November 2021


Barcelona workshop will teach how to create community clubs

Barcelona workshop will teach how to create community clubs

A new project called ‘What makes a club ‘ will teach how to create community clubs in an upcoming workshop in Barcelona. It will take place from November 8 to 12 and will be hosted by Temporary pleasure and the non-profit association Futch Club.

After a difficult year, Barcelona clubs were allowed to reopen earlier this month and with it new ideas spinning club concepts have emerged – this is the case with “What Makes A Club”. The 5-day program will consist of a week-long workshop and DIY dance floor in Barcelona, ​​offering lectures, design labs and a seminar on how to prototype community-oriented clubs. This whole project strives to emphasize the importance and relevance of communities to reinvent and create what they call “new generation nightclubs”.

The whole program costs a total of 80 € and you can apply and reserve your place until Sunday 24 October. The organization made sure to reserve places for people with financial needs. For more information, see the Temporary pleasure website or follow event social media here.


Join us for five days of conferences, design labs and a construction workshop allowing local stages to co-create community club spaces.

We’ve spent the last decade looking at clubs inside and out and believe brick and mortar clubs are broken: too rigid, top to bottom – and disappearing. To preserve the right to dance in community, we must reinvent clubs – replacing rigid clubs, barriers to entry and lost spaces – with fluid clubs, co-creation and new beginnings.

We believe that genuine collaboration and inclusion enhances the music, dance floors, and community development opportunities beyond the club. In alliance with @futchclub we aim to amplify local energies, marginalized voices and often blocked identities.

Together, in just one week, we will build a prototype club and platform event space that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Image Credit: Town Hall (via Facebook)

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TrueFi hits $ 1 billion in loan issued and marks 1 year of zero default collateral free loans

  • TrustToken is the team behind TrueFi, a DeFi protocol
  • TrustToken is hiring veterans from Silicon Valley and Wall Street
  • TrustToken is adding former Ethworks engineers to its leadership team
  • Restructured senior management to bring TrueFi’s reach into the traditional financial sector

TrustToken, the team behind TrueFi, a leading DeFi unsecured lending protocol, is celebrating its one year anniversary by announcing that it has reached $ 1 billion in non-defaulted loans. Other milestones include securing $ 12.5 million in strategic funding and the acquisition of leading Web3 development company, Ethworks. To top it off, TrustToken expanded its C-suite earlier this month by adding notable Silicon Valley and Wall Street veterans.

The executive team will be joined by Tom Shields and Russell Korte to form a restructured executive board that will steer the TrueFi company’s reach into the traditional financial sector, lead the development of new DeFi products, manage the integration of recent and future acquisitions, and lead the advancement TrueFi decentralization.

Employees on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley

Tom Shields, a seasoned technical founder and investor, takes on the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). He was previously Chairman of the Board of TrustToken and served as a consultant. His new role will now play a central role in the company’s day-to-day business.

Shields is credited with his role in listing NetGravity as CTO in 1998. He also brings decades of management and strategy experience in corporate and consumer-based startups, including one of the world’s largest multi-sided marketplaces. He has also founded, invested in, served on the boards of directors and advised founders in dozens of mission-oriented companies. The important thing is that Tom has a deep background in the technology sector.

Russell Korte, who was previously the CFO of Allegro Credit, a consumer credit company, will now assume the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at TrustToken. In his previous position, he is credited with leading the sale of Allegro to Synchrony Financial, a $ 100 billion consumer credit institution, earlier this year.

In particular, Korte brings solid experience in TradFi and specialty finance, which will be crucial in driving TrustToken’s efforts to institutionalize DeFi and ultimately to realize the company’s vision of a collaboration between DeFi and TradFi as the finance of the future.

By adding seasoned Wall Street and Silicon Valley honchos, TrustToken aims to increase its focus on servicing institutional finances with its suite of DeFi solutions. The employee enhancements add a blend of a proven understanding of the banking world with the world-class technological expertise required to integrate TrustToken’s synthetic assets and DeFi protocol into the traditional financial ecosystem.

Ethworks onboarding settings

Prior to Shields and Korte joining, TrustToken acquired Ethworks, a Web3 development company, in September, where it added its former engineers to its executive team.

In particular, Marek Kirejczyk, a veteran founder, engineer and co-founder of Ethworks, joins TrustToken as Chief Technical Officer (CTO). In his new role, Kirejczy takes on the infrastructure, products and security behind TrustToken’s projects.

In addition, Natalia Kirejczyk, an EthWorks veteran behind the redesign of, will take over as VP of Design. Its job is to manage the user experience and visual impact of the TrustToken platform.

Krzysztof Jelski, the new VP of Engineering with over 15 years of experience in software development, will not be left behind. In this role, she will serve as Senior Manager and Technical Director, where she will lead the day-to-day technical management operations of the company.

Regarding the new addition to the C-suite, Rafael Cosman, CEO and Co-Founder of TrustToken said:

This is the leadership team that will bring TrueFi from $ 1 billion to $ 1 trillion, which will require going well beyond the crypto lenders and borrowers that TrueFi primarily works with today.

About TrueFi

TrueFi is a leading protocol for unsecured loans. It is based on the very first on-chain credit scores and is governed by the TRU token holders.

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9 Latest Food Hygiene Ratings For Restaurants, Take Aways, Cafes And Pubs In Portsmouth

Ratings were introduced to give customers clear information about the hygiene standards of each room.

Local authorities carry out inspections throughout the year.

Companies are rated from 0 to 5, the latter being the highest.

Here’s what each means:

5 – the hygiene standards are very good.

4 – the hygiene standards are good.

3 – the hygiene standards are generally satisfactory.

2 – some improvement is needed.

1 – major improvement is needed.

0 – urgent improvement is required.

Here are the latest food hygiene reviews of restaurants, take out, cafes and pubs in Portsmouth.

Make sure to click through all gallery pages to see all of the companies.

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Restaurants partner with CASA to help children in need

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) – For the seventh year in a row, CASA is partnering with The Blind Tiger and Marina Cantina to help children in need. The restaurants have just launched their end-of-year challenge.

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate. The organization trains community volunteers to be the voice of children in the foster care system.

For the past few years, The Blind Tiger has supported Hancock County CASA. This year, they expanded their scope to include neighboring counties of Harrison, Stone, and Jackson.

“It is very humbling to see this mission being heard. Our voice being heard so that the community comes together to help these children. Our national CASA motto is to change a child’s story and that’s exactly what CASA does, ”said Frances Allsup of Jackson County CASA.

“The money we can help them raise supports children who find themselves in very difficult situations,” said Thomas Genin, owner of The Blind Tiger.

“I just want to thank Thomas and Amy for their continued support of our work and the priority they place on child safety,” said Cynthia Chauvin of Hancock County CASA.

Businesses will match every donation received dollar for dollar, up to $ 15,000. Donations will help more than 300 children in southern Mississippi.

Copyright 2021 WLOX. All rights reserved.

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How TGI Fridays went from a singles bar to a dying restaurant

  • TGI Fridays started out as a singles bar in 1965 in New York City, but over time it has grown to become a family favorite.
  • The chain started closing restaurants after the 2008 financial crisis, but it still has more than 700.
  • TGI Fridays is focusing on a new food delivery strategy, and a UK franchise is bringing the bar back.

When founder Alan Stillman opened the first TGI Fridays on New York’s Upper East Side in 1965, his goal was to meet lots of single women. Her timing was perfect, as the city was increasingly crowded with working women looking for a place to meet friends and make dates.

TGI Fridays has been riding the wave of the sexual revolution and has become a favorite among singles across the United States as it has grown. But by the mid-1970s, the era of singles bars was drawing to a close, and under the leadership of Daniel R. Scoggin, the chain became a place where families could dine together.

By the early 2000s, TGI Fridays had expanded to the United States and abroad as a member of the Carlson hotel group. But after the 2008 financial crisis, sales in the restaurant industry began to decline, and over the next decade, TGI Fridays closed more than 200 restaurants in the United States. In 2020, plans to go public with the channel were withdrawn as the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the restaurant industry.

But the recent focus on curb delivery and pickup is helping the chain reinvent itself in the United States. And in the UK, a franchise launched a bar called 63rd + 1st as a nod to Stillman’s first bar.

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Missing phone data could be key to Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez’s disappearance, investigation finds

A coronary inquest into missing Belgian backpacker Theo Hayez has heard that a number of questions “hold the key” to the 18-year-old’s disappearance.

The young traveler was last seen leaving Cheeky Monkey’s nightclub in Byron Bay on May 31, 2019.

Data from his phone showed he was looking for directions to return to his hostel near Belongil Beach, but was walking in the opposite direction towards Tallow Beach, near the Cape Byron Lighthouse.

In her opening statement, Kirsten Edwards, counsel assisting the coroner, said the key questions were whether he was alone and lost and had inadvertently died while trying to return to his hostel, or whether he was gone in Tallow Beach for a reason.

She asked if Theo intentionally went to Tallow Beach, why would he do that? Was he alone, with someone else, or did he run into someone after being kicked out of the nightclub?

Ms Edwards said information from Theo’s Google Account, which her family had accessed, was “transformative” in the investigation and provided crucial evidence of her movements and actions after she left Cheeky Monkey’s.

Theo Hayez was seen leaving the Cheeky Monkey bar alone.(Provided: cheeky monkeys)

She said Counsel Assisting failed to gain access to her phone data through multinational companies such as Snapchat and WhatsApp which may contain crucial information.

Why did Theo walk to Tallow Beach?

Ms Edwards said there was ample evidence to suggest he was a proficient navigator and it would have been easy for him to return to the WakeUp Hostel, where he was staying.

She said there was nothing on her Google activity to show that he searched for Tallow Beach or the lighthouse, which was a popular tourist spot for backpackers.

Data from the phone revealed he had stopped at Tennyson Street cricket nets for seven minutes.

A young man in a white shirt smiling at the camera.  Green trees behind.
Belgian adventurer Theo Hayez disappeared on the night of May 31, 2019.(Provided)

The investigation found that cricket nets were sometimes a favorite spot for people who use drugs.

He then took a route along Milne’s Trail through the bush – which is neither intuitive nor marked and would have been extremely dark.

Ms Edwards said the “complexity of the route” has led to one of the theories that someone must have given him directions or be with him.

She said Google was asked if anyone else looked for Milne’s trail that night, but was unwilling to release other users’ data.

Belgian authorities were able to use a technique known as geo-fencing to search for other cell phones in the area and could not find any.

But the finer details of their research, such as whether geofencing is limited to particular types of phones, cannot be shared without a legal aid treaty that the coroners court cannot activate.

“It is an unacceptable situation that we cannot access what could be critical information about what was going on that night,” Ms Edwards said.

Why did Théo deactivate the GPS service on his phone?

Investigation learned Theo took Milne’s secluded trail, turning into an even more secluded bush, before making his way along the sand dunes to Cozy Corner at the north end of Tallow Beach. .

Mrs. Edwards, he turned off his phone’s GPS around midnight, maybe to save battery.

Soon after, he was having a “light conversation” with a friend in French via Facebook Messenger and watching a clip from a French show he liked, indicating that he had possession of his phone and felt safe.

“His phone stopped receiving data from the Telstra towers, either because it was out of range or blocked, or because it was turned off or put in airplane mode.

Three men smiling with their arms around each other.
Father Laurent Hayez, Jean-Philippe Pector and Théo Hayez in 2015.(Provided: Jean-Philippe Pector)

“At 6:17 am the phone started to receive data again. That means at least the phone did not enter the water.”

Theory of slips and falls

Ms Edwards said the prevailing police theory was that he may have decided to go up the grassy side of the Cape Byron cliff face, towards the lighthouse.

