3 men arrested after “hellish” bar shooting in St. Paul, Minnesota leaves 1 dead, 14 injured

Three men were arrested in a devastating shooting in Minnesota at a popular bar that left one dead and more than a dozen injured, authorities said. It is the largest mass shooting in the city of St. Paul in recent history. Just after midnight Sunday, a city spokesperson said, several people called 911 to report gunfire inside Seventh Street Truck Park, “frantically” begging for help. A “hellish situation” awaited officers who arrived at the scene, inside and outside the bar, the St. Paul Police Department said.

The city’s mayor told CNN the situation was “heartbreaking and unacceptable”. Fourteen people injured by gunfire were taken to hospital following the shooting. The three arrested men are also currently being treated for injuries sustained in the incident. The trio will be taken to prison for treatment after being released from hospital, police said in a tweet, and the folder remains open. “Everyone was having fun and singing,” a DJ playing at the bar told CNN that night. “Then at 12:15 am, abrupt, without argument or fight, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. And everyone hit the ground.

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North Carolina man sentenced to decades behind bars in wave of crimes linked to shooting of city police officer

Officer Charles Ainsworth and Cedric Jamal Kearney.

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Officer Charles Ainsworth and Cedric Jamal Kearney.

Officer Charles Ainsworth and Cedric Jamal Kearney.

A North Carolina man was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Friday for a series of crimes related to the possible shooting of a city police officer. According to the US Department of Justice, Cedric Jamal Kearney, 26, of Henderson has learned he will spend 252 months behind bars for “auto theft and aiding and abetting, gunning for a violent crime and possession of stolen firearms “.

Raleigh NBC affiliate WRAL said it all started when Kearney used his girlfriend and a dating app to lure a man into the hijacking. The TV channel said only the weapon charge was directly linked to the shooting of a Raleigh police officer Charlie ainsworth. The Justice Department’s comments, however, suggest that Kearney and his girlfriend started a multi-day crime spree on January 4, 2019 that culminated in the shooting:

Kearney and a co-accused, Sherry Marie Richmond, stole his car keys and cell phone from a Raleigh man at gunpoint. The wave of crime continued on January 9, 2019, when Kearney and other co-defendants broke into an apartment in Holly Springs, North Carolina, and stole several guns and pairs of shoes. Finally, later on the night of January 9, 2019, the Raleigh Police Department responded to a reported sighting of the stolen vehicle in the Shaub Drive and Teakwood Place area. Upon arrival, officers saw Kearney and another man attempting to get inside the stolen vehicle. The officers gave orders to the men and while one complied, Kearney shot at the officers and fled on foot.

Sherry Marie Richmond

© Provided by Law & Crime
Sherry Marie Richmond

Sherry Marie Richmond.

Kearney hit Agent Ainsworth twice, the DOJ said. His story continued:

Ainsworth had to be rushed to WakeMed Hospital with life-threatening injuries, but ultimately survived. Body camera surveillance captured the heartbreaking incident in its entirety. Kearney was found several hours later in a neighboring owner’s shed; still in possession of the weapon used to shoot Officer Ainsworth. Kearney had previously been convicted of reckless driving outside Virginia.

Kearney agreed to plead guilty to federal charges on March 10, 2020. The case against him, however, was stayed in August 2020 because a judge determined that the accused “suffered from a mental illness or defect on making it mentally incompetent ”. and was therefore “incapable of understanding the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him and of properly assisting his defense”. To the judge’s irritation, the government dragged its feet in placing the accused in a treatment center. The plea deal was not fully accepted by the court until Oct. 7, 2021, the record says. The plea agreement document itself appears to be sealed at the time of writing. Law & Crime attempted to post the document to a forensic database, but was unable to do so.

