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Get to Know the Alabama Launchpad Social Impact Contest Startups: Pearl’s Café and Generational Systems

On December 8, the Alabama Economic Development Partnership and the Alabama Power Foundation will host the finals of the latest Alabama Launchpad competition for startups. This round of Launchpad is focused on businesses that want to have a positive impact on the community. Ten finalists are competing for a combined funding of $75,000.

Today’s article highlights two of the Alabama-based finalists: Pearl’s Cafe and Generational Systems.

Beads Coffee

Asked about the social impact of Pearl’s Café, owner Wendy Lawless pauses to reflect on the decade she spent in the restaurant industry as a youngster, followed by 15 years as a food specialist. job and job coach for people with disabilities. She sees her restaurant’s mission – to train and hire people with intellectual disabilities – as the culmination of these experiences.

I had dreamed of it for 20 years,” Lawless said. “There are such great benefits to the community in giving people the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Wendy Lawless and Cathy Pearl Wiley (Mark Kelly/Alabama NewsCenter)

Lawless speaks from personal knowledge. His Birmingham cafe is named after his aunt, Cathy Pearl Wiley. Shut out of the workforce for decades due to an intellectual disability, Wiley got her first job, at a local Jack’s Burger franchise, at the age of 58. The positive impacts of the job on her aunt’s life impressed and inspired Lawless.

“She loved it,” Lawless recalled. “I saw how much it affected him. There’s so much value in that.

Open since October 15, Pearl’s is a foodservice mainstay for the Woodlawn Marketplace retail incubator in historic Woodlawn. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch from 07:00 to 15:00 Wednesday to Saturday.

Located at 5530 First Ave. S. in the Woodlawn business district, the market has 11 businesses. Like Pearl’s, the other businesses sharing the brick-and-mortar facility started out as street vendors, many at the popular Woodlawn Street Market.

Lawless credits the non-profit community development organization REV Birmingham for being involved and that of other business owners in discussions that led to the opening of Woodlawn Marketplace. Ultimately, his vision for Pearl’s includes multiple locations where the majority of staff members have some form of disability. She also hopes to partner with Birmingham City Schools to train students in catering special education. Looking to the future, Lawless sees opportunities to have lasting impacts.

“Hopefully we can be a model for other companies,” Lawless said. “We need to value people with disabilities. They are loyal, they take pride in their work, enjoy interacting with customers, have lower turnover. In today’s job market, these qualities should be very attractive to employers.

Learn more on Instagram @pearlscafewoodlawn.

Generational systems

Disrupting the 3D printing industry is the goal of Auburn-based Generational Systems. This means expanding access to the benefits of metal 3D printing technology by reducing costs while achieving faster build times, safer operating conditions and greater ease of use.

“It democratizes manufacturing,” said Michael Knotts, founder and COO of Generational Systems. “3D printing can change lives, whether it’s making custom prosthetics or starting a small business taking a product from idea to manufacturing.”

The Generational Systems team: CEO Jerry Knotts, Founder/COO Michael Knotts, Chief Technology Officer Travis Thompson and Vice President of Business Development Jack Hudon. (contributed)

Generational Systems did not start as a business idea. It started in 2018 as research for Knotts’ master’s thesis at Auburn University. While exploring options to reduce metal 3D printing costs, Knotts realized that his findings could translate from an academic setting into an entrepreneurial venture. After delays mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was launched in 2021.

Despite the many benefits of 3D printing, issues of cost, speed, and health and safety risks associated with accessibility and production have limited its accessibility. By addressing these issues, Generational Systems is setting the stage for substantial social impact, Knotts said.

“We try to increase access to creative tools. This opens doors for innovation.

Generational Systems also recognizes the potential impacts of 3D printing on education and professional training. The company wants to help ensure that economic circumstances will not limit access, by “reaching as many schools at all levels as possible”, Knotts said.

He noted that Alabama’s growing network of startups and startups demonstrates the state’s positive climate for innovation. The Alabama Launchpad social impact contest is another indicator of how Alabama is setting the stage for a better future.

“Generational Systems is thrilled and grateful to be part of the Alabama Launchpad,” Knotts said. “There is such a strong community here, with a level of mentorship that is just fantastic. We are thrilled to be part of this program.

Learn more at

The finals of the Alabama Launchpad Social Impact Competition will take place at 5 p.m. on December 8 in the Pearl River Room at Regions Field, 1401 First Ave. S. in downtown Birmingham. The event is open to the public but the number of participants is limited. To reserve a place, please register here.

To learn more about Alabama Launchpad, click here. To learn more about the Alabama Power Foundation, visit

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Wichita restaurants busy with Thanksgiving preparations

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Some Wichita-area restaurants are preparing Thanksgiving meals, providing a convenient option for families who don’t have time to deal with shopping, cooking or cleaning. Depending on Thanksgiving plans and the size of the party, taking the meal from a restaurant could also be a cost saver.

Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop on the west side of Wichita at 4323 W Maple makes Thanksgiving meal kits. Owner Dan Crandall and his staff have been busy with take-out orders and restaurant meals. They also make thousands of pies.

“We’ll be making about 4,000 pies this week, so not bad,” Crandall said.

For some, Spear’s $89 Thanksgiving feast that serves six to eight people, or a similar offering from another restaurant is the best option this year.

“My mom, she normally does the cooking, but she admitted she couldn’t do it this year, so I decided to treat her,” Spear’s client Pamela Hupp said.

Spear’s client Karen Hudson said the Thanksgiving meal kit also makes economic sense this year.

“You can’t beat the price. You go to the grocery store and the prices are so expensive. It’s a lot less than if I was going to bring it all in and make it myself with the cleaning and the works. So I’m a happy camper,” Hudson said.

Across town, at Stroud’s near North 37th Street and Hillside, general manager Kevin Allis is roasting dozens of turkeys that are expected to serve 1,000 Thanksgiving meals.

“During COVID, we found we could serve a lot more people just to take out, and it’s been a big hit for the past two years,” Allis said.

Both restaurateurs said the shortage of turkeys caused them to buy and store turkeys earlier than usual this year.

“Availability is the hardest thing. It’s sometimes very difficult to get these products, especially turkey this year,” Crandall said. “You order the product, but you never know until the truck arrives. This is the difficulty.

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Tucker Carlson responds to CO shooting at LGBTQ nightclub with vicious attack on gender-affirming care

From the November 21, 2022 edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So those horrific murders in Colorado over the weekend quickly became an excuse for even more censorship of your speech. You are responsible for this, they told you, because you said bad things. You are guilty of stochastic terrorism, inspiring violence through your beliefs. Anderson Lee Aldrich committed mass murder because you complained about the sexualization of children. Every time you oppose story time for fifth graders or point out that female genital mutilation is being committed on minors – which it is – every time you say that, you put your life people in danger. Now that seems implausible and yet many make that claim. Many have done so in the last 24 hours. Take, for example, NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny.


When you state the truth, arguably, and the truth is that some adults in this country, apparently a growing number, have a deeply unhealthy fixation on child sexuality – when you say that out loud, you get people killed. So says Brandy Zadrozny. And in saying that, Brandy Zadrozny and the many like her are effectively defending this same deeply unhealthy fixation on child sexuality.

By the way, it’s absolutely real. You can’t imagine that. That happens. The evidence is everywhere. And it shows up on the internet. And Brandy Zadrozny and people like her hate that you see this.

Note that Zadrozny does not claim that Libs of TikTok invented this. She never even suggests it. She threatens them, and what she does threatens them, you should know, and she does it because they report it. Noticing what is happening is their crime. And again, it happens.

Boston Children’s Hospital, one of the most famous hospitals in the world, has admitted to performing double mastectomies on children for no medical reason. There is no scientific justification for sexually mutilating children. They don’t do it for a scientifically defensible reason. They do it because they believe in a very specific religious ideology. It’s true. Is pointing this out an attack on homosexuals? Of course, this is not an attack on homosexuals. It has nothing to do with homosexuals. It has to do with child genital mutilation, which is wrong, period. It should be a crime, period. And yet suddenly, it is very common.

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Eatery Business

Laffitte defends loans he approved for Murdaugh as prosecutors probe him in bank fraud trial – InsuranceNewsNet

“I assumed so, yes,” Laffitte said of the loan.

“You knew because you were the one who did it,” Limehouse said.

Laffitte said he unknowingly set up a restorer account for a client Natarsha Thomas on Murdaugh’s direction, although Thomas was already an adult and did not need a restorer to oversee her account. The document signed by Laffitte misrepresented Thomas’ age, stating that she was only 15 years old. Laffitte said the document was completed by Murdaugh and that Laffitte relied on Murdaugh’s guidance in setting up the account.

“I hadn’t checked her driver’s license or ID,” he said.

In another case, Laffitte acted as conservator for an account held by another settlement recipient, Hakeem Pinckneyafter Pinckney died.

Laffitte repeatedly said Monday morning that he was relying on Murdaugh’s instructions on how to withdraw money, even when Murdaugh was writing checks Palmetto State Bank instead of individual conservator accounts. But Limehouse emphasized that it was Laffitte who moved all the checks that Murdaugh had asked of him as a banker Palmetto State Bank.

Laffitte acknowledged that the loans to Murdaugh were unsecured as Murdaugh was over $100,000 overdrawn at the bank at the time. Laffitte testified that unsecured loans were not uncommon for the bank.

At one point, Laffitte said he was relying on Murdaugh’s instructions “as her attorney” when withdrawing money from the account, but Limehouse fired back.

“You can’t count on him as a restorer unless you know those funds belonged to him Natarsha Thomas and Hakeem Pinckney,” Limehouse said, to which Laffitte said he misspoke.

Limehouse pressured Laffitte for a $750,000 Loan made by Laffitte to Murdaugh, ostensibly to cover the cost of renovating a home in Edisto Beach that was assessed to be worth less than the cost of the loan. Laffitte said the loan was also meant to cover other expenses. But Limehouse said Laffitte presented the loan to the bank’s board of directors as if it would only cover beach house renovations. Laffitte said this was not intended to disguise the purpose of the loan, but was instead a normal course of business with the board.

“We don’t talk to the board about how the funds will be spent,” Laffitte said.

The other issues weren’t mentioned in emails at the time because “we were told by our lawyers to keep our emails short,” he said.

Limehouse pointed out that Laffitte borrowed from Plyler’s account to pay off loans he received from another bank, credit card bills, and other personal expenses, and gave Murdaugh $1 million to pay off his loans. Laffitte made $450,000 in fees for monitoring Murdaugh’s client accounts and “in return, let you Alex Murdaugh Use that money however he wanted,” Limehouse said.

“It wasn’t an exchange, it was a business decision,” Laffitte said. “If he needed money, I made the decision whether to pay it or not.”

Limehouse also pointed out that Laffitte didn’t pay taxes on the fees he received from the accounts, but Laffitte testified that it wasn’t because he helped Murdaugh steal money, it was because “I just don’t pay taxes on it.” wanted to pay”.

“It was stupid,” Laffitte testified.

On Friday, Laffitte testified for more than three hours while answering questions from his own attorneys.

Laffitte told jurors he followed Murdaugh’s instructions to withdraw money from clients at Murdaugh’s law firm, depending on the good intentions of the prominent Hampton County attorney, whom he described as a longtime client and personal friend.

Laffitte said on the stand Friday that he had never intentionally stolen money from anyone, but said that “I did it absolutely unintentionally.”

The former CEO of Palmetto State Bank also testified that Laffitte could legally move money for investment purposes as a bank manager and conservator authorized to oversee many of the accounts that Murdaugh’s law firm had set up for juvenile auto accident victims.

two others Palmetto State Bank Executives, who happened to be Laffitte’s father and sister, had approved a particularly controversial payment from $680,000 to cover monies instructed by Murdaugh Laffitte to be withdrawn from the client’s account Arthur Badger.

Questions about the move, raised by members of Palmetto State Bank’s board of directors, eventually led to Laffitte being fired from the board. On Friday, Laffitte’s lawyers played a behind-closed-doors recording of a board meeting at which the bank’s lawyer discussed the payment with the board, hoping to show bank officials were aware of his actions at the time.

Laffitte was expected to be cross-examined for a few hours on Monday, with final arguments expected afterwards.

This is an evolving story. It will be updated.

©2022 The State. Visit Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

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Repair Cafés open in Newcastle Emlyn and St Dogmaels

NEW Repair Cafés have recently launched in Newcastle Emlyn and St Dogmaels to join other established venues in the area.

Visitors are encouraged to bring broken items from home, including toasters, lamps, clothing, bicycles, toys or sharpening blades, etc.

Most items can usually be repaired by volunteer specialists. All electrical items are tested before they leave.

Hilary Edwards, spokesperson for Repair Cafe Wales, said: “By promoting repairs, we are helping to reduce waste going to landfill.

“Each year we throw away huge quantities, even items that have very few defects, which could easily be reused after a simple repair.

“A lot of people don’t feel confident fixing things themselves and are using up valuable resources buying new items.

“As well as being better for the environment, our Repair Cafés aim to save people money, share valuable repair skills that are being lost, and bring the local community together in a low-key, enjoyable event. .”

“All repairs are done free of charge, although people can donate if they wish.

Jane Mansfield, who runs the recently opened Repair Cafe in Newcastle Emlyn, said: ‘For me it’s about promoting the culture of ‘get it done and fix it’, as well as meeting people and helping to build relationships. strong ties within our community.

“Repairers looked at everything from bikes to leather bags, electrical items, sewing repairs to sharpening knives and shears at our first event in September.

“There was a real buzz of activity throughout the session, with most people lingering for a drink and a chat.

“We were delighted with the response and are looking forward to our second Repair Cafe at Notre-Dame Reine de la Paix, Catholic Church Hall, on Saturday November 26 (11am-2pm).”

The next Repair Cafe in St Dogmaels will be held at Memorial Hall on Saturday 3rd December (10am-1pm) and at Aberaeron in Pengloyn, Tabernacle Street from 10am-1pm on the same day.

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UK restaurants are going bankrupt at a faster rate than during Covid | Hospitality industry

UK restaurants are going bankrupt at a faster rate than during the Covid crisis due to a ‘toxic mix’ of rising energy costs, staff shortages and falling bookings.

Closures in the sector have increased by 60%, with 1,567 bankruptcies in 2021-22, compared to 984 in 2020-21, according to a study by the consulting firm Mazars. The figure includes 453 in the last three months, compared to 395 in the previous quarter.

“Restaurant business bankruptcies are now happening at a much faster rate than during Covid,” said Rebecca Dacre, partner at Mazars. “It’s a very toxic mix of rising input costs, soaring financial costs and weak demand. Most restaurateurs have never seen this combination of negative factors before.

Industry lobby groups including UK Hospitality and the British Beer and Pub Association said last month that more than a third of hotel businesses could go bankrupt by the start of 2023.

While the industry has seen a rebound in business this summer after a series of enforced closures during Covid lockdowns, restaurants are now grappling with a spike in inflation, which has not only increased the cost of energy, food and drink, but has also meant that their customers have less money. spend to go out.

Barclaycard recently reported that more than half of Britons planned to cut back on essential spending, raising concerns over income over the Christmas period, when many businesses make the bulk of their profits.

Some companies are also struggling to recruit enough employees as post-Brexit migration rules prevent EU citizens from working in the UK. This contributed to a rise in wage inflation.

Mazars said the combined pressures were likely to mean a tough few months for the industry, despite the generally lucrative holiday period.

“The Christmas trading period is usually a bumper time for hospitality businesses. However, restaurants are going to be bracing for a very tough winter and many are facing a real battle to stay afloat,” Dacre said. has a certainty of further insolvencies if they don’t get much more government support, but the chances of the government turning the taps on completely are low.”

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5 dead, 18 injured in overnight shooting at Colorado Springs nightclub

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – Five people are dead and several others are injured after a shooting at a Colorado Springs nightclub.

Watch a press conference below with more information:

At 1:03 a.m., the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) announced that a public information officer was responding to a reported shooting along N. Academy. Officers from the city’s four patrol divisions responded to the shooting.

According to the CSPD, officers responded to reports of an active shooting at Club Q in the 3400 block of N. Academy Blvd. at 11:57 p.m.

At the scene, CSPD Lt. Castro said officers immediately located the suspect inside the bar. This suspect has since been taken to hospital for medical treatment and is in custody. It is not known what these injuries are, however, Lt. Castro said this shooting did not involve officers.

Police say five people are dead and at least 18 others are injured in the shooting. The victims were transported to hospitals in the city.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department said they triaged the scene. This was treated as a response to a mass casualty event, which the CSFD said firefighters are trained for.

As of now, the CSPD said most of those uninjured in the shooting have been reunited with their loved ones. The department works with hospitals to notify families and loved ones of the injured and deceased.

CSPD stated N. Academy Blvd. is closed in both directions between N. Carefree Cir. and Village Seven Rd. as law enforcement works in the area. There is no timetable for how long this investigation will take, but people are asked to avoid the area until Sunday morning.

If you are looking for a loved one who may have been at Club Q on Saturday night, you are urged to contact the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7000.

Anyone who has video of the shooting or was a witness who has not yet been interviewed at the scene, please contact police. All vehicles present at the scene at the time of the shooting must remain on the scene, according to the CSPD.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is on the scene and assisting in the investigation. Officers are with the victims at the hospital.

Club Q’s released the following statement on their official Facebook page:

Club Q is devastated by the senseless attack on our community.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims and their families and friends.

We thank the quick reactions of the heroic customers who subdued the shooter and put an end to this heinous attack.

Club Q

The KRDO asked the police if they thought the attack was a hate crime. The CSPD said it was too early in the investigation to determine a motive.

According to the Club Q website, on Saturday night, a drag show took place earlier in the night and was scheduled to stay open until 2 a.m.

According to Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit research group, a mass shooting is defined as an incident in which four or more people are shot or killed.

Lt. Castro said there will be a press conference at 8 a.m. with more information.

KRDO will broadcast this press conference.

This is a developing story.

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Jesse Arthur Carroll: From Whistler Nightclubs to Netflix

Former Whistlerite Jesse Arthur Carroll stars in Smoke Eater, screened at the Whistler Film Festival on December 4

Hindsight, they say, is 20/20.

For Jesse Arthur Carroll, who has worked as a stand-up comedian, voice-over actor and film actor, it means he can relate his years in Whistler to his current life in New York.

If you lived at the station from 2011 to 2014, you might remember him from Maxx Fish, where he was a manager and ran a comedy night.

“Honestly, I look back on that time with so much fondness,” he says. “I partied like I was on tour with Mötley Crüe – I ran a nightclub, but I don’t know if I’d be there if I didn’t. When I was running these comedy nights, I had all these Aussies coming up to me and saying, ‘You’d kill in Australia’. You must come’… [Performing in Australia] eventually brought me back to Vancouver to resume acting. It was the start of a long journey to get to New York.

You can follow any of these interesting threads to learn more about Carroll’s captivating career, but the one people love to ask about is voiceover work.

It all started when he was nearing his late thirties and realizing that his days running a nightclub might not last forever.

“It’s hard to bear when you become an old man like me,” he says.

With some acting experience under his belt, he came across an instructional YouTube video on “how to get voiceover work from home” and reviewed it. Intrigued, he went all out, buying high-end recording gear and teaching himself how to use and edit it.

“The first month, I made between $50 and $100,” he says.

But then he signed up on various audition websites and started applying for every voiceover gig he could find.

“I was doing 20 to 30 auditions a day,” he adds. “It made me so much better. It took about 200 auditions or so, but then [the gigs] started rolling after that.

These days, you can find his voice on over 500 different credits, from commercials for Nintendo, Amazon, Walmart and Toyota, to the narrator of the TV series. Highway truckers.

After finding success in this area of ​​niche acting, Carroll realized he wanted to get back into acting on screen, which he had gone to school for in Vancouver in the mid-2000s.

“In order to reach the level of acting I wanted, I knew I had to come down to America. That’s what made me want to make the transition,” he says.

While he got his US work visa through an audio post-production studio and continues to work in that field, he also began studying acting at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio in New York, where everyone from Sam Rockwell to Natasha Lyonne and Emmy Rossum, have all been coached.

“He was the best coach in the business,” adds Carroll.

Although you can find Carroll’s acting chops on display in a range of places, including Christmas movies streaming this season like Mingle all the way, Christmas Pen palsand Christmas on Holly Laneas well as several Hallmark films and The imperfectstreaming on Netflix, he also stars in a short film that will make its Canadian debut at the Whistler Film Festival on December 4.

smoke eaterwhich takes place in 1981, chronicles the day of a young girl who follows her mother as the only female police firefighter.

Carroll plays Kurt, a firefighter who seems like a good guy on the surface, but takes a less likeable turn.

“It was shot in Langley at two different fire departments,” he says. “It was good because the fire department was there and there were a few calls while we were there… They’re serious. I spoke to one of the guys when they were hanging out between shots and as soon as the alarm went off, they were gone.

Working with Kaylah Zander (who plays the title character), her on-screen daughter Maria Frazer and director Gloria Mercer was a highlight, he says.

“They were so collaborative and open to ideas,” he says. “They had their own vision, but they accepted mine…I didn’t want to play Kurt as if he was a villain, which he is, but it was too obvious. I thought it was more faithful to the reality that he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.

To catch smoke eater at the Whistler Film Festival on Sunday, December 4 at 1 p.m. at the Maury Young Arts Center.

The festival runs in person from November 30 to December 4 and online until January 2. For more information or tickets, visit

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One Acre Cafe to Celebrate First Community Meal Since 2019 | WJHL

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Staff and volunteers at One Acre Cafe are “upbeat and giddy” about the nonprofit’s first indoor community meal since pre-COVID, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday at 603 W. Walnut St.

“We’re hoping to serve 350 people and that’s what we’re prepared for,” cafe manager Vickie Tipton said on Friday as volunteer staff busied themselves serving customers and keeping the cafe’s interior safe. West Walnut Street clean as a pin.

“A lot of what we asked for, we got, so it’s a real blessing.”

The free meal will include roast turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean and cornbread casserole, sautéed collard greens, apple and pumpkin pies, rolls and drinks .

The tradition dates back to the very first coffee month, December 2013, when they served a meal to thank people for getting the coffee going. Although it has a small paid staff and earns money for people who pay for meals, One Acre relies heavily on community donations and volunteer work.

Justin Paul volunteers to serve diners at One Acre Cafe on November 18, 2022, in Johnson City, Tennessee. The cafe will serve its first free community-wide meal on Nov. 23 with a Thanksgiving buffet. (Photo WJHL)

People who can’t pay can help out at the cafe through the ‘meal exchange program’.

Annual community meals held in November and December have helped put the cafe’s mission and needs front and center for the hundreds of people who frequent them, Tipton said.

“It’s a cafe where everyone is welcome, so it’s not just for customers who come for dinner regularly, but it’s for the whole community that comes.”

One Acre tries to achieve zero food waste, sending leftovers every day to places like Haven of Mercy and Manna House, which provide meals to people for free.

“We try not to waste anything and we also try to give back to the community,” Tipton said.

While One Acre had nine visible and successful years on Dec. 3, business at 603 W. Walnut St. has been tough in recent years, said director and founder Jan Orchard.

“During COVID, we had to close the doors, but we never stopped serving,” Orchard said. “We pushed 250, 300 meals a day out of boxes [to] people, because the Salvation Army has closed. They stopped serving lunch, so we were the only resource for people in that community.

As major COVID disruptions began to wane, Johnson City began a multi-year upgrade of the West Walnut Street corridor, and inflation began to rise.

“Because of COVID, because of what’s happened in the community, financially in the economy, people don’t have as much discretionary money with inflation, the cost of food,” said Orchard. “We are also impacted by the cost of food.”

This cost is one of the reasons One Acre will only be doing one community meal this year. Attendees, and continuing coffee supporters, will learn about the “Take Us To 10” campaign to keep One Acre sustainable until its 10th anniversary on December 3, 2023.

Orchard said the next six weeks will be particularly important.

“We had a donor come forward to give the cafe $20,000 if we can match it by December 31,” she said. The cafe has been sending holiday letters about it, letting diners know, and will be sure to share the news on Wednesday.

But Tipton, the cafe’s manager, said Wednesday’s vibe won’t just be about soliciting donations.

“We’ll have lots of food and it’ll be a family environment, it’ll be a community environment where you can meet people you haven’t seen in a long time, you can reunite with your family. It’s just exciting. The staff are all upbeat and giddy about it.

More information about One Acre and its mission can be found on the cafe’s website.

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Eatery Business

Luton City Councils disagree over £500m loan to airport company

A war of words has erupted between councilors from opposing political parties over whether Luton Borough Council’s loans to its airport company are secured or unsecured.

The most recent exchange took place during the debate on the local authority’s annual financial management report at a plenary session.

Financial portfolio owner and Labor Limbury councilor Rob Roche warned: “I don’t want people to think we’re doing something stupid, like an unsecured loan against an asset.”

Luton City Council

Barnfield Liberal Democrat Councilor David Franks disagreed, describing the report as “a reminder of how much more difficult it is to manage the council’s cash flow given the amount of debt the council carries”.

The leader of the opposition group said: “And in particular there are more than £500million in unsecured loans made to the airport company.

“I know I’m about to be told that these loans are in fact secured by the company’s assets. But that’s nonsense.

“You can’t use assets that the community already owns as collateral for a loan like this. They are practically unsecured.”

Councilor Roche explained: “We have a separate entity as a company, London Luton Airport Limited, trading as Luton Rising. The Council is separate from it.

“The asset is secured by a debenture in Companies House and we encumbered that asset first. So it is hedged against the asset. I don’t want people to think we’re stupid enough to do something like this.”

Councilor Franks added: “In the case of the loans to LLAL, the Council is the lender and the Council has registered an interest in assets that the Council already owns through its ownership of the company.

“There’s no way you could call that a safe loan.”

But Councilor Roche replied: “We must agree to disagree. It’s a secured loan. There is a bond in Companies House that is collateralised against the airport and the loan is collateralised.”

The report found “an increase in external borrowing of £89m over 2021/22 to finance projects approved by the Council and that the local authority did not breach any of its regulatory limits”.

It covers several areas including:

Capital activity for the financial year 2021/22; Council’s overall borrowing needs or capital funding needs; Total cash position, showing how the Council has borrowed in relation to its indebtedness and the impact on investment balances; borrowing strategy and activity; and investment strategy and activity.

“The Council is currently pursuing a policy of maximizing internal borrowing and thereby minimizing the need for credit,” says the report.

“LBC has already fixed most of its long-term borrowing needs at fixed rates, a strategy that should mitigate the risk of further rate hikes.

“The Council must ensure that it does not borrow to cover revenue expenditure. The approved level is the affordable credit limit prescribed by Section 3 of the Local Government Act 2003.

“The local authority has no authority to borrow beyond this level. During 2021/22 the Council kept gross borrowing within its approved limit.”

The Council members approved the annual report on financial management and regulatory indicators for the year ended March 31, 2022.

SOURCE: Luton Borough Council meeting (15 November).

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Tacos Mexicanos food truck owners open two restaurants in Pensacola

It’s been a busy few years for Gabriel Hernandez and his wife, Gabriela Ramirez, founders of Pensacola’s fast-growing Tacos Mexicanos.

The couple began a humble quest to serve up the kind of tacos they love to eat at home, like Hernandez’s best-selling “awesome taco,” which was designed to include all of his personal favorite toppings, like fresh avocado, cilantro, grilled onions and queso. fresco accompanied by a homemade salsa.

The business has since spun off into two food trucks, a new brick-and-mortar restaurant that opened just days ago, and a brand new mystery concept called Gaby’s Taqueria that’s set to open at 104 E. Gregory St. this month.

“It’s definitely like being a baby, it’s like trying to raise kids,” Hernandez said. “Everything becomes what your life becomes, it’s all about that. It’s all about the business now.”

Eniko Ujj paints a sign outside the new Tacos Mexicanos brick-and-mortar location at 1014 Underwood Ave.  in Pensacola on Tuesday.

Tacos Mexicanos joins downtown Pensacola:Tacos Mexicanos becomes exclusive food truck partner with Perfect Plain, Garden & Grain

Many restaurants, little time

Hernandez had worked for corporate restaurants in Houston, Texas, where the two met, but opening his own restaurant was never originally planned.

“A year after we arrived in Pensacola, we couldn’t find a place to buy tacos. There were a few places, but we just didn’t know about them,” Hernandez said. “We were like, ‘We need to open a taco bar because we want to eat tacos.'”

The couple began serving the East Hill community with a truck at 3000 N.12th Ave., which still exists today, before coming to the attention of DC Reeves, who brought them into partnership so that a second truck parks in the garden. & Grain Yard at 50 E. Garden St. in 2020.

Their business reached new heights during the pandemic, where they were able to easily accommodate COVID-19 necessities like online ordering, delivery, and transportation.

Since then, the brand has continued to grow. Hernandez was able to secure the first sit-down restaurant, also called Tacos Mexicanos, next to Pensacola State College at 1014 Underwood Ave. and it just opened to the public last week.

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The restaurant will maintain a fast and casual ordering format at the counter, but employees will now give the guest a number and bring the food to the table. He predicts take-out orders will still dominate the day compared to dinner, as many customers appreciate the restaurant’s online ordering system, he said.

The new restaurant’s menu features many familiar dishes, like street tacos, burrito bowls, quesadillas and wraps. However, the larger space allows for potential new additions over time.

“We’re definitely going to entertain the idea of ​​rolling out menu items that, if they stick, can live in a space like this,” Hernandez said. “We hope that people who live and work in this neighborhood won’t have to drive to 12th Avenue to enjoy our food, but it will literally be exactly the same for the first two months.”

One of the biggest differences is that Hernandez and Ramirez are no longer alone and have created Artisan Restaurant Group as a way to manage and open more locations.

“It felt like (Gaby) and I were doing everything every day, from opening to closing,” Hernandez said of their debut. “We brought in a team from Texas with people we used to work with and had a lot of experience.”

Truck transition

Hernandez said there was a certain learning curve in the transition from truck to restaurant, one being how to design a physical space when all they knew was the quarters near the kitchen. of the truck.

“We tried one thing, we had to paint the walls multiple times because we couldn’t get it right,” Hernandez said. “Then our new partners who helped us from the Artisan Restaurant Group came in with a great design vision and they have really good taste when it comes to designing spaces.”

Now the restaurant has come alive with its candy pink walls, café-style bar stools, emerald green tile backsplashes, vintage Mexican tables, freshly painted murals and living ferns. Lots of ferns.

Another refreshing change was the option to sell alcohol, which Hernandez said was a piece the couple said was always missing from food trucks.

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Gaby’s Taqueria: coming soon

Gaby’s Taqueria, the restaurant group’s second new brick-and-mortar restaurant, will feature Cali-Mex style with some new takes on traditional Mexican cuisine, venturing more into breakfast tacos and seafood options. sea.

Although not much information has yet been released about Gaby’s, this restaurant and Tacos Mexicanos should be different enough that they can be opened side-by-side while providing diners with different experiences, Hernandez said. (Stay up to date with for the latest information on the new restaurant.)

The group is also simultaneously developing a Gaby’s Taqueria location in Destin.

While there’s plenty of room for other dining concepts in the future, Hernandez said he’s sticking with existing concepts for now.

The Tacos Mexicanos storefront is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. More information on the Tacos Mexicanos Facebook page.

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Wife describes her husband’s struggle with mental health behind bars

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A frustrated woman has shared her story with News 2 in hopes of raising awareness of the challenges she faces trying to get her husband – who is currently being held in Sumner County Jail – for help in sanity he would need.

The story provides insight into the challenge facing the justice system across the county, with health experts saying it’s often a vicious cycle of long waiting lists, self-medication and recidivism.

Cecelia Bottoms didn’t mince words when speaking about her 38-year-old husband, Joshua Bottoms, who was arrested after he allegedly stole a vehicle from a woman at knifepoint and led authorities on a three-year chase. hours inside and outside of Sumner and Davidson counties in late October.