She said this area of ​​the cliff was “very dangerous” despite the appearance of “deceptively easy” during the day and “a lot of bad things have happened to people who have tried to do it.”

Ms Edwards noted that this was a theory the family struggled to come to terms with, given that he wasn’t taking any chances and there would have been no visible traces.

“It’s obviously dark and it’s dangerous and Theo’s family think it’s completely incompatible with the person they know that he would do something like that.”

She said if he lost his phone and fell while trying to find it, it would be possible that his body could be taken away without any evidence.

The court heard that there had been two previously reported cases of what was going on at Cozy Corner.

Earlier today, Theo’s father Laurent Hayez said he would like the NSW government to reward information about his son’s disappearance.

The investigation has learned that the way Theo was kicked out of the nightclub caused concern for his family.

“Theo’s expulsion from himself, and without a chance to tell his friends, caused tremendous distress to his family,” Ms Edwards said at the hearing.

The inquest has been adjourned for the State Coroner to visit several key locations in Byron Bay.

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Cafe owners defend ban on children under 5 with sign outside saying “sorry”

Parents have denounced Tony and Beverley Flackett, who run the popular Harley’s Cafe and Coffee Bar, in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, for implementing the policy

Tony and Beverley Flackett who run the popular Harley’s Cafe and Coffee Bar

A cafe owner who has been criticized for banning children under five from his premises defended his decision, saying there were “plenty of other cafes” where parents can take their children.

Parents have denounced Tony and Beverley Flackett, who run the popular Harley’s Cafe and Coffee Bar, in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, for implementing the policy.

The venue reopened last month after a £ 100,000 extension and refurbishment and now houses a host of new musical, film and sports memorabilia on the walls and ceilings, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports.

He sells toast, paninis, wraps, sandwiches, jacket potatoes and omelets and many proclaim his breakfasts “are Hanley’s best.”

However, a sign outside the cafe publicly stating “Sorry, no children under 5” pissed off potential customers.

Some local shoppers say they will never return to the souvenir-filled facility after being turned away for having young children with them.

The sign outside Harley’s that says no children under the age of five are allowed on the site


BPM media)

Tony told Stoke-on-Trent Live: “We’ve had an under-five ban policy for 23 years just because they’re running around, mess they make and we don’t have the facilities. in the toilets.

“We have signs outside on the board and on the door.

“I think we’re the only place that doesn’t let under-fives in and people say they like to come here because there are no kids screaming.

“I know people get mad about this, but at the end of the day it’s the policy. It’s not that we don’t want kids, just five and over.

“We don’t have room for strollers everywhere, we’re not exactly one huge cafe.

“There are a lot of other cafes that let kids in, it’s not like they don’t have anywhere to go.

The cafe houses a wealth of new music, movie and sports memorabilia on the walls and ceilings


BPM media)

“We had a few kids this morning, they sat down and behaved well, but the two or three year olds start running and screaming.

“We have a lot of valuable stuff here and we don’t want them to start playing with them.”

People have told Stoke-on-Trent Live that they have been turned away for having young children with them.

Hayleigh Bloor said: “I loved their food, I went there a lot while I was pregnant.

“Unfortunately, kids under five aren’t allowed. I would say it’s more for kids not to touch all of their things on the walls. Nothing to do with stroller space.

“I think it’s so bad so I haven’t been since my daughter is now 21 months old. I think it’s more kids touching each other and other customers complaining about babies. who are screaming. “

Emma Rayner said: “I loved this place, but one of the last times I went there for breakfast I was told I couldn’t fit my child in a stroller.”

And Rachel Whalley said: “They don’t allow kids, which doesn’t help a mom who just needs a good coffee.

“I tried to enter the other day but he refused me because I had my child with me.”

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Schnitzel Forever, London: “Total crowd pleaser, no crowds” – restaurant review | Food

Schnitzel Forever, 119 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0UD (020 7419 0022). Starters £ 7 – £ 10, main courses £ 9.50 – £ 25, desserts £ 4.50 – £ 6.50, wines from £ 24

Schnitzel Forever, a small restaurant in Stoke Newington, London, is the cornerstone of a thriving street chain with many outposts across the country. He doesn’t quite know it yet. It’s not overwhelming with slight praise. We are, of course, bound to worship the independent rather than the mass-produced cookie cutter, and we do. Even the very word “chain” makes people tremble. I recently realized that I was substituting the word “group” to describe a restaurant chain with multiple outposts that I admire, so as not to smear it with the rancid stench of chain corporatism.

But, in truth, the eight-strong Dishoom, which I really like, is just a channel by another name. And the ever-delicious Hawksmoor steakmongers, now with 12 outlets, isn’t that a chain too? Over the years, brands like Piccolino (18 branches), Côte (over 80) and Nando’s (3,207,565) have served me well. Many channels are, of course, where the hope and the ingredients go to die. Oh Frankie & Benny’s, how do I hate you? Let me count the ways. And while I do, please wipe down your overly long dropdowns. But some can be a reassuring presence on a devastated and destroyed main street.

“Served with a seriously vinegared potato salad, accompanied by a pitcher of rich and sticky demi-glace”: wiener schnitzel. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

The point is, I could well imagine these good guys being joined by a deployed version of Schnitzel Forever, whose name tells you most of what you need to know. Right now it’s a small stand-alone restaurant serving flattened things, which have been breaded and fried. Crispy, browned and fried foods are, as we all know, the right foods. Schnitzel Forever is total crowd pleaser, only without the crowds.

I should declare moderate interest here or maybe, more precisely, ridiculous and exaggerated obsession. In 2007, I published an infinitely brilliant novel titled The headquarters of the Oyster House, about a hostage-taking in a restaurant kitchen on the night of the 1983 general election. Schnitzel provides a key plot point. In this case, it is a wiener holstein, a wiener schnitzel with the addition of a fried egg, anchovies and veal jus. The yolk and the sauce lubricate the crispy fried veal; anchovies add extra poke. I would hesitate to call it the pinnacle of Mitteleuropean culinary success, but not for very long.

“Get the same breaded and fried treat”: pieces of squid.
“Get the same breaded and fried treat”: pieces of squid. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

In my novel, The Hostage Taker, knowing that he has to make demands of the police negotiators, panics and reads a list of ingredients on a piece of paper stuck to the wall. A policeman, who is also a passionate cook, notices that he has forgotten the anchovies, adds them to the order and so a dialogue begins. I’m not sure why this book hasn’t been made into a big movie yet, possibly starring Christopher Walken as the cutlet. The film rights remain available.

Pretty much the only iteration of the dish missing from the menu at Schnitzel Forever is, in this case, the Wiener Holstein. I’ll let it go because it’s my obsession, not theirs (Fischer’s at Marylebone in London makes a really good one.) The dishes, bread them and then fry them. They’re tan and crisp and £ 10-13 for the basic, which completely covers the plate, at a great price. There is also a halloumi cutlet, a portobello mushroom cutlet and something involving sea bass. All plans are covered.

“Hilarious engagement”: tiger prawns.
“Hilarious engagement”: tiger prawns. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

In the “specials” section, priced only for teenagers, the plate cover becomes a raft for additional ingredients. The classic Viennese schnitzel, made as it should be with veal, is served with a seriously vinegared potato salad, accompanied by a pitcher of rich and sticky demi-glace. The cordon bleu contains emmental cheese, ham and mashed potatoes. With “el granjero”, it’s mashed avocado, jalapeño pickles, lime and more demi-glace. Or you can decorate your own by applying some punchy sauces and relish. I especially liked the Bloody Mary ketchup and the apple and cider brandy chutney. The availability of a curry sauce allows them to include a menu item called katsu schnitzel, which will lead some of my friends to thoughts of violence. In this case, I’m just the reporter. Quite naturally, breaded fried things like to be stuffed into a brioche bun and called a burger. For £ 12.50 you can have a Tower schnitzel burger with a triple layer of veal, pork and chicken.

The point here is that a unique and compelling idea has been saddled up and pushed as far as possible until sunset. There is a really good coleslaw with white cabbage for £ 5, although I would like to stop the kitchen from adding sour cream to the cucumber salad. This makes what should be a shiny, crispy foil for fried products, strangely cloying. Hilariously, the commitment to breading and frying things extends to the entrees, where squid and tiger shrimp get the same treatment. In keeping with their desire to be ubiquitous on Main Street, the underwhelming desserts are usually overly sweet spongy products – a double chocolate brownie, a sticky caramel pudding – most of which are bought elsewhere. Apparently they make their own apple strudel, but it’s not the night we’re there.

“With a crushed avocado”: el granjero. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

Like birthday cakes and ambitions, a full cutlet should never be small and being so, few of the ones we see ordered tonight are finished. No matter. They started by doing the delivery during the various lockouts and as a result they have pizza style boxes to wrap the leftovers with. It is clear that the delivery business remains strong; Throughout the evening there is a constant stream of horse riders who come to bring the joy of schnitzel to the sofas in North London. How much I have to admit that it is not unique. The sophisticated folks of Middlesbrough have a long tradition of take-out parmo: essentially a chicken or pork cutlet, topped with a cheese bechamel sauce. All greet the mighty parmo.

I love Schnitzel Forever. It’s a good idea, well priced and well executed. This extends to the design of the restaurant. We tend to only notice such things when we have spent a lot of money. Here, a modest space has been cleverly laid out, with sleek black and white tiling, cream banquettes, and the clever use of cloudy plexiglass panels behind which hide tropical fronds of easy-care pure plastic to make the room larger. Like the menu, everything works. If you soon see a queue at the door, assume that these are hospitality industry investors. Or people who really like cutlets.

New bites

I have long been a huge fan of Riley’s Fish Shack, on Tynemouth Beach east of Newcastle, but have always feared for them whenever winter storms come. Now they have Riley’s Fish Shop, a brick and mortar restaurant (and retail operation). The ever-changing chalkboard menu features whole sea bass and turbot, and various fillets alongside lobster and oyster platters from Lindisfarne as well as game dishes. TO

The results of the annual London restaurant scene survey conducted by participatory restaurant guide Harden’s are available. Along with the unsurprising news of a slew of closures due to the pandemic, comes glaring accounts of price inflation in the upper part of the capital. In the 2020 guide, there was only one location, The Araki sushi restaurant, with an average spend of £ 200 per person. Now there are seven. The number of restaurants with an average value of £ 150 per capita has increased from nine to 24. Visit

And another look at the challenges facing the hospitality industry: the end of the holiday regime and the moratorium on liquidation requests that had prevented creditors from taking action to recover the money they were owed, combined with the need to repay government loans, all now have a serious impact. Restaurant bankruptcies in the UK rose 31% in the last quarter, from 226 to 296.

Email Jay at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @ jayrayner1

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David Trinko: Mulligans Bar is a sign for our times

In times of trouble, you find yourself looking for a sign.

But you probably weren’t expecting these signs.

“3 things that never lie: little children. Drunk people. Yoga pants. “

“I do crunches twice a day now. Captain in the AM. Nestled in the PM.

“Funny how absurd 8 cups of H2O a day is, but 8 beers in 2 hours fall like a fat kid on a swing.”

“Dear Michigan footballer, be sure to wish Ohio State a Happy Father’s Day.”

It’s the joy to head west on North Street near Mercy Health-St. Rita’s, when you take a look at the Mulligans Bar, 702 W. North St., Lima. They are so unexpected.

These are the work of Nick Lepley, the “sign guy” at Mulligans. The east side of the panel shares the bands playing or specials this weekend, and the other offers a chuckle.

“For me, it was kind of fair when the whole pandemic started, just a way to make people smile,” Lepley said. “Keep them positive with all the negative going around. ”

Sometimes that means people have to go there multiple times, said Christine Franklin, owner of Mulligans.