Durham, NC ABC, affiliated with WTVD, reported that Constable Ainsworth spent about a year recovering from the January 2019 shooting – including undergoing “numerous surgeries and grueling physical therapy” – while on business were pending against four individual defendants accused of playing a role in the officer’s injuries. Ainsworth returned from hospital in April 2019, the WTVD said. WRAL said the officer eventually returned to active duty in early 2020, but a police department tweet said he subsequently retired in March 2020.

Besides Kearney and Richmond, Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher were also arrested and charged in connection with the insanity.

Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher

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Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher

Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher.

WTVD said Constable Ainsworth was trying to stop Antonio Fletcher when Kearney, then 24, fled and started shooting Ainsworth.


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Court records indicate that the Fletcher’s and the Richmond’s also pleaded guilty to the charges against them in federal court. A separate attempted murder case against Kearney is being played out in state court, WRAL said.

Yet federal prosecutors are celebrating their own victory.

“Today was a good day for the Ainsworth family and the justice system. The court has sent a very clear message that this type of assault on law enforcement simply will not be tolerated, ”the interim US prosecutor said. G. Norman Acker III said of the federal sentence.

Read the original federal indictment below:

[Image of Ainsworth via the Raleigh Police Dept. Other images via Wake County Sheriff’s Office mugshots.]

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Proof of vaccination now required in Long Beach bars, other drinking establishments • Long Beach Post News

The city’s mandate applies to all bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges that do not have licensed kitchens. While not mandatory, the city “strongly recommends” restaurant owners to require a vaccine check for indoor meals.

“We all want to protect our community by reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a September 21 press release. “Requiring proof of vaccination in high-risk settings is an important step in achieving this. “

Bars and other drinking establishments are most often frequented by people in their 20s and 30s, an age group least likely to be vaccinated, according to city data. Less than 64% of Long Beach residents aged 18 to 34 are vaccinated, compared to over 67% of those aged 12 to 17 and over 87% of residents aged 35 and over.

Employees must also be vaccinated to work indoors at these companies, but may be granted medical or religious exemption. Exempt staff should be tested weekly.

The ordinance extends Nov. 4, requiring people to be fully vaccinated to work and drink inside drinking places.

The Long Beach ordinance, which is consistent with the county’s mandate, is tame compared to the city of Los Angeles. In a rare move, the LA city council voted to expand the county’s rules, requiring proof of vaccination at indoor restaurants, malls, hair and nail salons, coffee shops, museums and a range of ‘other interior places.

Long Beach and LA have mostly deferred to county regulations throughout the pandemic.

LA’s ordinance expires when the city’s emergency declaration expires. Long Beach, meanwhile, has not “designated a specific sunset for the new vaccine mandate,” according to spokeswoman Jennifer Rice Epstein.

The Long Beach Health Ordinance also applies to outdoor mega-events of 10,000 people or more. Participants in such events must show proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours of the event.

The mega indoor event of 1,000 people or more already requires proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter.

“It is important that people receive their COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves and others,” reads the city’s health order. “The data shows that people who have been vaccinated are much better protected against serious illnesses and infections. “

In Long Beach, 78% of eligible residents aged 12 and over received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccination on Wednesday, while 69% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated against the disease.

Unvaccinated health workers to be sacked from Long Beach hospitals

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Benton County Circuit Court Judge Bans Bentonville School District From Enforcing Mask Warrant

BENTONVILLE – Masks will be optional at schools in Bentonville starting today after a local judge ruled in favor of parents who had filed a lawsuit against the school district’s mask warrant.

Benton County Circuit Judge Xollie Duncan granted an injunction on Wednesday barring the district from enforcing its mandate, which had been in effect since the start of the school year on Aug. 16. She delivered her decision nearly a week after presiding over a hearing in the case.

Duncan discovered that the district did not have the authority to issue the mask warrant. She noted that neither Governor Asa Hutchinson nor the Secretary of Health had issued a mask policy for schools. Both have the power to issue a policy requiring masks, but the power does not lie with individual school districts, Duncan said.