“I called for help because it was creaking, it was breaking and no one would listen to me,” Cecelia said.

Joshua, whose criminal record dates back to 2003, was on probation when he was last arrested. Medical documents show he was admitted to a local hospital two weeks before the latest incident and diagnosed with psychosis.

Cecelia received an email with phone numbers to call for further processing and a message that said “Good luck”, which she described as insensitive. Although Cecelia called several times, she said no one ever answered.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” she says.

Nathan Miller, who has never treated Joshua, has worked in the behavioral health field for 25 years. According to him, this story is more common than you think.

“The need, of course, is overwhelming at this point,” he explained. “The numbers are always disproportionate.

“You often end up having a waiting list, especially with inpatient centers, inpatient beds for hospitals, addiction treatment centers,” Miller added.

In addition, self-medication often comes into play.

“They’re trying to deal with it in a way that’s not necessarily conducive to better health, so we have the addiction issue on top of a mental health issue, which happens simultaneously, which leads to more interaction with the police, plus jail time,” Miller said.

Cecelia, feeling helpless and hopeless, cried as she asked, “What do I do? What is his son doing?

She acknowledged that without the proper treatment, the cycle will continue.

“They just throw them the key, throw them away, then expect them to be fine, then send them out into the world again,” Cecelia said, adding that her husband needed help.

News 2 contacted Joshua’s court-appointed attorney to ask if a psychiatric evaluation would be requested. We have not yet received a response.

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Emo Nite Resumes Groundbreaking Zouk Nightclub Residency in Las Vegas

Morgan Freed and TJ Petracca are not DJs, musicians or producers. They’re the engineers of the party known as Emo Nite, a cultural phenomenon that Las Vegas is suddenly very familiar with.

Not being a DJ duo didn’t stop Emo Nite from landing a residency at Resorts World’s Zouk Nightclub this year, launched at last month’s emo and pop-punk music festival When We Were Young on the Las Strip. Vegas.

“There were hundreds of thousands of emo kids in Las Vegas,” Petracca says. “The festival was canceled on Saturday [due to high winds], and so many people were disappointed, including ourselves, but that kind of made it even more special for us on Saturday. We were able to bring in a few extra special guests to play during our set, and we got a lot of feedback from people saying, “You saved us the weekend,” which was really nice to hear.

Known for regularly incorporating a wide range of artists as guests at their parties, Emo Nite has brought together Boys Like Girls singer Martin Johnson, State Champs singer Derek DiScanio, Neck Deep singer Ben Barlow and the duo electronic 3OH3! for the beginnings of Zouk.

Freed and Petracca founded Emo Nite eight years ago as part of a party at a small dive bar in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood, a celebration of the often maligned rock genres they never stopped loving. It wasn’t designed or intended to evolve into a big Vegas nightclub, but the guys never imagined they’d be playing Coachella either. Welcome to 2022.

“TJ and I started doing Emo Nite because we wanted to give space to people who didn’t fit in. It’s not a normal nightclub. You don’t hear that stuff in the clubs,” Freed says. “We didn’t know we’d grow up to be entertainers, but that’s kind of what we are. Whether you know Emo Nite or not, you’re going to have a great time.

The Coachella set actually paved the way for the Vegas residency; attentive curators from the Zouk Group attended the show and began to imagine how the enhanced experience would play out in Resorts World’s high-tech environment.

Petracca says this stage of Emo Nite is all about evolution: “How do you take those anthems that everyone comes to sing along to and combine them with house music, EDM, the club hits that everyone comes to everyone wants to dance? We had to create a whole new product here [at Zouk].

“When we got the residency, we had to double the amount of music we created for Coachella, work on a whole bunch of new mixes and mashups, and create new visuals to go along with it all,” he continues. “It’s a unique thing for us, and I don’t think it’s like anything else Zouk has on the roster.”

Emo Nite is actually unlike anything in any Las Vegas nightclub, given the inbuilt culture of its core genres. And with at least half a dozen dates coming up next year at Zouk and Ayu Dayclub – and When We Were Young returning to the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in October 2023 – there’s clearly plenty more room for emo. on the Strip.

“I think when the world went through a lot of big changes, people were more willing to feel more emotions, and maybe they would go back and listen to how they felt when they were growing up,” Freed says. . “We hate the word ‘resurgence,’ because it never went away for us, but in the mainstream there’s been a bit of a resurgence, because people have been through all of these things that these songs are about. “

EMO NITE November 23, 10 p.m., $25+. Zouk Nightclub,

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Eatery Business

Car owners are struggling with their car loans

A recent study by TransUnion points to a potentially worrying trend car loan Market – failure rates are increasing. Almost 3.5% of car loan customers are now in arrears on their payments.

A rising crime rate may indicate that households are struggling with debt, especially as car loan repayment is a high priority for many households. However, if you’re struggling to pay off all of your debts, you should consider paying off your most expensive debts first — and for most people, that means credit cards.

  • Almost 3.5% of car loan customers are now in arrears on their payments.
  • People who may have missed car loan repayments during the pandemic have been able to meet them because of government support and the stimulus package. Now they are falling behind.
  • The total number of auto loans in the US has declined due to rising interest rates.
  • While it’s important to prioritize high-value debt, typically credit card debt, auto loans are collateralized by the vehicle and may include a repossession if payments are not made.

Almost 3.5% of auto loans are past due

The latest TransUnion study found that in Q2 2022, 3.34% of auto loans were more than 30 days past due and 1.43% were more than 60 days past due on a payment. This is the highest rate in five years and a significant increase over the past two years.

TransUnion suggested a number of reasons for this increase. First, they point out that there was likely a backlog of arrears caused by the pandemic. Many people who may have defaulted on their car loan repayments during the pandemic have not because government relief, stimulus programs or car loan providers have offered temporary help to their customers.

Second, while the number of past-due auto loans is at a five-year high, the total number of auto loans has been declining since 2018. This is partly due to limited supply during and immediately after the pandemic, resulting in many customers struggling to even find a car to finance. It’s also related to the rising cost of new vehicles — the average cost of a new vehicle is over $48,000, a record high.

Car loans are also becoming more expensive due to rising interest rates. Over the past month, the weighted average auto loan rate across all loan types has increased by 2.8 percentage points to 10.6%. Those with low credit ratings are likely to be hit hardest by these price hikes. In October, a deep subprime borrower with a credit score below 580 saw an average interest rate of 18.2% on a new car loan and 21.8% on a used car loan.

In short, it appears that many people who may have defaulted on their car loans during the pandemic but were kept solvent by stimulus payments are now doing so. At the same time, the total number of car loans is decreasing. Both factors together mean that the delinquency rate is at an all-time high.

Should I Prioritize My Car Loan?

The TransUnion study also revealed some interesting data on how consumers prioritize their payments. The study found that most people consider their monthly car loan payments to be one of their most important financial obligations — right behind their mortgage payments and far more important than paying off their credit cards.

And that makes sense. car loans Repayments are linked to a tangible asset – a vehicle – that you already use. Additionally, the rise in car prices over the past year has meant that many people are actually in a positive loan-to-value position: that is, their car is actually worth more than the loan they took out to purchase it. Both factors explain why paying off a car loan is a high priority in many households.

Consumers should be careful about prioritizing unsecured debt over their car loan. If you’re having trouble staying on top of your car loan, your lender may be able to offer flexibility with your payments, so you should contact them before you miss a payment. If you miss a payment, your lender will likely impose a penalty and eventually repossess the vehicle if the loan defaults.

As with all types of debt, delinquency can negatively impact one’s credit score, so it’s important to have an adequate budget to service credit obligations.

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Blues City Cafe serves great food and live music on Beale Street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – This 5-star story is about one of Memphis’ top businesses and tourist attractions celebrating 30 years, as the Blues City Cafe’s recipe for good food and good times continues to roll on the iconic Beale Street.

Good music is a mainstay of Beale Street, and you’ll find plenty of it in the Blues City Cafe music box where hundreds of artists – world famous like BB King, Courtney Love and Queen Latifah – and local musicians have played to the delight of the public.

The Blues City Cafe opened in March 1991, but under a different name, Does Eat Place. Two years later, a group of investors bought the restaurant and changed the name to Blues City Cafe. But, as longtime waiter Edgar Smith told us, “It was really busy at Does and it’s busy now!” And while it’s the music that probably prolongs many customers’ visit to Blues City, it’s the food that attracts the most.

“The chef cooks the best ribs in the world,” Smith said. “And the catfish is tender fillets of baby catfish, lightly breaded and seasoned with cornmeal and fried, and chef Larry makes okra. It really is an excellent okra.

And he should know. He’s been a server at the hotspot since the start and adds that while tourists are important to the restaurant’s success, loyal local customers are its lifeblood.

“I waited on a table last Wednesday and it was a table of four generations. These are my regulars; they’ve been coming since 1991 and the great-grandson proposed to his fiancée in the VIP room,” Smith explained.

While the food is excellent, the service from Smith and others is also an important part of Blues City’s winning recipe. Lonnie Yates, who says he is the oldest waiter in the place, was begged to retire by the owners after working more than 40 years at Rendezvous.

“And like I said to Bud, ‘You just want me because I’m a good worker and I’ve worked there and I’m well known.’ And he says, “It’s true,” said Yates, who has now worked for the Blues City Cafe for 16 years and added that it’s a well-oiled machine that feels like a family.

“And we want people to come back here because our food is good. You know, we have good quality cooks there who work, who spend a lot of time preparing the food. People who are in the back all the way to the front and that makes the restaurant very fluid,” Yates explained.

And who knows? Licking your fingers after the last bite of tender, savory ribs, you might even find yourself a little starstruck by the famous faces that adorn the tables.

“I’ve waited for presidents,” Smith said. “I waited for Bill Clinton. The other week, I waited for Robert Plant. He just sat there. He’s making an album here in town. One evening, on this table where you are (was) Tyler Perry. And, at the same time, in the VIP room, there was Mick Jagger.

The Blues City Cafe is the place to see or be seen when you “put some south in your mouth!” Just one more reason we’re proud to call this place home. The restaurant has also been featured on the Food Network’s Bobby Flay Show and A Taste of American on the Travel Channel, as well as publications such as Bon Appetite and PS magazines.

For more information on Blues City Café, click here.

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Wendy’s Central Florida restaurants now source renewable energy from the Florida power grid

By the end of 2022, seven Wendy’s restaurants will be powered by solar energy from Duke Energy’s Community Solar Program, with approximately 35 sites in total expected to go 100% solar powered by 2025.

DUBLIN, Ohio, November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Wendy’s Company today announced that seven restaurants in Central Florida now source renewable energy from Duke Energy Florida’s Clean Energy Connection program. By early 2023, a total of ten Wendy’s restaurants in this region will be powered by solar energy through participation in the program.

Among the first subscribers to Duke Energy’s community solar program, Wendy’s aims to supply 21 company-operated restaurants with renewable electricity by the end of 2023 and a total of approximately 35 Central Florida restaurants with 100% renewable electricity by 2025, based on Duke Energy’s current development plans. Wendy’s will supply 1,274 kilowatts (kW) of clean energy from the program by the end of this year, growing to 6,363 kW by 2025.

“Increasing our supply of clean energy is an important part of how we work to reduce emissions within our system,” said the Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director. Liliana Esposito. “Our partnership with Duke Energy Florida provides a simple, cost-effective way to offset our electricity usage with renewable energy credits, while financing solar power that will benefit local communities.”

Duke Energy Florida’s Clean Energy Connection program allows customers to subscribe to enough solar power blocks to offset all of their energy usage while earning credits on their utility bills. Participating customers will support the operation of ten solar sites, which will produce a total of 749 megawatts (MW) of clean energy when completed in 2024.

“We are grateful for Wendy’s early enrollment in Duke Energy’s Clean Energy Connection Program,” said Melissa Seixasstate chairman of Duke Energy in Florida Melissa Seixas. “As one of the project’s first subscribers, Wendy’s is helping to bring clean, renewable energy to small businesses and area residents.”

This collaboration with Duke Energy contributes to Wendy’s larger efforts to reduce emissions and minimize the company’s climate impact, a key part of Wendy’s corporate responsibility platform, Good Done Right. Wendy’s is working to validate and publicly disclose a science-based target covering Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative in 2023.

To learn more about Wendy’s Good Done Right progress and efforts to reduce the company’s energy consumption and emissions, visit

About Wendy’s

Wendy’s® was founded in 1969 by David Thomas in Columbus, Ohio. Dave has built his business on the principle “Quality is our recipe ®”, which remains the guiding principle of the Wendy’s system. Wendy’s is best known for its made-to-order square burgers made with fresh never-frozen* beef, freshly prepared salads and other signature items like chili, baked potatoes and Frosty® dessert. The Wendy’s Company (Nasdaq: WEN) is committed to doing the right thing and making a positive difference in the lives of others. This is especially visible through the company’s support of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption® and its Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® program, which seeks to find a loving, forever home for every child awaiting adoption from the foster care system. North American. Today, Wendy’s and its franchisees employ hundreds of thousands of people in approximately 7,000 restaurants worldwide with a vision to be the fastest growing and most loved restaurant brand in the world. For more details on franchising, contact us at Visit and for more information and connect with us on Twitter and Instagram using @wendys, and on Facebook at

*Fresh beef available in the contiguous United States, Alaskaand Canada.

About Duke Energy Florida

Duke Energy Florida, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, has 10,300 megawatts of energy capacity, supplying electricity to 1.9 million residential, commercial and industrial customers over a 13,000 square mile service area in Florida.

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK), a Fortune 150 company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the largest energy holding companies in the United States. Its electric utilities serve 8.2 million customers in North Carolina, Caroline from the south, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, and collectively possess 50,000 megawatts of power capacity. Its natural gas unit serves 1.6 million customers in North Carolina, Caroline from the south, Tennessee, Ohio and Kentucky. The company employs 28,000 people.

Duke Energy is executing an aggressive clean energy transition to meet its goals of net methane emissions from its natural gas business and at least 50% carbon reduction from power generation by 2030 and net emissions carbon emissions by 2050. Zero goals also include Scope 2 emissions and some Scope 3 emissions. zero-emission power generation such as hydrogen and advanced nuclear.

Duke Energy was named to Fortune’s 2022 “World’s Most Admired Companies” list and Forbes’ “America’s Top Employers” list. More information is available at The Duke Energy News Center contains press releases, fact sheets, photos and videos. Duke Energy’s illumination features stories about people, innovations, community issues and environmental issues. Follow Duke Energy on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

SOURCEThe Wendy’s Company

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Thieves ransack family’s heads in brazen Diamond Bar home invasion: police

Diamond Bar Police are investigating a home burglary, where the thieves allegedly bagged the family’s heads as they robbed the house.

Officers responded to the home on 1900 Viento Verano Drive overnight Sunday to calls about a robbery, where they found two victims – an 18-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman. According to the police, they were grandmother and grandson.

According to the police, the victims did not speak English and the robbers used a translator to coerce the two. The thieves allegedly broke into the house through an unlocked rear glass door. Once inside, they put a paper bag over the woman’s head as she screamed for help. They then put a bag over the grandson’s head and led the two into the living room.

SUGGESTED: Deputy for Riverside County, daughter killed in suspected impaired accident

After that, the thieves took a ring from the grandmother’s hand and stole an unknown amount of money from the house, before leaving the house and leaving.

The thieves were described as three Hispanic men, but no detailed description was available.

Neither victim was injured in the robbery.

Diamond Bar police are still investigating. Anyone with information was asked to call the station at (626) 913-1715.

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Historic Black-Owned Myrtle Beach Nightclub Inducted into Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – For decades, Charlie’s Place has been the go-to place for black musicians, showcasing live music and insight into a community’s unique and complex coastal experience.

The Carolina Beach Music Board inducted the first African-American building, Charlie’s Place, in the Hall of Fame.

“The path has already been paved. We just have to walk in it,” said Cookie Goings, Neighborhood Services Manager for the City of Myrtle Beach.

The 28th Annual Carolina Beach Music Awards hosted its prestigious event at the Alabama Theater.

Its mission is to bring beach music to life and give recognition to artists. For the first time, Carolina Beach Board members recognized what Charlie’s Place has offered the African American community for decades.

“We didn’t expect it and I’m so happy. It’s an honor it’s a blessing. It’s amazing and we’re very grateful for that,” Goings said.

Goings has worked for Neighborhood Services for years, focusing on preserving the history that Charlie’s Place has to offer.

“I feel like we were given a mission. We stand on the shoulders of Mr. Charlie and Ms. Sarah, but of everyone who came before us,” Goings said.

It was a popular African American nightclub and small hotel. During Jim Crow, it was listed in the “Green Book” as a safe place for African Americans to visit.

“He created an atmosphere and a space for everyone to come together and have a good time. That’s all they wanted to do,” Goings said.

Enriched by music, Charlie’s Place was a place where famous African American singers like Dizzy Gillespie, Little Richard, Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday sang.

“I am so grateful that we, Neighborhood Services, April and I, and the City of Myrtle Beach have been selected and chosen to carry on this legacy,” Goings said.

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Church cafe helping people connect

From left to right ; Wen Li, Naomi Jentsch, Karen Wilson, Barbara Hayward and Hannah Wilson of the Community Cafe Tea 4 U which is located at the Bridge Center of the Presbyterian Church in Enniskillen.

Posted: 10:00am Nov 13, 2022

“WE laugh with people who laugh and cry with people who cry. We’re just hanging out,” says Barbara Hayward, who runs the Tea4U cafe at Enniskillen Presbyterian Church.
The former Devenish College teacher runs the cafe to help people of all ages and backgrounds connect with others and break the chains of isolation that many find themselves in.
In 2014 the Church did a community audit to find out what was going on in Enniskillen and if there was anything they could do as a group of people to help with anything.
When the results came in, they found that loneliness was coming back as a big factor within the community and Barbara, with the help of several volunteers, set up the cafe the following year which opens every Friday so that people can have a cup of tea. , grab a bite to eat and make new friends.
She said: ‘What’s interesting is that the loneliness stretched across all age groups. There were young single mothers and there was a certain level of poverty that meant they couldn’t go out and say, buy a coffee and a muffin for a fiver.
“If they went out, they’d wonder about the city and maybe stop by the library for some warmth. Beyond that, there weren’t many facilities for them.
“We decided to see what we could do. So, in July 2015, we created the cafe which would be run by volunteers. The cafe would be open to all where we would provide a warm space, a basic lunch of soup and wheaten bread, a cup of tea, a scone and company to chat with if those who came wished.
“We also have a price suggestion – not a price list for our menu. We tell people, if you can’t afford 5p, that’s fine. Of course most people don’t abuse it that much and we’re really happy to take what we get.
“On days when we get extra money after we’ve paid for tea, coffee and other supplies, we donate it to Christians Against Poverty, which is usually a few thousand dollars a year. “
Given the evidence of loneliness in Enniskillen by the audit, Barbara says the cafe served as a solid starting point for isolated people to network with new friends.
She added: “A lot of people want companionship and then we come back there’s someone they can connect with and catch up and connect with others as well.
“Suppose we have a conversation with ‘Mary’ – for example. We find out from ‘Mary’ that she is really arty and we say that you might like to meet ‘Theresa’ who is also arty.
“So ‘Mary’ and ‘Theresa’ connect and they meet other people through each other.
“We do short trips because a lot of people who come through our doors aren’t driving. An example, which almost broke me one day, was a 78-year-old man I once took to Castle Archdale. He said, ‘I really liked this Barbara – I’ve never been here before.’ He was born and raised in Fermanagh but as he is on a low income he has never had a car and I suspect the bus route to Castle Archdale is not good.
“Because he had never married or had anyone who could take him there, he never went until we took him. It was horrible to hear, but at least thanks to the networking the cafe has, we were able to do it.
“We’ve had older people and unemployed people also come here and meet and make good friends through this place – just like me.
“We more or less jump in the door whenever we see people come in. We introduce ourselves and ask if they want their own space so you can be alone or if you want someone to chat with, I’m very happy to come and join you.”

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Posted: 10:00am Nov 13, 2022

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Best Affordable Restaurants in New York and NJ – NBC New York

If you’re looking for quality food but aren’t looking to spend a fortune just to get it, it may be best to look to the west side of the Hudson River (much to the chagrin of New Yorkers, of course). ).

TripAdvisor has released its Best of the Best list for 2022, and one of the categories is for “Top Everyday Eats,” which it describes as “great food that won’t break the bank.” And as any foodie knows, some of the best restaurants in the country can be found in all five boroughs.

But for those not looking to take out a second mortgage just for a burger and a cocktail, you might have better luck in New Jersey than New York.

Somewhat surprisingly, neither state had restaurants in the top 10, one way or another. But New Jersey finished with two establishments in the top 25, while New York had only one.

At number 12 on the list was the Freehold 618 restaurant, which has a substantial menu with all the favourites, featuring steaks, a pork chop, a variety of fish, pasta dishes and a list of intriguing sides. All small plates are between $14 and $19, while entrees are mostly in the upper $20 range.

Avon Pavilion, at Avon by the Sea, also represented the Garden State. A waterfront seafood restaurant, those who gave it good reviews on TripAdvisor complimented the view, service and food.

But there is a major caveat to its inclusion on the list, as the Avon Pavilion closed permanently in October. The lease has expired and there will be a public tender for the boardwalk restaurant, so another establishment could take its place.

Dahiana Pérez takes us to explore two downtown restaurants serving delicious seafood dishes. First, she takes us to Mamasushi offering Asian-Latin fusion seafood dishes. Next, she visits Casa Del Mar offering many seafood dishes, including paella.

Meanwhile, New York only got one entry on the list, at number 25. The French restaurant on the Upper West Side (there’s a downtown location too) offers a selection of steaks and seafood dishes. It’s a bit more expensive than 618 (maybe why it’s lower on the list?), with most dishes above $30.

But for any New Yorkers upset at the lack of mentions on this list, TripAdvisor has given NYC a lot more credit on other lists. On his “Top Quick Bites” list, there were four New York establishments named, including three in the city. Bleeker Street Pizza took first place overall, with NY Pizza Suprema in sixth and Shake Shack somewhat in 11th place, especially near Times Square. Martha’s Dandee Creme has arrived at #4, located in the Lake George area.

Three New York restaurants have also been named to the site’s “Top Fine Dining” list. Daniel, on the Upper East Side, was number 16, followed immediately by Club A Steakhouse. The Modern, in the city center, came in at 23rd.

No New Jersey spots were named to either list.

Lauren Scala takes us to Hudson, NY to experience “Cafe Mutton” and find out why it’s said to be one of the best new restaurants of the year!

Although states like Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and even Alaska have multiple mentions on the “Everyday Eats” list, the state with the most restaurants on the list is Florida, with three. But the top spot on the list didn’t go to any of those states, it went to the Timber Kitchen and Bar, located in Bangor, Maine.

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Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant surprises fans with performance at Scottish bar

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant surprised patrons of a Scottish bar on Tuesday by casually showing up and performing at the pub’s open-mic event.

The “Immigrant Song” singer had performed with his band, Saving Grace, at a local theater in Aberdeen, Scotland, before heading to the pub.

The bar, Under the Hammer, wrote enthusiastically about the unexpected encounter on Facebook.

“It doesn’t happen very often that we get a visit from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer and CBE, but last night we were honored by the presence of ROBERT PLANT of Led Zeppelin!” the company wrote in a Facebook post.


“Robert and his new bandmates joined us after their ‘Saving Grace’ concert at Tivoli and got involved in our open mic session, delivering their song ‘I bid you goodnight’.” the post added. “WHAT A NIGHT!”

According to the host of the open-mic event, the rock star was considerate and listened to other artists before taking the stage.


Under the Hammer, a bar in Aberdeen, Scotland, excitedly announced they saw Robert Plant at one of their open mic nights.
(Google Images)

“He arrived about an hour before the end, and he didn’t just come and do everything for him,” Jamie Rodden said, according to the BBC. “He actually certainly listened to the people who were playing as well.”

Robert Plant played with Led Zeppelin from 1968 to 1980, alongside drummer John Bonham, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones. The band disbanded in 1980 after Bonham died of an alcohol overdose.

Bassist John Paul Jones, vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page were seen performing with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s.

Bassist John Paul Jones, vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page were seen performing with Led Zeppelin in the 1970s.
(Getty Pictures)


The band’s best-loved song, “Stairway to Heaven”, was the subject of a legal battle with an American rock band called Spirit, who claimed that Page and Plant stole one of their riffs. The group won its copyright infringement battle in 2020, saving Plant and Page millions of dollars in damages.

Fox News’ Melissa Roberto contributed to this report.

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Testimony will begin Monday in the trial of the man accused in the Taboo Nightclub shooting

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Testimony in the trial of a man accused of shooting at a nightclub in downtown Cedar Rapids will begin Monday. Dimione Walker is facing multiple charges for the shooting at Taboo Nightclub. It happened in April, killing three people and injuring nine others.

Walker is charged with first degree murder, armed with intent and felony in possession of a firearm. A previous charge of willful injury causing serious bodily harm was dropped.

He is accused of firing 8 shots inside the club which was packed with people for a 90s themed party. Prosecutors believe Michael Valentine was shot 6 times by Walker, including in the face . Valentine died during filming.

Prosecutors plan to show surveillance video from inside Taboo Nightclub during the trial.

Another man, Timothy Rush, is due to stand trial in March. He is accused of firing the shots that killed Nicole Owens and Marvin Cox.

As of Thursday afternoon, Walker’s jury is set. Jury selection began on Tuesday and lasted more than two days given the publicity of the case. The courthouse will be closed Friday for Veterans Day, pushing opening statements to Monday.

Walker’s trial is expected to last at least five days. A list of state witnesses lists more than 30 people.

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Compare Personal Loans (2022 Options) – Forbes Advisor

Editor’s Note: We earn a commission from affiliate links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

While personal loans are a convenient way to fund almost any legal personal expense, they come with a cost. However, finding the best personal loan can mean the difference between hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest.

Use this personal loan finder to compare the best options and find a loan that suits your needs.

Average personal loan rates

A good interest rate for a personal loan is below the national average. Current personal loan rates range from around 4% to 36%, with the average in 2022 being around 10%. However, the APRs available vary by lender, and only the most qualified borrowers have access to the lowest rates.

Types of Personal Loans

There are two main types of personal loans: secured and unsecured.

Secured Personal Loans

Secured personal loans require collateral, which is something valuable that the lender can take back if you default. Lenders typically offer flexible qualification requirements and lower interest rates because the collateral reduces potential borrowers’ financial risk.

Secured personal loans are most commonly offered through traditional banks and credit unions. However, some select online lenders can offer them.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured personal loans require no collateral, which means you don’t have to pledge any personal assets to secure the loan. However, this means that lenders typically charge higher interest rates and enforce stricter qualification requirements.

You can find unsecured loans from banks, credit unions, and online lenders.

How to compare personal loans

Consider these factors when comparing personal loans:

  • Permitted Loan Uses. While you can generally use personal loans for any legal personal expenses, some lenders impose restrictions. For example, you typically cannot use personal loans for business or higher education.
  • Required Qualifications. Lenders consider your credit score, income, debt-to-income ratio (DTI), and overall credit history when determining your eligibility. Be sure to confirm a lender’s minimum qualification requirements before applying to understand your chances of admission.
  • loan amounts. Loan amounts vary by lender. When comparing lenders, make sure your preferred lender offers loan amounts that meet your needs.
  • Refund Policy. Similar to the loan amounts, different lenders also offer different repayment periods. Shorter maturities can help you pay off your debt faster and save money on interest; Longer terms make for more affordable monthly payments, but you pay more interest over time.
  • Interest charges. The interest rate you receive determines the overall cost of your loan. Some lenders offer a pre-qualification process that allows you to see what interest rates and terms you may be eligible for without hurting your credit score. That best personal loan rates are usually reserved for those with the highest credit scores.
  • loan fees. In addition to interest rates, check to see if your preferred lender charges any other fees, including setup fees, management fees, or prepayment penalties.
  • time to fund. Some lenders offer quick personal loans with funding as fast as same day, while others can take up to a few business days to withdraw your funds. When you apply for a loan, consider how quickly you need the money.
  • Customer Support Options. Check the lender’s customer service resources and read reviews from past and current borrowers to make sure it’s a good fit.

How to find a personal loan

While you can get personal loans through traditional institutions like banks and credit unions, online lenders usually offer them The best personal loans. Online lenders often offer more flexible qualification requirements than traditional banks and can disburse funds within 24 to 48 hours. You can expect loan amounts between $1,000 and $100,000 and terms between one and seven years.

Additionally, some online lenders offer loans to applicants with a score below 670 and sometimes as low as 560. These are also called Personal Loans with Fair Credit and personal loans with bad creditrespectively.

Your credit rating, income, and the amount of credit you want can help determine which lender and loan are best for you.

*Pre-qualified rates are based on information you provide and a soft credit request. Receiving prequalified installments does not guarantee that the lender will make you an offer of credit. You are not yet approved for a loan or a specific interest rate. Lenders will do a hard loan pulldown when you submit your application. Hard credit deductions affect your credit score. The lowest advertised interest rate is not available for all loan sizes, types or purposes and assumes a highly qualified borrower with an excellent credit profile.

Compare personal loan rates

Find the best rates from top lenders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which loan is the easiest to approve?

That most easily approved loan is usually one from a lender that serves borrowers with bad credit. For example, some personal loan lenders allow credit scores as low as 560. However, borrowers with such low scores typically receive high interest rates.

Is there a limit on a personal loan?

Personal loans come in a variety of amounts, generally ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. The loan amount you get depends on your credit rating and the offer of your preferred lender.

Can I get a personal loan if the credit bureau is bad?

Yes, you can get a bad credit bureau personal loan. However, this usually comes at the cost of higher interest rates and potentially lower loan amounts.

What is a Personal Loan Setup Fee?

Some lenders charge an upfront personal lending fee of between 1% and 8% of your loan amount, which covers the cost of processing your loan. This is usually deducted from your loan amount. So keep this in mind when applying for a loan.

For example, if you’re eligible for a $10,000 loan and your lender charges a 3% processing fee, $300 will be deducted from your debt, leaving you with $9,700.

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Dale’s Piano Playhouse returns with Recovery Café benefit concert

Dale Sherrod, who has supported Longmont nonprofits and entertained audiences with his piano skills since 1998, returns to the stage Saturday for a benefit concert billed as Dale’s Piano Playhouse.

The concert is free with “welcome” donations, as Sherrod puts it. It is scheduled for 3-4 p.m. Saturday at CentraLongmont Presbyterian Church, 402 Kimbark St.

All proceeds will go to Recovery Café Longmont, which resides in the basement of CentraLongmont. After the concert, a reception and open house will be held at the cafe until 5 p.m.

Sherrod, who has lived in Longmont since 1965, started his concert series as a way to support local organizations. Previous organizations he has benefited from include OUR Center, Longmont Humane Society, and Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley. This is Dale’s Piano Playhouse’s first since 2019, and Sherrod is excited to perform again.

“It’s a funny thing,” he said. “It is comforting.”

Sherrod is not a pianist by trade, but his introduction to the instrument began when his parents decided to buy a piano instead of a new car.

“I started lessons when I was 6 and I’ve been doing intermittent things on the piano, like sing-alongs and church music, all my life,” he said.

Scott Hamlin and Karen Main, respectively artistic director and accompanist of the Longmont Chorale, will join Sherrod on stage on Saturday. Paula Muncy, pianist at Longs Peak United Methodist Church and teacher at Front Range Community College, will also take part in a performance covering a range of genres, from classical to ragtime to polka.

Recovery Café Longmont, a branch of the Recovery Café Network, is a non-profit organization that serves as a community for individuals to address challenges such as addiction and trauma. Cafe membership is free but required, and members attend weekly meetings and help maintain the cafe.

“We want people to feel like it’s their space (and) they own it,” Dutkin said. “We are not a treatment center or an outpatient facility, but we help bridge the gap between crisis and stability.”