“They’re driving around here on purpose to see the sign,” she said. “Like literally, people say they had to walk around the block to know they had read it correctly, or that they wanted to get caught on the red light so they could take a picture of it. “

There is a lot of interaction from fans on their Facebook page, They will also receive phone calls at the bar.

Franklin recalled a conversation after it was on the panel: “I changed all of my passwords for Kenny. I have all the Kenny Loggins.

“I asked a gentleman to call me and he said, ‘You shouldn’t put your password on the panel.’ I’m like ‘What?’ Franklin recalls. “He said to me, ‘This puts you in the’ Danger Zone ‘. I was breaking down. It’s so funny. It’s hilarious.”

There are limits to the 15 comedy words they can fit on the board. It’s even less than what you get on Twitter.

Lepley said they were trying to keep him PG-13 and avoid hot topics like politics. When he has an idea, he texts it to Franklin to get clearance before placing the letters on the bar tables, putting a ladder outside, and updating the sign.

He really liked to put “free beer tomorrow” once on the sign. Every time someone walked into the bar to collect that free beer, they would repeat what the sign said, that there would be free beer tomorrow.

Sometimes they’re more autobiographical, like when Lepley wrote “Divorce is expensive but so worth it” on the sign shortly after his own breakup.

The jokes about the signs started with humble beginnings. When the bar moved into the former China Gate space, there were only the letters of the word “now closed”. Over time, they bought milk crates full of letters. Sometimes Lepley still has to get creative. He will combine L’s and put them upside down to make T’s, for example.

This is often a collaborative process, with people at the bar sharing funny ideas or sayings that they’ve seen online at places like El Arroyo, a restaurant in Austin, TX famous for its creative signs. . Then it’s up to Lepley to figure out how to share it using the limited space he has on the panel.

“There isn’t a lot of space, so most of them are paraphrased,” Lepley said. “Then I also have to figure out, OK, if I have to take some of these words back, how can I be funny?” … I would honestly say that 30% of them probably got out of my brain.

They are a gift to the community, and we should all be grateful for them.

“We could use that side for advertising promotions – this, that or the other,” Franklin said. “It gives more. Much more.”

A funny message greets people heading west on North Street in Lima from the sign for Mulligans Bar.

Christine Franklin, left, and Nick Lepley work together to put a fun message on the sign outside the Mulligans Bar in Lima.

Nick Lepley, the “sign guy” for the Mulligans bar in Lima, spreads the letters out on a table each week to share funny messages on the board outside the bar.

David Trinko is editor-in-chief of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0467, by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @Lima_Trinko.

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European countries tighten restrictions in fight against covid-19

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Nations across Europe took further action on Friday in an attempt to prevent a covid-19 spike from spiraling out of control, hoping that action now will preserve the joys of Christmas next month .

A spike in cases fueled by the contagious delta variant has forced governments to act to curb infections even in countries with no outbreaks and high vaccination rates.

Meanwhile, the world faced yet another challenge in its long pandemic ordeal on Friday: the discovery of a new, potentially more transmissible variant of covid-19 found in southern Africa – which the World Health Organization named on Friday. “Omicron” under its Greek name. letter system.

In Belgium, where a spike in cases and hospitalizations has exceeded even the worst medical forecasts, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has stepped up measures for the second time in just over a week and closed nightclubs, while bars and restaurants must close at 11 p.m. for the next three weeks.

“We were deceived by the delta variant,” he said.

Referring to the more than 25,000 cases per day currently in the country of 11 million people, he said: “This is unprecedented in our country”.

[CORONAVIRUS: Click here for our complete coverage »]

Neighboring Netherlands have struggled with the virus just as much.

Health Minister Hugo De Jonge said hospitals in the Netherlands had been ordered to cancel planned surgeries and increase acute and intensive care beds to 1,350 across the country to deal with the growing number of covid patients.

The Dutch government tightened its lockdown on Friday night amid a rapid rise in infections and admissions to intensive care units, although it has kept schools and universities open – where most students will be required to wear masks in the hallways between the courtyards.

Acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that for three weeks from Sunday all places such as bars, restaurants, theaters and shops selling non-essential items will close from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. As part of the current lockdown, they are to close at 8 p.m.

“The numbers are high, higher, higher,” Rutte said of the spike in infections.

He said a panel of experts had advised the government to take action to reduce the number of people-to-people contact by at least 20%.

“That means we won’t get there with a few small tweaks. And that’s why we’re here today, a week ahead of schedule, with another message that’s going to demand a lot from all of us,” Rutte said. .

He urged people to stay and work from home as much as possible and has extended the use of face masks and social distancing to cover places where the country’s covid pass is already in use. While Rutte spoke, a few dozen protesters protested loudly, but peacefully, on a nearby street, blowing whistles and blowing sirens.

In Spain and Portugal, where infection rates are lower than in most European countries, authorities were also reinstating previous restrictions or adding new ones.

In Spain, although 79% of its 47 million people are fully vaccinated and hospital admissions are increasing at a slower rate than in previous outbreaks, the mandatory use of covid-19 passes is becoming widespread .

In Catalonia, in northeastern Spain, passes were to become mandatory from Friday to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs and retirement homes. But authorities in the region have said they are temporarily suspending the order due to an overwhelming number of pass requests.

The Catalan health service said in a statement that it had received more than 700,000 pass requests in the four days leading up to Friday. Health officials have said the implementation of mandatory passes will be reconsidered next week.

In Portugal, less than two months after removing most of the pandemic’s tighter restrictions, the government announced on Thursday that it would reinstate some of the measures such as mandatory masks in confined spaces or the digital certificate required to enter some premises. Even people who have been vaccinated must test negative to visit hospitals, nursing homes, sporting events, and bars and clubs.

And in Italy, where the covid situation was under control compared to neighbors like Austria, the mayors of Milan, Bologna, Padua and Bergamo were imposing mask mandates for the holiday season. New restrictions were also expected in Rome.

Denmark, meanwhile, announced on Friday that it plans to start offering covid-19 vaccines to children aged 5 to 11 from this weekend after the European Union regulator cleared Thursday Pfizer’s vaccine for children.

“Our assessment is that by providing children in the target group, we can increase immunity and eliminate infection,” said Helene Probst, deputy director of the Danish Health Authority. “We need it.”

She said Denmark was “in the middle of a historic health crisis”.

Information for this article was provided by Colleen Barry, Aritz Parra, Barry Hatton, and Jan M. Olsen of The Associated Press.

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East Idaho Eats: Cafe Tuscano Set To Double Access To Its Italian Classic

POCATELLO – What started as a Blimpie sandwich shop at the back of a Chevron gas station is now home to delicious Italian cuisine, which will soon double in size.

Café Tuscano comes from humble beginnings, serving its first fine Italian dishes in what was sandwich kitchen almost 10 years ago. Now, several expansions later, the gas pumps and canopy are gone, interior construction is underway, and hearty pizza, pasta, and other delicious Italian offerings are the only fuel options you’ll find.

For nearly a decade, the staff at Café Tuscano have survived ad-free, chef Jason Spence told, relying on word of mouth and the guarantee that “You’re never going to come in. in a gas station and eat like that. . “

“Now,” Spence continued, “going forward without having the gas station is, ‘you’re never going to eat like that in Pocatello.’ And that’s our goal.

Entrance to the Tuscano café. | Kalama Hines,

Spence got his start as a chef in Southeast Idaho, starting as a diver before making his way into many local cuisines and taking the Culinary Arts program at Idaho State University.

The aim of the restaurant and its chef is to offer all who enter an authentic Italian meal. And, at least to some extent, Spence can take comfort in the greatest compliments in this regard – having had his food compared to the traditional cuisine of customers’ grandmothers on at least a few occasions.

“We just want to be one of them that when you come to Pocatello and have (our food) – there’s nowhere else you will get (this food),” he said. declared.

One of the ways Spence and the staff at Café Tuscano have created their menu is the annual menu update. Once a year, Spence deletes the less popular posts and finds new ways to strengthen what’s left. It does this by posting specials, then tweaking and republishing them months later.

When re-issuing, he visits customers who have tried the item and asks them how they could improve it. Asking what a customer likes, he said, elicits praise, while asking for reviews allows honesty.

“We are always aiming to improve,” he said. “We still want to deliver what people are used to, and we want to go beyond that in the future.”

The future is near for Café Tuscano.

As Spence explained, the interior remodel will be completed and the restaurant will be ready for a grand reopening on August 1, 2022. The remodel will include an extension of the kitchen and service areas, but also in the dining room, which will pass. from 99 seats to about 160, Spence said.

Renovation of the Tuscano café
Interior construction underway to expand Café Tuscano. | Kalama Hines,

That target date is way beyond what normal circumstances suggest, but, Spence joked, nothing is normal in 2021. Setting their date so far in the future allows the restaurant to adjust to any delays and manage said delays in the most efficient way possible. .

“We just want to make sure that we give ourselves enough time to finish whatever we want to finish,” he said. “It could be earlier, if everything goes perfectly, but in today’s world, very little goes perfectly.”

And as for the celebration of the reopening, Spence said discussions are open between restaurant executives, but there is still time before a decision is made.

“We’re definitely looking to do something special,” he said. “It’s written in pencil on a notepad, we just haven’t gone into the details yet. “

Café Tuscano: Pork Saltimbocca
Café Tuscano Saltimbocca Pork | Kalama Hines,

“We are looking to present more things and bring more attention to Pocatello,” he added.

Café Tuscano is located at 2231, rue Center Est, near the Portneuf Medical Center. It is open Monday to Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Thursday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Orders can be placed for pickup, but delivery is not available at this time. The menu can be viewed on the restaurant’s website or on the Facebook page.

If you would like to make a recommendation for the next destination to include on East Idaho Eats, email [email protected] and include “EATS” in the subject line.

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TrueFi is celebrating $ 1 billion in initial loans while its TrustToken continues to thrive from CoinQuora

TrueFi Celebrates First $ 1 Billion Loan As Its TrustToken Continues To Thrive

  • TrueFi hits $ 1 billion in loan origin with no defaults.
  • It also raised $ 12.5 million in strategic funding and acquired Ethworks.
  • TrueFi is already introducing the first stages of its V5 upgrade.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become the new hub for most cryptocurrency projects. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that DeFi’s Total Value Locked is nearing $ 100 billion. As a result, TrueFi is following the DeFi steps to explain itself to the public.

With the traditional global credit market valued at $ 6 trillion, TrueFi was born to bring the value of decentralized transparency, trust, and speed to the TrueFi market. The team behind TrueFi, the leading unsecured credit protocol, and popular stablecoins such as TrueUSD uses its TrustToken to promote institutional credit and credit-based products in the chain.

TrueFi emerged a year ago and created a lasting historic moment with DeFi’s first unsecured $ 3.5 million loan to Alameda Research on November 21, 2020. Shortly before its first anniversary, TrueFi is excited to announce that it has Value Locked (TVL) has reached a total of 1 billion US dollars from loans that were granted without default.

In addition, TrustToken raised $ 12.5 million in strategic funding and acquired leading Web3 development company, EthWorks. This doubles the team size for TrueFi scale-up. The EthWorks team will immediately integrate with the TrustToken employees and participate in the technical, design and operational roadmap for all products and services.

Following its expansion, Rafael Cosman, CEO of TrustToken, says the acquisition of EthWorks and its world-class team of engineers and designers is critical to the future of TrueFi. He claims it will help them scale the speed, security, and experience of the protocol while creating the greatest possible opportunities for lenders, borrowers, and token holders.

Not to mention that TrueFi is already deploying the early stages of V5 and also plans to improve the platform protocols to expand the potential of institutional investors in the DeFi verse. The TrueFi V5 upgrade will make it easier to scale capital output at both the individual loan and lending level.

