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Secured vs Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

It can be difficult to manage multiple debt accounts at the same time, but you may be able to remedy the situation with a debt consolidation loan. Easily available through traditional banks, credit unions, and online lenders, they come in two forms: secured and unsecured loans.

Both secured and unsecured debt consolidation loans can help you shave several months or even years off your repayment period. Additionally, you can save a bundle in interest by getting a debt consolidation loan with a more competitive interest rate and using it to eliminate your existing debt balances.

How a debt consolidation loan works

A debt consolidation loan is a personal loan that is used to convert multiple debt balances into a new loan product. You typically get a term of 1 to 10 years and a fixed monthly payment as the interest rate is fixed.

Ideally, the interest rate on a debt consolidation loan should be lower than what you currently have to maximize cost savings. But if you’re eligible for less than the total amount you owe on credit cards and loans, you should use the loan proceeds to pay off the highest-interest-rate debt.

Here’s an illustration of how a debt consolidation loan can save you a bunch on credit card interest:

  • Card 1: $1,500 balance and 17% APR
  • Card 2: $2,000 balance and 15% APR
  • Card 3: $2,500 balance and 12% APR
  • Card 4: $3,000 balance and 21% APR

Now let’s assume you pay off these balances in 24 months. You would spend $1,629 in interest. But if you’re approved for a $9,000 24-month personal loan at an 8 percent APR, your interest expense drops to $573.25.

You can use a personal loan calculator and a credit card payoff calculator to calculate potential interest savings with a debt consolidation loan.

How to use a secured loan for debt consolidation

Secured loans are backed by collateral, making them more risky for borrowers. Depending on your financial situation, they can be worthwhile. You can use any of these secured loan products for debt consolidation.

Secured Personal Loan

This works like a traditional loan and may be more accessible if you don’t have perfect credit. Still, there are downsides to consider. You could get a high interest rate and risk losing your collateral if you default on the loan payments.

Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Both home equity loans and HELOCs allow you to convert some of your home’s equity, or the difference between your home’s value and what you currently owe, into cash.

When you take out a home equity loan, you receive the entire loan amount in one lump sum and pay it back in equal monthly installments because the interest rate is fixed. A HELOC acts as a credit card, and you can withdraw money from it when you need it. You only pay back what you borrow from a HELOC and the interest rate is variable.

Both home equity loans and HELOCs are ideal for debt consolidation because they offer more competitive interest rates than personal loans. Also, you could be approved for a large amount if you have a lot of equity in your home. The main disadvantage is losing your home to foreclosure if you default on the loan since these products act as second mortgages.

How to Use an Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

Unlike secured loans, there are no collateral requirements to be approved. There are two types of unsecured debt consolidation loans and a credit card option.

Unsecured Personal Loan

This loan product allows you to consolidate your debts to simplify the repayment process. You get a fixed interest rate and a more manageable monthly payment. Most lenders excel at fast approval and funding times. However, processing fees may apply when taking out a loan. Early repayment of the loan can also be subject to a prepayment penalty.

peer to peer lending

Unlike personal loans, they are offered by retail investors making unsecured loans to consumers who meet their lending criteria. You may be eligible for a loan with quick funding times even if you don’t have perfect credit. The downside is that if you have bad credit, your borrowing costs can be higher than if you took out a home equity loan. In addition, some peer-to-peer loans have short repayment terms.

Credit card transfer

You get an introductory period – typically up to 18 months – with a low or zero interest rate. Paying off your high-interest credit card debt and repaying it within this window will save you a fortune in interest.

How to get a debt consolidation loan

You can apply for a debt consolidation loan through a traditional bank, credit union, or online lender. Ideally, you should have a credit score in the mid-600s and a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio of no more than 45 percent for the best chance of qualifying for a loan with competitive terms. A lower credit rating does not automatically lead to a rejection, but you must expect higher borrowing costs and less favorable credit terms.

Remember that each lender has unique eligibility requirements, so it’s best to do some research before applying to make sure the lender you’re considering is a good fit.

bottom line

A debt consolidation loan makes managing multiple debt accounts easier, and you can pay off your balances faster and save a lot on interest. Before applying, evaluate secured and unsecured loans to decide which option is the best. It’s also important to shop around, pre-qualify without hurting your credit score, and review the numbers to determine if debt consolidation makes sense or whether you should wait until your credit score or overall financial situation improves.

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Columbus police name people of interest in deadly 2020 shooting outside nightclub

Job :


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Columbus police say they have identified three people of interest who are wanted for questioning in connection with a July 2020 shooting outside a nightclub on East 5th Avenue.

On July 26, 2020, officers attended E. 5th Ave. and Joyce Ave. just after 2 a.m. and found 21-year-old Dalan Wellman and a 19-year-old man outside the Story Lounge nightclub with gunshot wounds. .

Wellman and the 19-year-old were taken to Grant Medical Center and Wellman was pronounced dead approximately 1 p.m. after the shooting was reported. The 19-year-old, in stable condition, was taken to hospital.

On Friday, police released three persons of interest who are accused of being in a vehicle at the time of the shooting and of having fired several shots. These three people are Gvon Thornton, Jada Genovese and Marquis Smith.

Gvon Thornton, left, Jada Genovese and Marquis Smith are wanted for questioning as persons of interest in the July 2020 shooting death of 21-year-old Dalan Wellman. (Courtesy Photo/Columbus Police Division)

Anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to contact the CPD Homicide Unit at 614-645-4730 or the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.

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“Cafe management game Lemon Cake launches today on all major digital platforms”

“Cafe management game Lemon Cake launches today on all major digital platforms” – Games Press

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Press release

A freshly curated launch trailer announces the digital release of Lemon Cake, which is available now on Epic Games, PlayStation®, Xbox and Nintendo Switch™

Rotterdam, Netherlands – September 30, 2022 – SOEDESCO® launches a cozy café management game Lemon cake on Epic Games, PS4PS5Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. SOEDESCO and Cozy Bee Games have prepared a brand new trailer to announce the launch. The physical release date of this delightful game is set for November.

Watch the launch trailer:

A smooth cafe management experience, now available on all digital platforms
‍Developed by Cozy Bee Games, also known as independent solo developer Éloïse Laroche, Lemon Cake first launched on Steam® in 2021. Éloïse is a solo developer and with the help of SOEDESCO, she is now proud to bring that cozy cafe experience to consoles: “It’s so nice for me to see how far Lemon Cake has come, as it was originally inspired by my favorite childhood cooking games. It’s like a huge accomplishment for it to come out on consoles and I hope this brings a sense of gaming nostalgia to everyone who has played this kind of games!

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QR codes reduce friction for EU restaurants

“When was the last time you had an amazing checkout experience at a restaurant?”

That’s the question Moritz Heininger, founder and CEO of Berlin-based FinTech DIDIT, asked PYMNTS in an interview.

Moritz Heininger

Admittedly, leaving a restaurant can be a tricky process for customers. It’s one thing if the bill is split evenly, but if individual customers want to pay different amounts, things get complicated quickly.

For restaurant staff, closing tables can be time consuming, not to mention having to manage large groups of diners who may each want to pay different amounts using different methods – a process that can take up to 20% wait staff time, Heininger explained. .

For restaurants and their customers, QR code-based payments can solve many of these problems, he said, adding that the technology can “make the payment experience fun” and even create new opportunities for businesses.

Continue reading: Consumers want a choice of menu payments when eating out

In many Asian countries, this payment method has been growing in popularity for years, Heininger noted, citing the example of China’s Alipay, which introduced the feature to its mobile wallet in 2011. By 2016, the addition had catapulted Business-to-business mobile payments account for 71% of all transactions processed.

However, the technology has not gained the same popularity in Europe, and for many people their first experience of reading a QR code was only during the pandemic, when it was widely rolled out to boost contact tracing and helped reduce the need for physical proximity. .

Learn more: In-Depth Analysis: Exploring Different QR Code Adoption Rates Around the World

Maintain the human touch

In the restaurant industry, QR codes in their most basic form are used to simply direct diners to an online menu. While this has some benefits for restaurants, it lacks the interactivity of more sophisticated solutions such as “self-ordering” where customers can place an order using interactive menus.

Self-service checkout, another use case for QR codes in restaurants, allows diners to scan a code to make payments, reducing the need for wait staff to come to the table, which at in turn leads to a smoother checkout experience in most cases.

Overall, there’s less demand for self-ordering than self-paying, Heininger said, although the company plans to introduce the service by the end of this year.

He added that while restaurants with fast customer turnover have the most to gain by removing wait staff from the ordering process — and “personal contact doesn’t matter so much” — many restaurants prefer retaining the human touch that comes with ordering in person. .

More on this: Restaurants seek to balance full-service with digital ease

Highlighting this point, he added that some of the restaurants DIDIT works with have expressed interest in QR-based ordering, in which the first order is always taken by a wait staff while a QR code is also provided on the table for customers to order. extras like drinks throughout their meal.

QR payments unlock brand value

In addition to helping provide a smoother experience for customers paying their bills, Heininger said mobile self-checkout has other benefits for restaurants that DIDIT is looking to capitalize on.

First, he noted that when restaurants introduced the system, they saw an increase in the amount of tips. In fact, while there are options to customize the tip amount added to a bill on the DIDIT web app, people have stuck with the default option of 10%, which is standard in Germany. Counter this with other payment methods, where the tendency is to round up for convenience and results in lower value tips for staff.

Another area in which DIDIT has sought to optimize the payment process for restaurants is the integration of a review system. As Heininger explained, during the self-checkout process, customers are prompted to leave a review. If they select three stars or less, the review stays internal, but if they select four or five, then they have the option of posting the review on Google Maps.

Finally, he added that because customers have the option of receiving their receipts via email, self-checkout technology is a powerful tool for building customer loyalty and a useful way for restaurant brands to grow their businesses. mailing lists, which can be difficult otherwise.

See more : QR codes keep Gen Z customers coming back

Basically, the more detailed customer information can be gathered through the review system and email address collection, the more restaurants using DIDIT can boast of “marketing capabilities that only e-commerce stores would normally have.” “.

DIDIT, QR codes

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New PYMNTS Study: How Consumers Use Digital Banks

A PYMNTS survey of 2,124 US consumers shows that while two-thirds of consumers have used FinTechs for some aspect of banking, only 9.3% call them their primary bank.

We are always looking for partnership opportunities with innovators and disruptors.

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Police – NBC 6 South Florida

A Miami Gardens man, who sometimes dresses as a woman to shoplift, is considering a growing list of charges after he was suspected of grand theft from Miami stores in Altamonte Springs, court records show.

According to multiple arrest reports, Jamarian Ashford Brooks, who turned 20 on Wednesday, entered a Bath and Body Works store in Pembroke Pines on June 25, 2021, with two women and stole scented candles and perfume.

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Jamarian Brooks

He entered a Bath and Body Works store in Deerfield Beach with two suspected accomplices on July 5, 2021 and stole nearly $2,700 worth of scented candles and wallflower warmer scents.

The trio did it again at a Bath and Body Works store in Hollywood on July 14, 2021, stealing over $2,000 worth of candles and perfume.

On the same day, the group stole 31 bottles of tequila worth a total of $1,925 from a Total Wine store in Coral Springs.

Brooks and an alleged accomplice pepper sprayed and punched a 71-year-old employee to steal a $100 bottle of Hennessey and other items from a Walgreen’s in Pembroke Pines on July 25.

Two days later, Brooks and three alleged accomplices pepper sprayed and punched a Walgreen clerk to steal a bottle of Patron tequila from Davie.

Also on July 27, Brooks and the other suspects stole $225 worth of merchandise from a Hobby Lobby store in Davie, then pepper-sprayed and hit the manager’s head with a shopping cart before driving away. .

Brooks was arrested in Miami after shoplifting from a BJ wholesale warehouse, police said.

In most cases, surveillance video showed the suspects dressed in women’s clothing filling shopping bags and shopping carts with scented candles, perfumes and alcohol.

They would leave without paying and flee in different vehicles, at least one of which was allegedly stolen, police said.

Brooks is charged with multiple counts of grand larceny, armed robbery and assault on a person over 65.

He was taken to Broward County Jail on Wednesday, where he remains on bonds totaling $78,000, records show.

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Odd bedfellows petition CFPB to pass larger personal loan participant rule | Ballard Spahr LLP

The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) and the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) have submitted a joint petition to the CFPB asking the Governing Board to participate in rulemaking to define larger participants in the personal lending market. In February 2022, the CFPB introduced a new procedure for members of the public to petition for rulemaking (including amendments to or repeals of existing rules). the petition was put on record from the CFPB. Under the CFPB’s new procedure, petitions submitted will receive a final response from the CFPB. (CBA sent a letter beforehand in October 2021 to then-new director Chopra, in which he urged the CFPB to adopt a larger participant rule for fintech consumer lenders.)

In their petition, the CRL and CBA describe the consumer credit market as consisting of five segments: mortgages (including home equity loans and HELOCs), credit cards, auto loans, student loans and “other personal loans.” They describe the “other personal loans” category as including three types of loans, which can be secured (other than real estate interests) or unsecured: short-term installment loans (typically with maturities of three months to one year), longer-term Loans and Revolving Credit Lines. Secured loans in this category include loans to finance the purchase of durable goods (e.g. appliances or mobile homes) and loans secured by a security interest in the borrower’s existing property (e.g. a vehicle).

The CRL and CBA note that the Bureau announced in its 2015 regulatory agenda that it expects to develop a proposed rule to define major non-bank participants in the personal loan market, including consumer installment loans and auto title loans, and reported on it in its Spring Regulatory Agenda 2017 that they are working on developing such a rule. However, as they also note, the Bureau under former Acting Director Mulvaney classified rulemaking as inactive in its Spring 2018 regulatory agenda and has not commented on the issue since.

Reasons set out in the petition why the Bureau should resume rulemaking more broadly include:

  • A rapidly growing personal installment loan market, also due to changes in state laws effectively banning payday loans;
  • A significant portion of consumers who take out other personal loans, particularly consumers who receive such loans from non-banks, tend to be economically vulnerable consumers who either cannot obtain credit through a credit card or HELOC, have exhausted their available credit, or incurred so much debt have that they need a credit card or HELOC refinance;
  • Significant growth in fintechs targeting the subprime market and offering loans that consumers find difficult to repay;
  • The current regulatory regime creates an unlevel playing field for banks regulated by the CFPB and a significant risk that consumer protection issues affecting vulnerable consumers will go undetected; and
  • Risk-based supervision is not an adequate substitute for a large participant rule in a market with a significant number of large participants due to the need for company-specific insights.

In their petition, the CRL and CBA recommend defining the personal loan market as follows:

Originating or servicing closed or perpetual lines of credit, payable in more than one installment, granted to consumers for personal, family, or household purposes, except for loans secured by real estate, post-secondary education loans as defined in 12 CFR 1090.106 (a ) or auto purchase or refinance loans as defined in 12 CFR 1090.108(a).

Referring to their recommendation that the Governing Board cover both closed installment loans and perpetual lines of credit, the CRL and CBA state that “there is an ongoing debate as to whether [buy-now-pay-later (BNPL)] Loans are closed loans or perpetual lines of credit” and claim that “[g]Consolidating closed and open loans into the definition of a single retail lending market will avoid potential inconsistencies in terms of bureau oversight and potential uncertainties over coverage of BNPL loans.”

Regarding their recommendation to define the market to cover both origination and servicing of personal loans, the CRL and CBA point to partnerships between banks and fintechs. They call the claim that the bank is the true lender in such partnerships “controversial,” arguing that it is clear that the non-bank partner is an insured person acting in its role as a credit servicer provides a financial product or service to consumers. According to the CRL and CBA, defining the market to cover servicing and origination “will ensure that if these non-custodial fintechs are large enough to meet the larger participant threshold, they will be subject to Bureau oversight, at least in relation to on its servicing activities, including its activities in billing, collection and provision of data to consumer reporting points.”

In August 2022, eight national trading groups made an application with the CFPB asking the Bureau to participate in rulemaking to define larger players in the data aggregation services market.

[View source.]

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Adelaide’s Botanic Restaurant named Australian Restaurant of the Year by Gourmet Traveler | Australian food and drink

Adelaide’s Botanic restaurant won Restaurant of the Year at the annual Gourmet Traveler awards night, which was announced in person at a gala on Tuesday, after being canceled in 2020 and held online last year.

The restaurant, run by chef Justin James and set in the middle of the South Australian capital’s Botanic Gardens, opened its doors just 14 months ago after the gardens’ former restaurant underwent a makeover. James uses plants from around the area, combining native flavors and more exotic botanicals to create a 20-course menu that unfolds over at least four hours.

Accepting the award, the chef said he was “a bit shocked, to be honest”.

“I’ve been to a lot of them and I’ve seen all these great chefs stand up here and take this award, and I said, ‘One day, I hope I can do it.’ I’ve seen the Ben Shewrys, the Dan Hunters, the Neil Perrys come by, and it’s kind of amazing to be standing here.

“The idea I had, of going to Adelaide – everyone said to me, ‘it’s not possible, maybe Melbourne, maybe Sydney’. It’s just pretty amazing.

Gourmet Traveler Editor-in-Chief Joanna Hunkin opened the awards show by paying tribute to the “deep talent, vision and strength that fuels this industry”.

“That’s what saw you all fight through two and a half years of hell and come out the other side. And that’s worth celebrating.

Winners from previous years have appeared at awards held at Shell House in Sydney, also one of the finalists for the Best New Restaurant award; Ben Shewry of Attica was in attendance, as were Neil Perry, whose new venue, Margaret, received Best New Restaurant and Brigitte Hafner of Tedesca Osteria, whose restaurant was again recognized as a state winner. after being named restaurant of the year last year.

Before the pandemic, the magazine compiled a ranked list of 50 restaurants in Australia each year. Last year, however, after border restrictions and pandemic limitations made that impossible, the awards changed to recognize one winner for each state alongside an unranked list of top venues. The format has continued this year, with 82 restaurants appearing on the 2023 list.

Mug Chen and Chia Wu received the Best New Talent Award at their wine bar Muni. Photography: Jonathan van der Knaap

Mug Chen and Chia Wu, two Taiwanese chefs who opened the natural wine bar and restaurant Muni in the McLaren Vale town of Willunga, SA, were honored as best new talent, while Thi Le was named chef of the year in the single peer of the night. voted price.

Le, of Vietnamese-Chinese descent and who grew up in Sydney’s west, dedicated her victory to “all the ethnic and Asian girls who want to be chefs and don’t want to be accountants”.

Le has thanked her partner, Jia-Yen, who she says pushed her to open the famous fine dining restaurant Anchovy in Richmond, Melbourne. “I originally wanted to open a chicken shop! So, this is a failed chicken shop.

Thi Le
Gourmet Traveler Chef of the Year, Thi Le. Photography: Parker Blain

Le, who now runs Ca Com, a banh mi bar, and Jeow, a Lao restaurant, both in Melbourne, said she has always wanted to champion Southeast Asian cuisine. “Sometimes I wonder if it’s the right thing to do. I think receiving this award means I’m on the right track.

Restaurant of the year
Botanic Restaurant, Adelaide, SA

Restaurant of the Year Winners
Pilot, Canberra, ACT
Margaret, Sydney, New South Wales
Essa, Brisbane, Queensland
Botanic Restaurant, Adelaide, SA
Fico, Hobart, Tasmania
Tedesca Osteria, Red Hill, Victoria
Lulu La Delizia, Perth, WA

Chef of the year
Thi Le – Ca Com and Jeow, Melbourne, Victoria

Best New Restaurant
Margaret, Sydney

Best New Talent
Chen and Chia Wu mug – Muni, Willunga, SA

Restaurant Personality of the Year
Shannon Martinez – Smith & Daughters, Melbourne, Victoria

Best Destination Restaurant
Van Bone, Marion Bay, Tasmania

Best wine bar
Paloma, Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Outstanding Contribution to Hospitality
Dani Valent, journalist and food communicator

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Philly Bars where you can watch your college football team

You may not be an undergrad anymore, but you can still cheer on your alma mater with other alumni on a fall Saturday.

New Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse on Sansom shows Wisconsin and Michigan games, in case you need a place to cheer on your team alongside people wearing the same varsity sweatshirt as you. / Photograph courtesy of Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse

College football season is in full swing, with all its buffalo wings, offbeat fight songs, and cornhole. You may not be an undergrad anymore, but you can still cheer on your alma mater with other alumni on a chilly fall Saturday. (Personally, as a Penn State alumnus, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of wins and heartbreak over cheap beer and fries.) This town’s college alumni groups have made their mark. in the bars of Philadelphia by hosting special experiences. So grab that college shirt, load up the 12-leg parlay that’ll net you $1 million, and use this guide to figure out where your folks congregate on the weekends.

Crew: Alabama
Bar: Cavanaugh Headhouse
This is where Crimson Tide fans show up and show off. The old-school Irish pub offers free half-time hoagies for groups of alumni who sign up for a private room. Enjoy $5.50 Goose Island beer, plus wings tossed in their sweet and spicy Cav’s sauce as you watch future first rounds pass the competition. 421 2nd Street South.

Crew: our Lady
Bar: The mulberry
Mulberry owner and former Notre Dame Ben Haney makes sure fellow Fighting Irish fans are comfortable at his Logan Square location. The cozy, upscale pub has a massive menu with a cheese board that would make any game better, plus Jameson wings and a double-stacked burger smash. The Mulberry doesn’t have any Saturday drink promotions yet, but maybe that’s a good thing. Who wants to hear ND fans screaming about how they shouldn’t join a conference after downing several hard seltzers? 1835 Arch St.

Crew: Penn State
Bar(s): Shopkeeper and La Roca
Penn State devotees congregate at Tradesman’s, where you can get a special eight-person package that includes wings, deviled eggs, chicken fingers, cheesesteak spring rolls, fries and beer for $225. The downtown bar is busy with fans glued to the huge media wall. Any old-timers looking for a quieter experience should visit La Roca in Manayunk, especially for its jalapeño cucumber tacos and margaritas that are strong enough to make you forget about losing the Rose Bowl in 2016. 1322 Chestnut Street and 4161 Main Street.

Team(s): State of Pittsburgh and Michigan
Bar: Sto’s Bar
It’s understandable that Pitt and Michigan State fans flock to Sto’s Bar. Old Town’s reliable watering hole serves up $5 citywide and filling drinks all day, every day. If that’s not enough motivation, Sto’s offers $20 Miller Lite buckets and jello shots after every touchdown. Not bad for the second-best teams in Pennsylvania and Michigan. 236 Market Street.

Crew: Texas
Bar: Chickie’s & Pete’s
The Texas Exes congregate at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly on Saturdays. Things get rowdy in this popular bar that has dozens of TVs. While you’re cheering on Texas and keeping an eye on Oklahoma across the bar, grab a bucket of Chickie and Pete’s Crinkle Crab Fries with a creamy cheese dip. Then, wash down your fries with $5 National Pitchers on special. 1526 Packer Ave.

Crew: USC
Bar: At Dave and Buster’s
This giant restaurant and entertainment chain is your childhood dream with pre-workout supplements, video games, pop music, huge TVs and bright lights. It’s also where Trojans fans brave the East Coast temperatures on game days. D&B’s typically offers a special fall drink list that includes remixes of classics like old fashioneds as well as pumpkin-enriched shakes. If the PAC-12 game isn’t going well, ditch the giant flatscreens and head to the arcade. 325 Columbus Blvd North.

Crew: ohio state
Bar: Scale 15
The Buckeyes take over Ladder 15 – a Rittenhouse bar that gets crowds dancing – every fall weekend. It’s a good place to watch any game if you don’t want to feel too packed, as Ladder 15 has TVs on both levels. Expect standards like wings, as well as elevated pub fare like calamari and truffle fries. 1528 Sansom St.

Crew: Michigan
Bar: Flanigan Boathouse
Michigan fans watch Maize and Blue at Flanigan’s Boathouse in Conshohocken. This family-friendly sports bar serves breakfast tacos and quesadillas as well as crispy pork sandwiches from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Those looking for game day drinks can add $25 High Noon buckets or $4 Bud Light bottles. (Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse also shows all of Michigan’s games). 113 Fayette Street, Conshohocken.

Crew: Clemson
Bar: The post office
Clemson alumni take part in ACC main action at the Post in University City. In addition to showing games, this bright and colorful bar with brasserie seating offers activities like pool, air hockey, and shuffleboard that add to the game-day experience. If you love martinis, The Post offers eight (yes, you read that right) varieties of the drink. Whenever you need a bit of air, head to the rooftop of Cira Green where the games are played on their giant screen. 129 30th Street South.

Crew: Wisconsin
Bar: Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse
Wisconsin fans enjoy Cavanaugh’s new two-story Rittenhouse location, which features wall-to-wall televisions. While you watch the Badgers play Big Ten football, order from Cavanaugh’s list of Saturday specials like $18 Bud Light buckets and $24 White Claw buckets. Make it an even better Saturday and stock up on Philly-style toddlers topped with steak, onions and cheese. 1921 Sansom Street.

Crew: Rutgers
Bar: Pub O’Neals
It’s hard to have back-to-back losing seasons, so it’s only fitting that the folks at O’Neals care about Rutgers fans. This family-run Irish pub in Queen Village serves $3.75 Bud Lights all day, plus breakfast sandwiches until 10 p.m. Head’s up: They broadcast most college football games indoors, as well as on their street-side and back patio. 611 3rd Street South.

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Myth Live nightclub could be demolished in Maplewood

A developer is looking to demolish Myth in favor of a 241-unit apartment complex, subject to city council approval.

MAPLEWOOD, Minnesota – The Myth Live nightclub may not be staying in Maplewood much longer.

After the city approved $6.4 million in tax increase funding Monday night, council will soon consider allowing a developer to demolish Myth in favor of a 241-unit apartment building on the site. This decision should be made by the end of the calendar year.

Patrick Brama, who attended the meeting on Monday as a representative of Enclave Companies, described the project as a “market-priced, four-story apartment complex.” He said a purchase agreement is in place and Enclave plans to close the property early next year, clearing the way for demolition and construction.

“We think this is a great opportunity for people who want to balance work and private life,” Brama said. “It is easy to walk with all kinds of attractions nearby.”

Maplewood Mayor Marylee Abrams has publicly stated her support for the project, as part of the city’s vision for the redevelopment of the North End near the Maplewood Mall.

“I think it’s absolutely essential,” Abrams said. “It will create jobs. It will bring people for retail and restaurants there. It will create some synergy.”

Myth Live, meanwhile, seems determined to fight the scrapping process.

Bill Skolnick, an attorney for Myth, said in an email that he didn’t have a copy of the purchase agreement calling for the nightclub to be demolished. He also emailed KARE 11 a copy of Myth’s lease with owner Lighthouse Management Group, Inc., showing a clause regarding a 10-year extension option. “The Landlord and the Tenant agree,” the lease states, “that so long as the Tenant does not breach the Lease, the term of the Lease shall be extended until December 31, 2033 (“Extension Period”).” Lighthouse Management did not return a message seeking comment.

Kim Brokke, a representative for Myth, told KARE 11 in an email that “we have 11 years of lease options that we will exercise.”

This is just the latest legal battle involving Myth, which unsuccessfully sued the city of Maplewood in 2019 over a course of action that required management to follow certain rules to retain a liquor license. Before the pandemic led to reduced events, Maplewood police said they responded to more than 200 calls to Myth between 2017 and 2019, including one person with a neck injury.

Andy Horng, who promoted events at Myth for around a decade through a third-party contractor, defended the club in an interview with KARE 11. He said he felt safer at Myth than in downtown Minneapolis clubs and called Myth “like a tome second home.”

“I speak on behalf of Asian Americans, that’s where we all go, that’s Myth nightclub. That’s where we’re going to have fun,” Horng said. “It’s going to hurt. It hits your heart. If we lose Myth, we have no place to relax.”

If the council approves the plan, Enclave could open the new apartments in April 2023, followed by around two years of construction.

Watch the latest local news from the Twin Cities in our YouTube Playlist:

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Missus Review: Muslim Owned Cafe and Bakery at Bendeemeer Fresh Bakes

Missus is a Muslim-owned cafe and bakery in Bendeemeer

For me, a great cafe should tick those boxes: tasteful interiors, plenty of natural light, and delicious food that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. In our search for IG-worthy brunch cafes in Singapore, we stumbled upon Mrs.. The brand new Muslim-owned cafe along Hamilton Road has gained popularity online thanks to its beautiful space and wide range of pastries.

The cafe is in a prime location that is home to a few other popular bakeries, including La Levain, run by a former pastry chef from Boulangerie Brera.

La Levain: over 50 pastries at the new cafe by former bakery chef Brera, including a Bo Bo Cha Cha croissant

Food at Missus

missus cafe establishment

Missus became famous for their selection of grilled cheeses, with flavors including their signature Missus Melt ($17.90+), a truffled four cheese sandwich served with roasted garlic tomato soup. However, we wanted something less conventional, so the Slumdog Grillionaire ($19+) was our choice.

missus cafe masala toast cross section

This flavor bomb of a sandwich included masala potato cubes, cilantro pesto, and the cafe’s signature blend of cheeses, all nestled between home-baked ciabatta bread. It also comes with a side of cassava chips, which were unfortunately straight out of a packet.

missus cafe cheese sweater

The cheese wasn’t very strong in this one, maybe because the toastie was cut in half before serving. Nevertheless, the well seasoned potato chunks and fragrant pesto made up for that.

miss coffee dip

Although tasty, I felt the sandwich was salty, but that was easily remedied with the homemade tomato chutney. The dip had just enough acidity to offset the richness of the toast.

I felt bonus points should also be given for the delicious bread as it is homemade.

missus cafe chocolate toast

I have a sweet tooth, so I naturally turned to The Large Toasted Chocolate Sandwich ($13+). This fudgy sandwich was cut to expose a melted Mexican chocolate filling encompassing a crispy, leaf-like center – it was the epitome of delicious ugliness.

Luckily the chocolate sauce wasn’t too sweet, so we found ourselves devouring the toastie without feeling jelak.

miss cafe tater

Counter all that sugar with an order of Truffle Tattoos ($13+). Each tater tot was fried until crispy and well seasoned with finely grated parmesan cheese.

missus cafe tater tot dipping

You are given a small pot of truffle garlic aioli in which to dip each bite-sized piece of potato. The tangy truffle notes paired well with the salty parmesan; it was a surefire snack you won’t go wrong with.

miss cooked coffee

In addition to toasted sandwiches and savory brunches, the cafe also offers counter-fresh breads and pastries.

missus cafe sticky bun

I strongly recommend the Pecan Sticky Bun ($5.50+). This thick loaf featured a soft, sweet crust with cinnamon sugar swirls hidden inside, glazed with a drizzle of sinful caramel and crunchy pecans on top. It was deliciously rich and surprisingly not too sweet. My only complaint was that the outer layer was a bit overcooked, giving a slightly dry exterior on one side of the bun.

Atmosphere at Missus

missus cafe storefront 2

When we arrived at the cafe at 10am on a weekday, we were surprised to find it already half full with diners. Soon after, the seats filled up as more and more people started pouring in, proving the cafe’s popularity.

Mademoiselle cafe atmosphere

There aren’t many seats at the walk-up cafe, so I recommend visiting during off-peak hours. If you can, choose to sit in a comfortable nook to the side instead of the tables in the middle, which can feel a bit crowded on a busy day. Nonetheless, the space is cozy, well-lit, and beautifully decorated with a bohemian pink theme throughout.

The nearest train station is MRT station Bendemeerwhich is a five minute walk away.

The verdict

verdict of the café de madame

Missus impressed us with their wide variety of toasties, fresh pastries and sides which seemed to be more affordable than most other cafes. I liked that they are a bakery and cafe concept in one so everything you get is fresh out of the oven. I will come back to taste the other grilled cheeses and pastries lined up in the glass display!

If you live in the east, check out our guide to the best cafes in the region. Another lovely cafe to visit is Cafe Natsu, a Japanese-inspired cafe in the charming neighborhood of Joo Chiat.

Address: 16 Hamilton Road, #01-05, Singapore 209186
Opening hours: Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm
Missus is a Muslim owned restaurant.

Cafe Natsu: gorgeous cafe with Japanese-inspired brunch and mochi donuts at Joo Chiat

Photos taken by Hui Hui Lau.
This was an independent review by

Missus Review: Muslim-Owned Cafe and Bakery with Masala Grilled Cheese, Sticky Pecan Buns and More

  • Missus Review: Muslim-Owned Cafe and Bakery with Masala Grilled Cheese, Sticky Pecan Buns and More – 8/10




– Beautiful space
– Wide variety of dishes
– Relatively affordable

The inconvenients:
– Slumdog Grillionaire was lightly salted
– Can be crowded during peak hours

Recommended dishes: Sticky Pecan Bun ($5.50+), The Great Grilled Choc Sandwich ($13+), Slumdog Grillionaire ($19+)

Opening hours: Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm

Address: 16 Hamilton Road, #01-05, Singapore 209186

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One of my favorite restaurants, Taqueria La Chona, gets a second location!

One of my favorite restaurants in Wichita gets a second location! On my last visit to Taqueria La Chonai was told they are planning to expand southwest to Wichita later this year.

The Mexican Restaurant, located at 3415 E Harry St. has been part of our rotation since opening in 2020. Specializing in cuisine native to Jalisco, Mexico, I’ve stopped there several times for a dish called Carne en su Jugo . If you’ve never eaten it, the dish is extremely popular in Jalisco, Mexico. Carne en su Jugo translates to “meat in its juice”. It is a concentrated and savory broth of finely diced beef served with beans and a wide range of side dishes. Few places serve it, so Taqueria La Chona is a must stop for me.

When I picked it up I was talking to the employees and it seems the plan is to open their second restaurant dubbed, Fonda La Chona, hopefully by November. The new restaurant will be at 1210 W. Pawnee in the space of the former Jimmy Egg, which closed earlier this year. The second store allows them to expand their menu and offer more alcoholic beverages than beer.

This is great news for diners who have had enough of the same Mexican cuisine, as the owners of Taqueria La Chona are sure to bring something different to the table in terms of flavor.

United States car shop

Until Fonda La Chona opens, be sure to check out their flagship location. More information below:

3415 E Harry St.
Wichita, Kansas 67218

Monday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.


Cash/cards accepted

Here is their menu:

Good meal,

To nominate your restaurant or event for consideration for review, please email us with your restaurant information.

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Kellogg’s launches Little Debbie Nutty cereal bar

Last year Little Debbie partnered with Kellogg’s to launch Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie cereal and before that in 2020 they released Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies cereal, bringing two iconic Little Debbie treats to breakfast. . Now they’ve teamed up again to bring a third beloved snack to the most important meal of the day. This week, Kellogg’s and Little Debbie announced the new Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal will hit stores later this year.

The new cereal features the beloved chocolate and peanut butter flavors of the Nutty Buddy candy and is described as “the flavors meld with the crunchy, fudge-coated cereal pieces for the ultimate Nutty Buddy experience.” No word on how delicious this cereal milk must be, but we’re guessing it’s also very tasty.

“Since the release of our first two Little Debbie cereals, fans have been eager to see Kellogg turn more Little Debbie snacks into cereals,” said Sadie Garcia, brand marketing manager at Kellogg All Family cereal, in a statement. “Our new collaboration brings the iconic Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars to the breakfast table for the very first time.”

As noted, this is the third Little Debbie treat to receive the cereal treatment.

“Through our ongoing partnership with Kellogg’s, we’re able to share Little Debbie’s beloved treats with fans in new ways,” said Jeff Badger, vice president of marketing at McKee Foods. “This new cereal captures the nostalgic chocolate and peanut butter flavors of a Nutty Buddy Bar. It’s delicious for breakfast or as a treat any time of the day.”

If you’re a fan of Little Debbie Nutty Buddy treats and want to enjoy these cereals, here’s what you need to know. Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal will be available at Walmart starting in October and will be rolling out to other retailers nationwide starting in December. An 8.2 ounce can has a suggested retail price of $4.99 while a 13.1 ounce can has a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Are you going to discover the new Little Debbie Nutty Buddy cereal? Which Little Debbie treat would you like to see turn into cereal next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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6ix9ine Addresses reports he was attacked at Dubai nightclub

6ix9ine was trending on social media on Friday after getting involved in a fight at the Soho Palm Club in Dubai.

According to Instagram account Hollywood Unlocked, 6ix9ine was allegedly attacked after a DJ refused to play his music. “We don’t like snitches,” the DJ said. “No way am I playing a snitch song.” Footage from the incident shows a group of men jumping 6ix9ine, while another clip shows the Brookyln rapper restrained as he punches what appears to be the DJ.

However, 6ix9ine says Hollywood Unlocked got the story wrong. Shortly after the videos were posted, Tekashi jumped into the comments section, writing, “Get the good news. I understand. You’re crazy, I’m still alive…it’s cool, sit down and wait.

In another comment, 6ix9ine claimed the DJ “smoked.” “I love how you write a whole story…explain what happened and make it another headline,” he wrote. “This 69 PR hates working overtime. DJ got smoked.

Picture via Instagram
6ix9ine comments on Hollywood Unlocked IG post
Picture via Instagram

After responding to Hollywood Unlocked’s post, 6ix9ine hopped on Twitter to dig deeper into the situation.

“I understand that there is a 6ix9ine hate train; PR is working overtime to spread fake news,” he said in a video. “It’s the time, right now,” 6ix9ine added, before giving viewers a glimpse of her stash of extravagant jewelry. “Stop spreading fake news. Stop spreading fake news.

Watch 6ix9ine’s response below.

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This creative serial entrepreneur runs a time cafe and designs quirky furniture

Serial entrepreneur Vandita Purohit’s entrepreneurial endeavors all have a dash of creativity and a touch of the unusual.

Otherwise, how would you explain the old Bajaj Chetak scooter that became the reception desk at the entrance to his café du temps? Or his carpentry business that turns cupboards into bottle racks and old drawers into stools? And what about his travel agency TraWork, which specialized in organizing “workations” even before it became a buzzword?

There is a definite creative zeal in everything Vandita ventures into.

Mauji Time Cafe in Pune

A coffee in advance

Mauji Time Café in Pune, run by Vandita, is based on the Russian concept of anti-cafes. These are establishments where people can grab as many cookies and drinks as they want and pay for time spent in the cafe by the minute.

Vandita started working on Mauji Café in March 2020, but, 15 days later, when the COVID-19-induced lockdown was announced, she had to put the idea on hold. She returned to work when things started to return to normal and the cafe launched in October.

The cafe with an Indo-bohemian vibe is housed in a sprawling two-story bungalow spread over 5,500 square feet. Guests gather at the bustling cafe for events like business showers, open mics, game nights, and musical concerts.

In 2021, when the pandemic forced a second lockdown, Mauji’s business was affected but once the lockdown was gradually lifted, people were back at the cafe in hordes.

“It was more difficult during the second lockdown because we had overheads and salaries to pay. But, of course, slowly and steadily, we managed to pull through,” says Vandana.

Mauji Café’s design is built around the theme of sustainability. Vandita enlisted Shivani Vyawahare, a friend who had just graduated as an architect. The two have put their heads together to create unique interiors and quirky furniture and decor items for the café by recycling and renovating old items.

For example, the cafe wall art is made of newspaper clippings that Vandita had picked up on her travels around the world, which she had framed. An old Bajaj Chetak scooter bought from a junkyard has been transformed into a nifty reception desk. The café’s yellow sofa, a huge hit with customers, was found in a torn state, ready to be thrown away, before becoming the comfortable sofa it is today.

“When I was a child, my mother bought utensils in exchange for old clothes. It was such a great way to recycle old clothes. I understood why I couldn’t adapt the same idea for furniture,” says the entrepreneur, explaining the logic behind reusing old objects in her café.


Mauji Time Café in Pune with an Indo-Bohemian vibe

Furniture renovation

While designing the cafe’s interior spaces, Vandita thought about her next entrepreneurial idea – Kalapentry, which she launched in partnership with Shivani.

Kalapentry renovates, refurbishes and recycles old furniture to create a line of bespoke and sustainable furniture. No two pieces of furniture made by Kalapentry are alike, and they are sold at garage sales held every three months.

With the help of carpenters, Vandita and Shivani transformed small cupboards into wine racks and redesigned chairs that were falling apart into modern seats.

“We’re very conscious of keeping it small now because we’re a limited group of people working on it. We want to be funded before we do it on a large scale, because it’s a capital-intensive business and we don’t want to get stuck because of money,” says Vandita.

