5 dead, 18 injured in overnight shooting at Colorado Springs nightclub

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – Five people are dead and several others are injured after a shooting at a Colorado Springs nightclub.

Watch a press conference below with more information:

At 1:03 a.m., the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) announced that a public information officer was responding to a reported shooting along N. Academy. Officers from the city’s four patrol divisions responded to the shooting.

According to the CSPD, officers responded to reports of an active shooting at Club Q in the 3400 block of N. Academy Blvd. at 11:57 p.m.

At the scene, CSPD Lt. Castro said officers immediately located the suspect inside the bar. This suspect has since been taken to hospital for medical treatment and is in custody. It is not known what these injuries are, however, Lt. Castro said this shooting did not involve officers.

Police say five people are dead and at least 18 others are injured in the shooting. The victims were transported to hospitals in the city.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said they triaged the scene. This was treated as a response to a mass casualty event, which the CSFD said firefighters are trained for.

As of now, the CSPD said most of those uninjured in the shooting have been reunited with their loved ones. The department works with hospitals to notify families and loved ones of the injured and deceased.

CSPD stated N. Academy Blvd. is closed in both directions between N. Carefree Cir. and Village Seven Rd. as law enforcement works in the area. There is no timetable for how long this investigation will take, but people are asked to avoid the area until Sunday morning.

If you are looking for a loved one who may have been at Club Q on Saturday night, you are urged to contact the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7000.

Anyone who has video of the shooting or was a witness who has not yet been interviewed at the scene, please contact police. All vehicles present at the scene at the time of the shooting must remain on the scene, according to the CSPD.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is on the scene and assisting in the investigation. Officers are with the victims at the hospital.

Club Q’s released the following statement on their official Facebook page:

Club Q is devastated by the senseless attack on our community.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims and their families and friends.

We thank the quick reactions of the heroic customers who subdued the shooter and put an end to this heinous attack.

Club Q

The KRDO asked the police if they thought the attack was a hate crime. The CSPD said it was too early in the investigation to determine a motive.

According to the Club Q website, on Saturday night, a drag show took place earlier in the night and was scheduled to stay open until 2 a.m.

According to Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit research group, a mass shooting is defined as an incident in which four or more people are shot or killed.

Lt. Castro said there will be a press conference at 8 a.m. with more information.

KRDO will broadcast this press conference.

This is a developing story.

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Wife describes her husband’s struggle with mental health behind bars

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A frustrated woman has shared her story with News 2 in hopes of raising awareness of the challenges she faces trying to get her husband – who is currently being held in Sumner County Jail – for help in sanity he would need.

The story provides insight into the challenge facing the justice system across the county, with health experts saying it’s often a vicious cycle of long waiting lists, self-medication and recidivism.

Cecelia Bottoms didn’t mince words when speaking about her 38-year-old husband, Joshua Bottoms, who was arrested after he allegedly stole a vehicle from a woman at knifepoint and led authorities on a three-year chase. hours inside and outside of Sumner and Davidson counties in late October.

“I called for help because it was creaking, it was breaking and no one would listen to me,” Cecelia said.

Joshua, whose criminal record dates back to 2003, was on probation when he was last arrested. Medical documents show he was admitted to a local hospital two weeks before the latest incident and diagnosed with psychosis.

Cecelia received an email with phone numbers to call for further processing and a message that said “Good luck”, which she described as insensitive. Although Cecelia called several times, she said no one ever answered.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” she says.

Nathan Miller, who has never treated Joshua, has worked in the behavioral health field for 25 years. According to him, this story is more common than you think.

“The need, of course, is overwhelming at this point,” he explained. “The numbers are always disproportionate.

“You often end up having a waiting list, especially with inpatient centers, inpatient beds for hospitals, addiction treatment centers,” Miller added.

In addition, self-medication often comes into play.

“They’re trying to deal with it in a way that’s not necessarily conducive to better health, so we have the addiction issue on top of a mental health issue, which happens simultaneously, which leads to more interaction with the police, plus jail time,” Miller said.

Cecelia, feeling helpless and hopeless, cried as she asked, “What do I do? What is his son doing?

She acknowledged that without the proper treatment, the cycle will continue.

“They just throw them the key, throw them away, then expect them to be fine, then send them out into the world again,” Cecelia said, adding that her husband needed help.

News 2 contacted Joshua’s court-appointed attorney to ask if a psychiatric evaluation would be requested. We have not yet received a response.

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Thieves ransack family’s heads in brazen Diamond Bar home invasion: police

Diamond Bar Police are investigating a home burglary, where the thieves allegedly bagged the family’s heads as they robbed the house.

Officers responded to the home on 1900 Viento Verano Drive overnight Sunday to calls about a robbery, where they found two victims – an 18-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman. According to the police, they were grandmother and grandson.

According to the police, the victims did not speak English and the robbers used a translator to coerce the two. The thieves allegedly broke into the house through an unlocked rear glass door. Once inside, they put a paper bag over the woman’s head as she screamed for help. They then put a bag over the grandson’s head and led the two into the living room.

SUGGESTED: Deputy for Riverside County, daughter killed in suspected impaired accident

After that, the thieves took a ring from the grandmother’s hand and stole an unknown amount of money from the house, before leaving the house and leaving.

The thieves were described as three Hispanic men, but no detailed description was available.

Neither victim was injured in the robbery.

Diamond Bar police are still investigating. Anyone with information was asked to call the station at (626) 913-1715.

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Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant surprises fans with performance at Scottish bar

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant surprised patrons of a Scottish bar on Tuesday by casually showing up and performing at the pub’s open-mic event.

The “Immigrant Song” singer had performed with his band, Saving Grace, at a local theater in Aberdeen, Scotland, before heading to the pub.

The bar, Under the Hammer, wrote enthusiastically about the unexpected encounter on Facebook.

“It doesn’t happen very often that we get a visit from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer and CBE, but last night we were honored by the presence of ROBERT PLANT of Led Zeppelin!” the company wrote in a Facebook post.


“Robert and his new bandmates joined us after their ‘Saving Grace’ concert at Tivoli and got involved in our open mic session, delivering their song ‘I bid you goodnight’.” the post added. “WHAT A NIGHT!”

According to the host of the open-mic event, the rock star was considerate and listened to other artists before taking the stage.


Under the Hammer, a bar in Aberdeen, Scotland, excitedly announced they saw Robert Plant at one of their open mic nights.
(Google Images)

“He arrived about an hour before the end, and he didn’t just come and do everything for him,” Jamie Rodden said, according to the BBC. “He actually certainly listened to the people who were playing as well.”

Robert Plant played with Led Zeppelin from 1968 to 1980, alongside drummer John Bonham, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones. The band disbanded in 1980 after Bonham died of an alcohol overdose.

Bassist John Paul Jones, vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page were seen performing with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s.

Bassist John Paul Jones, vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page were seen performing with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s.
(Getty Pictures)


The band’s best-loved song, “Stairway to Heaven”, was the subject of a legal battle with an American rock band called Spirit, who claimed that Page and Plant stole one of their riffs. The group won its copyright infringement battle in 2020, saving Plant and Page millions of dollars in damages.

Fox News’ Melissa Roberto contributed to this report.

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Video Lounge Sissy Bar and the Crush Bar’s rebranded cafe, Opal’s, complete a new trinity of queer bars in southeast Morrison.

Southeast Portland is now home to a block of queer bars just steps from one of the city’s busiest entertainment spots: Revolution Hall. Sissy Bar opened in June, just after the Portland Pride Festival ended, a mere storefront from its established gay neighbor, Crush Bar, and its adjoining new all-ages cafe, Opal’s Night & Day Cafe, which has was launched in February.

Although run by different teams, Sissy Bar and Crush appear to be sister bars, serving comparable menus and patrons. Both offer Instagrammable appetizers and fruity cocktails, and play queer-friendly music of all ages, but Sissy Bar’s crowd seems to tend to be younger than Crush’s.

The Sissy Bar, which founder Derek Palmer refers to as a “video lounge,” uses a lot of moving images for aesthetics. Partially lit by cubes of the color of the panels on the electronic memory game Simon, the space is also lit by YouTube recordings from artists ranging from Megan Thee Stallion and City Girls to Grimes and Azealia Banks. Still visuals – photos of gay divas like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and DJ Paris Hilton – also line the walls. Music video volume is loud enough for you to enjoy the songs, but not so loud that conversations have to be shouted.

On two recent Saturday nights, the Sissy Bar was comfortably busy – groups of friends of all orientations and legal drinking ages gathered together. Some looked like they had just left the office, while others were dressed to impress, ready for wherever the night takes them.

There’s no dance floor or recurring drag shows, which tend to draw patrons to other gay bars in town, but the Sissy Bar offers a space for decidedly queer company and pop music that supports the community.

Sissy Bar’s cocktail menu is similar to that of Crush: classic drinks concocted with skill, but the newcomer seems fond of names with cultural nods (Will Smith Punch, $10; She’s All That, $11) . There’s also house brand Sissy Mule ($11), Sissy MANhattan ($13), and bittersweet Sissy Galore ($11), which mixes grapefruit and lemon juice with orange bitters. and Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin. These drinks pair well with quaint and savory Colombian dishes, such as sudado rice bowls ($11 vegan, $14 chicken), ajiaco stew ($15) and arepas sandwiches with avocado salad ($12 for the vegan and cheese versions, $14 with chicken). All are comfortably filled, but would benefit from a hint of additional seasoning.

Opal’s Night & Day Cafe served a handful of customers on two evening visits, catching overflows from either of the nearby bars. A towering beige-colored painting of cubist faces watches over the shimmering pink bar here, which can be interesting to look at or just plain creepy.

The space once housed Woody’s Coffee Tavern, named after Woody Clark, co-owner of Crush and now Opal’s with James Jackman. The Coffee Tavern temporarily closed after Governor Kate Brown announced the first pandemic restrictions more than two years ago.

Clarke memorably called the police on 12 of his former employees in March 2020 after staging a sit-in. Once laid off due to the mandatory closure, the group demanded accrued sick pay, half pay for the hours originally scheduled to work the following week and a guarantee of rehiring once operations resumed. Initially, these demands were not met.

Employees at Clarke’s two companies began unionizing in late 2019, and although the National Labor Relations Board notes that Clarke settled with former Crush employees in August 2021, Woody’s Coffee Tavern closed permanently before that. these employees don’t spend their day in court.

Now rebranded as Opal’s, the cocktail menu features an eclectic mix of sweet drinks, like pomegranate juice, vodka and egg white Amaretto Fizz ($10) and tropical Chartreuse Swizzle ($15). But it’s also a coffee bar (the “Day” part of the name), so you’ll find the typical range of caffeinated drinks, including Opal’s version of pumpkin spice latte sprinkled with seasonal cinnamon. Diners have a choice of soup, salad, breakfast sandwiches and homemade casseroles.

Although Opal’s hasn’t been busy during my visits, the cafe has potential as an intimate hangout. For now, its communal sidewalk terrace provides Crush with more outdoor seating on its busiest nights.

With Sissy Bar, Crush and Opal anchored on the same block, and nearby Rev Hall and Holocene hosting gay-friendly concerts and dance parties, the area now has everything it takes for the first-ever gay bar crawl in the world. southeast of Portland.

BEVERAGE: Sissy Bar Portland, 1416 SE Morrison St., 503-206-4325, 4pm-midnight Wednesday-Thursday, 4pm-2am Friday-Saturday, 4pm-11pm Sunday. Opal’s Night & Day Cafe, 1412 SE Morrison St., 503-235-8150, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday to Sunday.

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Local man behind bars for allegedly assaulting woman during domestic dispute ::

CLARION BOROUGH, Pennsylvania (EYT) – A local man is behind bars for allegedly assaulting a woman during a domestic dispute in Clarion Borough.

According to court documents, the Clarion Borough Police Department has filed criminal charges against a 31-year-old man Jerid Michael Cochranof Oil City, in the office of Magistrate District Judge Duane L. Quinn on Nov. 1.

The charges stem from a domestic dispute that arose in a Liberty Street apartment at around 11:46 a.m. on Monday, October 31, 2022.

According to a criminal complaint, police officers from Clarion Borough were dispatched to the scene and they made contact with a known woman who informed her that she had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Jerid Cochran.

The victim invited the officers to his apartment and reported that Cochran left on foot. A fresh laceration that was still bleeding was observed on the victim’s chin, the complaint states.

Once inside the apartment, the known woman led the officers to the kitchen and she indicated that she and Cochran were arguing over Cochran’s “attitude”. She told Cochran he was “a piece of (expletive) and to get the (expletive) out of his apartment”. The victim said Cochran got mad and told her he would “beat her (expletive) a**,” according to the complaint.

The victim told officers that she then yelled in Cochran’s face to get out of his apartment. He then put his hand to her face and pushed her back causing her to lose her footing and fall into the corner knocking over the coffee pot and a photo. The known woman believes the laceration on her chin may have been from Cochran’s fingernail when he pushed her, the complaint states.

Officers then made contact with Cochran who was walking west on River Hill. Cochran denied any physical contact inside the apartment. When one of the officers told Cochran he had observed signs of a struggle in the apartment, Cochran said that (the known woman) grabbed his phone, but he had no idea how the coffee maker and picture frame had been knocked over, according to the complaint.

Cochran also said he initially told officers there was no physical altercation because he didn’t want to cause trouble (for the known woman), the complaint notes.

He was indicted on Tuesday, November 1 at 11 a.m. on the following charges:

– Simple Assault, Offense 2
– Harassment – ​​Subject to physical contact, summary
– Disorderly conduct engaging in fights, summary

Unable to post $5,000.00 monetary bail, he was incarcerated in the Clarion County Jail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8 at 11:30 a.m. with Justice Quinn presiding.

Copyright © 2022 EYT Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Any copying, redistribution or retransmission of the content of this service without the express written consent of EYT Media Group, Inc. is expressly prohibited.

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This North Texas rooftop bar gives you great views of the Dallas skyline

DALLAS (KDAF) — Ultimately, we’re all looking for that after-work happy hour spot with beautiful views.

If you and your team are looking for somewhere off the beaten path, the Sky Blu Rooftop Bar at Tru by Hilton in the Design District is for you.

Jamie Walker, general manager of Sky Blu Rooftop Bar, said.

“It’s an elevated experience. We have the “high-life” vision here. Everyone is welcome,” said Jamie Walker, General Manager of Sky Blu Rooftop Bar. “We have the biggest rooftop bar in Dallas. We had one of the best views. It’s a 360° view. You can look in all directions on the roof here.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘A bar in a hotel? Do I have to be a guest to participate in this elevated experience? Good thing you asked.

“We try to invite everyone, it’s not just for the guests here. Anyone can come, it’s also a public bar. We have great craft drinks. Fantastic and lively bar staff here that provides a great atmosphere with one of the best views of the Dallas skyline,” Walker said.

Of course, a bar without good drinks is not one you go to often. Rest assured, this bar isn’t all about the views.

“We are very focused on beverages. We have excellent craft house cocktails. We have extensive wine and bar lists. We also have the fastest Margarita in Texas. You should come and see how fast we can get there, they’re pretty fast. We have some of the best roses in town and they’re bourbon-based, so they’re not just your typical wine,” Walker said.

They are located next to 35 and Oakland in the Design District, a perfect spot for an upscale happy hour.

And, if you’re wondering about the dress code, don’t worry. This bar, as well as the hotel, is very welcoming. Dress smart or dress casually.

Find out more by clicking here.

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The 10 Best Pull Up Bars of 2022, According to a Personal Trainer

When looking for a pull up bar, there are many options to choose from. Understanding the types of workouts you want to conquer, the amount of space needed for the device, and any specific design constraints (such as height or weight limits) can help you choose the best options.

But first, you’ll want to consider the security features. Fitness professional and ACE-certified personal trainer TJ Mentus says any bar you put up in your home should be securely fastened in place and “unable to be dislodged.”

“Make sure it has enough capacity to support your body weight, and that there should be no giving up on the barbell,” he adds.

Typically, pull-up bars are about 1.25 inches thick, but some are sometimes larger in diameter. According to Mentus, the latter will be more difficult, which you may or may not want, depending on your goals.

The finish is another variable factor to consider. Menuts says the powder coated bars are smoother, especially for sweaty hands. He recommends a raw steel bar instead, noting that it “works better” due to the textured grip.

Stability is also essential; specific movements, such as kipping pull-ups, will require increased strength to keep you safe. Finally, the best pull up bar for you will need to fit the space. A door hanger may be preferable if space is limited, but if you want to involve additional body movement or are a heavier lifter, a stronger wall or ceiling system will be preferable.

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These Dallas Bars and Restaurants Make an Appearance on the Netflix Show ‘Love is Blind’

This season of Netflix’s hit dating show “Love is Blind” where a group of 20-30 year olds date in secluded pods and get engaged without ever seeing each other is set in Dallas with a cast of Dallasites, which means viewers can catch a glimpse of local spots featured on the show.

Seven episodes of the third season have been released, and the seventh episode is the only one to feature restaurants in town. Here are the Dallas bars and restaurants featured so far in “Love is Blind” season three.

(Warning: there are some minor spoilers here.)

Ida Claire

The couple SK and Raven met their friends on the terrace of Ida Claire – the restaurant in South Addison that has been around since 2015. No matter if they made the right choice in choosing each other, they seemed to be ordering with plates of Ida cookies, warm honey sliders and cocktails.

Sunset in Granada

The full cast of the show, even some of those who didn’t find love in the pods, gathered on the rooftop of Sundown in Grenada. The Lower Greenville restaurant and bar next to the Granada Theater served as the backdrop for a classic reality TV drama, she says, no doubt fueled by free-flowing booze.


This Knox Henderson nightclub was mentioned when actor Colleen allegedly ghosted her fiancé Matt and left him behind to go clubbing on a Wednesday night. Wednesday is the day of the week that the Candleroom is open, and they have what they call “Candleroom Wednesdays” with a live DJ and bottle service from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Bonus: Felix Culpa

Fourteen of the show’s 30 cast, along with their family and friends, recently gathered at Felix Culpa on Henderson Avenue for a viewing party for the show they filmed over a year ago. They celebrated with cake and cocktails.

If the producers really want to capture the full Dallas dining experience, they’ll be working at a barbecue restaurant, Tex-Mex, maybe a glitzy steakhouse, and a handful of hip bars in future episodes. Stay tuned for appearances from other local spots when the next three episodes drop on November 2. The last episode of the show will be released on November 9.

The best things we ate this week: Pan de muerto, a Sunday brunch buffet and duck tacos
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The new FR500 is an all-in-one, fully automated, high-speed food bar packaging solution

TAUNTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Harpak-ULMA, the industry leader in smart and connected packaging solutions, announced the North American availability of ULMA’s FR500 — a complete end-to-end automated solution designed to package food bars in a three-sided sealed package up to 1000 ppm. The FR500 integrates row distribution, flow wrapping, case packing and palletizing.

Traditionally, integrating these processes requires users to assemble products from three or four vendors in a less-than-optimal approach that increases integration costs, solution complexity, and risk of time-to-market. To achieve high throughput, producers must solve the complicated process of synchronizing automation processes across these disparate components. In addition to integration expenses, production issues are exacerbated by the shared responsibility challenges of multi-vendor solutions. Finally, multi-vendor solutions delay return on investment because factory acceptance testing requires a multi-step process to evaluate individual components and their integration.

The ULMA FR500 incorporates an in-row distribution material handling module, a high-speed horizontal flow wrapper and a top loading cell for cartoning, with optional case wrapping and palletizing. RSC expedition. The in-row delivery system provides efficient and continuous flow to the horizontal wrapper, using a buffer conveyor to handle unplanned system downtime. The bars accumulated in the buffer are combined with the incoming flow without having to stop the process upstream. The design allows the removal of individual components for cleaning and maintenance. After transfer, the bars are repositioned in an end-to-end orientation and quality control is performed to reject out-of-tolerance products. If desired, its film former can accommodate 100% paper material. Cartoning is done by the bar top loading cell, which uses a high-speed star wheel to place the bars into a grouping chain. The (automatically) formed bars and cartons are fed to the cell, where a two-axis delta robot simultaneously transfers groups of bars from the grouping line to the cartons, changing the pitch of the bars to match the cartons. Tertiary cartoning and RSC palletizing options are also available.

“The ULMA FR500 is a compact, high-speed end-to-end solution that takes less time to start up and takes up less space in the customer’s facility,” said Hugh Crouch, Flowwrap Product Manager at Harpak- ULMA. “The all-too-common approach – cobbling together an automated solution using equipment from multiple vendors – cannot achieve the simplicity, speed, time-to-market and reliability offered by a fully automatic, pre-engineered solution. -integrated single-source.”

“Like all Harpak-ULMA packaging platforms, the FR500 is a smart, connected machine capable of taking advantage of our advanced augmented reality capabilities, including remote assistance, visual work instructions and even OEE remote monitoring. As a result, the FR500 is one of the most advanced solutions in its class.”

For more information on the FR500, visit or call 508-884-2500. For live demonstrations of smart, connected machines, visit Harpak-ULMA at PackExpo 2022 in Chicago, October 23-26, booth #3448.

About Harpak-ULMA

Harpak-ULMA is the North American branch of ULMA, a billion-dollar industry leader in complete packaging line solutions for food, medical, bakery and industrial products. Harpak-ULMA provides smart, connected packaging systems using Rockwell Automation controls and information platforms to deliver increased efficiency, availability and throughput, as well as improved packaging quality and reduced garbage. Reliable, well-designed solutions reduce customers’ total cost of ownership, help them overcome the challenges of an aging and changing workforce, and improve maintenance expense control through competitive parts sourcing. In addition to offering ULMA primary packaging systems and complete automation solutions, Harpak-ULMA is the exclusive North American distributor of G. Mondini traysealers. Harpak-ULMA joined the Rockwell Automation Partner Network in 2018 as part of its initiative to create and deploy smart, connected packaging solutions.

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Delaware County murder suspect will remain behind bars

Cy Alley remains in custody since his arrest and charge in August.

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. – A judge has denied bail for a Delaware County man accused of murdering his neighbor. Cy Alley has remained in custody since being arrested and charged in August with killing Gary Copley.

The judge’s decision came hours after the bail review hearing on Thursday morning. Patty Haisley, the victim’s sister, sent a ‘thank goodness’ message when she learned that Alley would continue to be held without bail.

“All the hurt and pain that we’ve been through because of this, no one should have to go through this,” Haisley said.

Members of Copley’s family attended the morning hearing. Her granddaughters wore sweatshirts with her name on the back and the words “until then, give heaven a hell” on the front. The family tell 13News that Copley was a father of two and left behind five grandchildren.

“Gary had a heart of gold,” his sister said. “He would give you the shirt he had on his back, he loved everyone.”

RELATED: Police want to know how Delaware County murder suspect got gun

Haisley says she was at work when her sister called to tell her that Gary had been shot and killed. Police say a person walking around reported seeing Alley shoot Gary several times outside his home on County Road 500 North.

“I kept saying, ‘No, no…that didn’t happen,'” Haisley said. “Then to come out and see the farmhouse you grew up on with your grandparents, all wrapped up in yellow duct tape with cops, it was like, ‘That just can’t be true. It’s like a movie.

However, the family wants Gary to be remembered not for how he died, but for how he lived. Reporting that he was carrying and even tried to help his suspected killer at one point.

“Gary even took him, I was told, on the 4th of July and fed him,” Haisley said. “He even checked to see if (Alley) was okay.”

RELATED: Neighbor charged in fatal shooting in Delaware County

The family said they were not aware of any conflict between the two. Court documents show officers reported Alley said he was having trouble with his electricity and “assumed the victim was hacking into his network”. Deputies wrote in court papers that Alley told them he went to Copley’s house to confront him and shot him.

13Investigators learned that Alley was deemed unsafe in February. Under the state’s red flag law, he should not have been in possession of a firearm. Deputies even took guns from his house; these were not used in the crime. It’s unclear how Alley got his hands on the gun, the county attorney says he knows how but won’t release that information.

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Man accused of attacking couple outside Connecticut gay bar

Nicholas Ruiz and Casey Fitzpatrick – Photo: Troupe429.

Police in Norwalk, Connecticut have arrested a man accused of severely beating a gay couple outside the gay bar they jointly own last month.

Casey Fitzpatrick and her husband, Nicholas Ruiz, owners of Troupe429, said in a post on the bar’s website that the man entered the bar during a drag show and “repeatedly harassed and put several customers and our uncomfortable staff”. The man was escorted out by security, but refused to leave the bar entrance.

Ruiz went to the front door to defuse the situation, at which point, Fitzpatrick says, the man made derogatory statements about the bar and the people inside, using derogatory language and anti- LGBTQ. The suspect then became violent, punching Ruiz, scratching his chest, tearing the necklace from the cross and tearing his clothes. Fitzpatrick held him off while Ruiz called 911.

The man then calmed down and Fitzpatrick loosened his grip, at which point the man attacked him. When Ruiz came to Fitzpatrick’s defense, the suspect then turned his rage on Ruiz, leaving a large, deep gash on the right side of his cheek. Ruiz was later treated for his injuries at a local hospital, receiving 50 stitches to his face and $20,000 in plastic surgery.

On Oct. 12, the Norwalk Police Department announced the arrest of a suspect, Carmen Everett Parisi, but said they found no evidence the assault was fueled by anti-LGBTQ bias, according to NBC News.

“Video footage from body-worn and scene-worn body cameras shows no findings of racial, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation language or any indication of anti-LGBTQ motivation associated with the assault,” the report said. Lt. Terrence Blake, the department’s public information officer, said in a statement.

Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik told the Stamford lawyer that the police department has been inundated with messages demanding justice since the couple posted the update on the bar association’s website, but said the department had tried to obtain sworn statements from the victims, who they say department, did not show up for their appointments.

But Fitzpatrick and Ruiz deny that claim, saying they cooperated with law enforcement and never missed a date. Kulhawik later admitted that the investigation was delayed by miscommunication, explaining the period of more than two weeks that elapsed between the incident and Parisi’s arrest.

The attack follows recent stories involving altercations in or outside gay bars in other cities. In August, a man was arrested and charged with meeting a group of people with a car during a hit-and-run outside a popular gay bar on Chicago’s South Side. In Florida the same month, a man reportedly brought an inactive grenade to a gay bar in Wilton Manors and had to be disarmed by a quick-witted employee.

Stephanie Stich, an attorney representing Fitzpatrick and Ruiz, continues to argue that the assault was motivated by anti-LGBTQ bias.

