students club party on October 30 Birmingham live reports.

The third-year human biology student said she noticed a “puncture wound” on her arm after being helped in an Uber for A&E.

She claimed she was doped at the end of the night, between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Amy said The Birmingham tab : “I started to feel a throbbing in my right arm and looked down to see a strange bruise, but I ignored it and thought I was overreacting.

Have you been the victim of a needle stick? E-mail [email protected]

The student said she noticed a bruise on her arm


Amy Taylor)

“My legs started to get blurry and my teeth started to chatter and although I had been drinking heavily that night, I never acted like this when I had been drunk before.

“My eyes started to roll in my head and I started to drift in and out.”

She said she was taken to the club’s “relaxation room” after staff were alerted that she couldn’t feel her legs or walk properly.

Amy said her friends were advised to take her to the hospital and, while in the waiting room, she collapsed and was taken to intensive care.

Amy attended a party with her friends when the alleged incident happened


Amy Taylor)

She explains: “Here, the hospital staff looked after me, watched my arterial pressure and took ECGs to observe me and verify that I was okay.

“They also took a urine and blood sample for toxicology and said my pupils were very dilated.

“They also found a puncture mark in the bruise on my arm. Once I felt better, they gave me a hepatitis B vaccine and sent me and my friend home to go home and advised me to call the police.

She has since reported the alleged incident to West Midlands Police and contacted the Birmingham Guild of Students.

Video upload

Video unavailable

Amy said: “The police were very factual about this – they came to the house the next morning to ask questions, take a picture of the outfit I was wearing to follow me on CCTV and take another urine sample. .

“The Guild was actually very helpful to me – they called me to find out how I was feeling and to offer help.

“They have kept me posted on their plans on how they are going to make Fab (‘N’ Fresh) and Sports Night safer in the future.”

Following the incident, Amy said she would avoid going out for a while and would be more aware of her surroundings when on the move.

However, she said she was grateful for the help her friends gave her.

Police forces in the UK have received a growing number of reports of people infected in bars and nightclubs across the country, some of whom have reportedly been targeted with needle injections.

West Midlands Police previously revealed they were investigating ten reports of injection doping from Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull and Wolverhampton in a single week between October 18 and 26.

On Tuesday, Sussex Police said they had made two arrests in connection with an incident of “needle stick and drinking spikes”.

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Undercover police will stand outside nightclubs to protect women

The move was unveiled by the Metropolitan Police as part of a larger plan to tackle the issue of violence against women in London following the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard.

The objective is to “tackle predation offenses” in nightclubs and bars (stock photo)

Police will be deployed outside nightclubs to reduce violence against women.

The move was unveiled by the Metropolitan Police as part of a larger plan to tackle the issue of violence against women in London.

Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick previously announced that undercover officers would video call a uniformed sergeant to prove their identity if they ever had to arrest a single woman.

The move comes after Sarah Everard was arrested by Met officer Wayne Couzens in Clapham, who made a false arrest claiming she was breaking Covid lockdown rules.

Monster Couzens then raped and killed Sarah after driving her through a Kent forest.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick (center) with Sherifa Carr of the Lambeth Independent Advisory Group (right) on a walk in Brixton



The force has been criticized after entering to give advice to women who feel threatened, including hailing a bus for help or entering someone’s home.

In a published plan, the Met said police activity would be stepped up “to prevent nighttime violence.”

He explained, “This activity includes the Met trialling Project Vigilant, an operation originally developed by the Thames Valley Police to tackle predatory crimes around the nighttime economy.

“It is flown from London to Lambeth and Southwark, where teams of colleagues in civilian clothes and in uniform are deployed together to identify and prevent predation offenses around busy nightlife spots.

Couzens was sentenced to life imprisonment in September – the first for a single adult murder that was not committed during a terrorist attack



“Officers continue to work with Safer Sounds and licensing sites, delivering the updated Ask for Angela safety campaign and providing vulnerability training to bar and club staff.”

Dame Cressida said, “This plan details how we will do more and better to keep women and girls safe.

“It brings together all of our work to prevent male violence against women and girls, in public spaces as well as in homes and online; to target perpetrators, and with the broader criminal justice service, to improve outcomes for victims.

“We will increase officer skills and maximize the impact of key units such as our predatory offender units, downtown teams and other specialist units, and further improve digital investigations, intelligence, and case quality. . “

Sarah Everard was kidnapped by Couzens on her way home to Clapham



Scotland Yard has ended its policy of allowing plainclothes officers to patrol alone after Couzens used his position to organize the arrest of Sarah Everard on March 3.

Couzens was sentenced to life imprisonment in September – the first for a single adult murder that was not committed during a terrorist attack.

An appeals court official confirmed that Couzens had appealed his conviction, saying: “An application (for leave to appeal the conviction) has been filed.”

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Fargo nightclub liquor license sale gets conditional approval

The owner of the building, 518 Properties, owned by Tyler Brandt, aims to take over operations with an agreement to purchase the license from the club’s former owners.

Commissioners had previously revoked the license due to public safety concerns, including the shooting death of a club bouncer in a nearby parking lot in May.

518 Properties representative Dan Hicks said a management team was not yet in place. The plans call for keeping the same business concept.

“We think it’s an underserved area in the metro,” he said.

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The Fargo Liquor Control Board unanimously approved the conditional plan before forwarding it to the City Board.

The conditional clause was encouraging for Commissioner Dave Piepkorn, who also sits on the liquor board.

“I think it’s a good company, and with good ownership and management it’s a good addition to the community,” said Piepkorn. “But I think it’s very important that we know who the manager is… because I think it’s essential for future safety and success.”

Others questioned the lack of a comprehensive management plan.

“We have had (applicants for) liquor licenses presented to us in the past who wanted a liquor license, but we turned them down because they didn’t have a plan of the facility,” said Commissioner Tony Gehrig. “So we are bending over backwards for this… We shouldn’t be voting on this just yet.”

Commissioner John Strand noted that the contingency given to 518 properties matched the reason the commission did not allow the original owners to retain the liquor license.

“They didn’t have a leadership. They didn’t have a plan,” he said. “But now we’re back to square one. We have another candidate who doesn’t have a plan and doesn’t have a manager.”

Strand also said both parties to the liquor licensing deal had run-ins with the police over their files. However, Corey Schultz, the former license owner, has had a more recent and negative interaction with the police, Piepkorn said.

Police chief David Zibolski echoed Piepkorn and added that the charges against the new director several years ago have been dropped.

“An arrest probably should not even have been made in this case,” he said.

After a lengthy discussion, Commissioners approved the conditional sale by a 3-2 vote with Commissioner Arlette Preston, Mayor Tim Mahoney and Piepkorn in favor. Strand and Gehrig voted against approval.

Once the management team is in place and the business concept is firm, the beverage license transfer will come back to the Liquor Control Board and Municipal Commission for final approval.

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Greenville: a dead man outside the nightclub

One person died after an early morning shooting outside a nightclub in Greenville, according to the Greenville County Coroner’s Office. two gunshot victims were found and taken to hospital, where one later died. The coroner identified the victim as Torri Adaryl Pone, 27, of Greenville. Coroner Parks Evans said Pone was involved in an altercation with another person in the parking lot. They said he was taken to the hospital where he died just after 2 a.m. The cause and mode of death were not disclosed. Police say they have a suspect in custody.

One person has died after an early morning shooting outside a nightclub in Greenville, according to the Greenville County Coroner’s Office.

(Video above: morning headlines)

Police said they were called to “Reign” on South Pleasantburg Drive around 1 a.m. Monday.

They said two gunshot victims were found and taken to hospital, where one of them later died.

The coroner identified the victim as Torri Adaryl Pone, 27, of Greenville.

Coroner Parks Evans said Pone was involved in an altercation with another person in the parking lot. They said he was taken to the hospital where he died just after 2 a.m.

The cause and mode of death were not disclosed.

Police say they have a suspect in custody.

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Jordan De Goey pleads in New York court over alleged assault at nightclub

Jordan De Goey was released on bail in New York after pleading not guilty to forced touching and assault charges.

The 25-year-old Collingwood AFL player and his friend Luke Dyson were arrested on Saturday following an alleged incident at a Halloween party involving a woman and her male friend.

Police allege De Goey and Dyson groped the woman on a nightclub dance floor before attacking her friend as he tried to intervene.

The Australian men were arrested and sent to a Manhattan holding cell after the woman called 911.

De Goey – still in a bathrobe, his Halloween costume – appeared before a New York judge around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night (2:30 p.m. AEDT Sunday) to plead not guilty.

He was released on bail and ordered to make one telephone recording per week.

He is due in person in court on December 8, leaving his next moves unclear.

The Collingwood players are set to begin pre-season training in Melbourne on December 6.

De Goey, entering the final year of his AFL contract, remained silent when questioned by reporters as he left the courthouse on bail after midnight in New York City.

Earlier, Collingwood said they had not yet been in contact with the footballer after his arrest.

“Collingwood is aware of a report involving Jordan De Goey,” the statement read.

“The club is trying to contact Jordan, who is in the United States, to determine the facts of the case.

“The club won’t be able to comment further until they do.”

Jordan De Goey pictured at a Halloween party in New York City this week. Credit: Instagram

The AFL said it was aware of the allegations against De Goey.

“The AFL Integrity Department will look into the matter once more information is obtained, so far the AFL is unable to comment,” a statement said.

Dyson posted several videos with De Goey on his Instagram page before the alleged incident.

The couple wore only bathrobes to the Halloween-themed party, joking that they didn’t have an outfit.

They were filmed shirtless posing for the camera, with Dyson pretending to take down a large bottle of vodka.

Luke Dyson and Jordan De Goey at a Halloween party this week.
Luke Dyson and Jordan De Goey at a Halloween party this week. Credit: Instagram

De Goey traveled to America to undergo an intensive fitness program as a W workout center in California before his offer to secure a lucrative contract extension.

He recently appointed his brother-in-law, Melbourne firefighter Ryan Vague, as his new manager.

“Everyone knows their last 12 months on contract are a big time,” De Goey told 7NEWS.

“For me it really starts from now with this preseason.”

Jordan De Goey is entering the last year of his contract with Collingwood.
Jordan De Goey is entering the last year of his contract with Collingwood. Credit: Getty

De Goey was allowed to leave Australia on a permit due to his sponsorship with Monster Energy.

He ran a camp with fitness trainer Johnny Louch in California.

“I wouldn’t say it’s enjoyable, I think that’s definitely what I needed and what’s going to get the best of me,” De Goey said.

“There is a lot of talk about the way I travel right now and to be honest I feel really good.

“It’s a whole different kind of training than I’ve ever done before.”

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Concerns over regulating nightclub bouncers amid fears of an increase in fortified drinks

Questions have been raised about the number of club and pub bouncers complying with Security Industry Authority regulations, despite assurances from the Minister of Justice that his department regularly engages with the industry.

DLP MP Sinead McLaughlin asked the minister about industry regulations following the growing number of reports of fortified drinks in recent weeks.

And as nightclubs open for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown on Sunday night, there are fears the number of reported incidents may increase.

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Isolation rooms and social distance of one meter in the queues of bars

Updated 1 hour ago

Patrons of nightclubs and nightlife events will be required to adhere to a one-meter social distancing rule when lining up for the bar in accordance with revised guidelines released tonight.

The government announced new proposals for the sector on Tuesday evening, which indicated that ticketing for nightclubs and events would be electronic and would need to be booked by customers at least an hour in advance. This rule comes into effect tomorrow.

Tickets must also contain personal information to enable “robust contact tracing”.

The updated regulations released today, putting the new rules into effect, state that from tomorrow, customers will only be able to approach the bar to order, pay for or collect food or drink.

A social distancing of one meter must be respected in the queue, and be supervised by an employee.

Regulations also suggest that smoking areas may also require monitoring and management to avoid overcrowding.

Masks must be worn at all times by staff and by customers who are not dancing, drinking or eating.

In the case of a transformation of a room into a nightclub or nightclub, customers present during the changeover will not have to go out but will still have to bring an electronic ticket.

The regulations also state that performers should not be allowed to participate in “high-risk activities” such as crowd surfing, moving around in crowds, or throwing personal items into crowds.

For guests showing symptoms of Covid-19, organizers should provide isolation rooms to allow the person to remain isolated before returning home, or to facilitate the presence of a doctor.

Event organizers are also advised to develop a media strategy in the event of a positive case or outbreak of Covid-19 following an event.

“It can take the form of an expectation statement with some key points and information. This will help protect the reputation of the venue and the organizers and reassure customers, ”says the regulation.

Teething problems

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar admitted earlier this week that there would be “start-up problems” with the new system and that the new rules would be kept under “constant review”.

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Talk to The newspaper in Ashbourne in County Meath on Tuesday, he said the most important thing was to keep the nightlife industry open, but that such rules “exist for a reason”.

“To be very frank, I think there are going to be some start-up and implementation issues,” he said.

Varadkar said the government would continue to engage with the sector, but defended the restrictions, saying they had to be put in place to “keep people safe.”

The first government guidelines for nightclubs were released on Friday night, just before the clubs reopened for the first time in nearly 600 days.

The guidelines said that in addition to a Covid-19 certificate and photo ID, anyone attending a nightclub will need to have purchased a ticket in advance.

With a report by Cónal Thomas and Christina Finn.

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Inside Kerry’s first alcohol-free nightclub as opening night sold out

Kerry’s first alcohol-free nightclub will open on Thursday, promising “0% alcohol and 100% craic”.

The Virtue Club in Tralee, Co. Kerry is now fully booked for its launch party which will run from 7pm to 11pm.

Nightclub organizer Lisa Curran said the idea came about after realizing there was a void in the market for those who don’t drink but still want to hang out.

Speaking to Newstalk’s Lunchtime Live, she said: “It comes from a personal perspective – I think when you’re over 30 drinking isn’t so much fun anymore.

Disco (stock image)

“You want to sit down and talk to people, and you want to make real connections with like-minded people.

“We looked for studies when we got the idea – myself and Ger O’Sullivan – of what people really do with alcohol.

“And we’ve found that 25% of the adult population in Ireland don’t drink – and they don’t have a place to go where they’re not surrounded by other drinkers, or with peer pressure.”

Guests will enjoy renowned tapas and sharing platters as well as soft drinks and live music at the exclusive launch party.

Drinks offered

The nightclub announced that it will offer drinks such as:

Heineken 0.0%

0.0% Cronin cider

Carlsberg 0.0%

Kopperberg strawberry and lime 0.0%

Selection of non-alcoholic cocktails

Wine options


The nightclub will offer a variety of entertainment on launch night, from magicians to musicians.

The first host of the evening will be Magic Steve.

Announcing the lineup, the Virtue Club said, “MagicSteve is Co Kerry’s # 1 family entertainer! By putting the mind in mentalism, magic in magic and com in comedy, you will never see another show like a MagicSteve show!

“He’s a comedy wizard like no other with comedically executed magic and magically executed comedy leading to both magical and comedic comedy magic!

“With appearances nationwide and on TV, MagicSteve will keep you and your guests entertained, no matter how old (or young) you are! “

Gillzie Fitz will be the second artist to take the stage.

The Virtue Club said: ‘Crowned’ One to Watch ‘after the Funny Women Awards 2020, from Kerry, Gillian Fitzgerald has brought her sharp wit and hilarious anecdotes to audiences across Ireland and beyond.

“In August 2019, she presented her show ‘Friends with No Benefits’ with two fellow comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has also performed in major festivals such as Electric Picnic and The Vodafone Comedy Festival.

“Gillian performs regularly all over Ireland. Gillian’s sets cover everything from dating tribulations in the Tinder era to creepy tactics used by a loving Irish mother.

“As a recent semi-finalist of RTE’s Stand Up and Be Funny competition, whatever she’s talking about, Gillian captivates her audience and makes her one of the most promising Irish actresses.”

Finally, Michael Wager will take the stage with an acoustic set with the frontman of ‘Queenless Kings’.

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Meeting to finalize the operation of nightclubs and nightlife establishments

Government officials and industry stakeholders are scheduled to meet on Tuesday morning to finalize plans for the operation of nightclubs and night spots in the coming months.

The Ministry of Enterprise and the Ministry of Arts and Culture will hold a meeting on the new guidelines in which groups representing pubs, nightclubs and theaters will also participate.

One of the main sticking points is the requirement for venues to give customers tickets that need to be secured prior to the event.

As part of the plan, tickets must be purchased in advance for live events and nightclubs where attendees are not seated “in order to facilitate contact tracing and to avoid mass gatherings at home. ‘outside the premises by walk-in clients’. Details will be sought today (Tuesday) regarding the timing of advance ticket delivery.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, regulations will be developed to give effect to the guidelines.

A spokesperson for the Licensed Vintners Association said “substantial anomalies” with the reopening plan needed to be addressed.

As for how the first weekend unfolded, “the initial reaction was a reaction of happiness,” with increased activity and the return of live performers, he said. “However, there remains significant uncertainty about upcoming regulations, without which the industry has operated this weekend.”

Ticketing system

While pubs with live music won’t be required to run a ticketing system, this will only be the case when customers are seated.

If a pub wants to allow dancing like nightclubs or concert halls do, it will need the appropriate licenses and it will need to be ticketed.

Industry stakeholders have called for the new regulations to be released by Tuesday evening.

The Department of Health reported 1,845 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the daily seven-day average to 2,148, an increase of 23% in one week.

There were 497 people with Covid-19 in hospital on Sunday, up from 484 a week ago, and 99 in intensive care units, up from 73 a week ago.

Four more people with Covid-19 have died in Northern Ireland and 1,019 more cases of the virus have been confirmed.

Doctors in Northern Ireland have called for the introduction of vaccine passports for clubs and other venues in the North, over concerns over the high positivity rate.

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2 Arrested in connection with a homicide outside the Tulsa nightclub

Two men were arrested outside a nightclub after their alleged role in the death of a man early Sunday morning.

Officers were dispatched to the scene shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday near the intersection of South Sheridan Road and East 21st Street.

Tulsa police said the men, identified as Jose Ledesma-Hernandez and Ramon De Jesus Garcia-Ibarra, were among the few who refused to leave the club and were engaged in a confrontation.

The club owner tried to stop the fight and asked the men to leave the club parking lot. The men then decided to redirect their anger to the club owner and started assaulting him.

Authorities said the men started kicking him as he fell to the ground. Security guards were trying to break the scene between the men and the club owner. A suspect’s vehicle then rushed towards one of the security guards who jumped briskly onto the hood of the car, avoiding injury. The vehicle left the scene.

During this time, the owner went into cardiac arrest, was taken to a local hospital and later died there.

At the scene, several witnesses reported the suspicious vehicle to officers as it was driving along East 21st Street. The authorities were able to arrest the men and arrested them.

During the interview process, officers said Garcia-Ibarra was identified as one of the two men who assaulted the owner. The other man is an unknown man who is still pending at this time. Ledesma-Hernandez was identified as the man who struck the security guard with the vehicle.