The cafe launched in 2018 with CentraLongmont as its home, though Dutkin said staff were looking for a different, permanent location that was accessible to people with disabilities and could house a commercial kitchen. The original plan was to move in 2020, but the pandemic put the search on hold.

The non-profit organization has approximately 90 volunteers who serve as either café cooks or hospitality ambassadors; Sherrod is the latter of the two, joining earlier this year. He said it is an honor to work with the organization and hopes to bring them some publicity through this concert.

“The camaraderie and everything that’s going on here, I think is wonderful,” he said.

RSVP for the concert by emailing Dutkin at [email protected]

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These restaurants have the best chicken sandwiches in Dallas, according to Yelp reviews

DALLAS (KDAF) – One of the simplest yet most delicious food offerings these days is the ever-popular chicken sandwich. Usually found with fried chicken, gravy, and crushed pickles between two buns, there are even more ways to enjoy this entree outside of the norm.

It’s a beautiful day to experience any day, but Wednesday November 9th brings the heat and the savory goodness because it’s National Fried Chicken Day!

“The warm, buttery bun with mayonnaise and crispy cold pickles. This experience deserves a lot of respect, which is why we take National Chicken Sandwich Day seriously here,” NationalToday said.

We are of course obsessed with making sure our readers know where to find the best of all foods on the market and today is no different. We checked Yelp’s list of the best places for chicken sandwiches around Dallas, here’s what reviewers say are top notch:

  • Smackbird Hot Chicken – North Dallas
  • Palmer’s Hot Chicken – Lakewood
  • Streets Fine Chicken – Oak Lawn
  • Invasion – East Dallas
  • Claudi B’s Nashville Hot Chicken & Burgers
  • Mike’s Chicken – Oak Lawn
  • SuperChix
  • Ricky’s Hot Chicken
  • East Hampton Sandwich
  • Dave’s Hot Chicken – North Dallas

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Video Lounge Sissy Bar and the Crush Bar’s rebranded cafe, Opal’s, complete a new trinity of queer bars in southeast Morrison.

Southeast Portland is now home to a block of queer bars just steps from one of the city’s busiest entertainment spots: Revolution Hall. Sissy Bar opened in June, just after the Portland Pride Festival ended, a mere storefront from its established gay neighbor, Crush Bar, and its adjoining new all-ages cafe, Opal’s Night & Day Cafe, which has was launched in February.

Although run by different teams, Sissy Bar and Crush appear to be sister bars, serving comparable menus and patrons. Both offer Instagrammable appetizers and fruity cocktails, and play queer-friendly music of all ages, but Sissy Bar’s crowd seems to tend to be younger than Crush’s.

The Sissy Bar, which founder Derek Palmer refers to as a “video lounge,” uses a lot of moving images for aesthetics. Partially lit by cubes of the color of the panels on the electronic memory game Simon, the space is also lit by YouTube recordings from artists ranging from Megan Thee Stallion and City Girls to Grimes and Azealia Banks. Still visuals – photos of gay divas like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and DJ Paris Hilton – also line the walls. Music video volume is loud enough for you to enjoy the songs, but not so loud that conversations have to be shouted.

On two recent Saturday nights, the Sissy Bar was comfortably busy – groups of friends of all orientations and legal drinking ages gathered together. Some looked like they had just left the office, while others were dressed to impress, ready for wherever the night takes them.

There’s no dance floor or recurring drag shows, which tend to draw patrons to other gay bars in town, but the Sissy Bar offers a space for decidedly queer company and pop music that supports the community.

Sissy Bar’s cocktail menu is similar to that of Crush: classic drinks concocted with skill, but the newcomer seems fond of names with cultural nods (Will Smith Punch, $10; She’s All That, $11) . There’s also house brand Sissy Mule ($11), Sissy MANhattan ($13), and bittersweet Sissy Galore ($11), which mixes grapefruit and lemon juice with orange bitters. and Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin. These drinks pair well with quaint and savory Colombian dishes, such as sudado rice bowls ($11 vegan, $14 chicken), ajiaco stew ($15) and arepas sandwiches with avocado salad ($12 for the vegan and cheese versions, $14 with chicken). All are comfortably filled, but would benefit from a hint of additional seasoning.

Opal’s Night & Day Cafe served a handful of customers on two evening visits, catching overflows from either of the nearby bars. A towering beige-colored painting of cubist faces watches over the shimmering pink bar here, which can be interesting to look at or just plain creepy.

The space once housed Woody’s Coffee Tavern, named after Woody Clark, co-owner of Crush and now Opal’s with James Jackman. The Coffee Tavern temporarily closed after Governor Kate Brown announced the first pandemic restrictions more than two years ago.

Clarke memorably called the police on 12 of his former employees in March 2020 after staging a sit-in. Once laid off due to the mandatory closure, the group demanded accrued sick pay, half pay for the hours originally scheduled to work the following week and a guarantee of rehiring once operations resumed. Initially, these demands were not met.

Employees at Clarke’s two companies began unionizing in late 2019, and although the National Labor Relations Board notes that Clarke settled with former Crush employees in August 2021, Woody’s Coffee Tavern closed permanently before that. these employees don’t spend their day in court.

Now rebranded as Opal’s, the cocktail menu features an eclectic mix of sweet drinks, like pomegranate juice, vodka and egg white Amaretto Fizz ($10) and tropical Chartreuse Swizzle ($15). But it’s also a coffee bar (the “Day” part of the name), so you’ll find the typical range of caffeinated drinks, including Opal’s version of pumpkin spice latte sprinkled with seasonal cinnamon. Diners have a choice of soup, salad, breakfast sandwiches and homemade casseroles.

Although Opal’s hasn’t been busy during my visits, the cafe has potential as an intimate hangout. For now, its communal sidewalk terrace provides Crush with more outdoor seating on its busiest nights.

With Sissy Bar, Crush and Opal anchored on the same block, and nearby Rev Hall and Holocene hosting gay-friendly concerts and dance parties, the area now has everything it takes for the first-ever gay bar crawl in the world. southeast of Portland.

BEVERAGE: Sissy Bar Portland, 1416 SE Morrison St., 503-206-4325, 4pm-midnight Wednesday-Thursday, 4pm-2am Friday-Saturday, 4pm-11pm Sunday. Opal’s Night & Day Cafe, 1412 SE Morrison St., 503-235-8150, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday to Sunday.

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Vikings’ Kirk Cousins ​​Explains The Origins Of The Shirtless Celebration

Kirk Cousins ​​has made quite an impression on and off the pitch this season.

His 7-1 Minnesota Vikings enjoyed a prosperous season with the Cousins ​​airflight celebrations made headlines after road victories. The 34-year-old caller spoke to Peyton and Eli Manning about his viral shirtless look on ESPN’s “ManningCast” during the Ravens’ win over the Saints on “Monday Night Football.”

“It really started coming back from our game against the Saints a few weeks ago, coming back from London we had the eight hour flight and they kind of turned first class on that boxed flight back from night,” Cousins ​​said. Before I knew it, I had Christian Darrisaw’s channel around my neck and everyone was taking pictures and posting them on social media.

Cousins ​​added that it wasn’t until last week’s win in Washington over his former team the Commanders that his teammates encouraged him to take off his shirt and sport the chain shirtless.

Cousins ​​has been effective this year. He scored 13 touchdowns and completed 64.3% of his passes. Since a three-steel clunker against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2, Cousins ​​and Vikings haven’t lost a game.

The viral postgame celebration inspired some Minnesota Halloween costumes, according to Cousins. It also inspired NFL insider Adam Schefter to go shirtless with chains around his neck on the “Monday Night Football” pre-game show.

Kirk Cousins

Cousins ​​has already left his mark on the 2022 NFL campaign, but the quarterback mentioned he’s still unsure what to make of the in-flight celebrations.

“If we keep winning these away games, I don’t know where it’s going to take us,” Cousins ​​said. “But I’m a little nervous about where this might end.”

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Stone Soup Cafe Sees Surge in Demand | Local News

The Stone Soup Cafe, one of Fairbanks’ main soup kitchens, typically sees a drop in demand each fall. That didn’t happen this year.

“It has been difficult to keep enough food here. We had to buy food for the very first time,” said general manager Hannah Hill.

Mariana Low is an intern at the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and a student at West Valley High School. She can be reached at [email protected]

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OTG will be featured on America’s Top Restaurants | Community

Freshly prepared food is a signature of London’s Old Town Grill – and this passion for good food is what has earned the London restaurant a spot on America’s top restaurants.

Host Greg Hutson and field producer Austin Turner were at the restaurant in London on Monday, filming an episode of the culinary series which shines a light on independent restaurants.

Hutson said the restaurants were selected through a nomination process.

“We don’t do national chain restaurants,” Hutson said. “We receive a community nomination and select those we believe best represent independent restaurants.”

Hutson describes himself as a “foodie”, adamantly admitting he has a passion for good food.

London OTG owner Mike Caffrey was more than willing to cater to Hutson’s tastes, offering a variety of dishes on the menu.

First came the Loaded Potato Bites appetizer – homemade potato bites smothered in ranch dressing, diced tomatoes, cheese, crispy bacon and sour cream.

Next, Hutson and Turner tried their taste buds with OTG’s Brisket Burger.

“It’s 8 ounces of burger (that’s half a pound), 5 ounces of brisket that’s cooked for 18 hours, then cooled and grilled,” Caffrey said. “Then we put in two slices of cheese, mesquite barbecue sauce, and onion straws.”

Hutson said the different flavors come alive individually with every bite — a quality that shows Caffrey’s passion for cooking.

Caffrey’s 38 years in food service have taught him many things, one of which is to prepare fresh food.

“We don’t have frozen food,” he says, “and the food doesn’t sit on the grill. We prepare everything fresh for each meal.

Caffrey said the key to successful restaurant patronage is restaurant reputation – which is based on customer satisfaction.

“It’s the guests, the customers you have to please and you have to be passionate about them,” he said. “If I wasn’t, I’d be bankrupt.”

Caffrey also served Hutson and Turner one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes – Sinful Chicken. He joked about the name, adding that he lures the Sunday menu by telling customers the chicken dish is so good they’ll have to go to church and ask for forgiveness.

After sampling the popular dish, Hutson agreed.

Sinful Chicken is freshly grilled chicken breast, seasoned with OTG’s own seasoning blend, served on a bed of wild rice and topped with a combination of spinach dip and alfredo sauce. Steamed broccoli is one of the side dishes that go with chicken.

Hutson said the selections for America’s Best Restaurants focused on freshly prepared food, customer ratings and restaurant cleanliness.

“We tell the stories of independent restaurant owners,” Hutson said. “We can tell that Mike has a passion for good food and good customer service.”

The episode featuring the London OTG will air on America’s Best in the coming weeks, Hutson said.

“We need to edit this, but it should be released in the next five to six weeks on,” he said.

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Why Gold Loans Are Better Than Overdrafts Against FDs?

There are a range of loans offered by banks, NBFCs and other financial service providers for different needs. However, the categories of loans are divided into secured and unsecured loans. As the name suggests, secured loans require borrowers to pledge an asset or security for the money borrowed. Meanwhile, unsecured loans are not backed by any collateral. Gold loans and bank overdrafts both fall under the category of secured loans. But why are gold loans better than overdrafts against FDs?

Under gold loan, a borrower pledges his gold items as collateral to borrow money from financial service providers. This type of loan is especially useful in emergencies. Banks take your gold as collateral for a set period of time, which can be the life of the loan. While interest is charged from borrowers, which must be paid in the form of EMI’s. Once a borrower has repaid the entire loan, banks return the physical gold investments. Generally, however, physical gold between 18k and 22k is accepted as collateral.

In early August, the RBI eased the loan-to-value ratio for gold loans to 90% from the previous 75%.

With regard to the current account credit against fixed deposit, this type of loan is considered a prominent form of investment, as you can opt for both short-term and long-term financial needs. Typically, your FDs are used as collateral to avail loans for various reasons, be it for educational purposes or even to purchase products.

Banks typically offer 90% overdrafts against the FD value. Some of the advantages of overdrafts over FDs are: Loans can be drawn even if your credit rating is low and you don’t meet the income criteria because FDs are held as collateral. The interest rate that has to be paid back on these loans is low, a little over 1-2% higher than the rates offered for FDs. You can also use the FD amount to pay off loans and reduce your EMIs.

Which is Better: Gold Loans or Bank Overdrafts vs. FDs?

According to Umesh Mohanan, Executive Director and CEO of Indel Money, Gold Loan wins over other secured lending options, including FD overdrafts, primarily because of its ease of availability. The gold loan offers simple documentation, faster payouts and flexible terms. One can enjoy tax benefits on gold loans when the funds are used to build or buy a home, finance renovations, business expenses, etc.

Meanwhile, Nidhi Manchanda, Certified Financial Planner, Head of Training, Research & Development at Fintoo explains that gold loans prove to be of great value in emergency situations as they can be easily availed with faster processing and the requirement of only a few essential documents . Since this is a secured loan, a poor CIBIL score will not prevent you from getting faster approval. In fact, one can improve one’s credit rating by making timely payments to the EMI.

Manchanda also highlights that if you took out a loan against gold for the purpose of renovating, building or buying a residential property, you can claim a tax deduction of up to 1.5 lacs under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961 on repayment . You can also claim a tax deduction up to Rs. 2 lakhs on interest paid in any year under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act 1961 on the construction or purchase of a home. Please note that gold loans for personal use do not have tax benefits.

Disclaimer: The views and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms and not Mint.

Get all the business news, market news, breaking news and latest news updates on Live Mint. Download the Mint News app for daily market updates.

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Local man behind bars for allegedly assaulting woman during domestic dispute ::

CLARION BOROUGH, Pennsylvania (EYT) – A local man is behind bars for allegedly assaulting a woman during a domestic dispute in Clarion Borough.

According to court documents, the Clarion Borough Police Department has filed criminal charges against a 31-year-old man Jerid Michael Cochranof Oil City, in the office of Magistrate District Judge Duane L. Quinn on Nov. 1.

The charges stem from a domestic dispute that arose in a Liberty Street apartment at around 11:46 a.m. on Monday, October 31, 2022.

According to a criminal complaint, police officers from Clarion Borough were dispatched to the scene and they made contact with a known woman who informed her that she had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Jerid Cochran.

The victim invited the officers to his apartment and reported that Cochran left on foot. A fresh laceration that was still bleeding was observed on the victim’s chin, the complaint states.

Once inside the apartment, the known woman led the officers to the kitchen and she indicated that she and Cochran were arguing over Cochran’s “attitude”. She told Cochran he was “a piece of (expletive) and to get the (expletive) out of his apartment”. The victim said Cochran got mad and told her he would “beat her (expletive) a**,” according to the complaint.

The victim told officers that she then yelled in Cochran’s face to get out of his apartment. He then put his hand to her face and pushed her back causing her to lose her footing and fall into the corner knocking over the coffee pot and a photo. The known woman believes the laceration on her chin may have been from Cochran’s fingernail when he pushed her, the complaint states.

Officers then made contact with Cochran who was walking west on River Hill. Cochran denied any physical contact inside the apartment. When one of the officers told Cochran he had observed signs of a struggle in the apartment, Cochran said that (the known woman) grabbed his phone, but he had no idea how the coffee maker and picture frame had been knocked over, according to the complaint.

Cochran also said he initially told officers there was no physical altercation because he didn’t want to cause trouble (for the known woman), the complaint notes.

He was indicted on Tuesday, November 1 at 11 a.m. on the following charges:

– Simple Assault, Offense 2
– Harassment – ​​Subject to physical contact, summary
– Disorderly conduct engaging in fights, summary

Unable to post $5,000.00 monetary bail, he was incarcerated in the Clarion County Jail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8 at 11:30 a.m. with Justice Quinn presiding.

Copyright © 2022 EYT Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Any copying, redistribution or retransmission of the content of this service without the express written consent of EYT Media Group, Inc. is expressly prohibited.

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A Russian soldier starts a fire in a nightclub, killing 15 people

A Russian soldier starts a fire in a nightclub, killing 15 people

At least 15 people have been killed in a tragic nightclub fire at a prominent Russian establishment.

An inferno raged in the Polygon club in Kostroma, causing a ceiling to collapse “after a military man fired a flare into the ceiling from the dance floor”.

A further 60 revelers are thought to have suffered horrific burns and other injuries as more than 250 people were evacuated from the nightclub hellhole.

Police seized a married man named Stanislav Ionkin, 23, on suspicion of starting the fire with a flare, used by hunters.

The soldier was then questioned about the fire.

The reason for the event was unknown, although other reports indicated a disagreement that escalated into a “mass brawl”.

Hero Andrei Kuzmin saved dozens of lives by kicking down a door, allowing clubgoers to flee, although the death toll was reportedly higher due to the closing of four fire doors.

To rescue the victims, firefighters had to use specialized cutting equipment.

Andrei recounted: “When the fight started, they turned on the lights, there was a pop and there was instant smoke.

“It was instantaneous. There was a bang, there was smoke, panic, smoke.

He added: “The only thing I said was ‘calm down’. Then I went and kicked down the door. I kicked down the door and people came out.

“There were a lot of people in the place because it was very popular.”

“I can’t say for sure, but roughly there were about 300 people there, as everything was packed, both the bar and the dance floor, and the tables were all taken.”

He continued, “[After the fire started] I thought of nothing. I was thinking how I was gonna get out of here, that’s what I was thinking.

“I took it [the door] outside and the crowd rushed through. If I hadn’t removed it, it would have been terrible.

A video shows the bodies outside the club.

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Viral Video: Man Feeds Pet Iguana Watermelon
Viral Video: Man Feeds Pet Iguana Watermelon

The video has gone viral with over 629,000 views and several…

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Breakdown of the difference between personal loans and car loans

Personal Loan vs Car Loan: The Difference Explained

Many people dream of owning a car. If you are also thinking about buying a car, and need direct deposit loans in minutes, you may want professional advice on which loan option is best for your needs. Should you apply for a personal loan or a car loan? What is the difference between these two credit products?

Here’s how each of these options works and special considerations to help you make the best choice. Professional advice and a comparison of the pros and cons will help you make an informed decision.

Personal Loan vs Car Loan

The data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York shows that over 100 million Americans have auto loans. The amount of car loan debt is constantly increasing. Most consumers prefer to take out auto title loans from local banks. These financial institutions reported $368 billion in outstanding auto loans. About 44 percent of Americans rely on an auto loan to finance their car purchase.

Would you like to become a car owner? Which loan product is best for you? If you plan to buy a car, you need to take out a loan for it. Two of the most common options for financing this purchase are auto loans and personal loans. It can be easy to apply for both credit options if you meet the requirements. What is the difference between these credit variants?

A personal loan can be obtained for a variety of purposes, including a car purchase. You might want to use this loan to pay for a vacation, wedding ceremony, or medical bills. Personal loan rates differ between lenders. At the same time, a car loan may only be applied for when buying a car. Each of these loan options has advantages and disadvantages. You should weigh them up and compare the terms before signing the contract.

Private loan:

• It can be used for various purposes such as DIY or vacation

• It may be unsecured or secured against a valuable asset

• Borrowers with good credit have a better chance of getting a personal loan approved. Bad credit holders face higher interest rates

car loans:

• For the purchase of a vehicle only

• It is secured while the car itself serves as collateral

• There is no need to just have good credit. Bad credit car loans are available

• The price of the car determines the loan amount and interest rate

Personal Loans: Points of Consideration

This credit option gives a consumer the ability to obtain a desired amount of cash from a local bank or other financial provider. This sum can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to home renovation, car purchase, vacation, medical expenses, wedding, etc. In other words, the customer has the right to choose how he or she wants to use this money. This loan can be unsecured or secured.

An unsecured loan often requires a higher credit rating. Only holders of good credit can qualify for the best unsecured personal loan terms. Those with lower credit ratings can opt for a secured solution backed by collateral. It can be a car, a house or any other valuable item. If the borrower fails to repay the debt within the specified repayment period, the lender may confiscate this collateral.


• Repayment flexibility (short-term or long-term loans)

• No restrictions on how the money is spent


• Higher interest rates

• Low credit holders may have approval issues

• Strict admission criteria

Auto Loan: Points of Consideration

A car loan is usually collateralised with the car itself. That means the vehicle you want to buy will serve as collateral for that debt. If you don’t repay the loan, the car can be confiscated by the creditors.

It is important to make regular payments and avoid defaults. This type of debt should be repaid in equal installments or monthly installments. Remember that the lending company retains ownership of your collateral until you pay the last part to repay the entire debt.

Before you visit lenders and compare interest rates, you can use a car loan calculator to determine which loan term and interest rate is best for you. In general, lower interest rates are offered to borrowers compared to personal loans because this form of debt is collateralised. In other words, lenders are less at risk than consumers. In addition, the interest rates are fixed. You should not worry about increasing the rates in this case.


• Lower interest rates

• Bad credit auto loans are available

• A suitable credit solution “on site”.


• An upfront payment to secure the debt

• A customer is not entitled to the car until the loan is fully repaid

The final result

Auto loans and personal loans are the two most common financing solutions today. Consumers can compare the conditions and interest rates of the individual credit products. Regardless of which option you choose, the offerings and rates differ between lending companies. It’s important to shop around and use special online calculators to determine the total cost of borrowing before heading to the dealer or local bank.

Credit unions, traditional banks, and alternative lenders all offer both lending options these days. It pays to take some time and explore the offerings of several financial institutions to make the best decision.

Start by asking yourself:

• Is my credit rating excellent or good?

• Do I have collateral?

• What interest rates can I afford?

Answering these questions and using our comparison will help you make an informed decision based on your unique circumstances and financial needs.

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Student Lookout: Warriors Ticket Offer, Santa Cruz Cafes and First Friday

Happy November friends,

Hope you all had a safe Halloween while not sacrificing any craziness that comes with the holidays. Mine was quite soft, but I hadn’t planned on going so hard anyway. Maybe I’m just too old for Halloween parties at the geriatric age of 25.

What’s the best costume you’ve seen this year? Text me and let me know. Some answers I’ve heard before are a giant paper mache puppet, the entire Addams Family and the Energizer Bunny.

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Let’s go here…

Download offers

Check out these three downtown student discounts:

Don’t forget to have your student card to benefit from the reduction!

Buy your tickets online in advance to take advantage of this offer and use the code “STUDNT” to unlock $10 off your ticket price. To purchase your ticket, visit the Santa Cruz Warriors ticketing site, choose your game, then enter your promo code in the unlock section (see image below).

where to put the promo code

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Eat on a budget

Hot Take: The pizza is good. It’s even better when there’s a deal attached. If you agree (hope you do), Upper Crust Pizza & Pasta has a plethora of deals you can take advantage of every week. Tuesdays get all-you-can-eat pizza for $12.95 and Wednesdays get all-you-can-eat pasta with garlic bread for $13.95 (and quiz night). Both good choices, but beware, the portions are huge and before you know it you’ve over-committed.

If you enjoy eating, cooking, and reading about food, be sure to check out the work of our local food expert, Lily Belli. This week, she asks the question that will scare all Thanksgiving fans: How will a national turkey shortage affect your Thanksgiving?

Inside Santa Cruz: Five under-the-radar cafes for a no-irony brunch in November

Walnut Avenue Cafe

Walnut Avenue Café.

(Kevin Painchaud / Belvedere Santa Cruz)

Recommended by Ayan Morshed and Blaire Hobbs.

It’s the season to stay indoors, spend time with friends and family, and eat lots of food. With the clocks changing this weekend, we’ll have to take advantage of the mornings, so why not explore all the underrated coffee and breakfast sandwiches Santa Cruz has to offer?

  1. Coffee Delmarette: Of all the cafes, in all the cities, all over the world…many Lookouters frequent Delmarette – almost every day, no kidding. Located on a quieter section of Pacific Avenue, Delmarette is a small venue with mostly outdoor seating. Don’t write it off because of its size, though. It has a full coffee bar, decent prices and great food options. Take the Rita Breakfast Sandwich: potato slices, frittata, cheddar cheese and aioli. It’s to die for. And you can pair it with a freshly made scone, with unique flavors like Lavender Chocolate Chip, Cardamom Lemon, and Strawberry Goat Cheese. Hours are daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  2. The Buttery Café and Bakery: The Buttery is probably the closest thing to an authentic European bakery in Santa Cruz. Here you can satisfy your sweet tooth, enjoy a peaceful morning in a lovely outdoor seating area and drink tea as if you were King Louis XIV! While the Buttery’s bakery section specializes in decadent pastries, cakes, cupcakes and desserts (including vegan desserts!), the cafe offers typical café fare like coffee, sandwiches, salads and soups, with all local ingredients. However, their hours can be a bit confusing: the bakery is open daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., while the cafe is only open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  3. Sanctuary cafe: Although technically more of a cafe than a cafe, Shrine Coffee is a whole vibe. Just off West Cliff Drive near the surfer statue, Shrine has arguably one of the best cafes and interior design in town. It also has a 4.9/5 on Google and 5/5 on Yelp, so not too shabby, and its drinks have puny names like Our Frother. One thing to note is that Shrine Coffee is an extension of St. Joseph’s Shrine (part of the Catholic Church), with a non-profit mission to foster the community. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  4. The farm: Surprise! This cafe is actually a farm! Where you pick your own produce and make your own food! I laugh. But wouldn’t that be Santa Cruz? Located in Aptos, the Farm is a bakery, cafe and gift shop. While the bakery specializes in fruity desserts, the café serves hearty meals using fresh, local ingredients. The menu is a foray into color and flavor, with everything from pancake stacks to quiches to burgers. You can also satisfy your gifting needs with the gift shop, which offers funky, fun, and locally made treasures. Hours are Sunday through Wednesday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  5. Walnut Avenue Cafe: The Walnut Avenue Cafe has been a brunch staple since 1993. TripAdvisor ranks it as the fourth best restaurant in Santa Cruz! And it is also a popular destination for locals. It has a varied menu with options for all types of eaters and a casual environment, making it a great place to meet up with friends for a weekend brunch. You can also visit friendly four-legged friends on the outdoor terrace. Hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

puzzle center

Puzzle this six letter word. Hint: it can be found in this week’s Student Lookout.

Around Town – Events

Did you know we have a calendar of events? BOLO, which stands for Be On the Lookout, is our hub for the best events in the county. See all ads here.

click to access our calendar of events

Here are the upcoming events we think students should be aware of:

Advertisement MeloMelo Kava Bar First Friday (Student Lookout 11/4)

Friday, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
First Friday in November at the Treehouse Dispensary
If you need to make a run at the dispensary this weekend, look no further than Treehouse on Soquel Drive. In addition to the usual display of merchandise and props, the spot’s first Friday features live music and fresh art from local artists and artisans. Come hunt for some bargains and enjoy the local color.

Saturday, 8:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Booker Stardrum
Head to Indexical on River Street for a one-of-a-kind experience. Booker Stardrum, composer, percussionist, producer and educator, will showcase some of his compositions, which use samples, layered instruments and an eclectic mix of styles to create truly original soundscapes. I’m all about experimental music and cinema, so this definitely catches my eye, and I hope it catches yours too.

Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Nature Journal Workshop
If you’ve ever felt the urge to start keeping a nature journal, now would be a great time to start this event at the Santa Cruz Natural History Museum. This $4 monthly session will foster observation, awareness, and drawing skills to bring the world around you to life on the page. Even if you just want to spend some time in nature, this is a great way to pass that time.

Wednesday, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
UC Santa Cruz Social Documentation MFA Program Thesis Examination
Support your fellow Slugs by coming to the Del Mar Theater for the 15th Annual Social Literature Expo. The Social Documentation MFA program is designed to train media makers who are committed to documenting cultures and communities as well as marginalized people in today’s societal landscape. Find out what these unique projects can offer you on Wednesday.

➤ Want more? If you’re still looking for great things to do, check out Wallace Baine’s Weekender here.

best jobs banner

More local jobs: Browse more vacancies on the Job board.

One last thing …

Did you know … that Santa Cruz has had four Chinatowns in its history? The last was known as Chinatown of Birkenseer, after the owner who rented the property, but in 1955 it was destroyed by a flood. Today, the Dragon’s Arch on the pedestrian bridge over the San Lorenzo River serves as a memorial to him.

Dragon Archway over the San Lorenzo River

(Kevin Painchaud / Belvedere Santa Cruz)

Now that Halloween is over, you’re probably starting to plan your trip for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or both. Before we know it, it will be 2023! Shit.

And remember: it’s “fallback” daylight saving time this weekend! The sun will set early, but you’ll feel like you’ve gained an hour of sleep, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Make way for winter!


If you have recommendations on where we should be showing next week, send them to us and we’ll send you a free Lookout t-shirt. Email your ideas to [email protected].

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Fewer Portland restaurants are using street food plazas

The Portland Bureau of Transportation said fewer businesses are applying for the “healthy business permits” needed to use street restaurants.

PORTLAND, Ore. — According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, fewer businesses are using street food plazas.

PBOT’s Dylan Rivera said there were 350 permits so far, half the number from a year ago.

“Many businesses are saying they are ready to get back to normal,” Rivera said.

PBOT wants to improve the safety of outdoor dining structures after receiving complaints from residents, Rivera said.

“When they’re walking around the neighborhood, it’s hard for passing cars to see them,” Rivera said. “It’s hard for them to see around some of these facilities.”

Rivera said there are rules and regulations on where structures can be placed.

“Proximity to a stop sign is a big issue, ensuring we have clearance and vision clearance at stop signs,” Rivera said. “No more than six feet high within forty feet of a stop sign.”

RELATED: Beaverton Makes Outdoor Dining Program Permanent

PBOT will review structural safety and offer new directions going forward, and would welcome feedback from business owners and the community, Rivera said.

“We wouldn’t be here without the structure, we would have closed last year without this patio, all summer it basically paid for itself,” said Eli Johnson, owner of Dot’s Café on Southeast Clinton Street in Portland.

Johnson said he will continue to sit outside for as long as possible because it adds a lot of extra seating and some of his customers are still worried about COVID.

“It costs us about $20,000 to build,” Johnson said. “Timber prices have exploded with the pandemic, labor prices have exploded.”

OTHER STORIES: ‘15,000 damages’: Arcade owner fed up with burglary repair costs

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This North Texas rooftop bar gives you great views of the Dallas skyline

DALLAS (KDAF) — Ultimately, we’re all looking for that after-work happy hour spot with beautiful views.

If you and your team are looking for somewhere off the beaten path, the Sky Blu Rooftop Bar at Tru by Hilton in the Design District is for you.

Jamie Walker, general manager of Sky Blu Rooftop Bar, said.

“It’s an elevated experience. We have the “high-life” vision here. Everyone is welcome,” said Jamie Walker, General Manager of Sky Blu Rooftop Bar. “We have the biggest rooftop bar in Dallas. We had one of the best views. It’s a 360° view. You can look in all directions on the roof here.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘A bar in a hotel? Do I have to be a guest to participate in this elevated experience? Good thing you asked.

“We try to invite everyone, it’s not just for the guests here. Anyone can come, it’s also a public bar. We have great craft drinks. Fantastic and lively bar staff here that provides a great atmosphere with one of the best views of the Dallas skyline,” Walker said.

Of course, a bar without good drinks is not one you go to often. Rest assured, this bar isn’t all about the views.

“We are very focused on beverages. We have excellent craft house cocktails. We have extensive wine and bar lists. We also have the fastest Margarita in Texas. You should come and see how fast we can get there, they’re pretty fast. We have some of the best roses in town and they’re bourbon-based, so they’re not just your typical wine,” Walker said.

They are located next to 35 and Oakland in the Design District, a perfect spot for an upscale happy hour.

And, if you’re wondering about the dress code, don’t worry. This bar, as well as the hotel, is very welcoming. Dress smart or dress casually.

Find out more by clicking here.