Defense attorney David Marantz, who represents Parisi, claims his client was escorted out of the bar and assaulted without provocation.

“He says while he was outside with the bar owner he was rushed by the bar staff and they started choking him and then he was released and he ran away and he was chased “, Marantz told NBC News.

On Wednesday, Parisi was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, with the judge setting bail at $200,000.

Police are asking anyone with additional information about the attack to call the police department at (203) 854-3111.

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Here are some bars where you can watch Austin FC in the Playoffs: Pick a neighborhood and you’ll find a place to get drunk and rowdy. Listos Verde! – Sports

An Austin FC watch party at Hopsquad Brewing Co. (Photo by Jana Birchum)

For only its second season, Austin FC is heading to the MLS playoffs, and the team doesn’t have to travel far: its first game takes place on Sunday, October 16 at 2 p.m. at Q2 Stadium. Tickets are long sold out (now reselling for over $1,000), but even if you won’t be in the stands in Q2, there are plenty of places in town to cheer on the Verde.

The Austin FC Pub Club is a group of 39 local bars and restaurants that screen all of the team’s games. The full list of locations is available on the Austin FC website and includes locations all around Austin.

If you want to be as close to the action as possible, there are several locations right next to the stadium: Hopsquad Brewing Co. (2307 Kramer) is just down the road from Q2 and is the official home of the supporters group Los Verdes. Microbrewery Circle Brewing Co. (2340 W. Braker Ste. B) offers another close option to watch the game and is home to the Austin Anthem fan group on game day. Detour at the Domain (11101 Burnet Rd.) is a member of the Pub Club about half a mile from the stadium; it offers pre- and post-game celebrations.

Other North Austin viewing options: the Bon Aire (9070 Research), a large sports bar with plenty of screens and seating; Casa Chapala (9041 Search #100); and Trudy’s North Star (8820 Burnet Rd.) – the latter two are good if you want to eat Mexican food while you watch the game.

Mueller folks flock to BD Riley’s Irish Pub (1905 Aldrich #130), while East Austin locals have options like classic sports bar Haymaker (2310 Manor Rd.), famed for its poutine; New Orleans-style pub, the Cavalier (2400 Webberville Rd. Ste. A); and Austin Eastciders’ spacious bar, the Collaboratory (979 Springdale #130), where you can drink green in honor of the team.

Cider lovers south of Lady Bird Lake can head to Austin Eastciders’ Barton Springs Restaurant (1530 Barton Springs Rd.) on game day (but watch out for ACL traffic!). And if the weather is nice, Bouldin Acres (2027 S. Lamar) in South Austin has a large outdoor patio to watch from, while Far Out Lounge & Stage (8504 S. Congress) is a place to relax to soothe playoff nerves.

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Connecticut bans Solar Wolf Energy from doing business in that state

SOUTH YARMOUTH — Ted Strzelecki, owner and chairman of Solar Wolf Energy LLC, has been barred from doing business in Connecticut, according to a press release from that state’s attorney general, William Tong.

Tong announced in a Sept. 15 statement his investigation and enforcement against unfair and deceptive sales practices by Solar Wolf Energy, Inc. for failure to complete or even begin promised residential work..

Several Connecticut consumers have complained to the Attorney General and the Department of Consumer Protection that Solar Wolf took their deposits for residential solar work or related projects and failed to start or complete them, then never returned the money, the statement said.

After:Solar Wolf files for bankruptcy. Will this affect Yarmouth customers’ money?

Connecticut complaints echo experience of Yarmouth residents

The story is familiar to some Yarmouth residents. Solar Wolf has also accepted payments and deposits from more than 50 residents for solar panel installations that have not been started or completed. The company was the contractor for the Solarize Yarmouth campaign.

Solar Wolf filed for bankruptcy on September 23 after taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Yarmouth residents who had signed contracts to install solar panels.

After:AG investigation on Solar Wolf requested. Yarmouth will fight until ‘local customers… are cured’

According to the press release, there is now a Superior Court order restraining Solar Wolf from selling, advertising, offering or marketing any goods or services in Connecticut until it obtains the permission of the court.

It is a violation of the Connecticut Home Improvement Act and the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act when a home improvement contractor fails to perform major work and refund a consumer’s deposit within 10 days following a written request.

State law authorizes the Connecticut Attorney General to take this action.

Yarmouth officials are looking for ways to help residents

There is no such law on the books of Massachusetts.

Yarmouth town officials hope residents can see a return on their money through the Home Improvement Guarantee Fund. State and city officials are exploring options to complete the facilities and connect them to the grid.

After:Solarize Yarmouth Customers Have Unfinished Projects, Lost Payments: Everything You Need to Know

City Administrator Robert Whritenour Jr. said he has seen the same story and lies repeated on a case-by-case basis regarding residents of Solar Wolf and Yarmouth. Solar Wolf never intended to deliver on any of its promises, he said.

“We think some type of prosecution is warranted,” he said. “We believe that this project will not be completed until local customers are reassured.

Contact Denise Coffey at [email protected]

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bars, powders and protein shakes; do you really need it?

A fellow CrossFitter of mine stopped me in the parking lot and asked if I wanted a box of cookie dough protein bars. Since I’m never in the habit of turning down free stuff, I accepted it and took it to the break room at work. This morning, my desk coordinator picked one up and remarked, “280 calories? I can eat this pack of Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers and they’re only 200!

Before arguing for or against one or the other, I quickly checked the labels to see the most important ingredients and here is the comparison:

— The protein bar contained 280 calories, 6 g fat, 20 g protein, 33 g carbohydrates and 400 mg sodium. The peanut butter crackers were as mentioned, 200 calories but contained 11g fat, 4g protein, 22g carbs and 310mg sodium.

If I was choosing a snack I would go for the protein bar – probably only half – but as a rule I don’t eat these regularly as many of them have too many carbs and calories that I just don’t want .

So how much protein do you need? A simple way to calculate your daily protein needs is to take the number 0.36 and multiply it by your weight. If you exercise, increase it to 0.5. Anything beyond that is wasted.

Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, a hospital clinical dietitian at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and an adjunct assistant professor at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, believes people can achieve their desired goals by ditching supplements and committing to healthy eating. with real foods that contain protein. Proteins and carbohydrates are also essential for rebuilding muscles that are broken down by exercise.

That being said, before you spend all your savings on the giant jar of soy protein, check out these real food options to fuel your muscles:

— Lean meats: Turkey, chicken, fish and other types of seafood are an excellent source of protein. Even beef, if you choose lean cuts, can do the trick.

— Beans: If meat isn’t your thing, you can try plant-based protein sources. Beans, peas and lentils are all good sources.

— Yogurt and cottage cheese: These milk-based sources of protein are fairly easy to digest. Have a carton of yogurt about 30 minutes before working out.

— Nuts: All nuts are an excellent source of protein. Keep some in your gym bag and snack!

While there is a place for protein supplements, the best way to get protein is from real food. If you need a protein snack, get there before grabbing a protein bar or shake. It’s better for your body as well as your bank account!

Kathy Hansen has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She can be reached by email at [email protected]

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Mikkeller Bar San Francisco closes after 9 years

Photo by Madeline Wells

Mikkeller Bar closed its San Francisco location after nine years.

Andrew D. via Yelp

Copenhagen-based beer company Mikkeller has closed its San Francisco beer bar after nine years, according to a press release.

“Mikkeller Bar San Francisco was the second Mikkeller Bar we opened and the start of our entire operation in the United States, so this place means something very special to us and of course it’s very sad to have to say goodbye” said Mikkeller founder Mikkel. Bjergsø “But we will always have a presence in the United States and we will continually strive to make great beer and great experiences.”

The news comes just over a month after the company announced the closure of its San Diego brewing plant, citing “two years of COVID and the current challenging environment of rising costs,” Good Beer Hunting reported. . Around this time, the company also announced that it would be laying off about half of its 50 US employees.

With the closure of the Tenderloin Mikkeller Bar, the beer company’s only remaining location in the United States is its bar in San Diego’s Little Italy. Still, dozens of Mikkeller bars remain open across Europe and Asia.

In May 2020, rumors swirled that Mikkeller San Francisco would be closing due to the financial difficulties of the pandemic. The bar space at 34 Mason St. was even listed for sale online, but it finally reopened in the spring of 2021.

The Mikkeller Bar San Francisco has been officially closed since this week.

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Woman freed by FDNY after being trapped in NYC hookah bar

Karma was indeed a bitch for this woman!

A woman was trapped in the bowels of an East Village hookah bar overnight before the FDNY came to her rescue early Saturday, officials said.

The shocked lady emerged from the basement of Karma, a two-level hookah club on First Avenue between Third Street and Fourth Street.

How the woman became trapped in the living room remained a mystery on Saturday afternoon as Karma remained closed and police said they had no details of the incident.

The FDNY said it received a report of a “mentally altered person” at 51 First Avenue at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, and the person was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

At 1 p.m., the black door above Karma’s entrance, stained with red, green and white graffiti, was still closed. The thin black and green railing and door leading to the basement where the woman had been rescued appeared to be broken and falling apart on the right side.

How the woman got trapped in the New York salon has remained a mystery.
William Farrington

Smoking a cigarette, Leslie Padilla, 39, a manager at nearby Ace Hardware, said when he arrived at work around 7.30am on Saturday the woman had already been rescued and was sitting in a car with another man.

“Things happen, it’s a bar, people drink,” Padilla said of the lockdown.

The neighbors who lived above Karma were less diplomatic.

Ariana Barone, 23, a paralegal, described the place as “pretty busy” on the weekends, and from Thursday to Sunday, “there’s a fairly constant musical beat in our apartment.”

Locals have complained about the club's clientele and noise.
Karma is a two-level hookah club on First Avenue between Third Street and Fourth Street.
William Farrington

The news of the abandoned club scared Barone.

“I’m watching ‘Dahmer’ right now, so it’s really weird,” she said, referring to the Netflix series about the serial killer.

A person who identified himself as the “owner/manager” of Karma declined to comment.

A woman was rescued from inside a club, Karma
At least one person in the East Village was spooked by the news of the woman trapped at the hookah bar.
William Farrington

The original episode recalls an incident on Friday the 13th in 2018, when a man in his twenties called 911 because he was locked inside the Marshall Stack Bar on Rivington Street near Allen Street in the Lower East Side.

In this case, the firefighters intervened a few moments later, opened the door and let the man out. He had been locked inside the bar for more than three hours after 4 a.m. closing time.

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Police – NBC 6 South Florida

A Miami Gardens man, who sometimes dresses as a woman to shoplift, is considering a growing list of charges after he was suspected of grand theft from Miami stores in Altamonte Springs, court records show.

According to multiple arrest reports, Jamarian Ashford Brooks, who turned 20 on Wednesday, entered a Bath and Body Works store in Pembroke Pines on June 25, 2021, with two women and stole scented candles and perfume.

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Jamarian Brooks

He entered a Bath and Body Works store in Deerfield Beach with two suspected accomplices on July 5, 2021 and stole nearly $2,700 worth of scented candles and wallflower warmer scents.

The trio did it again at a Bath and Body Works store in Hollywood on July 14, 2021, stealing over $2,000 worth of candles and perfume.

On the same day, the group stole 31 bottles of tequila worth a total of $1,925 from a Total Wine store in Coral Springs.

Brooks and an alleged accomplice pepper sprayed and punched a 71-year-old employee to steal a $100 bottle of Hennessey and other items from a Walgreen’s in Pembroke Pines on July 25.

Two days later, Brooks and three alleged accomplices pepper sprayed and punched a Walgreen clerk to steal a bottle of Patron tequila from Davie.

Also on July 27, Brooks and the other suspects stole $225 worth of merchandise from a Hobby Lobby store in Davie, then pepper-sprayed and hit the manager’s head with a shopping cart before driving away. .

Brooks was arrested in Miami after shoplifting from a BJ wholesale warehouse, police said.

In most cases, surveillance video showed the suspects dressed in women’s clothing filling shopping bags and shopping carts with scented candles, perfumes and alcohol.

They would leave without paying and flee in different vehicles, at least one of which was allegedly stolen, police said.

Brooks is charged with multiple counts of grand larceny, armed robbery and assault on a person over 65.

He was taken to Broward County Jail on Wednesday, where he remains on bonds totaling $78,000, records show.

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Philly Bars where you can watch your college football team

You may not be an undergrad anymore, but you can still cheer on your alma mater with other alumni on a fall Saturday.

New Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse on Sansom shows Wisconsin and Michigan games, in case you need a place to cheer on your team alongside people wearing the same varsity sweatshirt as you. / Photograph courtesy of Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse

College football season is in full swing, with all its buffalo wings, offbeat fight songs, and cornhole. You may not be an undergrad anymore, but you can still cheer on your alma mater with other alumni on a chilly fall Saturday. (Personally, as a Penn State alumnus, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of wins and heartbreak over cheap beer and fries.) This town’s college alumni groups have made their mark. in the bars of Philadelphia by hosting special experiences. So grab that college shirt, load up the 12-leg parlay that’ll net you $1 million, and use this guide to figure out where your folks congregate on the weekends.

Crew: Alabama
Bar: Cavanaugh Headhouse
This is where Crimson Tide fans show up and show off. The old-school Irish pub offers free half-time hoagies for groups of alumni who sign up for a private room. Enjoy $5.50 Goose Island beer, plus wings tossed in their sweet and spicy Cav’s sauce as you watch future first rounds pass the competition. 421 2nd Street South.

Crew: our Lady
Bar: The mulberry
Mulberry owner and former Notre Dame Ben Haney makes sure fellow Fighting Irish fans are comfortable at his Logan Square location. The cozy, upscale pub has a massive menu with a cheese board that would make any game better, plus Jameson wings and a double-stacked burger smash. The Mulberry doesn’t have any Saturday drink promotions yet, but maybe that’s a good thing. Who wants to hear ND fans screaming about how they shouldn’t join a conference after downing several hard seltzers? 1835 Arch St.

Crew: Penn State
Bar(s): Shopkeeper and La Roca
Penn State devotees congregate at Tradesman’s, where you can get a special eight-person package that includes wings, deviled eggs, chicken fingers, cheesesteak spring rolls, fries and beer for $225. The downtown bar is busy with fans glued to the huge media wall. Any old-timers looking for a quieter experience should visit La Roca in Manayunk, especially for its jalapeño cucumber tacos and margaritas that are strong enough to make you forget about losing the Rose Bowl in 2016. 1322 Chestnut Street and 4161 Main Street.

Team(s): State of Pittsburgh and Michigan
Bar: Sto’s Bar
It’s understandable that Pitt and Michigan State fans flock to Sto’s Bar. Old Town’s reliable watering hole serves up $5 citywide and filling drinks all day, every day. If that’s not enough motivation, Sto’s offers $20 Miller Lite buckets and jello shots after every touchdown. Not bad for the second-best teams in Pennsylvania and Michigan. 236 Market Street.

Crew: Texas
Bar: Chickie’s & Pete’s
The Texas Exes congregate at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly on Saturdays. Things get rowdy in this popular bar that has dozens of TVs. While you’re cheering on Texas and keeping an eye on Oklahoma across the bar, grab a bucket of Chickie and Pete’s Crinkle Crab Fries with a creamy cheese dip. Then, wash down your fries with $5 National Pitchers on special. 1526 Packer Ave.

Crew: USC
Bar: At Dave and Buster’s
This giant restaurant and entertainment chain is your childhood dream with pre-workout supplements, video games, pop music, huge TVs and bright lights. It’s also where Trojans fans brave the East Coast temperatures on game days. D&B’s typically offers a special fall drink list that includes remixes of classics like old fashioneds as well as pumpkin-enriched shakes. If the PAC-12 game isn’t going well, ditch the giant flatscreens and head to the arcade. 325 Columbus Blvd North.

Crew: ohio state
Bar: Scale 15
The Buckeyes take over Ladder 15 – a Rittenhouse bar that gets crowds dancing – every fall weekend. It’s a good place to watch any game if you don’t want to feel too packed, as Ladder 15 has TVs on both levels. Expect standards like wings, as well as elevated pub fare like calamari and truffle fries. 1528 Sansom St.

Crew: Michigan
Bar: Flanigan Boathouse
Michigan fans watch Maize and Blue at Flanigan’s Boathouse in Conshohocken. This family-friendly sports bar serves breakfast tacos and quesadillas as well as crispy pork sandwiches from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those looking for game day drinks can add $25 High Noon buckets or $4 Bud Light bottles. (Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse also shows all of Michigan’s games). 113 Fayette Street, Conshohocken.

Crew: Clemson
Bar: The post office
Clemson alumni take part in ACC main action at the Post in University City. In addition to showing games, this bright and colorful bar with brasserie seating offers activities like pool, air hockey, and shuffleboard that add to the game-day experience. If you love martinis, The Post offers eight (yes, you read that right) varieties of the drink. Whenever you need a bit of air, head to the rooftop of Cira Green where the games are played on their giant screen. 129 30th Street South.

Crew: Wisconsin
Bar: Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse
Wisconsin fans enjoy Cavanaugh’s new two-story Rittenhouse location, which features wall-to-wall televisions. While you watch the Badgers play Big Ten football, order from Cavanaugh’s list of Saturday specials like $18 Bud Light buckets and $24 White Claw buckets. Make it an even better Saturday and stock up on Philly-style toddlers topped with steak, onions and cheese. 1921 Sansom Street.

Crew: Rutgers
Bar: Pub O’Neals
It’s hard to have back-to-back losing seasons, so it’s only fitting that the folks at O’Neals care about Rutgers fans. This family-run Irish pub in Queen Village serves $3.75 Bud Lights all day, plus breakfast sandwiches until 10 p.m. Head’s up: They broadcast most college football games indoors, as well as on their street-side and back patio. 611 3rd Street South.

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Kellogg’s launches Little Debbie Nutty cereal bar

Last year Little Debbie partnered with Kellogg’s to launch Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie cereal and before that in 2020 they released Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies cereal, bringing two iconic Little Debbie treats to breakfast. . Now they’ve teamed up again to bring a third beloved snack to the most important meal of the day. This week, Kellogg’s and Little Debbie announced the new Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal will hit stores later this year.

The new cereal features the beloved chocolate and peanut butter flavors of the Nutty Buddy candy and is described as “the flavors meld with the crunchy, fudge-coated cereal pieces for the ultimate Nutty Buddy experience.” No word on how delicious this cereal milk must be, but we’re guessing it’s also very tasty.

“Since the release of our first two Little Debbie cereals, fans have been eager to see Kellogg turn more Little Debbie snacks into cereals,” said Sadie Garcia, brand marketing manager at Kellogg All Family cereal, in a statement. “Our new collaboration brings the iconic Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars to the breakfast table for the very first time.”

As noted, this is the third Little Debbie treat to receive the cereal treatment.

“Through our ongoing partnership with Kellogg’s, we’re able to share Little Debbie’s beloved treats with fans in new ways,” said Jeff Badger, vice president of marketing at McKee Foods. “This new cereal captures the nostalgic chocolate and peanut butter flavors of a Nutty Buddy Bar. It’s delicious for breakfast or as a treat any time of the day.”

If you’re a fan of Little Debbie Nutty Buddy treats and want to enjoy these cereals, here’s what you need to know. Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal will be available at Walmart starting in October and will be rolling out to other retailers nationwide starting in December. An 8.2 ounce can has a suggested retail price of $4.99 while a 13.1 ounce can has a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Are you going to discover the new Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal? Which Little Debbie treat would you like to see turn into cereal next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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The Commissioners fear bar is teasers with another name

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A nightclub with a history of violence plans to reopen under a different name.

Horizon Bar and Grill asks Houston County Commissioners to approve its liquor license application.

Before it closed last year, the establishment was known as Teasers, a strip club.

“I know they had a lot of violence and criminal activity,” commissioner Brandon Shoupe said Thursday.

He fears that the management of Teasers will exploit Horizon which is in his district.

The club’s worst violence came in 2012, when Ryan Clark Petersen shot and killed three people and injured another.

Then in 2021 another shooting took place and the bar closed shortly after announcing the reason.

Commissioner Ricky Herring wants to hear from claimant Mike Kent, who was not present when commissioners informally discussed the matter on Thursday.

Several residents of the Wicksburg area, where the bar is located, are expected to speak out against the liquor license application before it is voted on Monday.

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Lawyer: Man assaulted outside Short North bar dies

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The man who was beaten outside a Short North bar earlier this month has died, according to a family attorney.

According to a letter sent on Sunday, Greg Coleman Jr., 37, died on Saturday night from injuries he sustained when he was attacked outside Julep, a bar in the 1000 block of North High Street, just after 2:30 a.m. Monday. , September 5.

“While the Coleman family mourns, the public must focus every effort to bring their killers to justice,” family attorney Edward Hastie wrote in the letter. “It is essential that those responsible are brought out of hiding and immediately arrested.”

Columbus police have identified Chrystian Foster and Dwayne Cummings as the suspects in the case and have filed attempted murder charges against both. Police said both men had been arrested for assault in the past.

Dwayne Cummings (left) and Chrystian Foster (right) are wanted for attempted murder after beating a man outside a bar in Short North, leaving him in critical condition. (Courtesy Photo/Central Ohio Crime Stoppers)

Investigators believe the men were arguing before the fight broke out, escalating into aggression.

In video obtained by Columbus police, Coleman and one of the suspects are seen sparring. Coleman punches one of the suspects but does not hit him. Coleman is then punched in the face by a second man who approaches the victim from the side.

The punch sent Coleman to the ground, landing half on the sidewalk and half on the pavement. The other two men then punch Coleman while he is still on the ground.

After the assault, Coleman was taken to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in critical condition, according to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers. Days after being hospitalized at OSU, Coleman was moved to intensive care, where his condition deteriorated.

Days after the assault, Gregory Coleman Sr., her father, said the family was doing “horrible” after the incident.

“It’s probably the worst thing that can happen to a family because it’s like he’s brain dead, he’s just laying there,” Coleman Sr said.

Greg Coleman was the father of a 9-year-old daughter, Hastie wrote in the letter.

WARNING: Video of the assault can be viewed below. It contains graphical content which may not be suitable for everyone.

Anyone with information is asked to call 614-645-4488 or email the detective on the case. Tipping can also be directed to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS (8477).

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‘Bar Rescue’ host Jon Taffer shares advice on starting a small business amid inflation and post-pandemic

Jon Taffer is a businessman – primed and prepared for the natural ebbs and flows of the economy. However, like many, he could not have foreseen a pandemic lasting more than two years that has been catastrophic for establishments across the country, especially the restaurant industry.

Taffer isn’t fazed — and doesn’t want small business owners to be discouraged either.

The “Bar Rescue” star spoke to FOX Business, where he explained his laid-back mindset amid opening his third Taffer’s Tavern franchise in a post-pandemic world.

“Starting a small business is harder than ever,” he said. “We have labor issues, supply issues. The market is very noisy with competitive marketing and promotional activities.”


“It’s hard to build a brand today, in today’s noisy world,” Taffer added, noting that he thinks “franchising is the best option for young entrepreneurs.”

“You get the offer through the franchise. You get all the operating systems, training and procedures. All surprises are eliminated in a franchise…They can help hedge your bet and mitigate your risk “, he explained.

Taffer also shared her tips for people looking to start a brand new business today.

“I’m confident that any viable market will find a business,” he said. “But no viable business is going to find a market. It becomes a real problem. So you have to identify markets that you can expand into, but understand that there are people in America who want to buy franchises.”

“There are businesses across the country that want to sell franchises for you…Go online and look for franchise sales,” added Taffer, whose franchised taverns are still its own separate entities.

Television personality and Massachusetts native Maria Menounos attended the opening of the Taffer Tavern in Watertown. Menounos and Taffer are good friends. (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)

As for rising inflation after the pandemic where people might not want to spend as much, Taffer said he doesn’t find it as daunting as others.

“What if I told you I don’t see it as a challenge, I see it as an opportunity,” Taffer said. “When you look across the country, there are many markets where restaurants are 25, 30% ahead of pre-Covid levels.

“Yeah, you’re right, people have less money to spend, so they need to spend it more wisely. They’re going to exit where they feel best, they’re going to exit where they get the most perceived value.”

In Watertown, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, his third tavern has just opened. Four months into the pandemic, Middleby Corporation announced that it had partnered with Taffer to create a “newly developed modern tavern concept”.

With locations in Washington, DC, and Alpharetta, Georgia, the new development in Watertown presented itself as an opportunity for Taffer and his team.

“We designed Taffer’s Tavern with a model of labor efficiency in mind…Finding employees has been an issue for the industry for a long, long time,” he explained. “So we designed a kitchen that leverages computerized cooking and production techniques rather than humans.”

S-shaped stand design

Taffer says his restaurant will stand out for its “quality and depth.” (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)


Taverns are not uncommon in Boston – they resonate with the East Coast environment. Taffer says his restaurant will stand out for its “quality and depth.” He noted, “We’ve created an elevated tavern experience…we think we’re offering a $70-80 dining experience for about $35-40.”

The extensive menu, which features a long list of cocktails and an even wider selection of dishes, is tailored specifically for the location. Taffer explained, “You’re not going to find New York pizza at Taffer’s Tavern Boston, you’re going to find a lobster roll…When we looked at our franchise models, we said, ‘Everyone needs to connect with their market’. ‘”

Drinks and appetizers from the Taffer tavern served at the opening

Taffer Tavern’s latest opening featured unique cocktails and appetizers that are everyday menu favorites. Drinks pictured include “Blue Mist”, “Tropical Bliss” and “Taffer’s Tea”. A featured small plate was the Fish & Chips. (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)

In a crowded industry, Taffer says he’s thought of everything to make his franchises stand out: “Our music is curated, not just played… Everything from the beats per minute curves, the music cycle, the content of the music, is organized to create reactions among the guests.” He is quick to add that the visuals, including sports, flavors and cocktails, “target this very specific demographic” that his team is trying to attract.

Taffer has also implemented what he calls a “five Michelin star cooking technique” called sous vide. Sous vide uses temperature to deliver a level of precision to foods that otherwise could not be created.


S-shaped sofa

In addition to traditional banquettes and bar seating, the Taffer Tavern has been designed to include these S-shaped lounge chairs to add an extra touch to the dining space layout. (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)

Taffer says it’s his specialty, like he’s a chef seasoning a piece of meat.

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Espresso martinis are back in Twin Cities bars and restaurants; here are 3 to try

Everything old becomes new again, even at the bar. Take the espresso martini, a drink from the late 20th century cocktail pantheon that, along with flannel and baggy jeans, is making a comeback.