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Two popular nightclubs will close on Wednesday to support student protest against drinking spikes

Two of Manchester’s popular nightclubs will close on Wednesday evening to help students boycott nightlife venues in a bid to take drink spikes more seriously.

42nd Street, known to many as 42, and independent club The Venue will be shutting down overnight in support of the boycott, put in place by members of the University of Manchester Students Union.

The Nightlife 42s, on Bootle Street, have confirmed they will pay staff in full for their work that evening, though they remain closed.

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An article on the club’s social media pages read: “After careful consideration we have decided to close next Wednesday October 27th.

“This is not a decision we have taken lightly, especially since we have a lot of employees who depend on their income of 42. As such, we will continue to pay our staff for the night, despite the closure.

“Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure at a party, it is important that our staff and customers know that we take their safety very seriously.

“It’s not a knee-jerk reaction, we have always put our customers and staff at the forefront of who we are.

“We support the ‘girlsnightinmanc’ initiative to improve the safety of people at a party.”

The site confirmed that all ticket holders for Wednesday’s event will be automatically refunded and the club are in discussions with the Manchester City Council licensing team to find a solution.

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A post on the club’s Facebook page on Thursday afternoon read: “We made the decision to close on Wednesday October 27 in support of the ongoing protest calling on nightclubs to take more action to protect people. against damage.

“Although we have taken a number of steps ourselves, no one should ever feel unsafe at a party. We are in constant dialogue with Manchester Licensing, our security team and our staff to do more to stop which is an increasingly worrying problem.

“As a nightlife operator, the safety of our customers has always been and will remain our number one priority.

“Since more and more reports of these issues have arisen, we have already put in place a number of procedures to ensure a safe environment, such as increased research policies, welfare policies, customers and creating an environment where customers feel able to raise concerns to staff while on site.

Posters inside Manchester’s 42nd Street nightclub warn of the dangers of consuming drinks

“We will continue to welcome any feedback on what we can do as a nightclub to make you feel safer.

“We stand with all those protesting that this problem must be targeted and eradicated from the nightlife industry.”

The Girls Night In initiative will see protests across the country, with people urged to boycott nightclubs to encourage leaders to take action against the recent spate of incidents.

In Manchester, police are investigating after three girls fell ill at Ark nightclub on Deansgate Locks last month, with a series of young women showing up to say their drinks had been spiked in Fallowfield and the city center.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, one of the boycott leaders, Emily Bennett, 19, said: “Obviously we are concerned about the rising peaks.”

The University of Manchester Students Union Release and Access Officer added: “People need to feel safe when they go out and people who smash need to know that they are not. can not, that the places will not accept it.

“The number of emails we’ve received from students saying ‘we don’t feel safe’ and don’t feel safe going out.

“We would like a response from the Manchester Combined Authority, Andy Burnham and Sacha Lord. We want to see them put in place measures.

“We want to see them finance anti-doping devices, clearly indicating that they do not accept doping. We want clear policies in place.

“Having policies and procedures and doing their best to catch people who are doping, and knowing that there is support for those who are doping. “

Burnham: “Words fail me completely”

Speaking to Mike Sweeney on BBC Radio Manchester this week, Andy Burnham discussed the issue of fortified drinks.

He said, “It’s just completely off the scale.

“This thing is about the safety of women and girls again, you know I said it before Mike my daughters tell me some of the things that happen when they go out at night and it’s just that’s ridiculous .

“Fortunately, I checked with GMP, we haven’t had a lot of reports on this. Although there were some in the Fallowfield area by the time the students returned to college.

“There have been about five reports of beverage consumption and we have looked at that.”

The Mayor of Greater Manchester then passionately explained that this issue was “one for men”.

Anyone who wishes to seek help but does not want to speak to the police can contact the St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Center on 0161 276 6515 or visit by visiting the website.

St Mary’s provides medico-legal, counseling and after-care services to victims of rape and sexual assault.

The national helpline for male survivors, Safeline, can be reached on 0808 800 5005 or through the website here.

Manchester survivors supports boys and men who have been victims of rape and sexual assault.

The association provides therapeutic support and independent sexual violence counselors (ISVA). They provide assistance throughout the criminal justice system, from initial reports to court and beyond.

ISVAs work independently of the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the judiciary.

Boys and men in Greater Manchester affected by sexual abuse, regardless of when it happened, can access Survivors Manchester by calling 0161 236 2182 or sending an email to: [email protected] .uk

A weekly welcome session takes place every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

You can donate to Survivors Manchester here.

Greater Manchester rape crisis works with women and girls affected by rape and sexual assault. They can be reached on 0161 273 4591.

Victims of sex crimes have the right to anonymity for life.

He said: “If you know of any of your companions, or of a so called companion who is doing this, you must call them immediately and if they don’t arrest him you go to the police. . It’s that simple.

“I’m aware that this has happened in my own kind of circles and it’s not fair. I mean what kind of sane guy sees this kind of behavior happening and thinks “well, I’m going to close my eyes on this”.

“If you know someone you know pulls out a syringe with them… words fail me completely.”

“This one is for men. This one is for boys. Catch yourself, settle it, don’t put up with it. You know, we all have moms, we all have sisters, we all have daughters. This is ours. Not on women, it’s on us.

“Clubs need to do more, men and boys too. “

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Nightclubs Ireland: Everything You Need To Know About Nightclubs Reopening Tonight

For the first time since March 2020, Dublin nightclubs are scheduled to open tonight.

It comes after the latest easing of restrictions from Covid-19 means the hospitality industry can reopen with only a few restrictions remaining.

Despite the continued increase in cases and hospitalizations, restrictions on nightclubs have been relaxed. NPHET believes that the number of hospitals is unlikely to change if nightclubs remain closed.

Here’s everything you need to know about reopening nightclubs, from wearing a mask to getting vaccinated.

Any restrictions that are being removed from today?

Not only can discos reopen tonight, but they can also operate at 100% capacity. If the venue is hosting a live music event, it can accommodate up to 1,500 people standing and 100% seating.

And the masks?

Masks are compulsory so as not to eat, drink or dance. Masks are also required when social distancing in a bar queue.

Does my vaccination status matter?

People can only access indoor hospitality settings with a Covid-19 digital pass. The government has called on companies to crack down on Covid pass control and strictly follow regulations.

What about the curfew?

The 11:30 p.m. curfew is over. Sites may stay open late depending on the type of license currently held by the company.

What other restrictions remain in place?

There are still restrictions on table reservations at hospitality establishments. Customers can reserve multiple tables but with a maximum of 10 adults per table. This figure increases to 15 if there are children included.

Sitting at the bar is still prohibited, but people can line up if they are socially distant and bring the drink back to the table.

Do nightclubs accept walk-ins?

Some venues that have sold tickets to live music events will not accept walk-in tours. Most other sites will operate normally and accept walk-in tours.

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Lancashire nightclubs to be ‘boycotted’ amid nationwide reports of needle-stick women

Lancashire university student groups have created social media pages promoting a boycott of all clubs following reports of women being needled by needles across the country.

Recent stories have been shared of women reporting being ‘pricked’ with a needle.

The boycott comes weeks after people visiting the Switch Night Club in Preston said they remained “shaken” after consuming drinks believed to contain drugs.

Women all over the country, in particular in Nottingham and Leeds, shared personal accounts of going out to clubs and pubs where they were unable to remember the events of the night and waking up to find strange bruises and marks where a needle was used to drug them.

Red plus: Girl rushes to hospital with head injury as crash closes Preston’s road

Victims in various areas said they were pierced with a needle in their leg, arms or hands, which left them unconscious overnight.

University of Nottingham student Zara Owen, 19, from Surrey was on a night out in Nottingham with her friends on Monday.

Upon entering the club and passing security, she went for a drink at the bar, but that’s where her memories of that night end.

The next thing she remembers is waking up the next morning with no memory of what happened after entering the club, something that had never happened to her before.

Speaking to the Mirror, Zara said: “I was originally very confused because I woke up with no memory of the night.

“It’s something that never happens to me and it was confusing because I hadn’t drunk a lot of alcohol.

“When it hit me, I had been drugged, I was so shocked to realize that it had happened to me as I take the given safety precautions very seriously.

“I cover my glasses and cover my bottles to make sure nothing gets in, but realizing that I have been given an injection is terrifying.”

One person was arrested in Nottingham in connection with another investigation.

Student groups from Lancaster and Preston have now created social media accounts dedicated to raising awareness of the sinister attacks carried out in the dark.

The peak drink attacks that took place at the Switch Night Club reportedly occurred on separate dates in August 2021 with night accounts shared through social media.

Bernie and Alex, both 20, dated August 28 with another friend and immediately arrived at Switch before 11 p.m.

Change nightclub

The couple say they ordered drinks separately at “different points of the same bar”. Alex ordered two drinks and after drinking later he “threw up” immediately.

The couple decided to leave where they went to sit in Wetherspoons.

Alex said: “By the time we got there, Bernie was just awful. Bernie was falling asleep on the table, and it was all out of nowhere. From being ‘a little tipsy’ to falling asleep on a table, that’s something Bernie doesn’t. “

By the time they returned to Switch, Alex said Bernie had started to get “scared” so they decided to go home. Alex told LancsLive that Bernie “just collapsed on the couch and felt really shaky. I’ve never seen Bernie like this.”

Alex waited for their friend to come home and recalled feeling “shaky and in pain”. Bernie doesn’t remember the night.

Another visitor, who requested anonymity, visited Switch on August 7. She says she was transported out of the location around “3:00 am” and brought home by a friend’s relative.

The visitor said she had no understanding of what had happened, and while friends pointed out the unusual incident, she continued to ignore it.

She said: “I was in denial, I thought I had the worst hangover ever, but the symptoms of physical discomfort lasted for five days. I could not eat or drink without being sick and I ended up going to the hospital on the fifth day because I was so dehydrated that I couldn’t even drink water. “

As medical treatment took place more than 72 hours after the incident, the hospital was reportedly unable to test the substance she had consumed.

Following these events, discussions erupted on social media regarding recent reports of doping attacks carried out via injections.

The Lancaster-based Girls Night In group is a replica of many of the same pages created for other towns that all share the same goal.

Each page ran an article that reads: “The peaks have become an epidemic. Never before have we heard of so many students waking up with no memory of what happened the night before.

“It’s not ‘getting drunk on the dark’, it’s getting high, and it’s something that can be changed.

“We are asking clubs and bars to increase their entry security. We are asking clubs and bars to provide protective devices against drinks (divers, etc.) free of charge.

“We ask clubs and bars to provide a clear and obvious medical center and a safe way to come home.

“It is NOT a message to stay at home. It asks our students to protest against clubs and bars.

“They are not responding to our complaints, so we have to do them.”

In addition to organizing a boycott movement at each university, the pages are used to collect signatures for a petition created to “make it compulsory for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests at the entrance.”

Support for the petition quickly gained momentum as more women and girls shared their stories of the recent attacks on the rise.

Now the petition has grown to over 134,000 and the figure continues to increase hourly.

Following the incident in Preston, a spokesperson for Switch said, “” We were only personally informed of one complaint about a spike inside the room, that was the next day. Switch has dedicated customer service and an in-house first aid team every night we operate, including improved site-wide signage to remind customers to keep their drinks safe with them at all times. We pride ourselves on being a safe night out and have been doing so since our opening in 2017. “

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Officials scramble to assemble new set of nightclub guidelines

Ministry of Tourism and Culture officials are scrambling to develop a new set of guidelines for nightclubs so they can reopen in 48 hours.

fusion ruled yesterday over how nightclubs would operate with “safeguards” in place such as masks and social distancing.

The Taoiseach was forced to admit there would be “anomalies” in the guidelines.

Nightclubs will be able to reopen from this Friday to people with Covid certificates, with contact tracing and wearing face masks “except for eating, drinking and dancing”.

The 11:30 p.m. curfew has also been lifted.

The government’s expert advisory group on rapid tests has also been asked to review self-tests performed by people without any symptoms who might visit a nightclub.

“Ministry officials are urgently working on the detailed government-reported guidelines underpinned by the Work Safely protocol to ensure they are in place as soon as possible,” a spokeswoman said. of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Catherine Martin.

“The ministry understands that there are clarifications and anomalies
which need to be investigated and will engage with An Taoiseach’s department, industry stakeholders and others over the coming hours and days to find solutions to any issues that may arise.

Taoiseach Michéal Martin said last night that he would engage tomorrow with the entertainment and live music industry to “solve” some problems with the government’s reopening plan.

“There are going to be anomalies,” he said.

“There will be specific guidance for each sector over the next few days, which will be ironed out and worked out in great detail.”

He added that “obviously” people would be “able to dance in a nightclub”.

“What traditionally happens in a nightclub will continue to happen in a nightclub,” he said.

He also indicated that there may be different rules for nightclubs and pubs as they are “different sectors”.

He declined to say whether people would be able to dance on dance floors in clubs but could then order a drink only while seated. He indicated that there may be different rules for pubs and nightclubs.

“Generally speaking, we want people to offer a drink where they are seated, but there will be specific guidelines for different sectors,” added the Taoiseach.

Matt McGranaghan, from
Irish Music and Entertainment Association
(MEAI), said the sector was in a “worse position” now as it was on track for a “bad reopening”.

“In nightclubs you are allowed to dance, but you are not allowed to stay at the bar and have a drink,” he said.

“If you have a live band in a pub nobody can dance but if you have a DJ and a dance floor they can.

“They are in the worst possible situation.

The Association of Approved Winegrowers (LVA) declared the government’s latest announcement left “more questions than answers”.

“We are delighted to see the return of dancing, for example, but where is the logic that allows this activity but excludes the use of the bar counter? said Donall O’Keeffe of the LVA.

“Their anomalous approach to restrictions will not be practical in the real world.”

The Irish Winegrowers’ Federation (VFI) called it “another devastating day” for the pub business.

Managing Director Padraig Cribben said the removal of the 11:30 pm curfew was “a fig leaf” if bar counters were “off limits”.

“We thought this crisis was coming to an end on Friday, but now we are faced with the prospect of severely curtailed negotiations during the busiest time of the year,” he said.

“Instead, the government has guaranteed more pubs to close over the next few months.”

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Nightclub owners plead for a lifeline

The Union of Night Liquor Business Operators has called on President Hage Geingob to throw a lifeline to the industry by extending their hours of operation by two hours, as current regulations require nightclubs to close before 11:00 p.m.

The Union of Night Liquor Business Operators (Unlibo), which represents the interests of all nightclub owners across the country, said they needed immediate intervention or nightclubs could be forced to close. and hundreds of employees could lose their jobs.

Unlibo’s national coordinator Philip Ajueshi told the government bends over backwards for bar and shebeen owners, while club owners are being treated like outsiders and punished because of Covid-19.

He said they risked bankruptcy if the president did not immediately step in to save them from impending destruction, as many nightclubs are heavily in debt as they struggle to survive.

Ajueshi stressed that they cannot compete with the bars and shebeens open to all, while the nightclubs charge an entrance fee.

Ajueshi believes the health minister misled the president, after the union and its 37 or so members went to great lengths in several meetings to explain how the industry is affected and what it needs to stay afloat.

“We are living in hell and no one understands. The president is not the problem here, he trusts the reports he receives and they don’t give him the real truth. I’m sure the president would act immediately, just like he did with the bar and shebeen owners. He should respond to people’s cry or else they just have to say we have to shut down all the nightclubs in the country, ”he said.

The union’s grievances follow the announcement of the end of the curfew and the relaxation of several regulations put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The president on Friday adjusted the number of people allowed at public gatherings to 200 and ended the curfew to allow economic activity to resume. However, nightclubs are still only allowed to operate until 11:00 p.m.

“We really need the president to revise this and give the nightclubs at least a few extra hours so that we can make some income. We cannot wait for November 15th. We can’t take another loan to pay the October rent. We really need a lifeline, ”he said. – unpack. Online

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“Give nightclubs a chance to reopen safely as planned”

Businesses across the country are on a razor’s edge as they await a government decision on whether the easing of Covid restrictions will continue as planned next Friday.

October 22 was to be the date nightclubs would reopen and the remaining restrictions on other businesses such as pubs and restaurants would be lifted.

However, the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in recent days has put this plan in jeopardy.

During the week, the Tánaiste said that a decision on whether or not to proceed with the complete lifting of the restrictions will be made at the Cabinet meeting next Tuesday.

Business owners and those working in the entertainment and hospitality industry say they need clarity because their livelihoods are at stake.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan is the Managing Director of the Scholars Townhouse Hotel in Drogheda, Co. Louth.

“This has been the most difficult time of my career,” he said when asked how the past 18 months have been for the company.

The hotel had a busy few months when it reopened over the summer, but Mr McGowan said business has since plummeted and reservations for October and November were poor.

“Reservations are significantly lower than pre-pandemic activity levels which is concerning,” he said.

If restrictions ease next Friday as planned, McGowan said he believes it will give the business a much-needed boost.

For hotels, easing restrictions would mean they would no longer have to limit the number of people dining at each table in their restaurant, and they wouldn’t have to worry about social distancing.

“Guests could sit at a bar counter and enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail,” McGowan said, which is currently not allowed.

“Vertical consumption would be back, which would create the much needed atmosphere that has diminished since our business was curtailed,” he added.

Mr McGowan said they are currently taking reservations for larger groups for dates after next Friday and should cancel reservations for all tables over six if the restrictions are not relaxed.

“It would have a ripple effect, reducing turnover,” he said.

Next week, McGowan is hopeful the government decides to ease all restrictions in the hospitality industry – on guests who are vaccinated.

This would mean that the use of Covid digital certificates would continue, which was raised as a possibility by Minister Simon Harris, former Minister of Health on Morning Ireland last Friday.

Sunil Sharpe

Closed since the start of the pandemic, nightclubs were eager to welcome customers back to the dance floor next Friday.

Some places are “clinging to the skin of their teeth,” said Sunil Sharpe, DJ and spokesperson for the Give Us The Night campaign, a group that represents places and nightclubs across the country.

He hopes the government will continue the planned easing of restrictions on October 22.

“The October holidays and the Halloween period are big nights in the annual calendar for venues, promoters and artists.

“It’s a big chunk of vital revenue that the government will wipe out if it decides to keep us closed,” he said.

Sunil Sharpe, DJ

If the government decides to postpone the reopening, Sharpe said there would be many “logistical nightmares” to deal with.

“It’s going to cause a lot of problems, a lot of them financial of course, but what does it do for morale or mental well-being?” He asked.

“It is not an easy game, and the mental anguish this puts on business owners, staff, artists and the public cannot be quantified using simple financial numbers,” he said. -he declares.

Mr Sharpe said he did not believe the growing number of Covid-19 cases would justify delaying the reopening of clubs.

“Closing us due to a small situation of increasing cases that was inevitable as winter approached anyway would be a complete escape,” he said.

He said he believes the industry should be given the opportunity to safely reopen.

“Is it fair that our industry, which has had 19 months to learn about Covid-19 and prepare for a safe reopening, remains closed?” ” He asked.