TrueFi borrowers can use their native token TRU to increase their credit limit and improve their interest rates as well. The TrueFi V5 upgrade will also help create a better borrower experience and support the modeling of third-party asset managers who will eventually launch their own TrueFi pools.

TrustToken’s immediate growth is due to its experienced workforce on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. Hence, strengthening his brand with a quick-witted team of innovators will accelerate his vision to move DeFi deeper into traditional finance.

The world’s leading collateral-free lending platform is rapidly evolving its products to make it to Wall Street, and the restructured leadership with their knowledge of the banking world will work to develop the company’s vision of a collaboration between DeFi and TrueFi as the finance of the future to realize.

Rafael Cosman, CEO and Co-Founder of TrustToken speaks about the new management team,

I am confident that the new senior leadership team will prove critical to the development of TrueFi. This is the leadership team that will bring TrueFi from $ 1 billion to $ 1 trillion, which will require going well beyond the crypto lenders and borrowers that TrueFi primarily works with today.

About $ 8.5 million in interest was received from TrueFi lenders. Meanwhile, over 5000 wallets and thousands of TrueFi exchange partners like Coinbase (NASDAQ :), Binance and FTX, which hold TRU, have participated in dozen of governance votes. The direction of the protocol steers.

Read on on CoinQuora

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The Beach House Bistro, a small plate restaurant, will open in Pewaukee

A restaurateur who has owned several establishments plans to open what he calls his “perfect location” in Pewaukee in early December.

Llazar Konda’s Beach House Bistro has a smooth opening on December 3-4 and is expected to be fully open after that.

The small restaurant is located at 161 W. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 1J, village of Pewaukee. The location was previously home to the Italian Ruggeri Market, which closed in May.

“The reception I get from the community is amazing,” said Konda.

Konda previously owned Meli and the Crepe Cafe, both in Waukesha. Meli offered a menu of small and large plates, as well as a mix of sandwiches.

Related: Guide to the domes, greenhouses and huts of Milwaukee bars and restaurants

Pewaukee's Beach House Bistro will be opening soon.

The Beach House Bistro menu will focus on small, shareable plates.

“I like to call it a small plate restaurant more than Mediterranean,” said Konda, from Athens, Greece.

The menu will include falafels.

“It’s called street food in Europe,” Konda said. “It’s a beautiful, healthy and complete item to have on the menu. “

Local cold meats and cheeses will also be served at the bistro.

Konda, who has been in the restaurant business for 25 years, also owned two restaurants in Athens.

To learn more, visit

Contact Evan Frank at (262) 361-9138 or [email protected] Follow him on Twitter at @Evanfrank_LCP.

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Saints fans flock to local bars after Thanksgiving dinner

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (BRPROUD) – Qui Dats in Baton Rouge says a Saintsgiving is the best way to end the vacation.

Saints fans flocked to Mid City Beer Garden on Government Street after their Thanksgiving meal.

“All the best Drew, you’re the reason I’m a Saints fan,” one fan said.

“We had family at home today. There was really good food. Lots of turkey, sweet potato casserole. Now we are here to support our Saints and here with family and friends, ”said Saints fan Riley Womack.

Mid City Beer Garden manager Micheal Shmizer said the excitement at the bar is finally back after a tough year with covid-19 restrictions.

“Last year, yes, it was in full covid. I think that was the peak, that there was a drop in business and it was difficult to attract people. Now that we are fully open, we have seen a significant increase in business, ”he said.

Shmizer says business is booming thanks to the football season.

” So funny. We have a good crowd for the Saints games. Turbulent people, they come in and sing the song, ”he said.

Mid City Beer Garden expects to have more events like Saintsgiving now that they are back to normal.

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Ayika married nightclub owner Kano found dead in car with girl next door

Owner of a nightclub in Kano, Steve Ayika was found dead with his girlfriend in a tinted car.

Police reportedly found the married man with two children, in a compromising position, with the chick aside, identified as Chiamaka Emmanuel.

The two were discovered early on November 23, according to the Kano Police Command, with the car locked and the phones turned off.

Steve ayika

There have been reports that the lady is due to marry another man in December.

Police, in a statement Thursday, did not state the cause of death or whether there had been any misconduct.

Ayika, who owned Knight House in Kano, was from Ebu in Delta State.

He was married to Jennifer Johnson, whom he celebrated on Facebook on June 25 on his birthday as “sweet love” and her “everything.”

Jennifer, from Enugu for her part, used Ayika’s photo as a cover photo on Facebook, to show her love for the father of her son, who was born in 2019.

Unbeknownst to her, Steve had a chick side, even professing love to her.

Read the statement from Kano State Police Command spokesperson DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa on the death of Ayika and her chick side:

On 11/23/2021 at approximately 4:50 am, a report was received that a car was sighted along Katsina Road, Fagge LGA Kano State with two (2) occupants, a man and a woman standing still.
2. Upon receipt of the report, the Kano State Command Police Commissioner, CP Sama’ila Shu’aibu Dikko, stood up and requested a team of detectives to attend the scene.
3. The team immediately rushed to the scene. The victims, a man and a woman inside the back seat of a motor vehicle in Siena, were abducted and rushed to Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital in Kano, where a doctor confirmed their death.
4. During the preliminary investigation, the deceased man was identified as Steven Ayika, “m”, of Jaba Quarters Kano, while the deceased woman was identified as Chiamaka Emmanuel, “f”, of the same address. However, an investigation is ongoing.

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Inside the brand new Sherwood Cafe looking to sell alcohol and host entertainment

Residents have welcomed plans for a new cafe in Nottingham that hopes to serve alcohol and put on shows.

CGI images reveal what a brand new cafe in Sherwood will look like inside.

The new cafe, which will be called Bronte & Co at 589 Mansfield Road, is expected to open in the first week of December after being set up on Saturday 27 November.

It will include an outdoor space with a large roof that can be opened and closed depending on the weather.

Zip Bakery, the company that runs the cafe, is licensed to sell bread, cakes, sweets and drinks in an unlicensed cafe.

But a request has been made to change parts of his license, including the sale of alcohol between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. daily, shows and late-night refreshments indoors and outdoors.

CGI image of what Bronte & Co will look like inside

The cafe was a former games room and has been dormant for almost a decade.

Asked about a new cafe that wants to sell alcohol, shoppers and locals hailed the addition on the main street.

Sue Sipple, 66, who lives in Sherwood, said: “It will help attract more people to the area.

“There are a lot of cafes around and there is a dilemma that it can rob other business, but it’s good that businesses are thriving and you really have everything on your doorstep in Sherwood.”

Sue Sipple, 66, thinks “it will help attract more people to the area”

A 57-year-old Mapperley Park buyer who declined to be named said: “I have no problem with that, one more store like this won’t make a huge difference.

“My curiosity means I’ll have to try it in there when it opens.”

Susan McCartney Martin, 61, of Sneinton, said: “It’s a good idea because people come here for something to eat.”

Turkish company STC Construction joined forces with Zip Bakery to redesign the store.

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What are the benefits of unsecured loans and how can they help SMEs?

There are approximately 6.3 billion MSMEs in India and the sector contributes around 29% of GDP. But most SMEs struggle to secure funding for their business due to the lack of assets that could be pledged as collateral. However, this problem could be effectively addressed by taking out simple, collateral free loans called unsecured business loans.

Unsecured business loans are very popular in a country like India where the MSME sector is a significant contributor to the economy. According to a recent report, the number of new sanctioned loan accounts increased between FY18 and FY20 and unsecured loans posted a CAGR of 49% over that period. Although the pandemic was curved, the Indian credit ecosystem has been observed to remain resilient as the unsecured credit market grew faster than secured credit in February 2021 year over year.

To better understand what makes unsecured loans a popular funding option, let’s take a look at its key benefits and how it can meet the funding needs of SMBs.

1. Does not require collateral

In the case of unsecured loans, the borrower does not have to pledge any collateral to the credit institution as security. Usually, lenders ask the borrower to pledge an asset as collateral before they can approve the loan application. However, this is not always a viable option for SMEs. In the case of unsecured loans, the borrower does not have to worry about loss of assets in the event of late or non-repayment. There is no risk of losing your wealth if you opt for unsecured loans. This is extremely beneficial for SMB owners with financial constraints who cannot afford to offer expensive assets as collateral.

2. Less strict admission criteria

The eligibility criteria for unsecured loans are comparatively less strict than for other types of loan. As long as you have a good credit history and a stable income stream, getting unsecured loans would not be a problem. You will need to provide evidence of your eligibility and the processing of the loan. There are also lenders who approve loans based on the profitability of the business, not creditworthiness. This means that even companies with average credit profiles have a chance of obtaining unsecured loans from digital lenders.

3. Quick loan approval

The documentation is very little for unsecured loans and there is no time-consuming paperwork. All documents can be submitted online and the loan will be processed within a very short time. The application and approval process is simple and convenient. As a result, loans are approved and paid out quite quickly. The quick disbursement of funds is a major advantage of unsecured loans and thus a practical financing option for SMEs in emergency situations. With the industry-wide introduction of the technology, the credit process has become completely paperless, allowing for fast processing times for unsecured credit applications.

4. Flexible repayment options

Most unsecured loan lenders offer flexible repayment options. SMBs can find it difficult to meet the monthly prepayment deadlines that apply to most secured loans for a variety of reasons, such as irregular customer payment schedules or outstanding invoices. Unsecured loans offer some degree of flexibility in terms of repayment, which makes them ideal for SMEs that cannot function according to the strict repayment framework that is imposed on them.

5. Multipurpose Loans

Unsecured loans can be used for any purpose. Borrowers are not required to come up with detailed plans explaining how the funds will be used. It enables SMEs to expand, cover operating expenses, hire new employees or carry out other business activities without having to worry about extensive plans in advance. It is up to the borrower to decide where and how the funds will be allocated, and lenders typically won’t ask too many questions about it either.

Wrap up

Despite the fact that new lending has been hit by the pandemic, the unsecured loan market has seen significant growth. With all of the unsecured loan benefits discussed here, it should come as no surprise that these products are becoming increasingly popular with emerging Indian businesses. Unsecured loans offer business-friendly terms that enable SMEs to take full advantage of the growth opportunities that arise. So, with India on a steady path to recovery from the pandemic and with a myriad of government initiatives to strengthen the MSME sector, now is the time for SMBs to grow their business with these versatile, hassle-free loans!

The author of this article is Alok Nag, founder of A&H Capital

The views and opinions expressed are not from IIFL Securities,

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Hope for Business Boost Restaurants this Holiday Season – NBC Connecticut

With small businesses around the corner on Saturday, heads of state are also hoping to see some support for local restaurants.

The last holiday season, when Covid-19 cases escalated and the weather turned colder, that meant a lot of empty dining rooms. But this holiday season, local restaurants are more optimistic that hungry people will have their backs after a harsh period at the height of the pandemic.

“It’s all over the place. We’ve had a really great time and we’ve had some really tough times,” said Anthony Stewart, general manager of Que Whiskey Kitchen in Southington.

But the upscale staff at Que Whiskey Kitchen are grateful this Thanksgiving for their customers.

“We have a potluck today. I thought we were going to have some smoked turkeys at the best barbecue place in town, ”said Lenny Murtishi of Plantsville.
In the smokehouse behind their Southington dig, dedicated chefs prepare more than 70 birds for collection.

“A lot of people have bigger gatherings with their families, so it’s like you know, let us take something off your plate,” said Stewart.

Restaurant owners are betting on Wednesday evening and the next vacation to boost business.

In Hartford at Parkville Market, the dining room owner reflected on what he was grateful for – all the support he received when opening during a pandemic.

“I had no choice, it was built. It cost so much money. I had to find a way to pay for it,” said Carlos Mouta.