The duo plans to open a store eventually.


Before and after: An old chair gets a makeover at Kalapentry

Travel while you work

In 2018, Vandita launched TraWork, specializing in working holidays at a time when they weren’t so popular.

A serious traveler herself, Vandita enjoys exploring places extensively, visiting local cafes and coworking spaces, and soaking up the experiences. She met a lot of co-travellers on her travels, and that’s when she got the idea for TraWork.

“It started out as a passion project, and I thought taking people on work vacations meant I could travel too. I liked the idea so much that I quickly thought of making a business out of it,” says -she.

Vandita has taken quite a few trips to TraWork, but the company has taken a back seat during the pandemic. She is now looking to relaunch her travel startup as post-pandemic work has seen growing interest from those weary of lockdown.

Her travels also brought her to the idea of ​​the cafes of the time, which were popular in Russia.

A long entrepreneurial journey

Vandita’s entrepreneurial activities began in 2009, when she and her husband co-founded Mint Tree, a company that engaged in outsourced sales services. After that, the entrepreneur founded The Daftar, a coworking space in Pune.

Next on his plate is an event in December modeled after a massive garage sale and flea market. For this, it seeks to collaborate with other sellers and sponsors of furniture and interior decoration. She also wants the event to allow people to auction their old furniture or donate it to NGOs working for the poor.

What does she learn as an entrepreneur? “One thing I’ve learned over the past two years is that you have to be extremely patient, especially when you’re working on something new and unique. You can’t rush into things. If you set unreasonable goals, it will only create anxiety,” Vandita points out.

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12 restaurants that take brunch seriously

Finding Sunday brunch in Pensacola is as easy as finding seashells on the beach.

But with so many options, where to start?

Below, you’ll find 12 of the best brunch spots Pensacola has to offer.

Looked:Photos: Flour-ish Comfort Food Truck is a pizzeria on wheels

Read more:Pensacola A Rustyc Spoon food truck damaged in fire, reopening date unknown

At Aunt Katie’s

Where: 3005 E. Cervantes St.

Aunt Katie’s takes brunch seriously and generously distributes portions. Open for breakfast and lunch, with both menus available all day, Aunt Katie’s offers a fairly simple menu that emphasizes seafood, steak, and Southern cuisine.

What to try: Aunt Katie’s Breakfast, Cinnamon French Toast and Breakfast Burrito.

Polonza Bistro

Where: 286 N. Palafox St.

When it comes to brunch, Polonza Bistro has it all: a good atmosphere, home-style comfort food, quality coffee and delicious cocktails. This is a medium sized restaurant with plenty of seating, but you should always expect a wait on Sundays.

What to try: Steak and eggs and the toad in the hole.

Coffee cup

Where: 520 E. Cervantes St.

The Coffee Cup is a local landmark that has served breakfast in Pensacola since 1945. The restaurant has changed hands over the years, but the quality is still there. Coffee Cup isn’t fancy with its menu, offering breakfast classics, omelets, eggs Benedict, and a few basic lunch options. However, everything it does, it does very well.

What to try: French toast and omelettes.

George Bistro + Bar

Where: 6205 N. Ninth Avenue.

If you’re looking to take your brunch to the next level, George Bistro + Bar is one of the best places to do it. The menu is inspired by the flavors of the South with a touch of modernity. Brunch has lots of omelettes, French toast, quiche and more. Skip the bottomless mimosas and try one of the 14 signature cocktails available for brunch.

What to try: Very berry French toast and eggs benedict crab cakes.

Taylor’s Breakfast and Lunch

Where: 7175 N. Davis Highway

Taylor’s Breakfast and Lunch is a relative newcomer to the dining scene after opening in 2019. It’s a local breakfast and lunch restaurant with a second location open in Panama City. When it comes to breakfast, this place has one of the most extensive menus. It has sections for healthy meals, sweet indulgences, benedicts, omelets, benedicts, skillets and hashes, scrambles, and southern sides.

What to try: Patriot apple cinnamon, breakfast burrito and the classic breakfast.

Ruby Slipper Cafe

Where: 509 S. Palafox St.

The Ruby Slipper Café in Pensacola is part of the Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group which has 18 locations throughout the South. It was created in New Orleans in 2008, right after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the city. No storm could stop the restaurant’s formula and it’s been a popular brunch spot in Pensacola since bringing its New Orleans hospitality and flavors to the Panhandle. The menu features many brunch dishes, like French toast, Benedictines, omelettes, and special options like breakfast tacos, Trifecta, John Dory grilled fish, and more.

What to try: Brioche French toast, French toast nourishing bananas and pork eggs.

South Market

Where: 905 E. Gregory St.

You know a restaurant is having brunch when its brunch cocktail menu is as important as the main course menu. South Market is a downtown restaurant known for its made-from-scratch dishes, craft cocktails, and wide selection of gluten-free meals. Brunch entrees include Belgian waffles, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, as well as benedicts and plenty of lunch options. For drinks, there are 10 house cocktails and 8 happy hour specials.

What to get: Benedict with crab.

Five Sisters Blues Cafe

Where: 421 W. Belmont Street

The Five Sisters Blues Café offers a different brunch with its Sunday Jazz Brunch. Every Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., a live jazz band is invited to accompany the restaurant’s Southern Creole cuisine. The brunch menu includes eggs, benedicts, cookies, waffles, and French toast with plenty of options for regular entrees, sandwiches, salads, and delicious side dishes.

What to try: Crab cake Benedict and chicken and waffles.

Jaco’s Bayfront Bar & Grille

Where: 997 S. Palafox St. and 12700 Gulf Beach Highway

Jaco’s is one of the best places to dine with a view in Pensacola as it is right at the end of Palafox Pier Marina and overlooks the bay. The brunch menu has a pretty interesting mix of foods like the BLT&E, which is a BLT with two eggs and a fried green tomato and a flatbread scramble, making it a more interesting option. There are also plenty of breakfast accompaniments, like French fries, Creole oatmeal and more.

What to try: Pile of fried green tomatoes, French toast with blueberries.

leisure club

Where: 1151 Office Woods Drive, Ste A

The Leisure Club is all brunch, all the time. It’s a cafe known for its brunch trio and coffee, the first of which is a fancy name for their $12 brunch option that lets customers choose two entrees from over 13 options, including the Conecuh sausage. , cookies and gravy, smoked salmon bagel and choice of side. Vegan versions are available for most options.

What to try: Biscuits with vegan sauce and vegan waffles.

Another broken egg

Where: 721 E. Gregory St.

Another Broken Egg is a breakfast and brunch franchise. The Pensacola location was sold in 2021 to Ron Schier, a retired Army Signal Corps officer. Schier also owns Auburn, Alabama, home of Another Broken Egg Café with his wife, Teresa.

The brunch menu is huge. Similar to Taylor’s, you’ll find the menu separated into sections such as brunch specials, low calorie options, indulgences, omelets, scramblers, traditional classics and more.

What to try: French toast with cinnamon and Mardi Gras omelet.


Where: 600 E, rue Gregory

A McGuire’s brunch is hot and heavy with limited hours, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., complementary Irish coffee and homemade French Quarter donuts and a limited but serious menu. Although you can get anything from the full menu, the brunch menu only has seven options, most of which are omelettes and benedicts. A Belgian waffle and Killarney eggs are also available. Be careful, these plates are McGuire size, so don’t overfill the donuts.

What to try: Donuts and steak omelet.

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The Commissioners fear bar is teasers with another name

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A nightclub with a history of violence plans to reopen under a different name.

Horizon Bar and Grill asks Houston County Commissioners to approve its liquor license application.

Before it closed last year, the establishment was known as Teasers, a strip club.

“I know they had a lot of violence and criminal activity,” commissioner Brandon Shoupe said Thursday.

He fears that the management of Teasers will exploit Horizon which is in his district.

The club’s worst violence came in 2012, when Ryan Clark Petersen shot and killed three people and injured another.

Then in 2021 another shooting took place and the bar closed shortly after announcing the reason.

Commissioner Ricky Herring wants to hear from claimant Mike Kent, who was not present when commissioners informally discussed the matter on Thursday.

Several residents of the Wicksburg area, where the bar is located, are expected to speak out against the liquor license application before it is voted on Monday.

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Plans underway to raze Maplewood’s Myth nightclub and build apartments

Myth Live, the Maplewood concert venue that has been embroiled in a legal battle with the city after a series of police calls, overdoses and violence, could be torn down and replaced with apartments under a new vision for the north of the city.

Fargo, ND-based developer Enclave Companies has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire the venue at 3090 Southlawn Dr. near the Maplewood Mall. The company plans to raze the building – a repurposed shoe store built in the late 1990s – and build a 241-unit apartment building at market price.

“I think it’s just the stimulus we need in the North End to get things done. I think it would be a wonderful first big project,” Maplewood Mayor Marylee Abrams said during a meeting to review the plan. “It will be very good for the future development of the North End.”

Enclave said it needed the city to provide $6.4 million in tax increment funding (TIF) over 16 years to cover a portion of the site’s redevelopment costs. City council will consider the request at Monday’s meeting, said assistant director of community development Michael Martin.

The council, acting as the city’s economic development authority, got a first glimpse of the proposed deal in late July and seemed optimistic about the project. Outside financial consultancy Ehlers analyzed the project and recommended TIF terms, which will provide an 8.4% return on investment for the developer, according to city documents. Enclave originally requested 23 years of TIF support.

According to a city staff report, the four-story building will include bachelor, one-, two-, and three-bedroom units and underground parking. It will also include a rooftop terrace, solar panels, community room, wellness center, car wash, dog wash and trail connections.

Patrick Brama, with Enclave, said as part of the agreement, the developer is giving up a 40-foot right-of-way on the east side of the property for a future road. Part of the TIF money will be used to build this road, he said.

“We worked closely with the city on this project,” Brama said. “We’re going to be a community partner and we’re excited to help the city advance its vision and keep this area prosperous.”

Enclave did not disclose the purchase price amid the ongoing sale. Brama said land costs are higher than a typical apartment project because the site includes an existing business.

When complete, the building and property will have an estimated value of $54.5 million, according to city documents.

Myth executives did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The nightclub opened in 2005, closed four years later, and then reopened in 2011. The club has weathered a series of ownership changes – according to Ramsey County property records, ownership changed hands for the last time in 2015 when GFY Real Estate LLC acquired it for $3.6 million. .

The venue’s capacity is about 3,000 people, according to court documents. Before the pandemic, it operated 50 to 90 days a year. Its October calendar currently lists three events.

Myth’s relationship with city leaders began to deteriorate in 2019 after police responded to more than 250 police calls in two years, including a spate of drug overdoses and an outside shooting. of the site.

Frustrated Maplewood executives have demanded the site comply with a stricter set of rules to retain its liquor license. Myth sued the city over the new rules, but a trial court and appeals court ruled in the city’s favor.

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Full schedule, Collab Cafés announced

miHoYo has confirmed that their colorful HoYo Fest will return on September 28 to the Southeast Asia region! Read on for more details on the festivities and participating co-op cafes!

HoYo Fest, a dynamic festival celebrating miHoYo’s hit games and properties, was first held in November 2021. HoYo Fest 2022 was confirmed earlier in September, and will feature Genshin Impact, Tears of Themis, and Honkai Impact 3rd.

HoYo Fest 2022 will take place from September 28 at November 6.

The festivities will take place in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, at local collaborative cafes themed around Genshin Impact, Tears of Themis and Honkai Impact 3rd in a row!

Participating cafes will feature themed decor and music, in-game items and decorations, and photo zones! Special menus and merchandise sales will also be available at these cafes, and all purchases will come with exclusive themed giveaways.

Check out the cafe’s schedule and details below!

HoYo Fest 2022 program:

  • Genshin Impact: September 28 – October 9
  • Tears of Themis: From October 12 to October 23 (select countries only)
  • Honkai Impact 3rd: October 26 – November 6

HoYo Fest 2022 Collaborative Cafes:

  • Singapore: Pinball’s @ Bugis Junction (Singapore)
  • Malaysia: La Juiceria Superfoods Signature (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur)
  • Thailand: The KROSS (Bangkok)
  • Philippines: Moon Rabbit Cafe + Restaurant (Manila)
  • Indonesia: TEMU (Block M, Jakarta)
  • Vietnam: EE EARTH Cafe (Hanoi)

For details on venues, themed meals, and merchandise, check out the official HoYo FEST 2022 website!

What do you think, Travelers, Lawyers and Captains? Will you participate this year?

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Eatery Business

Popular Personal Loan Applications | accelerate credit

Good reasons for a personal loan

You can use the personal loan funds to pay for everything. But some of the better uses include paying off credit card debt, covering unexpected financial emergencies, or funding the cost of a home repair.

Here are some of the most common reasons for using a personal loan.

debt consolidation

debt consolidation is one of the most popular uses for personal loans. No wonder: many credit cards charge interest rates of 19% or more. When you accumulate thousands of dollars in credit card debt, those high interest rates can cause the amount you owe to skyrocket every month.

This is where personal loans can help. You can take out a personal loan and use the cash to pay off your high-interest credit card debt. You then pay back your personal loan in regular monthly installments.

This is a smart financial move when you can get a lower interest rate on your personal loan than what you’re paying on your credit card debt. Let’s say your credit card charges you an 18.99% interest rate. If you qualify for a personal loan with an interest rate of 10.3%, you can save yourself a significant amount in interest by swapping your higher-interest credit card debt for a personal loan.

Just make sure you don’t run into your credit card debt again. If you do, you’ll find yourself in even worse financial shape, since you’ll now have to pay off a personal loan on top of your new credit card debt.

DIY work

You need to fund repairs or minor improvements to your home but don’t have enough equity to qualify for one home loan or Refinance cash out? A unsecured personal loan can help.

Many homeowners turn to home equity loans or payoff refinance to help cover the cost of expensive home repairs or improvements. But to take out any of these loans, you need to have enough equity in your home. If your house is worth $250,000 and you owe $100,000 on your mortgage, you have $150,000 of equity to borrow in one of these types of loans.

But what if you recently bought your home and haven’t built up enough equity yet? Or what if you have no equity in your home at all? If your home is worth $250,000 and you owe $245,000 on your mortgage, you may not have enough equity to take out a home equity loan or payout refinance.

Alternatively, you can apply for an unsecured personal loan. An unsecured loan is one where you do not post any collateral. With a home equity loan, your home is your security. If you don’t repay your loan, your lender can file foreclosure against you and potentially take your home.

With an unsecured loan, your lender does not have to take collateral in case you stop making payments. This makes these loans riskier, which is why lenders usually charge higher interest rates for them.

However, you can use a personal loan to pay for small and medium-sized repairs and improvements to your home. Your interest rate will be higher than a home equity loan or payout refinance. But these are options if you don’t have enough equity.

moving expenses

Moving to a new home doesn’t come cheap. ConsumerAffairs estimates that it costs $600 to $1,000 to hire movers for a local move, a move from one location in your state to another. However, moving to another state can be more expensive: ConsumerAffairs estimates that a move that crosses state lines costs an average of $5,000. The cost of such a move can climb to $10,000, according to the publication.

It can be difficult to pay for these expenses out of pocket. A personal loan can give you the money you need to pay for moving expenses such as Hire professional moversBuy packing material, rent a moving truck or buy new furniture.

Unexpected bills

Nobody likes unexpected expenses. And if those expenses are emergencies that can’t be ignored? They’re even more unwanted.

Those unexpected bills are another reason people turn to personal loans. Taking out a loan with an 11% interest rate is a better choice to pay off unexpected emergencies than putting those unexpected expenses on a credit card that charges 19% interest.

Some of the unexpected expenses you might cover with a personal loan include:

  • medical bills
  • car repairs
  • funeral expenses
  • job loss
  • Unexpected Journey

Big purchases

Do you have a major purchase to make, like new furniture for your apartment or a new computer for your freelance career? A personal loan might be a better option than putting those high expenses on a high-value credit card interest rate. A personal loan is also a better choice than emptying your savings account to pay for a major purchase. As you drain your savings, you are vulnerable should you face unexpected expenses.

vehicle financing

If you need to buy a car and your credit score is too low to qualify for a traditional car loan, a personal loan can help. Because personal loans charge higher interest rates than car loans, you can usually qualify with a lower credit rating.

However, using a personal loan can limit the type of car you can buy. Personal loans typically have lower maximum amounts than traditional car loans, which limits the price of your new car.

wedding expenses

According to Knot’s Real Weddings Study, the average cost of a wedding in 2021 was $28,000. That’s a lot of money. If you need help paying for the DJ, caterer, costume, and foyer, a personal loan can help.

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Daryoush is one of the best Persian restaurants in Berkeley

It’s not often that the star of a dinner party is an appetizer. But at casual Persian restaurant Daryoush in Berkeley, it’s the kashk-e-bademjan ($7.95), an eggplant dip, that should be advertised prominently on a marquee.

It exists somewhere between hearty home cooking and subtlety – the kind of food where its imperfections, like an oily halo or burnt mint, only add to the experience. The first sample is a rich surprise that almost has a delayed reaction in your brain, and before you know it, you’re wiping down the bowl with lavash.

It has a similar consistency to baba ganoush, topped with golden onions, mint and kashk, a whey paste made into porridge. This last ingredient is the secret touch: it thickens the long-simmering eggplant mixture and adds umami and flavor. Once set, the eggplant is topped with deeply caramelized translucent onion petals, almost blackened mint leaves and a final zigzag of kashk. The onions enhance the sweetness of the eggplant, and that final shake of kashk makes the dip deliciously creamy.

It turns out that Berkeley’s scenic restaurant scene includes a small center for Persian cuisine. Within a 3 km radius, there are three places to find credible Persian food: Daryoush, Alborz and Middle East Market. Daryoush is where I go when I miss the flavors of Tehrangeles, the Little Persia neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Plate of lamb kebab from Daryoush to Berkeley

Cesar Hernandez/The Chronicle

Daryoush won me over with the way it captures the spirit of a home-cooked meal and makes it financially accessible to students and locals without sacrificing quality. The restaurant, which opened its doors a few years ago, has been so successful that it plans to expand to San Francisco.

California is home to the largest population of Persians outside of Iran. In 2015, the census estimated that around 50,000 people of Iranian descent resided in the Bay Area – the actual Persian population is likely higher, since census data is based on Iranian descent, not ethnicity. Persian ethnicity. Although there are many Persian restaurants in the Bay Area, they still make up a small minority of restaurants overall.

Located across from the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive on Center Street in downtown Berkeley, the restaurant’s interior is cozy, with inflatable booths and walls decorated with stone carvings. The place is medium in size but fills up in a heartbeat with people who have been waiting on the sidewalk dreaming of koobideh skewers. In the partially open kitchen, you can watch the cooks twist the handles of the skewers to ensure that all the proteins are cooked evenly. Service is generally pleasant, sometimes a little slow, and owner Daryoush Ermagan takes orders and provides food information.

The koobideh combo plate is one of the most popular options at Persian restaurant Daryoush in Berkeley.

The koobideh combo plate is one of the most popular options at Persian restaurant Daryoush in Berkeley.

Cesar Hernandez/The Chronicle

Most often ordered at Daryoush: the kebab plates, which come with basmati rice and a burnt tomato. The koobideh combo ($15.95) — a ground beef skewer and a ground chicken skewer — offers a taste of the tenderness of charred Persian skewers. For this style, cooks toss ground meat with spices and drained grated onion, which helps keep it from sticking to the skewer.

Koobideh are also available in vegan forms, which replace beef and chicken with Impossible Meat. You can order both as a combo ($20.95). Soy-based Chicken Impossible is the same protein used in the company’s chicken nuggets. Daryoush orders it without the breading and seasons it in-house. Vegan skewers have a smoother mouthfeel than meat versions; the spice and texture reminds me warmly of Thanksgiving stuffing.

The most satisfying of the skewers is the chicken barg ($18.95), plump breast meat tenderized with yogurt and lime to ensure juiciness. Of course, there’s also lamb chops ($29.95), which come four to a plate and are tinged a warm yellow after being brushed with a saffron-infused sauce. I recommend replacing the rice with baghali polo ($3.50), which adds freshness in the form of dill and bean threads.

Khoresht bodemjan (lamb shank) from Daryoush in Berkeley.

Khoresht bodemjan (lamb shank) from Daryoush in Berkeley.

