Illegal nightclub where man was stabbed more than 10 times closed by police

The illegal disco has been linked to a series of violent incidents. Photo: West Midlands Police

The club, known as The Red Door behind Villa Road in Lozells, had no planning permission, was not registered as a business and had no music license or permission to sell alcohol.

West Midlands Police said they received numerous complaints about the room being messy and loud music disturbing neighbors and disturbing young children.

Violent incidents included a man stabbed more than 10 times in a fight in October last year, a man with a knife wound to his leg in June and a major disturbance in August where glasses were thrown.

There were a lot of complaints from locals about the loud music. Photo: West Midlands Police

Police intelligence also suggested the venue was linked to gang activity, used to sell drugs and gunshots were also heard inside.

The local ward team had worked with Birmingham City Council to build a case against site management and won a closure order at Birmingham Magistrates Court on August 15.

Inspector Nick Hill said: ‘This will be a huge relief to local residents whose lives have been marred by the anti-social behavior and crime this place attracts.

“Clubs are bound by strict regulations to ensure customer safety, such as security, CCTV and staff training, and disruption is kept to a minimum for people living nearby.

“The main building was only approved for storage purposes, but there was also a covered outdoor seating area, toilet block and kitchen. None of them had a building permit.

“We have obtained closure for three months initially, but we will ask for permanent closure and possible demolition.

“Local police teams are working with our Gangs unit to actively target anyone we suspect may be linked to violence and organized crime. We regularly organize law enforcement patrols to disrupt gang activity and operations to target people causing harm in our communities.

The club has been closed and faces demolition. Photo: West Midlands Police

A utility company was also called in to secure the site and deemed the wiring on the site to be a potential life hazard.

Cllr John Cotton, Cabinet Member for Social Justice, Community Safety and Equalities at Birmingham City Council, said: ‘We support this police action because unlicensed premises are, by definition, unregulated.

“We know there have been significant concerns about these premises, so hopefully this shows that we can work in partnership to keep our communities safe.

“We will continue to work with West Midlands Police to address issues relating to illegal and unlicensed activity, anti-social behavior and public safety and ensure that bars and clubs in Birmingham, as well as city streets, are safe for all their visitors.

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3 people, including members of the army, brutally beaten by 4 bouncers outside the Sector 29 nightclub

Photo: iStock

Gurugram: In another shocking incident reported in the Sector 29 area of ​​Gurugram, where three people, including a member of the military, were badly beaten by four bouncers outside a bar. The horrific incident happened on Sunday evening.

Police identified the victims as brothers Khajaan Singh and Anil Kumar, as well as Indian Army soldier Sunil Kumar, according to the news agency. IANS reported.

Sunil Kumar, the plaintiff, informed the police that he and his two brothers went to the “Friction Club” in the Sector 29 market on Sunday at around 11:20 p.m.

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Hit Gurugram's club in pinched waist under scanner for sexual assault

‘Waist touched and pinched’: Club Gurugram under scanner for assault and assault

Fight in a Gurugram pub Statement issued by the club where the incident took place Read the full statement here

Gurugram pub brawl: statement issued by the club where the incident took place; Read the full statement here

Sunil told police: “There we had a good time for about 20 minutes before the club owner turned off the music. Anil asked the bouncer to play some music in response to that, but he didn’t. got into an argument with us which led to the two bouncers dragging us out of the bar and beating us badly.

The complaint in his police report said two other bouncers then arrived at the scene and beat the group with sticks before threatening them and leaving, IANS reported.

A case under Articles 323, 506 and 34 of the ICC was filed against the accused at Sector 29 Police Station based on the allegation.

In a separate incident, patrons were allegedly assaulted by bouncers outside Casa Danza nightclub in Udyog Vihar phase 2 the previous night on August 7-8. After a video went viral, the incident came to light.

District police will soon begin reviewing records of bouncers, police say, in an effort to reduce fights taking place both inside and outside of clubs in the city.

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Former Geronimos nightclub in Barrow being demolished

A FORMER nightclub that has been closed for almost 30 years is being demolished due to its ‘unsafe condition’.

The former Geronimos nightclub, which adjoins the Barrow Raiders’ Craven Park ground, is being demolished due to security risks.

The nightclub was closed in 1995 and three fires made the building unsafe, leading to its partial demolition in 2015.

Former Raiders general manager Steve Johnson bought the nightclub in 1986 and it became known for its dance parties called Yummy.

Mr Johnson resigned as chief executive in 1995 after a six-year reign following fierce protests over his plan to demolish the Raiders’ ground and turn it into a bingo hall.

Demolition work started on the old Geronimos building in February 2015.

And seven years later, efforts have been made to tear down the rest of the dance hall after it was bought out by the Raiders in November last year.

Barrow Raiders chairman Steve Neale has revealed the club’s future plans for the soon-to-be vacant space.

He said: “It’s dangerous in the current state it is in. He was bought by the club from the previous owner in November last year. He is dangerous in his current state and had the potential to fall.

“So we decided to demolish it, which will also give us the possibility of using the space in the future.

“It’s a great space – we may be looking for community use like a new ladies’ changing room, but at the moment we are not financially able to rebuild it into anything else.

“The first step was to take him down and we are currently in the process of doing that at the moment. We’ll take care of the rest later.

“We would potentially like to make it a community facility – there is the possibility of building a ladies’ changing room, which is an option. We would like to use the space for something for the community in the future.

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Bar owners grappling with balloon insurance costs months after reopening – Kamloops News

Sydney Chisholm

Things aren’t the way they used to be in bars and nightclubs across Kamloops, and the COVID-19 pandemic is only partly to blame.

Nightclub owners, who are now facing rising insurance costs, say they have noticed a change in their clubs since they fully reopened earlier this year.

“It’s very different, people [are] much more respectful,” said Dino Bernardo, co-owner of the Commodore in Castanet Kamloops.

“It’s very different from what it was before – it’s not necessarily better or worse. It’s just that the narrative has changed a bit.”

Some in the industry say there was a decline in the popularity of nightclubs a few years before the pandemic hit, but Blue Grotto owner Pup Johnston says COVID-19 changed all that .

“Covid was like a shot in the arm for the industry. It was like we pressed a super reset button. And what’s happening now is we’re seeing people going out and enjoying clubs nightclubs that have never had one before,” Johnston said, adding that physical distancing meant people missed a crowded dance floor.

“They want love and touch, squeeze, you know? They want to meet strangers, they want to have the opportunity to bump into someone, to share a dance floor with someone, even if you don’t dance together — you dance with your group of friends, I dance with my group of friends, at some point we’re going to turn around and there’s going to be high fives and all ‘groups are awesome’.

Despite the resurgence in popularity and the lifting of pandemic restrictions, nightclubs still face obstacles when it comes to managing and opening new venues.

“It’s hard to open a nightclub these days, really hard,” Johnston said.

“Like alcohol liability insurance is right next door. It’s ridiculous. It’s up 500% over COVID, and that really makes it cost prohibitive to open a new club – very, very cost prohibitive.

While Bernardo said the Commodore is doing well, he worries what the drastic increases in overhead will do to the industry, because it’s not just insurance that’s gone up.

“There would be shortages in the supply chain of certain liquors that we can’t get sometimes, the cost of fruit for drinks has gone up significantly,” he explained.

“I’m scared, you know, that’s what we’re going through now. What will it look like in five months, six months, a year? Will that change? Or will it get worse?”

But on the other hand, owners can only raise prices so much before customers are willing to pay it, Bernardo said.

“Our prices have been similar to what they always have been, even when we reopened,” the Commodore owner said.

“There was a marginal increase, but it was just that the cost of insurance skyrocketed and we have to make up for that.”

The cost of alcohol liability has more than tripled in recent years, and a major contributing factor to the inflated price is the fact that many insurance companies have pulled out of the alcohol game.

“There are many providers around the world that offer alcohol liability, but not as many as before,” Paul Ross, broker at Emsland Insurance, told Castanet Kamloops.

“I think it has to do with risk and with our litigious society and people suing for many different things. Insurance companies have therefore decided not to consider this as the risks they must defend. »

He added that on top of that, insurance companies were still trying to recover from the hit of the pandemic on the economy.

“We also had what is called a tough market in the insurance industry. It’s been three years since the insurance companies have been really correcting what’s going on,” he explained.

“We also have more and more people who want to sue in Canada, which creates more costs, we have social inflation, which relates to you know … the law of people — they get drunk and they slip by land, and they want to sue the owner, the tenant, the city [and] again and again. Our society and our habits have therefore definitely changed, as has our general orientation, which negatively affects insurance companies.

Soaring insurance costs could cause some bars to close and deter other potential owners from entering the industry, Ross said.

“I think what would happen is that the cost would be prohibitive. I mean, that’s what’s happening now,” Ross said.

“The cost of this equipment is so prohibitive. How can a small business survive spending so much money on insurance? So, in essence, he may have already done so.

Ross said the potential solution is quite simple.

“Take more responsibility for your own actions,” he said.

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Texas man charged with indecent exposure at Destin nightclub

DESTIN, Fla. (WKRG) — Okaloosa County sheriff’s deputies arrested 20-year-old Elijah Gants on Monday, Aug. 8, for indecent exposure at the Lucky’s Rotten Apple in Destin.

Staff at the 205 Mountain Drive hot spot told deputies that Gants undressed in the bar and peed on the front door of the building. Staff said Gants whipped his genitals and attempted to fight a bartender and two patrons inside the club.

Another victim told deputies that Gants was there to try to buy drugs. When he was unsuccessful, witnesses said he took a white YETI cooler from the club without permission and walked out.

OCSO deputies showed up at the scene for Gants to walk away with a white cooler. According to the report, Gants threw the cooler and started running away when he saw the patrol car.

Deputies said Gants tried to bite them during the restraint and took him into custody. He is charged with indecent exposure, robbery, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct.

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Shooting nightclub closed 30 days

PHUKET: The nightlife spot where a sword-wielding man was shot dead by a pub security guard last week has been closed for 30 days for late trading.

The official notice was served on Friday (August 5), with the closure order in effect until September 3. According to the ordinance, the place “is considered a place where illegal acts and behavior are contrary to public order or morality. ”

The venue was eventually identified by Phuket officials on Friday as ‘Sod’ (which depending on the context can mean ‘fresh’, ‘single’ or ‘live’, as in ‘live music’), located at 445/ 1 Phuket Rd, Talad Yai, Phuket Town. The venue was previously known as Nai Mueang Phuket Pub and Karaoke Bar, located opposite Phuket Customs on Phuket Rd, just 200 meters from Phuket Immigration.

While the order was signed by Phuket Governor Narong Woonciew, the announcement marking the shutdown order listed more than a dozen high-ranking local officers involved in the investigation, including officers senior police.

The closure order also followed the site operator being given four days to try to explain why the site was open so late.

Initial reports said police were called to the scene at 5:50 a.m., but official reports later said the shooting happened around 5 a.m.

Yet according to the announcement made by Phuket officials last Friday, the statement made to officials by the site operator indicates that the incident happened shortly after 4am.

According to the venue operator, patrons were outside the venue waiting for heavy rains to subside to return home. Apparently they had been waiting for hours.

At around 4am, 27-year-old Phuket Town resident Traitaewit ‘Got’ Chindamaikul attacked a group with a sword after an altercation with a woman at the pub. A person was seriously injured in a finger, said the operator of the site, not identified by officials.

In response, pub security guard Chaiwat ‘Od’ Chuwong, 35, drew his Glock 9mm handgun and shot Mr Traitaewit once in the chest, killing him. Traitaewit’s body was found next to his white pick-up truck in the parking lot, more than 20 yards from the front of the club. Bloodstains were on the side of the van showing that he had fallen there.

Mr. Chaiwat waited for police at the scene and immediately returned the handgun used in the shooting.

Phuket officials’ announcement last Friday said Mr Chaiwat was not allowed to carry a firearm at the scene.

However, it has not been confirmed what charges, if any, he will face for the transgression.

Officials did not confirm what charges, again, if any, Mr. Chaiwat would face for the fatal shooting.

More than a week after the shooting, aside from their initial reports on August 1, Phuket City Police and Phuket Provincial Police have yet to make any public statements regarding their investigation into the shooting.

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Sheffield nightclub owners face licensing review after ‘targeted’ crash in which woman nearly lost her hand

South Yorkshire Police have called for a license review for ‘serious crime and disorder’, and the club’s owners are now awaiting the outcome of that review before they can reopen.

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Fox Hill Murder: A suspect is due in court today in the murder that shocked Sheffield…

Police have called for a review of the licenses of Bellairz nightclub on Shoreham Street, Sheffield, after several people were injured when a car drove into them in what police described as a ‘targeted’ attack.

A licensing review is standard procedure following a serious incident such as that which occurred outside Bellairz in the early hours of Sunday July 10.

When could the Bellairz nightclub reopen?

The club’s owners, who asked not to be named, told The Star that there had been no problems with the site before and that they were shocked by what happened that night- the.

They said: ‘Investigations are ongoing and we do not know when we will be able to reopen. We haven’t had any previous issues here and believe it could have happened anywhere.

“It all happened so fast. Everyone missed the preparation for what happened and we didn’t see what happened.

“We have reached out to the victims and we try to stay in contact with them to let them know that we are always here to support them as best we can.

“We are still shaken by what happened and we are still trying to process everything. There are some of the victims that we have not collected and we would ask them to contact us through our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Launch of a Gofundme appeal for the victims of a “targeted” accident in front of a nightclub

The licensing review is for DTour, which the club owners say was the old name of the venue. It was due to be considered by Sheffield Council’s licensing sub-committee on Monday August 8, but the owners said they have now been told the hearing will not take place until the end of the month.

They said they hoped to reopen as soon as they were permitted and were looking at what could be done to improve security, which could include introducing ID scanners to the site.

Two men arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

An eyewitness told how a woman had to have her hand stitched up after being injured in the crash.

He described himself as “one of the lucky ones”, saying he too would have been badly hurt had it not been for the number of people standing between him and the wall.

“What happened ruined some people’s lives,” he added.

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Indy man charged with reckless homicide following December nightclub shooting

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man has been charged with reckless homicide after he fired five shots at a crowd of people and killed one, according to court documents.

Torrion Williams, 27, has been charged with reckless homicide, a felony 5, after shots from his gun hit a woman outside a nightclub near Castleton in December .

IMPD received a call about a person shot dead at the Epic Ultra Lounge on the 8200 block of Center Road on December 26.

Upon arrival, they found Keyohnna Stone, 31, with gunshot wounds. Police said she was taken to hospital in critical condition but died two days later from her injuries.

In an interview with police, Williams explained her version of what happened.

Williams told police he was at the club with her husband. When he went to the bathroom, two men in the bathroom began to touch Williams in a sexual manner, according to Williams’ statement in court documents.

Williams told police he told them to stop and left the bathroom to go tell her husband what had happened.

According to court documents, when Williams told her husband, he and the group they had come with decided to leave.

As they sat in the car, an angry group of 8-10 people came out of the club. According to Williams, Stone was part of this group.

When Williams’ husband tried to speak with the group to prevent an incident from happening, the group pulled him out of the car and began beating him, according to Williams’ statement in court documents.

Williams explained that he grabbed a gun from their car and asked the group to stop and said he would start shooting.

According to his statement in court documents, Williams began shooting in the air. He also said he heard more gunshots than he was firing.

After he started shooting, Williams said someone then punched him in the face, sending his gun flying back into the crowd, according to court documents.

After filming, the band left the club parking lot.

Investigators were able to link the fatal shooting to Williams’ gun.

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Restaurant guild leader Jesus Rivera shot dead outside nightclub he owned in Acapulco, Mexico

The head of the restaurants, bars and nightclubs guild in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco was shot dead on Sunday, the district attorney’s office said.

Jesus Rivera was killed in the early hours of the morning outside a nightclub he owned, after unknown assailants opened fire on him and then fled, State authorities in the southern region of Guerrero said.

“The prosecution has opened an investigation against those responsible for the crime of aggravated homicide,” said a statement from the agency.

The attack happened at the start of the summer holiday season, one of the busiest times of the year for the city, with tourists flocking to the area’s pristine beaches.

Recent months have seen at least three attacks on nightclubs in Acapulco, local media reported.

In April, at least three people were killed in a shooting and subsequent pursuit by police officers at a beachfront restaurant in Acapulco. Video broadcast on social networks and Youtube showed people running on the beach as gunshots rang out.

This shooting occurred just days after the severed heads of six men were discovered on top of a Volkswagen in the town of Chilapa de Alvarez, which is also in the state of Guerrero.

Guerrero, on the Pacific coast, is one of the most violent states in Mexico due to the presence of criminal gangs and drug trafficking.

Mexico, hit by a spiral of violence linked to organized crime, has recorded more than 340,000 violent deaths since December 2006, when a controversial military operation against drugs was launched.

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6 people escape fire at adult nightclub near Churchill Downs | New

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Six people escaped a fire early Monday morning at a Louisville nightclub near Churchill Downs.

The fire in the two-story, 9,500-square-foot building was reported just before 6 a.m. at Showgirls nightclub in the 3400 block of Taylor Boulevard, according to Major Bobby Cooper, fire department battalion chief of Louisville.

Cooper said crews were sent to the scene after “calls from passers-by who saw the fire in the building”. Crews arrived on the scene within two minutes “and found heavy fire coming from what appeared to be the attic. We assume that in all likelihood that is where the fire originated.”

Video and images provided by the Louisville Fire Department showed flames shooting from the roof of the structure before dawn.

Firefighters found six people inside, who were able to get out of the building on their own, Cooper said.

“We don’t even know if they knew the fire was burning at the time,” he said.

Cooper wasn’t sure who was in the building or why they were there in the early hours.

Once the occupants were safely outside, the crews moved into a defensive attack. Cooper said standard procedure is to search for people inside burning structures, even if they are declared vacant.

“We always assume there are occupants inside a building,” Cooper said. “So even when a building is deemed vacant … you have homeless populations seeking shelter inside vacant buildings, so we initiate these search and rescue missions, regardless of the state of the building. “

It took 30 firefighters about an hour and 15 minutes to bring the blaze under control, according to a post on the Louisville Fire Department Facebook page.

It’s not yet clear whether the building will be considered a total loss, but Cooper said it had “extensive damage” and it may have been two or three different buildings in the past.

Cooper said the cause of the fire has not yet been determined and lightning has not been ruled out as thunderstorms moved through the area overnight. The arson unit is investigating.

“They’re looking at all possibilities, so in addition to surveillance footage, and interviewing bystanders and property representatives, they’ll also be looking at weather conditions and potential lightning strikes,” Cooper said.

LG&E crews were called to the scene to shut off power to the building to ensure the safety of firefighters.

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Star Sydney’s Marquee nightclub will host a fabulous drag brunch with Art Simone and Anita Wigl’it

A LIFETIME’s drag party is about to kick off in Australia with sparkling performances, bottomless bubbles, makeup stations and rainbow food – here’s everything you need to know

  • A spectacular brunch-style drag event is coming to an Australian capital
  • Sydneysides can now get tickets to the one-day Supercharged Drag Spectacular
  • Guests can enjoy bottomless bubbles, a pasture-style menu, and live entertainment
  • It will be hosted by Ru Paul’s Drag Race stars Anita Wigl’it and Art Simone
  • There will also be MAC makeup stations and a glittery rainbow dance floor
  • The event takes place on Saturday, August 13 starting at 3 p.m. and tickets are $70 each.

A spectacularly sparkling and spectacular brunch-style dining experience is heading to a major Australian city.

Star Sydney’s Marquee nightclub will host a unique evening Spectacular supercharged drag presented by two of Australia’s biggest Ru Paul Drag Race stars on Saturday August 13th.

Melbourne’s Art Simone and Auckland’s Anita Wigl’it will go head-to-head in an epic lip-sync fighting performance that audiences can expect plenty of sass, big hair and dazzling costumes.

Sydneysides can now secure tickets for The Star’s Marquee nightclub’s Supercharged Drag Spectacular co-hosted by Melbourne’s Art Simone (pictured)

Ticket holders can enjoy three fabulous hours of dancing, performances by familiar queens and surprise VIP guests, bottomless bubbles and a pasture-style menu

Ticket holders can enjoy three fabulous hours of dancing, performances by familiar queens and surprise VIP guests, bottomless bubbles and a pasture-style menu

Luckily for those who don’t get out of bed until noon, Marquee’s brunch doesn’t start until 3pm and lasts a fabulous three hours.

Ticket holders will be treated to two hours of non-stop bubbles, wine and beer, a cocktail upon arrival and a pasture-style menu including multicolored popcorn, sliders with rainbow coleslaw sky and unlimited antipasti.

There will also be additional surprise performances from familiar queens and opportunities for guests to make their way across the disco ball-lit rainbow dance floor.

Outside the main Boombox space, in a hidden library, make-up stations from the glam team at MAC Cosmetics will allow guests to shine.

Co-host Anita Wigl'it (pictured) from Auckland said she was

Co-host Anita Wigl’it (pictured) from Auckland said she was ‘extremely excited’ to dance and laugh alongside her Australian fans on a fun afternoon

Luckily for those who don't get out of bed until noon, Marquee's brunch doesn't start until 3 p.m., lasts a fabulous three hours, and costs $70 a ticket.

Luckily for those who don’t get out of bed until noon, Marquee’s brunch doesn’t start until 3 p.m., lasts a fabulous three hours, and costs $70 a ticket.

Anita said it will be her first performance in Sydney since the first season of Drag Race and the first time this year she will be about to laugh and dance alongside her Australian fans.

“I am outrageously thrilled to be returning to Sydney, the drag capital of the southern hemisphere, or at least it is for me,” she said.

“I’m so excited to bring the excellence of drag Down Under to such an amazing place. I can’t wait to see you all for a day of drag, dancing, drinks and deliciousness,” Art added.

Tickets are available now from Moshtix and cost $70 each plus booking fees.


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New student apartments under construction in the former nightclub Images

CONSTRUCTION work continues on a former nightclub in the city which is being converted into student accommodation.

The former site of Images Nightclub, demolished at the end of last year, is being converted into 83 student apartments by Rengen Developments.

Rengen took over the project from Thorneloe, which originally began demolishing the building in 2021.

The new building can now be seen beginning to take shape as work continues on the site, which was first used 150 years ago.

Most of the exterior structure of the new building has been constructed, with work continuing inside and out.

BUILDING: The new building seen from the bridge of The Hive

The first demolition works of the Images nightclub began in November 2021.

It originally obtained planning permission in 2019 with the site reserved for housing.

The original 112-bed plan was changed to a nine-story 110-bed plan to make the accommodation building the same height as The Hive.

A later plan sought permission to construct a 100-bed building, but this was soon reduced to 89 beds before finally settling on an 83-bed building.

Dating back to the 1870s, the building had stood empty since its subsequent reincarnation when the Funk nightclub closed in February 2012.

In 2014, the city council’s licensing subcommittee gave the green light for the site to become a club named Mamma Jammas.

The club was aimed at over-30s and the plans were met with fierce opposition from West Mercia police who believed the venue would increase crime in the area.

Worcester News: CLOSED: Images before her demolitionCLOSED: Images before its demolition

The plans never materialized and the images remained a horror until the demolition plan was approved.

Given the location of the site, construction work must have been given longer than expected, with Thorneloe stating in 2021 that it should be finished sometime in 2023.

The building that became Images was built in the 1870s by an engineer known as Mr Turton and was called “The Netherton Company”.

In recent years the Butts site has become an eyesore, with the derelict site now enjoying new life after 150 years.

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West Mercia Police give out SmartTags to reduce anti-social behavior in nightclubs

Nightclub bouncers will be armed with Smart Water to tag drunk thugs so they can be caught by the police.

Hand-held forensic sprays will be issued to security personnel to combat anti-social behavior in the city centre.

Smart Water acts as a permanent marker – saving door staff the hassle of chasing troublemakers.

Officers can then find those that have been sprayed and shine UV light on them to show they have been tagged.

The rollout to security staff follows a successful trial last October when Hereford bouncers were armed with SmartTags.

Pubs, bars and nightclubs in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire will now train staff to use the aerosol type spray.

Tyler Haines, assistant doorman at Play Nightclub Hereford and whose team uses SmartTag, said: ‘In January we witnessed an incident at our club where two men were very aggressive, assaulting door staff and assaulting clients.

“As the situation became unpredictable, I took the decision to remove SmartTag to deter the two men, but a man went to hit me and so SmartTag was deployed on them.

“Both men fled the scene and diffused the situation.”

It comes after research found violence and abuse against pub staff and bouncers increased dramatically following the Covid pandemic.

Sergeant Nick Hall said: “This is an exciting step in our ongoing efforts to combat anti-social behaviour, keep people safe and protect them and staff from harm.

“This new technology and its deployment will help us address some of the elements of anti-social behavior that are particularly evident in our nighttime economy and will send a positive message to our communities that we are doing everything we can to address their concerns.

“We will be handing over the new equipment to the people responsible for keeping your pubs, bars and clubs safe for relaxation and fun and who often face a deluge of abuse and violence.

“By securely tagging individuals, officers patrolling the community can easily identify them and advance any required enforcement.”

The bouncers’ deployment comes after Smart Water sprays were administered to 400 Co-op security guards following a spike in attacks on frontline staff.

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Methanol found in systems of deceased teenagers in South African nightclub | Videos

* Last month, June 26, remains a sad moment for South Africa and the rest of the world, as 21 teens died after a huge party in a South African nightclub. Several government officials joined police for a press conference to reveal the latest details of the case, report it Washington Post.

Experts had previously detected methanol in the victims’ blood samples, but they are evaluating further to determine whether the levels were lethal or non-lethal.

The teenagers, aged 13 to 17, had previously partied at Enyobeni Tavern, the east London coastal town on June 26, before they died. According to the police, some of them (teenagers) were slumped on the furniture when the officers arrived.

Health officials initially linked their deaths to alcohol and carbon monoxide poisoning before Litha Matinawe, provincial assistant director of clinical services for the Eastern Cape, ruled out the factors, after testing. Other reports indicate that a stampede may also have caused some of the deaths.

MORE NEWS ON EURWEB: Ex-cop Thomas Lane sentenced to over 2 years in prison for his role in the murder of George Floyd

A witness who spoke to the Post said people were heard in the tavern, shouting “I can’t breathe” and “I’m choking.” Others said people were “choked” on a substance that “smelled like gas.”

Yonela Dekeda, spokeswoman for the same region’s health department, said more tests were underway to determine the cause of death. He further explains that it is still too early to determine where the teenagers got the methanol – alcohol or elsewhere.

According to CDC, methanol can cause a range of health complications and is commonly used as antifreeze, in fuels, pesticides and pesticides. The CDC further explains that most methanol poisonings are due to methanol products or beverages contaminated with the substance. In the industrial sector, death can occur when they inhale large quantities of methanol vapor or absorb it through the skin.

A witness who spoke to the Post spoke of some victims in the tavern saying they weren’t breathing and choking while others were choking on something that smelled like gas. The 52-year-old club owner was arrested after the incident and will face trial next month. He faces several charges, including that of having authorized access to alcohol to minors. Two employees aged 33 and 34 were also arrested alongside him.

The teenagers were celebrating the end of high school exams when the tragedy happened, according to Blavity. Talk to CBS NewsBheki Cele, the police minister said the teenagers died dancing – they literally danced, fell and died.

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Made the feast ! Fresno is trying to keep bars and nightclubs open later – GV Wire

Fans of local bars and nightclubs will soon be able to party for two more hours on Friday and Saturday nights. This is a unique opportunity that is being seized by government and business.

A bill making its way through the Sacramento Legislature would extend last call to 4 a.m. on weekends and 3 a.m. on other days. But the change from the universal closing time of 2 a.m. would only apply to Fresno and six other California cities.

This is fabulous news for a club owner in Fresno.

“It will give us the opportunity to make more money, you know, extend hours…more time to sell,” said Cisco Mendez, owner and operator of FAB Fresno Nightclub in the Tower District.

Senate Bill 930, drafted by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, would give select cities the right to control where and how bars could stay open later. In addition to Fresno, the bill specifies Oakland, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Coachella, Cathedral Springs and West Hollywood.

Wiener says extending opening hours would help the hospitality industry, which has been particularly devastated by the pandemic.

“It’s about allowing cities to decide what nightlife suits them locally instead of having the current one-size-fits-all,” Wiener said at a meeting of the Assembly’s political committee last month.

The owner of Tower District nightclub Fab is welcoming the ability to stay open until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights. A proposal from the state legislature would allow Fresno and a few other California cities to extend the hours of business that serve alcohol beyond the current 2 a.m. cutoff. (GV Wire/Albert Baker)

Mendez says the overtime would be helpful, since FAB isn’t open during the day. He says many of his customers are still strong at the current closing time.

“People are having fun, drunk. And to kick everybody out at some point… that always seems kind of, you know, counterproductive,” Mendez said.

The bill has the support of the mayor of Fresno and industry groups. A well-known attorney with ties to Fresno, however, objected.

Third time a charm?

It’s not the first time that Wiener has tried to keep the doors of nightlife venues open longer. His previous try in 2019, also with Fresno as a pilot city, failed on the Assembly floor. His 2018 bill — without Fresno — passed the Legislature before being vetoed by the then-governor. Jerry Brown.

Like the 2019 version, the City of Fresno is a voluntary participant with the full support of Mayor Jerry Dyer.

“Because SB 930 includes significant protections, multiple lanes of local control, and full evaluation before requesting extended sales hours, I’m happy to offer my support,” Dyer wrote Wiener in a June 14 letter.