Mouta became moved as he described all the help he received from the Small Business Association helping him get loans to stay afloat for the hungry people who followed.
“They really helped me,” Mouta said in tears.

Building on the success of the food hall, the heads of state made a suggestion, asking people to dine at local restaurants for the holiday season and beyond.

“We survived,” said Deco Carvalho, of Brazilian Gula Grill at Parkville Market. “We are here and I think next year will be promising.”

With alfresco dining a less popular option in cold weather, the CT Restaurant Association reminds everyone that an on-site dinner or pickup will mean so much more.

“So we’re going to need support to get through this winter. With the challenges of the labor shortage, with the challenges of rising costs, all of these companies are facing,” said Scott Dolch, executive director of the CT Restaurant Association. .

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Everything You Need To Know About Adoption Loans

Our goal here at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS Number 1681276, hereinafter referred to as “Credible”, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we promote products from our partner lenders who reward us for our services, all opinions are our own.

Adoption loans and grants can help you meet the cost of adopting a child. Find out more about lenders and other organizations that offer them. (iStock)

The decision to grow your family through adoption is exciting, but it can also be expensive. Adoption-related costs vary widely depending on whether you are adopting a foster child, going through a private agency, or adopting internationally.

Adopting a child from a foster family is associated with very low costs, as federal and state adoption programs help offset the costs. but private adoption can cost anywhere from $ 20,000 to $ 45,000, and international adoption costs an average of $ 20,000 to $ 50,000, according to Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Fortunately, adoption loans can help you finance these costs. Here’s what you need to know about adoption loans.

Look at Credible. at Compare personal loan rates and find the right one for you.

Can I take out a loan to fund an adoption?

In short, yes. Many parents-to-be take advantage of adoption loans to pay for the cost of adoption. In fact, adoption loans come in several forms. Some lenders offer loans specifically for adoption. Or you may be able to use a personal loan to finance your adoption costs.

Lenders That Offer Adoption Loans

The following 13 credible affiliate lenders offer personal loans that can be used for adoption costs.


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 35,000
  • Credit terms: 2 to 5 years
  • Best for: Borrower without good credit


  • Loan Amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 35,000
  • Credit terms: 1 to 5 years
  • Best for: Borrowers with good to excellent credit ratings

Best egg

  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 50,000
  • Credit terms: 2 to 5 years
  • Best for: Lower income borrowers with fair credit


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,500 to $ 35,000
  • Credit terms: 3 to 7 years
  • Best for: Borrowers who want quick funding


  • Loan Amounts: $ 10,000 to $ 35,000
  • Credit terms: 2 to 5 years
  • Best for: Borrowers who want to choose their own payment date

Lending Club

  • Loan Amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 40,000
  • Credit terms: 3 or 5 years
  • Best for: Borrowers with strong credit ratings and low debt to income ratios


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 36,500
  • Credit terms: 2 to 4 years
  • Best for: Borrowers with a fair credit rating


  • Loan Amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 100,000
  • Credit terms: 2 to 7 years
  • Best for: Borrowers who want longer terms


  • Loan Amounts: $ 3,500- $ 40,000
  • Credit terms: 3 to 6 years
  • Best for: Borrowers who want tailored monthly payments


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 40,000
  • Credit terms: 3 or 5 years
  • Best for: Borrowers who want to pay off their loan early


  • Loan Amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 100,000
  • Credit terms: 2 to 7 years
  • Best for: Borrowers with excellent credit ratings


  • Loan Amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 50,000
  • Credit terms: 2 to 7 years
  • Best for: Borrowers building credit


  • Loan Amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 50,000
  • Credit terms: 3 to 5 years
  • Best for: Borrowers who do not have strong creditworthiness but who have excellent education or work history

Interest-free adoption loans

Some nonprofit and religious organizations offer interest-free adoption loans to adoptive families who meet their criteria. Here are some options to consider:

  • ABBA fund The ABBA fund offers loans that are designed to cover up to a third of the total cost of an adoption, usually in the range of $ 6,000 to $ 8,000. It takes six to eight weeks to apply for an interest-free adoption loan.
  • Hebrew free loan Hebrew Free Loan is a nonprofit that provides interest-free loans of up to $ 20,000 to help Jewish individuals and couples in Northern California meet adoption costs. To qualify, you must be a Northern California Jewish resident or work for a Northern California Jewish organization.
  • Life song for orphans Lifesong for Orphans makes interest-free loans only to traditional Christian two-parent families who are US citizens. The application review takes four to six weeks.
  • Paths for little feet Pathways for Little Feet offers interest-free loans of up to $ 8,000. Priority is given to families with the greatest financial need. Applicants must work with a licensed adoption agency.

If you don’t qualify for any of these adoption loans, you can compare Personal loan rates for adoption costs with Credible.

What is the Difference Between Adoption Loans and Grants?

Both adoption loans and adoption grants provide adoptive parents to cover the cost of adoption, but there is one key difference: adoption loans are repayable, while adoption grants are gifts that do not need to be repaid.

Since they do not have to be repaid, there can be fierce competition for adoption grants. It is a good idea to apply for a variety of adoption grants to improve your chances of getting financial assistance.

Here are a few adoption grants to consider:

  • Adoption Gift Fund The Gift of Adoption Fund offers grants of up to $ 15,000 to help individuals complete a relative, domestic, or international adoption. Scholarships are awarded regardless of race, religion, age, marital status or sexual orientation. Applicants must include two letters of reference and an application fee of $ 50 with their complete application.
  • offers adoption grants between $ 500 and $ 15,000 for couples and individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status, or sexual orientation. At least one applicant must be a US citizen and applicants must use a licensed adoption agency in the US. The organization prioritizes applicants without children or with failed or interrupted adoption placements.

What are the alternatives to the adoption loan?

Adoption loans and grants are not the only ways to fund your adoption costs. Here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Cash-out refinancing – With a cash-out refinancing, refinance your existing mortgage with a larger loan and receive the difference between the two loans in cash. Generally, you need a minimum credit score of 620 and a maximum combined loan-to-value ratio of 80% to qualify for a cash out refinance. This means that after your cash-out refinancing, you will still have at least 20% equity in your home.
  • Personal Loans – A personal line of credit is similar to a credit card – it is a revolving loan that you can draw on continuously up to your credit limit. When you settle your balance, your available balance will be replenished. Interest rates on personal credit lines May be lower than credit card interest rates, but are generally higher than home equity loan options because private lines of credit are typically unsecured.
  • Home Loans – A home equity loan is also known as a second mortgage. You keep your existing mortgage but borrow against the equity of your home in a one-time event. Home loans usually have fixed interest ratesthat is, if interest rates go up, your monthly payment will not be affected.
  • Borrow money from friends or family – Friends and family may be willing and able to help you fund adoption costs. If you go down this route, make sure you have a written loan agreement and you are paying what the IRS considers a “fair” interest rate. Otherwise, both you and your friend or family member could face income tax consequences. As long as your family member is at least the applicable federal tariff are in place at the time of signing the loan agreement, you don’t have to worry about tricky tax regulations.
  • Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding allows you to raise funds for your adoption trip from friends, family members, and even strangers. You simply create a profile on a crowdfunding platform, share your story and a link to contribute via email and social media, and people can donate to help meet your adoption costs. Some popular crowdfunding sites are GoFundMe and

If an adoption cost personal loan is right for you, visit Credible To Compare personal loan rates in minutes.

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Dusk Nightclub returns to South Shields for one night only, as reunion night takes place at Jade Thirwall’s Industry bar

Nightclub Dusk will return for the one-off event when Jade Thirwall’s Industry site is transformed to replicate the former South Shields site.

Twilight closed in 2015 after years as one of South Shields’ most popular nightclubs.

The meeting is the brainchild of former Dusk manager Ross Campbell, 32, who is now manager of Industry and its sister bar Arbeia, and former deputy manager Raju Choudhury, 29.

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The old Dusk nightclub.

Speaking of the scheduled meeting, Ross said, “Twilight holds a very special place in my heart. There I learned my trade and it helped cut my teeth in the nightclub industry. C it was a real wellness nightclub that everyone enjoyed.

“Jade loved Dusk and would be there every time she got home.

“I knew Jade from the club and that’s how I ended up working at Industry and Arbeia. I proposed the idea to her and she told me she was impatient!

Ross was director of Dusk for two years when South Shields was one of the most popular places and hopes the night will help bring back old memories,

The night will be a reunion of the old Dusk nightclub

He added: “People don’t go out to South Shields as much as they used to, so we wanted an idea that will invigorate people and remind them of the good times.”

The evening will aim to rediscover the vibe of the old club and feature original Dusk DJs, a cocktail menu and drink offerings as well as lasers, a Co2 cannon and confetti bombs.

Raju Choudhury added, “We got together and organized this night to give people a fun night and find some old faces.

“Twilight was the place to be. It will be nice to see all the old faces that haven’t come out in years.

Old Twilight, South Shields

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The old Dusk nightclub
The event will take place in the industry, owned by Little Mix star Jade Thirwall
The old Dusk nightclub.

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Kinship Cafe Owner Serves More Than Coffee

TJ Roberts’ Kinship Cafe is easy to spot.

The white and blue building sits on the corner of North 6th Street and Ann Avenue in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, across from the Municipal Courthouse.

The heart logo of this black male-owned business was meant to stand out. It represents what Roberts hopes to manifest within the walls of the cafe: kindness, intention, purpose, service.

It all started with a simple cup of Folgers when he was just 10 years old.

At a church in Wamego, Kansas, just outside Manhattan, the seven-fingered biracial child of two white pastors served coffee he made to his family’s church worship team. It was there that he was drawn to a role he believed he could play in serving others, welcoming others and fostering community.

Now 30 years old and living in Kansas City Roberts Kinship Cafe recently opened. He’s been working in space for years.

It used to be a cupcake shop. Roberts completed many finishing touches on Sunday, working with the Chiefs game in the background. The space has a minimalist design with white walls and deep blue details. Small plants adorn the tables.

A menu featuring items from Gigi’s Vegan + Wellness Cafe sits near the counter, behind which Roberts serves a cold ale and a lightning ale, which he describes as less bitter and sour: perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Five years ago, when he realized how difficult it would be to invite people into the conversations about the breed that he felt obligated to have while working in insurance, he decided to marry her love of coffee and service.

KCM_KinshipCafe_102021_EJC_ (4)
(Left to right) Nabil Hossain and Brock Sauvage have coffee at the Kinship Cafe in Kansas City on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Emily Curiel [email protected]

Sip with intention

The heart of Kinship Cafe is fair programming.

Some Monday evenings, the dozen or so tables inside the Kinship Cafe are pushed to the side to make way for a meditation space, complemented by a series of holistic living lectures. On weekends, Wesley Hamilton, founder of Disabled But Not Really, brings his mobile gym for workout classes.

Roberts also has business incubation courses in the works. And a friend who can teach nutrition. A salesperson who can learn to cook with non-GMO products and eat healthy on food stamps.

It has partnered with Black Drip Coffee and a portion of its sales is donated to Porter House KC, a non-profit organization that helps bring entrepreneurial resources to underserved metro communities.

His motto: “Sip with intention.

“The heart of our business is being in places where we are not represented,” said Roberts.

Yes, he sees his coffee as a respite from the office, but also a place where customers can step back and focus on themselves.

But it also organizes a space that allows the space to develop.

“The goal is that we want to see people thrive, grow, develop and enter the real world and their business the way they want,” he said. “And sometimes they just need to be in places where they see people like them, and know that it’s okay to fail, you know, and that you’re in a safe place to fail.”

KCM_KinshipCafe_102021_EJC_ (2)
Kinship Cafe in Kansas City on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Emily Curiel [email protected]

A life of grain

An older white woman recently stopped by the Kinship Cafe for coffee. She was from the Jewish clinic down the street. They chatted and she asked Roberts where he was from. When he answered, she almost dropped her coffee.