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Melbourne nightclub king George Zogoolas dies leaving behind Real Housewives ex-wife Janet Roach

The ‘mad hatter’ behind some of Melbourne’s most popular nightclubs has died, as friends recall the party king’s antics.

George ‘Ziggy’ Zogoolas, who held the keys to the city’s hippest club in the 2000s, was bid farewell by friends on Wednesday after dropping by in his sleep in Bali.

He left behind three children, including sons Jake and Paul Zogoolas, whom he had with his ex-wife, Real Housewives of Melbourne star Janet Roach.

Mr Zogoolas ran the trendy Love Machine club on Chapel Street in Prahran. The club hosted the popular ‘Gossip Sundays’ – with revelers known to party until the early hours of Monday.

The charismatic owner of the venue was known for the energy he brought to the club during the 2000s, drawing celebrities and football stars through the doors for years.

He also owned Chasers further down Chapel Street, turning the downtrodden place into a bustling nightclub.

He died of an apparent heart attack, the sun herald reported.

Close friends remembered Mr Zogoolas as the ‘king of clubs’.

nightclubs, has died (pictured above, during his marriage to famous ex-wife Janet Roach)” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

George ‘Ziggy’ Zogoolas, the charismatic man behind one of Melbourne’s most iconic nightclubs, has died (pictured above, during his marriage to famous ex-wife Janet Roach)

Mr Zogoolas has made the Love Machine club on Chapel Street, Prahran one of the most popular nightspots in town

Mr Zogoolas has made the Love Machine club on Chapel Street, Prahran one of the most popular nightspots in town

“You always ran your own running mate, you taught me a few things about our beloved Melbourne nightclub scene,” wrote friend and DJ Peter Apostle.

“My deepest condolences go out to Paul Zogoolas and the rest of the family.”

Local journalist Luke Dennehy left a touching note for his companion on social media.

“Sad to hear of the passing of one of Melbourne’s first nightclub kings, George Zogoolas.

“I first met George in the mid-2000s when he was turning Love Machine on Sunday nights (ironically it was called Gossip) into a celebrity-filled place we wrote about all the time. RIP, says -he.

Mr. Zogoolas (pictured left with Molly Meldrum) was one of the most charismatic venue owners in town and was fondly remembered by his friends.

Mr. Zogoolas (pictured left with Molly Meldrum) was one of the most charismatic venue owners in town and was fondly remembered by his friends.

Mr Zogoolas (above) is remembered as a

Mr Zogoolas (above) is remembered as a ‘mad storyteller’, ‘mad hatter’ and ‘king of the clubs’.

Other friends called him “Melbourne’s iconic personality in the nightclub industry” and a “genius storyteller”.

A former Mr Zogoolas performer has recalled how the nightclub czar gave her a chance as she started out in the hospitality industry.

“You saw something in me and always treated me like a princess and often called me that,” she wrote on social media.

‘The phrase ‘Baby!! Go upstairs and work in this room” will forever be in my fondest memories, a weekly occurrence that will always make me laugh.

“Thank you for everything and for the huge hand you had in shaping me into the queen I am today, it’s a sad day for many. Here comes the king of clubs and the mad hatter of our little wonderland .

He is survived by his two sons whom he had with ex-wife Janet Roach (far right), who appeared on hit reality show The Real Housewives of Melbourne

He is survived by his two sons whom he had with ex-wife Janet Roach (far right), who appeared on hit reality show The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Ms Roach (left) and Mr Zogoolas divorced after the birth of their sons, she has since been romantically involved with the CEO of Chemist Warehouse

Ms Roach (left) and Mr Zogoolas divorced after the birth of their sons, she has since been romantically involved with the CEO of Chemist Warehouse

He had his two sons Paul and Jake with reality star Ms Roach, 58.

Ms Roach appeared on the Real Housewives of Melbourne and was romantically involved with drugstore tycoon Sam Gance during her appearance on the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

She had known the Chemist Warehouse co-founder for about 30 years before the two got together.

She and her son Jake together run their brand of tea, which is supplied by the drugstore chain.

Jake also founded a burns charity after he was set on fire by burning petrol while standing by a campfire in rural New South Wales in 2011.

The 22-year-old was airlifted to hospital, put into a coma and treated for his severe burns.

Mr Zogoolas’ former club still operate as the Love Machine but have been embroiled in scandals in recent years.

A deadly double shooting in 2019 sparked the nightclub’s woes when two men walked past the club after midnight and opened fire, killing a security guard and a club boss.

In 2021, a glazing in the club caused a violent fight before the attackers were kicked by the bouncers.

The bloodied rivals, however, disappeared from the venue only to later engage in a shootout in the suburbs.

Earlier in 2022, a corporate banker killed himself while facing charges of sexual assault which allegedly took place at the club on New Years Day 2020.

Police alleged that two assaults occurred just 10 minutes apart in the day, infuriating a friend of one of the alleged victims.

The club still operates under its license and is a lively venue on the bustling strip.

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Eatery Business

Pagaya intends to raise $387.5 million secured by unsecured consumer loans

The Pagaya AI Debt Trust, 2022-5, is preparing to issue $387.5 million in asset-backed securities to fund a portfolio of unsecured consumer loans, as well as a reserve account and other transaction costs.

The sponsor, Pagaya Structured Products, had switched to acquiring loans underwritten to more stringent underwriting standards – particularly in riskier borrower segments – according to a pre-sale report from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency in the fall of 2021. In other changes, the rating agency increased its recovery assumption to 6.25% for the transaction named PAID 2022-5, compared to 5.00% for the transaction PAID 2022-3.

According to KBRA, PAID 2022-5 has an initial overcollateralization level of 22.50% and a target O/C of 36.25%.

According to KBRA, Pagaya AI will buy the loans for the trust from a number of marketplace lending platforms including LendingClub Bank, MF Consumer Loan Trust and Prosper Funding, SoFi Lending and Upgrade.

KBRA advises that PAID, 2022-5 will repay the Noteholders under a sequential payment structure where those holding the Class A Notes will receive principal payments until fully redeemed and thereafter the Class B Notes Principal payments received until fully paid, the rating agency said.

Otherwise, PAID 2022-5 benefits from multiple forms of credit enhancement, including over-collateralization, subordination of junior note grades, a cash reserve account and an excess spread, KBRA said.

The reserve account of PAID 2022-5 will be $18.65 million at closing, or approximately 3.73% of the pre-funded pool balance. The gross excess spread before losses is approximately 10.66%.

In another structural feature, grades A and B can be swapped for grade AB grades and vice versa, KBRA said.

In addition to unsecured consumer loans, Pagaya Technologies also finances auto loan and single-family home rental loans using machine learning, big data analytics, and AI-driven lending and analytics technology. Since 2018, Pagaya has completed 30 securitisations for more than $12 billion, although the vast majority of transactions, 21, were secured by unsecured consumer loans.

KBRA expects to assign ‘A-‘ ratings to the $323.2 million of Class A Notes; and ‘BBB-‘ to the $64.2 million in Class B, KBRA said. All Notes have a legal final maturity date of June 17, 2030.

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Cook baked goods and break stereotypes at the Grounded Cafe

GREEN BAY — Lucas Schmechel has been at the Grounded Cafe since 2017. He started as a volunteer and now works 20 hours a week as a coffee ambassador.

He said he loved every minute and especially working with the clients.

“Everyone is so nice, and I like being nice to them,” Schmechel said.

The cafe, located in Green Bay, recently celebrated five years since opening its doors, and during that time, Schmechel said the cafe has done so much for the community and for him.

“I learned social skills…to talk to customers,” Schmechel said. “I was very shy, so it really opened me up.”

He said he wears many hats at the cafe, including making drinks, cleaning dishes and helping with baked goods.

However, Grounded Cafe is more than the baked goods and coffee it sells.

It is a non-profit, program-based cafe that provides job training and opportunities for people with disabilities.

“Our mission is to break down stereotypes, end ageism and create opportunity for those in our programming,” said Grounded Cafe manager Samantha Schmunck.

Schmunck said celebrating five years last Saturday was an exciting achievement for the cafe, and the cafe has big plans for the future.

“We’re getting a food truck, and we hope to release it this spring. We have several new interns,” Schmunck said. “We have partnered with the school district, so our program is only growing and expanding.”

Schmunck said the coffeehouse’s success is amazing, but the most amazing part of it all is being able to give everyone a chance to “feel like they’re part of something.”

“I come to work every day with a smile on my face knowing that I work with and meet some of the most amazing people,” Schmunck said. “Every day you come in and you learn something new.”

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The 10 Best Pull Up Bars of 2022, According to a Personal Trainer

When looking for a pull up bar, there are many options to choose from. Understanding the types of workouts you want to conquer, the amount of space needed for the device, and any specific design constraints (such as height or weight limits) can help you choose the best options.

But first, you’ll want to consider the security features. Fitness professional and ACE-certified personal trainer TJ Mentus says any bar you put up in your home should be securely fastened in place and “unable to be dislodged.”

“Make sure it has enough capacity to support your body weight, and that there should be no giving up on the barbell,” he adds.

Typically, pull-up bars are about 1.25 inches thick, but some are sometimes larger in diameter. According to Mentus, the latter will be more difficult, which you may or may not want, depending on your goals.

The finish is another variable factor to consider. Menuts says the powder coated bars are smoother, especially for sweaty hands. He recommends a raw steel bar instead, noting that it “works better” due to the textured grip.

Stability is also essential; specific movements, such as kipping pull-ups, will require increased strength to keep you safe. Finally, the best pull up bar for you will need to fit the space. A door hanger may be preferable if space is limited, but if you want to involve additional body movement or are a heavier lifter, a stronger wall or ceiling system will be preferable.

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Police appeal after woman sexually assaulted at Milton Keynes nightclub – MKFM 106.3FM

Thames Valley Police are appealing for information about a sexual assault in Milton Keynes.

The breach happened inside the Pink Punters nightclub on Watling Street at around 1.50am on Monday, October 24.

The victim, a woman, was touched inappropriately by a man.

The offender is described as white, tanned, with dark hair and facial hair, about 5ft 5in tall and in his 30s to 40s. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

PC Investigator Chris Tulloh said: ‘I would like to appeal to anyone who may have any information or pictures of the club that night, from Sunday 23rd October until the early hours of Monday 24th October, to please let me know. contact.

“To contact us, call 101 or file a report on our website quoting reference number 43220327759.

“Alternatively, you can provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers, an independent charity, by calling 0800 555 111 or via their website.

“Thames Valley Police will investigate all reports of sexual offences.

“We have dedicated officers who specialize in investigating sexual offences.

“We will listen, investigate appropriately and help victims access all support services appropriate to their needs.

“Rest assured that the identity of any victim will be protected.”

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‘We’re giving them the opportunities they deserve’: Grounded Cafe celebrates five years of securing jobs | WFRV Local 5

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Breaking down stereotypes and building capacity are the goals of Ground Cafe. Cafe employees say they are delighted to celebrate the cafe’s five-year anniversary

“I love working with customers, I love serving customers, and it’s just a great place to be,” Lucas Schmechel said.

Ground Cafe opened in May 2017 and Schmechel started working there soon after. Schmechel says there isn’t a job he doesn’t do.

“I do a bit of everything. I’m the cashier, I make the drinks, I clean up a bit, I do a bit of everything,” Schmechel said.

The cafe started out as a cafe, and it grew into a full-service cafe. The facility serves as a training program and provides opportunities to discover and develop abilities

“So many times they get ignored because we’re not going to do it for you because it’s not available or it’s too much training and that’s what we do here. We give them the opportunities they deserve,” said Grounded Cafe manager Samantha Schmunck.

Schmunck says they are grateful to receive support from the community and plan to continue to prepare trainees for the future.

“There are so many people looking to belong, every volunteer, every intern that comes in has a purpose here and it’s amazing to see today everyday everyone coming together to support us and our interns. “, explained Schmunck.

The cafe is located at 300 South Adams Street in Green Bay and seeks to help employees to more people.

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Order Up from the History Center! bloomington restaurant expo ending soon

Do you remember a special restaurant in Bloomington that no longer exists?

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting Order Up! from the Monroe County History Center! exhibit featuring over 30 Bloomington-area restaurants of yesteryear. But don’t wait, the showcase is open until November 5th.

From Howe’s Café, which opened in 1901 at 121 N. College Ave., Ladyman’s Café and Boxman’s Restaurant, the exhibit features photos, menus and recipes for people to view and take home.

The exhibit was popular, according to curator Hilary Fleck, but not all-inclusive. “We couldn’t include them all this time,” she recently told an audience of about 90 people having lunch at the American Legion Post 18. The history center is already planning another exhibit. older restaurants more popular in 2025.

Remembering the village inn

As Steven Day sat at a table to listen, he recalled his time at the Village Inn in Ellettsville. Although it’s in a different location now, Day said he had breakfast there before coming to the Order Up! talk.

On the menu:2 new restaurants to open in the coming months; Hive adds espresso

“I started out as a dishwasher,” he said. It was in 1976, when he was 16 years old. He worked in the evenings after school.

“In 1979, I started frying chicken,” he continued. “Everyone who worked there at that time was like family.”

This included Day’s grandmother, Ida Day, who baked the pies. She started working at the Village Inn for Wayne and Betty Cooper. When her grandson started working, Ina Lentz was the owner. Day was treated like family, being allowed to spend nights in the upstairs flat and eat the food since he was “sort of homeless”.

Day worked at the restaurant until 1985. He recalled the all-you-can-eat Thursday chicken special. He remembered how it was dipped in batter, rolled in flour and spices, and plunged into one of two long cast-iron pans filled with hot oil.

The Jordan Grill, as seen in the 1930s.

“We had people lined up outside around the building waiting for a seat,” Day recalled. “We had the upstairs dining room full and the downstairs banquet room full.”

Day also worked for about three years at the East Fork Restaurant, which was included in the exhibit, and at the MCL Cafeteria, which was not.

Memories of Pancho’s Villa

Liza Pavelich smiled when people started talking about Pancho’s Villa, the restaurant that her father, Danny Pavelich, owned and operated from 1967 to 1987. Danny was originally from the east end of Chicago, a place full of people from different cultures. When he came to Bloomington, he started making tacos for his roommates who had never eaten Mexican food. This led him to drop out of college and open a restaurant.

A photo from the opening day of Bloomington's Waffle House on October 10, 1967.

Liza, born in 1972, grew up with her father who ran one of the first Mexican restaurants in Bloomington. “Everyone knew my father and everyone loved Pancho’s,” she recalls. “People still, when they find out who I am, they talk about my dad.”

If Danny Pavelich were alive today, Liza thinks he would be part of the local food truck community, finding new ways to deliver food and a little joy to everyone he meets.

Home cooks can bring back some of those flavors with Liza’s cookbook on the Remembering Pancho’s Villa – Bloomington, IN Facebook page.

The exhibition is ending soon

Order! Restaurants in Monroe County will close Nov. 5. Hours of operation for the center, at 202 E. Sixth St., are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is $2 for adults, $1 for children 6-17, and free for children 5 and under.

Boxman's Restaurant, shown in the 1930s.

Some of the restaurants included: Howe’s Café (opened 1901); Coyle’s Café (opened 1909); Graham Hotel; Ladyman’s Cafe; Bender’s Cafe; Boxman’s Restaurant; Dewdrop Inn; the village inn; May coffee; the Penguin, now Chocolate Moose; Bruce’s Cafe; Nick’s English cabin; Cafe Pizzeria; The gables; the Grove Restaurant; BG Pollard Lodge and “The Hole”; Tao Restaurant; Rudy’s Bakery and Deli; Taylor Coffee Mug; The Inn by the Fireside; The Jordan Grill; Ryan’s cafe; The shelter ; East Fork Restaurant; and Stardust Cafe.

Do you have a favorite restaurant from the past that should be considered for the 2025 Expo? Email Hilary Fleck at [email protected] or call 812-332-2517.

Contact Carol Kugler at [email protected], 812-331-4359 or @ckugler on Twitter.

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Personal loans from 8.9% – Check the offers of 24 banks in the holiday season

A personal loan helps you use funds for a variety of purposes. It is an unsecured loan given to people with clean financial and stable credit records. Although it is easy to apply for a personal loan these days, you must remember to do the due diligence to avoid financial stress later on.

When taking out a personal loan, you need to know your goal and your needs. Once this is done, you need to know the tenure you plan to repay this loan based on your income. The interest and the amount of the loan determine how long it will take you to repay the debt.

You can use personal loans for multiple purposes. There are no restrictions on how you can use the funds. You can use it for travel, home renovation, paying off your debt or other personal needs. Here are some advantages of a personal loan.

No collateral required

You don’t have to freeze your assets. Unlike secured loans like home or car loans, a personal loan doesn’t require you to pledge anything with the lender. You can continue to enjoy your wealth without restrictions.

Freedom to use the loan

A personal loan can be used for any financial need, e.g. For example, to pay your medical bills, your child’s tuition, or travel. It gives you the freedom to use the funds when you need them. For eligible individuals, the funds are readily made available by lenders.

Immediate Approval

Unlike other types of loans, a personal loan takes a minimum amount of time to be approved. You can get a personal loan in a few hours to a few days, provided you meet the bank’s basic eligibility criteria. A personal loan can help you arrange funds promptly when you need funds to deal with an emergency.

Good for a short time

A personal loan can be borrowed for shorter periods of time. You can take it from a few months to a few years. You do not have to service the loan over longer terms. However, it is important to choose the term of the loan according to your ability to repay so that it does not burden your other expenses.

Take it for business needs

A personal loan can come in handy if you are a businessman who often needs instant money to meet day-to-day expenses. You can pay the down payment for a new office or expand your business with a personal loan.

Pre-approved personal loan

Many lenders offer pre-approved personal loans to existing customers with a clean financial history and good credit scores. If your credit score is good (700 or more), it’s easy for you to qualify for pre-approved credit.

A personal loan is the best option for both employees and the self-employed. It takes less time and requires a minimal documentation process. This is an unsecured loan, so the lender approves the credit basis of your eligibility, such as age, income, existing debt, and creditworthiness, among other things.

It is best to compare the interest rate with different maturities for the amount you need before concluding the loan agreement. Also, don’t forget to negotiate lower interest rates if you have good credit. Keep the tenure shorter for lower-interest liabilities. The table below compares more than 20 banks for personal loans from Rs 5 lakh for three years. You can compare interest rates and EMIs on the loan. One can decide based on his requirements.

Interest rates and EMI for personal loans

Compiled by

Note: Interest rate on personal loans for all listed (BSE) public and Pvt banks considered for data compilation; Banks for which data is not available on their website are not included. Table contains the lowest interest rates for personal loans (regardless of the loan amount). Data collected from each bank’s website as of 25 October 2022. Banks are listed in ascending order based on interest rate, ie the bank offering the lowest personal loan interest rate is at the top and the highest is at the top below. EMI is calculated based on the interest rate shown in the table for a Rs 5 lakh 3 year loan (processing and other charges are assumed to be zero for EMI calculation); The interest and fees mentioned in the table are indicative and may vary depending on the bank’s terms and conditions.

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These Dallas Bars and Restaurants Make an Appearance on the Netflix Show ‘Love is Blind’

This season of Netflix’s hit dating show “Love is Blind” where a group of 20-30 year olds date in secluded pods and get engaged without ever seeing each other is set in Dallas with a cast of Dallasites, which means viewers can catch a glimpse of local spots featured on the show.

Seven episodes of the third season have been released, and the seventh episode is the only one to feature restaurants in town. Here are the Dallas bars and restaurants featured so far in “Love is Blind” season three.

(Warning: there are some minor spoilers here.)

Ida Claire

The couple SK and Raven met their friends on the terrace of Ida Claire – the restaurant in South Addison that has been around since 2015. No matter if they made the right choice in choosing each other, they seemed to be ordering with plates of Ida cookies, warm honey sliders and cocktails.

Sunset in Granada

The full cast of the show, even some of those who didn’t find love in the pods, gathered on the rooftop of Sundown in Grenada. The Lower Greenville restaurant and bar next to the Granada Theater served as the backdrop for a classic reality TV drama, she says, no doubt fueled by free-flowing booze.


This Knox Henderson nightclub was mentioned when actor Colleen allegedly ghosted her fiancé Matt and left him behind to go clubbing on a Wednesday night. Wednesday is the day of the week that the Candleroom is open, and they have what they call “Candleroom Wednesdays” with a live DJ and bottle service from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Bonus: Felix Culpa

Fourteen of the show’s 30 cast, along with their family and friends, recently gathered at Felix Culpa on Henderson Avenue for a viewing party for the show they filmed over a year ago. They celebrated with cake and cocktails.

If the producers really want to capture the full Dallas dining experience, they’ll be working at a barbecue restaurant, Tex-Mex, maybe a glitzy steakhouse, and a handful of hip bars in future episodes. Stay tuned for appearances from other local spots when the next three episodes drop on November 2. The last episode of the show will be released on November 9.

The best things we ate this week: Pan de muerto, a Sunday brunch buffet and duck tacos
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Two Singaporean men arrested in Bangkok for selling ‘Happy Water’ to nightclubs

bangkok the police arrested two men from Singapore yesterday for allegedly producing a drug known as “happy water‘ and sell it to entertainment venues around the capital.

Happy Water is made by mixing various drugs with sugary drinks. The drug cocktail is not for the faint-hearted: it usually contains ecstasy, methamphetamine, caffeine, diazepam and tramadol all rolled into one.

Police arrested Lo Jin Ang, 63, and Ong Chao Xiang, 34, both Singaporean nationals. The men allegedly produced happy water and sold it to nightclubs, including the illegal Jinling Pub in Bangkok’s Yan Nawa district, which was raided Wednesday morning. Police found ketamine, nimetazepam and “Happy Water” formula inside the site.

Hundreds of revelers in Jinling were arrested in the raid, with 104 of them testing positive for drugs. A total of 99 people who tested positive were Chinese nationals.

The investigation led officers from the Narcotics Suppression Division yesterday to raid Lo Jin Ang’s apartment at Ratchada Soi 5 in Huai Kwang district.

Inside the apartment, officers found the Happy Water formula – in the same packaging as the Happy Water found inside Jinling. Police arrested Lo Jing Ang and Ong Chao Xiang and seized the drugs as well as the loudspeakers the defendants used to smuggle Happy Water into entertainment venues. Firearms and ammunition were also seized.

The men confessed to smuggling drugs into northeast Thailand from neighboring countries by hiding them in loudspeakers. Then they brought the drugs to “three or four” condos in Bangkok. The men admitted to mixing the drugs and distributing them at entertainment venues. However, they neither admitted nor denied selling Happy Water to Jinling Pub.

According to the police, Lo Jin Ang entered Thailand illegally almost 20 years ago. Over the years, Thai people have helped him rent accommodation and helped him get around and go unnoticed by the authorities. He never had a real profession in Thailand and has no relatives here, police said.

Regarding the Jinling drug raid, a police chief was removed from his post (a kind of slap on the wrist for the criminal police) for allegedly accepting bribes and allowing the nightclub to open and operate illegally. The place belonged to a Chinese national.

The defendants face a heavy prison sentence in Thailand for their crimes. However, it will be much worse for them if they are extradited to Singapore for trial, where drug trafficking is a crime punishable by death.

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What do you need to know about mortgage loans?

Personal loans, home equity loans: AdvanceSOS financial advisors share all about home improvement loans in this comprehensive guide.

Home renovations are a big deal: whether you’re making massive changes or just modifying your home a little, you’re sure to spend a lot of money on it. Although this may seem stressful, many tools will help you to go through this process without any worries. One of them is home loans, which allow you to get the amount of money you need for your renovations and repay the loan when you are ready.

It’s a fast, safe and very useful help for the work you do at home. Still, before you apply for a home loan, you should know a little more about the whole process. That’s why we’re here! at AdvanceSOS We put all our expertise in the financial sector at your disposal to help you make the perfect choice for your situation.

In this article, we cover the main aspects of home improvement loans in USA. Thanks to the advice of Nick Wilson, veteran loan officer and AdvanceSOS Founder and CEO, we not only offer the basics on home improvement loans, but also the best tips and advice on the subject.

What are home loans?

Nothing complicated, really. Home improvement loans are simply loans available to borrowers who want to repair, remodel, modernize, or improve their homes. The amount of this type of loan depends on various factors, most notably the state in which you live links like this to confirm the maximum amount you can borrow. Other crucial factors depend on the lender you need to enter into a digital agreement with (more on that in the section below). The latter also determines the payback period available to you, usually a few years, since it involves lengthy processes such as e.g. B. Renovation work.

How to apply for a home improvement loan with AdvanceSOS

At AdvanceSOS, we offer a very simple and straightforward process to match your needs with the prospective lender who best meets them. You simply apply for a loan and we will connect you with the best lender in our financial network who will accept your proposal. If you need between $100 and $5,000, we’re here to help, even if you have low credit! These are the key steps to applying for a totally free home improvement loan.

  1. Visit our website at The first thing you will notice is a screen where you can start by specifying the amount of money you need. Then click on “Get Started”.
  2. Now the actual application process begins. Simply fill out a form providing all the details and information you want. This way we fully understand your needs and are able to identify your needs. That shouldn’t take long.
  3. Once you’ve completed the application process and received your loan proposal, it’s our turn. If the application is approved, our credit advisors will work with our financial system to match your requirements with the perfect lender most likely to accept you and complete the process with you.
  4. At the end all that is missing is your signature. You and the lender sign a digital agreement to legally establish the terms of the loan. You will eventually receive the amount of money stipulated in the agreement within up to 1 business day when it is completed.

Types of home improvement loans

We have just described the general process for applying for a home loan. This works for any type of loan you choose, so it might be useful for you to understand what these types are and how they differ from each other. Here are the two most important.

  • Personal Loans. The most common types of loans are mainly used for debt consolidation and of course home renovations. Personal loans are unsecured, meaning there is no tie to collateral. For those unfamiliar with the term, a debt not attached to collateral means that in no event does failure to repay the loan justify your home or other collateral being taken by creditors.

Personal loans are easy to get, but are granted as a one-off payment. In contrast to several smaller payments or installments, in these cases you will receive a one-off payment.

  • home loan. This can be seen as a form of the safer loan from the lender’s perspective. Unlike a personal loan, a home equity loan is secured because it uses the equity in your home as collateral for the loan. Therefore, if you fail to repay the loan, the lender can legally take away your home. According to that Federal Trade Commissionyou can borrow up to 85% of your home equity.

While home equity loans as personal loans have disadvantages, there are several advantages as well. For example, since this type of loan is safer for the lenders, it is generally cheaper for the borrowers as the interest rates may be lower.

advice and tips

  • If you need a home improvement loan for a major renovation or project, estimate the total cost before applying so you can choose the best option for you and avoid running out of money.
  • Consider the nature of your home improvement work. If you need money over time, a personal loan may not be best for you. In these cases, try the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). If you intend to pay off everything at once, opt for personal or home equity loans.
  • Applying for a home equity loan or HELOC will help you understand how equity works and how much equity you have. This way you can know how to use equity for your home.
  • If your credit score is low, don’t worry: at AdvanceSOS we may still accept your loan proposal. However, personal loans that are unsecured are usually harder to get when the credit history is poor.
  • There are other alternatives to home loans. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you decide whether your financial situation and needs are best met by home loans or 0% APR credit cards, payout mortgage refinance, and the like.

Amanda Girard is AdvanceSOS’ lead financial copywriter. She has helped the company grow and expand its reach to customers over the past three years. A Masters in Finance holder and a seasoned copywriter for over five years, Amanda writes the most informative articles and is currently a contributor to Realty Biz News

Recent posts by Amanda Girard (See everything)

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Bars and nightclubs can now expand their footprint in sidewalk cafes

The city council has voted to change its ordinance and extend outdoor seating options to bars and nightclubs. (Port City Daily/Shea Carver)

WILMINGTON — A bylaw limiting service for bars has been amended by the city, allowing alcohol to be consumed outdoors on public roads.

City Council voted unanimously last week to make changes to ordinances expanding dining and outdoor dining options at area establishments.

READ MORE: ‘Cool little whiskey scene’: New downtown collective focuses on unique, one-barrel bourbon

The City of Wilmington already allows restaurants downtown in the Central Business District — from 3rd Street to the Cape Fear River and from the Isabel Holmes Bridge to the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge — to serve diners outdoors. However, new updates will now apply to bars and nightclubs and go beyond the current perimeter into the Mixed-Use, Historic District Mixed-Use and Urban Mixed-Use neighborhoods – which includes areas such as Mayfaire and Autumn Hall.

City spokeswoman Jennifer Dandron said the changes were necessitated by the city’s rewrite of its land use planning code last year.

Zoning Administrator Kathryn Thurston told council members currently that only restaurants, with 30% or more of their total sales coming from food, are allowed to operate outdoor restaurants on city-owned sidewalks. town.

Goat and Compass owner Scott Wagner is excited to expand his footprint with customers. He said he was often asked if customers could bring drinks outside his establishment.

“If we’re all being honest, people are already going out with a beer to have a cigarette,” he said. “We tell them not to, but people will do what they do.”

Wagner approached the city as his bar was closed during the pandemic to apply for a permit to put up a bench outside his North Fourth Street bar. The city approved the request, but he hasn’t installed it yet – somewhat by chance as he is now considering benches for two people and a small platform in the middle to place a drink and an ashtray.

He is adamant that the move will encourage people to visit his establishment.

“It’s just his appeal,” Wagner said. “I’m totally excited about it.”

Goat and Compass already has a patio and beer garden located behind the bar. Its indoor and outdoor capacity totals are just under 50. Before the change, the ordinance only allowed outdoor seating on sidewalks to match half of its indoor occupancy. Now, that’s what the fire marshal thinks for sure.

North 4th Street’s Goat & Compass owner Scott Wagner said he was looking forward to taking advantage of the updated order. (Port City Daily/Shea Carver)

“In some cases, smaller restaurants or diners may have space on that sidewalk that would make sense to operate a sidewalk cafe, but they cannot operate one of significant size because of this restriction,” Thurston told the council. during a meeting. Last week.

Most establishments will average 3 feet wide of space to incorporate outdoor seating per sidewalk width and other guidelines, depending on sidewalk width.

The majority of downtown sidewalks are 10 to 15 feet wide; a minimum clearance of 5 feet for pedestrians is required to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards. For sidewalks less than 10 feet wide, the minimum pedestrian circulation area is 4 feet.

Thurston said that typically that space is for a curbside “furnishing area” — specifically for trees, trash cans, door swings and parking meters.

Dandron said the updated regulations could apply to alleyways as well as sidewalks, as long as “the dimensional requirements are met”.

City staff will place medallions on the ground indicating the boundary, as they currently do with restaurants.

Although it is recommended to install outdoor furniture near buildings, establishments that do not serve alcoholic beverages have the option of serving along the sidewalk, provided that the minimum walkway is taken into account.

According to ABC law, the service cannot be offered along the sidewalk because alcohol is not allowed to cross a pedestrian zone.

Mayor Pro Tem Margaret Haynes expressed concern that the update conflicts with state law.

“With all due respect, our city attorney has spent an inordinate amount of time in his five years here bringing us into compliance with state law and what you put here is not in compliance. to state law,” Haynes told Thurston. “And I don’t believe we should project that into the future and bring it back if the law changes.”

However, attorney John Joye explained that ABC law supersedes local government ordinances. He added that it would not be a problem to have the order in place, should things change.

“If they serve alcohol, our ordinance wouldn’t prevent them from going out on the sidewalk, but ABC law would,” he said. “If it were ever loose, our order would not be affected.”

Dandron confirmed that the city has not had specific discussions about future ABC laws; however, Joye was likely referring to relaxed restrictions established during pandemic shutdowns.

This allowed the Downtown Business Alliance to launch the Downtown Alive program, which closed roads so that catering companies could set up tables outside in compliance with social distancing requirements. The scheme was popular, with Front Street being converted into a pedestrian corridor from June to November 2020.

The DBA created a task force two years ago made up of downtown restaurateurs, business owners and even city employees in hopes of continuing the program, although nothing has happened. never out.