Matthew Bennett, Elizabeth Bennett and Matt Sitton have been listed as plaintiffs in an August 18 lawsuit against the district. All three have children who attend Bentonville schools, according to court documents.

Greg Payne, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said Duncan’s decision means the district can no longer enforce the policy once the judge signs the order.

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The ruling only affected the Bentonville School District and no other district in the state with policies requiring the wearing of masks, he said.

“I am thrilled for the families,” Payne said. “It is redemption for them. The court recognizes that they have a fundamental interest in the liberty in the case.”

Payne noted that the case was not about preventing every child from wearing a mask.

“Parents can still put masks on their children, but those who do not wish to are not required to mask their children,” he said.

The lawsuit named Superintendent Debbie Jones and the seven school board members as defendants.

Payne told the judge at last week’s hearing that the district did not have a directive from Hutchinson or the Arkansas Department of Health to issue the policy.

Marshall Ney, the district attorney, said at last week’s hearing that parents have the right to send their children to a school district and the right not to send their children to a district. He said parents can use online education, but don’t have the right to dictate what happens in classrooms. He asked the judge to dismiss the injunction request.

Duncan said Wednesday that the District of Bentonville had the authority to issue a mask warrant related to athletics and physical education, but noted that the district had not imposed one for those activities.

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She also discovered that the district could not impose the mask mandate simply because the district had accepted money from the American Rescue Plan Act. Duncan said there was no federal authority for the district to implement the mandate.

The school board approved mask mandates for staff and students ages 3 and up on Aug. 11 by a 5-2 vote. The policy stated that they were required to wear masks indoors and when riding in school vehicles, with a few exceptions. The board has agreed to reassess the policy on a monthly basis.

The board decided at its September 21 meeting – again, in a 5-2 vote – to continue requiring masks for at least a month, with the stipulation that Jones can relax the rules if any reports of new known covid-19 infections occurring a 14-day period falls below 30 per 10,000 district residents. The rate is currently 30 in the district, up from more than 50 just two weeks ago, according to the district’s website.

“We are delighted to see the latest data showing that covid-19 infection rates are moving in the right direction,” said Leslee Wright, district communications director.

The current data would have led the district to decide to suspend the warrant regardless of the judge’s decision, Wright said. Masks will be “strongly encouraged” but not mandatory, she said.

The district on Thursday reported 34 active cases of covid-19 among its students and staff, representing about 0.2% of the 20,868 students and employees combined. A total of 148 students and staff were in quarantine on Wednesday.

Public debate over school mask warrants has been rampant this year and has led to legal battles in several states, including Arkansas.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox ruled on August 6 that Law 1002, a state law banning mask warrants for public institutions, appeared to be illegal. Fox issued a preliminary injunction against him. Many school districts across the state, including Bentonville, then issued their own policies requiring masks.

The Arkansas Supreme Court last week rejected the state’s request to withdraw the injunction before a November hearing where the ultimate fate of Bill 1002 could be determined.

Payne, at last week’s hearing in Benton County, said Fox’s authority is limited to Pulaski County and his ruling does not apply to Benton County. He argued that all mask warrants outside of Pulaski County are illegal.

Hutchinson, in an emailed statement from his office, said he continued to support the authority of school districts to make decisions about the health of students and staff.

“Local school boards have the inherent power to make these decisions and the actions that have been taken are part of the reason our cases are down and we have a successful start to the school year,” Hutchinson said.

Senator Trent Garner, R-El Dorado, was the main sponsor of Act 1002. He described Duncan’s decision as a huge victory for parents’ rights in Arkansas.

“The reason I adopted the mandatory mask ban was to give parents the choice to make health care decisions that were best for their families,” he said. “Today’s decision is a step in asserting this right. I believe this case will become a model for other parents to sue their school district for their illegal actions.”

State Representative Joshua Bryant R-Rogers said he had only seen the headlines of the judge’s decision and had not had the opportunity to study it. Bryant said he wanted Duncan’s decision to have a statewide impact similar to Fox’s decision.