“We felt like it was very popular in Campiello at the time,” says Lindsay Pohlad, referring to the Uptown Italian restaurant that operated from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s. Again, the drink is “really popular”. Pohlad, owner of the deli table at Wayzata, put a version of the espresso martini on the restaurant’s new all-day cocktail menu to highlight the cafe program and the bakery.

It’s popular any time of the day, she noted. “People order it at 10:30 in the morning,” she says. “People come with us before the game and then go to another restaurant, or they even have it as a last drink.”

A true espresso martini contains few ingredients: usually just an espresso and vodka, maybe a little coffee liqueur, and maybe a lemon twist or a garnish of coffee beans. It can be powerfully strong and leave you nervous, like a vodka-Red Bull for the coffee connoisseur.

But there are countless ways to interpret the drink. Some are drizzled with chocolate syrup, some can be frozen and mixed. Milk or cream is optional. It can be breakfast or dessert, depending on your preference.

The most important thing, says Fhima Minneapolis bartender Nils Larsson, is balance. “You can do all kinds of weird things, as long as you have enough sugar to counteract the bitterness of the coffee,” he says.

But one ingredient that espresso martini always includes? A bit of nostalgia. Like Appletini, Cosmo and Long Island Iced Tea, this turbo cocktail is inextricably linked to turn-of-the-century decadence.

At Blue Plate Restaurant Co., the espresso martini “came onto the scene in our restaurants at a time of the general revival of the ’80s,” says co-owner Stephanie Shimp. Bringing him back was irresistible, she said. “We had to – shoulder pads, spinach dip, espresso martini.”

Three to try

The black Cat

The Grocer’s Table, 326 Broadway Ave. S., Wayzata,

Black Cat Intelligentsia beans are the base of this variation of the espresso martini, which also contains amaro, coffee liqueur and vanilla syrup, and comes with a homemade biscotti.

Fhima Espresso Martini

Fhima’s Minneapolis, 40 S. 7th St., Mpls.,

Spanish liqueur Licor 43 gives it a hint of vanilla, while Irish cream and coffee liqueur give this cocktail from the balanced dessert menu a creamy and slightly sweet taste.

Blue Plate Espresso Martini

Several Twin Cities locations,

This barely-sweet cocktail from Blue Plate’s seven restaurants is made with Big Watt’s Circuit Bender Cold Press coffee and Du Nord Social Spirits’ Cafe Frieda coffee liqueur, both local brands.

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The 8 Best Bars in Fulham — London x London

Love it? Save and share!

Get ready to discover the best bars in Fulham – these are the best places for cocktails, wine, beer and more.

Fulham is becoming one of the trendiest places to have a drink in London – after all, it’s a popular place for young professionals, so it’s no wonder new bars are popping up every day too .

Whether you’re looking for a classy hangout, a fun place to drink with friends or somewhere in between, Fulham has a killer selection of venues. These are our favourites.

Fulham’s Best Bars

The little blue door


little blue door

It’s no secret that we love The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill and the new The Little Scarlet Door in Soho, so whenever we’re in Fulham our first stop is a drink at The Little Blue Door. This one is arguably the best.

Why? The little blue door is so fun because it was designed to look like someone’s apartment. Decor includes toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and toiletries in restrooms, cozy lounging areas, kitchen-type areas, game rooms, and party rooms. The dream apartment, if you ask us.

This Fulham cocktail bar also hosts one of the capital’s best diners, called The Supper Club, every Thursday night. The food is amazing and it’s open late into the night for your cocktail cravings. That alone makes it the best place for late night drinking in Fulham.

Amuse bouche


Looking for somewhere a little more luxurious? Amuse Bouche is a wonderful little place for champagne and cocktails in Fulham. An ideal place for a date, this bar offers an extensive drinks menu filled with refined classics.

This bar prides itself on serving vintage champagne and original recipe cocktails while featuring the best live music London has to offer every Friday and Saturday night.

They have both an upstairs and downstairs bar, as well as a lovely heated garden. Head here for great cocktails at decent prices.

The water’s edge


Perched on the beautiful shores of Imperial Wharf, close to Fulham Broadway, is The Waterside, a stellar Fulham bar. We love that The Waterside is still relatively underrated, and unless you live in the area, you probably won’t know it’s there.

It’s a great price for the area, especially considering you’re drinking on the river with a dreamy sunset and delicious food. There’s an impressive cocktail list with tasty dishes (and there’s heaters for those freezing winter months!)

Megan’s by the Green


Megan’s is popping up all over London right now and we can see why not only is the food delicious, but the cocktails are really good.

Megan’s bar is quite adorable, flanked by fairy lights and a magical feel. You’ve probably seen pictures of it online because, after all, it’s one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London.

Tip: Sit by the window and you’ll almost feel like you’re outside with the warmth and comfort of the inside. One of our favorite places for cocktails in Fulham.

Brinkley Fulham Wines


Formerly known as Joe’s Brasserie, this fantastic wine bar in Wandsworth Bridge Road has become increasingly popular for an after-work drink in Fulham.

The food is delicious and the service is always spot on, but the wine list is the reason we keep coming back. Brinkley’s new wines always impress.

We also love the outdoor seating, it’s quite romantic, you might want to add it to your list for a laid back evening option as well as being Fulham’s best wine bar.

creek house


Brook House is one of our favorite places to eat in Fulham and we’ve talked about it before on the site, but what we may not have mentioned is that it’s also the best place to grab a glass.

There are a few tables outside that you can grab if you’re lucky enough to get there in time, otherwise it’s mostly inside.

We love the great selection of wines, beers and cocktails. Brook House is also wonderfully decorated and you’ll feel like you’re in a posh Soho bar right in the center of Fulham.

It also accepts dogs, which is also a plus for us.



Vagabond is another great wine bar option near Fulham Broadway.

This posh London chain makes it all too easy to spend an evening sipping wine – just register a card on entry and you’re free to try whatever you want. Dangerous but fun, we think.

Add to that a stellar location and tasty charcuterie boards and you’re onto a winner – this is Fulham’s best wine bar.

Never Land – Fulham Beach Club


Neverland is the bar of duality – transformed into a beach in the summer and in the winter it transforms into a snowy cabin full of all the Christmas vibes you’ll ever need. Neverland is a great place for a drink in Fulham and one of the few beaches in London!

It has beds, cabanas, and beach-style cabanas that all need to be reserved before the day, but you can also just rock out during the day and try your luck or just head inside for a standard drink.

Fun music + great cocktails = one of the coolest places to drink in Fulham.

Cool Bars in Fulham: practical advice

  • Make a reservation in advance. If you’re going for an early drink, don’t just go because chances are you won’t get a table. However, if it’s a late night drink, you’ll probably be fine and we’re sure all the lovely hosts at Fulham will do their best to seat you.
  • Check out nearby parks like Bishops Park and Battersea Park while you’re in the area, it’s nice to take a good walk before sitting down for a drink.

Fulham Bars Map

Best Fulham Bars: Read More

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Former Hong Kong protesters reflect on life behind bars – and a changed city

When Tung Sheung-Lam left Shek Pik prison last month after two years and eight months behind bars, he did not expect a welcome party.

But the 23-year-old was surprised by his parents, who picked him up and took him to a yum cha restaurant, followed by a hotel stay. Now he has time to reflect on his time behind bars.

Shek Pik Jail. File photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

Tung was arrested in October 2019 for possessing and manufacturing explosives at an apartment in Tai Kok Tsui, where police found potassium nitrate, Molotov cocktails and modified drones.

He was convicted in September 2021 of three counts and sentenced to 48 months in prison, but was released in July after his pre-trial detention was considered.

Prior to his arrest, Tung was a college student, with occasional part-time gigs as a salesman. He even joined student organizations at his community college. As the summer of 2019 approached, Tung quickly found himself fully committed to the democratic cause.

After his first taste of tear gas, he became a full-time protester, which led to his fateful decision and imprisonment.

File photo: Mark Delegate/HKFP.

Looking back, Tung views his incarceration and sudden transition to freedom as a surreal experience. But overall, he doesn’t view his time behind bars as a waste of time.

“Like everything else in life, there should be no regrets. I might even go back the same way since the people and experiences I met made me who I am now,” Tung said, adding that he had no intention of breaking the law.

He was among thousands of young people detained during months of sometimes violent protests. A total of 10,265 people were arrested for various reasons. Of the 2,684 people charged, 1,197 people were convicted, according to figures from the Security Bureau.

The judiciary still handles many cases.

Once released from prison, many former protesters face a city very different from the one they left behind. Since Beijing imposed the National Security Law in June 2020 – which criminalized subversion, secession, collusion with foreign forces and terrorist acts – traces of the protests have been virtually erased, and authorities say it has restored stability and peace in the city.

Photo: GovHK.

Many pro-democracy activists and politicians face charges or are already in jail. Others fell silent or fled abroad.

Extend the nation’s love

Following the enactment of security legislation, the political system was overhauled to provide a pro-Beijing narrative in the form of a “patriots-only” legislature. These changes have also had an impact on the younger generation.

For those behind bars, the Directorate of Corrections has set up a voluntary “de-radicalisation” program for young people incarcerated for offenses related to the demonstration. The program includes safety law education to promote “law abiding awareness”, in hopes of reducing the risk of recidivism by teaching Chinese history and traditional values.

SKH St James Primary School on National Security Education Day. File photo: GovHK.

While in prison, Tung volunteered to write a passage for the Department of Corrections’ annual report on “Family Values ​​and Chinese Culture.” He said he kept the wording as neutral as possible and that his decision was a bargaining ploy. “When you’re alone, or have other people inside to keep you busy, you do what you need to do,” he said.

When Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited the city to attend the 25th anniversary celebrations of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China, he extended an olive branch to Hong Kong’s youth. In a speech, Xi said Hong Kong “will only have a bright future when its young people have good career prospects” and urged authorities to prevent juvenile delinquency.

In turn, Police Commissioner Raymond Siu said society should offer hope and a “second chance” to convicted protesters, saying many had shown remorse.

Some ex-protesters consider the olive branch offered insincere and say they are still stigmatized by society. A 23-year-old named Ding who was released from prison two years ago told HKFP that he could not open any bank accounts until very recently. No reason was given to him.

Ding, who asked to remain anonymous, said he believed “second chances” came not from the establishment but mainly from businesses sympathetic to their situation. He recalled receiving fliers promoting the national security law but didn’t give it much thought.

“They always labeled us…even before the protests, we would have been called ‘political prisoners,'” Ding said. “At least I know I broke the law not because I’m a criminal.”

Protesters march against a proposed amendment to Hong Kong’s extradition bill, June 9, 2019. Photo: May James.

Like Tung, Ding remains optimistic about life beyond bars despite his criminal record. Ding, who has since returned to school, opened a Patreon page to share his views on Hong Kong and hopes to write a book one day.

“The whole experience feels like a dream, but it is what it is. We have to accept that, do everything we can and influence the people around us,” he said.

Brotherhood by distress

For some, however, prison has brought its share of demons. A 20-year-old protester who used the pseudonym Sleep recalled witnessing occasional inmate clashes at Pik Uk Correctional Facility.

Sleep told HKFP that some former protesters imprisoned there have moved closer to guards or triad members incarcerated in the same cell for protection, which he described as the “easy way out”.

“While some fellow inmates bonded more easily with me, you were mostly alone, and not everyone is benign, so you have to take care of yourself,” Sleep said.

Pik Uk Correctional Facility. File photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Sleep was not alone. What upset Tung the most were the occasional betrayals of his supposed comrades behind bars in an environment fueled by survival anxiety. Witch hunts against “ghosts” — those suspected of secretly working with authorities or sabotaging the movement — could occur among protesters at any time, Tung said.

“A misconception is that the people inside are adamant about the cause – the reality is the opposite. There is no heroism, and the people inside just wanted out. We had to watch our rear – not from the authorities but in our ranks,” he said.

Even as a veteran protester arrested during the 2014 Umbrella Movement, jail can be an upsetting experience.

“The scariest thing about life in prison is that it completely changes a person without them realizing it. I started reading, training and studying, and to fight for myself,” Tung said.

While in detention, Tung met Tong Ying-Kit, the first person to be tried and convicted under the National Security Law. They quickly became friends and watched each other as they transferred to various institutions.

Tong Ying-Kit was found guilty of terrorism and inciting secession by a panel of appointed judges instead of a jury, a first in Hong Kong’s legal history.

Supporters of Tong Ying-kit, the first Hong Kong man to be sentenced under the national security law, place leaflets in a shopping mall adjacent to the High Court to wish the activist “peace and safety”, after having been sentenced to nine years behind bars on July 30, 2021. Photo: Studio Incendo.

A handwritten letter from Tong to Tung, seen by HKFP, depicts his bewilderment over the nine-year sentence under the national security law. Since his release, Tung has paid close attention to his friend behind bars and has spoken out for him.

Additionally, Tung and other former protesters are currently working on a mobile game that depicts a battle between gods and humans that is devastating civilization. In the game, Hong Kong escapes this fate but extends authoritarian rule over the survivors and becomes a target of resistance.

The game remains at a rudimentary stage since the friends he recruited as programmers are still behind bars. He sees it as a long-term project.

“Someone has to do it. It’s nothing noble, but if you’re in this position, it’s your responsibility.

Support HKFP | Code of Ethics | Error / typo? | Contact us | Newsletter | Transparency & Annual Report

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Cryptocurrency: Netflix reportedly bans crypto ads on its ad-based streaming subscription

Netflix previously announced that it will launch a new subscription option so that users can enjoy the service at cheaper rates. However, this is an ad-supported tier, so subscribers opting into this can expect commercial breaks while watching a show.

It has been said that offering a new option with lower rates is a move for Netflix to increase revenue again. The ad-supported subscription tier was first announced in July, and the company has already mentioned that it will officially launch in November.

The new option will have ads, but according to CoinTelegraph, some sources said that Netflix will not allow cryptocurrency-related ads. It has been said that the American streaming giant has taken the decision to ban crypto ads, which means that it will reject all kinds of advertising campaigns with cryptocurrency.

It also won’t allow political ads and anything containing gambling on its new subscription tier. Ads that sell products to children are also not allowed on the streaming platform. Based on the reports, Netflix may also restrict pharmaceutical ads, but this is still under discussion.

In any case, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported that Netflix’s new, cheaper subscription option is also coming to Australia, and it could be as early as November. Again, Netflix’s new subscription tier is also coming to Canada, Germany, UK, US and France on November 1st.

With the reported restriction on crypto advertisements and other topics mentioned, it was said that this is really nothing new. This is due to the regulatory scrutiny that has been common in the digital asset industry. In fact, Facebook, which is now known as Meta, also banned crypto ads in 2018, and it was in effect on the social media company’s platform.

Meanwhile, Netflix has moved up the launch date for its ad-supported subscription option. It was originally supposed to go live in early 2023, but it was changed in November to compete with rival Disney Plus, which is set to introduce its own subscription plan with ads on December 8.

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First look at the reopened Walt’s All-American Bar & Grill

The Walt’s All American Bar & Grill at 5534 W. Central Ave reopened under new ownership. The owners have renovated the interior, but kept much of the same menu. It’s been years since I’ve been in the place and decided to come back to try some food.

5534 W Central Avenue, Wichita, KS 67212

Sunday – Wednesday: 11 a.m. – Midnight
Thursday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Cash/cards accepted

I skipped opening week when they had half-price burgers and cut-price steaks because 1.) I wanted to deal with the influx of traffic the promotions were bringing, and 2.) I was just too busy.

United States car shop

So, now that the novelty of the first week has worn off and I had more time, a visit to Walt’s was in order.

After browsing their menu, I opted against the burgers and steaks. Instead I went with a ruben, baked potato and wings. Their menu had an option for half a reuben for $7 which was great as it gave me more room to try different things.

Walt's American Bar & Grill

Walt's American Bar & Grill

So how was the food? Let’s start with the wings. They were very meaty, which was a good thing. The wings, on the other hand, were heavily sliced. All the sauce gave the breading a grainier texture which took away from the whole experience. I always say, less is more, and that rule applies to the amount of sauce put on the wings. If they had used less sauce I really think it would have improved the wings immensely as everything else was good from the flavors to the portion sizes.

As for the baked potato and fries, nothing too memorable to say there. They were pretty basic and what I expected from most bars.

Finally, the ruben was roughly on the same page as the wings. They bet on Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing, which gave the sandwich a Philly cheesesteak texture; just way too much sauce. I could barely taste the corned beef and sauerkraut.

Walt's American Bar & Grill

The less is more rule would have really helped most of the dishes I ordered at Walt’s. But this was a case where things could easily be improved; nothing was so bad that I wouldn’t be back soon.

On the good side, the service was fantastic. I had read reports that they had struggled on this aspect during opening week. Zero problems during my visit. My server, whose name was Shelby, told me it was her first day when I passed by. She did a phenomenal job. My drink was never empty; the food came out quickly and she had a great attitude.

Here is their menu:

Walt's American Bar & Grill

Walt's American Bar & Grill

Good meal,

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Ames Pride and Big Wigs Bar host block party – Iowa State Daily

Pride of Souls

Ames Pride and Big Wigs Bar will host a Block Party with Tiffany and Leslie Hall on September 4.

Ames Pride will be hosting a block party in association with Big Wigs Bar in lieu of the cancellation of Pridefest as a result of COVID-19.

Planning for Ames Pridefest begins every year in winter, meaning Ames Pride was unable to plan Pridefest due to COVID-19 conditions in January 2022.

“When we opened last year, I contacted [Ames Pride] about what they were doing for Pride this year, and because COVID was still ongoing, they decided they weren’t going to do anything for Pride this year as far as a festival,” Vanessa Taylor said, owner of Big Wigs Bar. “I said, ‘Well, that changes my whole conversation, then, because I still want to do something in our parking lot.'”

According to Ames Pride, “Due to the changes with COVID, we were able to plan a fall event in the absence of a festival.”

“I want to put this [Block Party] because something like that wasn’t done to Ames in a bar,” Taylor said.

The “Ames Pride Presents: Big Wigs Block Party” will take place from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot of the Big Wigs Bar located at 6008 W. Lincoln Way.

Block party admission tickets are $20. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Ames Pride and Big Wigs are set to provide a free shuttle to block parties which will run from 5 p.m. to midnight. The shuttle will run every 30 minutes from the McFarland West Ames Clinic at 3600 Lincoln Way to the venue.

The block party will begin at 5 p.m. with food for sale by Hungry Boys Taqueria and homemade ice cream by Marmalade Moon. You will also have time to visit the Big Wigs bar and nightclub.

“People who haven’t been here yet will get to see the site and have a great time,” Taylor said.

Local YouTube sensation Leslie Hall will perform at 7 p.m. as the opening act for ’80s pop superstar Tiffany, who will perform and meet at 8 p.m.

A ticket will also allow you to attend a drag show after the Block Party.

Tickets can be purchased up until the day of the event through Eventbrite.
To learn more about the event, visit the Ames Pride website.

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Oak Lawn bar liquor license suspended after DUI accident kills mother and injures son

A suburban family mourns the death of their mother, while an Oak Lawn bar’s liquor license is suspended after officials say overserved customers caused a fatal accident.

Maria Anita Chacon, 66, was killed early Sunday morning in the crash near 110th and Cicero. Her 30-year-old son, Tomas Chacon, suffered serious injuries and remains hospitalized with a head injury.

“I have no words,” said Rosio Chacon, the victim’s daughter. “They were inseparable.”

Relatives say that last Saturday, the mother and son attended a family cotillion. On the way back, they stopped for a bite to eat.

“When they came out of the restaurant, the accident happened,” said Rosio Chacon.

It was just before 2 a.m. when investigators said a Dodge Charger and a Honda Accord were traveling at high speed. The Charger struck the rear of Cachon’s Lincoln, sending it flying into oncoming traffic, where it collided head-on with a pickup truck.


The Honda left the pavement and hit a bench, rolling several times before coming to a stop in a nearby parking lot.

Maria Anita was killed, while Tomas was seriously injured. He is currently intubated in the hospital.

Investigators say Steven Bradford, 39, of Harvey drove the Charger while Joann McNary, 32, of Chicago drove the Honda Accord. Bradford and McNary were both charged with one count of aggravated DUI involving death and one count of reckless homicide.

“Because of their negligence, my family is suffering,” said Rosio Chacon.

Officials say Bradford and McNary came from the Gaslight Bar & Grill, which has been the source of problems and complaints, according to the Village of Oak Lawn.

The Village of Oak Lawn Liquor Commissioner, Mayor Terry Vorderer, suspended the bar’s liquor license this week, but relatives of the victims say it’s not enough.

“I feel it’s too late, it’s good that they did it, but it’s too late. They’re not going to give my mother back to me,” Rosio Chacon said.

The bar’s license will remain revoked pending a hearing next week.

“We have tried to work with the owners and managers of the bar, but there is clearly a disconnect, and we are not going to risk another tragedy as a result,” Vorderer said.

The Chacon family started a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of their mother’s funeral and their brother’s medical bills.

Maria Anita Chacon will be taken to her hometown in Mexico for her funeral.

Felicia Phillips is the current owner of Gaslight Bar & Grill. On Friday night, Phillips’ attorney David Courtright released the following statement to FOX 32 Chicago:

“Ms Phillips is emotionally devastated by the events leading up to the instant suspension. Felicia is a kind-hearted woman who struggled to open a new restaurant kitchen from the Gaslight. She was heartbroken to recently learned that a car accident resulted in the loss of life.”

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Assembly rejects keeping San Francisco bars open after 2 a.m.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — For San Franciscans who love to party until dawn, a California State Assembly vote on Wednesday was party poo.

SB 930, a bill that would allow San Francisco, Palm Springs and West Hollywood to extend liquor sales in bars, nightclubs and restaurants until 4 a.m. on weekends and 3 a.m. weekday morning, was rejected by the assembly.

Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblyman Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) released the following statement after the vote:

“Senate Bill 930 is a limited pilot program allowing 3 cities – each of which has requested to be included – to work with local stakeholders, including law enforcement, to make local decisions about extending hours of nightlife. SB 930 is a local control bill that allows cities to decide what nightlife works best for their communities and small businesses. We are disappointed that SB 930 did not get votes today in the Assembly after a series of misleading speeches from members representing areas that would not have been affected by the bill,” wrote Wiener and Haney.

Wiener said the bill is intended to help bar owners recoup lost profits during the COVID pandemic.

The end of liquor service, commonly referred to as a bar’s “last call,” varies widely from state to state. Maine has last call at 1 a.m., while Nevada allows alcohol to be sold 24 hours a day.

The California Highway Patrol Association spoke out against extending its ‘last call’ to San Francisco, writing: ‘With bars closing close to (am) commute time, there will be more more drivers on the road and the likelihood of drink-driving accidents will increase dramatically.”

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DirecTV to Stream Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ to Bars and Restaurants

DirecTV and Amazon, as expectedannounced a multi-year deal to provide Prime Video Thursday night football streams to fans in 300,000 sports bars, restaurants, hotel lounges, casinos, sportsbooks and other venues nationwide.

Amazon’s Prime Video and Twitch streaming services will provide exclusive streaming of NFL Thursday Night Football games starting this season as part of an agreement signed last year with the league.

Many bars and restaurants are already set up to receive satellite service, but fewer are equipped for streaming and Amazon has no relationships with retail sites.

Financial terms were not announced.

DirecTV is also entering its final season as provider of the NFL’s out-of-market gaming package, which is also delivered to bars, restaurants and other venues by DirecTV. Google, Apple TV and Disney bid to stream Sunday Ticket and could also strike a deal with DirecTV to continue serving retail outlets.

“The sports media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and our focus on delivering an exceptional experience to our entire range of customers must remain central to this evolution,” said Rob Thun, Director of content from DirecTV. “This deal between Amazon and DirecTV for Business comes at an important time when more and more streaming companies are getting exclusive rights to big-name sports programming and fans want to cheer on their teams at home and in bars, restaurants and other businesses with friends, family and colleagues.”

Any current DirecTV for Business customer who subscribes to Business Entertainment, Business Xtra, Commercial Entertainment, Commercial Xtra, Commercial Choice Plus and the Commercial Mas Ultra in Spanish will automatically receive this new Prime Video TNF stream at no additional cost, DirecTV said.

The first one TNF The game available for business accounts through DirecTV for Business is the final NFL preseason game on Aug. 25 between the San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans. The agreement covers the 15 Thursday night football regular season contest, starting Sept. 15 when the Los Angeles Chargers travel to face the Kansas City Chiefs. ■

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Small Sydney restaurants and bars are feeling the bite of ingredient price hikes

Joe Soglimbene has worked in the hospitality industry for 40 years.

Ten years ago he opened Pappardelle, an Italian restaurant in Sydney’s western suburb of Haberfield.

He’s been through many tough times for a business, including the closings of the past two years.

But it was the recent spike in the cost of ingredients and the shortage of staff that forced him to close the restaurant. Pappardelle will serve its last pasta on Sunday.

Crucial ingredients in Italian cuisine, including tomatoes, olive oil and zucchini, have all risen up to four times their usual price.

The cost of ordering products from Mr. Soglimbene has increased from around $3,000 per week to $9,000 per week.

Joe Soglimbene says rising costs and lack of staff make it difficult to enjoy running a restaurant.(ABC Radio Sydney: Declan Bowring)

“I can assure you that not many people in our food industry make money because of the cost of food,” Mr Soglimbene told ABC Radio Sydney Breakfast presenter James Valentine.

“The restaurateurs, they no longer have the joy they had before.

“Actually, we don’t socialize. We don’t enjoy our restaurant, but we have to work from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Who likes that?”

It was a similar story for Lou in Manly. She told ABC Radio Sydney she closed the fish and chips shop she ran with her husband after 28 years of service after the price of cooking oil doubled.

“My husband was working six days a week to lose money,” she said.

“Each crate of food is more expensive: tomatoes [and] salad. We all know lettuce.”

Tomatoes on display in a grocery store
Ingredients like tomatoes have become expensive for restaurants like Joe’s.(ABC: Bec Whetham)

Food prices rose 2.1% this quarter while fruit and vegetables rose 4.8%, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Lou also said they were unable to pass the cost on to customers.

“People weren’t happy to pay 50 cents more for fish and chips. So we’re just going back.”

“A Perfect Storm”

The stories of Mr Soglimbene and Lou are “too common” according to Wes Lambert, who is the director of the Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body.

