A look at new and closed restaurants in San Antonio’s food scene

Follow us as we follow the opening and closing of restaurants in San Antonio.

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The restaurant industry in San Antonio is exciting, bustling and ever-changing. From the newest openings helmed by celebrity chefs to neighborhood staples for years, it can sometimes seem like the moment you finish a bite there’s news of a new opening or someone sinking.

We’ve collected all of this news for you here in this story which will be updated monthly so you can keep up to date with the latest happenings.

What opens:

Opening scheduled for early April.

Opening scheduled for early April.

Donut Stand

Donut Standone of the best food kiosks in the San Antonio Farmer’s Market, will soon open a physical location on Broadway. Opening this month. Read more:

What ends:

Closed March 17.

Closed March 17.

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Jacala, one of San Antonio’s oldest restaurants, which recently burned down in a devastating fire last month, remains closed with no announced plans for its future. Closed March 17. Read more:

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Closed March 21.

Closed March 21.

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Fletcher Burgers, a key part of the Pearl Bottling Department food hall since the summer of 2017, served its latest smoked burger. But rumors on social media hint at a future reopening. Closed March 21. Read more:

Check back with this story as we update it every month with the latest.

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