Cesar Hernandez/The Chronicle

But the kebab plates are not the only specialties of the restaurant. Khoresht bodemjan ($18.95), a lamb shank braised in a tender glory with eggplant and tomatoes, is among the beefiest options. The melting flesh slides off the bone with remarkable ease and sits in a velvety, sweet sauce that virtually eliminates all traces of gaminess.

Some things on the menu produced less appealing results. The filet mignon ($24.95) was well seasoned, but ultimately was just a thin flat cut of beef, pale in comparison to the well-executed chicken breast. The meat stew khoresht fesenjoon ($17.95), with its thick, brown sauce made with walnuts and pomegranate molasses, lacks balance compared to other versions I’ve had. I found it a bit like a chile en nogada, a pepper stuffed with ground beef covered in a walnut sauce and topped with pomegranate seeds. I respect the dish but find its nutty sweetness too awkward for repeated enjoyment. The staff will warn you that it is sweet before ordering.

Perhaps due to its proximity to UC Berkeley, Daryoush is open all day. See students face-to-face in their books, only taking to the air for bites from a skewer or spoonfuls of aash-e-reshteh ($6.95) – a slightly bitter herbal stew with beans, noodles and kashk – is common. If you are coming with a large party, consider making a reservation.

The restaurant accommodates students admirably with discounted lunch specials, most under $15. That doesn’t include expensive cuts like lamb chops or steak, but each plate comes with fluffy rice and a drink. I imagine it won’t make cramming for an exam any easier, but it will definitely be tastier.

2144 Center Street, Berkeley. 510-629-2144
Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.
Sound level: Light to moderate.
Meal for two without drinks: $50-$60.
What to order: Combo koobideh ($15.95), chicken barg ($18.95), khoresht bodemjan ($18.95)
Meatless options: Kashk-e-bademjan ($7.95), aash-e-reshteh ($6.95 a cup), salad-e-shirazi ($7.95), baghali polo ($7.95) , vegan koobideh combo ($20.95), hot tea ($2.50), ice cream ($6.95).
Beverages: Beer, wine and tea.
Best practices: Order a koobideh combo, kashk-e-bademjan, hot tea and ice cream. Book a reservation for larger parties.

Cesar Hernandez is the associate food critic of the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @cesarischafa

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Eatery Business

12 best home improvement loans for aging in place

Our goal here at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS number 1681276, hereinafter referred to as “Credible”, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we promote products from our partner lenders that reward us for our services, all opinions are our own.

You can use home improvement loans to cover the cost of any home renovation project without putting your equity at risk. (Shutterstock)

Staying indoors as you age has been dubbed “aging in place” and is a goal for many Americans. According to a. stay at home as long as possible National Conference of State Legislatures and AARP Public Policy Institute survey.

Luckily, if aging in place is your goal, you don’t have to risk your valuable home equity — or your home — to improve safety and accessibility. You can use a personal loan for home renovations.

Believable makes it easy View your prequalified personal loan rates from different lenders, all in one place.

What is “aging in place”?

Aging in place means making a conscious choice to remain in your home as long as possible when you retire, rather than moving or moving into an independent shared apartment or assisted living facility.

People who choose to age in place often need to make changes to their homes to make aging in place more comfortable—or even possible. These improvements can include installing grab bars or a walk-in shower in the bathroom, widening doorways to accommodate a wheelchair or walker, or replacing outside stairs with ramps.

But pay for these home upgrades in addition to others pension costs can be a challenge.

What is a home improvement loan?

A home improvement loan is an unsecured personal loan that you take out to finance home improvement work. You pay back the loan in monthly installments at a fixed rate over a period of time.

As opposed to one home loan or home equity line of credit, a home improvement loan does not require you to put up your home as collateral, so your equity is not depleted. And if you come across financial problems and can’t afford the payments, you don’t run the risk of losing your home.

Visit credible Compare personal loan rates from different lenders without affecting your credit score.

Best home improvement loans for aging in place

If you plan to age in place, The following 10 credible partner lenders can help you finance necessary home renovations with a home improvement loan:

The best lenders for large loan amounts

Luminous flux

  • Loan Amounts: $5,000 to $100,000
  • Conditions: 2 to 7 years (12 years for home loans)
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 660
  • Fees: No upfront, origination, or late payment fees


  • Loan Amounts: $5,000 to $100,000
  • Conditions: 2 to 7 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: Doesn’t reveal
  • Fees: No upfront or setup fees

The best lenders for small loan amounts


  • Loan Amounts: $2,000 to $36,500
  • Conditions: 2 to 6 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 580
  • Fees: Creation fees from 0% to 7%; no prepayment penalty

One Main Financial

  • Loan Amounts: $1,500 to $20,000
  • Conditions: 2 to 5 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: none
  • Fees: Origination fees vary by state; no prepayment penalty

Best lenders for good loans

Axos bench

  • Loan Amounts: $10,000 to $50,000
  • Conditions: 3 to 6 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 700
  • Fees: Setup fee from 0% to 2%; $15 late fee; $25 insufficient coverage fee; no prepayment penalty


  • Loan Amounts: $2,500 to $35,000
  • Conditions: 3 to 7 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 660
  • Fees: $39 late fee; no incorporation fee

Marcus from Goldman Sachs

  • Loan Amounts: $3,500 to $40,000
  • Conditions: 3 to 6 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 660
  • Fees: No registration fees, late fees or prepayment fees

The best lenders for bad credit


  • Loan Amounts: $2,000 to $35,000
  • Conditions: 2 to 5 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 550
  • Fees: Management fee of up to 4.75%; no prepayment penalty


  • Loan Amounts: $1,000 to $50,000
  • Conditions: 2 to 6 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 560
  • Fees: Setup fee from 2.9% to 8%; no prepayment penalty


  • Loan Amounts: $1,000 to $50,000
  • Conditions: 3 to 5 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 580
  • Fees: Setup fee from 0% to 10%; late fee of 5% of the past due balance or $15 (whichever is greater); $15 ACH return or check refund fee; no prepayment penalty

Other lenders to consider

The following two lenders are not credible partners, so you cannot easily compare your rates with them on the credible platform. However, they may also be worth considering when looking for a home improvement loan.

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Loan Amounts: $250 to $50,000
  • Conditions: 3 to 15 years
  • Minimum creditworthiness: Doesn’t reveal
  • Fees: Late Payment and Refund Fee; no setup fee or prepayment penalty

PNC bank

  • Loan Amounts: $1,000 to $35,000
  • Conditions: 6 to 60 months
  • Minimum creditworthiness: Doesn’t reveal
  • Fees: No prepayment penalty


credible evaluated the best home improvement loans based on factors such as customer experience, minimum fixed rate, maximum loan amount, funding time, loan terms and fees. Credible’s team of experts gathered information from each lender’s website, customer service department and email support. Each data point was checked for topicality.

Home Improvement Loans vs. Home Financing

A home improvement home loan is an unsecured loan. This makes it different from Home equity loans or home equity lines of creditwho use homeowners’ properties as collateral.

A home equity loan, also known as a second mortgage, allows you to borrow on your home in one lump sum. A home equity line of credit (HELOC) also lets you borrow against your home equity, but you get the money in the form of a revolving line of credit — similar to a credit card — instead of a lump sum.

Another option is a reverse mortgage, also known as a conversion mortgage. Reverse mortgages are complicated, and if you get sick and have to leave home for 12 months or more, the lender can call in the loan and require you to sell the home to pay off the loan and avoid foreclosure.

Home improvement loans offer several advantages over home equity loans and HELOCs, including:

  • Don’t use up your equity — Because unsecured personal loans are not backed by the equity in your home, home loans do not deplete the equity you have built up or put your home at risk.
  • Usually faster to backup — Many lenders can approve a home improvement loan in a matter of days, as opposed to two to six weeks for a home equity loan or line of credit. This makes them a good option for home improvement projects with tighter deadlines.
  • Predictable Payments — Most personal loans are fixed-rate loans, so you pay them off in predictable monthly payments. HELOCs, on the other hand, are typically adjustable rate loans. As interest rates rise, your monthly payment will increase, which could make your payments prohibitive.

When you’re ready to apply for a home improvement loan, Credible can help you quickly and easily Compare personal loan rates to find one that suits your needs.

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Another Broken Egg Cafe® Successfully Implements Revel Enterprise

Revel Systems, the market leader in point-of-sale (POS) and comprehensive business management platform, announced that Another Broken Egg Cafe has successfully deployed Revel Enterprise® across all full-service restaurants owned by the company. Going forward, all new cafes will implement Revel as well as the migration of existing franchisees by 2023. Another Broken Egg Cafe is one of the fastest growing franchised breakfast, brunch and lunch concepts from the country. The platform’s open API, hardware mobility and comprehensive kitchen management capabilities, coupled with cost savings through the integrated Revel Advantage payment solution, made Revel the right choice for the innovative brand.

“Despite the logistical challenges posed by the pandemic, we were able to roll out Revel Enterprise to all of our full-service cafes ahead of schedule. Revel’s Professional Services team was a great partner throughout the rollout and made sure everything ran smoothly,” said Jeri Snyder, CFO of Another Broken Egg Cafe. “As we position ourselves for growth, we are excited to have a modern cloud platform that will allow us to easily scale our operations, while providing the flexibility to innovate.”

Another Broken Egg Cafe uses Revel’s mobile order takers (MOTs) to place orders directly at the table. Once an order is processed by the MOT, it is automatically transmitted to the kitchen, where it appears on the kitchen display system (KDS). With fully integrated kitchen management, every restaurant manages orders more efficiently and eliminates potential errors that are more common with a manual approach.

Prior to the implementation of Revel, servers would write out orders by hand, then line up at one of Another Broken Egg Cafe’s central point-of-sale stations to enter the order. This resulted in stacked tickets and delayed the time it took for orders to reach the kitchen. With MOTs in hand, servers have the bandwidth to wait on more tables and collect extra tips, all while helping Another Broken Egg Cafe save on labor costs.

“Revel is thrilled to be working with a growing brand like Another Broken Egg Cafe to help improve the quality and speed of their service, while providing the technology foundation to future-proof their business,” said Greg Dukat, CEO of Revel. Systems. “This is yet another example of a high-growth brand with huge in-store volume turning to Revel Enterprise to help scale operations and improve customer experience.”

Another Broken Egg Cafe has implemented Revel Advantage, an in-house payment processing solution that integrates seamlessly with Revel Enterprise to provide a comprehensive point-of-sale and payment offering designed to meet their specific business needs. Another Broken Egg Cafe is also introducing Revel SmartPay™️ which allows customers to scan and pay from a QR code on their receipts. Servers receive a notification on their MOTs when the bill has been paid, allowing for faster table turns.

Using Revel’s open API, Another Broken Egg Cafe easily integrated third-party solutions for restaurant management and payroll, further customizing the platform to meet their specific needs.

Another Broken Egg Cafe joins the impressive list of major restaurant chains that select Revel Enterprise, including: The Halal Guys, Friendly’s Restaurants, Pizza Ranch, Dave’s Hot Chicken, Sajj Mediterranean, Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken, FAT Brands , Moe’s Southwest Grill, Kung Fu Tea, Teriyaki Madness, Focus Brands, Lou Malnati’s, Erbert & Gerbert’s and more.

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The Green House vegan restaurant in Wilmington has a head horticulturist

When the Green House Restaurant opened over a year ago, plans were already in place to include an actual greenhouse on the property. Now that vision is a reality.

In an area next to their space at 1427 Military Cutoff Road, diners can now see a series of white cylindrical towers that grow 11 varieties of lettuce, 35 different herbs, as well as spinach, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes , peppers and eggplant. for the rest.

The Green House also has a senior horticulturist in Michelle Lyon-Heatherly, who tends to the plants and harvests them when they are ready.

After:Wilmington restaurant to reopen with new concept and brewery and distillery plans

After:Wilmington bottle store ‘grew up’ with move to Cargo District

“I’ve been growing things for almost 25 years,” she says. “There are so many farm-to-table restaurants, but it’s very literal here.”

And, as more people become interested in local food and plant-based eating, she thinks restaurants with on-site gardens will also be a growing trend. As it stands, there are now only four other restaurants in the country using the same tower gardening system. Lyon-Heatherly and her husband trained at one, Hamilton Farms in St. Louis.

Michelle Lyon-Heatherly, head horticulturist at The Green House restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina, discusses the new on-site greenhouse.  ALLISON BALLARD/STARNEWS

At The Green House, she helps choose what to plant, along with chef Parker Lewin and other staff. Next, she uses organic seeds from quality sources.

“Because really, it all starts there,” she said.

Then, these vertical gardens circulate water and nutrients through the center. It is a system that requires less space and water to grow plants.

There’s still a bit of work to do in the restaurant’s greenhouse, including adding more light sources for the plants, but it’s going well. So Lyon-Heatherly plans to teach a few tower gardening classes and learn where your food comes from in the coming months. (Chef Lewin also has classes on the Green House calendar.)

Lyon-Heatherly said it also plans to add retail of some of the vegetables to the restaurant soon, with pick-up days scheduled about twice a week.

Previously14 Must-Try Wilmington Area Restaurants That Opened in 2021

During her career as a gardener, Lyon-Heatherly said she has worked with many systems, including hydroponics. But she has become a fan of the tower system. She and her husband also have a separate local business, Cape Fear Tower Gardens, in the Scotts Hill area.

“Growing food in this way is going to be important,” Lyon-Heatherly said. “And I think this system is a sustainable way to grow. We can’t create more farmland, but we can add more farmland just about anywhere.

Allison Ballard is the food and restaurant reporter at StarNews. You can reach her at [email protected]

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Lawyer: Man assaulted outside Short North bar dies

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The man who was beaten outside a Short North bar earlier this month has died, according to a family attorney.

According to a letter sent on Sunday, Greg Coleman Jr., 37, died on Saturday night from injuries he sustained when he was attacked outside Julep, a bar in the 1000 block of North High Street, just after 2:30 a.m. Monday. , September 5.

“While the Coleman family mourns, the public must focus every effort to bring their killers to justice,” family attorney Edward Hastie wrote in the letter. “It is essential that those responsible are brought out of hiding and immediately arrested.”

Columbus police have identified Chrystian Foster and Dwayne Cummings as the suspects in the case and have filed attempted murder charges against both. Police said both men had been arrested for assault in the past.

Dwayne Cummings (left) and Chrystian Foster (right) are wanted for attempted murder after beating a man outside a bar in Short North, leaving him in critical condition. (Courtesy Photo/Central Ohio Crime Stoppers)

Investigators believe the men were arguing before the fight broke out, escalating into aggression.

In video obtained by Columbus police, Coleman and one of the suspects are seen sparring. Coleman punches one of the suspects but does not hit him. Coleman is then punched in the face by a second man who approaches the victim from the side.

The punch sent Coleman to the ground, landing half on the sidewalk and half on the pavement. The other two men then punch Coleman while he is still on the ground.

After the assault, Coleman was taken to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in critical condition, according to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers. Days after being hospitalized at OSU, Coleman was moved to intensive care, where his condition deteriorated.

Days after the assault, Gregory Coleman Sr., her father, said the family was doing “horrible” after the incident.

“It’s probably the worst thing that can happen to a family because it’s like he’s brain dead, he’s just laying there,” Coleman Sr said.

Greg Coleman was the father of a 9-year-old daughter, Hastie wrote in the letter.

WARNING: Video of the assault can be viewed below. It contains graphical content which may not be suitable for everyone.

Anyone with information is asked to call 614-645-4488 or email the detective on the case. Tipping can also be directed to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS (8477).

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Molly-Mae Hague caught falling asleep at a nightclub on vacation with boyfriend Tommy Fury

MOLLY-MAE Hague was caught sleeping in a nightclub while vacationing in Switzerland with her boyfriend Tommy Fury.

The couple are renovating their multi-million pound Molly Maison home in the UK – so perhaps they were keen to take a quiet break from the sawdust and sandpaper.


Molly-Mae Hague confessed they met at a club as she joked ‘count me out’Credit: Instagram
She took the opportunity to rest her eyes while boxer Tommy partied


She took the opportunity to rest her eyes while boxer Tommy partiedCredit: Instagram
The beloved couple enjoy a luxury stay in Switzerland


The beloved couple enjoy a luxury stay in SwitzerlandCredit: Instagram/@mollymae

But reality star Molly, 23, was desperate to close her eyes after a busy few days and enjoyed a nap in a nightclub on Saturday.

Known for her love of the blazer, Molly dressed down in a slate gray jacket with matching trousers as she opted for a smart and chic outfit.

She then captured their superb sushi dinner with picturesque plates of raw fish lined up next to a bottle of beer.

Her YouTube fans know Molly would prefer a night out anytime soon, but she surprised her by revealing she was spending the rest of the night at a club.

Inside Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's Romantic Vacation in Switzerland
Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury pack on the PDA during a romantic trip to Switzerland

She appeared taken aback, confessing on her Instagram Stories: “When you should have been in bed four hours ago watching Shrek 2, but somehow you’re now in a club.

“Don’t count on me.”

Later in the early hours, she captured a clubber falling asleep as she joked, “Recognize that we are related.”

She then took the opportunity to rest her eyes too, adding in her caption: “I think so.”

Their trip comes after Molly pleaded with fans not to show up at her house and Tommy House wanting pictures with her in a scathing two-minute rant.

Speaking to YouTube on Wednesday afternoon, the 2019 Love Island finalist used the platform to beg children not to show up at her £3.5million mansion uninvited.

Tying her hair up in a bun, the 23-year-old began, “It’s not me who’s mean, it’s not me who’s awful.

“I don’t want a headline that says, ‘Molly-Mae won’t take pictures with fans.’

“But I’ll just say it once. If you know my address, if you know where I live, if you know where Tommy and I live, please don’t come ringing the doorbell. Please please.”

Molly then brushed off the parents of the children who recently drove them home, before warning: ‘There is a line drawn when it comes to the house.

Inside Wills and Harry's 'uncomfortable' week without a 'meaningful reconciliation'
Royal fans are convinced that Zara Tindall has

Pointing her finger, she continued, “If you are the parents who drive your children on their birthdays or when they have a book they want me to sign and you know the address and you drive your child to come and see Tommy and me… I’m not sure.

“I have a lot to say. I’m not going to say it, but I’m not sure and it’s personally not a lesson I want to teach my child to make him think he’s okay.”

The duo were all smiles as they made their way to a fancy restaurant


The duo were all smiles as they made their way to a fancy restaurantCredit: Instagram
A huge platter of sushi was waiting to fill up


A huge platter of sushi was waiting to fill up
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Cafe Rio plans more expansion in Colorado

President and CEO of Cafe Rio Steve Vaughan Told And now Denver he’s excited about the two new Denver-area openings — which WND covered late last year — and certainly intends to expand further. While Vaughan couldn’t provide specific details on location or venue launch dates due to the concept’s youthfulness, he said. And now Denver that they plan to continue their expansion in both denver and Colorado Springs.

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This news follows the announcement of the grand opening of the aforementioned Cafe Rio locations – one in Greenwood Village (9531 East Arapahoe Rd.) launch on September 30and another in Highland Ranch (9215 S. Broadway) is set to debut in December.

“Each new location will celebrate [its] grand opening with exciting games like Plinko and the Corn Hole, and chances for entrants to win a variety of prizes,” explained RSQ. “The first 100 customers of the restaurant will receive free gifts and another 100 will win a free meal! Cafe Rio will also offer fries and salsa or fries and queso for $1.99.

The grand opening of Greenwood Village will take place from September 30 to October 1, starting at 10:30 a.m. and ending at 7:30 p.m. Time information regarding the official opening of the Highlands Ranch is currently unknown.

“Café Rio’s dishes are inspired by authentic recipes from the Rio Grande region of northern Mexico, southern Texas and New Mexico,” says Amber Brown of What Now Media Group. “The restaurant’s mantra is ‘fresh food, prepared fresh’ with Cafe Rio using only the freshest ingredients to create dishes each day.”

Diners at Café Rio can enjoy an array of Tex-Mex dishes, including enchilada-style burritos, regionally inspired salads like sweet pork barbacoa salad; tacos, quesadillas, tortilla soup, sweets and savory/spicy sauces.