“We are being tried with no possibility of reopening, and if the government thinks that closing the sites is going to prevent the spread of the virus, think again,” he said.

According to Sharpe, a prolonged closure of venues and events only increases unregulated gatherings.

“As we approach winter, the government should learn from the lessons of last year and understand that the virus does not stop spreading if you close businesses.

“If the government really values ​​the nighttime economy, it will find a way to get us to fully reopen on October 22,” he said.

Angela Ruttledge

Angela Ruttledge, owner of Monck’s Green restaurant and Olive’s Room tea room

Angela Ruttledge is the owner of Monck’s Green restaurant in Phibsborough and Olive’s Room tearoom in Clontarf, both in Dublin.

She asks the government to know when the remaining restrictions on her business will be lifted.

Like many, Ms Ruttledge is hoping the restrictions will be lifted as planned next Friday.

“Extending the date for easing the last of the restrictions would perpetuate the atmosphere of uncertainty that hangs over us,” she said.

At the moment, his two companies are limited in terms of the number of clients they can accommodate.

“The easing of the restrictions means that we will be able to take reservations for evenings that we have been quite limited so far due to the size of our premises at Monck’s Green.

“Obviously not having to check the Covid certificates and take details for contact tracing will make life a lot easier for our team,” she said.

Ms Ruttledge is also worried about what lies ahead for her businesses and said she was disappointed with some of the measures announced in Budget 2022 earlier this week.

“Over the past few months we have focused a lot on the future and our main concerns are with recruiting and the cost of doing business.

“I was hoping that the VAT rate would remain at 9% for at least the whole of 2022, and I am concerned about the effect on our competitiveness as a destination and also on the viability of many companies in our industry when it will go up., “she said.

Ronan Lynch

Ronan Lynch is the owner of Swan Bar, a traditional pub located on Aungier Street in Dublin city center.

Under current restrictions, Mr Lynch said the pub was operating at reduced capacity.

“We have to come back to full capacity because we have a lot of ground to catch up with due to the closures,” he said.

If the restrictions are lifted as planned next Friday, Mr Lynch said it would take a lot of pressure off the company.

“The amount of work involved in checking in clients, assigning them to a designated area and maintaining their tables is enormous.

“Being able to offer bar service would solve a lot of problems compared to the operating model,” he explained.

The Swan Bar, rue Aungier

At this point, Mr Lynch said he believed people should take personal responsibility for their own health.

“We have no excuse not to lift the restrictions because our immunization levels are the best.

“These are people who take personal responsibility and we must continue,” he said.

Mr Lynch said the industry must be allowed to return to the “new normal” as soon as possible.

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Montreal nightclub owners protest Quebec dance ban

MONTREAL – Closed since March 2020, Montreal nightclubs were arguably the businesses most affected during the COVID-19 pandemic and now owners are taking to the streets to demand that they finally be allowed to welcome again people on the dance floor.

As restaurants and bars rejoiced on Thursday when the Quebec government unexpectedly announced that these businesses will be able to operate at 100% capacity from November 1, nightclubs have been snubbed about soon-to-be relaxed health measures. .

From that date, bars will also be allowed to stay open until 3 a.m. instead of 2 a.m., however, dancing and karaoke are still prohibited under current regulations.

Owners like Tommy Piscardelli, owner of Stereo, an iconic Montreal nightlife spot for 23 years, say it was a slap in the face, not least because of the controversy last weekend where thousands of maskless fans were seen dancing inside the Bell Center at a Ricky Concert by Martin and Enrique Iglesias.

“It just made me even angrier because it’s, like, now that they’re really single [us out]He said in an interview with CTV News on Friday.

“We are literally the last business to open in the entire city of Montreal. “

He said the latest blow was the loss of federal government grants, such as the Canada Emergency Rent Grant (CRS) and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (SSUC), which are due to expire on October 23. . It is the same day Piscardelli and other bar owners chose to organize a big demonstration in Montreal.

The “Dancer’s right” The protest will look more like a parade, according to Piscardelli. Sound trucks will play music as crowds descend Park Avenue starting at 2 p.m. and ending at 8 p.m., according to a Facebook event.

“We are not anti-virus, we are not anti-government, anti-vaccine, anti-everything – we are for everything,” Piscardeli said.

“It’s a festive parade. It’s not – it’s nothing negative. It’s just to make noise, to let people know we’re here.

Piscardelli said he would gladly apply the vaccine passport to the door and even welcome a policy of masking inside if public health recommends it, provided it means it can reopen its doors.

The head of the Association des bars du Québec also stands behind the nightclubs.

Jean-Jacques Beauchamp, president of the Quebec Bar Association, CPBBTQ, also said he was disappointed by the province’s announcement on Thursday.

“Why is there still no dancing and no karaoke in a bar?” He said Thursday, adding that he intends to address the issues with Quebec officials next week.

The Department of Health and Human Services did not immediately respond to a request from CTV News regarding when dancing and karaoke would be allowed.

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NI nightclubs: New Covid rules as restrictions ease on Halloween

Halloween is set to be wild in Northern Ireland this year – not just because of the crazy costumes, but because nightclubs are finally going to reopen.

From October 31, a number of restrictions will be relaxed, including the reopening of clubs.

Club lovers across the country will no doubt be delighted to return to some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic nightlife spots.

But what exactly will the rules be when they get there?

From October 31, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen.

The restriction on indoor dancing will be lifted, which means clubbers can dance until they have a blast.

Ministers have agreed on a number of mitigations and it is believed that companies will be asked to verify vaccine certificates.

But vaccine verification will be a guide and not be a legal requirement.

The rules will also be relaxed in a number of other contexts in Northern Ireland.

People will be allowed to move around the reception areas and indoor areas, including the ability to stand up for a drink or eat food.

Social distancing in all settings will be done away with – and become a guideline rather than a law.

People will also be asked to minimize face to face contact.

Ministers agreed to keep the face covering rule mandatory in certain settings, such as shops.

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The nightclub essential item you need – Brig Newspaper

The nightclub essential item you need – Brig Newspaper

Welcome to Brig diary

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Welcome to Brig diary

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NHS Covid Passes are now required for nightclubs in Wales


People must present an NHS Covid Pass or demonstrate vaccination status to enter nightclubs and attend major events in Wales from Monday.

This means that everyone over 18 needs it to get into nightclubs, indoor events without seating for more than 500 people, such as concerts or conventions, outdoor events without seating for more than 4 000 people and any setting or event with more than 10,000 people in attendance.

People will also be able to show that they tested negative on the lateral flow test within the past 48 hours.

But those who fake a coronavirus test result or vaccination status commit a criminal offense and face a flat-rate fine.

Presenting a Covid Pass is already part of our collective effort to keep businesses open, with some major events, such as the success of the Green Man Festival, using it

The legislation was passed in the Senedd last week despite opposition from the Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats.

Wales faces some of the highest infection rates since the start of the pandemic, especially among young people.

Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said: “Our fantastic immunization program continues to strengthen, but the pandemic is not over.

“Cases remain high across Wales and sadly families across the country are losing loved ones to this terrible virus.

“The clear advice from our science advisers is that we need to take action now.

“The Covid Pass is only one part of a series of measures in place to help prevent people from spreading and catching the coronavirus while helping to keep the economy open.

“None of us want to see more closures and that businesses have to shut down again.

“Showing off a Covid Pass is already part of our collective effort to keep businesses open, with some major events, such as the success of the Green Man Festival, using it.

I just don’t think we should become a checkpoint society by introducing a vaccine passport

“Together, if we all continue to follow the clear guidelines to which we are all accustomed now, we will do all we can to keep Wales safe.”

Only people attending these places and events will need to show their Covid status.

Staff working or volunteering at these sites are encouraged to take lateral flow tests twice a week to make sure they don’t have the virus.

Workplaces are required by law to undertake Covid risk assessments and to put in place reasonable measures to ensure the safety of personnel.

The Welsh government will use the current enforcement regimes to monitor compliance.

A local could be issued with an improvement notice or a closure notice, while a fixed penalty notice and a maximum business fine of £ 10,000 can be issued.

Conservative health spokesman Russell George accused the Welsh government of doing an about-face after previously ruling out their introduction.

“I just don’t think we should become a checkpoint society by introducing a vaccine passport,” Mr George told Senedd last week.

We have asked many questions and have not received the assurances we requested, and it is for this reason that we feel unable to support these regulations.

Plaid Health spokesperson Rhun ap Iorwerth said his party was not against the principle of Covid passes but challenged the proposals in their current form, including the use of lateral flow testing.

“We have asked many questions and have not received the assurances we requested, and it is for this reason that we feel unable to support these regulations,” he said.

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Reign restaurant and nightclub violate closing order

The nightclub is supposed to be closed for a year. City now exploring what to do about the breach of order

ST. LOUIS – A downtown restaurant and nightclub are now facing more city problems after violating an order given to them just over a week ago.

A statement from Mayor Tishuara Jones’s office said city officials were notified of an event at the Reign Restaurant, located at 1122 Washington Ave, around 8 p.m. Friday. Police on bicycle patrol reacted quickly and ended the event without incident or arrest, according to the mayor’s office.

Since a shutdown order was issued by the City of St. Louis Problematic Properties Division on October 1, the city is now exploring next steps in regards to the violation of the order.

MORE: City of St. Louis: Reign Restaurant to Close for One Year

“The City of St. Louis, along with the business, community and civic leaders of the Downtown Engagement and Public Safety Initiative, are dedicated to activating downtown to create positive spaces for all and will continue to hold individuals and businesses accountable, ”the statement said. noted.

Reign has faced problems due to an outbreak of violence in the region, with many neighbors and neighboring businesses accusing the establishment of bringing violence and chaos to the Washington Avenue corridor.

In previous conversations with Reign’s owner Dana Kelly, she argued that crime trends occurred long before they opened their business.

READ: Restaurant owner Reign addresses violence issues blamed on her business

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Nightclubs in Italy to reopen at “35% capacity” – News

After almost two years, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen throughout Italy according to the Technical-Scientific Committee (CTS).

The phased reopening date has yet to be confirmed by the Italian government, although Milan mayor Beppe Sala said last week that it was now time to “reopen discos and clubs with all the rules. relevant and the Green Pass ”.

The “Green Pass” will serve as a club entry certificate, much like the UK equivalent of the COVID pass.

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Green Passes will become mandatory for workers in Italy from mid-October, which means everyone must have one or more of the usual trio: a negative test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. If you cannot provide a Green Pass, you could be suspended from your job and salary.

Now, Green Passes will also be mandatory for entry to nightclubs and bars – as well as masks inside, although these can be removed while dancing.

A reopening date has not yet been set but could be seen in the coming weeks. According to the CTS, clubs will only be allowed to open at 35% of their capacity indoors and 50% of their capacity outdoors.

The CTS also warned that nightclubs may “present the highest risk of spreading the virus,” and urged attendees to remain vigilant as nightlife returns.

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Meanwhile, the president of the Italian Union of Dance Clubs (SILB), Maurizio Pasca, also argued that “the conditions are not favorable, as they will affect costs” while pushing the government to review capacity limits .

The CTS hopes that these limits will be raised to 100% outdoors with 80% indoors in areas with lowercase letters, referred to as “white areas”.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag’s digital intern, follow her on Twitter

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Bars, nightclubs authorized to reopen

The herald

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke Grand reporter

Licensed bars and nightclubs can now reopen after being closed since March of last year, but only for those fully vaccinated and will still need to follow all other lockdown health rules and opening and cover times. fire allowed.

Speaking after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Minister of Information, Advertising and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa said the reopening came with the realization that the closure had resulted in lost revenue and jobs for operators and their staff.

“The Cabinet notes with concern that the continued closure of licensed bars and nightclubs has not only caused loss of income and unemployment, but has also resulted in the proliferation of illegal outlets.

“The Cabinet therefore ordered that all licensed bars be open to fully vaccinated customers,” she said.

However, bar owners will be required to ensure that the World Health Organization and national health protocols and guidelines are applied to prevent their licenses from being revoked.

Minister Mutsvangwa said bars should also adhere to curfew times.

In this, they will now be on the same footing as the restaurants, also allowed for a few weeks to be open for seated customers, but only those fully vaccinated and always having to close at 7 p.m.

Details and any variation in hours of operation for hospitality issues will come in the required changes to lockout regulations.

Under the level two lockdown measures, which have been extended for another two weeks, curfew hours extend from 10 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. while businesses operate between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Bottle shops were operating between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and again the amended regulations will announce any changes here.

Bar and club owners said the lifting of the ban on bars and nightclubs was a relief as the closure had caused a chain of negative effects for nearly two years.

Says Mr. Nhamo Zimuto, Owner of Boomerang Bars and Nightclubs: “The announcement brought relief to many people as we lost a lot of income during the time we were not in business. Ours is a massive industry and we employ a lot of people, but as it is, some operators might not be able to reopen because they didn’t generate any money during their shutdown. “

Operators would follow health protocols, he said, to ensure they continue to run their business and recover losses.

Pan-African Development Foundation President Ignatius Pamire said bars and nightclubs paid for their licenses during the time they were not operating and this had become a huge burden on most businesses.

“We welcome the situation where people can now resume their activities. We paid for our licenses despite the fact that we were not operating, so many operators will be keen to resume operations.

“A lot of people have lost their jobs and after such a long time some operators may not even be able to reopen,” he said.

He expressed hope that the government would consider offering a bailout package to some operators to make sure they get out of their predicament and start contributing to the country’s economic recovery.

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Vote due on plans to introduce Covid passes for nightclubs and events in Wales

Senedd members will decide today whether or not to support the Welsh government’s plans to introduce Covid passes for entry to nightclubs and major events.

If passed, the move will mean that from 11 October it will be mandatory for all Welsh nightclubs and events to require people to present a pass to confirm that they have been vaccinated or have received a negative test result.

When it was announced last month, the prime minister said he was introducing the measure to help curb the spread of the coronavirus – as rates hit “very high levels” in the country.

It’s likely that Mark Drakeford will win the vote today, but that’s not a given and depends on how Plaid Cymru decides to vote.

Mark Drakeford will need at least one vote from opposition parties to support the introduction of the Covid passes. Credit: AP Images

Although Labor is by far the largest party in the Senedd, the 60 seats are split evenly with the opposition parties.

The Conservatives and Jane Dodds, the Liberal Democrat MP, will certainly oppose this decision. If Plaid Cymru also said no, the votes would be tied.

In this situation, Llywydd (Chairman) Elin Jones should either support the status quo (i.e. not introduce the regime) or continue the debate.

Plaid Cymru MSs are meeting this morning to decide their position. They have reportedly requested further details from the Welsh government.

However, voting against the project would be a major step for the party, increasing the likelihood that it will abstain, allowing the motion to pass.

The Conservatives have made it clear that they will oppose the plan.

Shadow Minister of Health Russell George MS said his party was “against the introduction of such documentation from the outset, because of the broad ethical, equality, confidentiality, legal and operational ramifications.”

He added: “The timing of its implementation in Wales by ministers is questionable and will come weeks after the peak of the Labor government’s own modeling of the last wave, and around two months after these events resumed. on a large scale at sites across the country.

“And there are many questions about the effectiveness and application of such a measure, particularly with regard to testing, and the impact it will have on businesses, jobs and the economic recovery of the country. Wales.

“For many people across Wales, even those who could support such a restriction, this sadly sounds like another example of Cardiff Bay Labor Ministers closing the stable door after the horse has been bolted. “

If the rules are passed, they would come into effect on Monday, October 11. Credit: AP Images

The only Liberal Democrat in the Senedd is also expected to vote against.

When the plan was announced, Jane Dodds said: “I understand that a lot of people want to get back to a sense of normalcy, but vaccine passports are not the way to do it and we have to be careful of the precedent they set. .

“These are medical ID cards apart from the name and the Welsh Liberal Democrats will lead the fight against their introduction.

“The introduction of the cards would mean that for the first time you will be required to provide your private medical data to a stranger to enjoy certain freedoms in our society, but this will not really help reduce transmission rates.

“Passports for vaccines are a violation of our civil liberties, and they will disproportionately exclude black and ethnic minority communities who have, to date, been more reluctant than others to be vaccinated.”

“Vaccines are certainly our way out of the pandemic, but vaccine passports are not. “

Mark Drakeford has insisted that the Welsh Covid pass system is not a vaccine passport.

He said: “It is clearly not a vaccination passport – you can get a Covid pass without being vaccinated” and this difference avoids “difficult ethical issues” regarding people who cannot be vaccinated for various reasons.

For England, the British government decided not to introduce vaccine passports, but the Prime Minister said they remained an option if the situation worsened.

Passports for vaccines are introduced in Scotland.

Zero Alert Level: Covid Rules Explained in Wales

Starting at 6 a.m. on August 7, there will no longer be any legal limits on the number of people who can meet, including in private homes, public places or at events.

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Which businesses can reopen?

All businesses that are currently still closed will be able to reopen. This includes nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

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What about self-isolation?

From midnight August 7, fully vaccinated adults and children and youth under the age of 18 will no longer need to self-isolate if identified as close contacts of someone with coronavirus.

This was announced by the Prime Minister Last week.

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It is not yet clear whether the “two-meter rule” under which companies are required by law to ensure social distancing in the workplace will be dropped.

Welsh government sources say this is one of the latest details being discussed.

In its announcement, the government says buildings and workplaces will have “more flexibility” in “reasonable measures they take” to minimize the risk of the virus.

“These should be tailored to their risk assessment and their specific circumstances.”

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Nightclub moves forward with concert by British rapper with anti-Semitic past despite backlash

Rapper Wiley arrives for the Brit Awards, at the O2 Arena in London, Britain on February 22, 2017. Photo: Reuters / Neil Hall.

A nightclub in the UK continued the scheduled performance of British rapper Wiley on Saturday, ignoring calls to cancel the concert due to the artist’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks last year.

Wiley, real name Richard Kylea Cowie, has performed at Preston’s Switch nightclub as part of the University of Central Lancashire’s (UCLAN) Preston Freshers 2021 events lineup. Video sequences shared online shows the rapper on stage Saturday in a packed house.

In 2020, the “Boasty” singer launched an online anti-Semitic rant that lasted a few days, during which he described Jews as “cowards” and “snakes” and told “blacks” to go to “war” with the Jewish people. He also promoted the false conspiracy theory that the Jews were responsible for the slave trade.

After critics engaged in a 48-hour boycott on Twitter and Instagram to protest the failure of social media giants to take action against Wiley, the rapper was banned from various online platforms and let go by his label and his manager. He has since been able to open new accounts on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The United Kingdom’s Jewish Students’ Union (UJS), UCLAN Students’ Union and National Students’ Union last week called on Switch to cancel the concert, but to no avail.

“It is appalling that Switch Preston has decided to organize this event, despite the outrage of Jewish students at Wiley’s previous anti-Semitic comments,” the UJS said on Twitter on Monday. “The club were fully aware of Wiley’s anti-Semitic conduct, but arrogantly decided to hold this event anyway.”