What bites the most is the shortage of workers throughout the supply chain, which has affected the industry since October 2021, according to Mr. Lambert.

“It doesn’t matter how many working holidaymakers the government says have arrived or how many international students or people wanting to get back into the industry or be skilled and trained, or even the unemployment figures,” Mr Lambert said.

“We don’t see these people going back into hospitality, we don’t see these jobs being filled.”

Mr Soglimbene said travelers on working holiday visas who usually worked in the hospitality industry were no longer coming, mainly because they could not afford to come to Australia.

Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor told ABC Radio Sydney the government recognizes the problem and has promised to speed up the process for workers to enter the country.

Brendan O'Connor speaks to reporters outside Parliament regarding the Racial Discrimination Act 18c
Skills Minister Brendan O’Connor said the government must speed up the country’s temporary migration scheme.(ABC News: Matt Roberts)

“We have a crowded application process that we need to speed up,” Mr O’Connor said.

The minister also said they needed to attract people to Australia after a flight of temporary visa holders departed during the pandemic.

“Employers couldn’t keep employing them because they had never received any form of support. Even when, as we know, there was a lot of support in the economy,” Mr O’Connor said.

Landlords have also raised rents for hotel businesses, adding more financial headaches to already struggling businesses.

Alex Fenshan runs The Temperance Society bar in Summer Hill and said their landlord has raised rent by $200 a week, even though their average turnover has fallen.

“Make rent commensurate with this kind of hot fool [property] market does not represent what small businesses are capable of,” Fenshan said.

The exterior of a small bar
Alex Fenshan says he doesn’t see himself passing on the rising cost of beer to his customers.(ABC Radio Sydney: Declan Bowring)

Mr Lambert said businesses were facing rent increases of up to 10%.

Other costs businesses face are taxes due the previous year, which Lambert said were due now.

“This is the first time we’ve had a severe labor shortage, we’ve had rental resets and such high inflation,” he said.

“It’s a perfect storm, but we’re going to have to weather it.”

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Play the video.  Duration: 11 minutes 4 seconds

Why is everything so expensive?

Prepare for higher prices

Mr Lambert said current coffee and food prices were unsustainable given rising costs due to supply chain issues and inflation.

“If you’re a hospitality business, or you’re along the supply chain, and you haven’t raised your prices, 5-15% at the start of this fiscal year, you better get on with it. very, very quickly.

“You’re going to be behind the curve in inflation and behind the curve in those rent increases this year.”

A middle-aged man with a beard stands behind beer taps behind a bar.
Alex Fenshan worries about the future of small bars in Sydney.(ABC Radio Sydney: Declan Bowring)

The rise in the excise tax on alcohol further compounds the pain of rising expenses. The alcohol tax rose 3.84% on August 1 for pure beer, the biggest increase in 20 years.

Mr Fenshan said the increase would drive up the cost of beer by $2.50 a liter and he could not imagine trying to pass the cost on to consumers.

“It’s something that we’re probably going to have to absorb because I don’t see people [paying extra] in the current climate when we are already struggling to encourage people to come back,” he said.

“Asking people to spend more than $15 for a glass of beer. It’s going to scare off customers.”

A pint glass being filled with beer from a tap
An increase in alcohol tax increases pressure on small bars to pass the costs on to customers.(ABC Great Southern: Sophie Johnson)

Mr Fenshan fears the current climate could set back Sydney’s nightlife as smaller bars feel the pressure.

“With the kind of economic climate and the difficulties that all kinds of small businesses are facing…I think we are really at risk of businesses becoming just homogenized and franchised.”

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CTRL Meal-on-the-Go Bar Review – The Gadgeteer

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EXAM – I have a child who has never really eaten a “normal” breakfast. It’s probably my fault since I used to throw him in his car seat in the morning with dry cereal (he didn’t like it with milk) which he ate like kibble on the way to school. ‘school. Anyway, now that he’s a teenager, I make him get a protein bar in the car and eat it on the way to school, and he really only likes one flavor of a brand . When CTRL Meal on the Go bars wanted a review, I decided to see if we could maybe add some variety to my son’s morning.

What is that?

CTRL Meal-on-the-Go bars are meal replacements containing 15 grams of whey protein.

What’s in the box?

12 bars of chocolate chip cookie dough or magic charms flavors


Chocolate chip cookie dough

  • 15g of protein
  • 11 g fat (4.5 saturated fat/no trans fat)
  • 27g of carbohydrates
  • 9g fiber
  • 12g of sugars
  • 240 calories

magic charms

  • 15g of protein
  • 10 g fat (4 g saturated/no trans fat)
  • 27g carbohydrates
  • 9g fiber
  • 12 g of sugars

Ingredients (chocolate chip cookie dough): Roasted cashews, isomaltooligosaccharide, whey protein isolate, milk chocolate coating (sugar, palm kernel oil and hydrogenated palm oil, dry skimmed milk, cocoa powder [processed with alkali]soy lecithin [an emulsifier] and vanillin [an artificial flavor]), cookie dough bites (wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, water, chocolate chips [sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract] molasses, corn starch, natural flavor, natural and artificial vanilla, salt, soy lecithin) honey, whey chips (whey protein concentrate, rice flour), cocoa powder, natural flavors.
Allergen warning: Contains milk, soy, cashew and wheat. Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy wheat and eggs. Contains bio-engineered food ingredients.

Ingredients (Magic Charms): roasted cashews, isomaltooligosaccharide, whey protein isolate, white chocolate coating (sugar, vegetable oil [palm kernel oil]hydrogenated palm kernel and cottonseed oils skim milk powder, milk, lacto glyceryl esters of fatty acids, soy, lethecin, salt, artificial flavour), honey, oat cereal (whole oat flour, sugar, marshmallows [sugar, corn syrup, food starch—modified dextrose, gelatin, sodium, hexametaphosphate, natural and artificial flavor, color [red 40, yellow 5 and 6, blue 1 and 2]) wheat starch, food starch – modified brown sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, color (titanium dioxide, caramel), trisodium phosphate, preservative (tocopherols), whey chips (whey protein concentrate, rice flour ), cereal marshmallows (sugar, corn syrup, modified food starch. Contains less than 2% gelatin, sodium hexametaphosphate, artificial flavor, natural flavor, artificial color (blue 1).
Allergen warnings: Contains milk, soy, cashews, wheat. Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy wheat and eggs. Contains bio-engineered food ingredients.


I’ve tried a lot of protein bars and I’m pretty picky when it comes to taste. A protein bar shouldn’t feel like a punishment – ​​it should be at least as tasty as a healthy breakfast. In this department, CTRL Meal-on-the-Go bars don’t disappoint. Everyone who tried them loved them, and they were a mix of kids and adult family members. There was a slight preference in my limited sample for the Cookie Dough bar, but pretty much everyone agreed that the Magic Charms bar tasted like a cookie or cereal, but denser. They agreed that the cookie dough bar is gooey and tastes like a treat. Are they as good as a Snicker’s bar? No. But you shouldn’t eat a Snicker’s instead of a meal because you’ll feel like garbage about an hour after. These don’t give you the sugar despite having 27 grams of carbs.

So let’s talk about the ingredients of the CTRL Meal-on-the-Go Bar: the list of ingredients is TINY on the packaging and I couldn’t find it at all on the product pages so I wanted to put it on this article . It was a challenge to read and spell. You’ll find that cashews are the number one ingredient, which isn’t surprising. They are delicious, just like the bars! However, you will see that ingredient number two is isomaltooligosaccharide. It is a mixture of hard-to-digest short-chain carbohydrates. It helps you feel full and it’s marketed as a healthy low carb/low calorie/high fiber sweetener, which sounds great. However, since isomaltooligosaccharides are difficult to digest, they can cause gastrointestinal issues, especially if you eat too much. Neither my son nor I had any issues in this department, but I would advise anyone who eats more than once a day to stay near a bathroom until you know what it will do to you.

It should also be noted, if not obvious, that they are not keto-friendly, nor vegan. They certainly pass the taste test, but they are not very big. If I wanted to live dangerously, I’d pair them with a fruit or something else that would make you feel more full, because these little bars aren’t meal-sized. They are more of a snack to eat until you can make time for lunch, rather than a breakfast replacement. I find this to be the case with most protein bars.

You might notice that there aren’t many photos of the out-of-package bars in this article. This is because these things melted a bit along the way and as a result they didn’t look so good. In fact, they weren’t that strong in my air-conditioned house either. I kept my bars in a fridge as recommended, but I think they might get messy if you’re really “on the go”. You will also notice in the photos that they are not exactly filled with small marshmallows or chocolate chips as in the packaging photo.

I was also thinking of mentioning the CTRL Meal-on-the-Go bar price factor. They cost around $3 each, which I think is a little pricey. I guess it depends on your perspective, though. If you consider them a meal replacement, then $3 isn’t a lot for a meal. If you feel like they are more in the snack category, $3 is a bit more than my usual brand of protein bars.

What I like

  • lots of protein
  • No sugar crash
  • Good taste

What I do not like

  • The ingredients are so small on the packaging that they make me think they don’t want me to look at them!
  • Can be fondant

Final Thoughts

CTRL Meal-on-the-Go bars are tasty, but may not travel as well if you can’t keep them cool.

Price: 35.99 for a box of 12.
Or buy: CTRL.
Source: The sample for this review was provided by CTRL.

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A stiffer torsion bar transformed my Abarth

Stiffer rear torsion bar on a Fiat 500 Abarth guide and review highlights:

  • A distinctive feature of the semi-independent suspension setup of the same name, the torsion bar connects opposing suspension arms and absorbs impact by twisting
  • Besides its reasonable price and simple installation procedure, a stiffer rear torsion bar can improve your car’s handling by limiting excessive movement.
  • Upgrading the tiller on my 500 Abarth eliminated body roll and understeer, turning it into a neutral-handling hot hatch.

Whether cheap or expensive, most modifications come with trade-offs. Yes, your mods can make your car faster, sharper, or cooler, but they can also ruin it for daily driver duties. Some mods, however, do the opposite. They don’t just improve on what’s already there, but rather fix a flaw that’s holding the car back. And that’s exactly what installing a stiffer rear torsion bar did for my Fiat 500 Abarth.

What is a torsion bar used for?

2013 Fiat 500 Abarth rear torsion bar suspension with the bar highlighted | Matthew Skwarczek, MotorBiscuit

If you look at the term “torsion bar” and think of sway bars, don’t worry, it’s a common misconception. In addition to being bars, they are two important parts of a car’s suspension. Also, at a basic level, they work the same way. However, it is not the same thing. And while stabilizer bars improve a car’s suspension, torsion bars are an integral part of it.

Most modern vehicles feature some form of independent suspension, that is, suspension that allows the wheels along an axle to move independently. Torsion bar, i.e. torsion beam suspension, i.e. twist axles, technically falls into this category, but only partially. That’s why many engineers and designers call it semi-independent suspension, explains CarBibles. And while it has some drawbacks, there are real benefits to using this style of suspension, especially on affordable performance cars.

This configuration has two trailing arms connected by a beam. The arms allow independent movement of the wheels, while the beam, which is the eponymous torsion bar, limits lateral movement and supports the arms. However, when the car goes over a bump, the bar acts like a metal spring, twisting to absorb the impact. As such, the torsion bar is much like an integrated stabilizer bar, but with added functions.

Because torsion bar setups are relatively simple, they aren’t as easy to adjust as fully independent ones. They don’t handle as well, hence the outcry over the Mazda3’s recent switch from independent rear suspension to torsion bars. However, these configurations are also cheaper to manufacture and take up less space. That’s why you’ll usually find them in the back of modern “economy cars”. And because of that, they’re also common sights on hot hatches.

But as the Fiesta ST showed, the torsion beam suspension can compete with a ‘real’ independent setup. And one of the easiest ways to improve its performance is to use a stiffer torsion bar.

What is a stiffer torsion bar used for?

” src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; automatic reading; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyroscope; picture in picture” allow full screen>

As stated earlier, the torsion bars twist to absorb bumps and impacts. But too much torsion messes up the suspension geometry and tire grip, messing up your handling. Stiffer springs and shocks can help, but only to a certain extent, and they have their own issues. Really, what you need to do is beef up the suspension itself.

With fully independent suspension, the typical fix is ​​something like a strut tower brace. But that’s not an option for a car like my 500 Abarth, which has no rear strut towers to reinforce. However, a stiffer torsion bar for the rear suspension basically does the same thing. Namely, it is more resistant to torsion forces, that is, torsion.

In theory, this reduces body roll by limiting the influence of the movement of one wheel on the movement of the other. In addition, it should also stiffen the rear part, making it more stable and planted. This means it will be more susceptible to bumps and blemishes, but not necessarily as much as if you stiffened the shocks.

How much does a replacement bar cost?

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As with other car mods, stiffer torsion bars vary by material as well as make and model. But they usually cost less than some performance tires.

For example, the 28mm Neu-F bar I bought for my 500 Abarth cost me $190 before shipping and taxes. That’s about the middle of what aftermarket bars typically cost. An upgraded Fiesta ST bar, for example, can cost as little as $100. On the other hand, stiffer bars for some VW and Audi products can cost around $270.

How to install one on your car?

” src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; automatic reading; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyroscope; picture in picture” allow full screen>

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In addition to being affordable car mods, stiffer torsion bars are also simple to install. However, although the installation process is simple, it requires some muscle strength. Don’t be surprised if you’re sweaty at the end.

You can make the job easier with a few power tools. But you can get by just fine with the usual assortment of DIY hand tools:

  • floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Torque wrench
  • Socket wrench and sockets
  • cross key
  • Ratchet
  • Circuit breaker bar
  • Rubber and metal hammers

Depending on your car, you may need thread locker for certain bolts or screws. Also, after dealing with too many frozen wheel nuts and bolts, I brought some penetrating oil and a torch. Also, check the torque specs on your torsion bar bracket bolts. My Abarth spec was high enough that I had to rent a different torque wrench.

Once you have assembled your tools, securely lift the car into the air and remove the wheels. Next, locate the torsion bar and its mounts. First, remove the bolts that secure the brackets around the bar, then unscrew the driver’s side bracket. Take note, the support of my Abarth was fixed by Torx bolts with thread lock. Anyway, at this point you can discard the old bar and install the new stiffer one.

This is where muscle power comes in. Because the new bar is likely wider than the old one, you will need to squeeze, twist, push, and hammer it into place. Once done, replace the bracket and tighten the bolts to the proper specification. Again, you’ll need to put your back (and arms) into it. After that, put the wheels back on, lower the car and you’re done.

Putting a stiffer rear torsion bar on my 500 Abarth is one of the best car mods I’ve ever done

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From start to finish, it took me about 2.5 hours to fit my Abarth with a stiffer rear torsion bar. And yes, I ended up using the oil and the blowtorch. But the result was worth every last drop of sweat.

For context, I installed the bar after having already installed a stiffer lower subframe brace and side braces. Both of these mods have improved the handling of my car to some extent as they have strengthened the chassis. The Neu-F torsion bar, however, is a complete suspension modification. And I’m sorry for not having installed it on the first day.

Body roll? Virtually gone. From now on, the Abarth spins flat in the turns and reacts more quickly to the requests of the direction. It’s not nervous, it’s just more agile. Also, I can confirm that the bar makes the rear feel tighter and more stable. There’s also more feedback via the brake pedal, which I wasn’t expecting.

But the biggest difference is in the understeer, which is that there is none. I never realized how much I was fighting the front end until I didn’t need it anymore. Instead of a nose-heavy machine, the Abarth is now brilliantly neutral, turning in corners much sharper than before. And rather than braking to set up a turn, I can adjust the line on the fly with the throttle. It’s still a front-wheel-drive car, but it handles much more like a rear-wheel-drive car.

Disadvantages? It reacts a bit more to big bumps and holes. But it’s a small price to pay. This simple mod has really changed my car for the better. And I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to do the same.

Follow more updates from MotorBiscuit on our Facebook page.

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New tequila bar debuts at Balboa Bay Resort

Tequila Bar at Balboa Bay Resort

Tequila has become a trending spirit in the cocktail world. From reposado to anejo, tequila has grown in popularity, but so has mezcal, often called the smoky cousin of tequila.

No matter which agave-derived drink you prefer, you’ll find a version you’ll love at the new Tequila Bar located on the patio of A+O Restaurant at Balboa Bay Resort.

The Tequila Bar offers tequila and mezcals that are rare, hard to find and distinctive in design and flavor.

“The goal is to provide our guests with a unique experience when you come to A+O Restaurant,” said Jason Hsieh, Food and Beverage Manager at Balboa Bay Resort. “Mezcal flights will be offered in signature Himalayan salt shot glasses as we take you through an experience that includes different variations of spices and salts like the famous Agave Worm Salt.”

In addition to a variety of tequilas, restaurant patrons can enjoy unique homemade snacks at the Tequila Bar. Favorites include shaved dark chocolate with tandoori masala and caramelized popcorn with peanuts and bacon, which pair well with Anejo and Cristalino tequilas, as well as mezcals.

Additional bar bites include dehydrated pineapple, which brings out the sweetness of agave and pairs well with blanco and reposado tequilas.

The tequila bar at the A+O | The bar is open Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Tequila Bar at Balboa Bay Resort

Recently named the #1 resort in Newport Beach by US News & World Report, the Forbes Four-Star and AAA Four-Diamond property offers a celebrity culinary program by Executive Chef Prabeen Prathapan, who brings more than 17 years of experience in hospitality at the resort. .

Prior to joining Balboa Bay Resort, Prathapan served as Executive Chef of Paséa Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach. Previously, he served as Executive Sous Chef at Montage Laguna Beach, where he was responsible for overseeing daily culinary operations.

If you plan to dine at A+O before or after your Tequila Bar experience, I recommend the fish tacos and the burger, although you can’t go wrong with any of the menu options. Oh, and the crab mac and cheese with gruyere cheese and crab chunks. A decadent delight.

For more information, please visit

Tequila Bar at Balboa Bay Resort
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Jesus raised the bar at Arsenal, says Arteta

LONDON, Aug 13 (Reuters) – Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has spoken of Gabriel Jesus’ positive impact on the rest of the squad after the Brazilian marked his home debut with two goals in a a 4-2 win over Leicester City in the Premier League on Saturday.

Jesus, who joined Manchester City in a deal worth around 45 million pounds ($54.6 million), scored twice in the first half and was involved in other goals for Granit Xhaka and fellow Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli.

The 25-year-old could have scored a hat-trick and was applauded when he was substituted late.

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“We know what Gabi can do. He scored two goals and had two assists and is still disappointed because he thinks he should have scored four,” said Arteta, who worked with Jesus during his tenure. assistant coach at Manchester City.

“That’s the norm, that’s the mentality. You have to step up to a different level.”

Jesus’ influence on his teammates was clear as Arsenal’s fluid attack looked powerful on Saturday.

The Leicester defenders had a torrid time as Jesus showed the kind of form that won him many fans at City, even though he struggled to find a starting spot.

“I wouldn’t like to play against him. I’ve never been a defender, but I can imagine I wouldn’t like that. He’s so mobile, so intuitive, always sharp and proactive to play at all times and in every phase. game, and that’s a real threat,” Arteta said.

“I think it raises the standards of the way he is every day, the way he talks to (his teammates), the way they connect. I think it’s very natural, but at the same time, it’s quite impressive to do it quickly.”

Jesus looks like a key man in Arsenal’s pursuit of a top-four return and Arteta knows he has to manage the Brazilian carefully to keep him at his peak.

“That’s why we removed it,” he said. “I think he’s made 18 starts in the last two seasons and we’re going to ask him to start a lot of games, so we have to manage that load when we can.”

The mood around the stadium was vibrant and Arteta praised the way the fans responded to William Saliba, also like Jesus on his home debut, after scoring an own goal early in the second half.

“What they did today with William Saliba after the own goal is something I’ve never seen in my career,” Arteta told reporters.

“It shows connection and really being there when it matters and when it’s hard.

“We should be really proud to play in front of them because it was special.”

($1 = 0.8244 pounds)

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Reporting by Martyn Herman, editing by Ed Osmond

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Grab your Chicago Handshake Passport at any of the city’s 15 independent bars

End the summer with the most Chicago event of the year: fifteen independent bars serving up that famous love-it-hate-it combo, the Chicago Handshake. Pick up a free Chicago Handshake Passport at participating bars and get a stamp unique to each when you order a handshake. How many neighborhoods can you or your team visit before the grand finale to benefit local hospitality nonprofit Another Round Another Rally? Receive a limited edition handshake when you complete the challenge among other goodies.

Image credit: Ryan Duffy

How the Chicago Handshake Passport Works

Do not underestimate this challenge. The sense of urgency starts right from the start! To enter the Chicago Handshake Passport Challenge this year, you must visit one of the 15 participating bars and apply for a passport with your first order of a Chicago Handshake drink combo (an old-fashioned beer and a shot of Malört). However, each bar only has a limited number of passports, so be sure to grab yours early!

Once you have your passport, visit the remaining bars and order a Chicago Handshake at each location to get each location’s unique stamp. Collect all 15 stamps by September 22 to complete the challenge and redeem a limited-edition Challenge Coin!

What are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the participating bars!

2313 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Enjoy music and nightly events at Café Mustache. Considered Chicago’s best non-traditional music venue, this Logan Square gem is loved by many locals. It’s a cafe by day and a bar by night. In addition, there are always karaoke nights on Saturdays and Sundays.

1424 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

DJs, pool tables and tattoo art. The Five Star Bar is a local favorite where all the regulars hang out after a long day at work. Order a few small bites, a nice shot of bourbon, and people watch while you relax. Then, when you’re ready, take on the Chicago Handshake Challenge!

2801 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622

Great deals, affordable drinks, late hours. The Continental Lounge is a perfect place for a mid-week getaway when you just want some time to yourself but would rather go out than stay home. PS: The floor is RAD.

2224 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60647

Enjoy daily drink specials and craft beers at this neighborhood bar. You’ll understand why so many people become regulars here once you talk to the staff and realize how friendly they are. It’s literally like walking into a meeting or going back to your hometown after college. Remember, though: they’re cash only!

2849 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

Loud and proud, DMen Tap is a food truck that decided to open a bar. That tells you they have some awesome bites and drinks! And did we mention this place is inspired by Dungeons & Dragons? We wonder if their stamp will also be inspired by D&D.

2363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Watch out, everyone! Now you have another reason to come and play video games at the Emporium: get the stamp for your Chicago Handshake Passport! Also, we think you should choose a night with live music to come for your handshake. Because why not?

921 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Drinks, hugs and high fives – honestly, that sounds like the right vibe. This rustic hidden gem is right there on Western. If you hop on the #49 bus, you’ll be there in no time. Besides the handshake, you’ll find plenty of branded drinks on their extensive menu, ranging from craft beers to specialty cocktails.

2403 W Homer St, Chicago, IL 60647

The Green Eye Lounge is a neighborhood restaurant located on the old-fashioned side of Western Avenue, a short walk from the Blue Line. Let your bartender guide you through a comfortable environment, personally ensuring an ear of great music and a glass of great drink. All are welcome to join our team of Green Eye regulars.

Image Credit: Daniel Evan Bell

1850 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Watering hole with craft beers and billiards in a vintage tavern with a sculpted bar and local artwork: Lemmings is the place for you. This is probably one of the best dive bars in the area. Plus, they have a fantastic wine selection, which means the merlot spun in your handshake will probably be really tasty.

2410 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Logan Arcade is a relaxing spot with arcade games and vintage pinball machines, plus a full bar with plenty of beer on tap. This craft beer-focused tavern/arcade has Chicago’s most curated collection of games!

1516 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Nick’s Beer Garden is a Wicker Park tavern with a long and colorful history dating back to 1977 in Lincoln Park. Live music, DJs, sports and merry-making are all part of the format with a thoughtful selection of all things liquid in this quaint joint.

3439 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

As the oldest bar in Wrigleyville, Nisei Lounge has been serving craft beers, showing baseball on flat screens, and cheering around the darts and pool table since 1951. We’re very curious what their Chicago Handshake pad looks like. Passport!

2417 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Good bartenders, awesome music, and the dark, retro interior might have us staring forever. Enjoy draft beers and house cocktails, then get ready for the Chicago Handshake! You also get free popcorn here. Yes. Free. Popcorns!

222 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60604

Someone point out Taylor Swift’s “22”, please? 2Twenty2 Tavern offers bourbon, craft beer and pub snacks. Its cold, traditional digs are what keep people coming back, and the fun only gets better with shuffleboard and video games throughout the facility. It’s a perfect stop after a quick visit to the Art Institute.

2026 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

A Bucktown staple since 1947, we’re a neighborhood tavern proud of our community, our local customers, and the new faces we’ve yet to meet. Their ever-changing vintage cocktail menu pays homage to Chicago’s OGs, but with a modern twist.

two people raising a glass of chicago handshake passport
Image Credit: Daniel Evan Bell

Another Round Another Rally is a non-profit financial and educational resource for the hospitality industry, providing scholarships, developing future leaders and providing emergency relief.

From helping hospitality workers develop their skills and dealing with the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to helping bar and restaurant workers deal with sudden illnesses , natural disasters or other emergencies, Another Round Another Rally strives to meet urgent needs within the community – regardless of the current state of the restaurant industry.

Featured Image: Ryan Duffy

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Woman involved in Phil Trenary case back behind bars on new attempted first-degree murder charge

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – The woman who was charged at age 16 with the 2018 murder of Memphis Chamber CEO Phil Trenary is back behind bars after a shooting in May.

Although her charge of first degree murder as a minor has since been dropped, Ricanisha Wright, now 20, has a new felony charge on her record.

Wright has been charged with attempted first-degree murder after police say she flagged down a car, allowing her brother to shoot a man in Castalia Heights.

On May 12, Memphis police responded to a shooting on S. Cooper Street where they found an unconscious man who was shot in the back while inside his car.

He was later transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

Five days later, the victim was able to provide an official statement to investigators. He told police that the day before the shooting, he got into a fight over money with a woman and her brother he knew from the neighborhood. This woman was later identified as Wright.

He said the argument led to a physical altercation.

The next day he saw Wright again, vigorously waving at him on the street as he drove his car. Wright was accompanied by her brother, he said.

He told police he was startled by this and slowed the car down. When he did, he said the brother pulled a handgun from his belt and opened fire on his car, resulting in him being hit in the back.

Prior to the interview, Wright had been developed as a possible suspect in the shooting.

Investigators showed the victim a series of photos, in which he was able to identify Wright as the person who reported him while he was driving, giving the shooter time to open fire on his vehicle.