Also stemming from Covid, as cities across the state implemented similar outdoor dining programs, recent state legislation was passed allowing social neighborhoods. These are designated areas in municipalities that people can walk through freely with open containers, consumed outdoors, on sidewalks, and on the property of businesses that do not have ABC permits.

Last fall, Mayor Bill Saffo expressed interest in reviewing Wilmington’s program before the legislation is passed in September 2021. Staff confirmed to the Port City Daily that it was being considered, but nothing has been forthcoming. do.

READ MORE: Open container ‘social district’ may soon come to downtown Wilmington

Dandron did not respond to a query from the Port City Daily whether the city is considering the option.

However, she confirmed, the ordinance change is not related to social neighborhoods, although sidewalk cafes are still restricted by ABC regulations.

Haynes asked who would monitor the restrictions, particularly for bars and nightclubs.

“It’s all about complaints,” she said. “It’s just going to be free for all, frankly.”

Thurston said city staff could keep tabs on establishments to make sure the proper regulations are being followed. She also noted the five new alcohol enforcement officers assigned to downtown, specifically focused on alcohol-related offenses.

TOO: 5 other agents assigned to the city center, the MSD committee “disappointed”, two of whom are financed by its tax revenue

Permits cost $250 initially, plus $2.50 per square foot to operate a sidewalk cafe from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. They are renewed on July 1 of each year at $150, plus $1.50 per square foot. Any permit that is refused – for an application that is incomplete or does not meet the guidelines – can be appealed to the city manager and ultimately voted on by council.

Sidewalk furniture – defined by the city as “benches, chairs, planters, structures, tents, and other physical objects placed in the public right-of-way for use by the public, patrons, persons interacting with the public or for purposes of improving the public realm” – may be licensed at $25 and renewed for $10 annually.

The amended ordinance comes into effect immediately. Dandron said the city will send letters to all business owners who have had permits in the past informing them of the changes.

Advice or comments? E-mail [email protected]

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Vegan chicken sous vide? Daring Foods brings it to restaurants

A succulent chicken, in the center of the plate, made without harming animals or the environment? A new offering made by vegan brand Daring Foods in partnership with Cuisine Solutions aims to offer just that. Cuisine Solutions is a world leader in the technique of sous vide cooking, a style of French cooking meaning “sous vide” where food is sealed and cooked slowly to bring out nuanced flavor and succulent texture.

Currently, Daring Foods vegan chicken is available at approximately 500 restaurants, including Monty’s Good Burger, Gekko Steakhouse (which is co-owned by music artist Bad Bunny), Tao Restaurant Group, and more. As part of the new partnership, Daring Foods vegan chicken undergoes the sous vide process to make it easier for foodservice operators to put plant-based meat on their menus.

Bold Foods

“We are excited to partner with Cuisine Solutions, Inc. to bring a sous vide format to our partner restaurants and for the opportunity to expand this new offering to other parts of the business in the future,” Ross Mackay, founder and CEO of Daring, said in a statement. “Taste and texture are at the forefront of everything we do, and we trust the sous vide format to produce both to the highest quality.”

Daring is endorsed by celebrities such as Drake and Naomi Osaka and its latest marketing campaign was done in partnership with Kourtney Kardashian Barker and her husband Travis Barker. Its vegan chicken products are currently available at 11,000 retail stores, including Target, Walmart and Kroger.

Sous Vide Vegan Chicken and Eggs

Daring Foods is a mission-driven, vegan company that aims to remove chickens from the food system. Since launching in 2017, the company has developed several products to mimic animal-based chicken, including cuts in Original, Lemon & Herb, Cajun, and Breaded varieties.

“The sous vide format offers our restaurant partners a new option not previously available: ready-to-eat,” David Johnson, vice president of food service at Daring, said in a statement. “Combining our simple ingredients with Cuisine Solutions’ sous vide technology gives our partners the consistency and quality they crave, while also opening the door to cooler applications.”

VegNews.VeganChicken.DaringFoodsBold Foods

Daring’s Chicken Sous Vide recently launched at Juice Press, which added the Daring Plant-Based Chik’n Salad Wrap to its take-out section at 80 locations. In addition to providing consumers with a cruelty-free chicken option, the new format has other benefits for foodservice providers, such as reduced labor costs, reduced preparation time and guaranteed consistency. of the product.

“Part of our goal in plant space innovation is to find the best companies in the market to partner with,” Nolan Popper, director of plant innovation at Cuisine Solutions, said in a statement.

“Combining Daring’s own ingredients with cutting-edge manufacturing technology means that together we can create endless platforms with options for every slice of the day,” Popper said. “We are excited about the possibilities our sous vide process has helped unlock for vegan and flexitarian customers.”

In addition to Daring, Eat Just also worked with Cuisine Solutions to release a sous vide version of its vegan JUST Egg last March. Sous Vide Egg Bites come in four globally inspired flavors and can be made in the oven, toaster or microwave.

Earlier this month, Starbucks vacuum-packed JUST Egg Bites and Daring’s Vegan Chicken on the menu at three locations in Washington, DC and Virginia, where the coffee chain is currently testing six plant-based options.

Vegan chicken for every meal

Daring has cracked the code for plant-based chicken, with its cuts and new sous vide format designed to closely resemble its animal-based counterparts.

Other brands such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods also make their own chicken products, which have found their way onto retail shelves and fast food menus from KFC to Panda Express to Burger King.

VegNews.VeganSkinlessChickenBreast.PlantedFoodsplant foods

And even skinless chicken breasts — once touted as a health food — are getting the plant-based treatment. Last month, Swiss company Planted Foods raised $72 million in venture capital to expand its plant-based meat business, with a particular focus on whole cuts of meat such as skinless chicken breasts. Planted uses yellow pea protein and a process called “biostructuring” to produce its minimally processed vegan meats, which start with plant-extracted protein and stretch out through wet extrusion before going through a fermentation process.

Planted’s vegan chicken breasts are already on the menu at Tim Raue, a two-star Michelin restaurant in Berlin, and are expected to expand to other restaurants before hitting stores later this year.

For the latest vegan news, read:
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The new FR500 is an all-in-one, fully automated, high-speed food bar packaging solution

TAUNTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Harpak-ULMA, the industry leader in smart and connected packaging solutions, announced the North American availability of ULMA’s FR500 — a complete end-to-end automated solution designed to package food bars in a three-sided sealed package up to 1000 ppm. The FR500 integrates row distribution, flow wrapping, case packing and palletizing.

Traditionally, integrating these processes requires users to assemble products from three or four vendors in a less-than-optimal approach that increases integration costs, solution complexity, and risk of time-to-market. To achieve high throughput, producers must solve the complicated process of synchronizing automation processes across these disparate components. In addition to integration expenses, production issues are exacerbated by the shared responsibility challenges of multi-vendor solutions. Finally, multi-vendor solutions delay return on investment because factory acceptance testing requires a multi-step process to evaluate individual components and their integration.

The ULMA FR500 incorporates an in-row distribution material handling module, a high-speed horizontal flow wrapper and a top loading cell for cartoning, with optional case wrapping and palletizing. RSC expedition. The in-row delivery system provides efficient and continuous flow to the horizontal wrapper, using a buffer conveyor to handle unplanned system downtime. The bars accumulated in the buffer are combined with the incoming flow without having to stop the process upstream. The design allows the removal of individual components for cleaning and maintenance. After transfer, the bars are repositioned in an end-to-end orientation and quality control is performed to reject out-of-tolerance products. If desired, its film former can accommodate 100% paper material. Cartoning is done by the bar top loading cell, which uses a high-speed star wheel to place the bars into a grouping chain. The (automatically) formed bars and cartons are fed to the cell, where a two-axis delta robot simultaneously transfers groups of bars from the grouping line to the cartons, changing the pitch of the bars to match the cartons. Tertiary cartoning and RSC palletizing options are also available.

“The ULMA FR500 is a compact, high-speed end-to-end solution that takes less time to start up and takes up less space in the customer’s facility,” said Hugh Crouch, Flowwrap Product Manager at Harpak- ULMA. “The all-too-common approach – cobbling together an automated solution using equipment from multiple vendors – cannot achieve the simplicity, speed, time-to-market and reliability offered by a fully automatic, pre-engineered solution. -integrated single-source.”

“Like all Harpak-ULMA packaging platforms, the FR500 is a smart, connected machine capable of taking advantage of our advanced augmented reality capabilities, including remote assistance, visual work instructions and even OEE remote monitoring. As a result, the FR500 is one of the most advanced solutions in its class.”

For more information on the FR500, visit or call 508-884-2500. For live demonstrations of smart, connected machines, visit Harpak-ULMA at PackExpo 2022 in Chicago, October 23-26, booth #3448.

About Harpak-ULMA

Harpak-ULMA is the North American branch of ULMA, a billion-dollar industry leader in complete packaging line solutions for food, medical, bakery and industrial products. Harpak-ULMA provides smart, connected packaging systems using Rockwell Automation controls and information platforms to deliver increased efficiency, availability and throughput, as well as improved packaging quality and reduced garbage. Reliable, well-designed solutions reduce customers’ total cost of ownership, help them overcome the challenges of an aging and changing workforce, and improve maintenance expense control through competitive parts sourcing. In addition to offering ULMA primary packaging systems and complete automation solutions, Harpak-ULMA is the exclusive North American distributor of G. Mondini traysealers. Harpak-ULMA joined the Rockwell Automation Partner Network in 2018 as part of its initiative to create and deploy smart, connected packaging solutions.

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Man, 25, accused of attacking Earth, Wind and Fire star Mo Pleasure at a nightclub

A MAN has been charged in connection with an alleged attack on Earth, Wind and Fire star Mo Pleasure at a nightclub.

Hefin Parker, 25, from Aberystwyth, Wales, has been charged with racially aggravated assault and will appear in court next week.


Pleasure moved to the area two years ago as his wife grew up there1 credit

Parker allegedly beat Mr Pleasure to the head at the local Pier nightclub in April this year.

The multi-instrumentalist, who has also played with Michael Jackson, moved to the area two years ago as his wife grew up there.

At the time of the alleged attack, he said: “It was a deeply moving experience.

“My wife and I have a baby girl, so we feel we have a responsibility to speak out against racism when we see and hear it, in the hope that our daughter doesn’t have to endure this kind of abuse in his life.”

The star’s wife, Kedma Macias, said he came home “very upset” from the club after being slapped on the back of the head and racially slurred.

She said: “What he went through was absolutely disgusting. As a black man from America, he’s been through this stuff all his life.”

However, the couple thanked the local community and club bouncers for their support.

They also thanked the police for calling the incident a hate crime.

A man has been charged in the racially aggravated assault of Earth, Wind and Fire star Mo Pleasure


A man has been charged in the racially aggravated assault of Earth, Wind and Fire star Mo Pleasure1 credit
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EatBeat: Mo’s Cafe is a convenient spot for a late breakfast and more – Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS – Mo’s Café offers an all-day breakfast featuring banana food cakes made up of three pancakes and finished with roasted bananas, walnuts, cinnamon and a rich buttery brown sugar sauce.

There are choices of eggs benedict, eggs florentine and crab cake benedict. And there are omelets of various descriptions, including the Popeye which is made with spinach and oven-dried tomatoes with cheddar cheese.

The restaurant at the Grand Cities Mall serves home-made soups with no base. And the menu includes a section for the “really hungry”.

There’s Mo’s Meatloaf on the “for the really hungry” part of the menu. This also includes Norwegian salmon fillet served with garlic mashed potatoes.

Chef Beaumier, who now owns and operates the restaurant, says he’s always open to suggestions. He says he wants to get out of the kitchen and talk with customers.

The restaurant succeeds others that have been in the same business in the South Forks Mall. He serves customers at a counter for eight and 12 tables.

Mo’s Cafe
1726 S. Washington Street

Office 31

Telephone: 701-757-0319

Owner-cook: Colin Beaumier

Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday

Number of places: 60

Report card: A convenient place for late breakfast, lunch or snacks between meals. The menu also offers take-out and catering.

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Restaurants get creative to help consumers reeling from inflation

The year has been marked by shifting priorities as inflation maintains a firm grip on the US economy.

For those in the food industry, it’s a battle over managing prices while dealing with limited supplies and labor. Consumers, however, have had to redefine how they spend their money, as well as how they earn it.

Most American workers have changed their spending habits due to inflation, and it’s impacting how they view their jobs. A recent Bluecrew survey showed that almost 60% have been looking for new or additional roles in the past year. Half of the respondents plan to land seasonal jobs during the holidays.

Meanwhile, a recent Qualtrics study found that about half of Americans are considering a second job due to high inflation. This survey of 1,000 adults found that 38% had looked for a second job, with interest in gig work rising, reports CBS News.

With so many people watching their income and spending, what counts as value versus luxury is changing. Not only is going out to eat considered more luxurious, but consumers are looking to eliminate any kind of unnecessary food expenditure unless they see more value in the product.

So what’s the value, anyway? The answer may change depending on demographics, but if restaurants can avoid certain pitfalls while cultivating continued business, they will emerge from this economic period relatively unscathed.

According to Revenue Management Solutions, Gen Z and millennials represent a key consumer base for restaurants. Overall, younger consumers have spent more on restaurants this year, are increasingly using drive-thru and are driving the most delivery orders. The data suggests they are slightly more concerned about poor service and are less affected by higher prices, but not all consumers agree.

Many companies have raised prices to offset supply chain costs or changed their menus, but this can be risky for restaurants. “Shrinkage,” or being served smaller items for the same price, is one of the main reasons consumers downgrade restaurants. Being shortchanged on portion size is enough to draw many customers to competitors who keep menu items consistent even as their prices go up.

RSQ magazine reports that more than 75% of consumers said they notice restaurants and retailers using this tactic. To avoid raising prices or minimizing menus, some restaurateurs are looking to other areas to cut costs, such as finding alternative suppliers or preparing ingredients in-house. At Austin taqueria Granny’s Tacos, owner Rey Hernandez scours wholesale markets for deals, mixes his own seasoning and has even spent hours carving Costco chuck roast during a carne asada shortage, according to Austin Eater.

Another alternative to drastic menu item and price changes is for restaurants to adopt dynamic pricing models that can leverage data to make regular price adjustments that won’t be so intimidating to consumers. Regional franchise Layne’s Chicken Fingers has begun to manage core costs, food and labor more, with more focus on productivity rather than percentage targets, according to RSQ magazine.

This allows the fried food chain to offset higher production costs by examining other areas for potential savings while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction.

Carefully cutting operational expenses is one strategy, but there are also ways restaurants can create perceived value that appeals to the frugal customer. Many consumers derive value from convenience. Among fast-food restaurants, leaning into drive-thru and online ordering has been a recipe for success with customers looking for quick and easy meals.

Offering enticing combo deals and a robust value menu are also effective ways to combat price gouging. Now more than ever, customers are looking for fast food promotions that can save them money, as well as inexpensive yet satisfying alternative menu items.

As the economy continues its path, the restaurant industry remains in a precarious but not unmanageable position. Restaurants that can strike that perfect balance between competitive pricing and customer satisfaction will be in the best position when economic fortunes eventually improve.

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Delaware County murder suspect will remain behind bars

Cy Alley remains in custody since his arrest and charge in August.

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. – A judge has denied bail for a Delaware County man accused of murdering his neighbor. Cy Alley has remained in custody since being arrested and charged in August with killing Gary Copley.

The judge’s decision came hours after the bail review hearing on Thursday morning. Patty Haisley, the victim’s sister, sent a ‘thank goodness’ message when she learned that Alley would continue to be held without bail.

“All the hurt and pain that we’ve been through because of this, no one should have to go through this,” Haisley said.

Members of Copley’s family attended the morning hearing. Her granddaughters wore sweatshirts with her name on the back and the words “until then, give heaven a hell” on the front. The family tell 13News that Copley was a father of two and left behind five grandchildren.

“Gary had a heart of gold,” his sister said. “He would give you the shirt he had on his back, he loved everyone.”

RELATED: Police want to know how Delaware County murder suspect got gun

Haisley says she was at work when her sister called to tell her that Gary had been shot and killed. Police say a person walking around reported seeing Alley shoot Gary several times outside his home on County Road 500 North.

“I kept saying, ‘No, no…that didn’t happen,'” Haisley said. “Then to come out and see the farmhouse you grew up on with your grandparents, all wrapped up in yellow duct tape with cops, it was like, ‘That just can’t be true. It’s like a movie.

However, the family wants Gary to be remembered not for how he died, but for how he lived. Reporting that he was carrying and even tried to help his suspected killer at one point.

“Gary even took him, I was told, on the 4th of July and fed him,” Haisley said. “He even checked to see if (Alley) was okay.”

RELATED: Neighbor charged in fatal shooting in Delaware County

The family said they were not aware of any conflict between the two. Court documents show officers reported Alley said he was having trouble with his electricity and “assumed the victim was hacking into his network”. Deputies wrote in court papers that Alley told them he went to Copley’s house to confront him and shot him.

13Investigators learned that Alley was deemed unsafe in February. Under the state’s red flag law, he should not have been in possession of a firearm. Deputies even took guns from his house; these were not used in the crime. It’s unclear how Alley got his hands on the gun, the county attorney says he knows how but won’t release that information.

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MyHouse nightclub will reopen for reunion weekend

Owner Dan Rader wants Columbia to come home, or rather MyHouse.

After renovations that promise to double the size of the Seventh Street nightclub, MyHouse will reopen on Friday, just in time for the University of Missouri homecoming weekend.

“We will be welcoming our guests beginning October 21 to experience the energetic new atmosphere we have created in our indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces,” Rader said in a press release.

Opened in 2016, then closed in 2020 for a pandemic hiatus, the club underwent approximately $7 million in renovations and additions, according to the statement. New features include a “two-story addition to the main building with a rooftop terrace and retractable exterior wall that allows for indoor and outdoor live musical performances of ‘theatre-in-the-round’ from the stage,” the post notes state. .

Lighting, sound and other audiovisual elements have been updated, and a mural by artist Alex Eickhoff of area landmarks colors the walkway wall near the site’s entrance, adds the press release.

Before officially reopening, Rader and Co. hosted an outdoor concert series this summer featuring recognizable electronic and country music acts; the shows caused logistical problems from the neighboring State Historical Society of Missouri on street closures and access.

Find out more about the club at

Renovations in July at My House Nightclub & Sports Bar, pictured left.

Aarik Danielsen is the Features and Culture Editor for Tribune. Contact him at [email protected] or by calling 573-815-1731. Find him on Twitter @aarikdanielsen.

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Wildflyer Coffee launches and raises funds for a second coffee shop

Wildflyer Coffee is a Minneapolis-based coffee shop that helps homeless youth turn their lives around through a coffee business skills training program. Started by Sprudge Twenty alum Carley Kammerer in 2017, when Wildflyer was just a coffee cart, the company offers a job opportunity through their nine-month paid Youth Development Academy to people who could find it difficult to find work otherwise. And now Wildflyer is looking to double their reach with a second cafe, this time in St. Paul, and they’re looking for funding through Indiegogo now!

According to the crowdfunding page, the second cafe would allow Wildflyer to hire an additional 30 people through their program. For their St. Paul cafe, they partnered with RS Eden to take over a cafe inside the community organization’s housing unit. The construction is expected to cost around $175,000, but luckily the company has already raised $150,000 thanks to “the generosity of private donors and foundations”. They just need help getting the last $25,000 over the finish line.

And what better way to help them achieve their goal than with a throw, in conjunction with the US Latte Art Championship preliminary event! On October 21, Wildflyer is teaming up with Spyhouse Coffee to kick off the preview weekend with a good old fashioned latte art game. Starting at 6:00 p.m., the $10 entry fee for the event will be used entirely to help Wildflyer reach its crowdfunding goal.

And for the rest of the world unable to attend the challenge but still looking to help out, head over to the Wildflyer Coffee Indiegogo page and donate. If you are unable to donate, consider sharing the campaign with your social networks. For more information, visit the Wildflyer Coffee Indiegogo page.

Zac Cadwalader is Sprudge Media Network’s Managing Editor and a Dallas-based writer. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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Bennett’s is one of the best brunch restaurants in Arkansas

By far, brunch is the best meal of the day. It’s the perfect marriage between breakfast and lunch, and it feeds the desires of our greedy hearts. Of course, if you’re a true foodie, chances are you’ve scoured the state for the most delicious dishes. Luckily, Arkansas has plenty of restaurants serving delicious, mouth-watering brunch menus. Let’s explore one of the best brunch restaurants in Arkansas and find out why it’s what foodies crave.

So, foodies, are your mouth watering for Bennett’s delicious brunches? Do you agree that food is what your dreams are made of? Visit the Facebook page for all upcoming menu items.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Arkansas’ most delicious food festival.

Address: Bennett’s By Keith & Co, 2001 E Kiehl Ave, Sherwood, AR 72120, USA

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Man accused of attacking couple outside Connecticut gay bar

Nicholas Ruiz and Casey Fitzpatrick – Photo: Troupe429.

Police in Norwalk, Connecticut have arrested a man accused of severely beating a gay couple outside the gay bar they jointly own last month.

Casey Fitzpatrick and her husband, Nicholas Ruiz, owners of Troupe429, said in a post on the bar’s website that the man entered the bar during a drag show and “repeatedly harassed and put several customers and our uncomfortable staff”. The man was escorted out by security, but refused to leave the bar entrance.

Ruiz went to the front door to defuse the situation, at which point, Fitzpatrick says, the man made derogatory statements about the bar and the people inside, using derogatory language and anti- LGBTQ. The suspect then became violent, punching Ruiz, scratching his chest, tearing the necklace from the cross and tearing his clothes. Fitzpatrick held him off while Ruiz called 911.

The man then calmed down and Fitzpatrick loosened his grip, at which point the man attacked him. When Ruiz came to Fitzpatrick’s defense, the suspect then turned his rage on Ruiz, leaving a large, deep gash on the right side of his cheek. Ruiz was later treated for his injuries at a local hospital, receiving 50 stitches to his face and $20,000 in plastic surgery.

On Oct. 12, the Norwalk Police Department announced the arrest of a suspect, Carmen Everett Parisi, but said they found no evidence the assault was fueled by anti-LGBTQ bias, according to NBC News.

“Video footage from body-worn and scene-worn body cameras shows no findings of racial, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation language or any indication of anti-LGBTQ motivation associated with the assault,” the report said. Lt. Terrence Blake, the department’s public information officer, said in a statement.

Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik told the Stamford lawyer that the police department has been inundated with messages demanding justice since the couple posted the update on the bar association’s website, but said the department had tried to obtain sworn statements from the victims, who they say department, did not show up for their appointments.

But Fitzpatrick and Ruiz deny that claim, saying they cooperated with law enforcement and never missed a date. Kulhawik later admitted that the investigation was delayed by miscommunication, explaining the period of more than two weeks that elapsed between the incident and Parisi’s arrest.

The attack follows recent stories involving altercations in or outside gay bars in other cities. In August, a man was arrested and charged with meeting a group of people with a car during a hit-and-run outside a popular gay bar on Chicago’s South Side. In Florida the same month, a man reportedly brought an inactive grenade to a gay bar in Wilton Manors and had to be disarmed by a quick-witted employee.

Stephanie Stich, an attorney representing Fitzpatrick and Ruiz, continues to argue that the assault was motivated by anti-LGBTQ bias.

Defense attorney David Marantz, who represents Parisi, claims his client was escorted out of the bar and assaulted without provocation.

“He says while he was outside with the bar owner he was rushed by the bar staff and they started choking him and then he was released and he ran away and he was chased “, Marantz told NBC News.

On Wednesday, Parisi was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, with the judge setting bail at $200,000.

Police are asking anyone with additional information about the attack to call the police department at (203) 854-3111.

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Set in post-World War I London, Atkinson’s final film follows a nightclub owner

“Sanctuaries of Cheerfulness” by Kate Atkinson (Penguin Random House/TNS)

Wonderfully balanced between the literary bravery of novels like “Life After Life” and the more mundane but expansive pleasures of its Jackson Brodie mysteries, Kate Atkinson’s “Shrines of Gaiety” puts an irresistible cast of characters into an intriguing, convoluted plot unfolding in the afterworld. War I London exudes a Shakespearean air of ancient enchantment about the proceedings, and keeps you guessing until the end – even if something tells you it will be fine. Most.

Nellie Coker – apparently modeled after Kate Meyrick, for many years the ‘Queen of Soho clubland’ – is the operator of a series of nightclubs that mix London’s underworld and glitz, and the fierce matriarch of London. ‘a large brood which is often variously involved in it. harmful companies.

Chief Inspector John Frobisher is the “new broom” brought from Scotland Yard to clean up the criminal underpinnings of Ma Coker’s business, his job – to say nothing of the story – hugely complicated by all the devious doings of his underlings.

Miss Gwendolyn Kelling, a former Yorkshire librarian who served as a nurse during the war and whose mother lost the family fortune and then died, has come to London to find a friend’s runaway 14-year-old daughter – a search that brings her into contact with Inspector Frobisher, who is inspired to employ her as a spy in Nellie Coker’s orbit.

And Freda, this 14-year-old runaway, after a taste of the theater in the provinces and a nasty advance from her mother’s “costumer”, came to London, trailing her “slow” friend Florence (also wanted by Miss Kelling), to make a fortune on stage.

The story is such a complex web of devious plots and double-deals that it’s sometimes hard to tell who went out to get who and what the game is, even if that only makes it more fun. The spell from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” which hovers over the drama (this is Miss Kelling’s favorite play, and is apparently performed impromptu in Oxford during her visit with Inspector Frobisher, among other references – he there’s even a donkey!) is kind of reassuring. And through it all, the “silent magnificence” of Gwendolyn (per Detective Frobisher) is a stabilizing influence, while brave Freda animates an otherwise sinister appeal of lost, abused and rejected girls, whose bodies continue to be fished out of the Thames. .

Atkinson’s narrative panache is somewhat historical – the brands, the trams, the flavors and the names – and abreast, the storytelling of his time and ours, scenes that unfold only to go back and forth. filled with a new perspective, characters annotating their own thoughts. And often it’s just plain funny, especially within the confines of the Coker family, which is funny in the least sentimental way.

This is storytelling at its best – entertaining, moving, surprising – as faithful to the rich tradition of Dickens as it is to the demands of our times.

“Sanctuaries of Cheerfulness” by Kate Atkinson; Double Day (416 pages, $29)

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VOX POPULI: Stutterer opens a café where all the workers speak like her

“Dear 20-year-old myself,” wrote a note Arisa Okumura once found in an office at her parents’ house, “Have you fulfilled your dream of working in a cafe?”

The note was written in pencil while she was in elementary school. Seeing the note, she realized she had forgotten her dream, said Okumura, who is now 30.

Okumura was in third grade when she first learned that she didn’t speak the same way as other people.

A classmate with whom she was good friends approached her one day and said, “My mom said I might end up talking like you if I kept playing with you.

It seems that the friend’s mother saw, during a visit to the class, how Okumura stuttered when she read aloud from a textbook.

Okumura continued to be bullied until she was in middle school.

Stuttering is a disorder that interferes with the fluency of speech. It is of course not contagious.

It is believed that around one in 100 people stutters. Many celebrities, including US President Joe Biden, have said they also stutter.

Okumura said she also suffered from a lack of self-confidence for a long time. But the grade from her elementary school years encouraged her to start working last summer on a project called “Chumon ni Jikan ga Kakaru Cafe” (A cafe where it takes a long time to take orders). , where all workers are stutterers.

She runs the company partly in pursuit of her dream and partly in the hope that it will help more people learn about stuttering. Since then, she has been working with her colleagues to operate pop-up cafes as part of the project in different parts of Japan.

I had the opportunity the other day to visit a pop-up cafe set up in a temporary tent in Kobe.

“E…e…excuse me.” The way the young workers spoke seemed rhythmic, as several of them were seen taking turns taking drink orders.

I wondered if they had any problems due to their speech difficulties, but they seemed quite cheerful.

I was overwhelmed by the power with which the stored words were spoken, as if expelled, like, “I…I had a great time.”

I asked Okumura what she would do if she saw herself again from her elementary school days.

“I wish I could tell her not to worry because she was so scared of growing up,” she said. “I would like to tell him that his dream has come true.”

–The Asahi Shimbun, October 16

* * *

Vox Populi, Vox Dei is a popular daily column that covers a wide range of topics, including culture, the arts, and social trends and developments. Written by veteran writers from Asahi Shimbun, the column offers helpful perspectives and insights into contemporary Japan and its culture.

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MLB playoff series boosts tourism for local restaurants post-pandemic

CLEVELAND — Game days in Cleveland mean there’s more foot traffic in town, which restaurateurs say is a good sign that tourism has returned.

“It got busier and busier throughout the summer and into the fall,” said Indie East 4th owner Gabriel Zeller.

Just opening the doors to Indie East 4th in January, the new restaurant is one of many, welcoming customers inside as they walk through the busy aisle.

“The general vibe downtown is much more excited and happier,” Zeller said.

Zeller says this reassures him, given that his company is very new.

“Opening a restaurant anytime is a bit nerve-wracking, but doing it during the end of the pandemic or well into the pandemic was nerve-wracking,” Zeller said.

But with big crowds coming for events like the American League Division Series, Zeller and general manager Kenny Didier are once again hopeful.

“It’s just another opportunity to show that Cleveland is here. We are very relevant. We have a tremendous fan base of sports teams,” said Didier, who is the Metropolitan’s general manager at 9.

“It’s exciting when you have a weekend like this when people are on the go,” said John Barker, president and CEO of the Ohio Restaurant Association.

Barker says Destination Cleveland’s report showing more than 16 million visits to Cuyahoga County in 2021 is encouraging, but he says more is needed.

“For restaurants, we really need people to come back and have lunch. The dinners are good. You see how busy the restaurants are, the good ones are really busy at dinner time downtown. But there really isn’t much movement for lunch downtown,” Barker explained.

While Barker doesn’t think it’s a tourism problem, he says it shows there’s still a long way to go.

“We’re really looking at ways, whether it’s talking with Destination Cleveland or other leadership groups there, how can we make the city a little busier earlier in the day,” Barker said. . “I know we are not going to go back to pre-pandemic. I know those days are probably over, but it’s nice to see a bustling downtown.

Download the News 5 Cleveland app now for more stories from us, as well as top news alerts, the latest weather forecasts, traffic updates and more. Download now on your Apple device here, and your Android device here.

You can also watch News 5 Cleveland on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, YouTube TV, DIRECTV NOW, Hulu Live and more. We are also on Amazon-Alexa devices. Learn more about our streaming options here.

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TripAdvisor: The Best Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs in Darlington

After looking at what Darlington has to offer when it comes to food, we’ve now rounded up the best places to grab a drink in the northeastern city.

The venues on this list offer a wide range of options from champagne and wine tasting to a classic bitter at your local.

While the list dwells on where to grab a drink, some venues may also offer a bite to eat while you’re there.

Prices will also vary on this list, with some venues offering a cheap drink and others offering a great nighttime experience.

Take a look below for the best pubs and nightclubs in Darlington for a drink according to TripAdvisor.

1. Crooners Champagne Bar, Houndgate Mews, Darlington

Photo: GOOGLE STREETVIEWThe owner of Crooners in Darlington Photo: SARAH CALDECOTT

Described as “Darlington’s most exclusive bar”, the venue offers a selection of champagne, prosecco, wine, beer and cocktails.

The place also offers a “great selection” of alcoholic and non-alcoholic bellinis.

During the day, the company serves tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soft drinks.

It ranks number 1 for night light in Darlington and has received rave reviews on TripAdvisor.

Crooners received 97 five-star reviews out of a total of 117 total reviews.

One person said: “We had another great evening with Ian and his team. Great cocktails with great tutorials.

“Lovely relaxed atmosphere, not rushed into our next cocktail. Ian was very considerate, wearing his mask at the bar. The refurbishment looks fabulous. We will be back.”