The performance also took place despite an arrest warrant for Wiley that was issued after he failed to appear in court on assault charges, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

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5 best nightclub locations in GTA 5 Online for 2021

Night clubs in Grand Theft Auto 5 are more than a way to have fun. And if you’re wondering which nightclubs are right for you, here’s everything you need to know.

Of course, most gamers frequent the nightclubs of GTA 5 to go crazy and have fun. However, there are several nightclubs in GTA 5 Online in which players can invest to generate passive income. The good thing is that you don’t have to visit the nightclub too often; it will create money for you while you are busy finding other business opportunities.

Unfortunately, for new players it is often difficult to determine which are the best nightclub locations in GTA Online. Well, don’t worry because in this article we have mentioned five amazing nightclubs that you should definitely buy in-game.

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GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Trailer



GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Trailer





Best nightclub locations in GTA Online (2021)

1. West Vinewood Nightclub

Image Credit – GTA Base

GTA Online introduced West Vinewood Nightclub on July 24, 2018. The property comes with the 1.44 After Hours update, and it will cost you $ 1,700,000 to purchase this property. However, with a storage capacity of 36 vehicles, the nightclub is worth every penny.

Site: Vinewood West, north of Los Santos
Price: $ 1,700,000
Or buy: Maze bank foreclosures

2. Vinewood Town Center Nightclub

Image Credit – GTA Base

Located in Downtown Vinewood, North Los Santos, Downtown Vinewood Nightclub almost costs around the property at the first location. It was introduced in the 1.44 After Hours update in 2018, and it is priced at $ 1,670,000. Finally, it also has a stage capacity of 36 vehicles. So basically the nightclub gives you everything West Vinewood nightclub has, but the good thing is that it costs $ 30,000 cheap.

Site: Downtown, north of Los Santos
Price: $ 1,670,000
Or buy: Maze bank foreclosures

3. Strawberry nightclub

Image Credit – GTA Base

Interestingly, this nightclub is housed in a new paint factory in Strawberry, in southern Los Santos. The property has an excellent and crowded atmosphere, especially at night. However, you will need to save $ 1,525,000 to get your hands on this property.

Site: Strawberry, South of Los Santos
Price: $ 1,525,000
Or buy: Maze bank foreclosures

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4. Del Perro nightclub

Image Credit – GTA Base

According to Del Perro Nightclub’s description, this is a 1920s-style building that will give you a “post-ironic” thrill. Costing just $ 1,645,000, the property is located in North Los Santos and has space for 36 vehicles. So if you have that amount of money to invest in a business, maybe you should consider buying this nightclub at GTA online.

Site: Del Perro, North of Los Santos
Price: $ 1,645,000
Or buy: Maze bank foreclosures

5. Mission Row nightclub

Image Credit – GTA Base

Finally, the last on our list is the Mission Row nightclub, located in Mission Row in downtown Los Santos. The property was introduced in 2018 and since then it has been considered one of the best nightclubs in GTA Online. Plus, priced at $ 1,440,000, it’s also the cheapest compared to the other properties on the list.

Site: Mission Row, downtown Los Santos
Price: $ 1,440,000
Or buy: Maze bank foreclosures

So here are some of the best places for nightclubs in GTA 5 Online you might find in 2021. Of course, there are other properties in the game that might interest you. However, we have decided to narrow the list to just five nightclubs at this time.

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Ibiza and Barcelona nightclubs to reopen on October 8

Ibiza and Barcelona nightclubs to reopen on October 8

Ibiza and Barcelona nightclubs allowed to reopen their establishments October 8 following the respective COVID-19 measures.

As the respective governments finish clarifying the regulations, Ibiza nightclubs will be able to reopen again after a 2-year hiatus. According to Ibiza Diary, an agreement has been reached and the nightclubs will be allowed to reopen their doors on October 8, after several meetings held between the Balearic Nightclub association and the local government. The conditions are that nightclubs will have to require from all accompanying persons a complete vaccination record, a negative PCR test or proof of having transmitted the virus within the last 6 months, in order to be able to enter the club. Health authorities will follow this closely.

The Balearic government has already sought permission from the Balearic Islands Superior Court of Justice to approve these COVID-19 measures. If approved, the maximum authorized capacity will be limited to 75%, with the obligation to wear a mask to access the dance floor and consumption will only be allowed in a seated position. Closing time will be 05:00 at the latest.

The spokesperson for the government of the Balearic Islands, Iago Negueruela stressed during a press conference that the government is abolishing a good part of the restrictions, with which “the Balearic Islands is almost back to normal. “even though he stressed that people must be responsible “the coronavirus is still there”.

Although some clubs like Hi and Ushuaia have already ruled out the idea of ​​opening this season, others like Amnesia Ibiza will open its doors. Pacha Ibiza and DC10 are still thinking about it.

On the other hand, the indoor discos in Catalonia, the Barcelona region, will also reopen their doors. Venues with more than 10,000 participants will have their capacity capped at 60% and like Ibiza, they will require the full vacation pass, a negative covid test, or a cure from the virus. For this, the Catalan government will launch a specific application that will validate this.

Image Credit: Amnesia Ibiza (via Facebook)

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Student groups tell UK nightclub: Let UK rapper Wiley play ‘sends message that anti-Semitism is tolerated’

Wiley on stage on Day 1 of the Fusion Festival, at Cofton Park in Birmingham, England on August 31, 2013. Photo: Katja Ogrin / Reuters.

A nightclub in the UK is facing pressure from several student groups to cancel a live performance by British rapper Wiley scheduled for Saturday due to the artist’s anti-Semitic past.

Wiley, real name Richard Kylea Cowie, is scheduled to perform at Switch nightclub in Preston as part of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) The Preston Freshers 2021 program events, which span two weeks in several locations.

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Neighbors say Prince George’s house looks like a nightclub after dark – NBC4 Washington

Some residents of a Maryland neighborhood accuse their new neighbors of running an illegal nightclub outside their home.

They say over the past few months they have seen hundreds of cars come in and a lot of drunk people leave

“There seems to be a party house, an underground type of illegal movement in this particular house down the street,” said Karen Southerland. “It’s what we would call an after-hours joint.”

The predominantly senior group has lived in the Lanham community for decades. Their Ring cameras and cellphones have captured what appears to be a nighttime party that gets noisy at times.

“There are 25, sometimes 30 cars at a time arriving on a Friday night, a Saturday night,” Southerland said. “Saturday and Sunday are the worst.”

A Nest camera recorded a man appearing to trip and fall to the edge of a neighbor’s driveway. He stayed there for almost an hour until a woman helped him up.

“Just the garbage, and they have no problem urinating in front of your property when they come out,” Glenn Kersey said. “They don’t care.”

Video shows a man wandering aimlessly through people’s yards.

“When the police arrive in the neighborhood, they warn everyone so that people are asked to get back into their cars or to lie down, so that when the police arrive the neighborhood is just quiet,” Ronald said. Carlson.

Owner Christina Tezock has denied throwing parties or hosting a club.

“No, we don’t have a party,” she said. “It’s like a reunion. Like I told you, it’s like a family reunion that always meets on Saturdays. Yeah, it’s not a party. Trust me.”

She showed a notice sent to her home by the Inspection and Enforcement Department explaining that business activity is illegal in residential neighborhoods. She said she plans to continue her gatherings as they are not commercial.

“We don’t charge anything for anyone,” she said.

Neighbors say they want their quiet neighborhood back.

“We can’t sleep because of the noise, and it’s just not fair,” Southerland said.

The Enforcement and Inspections Department and the Prince George County Police Department said they would continue to monitor the situation.

The Department of Permit Enforcement and Inspections issued a statement saying it was aware of the complaints and that the case would be referred to the Nuisance Control Council this month for a hearing. If there is a public nuisance, the owner can be fined and other penalties.

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1,271 confirmed Covid cases as September marks highest monthly death rate since March

There were 1,271 confirmed cases of Covid-19 tonight ahead of the nation’s nightclub pilot event.

The Department of Health has reported 297 Covid patients to the hospital, including 59 in intensive care.

The latest figures show that the 14-day incidence rate in the country is 395 per 100,000 population. He is at his highest level in Donegal, Carlow and Monaghan.

The Health Ministry confirmed that 40 people died from the virus last week – up from 30 last week – and 24 the week before.

There have been 102 Covid-related deaths reported this month – the highest since March.

Three weeks before the majority of Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, a leading infectious disease expert has said we need to adopt a ‘living with Covid’ message from October 22.

Dr Jack Lambert, professor of infectious diseases at UCD, says we have to accept that Covid is with us for the long term and that people will continue to die.

“In influenza pandemics, people die. We are vaccinating against the flu but the vaccine is not 100% effective so we need to have the same message for people with Covid.

“Covid is still going to kill people. It kills a lot fewer people now that we have the vaccination, but it’s still a deadly virus.”

Dr Lambert says the message that all restrictions will end next month is not correct.

“The ‘living with Covid’ message should be: Yes, we should open nightclubs. Yes, we should keep schools open. Yes, we should have outdoor sporting events that a lot of people could attend.

“But that doesn’t mean throwing off your masks or throwing away social distancing or we shouldn’t continue to be careful.”

450 people will attend a pilot nightclub event in Dublin

Pictured speaking to the media inside the Button Factory in Temple Bar this afternoon, Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media Minister Catherine Martin TD welcomes the pilot nightclub event taking place there tonight. Photo: Sasko Lazarov / Photocall Ireland

Hundreds of people will be heading to a nightclub in Ireland tonight for the first time in over 18 months.

The industry hopes the pilot event will mark the start of a return to normal for clubs.

Nightclubs have been closed since March of last year, but tonight 450 people will attend an event at the Button Factory in Dublin.

Participants will need to have a Digital Covid Cert and a negative antigen test.

Jordan, whose stage name is Dart, is DJing tonight and he thinks it will be an emotional night for many people.

The capacity of the hall will be 60% tonight and Arts Minister Catherine Martin hopes that the clubs will be able to operate at full capacity by October 22.

“We have to test the ventilation, the C02, not to wear masks, to see how social distancing does not work,” she said.

Nine Irish DJs are on the program for tonight’s event which starts at 8:30 p.m. and continues until 12:30 a.m.

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The story of one of Chicago’s hottest nightclubs brought back to the limelight

CHICAGO – At the corner of Belmont Avenue and Sheffield Avenue in Chicago, which is now the Milio Barber Shop, has a lot of history.

It was once home to one of Chicago’s hippest nightclubs. Havana Madrid was responsible for bringing names like Celia Cruz and Tito Puente to the city. He was known to energize the Latino community through music and dance.

This was for a decade in the 1960s at 959 West Belmont. But he had almost been forgotten.

In 2017, playwright and actress Sandra Delgado rekindled her story with a musical titled after the club. She spent months researching and eventually came into contact with the family of the club’s original owner Luis Aloma, including his daughter Carolina Aloma Gibbs.

“My father was the founder and owner of Havana Madrid,” she said. “He was the second Cuban baseball player to come from Cuba to the Chicago White Sox. “

Their story shed light on the impact Latinos had on the Lakeview community in the 1960s and beyond.

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Bangor nightclub murderer sentenced to 32 years for murder

A Bangor man was sentenced to 32 years in prison on Wednesday for the stabbing death of Demetrius Snow, 25, on February 1, 2020, in the parking lot of Half Acre nightclub on Harlow Street.

In May, a jury found Rayshaun Moore, 36, guilty of murder.

Moore denied killing the Bangor man, whom he knew. He claimed that another man who was in the parking lot that night took a knife from Moore and stabbed Snow.

Superior Court Judge William Anderson said that in deciding what sentence to impose, he considered Snow and others assaulted Moore earlier that evening in the same parking lot.

“I think what happened before is a very important factor in this conviction,” the judge said in imposing Moore’s sentence at the Penobscot Judicial Center.

The prosecution recommended a 48-year sentence while the defense urged the judge to impose a 25-year sentence.

Snow was stabbed seven times but died of a heart injury, Maine deputy chief medical examiner Dr Lisa Funte said during Moore’s spring trial.

Snow was taken to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center where he was pronounced dead after 1 a.m. on February 1, 2020.

Moore offered his condolences to the Snow family on Wednesday and apologized for his role in the victim’s death.

Snow was one of 12 children and had moved to Maine in 2015 or 2016 from Rochester, New York.

Her mother and three of her sisters urged the judge to hand down a long sentence. Two of the sisters told Moore that they forgave him. The other said his brother would have turned 27 on Tuesday.

The victim’s mother, Sherri Snow, had just lost a daughter in a car crash six weeks before her son was murdered, she told Anderson.

“The last time I spoke to Demetrius was on my birthday, January 30, and he was killed on February 1,” she told the judge. “I want you to know, Rayshaun, that you took a brother, an uncle, a son, a nephew from our family.

“Your honor, I ask the maximum,” she continued. “It won’t bring my son back, but it will end me and my family.”

Moore moved to Maine in 2017 for a relationship, said his lawyer, Hunter Tzovarras of Bangor. The defendant worked in restaurants in Grand Bangor.

The lawyer released a video of Moore’s 15-year-old son asking for leniency from the judge.

“I really need my dad in my life,” said judge George Anthony Moore of Brockton, Massachusetts. “She is a very, very good person. He needs rehabilitation as a punishment.

Nightclub security cameras filmed the fight between Moore and Snow and the aftermath of the stabbing, but did not show who wielded the knife. The stabbing took place on a snow bank out of reach of the camera. Snow was able to get up and stagger before collapsing.

The prosecution argued that Moore’s murder of Snow was an act of revenge because earlier that evening Snow assaulted Moore in the Half Acre parking lot.

The defense claimed that Kevin Brogdon Sr., 29, of Bangor took Moore’s knife from him and stabbed Snow. Brogdon spoke during the trial and denied this. He had never seen or touched the murder weapon, he said.

Before the trial began, Moore rejected an offer that he would plead guilty to murder in exchange for a 38-year sentence, lawyers said.

Anderson allowed jurors to consider manslaughter as an alternative conviction to murder, but they rejected that option.

Moore risked between 25 years and life imprisonment. Had the jury found him guilty of manslaughter, Moore would have faced up to 30 years in prison.

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Castro The Cafe nightclub reopens this weekend after a nearly 19-month closure, Sunday tea and all

Most – but not all – of San Francisco’s nightlife has become open again in recent months, now that people can be indoors with no capacity limits as long as they’re vaccinated. But among the Castroist institutions that have remained dark, there are Coffee. Everything changes this weekend.

As advertised on the club website and his Facebook, Thursday, September 30 marks the kick-off of the Café reopening weekend. Things start with the weekly Picante Latin Night, featuring SF-based non-binary artist DJ Adrian and Frida Mont. And, as in all nightclubs in the city, proof of vaccination is required at the door, and a mask is required when entering, using the facilities and when ordering at the bar.

The cafe was only reopened after a mid-2019 renovation for a few months when the pandemic forced it to close again last March. With its large capacity, the Café was one of the many nightclubs in Castro that had to close days before other bars in the area, along with Badlands, Toad Hall, and Beaux.

Photo: Steven Bracco / Hoodline

The owners did not cite any reason for the delay in reopening, but vaguely announced in July that that would happen soon, as Hoodline reported.

As a nightclub, The Cafe dates back to 1976, when the space first opened as The Cafe San Marcos – which had a small restaurant on the first floor that would later be occupied by Bisou. The club’s current incarnation, which has undergone several renovations, dates back to a change of ownership in 1992, and it has long included two partially enclosed outdoor patios, as well as a pool table, two bars and a multi-party dance floor. levels.

The Café approx. 1992 or ’93. Photo: Max Kirkeberg / SFSU

The new weekly weekend party list includes a Friday night party featuring EDM, dark pop and hip hop; and a Saturday party with DJ Deft and special guests you can count on with lots of pop music. Most of the venue’s parties have a $ 5 or $ 10 cover charge, but these are currently unannounced.

On Sunday October 3, longtime SF promoter Gus Bean is hosting a Castro Street Fair dance tea after-party at the cafe called Sweet Tea, with DJ Kimberly S. Kicking off at 5 p.m. with $ 10 coverage.

Elsewhere in the Castro, when it comes to nightclubs, Beaux is back and fully open since mid-June, and Toad Hall has reopened as well. Badlands remained closed after the announcement of a final closure last year, but rumor has it that it could still reopen under a new name.

Q Bar on Castro Street remains dark after a fire in November 2019 which also damaged the retail space next door. He also promised to reopen.

At the bottom of the Café, the Bisou space and the former Subway restaurant remain vacant.

Photo of the cafe after its renovation in mid-2019, courtesy of The Cafe

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Woman sexually assaulted after Ormskirk nightclub visit

Police are appealing to find a potential witness after a woman was sexually assaulted.

A sexual assault reportedly took place overnight until Sunday August 1 after the victim, a 22-year-old woman, visited the Alpine Club Lodge in Ormskirk.

However, it is not yet clear where the alleged attack took place.

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After combing through hours of CCTV, the police have now issued a CCTV call.

They want to speak to the man portrayed as a potential witness.

Police have launched a CCTV call to locate a man they wish to speak to as a potential witness

DC Dave Rigby of Ormskirk CID said: “We have combed through hours of CCTV and are able to share a picture of a man we want to speak to as a potential witness.

“We want to know exactly what happened, and that person could have key information.

“If this is you or if you think you know who this person is, please contact us as soon as possible. Likewise, if you think you know something about what happened, please let us know.

Anyone with information can email [email protected] or call 101 quoting incident reference 388 of August 1.

Alternatively, information can be reported through an independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111 or online at

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Vaccine passports would be needed for nightclubs and sports under Covid Plan B

Passports for vaccines will be required for those who frequent nightclubs, concert halls, festivals and sports grounds in England as part of the government’s Emergency Plan B for fall and winter.

The proposal will only be introduced if the country faces a difficult winter with an increase in Covid cases during the colder months, the government said.

He said on Monday he was convinced Plan A would prevent the NHS from facing unsustainable pressure, but released his plan B saying if it was necessary it should act quickly and adopt measures like vaccine certification short term.

As of Monday, 40 more people had died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19, bringing the UK total to 136,208, and there had been an additional 37,960 laboratory-confirmed cases.

The Plan B proposals build on the findings of a vaccine passport review earlier this year, which concluded that certification could help keep events and businesses open.

They explained how all visitors aged 18 and over to certain events could be required to be fully immunized.

The events listed are all nightclubs and other venues open after 1 a.m. with alcohol, music and dancing, and indoor events with 500 or more attendees where they are likely to be. stand and mingle to a significant degree, or move around during the event, such as as concert halls or large receptions.

The plan also includes crowded outdoor environments with 4,000 or more attendees where they are likely to stand or move around during the event, such as festivals, and all settings with 10,000 or more people, such as major sporting and musical stadiums.

(PA Graphics) (PA Graphics)

Staff aged 18 or over in facilities may also be required to be tested regularly if they are not fully immunized or exempt.

The government is seeking advice from businesses, event planners and venue operators on its proposals by October 12.