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Downtown Auburn set to get brewery and new restaurants after city government moves to outskirts of town | New

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‘Bar Rescue’ host Jon Taffer shares advice on starting a small business amid inflation and post-pandemic

Jon Taffer is a businessman – primed and prepared for the natural ebbs and flows of the economy. However, like many, he could not have foreseen a pandemic lasting more than two years that has been catastrophic for establishments across the country, especially the restaurant industry.

Taffer isn’t fazed — and doesn’t want small business owners to be discouraged either.

The “Bar Rescue” star spoke to FOX Business, where he explained his laid-back mindset amid opening his third Taffer’s Tavern franchise in a post-pandemic world.

“Starting a small business is harder than ever,” he said. “We have labor issues, supply issues. The market is very noisy with competitive marketing and promotional activities.”


“It’s hard to build a brand today, in today’s noisy world,” Taffer added, noting that he thinks “franchising is the best option for young entrepreneurs.”

“You get the offer through the franchise. You get all the operating systems, training and procedures. All surprises are eliminated in a franchise…They can help hedge your bet and mitigate your risk “, he explained.

Taffer also shared her tips for people looking to start a brand new business today.

“I’m confident that any viable market will find a business,” he said. “But no viable business is going to find a market. It becomes a real problem. So you have to identify markets that you can expand into, but understand that there are people in America who want to buy franchises.”

“There are businesses across the country that want to sell franchises for you…Go online and look for franchise sales,” added Taffer, whose franchised taverns are still its own separate entities.

Television personality and Massachusetts native Maria Menounos attended the opening of the Taffer Tavern in Watertown. Menounos and Taffer are good friends. (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)

As for rising inflation after the pandemic where people might not want to spend as much, Taffer said he doesn’t find it as daunting as others.

“What if I told you I don’t see it as a challenge, I see it as an opportunity,” Taffer said. “When you look across the country, there are many markets where restaurants are 25, 30% ahead of pre-Covid levels.

“Yeah, you’re right, people have less money to spend, so they need to spend it more wisely. They’re going to exit where they feel best, they’re going to exit where they get the most perceived value.”

In Watertown, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, his third tavern has just opened. Four months into the pandemic, Middleby Corporation announced that it had partnered with Taffer to create a “newly developed modern tavern concept”.

With locations in Washington, DC, and Alpharetta, Georgia, the new development in Watertown presented itself as an opportunity for Taffer and his team.

“We designed Taffer’s Tavern with a model of labor efficiency in mind…Finding employees has been an issue for the industry for a long, long time,” he explained. “So we designed a kitchen that leverages computerized cooking and production techniques rather than humans.”

S-shaped stand design

Taffer says his restaurant will stand out for its “quality and depth.” (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)


Taverns are not uncommon in Boston – they resonate with the East Coast environment. Taffer says his restaurant will stand out for its “quality and depth.” He noted, “We’ve created an elevated tavern experience…we think we’re offering a $70-80 dining experience for about $35-40.”

The extensive menu, which features a long list of cocktails and an even wider selection of dishes, is tailored specifically for the location. Taffer explained, “You’re not going to find New York pizza at Taffer’s Tavern Boston, you’re going to find a lobster roll…When we looked at our franchise models, we said, ‘Everyone needs to connect with their market’. ‘”

Drinks and appetizers from the Taffer tavern served at the opening

Taffer Tavern’s latest opening featured unique cocktails and appetizers that are everyday menu favorites. Drinks pictured include “Blue Mist”, “Tropical Bliss” and “Taffer’s Tea”. A featured small plate was the Fish & Chips. (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)

In a crowded industry, Taffer says he’s thought of everything to make his franchises stand out: “Our music is curated, not just played… Everything from the beats per minute curves, the music cycle, the content of the music, is organized to create reactions among the guests.” He is quick to add that the visuals, including sports, flavors and cocktails, “target this very specific demographic” that his team is trying to attract.

Taffer has also implemented what he calls a “five Michelin star cooking technique” called sous vide. Sous vide uses temperature to deliver a level of precision to foods that otherwise could not be created.


S-shaped sofa

In addition to traditional banquettes and bar seating, the Taffer Tavern has been designed to include these S-shaped lounge chairs to add an extra touch to the dining space layout. (Caroline Thayer/Fox News Digital/Fox News)

Taffer says it’s his specialty, like he’s a chef seasoning a piece of meat.

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Wolverhampton disabled nightclub set to open

Damien Sier

The club will open its doors to the public on October 10 and will operate from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Damian, who goes by DJ MXT, has a learning disability himself and struggled to find a new location for his dream club.

He said: “It was really tough. I started doing things like that when I helped run one in Kidderminster called the DY10 project, that’s where I started.

“Starting the club was very difficult, I opened one in Evesham in Worcestershire, which closed, then moved to Wolverhampton and started here.

Damian started his career as DJ Trix, launching online internet radio station which is run by mentally disabled staff. The station mainly features dance music from the 2000s.

The new club, which will open in Pitt Street, Wolverhampton, will focus on the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

Damian said, “It will be a place where people will come in and feel safe. We don’t want them to feel intimidated.”

MXT Disability nightclub will operate on an earlier schedule than regular nightclubs, opening at 7 p.m. and closing at 11 p.m.

The club will mainly feature music from the 2000s, including house mixes by DJ MXT himself and other guest DJs.

Damian went on to say, “We want this nightclub to be exactly the same as a regular club, but to cater to a more selective audience.”

Special guest DJs should be hired for events, with an emphasis on people with mental challenges.

The club will be free to enter and will feature DJ MXT himself playing music, and drinks will also be served.

Anyone with questions can contact the club on 07868 498947.

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Chicago’s La Catedral cafe serves chilaquiles alongside Catholic images

CHICAGO– You can sample 12 different kinds of “sinful” chilaquiles, devour divine pancakes with frosted flakes, and savor authentic Mexican cinnamon coffee while admiring super cool religious artifacts.

No wonder diners all over Chicago sometimes wait two hours to enjoy the heavenly experience at La Catedral Restaurant & Coffee. Chef and owner Ambrocio Gonzalez has created an unforgettable experience, featuring not only delicious Mexican and American breakfasts, but also an atmosphere of faith, camaraderie and love for his customers and Mexican culture. When asked why his waiters wear angel t-shirts with wings, he doesn’t hesitate to call them angels and credit them with much of La Catedral’s success.

“They’re the ones that make it all happen here,” Gonzalez said.

Chef Gonzalez grew up in Mexico, the son of a single mother. At one point in his life, he sold food as a street vendor. When he first arrived at La Catedral, in the small village of Chicago, things weren’t going so well. He fleshed out the menu a bit, prayed a lot, and after bonding with his neighbors, things took off.

“Our customers from day one are the ones who come and wait, no matter how long,” Gonzalez said, choking back tears.

Critics have called La Catedral “Chicago’s Best Mexican Breakfast” & Brunch” in “one of the most unique spots in Little Village”. Everything about the restaurant is special. While most Mexican restaurants serve one or two kinds of chilaquiles, Chef Ambrocio offers diners 12 different choices – from poblano to pico de gallo – for He adds another brand new chilaquile every December to usher in the new year.

“You could come here for two weeks and have a different chilaquiles every day,” Gonzalez said.

It also serves delicious Mexican egg dishes, like Huevos con Chorizo ​​and Huevos con Salchicha, and its French toast and pancakes topped with whipped cream and strawberries are to die for and go to heaven! And La Catedral Cafe also offers a wide selection of drinks. Chef Ambrocio prides himself on taking no shortcuts and brewing his Mexican Cinnamon Coffee just like they do in Mexico. Other memorable drink selections include Mexican coffee served with caramel or rice water, as well as a wide range of refreshing fresh fruit drinks.

Chef Ambrocio’s entire restaurant, from floor to ceiling, is filled with Catholic paintings, crosses, statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe and saints. Patrons lay offerings of money near the statue of Saint Anthony, praying that he will answer their prayers for love. Then Ambrocio collects the offerings and donates the money to charity or people in the community who need help.

“We have a few ladies who come here to pray and not even to eat,” Gonzalez said. “I think that’s one of the many reasons we’ve been successful.”

And of course, the religious theme comes with appropriate menu names such as “heavenly sweets,” “confession-worthy bites,” and “less sinful bites,” like chicken Caesar and strawberry salads. Reflecting on the success of La Catedral Cafes, Ambrocio said, “People say I’m lucky, but I say I’m blessed.”

As he pointed out the religious presence around him, he smiled and said, “I have a lot of help.

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Best Chicago Delivery Foods From Latinx-Owned Restaurants

Going out to eat is fine, but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and sweater weather fast approaching, sometimes all you want to do is have your meal come to you. It’s not only convenient, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to explore the culinary scene without having to leave your house (and can be a hack to get your hands on some of the most popular items in town) .

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, here are some of Chicago’s best dishes from Latinx and Hispanic-owned restaurants that you must try right now. How do we know? We asked a number of Latinx community leaders to divulge their favorite restaurants with their must-try menu items.

Photo courtesy of El Milagro

Small village
“This is the go-to restaurant for my family growing up in Little Village,” says entrepreneur Lucy Angel Camarena. “I love puerco en salsa verde so much that when Stéphanie Izard asked me where to take Anthony Bourdain for an episode of Unknown parts, that’s where I took them and what we ordered.” The tenderized pork dish is served in a sea of ​​green salsa mixed with nopals (cactus). As the temperature drops you will also want to add fide sofao, a noodle and potato soup made with tomatoes, and champurrado, a hot masa and chocolate drink, made to order.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.


Not content to sell the popular pambazo, a torta-style Mexican sandwich dipped and fried in red guajillo pepper salsa and stuffed with potatoes and chorizo, the Con Todo team decided to pair it with the American burger and create the cross-cultural “pamburguesa” . The entire menu offers a mash of culinary items. If beef isn’t your thing, opt for the hot chicken torta inspired by Mexico City cuisine. “Sometimes fusion foods just don’t work, but this one absolutely does!” said Carlos Jaramillo, the race director of the popular Carrera de los Muertos de Pilsen. “It is so good.” And it is also available with a vegetable pancake.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.

Photo courtesy of La Katrina

Tacos Quesabirria at La Katrina

Little Italy
With a simple menu of tacos and burritos, you can’t go wrong at this family restaurant. However, television producer Blanca Rios, a fan of the restaurant for many years, recommends its favorite option: quesabirria tacos. The order of three tortillas is stuffed with birria-style meat (usually beef or goat), melted cheese, cilantro, onions, and a jus au jus to dip your quesabirrias. Each order also comes with fresh salsa. “They started as a food truck and now they use the kitchen inside Little Joe’s on Taylor in Little Italy,” Rios says. “The food is amazing and the family is super nice.”
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.

wicker park
“I’ve had a hard time finding good baja-style fish tacos since I moved to Chicago a few years ago,” says attorney Eir Nakamura Salvi. “I was happy to find Barbaro again.” The taqueria and street food-inspired Mexican restaurant bills itself as a “cross-cultural experience.” It blends long-established family recipes with the owner’s Chicago roots. And while tacos, tortas and burritos are popular menu items, playwright Ricardo Gamboa says don’t sleep on the apricot piquin piquin aguachiles made with shrimp and alder wood-smoked sea salt.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.

Advertiser’s content

Photo by Brent Hofacker

When the mood strikes, have your favorite restaurants delivered to your doorstep. Grubhub makes it quick and easy to get a delicious meal to the table, from trusted local favorites to delicious global cuisines, all with just a few button presses. This is food for thought.

Humboldt Park
Nellie’s, a family-operated restaurant, is a staple in Chicago’s Puerto Rican community. So it only makes sense to try Nellie’s breakfast special – a gigantic order of a Boricua tortilla. The open-faced omelet is seasoned with herbs and spices known as sofritemozzarella cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, salchichon sausage, maduros (sweet plantains) and onions. Each order comes with the bonus of one coconut avenue (coconut oats) and a side of tostada criolla. “I’m obsessed with this dish and pick it up at least once a week through Grubhub,” says Ashley Alvarez, founder of Oye Prima.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.


Logan Square
Sometimes it’s not just about not wanting to leave your house, food delivery can be the ultimate hack to get your hands on some coveted groceries. Pan Artesanal baked goods is one such place. The queue for Mexican-inspired baked goods (think biscuits and cream conchas, Gansito croissants and arroz con leche cheesecake) that’s only open on weekends, runs down the block well before they open and once they sell out items they close for the day. Corn muffins are a must for Jackson Flores, president of Dish Roulette Kitchen, a popular Instagram account and food incubator. “Chef Marisol uses the French technique to deliver a muffin with a crisp, broken edge, deep corn flavor, and a sweet, savory flavor that has made it one of my favorite baked goods in Chicago,” says Flores. “No frills, just simple ingredients [made] by a disciplined hand.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.

Chile Toreado
Chile Toreado

McKinley Park
The artist Alibé Brambila Navarro can’t get enough of the vegetarian tlayuda from Chile Toreado. “Traditional Oaxacan cuisine consists of a large, thin, crispy, partially fried or grilled tortilla topped with a refried bean spread and a variety of other toppings,” says Brambila Navarro. Cheese, salsa, nopales, onions and cilantro are some of the common toppings in Mexico. At Chile Toreado, the pizza-like item comes with roasted vegetables and grilled poblano rajas.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.

The Tables
The Tables

View of the lake and Portage Park
Whenever Telemundo’s Nicole Suarez is back home from her job as an international TV presenter for the Spanish-language channel, you can find her at her family’s restaurant: Las Tablas, the city’s first Colombian steakhouse. . There’s a reason they’ve been in business for over 30 years. The portions are large and delicious, and the restaurant even counts Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot among its fans.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.


Black Bean and Goat Cheese Empanadas Cafe Tola

Wrigleyville, Logan Square, Lakeview and Avondale
What started as a small, colorful storefront on Southport has expanded to four locations with plans to open in New York. Owners Victoria and Gerardo Salamanca have made a name for themselves with inventive empanada flavors such as guava and queso fresco, and buffalo chicken. The pint-sized display case has an impressive menu of tacos, burritos, and pozole, but the filling empanadas are where you want to focus your attention. While a lot of people called this place, the black bean and goat cheese empanada stood out as a fan favorite.
How to try it: Order through Grubhub.

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Ximena N. Beltran Qua kn Kiu is a Thrillist contributor and communications specialist based in Chicago.

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Eatery Business

Despite inflation, interest rates for consumer loans have not yet risen sharply

The rise in consumer prices has recently accelerated both in Finland and in Europe. Rising inflation is a double-edged sword: it can be good news for borrowers, while lenders usually suffer. While consumer credit has still kept interest rates low, that may change soon.

In 2022, inflation has disciplined consumers with a heavy hand.

The price of electricity has risen sharply, and inflation has not gone away even in grocery stores and gas stations. Surprisingly, inflation has not yet made its way to consumer credit, as interest rates on such credit have remained moderate despite global changes.

The changing world situation and rising interest rates are worrying the credit market

The Finns have gotten into debt rather carelessly in recent years. Many have had to borrow because of the financial problems caused by the world situation, while interest rates have remained low for years. Recently, the world has been rocked by dramatic political changes that are also affecting the global economy. At the same time, the changed economic situation has made many Finns reluctant to take out a loan.

It is clear that borrowing is always associated with risks and that the monthly costs of the loans can change significantly with the expected increase in interest rates. So, of course, a healthy dose of caution when it comes to getting into debt is in order. Accordingly, excessive fear is not necessarily profitable either, because credit money can help you achieve your dreams and, of course, get rich in the form of real estate wealth. Single out consumer loan interest, like the unsecured loans Omalaina.fihave remained relatively low.

Credit is often a necessity for many of life’s major purchases, but there are also many uncertainties that come with being in debt.

If you need consumer credit, now is the time

The daily lives of banks and financial institutions are starting to feel the effects of inflation, which may result in prices for unsecured loans, such as consumer loans, rising significantly in the future. Taking out a new loan should not be put off indefinitely if a major purchase is pending, because interest rates may rise in the future, even on unsecured loans, due to interest rate pressures on lenders. The increase in consumer prices will certainly also affect the demand for consumer credit.

Finns took out a lot of unsecured consumer loans in the summer months of 2022

From May to July 2022, banks issued 21 percent more unsecured consumer loans than in the same period a year ago, the company says Bank of Finland. In July, the average interest rate on these new unsecured consumer loans was 8.6 percent.

According to Bank of Finland estimates, the number of cross-border consumer loans granted by Norwegian and Swedish credit institutions also increased in the second quarter. Unsecured consumer loans go in a very different direction than mortgage loans. In July 2022, 23 percent fewer new home loans were taken out than at the same time a year ago.


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Espresso martinis are back in Twin Cities bars and restaurants; here are 3 to try

Everything old becomes new again, even at the bar. Take the espresso martini, a drink from the late 20th century cocktail pantheon that, along with flannel and baggy jeans, is making a comeback.

“We felt like it was very popular in Campiello at the time,” says Lindsay Pohlad, referring to the Uptown Italian restaurant that operated from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s. Again, the drink is “really popular”. Pohlad, owner of the deli table at Wayzata, put a version of the espresso martini on the restaurant’s new all-day cocktail menu to highlight the cafe program and the bakery.

It’s popular any time of the day, she noted. “People order it at 10:30 in the morning,” she says. “People come with us before the game and then go to another restaurant, or they even have it as a last drink.”

A true espresso martini contains few ingredients: usually just an espresso and vodka, maybe a little coffee liqueur, and maybe a lemon twist or a garnish of coffee beans. It can be powerfully strong and leave you nervous, like a vodka-Red Bull for the coffee connoisseur.

But there are countless ways to interpret the drink. Some are drizzled with chocolate syrup, some can be frozen and mixed. Milk or cream is optional. It can be breakfast or dessert, depending on your preference.

The most important thing, says Fhima Minneapolis bartender Nils Larsson, is balance. “You can do all kinds of weird things, as long as you have enough sugar to counteract the bitterness of the coffee,” he says.

But one ingredient that espresso martini always includes? A bit of nostalgia. Like Appletini, Cosmo and Long Island Iced Tea, this turbo cocktail is inextricably linked to turn-of-the-century decadence.

At Blue Plate Restaurant Co., the espresso martini “came onto the scene in our restaurants at a time of the general revival of the ’80s,” says co-owner Stephanie Shimp. Bringing him back was irresistible, she said. “We had to – shoulder pads, spinach dip, espresso martini.”

Three to try

The black Cat

The Grocer’s Table, 326 Broadway Ave. S., Wayzata,

Black Cat Intelligentsia beans are the base of this variation of the espresso martini, which also contains amaro, coffee liqueur and vanilla syrup, and comes with a homemade biscotti.

Fhima Espresso Martini

Fhima’s Minneapolis, 40 S. 7th St., Mpls.,

Spanish liqueur Licor 43 gives it a hint of vanilla, while Irish cream and coffee liqueur give this cocktail from the balanced dessert menu a creamy and slightly sweet taste.

Blue Plate Espresso Martini

Several Twin Cities locations,

This barely-sweet cocktail from Blue Plate’s seven restaurants is made with Big Watt’s Circuit Bender Cold Press coffee and Du Nord Social Spirits’ Cafe Frieda coffee liqueur, both local brands.

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Bristol Motion nightclub defends decision to hold rave on day of royal funeral

A nightclub in Bristol has been criticized for hosting an all-night rave that ends on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

The late monarch’s funeral will take place in London on Monday, September 19, with the day designated as an additional bank holiday in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

It means many things are set to close, including schools, nurseries and – controversially – food banks.

However, the Bristol Motion nightclub has defended its decision to go ahead with plans to hold a ‘free rave’ which starts at 8.00pm on Sunday and ends at 5.00am on Monday morning – well six hours before the start of the Queen’s funeral. .

Movement in Bristol. Credit: @motionbristol/Instagram

The club announced plans for a “huge bank holiday banger” on Monday this week, and they hope to see hundreds of clubbers heading to their location to party the night away.

Not everyone is so happy about it, however, as some expressed disappointment, with others calling the event “tasteless”.

Now the organizers have released a statement defending their decision, while addressing some of the issues people might have.

A Motion spokesperson said: “We were scheduled to hold the Tokyo World Festival after-parties this week, however, due to the perfect Brexit and Covid-19 storm, First Bus has canceled scheduled transportation from Eastville Park instead. in BS2.

“In light of these cancellations, and with wages, rising electricity costs and multiple other factors of life in 2022, we felt we were unable to keep the site closed.

They added: “Like everyone else, we were truly saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 and wish the new King all the best in his new role.