During June 22 Steering Committee Hearinglobbyist Angie Manetti spoke in favor of the bill on Dyer’s behalf.

If the bill becomes law, it is not automatic that bars can extend their opening hours. Fresno would still need to develop rules and the bars/restaurants would still need a license extension from state regulators. The pilot program would run from 2025 to 2030.

Local nightclubs can benefit more than traditional bars.

“It’s not something we would do…but I’m not opposed to others having the ability. As long as companies manage it responsibly, I would be fine with that,” said David Rasavong, who operates Banzai Japanese Bar & Kitchen, and The Lincoln.

Alcohol watchdogs, law enforcement oppose

Cruz Avila, Executive Director of the Legislative Oversight Group alcohol justicespoke out against the bill at the June 22 hearing of the Assembly’s Government Organizing Committee.

He is concerned about drunk drivers on the road at the same time as early morning commuters.

“Just imagine people drinking after 2 or 4 a.m. when people get up just to get to work and what that might cause. And obviously there’s no point,” Avila, a Fresno resident and former CEO of Poverello House, told GV Wire.

Avila refutes the argument that the extension of the last call is necessary to help bars and restaurants.

“We can’t put a dollar in front of or replace that for the life of a human being,” Avila said.

He plans a meeting with Dyer to discuss the matter.

“I’m surprised how Fresno would… want to actually support this bill,” Avila said.

FAB owner Mendez says places like Las Vegas are examples of how a late last call can be handled safely.

“Responsible adults can manage their alcohol and make wise choices. I mean, people drink during the day, all day. There’s alcohol being sold all day. And that’s okay. But, you know, it’s effort and it’s a problem. But all of a sudden after 2 a.m., it’s a problem. I think it’s just a really weird way to watch adults “said Mendez.

The California Highway Patrol Association and several anti-alcohol abuse groups strongly oppose SB 930.

Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama declined to comment.

Next steps for the bill

Wiener’s bill is currently being considered by the Assembly.

The bill will then be heard by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, scheduled for August 3. If he is adopted there, he will then go to the floor of the Assembly.

Although it originated in the state senate, the bill is expected to return there. The first version of SB 930 was a housing-focused bill, completely amended after votes in a process known as “gut and amend”.

Where will state lawmakers who represent the city land on the new bill?

Congressman Joaquin Arambula, D-Fresno, voted against the 2018 and 2019 versions of Wiener’s bill. He is also a doctor.

Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, did not vote on either bill.

On the Senate side, neither Melissa Hurtado, D-Bakersfield, nor Andreas Borgeas, R-Fresno, were in the Legislative Assembly at the time of previous bills.

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Police discover man’s drug store after he was arrested at a nightclub

Inspector Clayton Camilleri has indicted Nishit Rakeshkumar, 26, an Indian student who also works for a food delivery company, on a series of charges related to trafficking and possession of a wide range of illegal substances , including MDMA, cocaine, ketamine and psilocybin.

Duty Magistrate Gabriella Vella heard how bouncers at Gianpula nightclub noticed Rakeshkumar was apparently selling drugs on the night of July 17 and immediately called the police.

Inspector Camilleri told the court that officers carried out checks at the nightclub last weekend and recovered several suspicious pills, powders and other substances in the defendant’s possession, along with €450 in cash.

Other drug paraphernalia was discovered during a search of Rakeshkumar’s residence. €1,400 was found in an envelope under his sheets, along with cocaine, scales, various pills and empty sachets commonly used for drug trafficking.

The court heard the man admitted to possession of the drugs and told police his roommates had nothing to do with the illegal substances found there.

Rakeshkumar pleaded not guilty to the 15 charges against him and was released on bail with a €1,000 bond and a personal guarantee of €9,000. He was also ordered to sign a bail book every day.

Attorney Noel Bianco represented the accused at the arraignment.

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LimeWire Announces Partnership with Powerhouse Ibiza Nightclubs –

Lime wire NFT holders will soon have the opportunity to taste the high Ibiza life.

As part of a new partnership between LimeWire and Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza, LimeWire Originals NFT holders will enjoy free VIP access to both clubs for free throughout the 2022 season. Both establishments are regularly recognized as the one of the world’s leading clubbing destinations.

Lime wirethe former NFT platform turned music hack, is betting on a big summer season comeback for the Ibiza club circuit, which was dormant due to the impact of the pandemic.

Hï Ibiza nightclub.

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“Giving our LimeWire Original holders exclusive access during this first full season since the pandemic sets the benchmark for the kinds of real-world experiences we intend to unlock for our customers,” said Paul and Julian Zehetmayr. , co-CEO of LimeWire. statement. “This is the first of many LimeWire partnerships that will bring NFT music experiences to life beyond visual art.”

Ibiza Club Circuit fans just need to add their email to the waiting list for the opportunity to acquire one of the most coveted digital collectibles. A small batch of just 500 will be made available for pre-sale as part of the partnership for fans looking for early access.

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Schlager thugs? Argument erupts over ‘sexist’ pop hit in Germany | Germany

They are loud, unsophisticated and often offensive in content. With titles ranging from Sex With a Bavarian to Big Tits Potato Salad, the ballermann subgenre of schlager pop is a big hit in German-dominated nightclubs on the Balearic island of Mallorca, but is more likely cause grimaces of embarrassment or Fremdschamen at home.

Yet this week, German newspapers were filled with detailed analyzes of schlager’s song lyrics, and even the country’s justice minister felt inclined to share his musical tastes after a Bavarian town decided to banish this holiday season’s ballermann hit from its breweries for its sexist tendencies.

Layla, by DJ Robin & Schürze, which has risen to the top of the German singles charts in the last three weeks, is a song about a brothel woman who is “prettier, younger, more cunning” than the other sex workers in his establishment.

Whether Layla is the owner of the brothel or an employee herself is unclear: the song also refers to her as luder, meaning “naughty” or “minx”. With a refrain of “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-Layla, la-la-la-la”, the song’s narrative ambitions are limited.

On Monday, the city of Würzburg announced that it would not perform the song at the annual Kiliani fair, organized by the municipal authorities. “We understand that the song can be catchy, catchy and melodic,” said city spokesman Christian Weiß. “But that doesn’t change the fact that sexist lyrics are unacceptable and not appropriate for our festival.”

Würzburg officials say they won’t play DJ Robin & Schürze’s song Layla at the Kiliani festival. Photograph: Christian Ruger/Alamy

In the western city of Düsseldorf, a shooting club responsible for organizing the fair also said it would not play the song. “I’m of the opinion that this song belongs everywhere but our festival site,” club chairman Lothar Inden told broadcaster WDR.

Bild, the mighty German tabloid, jumped on the story as what it saw as evidence of a modern form of censorship. “People are prescribed how to speak, how to write and now how to party. This prudish nanny from the politically correct brigade needs to stop. We are moving towards an anti-fun society.

German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann of the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) himself a creator of electronic music in his spare timejoined the debate on Twitter“You don’t have to like schlager’s lyrics. You may find them silly and unpleasant. But in my opinion, an official ban is a step too far.

However, neither the authorities in Würzburg nor Düsseldorf have taken the decision to issue a decree that would amount to an official ban. “We are not the guardians of public morals, but the organisers,” an official at the Killiani fair told Bayerischer Rundfunk radio. A spokesman for the mayor of Düsseldorf said there were no plans to ban the song.

In 2021, authorities in Würzburg took a similar step to stop playing the so-called Donaulied or Danube Song after a student started a petition against “beer tent sexism”. The traditional folk song describes a man raping a sleeping woman he meets on the banks of the Danube, although in some modern schlager versions the lyrics are changed to describe their sexual intercourse as consensual.

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Supreme Court letting states mandate morality will end badly


The Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson Womens Organization of health reversed Roe vs. Wade, opening the door for states to impose a conservative Christian moral agenda on people who do not share such beliefs. We have been here before.

A case dating back more than a century, in which the court favored the imposition of a particular moral agenda, points to a disastrous path ahead – with new discriminatory laws that trample on rights and freedoms.

At the turn of the 20th century, the United States experienced a revolution in morals and customs. Concentrated areas of nightclubs, saloons, gambling halls, brothels, dance halls, bars, cheap hotels, and opium dens arose in the country’s booming cities. Their visibility — amplified by an increasingly sensationalist press — is causing moral panic, especially among those who fear a rejection of religion and good morals.

Prostitution was a particular concern. Most white Americans subscribed to the idea that white women were inherently sexually chaste. In contrast, they viewed recent immigrants, African Americans, and other people of color as inferior, making women more likely to enter prostitution. Given these beliefs, the increased visibility of American-born white women in urban prostitution in the early 20th century created an urgent moral panic among white Americans.

Since they believed in the inherent purity and sexual passivity of white women, they saw only one explanation for this behavior: innocent young women had been lured by the lies of malefactors (often portrayed in the press and political rhetoric as immigrants), then victimized by brute force to become sex slaves for hire. This panic of white slaves reached its climax between 1908 and 1913.

Rep. James Robert Mann (R-Ill.) championed paternalistic government protection of white American womanhood as a solution. In 1910, Congress passed the White-Slave Traffic Act, better known as the Mann Act, in recognition of its sponsor. The Mann Act made it a crime for “any person” to “knowingly convey…in interstate or foreign commerce…any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose.”

Even congressional opponents of the Mann Act have not opposed police morality efforts, nor have they questioned the scope of the problem. Instead, they denied that the federal government has the constitutional authority to pass such a law and preferred to let the states act. Southern officials — aware of the risks of Jim Crow segregation if the federal government grew too powerful — accused the law of violating states’ rights by giving the federal government unlimited power to “regulate the morals and health of a sovereign state”.

Despite the fear campaigns, the police never uncovered the International White Slave Syndicate which Mann and others say was flourishing. Instead, the Mann Act became a tool to persecute men who flouted societal norms, like African-American heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, who eventually served time for dating a white prostitute.

One of the Mann Act’s most famous early prosecutions exposed the law’s staggering ramifications. Maury I. Diggs and Farley Drew Caminetti were married dads who dated single women Marsha Warrington and Lola Norris. All four were from prominent Sacramento families, and for months the public antics of the two illicit couples shocked the Californian capital. They headed to Reno hoping to let the gossip die down. But instead, police jailed Diggs and Caminetti on various charges, including violating the Mann Act. Their real crime, however, was having affairs.

Mann himself saw the case as a test not only for his legislation, but also for the very soul of the nation. Prosecutors and the press too. The case made national headlines.

Diggs was first tried before an all-male jury – although California granted women the right to vote in 1911, their right to jury service was not officially enacted until 1917. When the defense began to argue that the two young women were voluntarily going to Reno, Judge William Van Fleet intervened to say that the motives and character of Warrington and Norris had no bearing on the case. The consent and wishes of the women were irrelevant.

The jury found Diggs guilty of transporting Warrington and Norris to Reno for immoral purposes.

During jury selection for Caminetti’s trial, Van Fleet again clarified that the White-Slave Traffic Act was designed to criminalize immoral behavior: “There is no personal freedom to commit a crime, and more the sooner people see this fact, the better. will be for society. Caminetti was also found guilty.

Then, as now, many were convinced that the justice system could remedy what they saw as a society gone morally insane. Others, including Warrington, saw a gross violation of individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and women’s right to sexual agency. After Diggs’ wife divorced, Warrington and Diggs married in 1915 (a union that lasted until Diggs’ death in 1953). The ‘Mann Act-protected’ woman proclaimed the lawsuit shattered them ‘in fortune and reputation, in family, in spirit’. She clearly stated that her husband had been “punished for a crime he did not commit. He is not now, and he never was, a white slaver. We were adults and we went there for non-immoral reasons. There was no constraint. His protests went unheeded because the convictions served a much larger agenda.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the punishment of men “will be a magnificent thing for the moral atmosphere of California. She will put the fear of the law, if not of God, in the hearts of the poor who make the seduction of young girls their main pastime. The Bee concluded that each state should enact intrastate versions of the Mann Act, which could be used to declare all-out war against lax morality.

In 1916, the Supreme Court heard the appeals of Diggs and Caminetti. Their attorney, former Sen. Joseph W. Bailey (D-Tex.) railed, “Our humanity revolts at the idea of ​​punishing moral failure as a crime, and no law that does so can be properly enforced.

The court ruled, however, that since the wording of the law included “any other immoral purpose,” the Diggs and Caminetti verdicts should stand. While the majority asserted that Congress could not legislate morality within individual states, they also clarified that Congress could making any extramarital sex that involves crossing state borders illegal. In dissent, Justice Joseph McKenna shared the concern that the words “any other immoral purpose” formed such a broad expression that it covered “any form of vice, any form of conduct contrary to good order”.

The decision brought relief to Americans who had been disturbed by a changing society that challenged traditional conceptions of gender and family. They saw the case (and the Mann Act) as bulwarks against new ideas about acceptable behavior between men and women, and in particular white women’s right to sexual agency.

As legal scholar Lawrence Friedman notes, the Mann Act allowed “busy people, resentful people, outraged husbands, wives, parents, and others” to allege violations of the law in a discriminatory way that ruined lives. The FBI opened nearly 50,000 investigations between 1921 and 1936 alone. Some convictions, such as those in the Caminetti-Diggs case, involved consensual extramarital sex. African-American men who pursued women outside of their race were targeted, including actor Rex Ingram (1949) and musician Chuck Berry (1962). The law has also proven to be an extremely effective means of punishing famous white men for their center-left politics or disregard for social norms. Authorities filed Mann Act charges against sociologist William I. Thomas (1918), architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1926), British poet George Baker (1940), and film legend Charlie Chaplin (1944).

This abuse of the law only changed when amendments to the Mann Act in 1978 and 1986 transformed it into an important tool in the fight against sex trafficking.

As the history of the Mann Act shows, the Dobbs This decision opens the door for lawmakers to pass laws that, far from protecting morality, will instead trample on women’s sexual agency and create and perpetuate new injustices.

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Shoreham Street Sheffield: Bellairz nightclub closed after ‘targeted’ hit and run killing six

Six people were injured in the crash, some seriously, and the motorist also drove past Bellairz nightclub on the corner of Shoreham Street and Mary Street before driving off in the early hours of Sunday July 10.

This morning a man working nearby said he realized the car had been driven the wrong way down Shoreham Street before heading towards a group of people outside the nightclub.

“I’ve worked here quite a long time and there have been quite a few accidents but never anything like this,” he added.

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Bellairz nightclub on Shoreham Street, Sheffield, is boarded up following an accident in which police believe a car was deliberately driven over a group of people before hitting the building in the early hours of Sunday July 10

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Shoreham Street: Everything we know about car collisions with a group of people in S…

Another person said when he arrived at the site yesterday morning there was broken glass all over the floor and the whole area had been cordoned off.

Emergency services were called to the scene around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police said they were treating the crash as a “targeted incident” and believed the vehicle had been “deliberately used to cause harm and damage”.

Bellairz nightclub on Shoreham Street, Sheffield, is boarded up following an accident in which police believe a car was deliberately driven over a group of people before hitting the building in the early hours of Sunday July 10

Officers described how six people were treated for injuries, ranging from “walking casualties to more serious injuries”, but fortunately no one appeared to have suffered life-threatening injuries. They said other people may have been injured but did not seek medical attention.

This morning only a small piece of police tape remained in place at the scene after the cordon was lifted.

Detective Inspector Andy Knowles said: ‘At this stage of the investigation we believe this was a targeted incident and the vehicle was used deliberately to cause harm and damage.

Bellairz nightclub on Shoreham Street, Sheffield, is boarded up following an accident in which police believe a car was deliberately driven over a group of people before hitting the building in the early hours of Sunday July 10

“This is clearly an incredibly serious and dangerous offence, and we have a full force team of officers working to move the investigations forward and identify those involved as quickly as possible.

“We want to hear from you if you were on Shoreham Street in the early morning and may have seen what happened before, during or after the collision.

“I would also ask anyone who may have CCTV that we haven’t seen yet, or if you were driving in the Shoreham Street area and have dashcam footage, to get in touch as well.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101 and quote incident 171 of July 10.

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Gay club Hell’s Kitchen targeted by allegations of discrimination: lawsuit

A celebrity-backed gay nightclub in Hell’s Kitchen has engaged in racist and sexist entry policies, catering to underage drinkers and turned a blind eye to illegal drugs, including GHB, a “date rape” drug, according to a new lawsuit.

The Q, which opened in 2021 on Eighth Avenue and 48th Street, was supposed to trumpet ‘inclusivity’, but partner Alan Pikus ‘expressed his discriminatory beliefs and was hostile to the club addressing to any group other than young white males. former partner Frank “Frankie” Sharp alleged in the lawsuit that was filed last month in Manhattan State Supreme Court.

Sharp, nightlife producer and public face of the club, says in the suit that he worked to design and launch the four-story venue which features a mix of live music, cocktails and a dance floor . Actors Charlie Carver and Zachary Quinto are among its investors, and Billy Porter has helped promote it.

Frank Sharp claimed in the lawsuit that his former business partner Alan Pikus was “vocal in his discriminatory beliefs”.
Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images for NYLON
Sharp claimed that Pikus wanted the club to be
Sharp claimed that Pikus wanted the club to be “comfortable for white twinks” and barred women from entering.
Sharp and Pikus opened The Q together in 2021.
Sharp and Pikus opened The Q together in 2021.

In addition to Pikus, also known as Alan Picus and nightclub promoter, his partner Bob Fluet, founder of the Boxers NYC bar chain, is named in the lawsuit.

The Q was quickly popular with customers, but immediately rattled neighbors who filed noise complaints, according to the lawsuit, which alleged that Pikus would turn up the speaker volume if someone turned it down.

Pikus was also hostile to the club’s popular Latin parties, telling Sharp, “Make sure your Latin parties are the right kind of Latins, not Blatinos,” using slang for someone of mixed race, according to reports. court documents.

Actors Zachary Pinto and Charlier Carver are investors in The Q.
Actors Zachary Pinto and Charlier Carver are investors in The Q.

Pikus wanted the venue to be “comfortable for white twinks,” or young gay white men, according to the lawsuit. He wanted women off limits and made a disparaging remark to a would-be bar manager, saying, “I don’t need [you] breaking my back to hire people just because they are black or trans,” court documents allege.

The club has earned a reputation as ‘the place to go for minors’, according to court documents.

And Pikus “ordered” security to stop interdicting illegal drugs and when they didn’t comply he said he would read the “riot act” to the director of security for “removing our boys’ GHB,” the lawsuit alleges. The so-called club drug is known to lower inhibitions and to be slipped into drinks to render a victim unable to resist sexual assault.

Pikus also allegedly had sex in public with club patrons, often near workers and “sometimes next to them,” according to the lawsuit.

When he told Fluet about the workers’ complaints in April 2022 with a video to back them up, he was given an ultimatum to resign with a small payout or possibly face dismissal, Sharp argued in his lawsuit.

Sharp said he was fired on May 23.

The Q announced released its non-discrimination policy midway through the trial.
The Q announced released its non-discrimination policy midway through the trial.
The Q/Instagram

The suit seeks at least $726,000 plus Sharp’s share of the club’s profits.

“I was shown the door BECAUSE of my REPEATED attempts to address the problematic behavior and dangerous mishandling of the Q…. All I seek in this claim is justice and I REFUSE to be intimidated “, Sharp said on his Facebook page.

Thomas Shanahan, an attorney for Pikus, said “allegations of inappropriate, racially insensitive and discriminatory comments were taken out of context.”

Pikus denied making the remarks about Latinos, white ‘twinks’, trans people and that he hadn’t had sex in the club or allowed us to be illegally drugged or underage drunk, added Shanahan.

The Q announced on his Instagram page this week that Pikus was no longer affiliated with it and donated $10,000 to Destination Tomorrow, a Bronx nonprofit serving the LGBTQ+ community.

Fluet on Instagram said “While we vehemently deny the hurtful allegations that have recently surfaced, we are committed to ending the very division within our community that Q’s programming and mission were designed to combat.”

Representatives for Carver, Quinto and Porter did not return requests for comment.

Additional reporting by Maddie Panzer

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Toronto residents are exhausted after a nightclub allegedly opened under a condo

West Toronto residents say they are completely exhausted after a so-called nightclub opens at the foot of their condominium.

Loud music, a pounding base and rattling noise are just three of the top complaints some residents of 801 King Street West, located near Niagara Street, have made to settlement officials in recent weeks. They say that in June a new establishment opened its doors in a commercial space on the ground floor of their building, and that a few times a week, they are thus subjected to sleepless nights.

Bei Sun has lived on the third floor of 801 King Street for about 10 years. She said she never had any noise issues until a few months ago when all of a sudden loud music started blasting at 1am.

“I heard this kind of heavy dancing and the electric vibes,” Sun told CTV News Toronto. “My window, I heard noise, so I call security, they said there’s a bar downstairs they’re opening.”

Sun said the loud music continued week after week, making it almost impossible to fall asleep. Employed in a CHSLD, she often works weekends, the same evenings when the establishment is open.

“I can’t rest,” she said, adding that she had to call in sick from lack of sleep.

“It’s these heavy bass music, it goes in your mind, in your heart. It makes you hyper. You can’t sleep in the middle of the night.

Sun is one of many residents who called 311 and had by-law officers come to her unit to measure the noise. But so far, no action has been taken.

The establishment downstairs from the condo is called Hyde Social. Their website has conflicting hours of operation, with one area promoting a Monday-Friday 3-6pm happy hour, while also stating on the same website that they are open Wednesday-Saturday between 10pm and 3 a.m.

Their Instagram account also says they are open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, while promoting bottle service and guest lists. The video shows large groups of people dancing and taking pictures while DJs play music in the background.

In response to CTV News Toronto’s investigation, a spokesperson for Hyde Social said the business operates as a licensed restaurant and bar, with a full kitchen serving food and drink.

“We strive to be good neighbors and as such, when we were made aware of noise concerns, we hired an accredited sound company who performed a full analysis of our operations. It has been confirmed that our operations meet the permitted noise levels prescribed by municipal regulations,” they said.

“We are also in contact with by-law officers to discuss the matter and will work with them to ensure that we comply with all by-laws.”

Angeline Putnickovich had purchased a unit at 801 King Street with her sister in May. At the time, the space now occupied by Hyde Social was closed and its estate agent said they were not sure what was going on in the space, but it could be a restaurant.

She told CTV News Toronto that she was “gutted” when she spent her first night in the condo on Canada Day and was kept awake by loud music.

“It really felt like I was in the nightclub,” Putnickovich said, adding that it wasn’t just the music, but the sound of an air horn and the heavy base that rocked his unit. from the second floor.

“There’s no way anyone can sleep through this,” she said. “If it’s like that every weekend or even…especially Wednesday, Thursday for the whole working week. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

The City of Toronto confirmed that it had received three complaints about Hyde Social in June 2022 and was “investigating to determine if it had the appropriate business license”.

“This is an active investigation and we are unable to provide further information at this time,” a spokesperson said in an email.

The company has a “catering establishment” license, according to a commercial license search.

A catering establishment is widely considered a restaurant, cafe, bar or pub with seating for customers. A nightclub or entertainment establishment is defined as a place in which there is a dance hall for customers and where there is no seating for most customers. The food or drink is offered “as an accessory”.

Spadina-Fort York alderman Joe Mihevc told CTV News Toronto he’s not sure if zoning rules allow a nightclub to be on the ground floor of a boardroom in condominiums, but that there were requirements in terms of noise and general behavior when within a residential area.

He urged residents to continue to contact 311 with any concerns or complaints, as it is the only real avenue available to them from the city’s perspective. However, he also acknowledged that enforcing municipal complaints by-laws is a much slower process than one involving the violation of a criminal statute.

“Before they sue, if they decide to go to court, they have to build a case,” he said. “They are also trying to work with the property or owner, whatever the case, to rectify the situation.”

“What we really want is for the people running businesses to be successful and to do it the right way.”

“We’re not looking to close the business, we want to make sure they follow all the regulations, so we would give them time to rectify that.”

Toronto real estate attorney Bob Aaron suggests the condo tenants band together and pursue further legal action through their board of directors.

“They can issue a request for the music to stop at 1 a.m. because there is a requirement for peace and quiet in the building,” he said.

“I think the condo board has a lot of power and the city has a lot of power, which they may or may not use, and I think the law is on the side of the residents.”


Sabrina, another resident of 801 King Street West, is part of a group called No Nightclub Noise, which was formed in response to another business in the area which they say is also causing sleepless nights and anxiety. . The group started a petition after months of trying to deal with the facility through city channels, such as calling 311 or contacting their local councillor.

“Obviously there is noise from life on King Street, trams, traffic etc. But I never had any issues with noise from nightclubs until February 25 this year,” said Sabrina.

It was around this time that Pizza Wine Disco opened at 788 King Street West. Residents allege it is a nightclub “passing” as a restaurant. They complained of loud music until 3 a.m., large groups of people flooding the streets and customers regularly trespassing on neighboring properties to urinate.

Sabrina has lived at 801 King Street for around 15 years and said she has never had a problem with the area before, even when a pub was open in the location currently used by Hyde Social.

“It doesn’t just affect our building. It affects several buildings in the neighborhood,” she said.

Videos tagged Pizza Wine Disco, posted on instagram and ICT Tac, shows a crowded bar with people dancing on tables, as well as customers sitting enjoying pizzas and drinks. They also have a specific “nightlife” site in which customers can request bottle service.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Pizza Wine Disco (PWD) said they never used a DJ and never played music outside of its opening hours, which operate from 5 p.m. 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

“The City of Toronto has confirmed that PWD is in compliance with all municipal bylaws, including those relating to noise levels. Our staff perform regular and frequent decibel readings and we have installed noise limiters on the sound system to ensure continued compliance,” they said.

“The fact that PWD is a self-contained building means that we are able to effectively monitor and control the volume emanating from the premises. We also have a significant security presence and increased signage outside to ensure customers do not cause excessive noise when entering or leaving the facility.

The spokesperson insisted that PWD is “not a nightclub” and that it “has no dance floor or guest list and does not charge a ‘cover fee/ entry”.

“PWD has gone above and beyond to solidify itself as a productive and respectful member of the community. The vast majority of our neighbors happily support our operations and have become regular customers.

Farat Farrokhi lives in a townhouse right next to the disabled and says he is now considering moving due to the stress the situation is causing him. He has lived in the area for nine years and told CTV News Toronto that the restaurant’s alley is right next to his room. He said he heard loud music and after closing, customers tended to hang around, talk loudly and urinate or vomit on his property.

He complained to 311 and contacted various politicians at all levels of government, but when Hyde Social moved into the area he had had enough.

“I have an appointment with my estate agent tomorrow. I’m just thinking about leaving. And it’s not the right time for me to do that,” he said.

He is not the only one. Sabrina also considers leaving the neighborhood she loved.

“The bylaws, the tools we have for that are supposed to protect us, they’re really very biased towards the company,” she said. “There’s nothing about them that actually gives us any way to grapple with the fact that there was a nightclub in an apartment building, in an apartment block.”

“It’s a sad awakening.”

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Police search for photos, video of shooting outside Sacramento nightclub – CBS Sacramento

Electra fire: dozens evacuated after spending hours at PG&E power plantAbout 100 people were trapped inside the power station as crews worked to respond to the fast-moving wildfire.

Electra Fire explodes over nearly 1,000 acresAbout 100 people remain stuck in a PG&E power plant along the North Fork Mokelumne River.

Dozens of people stuck in a power station as a wildfire burns nearbyMore than 70 people are stuck at a PG&E power plant Monday night as a fast-moving wildfire burns in the Sierra foothills near the Amador and Calaveras county line southeast of Jackson.

More than 100 people stranded in power station near Electra FireOfficials say deputies moved people from a nearby neighborhood and the fire has since trapped them in the power station.

Evening weather report: July 4, 2022Meteorologist Darla Givens indicates how long the cool summer weather will last.

2 wildfires burning fast in the Sierra foothillsOne of the fires burns near Jackson; the other burns near Bangor. Both resulted in evacuation orders.

Crews battle a fast-spreading fire near JacksonCounty officials issued an evacuation warning for the area.

Independence Day Parades Held in Northern CaliforniaFor some, it was the first time they had come back in force since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3 men presumed dead in Delta identifiedAuthorities say they were Edwin Perez, 22, Danilo Solorzano, 40, and Edwin Rivas, 57.

Fire departments prepare for busy 4th of JulySac Metro Fire and surrounding agencies say they are staffed and ready to respond to fires ignited by fireworks.

Protesters closed I-5 in downtown SacramentoProtesters say they wanted to highlight the impact of limiting access to abortion on women’s rights.

Man killed in Sacramento nightclub shooting identified as Greg GrimesHe was an assistant football coach at Inderkum High School in Natomas.

Traffic shifts again after protesters march on I-5 in SacramentoAbortion rights protesters blocked traffic for a time on the freeway.

Child rescued, 3 missing in Sacramento River near Rio VistaThree men are missing and presumed dead in California after a child was caught in a river current and they swam in an attempt to rescue him, authorities said.

Weather forecast for July 4Find out what kind of weather we expect this holiday and this week.

Lunch break: new productsOur producer Michael Marks has the best seasonal fruit and vegetable deals.

Fire crews save a cat from a fire in SacramentoThe fire occurred early Monday morning in Midtown Sacramento.

Protesters march on I-5 in Sacramento, block trafficThe protesters appear to be from an anti-4th of July protest that was taking place at the California State Capitol earlier in the day.

All Rices fire evacuation orders and warnings liftedContainment increased to 65% on Monday.

Police search for photos, video of shooting outside Sacramento nightclubFamily members identify the slain man as Greg Grimes, 31, a former standout player from Inderkum High who returned and was an assistant coach.