“The first thing she said was, ‘I’m so sorry,'” said Roberts, recalling the conversation with the woman who had grown up not far from her rural hometown of Wamego.

She remembered how stubborn, racist people had been.

“I can’t imagine what you’ve been through,” she told him.

Most people can’t.

Roberts was raised by white parents who adopted him in Kansas City before he was old enough to remember.

In high school, the superintendent called him a racial insult and threatened the head coach not to play Roberts, who was one of the best football players on the team.

Roberts was the first African American man to graduate from Rock Creek High School.

In college, he faced a new kind of adversity playing for the Mid-American Nazarene football team. Roberts has seven fingers: five on his right hand, two on his left. Some players called him “Crabby” or refused to touch him.

Nazarene’s coach finally told Roberts that until he had 10 fingers he would never let him run the ball.

“That’s when I had to dig really deep,” said Roberts, recalling the suicidal thoughts that crept in as he relearned his self-esteem.

So he left. He joined the Kansas State squad as a running back, becoming one of the only D1 Big12 players to play with a deformity.

“It’s been a part of my life since I was born, you know, just to have that courage,” he said.

KCM_KinshipCafe_101921_EJC_ (2) (5)
TJ Roberts is the owner of Kinship Cafe, in Kansas City, Kansas. Emilie Curiel [email protected]

The search for equity

He worked in insurance after graduating from university. He’s won Rookie of the Year twice, once with AAA and once with Farm Bureau. He was one of the state’s top producers for four years in a row. But he was tired of being the only black in the room.

Through a little research, he found that only 4% of the industry at the time was represented by people of color. Of the approximately 8,500 insurance agencies on the Kansas City subway, he said only four or five were black.

In the wake of Floyd’s murder by a white Minneapolis police officer and the national racial calculation that followed, Roberts endured the brunt of the uncomfortable conversations around race at work.

Roberts prayed a lot. He listened to those with platforms talk about the experience of black people in America.

“We have to be vigilant against racism,” they said. Roberts asked God to give him the energy and compassion to do just that.

Over the summer, his job let him go unexpectedly. They never gave him a reason, he said. At the time, however, he had started many conversations about race at work and was speaking candidly about it on his Facebook page.

“They didn’t like my tone. They didn’t like the things I revealed, ”said Roberts, adding that the company didn’t want to take responsibility for its lack of diverse hiring practices.

Roberts had just signed his lease for the coffee. He hadn’t planned on running his new business without his other job as financial support. But to be honest, part of him was relieved.

KCM_KinshipCafe_102021_EJC_ (2) (2)
TJ Roberts, owner of Kinship Cafe, brews cold brew coffee with caramel. Emilie Curiel [email protected]

While working 60 hours a week at his office insurance job, Roberts landed a side job as a barista at The Roasterie and Messenger, where he spent nearly three years learning the coffee trade. and industry.

And now the industry is giving back. Many names in the home cafe have asked how they can help, with some even supporting it on their social media pages.

Daniel Smith, co-founder of Porter House, said Roberts’ story was a quest for fairness, so it’s only natural that he seeks a similar purpose in his own work, especially as a mentor for young people.

“He’s just a phenomenal young man, and I’m thrilled to see his growth and to help support him through the process,” Smith said.

A GoFundMe to help defray the costs of starting the cafe is available at As of Monday, Roberts had raised about $ 4,500 of his goal of $ 15,000.

This story was originally published 23 November 2021 5:00 a.m.

Kansas City Star Stories

Anna Spoerre covers the latest news for the Kansas City Star. Prior to joining The Star, she covered crime and the courts for the Des Moines Register. Spoerre graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where she studied journalism.

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GoLocalProv | At RI, restaurants sign up for an app to offer discounts

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Enlarge +

A new application is being prepared in IR

New app connects shoppers to restaurants and stores in Rhode Island – to buy surplus food at a reduced price.

According to “Too Good to Go,” more than a third of the world’s food is wasted. And they want to change that.

“We dream of a planet without food waste, and every day we work to make it a reality,” say the creators of the application. “Our app is the most direct way for you to get involved – just download, log in and save some perfectly good surplus food at your local stores. It’s always a surprise and instant good deed for the planet.


Customers can sign up for a ‘surprise bag’ of food – or lunch – to be picked up from a participating store or restaurant at a specific time at the end of the day, typically paying a third of what the food would cost. normally retail.

For businesses, they can be paid for food that is still “good” but is approaching its expiration date or, in the case of restaurants, for food that would otherwise be thrown away.

And like most food apps, customers can rate and rate restaurants and stores, so future consumers can get a feel for user satisfaction with service.

“Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take action against food waste. We know that in order to live and breathe this every day, we have to turn our words into deeds, “says Too Good to Go.” With this in mind, we have defined a new ambition: to contribute in every way possible to the building of the movement. global food waste. It is only when we all come together to fight food waste that we can generate positive change in society.

According to an app representative, an official launch in Rhode Island is expected in early December, but businesses and consumers can participate now.

RI now on App Map

Enlarge +

A new app wants to match stores and restaurants with surplus food – with customers looking for a big discount. PHOTO: Roma FB

In the United States, food waste is estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent of the food supply, according to the FDA. That figure, based on USDA’s Economic Research Service estimates of 31 percent food loss at the retail and consumer level, worked out to about 133 billion pounds and $ 161 billion in food loss. 2010.

“Wasted food is the largest category of material placed in municipal landfills and represents food that could have helped feed families in need,” writes the FDA. “In addition, the water, energy and labor used to produce wasted food could have been used for other purposes. To effectively reduce food waste will require cooperation between federal, state, tribal and local governments, faith-based institutions, environmental organizations, communities and the entire supply chain. “

In Rhode Island, more than half a dozen businesses have already signed up for the “Too Good to Go” app.

“It works very well for us. I like participating in programs like this, especially if we can help people, ”said Oliver Aldana with Roma on Federal Hill.

Aldan said that in addition to selling a meal that would normally cost $ 15 for a third of the $ 5 price, he likes to add even more.

“I like to do a good deal for people. I will also include bread and dessert, ”he said.

Enlarge +

The new app seeks to use technology – to help stop waste. PHOTO: file

At the Chalkstone supermarket, Rodger Rodrigue said the app also helped sell their hot food offerings at the end of the day.

“We can offer food products and packaged food [on the app], but there are ups and downs in terms of what people get, ”he said. “If I’m offering something that’s about to expire, there probably won’t be a lot of variety. It will probably be, say, four cans of graham crackers.

“We were already doing ‘grab deals’ in the store, if anything neared the expiration date we would lower the price,” he said. “We saw this as a way to get more people to buy from the store. “

“Everyone has waste,” he said of the industry. “If we can limit this and help people at the same time, you can’t go wrong.”

  • Lack of Workers Has Only One RI Restaurant Offering $ 250 Referral Reward
  • The next big thing in the RI economy could be emerging food start-ups
  • So what is your FoodPrint? – Dr Ed Iannuccilli
  • The best RI Waterfront restaurant is now for sale
  • UPDATE: RI man accused of defrauding local businesses of $ 830,000 in seafood – lobster, sea bass
  • Chris Tarro announces his departure from restaurants in Siena
  • Edmund D. “Ted” Fuller III, former owner of Gregg’s restaurant, died in January, mass in June
  • Providence McDonald’s employee stabbed customer who complained about food, police say
  • Seafood Shack Dune Brothers opening location on North Main St. in Providence
  • RI’s Food Policy Council announces food security plan – funded by $ 100,000 federal grant
  • Former Quito restaurant owner JoAnne Quito of Bristol dies at 86
  • Hope & Main’s New Initiative Places Favorite Rhode Island Restaurants in Local Grocery Stores
  • Veteran RI chef launches new food truck after losing job during coronavirus
  • Rhode Island startup commits to a better food delivery model
  • Angelo’s transforms Federal Hill restaurant into an indoor-outdoor place
  • How McKee proposes to spend $ 110 million on restaurants, small businesses and daycares

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Eatery Business

The different types of loans that are available in India

A loan is an amount of money borrowed from a financial institution with a promise to repay the principal along with its interest. The interest rate on the loan is usually based on the type of loan and the term of the loan. Ziploan offers affordable Stand Up Loans For India.

Loans can be taken out for a variety of reasons, ranging from personal needs to professional needs. Indians often take out loans. In order to meet this need for financial assistance, the institutes have therefore taken out different loans. Some of them are as follows:

On the general classification, the different types of loans in India are divided into two categories.

Secured Loan: A secured loan requires the borrower to pledge an asset equal to its monetary value. Only then is the loan granted.

If a situation arises where you cannot repay the loan, the lender has full authority to stop and own the pledged wealth.

Some of the most common types of secured loans are as follows:

1) Home Loans:

It is one of the most widely procured loans in India. This loan will help citizens find a home. Some of the most common purposes of a home loan are as follows:

  • Buying Land: In this case, the home loan is used to purchase plans to build the house.
  • House construction: In this case, the property already exists. But for the need to build a house, the loan was taken out.
  • Balance Transfer: In this state, a home loan already exists, but the amount is transferred to another loan with minimal interest.

2) Loans for insurance policies:

People who have taken out insurance can also apply for a loan based on the insurance they have taken out. But there are certain restrictions on these loans.

Only loans with a money back guarantee and capitalization qualify for sanctioning on this loan. The other important element to focus on is that the loan for the insurance policy must also have a term.

This limitation prevents many people from availing this loan because they cannot take out the loan with term life insurance. Term life insurance is one of the most widely taken out insurances in the country. Term life insurance has no benefits when due.

No insurance policy is taken out with term life insurance. The other common insurance policy that is neglected with this type of loan is unit-linked insurance.

With this type of insurance, the money-back guarantee is based solely on market conditions. It will be highly unpredictable to make a loan on such a fragile basis. This means that unit-linked insurance is also not eligible for the loan.

3) Gold Credit:

The gold loan is another common form of loan that is visible in every Indian household. This loan is taken on the gold value. The main reason for this is that the gold loan in India has a very flexible interest rate. This makes it easy to borrow and lend money by looking at insurance rates.

With a gold loan, there is a need to pledge gold jewelry as collateral. Based on the valuation of gold, the loan amount is generally a question. Compared to other types of credit, a gold loan usually has a very short repayment period.

It is based solely on the short term needs of the borrower and also has flexible interest rates. After the loan amount and its interest have been repaid in full, the pledged gold will be returned as security.

Apply for a business loan

Unsecured loan:

1) Education loan:

The most common loan taken out by younger society is an education loan. It is with this loan that most of the people pursue their studies. An education loan often covers the cost of education fees such as tuition and other such as housing, transportation, and similar other costs.

As a rule, it is the students themselves who train education loans for their personal needs. But parents of the students or siblings are often nominated. The education loan can be used for both full-time and part-time courses.

Some banks also offer education loans for vocational training. An interest rate is charged on the loan which the student must repay. However, the period of repayment of an education loan begins only after graduation.

The educational loan has the peculiarity of the moratorium. Thereafter, the borrower can decide not to repay any amount to the institution for up to 12 months after completing the course. This is an added benefit as it gives students ample time to find a job after graduation to pay off their loans.

2) Vehicle credit:

This is a type of loan for buying vehicles for one person. The vehicle can either be new or even used. The decision is made based on one’s own preference and priority. Car loans can be used for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Although the car loan is very flexible, it also adheres to certain restrictions.

One such limitation is that the borrower’s financial situation plays a crucial role in the process of obtaining a car loan. Credit scores with debt-to-income ratio, repayment term are taken into account. PM Svanidhi can be availed in the Zip Loan.

