Bee Healthy Cafe all buzzing about future prospects

CEO Cody Pepper and COO and co-founder Amir Alavi stand at a Bee Healthy Cafe in Oklahoma City. (Courtesy picture)

OKLAHOMA CITY (JR) — You could say they’ve been busy like bees at the Bee Healthy Cafe.

Oklahoma City-based Bee Healthy started the franchise in December 2021, and since then the cafe has hosted three franchise groups that operate five locations. The objectives are to open 30 around the OKC metro by 2024.

Born out of necessity after co-founder Cindy Alavi was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Bee Healthy Cafe is on a mission to help people stay healthy by providing healthy food options where they live. , work and study.

“It was important for us to be very deliberate about who we welcome as our first franchisees,” said Bee Healthy Cafe CEO Cody Pepper. “We want to work with people who we know are passionate about the mission, who can run a cafe successfully, and who align with our values.”

Given those goals, Pepper said that when it came to identifying franchisees, the decisions were obvious — pick existing employees and customers.

He said the first three groups of franchisees came from a variety of backgrounds, with two former cafe managers, a long-time customer and a husband and wife team with a passion for health.

“Our first franchisee, Kharissa (Edmond), reminded us a lot of our co-founders. She was a young woman who worked hard, earned the respect of her teammates, and had clients who simply loved her. So it was only fitting that she would go back to the original locations,” Pepper said.

“I loved working for the Bee Healthy team as a cafe manager, and I look forward to working alongside them now as a business owner,” said Edmond. “When they said they were looking for potential franchisees who want to be happy, healthy and wealthy, I said, count on me! This is my chance to change my future, to contribute to the health of the customers that I serve and to bring my family with me. I believe deeply in the mission of the company and I am beyond excited for this next chapter.

Bee Healthy Cafe now has nine locations open in Oklahoma City.

Richard Dement

The author Richard Dement