Protesters march on I-5 in SacramentoProtesters blocked northbound Interstate 5 in downtown Sacramento on Monday.

Garbage truck crashes in West SacramentoThe scene takes place near Sutter Health Park.

Inderkum High Coach killed and 4 injured in shooting outside Sacramento nightclubA shooting near a downtown Sacramento nightclub left one dead and several others injured early Monday morning.

Family of injured Folsom Marine stresses need for more military mental health supportA single moment at the Folsom Rodeo was actually months to prepare for Marine Corps Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews.

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Nightclub Venue Manager – Pedestrian Jobs


With a legacy of over 25 years as one of Sydney’s most iconic and oldest venues, Club 77 continues to be a vital center for local nightclub culture. A stronghold for all things electronic music, Club 77 is a progressive platform for the best parties and club nights in town, working with like-minded promoters, artists and DJs.

At Club 77, we hold one core value above all else: we pride ourselves on inclusiveness. This means that we are a safe space for people of all backgrounds, sexual orientations and genders.

dance – connect – explore – manifest


We are looking for a passionate, customer experience-focused Site Manager with a strong track record managing and overseeing high-volume sites and maintaining compliance. This is a client-facing role, so it will also include managing the venue from opening to closing (and everything in between). An interest in electronic music and a solid understanding of how nightclubs and dive bars work is a plus. You must possess the drive and desire to help build a multifaceted business, coupled with a carefree attitude.

This role requires a high level of attention to detail, working directly with Club 77 directors, in-house promoters and third-party promoters.

You will be taken to:

  • Lead the execution of an exceptional customer experience
  • Manage, train and develop bartenders and barbacks by providing exceptional customer experience, bar service and operations, responsible alcohol service and WHS practices
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the team in a way that promotes “one team”
  • Be able to liaise with clients, staff, governing bodies and members of the public in a professional, respectful and friendly manner
  • Always promote venue licensing goals
  • Team working
  • Identify improvements and efficiencies to enhance the customer experience
  • Promoting equality, inclusion and diversity
  • Manage day-to-day site operations
  • Assume responsibility for the operation of the venue
  • Manage AusComply and compliance, liaising directly with licensee and governing bodies
  • Manage security, including listing and controlling salaries, on or under budget
  • Oversee the efficiency and accuracy of the POS system
  • Oversee inventory and orders, meeting or under planned budgets
  • Oversee roster composition and salary control, meeting or under planned budgets
  • Supervise inventory control, in direct liaison with our independent auditor
  • Manage cash handling, reconciliation and late night reporting
  • Support opening and closing procedures
  • Ensure that the place is clean and that good hygiene practices are followed


  • Responsible Alcohol Service Certificate valid in New South Wales
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in site management
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience managing a team in a high volume nightclub or bar
  • Experience working in a fast-paced, customer-facing environment
  • The ability and motivation to work late at night (closing at 4am)
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • A good knowledge of beer, wine and spirits
  • Numeracy and cash management skills
  • Be fully vaccinated
  • Have completed the New South Wales License Holders Training Course or be willing and willing to do so (desirable)


  • Possibility of a 4-day work week
  • Evening staff meal
  • Discount for staff on all food and beverages
  • Work with some of Australia’s hottest artists, DJs and promoters
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#trend: Club goers beg S’pore nightclubs to open earlier so they can ‘sleep before midnight’

In his rant, Milotruckdreams observed that nightclubs usually open at 10 p.m., with the revelry starting around 11 p.m.

“It’s almost bedtime already,” she lamented. “Why can’t things start at, like, 7:30?” »

She then described a preferable schedule allowing someone who finishes work at 6 p.m. to go into town, have dinner with friends, go to clubs by 7:30 p.m. and sleep before midnight.

One of the selling points of this new idea was being able to take public transport home and not have to pay for the ever-increasing fare increases of private rental cars.

One Instagram user noted, “All night buses home have also just been discontinued. No better time for this change.”

More importantly, the anonymous comedian pointed out that being able to sleep earlier will also allow clubgoers to make plans for the next morning instead of wasting half the day like they usually do.

One comment agreed, saying how impossible it is to start early the next day: “My friend wants to kill me because Saturday morning I can’t wake up for yoga.”

Another said, “Start early and finish early!! The next day you can still function and work.”

That could well include nightclub DJs and other staff, who Milotruckdreams says “still have to go sell insurance” the next morning.

Readers were very amused by his light on the seemingly vast number of people working in the insurance industry, and many comments about it.

“I died when I read that,” said one.

On Wednesday, Instagram user “jermheng” uploaded a video of his own heartfelt re-enactment of the rant, writing, “Finally we feel understood.”

His Instagram Reel has been viewed over 8,600 times, prompting further passionate comments: “Finally someone expresses exactly how I feel about clubbing to perfection!!!!!!!! We want to dance AND have a restorative sleep.”

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Nightclub faces charges for ‘blasphemous’ advertising

29/06/2022 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – A chain of nightclubs in Indonesia is facing backlash over what is called a profanity marketing campaign. The incident is the latest example of the harshness of Indonesia’s recently overhauled blasphemy laws, which are often used to oppress religious minorities in the Muslim-majority country.

In an advertisement that has since been removed, the club, Holywings, promised a free bottle of gin for men named Muhammad or women named Maria every Thursday as part of a promotion.

The strong reaction from the Indonesian public and government was mainly in response to the use of the name Muhammad in the campaign.

Alcohol, prohibited by Islamic law, is sold throughout Indonesia, as it is technically a secular country. However, alcohol consumption is strongly frowned upon by conservative Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad’s association with the promotion of alcohol consumption in nightclubs was highly frowned upon.

Following the post, several Islamic youth organizations reported the leadership of Holywings to the police for allegedly committing blasphemy. Other groups have threatened to raid the station’s premises.

At a televised press conference last Friday, police presented six suspects involved in the spread of the advertisement, including the creative director of Holywings and the head of its promotional team. They were dressed in orange shirts typically worn by criminal offenders in Indonesia. Their faces were covered.

The group have been charged with multiple offenses including blasphemy and, if implicated, could face up to 10 years in prison.

For interviews, please contact: [email protected]

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Three nightclub managers detained for operating without a license in Damansara Utama raids

PETALING JAYA: Three nightclub managers have been arrested for running their business without a valid license.

Five foreigners were also arrested for having worked without valid papers.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Fakhruddin Abdul Hamid said the three men were arrested following a series of raids on nightclubs here over the weekend.

“We first raided a nightclub in Damansara Utama at around 9.45pm on Saturday June 25 and checked five staff and 33 patrons.

“None of them have committed any violations, so we checked the premises for business and liquor licenses,” he said in a statement on Monday (June 27).

He stated that the manager produced the business license but failed to produce the liquor license.

“We then seized 14 bottles of alcohol and arrested the manager for further action,” he said.

ACP Mohamad Fakhruddin said a second raid was carried out at another nightclub in Damansara Utama around 1.45am on Sunday June 26.

“The nightclub was raided for operating beyond the permitted hour and we checked six staff, including five foreigners who were working without proper permits.

“The premises manager did not produce a valid liquor license and 24 bottles of liquor were seized,” he said, adding that the premises manager and five foreigners had been arrested.

He said another raid was carried out at another nightclub in Damansara Utama minutes later and 12 staff members and 517 patrons were checked.

“The nightclub was operating past the permitted time and the venue manager was arrested,” he said.

ACP Mohamad Fakhruddin said the police would not compromise with anyone breaking the law.

“Strong action will be taken against nightclubs that operate in violation of the law,” he said.

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Police investigate possible terror attack after mass shooting at Norwegian nightclub

OSLO, Norway — A mass shooting that left two people dead and 14 injured in the Norwegian capital of Oslo on Friday night is being investigated as a possible terror attack, police said.

A Norwegian citizen of Iranian descent has been arrested, investigators told a news conference. They added that the suspect was known to police but not for major crimes.

The acting head of Norway’s security services, Roger Berg, called the shooting an “extreme Islamist terrorist act”, adding that the suspect had “a long history of violence and threats”.

He said the man was arrested shortly after the shooting at the London Pub, a nightclub and bar popular with the LGBTQ community in the city and the streets around it.

The authorities of the Scandinavian country have raised the terrorist alert to the highest level.

Police attorney Christian Hatlo said the suspect was being held on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and terrorism, based on the number of people targeted at multiple locations. The suspect’s mental health was also under investigation.

“Our overall assessment is that there are reasons to believe he intended to cause serious fear in the population,” Hatlo said on Saturday.

A handgun and an automatic weapon were seized in connection with the shooting, police said.

Eyewitness Olav Roenneberg told Norwegian public broadcaster NRK that he “saw a man coming with a bag”, before “taking out a gun and starting shooting”.

“At first I thought it was an air gun. Then the window of the bar next door was smashed and I realized I had to take cover,” Roenneberg said. , journalist.

It was not immediately clear what the motive for the attack was or whether the shooting had anything to do with the Pride parade due to be held hours later in Oslo.

The organizers, however, canceled the parade on the advice of the police.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere called the shooting “a cruel and deeply shocking attack on innocent people” in a Facebook Publish.

Photographs published by newspaper VG, broadcaster NRK and others showed a large gathering of emergency responders outside the London Pub, including police and paramedics.

Helicopters hovered over central Oslo as ambulance and police car sirens sounded across the city.

Oslo University Hospital said it was put on red alert after the shooting.

Norway is a relatively safe country but has seen violent attacks by right-wing extremists, including one of Europe’s worst mass shootings in 2011, when a right-wing extremist killed 69 people on the island of Utoya after detonating a bomb in Oslo. which killed eight people.

In 2019, another right-wing extremist killed his half-sister and then opened fire at a mosque but was subdued before anyone was injured.

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Carlisle’s new Popland nightclub will open next month

A NEW nightclub is opening in the city.

Called ‘Popland’, it’s a pop music nightclub that will play all the hits from the 70s to the 00s.

A retro-style club, it will open next month on Botchergate – and hopes to be something more, with a special photo booth and new cocktails on offer.

It will be open every Friday and Saturday evening, from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Luke Brown, the owner of Popland, said: “Popland is launching in Carlisle, opening July 22.

“Expect nothing but wicked 70s feel-good pop.

“With an investment of £200,000 expect an amazing sound system complete with new lighting.

“Feel like you’re in the Bahamas on our jet ski photo booth.”

He said the club would come up with new cocktails and “crazy” drink deals and aimed to be “the place to be”.

Their grand opening will be on July 22nd and patrons will finally be able to find out what it was all about as posters have recently been put up outside the future club building along the nightlife bustling Botchergate.

They’re also currently looking for staff to apply for and, in their own words, “get paid to party.”

READ MORE: Apprenticeship provider launches app to help young people apply for vacancies

Popland offers a host of vacancies in bars, shots, promotions and floors, which they claim come with excellent pay rates, perks and benefits.

For anyone interested in applying for one of the new vacancies, which include roles at the bar, as a shot porter and salesman, promotional work and vacancies, they are welcome to message their Facebook page .

The official grand opening of the club will take place on July 22 at 6 p.m., lasting ten hours, until the early hours of the following day at 4 a.m. on July 23.

READ MORE: Restaurant takes its first steps into the hospitality business with a new venture

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Disgusting consequences of lost items in a Perth nightclub

Nightclub sunrise cleanup reveals disgusting aftermath of a typical Australian night out – as revelers leave behind VERY unusual items

  • Perth nightclub captured lost property footage of people on a wild night out
  • Includes sanitary napkin, belt, baby toy, phone screen and birth control pills
  • The staff were also praised, “rip the cleaners, you better get paid well”

A Perth nightclub has revealed some of the weird and disgusting deals people lose on a crazy night out.

The video, posted to TikTok by The Court Hotel on Monday, shows the hard work of staff once the lights are finally turned on at closing time.

Staff members were confronted with a wide range of lost items including a sanitary napkin, belt, papaya cream, phone screen, baby toy and birth control pills.

A Perth hotel has revealed some of the weird and disgusting things people lose on a night out (pictured, picture of belt left behind)

These included a sanitary napkin, belt, papaya cream, phone screen, baby toy (pictured), shirt and birth control pills

These included a sanitary napkin, belt, papaya cream, phone screen, baby toy (pictured), shirt and birth control pills

“How do you lose that,” the video’s voiceover asked regarding the belt photo.

“Someone’s got dry lips…not the papaya,” could be heard when the photo of papaya cream on the disgusting floor surfaced.

The video ends with the shot of birth control pills with the caption “ohh girl you’re in trouble”.

The clip drew strong reactions from viewers, who showed their support for club staff.

The video ends with the shot of birth control pills (pictured) with the caption

The video ends with the shot of birth control pills (pictured) with the caption “ohh girl you’re in trouble”

“Respect the cleaning crew,” one person commented.

Another added: “RIP the cleaners, you better get paid well.”

“Man, I’m so sorry for you guys,” a third person said.

While a fourth person wrote: ‘My girlfriend tried to leave without her pants on and some nice staff helped her get them back…poor people don’t get paid enough for this fight.’


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Florida nightclub shooting leaves 5 injured, no arrests

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

Police in Pensacola, Florida said five people were shot at a nightclub in what they suspected was a targeted attack on specific individuals.

Pensacola police said in a news release that the five people were shot at 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning at The Pelican’s Nest nightclub in downtown Pensacola, according to WKRG-TV.

“Several shots were fired inside the club at approximately 12:30 p.m. Officers arrived to find multiple victims, including three at the scene hit by bullets,” the police statement said. “Soon after, two more victims were located at local hospitals. The victims are men and women, aged 21 to 45.

The statement added that police believe “the shooting was a targeted incident and there are no public safety concerns.”


pelican nest
(Google Maps)

All five victims suffered injuries deemed non-fatal.

No arrests were made during the shooting.


Police have no suspects in the shooting other than the description of a black man.

Pensacola Beach Florida USA, general view of a seaside RV park.

Pensacola Beach Florida USA, general view of a seaside RV park.
(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

“All we have is that it was a black male,” Pensacola Police Department spokesman Gregory Gordon told the Pensacola News Journal. “We don’t have a motive.”


“There were a lot of people in there. If anyone saw anything or knows anything, give us a call,” Gordon added.

Pensacola, Florida averages 61.20 inches of precipitation throughout the year.

Pensacola, Florida averages 61.20 inches of precipitation throughout the year.


Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Pensacola Police Department at 850-435-1845.

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City solicitor seeks new nightclub bylaw – Chelsea Record

If it’s late at night, a restaurant has music and dancing, then it’s really not that different from a nightclub, according to City Solicitor Cheryl Watson Fisher.

The only problem in Chelsea is that the city does not license nightclubs, but that could change.

Kathryn Bolden, Yaisa Romero and Gabriel Rosado at Chelsea High School’s 2022 graduation ceremony.

“We don’t have nightclub use in our rules and regulations or city ordinances,” Fisher said. “But we allow customers to dance, and it’s a nightclub. When you have music, whether it’s live or with a DJ, you have dances by patrons, it’s a nightclub and we want to enact new rules and regulations if you have that fun and entertainment that to dance by customers.

At last week’s Licensing Board meeting, Fisher noted that the city has already ruled that staff shouldn’t dance with customers. She said the city will develop new rules and regulations and hold a public hearing about them with licensees.

“We just think we want the police there,” Fisher said. “It gets a little crazy in these restaurants at night and they all spill out onto the public streets with tons of music and noise disrupting the neighborhood. We’re going to try to put in place rules similar to other cities and villages that if you want an amusement and entertainment license, they will have to comply and come before (the commission) every year for that particular use.

Fisher said the nightclub’s sublicense will operate under the establishment’s existing license.

“We need to start enforcing this so that we know who the security is (in establishments), and there will be a lot of recommendations in front of you if they want to have their customers dance,” Fisher said.

In other cases, Fisher said there could also be changes to taxi license records before the city council.

“Our ordinances are very strict, it’s not the rules and regulations, it’s the ordinances that say to have a taxi company you have to have an office in Chelsea,” Fisher said. “That’s not how taxis work anymore, everything is done by phone and some dispatchers are even drivers. We may propose to the city council and to (the licensing commission) a more relaxed renewal process for hackneys.

Fisher also noted that the application deadline for companies wishing to apply for one of the five new on-site liquor licenses that Chelsea received following the US census could be extended until September. To date, she said the city has only received one application.

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The demolition of the former Ice nightclub is underway to become part of the Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix circuit

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) “The old Ice nightclub on the northeast corner of Harmon and Koval is falling apart. It looks like demolition has started on the building which is where Formula 1 races will build their paddocks, also known as the area where pit stops take place.

local blog Vital Vegas first released multiple daytime photos of the ongoing demolition earlier Monday.

This area of ​​the proposed F1 circuit will also serve as the start/finish line.

The nightclub opened in 2003 as a Ice Meta Club and in 2004 was winning awards. But after hosting a short-lived reality show also in 2004, ownership changed hands at the end of 2005. It was the beginning of the end for the club which finally closed shortly after it happened. .

There have been rumors of a hotel-casino being built on this site for years, but nothing has ever materialized.

F1 owner Liberty Media recently closed on the property, buying the land on which the former club sits and the surrounding 39 acres for $240 million.

The 50-lap Las Vegas Grand Prix is ​​currently scheduled for Saturday November 25, however, this date could change and there are unconfirmed reports that it will be held a week earlier.

The race is scheduled to start at 10 p.m. and will take riders from the Harmon/Koval pit area north on Koval, around the MSG Sphere and west on Sands to the Las Vegas Strip. Here drivers will turn left and accelerate south on the strip at around 212 mph before turning east on Flamingo to complete a lap in the pit area.

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Today in History: June 12 Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Today in History

Today is Sunday, June 12, the 163rd day of 2022. There are 202 days left in the year.

Today’s highlight in the story:

On June 12, 2016, a gunman opened fire on the Pulse nightclub, a gay establishment in Orlando, Florida, killing 49 and injuring 53; Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group in a three-hour standoff before being killed in a shootout with police.

To this date :

In 1630, the Englishman John Winthrop, at the head of a fleet transporting Puritan refugees, arrived at the Massachusetts Bay Colony, of which he became the governor.

In 1776, the Colonial Virginia Legislature passed a Bill of Rights.

In 1942, Anne Frank, a young German-Jewish girl living in Amsterdam, received a diary for her 13th birthday, less than a month before she and her family went into hiding from the Nazis.

In 1963, 37-year-old civil rights leader Medgar Evers was shot and killed outside his home in Jackson, Mississippi. (In 1994, Byron De La Beckwith was convicted of Evers’ murder and sentenced to life in prison; he died in 2001.)

In 1964, South African black nationalist Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison with seven others, including Walter Sisulu, for committing acts of sabotage against the apartheid regime (all were eventually released, Mandela in 1990).

In 1967, the United States Supreme Court, in Loving v. Virginia, unanimously struck down state laws banning interracial marriages.

In 1978, David Berkowitz was sentenced to 25 years to life for each of the six “Son of Sam” .44 caliber murders that terrified New Yorkers.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan, during a visit to the divided German city of Berlin, urged Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”.

In 1991, Russians went to the polls to elect Boris N. Yeltsin as president of their republic.

In 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were massacred outside his Los Angeles home. (OJ Simpson was later acquitted of the murders in a criminal trial, but ultimately held accountable in a civil action.)

In 2004, the body of former President Ronald Reagan was sealed in a grave in his presidential library in Simi Valley, California, after a week of mourning and remembrance by world leaders and ordinary Americans.

In 2020, Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, was shot and killed by one of two white officers who responded after he was found asleep in his car in the drive-thru lane of a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta; Police body camera video showed Brooks grappling with officers and grabbing a Taser from one, shooting him as he fled. (An autopsy revealed Brooks was shot twice in the back. Officer Garrett Rolfe faces murder charges.)

Ten years ago: Democrat Ron Barber, who nearly lost his life in the Arizona shooting that seriously injured former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, won a special election to succeed him. Former mobster Henry Hill, the subject of the film ‘Goodfellas’, died in Los Angeles the day after his 69th birthday.

Five years ago: Tens of thousands of protesters staged anti-corruption rallies across Russia; more than a thousand have been arrested, including opposition leader and protest organizer Alexei Navalny. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 in Game 5.

A year ago: A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by employees of a Houston hospital system over its demand that all of its staff be vaccinated against COVID-19; the Houston Methodist Hospital system had suspended 178 employees without pay for refusing to be vaccinated. (More than 150 employees who refused to be vaccinated would resign or be fired after the lawsuit was dismissed.) Saudi Arabia announced that the upcoming hajj pilgrimage would be limited to no more than 60,000 people, all from the kingdom, in due to the pandemic.

Today’s birthdays: Songwriter Richard M. Sherman turns 94. Sportscaster Marv Albert is 81 years old. Singer Roy Harper is 81 years old. Actor Roger Aaron Brown is 73 years old. Actress Sonia Manzano is 72 years old. Rock musician Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick) is 71 years old. singer-musician Junior Brown is 70 years old. Singer-songwriter Rocky Burnette is 69 years old. Actor Timothy Busfield is 65 years old. Singer Meredith Brooks is 64 years old. Actor Jenilee Harrison is 64 years old. Rock musician John Linnell (They Could Be Giants) is 63. is 60 years old. Rapper Grandmaster Dee (Whodini) is 60 years old. Actor Paul Schulze is 60 years old. Actor Eamonn Walker is 60 years old. Actor Paula Marshall is 58 years old. Actor Frances O’Connor is 55. Actor Rick Hoffman is 52 years old. 50. Actor Mel Rodriguez is 49 years old. Actor Jason Mewes is 48 years old. Actor Michael Muhney is 47 years old. Blues musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd is 45. Actor Timothy Simons is 44 years old. Actor Wil Horneff is 43 years old. Singer Robyn is 43 years old. The singer and rock musician John Gourley (Portugal. The man) is 41 years old. Actor Dave Franco is 37 years old. Country singer Chris Young i s 37. Actor Luke Youngblood is 36 years old. Actor Ryan Malgarini is 30 years old.

Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Sydney’s best nightclubs to dance the night away

Between lockdowns and lockdowns and a literal no-dancing rule in our COVID era, dancing feels like a hard-earned pastime in Sydney, which makes a good night out on the dance floor all the sweeter. Thanks to groovy planning around the city’s nighttime economy and lots of energy and resilience from our nighttime industries, Sydney Free from all ties the days are really behind us.

Forgot how to stop a move? Don’t worry, there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to waving your freaky flag over the DF, and honestly, a good dance is pretty much precisely what we all need once in a while, especially after a long week. So get out those dusty dancing shoes, channel Beyonce (or HAIM?) and head to these Sydney spots for the The time of your life.

Here are the best nightclubs and dancefloors in Sydney right now.

Frankie’s Pizza


Frankie’s Pizza is one of Sydney’s best places for a bit of rock n roll and a crazy night out. Head down the stairs and settle in for tasty pizza by the slice, pinball machines and local bands playing live and loud. If you hang around a bit longer, you might come to Frankie’s secret bar, an underground location hidden behind the stage (where many night dances take place). Plus, you’ve only got a few months left to dance the night away in this underground wonderland, with Frankie’s about to close to make way for Sydney’s new underground line. Hop to her.

Club 77


There’s something about Club 77. This dark, grubby bar has evolved over the years, but its cherry-red walls and sticky floor were once the beating heart of Sydney’s alternative electronic and house music scene, with legends like AJAX, the Bang Gang and the DJ Starfuckers who dominate the decks and the dance floor. The club celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022, relaunching with a little makeover inspired by NYC-style dive bars. The relaunch included new acoustic treatment and a pumping KV2 audio system specially tuned by Translate Sound (7RANSLA7E). He also scored a 4am seven-day-a-week license – huge news for Sydney’s often lackluster midweek options after 9pm. There’s even a late-night happy hour from 2:30 to 3:30. The best part? the dance floor is heaving like in the good old days.



LABEL. is a multipurpose warehouse-style venue that’s part club, part bar and part art space, with an in-house recording studio and an extravagant, festival-style sound system unseen anywhere else in Sydney. Inside, there’s a sunny, Miami Vice-style cocktail bar that serves really good Mandarin Tommy margaritas and rhubarb gin sours alongside craft beers from the club’s neighboring Northern Beaches breweries.

Beyond the two recording studios, set up for touring artists to record and collaborate on, the space gives way to a jaw-dropping dance floor. Drenched in lasers and lined with moving booths, the space is dominated by a state-of-the-art VOID Air Motion system. The downstairs pizza is available from opening to closing (i.e. 3am), ensuring no one goes hungry on the dance floor.



A list of Sydney’s best dance spots wouldn’t be complete without the juggernaut that is Ivy. The Ivy District brings together the best of Sydney under one roof (and umbrellas, in the case of the rooftop Ivy Pool Club). It also happens to have very many dance parties, including popular events such as POOF DOOF and Lost Sundays. It’s known for a party, so what are you waiting for?


Potts Point

The cavernous basement in Bayswater Road that was once Candy’s flat is now Maali, a Moroccan-inspired nightclub, run by the same team that also opened Eros across the street. The venue’s brick walls and archways have been painted soda orange, and new sunken lounges, a VIP room, and private areas with curtains line the walls. Maali’s inspiration is “Arabian Nights,” and belly dancers, snake charmers, and tarot readers join resident DJs and special guests on the entertainment lineup. The dance floor was also brightened up with a new state-of-the-art light and sound system.



This two-level bar is where you want to head to for drag performances and DJ sets. Thanks to its prime position on Oxford Street, just down from Taylor Square, there’s usually a buzz at the weekends, with tunes ranging from disco to techno. There’s also a bunch of Mardi Gras celebrations going on, so get on your platforms and get ready to dance the night away.

Taylor’s roof


If this is a rooftop you’re hoping to dance on this summer, head up the stairs to the fourth floor of the Hotel Republic. With a vertical garden and a retractable roof, taylors is a small city oasis, with views over the glittering rooftops of the city. House music is the vibe here, with local and international DJs on the decks on the weekends.

glass island

sydney harbor

Sydney is no stranger to floating parties. Being home to one of the most beautiful harbors in the world means plenty of party boats are regularly dotted across our sparkling waters. In fact, summer in Sydney isn’t quite complete without a sort of sunset at sea, complete with champagne, balmy airs and breathtaking views. Enter: The Glass Island. Since launch, Glass Island has hosted Nicky Night Time, Sneaky Sound System’s Sneaky Sundays, Poolclvb and The One Hit Agency team. It’s a good time, so book your tickets here.

Glass Island’s current season ends on Sunday, June 12 and will reopen the first weekend in September.

The Lansdowne


When Mary’s boys took over The Lansdowne, they promised to keep the live music roots of the iconic pub intact. Over the years they’ve done more than that, making Lansdowne one of Sydney’s liveliest places to see a concert. Sadly, Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham’s reign over the multi-storey pub has come to an end. For a moment it looked like the location would be lost to the developers, but Oxford Art Factory (OAF) boss Mark Gerber stepped in to save the show. Refurbishments (including an upgraded sound system) and a new restaurant concept are underway under the OAF team, but for now the pub remains open.



If your idea of ​​a good dance party involves a basement club vibe, look no further than The Imperial in Erskineville. This proud LGBTQIA+ mega-pub is a place to watch a dazzling drag show, do a vegan tasting, and yes, hit the fucking dance floor like no one else. The basement is basically an underground rave and the front bar is all disco beat.


Surry Hills

You might know Goros for its 20-person karaoke rooms, Japanese food and retro arcade games, but this Surry Hills spot also offers its dance floor with hip-hop beats and maximum vibes on the weekends. -end. Kick off your ’90s dance party with Goros’ sake shots, and you’re sure to have a good one.

Harry Hotel

Surry Hills

This corner pub in Surry Hills is open for lunch, dinner and drinks seven days a week. Come on the weekend, however, by Harry the upper level turns up the volume with DJs and dances into the wee hours of the morning. You can check who is ready to play via their website– or roll the dice and go for a night of cutting shapes on the DF.

Marrickville Bowling Club


From afternoons on the green to nights spent attending a live concert, Marrickville Bowlo is one hell of a place to hang out. You can relax in the sun and play bocce, feed and dance the night away in a day here. For its live music programming, go to website– then get ready to hit the air.

The soda factory

Surry Hills

Sydney bar The Soda Factory is always a good idea. The door is a veritable retro vending machine and everyone inside is in such good spirits that the low-key “Let’s just get merry” atmosphere means your toes will be tapping away to local concerts and DJs. The queue has a reason, so get in quick or get stuck outside in the heat.

Pamela is at the Prince of York


Inspired by the nightlife culture of the 70s and 80s in Berlin, Prince of York offers everything electric and full of surprises. Located inside the former John Solomon Building of the CBD (the buzzing, heritage-listed warehouse on York Street), this bar gives a whole new meaning to “business in the front, party in the back.” “. And if you’re looking for the party, you’ll want to head to the underground nightclub that is Pamela. Here you can expect champagne, a mezcal bar and nothing less than dancing on disco tables and ordering tequila by the bottle.

The cliff dive


One of Sydney’s best bars for dancing into the wee hours, The Cliff Dive is a former nightclub-turned-Papua New Guinean dance hall and tiki bar. With DJs most nights of the week, the dance floor heats up, so get tropical and dive in.

Oxford Art Factory


Someone fun is still playing Oxford Art, so you can’t really go wrong here. Attracting anyone and everyone from all over Sydney to see some of the best live entertainment means there’s always a big crowd and a lively dance floor to match. Check out this concerts are on the horizongrab a ticket and head over there to listen to some catchy tunes.