The club also announced that there will be a minute’s silence before the start of the event at 8:00 p.m. inside and outside the club and “all staff and participants are asked to respect this decision”.

“We have already sought advice and understand that there are no restrictions on this public holiday.

“We, of course, 100% appreciate and are grateful for everyone’s support over the past few years and in the future,” the statement read.

A Motion participant, who wished to remain anonymous, said ITV News that they were disappointed with the nightclub’s decision.

They said: “I’m a bit disappointed that local nightclub Motion is having an event on Sunday to take advantage of the bank holiday on Monday – it’s a bit unpleasant,

“I am by no means a royalist, but when they rely on local support to plan the reduction and acts of servitude, it is beyond rude.

“I’m actually a staunch patron of them, but I’m shocked.”

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Eatery Business

WeBuyCars points to massive growth in vehicle loans

Vehicle marketplace WeBuyCars says it has surpassed the milestone of 12,000 vehicle sales per month as its rapid expansion plans continue to pay off.

The group said its monthly sales figures have been rising steadily in recent months, beating targets and hitting the 12,000 indicator “faster than expected”. In May 2022, the 10,000 vehicle mark was broken.

That growth is outpacing market trends, it said, especially when compared to national used car registrations, which rose 1.62% from July 2021 to June 2022 over the previous period.

“The number of transactions in the market increased from 1,633,003 to 1,659,395 from July 2021 to June 2022 compared to the previous period, an increase of 1.62%. However, over the same period, our revenue increased by 39.12%, driven by our larger footprint, internal operational efficiencies and technological advances,” the group said.

In addition to the monthly sales figures, the number of financed cars has increased by more than 40% since the beginning of 2022, it said.

“WeBuyCars attributes this to the convenience of obtaining car financing from WeBuyCars at the time of purchase and an increase in financial literacy as consumers look specifically for vehicle financing and rely less on personal or unsecured loans,” it said.

The sales group has embarked on a major expansion strategy over the past two years which included the purchase of the Ticketpro Dome from Sasol Pensionskasse in July 2021.

The Dome is now a “super showroom” for the group, with space for 1,125 vehicles. It added two more branches in Polokwane and Nelspruit – bringing the total to 13 dealerships across the country – with more planned.

Helping the company grow, WeBuyCars said it will move to a new, dedicated building at Byls Bridge Office Park, Doringkloof, Centurion after outgrowing its premises at its midstream warehouse.

The 3,038-square-meter building will house all corporate functions, including legal, finance, sales, operations, facilities, marketing, human resources, IT and procurement, with enough space for 217 employees, it said.

“Because all functions are housed in one space, it allows for greater cross-functional synergy and collaboration,” it says.

Read: WeBuyCars Reveals Its Top 5 Best Selling Used Cars – And Its Average Selling Price

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The Last Mile Café serves coffee, philanthropy and sustainability — and soon, 49507

Arick Davis and Sarah Laman are runners. They say the hardest part of a race is the last mile. Comparing the state of the world to a long-distance race, they decided these times felt like that last mile. So when it came time to name their small online cafe business, they settled on “Last Mile Café.”

“We started our business in the middle of the pandemic, and there was so much going on – challenges with healthcare, the unemployment system, protests. When it comes to our country and our civilization, we always feel like we still have a lot to do,” Davis says. “We wanted to create a company that sets an example for other companies. It’s the last mile for society to figure out what it needs to be and how we’re all going to work together.

Since its inception, Last Mile Café has donated over 10% of its revenue to charities that work for environmental justice, clean water, criminal justice reform or at-risk youth. Recipients include WMEAC, ACLU, Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund, and Hope Gardens, among others.

“Each quarter, we send text messages to everyone who is in [the Last Mile Café] community and ask them to name charities,” Davis says. “We let our community vote on which charities they want the money to go to.”

Arick Davis and Sarah LamanAll packaging, purchasing and processes are done with sustainability in mind. In mid-October, when Last Mile Café moves into its new physical location at 1006 Hall St. SE, Davis and Laman plan to expand these aspects of their business even further. The location will also include a retail cafe. Last Mile Café already uses compostable packaging. When the physical location opens, Arick and Laman hope to approach zero waste for all operations. They try to source sustainably grown and processed coffee beans. At some point, they hope to establish their own direct relationships with green coffee growers.

“There are really two ways to process coffee,” says Davis. “First, they put it in the sun, the cherries fall naturally – if you imagine the pit inside a cherry, it’s basically the coffee bean we all use. Or, growers can wash them high pressure to make the cherries come off. It’s faster and more consistent, but in many countries where coffee is grown, people don’t necessarily even have access to clean drinking water.

“We’re going to fill up [production] process at the Café,” says Davis. “We roast coffee there. And then we will do all the packing and shipping. All coffee beverages we serve at The Café will be that coffee we roast in Grand Rapids.

Davis grew up in 49507, near the new physical location of the Last Mile Café. After graduating from Michigan Technological University in 2016, he worked for several Fortune 500 companies – Dematic, Western Digital and Goldman Sachs. He discovered that capitalism does not treat everyone fairly and that too few coffee and tea brands are committed to justice.

“When I came back to Grand Rapids, I noticed there weren’t a lot of cafes here,” he says. “I used to live in Franklin and Eastern and the closest cafes are right up on Wealthy Street, which isn’t even in the same neighborhood.”

The Last Mile Café’s Hall Street location will employ 11 people to handle roasting, packaging, distribution and retail coffee. The plan is to increase production, enter more retail stores and increase online sales.

“Having this physical space will also create this café environment where people can come and hang out in the community,” Davis says. “So many people have come to us and said, ‘You’re our favorite coffee. We love the way you do this. We love the way it tastes. Grand Rapids has many great coffee companies. Michigan, Michigan as a state, also has many great coffee companies, I think more people are looking to Grand Rapids for coffee.

Written by Estelle Slootmaker, Development News Editor
Photos courtesy of Last Mile Café

Arick Davis and Sarah Laman inspect the equipment of their online coffee business.

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Two Austin Restaurants Baklava House and Taste of Home Handmade Dumplings Open

There were two fun restaurant openings to know about this year, both located in the North Lamar neighborhoods. The first is the Arabic desserts and pastry Baklava House, and the second is the Chinese restaurant Taste of Home Handmade Dumplings.

Baklava House opened at 10205 North Lamar Boulevard in March, brimming with Mediterranean goodies. Baklava owner Mohammed Tabbaa said the Chronicle that he wanted to open a bakery dedicated to Arabic desserts in June.

There’s the item of the same name: the baklava, made with layered phyllo dough, pistachios, and syrup. Then there are so many other phyllo and nut filled candies. The znoud el sit consists of a cylindrical phyllo dough drizzled with rose water and orange blossom and cream. There is a range of knafeh, which are dipped layered pastries available in cheese, bin narin (cream and cheese) and one with crispier pieces of dough. Madloukah is a chilled semolina pudding made with rose or orange blossom water topped with nuts. Dumpling-shaped katayef is a sweet pastry filled with cream or nuts. Cashew fingers are cylindrical pasta filled with nuts. The fun-shaped mabrouma is a crispy round nest-shaped dessert filled with syrup and nuts.

On the biscuit side, there is maamoul (almond biscuits filled with dates, walnuts or pistachios), barazek (biscuits with sesame seeds) and ghraybeh (shortbread biscuits). And often there are samples available. The savory menu centers on manakish, a round flatbread topped with za’atar, lamb and cheese, spinach, muhammara (red pepper spread), and more.

Baklava House hours of operation are 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. There are indoor dining areas, takeout orders can be placed in person or through DoorDash, and Uber Eats deliveries are available.

And a few blocks north of Baklava House is Taste of Home Handmade Dumplings, which opened its standalone brick-and-mortar restaurant at 10901 North Lamar Boulevard, Suite B203 in May.

Naturally, the menu covers all kinds of dumplings, from pork/shrimp/chives to pork/pickled cabbage with chives/egg to cuttlefish to abalone. And there is a large offer of dishes without dumplings, such as noodles (cold noodles with chicken), braised pork with rice, peanuts with celery and fried rice with shrimp. There is also a range of offal and other animal parts, such as pig’s feet, ears and spine; and beef tripe. Drinks include teapots, milks and plum drinks.

There’s a membership program with freebies, discounts, and specials for birthdays, including the super member package for $2,799 per year, which includes two free dumplings per day for one year.

Owner Hao Li opened the business originally as a shadow kitchen operation in the Prep ATX retail space in November 2021. The restaurant took over the space previously housing Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant TC Noodle House, which opened in 2007 and closed earlier this year.

Taste’s opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. then from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday (it closes at 8 p.m. on Sunday). The space includes CNC machines. Pickup orders can be placed online; there are eating areas inside.

A noodle soup at Taste of Home Handmade Dumplings.
Taste of handmade homemade dumplings

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The 8 Best Bars in Fulham — London x London

Love it? Save and share!

Get ready to discover the best bars in Fulham – these are the best places for cocktails, wine, beer and more.

Fulham is becoming one of the trendiest places to have a drink in London – after all, it’s a popular place for young professionals, so it’s no wonder new bars are popping up every day too .

Whether you’re looking for a classy hangout, a fun place to drink with friends or somewhere in between, Fulham has a killer selection of venues. These are our favourites.

Fulham’s Best Bars

The little blue door


little blue door

It’s no secret that we love The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill and the new The Little Scarlet Door in Soho, so whenever we’re in Fulham our first stop is a drink at The Little Blue Door. This one is arguably the best.

Why? The little blue door is so fun because it was designed to look like someone’s apartment. Decor includes toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and toiletries in restrooms, cozy lounging areas, kitchen-type areas, game rooms, and party rooms. The dream apartment, if you ask us.

This Fulham cocktail bar also hosts one of the capital’s best diners, called The Supper Club, every Thursday night. The food is amazing and it’s open late into the night for your cocktail cravings. That alone makes it the best place for late night drinking in Fulham.

Amuse bouche


Looking for somewhere a little more luxurious? Amuse Bouche is a wonderful little place for champagne and cocktails in Fulham. An ideal place for a date, this bar offers an extensive drinks menu filled with refined classics.

This bar prides itself on serving vintage champagne and original recipe cocktails while featuring the best live music London has to offer every Friday and Saturday night.

They have both an upstairs and downstairs bar, as well as a lovely heated garden. Head here for great cocktails at decent prices.

The water’s edge


Perched on the beautiful shores of Imperial Wharf, close to Fulham Broadway, is The Waterside, a stellar Fulham bar. We love that The Waterside is still relatively underrated, and unless you live in the area, you probably won’t know it’s there.

It’s a great price for the area, especially considering you’re drinking on the river with a dreamy sunset and delicious food. There’s an impressive cocktail list with tasty dishes (and there’s heaters for those freezing winter months!)

Megan’s by the Green


Megan’s is popping up all over London right now and we can see why not only is the food delicious, but the cocktails are really good.

Megan’s bar is quite adorable, flanked by fairy lights and a magical feel. You’ve probably seen pictures of it online because, after all, it’s one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in London.

Tip: Sit by the window and you’ll almost feel like you’re outside with the warmth and comfort of the inside. One of our favorite places for cocktails in Fulham.

Brinkley Fulham Wines


Formerly known as Joe’s Brasserie, this fantastic wine bar in Wandsworth Bridge Road has become increasingly popular for an after-work drink in Fulham.

The food is delicious and the service is always spot on, but the wine list is the reason we keep coming back. Brinkley’s new wines always impress.

We also love the outdoor seating, it’s quite romantic, you might want to add it to your list for a laid back evening option as well as being Fulham’s best wine bar.

creek house


Brook House is one of our favorite places to eat in Fulham and we’ve talked about it before on the site, but what we may not have mentioned is that it’s also the best place to grab a glass.

There are a few tables outside that you can grab if you’re lucky enough to get there in time, otherwise it’s mostly inside.

We love the great selection of wines, beers and cocktails. Brook House is also wonderfully decorated and you’ll feel like you’re in a posh Soho bar right in the center of Fulham.

It also accepts dogs, which is also a plus for us.



Vagabond is another great wine bar option near Fulham Broadway.

This posh London chain makes it all too easy to spend an evening sipping wine – just register a card on entry and you’re free to try whatever you want. Dangerous but fun, we think.

Add to that a stellar location and tasty charcuterie boards and you’re onto a winner – this is Fulham’s best wine bar.

Never Land – Fulham Beach Club


Neverland is the bar of duality – transformed into a beach in the summer and in the winter it transforms into a snowy cabin full of all the Christmas vibes you’ll ever need. Neverland is a great place for a drink in Fulham and one of the few beaches in London!

It has beds, cabanas, and beach-style cabanas that all need to be reserved before the day, but you can also just rock out during the day and try your luck or just head inside for a standard drink.

Fun music + great cocktails = one of the coolest places to drink in Fulham.

Cool Bars in Fulham: practical advice

  • Make a reservation in advance. If you’re going for an early drink, don’t just go because chances are you won’t get a table. However, if it’s a late night drink, you’ll probably be fine and we’re sure all the lovely hosts at Fulham will do their best to seat you.
  • Check out nearby parks like Bishops Park and Battersea Park while you’re in the area, it’s nice to take a good walk before sitting down for a drink.

Fulham Bars Map

Best Fulham Bars: Read More

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Cafe Reconcile presents a new series of brunches

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Café Reconcile and chef Martha Wiggins will present a new three-part brunch series with proceeds benefiting Café Reconcile’s workforce training program for young adults aged 16 at 24 years old. The brunch series will begin on Saturday September 17when “Reconcile Does Brunch” from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in music with DJ Polo.

Each brunch in the series will feature a special themed dining experience to express Chef Wiggins’ culinary vision and creativity while providing valuable educational opportunities for Reconcile trainees.

“The Combine brunch The series will feature experiences that reflect the vibrancy of our Central City community and the aspirations of the young people we serve,” said Chief Culinary Officer Martha Wiggins. “Most importantly, our guests will see our trainees in action, using their talents to create an energetic and memorable experience accessible to many.”

The Reconcile Does Brunch menu will include a variety of new and familiar menu options, specialty cocktails, and a selection of select beers and wines, including favorites such as:

Reconcile Burger

Blackened Burger Smash.

Homemade pickles, cheese, beer-battered onion ring.

Add an egg and/or bacon!

Benedictine Crab Cakes

Jumbo crabmeat, brioche and Creole Hollandaise sauce

Watermelon Paloma

Tequila, grapefruit, watermelon, Topo Chico and tajin

Diners can expect the “Bar Room Edition” of Reconcile Does Brunch on Sunday, October 2 and the “90s Throwback Edition” on Sunday, November 6.

Places for brunch are limited and reservations are required. Email [email protected] or call 504-459-9180 to make reservations. Maximum of 8 people per booking.

“The brunch series is an important platform for the strategic direction of Café Reconcile and the evolution of the culinary profile under the leadership of Culinary Chef, Chef Martha Wiggins,” said Gerald Duhon, Executive Director of Reconcile New Orleans. “Chef Martha and her team are transforming Café Reconcile into a competitive dining destination, recognized not only for its mission to transform the lives of young people, but also as a celebrated dining experience,” added Duhon.

To learn more, visit

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Construction of Gilbert Place continues towards 2023 retail, restaurants | Education

Construction of a six-story, $100 million building in downtown Blacksburg is expected to be occupied by Virginia Tech by late fall, with stores and restaurants expected to open next year, according to university officials.

The 250,000 square foot mixed-use building on Gilbert Street will include educational and student uses, as well as retail and dining options for the wider community, complemented by a rooftop terrace restaurant on the sixth floor, a previously announced Virginia Tech.

It is the tallest building in the city center.

For the moment, an underground car park with 124 spaces under the structure is open to vehicle traffic.

As for the storefronts and restaurants that will move into the first and sixth floors of Gilbert Place, negotiations are active and underway between the Virginia Tech Foundation and potential tenants, according to an email from university spokesperson Mark Owczarsky.

People also read…

“It would be premature to make any announcements,” Owczarski said in the email.

Two floors of the new building will be dedicated office space for Virginia Tech’s computer science department, the email said. Other departments will also use Gilbert Place.

Owczarski said the computer parts of Gilbert Place are key to the university’s “tech talent pipeline.” The pipeline aims to fuel the future Virginia Tech Innovation Campus in Northern Virginia with graduate students in high-demand technology fields like computer science and computer engineering.

“The Gilbert Place project will provide the home for [computer science] place students with an undergraduate degree in that pipeline,” Owczarski said. “In other words, the growth here connects to the innovation campus to the north and represents the pipeline coming together toward a key state goal that influenced Amazon’s decision to come here.”

Construction is also underway on an 11-story Innovation Campus building slated to open in 2024, according to a Virginia Tech webpage. Both efforts are guided by the Virginia Tech Foundation, a nonprofit corporation created to financially support the public university.

Additionally, Owczarski said Gilbert Place will house a counseling center for students, as part of the university’s efforts to improve mental health support.

“The timing of this couldn’t be better,” he said.

Catherine Potter of the University Foundation is due to give an update on the Gilbert Place project at a Main Street Connect meeting on Tuesday. The meeting is set for 8 a.m. at the Next Door Bake Shop on Turner Street.

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Former Hong Kong protesters reflect on life behind bars – and a changed city

When Tung Sheung-Lam left Shek Pik prison last month after two years and eight months behind bars, he did not expect a welcome party.

But the 23-year-old was surprised by his parents, who picked him up and took him to a yum cha restaurant, followed by a hotel stay. Now he has time to reflect on his time behind bars.

Shek Pik Jail. File photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

Tung was arrested in October 2019 for possessing and manufacturing explosives at an apartment in Tai Kok Tsui, where police found potassium nitrate, Molotov cocktails and modified drones.

He was convicted in September 2021 of three counts and sentenced to 48 months in prison, but was released in July after his pre-trial detention was considered.

Prior to his arrest, Tung was a college student, with occasional part-time gigs as a salesman. He even joined student organizations at his community college. As the summer of 2019 approached, Tung quickly found himself fully committed to the democratic cause.

After his first taste of tear gas, he became a full-time protester, which led to his fateful decision and imprisonment.

File photo: Mark Delegate/HKFP.

Looking back, Tung views his incarceration and sudden transition to freedom as a surreal experience. But overall, he doesn’t view his time behind bars as a waste of time.

“Like everything else in life, there should be no regrets. I might even go back the same way since the people and experiences I met made me who I am now,” Tung said, adding that he had no intention of breaking the law.

He was among thousands of young people detained during months of sometimes violent protests. A total of 10,265 people were arrested for various reasons. Of the 2,684 people charged, 1,197 people were convicted, according to figures from the Security Bureau.

The judiciary still handles many cases.

Once released from prison, many former protesters face a city very different from the one they left behind. Since Beijing imposed the National Security Law in June 2020 – which criminalized subversion, secession, collusion with foreign forces and terrorist acts – traces of the protests have been virtually erased, and authorities say it has restored stability and peace in the city.

Photo: GovHK.

Many pro-democracy activists and politicians face charges or are already in jail. Others fell silent or fled abroad.

Extend the nation’s love

Following the enactment of security legislation, the political system was overhauled to provide a pro-Beijing narrative in the form of a “patriots-only” legislature. These changes have also had an impact on the younger generation.

For those behind bars, the Directorate of Corrections has set up a voluntary “de-radicalisation” program for young people incarcerated for offenses related to the demonstration. The program includes safety law education to promote “law abiding awareness”, in hopes of reducing the risk of recidivism by teaching Chinese history and traditional values.

SKH St James Primary School on National Security Education Day. File photo: GovHK.

While in prison, Tung volunteered to write a passage for the Department of Corrections’ annual report on “Family Values ​​and Chinese Culture.” He said he kept the wording as neutral as possible and that his decision was a bargaining ploy. “When you’re alone, or have other people inside to keep you busy, you do what you need to do,” he said.

When Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited the city to attend the 25th anniversary celebrations of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China, he extended an olive branch to Hong Kong’s youth. In a speech, Xi said Hong Kong “will only have a bright future when its young people have good career prospects” and urged authorities to prevent juvenile delinquency.

In turn, Police Commissioner Raymond Siu said society should offer hope and a “second chance” to convicted protesters, saying many had shown remorse.

Some ex-protesters consider the olive branch offered insincere and say they are still stigmatized by society. A 23-year-old named Ding who was released from prison two years ago told HKFP that he could not open any bank accounts until very recently. No reason was given to him.