Health Minister Maggie Throup said: “Our fall and winter plan puts us on a safe footing and gives the whole country the best possible chance of living with Covid-19 in the months to come. come, without the need for unwanted social and economic restrictions.

“The vaccination program has tipped the scales in our favor in our common fight against this virus and while we are fully convinced that the prudent measures we are taking will help eliminate the need for mandatory vaccination certificates, we must be prepared to all scenarios.

“We know that these kinds of contingency plans will only work if businesses and the public have a say and I urge anyone who may have to use certification: give us your perspective, give us your ideas. “

The government said it continues to encourage voluntary use of certification and the NHS Covid Pass.

Over 200 events and venues have used the certification on a voluntary basis over the summer, including Premier League matches, festivals such as the Reading and Leeds and All Points East festivals, some nightclubs and the BBCs Proms.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said earlier this month that pressures on A&E and increased hospital admissions could trigger Plan B.

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Naughty details spotted in nightclub photos go viral

Some hilarious details spotted in a series of images taken in the UK nightclub turned a somewhat innocent evening into a viral sensation on social media.

Caught at a Leicester nightclub called Twitter user Mosh @ Lskiv_67 shared two photos that left the internet in stitches.

“Need a night out in Mosh ASAP,” @ Lskiv_67 wrote, alongside an image of two men looking at a camera and a man and woman huddled together. Pretty innocent – until you look at the suggestive details.

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A man appears to have moved closer to a woman pictured leaning against him, based on the foundation marks on his nose, lips and cheeks.

A Twitter user joked that the man looked like he had “a bag of Wotsits”, a British brand of cheesy corn puffs that often leave orange residue on their hands and mouth.

One person wrote that the man looked like he had “spaghetti bolognese around the chops”.

Another user, apparently dating Mosh, wrote: “I love that I have never been sober enough in Mosh to remember what it looks like on the inside.”

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Another photo of two men smiling enthusiastically at the camera also made Twitter laugh, albeit for a different reason.

While posing for the photo, a blond man appears to have had an unfortunate accident with his drink, and his mate has been an unwitting victim – with his arm around his friend, the blond man points his open-lid drink towards the down, knocking her down through her friend.

Stimulating a trip down memory lane for the people of Leicester, many recalled their own evenings before the coronavirus pandemic.

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“An unparalleled experience. I went there every weekend for a year and it took a decade of my life,” one user joked.

“I spent almost every Tuesday night of my three years of college in this sweaty, high-level blunder,” wrote another.

Others, meanwhile, don’t have fond memories of Mosh.

“Nobody needs a night out at Mosh,” wrote one user, with another saying: “As a person from Leicester, I can guarantee you certainly don’t need a night out at Mosh . “

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Rowdy celebrations and brawls erupt in Norway as COVID restrictions end

HELSINKI – Norwegian police on Sunday reported dozens of unrest and violent clashes, including mass brawls in major cities across the Nordic country after streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs were filled with people celebrating the end of COVID-19 restrictions that have lasted for over a year.

The Norwegian government abruptly announced on Friday that most of the remaining coronavirus restrictions would be removed from Saturday and life in the nation of 5.3 million people would return to normal.

The unexpected announcement by outgoing Prime Minister Erna Solberg to drop coronavirus restrictions the next day took many Norwegians by surprise and led to chaotic scenes in the capital, Oslo, and elsewhere in the country.

“It has been 561 days since we introduced the toughest measures in Norway in peacetime,” Solberg said at a press conference on Friday. “Now the time has come to get back to normal everyday life. “

Loud celebrations by hundreds of citizens across Norway began on Saturday afternoon and lasted until the early hours of Sunday. Police said unrest had been reported in several places, including the southern city of Bergen and the central city of Trondheim, but the situation was worst in Oslo.

Long lines were seen outside Oslo’s nightclubs, bars and restaurants on Saturday night and police recorded at least 50 brawls and unrest overnight. Neither vaccination status certificates nor negative test results are required to enter such sites in Norway.

“This is exactly what I predicted,” club manager Johan Hoeeg Haanes in Oslo told Norwegian newspaper VG. “It was a potentially life-threatening situation in the city because they (the government) didn’t give us at least a few days’ notice. It was a dangerous situation, as police said all places were crowded. “

Among other incidents, Norwegian media reported that police received an alert about a man carrying a machete on a bus in Oslo and people passed out while waiting to enter pubs in Trondheim.

“There was a significantly heavier workload (Saturday) than during the summer. It was already very crowded in the afternoon and it continued into the night, ”Oslo police spokesman Rune Hekkelstrand told Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

Solberg responded to criticism of the sudden decision to reopen the company, saying Norwegian health experts backed the measure.

“We will not have strict measures (coronavirus) unless they are professionally justified. People should be allowed to live as they wish, ”Solberg told VG on Saturday evening.

Norway is the second country in the Nordic region to lift COVID-19 restrictions after Denmark on September 10.

More than 76% of the Norwegian population has received a dose of the vaccine, and nearly 70% have received both injections, according to official figures.

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Hereford’s Lost Nightclubs

HEREFORD has seen plenty of nightclubs parade over the years, but which one would you bring back?

This is exactly what we asked the people of Hereford, and here is what they had to say.

Manhattans, in St Peters Street, has been mentioned several times.

Andy Catley, who started Manhattans with Mark Spalding in 1993 as Manhattans Suite and Video Bar, closed in October 2011 to make it a craft market.

Hereford Times: Andy Catley, owner of Manhattans Andy Catley, owner of Manhattans

Now the School Uniform Shop is where clubbers once danced.

For those who grew up in the county in the 1990s, they were lucky enough to have one of the UK’s biggest club nights on their doorstep, Crystal Rooms.

Hereford Times: Crystal Rooms nightclub, Bridge Street, Hereford Crystal Rooms nightclub, Bridge Street, Hereford

The club seemed to be the favorite with most of the comments referring to its concerts and their various nights.

People remembered their evenings at the popular club on Bridge Street.

Hereford Times: Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street

Emily Leroy said: “Rooms. Always rooms. It will never be anything like this.”

Ed Sulman fondly remembered the best DJs the club drew.

Ed Sulman said: “The naughty but nice Crystal Rooms used to have the best DJs, just draw Tony by Vit John W Fleming and many others, I remember the lines that did it all around the corner of the church, it’s always the phone for a late pass. ”

Hereford Times: Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street

Leon Bullock said: “100% must be naughty but nice venues have really started to attract top DJs.”

Today the building houses the NFTO bicycle store.

Others remembered The Jailhouse, known as an “alternative place” and nicknamed “Jaily” on Gaol Street.

Hereford Times: Lee Symonds and Anthony Murphy have made the decision to close Jailhouse nightclub after seven years on the Gaol Street site Lee Symonds and Anthony Murphy have made the decision to close Jailhouse nightclub after seven years on the Gaol Street site

It had its last night in December 2014 when its leaders made the decision to leave.

Landlord Steve Harrison previously said the building’s levels of negotiation and the failure to renegotiate leases meant it was no longer sustainable.

Ed Lindsay said: “The Jaily – the best residents in the county and the best concerts every week.”

Fusion Nightclub, also previously owned by Harrison and home to Dusk Nightclub, closed less than a month later.

Other people mentioned were Marilyns, Love Joys, Booth, Redhill Hostel, and Cherrys.

Over time, Hereford clubs have come and gone, but the memories of drinking alcopops and dancing on sticky floors will always remain.

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Liquor license suspended for New Haven nightclub after massive brawl and shootout – NBC Connecticut

The Consumer Protection Department issued a liquor license suspension for a New Haven nightclub after a major brawl and shooting Thursday.

Officials said Terminal 110, located on Sargent Drive, received the summary suspension after a police dismissal over events that occurred in the wee hours of September 23.

DCP officials said Terminal 110 was the scene of a major brawl and shootout in which at least one person was shot and three shots were fired. Officials say the incident resembles another shooting incident that occurred earlier this month when 27 assorted used bullet casings, one live bullet and two bullet fragments were found around the club’s parking lot.

Police chief Renee Dominguez said officers working at the nightclub heard several gunshots upon release on September 5. They were unable to locate any suspects due to the large crowd. However, they noticed that three cars in the club parking lot had been hit. by bullets, according to Dominguez.

In the incident on September 23, an officer working at the club was alerted by a bouncer that a big brawl was taking place inside. After everyone was evacuated, three gunshots were heard coming from the parking lot, police said.

A person involved in the shooting who fled the scene in a vehicle was ultimately taken into custody after a brief foot chase. The man appeared to be suffering from a gunshot wound in the groin and was taken to hospital with injuries where he was listed in stable condition, police said.

Another man suspected of being involved in the shooting has not been located by police. Officials said the manager of Terminal 110 had agreed to provide surveillance footage of the shooting.

“I am grateful that the New Haven Police Department brought this matter to my attention and I believe this immediate suspension is justified and necessary to remedy this very serious situation,” said DCP Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull , in a press release. “The occurrence of two shootings at this site in a few weeks is a huge threat to public safety and highlights the need for better control of the site by our licensees. People should feel safe entering any facility that holds one of our licenses. “

The nightclub will not be allowed to serve alcohol until further notice.

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Formal charges laid in fatal shootout outside Whiskey River nightclub


The Miller County District Attorney’s Office has formally charged a man and woman in a July shooting at Whiskey River nightclub in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Tandraniqua Burris, 28, and Jacious Johnson, 19, face murder and aggravated assault charges in a July 10 shooting that left one dead and one woman injured.

Burris allegedly drove a small silver car with Johnson in the passenger seat around midnight as he traveled the 300 block of East 49th Street where the bar is located, according to probable cause documents. A witness reported that Aaron Brown, 33, was crossing the road when the silver car pulled up and someone shouted, “Do you have a problem? “

Brown reportedly walked towards the car before several gunshots were heard and Brown fell to the ground. A woman near the scene was shot in the leg.

Burris and Johnson were both charged with murder in Brown’s death. If found guilty, they face 10 to 40 years or life imprisonment. An improvement alleges the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime. If the improvement turns out to be true, Burris and Johnson face up to 15 years in prison which must be served consecutively to any murder sentence.

Burris and Johnson have been charged with aggravated assault over an injury allegedly sustained by a woman near the scene of the shooting. If found guilty, they face up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $ 10,000.

Burris has been charged with possession of a firearm by some people for alleged possession of a firearm with a previous felony conviction. She faces 5 to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 15,000 for this charge if found guilty.


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Holiday in Spain: Boost for Irish tourists as hot spot nightclubs reopen for those vaccinated

Irish holidaymakers heading to Valencia in the coming months will be able to enjoy the nightlife thanks to new government proposals.

As the number of cases begins to drop in the holiday hotspot, regional president Ximo Puig said health officials plan to reopen all nightlife as early as October 9.

Plans are underway to ensure that all vaccinated people are allowed entry as long as they have documentation proving they have received both doses.

Confirmation of details has yet to be given, but it is understood that unvaccinated people would also be allowed in with negative test results or proof of recovery from the virus.

Local Covid measures are under review on September 27, shortly after which an official update is expected to be given.

nightclubs reopen for those vaccinated” content=””/>
Boost for Irish tourists as spanish hotspot nightclubs reopen for those vaccinated

Passengers traveling to Valencia during the winter will need to provide a certificate proving vaccination, negative test results or recovery in order to be allowed entry without quarantine.

Certificates must be written in Spanish, English, French or German. If it is not possible to obtain the original in one of these languages, the supporting document must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish, drawn up by an official body.

All passengers will be required to adhere to all restrictions in place to stop the spread of the virus, including wearing a mask for anyone over six years of age under the following circumstances:

  • In any enclosed space for public use or open to the public
  • In any outdoor space where due to the mass of people, it is not possible to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between them, except for people who live together
  • On the modes of transport: air, sea, bus, rail, including docks and passenger stations, or cable cars, as well as other public and private passenger transport in vehicles that can accommodate up to nine people, including including the driver, if the occupants of the passenger vehicle do not share the same residence.
  • For passengers of ships or ships, it will not be necessary to wear a mask in the individual cabins, or in the exterior spaces of the boat where it is possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters
  • At large outdoor events, when participants are standing or sitting, it is not possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between people, except for people who live together

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Largest nightclub in the world with a capacity of 10 km and overrun after the doors close

The world’s largest nightclub and an institution in Ibiza look sad and decrepit after two years of Covid-induced shutters.

Superclub Privilege near San Rafael could accommodate 10,000 clubbers each night and hosted Freddie Mercury, Madonna and David Bowie.

The huge summer party hall covers an area of ​​69,968 square feet – the size of an airport hangar.

But after 20 months of abandonment to the elements, the Superclub is in search of absolute state.

Paint is peeling off the walls, metal fixtures rust in the sun, and decorative elements are aging on the outside.

Buses that carried thousands of avid clubbers to the city’s hottest night saw their windows smashed and their exteriors covered in graffiti.

The institution of Ibiza has never been so tough

Privilege started out in the early 1970s as an innocent restaurant and pool, but after being bought by footballer Jose Antonio Santamaria in 1979, it became riskier.

By the mid-90s it had a reputation as a gay highlight of the Balearic Islands and was renamed Privilege in 1995.

People like Boy George, Madonna, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Spandau Ballet, and Freddie Mercury walked through its holy doors in its heyday.

Buses that carried crowds of impatient revelers are now abandoned and disfigured
Buses that carried crowds of impatient revelers are now abandoned and disfigured

The Queen singer and Montserrat Caballe filmed the video inside the club for their song Barcelona.

The privilege is also mentioned in the movie Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Covid’s restrictions in Ibiza mean nightclubs can only operate seating and outdoor spaces.

Anyone who knows Privilege will know that this is not the style of the beach.

Known for its dance and techno nights, the super club depended on an impressive crowd for its unrivaled reputation.

Decorative light fixtures rust under the scorching sun
Decorative light fixtures rust under the scorching sun

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During the pandemic, it became impossible.

Superclub Privilege has been closed for almost two years, although the true toll of its closure has only become clear in recent depressing images.

Ibiza last week changed its Covid restrictions to mean that social gatherings between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. can take place without restrictions.

But Superclub Privilege will need a long time to get back on its feet.

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Nightclub-inspired HIIT gym just opened downtown

Global fitness brand Barry’s is opening its first branch in Vancouver – perfect if you like your sweaty session with red lights and club tracks.


Apparently Mandy Moore and Harry Styles are among the fans, but I admit it: I had never heard of Barry’s before receiving an email inviting me to come for a pre-opening training.

But apparently it’s a massive brand with over 70 studios around the world (watch your backs, SoulCycle), and the PR manager assured me it was both “the original high-intensity interval training ”and“ the best workout in the world ”) so: color me intrigued! I grab all of my modern gym accessories – stretch pants, water bottle, vaccine passport – and head to my first pandemic gym workout.

The Vancouver site (at Pender and Burrard) was originally slated to open in March 2020 but, well, you know that. The launch of this weekend was therefore a long time coming. Imagine: it’s been such a long time that they probably have playlists ready to roll this didn’t even have Olivia Rodrigo on them.

After the smoothie bar and shelves of Barry’s branded Lululemon equipment, the workout room awaited, filled with various fitness influencers, most of them dressed in the aforementioned product. The mirrors lining each wall make it seem like hundreds of tight-bodied clones are getting ready for a HIIT class with me. A tiny bit of claustrophobia sets in. Am I emotionally prepared to be locked in a room with 50 other people for the express purpose of breathing as hard as possible? But: too late! I’m in the red room and it’s Bootcamp time!

The pounding music begins to play and a disembodied voice – CEO and star trainer Jay Gonzalez at the microphone across the room – unleashes an impressive flow of high-octane instruction. I struggle to click various buttons on high-tech machines. I know we’ve all been through double vaxx, but my skin is crawling, so I keep my mask on. It becomes almost immediately appalling.

Meanwhile, my treadmill neighbor tries to punch me. I say no, then spiraling about being rude, then reverse spiraling about how he dares put me in a position to feel rude! Oh wait, I missed several stages and guess we’re sprinting now? My mask is so heavy with sweat that it is already falling off my face. Everyone is shouting “Wooo! “

The nightmare effect was amplified by the red lights inside the studio, which bathed everyone in a Twin peaks-esque glow. I wonder if there was some sort of vaguely scientific reason behind chromotherapy for the alarming hue, but Gonzalez explains that 20 years ago the founder (the Barry) was intentionally trying to capture that 2am nightclub feeling. “Barry is sober, but he wanted to create that nightclub vibe,” says Gonzalez. “He wanted being healthy to be as fun as being unhealthy.” And so, at Barry’s all over the world, a neon sign glow lights up your sweat session as the pulsating music blares out (thankfully, complimentary foam earplugs are available at the front desk if you’re weak and lame. like me).

For 50 minutes, Gonzalez blasts us with a constant torrent of instruction, switching, rapid fire, between stages for the group of us on treadmills and those starting with weights on the ground. He’s like a torn auctioneer. It’s very impressive, but I feel a little worried that no one is overseeing all the mistakes I make or helping me adapt to my specific fitness needs (i.e. being very bad shape).

I leave so dazed that when I get in my car, I realize that I accidentally stole a towel. But I’m also sore and sweaty… that’s what we all look for in a confusing nightclub and fitness center experience, right?

If, unlike me, you’re mentally prepared to train alongside other humans again (for example, if you’re Mandy Moore or Harry Styles), Barry’s offers five or six different classes a day, focusing on one rotating selection of body parts and with a mix of cool exercise and music in each session. Walk-in classes cost $ 34 each, with various passes and memberships that lower the price per class from there. (A 50 class pack, for example, costs $ 1,400, or a $ 300 monthly membership will give you access to a maximum of 12 classes per month.)

Not the price of the community center, but cheaper than a night out at the club… just as Barry himself would have liked.

Barry’s, 1035 W Pender St

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The commissioner explains the only “no” to the battle for alcohol licenses in nightclubs in Africa

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – We hear more tonight from the city commissioner who had the only dissenting vote on Monday afternoon in the months-long battle for a Fargo bar to keep its doors open.

Fargo commissioners voted to demand that the Africa Bar and Nightclub sell its liquor license within the next 30 days or revoke it. If the owners do not sell their permit on time, or if the person they sell it to does not pass a background check, the permit automatically returns to the city.

Commissioner Tony Gehrig said he voted “no” because he wanted the business license revoked immediately, rather than granting another grace period.

“Instead of losing their license, they can sell it for a huge profit. A $ 100,000 license that can be sold on the open market for over $ 500,000 is a gift! This is not the way it should work. It’s not a commodity, ”Gehrig said.

At Monday’s meeting, Mballu Brown, the company’s proposed new owner and wife of former owner Francis Brown, made an emotional appeal asking for a second chance.

“I’m not a bad guy. Why don’t you give me a chance she said Monday night.

However, Gehrig said he didn’t believe that would be the case.