Thirsty? Discover the best bars in Sydney.

Image credit: Pat Stevenson, Frankie’s, Pat Stevenson, LABEL., Merivale, Pat Stevenson, Glass Island, Goros, The Soda Factory, Prince of York, The Cliff Dive, Oxford Art Factory

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Powersoft’s Mover Shakes Things Up at Amsterdam’s Dance Music Museum and Nightclub

Powersoft’s compact transducer, Mover, is at the heart of a new four-dimensional nightlife experience in Amsterdam that lets visitors dive deep into the rich culture and educational history of electronic dance music from its roots to These days.

Based in Amsterdam’s Rembrandt district, Our House has been a thriving nightclub and the beating heart of the electronic music scene since the 1980s. The iconic venue upheld its musical heritage by recently becoming a museum of digital storytelling, promising a journey of 75 minutes in the musical genre via interactive exhibitions, shows and performances, telling the story of how electronic music – once a rebellious and secretive underground scene – evolved into a global cultural phenomenon.

“When we came here about two years ago, the place was very analog: there was a sound system, strobes, a smoke machine and LEDs – that was about it,” says Our House’s general manager, Jeroen Jansen. “We wanted to rebuild the club with facilities that could tell the story of over 40 years of dance music using mixed media technology. In order to revamp the place and bring it to a whole new level, we received a lot of support from the industry, including Powersoft.

The redesign of the venue had to be carefully thought out, as it houses a popular nightclub, Club Air, in the evening while sharing the same space with museum visitors during the day. The power of the amps and Mover are somewhat harnessed for effect during the day and aimed more at visually connecting to the video content, while at night the low frequencies are boosted on the dance floor to accentuate the music and line. bass.

Jansen sought advice from Powersoft engineers to estimate the number of movers required to support the dance floor structure they had in mind; the double layer flooring needed to support 100 people and 12 tons of weight.

They opted for 64 Mover, Powersoft’s compact linear transducer, all powered by four Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+D amplifiers. The transducer can be attached to a variety of objects and structures, including gaming chairs, entertainment room seating, wall panels, and in this case, under the double-layered dance floor.

“We came up with the idea of ​​actively involving all the technical elements associated with electronic music, such as light, video, laser and special effects. We wanted the movement under people’s feet to form a completely immersive experience, created by a timecode content system,” says Jansen, who refers to the content specifically designed as “the connector of all dots,” bringing all the technologies at specific musical points. , like when the rhythm drops or the musical crescendo.

The “double floor” construction consists of a hydraulic surface, which can slide up and down 20 cm, and the secondary floor above. The latter has the 64 Mover attached, one to each floor panel, so it can be felt wherever the person is.

Jansen credits his passion for electronic music with driving the creation of this experiential museum, which pays tribute to the “protagonists” (iconic DJs, bands and producers, including Daft Punk, Carl Cox and Diplo) who helped organize a first – one-of-a-kind experience: “It was very important for us to create a complete, glasses-free VR experience at the culminating end of the visitor journey. This is where the idea of ​​a haptic experience came from: linking all the technology to movement, so that everything works in harmony.

System integrator Lagotronics worked with Our House to develop the hydraulic “free fall” floor system, which not only vibrates but falls downwards. “We’re adding a special element that nobody expects, so it’s quite a shock to people when they’re here; it creates a truly unique experience,” adds Jansen.

The creative designer of the sound system, Joshua Dutrieux (JDX Music), was approached by Jansen and Fourmation, his entertainment company, with a mission to create something that had never been done before and that would make the dance museum truly memorable: “I I know Jansen from the time we were organizing dance music events together,” says Dutrieux. “I come from a background of house and hardcore music, so I really wanted to be part of this project!”

Dutrieux experimented with two Mover at home, exploring the capabilities of its low frequencies: “I wanted to identify the frequencies to make the ground rumble. I had all these audio samples and started adjusting the volumes up and down. Eventually the rumble made my jaw quiver and I thought, ‘Okay, let’s do this full-scale on a dance floor.’

Over the past few years, Mover has been used for a wide variety of applications, in gaming chairs, immersive experiences, and under floors, where it is used as a subharmonic frequency extender to replace the amount of subwoofer in a space, subsequently reducing low-frequency noise pollution in the surrounding environment.

“Because of the massive force we can put on a Mover, it actually replaces four of the conventional products that have been used in the past, which means the product is very effective,” says Mark Kocks, Business Development Manager at Powersoft. “The sensations created are unprecedented – every visitor I have seen here at Our House came away with a new experience.”

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Moment Clint Boon surfs the crowd as Manchester bids farewell to South Nightclub

Footage captured the moment musician and DJ Clint Boon surfed in what marked a final farewell to the city’s southern nightclub. Partygoers headed out for a final night of partying at the venue on Saturday June 4, with the resident DJ seen held aloft by the singing crowd during the evening.

It comes after the Inspiral Carpets star and radio presenter took to social media on Thursday to break the sad news that the King Street venue was due to close after 27 years of entertaining the town’s clubbers. Music icon Manc and the club’s famous resident DJ announced on his social media: “A message I never expected to post.

“My night this Saturday at South will be the closing night for the club. Due to issues beyond our control (myself, management and owners), Manchester will lose one of their biggest nightspots of all. the temperature.”

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Boon went on to say, “The South has been my second home for over 20 years and it’s been an important part of the Boon family journey. Please join us on Saturday for our closing party. Needless to say, it will be a great send and probably a touching one! Lots of love.”

Crowds cheered as they carried the resident DJ onto the dance floor

Video footage taken on Saturday night showed the room packed as revelers danced to the Manchester anthems. And after getting the crowd moving, the 62-year-old DJ was then carried onto the dance floor, held high by the arms of club-goers who were cheering and screaming.

And on Sunday, June 5, Clint shared a photo of himself outside the venue, taken on Saturday night, writing, “One of the best nights of my life. Thank you South Club and everyone there have been working or partying. What an amazing journey! All my love xx.”

Clint has been playing Saturday nights at the South King Street venue for over 20 years with his famous Boon Army, Disco Rescue and Forever parties. On the same day, he announced that the final night, which aired on Beatstream from 11 p.m., was sold out. Following the news, fans bid an emotional farewell to the nightclub.

Tokyo Industries explained in a statement that the closure is due to the end of the lease during Covid and the “owner wishing to redevelop the space”. It is not yet known what the next plans are for the famous club site.

The southern nightclub on South King Street has closed after 27 years

Commenting on the closure, club general manager Aaron Mellor said: “Over the past few years more and more residential apartments have surrounded us on South King Street, leading to noise reduction advisories and adaptation after adaptation to try to solve the sound problems.

“More recently, the demolition and redevelopment of the former Pizza Express building into a hotel has closed off our adjacent street, moving our smoking area to South King Street, returning more noise issues from residents overlooking that street. We have become landlocked by development residences”.

He added: “All good things must come to an end – we’ve had some amazing times in this building, but now seems like the right time to close the chapter in this story. All the staff, club nights, promoters and of course Mr. Boon, will be safely moved to our Deaf Institute, Gorilla and Factory locations. All you need is SOUTH…x.”

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Friend of nightclub shooting victim speaks out as arrest warrant is issued

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – Springfield police have obtained a warrant for the arrest of the man they believe responsible for an alleged murder at a downtown Springfield nightclub. Friends of the victim told Western Mass News they hoped whoever did it would be brought to justice.

Western Mass News spoke exclusively with one of David Carrasquillo’s childhood friends, who was there the night of the shooting and called 911. She recounted what she heard that night.

“He’s like a brother to me,” said Angelica Garcia, a childhood friend of David Carrasquillo.

Candles, balloons and heartfelt messages remain outside Saga nightclub in Springfield following a deadly shooting this weekend.

According to court documents obtained by Western Mass News, Springfield police responded to a 911 call to the Worthington Street club just before 10:45 p.m. Sunday night. They said they found David Carrasquillo, 30, inside the club with a gunshot wound to the head.

“It was, it was traumatic. It was scary. I’ve seen things in my life, but never something more traumatic than seeing a friend get shot and seeing the body there,” Garcia explained.

Western Mass News spoke exclusively with Angelica Garcia, the woman who called 911 the night of the shooting. She told Western Mass News that she has known Carrasquillo since they were children. She said their group of friends started the night at Zone Patio, before heading to Saga around 9 p.m.

Court documents say surveillance video shows a man entering the club between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., claiming he was quickly searched but not wanted for weapons and a detector metal was not used. They go on to say footage shows Carrasquillo entering the bathroom at 10:38 p.m. Garcia told Western Mass News she went to the women’s bathroom at the same time and said the doors were right next to each other. Newspapers said the other man entered the bathroom at 10:39 p.m.

“The minute I go to the bathroom, all you hear is a bunch of screaming, the gunshot goes off,” Garcia said.

Seconds later, court documents say Carrasquillo opened the bathroom door in a “violent struggle” quote, then fell to the floor. The other man then comes out of the toilet, steps over the body, then heads for the exit of the club.

“The moment I slid the door open and walked out of the bathroom, all I saw was a body on the floor. I didn’t know who it was at first, you know, having alcohol in your system… When I went to walk over to the body, I looked down and realized it was David …His lips were already purple-blue. He was shot in the head. I grabbed my phone. I called 911,” Garcia said.

She told Western Mass News she couldn’t understand why anyone would do this to her friend.

” That does not make sense. It does not mean anything. No one has really had any issues with him that I know of. He wasn’t a bad boy. He was a humble child. He was much loved by family and friends. There’s really nothing bad I can say about him because he wasn’t a bad person,” Garcia explained.

In court documents, police identified the suspect as 35-year-old Brandon Murray.

They say he is 5’10 and weighs 195 lbs. At the time of the incident, police say he was wearing a blue New York Yankees cap, white t-shirt, denim shorts and white sneakers. Police say he has multiple tattoos, which detectives have linked to known Brandon Murray documents in the past.

Murray faces charges of murder, as well as carrying a loaded firearm without a license, discharging it within 500 feet of a dwelling, among other things. He has not yet been arrested.

Garcia told us that she hopes the person responsible will be put behind bars.

“I mean, what that really means is just, you know, justice. That’s all we want is justice… It gives us some relief, where at least we can get him to rest in peace properly. We don’t have to worry about his killer still being on the street and God forbid, doing that to other people. it’s not fair,” Garcia said.

Garcia told us that Carrasquillo leaves behind two children. The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. Meanwhile, the mayor of Sarno ordered an entertainment and liquor license hearing for the Saga nightclub and the club’s owner waived his licenses on Tuesday. The club is closed until further notice.

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Nightclub needlestick attacks intrigue European authorities: NPR

Young people walk on the Quai Des Rings near the Warehouse nightclub, Wednesday May 18, 2022 in Nantes, western France.

Jeremiah Gonzalez/AP

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Jeremiah Gonzalez/AP

Young people walk on the Quai Des Rings near the Warehouse nightclub, Wednesday May 18, 2022 in Nantes, western France.

Jeremiah Gonzalez/AP

PARIS – Across France, more than 300 people have reported being pricked unexpectedly with needles in nightclubs or concerts in recent months. Doctors and several prosecutors are on the case, but no one knows who is doing it or why, and whether the victims were injected with drugs – or any substance at all.

Club owners and police are trying to raise awareness, and one rapper even interrupted his recent show to warn viewers about the risk of surprise needlestick attacks.

It’s not just France: the British government is investigating a wave of “needle sticks” there, and Belgian and Dutch police are also investigating scattered cases.

On May 4, 18-year-old Tomas Laux attended a rap concert in Lille, northern France, where he smoked some marijuana and drank alcohol during the show. When he got home, he told The Associated Press, he felt dizzy and had a headache – and he spotted a strange little skin prick on his arm and a bruise.

The next morning, the symptoms did not disappear and Laux went to see his doctor, who advised him to go to the emergency room. Doctors confirmed evidence of a needle stick, and Laux was tested for HIV and hepatitis. His results came back negative, like those of other victims so far.

“I’ve given up on going to concerts since it happened,” Laux said.

Hundreds of kilometers (miles) away, Leanne Desnos recounted a similar experience after visiting a club in the southwestern city of Bordeaux in April. Desnos, also 18, passed out the next day, feeling dizzy and experiencing hot flashes while at a fast food restaurant. When she returned home, she realized that she had an injection mark on her arm. After seeing reports on social media about the mysterious bites, she went to a clinic to get tested for infections. She is still waiting for the results.

Residents of Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Nancy, Rennes and other cities in France have reported being stuck with a needle without their knowledge or permission. The people targeted, who are mostly women, show visible injection marks, often bruising, and report symptoms like feeling drowsy.

The French national police say 302 people have filed formal complaints for such needle sticks. Several police investigations are underway in different regions, but no suspects have yet been arrested, no needles have been found and the motive remains unclear.

No victims reported sexual assault; one of them said to have been robbed, in Grenoble in April, according to the newspaper Le Monde.

According to a national police official, two people have tested positive for GHB and may have ingested the drug in a drink. GHB, a strong anesthetic used by predators seeking to abuse or sexually assault victims, can only be detected in urine for 12 hours, the police official said.

The official and a doctor who plays a leading role in the fight against the phenomenon expressed doubts that the injections from the nightclub contained GHB, noting that to penetrate using a needle, the drug must be injected for several seconds, which most victims would notice.

“We have found no drugs or substances or objective evidence that supports the administration of any substance with illicit or criminal intent. What we fear most are people who contract HIV, hepatitis or any other infectious disease” because of the bites, said Dr Emmanuel Puskarczyk, head of the poison control center in the city of Nancy, in eastern France.

At the Nancy hospital, a specific procedure has been created to optimize the care of victims. Patients with symptoms such as dizziness are being treated and blood and urine samples are being kept for five days in case anyone wants to complain.

“Every case is different. We see injection marks, but some people don’t have symptoms. When potential victims have symptoms like discomfort or black holes (in their memory), they’re not specific” , said Puskarczyk.

The police chief, who was not authorized to be named publicly under National Police policy, said: “At this stage we cannot talk about a specific modus operandi. There is no no similarity between the cases. The only similar thing is that people are injected with a needle in a festive context in different places in France.”

With clubbers venting their fear on social media and media coverage fueling anxiety, the French Interior Ministry launched a national awareness campaign this month. The police distribute leaflets to clubbers and discuss prevention measures with club owners.

In the UK, Parliament published a report in April on the consumption of drinks and needles in pubs and nightclubs after a sudden increase in such incidents last year. He said police reported about 1,000 needle-injection cases across the country around October 2021, when many students returned to campuses after coronavirus restrictions eased.

However, the Parliament report said there was a lack of data to judge the seriousness of the problem. It’s unclear if anyone was prosecuted for needle sticks, or how many victims were injected with a drug or other substance.

“No one knows how widespread doping is, whether by drink, drug or needle, and no one knows what drives perpetrators to do it. Anecdotal evidence suggests the practice is widespread and dangerous “, did he declare.

A series of similar incidents involving people being pricked with needles at nightclubs, a football match and at the Belgian Pride Parade have been reported in neighboring Belgium. Last month, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office opened two investigations following complaints from women who said they were bitten during the Pride parade in downtown Brussels. March organizers said in a statement they had been made aware of several cases and urged potential victims to seek medical attention at hospitals.

Back in France, as investigations continue without anyone being found guilty, rapper Dinos interrupted his concert in Strasbourg this week to warn his fans of the risks, and insisted: “It has to stop “.

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Police investigate latest alleged drinking spike at Mosh nightclub after 18-year-old woman fell ill

Police are appealing for information after an incident in which a young woman allegedly had her drink at Mosh nightclub in Leicester. It comes after a number of similar incidents at the club last year.

The alleged victim, 18, fell ill after visiting the club late on Saturday night. The incident was reported to police at 4.30am yesterday and officers spoke to the woman.

Now Leicestershire Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward. A police spokesman said: “Shortly before 4.30am yesterday a report was received that an 18-year-old woman had fallen ill at a nightclub in St Nicholas Place, Leicester. Officers were present and spoke to the woman.”

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In October last year, LeicestershireLive reported that the nightclub had set up special ‘welfare staff’ to make clubbers feel safer after a series of reported spikes led to some people feeling boycott as well as other places.

An Instagram post featuring the team on the nightclub’s official page said: “Our job is to help you feel safe and to listen to any concerns you may have. If you have any issues, please let us know. know, we’re here to make sure you are taken care of.”

In December last year, LeicestershireLive released official data on Leicestershire police caseload peaks for the previous five years. According to official data, 257 incidents – 192 reported by women or girls and 65 by men or boys – had been reported to the force since the start of 2016.

However, an astonishing 72 of them were reported to police in October – including 29 cases which allegedly involved the use of a needle to inject a victim. In each of the past five years, the average number of ‘spikes’ incidents officially recorded with police each month had been in the single digits, with some months passing without any being reported.

The data showed that before October, using a syringe had only been mentioned by four people in five years. A significant number of cases are believed to have occurred in private homes, but 160 involved licensed premises – mostly bars, nightclubs and student unions.

Leicestershire Police Chief Superintendent Shane O’Neill said at the time: “Doping, where someone adds drugs or alcohol to another person’s drink or injects them without their knowledge, is illegal. Whether done as a prank or with the intent to steal or assault the victim, we want people to be vigilant.

Police have received hundreds of spike reports in recent years, including a spike last year

“If you’re drinking with strangers, be aware of what’s going on around you and if you have any suspicions about someone, report it to staff immediately. It’s always good to have a drinking buddy .

“If you’re going out with a friend or friends, keep an eye on them. If they seem to be more drunk than you think, if they are dizzy or if they speak badly, take control and make sure they are okay and, if they concern you, make sure whether he gets medical help or returns home safely.”

The alcohol peak can occur in any situation, at home or in the evening. However, according to Leicestershire Police, there are things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Never leave your drink unattended, whether alcoholic or not
  • Don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know
  • Avoid over-drinking by sticking to UK ‘low-risk’ drinking guidelines
  • Stay with your friends and look out for each other

The Force also suggests people take the following steps if they come across someone they think may have been doped:

  • Notify a bar manager, bouncer or staff member
  • Stay with them and keep talking to them
  • Call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates
  • Don’t let them go home on their own
  • Don’t let them go with someone you don’t know or trust
  • Don’t let them drink more alcohol – it could lead to more serious problems

Anyone with information about this weekend’s incident is asked to contact Leicestershire Police on 101, quoting reference 22*307207.

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The Ten Best Bars and Nightclubs in the North East According to Google Reviews

The North East is famous for its party people who come out every Friday and Saturday to enjoy all the nightlife the area has to offer.

With shows like Geordie Shore showcasing Toon’s nightlife attractions, plus a number of other buzzing nightclubs in Sunderland, South Tyneside and Durham – there’s plenty to see and do in the North East in the last hours.

And while many may have their favorite night spot that has stood the test of time, others may be on the hunt for something cooler this weekend – having seen their favorite nightlife hub come and go. with the ever-changing face of the local landscape.

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So here at ChronicleLive, ahead of the busy holiday weekend ahead, we thought we’d take a look at all the late night bars and nightclubs in the area, compiling a top ten list of the most favorable according to the ever-stalwart Google reviewers.

10. Pop World – 14 Bigg Market, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

pop world

3.8 out of 5 stars based on 348 reviews

At number 10 there is none other than Pop World, which sits in the bustling and bustling Bigg’s Market. Dubbed “a late-night bar with a difference”, it’s an exciting establishment packed with personality.

Hosting an abundance of different local DJs every night, revelers can dance to nerdy music on the spectacular dance floor, with retro wigs, goggles and inflatables also available to add an element of madness to their evening.

Gemma Brians wrote: “I love coming to Popworld. It has the best atmosphere and lovely, friendly staff, including DJs, bar staff and doorman.

“DJ Trig is very entertaining playing the best music and creating a fantastic atmosphere. Always a pleasure to visit.”

9. Sinners – 63 Newgate Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Fishermen in Newcastle
Fishermen in Newcastle

3.8 out of 5 stars based on 402 reviews

Open seven nights a week, Sinners in Newcastle. Billed as “Newcastle’s (and probably the world’s) most infamous, notorious and favorite student treble bar”, the description pretty much says it all.

With two music floors playing contrasting indie and house music on each – students flock to Sinners no matter the day to make the most of the cheap highs and lackluster Gotham-like atmosphere (RIP!).

Joshua Beck, commented: “Not bad honestly, I always thought Sinners had a bad reputation but after going inside it’s totally unwarranted.

“Sleek vibe, great alt-rock/metalcore playlist, live DJ, and they sell buckets every day of the week. If you’re a Rise fan or miss how sticky Gotham’s floors used to be, Sinners might be for you.”

8. Howlers – 28-32 Collingwood St, Newcastle upon Tyne

Howlers, which includes a giant ball pit
Howlers, which includes a giant ball pit

4 out of 5 stars based on 166 reviews

The only bar in Newcastle with an adult ball bar. . . Yes, you read that right!

Howlers on Collingwood Street is sort of a mega club with different areas inside one big building. The piece de resistance is undoubtedly the fancy ball pit that punters can make the most of while enjoying cold refreshments.

All in all, a place where some adults can be big kids if they want – while more serious parties can enjoy a sizzling night out in another part of the club.

Vince Smith, reviewed the bar and said: “First time and I have to say we had a great night. It’s a big club with three different big areas with different types of music. There was also entertainment on the main stage.

“There’s a ball pit that people seemed to like but not for me.”

7. Fabio’s – 66 Saddler Street, Durham

4 out of 5 stars based on 186 reviews

The only entry on this list located in Durham is none other than Fabio’s on cobbled Saddler Street. Sitting above an Italian restaurant, the impressive nightclub promises a spectacular evening for those who choose to visit.

Slightly out of the way for those unaware, many people walking the streets of Durham may not even know the place exists – but once they find out they won’t stop never to come back.

They also won Best Night Club of 2018 at the Best Bar None awards.

Felicity Ap, said: “Such a great atmosphere! Dance floor and bar downstairs and seating upstairs. Bar staff super friendly and efficient.

“Good selection of cocktails and good music!”

6. Digital – Times Square, Scotswood Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle's biggest nightclub: Digital
Newcastle’s biggest nightclub: Digital

4 out of 5 stars based on 519 reviews

In the heart of bustling Times Square is Digital – a popular music venue and nightclub that hosts a number of club nights and occasionally live musicians and DJs. With a huge sound system and resident DJs on site, you can feel every sound wave flowing through you at this great nightclub.

A student favorite due to cheap drinks and a central location means it always bounces back and scores high on this list respectively.

Damilola Oderinde, wrote: “A bustling nightclub, great music and fairly cheap drinks. You’ll always want to come back here.”

5. Flares – 33 Mosley Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Flares on Mosley Street in the center of Newcastle
Flares on Mosley Street in the center of Newcastle

4.1 out of 5 stars based on 260 reviews

Flares in Newcastle upon Tyne is a throwback to the 70s, with wacky wallpaper and glitter balls hung everywhere. Visitors can expect nerdy pop anthems to spin throughout the night, while other punters strut their stuff on the classic light-up dance floor.

And it’s not just old timers who experienced 70s nightlife who often take a trip down memory lane, with younger generations and college students often attending on Friday and Saturday nights.

Paul Stray, said: “We had a fantastic evening! A really good and lively evening with drinks at great prices, music on tap and all the staff while having fun went the extra mile for providing me and my party with excellent service.”

4. Jalou – Neville Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


4.1 stars out of 409 reviews

Newcastle’s Quayside neighbor Jalou just missed out on pole position. A dimly lit late-night bar with an impressive amount of cocktails on offer, the establishment makes guests feel welcome with luxe cabin seating and refreshing R&B.

The number one hotspot for young people, as well as those who want a ‘classier’ night out, there is always something exciting going on at Jalou.

Louie M, commented: “We were out for bachelor parties and even though this place wasn’t on our itinerary, it became our favorite spot instantly! Chilled vibe, diversity of people and great DJ/music -you !”

3. Independent – Holmeside, Sunderland

Independent on Holmeside, Sunderland
Independent on Holmeside, Sunderland

4.2 out of 5 stars based on 197 reviews

The only Wearside-based establishment on this list, Independent have been a fixture in Sunderland for the past two decades as clubs have come and gone. Originally located across the road, the old club was demolished to make way for new buildings, forcing owner Ben Wall to move next door.

However, Independent 2.0 managed to convey the same vibe to their new home – known for playing 2000s indie anthems into the wee hours of the morning. They also invented the famous blue pint, which has become a club classic for locals, with no other competitor able to do it in the same way.

Jack Mccaig, wrote: “Awesome atmosphere, cheap drinks and great if you like indie music!”

2. Global Headquarters – Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne

A DJ spins his decks at global headquarters
A DJ spins his decks at global headquarters

4.4 stars orout of 5 based on 169 reviews

Global Headquarters takes silver in terms of Northeast nightclubs. Newcastle’s oldest underground club born in 1993, Worldie’s is a dark and drab setup but works perfectly for the clientele.

Known for their acceptance and diversity, those who head to WHQ can expect a plethora or different genres of up-and-coming talent in the industry – bringing a “credible, cosmopolitan alternative” to a commercially saturated downtown.

Michael Shaftoe said: “I’ve been going to the club for a really long time now. I can honestly say it’s by far the best club in Newcastle. The atmosphere is amazing, the music is outstanding and the door staff and the Bar staff are the friendliest around.”

1. Hoochie Coochie – 54 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Crowds throng to Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle
Crowds throng to Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle

4.5 out of 5 stars based on 410 reviews

Top of the list is none other than Pilgrim Street’s Hoochie Coochie – a candlelit bar during the week, transformed into a soul, funk and jazz club from Friday to Sunday.

Described by many as ambient and uplifting, the incredibly friendly establishment offers a safe and hassle-free place for Tyneside night revelers, offering calm and scenic tunes with a refreshing selection of drinks.

The club also often features live performances by skilled musicians, which keep the atmosphere as chilled as a cucumber all night long.

Hal Property, wrote: “This club is my happy place.

“The place is great and the staff is great. The philosophy is essential to create a good atmosphere.

“Never make the mistake of bothering the DJ with a request – they don’t play the requests.”

What is your favorite night spot in the North East? Let us know.

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LGBTQ+ nightclub receives apology after open letter to man who trashed venue

A man thought to be a ‘troglodyte’ who caused more than £1,000 damage to a Middlesbrough nightclub has come forward to apologize.

A small nightclub on Albert Road struck earlier this month after a reveler caused extensive damage including ripped out light fixtures, dented walls and a smashed photo booth screen.

After highlighting the damage on social media, LGBTQ+ club bosses say the shameful culprit has now said sorry.

READ MORE: Hundreds of ‘vampires’ descend on iconic Whitby Abbey to break Guinness World Record

A follow-up statement on their Facebook page said: “The man explained that it was not in his nature at all and that he had simply gotten too drunk and made stupid mistakes. Thanks for the concern of all.”

“And thank you sir for coming too. It must not have been easy, and we think you are sincerely sorry. Appreciate the honesty.”

With the new social media post came floods of comments, with Facebook users praising the man for coming forward.

One user said: “Amazing this is great news and I definitely thank the man for coming forward and admitting his mistakes.”

While another said: “It’s amazing guys, it’s good that he came and raised his hand. Too many people would have just ignored the message and laughed at it.”

“It took him a long time to do this and credit where it was due, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”


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Glasgow nightclub boss warns ScotRail schedule could impact gig-goers

A Glasgow nightclub boss has raised concerns about the impact of Scotrail’s reduced hours on attendance at music events in the city.

The new timetable came into effect this week with more than 700 services cut and some last trains leaving before 8 p.m. due to ongoing wage disputes.

With a summer season busy with big names visiting the city, industry professional Donald MacLeod fears concertgoers will have no way of getting home unless the driver shortage is resolved.

Pictured: Industry boss Donald MacLeod spoke out

READ MORE: Glasgow restaurants react to new ScotRail timetable

He said the scottish sun“The Scottish Government really needs to pull their fingers back because it’s just a mess at the moment.

“This Saturday, for example, you have Alice Cooper and The Cult at The Hydro – very high prices – but they don’t finish until 10:30 or 10:45 p.m.

“And how long does it normally take to get from the Hydro to the stations?”

“On Monday we have a show at the Barrowlands with Meshuggah and the same evening you have My Chemical Romance at The Hydro, how are people supposed to go home?

“It’s going to cause huge problems, especially in Glasgow where you already have a shortage of taxis.”

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Over 700 services have been cutPictured: More than 700 services have been cut

Mr Macleod’s comments come after two turbulent years for the nightlife industry that have left many businesses struggling to recover.

READ MORE: ‘I might need to take the car’: Commuters react to ScotRail’s reduced timetable

Glasgow Times: Pictured: There are fears the timing could impact Glasgow concert attendancePictured: The timing is feared to have an impact on concert attendance in Glasgow

He said: “We were the first to close and the last to open when the pandemic hit and now we are bearing the brunt of it again.

“A general feeling of negativity could mean that people are just not going out.

“Places like the Garage and the Cathouse have a 10 p.m. curfew, but that’s a pretty tight deadline.

“In some cases we may open the doors earlier, but by then people have already made up their minds.

“God forbid the last train from Glasgow is cancelled.”

“Then you have a whole host of events coming up this summer including massive shows at Hampden Park and of course TRNSMT.

“There are time limits set for these bands to play and be under contract and the license itself is granted on that. How do you accommodate this? »

Speaking about the reduced timetable yesterday, ScotRail Service Manager David Simpson said: “We are keen to resolve the dispute as soon as possible and the timetable will run for as long as necessary in order to provide a more reliable service.