3) Personal Loans:

Personal loans are also very popular because of their instant liquidity. However, the main disadvantage is that a person falls under the unsecured loan category. This makes the interest rate higher than other secured loans. Ziploan offers affordable MSME loans.

Some of the purposes of obtaining a personal loan are as follows:

  • Manage expenses
  • Pay vacation
  • Financing the apartment renovation
  • Fund the child’s education
  • Consolidate all of your debts

In addition to the loans mentioned above, there are also other types of loans such as flexi loans, short-term Business credit, Stand Loans, MSME loans, and stocks, among many others.

Depending on your needs and capacity, you can take out a loan. For more information, contact Ziploan at 011-4310-9577 or send an email to [email protected]

Working capital loan on whatsapp

frequently asked Questions

What types of credit are there?

Below are the types of loans available in India:
1) Personal Loans
2) Credit Card Loans
3) Home Loans
4) car loans
5) two-wheeler loan
6) Small Business credit
7) Payday Loans

What are the top five government loan programs in India?

Here are the five best government loan programs in India:

1- MSME credit in 59 minutes
2- Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY)
3- Micro and Small Business Loan Guarantee Fund System (CGFMSE)
4- National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)
5- Loan Linked Capital Subsidy Program (CLCSS)

What are the government bonds called?

A government-secured loan is a government-subsidized loan, also known as a federal direct loan, that protects lenders against payment defaults and thus makes it much easier for lenders to offer potential borrowers lower interest rates.

Is a conventional loan a government loan?

A conventional loan is a mortgage loan that is not covered by any government agency. Compliant conventional loans follow the lending rules of the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac).

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“Stand firm” petition filed in fatal shooting in front of St. Augustine bar

ST. AUGUSTIN, Florida. – A “stand up” request has been filed in the murderous shooting of Adam Amoia, a man who, according to investigators, was killed in an altercation outside Dos Gatos in St. Augustine.

Luis Casado is charged with manslaughter and carrying a concealed firearm during the shooting in May.

In the petition, Patrick Canan, Casado’s lawyer, states that Amoia and another man “suddenly and in concert started attacking” Casado “for no apparent reason.”

Casado was seen chatting with several of Amoia’s friends outside the bar, a conversation which the petition said “had no real meaning and certainly nothing threatening.” The petition says “Amoia, drunk and leaning against the wall, suddenly turned aggressive and insisted that Mr. Casado leave immediately”, even though Casado “did nothing to incite rudeness or violence”.

A d

RELATED: Prosecutors Release Video of Fatal St. Augustine Shooting as Lawyer Calls for “Stand Up” Hearing

The petition says that before Casado had a chance to “make sense of Mr. Amoia’s bizarre request,” Amoia shoved him, then punched him in the face, knocking off his glasses, making Casado legally blind. He indicates that the other man then hit Casado and that Amoia followed that up by hitting Casado four more times in the face, when Casado “found himself pressed against a wall”.

The petition says that after Amoia hit Casado twice more, “he was afraid for his life and shot his gun to avoid serious bodily injury or even death.”

The petition points out that the footage lasted 15 seconds and was caught on surveillance video. Casado’s lawyer notes that his client does not have a criminal history, but that Amoia and the other man do.

A d

The petition also includes the toxicology report on Amoïa’s body from the medical examiner. Amoia’s blood alcohol level was 0.266, more than three times the legal limit for driving in Florida. The report revealed that he also had hydrocodone and marijuana in his system.

A judge has set an April date for your ground hearings.

Copyright 2021 by WJXT News4Jax – All rights reserved.

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Alpine country stranded again, suspending tourism at the start of the holiday season

(CNN) – Austria has introduced unprecedented new Covid measures, Ireland is under curfew at midnight, but India has reopened its doors to vaccinated tourists.

Here are some of the biggest developments in travel this week:

It’s starting to look a lot like … confinement

Visitors explore Vienna’s Christmas market on November 15 before Austria returns to containment.

Joe Klamar / AFP via Getty Images

Austria will impose national containment on November 22 as Covid-19 cases skyrocket, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced, becoming the first European country to do so this fall.

But things are accelerating in Asia

India suffered greatly when it was hit by a calamitous second wave of Covid this spring, but it now has some of the lowest case rates in the world, which has earned it a CDC Level 1 rating as as low risk travel destination. Monday it opened its borders to fully vaccinated foreign tourists on commercial flights for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Ireland is now a Cinderella state

Irish revelers must now leave their Prince Charming and hurry home from the ball. Ireland imposed a midnight curfew in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, just a few weeks after the nightclubs first reopened since March 2020.
Elsewhere in Europe, the Netherlands has returned to partial lockdown and Hungary and the Czech Republic are among the four new additions in the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s highest risk travel category.

Ireland will impose a midnight curfew on bars, restaurants and nightclubs from November 18 as the country experiences a further rise in Covid-19 cases, despite one of the highest vaccination rates in the world . CNN’s Becky Anderson sits down with Irish Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to chat.

Thanksgiving travel will be near pre-pandemic levels

In the United States, there will be a lot more shared turkey compared to last year, as vacation travel is expected to return almost to the good old days of 2019. Here’s our advice to manage the rush.
About 53.4 million Americans are expected to be on the move, including Jamal Hinton, who will continue his tradition of visiting his “grandmother Wanda” in Arizona. The couple met in 2016 when Wanda Dench accidentally sent teenage Hinton a Thanksgiving invitation intended for her grandson and an unlikely friendship blossomed.

Here’s what you might be sitting on in 2025

When you’ve been sitting on your couch for almost two years, a new era of business travel in 2025 may seem like a long way off, but designers are already working like Christmas elves on the luxury airplane seats of the future. We’re talking about a lightweight structure, extra space, bigger and better screens, and plenty of wireless charging. Sustainability, ethical sourcing and reducing carbon emissions are key concerns.

Maya Bay in Thailand to reopen

It's not me, it's you: Maya Bay needed some time to recuperate and a break from the tourists.

It’s not me, it’s you: Maya Bay needed some time to recuperate and a break from the tourists.

Mladen Antonov / AFP / Gety Images

Thai authorities have announced a reopening date for one of the most famous attractions in the country. Maya Bay, a resplendent cove made famous by “The Beach” – a 2000 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio – will reopen to tourists on January 1, 2022. This particular closure was unrelated to Covid, however; It has been banned for tourists since 2018, as authorities embarked on a rejuvenation program to revive the region’s decimated corals.

A chance encounter

When snowstorms prevented Jennifer Lowther from making it to her best friend’s wedding, a complete stranger came to her rescue, taking her on a dizzying journey and setting in motion a love story that is still going strong after 18 years.

Aircraft hangar, but make it bounce

Airport hangars can take years to build, but these inflatable models can be installed in a matter of hours. They have many advantages over the traditional design and can be used for disaster relief.

Isn’t the construction of traditional airport infrastructure such a brake? This scam can go on years. Thank god for inflatable sheds, which can be up and running in no time.

In case you missed it

United Airlines to serve hard liquor on its flights again

Crowds will be back in Time Square this year for some fun in New York

Black Santas are appearing in US Disney parks this season for the first time

National Geographic unveiled its top destinations for 2022

Two American tourists broke into the Colosseum to drink beer

CNN’s Natasha Chen, Karla Cripps, Stephanie Halasz, Tamara Hardingham-Gill, Niamh Kennedy, Lilit Marcus, Artemis Moshtaghian, Rob Picheta, Nadine Schmidt, Kristina Sgueglia, Francesca Street, Manveena Suri and John Walton contributed to this report.

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The best coffees in Cottesloe

Enjoy a sweet coffee and a hearty breakfast by the beach in Cottesloe

Ah, Cottesloe.

One of our absolute favorites when it comes to laid-back beach vibes and unbeatable coastal views – there’s a reason it’s one of Perth’s most popular beaches.

To top it off, they have a few killer cafes dotted around where you can get your cool morning fix as you soak up the salty breeze and sunshine.

Think fresh and organic, sweet cinnamon rolls, 10/10 coffee and colorful Asian fusion dishes.

Here are the best coffees in Cottesloe.


Fresh and healthy food on the streets of Cott, the iconic Daisies is waiting for you to dig.

From humble beginnings as a local deli at one of Perth’s favorite corner cafes, these guys know what they’re doing. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sun under the pines and soak up the sun under the pines while getting your hands on baked goods, burgers and their famous mashed avo toast with feta, chili dukkah and homemade chili jam.

Source: @daisiescottesloe

Il Lido

Prepare for a carbohydrate overload, as Il Lido serves amazingly good Italian fare while overlooking the ocean.

They are passionate about everything pasta, wine, coffee and cheese which is great because so are we! Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, their dishes are absolutely gorgeous – we can’t do without them. They also have an impressive wine list and delicious cocktails for a sunset sip.

il lido - the best cafes in cottesloe
Source: @illidoperth

North Street Store

If you haven’t jumped on the North Street Store Cinnamon Rolls craze, then you’re missing out.

Fluffy, soft and sticky, the cinny rolls here are famous in Perth for good reason. They also brew a bad cup of coffee and you can grab one of their fresh breads to go or help yourself to their cupboard with rolls and candy, as well as freshly made toast and burgers. Technically, it’s not a “coffee”, but we count it because it’s so good.

north street store - best cafes in cottesloe
Source: @northstreetstore


A local hotspot, Vans has offered an eclectic menu and a dose of caffeine to the people of Cottesloe for many years.

The modern and bright atmosphere will make you feel right at home by choosing from blue swimmer crab cakes, buttermilk pancakes, seared gnocchi, san choy bao or a fry van with fried bacon, eggs and vegetables. hash browns.

vans - best cafes in cottesloe
Source: @vanscafecottesloe

Small Café Sup

For surf vibes and delicious coffee, Little Sup is your guy.

The perfect seaside cafe to roll over after an early morning salty swim, they open their doors from 6 a.m. every day so any early risers can start their day on the right foot. Their creamy infusion will be a treat topped with homemade pastries and muffins as you relax with the locals on a wave or two.

Mel & Co kitchen

A unique stopover for breakfast, Mel & Co Kitchen really defines the term ‘hearty food’ with its colorful Asian fusion dishes.

It’s hard to pick our favorites here, but some must-haves include rendang nachos, chorizo ​​shakshuka, beef teriyaki with truffle, and rendang potato rosti. You won’t leave here unsatisfied, that’s for sure.

mel & co cuisine - best cafes in cottesloe
Source: @melandco_kitchen

Nature’s Harvest – Bee Leaf Café

An exciting discovery for us health enthusiasts, vegans and vegetarians – Nature’s Harvest is an organic food store serving hearty and fresh meals from their Bee Leaf Cafe.

Start your day with a fresh smoothie or super latte and nourishing bowls, salads and organic breakfasts. They also make a bunch of sweet vegan and gluten-free options, including a cookie ice cream sandwich.

Eric Chamberlain

Joining the line of expert coffee makers at Cott, Eric Chamberlain is a sweet stopover for some breakfast treats and a cup of tea.

The outdoor patio is dog-friendly, so you can perch after a morning walk and try their homemade nasi goreng or their mashed over organic sourdough. Open bright and early from 6.30 am.

Eric Chamberlain - Best Coffee Shops in Cottesloe
Source: @ the.eric.chamberlain


While we are talking about the amazing coffee, we have to mention Cimbalino.

Sitting on Napoleon Street, they whip up a pretty good dose of caffeine as you dig through their breakfast menu with options like bruschetta and French toast, or spice it up with the huevos rancheros – spicy tomato sauce, chorizo, baked egg, Persian feta and ciabatta.

John Street Cafe

Adding a touch of blue to the streets of Cottesloe, John Street Cafe is a breezy and colorful little stop under the pine trees.

