A cafe with the concept of a prison in Lavas Kopi Medan, USA

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Lavas Kopi is the only cafe that has the undertones of a prison or a holding cell in the penitentiary (Lapas) in the city of Medan. This cafe is located on Jalan Perjuangan, Sei Kerja Hillir Village, Medan Perjuangan District, Medan City, North Sumatra.

Observation Second North Sumatra Going to this cafe, it looks like there are many seats inside like a holding cell. Plus, there are names that should be in jail.

For example, there are holding cells for drug addicts, corruption, rape, criminals and the like which make this cafe feel truly unique.

At the outer gate, visitors will see a huge fence with a wire strip at the top, like a prison. In front of the building, the name of the cafe will be displayed with the words Lavaz Kopi Class 1 Meydan, just like the name of the class I prison, Tanjung Gusta in Medan.

After passing through the fenced area, at the entrance to the cafe, visitors will see a height chart which is commonly used to measure the height of prisoners. Usually many visitors to this place take pictures as if they are prisoners.

Inside the cafe there are also middle seats which look like other cafes. The seat was made of brown wood which was neatly arranged. This cafe also offers injury seating on the second floor, confined to a single cell.

Wahdan Choir Nashushan, as the manager of the cafe, acknowledged that Lavas Kopi Meydan is a branch of Lavas Kopi which was originally established in 2017 in Kisanan, Asan Regency.

“Lavas Kopi Medan will open in June 2022. This cafe is open daily from 10:00 WIB to 23:45 WIB,” Wahdan said in an interview on Sunday (7/31/2022) by dateiksumt.

It is said that apart from being a place to eat, the owner of the cafe also wants to provide education so that residents who want to know about the conditions in the prisons can see the concept promoted by this cafe.

“The concept of Lavas Kopi was inspired by prisons in the United States. The concept was embraced until it eventually became a cafe,” he said.

Besides the prison-style architecture, the menu of the dishes served has also been adapted from the prison concept. For example, gel fried rice. This fried rice is actually in terms of food ingredients, it is similar to normal fried rice.

But what’s the difference, because it’s fried rice wrapped in poached eggs. It refers to the concept of fried rice enclosed in an egg.

Besides the fried rice, the other favorite menu at this cafe is the Oreo monster drink. For those of you who want to try a healthy drink, the cafe also serves Jogja Vedang Uwo’s specialty drink which is made from herbal ingredients.

However, don’t worry, the menu served in this cafe is also varied. The price is also very affordable. So don’t worry, the food from this place won’t make you lose your pocket.

Apart from that, this cafe also impresses the visitors with the live music. Major batak music is said to be featured. This live music starts around 8:00 p.m. WIB. The singer who performs in this live music is also different every night.

“If this cafe is really a family concept, you can bring your children, your wife, your baby while listening to Batak songs,” he concluded.

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