“They need new leadership, they need new direction. They have to fix a lot of things that are broken. 30 more days will not solve the problem. 60 more days will not be enough, ”Gehrig said on Tuesday afternoon. “She has owned this bar since 2019. She was just not acting as the owner as it was basically fraudulent documents. They said she was the owner, but she wasn’t.

When asked how soon other Fargo companies could soon face a similar fate with the City Commission and the Liquor Control Board, Gehrig replied that it would not be “soon enough”.

“If you don’t run the bar properly, you lose your license. I don’t care if it makes you sad or not. It sounds heartless, but I’m sorry, that’s not what we’re here for. We are here for the safety of the public, ”he said.

The Africa Nightclub management declined to speak to our press team today.

Copyright 2021 KVLY. All rights reserved.

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Vaccine passports Scotland: What is a nightclub?

With Scotland set to introduce vaccine passports from October 1 for certain settings, there has been a lot of talk about what defines a nightclub.

Now we have an answer; the Scottish government has defined the criteria by which it will define the nightclubs for the use of the vaccination passport.

This is important because only certain parameters will require proof of vaccination, so guidelines are needed to help companies understand which category they fall into.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, here’s what you need to know about what defines a nightclub in Scotland …

What defines a nightclub in Scotland for vaccine passports?

If the following four criteria are met by an establishment, it will be considered a nightclub and must therefore request proof of vaccination:

  • open between midnight and 5 a.m.
  • serves alcohol after midnight
  • provides live or recorded music for dancing
  • has a designated space – which is currently used – for dancing

If these four conditions apply to a place, it will be considered a nightclub and the vaccination passport regime will therefore apply.

Speaking on the directions, the Prime Minister said: “In legal terms, places will be required to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to implement the program – in plain language, this is common sense.

“So, for example, a place which has a dance floor open after midnight – and which meets the other criteria – will have to apply the certification system.

“They won’t need to screen people entering for lunch at the pub twelve hours earlier – that wouldn’t be reasonable. But in the evening, it would be reasonable to screen customers when they arrive.

“That’s what we mean by common sense.”

What situations require vaccination passports?

The following events and locations require vaccine passports from October 1 in Scotland:

  • nightclubs
  • live indoor events with more than 500 non-seated people
  • open-air live events with over 4,000 non-seated people
  • any event with more than 10,000 people

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Man sentenced to life in 2020 Babe nightclub shooting in Fort Myers

A man from the Tampa area convicted in a case related to the shooting of two men in a Fort Myers nightclub in 2020 will spend the rest of his life in federal prison.

A federal jury has found Jonathan Anthony Reid, 31, of Gibsonton, just south of Tampa and formerly of Fort Myers, guilty in March of possession of a gun and ammunition as an already convicted felon.

His conviction in U.S. District Court on Friday was linked to the shooting of two men in front of Babe’s, a Fort Myers nightclub, January 29, 2020. Under the Armed Career Criminal Act, Reid faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and up to life in federal prison.

Reid was charged on June 3, 2020 and arrested by the US Marshal’s Task Force in April 2020 in Hillsborough County. At the time of his arrest he was on probation for a drug offender in Hillsborough County.

According to evidence presented at trial, in early January 29, 2020, Reid shot and killed two men who stood outside the entrance to a nightclub on Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers before escaping in a silver sedan with a plaque stolen registration.

The shoot of Babe:Former felon convicted in 2020 Fort Myers nightclub shooting

3 life sentences:Alva man sentenced to three life sentences after killing two teenagers in 2018

Firearms offense:Fort Myers career criminal sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for firearms offense

Both victims sustained non-life threatening injuries. Reid made efforts to conceal his identity during the shooting by wearing a hoodie, gloves and ski mask, but crashed and abandoned his getaway car while fleeing.

In his destroyed getaway car, law enforcement recovered a handgun, nine .45 caliber cartridges, a camouflage ski mask, a hooded sweatshirt and blue latex gloves. DNA analysis later revealed that Reid’s DNA profile matched DNA extracted from the ski mask, sweatshirt, torn latex glove, and the recovered gun.

Reid was convicted before U.S. District Judge Sheri Polster in Fort Myers with a recommended jail term at a facility near Fort Myers.

If he is finally released, he will serve five years under conditions of supervised release.

Connect with reporter Michael Braun: Michael BraunNP (Facebook), @MichaelBraunNP (Twitter) or [email protected] Proud member of Local # 3108 TNG-CWA Southwest Florida News Guild.

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Miami nightclub mogul Marc Roberts joined by Connor McGregor for 62nd birthday party

Photo credit: SHEERAZ, INC

Successful entrepreneur and real estate mogul Marc Roberts celebrated his 62nd birthday at a West Hollywood rooftop bar last weekend. Roberts has made a name for himself in South Florida for several big splash in the development industry and most recently for setting out to bring Las Vegas to Miami with the new E11EVEN hotel and residences. Roberts is also the first person to bring a sports management company to the stock exchange in the United States. Obviously, business is booming, so it’s fair to celebrate.

It was fitting then that a man who wears so many hats should be joined by such an illustrious society. Fresh out of a red carpet controversy, Connor McGregor joined Roberts at the West Hollywood Rooftop Club, Harriett’s. The former two-time UFC featherweight and lightweight champion has been seen having fun and returning shots with his entourage. McGregor’s recent encounter with Machine Gun Kelly musical artist appears to be far behind him as smiles and energy were in abundance at the birthday party.

Photo credit: SHEERAZ, INC

In fact, McGregor, who wore a crisp tuxedo to Marc Roberts’ birthday festivities, is even said to have invited Machine Gun Kelly to his next fight, a sign that the aforementioned brawl was just water under the bridge. There seemed to be only good energy at Roberts’ party. McGregor and the rest of Roberts’ guests were all in high spirits for what seemed like an evening to remember.

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Gallery: 28 Lost Nightclubs in North Wales

A look back at the nightclubs of North Wales

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This is not a nightclub

Just when we thought we were done with philosophical questions like “what is coffee?” and “is a scotch egg a substantial meal?” », The Scottish government offered itself another thought experiment: what is a nightclub?

It may seem like a simple question. We all know what a nightclub is. If we saw a nightclub we would say ‘look, this is a nightclub’.

But as part of plans to introduce vaccine passports starting next month, the government needs a firm definition. The 2,000-word document outlining the plan even included a section on defining a nightclub, which ultimately failed to define a nightclub.

It did little to help those who were trying to review the plan. The PM had previously explained that MPs need to have time to consider controversial proposals before voting – which is why they were released six hours before the debate.

Not the type to let things slide, Douglas Ross asked the Deputy Prime Minister – who we know sits entirely on the other side of the vertical part of his brief – for clarification. “Can he tell parliament and spectators what his definition of a nightclub is?”

“I will come back in due time,” replied John Swinney, who did not come in due time.

Undeterred, Ross tried again, valiantly volunteering some of his speaking time to get a definition.

The deputy minister of obstructionism declared: “In the provisions which have prevailed so far, it has not been necessary to distinguish between nightclubs and pubs and places of reception which may open later in the evening and into the early hours of the morning.

“The circumstances we face require us to define more precisely the distinction, to avoid market distortion, between nightclubs and places that might appear similar to nightclubs but have a different purpose. This is the subject of an in-depth discussion with the night industry sector to enable us to draw conclusions which will of course be written into the regulations.

Like everyone else watching, Ross was clearly puzzled. “I’m really not sure what we’re supposed to do as parliamentarians, as people who were sent here to control the government,” he admitted.

Fortunately, a parade of SNP backbenchers was on hand to support their deputy leader.

First, John Mason helpfully said, “Today we are looking at this in principle and the details are yet to be worked out and we have a Covid committee that will look at the details.”

This argument seemed a bit dubious given that Nicola Sturgeon had agreed the week before that Parliament as a whole should have a say.

Gillian Martin then gave herself a go, frantically Googling a midterm definition, entirely at the mercy of the power of the wifi in the enclosure. “I actually have it, I actually have the Moray Council one here, if you give me a minute and I’ll post it on my phone.”

“And it says, and I’m taking the time of my speech to do it, but I’m going to tell you, it says, ‘where the main function’, no, hang in there, ‘can include dancing, would have more people standing that seated, would be open from 1am to 5am “is Moray Council. This is a list of things. Aberdeenshire Council, I think it depends on the council, because the council of l ‘Aberdeenshire also has one.

Quickly realizing that she was sinking, Martin tried to lighten the mood. “To be honest, President, I really find it hard to think of a nightclub that’s actually in Aberdeenshire. I don’t know them anymore, being a bit of an old bird who stays at home. She should ask club connoisseur Michael Gove.

Kaukab Stewart knew that was not going to be enough. She said, “I had a tiny bit of time to research, and the definition of a nightclub: it’s a name; it is a place of entertainment open from evening to early morning, with facilities such as a bar and disco, or other entertainment. ”

But this hastily searched definition on Google, as Swinney artfully mentioned earlier, doesn’t clearly differentiate between “nightclubs and places that might look like nightclubs.”

This is not a nightclub.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens got their first glimpse of the SNP whip. Having previously warned that passports “could risk giving people a false sense of security and potentially making places less secure”, Patrick Harvie was now in a position to have to defend them.

He said PSM must “recognize that when the facts change, people should at least ask themselves if they made the right judgment”. Facts that may change include, but are not limited to, a cooperative agreement and ministerial salary.

Gillian Mackay, the only Green to get a speech in the debate, had the dubious honor of trying to explain her party’s new position.

“So today, Vice President, I…” she began, apparently resisting the temptation to end with “… I’m going to be a backbench MP for the SNP. “

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Goa will restart tourist activities from Monday; casinos, nightclubs to open

In a bid to revive the tourism sector in Goa, the state task force recommended that the government reopen all tourism activities from Monday, September 20. Casinos, spas and nightclubs can also be operational from Monday with 50% capacity, provided people are fully vaccinated or produce a negative Covid-19 test report.

The government will soon publish the standard operating procedure (SOP) for this.

Meanwhile, the working group will convene another meeting to assess the Covid-19 situation and decide to start physical lessons for students in grades 8 to 12.

“The decision to reopen schools will be taken after monitoring the situation. Physical classes for the upper classes should start from October. The decision to reopen the school for primary classes will be made after Diwali, ”said Dr Shekhar Salkar, an official of the state government expert committee for handling Covid.

Early in the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the state will now play a crucial role in reviving tourism. He was speaking in a virtual interaction with health workers, doctors, citizens and government officials in Goa.

“Goa will play a vital role in reviving the tourism sector. Think about it – hotels, taxi drivers, hawkers, traders – when they are all vaccinated, even tourists will come with a sense of security. Today, Goa is one of the few international tourist destinations where people have received vaccine protection. We all wish that during the next tourist season there will be the same tourist activity as before, that tourists from home and abroad have fun here, ”he said.

“This will only be possible if we pay the same attention to corona safety measures as we did to vaccination. Infections have decreased, but even now we cannot take this virus lightly. The more emphasis is placed on safety and health, the more tourists will arrive here, ”Modi said during the virtual interaction attended by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, state ministers of the country. ‘Union Shripad Naik and Bharati Pawar, and state cabinet ministers, among others.

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Everything we know about the NHS Covid pass which will be mandatory for nightclubs and events in Wales

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has announced his intention to create a Covid Pass in Wales.

Those over 18 will need to present one of these passes to access many events and venues from October 11 in Wales.

The new system will mean extra work for the public and businesses, especially early on, so WalesOnline has put together a guide to everything we know so far about the Wales Covid pass.

Read more: See the latest news and updates on the coronavirus in Wales here

What events and locations will you need to show a Covid pass at?

You will need an NHS pass to enter:

  • Nightclubs
  • Indoor and non-seated events for more than 500 people, such as concerts or conventions
  • Outdoor events without seating for more than 4,000 people
  • Any setting or event with more than 10,000 people present

Who must present a Covid pass?

Anyone 18 years of age or older will be required to present a Covid pass when entering these places and events. The reason the Welsh government has not enforced the rules on younger people is that they haven’t had that long to get their double shot.

What should my Covid pass indicate?

For your pass to be approved, it must show that you had two vaccinations or had a lateral flow test within the past 48 hours.

The Welsh government has said the reason it added the side flow option is because some people cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons.

When do they come in?

The obligation to present an NHS Covid Pass will take effect from October 11.

How to download a Covid pass?

You can access the NHS Covid Pass through the NHS website here. This will allow you to produce a COVID pass using a smartphone, computer or laptop.

To access the service, you will need to sign up for an NHS connection. You will need to upload a photo of your ID (passport, full UK driving license, full EU driving license).

If you live in Wales you cannot get it through the NHS app as it is only valid in England. This means that it is only available through the website and you will receive a code which you scan or download in pdf format.

If you don’t have photo ID, you’ll need to apply for an NHS COVID paper certificate.

Your NHS Covid Pass includes a barcode. The expiration date refers to the barcode and will be updated automatically. It does not apply to your vaccination status.

You can find the full explanation here.

Will this apply to away football fans in Cardiff City and Swansea games?

Yes. If you are attending events in Wales you must follow these rules.

Are there checks that people correctly record lateral flow tests?

One of the criticisms of the new regime is that there is very little oversight. To record a lateral flow test, people simply scan a QR code. They don’t even have to take the test.

When WalesOnline challenged Mark Drakeford over it, he said he would consider passing legislation making it illegal to manufacture a test result.

“Am I concerned that there may be misuse of lateral flow testing?” He said. “Of course, we are right to be concerned.

“But I am relying on the fact that for the long history of the coronavirus in Wales the vast majority of people are people who want to help, who want to do the right thing and want to be sure that they are playing their part to ensure their security and other people safe too.

“We will be examining over the next few days whether or not to introduce a specific offense of knowingly and willfully falsifying a Covid Pass.

“So if there are people who think it’s just an easy race and they can just invent results, then they care about the big consequences for them.”

Why are they introducing these rules?

The Welsh government fears mass rallies will continue to foster the infection and hopes this will add further protection against the virus.

There is also a secondary hope that it will lead people to get vaccinated, although the effectiveness of this will be uncertain given that you do not need to be vaccinated to receive a Covid pass.

What are other counties in the UK doing?

The rules are different from those in Scotland, where people over 18 will need to prove that they have received both doses of the vaccine before they are allowed to enter certain places and events.

In England there are no mandatory event passes, but until recently the UK government has said it plans to have them.

Are people already using them?

Yes. The infrastructure is already in place and used in many places in Wales. The passes were required for the Green Man Festival and will also be used at the Manic Street Preachers concert.

Is it a vaccination passport?

Asked about it at yesterday’s press conference, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said these were not vaccine passports because you didn’t need to be vaccinated to use one.

For our daily Wales Matters briefing on the biggest issues affecting Wales click here

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LA County to Issue Warrant for Bars, Nightclubs and Restaurants | Stokes Wagner

Los Angeles County will require proof of vaccination for customers and employees at indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges. Under the order, customers and employees of indoor nightlife establishments will be required to have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by October 7 and receive the second dose by November 4, 2021. L The ordinance will strongly recommend (but not require) vaccine testing for indoor restaurants.

Comes into force on September 17, the restrictions are an effort by the Los Angeles County Supervisory Board to get more people vaccinated. Barbara Ferrer, director of public health, noted that indoor nightlife venues have a higher risk of transmitting the virus than a sit-down restaurant due to dancing and singing by guests.

The updated health order will also tighten restrictions on large outdoor events. In April, the county began enforcing masks for “mega-events” with more than 10,000 people in attendance. Now, the order will also require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours for outdoor “mega-events” for attendees, employees and attendees. Attendees of mega indoor events of 5,000 or more are already required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

Until the order is issued, the consequences of the violations are unclear. Nonetheless, Los Angeles County employers should act quickly to assess their current vaccination policy to ensure compliance with the proposed order which is due to go into effect on October 7.

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Covid: the staff of the nightclub launches a final appeal to stop any vaccine passport project

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford is expected to make an announcement on whether or not to introduce vaccine passports for access to nightclubs and major events in Wales.

Welsh government ministers met on Thursday to conduct the legally required review of the current Covid restrictions.

It is expected, but not yet confirmed, that Wales will remain under zero alert level restrictions.

Zero Alert Level: Covid Rules Explained in Wales

Starting at 6 a.m. on August 7, there will no longer be any legal limits on the number of people who can meet, including in private homes, public places or at events.

Back to the top

Which businesses can reopen?

All businesses that are currently still closed will be able to reopen. This includes nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

Back to the top

What about self-isolation?

From midnight August 7, fully vaccinated adults and children and youth under the age of 18 will no longer need to self-isolate if identified as close contacts of someone with coronavirus.

This was announced by the Prime Minister Last week.

Back to the top

It is not yet clear whether the “two-meter rule” under which companies are required by law to ensure social distancing in the workplace will be dropped.

Welsh government sources say this is one of the latest details being discussed.

In its announcement, the government says buildings and workplaces will have “more flexibility” in “reasonable measures they take” to minimize the risk of the virus.

“These should be tailored to their risk assessment and their specific circumstances.”

Back to the top

But another key issue will be whether or not to introduce vaccine passports – a certificate or other means of proving that you have been vaccinated or cured of Covid – in certain contexts, namely nightclubs and large events such as concerts.

The body representing the nightlife industry is urging Prime Minister Mark Drakeford not to introduce a program.

The Welsh Commission of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has issued a final appeal to the Prime Minister to drop any plans to introduce vaccine passports.

Boris Johnson faced backlash when he announced nightclubs should use Covid vaccine passports from late September Credit: PA

In an open letter, the professional body warned that the measures would have a catastrophic impact on a sector “still in shock” from the impact of the pandemic and that the measures would be “extremely difficult to implement”, would have a ‘Bad impact on trade’ and would result in ‘some of the hardest hit Welsh businesses losing to those in England’.

He said: “We are deeply concerned about the prospect of these measures and the unique impact they will have on our industry – an industry that has seen the most prolonged shutdowns throughout the pandemic, has suffered some of the losses. ‘most important jobs and is still reeling from that impact. “

Vaccine passports are currently under discussion in Wales. Credit: Pennsylvania

The NTIA said 80% of its members across the UK have expressed opposition to the introduction of mandatory vaccine passports.

He added: “There are high rates of vaccine reluctance among the 18-30 age group – a key demographic, and a fear that this will force young people to congregate at unregulated events. , which would be much less safe for Covid and could lead to social behavior.

Welsh nightlife businesses are already suffering from severe staff shortages, especially in security and supply chains. Operators are greatly concerned that any mandatory certification of vaccines will drive workers away from businesses rather than being forced to to get vaccinated. “

Vaccine passports have been given the green light in Scotland, as the UK government flip-flopped on plans to introduce them after a reaction from deputies.