Bryant said he believed the ruling could help in future rulings at the state Supreme Court.

Founders Classical Academy, a charter school in Bentonville for K-12 classes, announced Wednesday that it will also make masks optional for staff and students starting today, in light of the judge’s ruling .

Some neighboring school districts, including Rogers, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith, also have some form of mask warrant.

Rogers’ mandate applies to staff and students in Kindergarten to Grade 6. Ashley Siwiec, director of communications for Rogers, said district officials are not yet sure what impact Duncan’s decision will have on them.

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This wallpaper contains all your favorite SF restaurants and bars

Photo by Susana Guerrero

restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper. “/>

Iconic San Francisco restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper.

Hunting paper

Giving the “Bay Area Web” a run for its money as the best local wallpaper ever, Yelp released a new San Francisco-themed wallpaper on Wednesday. It features sketches of 12 beloved San Francisco institutions including House of Prime Rib, Green Apple Books, Liholiho Yacht Club, Oasis bar, and more.

Yelp Wallpaper is in collaboration with Chasing Paper, who also designed wallpaper showcasing iconic New York and Austin businesses. A portion of the sales made from each design will also go to nonprofits that help small businesses in their designated cities. Here, La Cocina Municipal Marketplace will benefit from sales of the San Francisco-themed wallpaper.

Iconic San Francisco restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper.

Iconic San Francisco restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper.

Hunting paper

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Bay Area used as a source of inspiration to decorate a space. In 2019, Fiorella’s Russian Hill outpost gained social media attention not for its pizzas, but for the wallpaper inside its dining room, featuring characters from the region. from the bay like Alice Waters, Joe Montana and E-40.

At the time, Boris Nemchenok, co-owner of Fiorella, told SFGATE he was surprised at the popularity of the wallpaper with customers.

“We literally started getting all of these tags and just everyone posting on Instagram about the wallpaper,” Nemchenok told SFGATE in 2019. “We got a lot of people from social media coming in and wanting to eat theirs. pizza in front of the wallpaper. At that point, it became that thing. “

According to Yelp, the 12 Bay Area locations pictured on the San Francisco wallpaper currently hold four stars on the review platform.

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The Virtù bar at the Four Seasons Otemachi has reopened with a new cocktail menu

With the city under some form of emergency rules restricting alcohol sales for most of 2021, getting a cocktail in Tokyo has not been easy this year. But now that the recent state of emergency has been up and venues can serve alcohol until 9 p.m., drinkers – and their favorite bars – are ready to party.

Virtù, the cocktail bar on the 39th floor of the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo in Otemachi, marks the occasion with a slew of nine new cocktails on its special reopening menu. The bar has more reason to celebrate than most – Virtù’s first birthday was in September 2021, but the bar was closed due to the emergency.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo in Otemachi

Despite all his dazzling novelty, Virtù also has a strong sense of history. Entrance to the bar is through a hallway-length library lined with books on food and drink from around the world. Once inside, it’s hard to know where to look first. Floor-to-ceiling windows face east, offering spectacular views across Kanda towards the Sumida River, with the Tokyo Skytree in the background.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo in Otemachi

If the entrance is a library, the bar is an encyclopedia. The presented collections of cognac and whiskey in ornate bottles give the greatest clue to the theme. Virtù is to mix Tokyo and Paris, and the new cocktail menu does it with a delicious effect. There are five new East-meets-West creations on the reopening menu, starting at 1,898 each.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo in OtemachiAKA The Tomato

AKA The Tomato is a lighter, spicier version of a Bloody Mary, using tomato-based shochu and hot sauce for a flavorful twist. The pie The orchard is a blend of eaux-de-vie from Japan and France with grapefruit, lime juice and apricot liqueur.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo in OtemachiFortunella Spritz