“The schedule will be reviewed and any improvements or returns to normal will be communicated via the ScotRail website, mobile app and social media channels.”

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DJ Z13 Named Newest Resident DJ at ‘Trust Nightclub’ in Detroit

Poster for Trust Nightclub’s “Summer Magic” launch event on May 28 with DJ Z13

The official DJ Z13 logo

Poster for Trust Nightclub Ft. DJ Z13 every Saturday night this summer

Detroit will have DJ Z13 headlining this summer’s Saturday Night ‘Summer Magic’ events at Trust Nightclub beginning Saturday, May 28 from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

You will have to see it to believe it. Confidence will be truly “magical” on Saturday night now that I’m back in town. Summer Magic is the move of summer 2022 to the city of Detroit.

—DJ Z13

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, May 23, 2022 / — Zachary Sinutko aka DJZ13 officially announced via social media last weekend that he would be partnering with Trust Nightclub in Detroit this summer. The DJ Z13 residency will begin on Saturday May 28 and will continue throughout the summer every Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Every Saturday, DJ Z13 will be the official DJ for the “Summer Magic” party at Trust Nightclub in Detroit. Trust Nightclub are extremely excited about the opportunity and are also promoting the new addition to the team on social media starting this week.

Guinness World Record holder and Detroit native DJ Z13 is back in town. Returning in mid-May, Detroit will see DJ Z13 weekly at Trust Nightclub in Detroit. DJ Z13 is the host and executive producer of the hit radio show “808s and Mixtapes”, which airs on WJCU 88.7 FM in Cleveland and worldwide via the WJCU app/website. DJ Z13 plans to stay in Detroit for another residency for the foreseeable future. Hot off the heels of winning his first National Broadcasting Award as a live radio personality, DJ Z13 aka Zachary Sinutko has big plans for the summer.

“I’m extremely excited about this opportunity and to be back in the city of Detroit. Trust Nightclub’s Saturday Night ‘Summer Magic’ event will be something you’ll have to see to believe. If you love music Top 40/Pop, you won’t want to miss Saturday nights at Trust Nightclub this summer. Thank you Trust for believing in me and allowing me to do what I love the most” – Zachary Sinutko aka DJ Z13 ( Saturday Night Resident DJ for Trust Nightclub)

“Summer Magic” will be a returning format with a new twist for Trust Nightclub. “Summer Magic” will consist of Top 40, Pop, EDM and Dance music. Zachary Sinutko aka DJ Z13 hopes to bring Trust Nightclub a wider audience, special guests and unforgettable memories. With DJ Z13 bringing weekly excitement to Detroit pop music and EDM fans, there’s no telling what’s to come. Top 40 & Pop is something Trust hasn’t seen lately and DJ Z13 is extremely happy to bring it back to town.

‘808s and Mixtapes’ airs Tuesday nights from 10 p.m. to midnight on WJCU 88.7 FM and worldwide via their website. DJ Z13 (Zachary Sinutko) produces and hosts the weekly radio show alongside Emily Davala and Collin Kennedy, all of whom are current students at John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio. As of April 11, 2022, DJ Z13 (Zachary Sinutko) and Collin Kennedy are currently award-winning radio DJs and Guinness World Record holders. Zachary Sinutko aka DJ Z13 currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest radio interview in the world with his 25 hour and 32 minute interview with Collin Kennedy earlier this year in February. DJ Z13 aka Zachary Sinutko plans to break a second Guinness World Record later this year. More information can be found at 808s and mixtapes

“Believe me when I say this, pun intended, ‘Summer Magic’ will be legendary. Trust Nightclub in Detroit has yet to see the next Top 40/Pop movement make its way to clubs across the United States. format to trust and bring the city of Detroit together as one. I also have special guests planned, so be on the lookout!” – Zachary Sinutko, DJ Z13 (Saturday night resident DJ for Trust Nightclub).

DJ Z13 will be live at Trust Nightclub every Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Reservations can be made by texting 313-300-3750. More information can be found on DJ Z13’s social networks or on

Zachary Sinutko
808s and mixtapes
[email protected]
Visit us on social media:

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Remembering the nightclubs and bars of Salisbury and Amesbury

EARLIER this month we asked you, our readers, to step back in time and tell us which Salisbury clubs, bars and pubs you miss.

With around 200 responses submitted, we’ve compiled a list of your favorite watering holes and dance spots.

Some responses paid homage to life in the 60s and 70s, while other selected buildings have stood the test of time and still contribute to nightlife today.

From Concordes to Music Box, here are 12 of the city’s most missed pubs, bars and clubs – and a live music venue – in order of popularity.

– Concordes
– Enzo’s
– Barn
– Alexandra Rooms
– High post
– Nn Bar
– Mortimer
– White Rooms
– Town hall
– Music Box

Did we miss one? Let us know your thoughts and nighttime memories in the comments!

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Email [email protected] with your comments, photos, letters and stories.

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5 Best Nightclubs in Omaha, NE

Below is a list of the best nightclubs in Omaha, NE. To help you find the best nightclubs near you in Omaha, NE, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Best nightclubs in Omaha, NE:

The best rated nightclubs in Omaha, NE are:

  • 80s retro disco – one of Omaha’s coolest retro music clubs.
  • Rhythmz Lounge – features live music, a dance floor, with a fully stocked bar in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Parliament pub – Local drinking trough with English decor, billiards, fireplace & sidewalk terrace.
  • Retro arcade lounge – vibrant nightclub offering arcade games, cocktails and snacks including sandwiches and jerk chicken.
  • The maximum – drag shows, theme nights and more at this gay nightclub with a large dance floor and outdoor terrace.

80s retro disco

5 Best Nightclubs in Omaha, NE

80s retro disco is a very popular nightclub in Omaha considered by many to be one of the best. This nightclub is considered a top destination for parties and drinks. Retro Rewind 80s Nightclub takes you back to when disco was a huge thing. The atmosphere will surely take you back to a time when everything was colorful, shiny and fuzzy. They also have amazing drinks to help you relax and enjoy your time more. If you are looking for a nightclub to dance the night away, this is the best place. Do you like to dance and sip martinis? Retro Rewind 80s nightclub is the destination in Omaha.

Parties, food, drinks, events, live DJ, dancing, happy hour

Address: 15475 Ruggles St Suite 108, Omaha, NE 68116
Phone: (402) 315-1406

Really fun atmosphere, clean. I saw in a few other reviews that the drinks are a bit pricey but they are no more expensive than other bars. Plus, you’re paying for the experience. Plan to come back for sure. – Channa Lewis

Rhythmz Lounge

Best Nightclubs in Omaha, NE

Rhythmz Lounge presents a great and entertaining time for those looking to let loose in Omaha. This nightclub also offers amazing food and drinks. Rhythmz Lounge features amazing music and live DJs. The staff are very attentive and friendly. They are more than happy to serve you. The customer experience is amazing. If you’re looking for a great place to let off steam with your friends, this is the place. They have an amazing atmosphere, music, food and drink. Are you looking for a nightclub of choice to discover the nightlife of Omaha? Check out Rhythmz Lounge for their amazing experiences.

Parties, food, drinks, events, live DJ, dancing, happy hour

Address: 10841 Q St, Omaha, NE 68137
Phone: (402) 933-8896

I love the atmosphere. Such a great place to hang out at night and have some nice drinks with nice people. The sound quality in the club is super dope too. –Denzel Maxwell

Parliament pub

Best Nightclubs in Omaha, NE

Parliament pub has served Omaha as one of the best nightlife destinations for years. The music and DJs are some of the best highlights. The Parliament Pub offers an assortment of drinks that will surely suit your cravings. The food is also amazing and will fit perfectly with your drink. They feature local bands and artists. Their very hospitable staff will go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy everything. The customer experience is simply amazing. Looking for an exciting night in Omaha? Consider the Parliament Pub for the best entertainment, drinks, music and dancing.

Parties, food, drinks, events, live DJ, dancing, happy hour

Address: 1212 Harney St #2, Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: (402) 934-3301

The Parliament Pub is always great! DJs with great music and great bartenders making stiff and affordable drinks! The atmosphere is dark and gloomy as I like. Parliament West Omaha is my favorite but if I go downtown I stop at the original! –Jeff Sharman

Retro arcade lounge

Omaha, NE Best Night Clubs

Retro arcade lounge offers an amazing nighttime experience filled with music, drinks and fun. This nightclub is one of the most popular destinations for many Omaha natives. Throwback Arcade Lounge has an incredible menu of food that complements their drinks perfectly. The staff are very attentive and accommodating. They will go above and beyond to make sure your experience is something to write home about. The nightclub is clean and well maintained. Want to experience the best nightlife in Omaha? Throwback Arcade Lounge has amazing specials that you will surely appreciate.

Parties, food, drinks, events, live DJ, dancing, happy hour

Address: 1402 Howard Street, Omaha, NE 68102

This is THE first 80’s themed downtown hotspot. The staff is knowledgeable and very professional. They offer VIP bottle service like no other. Vegas atmosphere and the dance floor is really cool! I highly recommend checking it out! – Richie Nastase

The maximum

The Best Nightclubs in Omaha, NE

The maximum is arguably Omaha’s most popular LGBT nightclub. This nightclub has amazing events and a great time for LGBT and straight customers. Le Max always sells out and for good reason. The drinks are amazing, next to the food and the music. You can let loose and have fun with your friends. Dance your worries away with amazing music and DJs. Their staff is very friendly and will make sure you have the time of your life. Looking for a thrilling night in Omaha? Le Max offers everything from amazing music to wonderful drinks.

Parties, food, drinks, events, live DJ, dancing, happy hour

Address: 1417 Jackson St, Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: (402) 346-4110

I’m so glad I heard about the Max. One of the best clubs I know. Everyone I took there had a great time. Fridays and Saturdays are always crowded. The max has cool events and shows regularly. Crazy that this club is in Omaha. An LGBTQ club where everyone can have an amazing time. –Leif Carlson

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King Pins opens in the former Talk Nightclub in Southend

A FORMER seaside nightclub has come back to life after a £1.6m makeover that turned it into a bowling alley.

King Pins has officially opened on the site of the former Talk Nightclub in Lucy Road.

The site offers ten bowling alleys, darts, large screens for live sports and dining areas for families.

Drinks – The bar area of ​​the room

Kessirose Larnder-Smith, 37, general manager of King Pins, says the response from the community has been very positive so far.

She said: “We have interactive bowling and darts with projectors showing drawings and different things on the play areas and both have booth seating.

“We also have lots of other games such as duck lanes, which look like smaller bowling pins and are great for kids.

Echo: Bowling - The tracks on the siteBowling – The lanes of the site

“We have four big screens and BT and Sky Sports. There is also air hockey, pinball and we also offer food with pizzas, burgers and more.

“It is truly stunning inside and has been refurbished to the highest standard, the whole project cost us around £1.6million.”

Miss Larnder-Smith says the bowling alleys have been nearly full every night since the venue opened last week, with guests completing the transformation

The former nightclub had gone through several different identities during its tenure, having opened in 1973.

It closed on New Year’s Eve in 2019.

Echo: Game - A worker playing dartsGame – A worker playing darts

Miss Larnder-Smith added: ‘The venue can accommodate around 20 people for food and we have created around 25 new jobs for the town.

“It’s important for the public to be able to go to an affordable and pleasant place with good quality food and good prices too.

“Our concession prices also apply to caregivers, NHS workers and emergency service workers such as police and ambulance personnel.

“It’s suitable for everyone and is suitable for dates, families, work events and we’ve even brought in single people who want to go bowling.”

Echo: Refurb - the bar and seatingRefurb – the bar and lounge areas

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Michael Gove’s Memorable Moments After Scouse Impression, From Cocaine Confession to Nightclub Dancing

“Still trying to figure out what happened. I hope Mr. Gove is well.

Those are the words of BBC presenter Dan Walker, following a bizarre interview with Upgrade Secretary Michael Gove on Wednesday.

The MP for Surrey Heath imitated two different accents, with a hint of sarcasm, as he answered questions about the cost of living crisis.

The peculiar nature of Mr Gove’s performance was such that some people online, including a few MPs, jokingly asked if the minister had been under the influence.

Mr Gove is described by some of his colleagues as an eccentric who can sometimes take an innovative approach when trying to get his point across.

He’s also had a few controversial moments over the years, ranging from admitting to taking cocaine as a young journalist to being filmed alone ‘at a party on the tiles’, raving the night away in Aberdeen.

Michael Gove suggested it was ‘bonkeroony’ to suggest the PM should quit Partygate

(PA wire)

Take a look back at some of those memorable moments.


Let’s start with Mr Gove’s most recent episode – this interview with the BBC on Wednesday morning.

The upgrade secretary adopted Liverpudlian and American accents at different points during questioning when asked why the government had not included in the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday any measures to help families cope with rising bills.

He suggested the lack of an emergency budget to deal with the crisis was “no big deal”, saying people should “calm down” in a Scouse voice.

Labour’s shadow leveling secretary Lisa Nandy lambasted him for ‘making jokes and using silly voices as families across the country struggle’ to make ends meet. “It’s not a game…Take it seriously.” Do your job,” she added.

Admission of cocaine

During the 2019 Conservative Party leadership campaign to replace former Prime Minister Theresa May, Mr Gove admitted to taking cocaine on “a number of occasions” – which he said he “deeply regrets”.

The then environment secretary said he used drugs at social gatherings as a young journalist.

“I took drugs many times at social events over 20 years ago,” he said. The daily mail. “At the time, I was a young journalist. It was a mistake. I look back and think, “I wish I hadn’t done that”.

Michael Gove goes to 10 Downing Street


Party the night away in Aberdeen

Hilarious footage showed the moment Mr Gove was spotted dancing at a nightclub in his hometown of Aberdeen.

He was spotted throwing shapes and two-stepping into the early hours at the downtown Pipe nightclub on a Saturday night.

The 54-year-old, who recently divorced his longtime wife Sarah Vine, waved at the camera clearly enjoying Parliament’s summer recess.

Musician Emma Lament, who posted the videos on Instagram, wrote in the captions that the Tory MP was ‘giving her big licks’ on the dance floor.

Michael Gove spotted raving at Aberdeen club

water failure

When asked about possible trade deals with the United States at a meeting of the government’s future relations with the EU committee in March 2020, Mr Gove appeared to laugh at his own response, before taking a jug on the desk and put out his own paperwork, and possibly his cell phone in the water.

He finally directed the stream of liquid into a single-use plastic cup in front of him.

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No dancing in nightclubs

Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun

KOTA KINABALU (May 13): Nightclubs and karaoke places in Sabah will be allowed to operate from May 14.

However, dancing will not be allowed on the premises, Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun said.

Customers of the premises must have completed their vaccination against Covid-19 and received the booster dose, he said.

And they are also obligated to check their risk level and scan their MySejahtera before entering nightclubs and karaokes.

Sabah recorded 78 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday.

Masidi said the increase is attributed to celebratory activities, as previously expected.

“The number of new cases in Sabah has increased to 78 cases today, 21 cases more than yesterday and an increase of almost 37%,” he said.

He also said that 12 districts recorded an increase in new infections, while nine districts recorded fewer cases.

“Kota Kinabalu with 21 cases and Papar with 16 cases are the two districts in Sabah that recorded double digit new infections. Daily infections in Kota Kinabalu and districts surrounding the city are expected to remain high or increase until the first week of next month (June),” he said.

As of Friday, of the new cases, 76 were at stage one and two, while two cases were at stage three.

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5 men aged 29-59 arrested after fight outside nightclub along Cecil Street – Mothership.SG

Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates:

Five men have been arrested for rioting after a fight broke out outside Cherry nightclub along Cecil Street, CNA reported.

On May 10, police said they were alerted to the incident at 133 Cecil Street around 1:40 a.m. on May 7.

Ongoing investigations

Police say the men arrested are between the ages of 20 and 59.

Two men, aged 21 and 30, were taken to hospital in a conscious state.

Investigations are ongoing, police said.

Denial of reinstatement due to behavior towards staff

Cherry disco told CNA that the group of patrons had left the club around 1:30 a.m. on May 7 to smoke.

As the premises were at full capacity, they were asked to queue to be readmitted.

After queuing for about 10 minutes, the group began raising their voices with nightclub staff, helping to manage the queue and ease re-entry, the club said.

The club said CNA which the group insisted they deserved priority as they had booked one of its more premium tables.

After being told that all guests were “treated equally” and had to wait until enough space became available, the group began to verbally abuse the staff.

The group continued to shout aggressively at their staff and demanded to see those responsible.

One of the managers decided to deny the group entry due to their behavior towards staff, the club said.

The club also invited the subject of the booking back to the club to claim the belongings of their group of friends and reimbursed them for their unconsumed drinks.

Director’s head was hit

Unhappy with the situation, other members of the group began to act violently, pushing other customers, knocking over queuing poles and throwing punches at some staff, the club said. CNA.

One of the managers received a queuing pole in the head.

They also noted that two other members of the group came to kick the manager in the head as he was lying on the ground.

Another member of staff called the police as the manager was assaulted, the club told CNA.

The club maintained that the actions taken by their staff were purely in self-defence and for their own protection and that of their customers.

The group had left the scene when the police arrived.

Injured employees were medically assessed

The club said CNA that a few of its employees had to undergo a medical evaluation after being injured.

The director received stitches behind his ear and was advised to go for further checks with a specialist.

According to Cherry Discotheque, the manager went to the accident and emergency department that night and visited a brain and spine specialist earlier this week.

What happened

A ruckus occurred at the entrance to Cherry Discotheque after a group of drunken men were allegedly refused entry to the nightclub.

The incident happened on the night of May 6 as revelers lined up outside.

A Mothership reader shared that the group created a scene after being denied entry and then returned to the counter to beat security that night.

Videos of the fight sent to Mothership showed the group of men attacking Cherry Discotheque security and counter staff.

Staff members retreated into the club and attempted to close the gate after a queuing pole was thrown at them.

However, they were chased by their assailants and one of them tried to force the door open.

Follow and listen to our podcast here

Best images via Mothership player.

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Jockey rushed to hospital with a broken jaw after being punched in a nightclub toilet celebrating the biggest win of his career

A JOCKEY has been rushed to hospital with a broken jaw after being punched in a nightclub toilet while celebrating the biggest win of his career.

The left side of poor Ashley Butler’s face was grotesquely swollen after being ambushed in a seemingly random attack.


Jockey’s jaw was horribly swollen after he was punched in a nightclub toilet
Butler's jaw was broken in five places and he will need surgery


Butler’s jaw was broken in five places and he will need surgery

Butler, 30, was the victim of a loose punch, according to his wife Heidi.

The jockey was celebrating after winning the £250,000 Archer race at Rockhampton Racecourse in Australia earlier on Saturday.

Butler, who has earned over £4m in his career, took the Emerald Kingdom 10-1 win.

He was out for a few drinks with some buddies when he went to the bathroom.

It was then that he was apparently turned on by another reveler and forced to spend a night in hospital before being booked in for surgery in Brisbane on Sunday.

Heidi said: “They’re going to take a helicopter and fly it to Brisbane.

The most read horse races

“He was hit by the King when he went to the toilet last night in one of the nightclubs here in Rockhampton.

“It broke his jaw in five places.

“He’s aware, responsive and all like that. He’s fine but the scanner came back and he broke it badly.”

Incredibly, Butler made it home with Heidi before the extent of the damage became clear.

She added: “I’ve been through a few boxes of tissues but we’re getting better.

“We have to think positive with all of this because it would have been 100 times worse.

“We had the best day at the races on Saturday and for that to happen I just don’t know what to say.”

Butler added that the attack meant he had gone “from the penthouse to the s***house”.


Commercial Content Notice: Subscribing to any of the bookmaker offers featured in this article may result in payment to The Sun. 18+. The T&Cs apply.

Remember to gamble responsibly

A responsible player is a person who:

  • Set time and money limits before playing
  • Only plays with money he can afford to lose
  • Never chase their losses
  • Don’t play if upset, angry or depressed
  • gamcare-
  • Aware of the bet –
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‘It’s unwarranted for what they did:’ Man arrested outside Wynwood nightclub claims police used excessive force – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

WEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – One of four men who were arrested outside a nightclub in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood said officers used excessive force during the difficult removal, leaving him bloodied and bruised.

Christian Llanos spoke to 7News after leaving Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in West Miami-Dade on Saturday.

He maintained his innocence during Friday morning’s encounter with officers outside Centro Wynwood.

“Disappointed, completely, because we didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

Llanos said chaos unfolded after he and a group of friends left the club and saw his brother being attacked.

“Two random guys stopped, walked up to my brother, slapped him,” he said.

Shortly after running to help his brother, Llanos said, two Miami City police officers arrived.

“The officer hits me from the back, completely hanging on the side of my face. They handcuffed us; [the officer] grabs my leg and pulls me while I’m handcuffed. I hit my head on the car,” Llanos said.

It was then, Llanos said, that the men who had attacked them before the officers arrived fled.

When the officers started beating him and his friends, Llanos said, his friend Antonio Ordonez took out his cell phone and started recording.

Ordonez spoke to 7News on Friday.

“[The officer] is just hitting it nonstop,” he said.

Footage shows an officer repeatedly punching Llanos as he lay on the sidewalk.

Llanos and three others were arrested and imprisoned.

But video posted online by Only in Dade showed men throwing punches at police before being shot.

In the arrest report, an officer wrote that a man “punched me in the ribs/waist, grabbed me aggressively and pushed me.”

Another officer said, “I was hit on the right side of my face.

But Llanos said the officers’ response was excessive.

“We didn’t do anything wrong. All we were doing was defending someone very dear to us, because these two guys wanted to fight for some reason. We don’t even know why,” he said.

Llanos hopes the situation and the officer who he said left his face scarred and swollen will be fully investigated.

“It’s unjustified for what they did, I really think so. I understand that they wanted to contain the situation, but it is not containing the situation. I don’t see that as containing the situation,” he said.

A Miami Police Department spokesperson released a statement that reads: “In accordance with its internal investigative protocols, the Miami Police Department is actively reviewing all video and testimonial evidence related to the use of the force and will take appropriate action if violations are identified”.

Copyright 2022 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Woman raped near Glenrothes nightclub as police demand to find two drivers

Police are searching for two drivers after a woman was raped near a nightclub in Fife.

The 39-year-old was targeted near Styx nightclub in Glenrothes in the early hours of Saturday April 30.

Officers are trying to track down the drivers and occupants of two cars seen in the area at the time of the attack, with detectives hoping to have vital information.

The first car is a silver or gray sedan taxi that was seen driving from the Tanshall roundabout onto Caskieberran Road. He stopped for a short time near the junction with Cromarty Court before driving outside Styx nightclub, where he picked up four men and left the area.

The second is a dark-coloured Audi or BMW car with five-spoke alloy wheels that was parked on Caskieberran Road outside Styx between 12:40 a.m. and 1:05 a.m. The occupants are believed to have had a conversation with people standing outside the club.

This car was then driven west along Caskieberran Road, turned around at the Tanshall roundabout and then parked again outside the club.

Officers are also calling on a group of around five women present around the Tanshall roundabout who they believe may have spoken with the victim after the assault.

Detective Inspector Graeme Dursley said: ‘Through CCTV investigations we have identified these two vehicles which were in the general area at the time the sexual assault occurred.

“I urge the owners of the cars to come forward, as well as their occupants that night. Additionally, if anyone was driving in the area at the time and has dash cam footage that could help us in our investigation, please call us.

“We would also like to speak to a group of approximately five women who were close to the Tanshall roundabout and who may have spoken to the victim after the assault. You might have some really important information and I urge you to get in touch.

Anyone who can help officers with their investigation is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101quoting incident number 0499 from Saturday 30 April, or call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Leeds nightclub to host rave for kids under 8 – and it sounds amazing

A nightclub in Leeds city center has launched an event where children are invited to come and rave.

Cargo, a nightclub on Albion Street in Leeds, is hosting the ‘Big Fish Little Fish’ family rave this month where kids are welcome – the event will take place on Saturday May 14 from 1-3.30pm.

The party theme is festival chic, so get your best sparkly outfits together, with a dance floor filled with bubbles, confetti, balloons and foam.

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The event, which won “Best Family Event” at the National Family Arts Festival Awards from 2014 to 2019, welcomes all ages. Most of the activities designed by the site are aimed at children up to eight years old.

You’ll find craft and playdoh tables, a giant color-in mural, play areas, free transfer tattoos, a licensed bar, and a makeup booth.

Will you go to the “Big Fish Little Fish” family rave? Let us know in the comments.

The event is designed to provide an authentic, family-friendly club experience and is not a traditional kid’s party or disco. There will be no children’s music, games or shouting DJs.

Adults-only groups will not be permitted to participate in the event and there is a maximum of three children per adult in each family. There is a minimum of one adult for every two children. Larger groups should email [email protected] for approval before booking tickets – tickets cost up to £9.68.

Click here to book tickets and find out more information

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Lost nightclub set on fire twice has once again become an ‘iconic’ Liverpool venue

A former nightclub described as the ‘Mecca of acid house music’ has offered a reward to catch the arsonists who torched the venue twice in a matter of weeks.

Originally opened as a stunning ballroom in the 1920s, The State nightclub on Dale Street became an iconic dance music nightclub in the late 1980s and 1990s, attracting clubbers from across the UK . However, despite its status, the club has had a checkered history.

The club was closed in 1988 and stripped of its entertainment and alcohol license after Merseyside Police claimed it had become a hangout for young people using ecstasy (MDMA). The illegal drug had become notorious after it was implicated in a number of high-profile deaths of young people who attended raves across the UK at the time.

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It was also claimed that the nightclub let in 500 people beyond its capacity for Acid House parties. The club was reopened in 1990 following a change in management and a strict anti-drugs policy was put in place. Acid House music was also banned from playing on site and all door staff were replaced.

Just a year after the nightclub reopened, it was brought to its knees by a deliberately ignited fire during Bonfire Night in 1991. In an effort to burn down the former ballroom, the arsonists had used timing switches connected to the cable and the cable, as well as other items, to form a pair of incendiary devices.

However, the homemade incendiary bombs did not ignite, instead a petrol-soaked carpet – set on fire by the arsonists – spilled into the nightclub, causing nearly £100,000 in damage. Following the devastating fire, the club was closed for weeks for repairs and renovations before reopening just five days before Christmas 1991.

But on Tuesday, January 14, 1992 – just 10 weeks after the first fire – arsonists struck again, causing catastrophic damage to the building for the second time. 11 fire engines rushed to the scene on Dale Street to tackle the blaze which started just before 11pm on a Tuesday evening, with one officer injured as a result of falling debris.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus prepare to enter the State Ballrooms on Dale Street, Liverpool at the height of the blaze. Liverpool, Merseyside. January 15, 1992

Police said they believe the same criminals struck twice and it was the work of hired professional arsonists. Chief Detective Inspector Frank Thompson, acting head of the CID in Liverpool at the time, said: “We are considering arson. It was around the same time of the week as last when the state been closed and started the same floor,” adding, “I’m sure whoever did the last one did this one too.”

The scene in the gallery of the State Ballrooms in Liverpool, after the fire.  Liverpool, Merseyside.  January 15, 1992
The scene in the gallery of the State Ballrooms in Liverpool, after the fire. Liverpool, Merseyside. January 15, 1992

After the second fire, the company that owns The State ballrooms offered a “substantial cash reward” in a desperate bid to catch the culprits. The company was quoted in the Liverpool Echo as offering “a large amount to whoever can name the wreckers”.

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Despite the reward offered, it is not believed that anyone was ever convicted of the arson attacks of the early 1990s. Merseyside Police said they had no current records relating to the case and that, as the offenses had been committed 30 years ago, no one dealing with the case at the time would still be working in the force.

Monster rat for a monster rave at The State nightclub on Dale Street.  February 29, 1996
Monster rat for a monster rave at The State nightclub on Dale Street. February 29, 1996

The club have managed to bounce back after installing sophisticated electronic and monitoring equipment worth £30,000 to deter anyone from starting any more fires. In the mid-1990s the club enjoyed a renaissance hosting huge events such as Monster Jam and Garlands, with The State reunion events still taking place today for what is now considered one of the emblematic nightclubs of the city.

Does this bring back memories for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Since 2014, the Grade II listed State Insurance Building has housed the JD Gym.

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‘A space for everyone’: Toronto drag room and nightclub celebrate 30th anniversary

An iconic Toronto nightclub providing a safe space for LGBTQ people, a destination for Latin music, and a live performance and drag venue celebrates 30 years in business this year.

Since 1992, El Convento Rico has been a College Street West staple. A typical night out at the club starts and ends with dancing to a mix of Latin, Top 40 and techno, stopping only for a drag show between midnight and 1am.

The club is also known for its annual drag contest, Miss Convento Rico, which drag queen Jezebel Bardot—known as Jason Pelletier—calls “the event of the season” in the city.

“When, you know, it’s the Miss El Convento Rico pageant, the place is packed here,” Pelletier said.

El Convento Rico’s birthday is significant because it is an endangered species in Toronto. LGBTQ spaces, especially outside of the Village, are slowly disappearing before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Started as “safe space”

Pelletier said he had been coming to El Rico for years before he started dragging. He entered the pageant in 2015 and placed second just months into his drag career.

He said his character was inspired by strong women like the club’s founder and owner, Muritza Yumbla, who opened El Convento Rico when she was 27.

Jason Pelletier, also known by his drag character Jezebel Bardot, is El Convento Rico’s “Queen of the House” and hosts shows every Friday and Saturday night. (Tina Mackenzie/CBC News)

“What I know of her from working here since 2015 is that she’s an incredibly smart, resilient woman who has a vision, brings it to life and executes it every weekend,” he said. .