2. Orb Micropub, Coniscliffe Road, Darlington


Orb is Darlington’s first micropub to offer “the highest quality real local ales, craft beers and a wide range of single malt whisky”.

A long with these, it also provides bottled beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Its description on TripAdvisor adds, “The definition of a Micropub is ‘a free little house that listens to its customers and fosters conversation’ and we want to give our customers every opportunity to get involved.”

Also highly rated, the venue received 22 five-star reviews out of 29 overall.

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One person said: ‘I came across this bar a few months ago on a work trip to Darlington, loved it so much I brought my whiskey loving son on a two day trip to sample some of the over 50 whiskeys available.

“Great staff, great atmosphere, great beers and great whiskey choices.”

3. Baydale Beck Inn, Coniscliffe Road, Darlington


Offering more of a pub atmosphere, the Baydale Beck Inn has been praised by guests for its ‘nice’ pints.

While not as highly rated as previous sites, it has 18 five-star reviews and 10 four-star reviews out of a total of 38 total reviews.

One person said: ‘We called in for a drink after our 7 mile walk and sat at a table outside in the warm sunshine.

“We were tempted by the varied menu and settled for cod and fries. The food came quickly and was very good.

“It was very hot and the portions were very generous. I ordered tea to come with my meal and the staff did not disappoint!

“The cost of the food was very reasonable and we would, based on our experience, recommend this place. Our thanks to the friendly and helpful staff!”

4. Red Lion, Priestgate, Darlington


Although not the highest rated venue on our list, the Red Lion offers great drink at a reasonable price.

Praised for its atmosphere and friendly staff, the company has received nine five-star reviews and six four-star reviews out of 18 total reviews.

One person said: ‘I was in red lion with a friend on Easter Sunday, the atmosphere was fantastic with a singer, she was brilliant, the bar staff were very friendly and brilliantly engaged with customers, well done.

Another person added: “Great pub with a pool table. A bit off the main street so away from all the rowdy, noisy people on the weekends.

“Has no sky sports but the team are happy to change Chanel so we can watch cycling. Great range of gins including unicorn gin!”

5. Angels Cup, Duke Street, Darlington


Although people have described Angels Cut as a “small place”, they point out that it’s a lovely place to have a drink.

The venue received 12 five-star reviews out of a total of 16 total reviews, although reviewers were keen to point out that the venue is not cheap.

One person said, “Small place but absolutely fabulous. I like a little drink here. The staff is really knowledgeable and very helpful.

“They make all kinds of drinks. Not a cheap pint but a tasty drink.

6. The Half-Moon and Craft Pint, Northgate, Darlington


The Half Moon also has a great selection of drinks, a long one with a great atmosphere providing plenty of conversation.

Although it only has 11 reviews, four are five stars and six are four stars.

One person said: “Great pub, new friends to make, great company and you’ll definitely want to stay for a 2nd and 3rd drink, this pub is amazing and the girl behind the bar is a lovely lovely girl.

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Another added: ‘This pub is great for conversation and getting to know the locals. The pub itself is just lovely and very clean so first of all hopefully to the lady/gentleman who keeps this place spotless.

“Someone at the bar or sitting down will always start a conversation and you will never feel lonely unless you want to be left alone.

“We will be back on our next visit and can we just say the hostess is a lovely young lady. These prices will show the working man/woman that it’s possible to switch jingles with a smile.

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Eatery Business

Reach Financial Personal Loans: 2022 Review, Rates & More Latest News

Insider’s specialists select the perfect services to help you make the right choice with your money (here’s how). We may receive a fee from our partners, but our opinion is personal. The conditions apply to offers listed on this website.

Achieve financial personal loans

Obtain Financial Personal Loan


Origination price ranges from 0% to 5%, $15 late price

Reach Financial Reach Financial personal loans

Obtain Financial Personal Loan


Origination price ranges from 0% to 5%, $15 late price

On the Reach Financial website


Origination price ranges from 0% to 5%, $15 late price

chevron icon It denotes an expandable part or menu, or typically previous/next navigation options.

chevron icon It denotes an expandable part or menu, or typically previous/next navigation options.

Pros and cons of Reach Financial personal loans

Compare personal loan rates

Reach Financial is best suited for borrowers with good credit who want to consolidate their debt at a low cost. Reach Financial offers nice minimal fees that are hard to find elsewhere. Additionally, many lenders don’t specifically deal with debt consolidation, so Reach Financial may be better able to help you over time.

Borrowers looking to take out a mortgage for a specific purpose cannot use this lender, and residents of 10 states are also not eligible.

How Reach Financial review personal loans

How Reach Financial performs

chevron icon It denotes an expandable part or menu, or typically previous/next navigation options.
chevron icon It denotes an expandable part or menu, or typically previous/next navigation options.

Editor’s score

A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star

Regular APR

5.99% to 35.99%

Editor’s score

A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star

Regular APR

7.99% – 24.99% APR

Editor’s score

A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star A 5 pointed star

Regular APR

7.99% – 23.43% (with all discounts)

Reach Financial has no minimum credit requirements. Payoff has a lower credit rating requirement than SoFi, but if your credit isn’t in perfect shape, Payoff could cost you the next highest APR. If you have excellent credit, you may be able to get the lowest fee with Reach Financial.

Both Reach Financial and Payoff are designed for debtors looking to consolidate their debt. Only SoFi allows borrowers to obtain a mortgage for another destination.

Check out our personal loan scoring methodology »

frequently asked Questions

Reach Financial is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with a group grade of A+. The BBB is a non-profit organization focused on customer safety and belief. It evaluates companies based on their response to buyer complaints, honesty in advertising and truthfulness of company practices.

Reach Financial was unaffected by the recent controversy.

There is no minimum credit rating required for a Reach Financial personal mortgage. Instead, the company considers your entire monetary scenario when making the final lending choice.

Reaching Financial Personal Credit: 2022 Recap, Interest Rates

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European inspired: James Cafe offers upscale coffee and healthy fare on the Strip


Jcoffee souls in the Strip District is a European-style cafe owned by Canadian real estate developers who have fallen in love with Pittsburgh’s architectural heritage.

And they want to continue that legacy with a number of mixed-use properties across the city.

Brett Walsh and Breanna Tyson, a married couple raising a family (and a few properties) in the neighborhood, opened the business in August. It is located at 2550 Smallman St. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.


Inspired by their travels abroad in the kitchen and stylish decor, the cafe sells a range of hot and frozen drinks, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, caramelized grapefruit, soups, salads, platters deli meats and wraps to take away. Over time, they hope to expand the menu to make James Cafe, which bears the middle name of their eldest daughter, a brunch destination.

“The customers create the atmosphere as much as the owners,” says Tyson, originally from Vancouver. “We already have a lot of regulars. We go through the menu, make changes, see who our customers are and what our offerings should be. We want to bring fresh, light, healthy food and a different experience to Pittsburgh.

The husband and wife team has a partnership with the Brooklyn-based company Varied coffee and collaborate with local businesses such as Best granola ever and Mediterra Bakery. From November 19, Farmer’s Daughter’s Flowers will set up a pop-up shop there on weekends through the end of 2022. Walsh and Tyson want to team up with more entrepreneurs who can use the space in the evenings after the restaurant closes.


The cafe, which has seasonal sidewalk seating, is located on the ground floor of 2554 Smallman St., a building erected by their Pittsburgh-based company. Properties of Hullet. The residential steel structure has 27 condominiums, all of which are occupied.

Walsh and Tyson own several sites in the Strip, downtown and Bakery Square in Larimer that they plan to turn into mixed-use facilities that they believe will improve the urban lifestyle.

One of their ongoing projects is to revitalize the 156-year-old Triangle Building at the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Smithfield Street downtown. The couple hope to complete the project by the end of 2023, with plans for 15 residences with hotel-style services and amenities, as well as a licensed public cafe, podcasting room, seating exteriors and a take-out window.

Construct a triangle


“With the Triangle Building, we’re trying to create a sense of place and provide more flexible rental terms,” ​​Tyson says. “Here in town, if you want to sign a six-month lease, it’s very expensive. We try to be very market driven.

Walsh, who grew up in Montreal, where these types of facilities are the norm, says many residential developments popping up in Pittsburgh don’t offer community spaces or add them only as an afterthought. He says that as more people move to the city – either from other parts of the world or from neighboring suburbs – there is a strong demand for thoughtfully designed all-inclusive homes.

“One of the benefits of having an in-house cafe is that you can control how it looks,” he says. “We are committed to our tenants to offer them businesses that add value to their experience. We want to bring something very different to Pittsburgh, but with a classic twist. It’s what a cafe is supposed to be, a great meeting place. We live in a mobile world and we want it to feel more like home.

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The unintended consequences of Kenya’s unsecured credit space

A growing number of borrowers harassed and shamed by unlicensed digital lenders. Philip Ogola, a mental health advocate, says the harassment has deeply disturbed some Kenyans – some of whom have contacted him directly. Some of them have started a private support group called Loan App Victims Kenya on Facebook, which has more than 3,000 members. Digital lenders in Kenya are still largely uncontrolled. Last October, authorities introduced new legislation to regulate the industry, but as of September this year, only 10 out of 288 qualified for a Central Bank of Kenya license after operators had to submit their documents for review earlier this year. More than 80% of Kenya’s adult population uses ‘mobile money’ providers and digital lending services have become an increasingly important way for people to access credit as many are unable to obtain credit through traditional providers such as banks to obtain. Digital borrowing apps require certain permissions when installed, including access to users’ private information such as contacts, text messages, location, and calendar. They use this data to check users’ behavioral data and assess their eligibility for loans, but rogue lenders exploit this information when borrowers default, with disastrous consequences.


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Source: The permanent open restaurants bill could be ready by the end of next month; Up to a year of elimination planned for controversial street sheds

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | The shed might hit the fan again – soon.

The Village Sun has learned that an invoice for New York’s permanent Open Restaurants program could be “ready to go” as early as late November.

A city government source familiar with the story told the newspaper that a group of local community activists concerned about open restaurants recently met with the city council staff member who is the person responsible for drafting the draft. law. Council members Erik Bottcher and Christopher Marte are said to have organized the meeting. Marte has previously marched with community residents who vehemently oppose permanent dining sheds.

Open restaurants have had their moment, but now need to be brought under control, council member Christopher Marte said at a protest in Greenwich Village last February. (Photo by Le Soleil du Village)

The source told the Village Sun that there were three “highlights” of the bill so far, at least in his view. First, the permanent program of open restaurants will be “seasonal”. However, the source could not say at this stage what the exact start and end dates for the season would be.

Second, road sheds – or yurts, shacks or “streeteries”, or whatever one chooses to call them – will not be part of the permanent plan. Instead, as the Department for Transport has previously said, there will be tables, chairs and umbrellas – but no cabanas – which will be placed on the roadway and can be “taken away”. However, again, not all the details have been worked out yet. For example, it is unclear whether operators would be required to bring street furniture indoors after hours.

Third, under the bill being drafted, oversight and jurisdiction of open restaurants would remain with the city’s Department of Transportation, not the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, as critics argue. . Critics of the hangar say the DOT has not done enough to address program violations and bad hangar operators, in general.

The government source added that there is still a lot to negotiate and that during the meeting between Council staff and community residents, which took place last week, some clear negotiating points emerged. For starters, it looks like the city wants a phase-out period of up to a year for sheds. That one-year clock would start ticking as soon as Mayor Adams signed the bill.

Mayor Adams had the honors of delivering the first blow by tearing down an abandoned dining shed at W. 32nd Street and Fifth Avenue on Aug. 18, as Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez stood ready with a crowbar. (Photo by Ed Reed/Mayor’s Office of Photography)

The one year grace period is not because it is so difficult to remove a flimsy plywood shed. After all, tearing down a dilapidated restaurant shed isn’t exactly like tearing down the Seattle Kingdome. Mayor Adams himself even showed that bringing down a shed was easy, when he slammed one of Midtown’s abandoned structures during a press conference there. not long.

Instead, giving restaurants a year to get rid of contentious sheds gives those businesses time to “change their model” of operating, the source said. For example, some restaurants might have hired more staff to tend to their hangars. Giving restaurants some time to transition to homeless dining would prevent a large wave of worker layoffs at the same time, the source noted.

Naturally, the NYC Hospital Alliance is also expected to support this phasing out of sheds. Meanwhile, on the other hand, shed critics obviously want the culinary “little houses” off the streets as soon as possible.

One option that could be considered would be to speed up the phasing out of sheds faster in neighborhoods heavily “overcrowded” with them – such as Greenwich Village and East Village – but allow more time for their removal in outlying neighborhoods that were lacking previously. outdoor dining. So the downtown sheds could possibly be phased out in, say, three months, the source speculated.

However, Leslie Clark, leader of the West Village Residents Association and CUEUP – a citywide anti-shelter ad hoc group – said whoever briefed The Village Sun on certain aspects of the pending bill had only told part of the story – and left out what critics consider the most important part. She declined to say whether she attended the meeting with the Council staff member.

Leslie Clark exposed what she called the “De Blasio debacle” and “Alfresco fiasco” during a February 2022 protest against the permanence of the city’s pandemic emergency Open Restaurants program. (Photo by Le Soleil du Village)

“The community view is that any bill should go to a public hearing,” Clark said. “If you want to change the whole cityscape of New York, you should have a public hearing. This is the main problem. »

There had already been a major city council hearing in February on a zoning law amendment to remove all existing sidewalk cafe regulations from the city’s zoning. New rules for sidewalk cafes then had to be created as part of the overall outdoor dining plan. However, “a lot has changed since February,” Clark pointed out.

“The biggest issue for me is why aren’t they transparent and why aren’t they holding a public hearing?” she says.

Regarding the generous roadside shed phase-out period, Clark bristled: “A one-year extension for open restaurants is not acceptable.”

Rubbish piled up between dining sheds outside music clubs on Bleecker Street near LaGuardia Place. (Photo by Le Soleil du Village)

There have already been two community lawsuits filed against Open Restaurants, of which Clark is an individual plaintiff. State Supreme Court Judge Frank Nervo ruled on the first lawsuit in March, saying the city was negligent in failing to conduct a full-scale environmental impact study, or EIA, for the extensive program. Additionally, a second lawsuit, filed in July, seeks to immediately end Open Restaurants, arguing that there is no longer a health emergency to justify keeping the pandemic-inspired program going. Attorney Michael Sussman is representing plaintiffs in both lawsuits.

An appellate district court recently dismissed the city’s first appeal, ruling that the lawsuit was not “ripe”, since the permanent open restaurant bill – which would codify rules for the currently temporary program – has not yet been approved.

Clark assured that the first lawsuit was not “thrown away”, as some hangar supporters have tried to spin it, but is ready and waiting at any moment. is ripe to pass it on.

“They say we weren’t ripe – which means we were too early,” she said. “We can come back right away. This door is still wide open. They only closed us on maturity, not on substance. They only said we were too early — we weren’t too late. Frank Nervo said they had to do an environmental impact study, and that hasn’t been decided by the Appeals Division — yet.

A pavement dining shed in front of Local 92 in the East Village. (Photo by Le Soleil du Village)

“We want a public hearing and we want an environmental impact assessment,” Clark said, “and the Appeals Division has left that door wide open.”

An EIA would include the scope of the program (determination of its scope), a public hearing and also a public comment period.

“An environmental impact hearing means a huge amount of public comment,” Clark explained. “That’s what should happen. It should be open to everyone.

“Do an environmental impact study – what are they afraid of?” asked the activist. “Are they afraid that the environmental impacts are not as low as they think?

“Don’t close us in,” she said, “invite us in.”

The Village Sun reached out to the government source to find out if there would be a public hearing on the proposed permanent open restaurant bill.

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Here are some bars where you can watch Austin FC in the Playoffs: Pick a neighborhood and you’ll find a place to get drunk and rowdy. Listos Verde! – Sports

An Austin FC watch party at Hopsquad Brewing Co. (Photo by Jana Birchum)

For only its second season, Austin FC is heading to the MLS playoffs, and the team doesn’t have to travel far: its first game takes place on Sunday, October 16 at 2 p.m. at Q2 Stadium. Tickets are long sold out (now reselling for over $1,000), but even if you won’t be in the stands in Q2, there are plenty of places in town to cheer on the Verde.

The Austin FC Pub Club is a group of 39 local bars and restaurants that screen all of the team’s games. The full list of locations is available on the Austin FC website and includes locations all around Austin.

If you want to be as close to the action as possible, there are several locations right next to the stadium: Hopsquad Brewing Co. (2307 Kramer) is just down the road from Q2 and is the official home of the supporters group Los Verdes. Microbrewery Circle Brewing Co. (2340 W. Braker Ste. B) offers another close option to watch the game and is home to the Austin Anthem fan group on game day. Detour at the Domain (11101 Burnet Rd.) is a member of the Pub Club about half a mile from the stadium; it offers pre- and post-game celebrations.

Other North Austin viewing options: the Bon Aire (9070 Research), a large sports bar with plenty of screens and seating; Casa Chapala (9041 Search #100); and Trudy’s North Star (8820 Burnet Rd.) – the latter two are good if you want to eat Mexican food while you watch the game.

Mueller folks flock to BD Riley’s Irish Pub (1905 Aldrich #130), while East Austin locals have options like classic sports bar Haymaker (2310 Manor Rd.), famed for its poutine; New Orleans-style pub, the Cavalier (2400 Webberville Rd. Ste. A); and Austin Eastciders’ spacious bar, the Collaboratory (979 Springdale #130), where you can drink green in honor of the team.

Cider lovers south of Lady Bird Lake can head to Austin Eastciders’ Barton Springs Restaurant (1530 Barton Springs Rd.) on game day (but watch out for ACL traffic!). And if the weather is nice, Bouldin Acres (2027 S. Lamar) in South Austin has a large outdoor patio to watch from, while Far Out Lounge & Stage (8504 S. Congress) is a place to relax to soothe playoff nerves.

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Plea to give carer who died after nightclub fall ‘the send-off she deserves’

Sister of ‘caring’ young woman who died after falling from nightclub fire escape appeals to give her ‘the send off she deserves’

Katie Davenport, from Southport, died in hospital nearly two weeks after falling in the back of the town’s Hey Amigos nightclub. “The straight A* student” and dedicated carer “fought as hard as she could” after the September 4 incident before dying in hospital on September 17.

LancsLive previously reported how the incident happened shortly before 3am and emergency services rushed to the scene on West Street after Katie fell from an emergency exit at a party. She rushed to the hospital but despite doctors’ best efforts, she died 13 years later.

READ MORE: Helicopter and Coast Guard descend on beach to search for high-risk missing person

Katie’s sister, Lianne Clegg, has now asked people to join her and her family at Katie’s funeral before celebrating her life that evening, the ECHO reports. Lianne said: “Katie’s funeral will take place this Friday October 14 at 4pm at West Lancashire Crematorium, followed by the underground on Portland Street for a celebration of Katie’s short life.

“There is no dress code, but Katie’s favorite color was green. Only family flowers please, but any voluntary donations can be made to the Walton Center on the day. Please please let’s give my little sister the send off she deserves.”

His family and friends launched balloons in his memory

Lianne and her younger sister Cassie have previously shared how Katie was a “caring” woman and worked at the Promenade Care Home before her death. Lianne said: “She was the most gorgeous person and everyone loved her.

“Nobody ever said anything bad about her. She was so driven by work and she loved her job. She gave her all for her job and she gave her all to make sure the residents of the house were okay .

“She never cared about drinking and clubbing. It destroyed us. Of the three of us, she was the only one with her head screwed.”


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Tropical Smoothie Cafe opens 35 stores in Q3

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, a leading fast casual restaurant brand, today announced that it signed 48 franchise agreements and opened 35 new cafes in the third quarter of 2022. As a result, the company increased its totals since the start of the year (through Q3) to 186 franchise agreements signed and 119 openings, expanding its footprint in major markets while paving the way for further growth in the last quarter of 2022. The number of locations opened this year represents a 25% increase over the number of cafes opened during the same period a year ago.

Current Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchisees are generating significant brand growth momentum, expanding their cafe investments with new development opportunities. In the first three quarters of 2022, existing franchisees opened 70% of the 119 cafes the brand opened this year.

“The passion that our extremely talented franchisees show for Tropical Smoothie Cafe through their interest in opening new cafes is remarkable. I can’t say enough about the level of dedication they have for our brand,” says Charles Watson, CEO of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, LLC. “It’s invigorating to have such dedicated franchisees building their portfolios with the concept. We’ve laid the foundation for a strong year-end.”

Highlighting growth across the country in 2022, the brand opened 18 new cafes across Texas, a key development region for the company. Similarly, Tropical Smoothie Cafe welcomed over 15 cafes in the Northeast and an additional 25 cafes in the Southeast, including many in existing Florida and North Carolina markets. In the Midwest, the brand continued to focus on its development in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan during the third quarter, also increasing the total number of openings for the year to more than 25 cafes in the region. .

Salem Najjar, a franchisee since July 2015, operates 17 locations in Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, and continues to expand its footprint with the brand. This year alone, Najjar opened three new cafes and has additional units in development that will help the brand grow in Illinois and Wisconsin.

“As an entrepreneur, I only invest in businesses and brands that I’m passionate about – Tropical Smoothie Cafe ticked all the major boxes for me, and I knew it was a perfect fit not only for our group, but also for our guests,” says Najjar. “It’s always exciting to open a new restaurant, and we’re excited to continue growing with Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Our mission is to provide a great customer experience and have a strong impact on the communities we serve.

Further establishing itself as a leader in the casual fast food segment, Tropical Smoothie Cafe earned a spot on QSR magazine’s list of America’s 25 fastest growing fast food chains, ranking 10th among a prestigious group of brands that are continually increasing their footprint. For a full list of QSR’s 25 Fastest Growing Fast Food Chains in America, visit:

Interested Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise applicants must have business experience, as well as a minimum net worth of $350,000, which includes $125,000 in cash. Applicants who meet these preliminary qualifications will be required to make an initial investment of between $277,000 and $584,000.

The news and information presented in this release has not been corroborated by WTWH Media LLC.

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KY restaurants on the Food Network that have closed

Thanks to the Food Network and ANY network featuring series spotlighting America’s restaurants, we’ve all been privy to unique restaurants that have been on TV for the past decade. And from there, fans were able to plan “foodie tours” thanks to it.

Immediately, I think of Guy Fieri and Diners, drive-ins and dives— arguably, Food Network’s biggest hit — and all the small restaurants across the country that have hosted. His brainchild really opened the door for local restaurateurs to really shine.

Unfortunately, there are places that can’t fight the economy, regardless of their involvement in a television series that may have boosted their visibility. It’s a harsh reality that sometimes businesses have to close.

I discovered five restaurants in Kentucky that enjoyed their day in the sun but have since closed since the episodes they aired on.


In 2011, the Food Network spent time at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe and made the now-closed Louisville staple the main focus of episodes of two different series. Alton Brown went to culinary heaven after diving into a Kentucky Hot Brown, naming it one of the best things he’s ever eaten. And in July of that year, Lynn’s breakfast menu took center stage as Man vs. Food Nation indulged in Triple B French Toast – black walnut buttermilk bread with homemade blackberry sauce and bourbon meringue. Yes, I want it right away.

In 2013, this ad appeared on Facebook letting fans know that Lynn was on to her next adventure:


I discover that Diners, drive-ins and dives has been on the air for much longer than I thought. In 2010, during the tenth season of the popular series, Guy Fieri took the team to JJ McBrewster in Lexington for a hearty helping of the restaurant’s smoked turkey and melon sauce. It was a signature dish at JJ McBrewster which closed in 2016.

DRIVE-IN PARK — Lexington

I’m not sure, but maybe on the same day Guy and company introduced JJ McBrewster’s, they ventured down New Circle Road to tape a segment at the legendary Parkette Drive-In.

We know they didn’t air in the same episode, but Diners, drive-ins and dives WAS THERE in 2010. Unfortunately, this summer, the Parkette closed abruptly.

VIRGIL’S CAFE — Bellevue

In 2011, home-smoked kielbasa (which sounds quite amazing) brought Guy Fieri and the triple-D team to Bellevue in Northern Kentucky. According to the Virgil’s Cafe site, which you can still access, the restaurant specializes in Creole cuisine, always homemade. He also used vegetables from his own garden. Sadly, Virgil’s was only open for six and a half years, closing in 2015 with this announcement:

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Virgil’s Café has closed its doors. It has been a fantastic 6 and a half years and an honor to be part of the Bellevue community. We greatly appreciate all the years you have allowed us to work with and serve you. We greatly appreciate all the years you have allowed us to work with and serve you. We have had many loyal guests, employees and vendors within the Virgil family and truly appreciate the lasting relationships we have formed throughout our stay here. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward to all that the future holds.


You certainly can’t blame a TV crew for going a long way to indulge in a coconut cream pie topped with toasted coconut. I know I can’t. I would probably do the same. But when Guy Fieri showed up at the Smokey Valley Truck Stop in Olive Hill between Lexington and Ashland on I-64, he and his team enjoyed more than the pie.

There were cookies and gravy, and big smoked burgers. But come on…coconut cream pie, right? Alas, I will never be able to enjoy Smokey Valley products, as the popular truck stop closed in 2015 when the owner decided to retire after 42 years in business.

An appearance on the Food Network apparently doesn’t provide the “magic touch”. On the other hand, the majority of these restaurants closed because the owners were ready to retire or seek a new adventure.

I guess overall this is the BEST way out. At the top.

Kentucky restaurants and bars featured on national television

Kentucky has been well-represented in a number of television series, and not just Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Check out the list:

15 Abandoned Fast Food Items People in Kentucky and Indiana Miss the Most

Have you ever shown up to your favorite fast food restaurant to order a menu item you absolutely love only to find they no longer serve it? You’re not alone.

Restaurants in the tri-state with stunning views

Whether you’re looking for good family-style comfort food or more of an upscale seafood dish, the Tri-state offers some of the best views that can’t be beat.

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Connecticut bans Solar Wolf Energy from doing business in that state

SOUTH YARMOUTH — Ted Strzelecki, owner and chairman of Solar Wolf Energy LLC, has been barred from doing business in Connecticut, according to a press release from that state’s attorney general, William Tong.

Tong announced in a Sept. 15 statement his investigation and enforcement against unfair and deceptive sales practices by Solar Wolf Energy, Inc. for failure to complete or even begin promised residential work..

Several Connecticut consumers have complained to the Attorney General and the Department of Consumer Protection that Solar Wolf took their deposits for residential solar work or related projects and failed to start or complete them, then never returned the money, the statement said.

After:Solar Wolf files for bankruptcy. Will this affect Yarmouth customers’ money?

Connecticut complaints echo experience of Yarmouth residents

The story is familiar to some Yarmouth residents. Solar Wolf has also accepted payments and deposits from more than 50 residents for solar panel installations that have not been started or completed. The company was the contractor for the Solarize Yarmouth campaign.

Solar Wolf filed for bankruptcy on September 23 after taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Yarmouth residents who had signed contracts to install solar panels.

After:AG investigation on Solar Wolf requested. Yarmouth will fight until ‘local customers… are cured’

According to the press release, there is now a Superior Court order restraining Solar Wolf from selling, advertising, offering or marketing any goods or services in Connecticut until it obtains the permission of the court.

It is a violation of the Connecticut Home Improvement Act and the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act when a home improvement contractor fails to perform major work and refund a consumer’s deposit within 10 days following a written request.

State law authorizes the Connecticut Attorney General to take this action.

Yarmouth officials are looking for ways to help residents

There is no such law on the books of Massachusetts.

Yarmouth town officials hope residents can see a return on their money through the Home Improvement Guarantee Fund. State and city officials are exploring options to complete the facilities and connect them to the grid.

After:Solarize Yarmouth Customers Have Unfinished Projects, Lost Payments: Everything You Need to Know

City Administrator Robert Whritenour Jr. said he has seen the same story and lies repeated on a case-by-case basis regarding residents of Solar Wolf and Yarmouth. Solar Wolf never intended to deliver on any of its promises, he said.

“We think some type of prosecution is warranted,” he said. “We believe that this project will not be completed until local customers are reassured.

Contact Denise Coffey at [email protected]

Get the Cape Cod news that matters delivered to your inbox. Sign up for our free newsletters.

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Five injured after shooting at Beaumont nightclub

It happened in the parking lot of the Exstasy Hookah Bar & Lounge.

BEAUMONT, Texas— Police are investigating after an early Sunday morning shooting at a Beaumont nightclub left five people injured.

It happened in the parking lot of the Exstasy Hookah Bar & Lounge located at 2550 Interstate 10, officer Carol Riley told 12News. The call about the shooting came in around 1:18 a.m.

Only two of the five victims filed a complaint. All five victims should be fine.

At this time, the circumstances surrounding the shooting are currently unknown and it is unclear what charges, if any, those involved may face.

Officer Riley said investigators are taking statements.

This is a developing story. We’ll update with more if and when we receive more confirmed information.

GET NEWS AND WEATHER ALERTS | Download the 12News app on your mobile device

CRIME STOPPERS | Submit a tip @

CRIME STOPPERS APP | Download the P3 Tips app

If you have information about a crime, you could earn a cash reward of up to $1000 by providing an ANONYMOUS tip to Southeast Texas Crime Stoppers.

Call 833-TIPS (8477) or download the P3Tips app on your mobile device to submit your tip anonymously.

Also on…

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3 new restaurants on Long Island


Travel back in time to the 90s and early 2000s at the brand new Nostalgia Bar. This funky spot kicked off its opening weekend on September 29 and the festivities run until October 2. Expect plenty of pop culture references to appear as you order; menu items are named after fan-favorite TV shows, movies, and music that millennials consider throwbacks to. For example, “Easy Bake Appetizers” include Tommy Fried Pickles ($8), Joe Pesce Fried Ravioli ($9), and Mr. Potato Head Tots ($7), and drink specials include Mambo No. 5 and the Blue Da Ba Di.

Nostalgia Bar offers a “new wings on the block” menu with eight “flava flavs” to choose from, a “planet pizza” menu, a “burgerz” menu, “Ms. Frizzle’s favorites” lunch and dinner specials, and an incrustable bar, where you can make your own encrustable sandwich for $8.

The bar and restaurant also offer retro games, themed brunches and private parties. Safe to say, there’s no better place for people in their 20s and 30s to relive their childhood.

380 N. Wantagh Ave., Bethpage,


For dining at its finest, Felice is the newest spot. This New York-based restaurant just opened its first location on Long Island on September 30. Inspired by the Tuscan countryside, the elegant ambience will transport you to Italy, as will the food. Executive Chef Niccolo Simone was born in Florence, Italy, studied at the prestigious Culinary Arts School Cordon Bleu and will now bring his expertise in Italian cuisine to the village of Roslyn.

Customer favorites at Felice’s establishments around town include baked gnocchi formaggio e tartufo ($39), linguine ai frutte di mare ($28), and ricotta crostone ($16). Customers can substitute wheat-free or gluten-free pasta in any pasta dish. The restaurant sources ingredients from the Northeastern United States, including locally from Rottkamp Brothers Farm in Old Brookville and other farms in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

1382 Old Northern Boulevard, Roslyn,


This classic steak house restaurant opened its third Long Island location in August in Melville, adding to its locations in Garden City and Lake Grove. Ruth’s Chris Steak House is known for serving its sizzling steaks on plates at 500 degrees, providing patrons with both an appetizing meal and a one-of-a-kind dining experience. In addition to offering several cuts of steak, Ruth’s Chris offers seafood specialties, appetizers, side dishes, soups and salads on the menu.

The restaurant allows guests to dine in, order takeout via a delivery app, or host a private party in one of three private dining rooms at the Melville site. When you dine, don’t miss Sizzle, Swizzle, Swirl Happy Hour with appetizers from 4-6 p.m. Sunday through Friday.