For something more refreshing, the Fortunella Spritz combines Japanese kumquat liqueur, Lillet Blanc and Champagne with a sprig of rosemary as a garnish.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo in OtemachiThe Matou

The two heavyweights of the new menu are The Matou and the Mendiant Whiskey. The first is a twist on the classic 18th century martinez cocktail – it’s a heady mix of Japanese Old Tom gin and French aperitifs Dubonnet Rouge and Picon. Meanwhile, Whiskey Mendiant is a rich nightcap made of sherry, benedict, chocolate bitters and Japanese single malt whiskey.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo in OtemachiHeadless Horseman

Alongside these new drinks, four special seasonal concoctions celebrate fall and Halloween (from 2,500). These limited-time cocktails include Cavalier Sans Tête (meaning the Headless Horseman in French), a tangy blend of ginger, lime, bitter, Nikka apple brandy and vodka. There are also five non-alcoholic cocktails made from different Japanese teas (from 2,530).

These new cocktails should be available until just before Christmas. But if 2021 has taught us anything, it’s this: never wait to do the things you want.

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Immersive Gucci exhibit takes place on Tokyo’s Tennozu Island

Yakiniku Like in Tokyo now offers unlimited drinks for just 550

Atami is hosting a festival this month with a 40-minute fireworks display

Poll: Japan is one of the most expensive countries for Michelin-starred restaurants

Snow Peak has a glamping facility in Arashiyama, Kyoto designed by Kengo Kuma

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Diamond Bar: Residents ordered to leave after 150 condos in the resort were marked in red or yellow

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (KABC) – Residents of this Diamond Bar resort have been ordered to leave their homes after all 150 condos were marked in red or yellow.

“They announced that we had to leave by October 18,” said one resident who does not want to be identified. “At the moment we don’t know anything. I’m a little blind because this just happened and we don’t know what to do or why it happened.”

The city of Diamond Bar released the notice last Thursday after the homeowners association hired an engineering firm to inspect the property, according to a city spokesperson. The results concluded that the entire complex should be cleaned up.

In a statement, the city said some of the reasons are “structural risks in all buildings on the property, including deteriorated or inadequate foundations. Defective materials in all buildings on the property caused by failure … to maintain building materials in good and safe condition. “

There is a lot of termite damage at the complex, according to the city. The statement also said residents should seek help from their owners.

“Under the California Health and Safety Code, they are entitled to lease benefits to the landlord. These benefits include two months of fair market rent for the area and an amount to cover utility deposits,” according to the communicated.

Residents who own and live in their condominium are encouraged to review their home insurance policy or contact their insurance company to find out if their coverage includes assistance with covering the costs of term living.

We contacted the law firm representing the HOA but received no response.

Copyright © 2021 KABC-TV. All rights reserved.

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WECHU ends early closure, ban on dancing for bars and restaurants

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) is repealing additional public health restrictions that were placed on bars, restaurants and weddings last month as COVID-19 cases skyrocketed.

Acting medical officer of health Dr Shanker Nesathurai said Monday morning that a letter of instructions requiring bars and nightclubs to close at midnight and ban dancing had been canceled.

The letter also required weddings and funerals to have a maximum capacity of 100 people or less if a social distancing of two meters cannot be maintained.

WECHU CEO Nicole Dupuis said the region has seen a reduction in cases associated with these parameters as well as overall. Additionally, the province’s vaccination certification program, which means only those vaccinated can enter indoor bars and restaurants, is now in effect.

“We know this significantly reduces the risk of COVID-19, the risk of the spread and transmission of COVID-19,” she said during a virtual media availability Monday morning.

The revocation takes effect immediately, she said.

The previous rules, which took effect on September 7, were announced as Windsor-Essex had more than 500 active cases of COVID-19, along with some of the highest COVID-19 and test positivity rates in Province.

Some in the hospitality sector demanded an end to restrictions following the implementation of the provincial vaccination passport system.