Yumbla, an Ecuadorian immigrant, started the club in 1992 as a “safe space” for her gay friends and the queer and trans community, Pelletier said.

The club’s name translates to “rich convent” or “tasty convent”, inspired by Yumbla’s desire to be a nun when she was younger. In El Convento Rico, she is known as “Mother Superior”.

Yumbla said that 30 years ago there were a lot of immigrants in the gay community, but that was also taboo.

“It was very hard, but I believed in what I was doing,” she said.

“We had a lot of gay bashing, we had the young Portuguese, Italians who basically came and threw eggs [at] El Convento, they were throwing tomatoes.”

Maritza Yumbla, founder and owner of El Convento Rico, wanted to be a nun when she was younger and is also known as “Mother Superior”. (Turgut Yeter/CBC News)

Yumbla said that she once invited haters to see what the club actually looked like inside.

“I’m sure today that they are one of our favorite customers,” she said.

Paul Mena, also known as drag queen Nicole Batista, was crowned the first Miss Convento Rico in the nightclub’s first pageant in 1992-93.

He said the reaction from the local community in Little Italy and neighboring Little Portugal was “a bit harsh at first”.

“They did not understand why this kind of club [had] to be in this area,” instead of the Church-Wellesley area, otherwise known as the Gay Village.

Paul Mena, also known as drag queen Nicole Batista, was the first to be crowned Miss Convento Rico in the club’s annual pageant in 1992-93. (Tina Mackenzie/CBC News)

Pelletier said neighborhood sentiment in the early ’90s meant there was some reluctance to let straight people into the club to keep the space safe for its LGBTQ clientele.

“As minds opened up and things evolved, it became a space for everyone.”

Pelletier said “everyone is represented” in El Rico, and “everyone feels safe.”

“A lot of people talk about the diversity represented in the Village, which it is, but I will say it’s probably the most diverse place I’ve ever worked in,” he said.

“You have straight people coming here, gay people coming here, trans people coming here, the Sikh community coming here, people of color, white people, it doesn’t matter.”

Pelletier said the nightclub also attracts families, and it’s “not uncommon” to see adult children going out for a night of dancing with their parents.

Judgment Free Zone

Mena said El Rico is a place where no one judges you and “it’s okay.”

“To be here, we mix things up, and everybody comes together, and everybody gets along, and I think that’s all we’re trying to do in our gay community: be accepted everywhere.”

“It’s been wonderful since we opened, and the support we’ve been getting from the gay community – and the straight community now – is amazing.”

El Rico regular Mikael Melo says it’s nice to see ‘gay-friendly spaces outside of the village’, even though it’s a place ‘that welcomes so much more than just gay culture’ .

“One of the things I love about Rico is that so many walks of life and so many people from different cultures come together to just love drag, love good music and have a good time,” did he declare.

Melo, who is Portuguese, said the bar had many Spanish-speaking, Italian and Portuguese-speaking customers, and it was great to be able to interact with people who “have similar queer narratives to you.”

Mikael Melo, a regular at El Convento Rico, says LGBTQ+ spaces outside Toronto’s gay village on Church Street are essential, especially for racialized queer communities. (Tina Mackenzie/CBC News)

It’s important that these venues stay open “because they’re such a big, welcoming space,” Melo said.

“I remember when I first discovered my queer identity, it was a drag bar that was like my first safe space that kind of opened the door and things like that,” he said.

“And I especially think [that’s true for] anyone immigrating from a Latin culture who may not have grown up in a queer space.”

When COVID-19 public health measures eased to allow limited capacity at nightclubs, Yumbla says she turned El Convento Rico into a lounge so drag queens could still perform — only to be closed again.

“It was tough, it was very tough,” she said.

Yumbla says El Rico is still open because of the discipline his parents taught him. She said she sold a few properties to run the club.

Melo said he hopes more bars like El Rico will open outside of the Church-Wellesley corridor.

“Because we’re not just Church and Wellesley. We’re all over town. We’re in Little Portugal, we’re in Riverdale, we’re on every level.”

Pelletier said the club has always retained its core elements, including “the love for Latin music, which must continue and will continue forever”, as well as energetic shows and live performances.

“I just want the love, the energy and the atmosphere to continue.”

For her part, Yumbla said she has no plans to slow down and will soon be opening a restaurant named Que Rico on College Street.

“Being the risk taker that I am, I keep going,” she said.

“Will Maritza slow down? No, she won’t. I love offering jobs to people from all walks of life, from young to older, to people who want to work alongside Maritza Yumbla.”

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Tekashi 6ix9ine hit in the back of the head as he leaves Miami nightclub

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Greens councilor Anab Mohamud charged with assaulting transgender woman outside Melbourne nightclub

Greens adviser accused of punching transgender woman and screaming ‘all these f*****s are going to die’ claims SHE is the victim after being beaten moments later

  • Greens councilor allegedly hit and abused trans woman outside nightclub
  • Anab Mohamud was at Chaser in Melbourne CBD on April 11 last year
  • Mohamud is accused of grabbing her by the throat and assaulting her
  • A trans woman allegedly followed and assaulted her outside the club

A Greens councilwoman allegedly shouted ‘f**k the LG family’ after allegedly hitting and abusing a transgender woman outside a nightclub.

Anab Mohamud is accused of grabbing the woman by the throat outside Chaser’s on Chapel Street in Melbourne’s south Yarra on April 11 last year after the two began arguing in the smoking area.

She then allegedly assaulted the transgender woman, before being chased and attacked as the fight unfolded on Bray Street.

The Greens adviser was hospitalized with serious facial injuries, including her left eye that was so swollen it couldn’t open.

‘I swear to Allah that if I lose my eye I will make all these f***** die,’ the court heard she allegedly yelled after the fight.

Anab Mohamud (pictured) is accused of assaulting a trans woman before abusing her after the woman fought back and attacked her as she left a Melbourne nightclub

Ms Mohamud suffered serious injuries to her face and eyes following the alleged assault at the hands of the trans woman

Ms Mohamud suffered serious injuries to her face and eyes following the alleged assault at the hands of the trans woman

Mohamud, 35, who moved to Australia from Somalia 20 years ago, was mentioned in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday on charges of assault, drunken and disorderly behavior and offensive language.

The court heard that she claimed it was the transgender woman, Al Shaba Bin Taha of St Kilda, who grabbed her throat instead, according to the sun herald.

Chaser’s hosts an LGBTQI-themed party called Poof Doof, which is also held regularly at other nightclubs around Australia, including Oxford Street in Sydney.

Magistrate Rosemary Falla said Tuesday it would be difficult to determine the offensive language charge.

“I don’t know what offensive words were said, but you won’t be the nicest person in the world the moment you get mugged,” she said, according to the Herald Sun.

“Words can be offensive in a public place, but it’s also in the context of being assaulted to the point that you had to be treated in hospital.

“It’s a Victoria Police matter, I don’t know how it’s going to be worked out.”

Ms Mohamud is accused of grabbing the woman by the throat outside Chaser's nightclub (pictured) near Chapel Street on April 11 last year

Ms Mohamud is accused of grabbing the woman by the throat outside Chaser’s nightclub (pictured) near Chapel Street on April 11 last year

Ms Bin Taha was charged with fighting and recklessly causing injury for the alleged assault on Mohamud. She will be tried in October.

Police told the court that the two sides had conflicting statements about the series of events, with 14 witnesses, including patrons of the nightclub, to be called for Mohamud’s three-day hearing.

She appeared via video link and was seen shaking her head as police detailed their case against her. At one point, she wiped tears from her eyes.

She will face court for a contested hearing in October.


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‘I took over Manchester’s Tribeca nightclub just before Covid – and found myself homeless’

The boss of a downtown club spoke about the challenges facing the industry after the pandemic and how running a bar has taken a toll on her health.

The past two years have been difficult for anyone working in the hospitality industry, but Covid has truly taken its toll on a club and its visionary manager.

Hazel O’Keefe, who has been hosting events at the Tribeca on Sackville Street for years, took over the club months before Covid – shortly after she was homeless.

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The award-winning organizer, whose background is in community work with young people, wanted to make the gay village “a community center as well as a club”.

She claims Tribeca is the only venue in Manchester that hosts loss-making booze-free events on a Saturday night – a hit among an Asian LGBT group.

Describing itself as “the only truly diverse venue in Manchester”, the club next to Sackville Gardens also hosts Hungarian, Romanian and Portuguese parties.

But the club now faces a month-long shutdown as its license is suspended for five weekends – from May 12 to June 11 – following reports of regular rule breaches.

Hazel O’Keefe Credit: via LDRS

Manchester City Council’s licensing committee came ‘very, very, very close’ to revoking the club’s license but councilors agreed to give the venue another chance after promises from its former boss that new managers would be recruited.

Lee Montgomery, who led the club from 2010 to 2019, is still the owner as Hazel’s plan to buy the lease from him has been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Taking over in November 2019, Hazel – now 45 – had a vision of club nights subsidizing community events that “make a meaningful difference”.

But months later, as the Covid lockdowns came into effect from late March 2020, the night economy across the country suddenly came to a halt.

Government grants worth £3,200 a month were given to Tribeca – but the lease cost £7,400, leaving the club with £60,000 in arrears two years later.

“We kept thinking that everything will be fine next month,” she said, “and it was never good.

“If I had known it would be this long, I would never have let it get to this level of arrears.”

Tribeca in Sackville Street ManchesterCredit: Google

Without an income, Hazel couldn’t even pay the rent for her own apartment.

In April, homeless, Hazel had to give up her city center flat and took up couch surfing before temporarily moving in with her girlfriend who lives in Salford.

Sometimes Hazel slept there – an experience she says was painful, cold, lonely and depressing and too embarrassing to tell anyone else.

At her lowest point, she even contemplated suicide to illustrate the impact the pandemic was having on the hospitality industry which had limited support.

“Sometimes I thought if I hanged myself in Sackville Gardens and put a banner over me saying ‘this is the impact’, would that make a difference?” she says.

“And I decided, no, it wouldn’t make any difference, it would just hurt the people I love. But those were the kind of intrusive thoughts I had.

In October authorities advised her to stop sleeping at the club after reports of ‘alleged lockdowns where drug use and dealing’ were taking place – and she claims that within a week she left the premises .

But she denies the allegations which she says come from a ‘disgruntled’ individual who claimed CCTV had been turned off during the alleged lockdowns.

Hazel O’Keefe Credit: via LDRS

Hazel offered to show the police the CCTV, but was told it was not necessary.

There were times when she couldn’t access the CCTV – for example, after being hit on the head with a bottle and couldn’t remember the password – and there were occasions when some of the cameras weren’t working.

Working with police, Manchester council officers also raised concerns about the security number at the gate – an issue which Hazel, who used the services of three security companies, said did not was solved by a shortage.

Hazel says the licensing committee’s decision at the Tuesday, April 19 hearing was “fair,” but believes a lot was missed in those two hours.

“There was no incident with weapons or drugs,” she said.

“It was not what normally leads to a licensing exam.”

The month-long closure of the club is expected to cost at least £20,000.

Hazel is also facing a Covid fine of over £2,000 – something she says she was unaware of until evidence from the license hearing was released.

Manchester City Council received a complaint in October 2020 that there were 30 people on the premises after the 10 p.m. curfew which was in effect at the time.

But when officers arrived there were just seven people with ‘what appeared to be booze’ – but Hazel now says they were all staff.

Hazel does not recall receiving a physical fixed penalty notice and suspects it could have been delivered to Tribeca after Covid shut it down again.

Magistrates fined him £1,760 – and that figure has risen as he has not been paid.

She said: “I would have attended court and explained what the situation was.”

A fly-spilling fine has also been issued for the wrong bin bags left outside the premises – which Hazel says she is embarrassed about.

More recently, the venue has received complaints from residents of Regency House – the block of flats above the club where Hazel now lives.

The venue spent “a fortune” soundproofing the building which has metal pillars and an elevator shaft that carries certain frequencies up to the fifth floor.

And just about when noise complaints rose, tragedy struck – Aaron Jarvis, a bar manager in Tribeca, died in a car crash in Whitefield.

The 31-year-old, who was a passenger in the back of one of three vehicles which collided at Bury New Road, was taken to hospital but died later that day.

Hazel, who spent 60 hours a week with Aaron, said she didn’t leave her sofa for three weeks after her “cheerful and free-spirited” friend was taken from her.

The tragic story broke the hearts of Tribeca staff – including Hazel’s dog who waited for Aaron to arrive at the door every day at 4pm long after he died.

Tribeca’s future is now out of Hazel’s hands – though she remains involved with the club – as management restructuring takes place.

And his own future is uncertain, with the threat of an eviction notice from his apartment looming and the prospect of spending the rest of his life likely in debt.

She thinks back to a call she received during the pandemic from her insurance broker who said they had found a loophole to be compensated for the Covid-related closure – only to call back 10 minutes later to tell her it wouldn’t work not.

“It felt like I was alive again,” she said. “It was like I could breathe again.

“I haven’t had that feeling since.”

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Canada’s Drag Race contestant Ilona Verley claims she was ‘hit’ by nightclub bouncer

By Brent Furdyk.

2 hours ago

Ilona Verley, who appeared on the first season of ‘Canada’s Drag Race’, is making allegations that they were ‘hit’ by a bouncer at a popular gay nightclub in Victoria, British Columbia.

In a series of posts on Instagram Story, as reported by New rosesnon-binary native Verley was allegedly assaulted at Paparazzi Nightclub in Victoria on Thursday, April 21.

“I was just attacked by the bouncer at Paparazzi Nightclub Victoria,” they said.

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“The manager laughed in my face and told me transphobia wasn’t real because I’m a ‘b***h’… This shit ain’t OK.”

They added: “I’m told I’m sick of holding on and knowing my rights, it’s getting old.”

Verley also addressed the alleged incident in some tweets which were later deleted. “I can’t believe I got a punch in my cheek filler the first night I debuted my new face. Transphobia is alive and well here in Victoria at Paparazzi Nightclub,” they wrote, adding, “Being told ‘you deserve it’ by a white man (bouncer) makes me feel so FULL…of f**king rage.

Verley then took to Twitter to explain why they deleted those posts and confirmed that everything was fine.

PinkNews has reached out to Paparazzi Nightclub for comment.

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Parisian nightclub Silencio returns to the Croisette for a pop-up festival – The Hollywood Reporter

The secret is revealed: Silencio returns to Cannes.

The famous Parisian nightclub, designed by David Lynch and which has inspired pop-ups everywhere from Berlin to Miami, returns this year to the Croisette for an 11-day residency coinciding with the Cannes Film Festival. The 2022 edition also marks the most ambitious Silencio Cannes to date, as it moves from a temporary location at the festival headquarters to the Palais des Festivals, where the space can accommodate over 800 revelers per event. Arnaud Frisch, founder of the club, joined The Hollywood Reporter on Zoom to talk about his plans for the May 17-27 residency this year, club rules and the movies he’s most looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

Arnaud Frisch, founder of Silencio.
Courtesy of Arnaud Frisch/Silencio

Congratulations on your return to Cannes. What’s new this year for Silencio?

This year is totally different for us because we will be inside the Palais des Festivals, which is of course the central space of the festival. We will have a large space that can accommodate 800 people and this will allow us to do more programming. We have teamed up with France TV, official sponsor of Cannes. It will be really interesting for us to be at the center of everything. It’s very exciting. After two years of COVID, I think people are really excited to do it.

Where will it be located in the Palace?

It’s in the club, the radio club. It’s a bit 70s, which is pretty cool, and there’s also an indoor/outdoor space with a terrace. it’s above the casino. When you leave a projection, it’s right there.

Because Silencio is a very organized environment, how can you transform this place to match the Silencio aesthetic?

We further transform using Silencio’s DNA. We bring the cocktails made by Rémy Savage, our bartender who is truly amazing. He brings the same team that has worked with us for 10 years, so they kind of know everyone. We also try to work with the same artistic collectives that we have in Paris to provide content. It’s hard to really change the place, it would take a lot of work, and since we’re totally comfortable with the place and love the 70s vibe and how cinematic it is, we we just focus on the vibe and the DNA.

For those who have never been to Silencio, how would you describe the atmosphere?

Silencio now has three different locations. We have the history designed by David Lynch [in Paris]. It’s really underground so you don’t really feel the time. This space has a lot of different programming with performances, concerts, screenings, so it’s a very cultural space. Then we open a Silencio de Prés on the Left Bank of Paris. There’s a 200-seat movie theater and there we do a lot of premieres. It has a restaurant with a very young and talented starred chef, Guillaume Sanchez. We have also just opened a jazz club there which offers contemporary jazz and hip hop.

We opened another Silencio in Ibiza last year with Jean Imbert who we worked with a few years ago for the Cannes Film Festival. There’s continuity in the people we work with, all amazing people from very different creative fields – music, fashion, film, art. When you go to Silencio, it’s the vibe.

Image loaded lazily

An interior image showing the atmosphere inside the Silencio Club Paris.
Courtesy of Arnaud Frisch/Silencio

Do you have a favorite memory or remember a specific night that felt like a perfect Silencio night?

We had a lot of very good memories with a lot of talents who came to celebrate their films. Maybe one evening with Marion Cotillard when she came to cook with Jean Imbert. It was fun because that’s really what Silencio is, meeting very different creative people. It’s also a place where you can come and really feel free. Previously, we didn’t have any pictures inside, which could be a place where people could come after a very intense day in Cannes and have a nice relaxing time.

Was “no photos” a general rule?

A little but now it’s hard to avoid the images everywhere. When we launched Silencio, it was the rule for the first years because we wanted to give the feeling of living in the moment. It’s become a bit of a struggle because it’s contrary to what people want to do now. So we’re not so strict on that anymore, but we still want people to feel really comfortable in the place. The artists who come, they can really spend the night at the club without any problem.

Are there other rules?

I don’t know if it’s a rule, but Silencio talks about artists. Sure, it was designed by David Lynch, but it’s an artists’ house. We work closely with artists on programming and allow artists to build and test new projects. We don’t just host movies and concerts, we like to do something more creative. Because it’s a small room, artists can come and try something different, maybe something more fragile, and really work on something.

Looking at the Cannes programming, which films are you most looking forward to seeing?

There are many directors I like who come back to Cannes, like James Gray or David Cronenberg. I’m also looking forward to films by Kirill Serebrennikov and Ruben Östlund, and Quentin Dupieux’s midnight screening.

Do you ever sneak in to a lot of screenings?

Yeah. I think it’s important to see films. We program films here in Paris so [Cannes] is a good time for me to see movies. Usually, Cannes is very intense, but I think it’s intense for everyone.

You said that Silencio was created for the “creative night owl”. Do you consider yourself as such? How many hours of sleep per night do you get during the festival?

Yes. All year round, I sleep between five and six hours a night and it’s about the same in Cannes. Sometimes it can be less.

Apart from the Silencio, do you have any favorite spots in Cannes?

Yeah. I really like going to Da Laura, the Italian restaurant in the center of Cannes. But sometimes when I want to go to an outdoor space, I like to go to Saint-Paul de Vence for an afternoon, maybe for lunch there at the Hotel La Colombe d’Or. And this year I’m going to the Mirazur in Menton because we are collaborating this year with its chef, Mauro Colagreco, who runs this incredible restaurant there. Before doing Silencio, I loved going to the Janes Club or the Baron, which had great parties.

Is there someone you would like to see through the doors of Silencio this year?

It’s a good question. It would be great to have David Lynch back. It could be a very good surprise.

The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Image loaded lazily

An interior image showing the atmosphere inside the Silencio Club Paris.
Courtesy of Arnaud Frisch/Silencio

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Legendary nightclub E11EVEN Miami set to take over Resorts World for Memorial Day weekend

E11EVEN Miami, a global leader in the nightclub industry since 2014 that has hosted performances by Drake, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, Post Malone and more, is partnering with Resorts World Las Vegas and Zouk Group to a series of events and activations at the new Las Vegas Strip casino property during Memorial Day weekend 2022.

Zouk Nightclub, Ayu Nightclub, Fuhu Restaurant & Lounge, and Bar Zazu Restaurant & Lounge are among the Resorts World venues that will host different entertainment events during the holiday weekend.

“We are thrilled to partner with Resorts World, the newest and most stunning gem on the Strip,” E11EVEN Miami creator and co-founder Dennis DeGori said in a statement. “My operating partners Gino LoPinto, Daniel Solomon and I are all from Las Vegas, and we couldn’t be more proud to be present in our hometown.”

Scheduled events include: The 11th Captain’s Club NFT Launch Party on May 26 at Bar Zazu; a Cash Cash performance at Ayu Dayclub on May 27; a special dinner at Fuhu followed by a Tiësto located next door at Zouk Nightclub on May 28; and performances by DJ Snake at Ayu and the Martinez Brothers at Zouk on May 29.

“Both Zouk Group and E11EVEN Miami offer customers an unparalleled experience and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with an industry leader and expand Zouk Group’s footprint across the United States,” said said Ronn Nicolli, vice president of Zouk Group Las Vegas. in a report.

For more information on tickets and event packages, visit

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May breaks silence on nightclub incident

Panthers rookie Taylan May said he was proud to be able to ‘support Cleary’ as he spoke for the first time about defending Nathan Cleary during a nightclub incident after the Grand Final from last year.

It emerged last week that May had been charged by Queensland Police with assault causing bodily harm following an incident in October at a Sunshine Coast nightclub as the Panthers celebrated their post success of prime minister.

The 20-year-old allegedly dragged a patron to the ground after heckled the players and attempted to film afterwards without their consent.

The NRL Integrity Unit and the Panthers had seen the CCTV footage and were happy May was continuing to play. As coach Ivan Cleary said last week: “The fact that the NRL took no action tells a fair story.”

May refused to let the police charges distract him from his work in the field. His try against the Broncos on Friday night tied him with Ryan Papenhuyzen as the competition’s top try scorer, which he achieved by replacing injured Brian To’o on the left wing.

While not admitting any guilt on the assault charges, May said he was defending a good friend.

“Anyone in my position, if he was a good friend, would have done what I did,” May said. The Herald of the Sun. “I defended Cleary. I don’t think I was wrong.

“I didn’t want the situation to get out of hand. [My teammates] are big names, I’m nobody. . . security was on my side. The situation for me, it doesn’t really bother me. I put it behind me and focused on the game.”

May, nicknamed “Tiny” and the younger brother of Prime Minister Panther Tyrone May, is due to have his case heard in court on May 18.

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Welsh government accused of having no evidence to close nightclubs during pandemic

The boss of the UK’s nightlife industries has accused the Welsh government of having no evidence to close nightclubs during the pandemic. Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association, said there was no reason to justify the closure in Wales.

Welsh nightclubs were allowed to reopen at the end of January after restrictions introduced to tackle the Omicron variant were removed. Nightclubs were the only businesses closed outright by the Welsh government in response to the Omicron wave, with venues forced to close after Christmas.

They have been allowed to remain open in England.

Read more:Welsh Government announces results of latest Covid review

Michael Kill said his association now has the results of a freedom of information request and has not presented any evidence of closure.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales on Thursday, he said: “We have tried to generate questions about the exact reasoning, and in particular the evidence that has been presented to allow them to close the nightclubs.

“The response was, as expected, that it was not possible to establish exactly where someone caught the coronavirus, so it is not possible to provide the number of cases that have been caught in places The Welsh Government does not hold this information.

“As far as we are concerned, it is very clear that the evidence was not present for them to make this decision. There were no other venues or hospitality settings that were different from nightclubs , taking into account the evidence which has been presented or has been available to the Welsh Government.”

Mr Kill said businesses in the sector had been “extremely frustrated” to have been forced to close and had “put a lot of pressure” to find out what evidence was available.

“The FOI (Freedom of Information) request presented exactly what we expected and our concern that it was based on anecdotal evidence. This was a political decision that singled out nightclubs or businesses late night economics, when we were very, very clear that we felt there was no difference in very many contexts and it had a huge impact on business in Wales.”

He said that across the UK we have lost more than a third of nightclubs that have had to close, saying: “I have stories of people who have lost their homes. The work of their life.

“So these are big decisions for people. So as you can understand they’re going to be angry and frustrated that no evidence has been presented and these businesses have been closed for so long.”

Mr Kill also called for a specific investigation into coronaviruses in Wales and asked that any decisions taken in the future be based on evidence.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said: “There is no doubt. Around the world these types of places have been associated with super spread events. Evidence from the Sage committee said transmission of the virus was highly associated with proximity and duration of contact in indoor environments, especially where the nature of the business wants people to be close and personal.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that these were high risk places, and at the height of the pandemic they were closed, not only in Wales but also in other places. other parts of the UK and other parts of the world.”

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Brooklyn Nightclub Fire: “It could have been so much worse”

Tyler Glenn had only been working at Brooklyn’s Rash nightclub for about an hour when they returned from the beer storage downstairs to find the bar filled with smoke. “It’s kind of funny,” Glenn said on the phone last week, “my first thought was, ‘Wow, they really kicked off the fog machine.'” It took a few seconds to realize how great he was hard to breathe, and a split second more to notice: “Oh, there’s a huge fire in here.”

Rash, which opened late last year, is the newest club in a Bushwick, Brooklyn neighborhood known for its queer nightlife. On Sunday April 3, what should have been a standard Sunday night – DJ Maluquera’s collective was to perform in the club’s sweaty, uplifting back room – quickly turned into a nightmare. In the lull before the club officially opened for the night, no one noticed when a man wearing a hoodie and face mask entered the space. He kept dumping a bucket of gasoline onto the floor and the bar, then setting it on fire.

Two people were immediately taken to hospital. One of the DJs of the evening, installed in the back room, suffered second degree burns. The other, Glenn, was intubated for smoke inhalation. “It was so dark and smoky that I didn’t know where the door was. I was banging on the walls,” Glenn said, just days after they were released from hospital. On the verge of passing out, they found the side door and, in a moment of panic, rushed to a nearby bar, Birdy’s, and screamed for help.

Courtesy of Rash Bar

Jake Sillen, co-owner of Rash, rushed after receiving a call, arriving at the same time as the police. “It was huge. Smoke was coming out of the building. There were 60 firefighters, it was pretty much chaos. Speaking last Tuesday, Sillen stressed that despite the destruction, an attack later that night would have been catastrophic. “We’re so grateful for that,” Sillen said. “It didn’t end well, but it could have been a lot worse.”

Since last Sunday, the police have not been able to find any leads. The arsonist disappeared as quickly as he had come. Security camera footage released by the NYPD is spectacular, but offers no insight. Standing in the hallway connecting Rash’s front bar to the club’s rear dance space, a man described by police as ‘approximately 20 to 30 years old, 5ft 9in tall and weighing 180lbs’ carrying a bag backpack, winter coat, and hoodie, calmly empties his canister, throws a match, and disappears as the entire frame is engulfed in flames.

Image taken from security camera footage of the attack on Rash Bar.

For Sillen, Glenn and many others, the attack compounds a growing sense of unease in Brooklyn’s LGBTQ+ nightlife community. Last September, a 43-year-old man was stabbed inside the popular Bossa Nova Civic Club nightclub, just a five-minute walk from Rash. In February, according to reports from participants on social media, a pepper bomb was dropped on a crowded dance floor at Today, a sprawling club in Queens. And in August of last year, bricks were thrown through the window of C’mon Everybody, a drag performance and pop music mainstay a few miles from neighboring Bed-Stuy.

Eric Sosa, co-founder and owner of C’mon Everybody, emerged from last Sunday’s attack feeling “sad, angry and scared”. C’mon Everybody, like Rash, was explicitly envisioned as a safe space for the queer community. “For someone to come in and bring hatred and violence is really upsetting and unnerving.”

Other Rash employees who spoke with rolling stone describe an increase in harassment on the streets and on trains, prompting more revelers to travel in crowd-funded car services than in the past. “At night, the streets aren’t as safe as they were three or four years ago,” Sillen noted on our call. Glenn, for his part, attributes the rise in violence to state and federal failures to provide for New York residents in the face of COVID-19. “Many people’s lives have changed for the worse. People get on the subway and vent their frustrations on random strangers. According to Glenn, members of the LGBT community tend to be easy targets.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s the quick and vocal response from the community. A GoFundMe Launched to Cover Hospital Costs, Lost Wages, and Reconstruction Efforts has, at the time of writing, raised over $85,000. Last Tuesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams tweeted a post with a link to the GoFundMe page, along with a message that read “while this incident is still under investigation, make no mistake : anyone who comes to my city seeks to sow fear and hatred will pay the consequences.

True to form, other supporters plan to help out in the best way they know how: by dancing. Last Saturday, Mood Ring hosted an event originally planned for Rash, revamped to serve as a fundraiser.

Host Angel Prost, DJ and member of hyper-pop duo Frost Children, knew the show had to go on as soon as she received a FaceTime from a friend outside with a steaming rash on Sunday night, and although she initially considered moving the event online. , she soon reconsidered. “Somehow putting the show online was like hesitating,” she said on Friday. “What the service would be is to keep it in person. Be like, “Fuck you” to whoever thinks they can burn this.

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Emily Atack proudly displays her ‘mini outdoor nightclub’ in her backyard

Emily Atack, 32, cuddled up in a blanket in a hanging swing in her new garden. The comedian was forced to move after being targeted by a stalker who sent her threatening messages and claimed to know where she lived.

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Celebrity Juice: Emily sticks her tongue in Laura’s ear

Emily Atack shares her stunning backyard makeover with her very own “mini outdoor nightclub.”

The Inbetweeners star, 32, proudly displayed her new patio as she settled inside an egg swing.