881 Walt Whitman Road, Melville,

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Spruce Peak Arts will host the ORIGINAL THINKERS’ CLIMATE CAFE this month

Spruce Peak Arts has announced a partnership with Stowe Cider to host the Original Thinkers Climate Café.

The Climate Café is a FREE deconstructed panel discussion on climate change taking place at Stowe Cider on Saturday, October 22 at 2 p.m. the climate affects them personally and professionally. All are welcome and all are encouraged to share their point of view!

Building on the learnings of this year’s Climate Café, next year’s Original Thinkers Festival plans to host a full range of programs around the issue, based on our community focus.

Who will be there?

Peter Bourne (Bourne Energy)

Bridget Conry (High Fidelity)

Evan Chismark (Ranch Camp)

Mark Ray (Stowe cider)

Jenna Sereni (hands down)

Attendance is free but guests are kindly requested to RSVP to Hayley Fien, [email protected]!

The Climate Café is just one of the events of this inaugural two-day festival focusing on culture, climate and community.

Be sure to join the cultural screening, Friday, October 21 at 7 p.m. Lee Kim will guest star Friday night for the Culture screening which features the film “Wearable Tracy.”

And after the Climate Café, plan to grab a bite to eat then head up the mountain for Saturday’s 7 p.m. community screening, which features special guest from the award-winning film “My Father’s House,” Marcel Naruki. We will also see “The Tables”. The subject of the film, Wally Green, will join us to talk about the film and how he rose from the gang violence of the Brooklyn projects to the unlikely sport of table tennis as an international competitor, celebrity athlete and table tennis ambassador. pong.

After the screening, ping pong fans, movie buffs and all the neighborhood’s original thinkers are encouraged to join our guests for an end-of-festival celebration at Alfie’s Wild Ride down the Mountain Road in Stowe. If you’re lucky, you might even play a game of table tennis with Wally!

$35 gets you full access for the weekend and the festival sponsors have added recognition and a private meet-and-greet too! Get your tickets today to join these original thinkers for screenings, talks, parties and more! All information about community events can be found at and sign up to receive our newsletters!

The Original Thinkers Festival is sponsored by No Bull, DipJar, High Fidelity, Front Porch Forum, 7 Days, Spruce Peak Resort Association, Stowe Reporter and Stowe Mountain Rentals. Special thanks to the hosts of Original Thinkers: Stowe Cider and Alfie’s Wild Ride.

About Spruce Peak Center for the Performing Arts

The Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to inspire, educate and entertain. The 420-seat multipurpose theater, which opened in December 2010, features world-class entertainment as well as emerging artists and performers from the region, state, nation, and world.

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bars, powders and protein shakes; do you really need it?

A fellow CrossFitter of mine stopped me in the parking lot and asked if I wanted a box of cookie dough protein bars. Since I’m never in the habit of turning down free stuff, I accepted it and took it to the break room at work. This morning, my desk coordinator picked one up and remarked, “280 calories? I can eat this pack of Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers and they’re only 200!

Before arguing for or against one or the other, I quickly checked the labels to see the most important ingredients and here is the comparison:

— The protein bar contained 280 calories, 6 g fat, 20 g protein, 33 g carbohydrates and 400 mg sodium. The peanut butter crackers were as mentioned, 200 calories but contained 11g fat, 4g protein, 22g carbs and 310mg sodium.

If I was choosing a snack I would go for the protein bar – probably only half – but as a rule I don’t eat these regularly as many of them have too many carbs and calories that I just don’t want .

So how much protein do you need? A simple way to calculate your daily protein needs is to take the number 0.36 and multiply it by your weight. If you exercise, increase it to 0.5. Anything beyond that is wasted.

Dana Ellis Hunnes, PhD, a hospital clinical dietitian at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and an adjunct assistant professor at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, believes people can achieve their desired goals by ditching supplements and committing to healthy eating. with real foods that contain protein. Proteins and carbohydrates are also essential for rebuilding muscles that are broken down by exercise.

That being said, before you spend all your savings on the giant jar of soy protein, check out these real food options to fuel your muscles:

— Lean meats: Turkey, chicken, fish and other types of seafood are an excellent source of protein. Even beef, if you choose lean cuts, can do the trick.

— Beans: If meat isn’t your thing, you can try plant-based protein sources. Beans, peas and lentils are all good sources.

— Yogurt and cottage cheese: These milk-based sources of protein are fairly easy to digest. Have a carton of yogurt about 30 minutes before working out.

— Nuts: All nuts are an excellent source of protein. Keep some in your gym bag and snack!

While there is a place for protein supplements, the best way to get protein is from real food. If you need a protein snack, get there before grabbing a protein bar or shake. It’s better for your body as well as your bank account!

Kathy Hansen has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She can be reached by email at [email protected]

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‘You Gotta Love What You Do’: FIU Students Get Real-Life Advice From Miami Hospitality Entrepreneur David Grutman, DJ Khaled | FIU News

Nearly 400 students arrived early at the Biscayne Bay campus for what you might have thought was a new sneaker outing or the opening of a new nightclub. It was the first day of FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management’s most popular class – The David Grutman Experience: The Class, taught by famed Miami restaurateur and nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman.

The excitement started when students checked in and received a bag full of exclusive merchandise and merchandise, including a branded class shirt made by renowned streetwear designer Warren Lotas.

Each student received a “swag bag” filled with exclusive products.

Once inside, dim lights, music and a trendy video set the mood, followed by a warm and very enthusiastic welcome from FIU Dean of Hospitality, Michael Cheng.

Once onstage, Grutman shared his class goals: to “inspire” students to get into the hospitality industry, “boost” their entrepreneurial spirit, and help them “apply” the tools to anything. they choose to do.

Then he shared his own journey. Grutman began his hospitality career as a bartender at a restaurant in the Aventura Mall. As he rose through the ranks, he said one of the most important lessons he learned in the business world was the importance of building your network, which can happen while you’re still in school. .

“The way you keep growing and growing your network is by connecting people and stepping back,” Grutman said.

Lots of hands up to ask questions of Professor Dave Grutman.

Grutman is the owner of Groot Hospitality, which owns restaurants Komodo, Papi Steak, Swan, The Key Club, Gekkō and Strawberry Moon. His businesses also include the LIV nightclubs in Fontainebleau and Story, and The Goodtime Hotel on South Beach. LIV has been around for 14 years, which Grutman says are “dog years” in the nightlife business. His hotel group is worth millions and continues to grow. He shared with the students his next ventures, which include a resort and out-of-this-world plans to be the first hotel group to have a restaurant in space.

This is the third time he has taught the course at FIU Hospitality. The last time was in March 2021 when the class had to be socially distanced due to the pandemic. Now the inscription is triple the size.

What is his secret to success? He credits his team, which he brought with him to class. The entire group, from the executive chef to the legendary club promoter Purple Miami, rose to say hello.

Her other secret to living the dream? “I love what I do. I wake up, I go to sleep thinking about what I’m going to do tomorrow, and I wake up excited in the morning to do it. Let me say it again, I love what I do. Let me repeat myself, you gotta love what you do,” Grutman said.

For about an hour and a half, Grutman spoke with the students and conducted a Q&A (question and answer) session. Then, he made a surprise announcement and welcomed his friend and Grammy Award-winning artist DJ Khaled to the stage.

DJ Khaled told the students he remembered being in their shoes when he started and offered this advice: “I promise you…you stay focused on this path and I will promise you… .you will get everything you work hard for. I am living proof.

After Grutman and DJ Khaled talked about their families and the ups and downs of life, another surprise guest took the stage, the former 90s Bad Boys rapper and now candidate for Prime Minister of Belize , Moses Barrow, aka Shyne.

Throughout the night, the students cheered enthusiastically, while taking photos and videos. Emotions in the room spilled over onto social media with posts like, “I had to hold back my tears tonight. Tonight was iconic! said @gemarinok and “Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn from the best!” says @komi.lya.

Three hours and hundreds of reposts later, the class consensus seems to be “Looking forward to the next lesson” – said @moroojhamed.

David Grutman (l), Shyne (m), DJ Khaled (r) speak to FIU students.
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‘Runway Café’ gears up for Food Network

The hit Food Network show “Restaurant: Impossible” will be filmed at two upstate restaurants this month. One of the selected restaurants is the Runway Café in Greenville, located at the Greenville downtown airport. The Runway Café has been in business since 2010, and co-owner Lem Winestett said he was thrilled to see the show come to his restaurant because he didn’t know what to expect. “They add Chef Robert’s touch to the menu. I think they see we have a unique restaurant with the playground and the airport, and it’s a little gem of a place that could use a bit of tweaking. glow.” before just before the COVID-19 pandemic to let them know they were in the running to be on the show. However, Winestett said they had never heard of. Earlier this year, Winestett said he “got a call letting him know the Food Network was interested in presenting Runway Café on October 26 and 27. “As a small, family-friendly place, we don’t always have the pockets deep to make meaningful change,” Winestett said. we’ve had our ups and downs. Labor has been a big issue for us. It’s been difficult for us to come out of the pandemic to open hours we want.” Winestett said he’s excited for the next chapter of Runway Café. , South Carolina, October 22-23.

The hit Food Network show “Restaurant: Impossible” will be filmed at two upstate restaurants this month.

One of the featured restaurants is Runway Café in Greenville, located at the downtown Greenville airport.

Runway Café has been in business since 2010 and co-owner Lem Winestett said he was thrilled to see the show come to his restaurant because he didn’t know what to expect.

“Everyone who saw the show kind of took a fresh look at the restaurant,” Winestett said. “They add Chef Robert’s touch to the menu. I think they see we have a unique restaurant with the playground and the airport, and it’s a little gem of a place that could do with a little sparkle.”

Winestett said the show first contacted them just before the COVID-19 pandemic to let them know they were in the running to be on the show. However, Winestett said they never heard back.

Earlier this year, Winestett said he received a call that the Food Network was interested in presenting Runway Café on October 26-27.

“As a small family place, we don’t always have the deep pockets to make meaningful changes,” Winestett said. “Like any other small business, we’ve had our ups and downs. Labor has been a big issue for us. It’s been difficult for us after the pandemic to open the hours we want.”

Winestett said he was excited for the next chapter of Runway Café.

Prior to that, the show announced earlier this week that it will be at Big Cliffs BBQ in Central, SC on October 22-23.

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Kwame Onwuachi’s Lincoln Center restaurant aims to ‘reflect all of New York’

NEW YORK – As Kwame Onwuachi guides me through what will be Tatiana’s dining room, her next restaurant in David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, he points to the columns, which shimmer like light reflecting off the surface of a soap bubble. The effect is deliberate: the columns are designed to recall the iridescent pools Onwuachi remembers from childhood, the ones that formed whenever gushing water from an open fire hydrant interacted with streets covered in oil from his neighborhood in the Bronx.

The columns are a minor detail, but they give a clue as to what Onwuachi and Lincoln Center expect from this new restaurant in the renovated concert hall, which reopens Oct. 8. The chef wants to inject some his New York City—the West African aromas, the chopped cheese sandwiches, the brutal summers when the only relief was an open fire hydrant—at this Upper West Side cultural institution, which was built, as a said its former president one day, like “a kind of moat, sheltered from the city.

For its part, Lincoln Center wants to make amends for its role in erasing the San Juan Hill neighborhood, once rich in the music, especially jazz, of pioneers such as James P. Johnson and Thelonious Monk. The arts complex is tearing down the walls that isolated it from much of Gotham. Leah Johnson, executive vice president and head of communications, marketing and advocacy, says Lincoln Center has launched initiatives to diversify its programming, audience, staff and contractors.

Onwuachi’s Tatiana fits those goals perfectly.

The restaurant draws on the same Afro-Caribbean flavors that have defined Onwuachi’s restaurants in Washington – the short-lived Shaw Bijou as well as Kith and Kin on the Wharf, which won him a James Beard award – but this time, the chef’s kitchen background is located just a subway ride away. They can be found in Jamaican bakeries along White Plains Road in the North Bronx; among vendors in the New World Mall food court in Flushing, Queens; inside Senegalese restaurants in Harlem; and next to the Dominican food carts that fill the sidewalks of the West Bronx.

Onwuachi absorbed these influences and more as a child, and at age 32 he will reimagine them in a restaurant in an arts complex that, as a New York publication wrote last year, was “specifically built for performing companies that were bastions of white culture”. .”

“Kwame is a quintessential New Yorker,” says Lincoln Center director Johnson. “So when Kwame started telling us about his philosophy, his cooking, how he envisioned coming to New York and opening a restaurant that would truly reflect all of New York because that’s who Kwame is. .. he was just the right person for us.

Tatiana, slated to open in early November, is a homecoming for Onwuachi. He resigned from Kith and Kin in July 2020, months after having to lay off his staff of 70 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In February 2021, Onwuachi moved to Los Angeles, where, among other projects, he co-founded a production company, Broken Whip Media, and began acting. (He has a cameo planned in the film version of his 2019 memoir, “Notes of a Young Black Leader,” which is slated to begin filming next year.) But Onwuachi returned to New York in April, lured by the idea of ​​opening another restaurant, this one named after his half-sister, Tatiana Steed, who is a private chef in New Orleans.

“I wanted it to be a restaurant that reflected my childhood, and a big part of that was spending time with my sister. She took care of me a lot,” Onwuachi says of Steed, who is five years older than him. “There would be times when she would stand up for me if I ever got bullied.”

Tatiana, the restaurant, will be the only full-service dining option at Geffen Hall, Johnson said. Unlike the dining hall’s former occupant, Lincoln Center Kitchen, Tatiana will be secluded from the main lobby, not sprawled across its marble floors or tucked away in a curtained nook.

Onwuachi is a Lincoln Center partner in the restaurant, not a chef under contract for the job. This last condition is important to Onwuachi, who told the New York Times two years ago, “Anything that profits from black and brown dollars should be black-owned. The chef also owns all intellectual property of the Tatiana brand.

Lincoln Center has been indifferent to Tatiana, Johnson says. Onwuachi makes the decisions. He hired Kamat Newman, who last worked at Wax Myrtle’s in Austin, as head chef. He also hired Bradley Knebel, who has held various positions with the Union Square Hospitality Group, as Tatiana’s general manager. Onwuachi “directed every aspect, from design elements to concept to interviews,” says Johnson. “If you want to be a dishwasher for Tatiana, you’ve met Kwame.”

The challenge for Tatiana, says Knebel, will be to create a destination restaurant in a room that is already a destination. Johnson has even higher expectations. She hopes that in a city full of great restaurants, Tatiana will become a magnet for diners, whether or not a band is performing at Geffen Hall.

Whatever the answer, it will undoubtedly be an improvement over Onwuachi’s childhood trip to Lincoln Center. The chef recalls his mother, Jewel Robinson, taking him to a show at the venue when he was a child. He doesn’t remember the production. All he remembers is making origami figures and throwing them off the balcony. Mom was embarrassed.

“She said she would never take me out again. So she never took me back again, and I was very happy about that,” Onwuachi says. “I would appreciate it now. I prefer watching Power Rangers.

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Mikkeller Bar San Francisco closes after 9 years

Photo by Madeline Wells

Mikkeller Bar closed its San Francisco location after nine years.

Andrew D. via Yelp

Copenhagen-based beer company Mikkeller has closed its San Francisco beer bar after nine years, according to a press release.

“Mikkeller Bar San Francisco was the second Mikkeller Bar we opened and the start of our entire operation in the United States, so this place means something very special to us and of course it’s very sad to have to say goodbye” said Mikkeller founder Mikkel. Bjergsø “But we will always have a presence in the United States and we will continually strive to make great beer and great experiences.”

The news comes just over a month after the company announced the closure of its San Diego brewing plant, citing “two years of COVID and the current challenging environment of rising costs,” Good Beer Hunting reported. . Around this time, the company also announced that it would be laying off about half of its 50 US employees.

With the closure of the Tenderloin Mikkeller Bar, the beer company’s only remaining location in the United States is its bar in San Diego’s Little Italy. Still, dozens of Mikkeller bars remain open across Europe and Asia.

In May 2020, rumors swirled that Mikkeller San Francisco would be closing due to the financial difficulties of the pandemic. The bar space at 34 Mason St. was even listed for sale online, but it finally reopened in the spring of 2021.

The Mikkeller Bar San Francisco has been officially closed since this week.

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MP loses 700,000 shillings to thieves on his way home from a nightclub

The complainant is a two-term MP. [File, Standard]

A Nyandarua County MP on Monday October 3 lost 700,000 shillings to armed robbers in Nairobi.

The MP was diverted on Waiyaki Way in Westlands and driven to Karen, where the suspected criminals fled with his 700,000 shillings in cash.

Police said the lawmaker was returning home from a night out at a popular nightclub on James Gichuru Road.

The deputy, in his statement to police, said three armed robbers reported him on Waiyaki Way, broke into his car and drove him to Karen, where they stole the money that had been hidden under the driver’s seat.

During the ride, he said he was confined to the rear passenger seat, blindfolded.

His ATM card was also stolen.

The thieves, who were towing a getaway vehicle, abandoned the MP on Miotoni Road and rushed into the vehicle behind.

Karen OCS Peter Karanja confirmed The standard that the legislator, a single occupant, filed a report at the station shortly after the incident.

“He recorded a police statement in the early hours of Monday morning. He was visibly shaken,” Karanja said.

The case has been taken up by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) who are pursuing leads that could lead to the arrest of the suspects.

Police said the complainant has yet to provide a follow-up statement, jeopardizing investigative efforts.

It is still unclear why the deputy had huge sums of money in his car.

The standard reached the second-term parliamentarian for comment, but he declined to respond.

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Hardship Loan: What is it?

Common types of financial distress loans

Although there are different forms of hardship loans, any of them can be used to cover unavoidable expenses. However, keep in mind that not every option is right for your situation. Consider the pros and cons of each so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Unsecured personal loans from hardship cases

An unsecured hardship loan is a Type of Personal Loan that requires no collateral. Instead, lenders determine how much you can borrow by evaluating your creditworthiness and financial situation. If you have bad credit, you may have trouble qualifying for an unsecured personal loan as most lenders have strict requirements.


Using an unsecured personal loan during an emergency can have several benefits. One is that you don’t have to use anything of value as collateral. You also don’t have to worry about the lender getting back collateral if you default on the loan.


Like any type of financing, unsecured loans come with some downsides. Because you don’t need collateral to secure the loan, your lender takes on a higher risk. And the more risk the lender has, the higher your interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR). This option could therefore be more expensive than the alternatives.

Secured Hardship Personal Loans

Unlike an unsecured personal loan a secured loan requires some form of collateral. As a result, most lenders have less stringent eligibility policies, which likely make it easier for borrowers with low credit scores to obtain approval.


The main advantages of a secured personal loan are lower interest rates, longer terms and larger loan amounts. These perks are possible because, as mentioned earlier, pawn loans help mitigate the risk of the lender.


On the other hand, using collateral means that the lender can claim your property as their property and sell it to make up their losses if you are unable to make the payments. Simply put, a secured hardship loan can put you at greater risk than an unsecured loan.

home loan

You may have heard of home equity loans being used to fund a home improvement project, but did you know you can also use them in an emergency? If you own your home and have a significant amount of equity, you can turn some of it into cash when you find yourself in a desperate situation.


Home equity loans offer fixed interest rates that are typically lower than personal loans. Home equity loans also have longer loan terms, which means paying off the loan could be easier. The more time you have to pay back what you borrow, the lower the monthly payments will be.


Unfortunately, this type of loan can mean taking on significant debt. A second payment can be difficult to manage if you’re already struggling to pay your mortgage. Home equity loans also use your home as collateral. So if you default, you could lose your home to foreclosure.

401(k) Withdrawal from Hardship Cases

Depending on your situation, you may be able to take out a short-term loan from your 401(k) retirement plan. Most employers offer this option for specific purposes, such as:

  • Repair of a main residence
  • Avoid foreclosure or eviction
  • Settlement of qualified medical bills
  • Financing a college degree
  • Paying for the funeral expenses

Before choosing this option, discuss your situation with your plan administrator to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.


Borrowing money from your retirement account could help you avoid taking out high-interest loans or accumulating credit card debt. Additionally, you don’t have to meet any lender’s requirements or have your credit checked to access the funds.


You may be prompted to do so pay a penalty or tax when you withdraw from your 401(k). This option could also hurt your future retirement plans if you don’t pay back what you’ve withdrawn relatively quickly.

Alternative Payday Loans

Payday loans are notorious for their predatory lending practices and can create a vicious cycle of debt. Thankfully, many credit unions and online lenders offer alternative payday loans (sometimes referred to as PALs). These loans have short terms, typically one year or less, and low credit limits.


You can use a PAL to quickly cover a last-minute bill without applying for a loan from a payday lender. Also, this type of loan may be cheaper than an unsecured personal loan.


The short period of time in which you have to pay back the amount borrowed means that your monthly loan payments could be higher than expected. APRs on PALs can also be extremely high, especially when compared to home equity or secured personal loans.

peer to peer lending

In the past decade, peer-to-peer lending platforms have grown in popularity due to their accessibility. A peer-to-peer (P2P) loan is similar to borrowing money from a family member or friend, except that the people lending you money can be anyone using the platform.


P2P lending typically uses low interest rates to ensure affordability. Even borrowers with little or no credit rating can use this option, as the requirements are more relaxed than with a classic personal loan. Finally, some P2P lenders may require investors to meet certain criteria before lending money to borrowers, furthering user safety.


Just because you have access to a P2P lending platform doesn’t mean you’ll be able to secure enough funds to cover the costs of an emergency. And, like with a traditional installment loan, if you default on a peer-to-peer loan, you risk damaging your credit score. It’s also worth noting that some platforms can charge hefty service fees for every loan you take out.

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Experience healthy indulgence at Fig At Malcha – The New-Age Conscious Cafe in Delhi

Coffee culture is booming in the capital with expansions of food offerings and coffee varieties. New-age cafes are moving beyond the old image of a small enclosure with limited snack options. The newly opened Fig at Malcha brings a whole new coffee experience with its spacious outlet in Malcha Marg. After winning hearts with its outpost at Gurugram (Fig at Museo), Fig at Malcha goes the extra mile to captivate Delhi’s discerning populace. The unique ‘Conscious Café’ gives healthy eating a whole new meaning with sumptuous offerings that look straight out of a fine dining restaurant.

A fusion of Japanese design and Nordic lifestyle, the cafe offers an elaborate menu using seasonal produce from local farms, 100% GMO-free meat, cage-free eggs, and a Parisian-style in-house bakery that prepares fresh bread and pastries. every morning and evening, and specialty farm-to-cup coffee.

Fig in Malcha

My gastronomic journey to ‘Fig at Malcha’

I happened to visit the café and was able to discover a unique eco-contemporary and conscious offer in a relaxed and calming configuration. The moment I walked into the cafe, I was invigorated by the cafe’s minimalist yet aesthetic white interiors. The two-story layout has given respite to the otherwise shocked restaurants we see everywhere.

The menu is extensive, offering something for everyone. From all-day breakfast dishes, soups and salads to pasta and Thai cuisine, there’s a wealth of options.

But first, the coffee! I ordered Iced Latte and it was quite a refreshing drink. Then I started my meal with Won Ton Chicken Soup and it was so delicious it whetted my appetite. Being a shrimp lover, I had to order a shrimp ceviche. Although it looked and tasted great, I did smell the flavor of the avocado overpowered shrimp in the dish which I somewhat missed. The salmon carpaccio looked great and tasted even better with the combination of crisp green beans and a delicious sauce.


Won Ton Soup – Malcha Fig


Shrimp Ceviche – Fig With Malcha

Shepherd’s Pie gave me the joy of a comforting meal, which it is known for. The layering of the pie was done beautifully and it didn’t weigh my stomach after such a large meal. I had to wait a long time for the lamb chops to arrive, but the way they were plated made me forget. The lamb came with sautéed vegetables which were so mouthwatering. The outer crust of the pork was a little too crispy but the overall flavors on the plate were good. I ended the meal on a sweet note with Burnt Cheesecake and it can be described in one word – “heaven”.


Shepherd’s pie – Fig à Malcha


Burnt Cheesecake – Fig à Malcha

I left with a full stomach and a full heart. One thing that really fascinated me was the presentation of all the dishes; kudos to the chef for being creative on the plate. I will definitely be returning to Fig at Malcha for more.

What: Fig à Malcha
Where: Fig Address: 3/48, Malcha Marg, Market, Dharam Marg, Block C, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

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The Detroit restaurant that lets diners choose the playlist

Restaurants that only serve tasting menus tend to have a reputation for not only being pretentious, but also unaffordable to the masses. In fact, when owners Sandy Levine and Doug Hewitt were researching Freya, they actually visited a place that was about to be named the best restaurant in the world.

“It was obviously an amazing experience, but when we looked around the dining room, it was very clear that we didn’t belong,” Levine told Tasting Table. “Everyone there was clearly extremely wealthy, [and] it was a meal we had been saving and planning for for about a year.”

So when Levine and Hewitt brainstormed Freya’s concept, they determined they would be for the 99% (via Freya’s website). As part of that, Freya’s five-course prix fixe menus are priced at $85 per person. Although this still represents an expensive evening, it is an evening more accessible to non-wealthy families.

“It’s just a lot more fun dealing with regular people who have more in common with us,” Levine said. “Our price of $85 per person still isn’t cheap for a lot of Detroiters, but it’s a very small fraction of most tasting menu restaurants in other markets as well as the few that exist. in Detroit.”

Freya’s menu sourcing also highlights the restaurant’s community spirit. The joint uses produce from local farms and finds ways to extend the growing season by preserving ingredients throughout the winter, Levine told Tasting Table.

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Woman freed by FDNY after being trapped in NYC hookah bar

Karma was indeed a bitch for this woman!

A woman was trapped in the bowels of an East Village hookah bar overnight before the FDNY came to her rescue early Saturday, officials said.

The shocked lady emerged from the basement of Karma, a two-level hookah club on First Avenue between Third Street and Fourth Street.

How the woman became trapped in the living room remained a mystery on Saturday afternoon as Karma remained closed and police said they had no details of the incident.

The FDNY said it received a report of a “mentally altered person” at 51 First Avenue at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, and the person was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

At 1 p.m., the black door above Karma’s entrance, stained with red, green and white graffiti, was still closed. The thin black and green railing and door leading to the basement where the woman had been rescued appeared to be broken and falling apart on the right side.

How the woman got trapped in the New York salon has remained a mystery.
William Farrington

Smoking a cigarette, Leslie Padilla, 39, a manager at nearby Ace Hardware, said when he arrived at work around 7.30am on Saturday the woman had already been rescued and was sitting in a car with another man.

“Things happen, it’s a bar, people drink,” Padilla said of the lockdown.

The neighbors who lived above Karma were less diplomatic.

Ariana Barone, 23, a paralegal, described the place as “pretty busy” on the weekends, and from Thursday to Sunday, “there’s a fairly constant musical beat in our apartment.”

Locals have complained about the club's clientele and noise.
Karma is a two-level hookah club on First Avenue between Third Street and Fourth Street.
William Farrington

The news of the abandoned club scared Barone.

“I’m watching ‘Dahmer’ right now, so it’s really weird,” she said, referring to the Netflix series about the serial killer.

A person who identified himself as the “owner/manager” of Karma declined to comment.

A woman was rescued from inside a club, Karma
At least one person in the East Village was spooked by the news of the woman trapped at the hookah bar.
William Farrington

The original episode recalls an incident on Friday the 13th in 2018, when a man in his twenties called 911 because he was locked inside the Marshall Stack Bar on Rivington Street near Allen Street in the Lower East Side.

In this case, the firefighters intervened a few moments later, opened the door and let the man out. He had been locked inside the bar for more than three hours after 4 a.m. closing time.

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Secured vs Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

It can be difficult to manage multiple debt accounts at the same time, but you may be able to remedy the situation with a debt consolidation loan. Easily available through traditional banks, credit unions, and online lenders, they come in two forms: secured and unsecured loans.

Both secured and unsecured debt consolidation loans can help you shave several months or even years off your repayment period. Additionally, you can save a bundle in interest by getting a debt consolidation loan with a more competitive interest rate and using it to eliminate your existing debt balances.

How a debt consolidation loan works

A debt consolidation loan is a personal loan that is used to convert multiple debt balances into a new loan product. You typically get a term of 1 to 10 years and a fixed monthly payment as the interest rate is fixed.

Ideally, the interest rate on a debt consolidation loan should be lower than what you currently have to maximize cost savings. But if you’re eligible for less than the total amount you owe on credit cards and loans, you should use the loan proceeds to pay off the highest-interest-rate debt.

Here’s an illustration of how a debt consolidation loan can save you a bunch on credit card interest:

  • Card 1: $1,500 balance and 17% APR
  • Card 2: $2,000 balance and 15% APR
  • Card 3: $2,500 balance and 12% APR
  • Card 4: $3,000 balance and 21% APR

Now let’s assume you pay off these balances in 24 months. You would spend $1,629 in interest. But if you’re approved for a $9,000 24-month personal loan at an 8 percent APR, your interest expense drops to $573.25.

You can use a personal loan calculator and a credit card payoff calculator to calculate potential interest savings with a debt consolidation loan.

How to use a secured loan for debt consolidation

Secured loans are backed by collateral, making them more risky for borrowers. Depending on your financial situation, they can be worthwhile. You can use any of these secured loan products for debt consolidation.

Secured Personal Loan

This works like a traditional loan and may be more accessible if you don’t have perfect credit. Still, there are downsides to consider. You could get a high interest rate and risk losing your collateral if you default on the loan payments.

Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Both home equity loans and HELOCs allow you to convert some of your home’s equity, or the difference between your home’s value and what you currently owe, into cash.

When you take out a home equity loan, you receive the entire loan amount in one lump sum and pay it back in equal monthly installments because the interest rate is fixed. A HELOC acts as a credit card, and you can withdraw money from it when you need it. You only pay back what you borrow from a HELOC and the interest rate is variable.

Both home equity loans and HELOCs are ideal for debt consolidation because they offer more competitive interest rates than personal loans. Also, you could be approved for a large amount if you have a lot of equity in your home. The main disadvantage is losing your home to foreclosure if you default on the loan since these products act as second mortgages.

How to Use an Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

Unlike secured loans, there are no collateral requirements to be approved. There are two types of unsecured debt consolidation loans and a credit card option.

Unsecured Personal Loan

This loan product allows you to consolidate your debts to simplify the repayment process. You get a fixed interest rate and a more manageable monthly payment. Most lenders excel at fast approval and funding times. However, processing fees may apply when taking out a loan. Early repayment of the loan can also be subject to a prepayment penalty.

peer to peer lending

Unlike personal loans, they are offered by retail investors making unsecured loans to consumers who meet their lending criteria. You may be eligible for a loan with quick funding times even if you don’t have perfect credit. The downside is that if you have bad credit, your borrowing costs can be higher than if you took out a home equity loan. In addition, some peer-to-peer loans have short repayment terms.

Credit card transfer

You get an introductory period – typically up to 18 months – with a low or zero interest rate. Paying off your high-interest credit card debt and repaying it within this window will save you a fortune in interest.

How to get a debt consolidation loan

You can apply for a debt consolidation loan through a traditional bank, credit union, or online lender. Ideally, you should have a credit score in the mid-600s and a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio of no more than 45 percent for the best chance of qualifying for a loan with competitive terms. A lower credit rating does not automatically lead to a rejection, but you must expect higher borrowing costs and less favorable credit terms.

Remember that each lender has unique eligibility requirements, so it’s best to do some research before applying to make sure the lender you’re considering is a good fit.

bottom line

A debt consolidation loan makes managing multiple debt accounts easier, and you can pay off your balances faster and save a lot on interest. Before applying, evaluate secured and unsecured loans to decide which option is the best. It’s also important to shop around, pre-qualify without hurting your credit score, and review the numbers to determine if debt consolidation makes sense or whether you should wait until your credit score or overall financial situation improves.