The petition called for an end to the “curfew”

An online petition calling on WECHU to revoke the rules has received more than 1,700 signatures.

It was started by a group of bar and restaurant owners, WKND Hospitality Group, which owns The Bull & Barrel, The Goat Tap & Eateries and Wild Child Nightlife.

Matt Komsa, one of the co-owners of WKND Hospitality, said in an interview last week that downtown Windsor is booming, but business has slowed down after establishments were told to close at midnight.

He warned of the dire consequences if the mandates of the health unit remained in effect for an extended period.

“You will see layoffs, you will see overdue payments and you will see businesses closing down downtown. I can guarantee that,” he said.

Health service reports 100 new cases

The health unit said Windsor-Essex had recorded an increase of 100 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday. Of the additional cases, 32 were reported on Saturday, 40 on Sunday and 28 on Monday.

Fifteen people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

A total of 278 cases are active in the region, as well as 25 epidemics.

A potential exhibition site was also announced on Monday. Anyone who has visited Buffalo Wild Wing at 3100 Howard Ave. at the times listed below should monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days after exposure and be tested if symptoms develop.

Exposure time:

  • Sep 25: 4:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Sep 26: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sep 27: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Sep 28: 8 am-5.45pm
  • Sep 29: 4 p.m. – 1 a.m.

A total of fourteen outbreaks occur in the workplace:

  • Six workplaces are in the agricultural sector.
  • Five workplaces are in the health care and social assistance sector.
  • Two workplaces are in the manufacturing sector.
  • A workplace is within a framework of public administration.

Outbreaks are underway in six schools, including a newly declared outbreak at Georges-P.-Vanier Catholic Elementary School.

The rest of the epidemics take place in the following schools.

  • Sainte-Ursule Catholic Elementary School.
  • West Sandwich Public School.
  • Saint-André Catholic French Immersion School.
  • Ford City Public School.
  • Al-Hijra Academy.

A new outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at the downtown mission, while two other community settings are also in an outbreak: St. Clair College and one at the Salvation Army.

Two long-term care homes, The Village at St. Clair and La Chaumière Retirement Residence, are also emerging.

COVID-19 in Chatham-Kent, Sarnia-Lambton

Chatham-Kent Public Health is reporting 48 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday. In total, 122 files are active in the municipality.

In Sarnia-Lambton, 11 people recently tested positive for COVID-19. The number of active cases stands at 99.

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J. Cole brings the bars back to the Barclays Center: concert review

One of the most endearing attributes of J. Cole’s career has always been its transparency. For more than a decade, rapper Carolina has amassed a legion of followers and a seat in the hip-hop pantheon because he makes listeners feel like they know him through his music and lifestyle. ordinary man. This familiarity creates a sense of kinship among his fan base, and as 19,000 people showed up at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night (October 1) for their sold-out off-season tour, it felt like a reunion of family. Beginning in Miami – with the help of special guests Drake and Future – the trek marks J. Cole’s return to the stage since his KOD tour in 2018. 21 The wild and up-and-coming rapper Morray also joins artist Dreamville with comedian and social media star Druski.

Raised in the same North Carolina hometown as Cole, Morray exploded onto the rap scene last year with his viral song “Quicksand” and instantly captivated the crowd with his infectious energy, fun wit and awesome chops. vocals (note: he Morray did not use a backtrack for any of his songs). Her set was the perfect prelude to the high-level performance the night would have in store, with 21 Savage following shortly after and performing fan-favorite songs like “10 Freaky Girls,” “X” and “Knife Talk,” all while wearing a metallic silver jumpsuit that matched the shiny dagger erected in the center of the stage. With the set of 21 over and Druski delivering a hilarious MC routine, the crowd was set and ready for the emergence of the man of the hour.