The charges against the shooter are not known at this time and it is likely that he is a minor.

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Chris Young + Mitchell Tenpenny Could Be ‘At The End Of A Bar’, But Chris Doesn’t Know Mitchell’s Drink Order – Deltaplex News

In the lyrics of their new duet, “At the End of a Bar”, Chris Young and Mitchell Tenpenny list some of the “millions of things” you might find when you find yourself in a bar.

From the friendly ear of a bartender to the love of a lifetime, there are a number of things just waiting to be found “At the End of a Bar” – but Chris says he usually only looks for one.

“If there’s a place with good whiskey, it’s good. Yeah. That’s all I need,” Chris told ABC Audio. If he had to pick one brand in particular, it would be Crown Royal, a brand he frequently partners with for military support initiatives.

But if he’s ordering for Mitchell, Chris says all bets are off – he has no idea what his duo partner’s favorite drink order is.

“I don’t really order for my friends at the bar,” the singer explains. “I always laugh when, you know, you see a band [of] people, and they sit down and they say, ‘What do you want?’ “I don’t know, what are you eating?” »

“And I’m like, ‘We can have different things,'” Chris continues with a laugh. “They have different bottles. You can order whatever you want.”

Chris may not be familiar with Mitchell’s favorite liquor choices, but he’s a huge supporter of his duet partner when it comes to his music. Mitchell received Sony Music Nashville’s Billion Streams Award earlier this week, and Chris appeared at the plaque presentation in support of his friend.

Copyright © 2022, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.

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A new wine bar is to open in Nob Hill

“Breweries, breweries, breweries.”

That’s what Jessica Beecher says she’s seen opening for the past 15 years in Albuquerque – a difficult market for a wine lover like her. It’s one of the reasons she decided Albuquerque needed a wine bar.

Along with her husband Seth Beecher (who previously owned Ambrozia Cafe & Wine Bar) and friends Mariessa Sanchez and Paul Chavez, Beecher founded Central Bodega, which will open August 13. The Nob Hill Wine Bar is located at 3418 Central SE. Of the four owners and staff, Beecher says, they have more than 100 years of restaurant experience.

” I like wine. I love everything about it – making it, selling it and drinking it,” Beecher said. “So yeah, there’s a lot of passion there.”

Beecher and her husband own Mission Winery in the North Valley, and Beecher is currently studying enology and viticulture (the study of wines and viticultural agriculture) at UC Davis. Beecher said that although New Mexico was the oldest wine region in the United States, she felt there was little interest in the industry for many years.

Now, says Beecher, “a passion for wine is returning” to the state. His own wine will be on the menu at Central Bodega.

The restaurant combines Spanish, Italian and French cuisine with its 60-wine list. The menu is inspired by the respective travels of the co-owners in Europe.

“Their focus is that food isn’t just food,” Beecher said. “It’s…a time to get together with loved ones and friends and reconnect over a meal and good drinks.”

Like its bodega namesake, the Nob Hill restaurant offers take-out sandwiches behind the deli counter and a retail section that offers everything from canned fruit to barbecue sauce and kombucha (produced by the Albuquerque maker Urbanmama505). Everything is made by small craftsmen. The restaurant will also sell take-out sandwiches and other treats.

Likewise, the menu features local ingredients and will change with the seasons.

“We … scoured the menu like crazy and tried, sampled and tweaked everything to get it exactly how we all want it,” Beecher said.

Buying local is important to Beecher.

“We will continue to build businesses and reinvest our money back into Albuquerque because we all believe in Albuquerque and we all love Albuquerque,” Beecher said. “And we want to see it prosper and grow.”

All four owners were born and raised in New Mexico. Beecher said there was no doubt where the partners would locate the restaurant – it had to be Nob Hill.

“We love Nob Hill,” Beecher said. “We’ve seen things go from turmoil and boom to being hit by COVID and all that shut down so many businesses. So we’re very excited to be a part of that and to watch Nob Hill’s revival – and hopefully be a part of it.

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New: South City Tavern is your local corner bar serving classic Buffalo pub grub with a game of darts

South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern

Many bars and restaurants strive to be a ‘purple elephant’ – be something that stands out by offering something you won’t find anywhere else. This often translates to a destination bar or restaurant, something that offers unique classic dishes (elevated baked potatoes!) or a concept you won’t find anywhere else (fine sci-fi cuisine!).

Corner bars are the glaring exception to this rule. While some of these might lure people in with food or live music, the most successful ones involve flexing the familiar, providing a stasis that allows the outside world to temporarily melt away. A place where strangers can share stories about shitty bosses and the time they hit a deer.

That’s the idea behind the new South City Tavern.


South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern
South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern
South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern

“I remember my dad taking me to local bars in the 70s, and it was almost like the show Cheers: Everybody knew everybody,” says Dusty Rhodes, managing partner. Opening this kind of bar is harder than it looks. Regulars are fiercely loyal to their favorite bar. Rhodes knows it.

“You have a chance of winning someone over, especially people who already have their corner spot where they go Monday to Friday. If these people say hey let’s try this new South City place, we gotta make a good first impression.

“Your new customers need to feel like the staff really want them there, and they’re not just another ring on the cash register.”

The new tavern may have the shiny shine of a recent renovation, but the old Buffalo essentials are still here. Darts? Check. Beer signs? Check. Thurman Thomas jersey framed on the wall? Check. You know it and you love it.


South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern
South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern

If you need more than good vibes to refuel, South City serves up classic Buffalo pub grub. Big pub burgers towering over a side of fries. Cheese crusted pots of French onion soup. Quesadillas so stuffed that each slice requires two hands.

There are also chicken wings based on recipes developed at South City’s sister bar, The Old School Tavern on Clinton Street. Proud of his wings, Rhodes says there’s no need to leave Buffalo and go to a place like Bar-Bill.

“I don’t kick Bar-Bill’s wings,” he said. “They’re great, but it’s East Aurora, not Buffalo. When people are looking to get to the city of Buffalo for wings, it’s a long drive from downtown.

South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern
South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern
South City Tavern / Photo courtesy of South City Tavern

As well as being a watering hole with essential pub food, there’s also a weekly karaoke night, live music and occasional comedy nights. Rhodes says there are also plans for a darts league and regular trivia nights.

The South City Tavern is firmly rooted in the past. But that doesn’t mean he’s stuck in his ways. Rhodes says he regularly chats with other bar owners in the area to keep his finger on what locals are looking for.

“The local bar owners used to travel and go to other bars,” he says. “It stopped for a while, but now it’s starting to come back. For a while, things felt a bit fierce, where people saw each other as competitors. But now we’re starting to realize that we’re not really stealing customers from each other. We all have our regulars. So the more we can help each other, the better it will be for everyone.

Hours of operation at time of publication (subject to change): Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., Sunday and Monday CLOSED

Southern Town Tavern

1345 S Park Avenue Buffalo, NY 14220 • $$

pub food

southern buffalo

Bar, Casual Dinner Service

South City Tavern is a newly renovated tavern located on South Park in Buffalo. We offer a variety of bottled beers and spirits and great food, banquets,…

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The 10 Best Outdoor Bar Carts For Your Backyard, According To The Experts

Also available at Target and Walmart.

Advantages: There is a built-in ice bucket, stemware holders and bottle holders.

The inconvenients: This is only a two-level cart.

The Best Choice Products Outdoor Rolling Wicker Bar Cart ticks all the boxes. With an integrated ice bucket, stemware holders and bottle holders, it’s great value. “Bar carts can be expensive, but if you’re on a budget, don’t let that scare you off. Find something sturdy and then focus on spirits,” says Mike Podlogar, Ready-to-Drink Program Manager at Boardroom. Spirits in Pennsylvania. Although this bar cart only has two shelves, the bottom shelf is so functional that we can’t resist recommending it as the best overall. On the bottom shelf there is space for three bottles of wine and spirits, any mixers you might need on the corresponding side and an ice bucket in the middle to keep all your drinks cold. The stemware rack is a bonus and provides an invisible third shelf for wine glasses. We love the glass top of the top shelf and how easily you can wipe down the surface for quick cleanup. Finally, did we mention it’s wicker? This classic wicker weave will match many outdoor furniture pieces and is easy to wipe down when the party is over.

  • Dimensions: 43.5″ (L) x 18″ (W) x 36.5″ (H)
  • Material: Weather-resistant wicker, steel frame and tempered glass top
  • Storage: Yes
  • Care: Clean with a damp cloth
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Ribbon Cutting hosts Mom’s Cookie Bar in Doylestown

DOYLESTOWN BOROUGH, Pa. — A line of walkers stretched the sidewalk along North Main Street Saturday morning toward Doylestown’s new sweet spot.

Minutes earlier, Lindsay Baker joined by her children, Jack, Avery and Bristol, officially cut the ribbon at Mom’s Cookie Bar located inside the Hart Building on North Main Street.

“We’re really excited to be here,” Baker told a crowd of people gathered on the sidewalk outside his new business. “I just want to bake cookies and be happy,” she said. “And that’s what I do.”

Flanked by giant balloon-shaped ice cream cones strategically positioned on either side of the door, Baker toasted her new store with champagne and offered sample cookies to the crowd of mostly young parents and children.

“It’s been a labor of love over the past six months,” she said. “Thank you to my kids for supporting me. I also want to thank the community for making my first two weeks a success and for all the smiles. The kids and babies that have arrived, it’s truly amazing. “

Dr. Vail P. Garvin, President and CEO of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, was there to officially welcome Mom’s Cookie Bar to Doylestown.

“This opening symbolizes the vibrancy of Doylestown, the vibrancy of Bucks County,” Garvin said. “And that makes me so proud of her – a young mother with three children starting a business. It’s so awesome.

“Every business in Doylestown is unique and that’s what brings the vibrancy. Just walking around Doylestown is an experience in itself. So long live Doylestown, long live Bucks County,” she said.

Baker, who grew up in Doylestown and graduated from Central Bucks, is thrilled to be a part of that drive now.

“I feel so blessed and so grateful to be part of this community and to open up a place where everyone can come and feel welcome and at home,” Baker said.

“It’s important to me. I want it to be a place where everyone feels loved,” she said. “And if you don’t have a mom or grandma at home who cooks for you, come here and we’ll take care of you and everyone will be like family.”

Mom’s Cookie Bar offers over 65 different flavors of home-made stuffed and regular cookie bars that she will alternate throughout the year.

“We also have a draft system that we developed so that we have chocolate milk on tap. We also have nitro cold brew coffee from ‘Backyard Beans’, a local brewer in Lansdale. And we make our own homemade sodas. We have root and orange beer on tap right now.”

Plus, Mom’s serves homemade soft serve ice cream featuring vanilla and a featured flavor of the week.

“With this, we make milkshakes and Avalanches, which are a bit like a Blizzard, which can be customized with various candies. I also cut cookie bars that can be added to Avalanches or mixed into milkshakes. shakes, which really taste awesome.”

In addition to sweetening the town, she also hopes that everyone will leave with a delicious memory.

“I’ve always loved baking, and I love seeing people smile after trying something I’ve made,” Baker says. “I’ve often been asked what my secret ingredient is and the answer is always ‘It was baked with love’.”

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Upcoming opening of new Gilbert restaurants and bars: Burgers, macaroons, etc.

In the coming months, Gilbert should welcome several new restaurants, bars and a macaroon bakery. Some of these restaurants will open as part of two different developments: Epicenter at Agritopia, which includes 320 luxury apartments and approximately 50,000 square feet of retail space; and Verde in Cooley Station, which is a 23-acre mixed development concept. And fans of a veteran-owned bar with Mesa roots will celebrate its expansion into a new production facility with Mayor Brigette Peterson is present.

Here’s a sneak peek at a cider house, burger restaurant, Tiki bar and other new foodie destinations coming soon to Gilbert.

cider body

Cider Corps co-owners and brothers Jason and Josh Duren inspired the dining room decor after Jason's military background.

Cider Corps will join the Gilbert community with its second tasting room on Friday, July 29, featuring a ribbon-cutting ceremony and $4 ciders on tap. The ceremony will begin at 3:30 p.m. Food will be available at chef Adam Allison’s Brightside Burgers food truck. Decor and hours reflect Mesa’s original dining room with nods to co-owner Jason Duren’s military background with lights made from helmets and a mural showing a purple heart turned into a flower.

The complex includes a 14,000 square foot production facility and reception hall.

Details: 685 S. Gilbert Road, Gilbert.

Say goodbye:These Phoenix Metro restaurants have closed permanently – one after 35 years

decadent macaroon

Decadent macaron owner Stephanie Wagner was on a mission to create the perfect macaron

Stephanie and Josh Wagner aim to open their second macaron shop at Gilbert’s Verde in Cooley Station in October. Decadent Macaron offers both regular and playful macarons — like unicorns, avocados, Yodas, and cacti — in 40 flavors. Flavors include lavender, rose, prickly pear, salted caramel and churro.

Other places to find decadent macaroons include Palette Collective Coffee & Co-Retail in Chandler, Provision Coffee in Phoenix, Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee Co. in Gilbert, and Snowtime in Chandler.

Details: 3975 E. Williams Field Road, Gilbert.

Cooking & Crafts

The owners of this restaurant and gastropub, which started in Scottsdale and recently opened on the High Street, plan to open a third location as part of Verde in Cooley Station. The menu is full of burgers, vegan and vegetarian options, and locally made beers and coffees. An exact opening date is not available at this time.

Details: 3975 E. Williams Field Road, Gilbert.

Epicenter in Agritopia

Epicenter, Developed by William and Joe Johnston, Epicenter will include several fun restaurants and bars such as Undertow with Tiki-inspired cocktails, Belly with Southeast Asian cuisine, and Matt’s Big Breakfast. It is scheduled to open this summer.

Details: 3150 E. Ray Road, Gilbert.

Contact the reporter at [email protected] Follow @banooshahr on Twitter.

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Austin’s busy taco bar continues to expand with 2 new locations

Taco Flats isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind. Here’s proof: On July 25, Austin’s taco purveyors announced plans for two new locations, after buying Riata Bar and Grill in northwest Austin and Castro’s Bar & BBQ in Lakeway.

The Northwest Austin site will open first on August 5, followed by the Lakeway site in mid-September.

“This northwest section of the city has dense neighborhoods, tech, fintech and general office etc, making it a perfect neighborhood for our neighborhood bar concept,” said the founder and Taco Flats owner Simon Madera of the Riata site in a press release.

The Riata Bar and Grill, located at 183 off McNeil Drive, had been in the area since the early 2000s, one of many bars in the mall with pool tables and drop ceilings.

Madera continues, “I never thought Lakeway would be an option for future expansion, but the city’s rapid growth made the decision to go west possible. I feel like the families moving to Lakeway are getting younger, which is a clientele that over the past few years has embraced the Taco Flats brand.

Of course, Taco Flats will continue to serve tacos, 17 of which are advertised in a long online listing. The “original” combines a somewhat unusual choice of picadillo and American cheese, and even the most standard offerings come with upgraded ingredients; El Hippie is accompanied by homemade escabèche and the barbacoa is sprinkled with fried garlic.

The local chain is also expanding the brunch menu for weekends, and full bars in the two new locations will make spicy margaritas — and beer and wine on tap — a major part of daily operations. The Riata location expects to serve “routine” customers going about their daily lives where they live and work; at Lakeway, the restaurant will also entertain lake lovers and golfers.

More information about Taco Flats and links to order are available at

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Federal Court Bans Grand Rapids Physician From Prescribing Controlled Substances, Orders Civil Judgment Over Fake Opioid Prescriptions | USAO-WDMI

BIG RAPIDS – David D. Sova, DO, of Grand Rapids reached a settlement with the United States in which he accepted a court order never to prescribe controlled substances. Under the terms of the consent decree entered into by U.S. District Court Judge Jane M. Beckering, Dr. Sova is also ordered to pay $170,000 in civil penalties to resolve U.S. allegations that he tampered with prescriptions opioids for his own use.

In its civil complaint, the United States alleges that Dr. Sova issued prescriptions for controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose and outside the usual course of professional practice in violation of the Controlled Substances Act. Specifically, the United States alleges that Dr. Sova issued prescriptions for the opioids oxycodone and hydrocodone allegedly written for one of his patients. However, this patient never received these prescriptions, as Dr. Sova arranged for them to be filled and retrieved for his personal use.

“The responsibility to protect against the diversion of controlled substances rests with the supplier,” said U.S. Attorney Mark A. Totten. “When a physician breaks the rules and diverts controlled substances for his own use, he cannot be responsible for prescribing controlled substances to others and must face the legal consequences of his own misconduct. My office will continue to work with the DEA and state law enforcement to enforce controlled substance prescription laws.

“Health and dental professionals must not abuse the privilege of prescribing controlled substances,” said Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Orville Greene, Detroit Field Division. “The DEA will continue to work with all levels of law enforcement to investigate allegations of illegal prescription.”

This case was investigated by the DEA and the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan. Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew J. Hull represented the United States.

The Complaint and Consent Judgment in this case can be viewed on the Court’s online docket at United States vs. Sova#1:22-cv-658 (WD Mich.).

The claims resolved by the Consent Decree are allegations only and there has been no determination of liability.


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Smyrna, TN sports bar closing due to inflation

SMYRNA, Tennessee (WKRN) — All good things must come to an end. This is something Georgia Warrick knows well.

“He committed suicide,” she said. “Thirty-six…he had so much potential.”

Ten years ago, Warrick and his son Mark teamed up to open Georgia’s Sports Bar and Grill in Smyrna.

Mark died by suicide a few years later, leaving Warrick to run the bar until his youngest son, Jason, stepped in to help.

“I thought maybe she could handle it and that’s a really big deal,” he said. “People think bars are fun and sports bars and this and the other are fun. It’s not a lot of work.

So deciding to close his bar was not a decision Warrick took lightly.

“I noticed that every month our sales were going down, and that has continued for the past three years and this year has been really bad,” she said.

The bar was able to survive the early stages of the pandemic, but inflation took over.

“The fryer oil we use in our fryers for a 35-pound container was about $17 in April 2021,” Jason said. “Right now it’s closer to $45.”

Oil, chicken and even condiments with low turnout due to high gas prices eventually forced Warrick to close the bar she spent a decade working at.

“It’s bittersweet,” she said. “Starting with a son…my eldest, then ending it with my youngest.”

His good thing has finally come to an end, but Warrick and his son worry if things don’t improve, others will suffer the same fate.

“Until things change…until things get back to normal in terms of the economy and money, I think there will be a lot of small businesses struggling,” Jason said.

Warrick says she has no plans to open another bar in the future, but she hopes someone will come and buy the bar to run it.

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Mom’s Cookie Bar A sweet new addition to Doylestown

DOYLESTOWN, PA – A sweet new addition has arrived in downtown Doylestown bringing
with it a delicious taste of homemade and chocolate milk on tap.

Mom’s Cookie Bar, which officially opened on July 19 after a soft opening last week, is located inside the historic Hart Bank building on North Main Street, where Mom makes her delicious cookie bars at the interior.

In the days leading up to the opening, Patch spoke with “Mom,” the face behind Mom’s Cookie Bar, which will celebrate its grand opening on July 30.

“Mom” is none other than Lindsay Baker, a Central Bucks West graduate and mother of three who attends the Central Bucks School District.

“All I ever wanted to do was bake cookies because that’s what makes me happy,” Baker said.

Baker has literally been named after him since growing up in Doylestown, where his mother taught him how to bake his first batches of cookies.

Luckily for Doylestown, “Mom” continued to cook, mostly for friends and relatives who encouraged her to share her gift with the greater community.

“People have been telling me for years that I should sell my cookies,” she said. “So I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to sell cookie bars and make the store look like a bar,'” she said.

She also found the perfect location for her business – the historic Hart Bank building she remembers as a child in Doylestown.

“I’m really excited to bring this building back,” she said. “It means so much to me to open up in a city that has meant so much to me. I also wanted a place where everyone felt welcome and like you came home and had a cookie and an ice cream and hang out.”

Since purchasing the building earlier this year, “Maman” has been keeping followers up to date on its progress on its Facebook page by posting photos of the new coats of paint, new furniture, upgraded outdoor patio and its crowded opening days.

“It wasn’t that long, but it felt like a long journey was opening up,” she said.

Now, after a soft opening, which saw throngs of people lining up for her homemade batches of freshly baked cookie bars, mom is spreading her homemade goodness to the masses.

Mom’s Cookie Bar offers over 65 different flavors of home-made stuffed and regular cookie bars that she will alternate throughout the year.

“We also have a draft system that we developed so that we have chocolate milk on tap. We also have nitro cold brew coffee from ‘Backyard Beans’, a local brewer in Lansdale. And we make our own homemade sodas. We have root and orange beer on tap right now.”

Plus, Mom’s serves homemade soft serve ice cream featuring vanilla and a featured flavor of the week.

“With this, we make milkshakes and Avalanches, which are a bit like a Blizzard, which can be customized with various candies. I also cut cookie bars that can be added to Avalanches or mixed into milkshakes. shakes, which really taste awesome.”

For the most part, Mom said it was all all natural and chemical free. There are no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

“It’s just something I did for my family and our food at home,” mom said.

In addition to sweetening the town, she also hopes that everyone will leave with a delicious memory.

“I’ve always loved baking and I love seeing people smile after trying something I’ve made,” mom says. “I’ve often been asked what my secret ingredient is and the answer is always ‘it was baked with love’.

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‘Prison without bars’: Care abuse hearing says children with disabilities have no freedom of choice

Disabled people, their whānau and advocates share stories of historic abuse in residential care settings from the Royal Commission into Disabled, Deaf and Mental Health. The hearing runs from July 11 to July 20.

Content Disclaimer: This story contains tales of abuse that some readers may find distressing.

Matthew Whiting spent eight of his formative years at Burwood Hospital in Christchurch where he was sexually abused, put in solitary confinement and had food stuffed down his throat.

Whiting, who has cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia and speech impairment, told the abuse of care hearing on Tuesday that Burwood Hospital was a prison without bars.

He lived there from age 13 to 21 because his parents thought it was the best place for him, but he became institutionalized, had no choice in his daily life, and was forced to hide in a elevator to have a personal space.

* ‘National disgrace’: Abuse in care survivors failed by state, survey finds
* Abuse in care: Disabled survivors placed in care as ‘containment of society’, survey finds
* Artist award for a Samoan dancer who performs in a wheelchair

One day, when Whiting refused to eat, a nurse pinched his nose and shoved the food down his throat.

“I lived day in and day out in a system of power and control… When you can’t move, you have no choice. The way the staff wanted it done, that’s how it was done. There is a huge power imbalance,” he said.

Matthew Whiting, who made a statement to the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care Settings.


Matthew Whiting, who made a statement to the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care Settings.

When Whiting was 15, he was touched and kissed by a nurse with no choice what was going on, he said. It was only later that he realized as an adult how she had abused and taken advantage of him.

When he was a child, a specialist mistakenly believed he had a learning disability, but a child psychologist later confirmed he had above-average intelligence.

Her adoptive home was “significantly dysfunctional” with a lot of verbal abuse. He moved into family homes when he was 7 years old, which upset him and led him to believe that his impairments were the root of the family’s difficulties.

He was later transferred to Pukeora Hospital where some staff members abused their power and control over the residents. “No one asked me what I wanted…I was terrified. I felt like I was being controlled all the time… It was like sending someone to prison at 11,” he said.

He lived in a dormitory and was threatened by two men he saw engaging in a sexual act, leaving him feeling vulnerable and helpless.

Whiting has been placed in isolation by staff at both Pukeora and Burwood.

He told the audience about the discrimination he still faces every day as a disabled person, from discriminatory questions during job interviews to ignoring waiters.

“I’m treated like I can’t do it, like I can’t talk. I’m down. Every day my sense of myself is affected.

Whiting wanted societal and systemic changes to address the power imbalance in the disability sector which is significantly underfunded.

For the past 21 years, he has worked as the Regional Disability Leadership Coordinator and Service Manager for CCS Disability Action.

Lusi Faiva, a Samoan dancer with cerebral palsy who won the Te Putanga Toi Arts Access Award: Artistic Achievement Award.

Abigail Dougherty

Lusi Faiva, a Samoan dancer with cerebral palsy who won the Te Putanga Toi Arts Access Award: Artistic Achievement Award.

Another witness, Lusi Faiva, told the Royal Commission that when he was two years old, after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a doctor told his mother to send him to an institution, where the it was assumed that she had an intellectual disability.

She was sent to the Kimberly Center in Levin until the age of seven, where she suffered emotional, medical and cultural neglect.

“I am a proud Samoan woman. I am an artist, a dancer and a passionate seeker of freedom,” she said.

She explained to the audience how institutions dehumanize people with disabilities and that the care provided by disability support services still operates today fundamentally within a similar system with a lack of respect for freedom. of choice.

Faiva said there were no activities for children in Kimberley who felt “dark and cold”.

“The nurses didn’t take good care of me. The only times the nurses came into the ward was to give us our children’s medication and then they left. One time I fell and broke my ankle because no one was watching me… The care involved medication, diapering, showering and other very clinical procedures,” she said.

The Chairman of the Royal Commission into Care Abuse, Justice Coral Shaw.


The Chairman of the Royal Commission into Care Abuse, Justice Coral Shaw.

“Being taken care of was like a slap in the face. There was no freedom of choice in access to care. I was lost in healing. There was no acceptance, belief or trust from others that I needed freedom.

While she now lived independently, support services still did not have enough resources to provide care and support when she needed it urgently and to secure funding for the technology that enabled her to communicate n was not easy.

“I’ve been left without care and without support for a long time. This reality is a reflection of the system’s lack of respect for freedom and even for basic human needs,” she said.

Shannon, an autistic man from Dunedin, has testified he was hurt when a foster family “got rough” with him. He moved to another family where his adoptive sister Leeann Barnett cared for him and helped him communicate.

He then moved into a nursing home aged 15, where he was barred from seeing Barnett and not allowed to use the facilitated communication technology he had used since he was 9. . Instead, he was given charts with only “yes” and “no.” ‘ on them.

He told the commissioners he felt like taping their mouths, so they could see what it was like to have no voice.

Leeann Barnett has testified to the mistreatment of her two brothers while in care.

Hamish McNeilly / Stuff

Leeann Barnett has testified to the mistreatment of her two brothers while in care.

“I had employees yelling at me and I was put on hard drugs which made me feel dumb and stupid. They didn’t ask me if I wanted to take these drugs. Some staff hurt me. They would swear at me and call me a moron.

