A couple plan to open a cafe in Wallingford Square on the east side

WALLINGFORD — Local couple Jeremy and Sarah Glidden are planning a cafe in the East Side Square which is home to East Side Pizza, Carini’s and Keri’s Sweet Creations.

As they prepare to open the cafe later this year, the couple are also trying to open a distillery called Angry Man Distilling.

“We are still looking for a small industrial space for the distillery, so in the meantime, 822 East Center Street will be a cafe known as Bones & Botanicals,” said Jeremy Glidden. “It will specialize in locally sourced herbal teas, craft cocktails, and Connecticut beer, cider and wine. When our distillery finds a home and is operational, we will stop using outside sources for our cocktails and use our own instead.

Sarah Glidden came up with the idea for the name of the cafe.

“I didn’t hesitate to say yes, she loves gardening and herbalism, so I couldn’t imagine finding a more fitting name,” Jeremy Glidden said.

The couple are still working on their liquor license. Jerry Farrell Jr, their attorney, said a sign notifying the public of the license must remain in place for 21 days.

“No app has the exact same path as another, but what usually happens is that sign has to be in place for 21 days and then the liquor commission is able to grant the license” , Farrell said.

Jeremy Glidden said they hoped to open in October but said it could be pushed back to early next year. The couple still have to design the café, buy equipment, paint and do other renovations.

Farrell thinks the coffee will be a plus for the place.

“It kind of complements some of the other things going on,” Farrell said.

While they will serve alcoholic beverages, Jeremy Glidden said the cafe will not have a bar atmosphere.

“Honestly, our place is small, we like it, we want to be a place where an adult can come and have a hot tea or a craft cocktail, read a book and not feel out of place,” said Jeremy Glidden. “We’re a cafe, not a bar, no TVs, no $6 drinks.”

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