True to the basketball theme present throughout the album, Cole once again raised the curtain as we follow him from his green bedroom to the stage like a star player taking to the field as he spits his song “Punchin ‘The Clock” shrouded in darkness. Then, borrowing introductory music from the ’90s-era Chicago Bulls, a video montage of Cole’s highlights from his debut in Rwandan professional basketball was played before the curtain fell. Dressed in a Dreamville jersey in a retro New Jersey Nets colourway, J. Cole was greeted with deafening applause as he stood in front of an inclined basketball court and a giant flaming hoop that paid homage to the sleeve ‘album.

The theme of the evening was bars. After playing “95 South,” Cole took a moment to explain how he really wanted to rap for Brooklyn audiences, especially since New York City is the birthplace of hip-hop. “I didn’t want to run away from the bars, I wanted you to hear all the bars in a place where the ns are afraid to give the bars, and I’ll tell you why,” he explained from the scene. “When you come on tour, there is a lot of pressure. The Ns want to hear the hits, and we have them too. But if it’s cool with all of you, and it’s New York City, the birthplace of bars, is it cool if I get you bars on this show? And Cole did just that, immediately stepping into “Applying Pressure” as the crowd roared and the hoop behind him burst into flames again.

As the show progressed, Cole shifted back and forth between the high powered verbiage of “The Off-Season” and his catalog staples like “Power Trip”, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Mr. Nice Watch,” all backed by a live band and stellar singers. The quality of the show reflected the energy of “The Off-Season,” his sixth studio album, with Cole delivering each line with precision and tactical efficiency. , while also creating intimate moments that were reminiscent of his dollar and a dream days. toured nearly a decade ago. There was even a special moment where the rapper performed a deep cut from his mixtape “Friday. Night Lights “,” Back To The Topic Freestyle “, a song he said only eight or nine people could know. Cole also brought in another artist from Dreamville, Bas, to perform his new single” The Jackie “and” Down Bad “from the fingerprint compilation album” Revenge of the Dreame rs 3 “.

Before performing the moving ‘Let Go My Hand’, Cole shared another moment of unvarnished honesty with those in attendance, claiming he never wanted to reach a point in his career where he wouldn’t feel at home. comfortable playing songs that mean a lot to him. “I don’t want to run away from the fear of giving all of you some shit that really comes from my heart,” he said. “I don’t want to run away from this feeling.” This sentiment was shared by thousands of people who hummed to him when his voice started to crack. He would later close his set by performing his multi-platinum song “Middle Child”.

J. Cole’s stop in Brooklyn for its off-season proved that its bars are still alive and well, even if it was still in question. It’s only fitting that such a lyrical performance took place at the Barclays Center, where the colossal shadows of Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls’ honorary jerseys hang in the rafters. As spectators left the Barclays Center, Cole’s words could still be heard whispered by the fans returning home – the true meaning of resonance.

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Monroe man behind bars on multiple drug and weapons charges | KTVE

MONROE, Louisiana (KTVE / KARD) – On Friday, October 1, 2021, the Monroe Police Department issued an arrest and search warrant against Albert Earl Johnson Jr., 44.

The warrants stem from cooperating witnesses informing the Monroe Police Department that Johnson was selling powdered cocaine from his residence.

Upon arriving at Johnson’s residence, officers knocked on the side door of the house where they advised him to exit. Johnson responded to the officers by closing his door and locking it.

Officers said they entered the house and rounded up Johnson and several other people from the residence.

While officers searched the house, they found several individually wrapped bags of cocaine, a large sum of money, several digital scales with cocaine residue, several razor blades with cocaine residue, a hydrocodone pill, a loaded 9mm Taurus G2C, a Smith and Wesson .380, and several small Ziploc bags.

Officers also found several bags of individually wrapped powder cocaine in Johnson’s pants pocket.

Johnson was arrested and charged with resistance to an officer, criminal conspiracy, violating the Uniform Controlled Hazardous Substances Act, two counts of illegally carrying a weapon, two counts of possessing a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain crimes and two counts of possession with intent to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance.

He was transported and imprisoned at the Ouachita Correctional Center.

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