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Columbus police name people of interest in deadly 2020 shooting outside nightclub

Job :


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus police say they have identified three people of interest who are wanted for questioning in connection with a July 2020 shooting outside a nightclub on East 5th Avenue.

On July 26, 2020, officers attended E. 5th Ave. and Joyce Ave. just after 2 a.m. and found 21-year-old Dalan Wellman and a 19-year-old man outside the Story Lounge nightclub with gunshot wounds. .

Wellman and the 19-year-old were taken to Grant Medical Center and Wellman was pronounced dead approximately 1 p.m. after the shooting was reported. The 19-year-old, in stable condition, was taken to hospital.

On Friday, police released three persons of interest who are accused of being in a vehicle at the time of the shooting and of having fired several shots. These three people are Gvon Thornton, Jada Genovese and Marquis Smith.

Gvon Thornton, left, Jada Genovese and Marquis Smith are wanted for questioning as persons of interest in the July 2020 shooting death of 21-year-old Dalan Wellman. (Courtesy Photo/Columbus Police Division)

Anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to contact the CPD Homicide Unit at 614-645-4730 or the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.

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“Cafe management game Lemon Cake launches today on all major digital platforms”

“Cafe management game Lemon Cake launches today on all major digital platforms” – Games Press

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Press release

A freshly curated launch trailer announces the digital release of Lemon Cake, which is available now on Epic Games, PlayStation®, Xbox and Nintendo Switch™

Rotterdam, Netherlands – September 30, 2022 – SOEDESCO® launches a cozy café management game Lemon cake on Epic Games, PS4PS5Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. SOEDESCO and Cozy Bee Games have prepared a brand new trailer to announce the launch. The physical release date of this delightful game is set for November.

Watch the launch trailer:

A smooth cafe management experience, now available on all digital platforms
‍Developed by Cozy Bee Games, also known as independent solo developer Éloïse Laroche, Lemon Cake first launched on Steam® in 2021. Éloïse is a solo developer and with the help of SOEDESCO, she is now proud to bring that cozy cafe experience to consoles: “It’s so nice for me to see how far Lemon Cake has come, as it was originally inspired by my favorite childhood cooking games. It’s like a huge accomplishment for it to come out on consoles and I hope this brings a sense of gaming nostalgia to everyone who has played this kind of games!

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Your downloads

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These files are free to download without watermark as they have been powered from it is Press room.

Downloading these files requires Games press credits. (You currently have credits.)


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QR codes reduce friction for EU restaurants

“When was the last time you had an amazing checkout experience at a restaurant?”

That’s the question Moritz Heininger, founder and CEO of Berlin-based FinTech DIDIT, asked PYMNTS in an interview.

Moritz Heininger

Admittedly, leaving a restaurant can be a tricky process for customers. It’s one thing if the bill is split evenly, but if individual customers want to pay different amounts, things get complicated quickly.

For restaurant staff, closing tables can be time consuming, not to mention having to manage large groups of diners who may each want to pay different amounts using different methods – a process that can take up to 20% wait staff time, Heininger explained. .

For restaurants and their customers, QR code-based payments can solve many of these problems, he said, adding that the technology can “make the payment experience fun” and even create new opportunities for businesses.

Continue reading: Consumers want a choice of menu payments when eating out

In many Asian countries, this payment method has been growing in popularity for years, Heininger noted, citing the example of China’s Alipay, which introduced the feature to its mobile wallet in 2011. By 2016, the addition had catapulted Business-to-business mobile payments account for 71% of all transactions processed.

However, the technology has not gained the same popularity in Europe, and for many people their first experience of reading a QR code was only during the pandemic, when it was widely rolled out to boost contact tracing and helped reduce the need for physical proximity. .

Learn more: In-Depth Analysis: Exploring Different QR Code Adoption Rates Around the World

Maintain the human touch

In the restaurant industry, QR codes in their most basic form are used to simply direct diners to an online menu. While this has some benefits for restaurants, it lacks the interactivity of more sophisticated solutions such as “self-ordering” where customers can place an order using interactive menus.

Self-service checkout, another use case for QR codes in restaurants, allows diners to scan a code to make payments, reducing the need for wait staff to come to the table, which at in turn leads to a smoother checkout experience in most cases.

Overall, there’s less demand for self-ordering than self-paying, Heininger said, although the company plans to introduce the service by the end of this year.

He added that while restaurants with fast customer turnover have the most to gain by removing wait staff from the ordering process — and “personal contact doesn’t matter so much” — many restaurants prefer retaining the human touch that comes with ordering in person. .

More on this: Restaurants seek to balance full-service with digital ease

Highlighting this point, he added that some of the restaurants DIDIT works with have expressed interest in QR-based ordering, in which the first order is always taken by a wait staff while a QR code is also provided on the table for customers to order. extras like drinks throughout their meal.

QR payments unlock brand value

In addition to helping provide a smoother experience for customers paying their bills, Heininger said mobile self-checkout has other benefits for restaurants that DIDIT is looking to capitalize on.

First, he noted that when restaurants introduced the system, they saw an increase in the amount of tips. In fact, while there are options to customize the tip amount added to a bill on the DIDIT web app, people have stuck with the default option of 10%, which is standard in Germany. Counter this with other payment methods, where the tendency is to round up for convenience and results in lower value tips for staff.

Another area in which DIDIT has sought to optimize the payment process for restaurants is the integration of a review system. As Heininger explained, during the self-checkout process, customers are prompted to leave a review. If they select three stars or less, the review stays internal, but if they select four or five, then they have the option of posting the review on Google Maps.

Finally, he added that because customers have the option of receiving their receipts via email, self-checkout technology is a powerful tool for building customer loyalty and a useful way for restaurant brands to grow their businesses. mailing lists, which can be difficult otherwise.

See more : QR codes keep Gen Z customers coming back

Basically, the more detailed customer information can be gathered through the review system and email address collection, the more restaurants using DIDIT can boast of “marketing capabilities that only e-commerce stores would normally have.” “.

DIDIT, QR codes

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New PYMNTS Study: How Consumers Use Digital Banks

A PYMNTS survey of 2,124 US consumers shows that while two-thirds of consumers have used FinTechs for some aspect of banking, only 9.3% call them their primary bank.

We are always looking for partnership opportunities with innovators and disruptors.

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Police – NBC 6 South Florida

A Miami Gardens man, who sometimes dresses as a woman to shoplift, is considering a growing list of charges after he was suspected of grand theft from Miami stores in Altamonte Springs, court records show.

According to multiple arrest reports, Jamarian Ashford Brooks, who turned 20 on Wednesday, entered a Bath and Body Works store in Pembroke Pines on June 25, 2021, with two women and stole scented candles and perfume.

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Jamarian Brooks

He entered a Bath and Body Works store in Deerfield Beach with two suspected accomplices on July 5, 2021 and stole nearly $2,700 worth of scented candles and wallflower warmer scents.

The trio did it again at a Bath and Body Works store in Hollywood on July 14, 2021, stealing over $2,000 worth of candles and perfume.

On the same day, the group stole 31 bottles of tequila worth a total of $1,925 from a Total Wine store in Coral Springs.

Brooks and an alleged accomplice pepper sprayed and punched a 71-year-old employee to steal a $100 bottle of Hennessey and other items from a Walgreen’s in Pembroke Pines on July 25.

Two days later, Brooks and three alleged accomplices pepper sprayed and punched a Walgreen clerk to steal a bottle of Patron tequila from Davie.

Also on July 27, Brooks and the other suspects stole $225 worth of merchandise from a Hobby Lobby store in Davie, then pepper-sprayed and hit the manager’s head with a shopping cart before driving away. .

Brooks was arrested in Miami after shoplifting from a BJ wholesale warehouse, police said.

In most cases, surveillance video showed the suspects dressed in women’s clothing filling shopping bags and shopping carts with scented candles, perfumes and alcohol.

They would leave without paying and flee in different vehicles, at least one of which was allegedly stolen, police said.

Brooks is charged with multiple counts of grand larceny, armed robbery and assault on a person over 65.

He was taken to Broward County Jail on Wednesday, where he remains on bonds totaling $78,000, records show.

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Eatery Business

Odd bedfellows petition CFPB to pass larger personal loan participant rule | Ballard Spahr LLP

The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) and the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) have submitted a joint petition to the CFPB asking the Governing Board to participate in rulemaking to define larger participants in the personal lending market. In February 2022, the CFPB introduced a new procedure for members of the public to petition for rulemaking (including amendments to or repeals of existing rules). the petition was put on record from the CFPB. Under the CFPB’s new procedure, petitions submitted will receive a final response from the CFPB. (CBA sent a letter beforehand in October 2021 to then-new director Chopra, in which he urged the CFPB to adopt a larger participant rule for fintech consumer lenders.)

In their petition, the CRL and CBA describe the consumer credit market as consisting of five segments: mortgages (including home equity loans and HELOCs), credit cards, auto loans, student loans and “other personal loans.” They describe the “other personal loans” category as including three types of loans, which can be secured (other than real estate interests) or unsecured: short-term installment loans (typically with maturities of three months to one year), longer-term Loans and Revolving Credit Lines. Secured loans in this category include loans to finance the purchase of durable goods (e.g. appliances or mobile homes) and loans secured by a security interest in the borrower’s existing property (e.g. a vehicle).

The CRL and CBA note that the Bureau announced in its 2015 regulatory agenda that it expects to develop a proposed rule to define major non-bank participants in the personal loan market, including consumer installment loans and auto title loans, and reported on it in its Spring Regulatory Agenda 2017 that they are working on developing such a rule. However, as they also note, the Bureau under former Acting Director Mulvaney classified rulemaking as inactive in its Spring 2018 regulatory agenda and has not commented on the issue since.

Reasons set out in the petition why the Bureau should resume rulemaking more broadly include:

  • A rapidly growing personal installment loan market, also due to changes in state laws effectively banning payday loans;
  • A significant portion of consumers who take out other personal loans, particularly consumers who receive such loans from non-banks, tend to be economically vulnerable consumers who either cannot obtain credit through a credit card or HELOC, have exhausted their available credit, or incurred so much debt have that they need a credit card or HELOC refinance;
  • Significant growth in fintechs targeting the subprime market and offering loans that consumers find difficult to repay;
  • The current regulatory regime creates an unlevel playing field for banks regulated by the CFPB and a significant risk that consumer protection issues affecting vulnerable consumers will go undetected; and
  • Risk-based supervision is not an adequate substitute for a large participant rule in a market with a significant number of large participants due to the need for company-specific insights.

In their petition, the CRL and CBA recommend defining the personal loan market as follows:

Originating or servicing closed or perpetual lines of credit, payable in more than one installment, granted to consumers for personal, family, or household purposes, except for loans secured by real estate, post-secondary education loans as defined in 12 CFR 1090.106 (a ) or auto purchase or refinance loans as defined in 12 CFR 1090.108(a).

Referring to their recommendation that the Governing Board cover both closed installment loans and perpetual lines of credit, the CRL and CBA state that “there is an ongoing debate as to whether [buy-now-pay-later (BNPL)] Loans are closed loans or perpetual lines of credit” and claim that “[g]Consolidating closed and open loans into the definition of a single retail lending market will avoid potential inconsistencies in terms of bureau oversight and potential uncertainties over coverage of BNPL loans.”

Regarding their recommendation to define the market to cover both origination and servicing of personal loans, the CRL and CBA point to partnerships between banks and fintechs. They call the claim that the bank is the true lender in such partnerships “controversial,” arguing that it is clear that the non-bank partner is an insured person acting in its role as a credit servicer provides a financial product or service to consumers. According to the CRL and CBA, defining the market to cover servicing and origination “will ensure that if these non-custodial fintechs are large enough to meet the larger participant threshold, they will be subject to Bureau oversight, at least in relation to on its servicing activities, including its activities in billing, collection and provision of data to consumer reporting points.”

In August 2022, eight national trading groups made an application with the CFPB asking the Bureau to participate in rulemaking to define larger players in the data aggregation services market.

[View source.]

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Adelaide’s Botanic Restaurant named Australian Restaurant of the Year by Gourmet Traveler | Australian food and drink

Adelaide’s Botanic restaurant won Restaurant of the Year at the annual Gourmet Traveler awards night, which was announced in person at a gala on Tuesday, after being canceled in 2020 and held online last year.

The restaurant, run by chef Justin James and set in the middle of the South Australian capital’s Botanic Gardens, opened its doors just 14 months ago after the gardens’ former restaurant underwent a makeover. James uses plants from around the area, combining native flavors and more exotic botanicals to create a 20-course menu that unfolds over at least four hours.

Accepting the award, the chef said he was “a bit shocked, to be honest”.

“I’ve been to a lot of them and I’ve seen all these great chefs stand up here and take this award, and I said, ‘One day, I hope I can do it.’ I’ve seen the Ben Shewrys, the Dan Hunters, the Neil Perrys come by, and it’s kind of amazing to be standing here.

“The idea I had, of going to Adelaide – everyone said to me, ‘it’s not possible, maybe Melbourne, maybe Sydney’. It’s just pretty amazing.

Gourmet Traveler Editor-in-Chief Joanna Hunkin opened the awards show by paying tribute to the “deep talent, vision and strength that fuels this industry”.

“That’s what saw you all fight through two and a half years of hell and come out the other side. And that’s worth celebrating.

Winners from previous years have appeared at awards held at Shell House in Sydney, also one of the finalists for the Best New Restaurant award; Ben Shewry of Attica was in attendance, as were Neil Perry, whose new venue, Margaret, received Best New Restaurant and Brigitte Hafner of Tedesca Osteria, whose restaurant was again recognized as a state winner. after being named restaurant of the year last year.

Before the pandemic, the magazine compiled a ranked list of 50 restaurants in Australia each year. Last year, however, after border restrictions and pandemic limitations made that impossible, the awards changed to recognize one winner for each state alongside an unranked list of top venues. The format has continued this year, with 82 restaurants appearing on the 2023 list.

Mug Chen and Chia Wu received the Best New Talent Award at their wine bar Muni. Photography: Jonathan van der Knaap

Mug Chen and Chia Wu, two Taiwanese chefs who opened the natural wine bar and restaurant Muni in the McLaren Vale town of Willunga, SA, were honored as best new talent, while Thi Le was named chef of the year in the single peer of the night. voted price.

Le, of Vietnamese-Chinese descent and who grew up in Sydney’s west, dedicated her victory to “all the ethnic and Asian girls who want to be chefs and don’t want to be accountants”.

Le has thanked her partner, Jia-Yen, who she says pushed her to open the famous fine dining restaurant Anchovy in Richmond, Melbourne. “I originally wanted to open a chicken shop! So, this is a failed chicken shop.

Thi Le
Gourmet Traveler Chef of the Year, Thi Le. Photography: Parker Blain

Le, who now runs Ca Com, a banh mi bar, and Jeow, a Lao restaurant, both in Melbourne, said she has always wanted to champion Southeast Asian cuisine. “Sometimes I wonder if it’s the right thing to do. I think receiving this award means I’m on the right track.

Restaurant of the year
Botanic Restaurant, Adelaide, SA

Restaurant of the Year Winners
Pilot, Canberra, ACT
Margaret, Sydney, New South Wales
Essa, Brisbane, Queensland
Botanic Restaurant, Adelaide, SA
Fico, Hobart, Tasmania
Tedesca Osteria, Red Hill, Victoria
Lulu La Delizia, Perth, WA

Chef of the year
Thi Le – Ca Com and Jeow, Melbourne, Victoria

Best New Restaurant
Margaret, Sydney

Best New Talent
Chen and Chia Wu mug – Muni, Willunga, SA

Restaurant Personality of the Year
Shannon Martinez – Smith & Daughters, Melbourne, Victoria

Best Destination Restaurant
Van Bone, Marion Bay, Tasmania

Best wine bar
Paloma, Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Outstanding Contribution to Hospitality
Dani Valent, journalist and food communicator

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Philly Bars where you can watch your college football team

You may not be an undergrad anymore, but you can still cheer on your alma mater with other alumni on a fall Saturday.

New Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse on Sansom shows Wisconsin and Michigan games, in case you need a place to cheer on your team alongside people wearing the same varsity sweatshirt as you. / Photograph courtesy of Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse

College football season is in full swing, with all its buffalo wings, offbeat fight songs, and cornhole. You may not be an undergrad anymore, but you can still cheer on your alma mater with other alumni on a chilly fall Saturday. (Personally, as a Penn State alumnus, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of wins and heartbreak over cheap beer and fries.) This town’s college alumni groups have made their mark. in the bars of Philadelphia by hosting special experiences. So grab that college shirt, load up the 12-leg parlay that’ll net you $1 million, and use this guide to figure out where your folks congregate on the weekends.

Crew: Alabama
Bar: Cavanaugh Headhouse
This is where Crimson Tide fans show up and show off. The old-school Irish pub offers free half-time hoagies for groups of alumni who sign up for a private room. Enjoy $5.50 Goose Island beer, plus wings tossed in their sweet and spicy Cav’s sauce as you watch future first rounds pass the competition. 421 2nd Street South.

Crew: our Lady
Bar: The mulberry
Mulberry owner and former Notre Dame Ben Haney makes sure fellow Fighting Irish fans are comfortable at his Logan Square location. The cozy, upscale pub has a massive menu with a cheese board that would make any game better, plus Jameson wings and a double-stacked burger smash. The Mulberry doesn’t have any Saturday drink promotions yet, but maybe that’s a good thing. Who wants to hear ND fans screaming about how they shouldn’t join a conference after downing several hard seltzers? 1835 Arch St.

Crew: Penn State
Bar(s): Shopkeeper and La Roca
Penn State devotees congregate at Tradesman’s, where you can get a special eight-person package that includes wings, deviled eggs, chicken fingers, cheesesteak spring rolls, fries and beer for $225. The downtown bar is busy with fans glued to the huge media wall. Any old-timers looking for a quieter experience should visit La Roca in Manayunk, especially for its jalapeño cucumber tacos and margaritas that are strong enough to make you forget about losing the Rose Bowl in 2016. 1322 Chestnut Street and 4161 Main Street.

Team(s): State of Pittsburgh and Michigan
Bar: Sto’s Bar
It’s understandable that Pitt and Michigan State fans flock to Sto’s Bar. Old Town’s reliable watering hole serves up $5 citywide and filling drinks all day, every day. If that’s not enough motivation, Sto’s offers $20 Miller Lite buckets and jello shots after every touchdown. Not bad for the second-best teams in Pennsylvania and Michigan. 236 Market Street.

Crew: Texas
Bar: Chickie’s & Pete’s
The Texas Exes congregate at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly on Saturdays. Things get rowdy in this popular bar that has dozens of TVs. While you’re cheering on Texas and keeping an eye on Oklahoma across the bar, grab a bucket of Chickie and Pete’s Crinkle Crab Fries with a creamy cheese dip. Then, wash down your fries with $5 National Pitchers on special. 1526 Packer Ave.

Crew: USC
Bar: At Dave and Buster’s
This giant restaurant and entertainment chain is your childhood dream with pre-workout supplements, video games, pop music, huge TVs and bright lights. It’s also where Trojans fans brave the East Coast temperatures on game days. D&B’s typically offers a special fall drink list that includes remixes of classics like old fashioneds as well as pumpkin-enriched shakes. If the PAC-12 game isn’t going well, ditch the giant flatscreens and head to the arcade. 325 Columbus Blvd North.

Crew: ohio state
Bar: Scale 15
The Buckeyes take over Ladder 15 – a Rittenhouse bar that gets crowds dancing – every fall weekend. It’s a good place to watch any game if you don’t want to feel too packed, as Ladder 15 has TVs on both levels. Expect standards like wings, as well as elevated pub fare like calamari and truffle fries. 1528 Sansom St.

Crew: Michigan
Bar: Flanigan Boathouse
Michigan fans watch Maize and Blue at Flanigan’s Boathouse in Conshohocken. This family-friendly sports bar serves breakfast tacos and quesadillas as well as crispy pork sandwiches from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those looking for game day drinks can add $25 High Noon buckets or $4 Bud Light bottles. (Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse also shows all of Michigan’s games). 113 Fayette Street, Conshohocken.

Crew: Clemson
Bar: The post office
Clemson alumni take part in ACC main action at the Post in University City. In addition to showing games, this bright and colorful bar with brasserie seating offers activities like pool, air hockey, and shuffleboard that add to the game-day experience. If you love martinis, The Post offers eight (yes, you read that right) varieties of the drink. Whenever you need a bit of air, head to the rooftop of Cira Green where the games are played on their giant screen. 129 30th Street South.

Crew: Wisconsin
Bar: Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse
Wisconsin fans enjoy Cavanaugh’s new two-story Rittenhouse location, which features wall-to-wall televisions. While you watch the Badgers play Big Ten football, order from Cavanaugh’s list of Saturday specials like $18 Bud Light buckets and $24 White Claw buckets. Make it an even better Saturday and stock up on Philly-style toddlers topped with steak, onions and cheese. 1921 Sansom Street.

Crew: Rutgers
Bar: Pub O’Neals
It’s hard to have back-to-back losing seasons, so it’s only fitting that the folks at O’Neals care about Rutgers fans. This family-run Irish pub in Queen Village serves $3.75 Bud Lights all day, plus breakfast sandwiches until 10 p.m. Head’s up: They broadcast most college football games indoors, as well as on their street-side and back patio. 611 3rd Street South.

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Myth Live nightclub could be demolished in Maplewood

A developer is looking to demolish Myth in favor of a 241-unit apartment complex, subject to city council approval.

MAPLEWOOD, Minnesota – The Myth Live nightclub may not be staying in Maplewood much longer.

After the city approved $6.4 million in tax increase funding Monday night, council will soon consider allowing a developer to demolish Myth in favor of a 241-unit apartment building on the site. This decision should be made by the end of the calendar year.

Patrick Brama, who attended the meeting on Monday as a representative of Enclave Companies, described the project as a “market-priced, four-story apartment complex.” He said a purchase agreement is in place and Enclave plans to close the property early next year, clearing the way for demolition and construction.

“We think this is a great opportunity for people who want to balance work and private life,” Brama said. “It is easy to walk with all kinds of attractions nearby.”

Maplewood Mayor Marylee Abrams has publicly stated her support for the project, as part of the city’s vision for the redevelopment of the North End near the Maplewood Mall.

“I think it’s absolutely essential,” Abrams said. “It will create jobs. It will bring people for retail and restaurants there. It will create some synergy.”

Myth Live, meanwhile, seems determined to fight the scrapping process.

Bill Skolnick, an attorney for Myth, said in an email that he didn’t have a copy of the purchase agreement calling for the nightclub to be demolished. He also emailed KARE 11 a copy of Myth’s lease with owner Lighthouse Management Group, Inc., showing a clause regarding a 10-year extension option. “The Landlord and the Tenant agree,” the lease states, “that so long as the Tenant does not breach the Lease, the term of the Lease shall be extended until December 31, 2033 (“Extension Period”).” Lighthouse Management did not return a message seeking comment.

Kim Brokke, a representative for Myth, told KARE 11 in an email that “we have 11 years of lease options that we will exercise.”

This is just the latest legal battle involving Myth, which unsuccessfully sued the city of Maplewood in 2019 over a course of action that required management to follow certain rules to retain a liquor license. Before the pandemic led to reduced events, Maplewood police said they responded to more than 200 calls to Myth between 2017 and 2019, including one person with a neck injury.

Andy Horng, who promoted events at Myth for around a decade through a third-party contractor, defended the club in an interview with KARE 11. He said he felt safer at Myth than in downtown Minneapolis clubs and called Myth “like a tome second home.”

“I speak on behalf of Asian Americans, that’s where we all go, that’s Myth nightclub. That’s where we’re going to have fun,” Horng said. “It’s going to hurt. It hits your heart. If we lose Myth, we have no place to relax.”

If the council approves the plan, Enclave could open the new apartments in April 2023, followed by around two years of construction.

Watch the latest local news from the Twin Cities in our YouTube Playlist:

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Missus Review: Muslim Owned Cafe and Bakery at Bendeemeer Fresh Bakes

Missus is a Muslim-owned cafe and bakery in Bendeemeer

For me, a great cafe should tick those boxes: tasteful interiors, plenty of natural light, and delicious food that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. In our search for IG-worthy brunch cafes in Singapore, we stumbled upon Mrs.. The brand new Muslim-owned cafe along Hamilton Road has gained popularity online thanks to its beautiful space and wide range of pastries.

The cafe is in a prime location that is home to a few other popular bakeries, including La Levain, run by a former pastry chef from Boulangerie Brera.

La Levain: over 50 pastries at the new cafe by former bakery chef Brera, including a Bo Bo Cha Cha croissant

Food at Missus

missus cafe establishment

Missus became famous for their selection of grilled cheeses, with flavors including their signature Missus Melt ($17.90+), a truffled four cheese sandwich served with roasted garlic tomato soup. However, we wanted something less conventional, so the Slumdog Grillionaire ($19+) was our choice.

missus cafe masala toast cross section

This flavor bomb of a sandwich included masala potato cubes, cilantro pesto, and the cafe’s signature blend of cheeses, all nestled between home-baked ciabatta bread. It also comes with a side of cassava chips, which were unfortunately straight out of a packet.

missus cafe cheese sweater

The cheese wasn’t very strong in this one, maybe because the toastie was cut in half before serving. Nevertheless, the well seasoned potato chunks and fragrant pesto made up for that.

miss coffee dip

Although tasty, I felt the sandwich was salty, but that was easily remedied with the homemade tomato chutney. The dip had just enough acidity to offset the richness of the toast.

I felt bonus points should also be given for the delicious bread as it is homemade.

missus cafe chocolate toast

I have a sweet tooth, so I naturally turned to The Large Toasted Chocolate Sandwich ($13+). This fudgy sandwich was cut to expose a melted Mexican chocolate filling encompassing a crispy, leaf-like center – it was the epitome of delicious ugliness.

Luckily the chocolate sauce wasn’t too sweet, so we found ourselves devouring the toastie without feeling jelak.

miss cafe tater

Counter all that sugar with an order of Truffle Tattoos ($13+). Each tater tot was fried until crispy and well seasoned with finely grated parmesan cheese.

missus cafe tater tot dipping

You are given a small pot of truffle garlic aioli in which to dip each bite-sized piece of potato. The tangy truffle notes paired well with the salty parmesan; it was a surefire snack you won’t go wrong with.

miss cooked coffee

In addition to toasted sandwiches and savory brunches, the cafe also offers counter-fresh breads and pastries.

missus cafe sticky bun

I strongly recommend the Pecan Sticky Bun ($5.50+). This thick loaf featured a soft, sweet crust with cinnamon sugar swirls hidden inside, glazed with a drizzle of sinful caramel and crunchy pecans on top. It was deliciously rich and surprisingly not too sweet. My only complaint was that the outer layer was a bit overcooked, giving a slightly dry exterior on one side of the bun.

Atmosphere at Missus

missus cafe storefront 2

When we arrived at the cafe at 10am on a weekday, we were surprised to find it already half full with diners. Soon after, the seats filled up as more and more people started pouring in, proving the cafe’s popularity.

Mademoiselle cafe atmosphere

There aren’t many seats at the walk-up cafe, so I recommend visiting during off-peak hours. If you can, choose to sit in a comfortable nook to the side instead of the tables in the middle, which can feel a bit crowded on a busy day. Nonetheless, the space is cozy, well-lit, and beautifully decorated with a bohemian pink theme throughout.

The nearest train station is MRT station Bendemeerwhich is a five minute walk away.

The verdict

verdict of the café de madame

Missus impressed us with their wide variety of toasties, fresh pastries and sides which seemed to be more affordable than most other cafes. I liked that they are a bakery and cafe concept in one so everything you get is fresh out of the oven. I will come back to taste the other grilled cheeses and pastries lined up in the glass display!

If you live in the east, check out our guide to the best cafes in the region. Another lovely cafe to visit is Cafe Natsu, a Japanese-inspired cafe in the charming neighborhood of Joo Chiat.

Address: 16 Hamilton Road, #01-05, Singapore 209186
Opening hours: Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm
Missus is a Muslim owned restaurant.

Cafe Natsu: gorgeous cafe with Japanese-inspired brunch and mochi donuts at Joo Chiat

Photos taken by Hui Hui Lau.
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Missus Review: Muslim-Owned Cafe and Bakery with Masala Grilled Cheese, Sticky Pecan Buns and More

  • Missus Review: Muslim-Owned Cafe and Bakery with Masala Grilled Cheese, Sticky Pecan Buns and More – 8/10




– Beautiful space
– Wide variety of dishes
– Relatively affordable

The inconvenients:
– Slumdog Grillionaire was lightly salted
– Can be crowded during peak hours

Recommended dishes: Sticky Pecan Bun ($5.50+), The Great Grilled Choc Sandwich ($13+), Slumdog Grillionaire ($19+)

Opening hours: Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm

Address: 16 Hamilton Road, #01-05, Singapore 209186

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One of my favorite restaurants, Taqueria La Chona, gets a second location!

One of my favorite restaurants in Wichita gets a second location! On my last visit to Taqueria La Chonai was told they are planning to expand southwest to Wichita later this year.

The Mexican Restaurant, located at 3415 E Harry St. has been part of our rotation since opening in 2020. Specializing in cuisine native to Jalisco, Mexico, I’ve stopped there several times for a dish called Carne en su Jugo . If you’ve never eaten it, the dish is extremely popular in Jalisco, Mexico. Carne en su Jugo translates to “meat in its juice”. It is a concentrated and savory broth of finely diced beef served with beans and a wide range of side dishes. Few places serve it, so Taqueria La Chona is a must stop for me.

When I picked it up I was talking to the employees and it seems the plan is to open their second restaurant dubbed, Fonda La Chona, hopefully by November. The new restaurant will be at 1210 W. Pawnee in the space of the former Jimmy Egg, which closed earlier this year. The second store allows them to expand their menu and offer more alcoholic beverages than beer.

This is great news for diners who have had enough of the same Mexican cuisine, as the owners of Taqueria La Chona are sure to bring something different to the table in terms of flavor.

United States car shop

Until Fonda La Chona opens, be sure to check out their flagship location. More information below:

3415 E Harry St.
Wichita, Kansas 67218

Monday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.


Cash/cards accepted

Here is their menu:

Good meal,

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Kellogg’s launches Little Debbie Nutty cereal bar

Last year Little Debbie partnered with Kellogg’s to launch Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie cereal and before that in 2020 they released Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies cereal, bringing two iconic Little Debbie treats to breakfast. . Now they’ve teamed up again to bring a third beloved snack to the most important meal of the day. This week, Kellogg’s and Little Debbie announced the new Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal will hit stores later this year.

The new cereal features the beloved chocolate and peanut butter flavors of the Nutty Buddy candy and is described as “the flavors meld with the crunchy, fudge-coated cereal pieces for the ultimate Nutty Buddy experience.” No word on how delicious this cereal milk must be, but we’re guessing it’s also very tasty.

“Since the release of our first two Little Debbie cereals, fans have been eager to see Kellogg turn more Little Debbie snacks into cereals,” said Sadie Garcia, brand marketing manager at Kellogg All Family cereal, in a statement. “Our new collaboration brings the iconic Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars to the breakfast table for the very first time.”

As noted, this is the third Little Debbie treat to receive the cereal treatment.

“Through our ongoing partnership with Kellogg’s, we’re able to share Little Debbie’s beloved treats with fans in new ways,” said Jeff Badger, vice president of marketing at McKee Foods. “This new cereal captures the nostalgic chocolate and peanut butter flavors of a Nutty Buddy Bar. It’s delicious for breakfast or as a treat any time of the day.”

If you’re a fan of Little Debbie Nutty Buddy treats and want to enjoy these cereals, here’s what you need to know. Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal will be available at Walmart starting in October and will be rolling out to other retailers nationwide starting in December. An 8.2 ounce can has a suggested retail price of $4.99 while a 13.1 ounce can has a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Are you going to discover the new Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal? Which Little Debbie treat would you like to see turn into cereal next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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