Sharing the cozy photo on Instagram, she wrote: “‘Thank you for treating me to my outdoor mini disco @housingunits.’

She showed off her newly renovated garden, which she has been working on for a few months.

The Celebrity Juice captain also laced a garland of fairy lights across one of the hedges.

She shared the outdoor update after having to move house after being stalked by trolls.

The former I’m A Celeb campmate said she received threatening messages from people who knew where she lived.

Emily Atack was proud of the transformation of her garden



Emily has had new patio furniture added to her patio



“I moved AGAIN in secret last week for a variety of reasons, primarily privacy issues,” she wrote.

“I think I may have found a place where I can finally settle down.”

She moved to London in 2020, but in July told how she had a stalker, who sent her disturbing messages.

One saw him claim he was sitting outside his house in a van, then sent a second saying he would “fuck” her in the vehicle.

She added fairy lights for a bit of ambiance



She was forced to move over privacy issues



But Emily didn’t seem too fazed by the threats, joking on her Instagram that he was “a keeper”.

She travels to the Rockies in the United States with Mel B and Ruby Wax to film a new travel show for BBC2.

She recently announced: “So I can’t believe I can finally talk about this. I can officially announce that me, Ruby Wax and Mel B will be traveling together to Colorado in a new travelogue series for BBC2.

Emily talked about Laura Whitmore’s ear in Celeb Juice



Emily added: “I can’t believe it! The idea is that we’re retracing the steps of a woman called Isabella Bird, who was an explorer in the 19th century. So we’re going to retrace her steps, she the did all the Rocky Mountains.”

She recently stuck her tongue in Laura Whitmore’s ear as part of a Celebrity Juice challenge.

The toe-curling moment happened during a segment called Danny Dyer’s Hole in the Wall, where the panelists are behind a wall that only has a hole for their mouths and must identify what host Keith Lemon gave them.

Emily is a team captain on Celebrity Juice



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Emily was first fed cheese spread in a tube, which went absolutely everywhere.

Next, she was presented with Laura’s ear, into which she unknowingly stuck her tongue.

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Pulsating auroras: like an outdoor nightclub

This image of a colorful aurora was taken in Delta Junction, Alaska on April 10, 2015. All auroras are created by energetic electrons, which rain down from Earth’s magnetic bubble and interact with particles in the upper atmosphere to create glowing lights that stretch across the sky. Credit: Image courtesy of Sebastian Saarloos

citizen science projects are collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public. Through these collaborations, volunteers known as citizen scientists have helped make thousands of important scientific discoveries. Aurorasaurus is one such project that tracks auroras around the world in real time via reports on its website and on Twitter

Aurorasaurus often partners with other organizations to complement science with citizen science and recently Aurorasauraus partnered with NASA’s Loss through Auroral Microburst Pulsations (LAMP) mission. Early on the morning of Saturday, March 5, 2022, the LAMP mission successfully took flight, flying straight into a pulsating aurora. 

LAMP Rocket Launch

LAMP rocket launch. Credit: LAMP Mission

Pulsating auroras are quirky, shy auroral forms. They occur within diffuse auroras, and look like pulsating patches toward the equator that turn on and off every few seconds. They also have irregular shapes that reappear. They usually occur late in the night or early in the morning, after the main arcs have subsided. They dance often but are less frequently caught on camera due to their dimness and timing. Because auroras reveal invisible structures and pulsating auroras are caused by electrons with huge amounts of energy, pulsating auroras are important for studying how our planet gets energy from space.

The LAMP team included several of Aurorasaurs’ superuser group, the Aurorasaurus Ambassadors, who were excited to work together on a citizen science campaign around the mission. As part of the citizen science collaboration, the Aurorasaurus and LAMP teams asked for citizen scientists’ questions about pulsating aurora. Here are their answers. 

What is the difference between the aurora that looks like a curtain and that which just looks like a fuzzy patch or cloud in the sky?

Auroras that look like curtains are called “discrete auroras,” and auroras that look like a fuzzy patch or cloud are called “diffuse auroras.” There’s a lot of science that goes into which makes an appearance at what time of night, and it can differ depending on your location. 

If you are watching from the auroras’ usual location at high latitudes—for example, from Fairbanks, Alaska, or Reykjavik, Iceland—you can see auroras caused by geomagnetic storms, which are caused by intense storms of particles and energy from the Sun. But more commonly you’ll see regular, smaller “auroral substorms.” These are caused by a different process. Both diffuse and discrete auroras happen as part of the natural progression of the more common process called a substorm.

Aurora in Poker Flat, Alaska

A scientist watches aurora from Poker Flat, Alaska. Credit: Dr. Alexa Halford

If you are watching from mid-latitudes like North Dakota or southern Alberta, the aurora you see will likely be caused by a geomagnetic storm. Stronger storms generate both types of aurora and tend to push the auroras further down toward the equator. 

Is it normal to have pulsating aurora and other kinds of aurora in the sky together?

Yes, it is very common for pulsating aurora to appear alongside other types. Depending on your location, you might see part or all of the sky pulsating. Much like discrete auroras, pulsating auroras fan out across great distances and are visible from different perspectives, based on your location. You could even find yourself in a special location where, in addition to pulsating auroras, you can see discrete aurora evolving to the north and diffuse aurora pulsing to the south, with a distinct edge between the two. 

There are also many different sub-types of pulsating aurora. Some form shapes that hold their edges like a patch turning on and off, while some “whoosh” on and off in curling, dragonlike shapes. Another type of aurora forms shapes that are unusually flat, like pancakes in the sky. Seeing one of these types might mean that there’s some interesting science going on in the Earth’s ionized upper atmosphere, or in the way particles rain down from space. Citizen scientists’ photos of these displays from multiple locations may help scientists find more clues to the mystery of how they occur. 

I am curious about the speed of the pulsating aurora and what makes it dance so fast.  It is almost like being in an outdoor nightclub!

Pulsating auroras can dance slowly or quickly, and can flash both pink and green. They can especially give a nightclub effect when multiple things are happening at once. Here are two factors that contribute to the lights turning on and off, which is a time-based or “temporal” effect. 

  • We believe that pulsating auroras are caused by special waves called “chorus waves” interacting with particles in near-Earth space. The waves can energize particles, causing them to bounce around in the atmosphere. The frequency of the chorus wave groups is the frequency at which the particles are thrown into the upper atmosphere, and therefore the frequency of the uneven pulsations you see. Sometimes there are even higher velocity variations embedded in the light that are not visible to the naked eye or regular cameras.
  • Extra-fast pink flashes are caused by nitrogen gas chemistry. Aurora colors are created when atoms and molecules in the upper atmosphere are energized and then release that extra energy as light. Different gases produce different colors, and the release process occurs at different rates for different types. Nitrogen, which gives pink color, emits light very quickly – faster than oxygen green – so pink appears to move faster.

Put them together and you’ll get brilliant, fast displays!

Can I see the Northern Lights in Washington State?

Yes, pulsating auroras can occur at mid-latitudes during larger geomagnetic storms. Keep an eye out for Aurorasaurus and our Storm Tracking Chart to help track auroral activity. And if you see pulsating auroras, you can report citizen science to Aurorasaurus! Pulsating auroras can be huge and cover hundreds of miles, so the more places they are reported, the more our scientific understanding can grow. The project thanks all those who submitted reports during the LAMP mission campaign.

Why is it important to send instruments above the pulsating aurora to measure it? What things can’t be measured from the ground or from satellites?

While satellites and ground-based observations can capture some aspects, we can get a better picture of the cause of auroral dynamics by collecting particles inside or very close to the aurora. To do this, scientists send instruments to collect data at the location of the aurora and just above it, using a special type of rocket known as a sounding rocketwho can fly in the aurora.

Sounding rockets offer a unique means of capturing aurora data in situ in otherwise difficult-to-sample regions. Sounding rockets also move slower than satellites, so they can better capture fast-moving phenomena like the aurora in exquisite detail. This can help scientists learn more about “microphysics,” the physics of waves interacting with tiny charged particles. On March 5, 2022, a sounding rocket launched LAMP to an altitude of about 267 miles where it flew past a pulsating aurora.

Allison Jaynes

Dr. Allison Jaynes reviews the data the night of the launch. Credit: Mike Shumko

On March 5, 2022, a sounding rocket launched LAMP to an altitude of about 267 miles where it flew past a pulsating aurora. In addition, LAMP also had two cameras on board to take pictures of the aurora, a Japanese team including members of[{” attribute=””>JAXA, Nagoya University, Tohoku University, Kyushu Institute of Technology, and the University of Electro-Communications. Because the rocket itself rotates about once per second, the cameras were mounted on a “de-spun” platform. The platform rotates in the opposite direction of the rocket at the same rate as it spins, so the cameras can stay relatively still and take clear pictures. The camera provided real-time still images of the pulsating patches to the scientists on the ground. This was the first time that a camera with a de-spun platform mounted to a rocket has been successfully demonstrated! 

LAMP Pulsating Aurora

Simultaneous images of pulsating aurora from the two cameras attached to LAMP. Credit: AIC-S1/AIC-S2 team

Has rocket citizen science been done before?

Yes! Aurorasaurus helped connect two-woman citizen science team Hearts in the Ice with a rocket mission in Norway during their time overwintering in Svalbard. Read more here

What’s it like to help with a mission like this? 

Pretty amazing, according to Aurorasaurus Ambassador and senior undergraduate student at the University of North Dakota,Vincent Ledvina, who helped with the launch: 

I just got back from Fort Yukon, Alaska, where Aurorasaurus helped connect me with an opportunity to assist with the NASA LAMP sounding rocket mission. It was eye-opening and rewarding to watch the team effort, and I am grateful to Aurorasaurus and the LAMP team for opening this door to me. Seeing all the moving parts (literally and figuratively) that have to come together in order for the mission to be a success makes me realize how important communication and leadership are in science. Logistics in remote areas is a challenge I never fully realized until this mission. Although I was staying at an Air Force station, I only had access to a low-bandwidth satellite internet connection with no cell service, so the most reliable communication was a landline phone that looked straight from the 1980s!

While I had some sense of how aurora cameras work from the North Dakota Dual Auroral Camera (NoDDAC) project, I finally got a taste of what real science-grade cameras are like. My job was to make sure three special cameras — some of which were from the Japanese rocket team — were running when the LAMP rocket launched, to capture video of pulsating aurora. The video will be correlated with data the rocket gathered as it flew through the aurora.

Himself a photography enthusiast, Vincent Ledvina took 40,000 of his own images during the trip and made this beautiful compilation.

Pulsating auroras are a fascinating and mysterious phenomenon, and Auroasaurus is eager to see what the data collected by LAMP will reveal. They are grateful to all the citizen scientists who sent in questions, especially Michelle and Tracy, submitted photos of pulsating auroras, and shared information about the mission! Thank you for your interest and contributions.

Aurorasaurus website

Aurorasaurus report website.

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Bobby Rydell, teen idol with lasting appeal, dies at 79

“I was blessed to spend my best years as a recording artist in the golden age of television variety shows,” Mr. Rydell wrote in his autobiography. “In the early ’60s, I appeared on just about every one.” These included shows hosted by, among others, Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, Perry Como, Jack Benny, Milton Berle and, most notably, Red Skelton.

After making two appearances on “The Red Skelton Hour” on which he just sang, he appeared in sketches on and off from 1961 to 1969 as various characters, including Zeke Kadiddlehopper, cousin of Skelton’s country-bumpkin character, Clem Kadiddlehopper.

“Mr. Skelton fell in love with Bobby,” Mr. Rydell’s personal assistant, Linda F. Hoffman, said in 2013. a son. They were very close.

New York Times reviews of two rock ‘n’ roll revival shows at Madison Square Garden suggested reasons for both his lesser place in the rock firmament and the longevity of his future career. In 1975, Ian Dove wrote: “Mr Rydell is not your hard rocker – his era was in the late 1950s when rock was mellowed and made less scary. With songs like ‘Volare’ he comes across as more of a crooner than a rocker. Reviewing a 1977 broadcast, Robert Palmer wrote that Mr Rydell “seemed uncomfortable with his rock ‘n’ roll hits and would probably have become an Italian crooner had he not grown up in the age rock ‘n’ roll”.

After his television appearances dwindled, he continued to perform at nightclubs and nostalgia shows, and tour Australia, until promoter Dick Fox reunited the Golden Boys in 1985. initially for a PBS special. Mr. Rydell, Mr. Avalon and Fabian performed their own songs and then sang together; there would also be tributes to Frank Sinatra and Mr. Rydell’s favorite singer, Bobby Darin.

“When the three of us are on stage, we have fun,” Mr. Rydell said in a 2012 interview with writer Pat Gallagher. “We are not trying to deceive anyone. Everyone has known us for almost 50 years. We just go out there and have fun and the audience can see it.

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1 man injured in shooting at Orange County adult entertainment club, deputies say


1 man injured in shooting at Orange County adult entertainment club, deputies say

A shooting on South Orange Blossom Trail left one man injured Monday night, deputies say. Deputies say the shooting happened near an adult entertainment club between 22nd and 23rd streets around 8:30 p.m. A man in his 30s with gunshot wounds was transported to the hospital in serious condition, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting is still under investigation. There’s no word on a suspect yet, but WESH 2 News will bring you the latest updates.

A shooting on South Orange Blossom Trail left one injured Monday night, deputies said.

Deputies say the shooting happened near an adult entertainment club between 22nd and 23rd streets around 8:30 p.m.

A man in his 30s with gunshot wounds was taken to hospital in serious condition, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting is still under investigation.

There’s no word on a suspect yet, but WESH 2 News will bring you the latest updates.

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Nightclub explosion in Azerbaijani capital kills 1, injures 31, AP reports

April 3 (Reuters) – An explosion rocked a nightclub in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku on Sunday morning, sparking a fire that killed one person and injured 31, the Associated Press reported.

The explosion was believed to have been caused by a gas leak and investigations are ongoing, the AP said, citing a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

“Very sad news regarding the casualties following the explosion at the club in downtown Baku,” tweeted US Ambassador Khazar Ibrahim. “My condolences and prayers.”

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Some 24 of the injured were hospitalized, most with burns, the AP quoted a Health Ministry spokesperson as saying.

Azerbaijan’s health ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters outside of working hours. The Interior Ministry could not immediately be reached.

Emergency services nationwide were called to the club at 03:00 (23:00 GMT Saturday) and extinguished the fire before it could spread, the AP said, citing a statement from the department.

(This story has been reclassified to close the quotes in the third paragraph)

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Reporting by Akanksha Khushi in Bengaluru; Editing by William Mallard

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Cheap Spring Break 2022 Destinations for International Students

Spring break 2022: the moment students around the world have been waiting for. If you’re currently studying in the US, you’ll know that spring break is especially popular – and chances are your college colleagues are busy planning the best vacation they can think of.

However, unless you are one of the lucky few to have a beach nearby – Florida being a great example – if you want to spend your spring break 2022 like every other student, you’re going to have to dip into your wallet, and as a student you’re not always going to be in the best position to splurge on a classy break.

The bad news? Vacation spots across the United States are gearing up for Spring Break 2022 and are likely to charge sky-high prices for a room. Luckily for you, however, there are just as many places that will suit your budget – and provide you with a budget-friendly but still exciting break you’ll remember for years to come.

Here are some of our top picks for affordable Spring Break 2022 destinations in the United States for international students:

Cheap destinations for spring break 2022

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach offers an exciting location for spring break. Credit: Sean Rayford/AFP

Most students will look to the more obvious Florida or California for spring break 2022, and may not look to South Carolina for their vacation plans. Luckily, that makes it ideal for any college student on a budget. Located halfway between the start and end of The Grand Strand, you’ll be treated to a beautiful, wide stretch of sand and sea in Myrtle Beach.

More than that, Myrtle Beach is home to many fun attractions you can visit between spending time on the beach. you have broadway at the beach, a huge entertainment complex with more than 100 shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Or perhaps you would like to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, a sight that will immediately capture your attention as King Kong hangs from the Empire State Building.

Many hotels and rentals currently give spring break offers 2022 right now that you can take advantage of. This includes the Crown Reef Beach Resort and Water Park and the Colony resortwhere you can get a room for under $130 a night between a few friends.

South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island has hosted artists like Steve Aoki for Spring Break. Credit: Brandon Bell/AFP

South Padre Island is located in the far south of Texas, bordering the Gulf of Mexico. While Texas might not immediately come to mind for your spring break, you’d be surprised – the island is bustling with the best parties we can offer. Artists like Cardi B, Migos, and Steve Aoki have been known to put on a show for spring breakers like you, alongside waterside nightclubs, pool parties, and more.

That’s not to distract from the multitude of outdoor activities you can experience for free. Swimming, sunbathing, dolphin watching, flying kites – you can spend afternoons relaxing and enjoying the nature around you before getting ready for a wild night.

There is a lot of packages offered for students, and cheap hotels which start as low as 40 USD.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach offers a classic Florida beach getaway for your 2022 spring break. Source: Julio Aguilar/AFP

If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, you can always head to Panama City Beach – which, despite all its popularity, offers a huge range of affordable hotels and rentals for your stay. From Springhill Suites to Laketown Wharf Resort, there are many hotels which welcome the swarm of students who come for the spring break 2022.

All the while, you won’t have to worry about missing a thing – you’ll be right in the center of some of the best parties Spring Break has to offer. Considered the “Spring Break Capital of the World”, you’ll be treated to 27 miles of white-sand beaches and lively nights of nightclubs, events and more. This is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for a true American-style spring break experience.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

For college students looking for a more relaxing spring break in 2022, Punta Cana is the place to be. With miles of white sand, tropical breezes and palm trees lining the path, Punta Cana is heaven on earth. Here, you can indulge in all the traditional activities of the island: snorkeling, dolphin watching, horseback riding and parasailing.

Despite this, Punta Cana offers a surprising number of affordable resorts. Lock in a Spring Break Offer Where search for a station to your liking, all of which are priced below USD 150 during off-peak seasons and up to USD 200 during peak periods.

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Norfolk increases police patrols to deter crime in the city center

This comes the same month that five people were shot on Granby Street. Two of the victims – Sierra Jenkins and Devon Malik Harris, both 25 – died.

NORFOLK, Virginia – Author’s note: The above video is archived on March 23, shortly after five people were shot while walking down Granby Street.

The City of Norfolk has just shared its plans to quell the violence in the city centre.

This comes the same month that five people were shot on Granby Street. Two of the victims – Sierra Jenkins and Devon Malik Harris, both 25 – died.

“The Norfolk Police Department has increased patrols and presence in the city’s entertainment districts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights,” a city spokesperson wrote.

On top of that, there will also be a slew of unannounced visits from the Planning Department, Office of the Fire Marshal, Planning and Neighborhood Services, and the City Attorney’s Office.

At night, these agencies will stop by nightclubs and restaurants to provide “visibility”, make sure all businesses have the proper licenses, and make sure no city codes are violated.

“The goal of this action plan is to build a system in which business owners, operators and the City of Norfolk share responsibility for creating a safe environment for everyone who lives, works and visits our restaurants and discos.”

RELATED: 13News Now Investigate: Business owners speak out about crime in Norfolk city center in inquest

They may choose to create a body that would manage the entertainment district, require security measures as part of conditional use permits, and change building occupancy based on weather and other conditions.

“The goal is to bring business owners and operators to a state where they are self-regulating, self-monitoring and self-governing, with the support of the city,” the announcement reads.

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Amsterdam leaders blasted with racial slurs in social media post

AMSTERDAM — Local leaders have been deflated after a new business owner, opening a nightclub in the heart of the city center, used a derogatory word for the city on social media.

The Daily Gazette first reported on the situation, quoting Ravena’s Corwin Hendy, who posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday asking for prayers as he sought Planning Council approval from ‘Amsterrico’.

Reached on Saturday, Hendy said he thought the word was an innocent nickname for the town.

“I spoke to a few people I knew, even people in town, and heard the name many times and didn’t take it in a derogatory way when people used it, so when I thought of the word for myself and said that Spanish culture dominates the region, so I considered it a nickname referring to Puerto Rico,” he said. “Not once did I I didn’t mean that in a way that was disrespectful to the people or the city of Amsterdam.”

* He added that he deleted the post as soon as he learned it was a derogatory word.

“Once it was brought to my attention, I immediately addressed the issue and apologized on the Amsterdam reconstruction page which I was alerted to,” he said. “Once again, I apologize to the city of Amsterdam, New York and the community.”

It’s not a good start for a new business, Second Ward Alderman Dave Gomula said.

“People see that, they’ll say you’re against minorities. And there are a lot of minorities in this city. I grew up in this town,” he said.

The nightclub is in the Gomula district. He said he planned to speak to owner Joe Tesiero.

“Joe, are you sure it’s going to fly over there?” he said he would ask the owner.

Mayor Michael Cinquanti said he spent the day Friday several times at the nightclub in hopes of meeting Hendy. He wants to talk with him about the city and how to be respectful of his ethnic mix. Amsterdam has the largest Hispanic population of any city in the Greater Capital Region; according to the latest US census data, approximately 30% of the city’s residents are Hispanic.

“I don’t like going through social media,” he said. “I want to meet him. This is a very hurtful comment for the people of this town. We are proud of our cultural diversity. It is not a term that should be used.

Still, he said Hendy’s deletion of the post was a good first step.

“Hopefully from now on he does what he has to do to build trust with the city and build a successful business,” he said.

The bigger question, he said, is how Hendy could have used the word without intending it in a derogatory way.

Former city councilman Patrick Russo said he met him on several occasions – but never in a positive way.

“That term really pisses me off. I was working in Albany and I remember people saying to me, “Oh, Amsterrico”. They used it in a derogatory way to say that Amsterdam is an asshole,” he said. “People still say it when I go out to Albany. I should correct them.

His family has owned a business in the city, Russo’s Bar and Grill, for 102 years, he said.

“People come here and they say, ‘Oh, that’s not so bad,'” he said. “It’s not fair. I hate it when people use that term.

On Wednesday, Hendy received approval to open Club VPL at 32 E. Main St. The nightclub is moving into existing commercial space, recently used as a restaurant, but Planning Board members have raised concerns about residential tenants who live upstairs. The nightclub will be open until 3am, with live music, and noise could be a serious issue. But landlord Joe Tesiero said other downtown noises haven’t deterred tenants.

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Ed Schrader’s Music Beat: Nightclub Daydreaming Album Review

Abrasive post-punk was once the modus operandi of Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. On early releases such as 2012 Jazz Spirit and 2014 party prison, the Baltimore duo created small vignettes rather than full-fledged songs. Tracks like “Televan” and “When I’m in a Car” erupted like fireworks, evaporating into the air shortly after the fuse was lit. With Dan Deacon product Riddles, however, those jagged edges had softened and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat broadened their sound. Four years later, vocalist Ed Schrader and bassist Devlin Rice are back with their fourth studio album, Nightclub Reverieand they’ve mostly ditched aggressive post-punk for sleeker, more danceable sounds.

Rice said their intention for the album was to create a collection of “sunny disco bangers”. Although the album sounds more like Suicide than Donna Summer, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat takes a subtle turn to the dancefloor. Hard-hitting tracks like “Eutaw Strut” and “Echo Base” evoke classic new-wave bands like the B-52 and Talking Heads, but with their own Music Beat twist. Propelled by a driving bassline and motorik drums, “This Thirst” is among the most bubbly in the duo’s catalog. Schrader’s echo-soaked vocals, meanwhile, often evoke the darker aspects of the ’80s, reminiscent of bands like the Sisters of Mercy.

In a recent Instagram post Addressing their gender identity, Schrader announced, “I’ve decided to give you the full me…the me that I’ve suppressed in hopes of not making others feel uncomfortable. ” They added, “In your art, you can’t lie. This is why I have always chosen riddles and enigmatic words. Their writing remains as mysterious as ever, filled with dense imagery and mythical resonances, and laced with references to coded meanings, “buried steps” and an unlit lock and key. But there are glimpses of Schrader’s search for their identity: In “Black Pearl,” they sing “I’m a stranger, even at home now/I’ve closed chests to heal you,” tracing the lower limits of their register. Their guttural delivery is reminiscent of their former touring mates Future Islands, and the chorus strikes a cathartic moment on a record that could benefit more of them. It’s one of their best songs to date. On the next track, “Echo Base”, modulated, Disintegration-guitars give way to a slightly monotonous and repetitive hook with little benefit. The drums are so busy that they end up distracting from the otherwise hazy aura.

The band’s early records were varied, with caustic songs interrupted by downtempo intermissions, but Nightclub Reverie, apart from the master ballad, “Hamburg”, often sounds homogeneous. Either way, it’s refreshing to hear Schrader and Rice try something new a decade into their career when many artists would like to stick with what’s already working. Though they’ve shed the frenzied energy that once defined them, they bring a sense of refined intensity even to their newly discharged beats. It was hard to imagine dancing to Ed Schrader’s Music Beat in 2012, but with Nightclub Reveriethis notion is no longer so far-fetched.

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Beat music by Ed Schrader: daydreaming in a nightclub


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Meek Mill Announces Four-Night Las Vegas Residency at Drai’s Nightclub

Meek Mill is heading to Las Vegas for a four-night residency at Drai’s Nightclub. The race will begin on April 9 at the multi-level venue on the Las Vegas Strip.

The rapper will return to the stage a few weeks later to perform several concerts as part of Drai’s LIVE Memorial Day weekend lineup. He will hit the nightclub on May 27 and offer a daytime set at Drai’s Beachclub on May 28. The shows will mark Mill’s first return to Drai’s after playing three New Year’s Eve shows at the nightclub in 2019.

Tickets for multiple residency dates are available through Drai Nightclub website. Additional dates will be announced shortly.

“We pride ourselves on producing residencies at the cutting edge of music, so it’s with great excitement that we welcome Meek Mill back,” said Dustin Drai, vice president of entertainment, Drai’s Management Group, in a statement. communicated. “As one of the best and most powerful live artists in the industry, we look forward to welcoming him back to Drai’s LIVE stage and continuing our great partnership.”

Mill’s Las Vegas residency follows the release of his fifth studio album dear pain, released last fall. The record boasted collaborations with Kehlani, Brent Faiyaz, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and more. The LP follows his 2018 album, Championshipsas well as his surprise 2020 EP, Quarantine Pack.

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Pryzm nightclub in Watford at risk of closing due to house plans

Watford’s biggest nightclub will close if tentative plans to build more than a hundred homes are approved.

Pryzm’s future has been threatened by a proposal for 146 homes on a site in The Parade which includes the popular club.

the Observer was told that if the downtown plans came to fruition, it would “cause Pryzm to close”.

The development, which also includes the Icelandic supermarket site and car park, is supported by the building’s owners, Watford Parade (Gibraltar) Limited.

Pryzm, which has a lease on the site and more than 100 staff, says it hopes the redevelopment attempts will be “condemned” by the council.

Those promoting the development say they are currently engaging with Watford Borough Council, the local planning authority, on its proposal.

Dwyer Asset Management Limited, which is promoting the site on behalf of owners, says it wants to create a new “family retail space”, which will also include new homes.

Emerging plans indicate that around 146 homes would be built – one-, two- and three-bed – including an undetermined number of affordable homes, as well as two retail units, in an eight-story building.

A representative from the project team said: “We are currently engaging with Watford Borough Council to shape the emerging proposals and we look forward to hearing what residents have to say.

“We have sought to present proposals that respect the character of the neighborhood, while taking the opportunity to attract more people to the city center, alongside a new family-friendly retail space that will contribute to the vibrancy and economic viability of Watford High Street.”

At this stage, no planning application has been filed but there is an intention to do so “in the near future”.

Part of this site is included in the draft local plan of the municipality which is about to be adopted in the fall. The plan indicates where houses can be built to meet the government’s housing targets.

Although there are no official plans yet, a public consultation has been launched as developers seek initial feedback on its proposal.

Feedback can be given through a website set up specifically for this program –

Pryzm is Watford and Hertfordshire’s biggest nightclub with clubbers traveling from all over the county and even London for a night out.

It was formerly known as Oceana before being renamed Pryzm in 2016.

A spokesman for Rekom UK, owners of Pryzm, told the Observer: “Pryzm are one of the most successful and longest running clubs in the south of England. Formerly Top Rank, Baileys, Paradise Lost, Kudos, Destiny, Oceana and now PRYZM, it has entertained millions of visitors for 40 years and we hope it will continue to do so for years to come.

“It plays a key role in the success of other bars and restaurants in the city center and alone employs over 100 people.

“The owner is within its rights to explore alternative options for the site, but we hope the people of Watford and the planning department will see the attempts to remove the key attraction of the night economy, which attracts businesses, creates jobs and drives income, for yet another residential project.”

Last year, there were fears the club could not reopen after suffering financially due to the pandemic. But when Covid restrictions were eased, Pryzm Watford reopened and have been welcoming clubbers ever since.

Iceland has been approached for comment.

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The 7 Best Places for Nightlife and Entertainment in Asia

Asia is where you can party all year round. The nightlife will offer you affordable beers, tasty cuisines and the finest accommodations. Asia is an ideal destination because it has crystal clear seas and beautiful white sand beaches. If you haven’t visited Asia, you better hang on as we run through the best places at affordable prices.

Best nightlife destination

If you are looking for casino resorts, Asia has the fastest growing casinos. Casinos are spread all over Asia, and you will be amazed to know that some of the best casinos are the casinos in india. As the economy improves on this continent, the gambling industry is competing with Las Vegas by offering great resorts with great locations.

Here are the 7 best places where you will have the most nightlife experience.