He then moved in with Barnett, then into his own house. He said there was no funding for specialized computer equipment to allow him to start writing again after studying creative writing at Massey University.

He called on the government to stop making rules suitable for ableist thinking and let people with disabilities design their own lives.

“Everyone has the right to be different. Living with autism is great and I wouldn’t change a thing. We’re just people who see the world through a different lens. This objective is not false, and we are not less so.

Barnett told the commissioners

about the death of his other brother Amos while being treated at Wakari Hospital in 2001.

Amos suffered from severe autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome and paranoid schizophrenia and Barnett’s parents had expressed concerns about his placement in an unlocked room.

He disappeared from the hospital and a coroner’s inquest later learned that the hospital failed to observe Amos every ten minutes as required. The coroner’s report says he was presumed drowned and only his jawbone was found 15 months after his death.

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After multiple shootings in Colorado Springs neighborhood, locals and bar owner are fed up | Crime and Justice

Residents living near a bar on East Platte Avenue are fed up with the violence in their neighborhood. Since the beginning of the year, several shootings have taken place mainly in their backyard. In one case, a gunshot victim bled profusely outside a neighbor’s house, leaving behind a large pool of blood.

Residents say the opening of Babilonia, a nightclub-style bar, sparked a spike in violence near Platte Avenue and Boulder Street. Bar owner Juliet Romero-Garcia says the business has also been caught in the crossfire.

According to locals, there have been eight known shots since the bar opened, injuring nine people. The Gazette asked for police records to clarify exactly what was reported during those eight nights. Romero-Garcia says the shootings took place near their bar, but none occurred in the building and the staff are not responsible for the violence. The bar’s leadership also says the shootings are hurting their business and they want to see dangerous offenders arrested.

Bullet hole 1.jpg

A bullet hole from a recent shooting can be seen on a gas pump at Conoco next to Babilonia. (Parker Seibold / The Gazette)

The residents’ objective is to shut down the bar. They tried to work with law enforcement to make it happen, but to no avail. They went to the city council to plead their case. Twice.

“We can’t count the number of bullets flying in our neighborhood,” Monika May said at a council meeting this week.

The management of the bar is also working on solutions. The company has installed 38 security cameras and hired security guards, said Romero-Garcia, who runs the bar with the help of her husband Dennis Ugarte.

“I too fear for my life,” she said. “So what can I do if I have 10-15 security [guards] and someone shoots in the street?

2 dead in shooting near Fillmore Street in Colorado Springs

In one incident, security camera footage showed a pair of cars driven by the company and opened fire, damaging a nearby gas station and injuring three people.

But according to Romero-Garcia, the shooters weren’t aiming for bass.

“May 27, for example, doesn’t even happen on my property,” she said. “After the news comes and says ‘it’s in Babilonia’, how can you say that?”

Romero-Garcia and Ugarte speak English and Spanish. Ugarte is originally from Puerto Rico. Two Puerto Rican flags were prominently displayed on one of the bars‘ walls.

News footage collected by a local television station showed shattered windows in the building. However, Romero-Garcia and Ugarte say those windows are located in a wing that does not belong to Babilonia and have been broken since before the couple opened their business.

Regardless of the position of the bar, nearby residents say they see a clear link between bar patrons and violence.

At a town council meeting, residents made a detailed presentation of their complaints, including a plea to enforce codes dealing with public nuisances.

2 arrested in fentanyl case at Colorado Springs liquor store

Councilor Dave Donelson visited the bar parking lot with residents and during their conversation found four casings in the parking lot. He then presented these casings to the city council.

Romero-Garcia disputed that casings were found in their parking lot.

Jacques Sears has lived in the Babilonia area for over 30 years. He is the captain of the neighborhood watch block and says the land was originally occupied by a Goodwill thrift store.

Jacques 1.jpg

Jacques Sears gazes at Babilonia, directly opposite his home, as he poses for a portrait in his front yard. Sears, who is the neighborhood watch’s block captain and has lived in his home for more than 30 years, said he believes the rise in gun violence in the neighborhood directly correlates to the opening of new bars. . (Parker Seibold / The Gazette)

After Goodwill closed and new management took over, Sears said the building had had intermittent problems. He said he had filed complaints for one reason or another since 2007.

“Now that people are getting hurt, it’s getting attention,” he said. “We would like it closed.”

In one dramatic case, during the May 27 shooting, a man was hit by gunfire in the Babilonia parking lot, fled and bled profusely in the street outside a neighbour’s house, a neighbor said. Sears.

Calling for closure bothers Romero-Garcia and Ugarte — they’re just trying to run a business — but Ugarte is friendly.

“I don’t blame them,” Ugarte said. “I know what they think about having a place where there’s a lot of shooting, I’d be scared too, but you have to know the whole story before they talk.”

Romero-Garcia said she didn’t think it would make a difference if Babilonia closed. She said the only way to really stop the shooting is “to stop the dangerous people”.

Before becoming Babilonia, the building was occupied by a bar called Twisted Apes. Twisted Apes shut down nearly a year ago on July 24, 2021. Sears said that while Twisted Apes was in business, there was never anything like the violence Babilonia drew.

“I’ve never heard of Twisted Apes,” Sears said. “There was no violence, no late night noise, there was the occasional loud motorbike but that was it.”

Bullet hole 2.jpg

A bullet hole from a recent shoot can be seen in the bathroom door of the Alta Convenience store next to Babilonia. (Parker Seibold / The Gazette)

Although Sears cannot recall any incidents at Twisted Apes, an employee of the former biker bar was held at gunpoint and assaulted on the final night of operation.

Sears said even if neighbors call the police to report gunshots, there isn’t always a response. This is largely due to staffing shortages, which the Gazette reported on in April.

It’s something Sears says it “understands” because there are other more pressing matters they need to take care of. However, he still says that the neighbors around the bar want to see it closed.

The Colorado Springs City Council and police say things are “going on behind the scenes.”

“This is a top priority for me and the staff,” the Sand Creek division commander said. Brian Makofske told the board.

Makofske also said police can provide information to the city attorney’s office, which can then take a case to the city’s liquor licensing board. This group can suspend, revoke or refuse the renewal of a liquor license.

Colorado Springs Utilities recently installed four new streetlights along three blocks of Boulder Street behind the bar, which Sears said “lit the place up pretty well” at 1 a.m. Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Aram Benyamin said the place “looks like a car dealership.”

Residents and bar owners hope the new lights will help deter crime.

“I think it’s going to help now, because now the camera can see better,” Romero-Garcia said. “And if you know the camera is watching you, you don’t do anything.”

Studies have shown that better lighting in a city block can reduce crime. A study by the University of Chicago Urban Labs found that improved lighting can reduce violent crime in an area by up to 36%.

Residents noted new efforts by the city and the police.

“It’s not like nobody’s helping us out,” Sears said. “I noticed a couple of police patrol cars at the end of the street near Platte… Hope we made a good impression.”

Gazette photographer Parker Seibold contributed to this report.

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Walmart’s deal prohibits Canoo’s business with Amazon

Walmart Inc.’s deal to buy electric vehicles from maker Canoo prohibits the startup from doing business with Amazon. It also gives Walmart an option to buy more than 20% of Canoo’s stock.

The terms appear in a document Canoo Inc. filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, a day after the companies announced the deal and Canoo held its annual meeting of shareholders.

The five-year purchase agreement between the Bentonville-based retailer and the California-based electric vehicle startup calls for an initial order of 4,500 pod-like Lifestyle delivery vehicles from Canoo, with an option for Walmart to purchase up to to an additional 5,500.

Walmart said Tuesday the deal helps the company meet its goal of eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions from its supply chain by 2040.

Neither company said how much Walmart had agreed to pay for the vehicles, but Canoo said on an earnings call in May that its Lifestyle delivery vehicles had a target starting price of $34,750.

Wednesday’s filing shed a little more light on certain terms of the agreement between the two companies.

As part of the purchase agreement, Canoo issued Walmart a “warrant” to purchase 61.2 million shares of the company over 10 years at $2.15 per common share. This could give the retailer a stake of more than 20% in Canoo.

Walmart is immediately invested with 15.3 million shares.

A stock warrant gives an investor the right to buy shares of a public company at a specific price and date, according to Warrants represent the future capital of the company issuing them.

Brian Yarbrough, a retail analyst at financial services firm Edward Jones, said a company with a warrant has the right to convert it into stock.

Walmart may choose to phase in the conversion, he said, buying perhaps 5% one year and another 5% a few years later.

“That doesn’t always mean you’ll convert them, but it just gives you the right to convert them into shares,” Yarbrough said.

If Canoo shares rise above $2.15, then it’s a good deal for Walmart, Yarbrough said. But if the stock tumbles, Walmart probably won’t exercise that option.

“The likelihood of them being depends on the success of the [issuing] company and how much the shares are worth at that time,” Yarbrough said.

The document also contains a proviso that while the agreement is in effect, Canoo may not do business with, its subsidiaries or affiliates.

No other company is named in the agreement.

Yarbrough said such arrangements don’t happen often, but can when one company takes a stake in another.

“Walmart says they’ve already taken a stake, we’re invested, and they say you have to own us and not supply rivals” with the same assets, Yarbrough said.

The company posted a net loss for the first quarter of this year, which ended March 31, of $125.4 million, compared to a net loss of $15.2 million in the same period a year earlier. early.

Canoo also operates in California and Texas and has over 940 employees.

Canoo shares trade on the Nasdaq and closed Thursday at $4.61, up $1.04 or 29.13%. Shares of the company have traded between $1.75 and $13.35 over the past year.

Shares of Walmart closed Thursday at $127.82, up $2.45, or 1.95%, on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock has traded between $117.27 and $160.77 over the past year.

Canoo has said since November it was moving its headquarters and some production to Walmart’s hometown of Bentonville. However, Canoo has not yet revealed the address or size of the Bentonville facility.

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Put NJ Municipal ‘Boat Check’ Facilitators Behind Bars | Letters

Much more than a one-day front-page headline (“Cities still awash with ‘boat checks’, study finds”, July 8) must come from the revelation that local governments are flouting the laws of the State prohibiting massive payments to departing employees on sick leave and unused leave. These laws have been in place for over a decade.

Citizens are expected to obey the law in full, but local officials in cahoots with public service unions feel free to flout the clearly stated cap of $15,000. Reiteration of the law is not enough in the face of such arrogance and irresponsibility. What is needed is a forceful and multi-pronged response.

Overburdened residents can start by removing officials who break the law from their jobs. Legislators can reduce state aid to offending municipalities by an amount equal to the illegal payments. The Attorney General may prosecute local officials who approved overpayments for misuse of taxpayers’ money and consider recovering recipients’ money under the concept of unjust enrichment,

Finally, concerned citizens can sue the corrupt bums who presided over this outrage for breaching the fiduciary duty owed to them as taxpayers. Between these measures, even the dumbest and most arrogant corrupt pigs will get the message and clean up their act – and maybe the overburdened taxpayers can get a break for once.

John Woodmaska, Kearny

Pair of hit jobs biased against the NJEA

I am writing to express my disappointment in the Star-Ledger for publishing Mike Lilley’s recent op-ed on teacher retention and recruitment, “New Jersey’s public school system discriminates against new and younger teachers.”

I’m also disappointed that the editorial board echoed Lilley’s union-busting views in the recent op-ed, “Money Still Piling Up for NJEA Brass” (regarding the $7.7 million in compensation received in 2019 by the New Jersey Education Association’s 10 Highest Paid Executives).

Lilley founded the Sunlight Policy Center, and an online search shows that one of his main goals is to discredit the NJEA. Its website is littered with anti-NJEA rhetoric. It’s hard to believe this organization is classified as nonpartisan, but the Star-Ledger and its editorial board seem to take their work as gospel.

As a teacher in New Jersey and a member of the NJEA, I’m more than willing to admit there are issues with the organization; however, I strongly disagree with Lilley that the NJEA is the root of all of New Jersey’s political problems. I hope the editorial board will at least acknowledge the obvious bias of Lilley and his organization.

Chris Broadfoot, Franklin Park

The letter writer was wrong about Ukraine

I disagree with Joe Melillo’s recent letter, “Biden should negotiate with Russia, not prolong the war.”

The Ukrainian people are not “sacrificed in a proxy war”. They fight and die defending their homeland against a ruthless invasion. They receive support from NATO.

I refer Melillo to the Spanish Civil War as a specific example of proxy warfare. He equated Ukraine with Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. These are false equivalences. Our involvement, a fight with loss of blood and treasures, was largely due to the lies uttered by the competent administrations.

Once again Ukraine has been invaded. We’ve all seen it on the news. NATO provides tactical and logistical support, not combat troops.

The ‘fear of NATO encirclement’ is a false narrative contradicted by Russia’s own history of aggressive imperialism and subsequent ‘Russification’. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied Ukraine’s right to exist.

Melillo’s suggestion that President Joe Biden negotiate Ukraine’s future with Russia is dismissive and insulting. Ukraine is a sovereign state that will negotiate its own future.

The author is right to say that diplomacy is preferable. By its very nature, war is a tragedy, but so is acquiescing to predators.

Walter Miziuk, Hamilton

Justice finds it worrying

Based on the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision weakening the federal government’s ability to address climate change through power plant regulation, I believe there is cause for concern.

If a technically advanced society is not influenced by scientific thinking, it could easily succumb to any life-threatening challenge that requires critical and strategic thinking to survive.

And unfortunately, there seem to be a number of these troubling challenges right now.

Richard Weed, Ewing

Warrant limits could help gun limits

Will the cowards in Washington posing as US Representatives and Senators ever fulfill the wishes of 80% of their constituents and ban assault weapons?

I have yet to hear any of these cowardly elected officials give a justifiable reason why anyone outside of the military should be allowed access to such killing machines.

There is only one way to rectify this continuing abomination, and that is to introduce term limits in both houses of Congress. Maybe that way some of those bureaucrats could actually focus on the needs of the country rather than their re-election.

Bob WelgosWharton

Editor’s Note: Recent polls show a a small majority of respondents support a total ban on assault weapons salesbut support for the increase in gun control measures globally reaches the level of 80% quoted by the author.

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Unlicensed, Burr Ridge Bar offers live entertainment

BURR RIDGE, IL — A Burr Ridge bar with close ties to the mayor doesn’t have a license to provide live entertainment, but it has been advertising DJs for more than a month on social media.

Last year, when the village considered a permit for the Are We Live lounge, the restaurant’s representative promised that it would not provide live music, only ambient variety. This was after neighbors raised concerns about the noise.

In January, the bar looked set to breach that pledge with adverts for a singer, but backed down after Patch posted about it.

The Village’s definition of “live entertainment” includes DJs.

At the request of the village council, the planning commission has been considering since April relaxing the rules for live entertainment, so that venues such as Are We Live can offer music without obtaining a special permit.

The commission has already discussed the issue twice, but its members seem divided on the issue, with some saying they want to continue to require special permits.

Like Burr Ridge, nearby towns such as Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills require special use permits for shows, while La Grange allows it as a prop, as Burr Ridge plans to do, according to Burr records. Ridge.

Are We Live and the nearby Capri Ristorante, both on the County Line plaza, are owned by Filippo “Gigi” Rovito. Until Grasso became mayor again in 2019, he served as Rovito’s attorney in a number of cases. A plate bears the name of the mayor of the Capri Ristorante. And Rovito donated $5,000 to Grasso’s unsuccessful 2018 attorney general’s campaign. But the mayor returned the money after an upstate television station questioned the donation.

Rovito, Grasso, Village Administrator Evan Walter and Community Development Manager Janine Farrell did not return messages for comment on Monday.

In an email to village officials on Monday, resident Patricia Davis questioned why the village would allow Are We Live to violate the code.

“Does this business enjoy special favors from the Village?” Davis asked. “If citations are issued, they have no effect as the company announces a DJ for later this week.”

She said the village has the power to revoke Are We Live’s business and liquor licenses.

Perhaps Grasso’s most prominent critic, former Burr Ridge administrator Zach Mottl, has long questioned Grasso’s connection to Rovito, saying the company owner enjoys benefits that others don’t. Mottl frequently notes Rovito’s criminal record.

Mott was defeated in his re-election bid last year to Grasso-aligned candidates.

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New North Carolina law removes membership requirement for private bar associations

A new North Carolina law that loosens some restrictions on alcohol should be a boon for businesses, according to some in the restaurant and bar industry.

What is happening: Governor Cooper signed House Bill 768 into law on Thursday afternoon. Among other changes, the law removes the requirement for patrons to become “members” of private bars in North Carolina.

  • Membership, which requires a fee as well as disclosure of contact information, has long been required for establishments where alcohol accounts for less than 70% of total sales.
  • If they exceed that number, they must either serve food or operate as a members-only club, says Mohammad Jenatian, manager of the Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance.

Why is this important: Requiring membership was an unnecessary burden on local businesses, Jenatian told Axios. Removing this requirement was long overdue, he added.

  • “It was still a system that allowed companies to legally discriminate against their customers. It made absolutely no sense,” Jenatian said of the membership requirement. “Over the years, many bars have been forced into providing catering service when they didn’t want or need it.”
  • Removing the membership requirement will help make the region friendlier to visitors, he added.
  • The measure also allows community colleges to sell alcohol when they host professional sporting events.

The big picture: The North Carolina Bar Owners Association has been pushing for the state to relax some of its liquor laws, which the association considers outdated, as reported by WRAL.

“There is a very outdated requirement in North Carolina’s liquor laws,” co-sponsored Rep. Pricey Harrison of the bill told Asheville station WLOS. “It was a strange requirement intended, I suppose, to limit people’s consumption of alcohol. A lot of our laws date back to Prohibition.

Zoom out: Businesses welcome the removal of the membership requirement.

“It’s good to see our General Assembly creating new laws supporting local businesses by removing private clubs with membership requirements,” Gary Crunkleton, owner of The Crunkleton, told Axios.

Crystal Capettini, owner of Burger Bar in Asheville, told WLOS that customers don’t like having to share their personal information to become members. “I think most bar owners are happy with it as well,” Capettini said of the HB 768.

And after: The law took effect immediately.

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The “Forever bracelet” trend comes to Charlotte via local jewelry store Quad Espresso

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Luckily sober bars are more popular than I thought

There are many reasons why a person may refuse to drink. Besides the always assumed choice of personal preference, other reasons may include pregnancy, bad drug interactions, bad allergic reactions, weight management, chemotherapy, or existing chronic illnesses.

I chose to quit drinking to test its effects on my mental health. I write these two months sober and have since discovered many alternative options to drinking that don’t sacrifice the social rituals I’ve become so accustomed to. A whole world of #sobercurious people and #substancefree communities exist to end the stigma and support non-drinkers in fun ways.

Although I am new to this lifestyle, I learned early on how fragile sobriety is. Over time, I had to slowly relearn how to do things sober. This often meant only being out for two hours until I could master staying out a full night while my friends passed bottles of tequila to each other.

This has not been easy. Yes, I don’t wake up wildly anxious anymore, but I’m still human. I always crave alcohol on days when I’m stressed or sad. I was every day at 6 p.m. “shoot o’clock” girl. Even if I don’t drink, I still want to let off steam after a long week of exhausting my creativity. And, I shouldn’t have to compromise my sobriety to do so. If you’re sober, neither are you.

I recently learned that there are also safe drinks. There are also bars that sell some of these spirits, but not always. Alcohol has always been a big part of my travel experience. The first time I got drunk was in high school on an exchange program in Paris, France. This was the best – my friend and I bought bottles of wine, drank them under the Eiffel Tower, then stumbled on the metro back to our hotels. I haven’t traveled abroad sober yet because I don’t feel quite ready for it yet. But I did a lot of research.

Below are sober bars across the United States that have responded to the need for more inclusive, non-alcoholic social settings. Good zero alcohol consumption!

Soft drinks by Suckerpunch.

Threes Brewery (brooklyn, NY)

One of the things I miss the most about drinking alcohol is beer. I still consider myself a beer snob. realizing that I don’t need to compromise my love for beer has been great. Threes Brewery in Gowanus, NYC is a beer garden featuring non-alcoholic beers, a huge backyard, and food by The Meat Hook, which serves things like a dry-aged double cheeseburger with raclette until midnight on weekend.

Awake Bar (Devnver, CO)

Awake Bar is a café by day and a sober bar by night. The menu still mentions gin and tequila, but the liqueurs used are alcohol-free. Their Desert Rose, a cocktail made from Kin High Rhode with burnt honey, black cardamom and orange blossom, comes highly recommended.

Without Bar (Austin, Kansas City, Los Angeles)

Sans Bar is a black-owned, low-key bar franchise with three permanent locations in Austin, Kansa City and Los Angeles. The bar offers an extensive drinks menu, from alcohol-free wine to “hop water” (zero-proof sparkling water infused with beer hop oil) to inventive alcohol-free cocktails made from fresh fruit juices and non-alcoholic spirits from brands like Seedlip.

27 Restaurant and Bar (Miami, Florida)

The 27 Restaurant and Bar at the Freehand Hotel in Miami offers “tailor-made” cocktails – personalized drinks for guests prepared on-site. In this case, “Bartenders’ Choice” asks customers to specify their alcohol of choice (and “non-alcoholic” is a viable option), whether they want their drink shaken or stirred, and their flavor profile. preferred (“light,” “tropical,” “bitter,” “sour,” “herbal,” etc.)

Bar Tonic (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Bar Tonique in the French Quarter has an encyclopedic cocktail menu that includes a page of non-alcoholic libations, many of which center on fresh seasonal fruit. Bar Tonique also offers free mocktails to designated drivers, promoting the bar’s support for safe nighttime practices.

Fourteenth Oak (Boulder, CO)

Chez Oak at Fourteenth, located in Boulder, Colorado, lists its cocktails according to the amount of alcohol present in each drink. The High alcohol section contains drinks made from several spirits. Their No alcohol section is devoted to high-concept mocktails like the Secret Handshake (“Citrus Grove” Seedlip, vanilla, coconut water, orange, mango, elderflower tonic).

ABV Bar (San Francisco, California)

ABV Bar is an inclusive bar that offers a “0%” section on its drinks menu. On this menu, sober customers can find non-alcoholic beers, mocktails and tonics.

Sucker Punch Bar (Portland, OR)

Suckerpunch Bar is a foolproof bar that started out as a mocktail kit vendor in 2020. With incredible support from the Portland community, Suckerpunch has expanded into a physical space in Portland, Oregon, offering a menu unique and organized alcohol-free drinks. The bar is 18+.

ArKay House (Loredo, TX)

ArKay House opened in May 2018 with approximately 40 soft drink offerings produced by owner Reynald Vito Grattagliano who created his own non-alcoholic spirit recipes. The bar serves coffee in the morning and switches to NA drinks around 4 p.m. (noon on weekends). Menus of alcohol-free cocktails and seasonal “elixirs” are accompanied by sandwiches and finger food. An on-site bottle shop sells NA beer, ArKay NA wine and spirits to take home. At the moment, ArKay is looking to expand to other cities.

Sobriety is different for everyone. There are many who avoid spirits with less than 0.05% alcohol while others agree. If in doubt, it is always possible to order an à la carte non-alcoholic cocktail.

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Bar Tools Market Forecast to 2028

New York, July 5 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — announces the publication of the report “Bar Tools Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis By Type and Distribution Channel” – https://www.
Bar tools are increasingly used to prepare cocktails and mocktails at home.

Based on type, the global bar tools market is segmented into cocktail glasses, cocktail shakers, bottle openers, bar tool sets, and others. In 2020, the bar tool set segment dominated the bar tool market.

The Bar Tool Set is a set of various bar tools together at a discounted price, and the tools included in a bar tool set vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The bar tools market, based on geography, is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), South & Central America (SCAM) and Middle East & Africa (MEA) . In 2020, North America dominated the global market.

Changing consumer lifestyles and increasing health awareness have led to an increasing preference for low alcohol beverages such as cocktails, driving the demand for bar tools in North America. Elegant cocktail glasses are used to give an aesthetic and elegant look to the interior. -house bars.

Additionally, consumers are increasingly focusing on mixing and creating new beverages at home, leading to an increase in demand for bar tools such as cocktail or cocktail shakers, bar spoons and a dosing dispenser. Europe is the second largest market for bar tools, and Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region in the bar tools market.

Many industries, such as the consumer goods industry, have faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Raw material and labor shortages, plant closures, and other operational difficulties due to COVID-19 safety protocols have hurt the tools at the helm. market.

The lockdown has severely affected the supply and production of bar tools, thereby restraining the growth of the market. However, vaccination campaigns have led to an increase in commercial activities around the world.

Economies are reviving and the demand for bar tools is expected to rise globally in the coming years. Major manufacturers have resumed operations, restoring production capacity for bar tools.

Carlisle FoodService Products, Cocktail Kingdom LLC, Cresimo, Viski, Norpro Inc., OXO, SAHM, Vacu Vin, Rabbit and Julisk are some of the major players in the bar tools market. These companies adopt strategies such as mergers and acquisitions and product launches to expand their geographic presence and consumer bases.

The overall size of the Global Bar Tools Market has been derived using primary and secondary sources. To begin the research process, extensive secondary research was conducted using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to the market.

Additionally, several primary interviews were conducted with industry participants to validate the data and gain more analytical insights on the topic. Participants in this process include industry experts such as vice presidents, business development managers, market intelligence managers and national sales managers, as well as external consultants such as evaluation, research analysts and key opinion leaders, specializing in the global bar tools market.
Read the full report:

About Reportlinker
ReportLinker is an award-winning market research solution. Reportlinker finds and organizes the latest industry data so you get all the market research you need – instantly, in one place.


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Caged gun killer Jamie Bain slashed behind bars after being branded a weed

CAGE gun killer Jamie Bain has been reduced to behind bars after being branded a weed.

We can reveal the pub shooter, 38, was targeted by a fellow Perth nick.


Jamie Bain (pictured) serving a 22-year sentence for the 2006 murder of Alexander McKinnon at the Marmion bar in Edinburgh.

Bain is serving a 22-year sentence for the 2006 murder of ex-boxer Alexander McKinnon, 32, at the Marmion bar in Gracemount, Edinburgh.

Underworld sources say the hit was ordered by a crime boss who accuses Bain of exposing an associate.

A source said: “The guy took a chance and pounced on Bain.

“He ended up with two fairly serious cuts to his face but refused any treatment.

Van drives through Scottish nightclub tycoon's mansion in targeted attack
Evil Scottish dad who shot and stabbed his son set to appeal his murder conviction

“A lot of scammers are annoyed that he can sit in the main lobby despite being a known snitch.