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Filming of metro station + Vaccine requirements in bars and nightclubs

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Here are the best stories today in Los Angeles:

  1. LAPD is still looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man in a LA metro station to Blue line stop near Washington Boulevard and Avenue of the long beach. Investigators intend to review the surveillance footage and encourage anyone with information to contact the LAPD. (FOX 11 Los Angeles)
  2. The Los Angeles City Council moved the date when the city will depend entirely on renewables to 2035, a decade longer than the previous target of 2045. The move comes as the search for the University of Southern California shows the feasibility of such a project. (Daily Trojan Horse Online)
  3. Los Angeles County Supervisors voted unanimously to phase out oil and gas drilling and to ban new drilling sites in unincorporated areas of the city. The measure was contested by the California Independent Petroleum Association, which represents nearly 400 entities of the oil and gas industry. (Bakersfield now)
  4. LA resident Steven pendley died after being struck by two separate cars on the Port highway 110 near Third Street West. The first vehicle affected Pendley fled the scene, but the second remained there to cooperate with the authorities. (LA Weekly)
  5. Los Angeles County now requires customers and employees of indoor bars and nightclubs to be vaccinated against COVID-19 from October. The measure was announced by the Los Angeles Department of Health and will require at least one dose by October 7 and both doses by November 4. (NBC News)

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Nightclubs could stay open until 6 a.m. under new government rules

Under spectacular new government plans, people could find themselves dancing the night away on a nightclub dance floor until 6 a.m.

It comes as NPHET said Ireland has “past the summit” of this Delta variant of the Covid-19. Cases have started to drop again, as we seek to put this Covid-19 crisis behind us.

Minister Catherine Martin also announced that the first nightclub pilot event will take place at the Button Factory in Dublin on September 30.

See Nova’s report on this here.

“Why not?”

When asked if she would like to see people paint the city red until 6 a.m., Catherine Martin replied this.

“Why not? I think this opportunity should be there”, said Minister Martin.

“I think the closure of Dublin leaves us far behind other European cities”, she added. “It can be done in a safe way and I think that option absolutely should be there.”

“It is to breathe life and new opportunities for this sector”.

The Green Party minister also said these new changes could be made “As soon as possible”.

“There is an implementation group in this report and it should start meeting every fortnight to review the implementation of this,” she continued.

“But I would like that sort of thing to happen as soon as possible, but it also has to be in tandem with licensing.”

Reform for pubs and nightclubs ” since a long time “

Justice Ministers Helen McEntee and Hildergarde Naughton will now start work to end Ireland’s old licensing laws, making it easier for pubs and nightclubs to apply for a license and operate later.

This “Long overdue reform” Irish liquor licensing laws have been welcomed with open arms by the licensed association vinters. They also demanded that pubs be allowed to serve customers until 5 a.m.

“Allowing exchanges until 5 a.m. will facilitate a much more phased approach when it comes to getting home, instead of the majority of the public all being pushed into the streets at the same time,” LVA chief executive Donal O’Keefe said.

The proposed new plans include the introduction of eight new 24-hour bus lines around Dublin, new concerts for museums and cafes, as well as a late-night food market in Cork.

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The 13 Best Nightclubs in Sheffield & South Yorkshire – as voted by you

It is something that has only just returned to our lives due to the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic.

But in the end, we were able to go back to the nightclubs and have a good boogie with our friends.

And Sheffield and South Yorkshire have some of the best to offer for an evening to remember.

For the latest news and stories from Sheffield, click here.

So we asked readers to Yorkshire Live to tell us their all-time favorite best nightclubs in the county which are the ultimate destination for a night out.

It could either be a nightclub from the past that helped create some precious memories, or a club that they just can’t get enough of now.

So here is a rundown of some of the nightclubs that you voted the “best of all time”.

Enter your zip code to see what’s open near you

The best nightclubs in Sheffield and South Yorkshire

  • Josephine (Sheffield)
  • Adam and Eve (Doncaster)
  • Living stones (Doncaster)
  • The Limit (Sheffield)
  • Crazy Daisy (Sheffield)
  • Elliot (Rotherham)
  • Niche (Sheffield)
  • Penny Farthing (Sheffield)
  • The Cavendish Club (Sheffield)
  • Arches (Sheffield)
  • Roxy (Sheffield)
  • The lead mill (Sheffield)
  • At Romeo and Juliet’s (Sheffield)

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Covid Scotland: vaccine passports for nightclubs, sporting events and concerts will be voted by MSPs in Holyrood

If the proposals are approved, only fully vaccinated people will be allowed in nightclubs, major sporting events, and numerous concerts and festivals.

However, opposition parties have raised concerns over the so-called vaccine passports, which would come into effect at the end of September, once all adults in Scotland have had a chance to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Register now to our public service bulletins – get the latest coronavirus news

Register now to our public service bulletins – get the latest news on Coronavirus

Labor and Liberal Democrats have already pledged to vote against the Scottish government’s proposals – despite the plan being called an ‘absolute sham’ by the Tories, with the PM being criticized for failing so far explained in detail how the program will work.

MSPs are due to vote on Thursday on the planned introduction of a vaccination certification system at Holyrood.

Read more

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Covid Scotland: the government is invited to abandon vaccine passports and focus on recruitment …

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross challenged Nicola Sturgeon on the issue at Holyrood, saying that although she had promised to publish an article on how the system works, it was “not enough” to do so “within a few hours before Parliament is expected to vote ”.

Mr Ross said: “So far there are no details or answers on the SNP’s plans.

“We wanted to examine the content of the Prime Minister’s proposals – but frankly, there is nothing to scrutinize. “

Mr. Ross continued: “We need the details but we don’t have them. We do not know how the regime will be administered or enforced. We do not know if the data issues have been resolved.

“We don’t know if the SNP will rule out extending them indefinitely or deploying them to other locations in the short term.”

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London’s Egg nightclub says it lost £ 20,000 a night in 18 months of COVID lockdown

For 18 months, London’s iconic Egg Nightclub has been closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Hans Christian Hess, the managing director of Egg, has now revealed that each night it is closed costs the nightclub £ 20,000.

READ MORE: “We’ve seen virtual concerts in the past; there is no lifespan for them “: deadmau5 explains why his Oberhasli will be a different VR concert experience

As reported by Mix Mag, Hans said: “We have been closed for 18 months and it has been really difficult. Brexit with COVID has certainly been a problem. The bills add up and the authorities don’t help with guidelines and restrictions. It has been a nightmare.

While the nightclubs were allowed to reopen earlier this year on July 19, they nevertheless faced additional challenges, including the “pingdemia” later in the month. More than 700,000 people have been asked by the NHS to self-isolate after coming into close contact with someone who recently tested positive.

This inevitably affected Egg’s reopening weekends, but Hans has since implemented security measures to protect clubbers. These precautions include requiring a negative COVID-19 test result and temperature checks before entering, as well as equipping premises with hand sanitizers, properly ventilated air conditioning and heavy-duty hand dryers. to COVID.

“Were happy. We were pretty busy. People came down and the vibe was really good. We had a lot of young people, which is really good for the younger generation and for those who have never known life. night before, ”he said.

However, the recent introduction by the UK government of vaccine passports could prove to be another hurdle for Egg, and Hans has expressed apprehension over the new measure which will require full proof of vaccination from aspiring clubbers.

“It will be really difficult for us. I feel a bit apprehensive, ”said Hans. MyLondon “I hope we will continue to negotiate, but we are just trying to take it step by step.”

For more information on music technology, click here.

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What do you know about Irish nightclubs?

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‘We lost £ 20,000 every night we closed in lockdown’: London nightclub manager now fears impact of Covid passports

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a ‘devastating’ impact on the UK nightlife industry, a parliamentary inquiry concluded in February – with nightclubs being the hardest hit.

Sites had to lay off more than half of their workforce and, in the second half of 2020, traded only 20% of their pre-Covid annualized revenue.

Despite these grim figures, the sector woke up slightly on “Freedom Day” after more than a year of forced hibernation and attempted to get back on its feet.

READ MORE:Iconic Soho gay bar wins late battle after losing £ 2million to pandemic

But without urgent government support, the investigation warned that many nightlife businesses were threatened with extinction.

This would lead to urban centers being “ghost towns” and a broader economic recovery, as the industry contributes £ 66 billion a year to the UK economy, the Night Time Industries Association has estimated.

Egg London Nightclub, on York Way in King’s Cross, is one of the capital’s most famous venues and has been hosting dance parties all night long at its warehouse-style club since 2003.

Yet that in no way made him immune to the effects of the pandemic.

Egg introduced mandatory coronavirus testing before club entry

Managing Director Hans Christian Hess held various positions at Egg for 17 years. While the club is typically open five evenings a week, he predicted they lost £ 20,000 a night which they had to close during closings.

He said: “We have been closed for 18 months and it has been really difficult. Brexit with Covid has definitely been a problem. The bills add up and the authorities don’t help with guidelines and restrictions. It has been a nightmare. “

He gave specific examples of a shortage of staff and taxi drivers transporting revelers to and from the venue – both due to workers returning to the EU. He also cited the “pingdemia” as having had a big impact in preventing clubbers from attending.

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Since reopening on July 19, Egg has implemented a system requiring a negative test result for the coronavirus before entering, which Hans says “works very well.”

They have also introduced plenty of hand sanitizers, air conditioning for proper ventilation, new Covid-resistant hand dryers and door temperature controls, as well as training for staff on the Covid protocol. Apparently, they haven’t had any issues with the spikes in infections so far.

Hans commented: “We are happy. We’ve been pretty busy. People came down and the atmosphere was really good.

“We had a lot of young people, which is really good for the younger generation and those who have never experienced nightlife before.”

The sites are desperately trying to stay afloat and give revelers a fun night out
The sites are desperately trying to stay afloat and give revelers a fun night out

But the government recently announced it will move forward with the introduction of mandatory Covid-19 passports, meaning participants will need to provide proof of being fully vaccinated before being allowed into clubs. .

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, said this “is disappointing because it will cripple the industry.”

He added: “These political decisions will have a catastrophic impact on people’s livelihoods and careers. “

Apparently, the announcement “aroused the anger and frustration of operators across the country.”

Hans agrees: “It will be really difficult for us. I’m a little apprehensive. “

Instead, his point of view was, “Let people have freedom. We have to learn to live with it because we still need to trade. “

In the meantime, Hans remarked: “I hope we will continue to negotiate, but we are just trying to take it step by step. You can’t plan for the future when you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

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Nightclub bodyguards kill 33-year-old man in Alaçatı


Alaçatı, a tourism hotspot in the Aegean province of Izmir, is back on the country’s agenda again, but this time not for its gorgeous beaches meant to promote tourism, but for a series of publicly called events. “Terror of the bodyguards” that has shadowed the neighborhood for almost a year now.

In the recent chain of events, two bodyguards from a nightclub killed a 33-year-old man.

According to police reports, Alpay Kalyon went to a nightclub in the Alacati district on August 21 with his ex-wife and two friends.

On the way out, Kalyon and a friend of his saw a man beating a woman in front of the club.

He immediately made a move to end the fight, but the club’s bodyguards clashed with the man hard.

It wasn’t long when the fight turned sour, and before we knew it, one of the bodyguards stabbed Kalyon in the chest with a knife.

Police arrested seven people, including the club’s general manager. After the interrogations, two bodyguards were arrested: one for “first degree murder”, the other for “intentional injury”.

One of the bodyguards defended himself during the police interrogation, saying, “He shouted and cursed at us. I couldn’t take it anymore and walked into the club to get a knife. I am regretful.”

In a puzzling statement, the club owner said: “I don’t know the bodyguards.”

“He went there to end a fight, not to start a new one,” Kalyon’s friends said.

Alaçatı, which is a district of Çeşme district, is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Turkey after Bodrum, a district in the southwestern province of Muğla.

The first ‘bodyguard terror’ in Alaçatı that shook the public occurred in the summer of 2020, when Daria Kyryliuk, a Ukrainian model, accused bodyguards at a famous beach club in the having beaten in front of her boyfriend.

In another incident, a shootout broke out between bodyguards at some clubs in June in which a 23-year-old man leaving a club was accidentally shot and killed.

“This is not an organized crime, but a sudden event,” Ãœnal Çakıcı, governor of ÇeÅŸme district, told the daily Hürriyet on August 26 of Kalyon’s murder.

He went on to say, “Since the start of the summer we have been monitoring the nightclub area for guns or drug trafficking with our police units. There is no way that organized criminal groups can roam freely in ÇeÅŸme. “

The district governor also stressed that a series of operations had been carried out since the summer of 2020 against certain groups in the region.

“We will not let anyone ruin ÇeÅŸme’s elite and luxury image,” he added.

class = “cf”>


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Here are 10 of Edinburgh’s best nightclubs that reopened after the lockdown – as rated on TripAdvisor

Earlier this month, nightclubs across Scotland were given the green light from the Scottish government to welcome revelers to their dance floors.

It ended a scorching spell for the industry, which was forced to shut down in March 2020 due to Covid restrictions.

Some clubs are yet to reopen, but here are 10 clubs in the capital that have done so and are recommended by the Tripadvisor review site.

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The sword striker who struck outside Reading’s After Dark nightclub has never been found

A man whose hand was slashed in a horrific sword attack 20 years ago is still waiting for his attacker to be found.

Lee Rackham is now 51 years old and still bears the scars of the attack, which occurred outside London Street’s After Dark nightclub in 2002.

Lee and his friends were drinking at Reading’s popular nightclub – now facing a very uncertain future after losing her license due to noise complaints from neighbors – when they mingled with a group of men.

Read more: Attack outside the club leaves man with broken jaw

The argument spilled over into the street outside the nightclub and Lee admits it turned into a brawl.

He admits to pushing one of the men who hit his head on a boot cleaner outside a desk next to the nightclub

Lee said that after this the brawl took a turn, as he claims that one of the men drove into a nearby car and got a “kukri” – a type of Nepalese sword.

He said: “There was no doubt that this man was trying to kill me, he stabbed me once and he got stuck in my coat.

“Then he basically tried to cut my head off.

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“I managed to raise my hand and the sword cut off my fingers.”

The man then fled, Lee claims.

Lee was rushed to hospital and required major surgery to his hand and fingers.

What he calls an “impressive beer scar” remains on his hand after the incident.

The sword went through this joint and his hand, as well as the front and back tendons and some of the bones.

He was off work for six months.

Police charged Lee with GBH for injuries sustained by the man he ran over.

He found himself in the odd position of facing his own trial and the possibility of a potential prison sentence, as he also worked with the police as a victim of the sword attack.

X-ray of Lee Rackman's hands after being attacked with a sword
Lee’s whole hand had to be rebuilt after the attack

His own charges were ultimately dismissed 18 months later, and he says police told him they would keep in touch about the case involving his attacker.

20 years later, the man has never been found.

He said: “The police told me that my friends and I had indeed fought with a group of very bad people and I don’t really doubt that he was trying to kill me.”

Lee, who is a computer consultant, is from Slough and moved to Reading because he thought it was ‘chic’. He then moved to a small village near Derby in 2016, but said his thoughts on the heartbreaking incident led him to want a ‘closure’.

He was quite surprised to learn that the Thames Valley Police are still investigating the case 20 years later.

He said: “I thought they would have closed the case because they believe the man who attacked me left the country after this happened.

“But I was told he was still under investigation.

“It seems very unlikely that they will ever find the guy.

“I was looking to shut it all down after all this time, but I understand they don’t close business if they never catch anyone.”

Lee Rackham’s ‘beer scar’ from brutal attack

A spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police explained: “A victim can be informed of the progress of their investigation at any time, whether it is an active investigation or not.

“This case, although it occurred over 20 years ago, is classified as ongoing because the suspect is still wanted, as such the case has no outcome.

“Despite the passage of time, we believe someone will have this crucial information that could be the key to solving this crime.

“Cases can be filed while waiting for further information to be revealed, but anyone with information can always call Thames Valley Police on 101 or the 100% Independent Crimestoppers anonymously, with any information that can help them. ‘investigation. Your information would be treated in the strictest confidence. ”

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Police officer uses TASER device on suspect after nightclub assault

Police were forced to use a TASER device on a man after assaulting staff at a nightclub, then fought with officers while resisting arrest.

Nottinghamshire Police on patrol in Mansfield in the early hours of this morning were called in to deal with a breaking incident at Lexis nightclub in the town center, following reports of assaults on staff at inside.

Security staff at the Clumber Street club were assaulted as they attempted to expel two men around 3:45 a.m. this morning, after allegedly assaulting staff inside.

Police faced an altercation in a stairwell and helped door staff cope with the fight.

Other officers were called into the nightclub as a 31-year-old man continued to resist arrest.

Another 33-year-old man, believed to be known to the suspect, is said to make matters worse.

As the fight escalated, it was clear to officers that the alleged assailant was determined not to comply, leaving them with no choice but to use a TASER device to ease the situation.

The 31-year-old was subsequently arrested on suspicion of two counts of common assault.

The 31-year-old and a 33-year-old man were also arrested on suspicion of carrying a bladed item after a bladed knife was discovered at the scene.

Chief Inspector Steven O’Neill of Nottinghamshire Police said: ‘As nightlife begins to reopen and people look to get out and have fun, we have a public duty to help to fight crime, whether it is bar staff. or members of the public.

“Our officers are specially trained to use all the force necessary to deal with those who intend to cause disturbances in public places in order to protect public safety, which is our main concern.

“The wearing of knives is not tolerated and we will ensure that those who do are treated firmly.

“We continue to ensure that public safety is our primary concern and that we respond effectively and efficiently to incidents that require our help and support.”

Lexis Nightclub General Manager Aaron Revill added:

“I am extremely grateful to the Nottinghamshire Police for their response to the incident at our site, and I thank them for what I believe was the best possible outcome knowing how the situation was escalating.

“We continue to work with the police in their investigations and support staff members with all we can to cope with their ordeal. “

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Bands are back: Turning Stone will reopen Exit 33 nightclubs this fall

VERONA – Turning Stone has announced plans to begin reopening Exit 33 – Tin Rooster, The Gig, Turquoise Tiger and Atrium Bar – this fall.

To prepare for the highly anticipated fall reopening, Turning Stone will be holding “open auditions” – a one-time hiring event – to find energetic people with outgoing personalities to join the nightlife team. New nightlife hires will be eligible for a one-of-a-kind hiring incentive: an opportunity to win an exciting trip for two to Caesars Palace Las Vegas, the entertainment and nightlife mecca of the world, and partner from the Turning Stone Resort Casino. Auditions for the Exit 33 positions will take place on Tuesday, August 24.

Exit 33 Open hearings: Tuesday, August 24, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This is a focused style hiring event focused on finding energetic, customer service oriented candidates with outgoing personalities. Previous experience is not required; on-the-job training will be provided.

Applicants should be prepared to show their nocturnal presence through non-traditional Q&A and friendly competition. Open positions include bartenders, hostesses / cashiers, waiters, bar-backs and beverage carriers.

The event will offer students and anyone looking for an exciting part-time job the opportunity to:

Learn more about the opportunities and available positions.

Meet the current members of the Nightlife team.

Discover the various lively and award-winning nightlife spots.

Pre-registration is encouraged, but walk-in people are welcome; appointment not required.