Macau, China

If you’ve always dreamed of glamor and the trendiest pubs, Macau is the most favorable party destination. The fusion of contemporary living and traditional values ​​brings to life a moving experience for every traveler. The city has the best places for nightclubs and casinos, making it one of Asia’s favorite destinations in Asia.

Macau is home to over 40 well-established casinos that crown Asia’s gambling capital. These venues are open 24/7, so there are no dull moments around the clock. The rooms are buzzing with life because the gaming tables are never empty. Macau’s gambling industry is the main income of this city and keeps the tourism sector in this region booming.

If you are looking forward to visiting Macau, you can check into one of the largest Venetian casinos in the world, with over 3400 slot machines and almost 900 gaming tables. Trying your luck in such an excellent place is an experience unforgettable. You can also visit City Dreams, Hard Rock Casino, Lisbon Casinos, Pharaoh Palace Casino and Star World Hotel-Casino.

Dine and Drink in Bangkok Thailand

You cannot differentiate between day and night in the city of Bangkok; he never sleeps. Enjoy cozy nightclubs, including Arabic restaurants and shisha bars. You’ll dance the night away in Bangkok’s backpacker haunt or join the VIPs of Royal City Avenue, the most important nightlife district where the wealthy uncork 100 years of red wine.

There’s a lot going on in this city, from electro dance parties to underground rock concerts. If you’re the dancing type, this is the perfect destination.

Tokyo, Japan

If you want to travel to the future, Tokyo will offer you this adventure. If you want to travel to the future, it’s famous for its vibrant nightlife with huge discos. In Tokyo, you will be spoiled with expertly crafted cocktails and live music venues.

Suppose you want the best of Tokyo nightlife. You can visit its Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza and Roppongi district, the most popular for international travelers and the best places to go out at night.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is a city in southern Vietnam with a rich culture and intriguing sights like Notre Dame Cathedral. Its metropolis makes it the best destination for tourists. Due to its lively nightlife, it must be on your list for your next vacation. Backpacker Street is a haunt of cheap beers and whiskeys. The area is full of activities with an affordable budget for accommodation, food and beers.

Shanghai, China

It is a city of 26 million inhabitants where the majority party is living its last day. Bars and casinos of all sizes and styles function as if the sun never sets. Entertainment venues are as fashionable as the Monte Carlo Riviera. If you like adventure, go with sophisticated sky bars with endless pools overlooking.

In the heart of the city, you will enjoy your cocktail on the Huangpu River, where bars operate day and night. You can finish Xintiandi with your best dancing shoes, where vast dance floors allow you to enjoy the most fantastic moves. Do not check EDM hubs on Fuzhou Road.

Koh Rong Islands, Cambodia

This island is ideal for a party destination. Enjoy the cool breeze as you swim during the day and join the famous beach parties. The party starts around noon and lasts 24 hours.

It’s a nice area to get away from a busy workplace and noisy city life, and you can create time to meditate before resuming your hectic life.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the most oversized island where sun seekers visit the great nightlife delights. Famous for its loud music and beach life, it is a destination for all travelers. Neon light bars will brighten up your vacation and happy hours will keep you up all night.

On the roads you will find street performers and food vendors. Enjoy your vacation with mouth-watering cocktails while sitting in trendy bars that make this island such a unique and favorable destination to visit.


From Macau in China to the islands of Thailand, you will find Asia as the best destination to travel. Diverse cultures will leave your travel experience memorable. Take a vacation to enjoy belly dancing or your favorite poker games while having fun near a pole dancer. With top clubs with huge dance floors and blasting music, you can have an experience you won’t find anywhere.

Photo presented by Anthony J. from Unsplash

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Swartz Creek man convicted of shooting death at nightclub

FLINT, Mich. (WNEM) – On Tuesday, a jury found a Swartz Creek man guilty in the 2019 shooting death of a 23-year-old Flint woman, according to Genesee County District Attorney David Leyton.

Delano Deshawn Cummings, 33, was convicted of second degree murder, two firearms charges and felon in possession of a firearm for the murder of Shalaycia Miles during a fight at the exterior of a nightclub.

According to testimonies and investigators, Miles had gone out on June 15, 2019, with family and friends to celebrate a family member’s birthday. The night took them to What’s Next, a former nightclub, near the corner of Pasadena Avenue and Clio Road in Flint.

Investigators say that’s when Miles and his group got into a fight with others in the parking lot, which started with punches and ended with guns being drawn and resounding shots. Miles was struck twice in the back and once in the forearm.

After the gunfire stopped, prosecutor David Leyton said Miles’ boyfriend and others took her to Hurley Medical Center, but her boyfriend was going too fast as he took a sharp turn and the vehicle rolled and ejected Miles.

Miles and her boyfriend were eventually taken by a passerby to McLaren Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“What was supposed to be a fun night to celebrate a birthday turned into a horribly tragic and senseless incident that left a young woman dead and will now put another person

behind bars for a very long time,” Leyton said. “While no criminal trial is ever as straightforward as it appears on television, this case presented particularly difficult logistical and witness hurdles for my staff and police to overcome and, I would like to thank all the world for their tenacity in bringing justice to the victim, her family and friends, and our community.

Cummings is expected to be sentenced on April 26.

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Inside Scott Hall’s Wild Life After Killing Man In Row Of Nightclubs, Addiction Battles And Infamous Plane From Hell

LEGENDARY wrestler Scott Hall killed a man in a nightclub and was one of the superstars aboard WWE’s famous ‘plane ride from hell’ in 2002.

The Hall-of-Famer, who starred as Razor Ramon, is currently on life support after suffering three heart attacks – just weeks after being hospitalized after a bad fall.


Legendary wrestler Scott Hall joined WCW in 1996 and founded the New World Order factionCredit: Getty
Hall is currently on life support


Hall is currently on life supportCredit: Getty

Hall is widely considered to have revolutionized the ladder match after his epic encounter with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X in 1994.

He won the prestigious Intercontinental Championship four times and joined rival promotion World Championship Wrestling in 1996.

Hall founded the New World Order faction alongside superstars Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

The Rock and Paige among many WWE stars pledge support for Scott Hall
Scott Hall LIVE - Wrestler 'Razor Ramon' on life support after heart attack

The sports entertainer was a nine-time WCW World Tag Team Champion and won the United States Heavyweight Belt twice.


Years before becoming a famous wrestler, Hall shot a man with his own gun after wrestling him in an altercation outside an Orlando nightclub in 1983.

Cops have charged the star with second-degree murder.

Hall claimed he acted in self-defense and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Recalling the incident, the wrestler revealed in a 2011 documentary, “He smashed all the windshields on my car.

“I came out and a security guard was there watching the cars. I said ‘Where is he?’

Hall admitted the incident was “burned” into his brain.

He said, “You know, a guy pointed a gun at me, I took it and shot him, point-blank with a .45 caliber. A guy died, and I’m the cause. It’s bad.”


Decades later, Hall was caught up in controversy as he was one of the superstars aboard the infamous “plane from hell” in 2002.

The chaotic incident happened as the sports entertainers returned to the United States after the Insurrextion pay-per-view which took place in London.

This resulted in the dismissal of several superstars, a lawsuit and sexual assault charges.

Hall was charged with sexually inappropriate behavior by making explicit comments to a flight attendant.

It is alleged that Razor and legendary star Curt Hennig, who was known as Mr. Perfect, squirted wrestlers with shaving cream – although Jim Ross, who was head of talent, said Hall was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Justin Credible recalls Hall being so drunk that after the robbery he “had to wheel him around in a wheelchair through customs.”

Hall was fired days later after the chaotic flight.

Speaking on Beyond the Ring, JR said: “It was a bunch of guys making big money and a few millionaires on the flight.

“They were acting like they were on a ninth grade trip to the zoo… I remember doing Raw after that ‘plane trip from hell’ and I had to call [Hall] home and let him go.

Hall, who had returned to WWE a few months before the incident, said, “It wasn’t fun, so the money starts to mean less. It’s like, ‘I can be miserable at home.

“I don’t need to be on the road and miserable.” That’s how it ended.”


Hall said he had never done drugs before meeting Hennig.

He added: “If you look at my life, I never drank or did drugs until I met Curt.

“I smoked some weed and practiced. All of a sudden, anyway, that was what it was. If I had to do it again, I would probably live the same way.

Years after being fired by WWE, the star checked himself into a rehab facility in 2010 as he tried to come to terms with his demons.

But weeks later, a pacemaker and defibrillator were implanted in his chest.

Hall also battled double pneumonia and started having seizures before doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy.

In 2011, he was treated for extremely low blood pressure.

His hospitalization came amid rumors that he overdosed – claims his representative Geena Jivev Anec vehemently denied.

She said Hall was recovering from pneumonia, MassLive reported.

Hall of fame

Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 – the day before Wrestlemania XXX was held in New Orleans.

WWE celebrated his work as Razor Ramon and Hall was joined on stage by sports artists Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

In his pre-induction video, Hogan said Hall made the villain “cool.”

The star said he felt a “certain kind of power” when he entered the wrestling ring and entertained fans.

In his acceptance speech, Hall said, “Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”


Years after receiving his Hall of Fame gong, the legendary wrestler was hospitalized earlier this month after a bad fall, allegedly suffering from a broken hip.

The news was confirmed by former wrestler and former promoter Jerry Jarrett.

He said: “I just hung up on the phone with my friend Scott Hall.

“He fell and broke his hip and he’s in hospital. Prayers will help him recover.

His hospitalization came just weeks before he was scheduled to make several appearances in Dallas, Texas ahead of WrestleMania 38.


Hall reportedly suffered three heart attacks on March 12 and is on life support.

NWO founder Nash posted on Instagram: “Scott is on life support. Once his family is in place, they will discontinue life support.

“I’m going to lose the one person on this planet I’ve spent more of my life with than anyone else. My heart is broken and I’m so sad.

“I love Scott with all my heart but now I have to prepare my life without him in the present.”

Nash said he was “blessed” to have known Hall as a friend.


He added: “As we prepare to live without him, just remember there’s a great guy you’re not going to see another like him. See you later Scott. I couldn’t love a human being more than you.

Dozens of current and former WWE Superstars shared their support for Hall.

The Rock tweeted: “Scott Hall shooting for you my friend. Stay strong! We need the ‘bad guy’ back in the game.

British star Paige quoted Hall of Fame’s 2014 speech: “‘Bad times don’t last. But the bad guys, yes. “

“Sending so much love, thoughts and prayers to Scott Hall at this time and his family. Wishing you a speedy recovery!”

Hall’s legend and close friend Diamond Dallas Page wrote, “Please keep praying for Scott and his family.”

90s superstar Jake “The Snake” Roberts tweeted, “My heart is so heavy. All my love to you and your family.

“I hope you find peace, Scott. My prayer is that Scott finds peace and strength to come out of his illness. Be free!!!”

Tom Brady is NOT retiring as he announces he will be back with the Buccaneers
I'm Rebel Wilson's Physical Therapist and Here Are the Secrets to Her Weight Loss Routine

Eric Bischoff, who served as WCW’s senior vice president, posted: “Prayers for Scott Hall.”

And, iconic wrestler Ric Flair, said, “Praying for Scott Hall!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend!”

Hall, who starred as Razor Ramon, arguably revolutionized the ladder match at WrestleMania X after his epic encounter with Shawn Michaels


Hall, who starred as Razor Ramon, arguably revolutionized the ladder match at WrestleMania X after his epic encounter with Shawn MichaelsCredit: WWE
Hall was charged with second-degree murder after killing a man in a row of nightclubs.  The charges were later dropped


Hall was charged with second-degree murder after killing a man in a row of nightclubs. The charges were later droppedCredit: Unknown, clear with photo office

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New pub The Dartford Sports Bar opens in former Industry nightclub on Spital Street

A new sports bar has opened in a former city center nightclub after a £400,000 revamp.

There has been a complete overhaul of indoor and outdoor spaces with the Dartford Sports Bar now open for business.

The Dartford Sports Bar in Spital Street. Image: Google

The building was taken over by licensees Chris Michaelas and April Reeves just before the first Covid lockdown in March 2020.

Chris said he had been looking for a place to run in the city center for seven years, but had been unable to find a suitable site.

But then the former Industry club in Spital Street became available and the pair jumped at the chance to take it over.

They both have experience in the pub industry and have links to the town, with Chris having set up the Halls 1919 Foundation, a sports charity based in Dartford, linked to Halls Athletic Football Club.

Chris said: “Taking a new location at the start of the pandemic was certainly a challenge, but it was worth it.

Each booth has individual TV screens and visitors can select which game or channel they want to watch.  Image: Admiral's Taverns
Each booth has individual TV screens and visitors can select which game or channel they want to watch. Image: Admiral’s Taverns
The Dartford Sports Bar has opened in place of the former Industry nightclub in Spital Street after a £400,000 refurbishment.  Image: Admiral's Taverns
The Dartford Sports Bar has opened in place of the former Industry nightclub in Spital Street after a £400,000 refurbishment. Image: Admiral’s Taverns

“I’m so glad we were patient and stuck it out because Dartford Sports Bar couldn’t be more perfect for us.

“We have worked so hard to create and perfect this space and it has been a pleasure to introduce it to locals.

“We do what we do because we love giving people a good time and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Inside the pub there are two areas with a quieter restaurant and dining area and a booth area, each with its own TV screen to select any channel and watch any game on Sky Sports or BT Sports.

The venue also has a pool table, darts board and dance floor with DJ.

The pub is owned by Admiral Taverns and, being a nightclub in its past life, a late night license is in place meaning it can remain open until 3am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays evenings.

The place replaces the former Industry nightclub.  Image: Admiral's Taverns
The place replaces the former Industry nightclub. Image: Admiral’s Taverns

Outside is a large covered courtyard which has been given great attention during the refurbishment works and which again has individual heated cabins with their own dedicated TV.

The lunch and dinner menus offer different ranges of food, with evening offering dishes inspired by American diners and pub classics.

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5 Best Nightclubs in Tampa, Florida

The best clubs in Tampa:

The top rated Nightclubs in Tampa, FL are:

  • Club Prana – is one of the hottest five-story nightclubs in Tampa Bay
  • The Kennedy – is one of Tampa’s top nightlife destinations
  • The Hyde Park Cafe – is one of Tampa’s most popular and established dance clubs
  • Eden Lounge and Nightclub – is downtown Tampa’s ultra-lounge and nightclub
  • skye club – is the best connected hip-hop club in Ybor

Club Prana

Club Prana opened its doors in the year 2000 with much anticipation. Club Prana has raised the bar and has become Tampa Bay’s hottest five-story nightclub. Each floor has its own personality and musical flair. Begin your journey to the most sophisticated luxury entertainment venue by taking the elevator or one of the many convenient stairs. This high-energy European show once again sets the bar for nightlife in Tampa.

The celebrity red carpet greets you as soon as you enter the club, and the friendly door staff are ready to assist you with your VIP needs. As you step through the grand entrance doors, an overwhelming feeling of pure exhilaration and beauty washes over you, signaling the start of an unforgettable night.




Address: 1619 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605
Call🙁813) 241-4139


“Such a great club. They have 5 levels, all with different music to suit different needs. Candace was really nice, all the staff were super friendly and the drinks were great quality and the bartenders made sure to bring you your drink in 5 mins or less Overall I would give this club 1000 stars if I could, highly recommend you visit Club Prana if you haven’t already.” – Dee S.

The KennedyThe Best Nightclubs in Tampa

The Kennedy is one of Tampa’s most popular nightlife spots. The friendly and accommodating bartenders are there to make sure your evening is one to remember. Kennedy’s primary goal is to provide you with the best possible service at all times. They are always ready to get the party started and bring your favorite drink to you as quickly as possible. There are VIP tables at three different locations in Kennedy’s main venue, as well as our outdoor patio.

They are there to make your evening as pleasant as possible. Call one of the booking hostesses and she’ll make it a night to remember, whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday, bon voyage or just a night out.




Address: 2408 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609
Call🙁813) 259-9669


“I love the Kennedys. The VIP staff are amazing and treat you like a superstar. Top notch experience. And definitely the best nightclub in Tampa. Top DJs and beautiful people everywhere. If you want a good time, come to the Kennedy – Amira H.

The Hyde Park CafeTampa Nightclubs

The Hyde Park Cafe is a popular and old nightclub in Tampa. The Hyde Park Cafe, the Cheap Restaurant & Bar, and the Kennedy are three different and well-known nightlife spots in Tampa. The goal is to provide the best possible experience for all visitors. Courteous and accommodating staff are there to make sure you have a great time. Hyde Park Cafe’s primary aim is to provide the best possible service at all times. They are always ready to get the party started and serve you your favorite drink as soon as possible.




Address: 1806 W Platt St, Tampa, FL 33606
Call🙁813) 254-2233


“Pretty cool place. It’s a great experience to sit at the club and see the changing views. It’s obviously in a big company, and there are a lot of people hesitating while waiting for you to move. The bartender made my first and not the last martini, which might be my new drink of choice! I had fun here. – Amelie P.

Eden Lounge and NightclubGood nightclubs in Tampa

Eden Lounge and Nightclub is a downtown Tampa ultra-lounge and nightclub where everyone is invited to enjoy an enhanced nightlife experience. The neon lights above the old Indian gates greet you with a mantra: “The choice is yours”. Inside, you have the option to travel between three different locations and moods: The Garden, The Ark, and Hades, all of which are centrally located on Franklin Street.

In Tampa Bay, the music experience within these three spaces is unique and one of a kind. You won’t be disappointed with live DJs every night, all night long. With lavish staterooms, attractive bottle girls and dedicated service, Eden offers an incredible VIP experience.




Addressandss: 912 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602
Call: (813) 459-5285


“Great club located in the heart of the city. The staff were nice and although busy we got in fairly quickly. The door guy is fun and hilarious. The music is top notch. Drinks were tasty and not too expensive for the type of venue. My only remark would be that the crowd is not as diverse as I would like but otherwise a great club and would recommend. -Serge R.

skye clubOne of the best nightclubs in Tampa

skye club is Ybor’s best-connected hip-hop venue. Two levels, three rooms, a VIP balcony, an exclusive private champagne room, two huge dance floors, two separate DJ booths and eight fully stocked bars housing the finest spirits, wines and champagnes make up Club Skye. Utilizing a top-of-the-line sound system, the professional stage hosted many nationwide acts and shows; lighting professionals shine the beautiful light display, multi-color lasers and unique effects. Due to its distinctive layout, Club Skye is a popular choice for corporate events, concerts and parties of all kinds.

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Former Talk Nightclub in Southend-on-Sea set to become a bowling alley after plans approved

A former nightclub in Essex is set to be turned into a bowling alley after plans are approved by a council.

The three-storey building in Lucy Road, Southend-on-Sea, was once home to the Talk nightclub – also known as TOTS or Talk Of The South – before closing its doors for good on New Years Eve 2019.

Now a request by businessman John Remblance has been approved by Southend Council to change the building’s use from the nightclub to the bowling alley.

Read more:The latest breaking news from the Southend area

The application was approved on Thursday March 3 and work will begin soon to complete the plans.

The change in use refers to the second floor of the nightclub building, with the arcade machines on Southend seafront remaining on the ground floor.

The sight of a new bowling alley on the horizon comes two years after the lane was closed in the Kursaal building further up the waterfront.

The opening hours of the new place are announced between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m.

Bowling alley designs would see people enter the second floor, which contains a bar and seating area, and then descend into the actual bowling alleys with an additional bar.

Plans allow for up to eight bowling lanes on the site.

The plans were approved on the condition that work begin within the next three years and that opening hours remain between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m.

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A look back at Vancouver’s most popular nightclubs, Town Pump

Styles change and some say that’s why The Town Pump died.

But before the era of multi-million dollar liquor licenses and Donnelly Bars for days, Vancouver had many more independent venues, including the Pump.

It was the 90s and rock was all the rage.

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Nirvana and Tragically Hip played their first Vancouver shows there.

When Pearl Jam played there in 1991, they won $1,794 and the venue at 66 Water St. was packed.

No Doubt also played there, Alice In Chains, Wesley Willis, Sublime and the Dayglo Abortions too, to name a few.

They weren’t massive arena shows either, with designated seating and security guards everywhere. They were bar shows, where the band mingled with the crowd after the show.

Just because a band played there doesn’t mean they were successful, but having a mix of obscure bands and rising stars marks an artist’s space. A place where culture really germinates and grows.

But fans of the venue say that when dance music gained popularity, the Town Pump couldn’t attract the crowds it needed to stay open. Some nights were full, but many were empty. When the empty nights became too many, the bar then closed.

It sat empty for years, then it became Sonar, then it became Rain Ultraclub. That closed too, and it’s empty again.

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It looks like closing time is approaching for Portland Nightclub Oasis

Stick around a handful of bars in Portland’s Old Harbor until the bitter end and chances are you’ll hear the Semisonic song “Closing Time” playing as patrons head outside. Turns out this late-night anthem might not just be for guests heading home, it might just be the final soundtrack to the long-running Wharf Street nightclub known as the name of Oasis.

If you’ve visited Oasis recently, this news may come as an absolute shock. The nightclub was packed several nights throughout the winter. The club have not announced a permanent closure and appear keen to remain operational until a new tenant signs on the line.

Loopnet via The Boulos Company

Loopnet via The Boulos Company

According to a real estate advertisement published on Loopnet, the 3,770 square foot building that Oasis calls home right now is listed as FOR RENT. The list is not new, it has been active since last fall. The price has remained high if you want to reclaim the space, with rental fees likely topping $15,000 per month. But with pandemic restrictions easing and the substantial space of the Old Port still at a premium, Oasis’ days are almost certainly numbered.

Loopnet via The Boulos Company

Loopnet via The Boulos Company

If Oasis closes for good, it will leave decades of memories for Old Port bar-goers. At one time, Wharf Street was home to all of Portland’s hottest clubs, including 51 Wharf, The Iguana, and Industry. Oasis has survived it all with creative drink specials and some of Portland’s best DJs constantly performing upstairs. Oasis has also hosted dozens of groups on their outdoor patio in the summer. If something other than a club takes over, the emptiness of dance-night clubs in Portland will increase dramatically.

Here are some of the meanest nicknames for Maine towns

Here are 50 Mainers Want stores, restaurants at the Maine Mall

This is a Mainers, by Mainers wishlist of spots we’d like to see appear at the Maine Mall sooner rather than later.

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Even in times of pandemic, men don’t stop sexually harassing women in nightclubs – Features

So, have prolonged periods of isolation made young people more desperate and eager for encounters, making them more likely to cross the line of consent? Clinical sexologist and relationship coach Ness Cooper says research indicates otherwise, and that the impact of the pandemic indicates a trend away from connections. “While at the start of the pandemic touch starvation was a big concern and how it would affect individuals when they had more availability of social interactions, current research on intimacy suggests that sexual contact and interactions are held in committed relationships more than in a causal hook. -ups,” she notes. “Individuals seem more focused on finding red and green flags when it comes to selecting intimate interactions and act more cautiously.”

Cooper discussed theories about a possible increase in instances of harassment at clubs, but ensured that there was not yet any hard data available to back up anecdotal evidence, and noted that it was too early to fully say what would happen regarding harassment and assault as a result of the pandemic at this time. While reports of sexual assaults taking place in London’s clubs, bars, pubs and music venues hit a six-year high in 2021, despite venue closures linked to COVID for parts of the year, it is unclear whether this is related to an increase in reporting or more cases.

On date rape drugs, Cooper noted that “low past reports should be considered for any new stats that emerge as we become more aware of them and gain more access to how to report incidents.” She continued, “Regardless of the statistics, greater education on how to report and insurance reports will be taken seriously is needed to help support people who become victims of such incidents.”

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Regarding young people, who may not have experienced clubbing in a pre-pandemic world, Ness Cooper stressed that “education about alcohol consumption and how it can affect sexual interactions is very important and can help people understand why their boundaries, beliefs about consent and values ​​may change when they engage in alcohol consumption. During the pandemic, there has been an increase in alcohol consumption, especially excessive alcohol consumptionand this is probably a major factor in any possible increase in aggression.

She went on to suggest that “Statistically, young people’s understanding of consent is very low, and that has been a big factor in getting people to cross boundaries beforehand. [before the pandemic]. Even when I teach adults, their understanding of consent needs to be educated, and the focus is not just on sexual consent. It is important that people have an overview of other areas where engagement in consent should occur.

Ultimately, while it’s important to analyze why bullying may be on the rise so these causes can be understood and thwarted, trial and error is something that cannot and should never be excused. If inappropriate touching is simply ignored, how far can predators push the boundaries before someone draws a line?

Academic, writer and body politics expert Marie Morgane is particularly vocal on this issue, stating that “the myth that certain types of sexual offenses against women are not serious, or are not serious, sustains rape culture. Saying “boys will be boys,” “it’s okay,” or “you’re overreacting” continues to normalize and trivialize sexual abuse. Groping has long been treated as a commonplace offence. This confirms “rape myths” that blame the victim and exculpate the perpetrator. Minimizing crime is part of the problem.

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Morgan continued: “Victims have often been told to ‘let it go’, a phrase used to encourage women to be compliant and just suffer abuse rather than be enraged when someone defiles them or their space. No sexual offense is a trivial thing, and treating it as such normalizes it. From my own experience and that of the women I’ve spoken to, there seems to be a general consensus that groping is “just one of those things” engulfed in unspoken silence. We are aware that this happens to others – even to ourselves – but this awareness is simply common knowledge. Too often attempts to have these infractions taken seriously fail because these issues have become such a normal part of the clubbing “experience” that we see no need or point in reporting them.

Chloe* agreed with this view, telling me that “clubs often don’t seem to care about inappropriate behavior which makes it almost pointless to even bother to report it as I feel like no one wouldn’t care.” She continued: “The anonymity of clubs is also a huge factor as it can make it difficult to identify exactly who is inappropriate. I wouldn’t even know who to approach in a club apart from security, which is not always the most accessible. It doesn’t look like they’d be overly sympathetic, let alone act.

Eleanor* shared the sentiment that clubs can feel unapproachable when it comes to aggression, adding that “club and bar corporations say they have a ‘zero tolerance policy’ on these matters, but the fact is they are closing the eyes”. If victims feel like they can’t report these issues, how can we keep women and non-binary people safe in clubs? As Mary Morgan rightly implies, “Gropping someone without their consent in a club isn’t just a fun joke, it’s rape culture. That is, I want to touch your body whether you like it or not, and I’m not going to ask for your consent. It’s not correct. It’s not normal.” East A big deal.”

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It is important to note that while these boundaries are constantly being broken and there is no real enforcement of what is or is not acceptable when it comes to touching and physicality in clubs, moreover and more people are going to be uneducated and oblivious. the harm they cause to their victims. This begs the question, then: how can we end this cycle of non-consensual torment?

When she asked Eleanor* if she had any suggestions on how to propose real change to this problem, she replied “education! From an early age, men need to be educated about consent and all that goes with it. They need to be made aware of the horrible situations they force women into. They need to be held accountable and more penalties need to be incorporated.” To clarify what ‘punishment’ should look like, she suggested that instead of just being kicked out of a club, offenders should be permanently banned. This way, the place becomes safer for women and non-binary people, and the abuser faces real long-term consequences, rather than a slap on the wrist.

Chloe* suggested that “clearer procedures would help massively, so victims know how to get help. Something like the Ask for Angela system I’ve seen in the ads would be a good start. Chloe* also shared Eleanor*’s view that repeat offenders should be banned from clubs, “to help people feel more comfortable in a club and to feel that action is being taken. Essentially, I feel like greater assurance that action will be taken would mean people would be more likely to report inappropriate behavior.” As Morgan said, “Consent education and education about rape culture is such an important part of this conversation. That’s why sex education overlaps all of this as well.”

Groping and mugging in nightclubs is something that has long awaited its eradication. With more encouragement to report these cases (with Cooper highlighting the influence of the #MeToo movement in particular), more education about consent, and more supportive media coverage, one can only hope that the issue of assaults and inappropriate behavior in clubs be taken more seriously in a post-pandemic world.

Phoebe Snedker is a freelance journalist, follow her on Twitter

AFEM sponsor a confidential support service for anyone affected by sexual harassment within the electronic music industry
Health Assured provides the service to ensure confidential expert advice
A safe and supportive environment for anyone who has been affected and needs advice and support
Call 0800 030 5182, (Outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182) where trained experts will listen and support you

*Names have been changed

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Love Machine co-defendant to face marathon trial for fatal nightclub shooting

Three men accused of being involved in a fatal shooting outside a Melbourne nightclub two years ago will face trial in County Court next month.

Jacob Elliott and Allan Fares have both been charged with two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder after they allegedly opened fire on the club.

A third man, Moussa Hamka, was charged with complicity in murder after the fact after he allegedly hid the murder weapon in his home.

Camera iconMoussa Hamka was charged with complicity in murder after the fact. Channel 7 Credit: Channel 7

All three will face a five-week jury trial starting March 21 after pleading not guilty to the charges.

It is alleged that in April 2019, more than six bullets were fired from a .32 caliber assault rifle at the front of Prahran’s club.

Security guard Aaron Khalid Osmani, 37, died at the scene and Richard Arow, 28, died of his injuries a few days later.

Jacob Elliott has been charged with murder.  Facebook
Camera iconJacob Elliott has been charged with murder. Facebook Credit: Provided

Three others were hit by bullets and another was injured trying to avoid the attack.

The case of Mr. Elliott, Mr. Fares and Mr. Hamka was briefly heard in the Supreme Court on Monday where a trial date has been set.

Mr Elliott is the son of underworld figure Nabil Moughnieh, who was shot in January 2020.

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