Ding, who asked to remain anonymous, said he believed “second chances” came not from the establishment but mainly from businesses sympathetic to their situation. He recalled receiving fliers promoting the national security law but didn’t give it much thought.

“They always labeled us…even before the protests, we would have been called ‘political prisoners,'” Ding said. “At least I know I broke the law not because I’m a criminal.”

Protesters march against a proposed amendment to Hong Kong’s extradition bill, June 9, 2019. Photo: May James.

Like Tung, Ding remains optimistic about life beyond bars despite his criminal record. Ding, who has since returned to school, opened a Patreon page to share his views on Hong Kong and hopes to write a book one day.

“The whole experience feels like a dream, but it is what it is. We have to accept that, do everything we can and influence the people around us,” he said.

Brotherhood by distress

For some, however, prison has brought its share of demons. A 20-year-old protester who used the pseudonym Sleep recalled witnessing occasional inmate clashes at Pik Uk Correctional Facility.

Sleep told HKFP that some former protesters imprisoned there have moved closer to guards or triad members incarcerated in the same cell for protection, which he described as the “easy way out”.

“While some fellow inmates bonded more easily with me, you were mostly alone, and not everyone is benign, so you have to take care of yourself,” Sleep said.

Pik Uk Correctional Facility. File photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Sleep was not alone. What upset Tung the most were the occasional betrayals of his supposed comrades behind bars in an environment fueled by survival anxiety. Witch hunts against “ghosts” — those suspected of secretly working with authorities or sabotaging the movement — could occur among protesters at any time, Tung said.

“A misconception is that the people inside are adamant about the cause – the reality is the opposite. There is no heroism, and the people inside just wanted out. We had to watch our rear – not from the authorities but in our ranks,” he said.

Even as a veteran protester arrested during the 2014 Umbrella Movement, jail can be an upsetting experience.

“The scariest thing about life in prison is that it completely changes a person without them realizing it. I started reading, training and studying, and to fight for myself,” Tung said.

While in detention, Tung met Tong Ying-Kit, the first person to be tried and convicted under the National Security Law. They quickly became friends and watched each other as they transferred to various institutions.

Tong Ying-Kit was found guilty of terrorism and inciting secession by a panel of appointed judges instead of a jury, a first in Hong Kong’s legal history.

Supporters of Tong Ying-kit, the first Hong Kong man to be sentenced under the national security law, place leaflets in a shopping mall adjacent to the High Court to wish the activist “peace and safety”, after having been sentenced to nine years behind bars on July 30, 2021. Photo: Studio Incendo.

A handwritten letter from Tong to Tung, seen by HKFP, depicts his bewilderment over the nine-year sentence under the national security law. Since his release, Tung has paid close attention to his friend behind bars and has spoken out for him.

Additionally, Tung and other former protesters are currently working on a mobile game that depicts a battle between gods and humans that is devastating civilization. In the game, Hong Kong escapes this fate but extends authoritarian rule over the survivors and becomes a target of resistance.

The game remains at a rudimentary stage since the friends he recruited as programmers are still behind bars. He sees it as a long-term project.

“Someone has to do it. It’s nothing noble, but if you’re in this position, it’s your responsibility.

Support HKFP | Code of Ethics | Error / typo? | Contact us | Newsletter | Transparency & Annual Report

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7 of Glasgow’s best nightspots for a great night out

7 des meilleures discothèques de Glasgow pour une bonne soirée <i>(Image: Anna_Om)</i>” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTYzOQ–/ -~B/aD00MTM7dz02MjA7YXBwaWQ9eXRhY2h5b24-/″ data-src=” YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTYzOQ–/–~B/aD00MTM7dz02MjA7YXBwaWQ9eXRhY2h5b24-/″/></div>
<p><figcaption class=7 of Glasgow’s best nightspots for a great night out (Image: Anna_Om)

Whether you’re a registered student at one of Glasgow’s many universities or just looking for a good night out, the nightclub is an essential part of the city’s incredible nightlife.

While cities like Edinburgh offer a great night out, nothing beats the variety on offer in Glasgow.

We’ve rounded up some of the best clubs in town which are some of the biggest in the UK.

7 – Fire Water

Glasgow hours:

Since 2001, this Sauchiehall nightclub has been playing all the classic genres, from 1970s disco to old school rock ‘n’ roll.

With two dance floors and a kitchen, Firewater is a great place to eat out during the day and party at night!

6 – The mechanic

The Garage is one of – if not – Glasgow’s most popular nightclubs and boasts of being the ‘biggest’, ‘busiest’ and ‘best’ party in town.

With 6 different dance floors spread over 4 levels, The Garage is sure to play something you love and cater to a large group of friends with very different styles. music tastes.

5 – Cathouse Rock Club

Glasgow hours:

Glasgow hours:

Cathouse describes itself as “Scotland’s quirkiest and quirkiest rock club” on its website and it’s easy to see why.

For over 30 years, Catty has been at the forefront of rock music by Scotlandwith huge club nights and live gigs for all rockers.

4 – Kokomo

Kokomo, in the heart of Glasgow’s stylish Merchant City, is a fantastic place to let loose if you’re a student and you like a bargain.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Kokomo offers free entry for students and offers drinks for just £1.

3 – The Polo Lounge

This LGBT-friendly club is a city institution and offers a night out every day of the week.

The club is known for hosting drag shows on “Lipstick Sundays”, music nights on “Camp Tuesdays”, and nerdy pop events on “Popworld Thursdays”.

2 – The Buff Club

Glasgow hours:

Glasgow hours:

The Buff club is a laid back nightclub that plays old school tunes in a laid back kitsch atmosphere.

Simply put, the Buff Club is the perfect place for a fun and relaxed night out in Glasgow city centre.

1 – Sub-club

Sub Club is the oldest underground dance club in the world and was voted the 10th best club in the world by Resident Adviser.

With its mix of indie music and live performances from bands such as Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem, the Sub Club remains a focal point of Glasgow’s thriving alternative scene.

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100 years ago: Raid shuts down ‘wet’ cafes in Havana | Story

100 years ago

September 9, 1922: Hundreds of people who flocked to Havana, Illinois, famous for its beach resorts, as well as citizens, had a thrill when a car full of dry agents slipped from Springfield and “took cleaned” several cafes. The “wet” places attacked were the cafes of Ed Roloff, Taylor House, Whitey Sewman, Charles Biehl, Ross Curliss, Pete Rudolph and Gus Kraft, Mazana beach. The owners were taken to Springfield for hearings before a US commissioner.

75 years ago

September 9, 1947: The fire truck chasers came in for a lacing by normal fire chief Ralph Rich, who warned enthusiasts that the practice is against the law and dangerous. Rich said drivers chasing the first truck often interfered with the second truck and hindered the arrival of the fire department as soon as possible. He reminded truck chasers that a siren signifies an emergency and that motorists should pull over to the side of the street and stay away from the service.

September 9, 1972: Believing they will have to spend money to make money, McLean County Council Recreation Committee members voted to ask the council to set a budget of $250,000 to begin recreational development at Evergreen Lake. In recent years, the county budget for recreation has been $40,000. President F. Russell Glasener said the increased funding could be used to develop beach and camping facilities that would generate revenue.

25 years ago

September 9, 1997: The Twin Cities’ emergency alert system will be revamped under a proposal approved by Bloomington City Council. The council agreed to pay the city’s share of a $42,000 contract for a new warning control system for cities. The new system would be radio-operated rather than electronic, allowing everyone’s condition to be monitored during testing. Cities now rely on resident reports to determine if a siren is not working.

Compiled by Pantagraph Staff

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Golden Gate Express | Restaurants are making a comeback on campus. Here’s what reopened this semester

When the COVID-19 pandemic drove students off campus in 2020, restaurants across SF State were forced to close.

However, as the campus population returns to pre-pandemic normal, five restaurants have reopened on campus: Crave’s Birdhouse, Gold Coast Grill & Catering, HSS 121 Cafe, Taza Smoothies & Wraps, and Clean Bites.

It has been over two and a half years since some of these restaurants have served members of the campus community. But despite the seemingly endless wait, there was always a plan for them to return.

Corporation University worked with restaurant managers to determine the best time to relaunch.

“One of the unique things about our campus compared to many other CSU campuses is that we tend to focus on small businesses and mom-and-pop stores,” said Andrew Lok, director of retail services. and sales representatives of UCorp.

Here are some things campus members should know about returning local restaurants.

Crave nesting box

Located on the lower level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, Crave’s Birdhouse offers a variety of vegan and meat sandwich options, many named after comic book characters such as Spider-Man, Batman and Black Widow.

The meat used by Crave’s Birdhouse is halal, making it one of the few dining options on campus for Muslim students who practice Sharia.

Halal meat follows religious criteria when it comes to how it is prepared. Animals cannot be treated with antibiotics or growth hormones, animals must be fed vegetarian diets, and there can be no pork or pork products, to name a few. .

“Muslim students need to know that they have a community that cares enough, that they provide halal options and that they meet their dietary needs,” said Muslim Student Association president Faheemah Shaikh.

According to Shaikh, the only other restaurants offering halal options are Nizario’s Pizza and Halal Shop.

While SF State is the original home of Crave’s Birdhouse, they have since expanded, opening another location near the UC Berkeley campus in 2019.

Gold Coast Grills and Catering

Another restaurant reopening at the Cesar Chavez Student Center is Gold Coast Grill & Catering.

The menu references local neighborhoods, landmarks and sports teams. There’s the “Park Merced,” a grilled teriyaki chicken sandwich served on a toasted sesame bun; or the “SF Giants”, a club sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.

Options range from breakfast to dinner, so students can enjoy their food throughout the school day. Breakfast choices include omelets, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches, while lunch and dinner offer grilled sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.

According to Alma Arguello, who has worked at Gold Coast Grill & Catering for almost four years, business is moving more slowly than usual.

“Hopefully as the semester goes on, more people start hearing about the place and they’ll start coming,” Arguello said.

Coffee HSS 121

Room 121 in the Health and Social Sciences building is not a classroom: it is a cafe serving hot drinks as well as breakfast and lunch options. The menu includes cafe classics such as bagels, sandwiches, soups and other snacks.

The restaurant is only indicated by a small sign above the door, so many students won’t know until they pass the nonchalant cafe entrance. The restaurant is gaining popularity as students come out of their classes.

“It started slowly, but it’s already catching up since it’s already been more than two weeks since school resumed,” said Cristian Ortega, an employee of the store.

The HSS 121 cafe has the unique advantage of being the only restaurant located inside a university building, making it an ideal option for students with classes nearby.

“It’s kind of like a quick stop before they get to class,” Ortega said.

Taza smoothies and wraps

Taza Smoothies & Wraps offers a wide cultural variety of Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian dishes.

The restaurant is located in the Village at Centennial Square, which provides plenty of foot traffic for the students who reside in the building.

When Taza reopened at the start of the semester, the menu was missing some of its usual items such as their Mexican cuisine. These items have slowly but surely returned and it is likely that more will reappear over the course of the year.

“It was a slow process,” said restaurant worker Adrian Uribe. “We slowly put items back on the menu.”

Although it offers plenty of nourishment, Taza Smoothies & Wraps has garnered the most attention for its signature smoothies. The menu offers a range of unique combinations such as the ‘Chocolate Monkey’, a smoothie made with chocolate, bananas, milk and fat-free frozen yogurt.

“The first day we opened, a lot of people were asking about the smoothies, so I think that’s probably the best thing about this place,” Uribe said.

Clean bites

Ideally located for students training at the Mashouf Wellness Center, Clean Bites has two primary purposes: protein and hydration.

Mashouf Restaurant offers a plethora of choices ranging from nutrient-rich wheatgrass shots to protein-rich cantina kebab bowls. Many menu items are filled with superfoods such as kale, hemp seeds, maca powder, spirulina and more.

“After [a] training, you need protein and healthy foods, so that’s our main focus,” said Clean Bites employee Yas Wesa. “You know what your body needs, protein and juices to keep you hydrated.”

Unlike other restaurants, Clean Bites did not return at the start of the semester. It officially reopened on September 6, but Wesa is confident it will return to its former glory.

“It’s going to be easy,” Wesa said. “We’re minimizing the menu part, so we’ll see how it goes.”

While some restaurants are struggling to regain their pre-pandemic success, it’s hoped the business will improve in the semester.

“I think a big part of it is just getting the word out,” Lok said. “A lot of juniors, because things have been remote for the past two years, this is their first time on campus. It’s just going to take time to rebuild that steady flow of traffic.”

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Eatery Business

Aiming to strike a balance between secured and unsecured loans: Ujjivan SFB CEO

Ittira Davis, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank (SFB)

Dear Reader,

Business Standard has endeavored to provide timely information and commentary on developments that are of interest to you and have broader political and economic implications for the country and the world. Your encouragement and constant feedback to improve what we offer has only strengthened our resolve and commitment to these ideals. Even during these trying times resulting from Covid-19, we remain committed to keeping you informed and informed with credible news, authoritative views and incisive commentary on timely and relevant issues.

However, we have a request.

As we fight the economic impact of the pandemic, we need your support even more so we can continue to bring you higher quality content. Our subscription model has had an encouraging response from many of you who have subscribed to our online content. More subscriptions to our online content can only help us achieve our goals of bringing you even better and more relevant content. We believe in free, fair and credible journalism. Your support through more subscriptions can help us practice the journalism we are dedicated to.

Support quality journalism and Subscribe to Business Standard.

digital editor

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Waterbury nightclub liquor license suspended and closed

WATERBURY, Conn. (WFSB) – A nightclub in Waterbury has had its liquor license permanently suspended and ordered to close.

It comes after several shootings occurred at the property, the most recent being a fatal shooting on Saturday.

The club is called the Litt Ultra Lounge on West Main Street.

This order was issued after the Waterbury Police Chief sent two letters to state officials urging them to suspend their license.

In those letters, Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolohe mentioned a shooting in February where the club’s security chief was shot dead.

Police say someone started shooting at the bar after a large group was kicked out.

24 casings were found outside.

The leader says the club was causing a lot of criminal activity in the area.

Then, last Saturday, Adam Bellamy, 38, was killed.

Two others were also shot and survived.

The chef added that “for the immediate surrounding community, gunfire occurring on the premises of Lit Ultra Lounge is a serious health and safety concern.”

Police also said they needed to increase patrols around the club area, pay unnecessary overtime and add officers to the area instead of other needed areas of the city.

The state says Litt Ultra Lounge must remain closed.

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7 Cute Cafes for Catching Up | Essex

The kids are finally back to school (hooray!), which means it’s time to save up those much-deserved morning coffees, brunches and lunches. Picking some of our favorite coffees in Essex…

We.are.table, Earls Colne

A stylish little cafe that packs a punch. With seating for twelve (lucky one) diners, this Earls Colne walk-in is a bit of a neighborhood gem. Founded by two local friends, this chic spot has survived a lockdown and won five-star reviews across the board (as well as the prestigious Essex Best Coffee crown at this year’s Muddy Awards). From breakfast bagels to epic sausage rolls to incredible homemade cakes, everything looks as good as it tastes thanks to edible flowers, fruit toppings, and general plating flair.

The Bakery, Chelmsford

What’s your jam? Take your pick with The Bakehouse’s range of sweet homemade spreads – so good with a warm, flaky croissant. And, if coffee is your thing, then you’ll love (Bake)House Barista’s signature coffee blend, which is locally roasted and tastes surprising. Come for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or just for a cup of the good stuff.

Mrs. Salisbury’s Tea Room, Maldon

You’ll find this pretty pink gem of a tea room tucked away in the streamer-covered Bright’s Path on the high street. Brimming with charm and character, there are six individually designed bedrooms to choose from over three floors. How about a cake and a cup of tea in the bright downstairs bar? A cozy cafe in the moody drawing room (with a crackling fire for those colder days)? Or perhaps breakfast in the light-filled Observatory room overlooking the courtyard? Oh yes, there is also a heated courtyard for eating and drinking outside. Ah, making decisions…

Robyn’s Nest, Writtle

Looking for the perfect village tea room? We found him ! This charming, family-run cafe in Writtle has Instagrammable interiors, giant slices of homemade cake, and really good coffee. Take a seat by the window to take in views of the greenery of the village and the covet-worthy homes that surround it. Plus, there’s also a lovely little lifestyle store (Sonia @ 48) right next door if you’re in the mood for a bit of local retail therapy. Well, it would be rude not to, right?

Parlor Cafe, Burnham-on-Crouch

One for dog lovers. This friendly cafe in Creeksea Place Barns is a great little spot for breakfast or brunch. While you enjoy your freshly squeezed orange juice and toast, your pooch can dine on his own “All Day Barkfest” or “Barkuterie Board.” I mean, I’d go for the pun-filled menu alone! Good to know: there is also a fabulous children’s menu if you have smaller strands in tow.

Squeeze Cafe, Leigh-on-Sea

This new kid on the block is quickly becoming a popular haunt for savvy locals. From the bar covered in mosaics and the ceiling dotted with plants to the tanned leather banquettes, the interiors alone are enough to seduce you. Then you try one of the smoothies, signature salad bowls, and craft coffee and realize that’s not all. on the eyes. In addition, it serves excellent vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Shops, Great Waltham

This independent cafe is, quite simply, as great as it sounds. Beautiful and historic on the outside and cool and contemporary on the inside, this is the best of both coffee worlds. What is on the menu? Think hearty brunches and lunches, delicious homemade cakes and locally roasted coffee. We love the local artwork lining the walls and the dedicated charging station, which earns big sustainable points. After filling your bottles (and your belly), grab a coffee to go and stroll through the village or nearby Langley Estate.

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What restaurants are open on Labor Day 2022? Starbucks, McDonald’s

Going on a road trip this Labor Day? Wondering which restaurants might be open as you return home from a weekend getaway?

If you are traveling and looking for options, have no fear. Many national chains and regional restaurants will be open on the federal holiday if you’re looking to grab a meal — or if you’re spending the holidays at home and are simply tired of backyard barbecues.

Depending on where you live, delivery services such as Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats and DoorDash may also be available to participating restaurants. But check with your nearest restaurant and confirm they are open or don’t have special holiday hours – even some chain restaurants and stores are locally operated.

Prepare food safely:Grilling your food poorly could be risky this Labor Day weekend

What is open and closed on Labor Day? Things to know about post offices, schools, bank opening hours

Is Starbucks open on Labor Day 2022?

You can find Starbucks stores open on Labor Day, but hours and closings may vary by location, according to Starbucks. The coffee chain recommends checking local store opening hours on its app.

Is Chick-fil-A open on Labor Day 2022?

Chick-fil-A restaurants are open Labor Day with limited hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A spokesperson for Chick-fil-A told USA TODAY that some venues may open earlier or close later and recommended checking the hours on the channel’s app.

Restaurants open Labor Day 2022

  • Applebee’s
  • Grilled bone fish
  • Boston Market
  • Wild Buffalo Wings
  • Burger King
  • California pizza cuisine
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • by Carrabba
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Chilli’s
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Cracker Barrel
  • dairy queen
  • Del Taco
  • Denny’s
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Dunkin’
  • El Pollo Loco
  • fire station submarines
  • Fogo de Chao
  • Hardee’s
  • I JUMP
  • jack in the box
  • KFC
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Little Caesars
  • Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Long John Silver’s
  • McDonald’s
  • Noodles & Company
  • olive garden
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Panda Express
  • panera bread
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • PF Chang’s
  • pizza hut
  • Popeyes
  • Qdoba Mexican Eats
  • robin
  • Starbucks
  • Taco Bell
  • waffle restaurant
  • Wendy’s
  • court house
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Cryptocurrency: Netflix reportedly bans crypto ads on its ad-based streaming subscription

Netflix previously announced that it will launch a new subscription option so that users can enjoy the service at cheaper rates. However, this is an ad-supported tier, so subscribers opting into this can expect commercial breaks while watching a show.

It has been said that offering a new option with lower rates is a move for Netflix to increase revenue again. The ad-supported subscription tier was first announced in July, and the company has already mentioned that it will officially launch in November.

The new option will have ads, but according to CoinTelegraph, some sources said that Netflix will not allow cryptocurrency-related ads. It has been said that the American streaming giant has taken the decision to ban crypto ads, which means that it will reject all kinds of advertising campaigns with cryptocurrency.