“Bain is constantly looking over his shoulder now.”

During his murder trial, Bain nodded to who attacked him after the shooting.

A copy of a statement Bain gave to the cops is also in circulation. He said who was behind the gang execution of Euan “EJ” Johnstone.

Most read in The Scottish Sun

Bain once said that where he comes from being a weed is just as bad as being a pedo.

But the insider said: “There’s a street code you don’t give names to but he was happy to break it.

“He also alerted the cops to a guy who kept a gun for his crew outside.

‘He is then raided and down and behold a close relative’s sentence is cut.

“You don’t have to be Columbo to understand what’s going on.

“He sings like a canary.”

We talked about how Bain was petrified at being attacked by EJ’s killer and gang thug, David Togher, after they were transferred to HMP Grampian.

He saw Bain moved to Perth prison where the attack happened two weeks ago.

Gunman Bain opened fire with a sawed-off shotgun in the Edinburgh pub in 2006.

I wear 90p Primark sandals and spend my benefits on Gucci shoes for my son
I'm a mum of 12 and made a huge order from Shein for the kids, their £10 leggings are the best

He killed the boxer Alexander and left his brother-in-law James Hendry to fight for life after the horror drinking attack.

The Scottish Prison Service said: ‘We do not comment on individual prisoners.

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US regulator bans restart of Freeport LNG plant over safety concerns

  • Regulator discovers conditions posing risk to public safety
  • US sets timeline for independent review of factory and repair plan
  • The June 8 explosion released 120,000 cubic feet of LNG and methane
  • Freeport sees partial recovery in early October

HOUSTON, June 30 (Reuters) – The second-largest U.S. liquefied natural gas export facility hit by a fire earlier this month will not be allowed to repair or restart operations until it resolves the risks to public safety, a pipeline regulator said Thursday.

The June 8 explosion and fire destroyed Freeport LNG’s 15 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) Quintana plant, exacerbating global LNG shortages amid reduced gas flows from Russia, while weighing heavily on domestic natural gas prices in the United States.

“Continued operation of the Freeport LNG export facility without corrective action may pose an integrity risk to public safety, property, or the environment,” said the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety. Administration (PHMSA) in its preliminary report.

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A problem with a safety valve led an 18-inch (46cm) pipe with stainless steel inner and outer layers to overpressurize and burst, releasing LNG and methane gas that caused the explosion, PHMSA said in his report.

It set out a series of steps to investigate what caused a 300-foot (91 m) section of pipe to burst and release approximately 120,000 cubic feet of LNG.

Root-cause analysis will likely delay a partial factory restart by 90 to 120 days and could delay a full restart, analysts said.

Freeport, a tightly held company, said it will continue to work with PHMSA and other regulators to obtain necessary approvals to restart operations. He estimated that the resumption of partial liquefaction operations would take place in early October and a return to full production by the end of the year.

U.S. natural gas futures fell 15% on Thursday on the report and continued inventory builds, contributing to a 33% price drop in June, the biggest monthly drop since 2018. read more


“The actual process (of reviews, repairs and approvals) will take more than three months, and potentially six to 12 months,” said Alex Munton, global director of gas and LNG at consultants Rapidan Energy Group.

But based on PHMSA’s track record, once it understands the cause of the explosion and is confident in a repair plan, it will likely let part of the facility resume treatment early, did he declare.

Freeport LNG said the likely cause of the explosion was an overpressurized pipeline and equipment to cool natural gas into liquid for export was not damaged. Read more

The regulator ordered the company to submit a plan within 60 days for an outside investigator to provide a report on the extent of the damage to the facility. He did not specify how long it would take to approve a plan. Freeport must also engage a third party to examine the condition of its LNG storage tanks.

Only after the reviews are complete will the company be able to submit a plan to repair the damage, he said, further complicating Freeport LNG’s goal of a partial restart in September and full operation by the end of the year.

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Reporting by Gary McWilliams Editing by Marguerita Choy

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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The 9 Best Bar Stools in 2022

Mellon Studio

Bar stools have become very popular at home. Versatile seating lets you make the most of your kitchen counter space, but it’s important to note that there’s a difference between the stools you see in restaurants or bars and the ones you should have at home.

As Beautiful houseHadley Mendelsohn’s editor points out that your home bar stool (or what she calls a counter stool) should be shorter because most counters are built lower. Once you’ve gotten your measurements right, it’s important to think about what you want from the seat. For example, a backless stool, although less comfortable, offers more flexibility because you can sit on it in more ways than one. Then there are backed styles, which are more comfortable for those who use the counter as a dining table. Swivels can be a stylish option but aren’t the best for kids, but of course we’ve highlighted plenty more on our list.

When it comes to materials, smooth, waterproof leather or metal stools are the easiest to wipe down. Remember that wicker or textured surfaces can be vacuumed clean and always be on the lookout for the number of each purchase. Wayfair often sells them in sets of two, making your purchase even more affordable. Since the kitchen is probably where most of your friends and family gather, there’s no better time to switch seats and give the room a practical upgrade.

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Bar stools at the best value for money

Walsh Upholstered Stool, Set of 2

  • Sturdy frame
  • Comfortable loop seat
  • Iconic modernist, Bauhaus design
  • White fabric may be subject to stains

Looking for an elegant and comfortable essential? Look no further than AllModern’s upholstered stools featuring a fashionable rattan back. It’s gorgeous and you get double with every purchase.

Honest opinion: Beautiful! Even prettier in person. Comfortable and good back support! I have the counter stool size and it is perfect. Highly recommend.”

Best Budget Bar Stools

Pinney Countertop and Bar Stool, Set of 4

  • Rubber floor mats to prevent scratches
  • Advantageous price
  • Will rust in wet conditions, such as outdoors

Looking for an affordable set you don’t have to think twice about? Snag our best suggestion which is four for the price of one. The stools are lightweight, yet sturdy and because they’re made of metal, keeping them clean is a breeze. It even made it into shopping editor Isis Briones’ basket when she furnished an old apartment, read her thoughts below.

Honest opinion: “I only signed a three-month lease when I was between locations at the height of the pandemic. The T2 I got had an island, so to avoid spending a lot on a place I didn’t Wasn’t going to have for long, I used it as a dining table and ordered these white stools which were only about $40 apiece.A great buy that I passed on to a friend after moving house.

Best Outdoor Bar Stools

Eucalyptus Patio Stool

  • Sustainably harvested, FSC-certified wood
  • Mortise and tenon construction
  • Only available in one color

This FSC-certified eucalyptus wood bar stool is sturdy, beautiful, and durable enough to withstand changing weather conditions. You can add a cushion (sold separately) to add a touch of color and comfort.

Best Leather Bar Stools

Brenner Stool Black Leather

  • Strong and durable leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Sculptural backless curves may not be comfortable for long periods of time

Pottery Barn’s handsome leather stool has just like a durable contoured leather seat, a swivel, and it’s available in counter and bar height (in case you use it for a high table). You can also buy it in different shades of leather and it is sold in sets of two or individually, which is ideal for buyers who need an odd number.

The best velvet bar stools

John Swivel Bar Stool

  • Easy assembly, according to customers
  • Soft material
  • Comfortable and padded back

Nothing beats the soft feel of velvet, so give yourself the chance to sit in it daily. Plus, there are a number of eye-catching colors to choose from, so take your pick.

Honest opinion: “Assembly wasn’t too difficult. The pile is so smooth I like the sturdiness. Nice yellow and appears as is.”

Best backless

Jonah Counter Stool

  • Real wood construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Not adjustable
  • Shipping can take up to three weeks

Next, a quality classic stool that will never go out of style. Plus, it’s made to last as it’s crafted with real elm wood and can be ordered in natural or black wood. In short, you will be able to take full advantage of it.

Professional buying advice: Register for Lulu and Georgia’s email subscription list for an extra 10% off!

Best Adjustable Bar Stool

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool, Set of 2

  • Several colors
  • Cleans with a damp cloth
  • Affordable; Two for the price of one
  • The base seems wonky for some customers

With a swivel and adjustable heights, this is another great choice. Available in over 10 colors (we’re obsessed with teal), these stools are popular, functional and can add a splash of color to any kitchen.

Honest Review: “I love these stools. I ordered 8 in total. Comfortable and easy to clean.”

The most modern bar stools

Whitney stool

  • Unique color block design
  • Cleans with a damp cloth
  • Lightweight so not ideal around children due to tipping hazard

Give your space a contemporary touch with a stool featuring stunning faux leather and walnut wood accents. It also swivels and adjusts so it looks nice and practice.

The best rattan bar stools

Tammy bar stool

  • Handmade rattan
  • Deep seat for maximum comfort
  • Only suitable for indoor use

Ready to invest in rattan? Lulu and Georgia’s comfy chair will add texture and a cool coastal vibe to your home. It’s obvious craftsmanship.

What to look for in a bar stool?

Height (bar stool vs counter stool)

Reminder: The bar stools you sit on when you go out are usually 30 inches tall and unless you have a high table in your home, buy the 24 inch counter stool option. Overall, make sure your measurements are correct and don’t make the mistake of ordering a chair that’s too high.

Back or no back?

“I highly recommend going for a bar stool with a back,” adds Briones. “As a slow eater, being uncomfortable for a long time is horrible, and bending over does your posture a disservice.

How many are in each set?

Take a second to check how many come in each set. While most purchases are sold individually, there are sets that come in twos or fours that are a total bargain. And having matching seats doesn’t hurt either!

Why trust House Beautiful?

Arricca Elin Sansone is a long-time collaborator and design expert for Beautiful house. You can count on her to deliver pieces of form and function and her work extends to other publications including country life, Prevention, and more.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and uploaded to this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content on

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US Supreme Court won’t consider lowering bar for proving defamation

The sun sets over the United States Supreme Court in Washington, U.S., January 26, 2022. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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  • Megachurch sued for being designated a hate group because of LGBT views
  • Case challenges ‘actual malice’ requirement for defamation claims

(Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to review the lawsuit of a Florida megachurch challenging its designation as a hate group, avoiding an opportunity to review the high bar at which the figures public faces to prove the defamation allegations.

Court rejects motion by Coral Ridge Ministries Media Inc, which says it lost ability to collect charitable donations from Inc customers after the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed the church a hate group because of its anti-LGBT action. views.

The SPLC maintains a list of widely cited organizations it considers hate groups. Amazon prohibits these groups from participating in a program where customers can choose to donate a portion of their purchases.

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Coral Ridge had urged the Supreme Court to revisit its landmark 1964 decision in New York Times Co v. Sullivan that public figures and entities must show that a defendant acted with “actual malice” in spreading false information to outweigh libel claims.

The church said the standard was impossible to meet in many cases and that public figures, like other plaintiffs in defamation cases, should not be required to prove actual malice.

Coral Ridge attorneys at the National Center for Life and Liberty did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Neither did the SPLC and Amazon, which was a defendant in the lawsuit.

Amazon rejected Coral Ridge’s offer to be added to the charity program about five years ago. Coral Ridge argued that its religious belief that homosexuality is wrong does not make it a hate group.

The Sullivan Standard has come under intense scrutiny in recent years, including in a series of lawsuits filed by conservative figures and organizations against media outlets and advocacy groups.

Former Alaska governor and running mate Sarah Palin, a Republican, is expected to pursue a challenge against Sullivan after losing a libel case against The New York Times in Manhattan federal court earlier this year. Palin filed a notice of appeal in the case earlier this month.

On Monday, Judge Clarence Thomas, in a brief dissent from the court’s denial of Coral Ridge’s motion, said a fresh look at the actual malice standard was warranted.

“This case is one of many that show how the New York Times and its progeny have allowed the media and interest groups to level false accusations against public figures with impunity,” Thomas wrote.

The case is Coral Ridge Ministries Media Inc v. Southern Poverty Law Center, United States Supreme Court, No. 21-802.

For Coral Ridge: David Gibbs of the National Center for Life and Liberty

For the SPLC: Chad Bowman of Ballard Spahr

For Amazon: Davis Wright Tremaine’s Ambika Kumar

Read more:

The Palin case is one of many that could lower the bar in the United States for defamation claims

Could the spotlight on the Palin case bode well for the departments’ bids for the Supreme Court?

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Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Daniel Wiessner

Thomson Reuters

Dan Wiessner (@danwiessner) reports on labor and employment and immigration law, including litigation and policy development. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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Kentucky man pardoned by former governor is back behind bars

A Kentucky man pardoned by former Governor Matt Bevin is back in jail. Johiem Bandy was 15 when he was convicted of robbery. But in 2019 he was pardoned before Bevin left office. Covington Police say the 20-year-old attacked his child’s mother with a gun. They say the woman managed to take the gun away from him and shot him. “This will be one of those cases where the victim isn’t really the victim in the story,” Asst said. Chief Brian Valenti, Covington Police. Bandy is charged with strangulation and domestic violence. He is due back in court next week.

A Kentucky man pardoned by former Governor Matt Bevin is back in jail.

Johiem Bandy was 15 when he was convicted of robbery.

But in 2019 he was pardoned before Bevin left office.

Covington Police say the 20-year-old attacked his child’s mother with a gun.

They say the woman managed to take the gun away from him and shot him.

“This will be one of those cases where the victim isn’t really the victim in the story,” Asst said. Chief Brian Valenti, Covington Police.

Bandy is charged with strangulation and domestic violence.

He is due back in court next week.

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Accused Oxford High School Shooter Sues GED Behind Michigan Bars

Accused Oxford High School shooter Ethan Crumbley, now 16, is continuing his education in prison.

The teenager appeared in court Thursday, June 23, virtually from Oakland County Jail for a regular placement hearing review. Under Michigan law, the court must review Crumbley’s placement every month because he is being held in adult prison as a juvenile.

An earlier point of contention for the defense in its efforts to have Crumbley transferred to a juvenile facility concerned his ability to access educational opportunities behind bars.

“He’s cemented his educational opportunities,” Oakland County Assistant District Attorney Markeisha Washington said during Thursday’s hearing. “He has since received the device needed to take his GED classes and is indeed doing so.”

Crumbley was a sophomore at Oxford High School when police say he carried out a mass shooting on November 30 that killed four classmates.

The four students killed in the shooting were: Madisyn Baldwin, 17; Tate Myre, 16; Hana St. Juliana, 14; and Justin Shilling, 17. Seven other victims, including six students and a teacher, were also injured.

Oakland County District Judge Nancy T. Carniak previously ruled that Crumbley should remain in adult prison and considered him a “potential threat to other minors.”

Despite being physically separated from other inmates, Crumbley was allowed access to an electronic tablet to email his family from prison.

Crumbley is charged with 24 felonies, including committing a terrorist act causing death, and four counts of first degree murder. He faces mandatory life in prison if convicted.

His lawyers, with the agreement of prosecutors, have asked Presiding Oakland County Circuit Judge Kwamé L. Rowe to adjourn the trial date, originally scheduled for September 6, so that they have more time. time to consider the huge amount of evidence in the case. Rowe agreed and set a new trial date for January 17 at 8:30 a.m. He also decided that Crumbley would remain in prison.

Rowe has scheduled a review hearing regarding Crumbley’s placement in jail for July 21 at 9 a.m. The hearing will take place via Zoom.

Ethan Crumbley’s parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley, are separately charged with four counts each of manslaughter, which carries up to 15 years in prison, and are also being arraigned in Oakland County Jail along with $500,000 in cash or bonds.

Learn more about MLive:

Oxford shooter charged with remaining in adult prison

Oxford schools hire outside survey firms

Prosecutor requests name of accused shooter not be used in court

Accused Oxford High School shooter will remain in adult prison pending trial

“How do I get my fan mail? Accused Oxford High shooter’s jail messages revealed in court

Judge must determine whether accused Oxford High shooter should be transferred to a juvenile facility

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Galesburg Council approves grants for bars, residential beekeeping and receives Hawthorne update

Galesburg City Council on Monday, June 20, had a busy and diverse agenda. They approved front grant deals for The Bar 65 and Iron Spike. The two projects are mainly financed by businesses but will allow two establishments in the city center to expand and improve their facades.

Aldermen have approved an ordinance that now allows beekeeping in residential areas. Keepers need only acquire the appropriate licenses from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
Acting City Manager Wayne Carl also provided a quick update on Hawthorne Pools. He says the rust isn’t as bad as feared, but due to rising construction costs, repairs would likely be as costly as originally anticipated.
Some public comments have also raised concerns about the security of the Broadview Hotel lot with Railroad Days around the corner. Community development manager Steve Gugliottas said staff have been looking at options for fencing around the building and possibly boarding in the future.

The Galesburg City Council also approved a resolution that signifies a new training tower for the Galesburg Fire Department. The tower is used to create realistic fire and rescue training for firefighters, but it is about 18 years old and no longer structurally safe to use. City staff applied for and received a $200,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and the city will pay the remaining $115,000. Aldermen Bradley Hix thanked Rep. Dan Swanson for his assistance in securing public funds.
Council also held a discussion on the Traffic Advisory Committee’s recommendation that Council not allow UTVs or golf carts on public roads. Carl relayed the weighing of the benefits of TAC; like saving on gas and inconvenience; such as security issues. Carl said if the council wanted to license vehicles they could, but city staff would have liked to work on a licensing system. Some aldermen asked questions but did not specify their intention to override the advisory committee.

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Shampoo Bars Market Size, Scope and Forecast

New Jersey, United States – The Shampoo Bars Market research report examines the market in detail over the anticipated period. The research is divided into sections, each of which includes analysis of market trends and changes. Drivers, limitations, opportunities, and barriers, as well as the impact of numerous aspects on the industry, are all variables of market dynamics.

The report provides participants with essential information as well as specific recommendations for gaining a competitive advantage in the global business world. It studies how different players compete in the global market and shows how they compete differently. The market size for the Shampoo Bars Market is calculated using a projected period included in the research study. Current market status and trends, along with business growth drivers, industry share, sales volume, interesting BI dashboards, and market forces are all explored.

Get Sample Full PDF Copy of Report: (Including Full TOC, List of Tables & Figures, Chart) @

Key Players Mentioned in the Shampoo Bars Market Research Report:

Lush Ltd, JR LIGGETT LTD, Plaine Products, Osmia Organics LLC, BEAUTY AND THE BEES PTY LTD, Oregon Soap Company, BIOME LIVING PTY. LTD, The Refill Shoppe, Rocky Mountain Soap Company Inc. and Ethique Beauty Ltd.

Our analysts have performed a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the microeconomic and macroeconomic components of the Shampoo Bars market. This study will also help to understand changes in Shampoo Bars market industrial supply chain, manufacturing processes and costs, sales scenarios and market dynamics.

This analysis highlights significant mergers and acquisitions, business expansion, differences in goods or services, market structure, competitive conditions in the Shampoo Bars market and market size by participant .

Shampoo Bar Market Segmentation:

Solid Shampoo Marketby Product Type

• Based on glycerin
• Cold treated
• Solid surfactant

Solid Shampoo Marketby Distribution Channel Outlook

• Online broadcast
• Offline distribution

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Scope of the Shampoo Bars Market Report

UNITY Value (million USD/billion)
SECTORS COVERED Types, applications, end users, and more.
REPORT COVER Revenue Forecast, Business Ranking, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors and Trends
BY REGION North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
CUSTOMIZATION SCOPE Free report customization (equivalent to up to 4 analyst business days) with purchase. Added or changed country, region and segment scope.

Answers to key questions in the report:

1. Who are the top five players in the Solid Shampoo market?

2. How will the solid shampoo market evolve in the next five years?

3. Which product and application will capture the lion’s share of the solid shampoo market?

4. What are the drivers and restraints of the Shampoo Bars Market?

5. Which regional market will show the strongest growth?

6. What will be the CAGR and size of the shampoo market throughout the forecast period?

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Visualize the Shampoo Bars Market Using Verified Market Intelligence:-

Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for market narrative storytelling. VMI offers in-depth forecast trends and accurate insights on over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a global overview and competitive landscape with respect to region, country and segment, as well as key players in your market. Present your market report and results with an integrated presentation function that saves you more than 70% of your time and resources for presentations to investors, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. products. VMI enables data delivery in Excel and interactive PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

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About Us: Verified Market Research®

Verified Market Research® is a leading global research and advisory firm that for over 10 years has provided advanced analytical research solutions, personalized advice and in-depth data analysis to individuals and businesses seeking accurate research, reliable and up to date. data and technical advice. We provide insight into strategic and growth analytics, the data needed to achieve business goals, and help make critical revenue decisions.

Our research studies help our clients make superior data-driven decisions, understand market forecasts, capitalize on future opportunities, and maximize efficiency by working as a partner to deliver accurate and valuable insights. The industries we cover span a wide spectrum, including technology, chemicals, manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, automotive, robotics, packaging, construction, mining and the gas. Etc.

At Verified Market Research, we help in understanding holistic market indicator factors and most current and future market trends. Our analysts, with their deep expertise in data collection and governance, use industry techniques to gather and review data at all stages. They are trained to combine modern data collection techniques, superior research methodology, subject matter expertise and years of collective experience to produce informative and accurate research.

Having served over 5000 clients, we have provided reliable market research services to over 100 Global Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Dell, IBM, Shell, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Siemens, Microsoft, Sony and Hitachi. We have co-consulted with some of the world’s leading consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain and Company for custom research and consulting projects for companies around the world.

Contact us:

Mr. Edwyne Fernandes

Verified Market Research®

USA: +1 (650)-781-4080
UK: +44 (753)-715-0008
APAC: +61 (488)-85-9400
US Toll Free: +1 (800)-782-1768

E-mail: [email protected]


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Some bars and restaurants are struggling to keep up with Stanley Cup Final crowds due to understaffing

DENVER — The crowded downtown streets were a welcome sight for restaurants and bars during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday.

“It’s created an incredible amount of traffic in this area,” said Brandon Hanson, catering manager at Union Station.

The Venice Ristorante and Wine Bar saw huge numbers on Wednesday, according to owner Alessandro Carollo.

“We made about $20,000. Usually we make $12,000 to $13,000, it’s almost double that,” he said.

Behind the scenes, the night came with some struggles.

“We’re scheduling everyone for six days. We’re pulling a few servers from Venice to Greenwood Village,” Carollo said.

Carollo’s three restaurants have been understaffed for some time.

“We need servers, bartenders, people from the back of the house,” he said.

Carollo says he hasn’t been able to capitalize like he’s used to at a restaurant that’s served big names over its two decades, including numerous Denver Nuggets, Avs and Broncos players.

“The challenges are like right now, especially during this Avalanche final, there are a lot of people outside that I would like to open up for lunch,” Carollo said.

Carollo is not alone. Nearby restaurants, like Jinya Ramin, had their own struggles on Wednesday.

Kitchen manager Phillip Reed said the crowd was “side by side”.

“The tables [were] full. The bar was full. We didn’t have enough service to go out,” Reed said.

In the week leading up to the first game, over 200 catering positions were advertised on Craigslist.

In a statement to Denver7, Colorado Restaurant Association spokeswoman Denise Mickelsen said in part, “Eight out of 10 operators tell us they’re understaffed, and with Avs games driving more business in restaurants and bars, the situation is aggravated.”

Over the years, Carollo’s Restaurant has become one of downtown Denver’s most well-known Italian restaurants. Despite the restaurant’s staff shortages, Carolla says he is dedicated to providing excellent service to his customers.

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The man who killed a prison guard behind bars after a police chase in Auckland

Latu Kepu killed prison guard Jason Palmer in 2010. He is currently serving a short sentence after being involved in a police chase that only ended when his tires were nailed.  (File photo)


Latu Kepu killed prison guard Jason Palmer in 2010. He is currently serving a short sentence after being involved in a police chase that only ended when his tires were nailed. (File photo)

A notorious criminal whose case file includes the murder of a prison guard has been sentenced to another jail term after running red lights, speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Latu Kepu was only arrested after police laid spikes in the night chase earlier this year.

He appeared in Auckland District Court on Wednesday via audio-visual link from jail.

Judge Tony Fitzgerald said Kepu was spotted by police late on the night of May 12 running a red light on Queen St.


When officers in a patrol car flashed their headlights, Kepu drove away, sometimes driving on the wrong side of the road and running other red lights.

Judge Fitzgerald said Kepu’s car was only stopped when police spiked the road.

He sentenced Kepu to 14 days in prison and suspended his driver’s license for 12 months.

The judge said Kepu had four pages of previous convictions, but few related to driving.

Jason Palmer died in Middlemore Hospital after being punched by Latu Kepu.


Jason Palmer died in Middlemore Hospital after being punched by Latu Kepu.

One such conviction was for the murder of prison guard and former US Marine Jason Palmer at Springhill Prison in 2010.

Kepu was sentenced to an additional six years and four months in prison the same year.

Judge Paul Heath called Kepu’s actions “cowardly”.

Kepu punched Palmer in the mouth with his fist, causing him to fall back and bang his head against the concrete floor.

The father-of-three never regained consciousness and died at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland from a brain injury.

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“Call Me Elizabeth” – NoHo Arts District

A NoHo Arts theatrical review of “Call Me Elizabeth,” written and performed by Kayla Boye and directed by Erin Kraft at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival.

A NoHo Arts theatrical review of “Call Me Elizabeth,” written and performed by Kayla Boye and directed by Erin Kraft at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival.

“Call Me Elizabeth” is an absolutely flawless piece. An hour spent with the beautiful and charming Elizabeth Taylor in her Beverly Hills Hotel suite in 1961, as she opens up to her future biographer about her life so far. This is before her love affair with Richard Burton, while she was still married to Eddie Fisher. The play begins after Eddie leaves to fly to Vegas for a concert, though her calls repeatedly interrupt her conversation during our time with her. Surely we can see the writing on the wall!

Kayla Boye has created a sort of time machine. A window on another era, a glimpse of a very private veiled life. Elizabeth de Boyles is beautifully dressed in a classic movie star little black dress. Her brushed hair, her flawless makeup and her smile, that deeply fragile fierce smile that only Elizabeth Taylor had. She is captured by her superbly well. Her skin just as porcelain, her voice just as singsong, her manners between flirtatious and refined. There is also a sadness. A resignation, a carefully hidden exhaustion. Her back hurts badly ever since she fell off her horse while shooting “Black Beauty”. After many surgeries and many doctors and treatments, she will never fully recover. The wide variety of painkillers is all that keeps him going and contributes to his lifelong addiction issues.