Interested applicants are encouraged to register online at

The Las Vegas Exit 33 Nightlife Experience:

Employees hired for Tin Rooster, The Gig, Turquoise Tiger or the Atrium Bar by September 20, 2021 will be eligible to win a two-night trip for two to Caesars Palace Las Vegas, the world’s entertainment and life mecca. nocturnal. (conditions of employment apply).

About exit 33

Opened in 2013, Exit 33 is a unique $ 25 million entertainment destination in upstate New York. Designed to bring multiple venues together under one roof, Exit 33 offers nightlife and dining options with distinctly different themes. Exit 33 features Tin Rooster, a barbecue restaurant and bar offering an authentic country atmosphere with live bands and DJs playing all of the country’s favorites; The Gig, a rock and roll dance club, featuring local and regional rock bands and a menu of New York-style pizza and a full selection of drinks; Turquoise Tiger, a sophisticated 1940s Film Noir-style cocktail lounge and bar; and Atrium Bar (A Bar), an elegant lounge, with a lively crowd and a full bar.

More details on the fall reopening of Tin Rooster, The Gig, Turquoise Tiger and the Atrium Bar will be announced shortly.

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Coronavirus Live: One Death From Covid Every Two Minutes In Iran, According To Reports; Italian police warn of fake ‘green passes’ | World news

Coronavirus Live: One Death From Covid Every Two Minutes In Iran, According To Reports;  Italian police warn of fake ‘green passes’ |  World news

US companies Pfizer and BioNTech have taken a step ahead of their rivals as they were the first in the Western world to report positive results from their vaccine’s clinical trials last year. They were also the first to obtain permission from regulators in the United States and the European Union to sell their shot.

Pfizer earned more than its competitors, taking in $ 10.8 billion in the first half of this year. The U.S. company has raised its outlook for 2021, expecting to generate revenue of $ 33.5 billion for the full year.

BioNTech achieved first half revenue of $ 7.3 billion. Unlike its larger partner, the company’s only product on sale is the coronavirus vaccine. He expects vaccine revenue to reach € 15.9 billion for the full year.

The American startup Moderna is the only other company to have produced an authorized mRNA vaccine so far. Messenger RNA technology works by providing human cells with the genetic instructions to make a coronavirus surface protein, which trains the immune system to recognize the real virus.

Like BioNTech, the company’s only product on the market is the Covid vaccine. The vaccine requires two injections weeks apart. Moderna achieved sales of $ 5.9 billion in the first six months of the year. He hopes to make $ 20 billion in revenue from the vaccine this year.

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson do not use mRNA technology. They both made more traditional viral vector vaccines, which use a genetically engineered version of a cold-causing adenovirus as a “vector” to transfer genetic instructions into human cells.

The two companies also pledged to sell their vaccines at cost during the pandemic, meaning they would not make a profit. They are cheaper than the Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna jabs, which is reflected in their revenue.

AstraZeneca’s Covid jab generated $ 1.2 billion in sales in the first six months of the year. J&J had sales of $ 264 million and plans to make $ 2.5 billion for the full year. AstraZeneca did not provide a detailed estimate for the entire year.

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Health officials close nightclubs and bars, placing limits on gatherings in central Okanagan, B.C.

British Columbia officials on Friday reinstated a number of public health orders for the central Okanagan region, closing nightclubs, limiting restaurant meals and restricting the size of social gatherings until new order, as the delta variant causes the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Nightclubs and bars will be closed from Friday, while alcohol cuts in restaurants will be at 10 p.m. PT. Limits on the number of people allowed to assemble apply both indoors and outdoors from Monday.

People planning to travel to the central Okanagan should try to cancel or postpone, officials said. Anyone who is not vaccinated, in particular, should avoid the area.

“This is obviously not where we want us to be right now, and we know, however, that we can have a huge impact in slowing this virus,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health officer, at a press conference on Friday.

The latest wave of cases in British Columbia is concentrated in the Interior Health Region, with the “vast majority” in the central Okanagan. The region includes Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Lake Country and Rutland.

Gatherings in the central Okanagan will be limited as follows, starting Monday:

  • Outdoor gatherings, such as birthdays or backyard barbecues – maximum 50 people.
  • Personal gatherings indoors – maximum five people or one additional household.
  • Indoor / outdoor organized and seated gatherings, such as weddings – maximum 50 people.
  • Vacation rentals, such as houseboats or Airbnbs: Maximum of five people in addition to occupants.

A mask warrant imposed last week in an attempt to slow the spread remains in place. High-intensity indoor fitness classes are canceled, but low-intensity workouts in fitness centers are still permitted.

Henry acknowledged that some big events, like weddings, will already be booked for the weekend before the restrictions on gatherings resume on Monday. She said hosts need to take precautions seriously if they choose to move forward over the next three days.

“For the events scheduled for this weekend, we know we can’t change them immediately. What we need from you is to make sure you have security plans in place,” Henry said.

“As much as possible, non-immune people should not attend these events, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or a formal organized event. People should wear masks, they should remain seated and follow the rules of physical distancing.

Henry said hosts should keep an accurate list of everyone attending their event for contact tracing purposes.

British Columbia’s workload concentrated in a tense interior

Nearly 60 percent of the new cases reported for the entire province on Friday were in the Interior Health Region.

Officials said the outbreak in the central Okanagan has tripled from around 300 cases to around 1,200 since last week. The highly transmissible delta variant accounts for 80 percent of cases.

Most of the patients are young people between the ages of 20 and 40 who have not been vaccinated or who have only received one injection.

“Most of the transmission events that we see happen at social gatherings, whether in vacation rentals, people getting together and having parties, in bars and nightclubs that we have seen,” said Henry.

Anyone who has traveled to the area recently is urged to watch for symptoms.

“We know there has now been transmission from people who have traveled to the central Okanagan and returned to different parts of the province,” Henry said.

The outbreak has also spread to the healthcare system at a time when resources are already strained due to aggressive forest fires, smoky skies and persistent heat in the region. “Dozens” of healthcare workers in acute care have been infected, officials say, and there are two new outbreaks in long-term care.

“It puts a strain on our health care system in the central Okanagan and throughout the interior, as we know Kelowna General [Hospital], for example, supports all health regions in the interior, ”said Henry.

People are seen at Kelowna City Park on Friday near Okanagan Lake. Eighty percent of COVID-19 cases in the region are due to the highly transmissible delta variant, officials said. (Wing Yip Szeto / CBC)

The restrictions announced Friday apply to everyone in the central Okanagan, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

“Right now, as we see a lot of transmission of a highly transmissible virus, we need to take action to protect everyone,” Henry said.

About 95 percent of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in British Columbia as of Friday had not been vaccinated or had only received a single dose. None of the intensive care patients have been vaccinated, Health Minister Adrian Dix said.

British Columbians aged 12 and over who have not yet been immunized can register in three ways:

People can also be vaccinated at walk-in clinics across the province.

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Nightclubs in North Wales prepare to reopen

The CLUBBERS of North Wales will be gearing up for a night of merrymaking with the news that nightclubs can finally reopen tomorrow.

Wales have announced a change to alert level one from tomorrow (Saturday), so nightclubs in the region will be able to welcome revelers again.

Clubs in Flintshire and Wrexham will frantically polish their disco balls and dust off their dance floors ready to reopen.

The chef took a look at some of our local nightclubs to see what they have planned for this weekend and what measures will be in place to keep staff and clubbers safe.

In Wrexham, ATIK on Brook Street is hosting an Ibiza Zoo party with DJs in three different venues and performers such as waders and fire eaters on Saturday night.

Clubbers will be able to dance their socks until 4 a.m. Club manager Mat Evans said there would be classic house in the main room, with “Guilty Pleasures” in the Vinyl room and urban music in Curve.

PLUS – Public urged to continue to exercise caution and common sense when covid rules are lowered

Tickets fly away

Mat Evans said they are working hard to make tomorrow a fun and safe night that revelers will remember when it pays off.

The club held staff training sessions prior to this time and plans to allow clubbers who still wish to wear masks to do so in specially designated areas.

It will also encourage staff to wear their masks and use other appropriate personal protective equipment.

Mat said: “We are extremely happy to reopen and come back and offer the whole experience while keeping it safe and making it a night they will never forget. The whole team is ready to go. and can’t wait to leave. We’ve been in the training sessions this week in terms of safety. We will have areas where, if people want to wear a mask, they can. We also have a special cleaning regime in place.

“Clubbers who come tomorrow can look forward to the full show, complete with lights, three venues with DJs and live performers coming in, walking on stilts and breathing fire. There will be plenty of freebies.

“We had already sold 600 tickets this morning. They’re flying away.”

For more information on what is happening at ATIK Wrexham, visit

Return of live music

Meanwhile, Buckley’s Tivoli took to Facebook to share their glee at the news, saying: “We just saw the advice for the return of live music to Wales… MOST OF” BETWEEN YOU WILL BE HAPPY, we sure are. More info will follow tomorrow after the Welsh AM announcement. ”

This was greeted with happy responses of the type “fantastic news!” and “yay!”.

And on Twitter, they said “back to business!” with news of a rock festival featuring four bands including Crazee Bone and The Clan taking place on August 21.

The club will take special measures to protect staff and event attendees, including reducing club capacity for the foreseeable future, for social distancing purposes.

Masks can, of course, still be worn indoors, and while testing is not mandatory, the club would prefer people to do it before they surrender.

The Tivoli has a what’s new section on its website, with a combination of live music concerts and club nights.

For more information visit

Are you planning to hit the dance floor tomorrow night? Let us know about your plans by commenting below.

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Vaccinate the last shot presented in nightclubs | Merrimack Valley

LAWRENCE – COVID-19 vaccines are available at drugstores, clinics, pop-up sites, and even at block parties.

Now people can have a drink and a drink at some local nightclubs.

The availability of vaccines is increasing across the city with more neighborhood parties in parks. And, from August 13, you can also get vaccinated at a nightclub, Mayor Kendrys Vasquez announced.

“As the COVID variant comes into the picture, we need to remain vigilant and be proactive to ensure that currently unvaccinated community members are vaccinated and protected,” Vasquez said.

Using local data on unvaccinated community members, sites – including parks and nightclubs – have been “strategically chosen” to offer free vaccinations, according to the mayor’s office.

“As we have seen the successful vaccination rates for the 40+ age groups, we look forward to this effort with venues and DJs to continue to meet different populations in the city where they are located,” Vasquez said.

Vaccines will be available outside the following nightclubs from 8 p.m. to midnight:

– August 13: Vaka

– August 14: Blue Lounge

– August 28: Terra Luna

– Sep 6: Attica

Starting this Saturday, vaccines will also be available in various parks, where neighborhood parties will take place.

The photos will be offered to anyone aged 12 and over without an appointment. No ID or insurance is required. And all three vaccines – Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson – will be available, according to information provided by the mayor’s office.

Local DJs and food trucks will be present at the block parties. There will also be a range of door prizes. Additional activities will include face painting, caricature drawing, live art, obstacle course and dunk tank.

Vaccines are available at local parks on the following dates:

– August 7: O’Connell South Common

– August 21: Parthum School (Prospect Hill)

– September 4: BGCL / Water Street (Lower Tower Hill)

– Sep 18: Cronin Park (Arlington neighborhood)

This latest vaccination effort is led by Vasquez, Sen. Barry Finegold, D-Andover, State Representative Marcos Devers, D-Lawrence, State Representative Christina Miniccucci, D-North Andover) and State Representative State Frank Moran, D-Lawrence.

Follow reporter Jill Harmacinski on Twitter @EagleTribJill.

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Scottish nightclubs will reopen on Monday after being blocked for more than 500 days

CLUBBERS can finally return to the dance floors in Scotland after 507 days as nightclubs and bars are set to reopen.

Scotland’s ‘Freedom Day’ on August 9 will see the last of the lockdown restrictions lifted.


Scottish nightclubs will reopen on Monday after being blocked for more than 500 days

Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the final step in lifting the lockdown restrictions will finally take place.

Nightclubs, as well as other venues that have remained closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, including strip clubs and shisha bars, will be allowed to reopen.

However, partygoers will still be required to wear face masks.

Freedom Day will mark the return of major nightlife for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic struck last year.

Nicola Sturgeon provides lockdown update and confirms Scotland’s ‘Freedom Day’ August 9

Nightclubs officially closed in Scotland on March 20, 2020.

This means that the clubs were closed for a total of 507 days on August 9.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “Moving beyond Level 0 will result in the lifting of most of the remaining legally imposed restrictions – including, on physical distancing and size limits for social gatherings.

“It also means that from August 9, no site will be legally required to close.

“This change is significant and hard-won.

“The sacrifices everyone has made over the past year and a half can never be overstated.”

The Prime Minister also announced plans for an app designed to facilitate access to Covid status certificates, including vaccination details, for international travel.

She said: “I can also confirm that we continue to look very carefully at the possible, albeit limited, use of Covid Status Certification for access to certain higher risk sites in the future.

“We are currently developing an app to facilitate access to Covid Status Certificates – which will include vaccination details – for international travel.

“It will be launched next month.

“The app will have functionality to support the use of these certificates for home settings if we decide it is appropriate.

“However, I can assure Parliament that we do not underestimate the ethical, fairness and human rights issues associated with certification of Covid status and that we will keep Members informed and consulted on our thinking. about this question.”

It marks the latest step in the Scottish government’s roadmap to drop lockdown restrictions and get the country back on track after Covid-19.

Stark chest x-rays reveal the difference Covid vaccines really make

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Houston Numbers nightclub movie finally debuts this weekend

Scene from the documentary on the Numbers club in Montrose, “Friday I’m in Love”

Photo: Courtesy

Numbers in Montrose is one of America’s oldest nightclubs and an iconic part of Houston’s nightlife and counter-culture. Despite this, it is also a place whose history is often as smoky as the dance floor. So many monsters, geeks, weirdos and outcasts have made it a hotbed, the history of the club itself has in many cases defied description.

Then comes Marcus Pontello, 33, a director and producer who has worked hard to try and tell the story of Numbers for nine years. Finally, Pontello is set to show off the finished product, “Friday I’m in Love,” and it’s a remarkable triumph of musical documentary filmmaking. Putting together nearly 50 years of history has not been an easy task.

“If I had realized how difficult it would be to tell this story, I might have run screaming the other way,” says Pontello. “The love of this place, being filled with happiness and bliss, it propelled me forward. Once I started diving I realized I couldn’t go back.

The history of Numbers dates back to the 1970s when Bev Wren opened an extremely naughty dinner show. Pontello expresses the joy of transforming a performance hall into one of the city’s premier gay nightclubs. The link with LGBTQ + culture remains strong to this day.

‘Friday I’m in love’

When: 7 p.m. July 31 and 6.30 p.m. August 1

Or: Numbers, 300 Westheimer

Details: Free with $ 20 entry to the club; $ 100 VIP; DJ Mina then spun the 80s and 90s classic.

Houston’s Numbers nightclub isn’t the only Texas hotspot to be the subject of a documentary. The stylish Starck Club of Dallas, the Philippe Starck-designed space that burned brightly for just five years from 1984 to 1989, was a haven for visiting celebrities, cutting-edge electronic dance music enthusiasts and cultural misfits. alienated from ’80s North Texas life. The guest list included Tom Cruise, Madonna, George W. Bush, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robert Plant, David Bowie and RuPaul. Grace Jones performed there. The club scene in “Robocop” was filmed there. But success led to excesses – the place was drowned in the drug Ecstasy – and a high-profile Dallas Police raid helped usher in the Starck’s decline. All of this is convincingly covered in “Sex, Drugs, Design: Warriors of the Discotheque”, the 2013 film by Joseph F. Alexandre. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

-Cary darling

Over the course of “Friday I’m in Love,” whose title is inspired by the 1992 song by The Cure, we see the evolution of Numbers into something subtly remarkable. It was a refuge for the oppressed during times of great social unrest. Pontello skillfully weaves the history of the city into the growing club institution. These include the birth of the gay rights movement following an appearance by Anita Bryant in Houston, the KKK marches where they were yelled at by leather dads and drag queens, and the murder of Paul Broussard in an anti-gay hate crime in 1991 which highlighted the shadow of pervasive violence.

“My interest was just the story of Numbers, and delving into it it became” how does that relate to Houston’s biggest counterculture scene? “”, explains Pontello. “I realized that Numbers was more than a club. It was a part of the city. There is a magnifying glass of the amazing things going on inside the walls of the club, but what was going on outside the walls in the neighborhood, Montrose, is so intertwined with everything.

Speaking of what’s inside, Pontello has managed to gain incredible access. . In addition to interviews with acts such as Erasure and Ministry, Pontello was granted permission to use clips from the videos created by the late owner Robert “Robot” Burtenshaw. The DJ / VJ was a famous recluse man who never allowed his iconic music video creations to be released on the internet, creating a significant but eternally fleeting part of the Houston art scene that could only be experienced on the dancefloor by Numbers.

What Pontello shows finally gives us something about an intimate look at Robot, including childhood films he would incorporate into music videos and an appearance by Houston industrial group Bamboo Crisis at his beau’s birthday party. -girl.

Most important is the feeling of love and even reverence with which Pontello infuses the story. They portray Numbers as a place that has continually attracted those outside the mainstream for decades. The film shows aging leather dads still happy to be part of the crowd, legendary DJ Bruce Godwin dancing in his pastel suburban shirt on the floor and a surprising legion of young patrons basking in the nostalgia and sheer continuity of the venue. . Like a jigsaw puzzle built from the lost pieces of other puzzles, Numbers has a twisted and eerie expression of what it means to be a part of Houston.

“Since COVID, especially since people are dying to be back out there, there are a lot of fresh young faces,” says Pontello. “They experience music that they didn’t even have growing up. There is a feeling there of an inspired crowd feeling what has happened before. “

Those screenings at Numbers himself are probably the only chance people have to see the movie for quite a while. Pontello is still in the process of securing various music rights, which means it will be a long time before you can stream “Friday I’m in Love”. As such, you should definitely take this opportunity to find out about Pontello’s love letter to Numbers. As more and more of the bizarre’s beloved haunts disappear, it’s especially important to set the record straight on club history.

Jef Rouner is a Houston-based writer.

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Reveller, 25, catches Covid after ‘kissing seven men’ at nightclub on UK Freedom Day

A club fan who caught Covid after kissing seven men on Freedom Day says he has no regrets.

Jack Jackson was among hundreds who attended London’s Heaven nightclub grand reopening at midnight on Monday as England entered Phase 4 of the lockdown easing.

The 25-year-old, who has over 23,000 subscribers on TikTok, admitted to “getting back with seven guys” on the dance floor, but reality struck the next day when a lateral flow test came back positive , reports My London.

Night spots across the country have seen queues of excited punters meander around street corners to mark the end of restrictions.

And the Strand venue saw balloons and confetti raining down from the ceiling as revelers partied into the early hours of the morning.

Did you catch Covid after going clubbing on Freedom Day? Let us know at [email protected]

Jack Jackson tested positive for Covid after a night at the Heaven club in London

But Jack’s experience is a timely reminder that the virus has not disappeared, with cases increasing rapidly, including in all the districts of the capital.