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If you’re looking for quality food but aren’t looking to spend a fortune just to get it, it may be best to look to the west side of the Hudson River (much to the chagrin of New Yorkers, of course). ).

TripAdvisor has released its Best of the Best list for 2022, and one of the categories is for “Top Everyday Eats,” which it describes as “great food that won’t break the bank.” And as any foodie knows, some of the best restaurants in the country can be found in all five boroughs.

But for those not looking to take out a second mortgage just for a burger and a cocktail, you might have better luck in New Jersey than New York.

Somewhat surprisingly, neither state had restaurants in the top 10, one way or another. But New Jersey finished with two establishments in the top 25, while New York had only one.

At number 12 on the list was the Freehold 618 restaurant, which has a substantial menu with all the favourites, featuring steaks, a pork chop, a variety of fish, pasta dishes and a list of intriguing sides. All small plates are between $14 and $19, while entrees are mostly in the upper $20 range.

Avon Pavilion, at Avon by the Sea, also represented the Garden State. A waterfront seafood restaurant, those who gave it good reviews on TripAdvisor complimented the view, service and food.

But there is a major caveat to its inclusion on the list, as the Avon Pavilion closed permanently in October. The lease has expired and there will be a public tender for the boardwalk restaurant, so another establishment could take its place.

Dahiana Pérez takes us to explore two downtown restaurants serving delicious seafood dishes. First, she takes us to Mamasushi offering Asian-Latin fusion seafood dishes. Next, she visits Casa Del Mar offering many seafood dishes, including paella.

Meanwhile, New York only got one entry on the list, at number 25. The French restaurant on the Upper West Side (there’s a downtown location too) offers a selection of steaks and seafood dishes. It’s a bit more expensive than 618 (maybe why it’s lower on the list?), with most dishes above $30.

But for any New Yorkers upset at the lack of mentions on this list, TripAdvisor has given NYC a lot more credit on other lists. On his “Top Quick Bites” list, there were four New York establishments named, including three in the city. Bleeker Street Pizza took first place overall, with NY Pizza Suprema in sixth and Shake Shack somewhat in 11th place, especially near Times Square. Martha’s Dandee Creme has arrived at #4, located in the Lake George area.

Three New York restaurants have also been named to the site’s “Top Fine Dining” list. Daniel, on the Upper East Side, was number 16, followed immediately by Club A Steakhouse. The Modern, in the city center, came in at 23rd.

No New Jersey spots were named to either list.

Lauren Scala takes us to Hudson, NY to experience “Cafe Mutton” and find out why it’s said to be one of the best new restaurants of the year!

Although states like Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and even Alaska have multiple mentions on the “Everyday Eats” list, the state with the most restaurants on the list is Florida, with three. But the top spot on the list didn’t go to any of those states, it went to the Timber Kitchen and Bar, located in Bangor, Maine.

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