So this is where we find it. Sipping champagne, taking the occasional pill, answering calls from lawyers and Eddie, and watching his daughter in the pool. She talks and talks and as the champagne and pills kick in a bit, she talks again. Sharing things she knows she shouldn’t, being incredibly charming and warm and funny and sweetly truthful. She never weakens, except when her back has spasms. She is quite Elizabeth. And we long for her to be in our lives again.

The filming of “Cleopatra”, interrupted after weeks of disastrous filming, is about to resume. She told them it would take a million dollars to get her back on that set and they gave it to her, calling her a bluff. So the movie that nearly bankrupted a studio and heralded one of Hollywood’s greatest love stories was days away. And you can feel the electricity in the air when she takes the call telling her that Richard Burton will be playing Mark Antony.

A NoHo Arts theater review by

It’s a beautiful piece, skillfully put together from Taylor’s own words. She really had this conversation with a biographer. It’s like watching the destiny of a life turn at some point. When we have all the answers and she has decades ahead of her. Great!

I love solo shows and I particularly like this kind of intimate monologue. Who wouldn’t want to be in that room 60 years ago watching Elizabeth Taylor talk about… anything!?

Kayla Boye’s performance leaves us a bit breathless, so close is her performance to Taylor herself. There is a beautiful presence in her, a weight, something much more than mimicry, closer to reverence, but not sickly at all. Very honest, very true. It’s remarkable and it makes for a really wonderful piece.


Closed June 12


Zephyr Theater
5456 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, 90046


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This bar was voted the best in New Jersey, it’s a Big Joe favorite

There are many great saloons, bars, taverns and inns here in New Jersey and I’m proud to say I’ve had the pleasure of walking through the doors of most of them.

Asbury Park dubbed the 2nd best beach in the United States, Asbury construction in 2018

Asbury Park dubbed the 2nd best beach in the United States (Erin Vogt, Townsquare Media)

Mashed, the online foodie resource that offers news, recipes and polls its staff and subscribers, recently named the best bars in Monmouth County, then went on to say that Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey was the best bar in New Jersey. .

I can understand why they voted for The Wonder Bar as it is also one of my favorite bars here in Jersey. It’s a bar steeped in history and above all rightly nestled in the heart of “where the music lives” Asbury Park.

New Jersey Marathon runners pass the iconic Wonder Bar sign in Asbury Park in 2013

New Jersey Marathon runners pass the iconic Wonder Bar sign in Asbury Park in 2013 (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Walk into the Wonder Bar and the staff are friendly and efficient and no wonder (no pun intended) as it’s run by Lance Larson who was and still is in the top ring of musical royalty here in Jersey and Debbie DeLisa who is gracious and welcoming with her personality and she remains the best friend an animal can have by giving so much of her time and money to animal rescues and their care.

Debbie has created a yappy hour where you can bring your dog to Wonder Bar and sip your favorite drink and enjoy the outdoor tiki bar. Yappy hour is appreciated and well attended.

Bruce Springsteen on stage at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park

Bruce Springsteen on stage at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park (Tom Cunningham, Townsquare Media NJ)

Wonder Bar music has been a showcase for some of New Jersey’s best, including Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Clarence Clemons and Bobby Bandiera. A few years ago, just before COVID-19, Bruce Springsteen showed up at a show I was hosting with Bobby Bandiera and he was dancing with his mom Adele.

Photo Dennis Malloy

Photo by Dennis Malloy (from the Wonder Bar Deck)

The Wonder Bar is the kind of place where you can have a few cold drinks with your friends, bring your dog and enjoy the best music Jersey has to offer. I don’t know of any other establishment here in New Jersey that offers all of these entertainment choices.

I have hosted many charities at the Wonder Bar and Debbie and Lance have been kind enough to open their doors to many great causes. The Wonder Bar is an icon in the same vein as its sister bar down the street The Stone Pony.

Asbury Park beach at sunrise

Asbury Park Beach at Sunrise (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media NJ)

Take advantage of the Wonder Bar and make it a must stop on your next trip to Asbury Park.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. All opinions expressed are those of Big Joe.

What are the emblematic drinks of each state?

NJ Beach Tag Guide for Summer 2022

We are coming another summer to the Jersey Shore! Before you lose yourself in the excitement of sunny days on the sand, we calculate how much seasonal/weekly/daily beach beacons will cost you, and pre-season deals you can still take advantage of!

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New Takoda sports Navy Yard’s largest rooftop bar

Six years after its Shaw debut, Takoda Restaurant & Beer Garden is unveiling a second DC location directly across from Nationals Park on Thursday, June 9.

The 7,000 square foot Millennial Magnet (1299 First Street SE), nearly twice the size of the original, replicates the Northwest layout with second-floor space and a third-floor rooftop that the fast-growing Better Hospitality Group (BHG) calls the largest in the neighborhood. There is room for 385 customers on the two floors.

“We have a lot of loyal Takoda Shaw customers who live at Navy Yard. Now they have one on their doorstep,” BHG CEO Ryan Seelbach tells Eater.

BHG executive chef Julio Estrada brings Takoda’s best-selling tots, boneless chicken wings, six types of slider burgers and a cheeseburger with a seven-ounce prime rib and mixed brisket patty. A pocket section also includes barbecue chicken, pulled pork, roasted portobello sandwiches and a buffalo chicken wrap.

Entrees like a basket of fried pickles, truffle fries and fish and chips are also part of a late-night weekend menu, with a new take-out window dedicated to orders (11 p.m. to 1 a.m. ).

Coming out of COVID-19, Seelbach says its new BHG bars are prioritizing large open outdoor spaces year-round. Its months-old Boardwalk Bar & Arcade on the Wharf has a long patio and an airy, wraparound bar. The Easy Company waterside wine bar will pop up on an airy, fountain-framed piece of the quayside this summer.

Takoda’s rooftop will remain open year-round.
Daniel Swartz for Takoda

New menu drops include a trio of salads (Chicken Caesar, Spicy Chicken, and a Taco Salad in a Fried Tortilla Shell). Other Takoda firsts include a build-your-own burger option and a seven-day-a-week happy hour (at Shaw, it’s just Tuesday through Thursday).

Back by popular demand, Takoda’s “WAP” shooter, which came out on Shaw last summer in unison with Cardi B’s hit song The Returning Shooter, which was ahead of the curve with the now-hot Blue Curaçao, also includes rum, passion fruit, ginger, mint, lemon, and lime ($8 each or $39 for six).

Eight on-site frozen drink machines are tasked with swirling two types of spiked slushies: BHG’s ever-popular frose (rose, vodka, strawberry, peach) and a “Rum Bae” (rum, pineapple, strawberry, coconut, lime). The latter is an ode to the decades-old Florida resort town of Rum Bay where the BHG senior team stayed during a retreat this year.

Navy Yard’s Bottomless Brunch goes live immediately this weekend, with a 90-minute time limit for mimosas and three courses ($53), from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

A 24-line draw system dispenses 16 mostly local beers and eight cocktails, including BHG’s greatest hits (the Takoda mule, Boardwalk mojito, and Cortez margarita). There are 24 lines on the roof and 48 around its bar on the second level.

The shiny new Takoda Navy Yard incorporates and updates design elements from the original, like creeping ivy on the walls.
Daniel Swartz for Takoda

A daily happy hour (4 p.m. to 6 p.m.) includes $3 sliders, $7 Old Bay toddlers, and rail, draft, and frozen beers, wines, bubbles, and cocktails ($6 to $9).

Schedules start on weekdays from 4 p.m. and on weekends at 11 a.m. for brunch. Takoda plans to stay open Monday through Wednesday until 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., Thursday until midnight, Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m., and Sunday until 10 p.m. During Washington Nationals home game days, Takoda plans to open earlier and stay open later.

Seelbach says the Shaw and Navy Yard neighborhoods of Takoda share the same customer base.

“There are a lot of young residents in both who want to be within walking distance of entertainment and great bars and restaurants,” he says.

Takoda Shaw, opened in 2016, kicked off the DC Group’s expansion streak that included the Cortez taco and tequila bar in Shaw and Boardwalk bars in Penn Quarter and the Wharf.

“Beyond my current family, Takoda is my most treasured asset. I’m extremely excited to be launching my second baby, so to speak,” Seelbach says.

An oval-shaped central bar on the second floor has 48 tap lines.
Daniel Swartz for Takoda

A second-floor take-out window sends out late-night snacks.
Daniel Swartz for Takoda

Takoda is about a 30 second walk from Nationals Park.
Daniel Swartz for Takoda

Takoda Navy Yard features a mix of bar seating, high tables, and bright blue booths.
Daniel Swartz for Takoda

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Bars, restaurants lose interest in Jackson’s social district after several delays

JACKSON, MI — Jackson’s long-awaited social neighborhood didn’t launch as planned over Memorial Day weekend, and downtown restaurants are starting to lose interest.

The District was scheduled to launch on Friday, May 27, the same day as the first Downtown Cruise-In for 2022. But that didn’t happen because those responsible were tied to other projects, director Cory Mays executive of the Jackson Downtown Development Authority, said.

Related: A few final touches are added, but Jackson’s Social Neighborhood should launch soon

“There are a lot of moving parts in the Social Quarter, and we want to make sure we get it right,” Mays said. “We don’t want to rush.”

A social district allows patrons to legally purchase alcohol and consume it in designated outdoor areas. The Jackson City Council approved the creation of a downtown neighborhood in April 2021, and it was hoped to be operational in the summer of 2021.

However, its launch has been delayed a few times in part due to a lack of restaurant participation, which the restaurants say may be partly due to a lack of communication about the District’s participation and operation.

While business owners said they have been patient about the impending start of the social district, many are frustrated that it is being delayed yet again. This includes Liz Wiginton, owner of The Crazy Cowboy, who said the restaurant will not be participating in the district this year.

“I was kind of interested, but now we’re not,” Wiginton said. “I feel like I don’t have answers to some of my questions.”

In 2021, The Crazy Cowboy, 215 S. Mechanic St., was one of five restaurants and bars that originally accepted and registered to participate in the Social Quarter, out of 15 eligible to enroll.

The others were Ogma Brewery Co., 129 E. Michigan Ave.; Nite Lite, 145 W. Pearl St.; Veritas, 151 W. Michigan Ave., and Grand River Brewery, 117 W. Louis Glick Highway.

Related: 5 Restaurants Join Jackson’s Social District But Still Awaiting State Approval

During the delays, Wiginton said the restaurant has seen success in cocktails and take-out drinks, which the state approved in 2020. That’s more useful than the neighborhood would be, she said. .

Related: Michigan Senate Approves To-Go Cocktails, Outdoor Beverage Districts

“We’re doing so well with it that we don’t want to change it,” Wiginton said. “At that time, people couldn’t eat so much and we were looking to increase our liquor sales. We’re doing fine as we are now, and we’re not the bar we used to be.

Veritas and Ogma Brewing Co. have re-registered and are awaiting city and state approval. While Ogma Brewing Co. is excited to eventually participate, it wants the city to launch the district as soon as possible, co-owner Andrew Volk said.

“We believe a social neighborhood has utility in creating a better connected downtown and is a feature that would help smaller food and beverage establishments like us during busier weekends,” Volk said. . “However, if the city doesn’t follow through this summer, I don’t expect any of the currently listed companies to invest in it in the future.”

Town Bar, 121 E. Cortland St., is interested in the neighborhood but understands why many restaurants are hesitant to join, manager Katti Chivington said.

A lack of information and unanswered questions, such as who could provide the cups, how the district would be run and the costs, prevented Town Bar from signing up the first time around, Chivington said.

“There’s definitely an opportunity for that,” Chivington said. “There just isn’t a lot of communication about it. Many (places) are in the dark and don’t know the plans. They are afraid to get on board and to understand as they go along. It’s one of those things you have to be prepared for. »

But, the DDA is not giving up on the social district just yet and still expects to launch it this year, Mays said.

The DDA will again focus on the project since many summer events have either started, he said. Over the next few weeks, the DDA plans to deliver applications to eligible restaurants and answer questions from some owners, he said.

“We have a few more pieces to put in place,” Mays said. “We have to finish some things on our side. We are a little bogged down by many other projects that were priorities. We need to complete our outreach to our downtown bar and restaurant owners to have all their paperwork filed.

The DDA is ready to print maps, rules and other items to activate the social district, Mays previously said. The group is also ready to provide logo cups to all participating businesses, he said, adding that they only needed the restaurant’s participation.

Mays did not provide an alternate date for the district’s launch. However, he previously said that the DDA had set a goal of eight registered participants to make the district a reality.

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Longtime Palo Alto sports bar, The Old Pro, to close June 19 | New

The Old Pro in Palo Alto on October 2, 2019. The longtime local business is scheduled to close on June 19, 2022. Photo by Sammy Dallal.

Originally opened in 1964, The Old Pro has long been Palo Alto’s classic sports bar, even as Silicon Valley grew around it. The walls are lined with vintage pennants featuring now-defunct teams like the World Soccer League’s Philadelphia Bell and framed Sports Illustrated covers from a time when printing full-color photographs took weeks of planning.

Later, the bar also drew crowds for late-night must-haves, including its mechanical bull Bucky, beer towers and shotskis. Open until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, The Old Pro is one of the few places in the quiet Midpeninsula for a late-night drink. On June 1, the company announced its permanent closure after its last day on June 19.

The (old) Old Pro opened under a different name on El Camino Real near Page Mill Road and the Oregon Expressway nearly 60 years ago, and Steve Sinchek bought the business in 1994. He opened the The Old Pro’s second location in downtown Palo Alto about a decade later, and the El Camino bar closed in 2007 with a final blowout where its TVs were sold to patrons for $20.

The Old Pro’s current location meant moving its dive bar environment to downtown Palo Alto’s trendiest location in a space with floor-to-ceiling windows. Yet The Old Pro retained its classic sports memorabilia decor and continued to welcome everyone from little leaguers to college students and venture capitalists. During major sporting events, the bar would come alive and transform into a space filled with hordes of fans decked out in the red, white and blue of American football and the red and gold of the 49ers.

Sinchek pointed to the pandemic pushing away work groups and rising food, rent and labor costs as the main factors behind the bar’s closure in interviews with The Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle, although it still operates Local 271 nearby. media thank community members and ask customers to share photos and stories.

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After nearly six decades, Palo Alto’s beloved sports bar is closing

The Old Pro, one of the most beloved and oldest sports bars on the peninsula, is closing permanently on June 19.

The downtown Palo Alto bar, which opened under a different name in 1964, announced the closure on social media Wednesday night. Owner Steve Sinchek said the big bar was struggling to survive amid various pressures: rising food and labor costs, expensive rent and a pandemic business crisis that didn’t go away. never recovered. The shift to remote working meant local tech companies that regularly hosted parties at the Old Pro lost business, Sinchek said. With the pandemic, large groups don’t come as much anymore.

“We had a hemorrhage of money every month. Nothing on the horizon seemed to change that,” he said.

The lease for the space at 541 Ramona St. wasn’t in effect until 2025, but Sinchek said he negotiated a buyout. Most Old Pro staff will relocate to Sinchek’s neighboring Palo Alto restaurant, Local Union 271.

The peninsula has mourned the loss of several watering hole institutions in recent years, including Antonio’s Nut House in Palo Alto, the Oasis in Menlo Park, and Los Altos waiting for the Boardwalk Bar. A Facebook post announcing the closure of the Old Pro drew dozens of posts from longtime customers lamenting the end of a local era.

For decades, locals and students have flocked to the rowdy bar to watch pro and college sports games, drink from beer towers and ride the famous mechanical bull. It’s one of the few places in Palo Alto that stays open late, until 1 a.m. on weekends — a draw for Stanford University students and homeschoolers on break . Every inch of the bar’s walls is covered in sports paraphernalia and Bay Area TVs. Old Pro often hosted events for local high school sports teams.

It’s usually a busy season for the sports bar, with the NBA Finals and Stanford graduation just around the corner.

The original Old Pro, formerly called Coaches’ Corner, opened in a space near Page Mill Road and El Camino Real. Sinchek, a frequent dive bar patron, bought the business in 1994. He moved it to its current location in 2002, where it has become a downtown staple. In 2006, he remodeled the bar, expanded it into an adjoining space, and added the mechanical bull.

Even before the pandemic, business started to slow down, Sinchek said. The former pro began to see more competition from businesses in nearby booming downtowns like Redwood City and Mountain View.

“Once COVID hit, obviously the wheels fell off and we never really recovered,” he said.

Elena Kadvany is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected]: @ekadvany

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Out and About

Out! Raleigh Pride

Categories: Restaurants & Bars, Music, Movies, Pets, Hotels, Free, Lifestyle, American, Asian, Bar, Bakeries, Barbecue, Bar & Grill, Breakfast, Burgers, Cafeteria, Caribbean, Chicken, Chinese, Cafe, Country, Deli, Dessert, Downtown, Beer/Wine Dinners, Breweries, Classes, Street Trucks, Hopscotch, Gym, Parks, Yoga

Visit their website

Out! Raleigh Pride returns in person on June 25, 2022 for our official 10-year anniversary! Join us on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh for an action-packed, family-friendly, inclusive event with activities for all ages. From 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the event features live entertainment, local vendors and artists, great food, a KidsZone, and a beer garden! There are no admission fees.

This event is an important way to raise the funds needed to support the Raleigh LGBT Center and all of its 20 incredible community programs. Our latest in-person event brought together thousands of people on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, our friends and families.

Over the past decade, the event has become an integral part of downtown Raleigh’s culture, promoting diversity, awareness and a sense of inclusion for the LGBTQIA+ community. Each year has been more successful than the last, and this year will be no exception!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Cafe workers’ union tackles sexual harassment in bars and restaurants

Many restaurant workers regularly face sexual harassment from customers. FNV Horeca has offered to set up a hotline for workers to report, according to AT5.

Brechje Bevers, who worked from the age of 19 to 23 in a bar in Amsterdam, is all too familiar with this type of behavior. When she was cleaning glasses in the bar, for example: “I asked a guy if I could pass, then he turned around and squeezed my breasts,” she recalled in an interview with AT5. “I realized that I had almost never felt the feeling of being pushed into a corner so much.”

Sexual harassment could range from an inappropriate comment to a slap on the butt to something more violent, like what Bevers experienced. Bevers said it could happen every night and his co-workers have experienced it too.

“It’s an open topic. Undesirable behavior and sexual bullying are not always acknowledged and acknowledged,” said Edwin Vlek of FNV Horeca.

Although catering staff can report such incidents to their supervisors or contact a health and safety doctor, they do not have a centralized hotline to share their experiences. Larger bars and restaurants must appoint a confidential counsellor, while the Sexual Violence Center can put employees in touch with therapists.

But Vlek told AT5 that wasn’t enough, in his view. There are power dynamics in the industry that make it harder for victims to report, he said. FNV Horeca itself has received dozens of reports over the past year from both men and women.

People are divided on the usefulness of the proposed helpline. “I would be more in favor of a mandatory confidential counselor within the restaurant industry, who then has to report this,” Bevers suggested.

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How Northern California hotels are turning leftover soap into new bars for those in need

You might not be the last person to use that bar of soap you left in your hotel room.

That’s because lodging properties around the world, including several in North Bay, are taking steps to turn used bars of soap into new. And instead of garbage, renewed bars of soap may end up in the hands of some poor people around the world.

“It’s actually costing us money, but it’s the right thing to do,” said Gary Stymus, general manager of the Best Western Corte Madera Inn in Marin County. “It’s not really something that we announced. This is part of our general recycling program. We try to divert as much as possible to different recycling streams. »

More than 25 North Bay hotels have signed up with Orlando-based Clean the World and have collected a total of 17,562 pounds of soap, one small bar at a time.

It’s easy to collect that much soap based on a 2019 study from Boston University revealing that the #1 amenity used by hotel guests is the provided bar of soap.

North Bay Properties

Chris Johansen, one of the owners of Embrace Calistoga, a five-room property in Napa County, has worked with Clean the World since it opened in 2011.

“We pay the membership and we pay the shipping (to ship the soap to Florida),” Johansen told the Business Journal. “It’s not about saving money. But it’s better than every week to put I don’t know how many plastic objects in the recycling, and the soap bar would go to the trash in a landfill.

Whether a product has obviously been used or not, each is replaced at Embrace Calistoga.

At the Farmhouse Inn in Forestville, Sonoma County, guests are encouraged to cut whatever soap they need from a specialty long bar and are then encouraged to take what’s left with them at the end of their stay.

You won’t find bar soap at Waters Edge in Tiburon. Hotel Marin uses EO Products, a San Rafael company. Employees use one-gallon jugs to refill dispensers in rooms. These larger containers can then be filled by EO.

The Country Inn and Suites by Radisson in Dixon and the Holiday Inn Express in Vacaville, both in Solano County, are among the hotels throwing used bars in the trash.

The days of small toiletry bottles are numbered in California. As of January 1, 2023, properties with more than 50 rooms cannot legally provide these tiny bottles of shampoo and the like. In 2024, the same law applies to all accommodation establishments.

Wall-mounted dispensers will do, as will bottles of at least 6 ounces. These tiny bottles that are the norm today usually hold no more than 3 ounces of product.

Benefits of recycling

Since its inception, Clean the World has delivered 70 million bars of soap to 127 countries.

“When we started the business in 2009, 9,000 children a day were dying from pneumonia and diarrheal diseases. In 2020, before COVID, that had been reduced by 65%,” founder Shawn Seipler told the Business Journal. By providing soap to countries with hygiene problems, Clean the World helps people live longer.

Although the impact is enormous, Seipler is quick to point out that 2 million children worldwide (before the pandemic) were dying from diseases that could be prevented with good hygiene.

He said it was difficult to assess needs today, especially with the war in Ukraine and the ongoing pandemic.

“I wouldn’t say the needs are going down,” Seipler said. “There are always humanitarian responses that need to happen.”

Clean the World has provided hygiene kits to those on the US-Mexico border, as well as those affected by natural disasters, including wildfire victims in North Bay.

At the height of the pandemic, Clean the World reconfigured its hygiene kit manufacturing program. Before COVID, this was often a team-building exercise or corporate volunteer opportunity. The nonprofit has moved to sending kits directly to employees. The complete kits, which contain a host of products, could then be donated to a local charity, such as a homeless shelter or women’s centre.

Three San Rafael companies participated: Autodesk assembled 5,000 kits; Enterprise Events Group and The Dutra Group each collected 1,000 kits, according to Clean the World.

Pandemic impact

Because hotels are just recovering from being devastated by a lack of travelers at the height of the pandemic, Clean the World predicts it will be 18 months before its portfolio contains 9,000 properties – the number it was. in 2019. It is closer to 8,000 today.

These hotels pay to play. In the United States, the cost is between 50 and 80 cents per room. So a hotel with 100 rooms would pay between $50 and $80 per month, regardless of occupancy. Fees include delivery of empty collection bins, postage to be sent to Clean the World, welcome materials and training information. The price varies according to the volume of rooms.

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Convicted of assault after prison guard killed outside Saratoga Springs bar, man sent to jail

BALLSTON SPA — A Saratoga Springs man who pleaded guilty to a felony related to a fight that ended in the death of a retired state corrections officer was sentenced to 4½ in prison on Wednesday.

Judge Chad W. Brown imposed the sentence on James Garafalo during an afternoon appearance in Saratoga County Court. Brown also ordered him five years of post-release supervision.

James Garafalo, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault last March after he and his brother, Jordan Garafalo, allegedly started a fight with Mark French, 56, at Clancy’s Tavern last August. According to French’s friend Kevin Gordon, French died after being thrown onto the sidewalk, hitting his head and going into cardiac arrest on Caroline Street.

Jordan Garafalo, 39, pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges last December and is free on $100,000 bond.

French, then living in South Carolina, died at Albany Medical Center on August 15, 2021, the day after his injury. French, a retiree from Great Meadow Correctional Institution in Comstock, was visiting the town, his former home, with his son Nick French. They were at Clancy’s, a well-known local bar, celebrating a $2,000 win at Saratoga Racetrack.

Around 11 p.m., the father and son called an Uber. Gordon said that as they were leaving, the brothers, who allegedly caused trouble in the bar, came up behind Nick French and allegedly “kicked” him on the head.

Mark French, a 6ft 5in cancer survivor, saw him and went to help his son. Then he was punched in the back of the head.

“He fell so hard,” Gordon told The Times Union last year. “When he went to Albany Med, they put him on life support. But he was on blood thinners and he took such a beating, he didn’t have a chance. He never got out of it. It’s foolish, simply foolish.”

Prior to French’s death, the Garafalo brothers, who own J. Garafalo and Son Asphalt Paving of Wilton, faced other recent charges. Police blotters, as printed in Saratoga Today, note that in 2021, Saratoga Springs police charged Jordan Garafalo with felony assault, harassment, criminal mischief, criminal contempt, criminal possession of a weapon and acts intended to harm a child under the age of 17.

James Garafalo was charged with criminal mischief in 2021.

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What is beauty without water? | Marie Claire

Once upon a time, water took first place in almost every beauty formula. Whether the product in question was designed for skin, hair or makeup, it didn’t matter – good ol’ H2O was the first component on the ingredient list, where it was prized for its user-friendly emulsions, its non-sticky finish and satisfactory foam.

But the tide has turned. Brands are increasingly creating waterless products and instead relying on butters and oils to get results. This change has a ton of eco-potential, reducing waste and, of course, the water itself.

Despite their recent rise, the bars, powders, and concentrates that fill shelves today aren’t exactly new. In fact, the first shampoo bars debuted in 1987, thanks to Lush co-founder Mo Constantine and cosmetic chemist Stan Krysztal. There have always been “anhydrous, or ‘waterless’ products, such as face and body oils, balms, sticks and powders,” says cosmetic chemist Marisa Plescia, researcher at retailer NakedPoppy. own beauty products. “But over the past few years, we’ve seen this category grow with new ideas and new concepts.”

Rather than renaming products that never contained water to begin with, brands are developing waterless versions of traditionally water-based formulas, such as cleansers and conditioners.

Logistics also plays a role in its development. As consumers have largely shifted from store shelves to scrolling pages, products have adapted accordingly. As companies competed for shelf space with shiny, oversized bottles, says Jenkins, “shipping water around the world just doesn’t make sense anymore.” Remove water from the equation and you get a smaller, lighter product to transport, which can translate into cost savings. (However, it’s hard to say if brands pass these savings on to consumers. Additionally, “the cost of anhydrous materials can [actually] be higher,” says Plescia. “Water is cheap, while waxes, oils, butters and powders often aren’t.”)