It also won’t allow political ads and anything containing gambling on its new subscription tier. Ads that sell products to children are also not allowed on the streaming platform. Based on the reports, Netflix may also restrict pharmaceutical ads, but this is still under discussion.

In any case, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported that Netflix’s new, cheaper subscription option is also coming to Australia, and it could be as early as November. Again, Netflix’s new subscription tier is also coming to Canada, Germany, UK, US and France on November 1st.

With the reported restriction on crypto advertisements and other topics mentioned, it was said that this is really nothing new. This is due to the regulatory scrutiny that has been common in the digital asset industry. In fact, Facebook, which is now known as Meta, also banned crypto ads in 2018, and it was in effect on the social media company’s platform.

Meanwhile, Netflix has moved up the launch date for its ad-supported subscription option. It was originally supposed to go live in early 2023, but it was changed in November to compete with rival Disney Plus, which is set to introduce its own subscription plan with ads on December 8.

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Georgia: fatal shooting in a restaurant


At least 3 people shot, 2 killed overnight in Hartwell, Georgia, nightclub, GBI says

Roberius Thorton, 39, and Joseph Johnson, 25, died after being shot

Two men died after a shooting at a bar and grill in Hartwell, Georgia, according to the coroner. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said two gunshot victims were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, and another person went to the hospital alone and has since been treated and released . Several cars were also hit by gunfire. Joseph Johnson, 25, of Cannon, Georgia, died at AnMed Health on Monday afternoon, according to coroner Mike Adams. He also said Roberius Thornton, 39, died after being shot. performed around 2 a.m. Monday at Jack’s Bar and Grill on Anderson Highway. The GBI said no suspects have yet been identified. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police. Tips can be submitted anonymously by calling 1-800-597-TIPS (8477).

Two men died after a shooting at a bar and grill in Hartwell, Georgia, according to the coroner.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said two gunshot victims were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, and another person went to the hospital alone and has since been treated and released . Several cars were also hit by gunfire.

Joseph Johnson, 25, of Cannon, Georgia, died at AnMed Health on Monday afternoon, according to coroner Mike Adams.

He also said Roberius Thornton, 39, died after being shot.

(Video above: WYFF News 4 morning headlines)

The shooting happened around 2 a.m. Monday at Jack’s Bar and Grill on Anderson Highway.

filming at jacks bar and grill in hartwell, georgia

The GBI said no suspects have yet been identified. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police. Tips can be submitted anonymously by calling 1-800-597-TIPS (8477).

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Eatery Business

Secured or Unsecured Loans: Which is the Better Choice for You? | by Camila Cox | Sep 2022

Find out about secured and unsecured loans!!

Photo of Frederick Warren on Unsplash

You may have seen messages on your phone offering secured and unsecured loans, offering enticing interest rates, or promising a quick loan from a particular lender. But few of us are aware of the key differences between these loans.

However, understanding the distinction between a secured loan and an unsecured loan is a crucial step in developing financial literacy and can be useful if you need to apply for one of these loans due to a financial emergency.

For secured loans, collateral is required as a guarantee against borrowed funds. All of the borrower’s assets and, under certain circumstances, time deposits and provident funds can be used as collateral. The lender keeps this collateral throughout the repayment period. The lender can seize title to the security to recover the loan amount if the borrower defaults on the loan within a specified time frame. Mortgage loans, home loans, stock loans and gold loans are some examples secured loans.

Unsecured Loans, but do not require any collateral or collateral. These loans are approved and granted according to the borrower’s ability to repay the debt and the debt to income ratio. However, the current income of the borrower is decisive for the creditworthiness. Online personal loans, quick loans and same day loans are the best examples of unsecured loans.

Inform yourself comprehensively both secured and unsecured loans if you need money and want to apply for a loan. You must choose wisely based on your needs, requirements, and financial situation. To help you choose the ideal loan, here are a few.

Your ability to offer collateral or guarantees: If you need a larger amount of credit and you have assets such as land or other real estate that you can use as collateral, consider a secured loan as you can get the amount you need at a lower interest rate. If you need cash immediately but cannot provide collateral or collateral, you can still apply for an unsecured personal loan or a quick loan.

The desired loan amount is: You can always turn to online lenders for a modest loan amount and online personal loan, quick loan or same day loan. This is the best choice as you can get it online from the comfort of your home and there are no restrictions on how the money can ultimately be used. If you need a larger loan amount and do not qualify for an instant personal loan, you must apply for a secured loan.

The period in which you need money: Due to the fast processing times and lack of collateral, you will receive the loan approval for an unsecured loan in just a few hours. This makes the unsecured personal loan the perfect choice for anyone who needs money quickly or in an emergency. In contrast, equity-backed loans are a good option when you need money for a planned expense and the deadline is within 7 to 10 days.

Choose a loan that best suits your needs and has the potential to meet them, whether you choose a secured loan or an unsecured loan like a personal loan.

Loan options and features vary depending on whether they are secured or unsecured. It is important to understand both loans as this will allow you to choose the one that is most suitable for you. Before applying for a loan, remember to consider your ability to repay and affordability.

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New cafe in old Subway space in downtown Shelton

SHELTON — Stephanie Champagne spent her childhood dreaming of working in a coffee shop. Now she has one.

The Stratford resident – ​​known locally for her charming attitude and bright smile at work at the Caloroso Eatery and Bar on Center Street – is opening the Kickstart Café in a vacant space at 462 Howe Ave., which once housed Subway.

“I love the Shelton community…I love the restaurant business, and this is a chance to merge the two,” said Champagne, who has worked at Caloroso for six years.

“I’m so excited,” she added. “I’ve wanted this since I was a kid. I always used to say that I would work in a cafe. The fact that I open one… it’s my wildest dream come true.

Kickstart Café, which is expected to open in mid-September, will offer indoor seating as well as curbside pickup. She said the store will offer coffee, tea and smoothies as well as breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Champagne said the menu will include traditional and vegan options as well as desserts prepared by her future mother-in-law, Linda Thompson.

“I want this to be the only place to get both diet options,” Champagne said, adding that her menu is open to change. “I will adapt my offers to the community. I’m not stagnating with my plan, I want to shape the menu based on what I hear the community wants.

Champagne said her first job was at a bagel shop, where she fell in love with the restaurant business. She said she had taken on other jobs between her arrival at Caloroso, but never strayed from her goal.

“I always came back to catering,” she said.

Mat Calandro, owner of Caloroso, said he first met Champagne when she applied for a waiter job and knew she was destined for success.

“An independent woman with an exceptional work ethic, compassion and character,” Calandro said when describing Champagne. “I consider her part of my family and a friend for life.”

He said Champagne would make his dream come true.

“I know her late father is so proud of her,” he said. “She is committed to making her dream come true and has made so many sacrifices, including putting her marriage on hold to take on this adventure.”

Champagne said the business is very much a family affair, with the support of her fiancé, Matthew Bartol – the two are high school sweethearts who have been together for 14 years.

She also thanks Calandro for his support, not only as an employer but as a friend who supported her efforts to keep this fledgling cafe running.

“I know Kickstart will be a staple in downtown Shelton for many years to come and I’m so proud of her,” Calandro said. “She was the first to raise her hand during very uncertain times, which is a testament to her courage. She is a great example to all of us and reminds us that the American Dream is alive and well.

She was able to make her dream come true when Subway left the space at the corner of Howe Avenue and the entrance to the post office parking lot. Liberty Tax temporarily filled the space but then left, freeing up the slot for Champagne.

“I knew it was the right decision for me…I said, ‘This has to happen,'” she said. “And doing this in the neighborhood that I’ve loved serving for six years…I can’t quite understand that.”

Champagne said it’s a good time with downtown Shelton exploding with small businesses and apartments, leading to increased foot traffic.

She also learned from the countless people she met while working at Caloroso that Shelton residents want to help small businesses and will patronize them whenever possible.

“I assure you that Kickstart will not disappoint you,” Calandro said.

[email protected]

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How are restaurants in Colorado doing in 2022?

Restaurant owners say rising food prices and labor shortages are getting worse.

DENVER — A Labor Day tradition returns to Denver’s Civic Center Park for the first time since 2019. Thousands are enjoying the taste of Colorado this weekend.

It’s a welcome sight for restaurateurs and food vendors, but their troubles aren’t about to end.

“From the outside, things look fantastic, but in reality, they’re not,” said Chris Fuselier, owner of Blake Street Tavern in Lodo.

Fuselier said food businesses are currently under enormous financial pressure due to the rising cost of food and supplies and a shortage of workers.

“It’s really tough. We think we’re going to make money, but the price is going up, and the price is going up,” Fuselier said. “It’s hard to explain to a customer that the burger that cost $12 two and a half years ago, you have to be charged $15.”

According to the Colorado Restaurant Association, 46% of restaurant owners say business conditions are worse now than they were three months ago. And 64% say they don’t have enough employees to meet customer demand.

“We just hired 25 people at Blake Street, and we’ve already lost 10,” Fuselier said.

Fuselier said he still sees restaurants closing regularly downtown and he doesn’t see the situation improving any time soon.

“I don’t know. I was hoping now. Maybe in a year, maybe longer,” Fuselier said.

On a positive note, according to Fuselier, is that customers are tipping more these days than they did before the pandemic.

Fuselier said the average tip at Blake Street Tavern is now close to 20%, about 5% more than it was before the pandemic.

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RELATED: Inflation Affects Denver Vendors and Restaurants

SUGGESTED VIDEOS: Latest news from 9NEWS

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First look at the reopened Walt’s All-American Bar & Grill

The Walt’s All American Bar & Grill at 5534 W. Central Ave reopened under new ownership. The owners have renovated the interior, but kept much of the same menu. It’s been years since I’ve been in the place and decided to come back to try some food.

5534 W Central Avenue, Wichita, KS 67212

Sunday – Wednesday: 11 a.m. – Midnight
Thursday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Cash/cards accepted

I skipped opening week when they had half-price burgers and cut-price steaks because 1.) I wanted to deal with the influx of traffic the promotions were bringing, and 2.) I was just too busy.

United States car shop

So, now that the novelty of the first week has worn off and I had more time, a visit to Walt’s was in order.

After browsing their menu, I opted against the burgers and steaks. Instead I went with a ruben, baked potato and wings. Their menu had an option for half a reuben for $7 which was great as it gave me more room to try different things.

Walt's American Bar & Grill

Walt's American Bar & Grill

So how was the food? Let’s start with the wings. They were very meaty, which was a good thing. The wings, on the other hand, were heavily sliced. All the sauce gave the breading a grainier texture which took away from the whole experience. I always say, less is more, and that rule applies to the amount of sauce put on the wings. If they had used less sauce I really think it would have improved the wings immensely as everything else was good from the flavors to the portion sizes.

As for the baked potato and fries, nothing too memorable to say there. They were pretty basic and what I expected from most bars.

Finally, the ruben was roughly on the same page as the wings. They bet on Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing, which gave the sandwich a Philly cheesesteak texture; just way too much sauce. I could barely taste the corned beef and sauerkraut.

Walt's American Bar & Grill

The less is more rule would have really helped most of the dishes I ordered at Walt’s. But this was a case where things could easily be improved; nothing was so bad that I wouldn’t be back soon.

On the good side, the service was fantastic. I had read reports that they had struggled on this aspect during opening week. Zero problems during my visit. My server, whose name was Shelby, told me it was her first day when I passed by. She did a phenomenal job. My drink was never empty; the food came out quickly and she had a great attitude.

Here is their menu:

Walt's American Bar & Grill

Walt's American Bar & Grill

Good meal,

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How the octogenarian brothers’ colorful posters went global

NEW YORK (AP) — For years, Miguel and Carlos Cevallos made a living drawing posters for neighborhood nightclubs, taco trucks and restaurants in Queens, painting business basements or on their tables and attracting customers by word of mouth.

Until an Instagram account changed a lot of things.

Now, hip ice cream parlors in Brooklyn and retro eateries in Manhattan are waiting their turn to get one of the brothers’ colorful signs. They are in demand in music stores in San Francisco, national restaurant chains, bars in Belgium and bakeries in South Korea.

It doesn’t matter that the brothers are over 80 or that both, born in Ecuador and raised in Colombia, speak limited English. They embraced their new clients and sketched all day in the Manhattan apartment they’ve shared for nearly 20 years.

“Fate is like that. Sometimes you find success later in life,” Carlos Cevallos said recently, sipping tea in an empty Manhattan restaurant. Dressed in suits and ties, as they are every day, the brothers shared a muffin.

Recent orders have come from a bagel shop in Manhattan’s Little Italy neighborhood, a newsstand in Manhattan’s West Village, an Oregon-based restaurant chain, and a burger shop. pop-up vegetarians in Los Angeles. NYCgo, the official city guide for tourists and New Yorkers, recently commissioned the brothers to design Queens’ iconic Unisphere, the giant metal globe built for the 1964 World’s Fair.

“They have a special touch, so nice and colorful,” said Marina Cortes, manager of West Village restaurant La Bonbonnière. The brothers “Breakfast all day!” sign is displayed on the restaurant terrace.

“Life without good is bad,” reads a poster the brothers designed for Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. “Special of the day. Choose two sandwiches and pay for both! reads another one they made for Regina’s Grocery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Made with acrylic paint, the playful and childish posters of the Cevallos brothers have large letters and a nostalgic air. Miguel draws and Carlos does the coloring, together creating about six posters a week.

The brothers receive five to twenty requests a week for their work.

The family moved from Ecuador to Colombia to follow an uncle who was a Catholic priest and worked in Bogota. Accustomed to drawing since their childhood, Carlos, Miguel and their older brother, Victor, opened an art studio and a poster shop in the Chapinero district of Bogota.

Victor moved to New York in 1969 and Carlos joined in 1974. For years they worked in a studio apartment in Times Square until rent increases prompted a move to Queens.

In the 1980s, they drew posters advertising performances at a club in Queens called La Esmeralda.

“They would pay so little per poster. It was sad,” Carlos said. The posters featured artists such as Mexican singer Armando Manzanero and Chilean Lucho Gatica.

Miguel, meanwhile, cared for their mother until her death at age 101. He moved to New York in 2005 to join his siblings. Victor, mentor to his younger brothers, died in 2012.

Eventually, Aviram Cohen, who builds and installs audio-visual art in museums, saw the brothers’ posters in Queens and tracked them down to request one for his wife’s new yoga studio. In 2018, he opened their Instagram account, @cevallos_bros, which became a lifeline for the brothers after the coronavirus pandemic.

“I did it out of admiration for their work, and after meeting them I understood that all of this would go away. Most businesses would throw the posters away,” said Cohen, 42. “I was convinced that different types of people and subcultures could appreciate their art.

He was right. The account now has over 25,000 followers and has become an archive of their work, as well as a source of orders.

“I love their story,” said Happy David, who manages the Instagram accounts for La Bonbonnière and Casa Magazines, a Manhattan newsstand for which she also commissioned the brothers’ work. It reminds him of the signs seen in his native Philippines.

In a digital world, “a lot of people are going back to crafting,” David said. “We want to connect and we want to feel that there are hands that made them.”

When asked if they plan to retire soon, the Cevallos brothers answer with a quick “no”.

Where do they get their energy from?

“We eat healthily,” they answer with a smile.

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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Coffee and Cafe Mavens on Main Reveals New Dream Team

September 3, 2022 – West Bend, WI – Mavens on Main, 243 N. Main Street in downtown West Bend, WI has a major announcement. Mavens owner Staci Nielsen joins forces with legendary pastry chef Derek Van Alstyne, formerly of Sweet Creations Village Bakery. The pair form Mavens on Main’s new Dream Team and will soon be Van Alstyne’s signature sweets, coffee cakes and homemade breads.

“Together we’re going to be able to do some really awesome things,” said Nielsen, who opened the cafe earlier this summer.

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Nielsen’s Coffee offers a variety of specialty Anodyne coffee (roasted in Milwaukee, WI), Rishi tea and smoothies. The front glass display cases are filled with a sight of sweet goodness with freshly baked pastries, chewy cookies, rich cupcakes and elegant scones.

Uncle Larry's Storage

“I’m thrilled to learn from Derek,” Nielsen said. “He worked in a completely different environment than mine and he has so much experience.

“I’m also really excited for her fresh breads; it’s something I wanted to do but just didn’t have the time.

Van Alstyne, who had two bakeries in West Bend, Wi in his heyday, is chomping at the bit to start over after having sold his shop to Slinger on May 1, 2022.

“Seriously, I’m cleaning the cracks in my sidewalk, pulling weeds and trimming trees and bushes and I’m bored,” Van Alstyne said.

Wendy Wendorf

Turning 58 in November, Van Alstyne decided to come out of retirement while chatting with Chris Goeman in Slinger. “I was going to set up a bakery with him, but Mavens came together a little faster because it was already established,” he said.

“I will cook for Mavens, but I will also cook for Chris and his business Rapid Mart on Hwy 60 and Uncle Larry’s Rustic Inn on Pike Lake.”


It’s been three months since Van Alstyne closed his shop and auctioned off his gear and collectibles at Sweet Creations in Slinger. “It was an extremely difficult decision to close this store. It was hard to watch; people bought stuff and then it was done.

When asked if he had caught up on his sleep, as bakery hours normally start at 10 p.m. and end mid-morning, Van Alstyne struggled to contain his excitement.

“I’m pumped,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed. I am excited to begin.

Born and raised in Slinger, Wisconsin, Van Alstyne will begin cooking for Mavens on Main on September 12.

“I use their kitchen, their oven, everything,” he said of the space inside the Saloon Royale building. “We’re going to be rolling out (pun intended) a bunch of my old recipes including peanut squares, cream-filled coffee cakes, cheese bars, elephant ears and danishes. No donuts though, we’re not going to make donuts.

On a note of history: can you name the property at the location before Saloon Royale / Mavens on Main? What about the company before that? Click on HERE for a hint.

For additional credit, can you name the owner?

Uncle Larry's Storage

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The real reason 9 Burger King restaurants broke the law in South Carolina

Teenage employees working at a fast food restaurant like Burger King are not unexpected. But, in some cases, it seems that these companies are a little too lax on child labor laws, allowing their young employees to do work they are not supposed to do.

A McDonald’s franchisee in Santa Ana, California was criticized in February 2022 for allowing underage employees to load and operate indoor trash compactors (via the United States Department of Labor), which cannot only be done by trained employees 18 years of age or older. Another McDonald’s franchisee in Idaho was fined an incredible $50,000 for also allowing young employees to work long hours on school days (via Fox Business). Even Chipotle has been caught up in a similar scandal, with six Massachusetts restaurants having to pay a total of $1.4 million for similar violations, according to the New York Times.

It is because of similar incidents like these that labor law is beginning to focus more and more on the fast food industry and its practices. According to a 2020 article by QSR magazine, there have been discussions about how long a quick-service restaurant worker should work. Whether or not there will be radical changes in the employment of miners in the industry remains to be seen.

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Downtown shooting victim sues nightclub and parking service for damages

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The woman who was paralyzed in a shooting in a downtown Fort Myers parking lot last month is suing both the nightclub and the owners of the parking lot where she claims a confrontation between her and the accused shooter took place.

Court documents show the victim is suing Premium Parking Service, LLC and the operators of The Edge nightclub on Hendry Street for an undisclosed sum. They allege an “obligation and duty to exercise due diligence to protect the public” which has not been confirmed.

The victim’s one-year-old son is named co-plaintiff, with the victim claiming she can no longer care for the child.

Attorney Joe North writes in the lawsuit filed Wednesday that there were no security guards present at the garage operated by PPS at the time of the Aug. 14 shooting. They claim the incident happened at a time when many people are leaving nightclubs in the area and hanging out in various parking lots, as well as on nearby streets.

The Edge is being prosecuted because, according to the victim, an altercation with the alleged shooter Jasmine Battle started inside.

A probable cause affidavit from investigators says the victim and a group of four, including Battle, got into an argument over a Facebook post the victim had previously made.

Lawyers for the victim believe the club should have ensured the two women left separately and should have called the police when the altercation began.

North says there’s evidence the battle was “celebrated” in the parking lot after the shooting for three minutes, saying it’s proof there was no security during the incident.

Investigators found a Ministry of Children and Families document on the parking lot floor with Battle’s name on it.

She surrendered to Lee County authorities and has since pleaded not guilty to aggravated battery and weapons charges.

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