They cook breakfast and light lunch all day long, with a simple but tasty menu. Poached eggs with prosciutto and benedict with their famous hollandaise sauce are our choice for your visit.

John Street Cafe - the best cafes in Cottesloe
Source: @johnstcafe

Featured Image: vanscafecottesloe

Never miss a bite or sip again with our latest Perth food and drink news on

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A small restaurant chain in Canada invests all of its profits in bitcoin. It Has Returned 460% On Its Investment And Triples Its Locations During Pandemic | Currency News | Financial and business news

Tahinis co-founder Aly Hamam (right) shows a bitcoin cash machine in one of his restaurants.
  • Tahinis is a family-owned restaurant chain that invests all of its profits in bitcoin, a strategy that “worked like a charm” as it grew.
  • Tahinis co-founders say they have increased 460% from the investment first made in August 2020 to shield profits from surging inflation.
  • The Canadian company says it has helped other small businesses adopt a “standard bitcoin” strategy.

Tahinis is a family-owned restaurant chain that, with its Middle Eastern cuisine, gives this advice to small business owners around the world: invest in bitcoin.

Tahinis is touted as the world’s first restaurant chain to invest 100% of its cash reserves in cryptocurrency. Its founders, brothers Aly and Omar Hamam, said exposure to bitcoin has been key to fostering its expansion in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and soaring inflation that has driven up the prices of ingredients including they need shawarma and other dishes. The company based in London, Ontario, Canada, first invested in bitcoin in August 2020.

“We’re at 460% of our initial investment so far and we haven’t stopped there,” Aly, Tahinis’ chief marketing officer, told Insider in a recent interview. “We will continue to sweep away excess bitcoin profits. We even bought the [April 2021 price] up, then we rolled it all the way to the bottom, and we kept buying month after month after month. So it worked like a charm for us, ”he said.

Bitcoin in August 2020 was trading at less than $ 12,000. It was around $ 58,075 on Friday after last week’s record above $ 69,000.

Tahinis follows a so-called “standard bitcoin strategy” where it operates in fiat currency, or Canadian dollars, and then invests all of its profits in bitcoin, a move Aly said was similar to MicroStrategy’s.

The data analytics company uses excess cash to buy what it sees as a “reliable store of value.” MicroStrategy recently held 114,042 bitcoins, valued at around $ 6.8 billion on Thursday. Aly ignored bitcoin for a while after one of her financial idols – Warren Buffett – called it “squared rat poison” in 2018.

Tahinis keeps working capital in cash for a few months, and then the profit, part of her cash, is sent in bitcoin. Private company Tahinis could not disclose how much bitcoin it holds on its balance sheet, but said sales at its restaurants now exceeded $ 8 million in the past year.

The business in 2021 will expand to nine locations from eight and is on track in 2022 to have a total of 29 restaurants. Aly said Tahinis has worked with dozens of small businesses around the world integrating them into a standard Bitcoin strategy.

“The main problem we have right now is that the dollars are devaluing,” Aly said. “Central banks will say inflation is only 5%. But it really depends on what you want to buy. Poultry is up 45%, beef is up 25%, imported products and spices are up 65%, oils are up 110%, “since March 2020, when the pandemic was accelerating, he said. “So it made sense to put our money in [bitcoin] and that will exceed any inflation rates we see for the next decade. ”

The Hamams are sensitive to the devaluation of the currency after seeing their parents’ wealth and savings affected by a 65% drop in the Egyptian pound against the US dollar between 2012 and 2017. The brothers were in Tahrir Square in 2011 during the Arab Spring uprising that led to the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak.

“We faced riot police, we were hit by tear gas,” Aly said. “We came to Canada the following year with a reinvigorated hope to start our new life here,” which led to Tahinis. The Hamams had previously obtained dual citizenship thanks to their father who obtained a doctorate. in Canada and then worked as a math teacher in Saudi Arabia.

Tahinis installed bitcoin machines in each restaurant to encourage employees and customers to buy the cryptocurrency. He doesn’t take bitcoin for food payments in part because accounting and tax reporting is much easier to use in fiat currency and he wants to promote bitcoin holding.

Tahinis began to recover from the pandemic in May 2020 after an 80% drop in sales and forced layoffs. In addition to bitcoin, having a quick-service restaurant model rather than an in-person restaurant model requiring more square meters to operate has helped.

“We had more people signing up for franchises after COVID than before COVID,” Omar Hamam, CEO of Tahinis, told Insider.

“We have a full marketing team working every day to deliver content to make people laugh,” and see Tahinis’ food on TikTok and Instagram, Omar said, “and the fact that we have our own channel business. ‘sourcing helps a lot. So we really approached the business in all its aspects. ”

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Queens Bar liquor license temporarily suspended after filming, complaints of problematic behavior – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – Several Queens residents turned anger into action, securing the temporary suspension of the liquor license of a bar they described as “problematic” and “dangerous”.

Last week two people were shot there, including the owner.

READ MORE: Celebrities flock to Harlem for Soul Train Awards at the Apollo Theater

This may be the last call for Kloud Tequila Grill. Workers closed the Auburndale bar on Saturday with no sign of reopening anytime soon.

As CBS2’s John Dias reports, the neighbors have something to do with it. For months, they have been asking the state liquor board to suspend the bar’s liquor license. Thursday, yes, but only temporarily.

“Enough is enough. This establishment has no place in this neighborhood,” said MP Edward Braunstein on Saturday.

Braunstein and others want the authority to go even further, calling for the bar’s license to be permanently revoked.

READ MORE: Queens residents want local bar closed, claiming patrons are urinating on their property and leaving mess in the streets

“We’re way over time for conversations and baby steps,” Braunstein said.

The bar has 16 open violations. The fees include excessive noise and one for availing their license. It operates under Silk Hookah Lounge LLC.

“This owner, this bar has been unfriendly and unfriendly in the worst possible way. And what did we get? We had access to garbage on this block. We’ve had people peeing, ”Senator John Liu said.

The most recent incident, however – a double shootout outside the bar last weekend – has strained the community the most.

READ MORE: Mayor-elect Eric Adams calls on New Yorkers to keep protests peaceful after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty in all respects

“We are afraid for our children. You are afraid for anyone at night, ”said neighbor Jimmy Papageorgiou.

Bar owner Sal Khan says he was caught in the crossfire and suffered a scraped head.

While he was on the mend, he told Dias over the phone that he now wanted to turn his business into something new, promising it would be safe.

“Most likely, it will be a unlicensed, alcohol-free restaurant,” Khan said. “Maybe like a hamburger-type joint or a fast food restaurant.”

READ MORE: 2 injured in Queens Bar shooting that drew complaints from neighbors over out of control customers

But neighbors and local leaders don’t trust the owner and want him to go away altogether.

“His promises, they don’t work anymore,” said one woman

Police said they were still investigating the shooting, but arrested a 19-year-old and charged him with criminal trespassing.

They believe he committed the crime because he was kicked out of the bar while a private party was taking place. A firearm was recovered from the scene.

NO MORE NEWS: BET Partners With Apollo Theater To Provide $ 100,000 In Grants To Harlem Businesses

Both victims of the shooting are expected to make a full recovery.

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Rugby club bar will not function as a nightclub, says woman who hired him to give back to community

A rugby club that is said to be “the absolute hub of the community” has a new premises license, despite a resident’s concerns about noise and anti-social behavior.

Meinir Thomas told a Carmarthenshire licensing subcommittee that she and her husband David took the rental from Llandybie RFC to give something back to the community.

She said they were familiar with the village and felt they had a good understanding of the impact of the business on local residents.

Ms Thomas told the committee that, with that in mind, they had requested that the license hours be reduced from what is now.

Read more stories about Carmarthenshire

She said the club wouldn’t be for late night drinking and refuted a suggestion from a resident living across the street – Juliette Fane – that it would be more like a nightclub.

Ms Thomas spoke on two occasions in October that had sparked Miss Fane’s concerns – the first a wake, the second a Halloween party.

Miss Fane said she sympathized with the circumstances surrounding the wake, but said she could hear chants from inside the club in her living room and more noise from the parking lot outside.

Late at the Halloween event, Miss Fane said she witnessed screaming, screaming, shoving and fighting in the parking lot.

“No one at the club seemed to come out to stop him and ask for the noise to be reduced,” she said.

“When the police arrived, it took about 10 more minutes for it to calm down.”

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Miss Fane said she felt the license hours requested were “ridiculous” for such a built-up area, especially since there were residents in poor health or with very young children.

“I’m not against people having fun,” she said. “What I’m against is when it interrupts other people’s lives.”

Ms Thomas said the funeral was the largest the village had ever seen and that she had told several residents about it in advance. She said the bar was closed “at a specific time” and that she had helped organize taxis for customers between 10:45 pm and 11:15 pm.

“The whole hall was closed at 11:30 pm,” she said.

She said the Halloween party incident was a domestic incident, with one of the people allegedly involved arriving outside the club just before kick-off.

Ms Thomas said that she and her husband, after being made aware of an altercation in the parking lot, went out to see what was going on, despite the fact that they were both in Halloween costumes.

She said that when the police arrived, she asked the bar staff to stop serving alcohol.

“The whole incident from start to finish did not last more than 30 minutes,” she said.

Ms Thomas said the club had been at its Woodfield Road location since 1964 and was the absolute center of the community.

The club’s license meant that only club members and bona fide guests could drink there. The new license means it is open to all members of the public.

Speaking in favor of the demand, Llandybie adviser Dai Nicholas said the alcohol supply was a key revenue driver for the club, which had attracted many young rugby players to its ranks over the years. years.

Dyfed-Powys police did not oppose the license application, provided several conditions were met, and after consulting with a lawyer, the licensing subcommittee granted it.

The new license has a condition that no alcohol can be consumed outside after 10:30 p.m.

The Thomases will also install signs reminding customers to limit noise when leaving the premises and will offer residents a means of contacting them in the event of a problem.

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Kent Café binds those recovering from drug addiction: “It becomes a family”

KENT – October 23 was a very special day for resident Brian Verrilli. It marked her first sobriety anniversary.

Within a year, Verilli’s life changed completely. He has new hobbies, a new home, and a new job at the home front of Wilson’s Bakery & Cafe, which opened in August.

Wilson’s, which is owned by Kent’s High Watch Recovery Center, only employs those recovering from an addiction disorder – from chefs to bakers to baristas.

“We reach out to people in the recovery community, many of whom are High Watch alumni, and they become the backbone of our employee base,” said Jason Perillo, Director of Marketing at High Watch. , a residential treatment center for inpatients. drugs and alcohol which opened in 1939.

Wilson’s was named after the late Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, the High Watch program is founded on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Wilson – who founded AA in the late 1930s – was on the first council. of High Watch in 1939.

Aside from the usual bond between coworkers, Perillo said High Watch employees tend to feel particularly close to each other because they have the common bond of addiction – and recovery.

“It’s a small recovery community so it becomes a family,” he said, adding that they were developing strong bonds. “When you yourself are in recovery and working with people in recovery, it is easier to be successful in your recovery because you have this support network around you at work. “

He said unlike many other restaurants that have had staff issues, Wilson’s, with 20 employees, is holding up.

“We haven’t had a hard time finding great employees, but at the same time we’ve been facing the same challenges that the rest of the restaurant world has been facing for over a year when it comes to hiring,” Perillo said. .

Since Wilson’s opening, Perillo said one of the nicest reactions the company has had so far has been the strong support from the community.

“We were a little worried that the stigma of recovery might just pull people away and the opposite happened and the community of Kent really embarrassed Wilson,” he said.

He added that Wilson’s was “packed” for lunch every day, he said, receiving 400 to 500 customers a day from Friday to Sunday.

“You can’t sit down for lunch,” Perillo said. “We are under attack all the time.”

The High Watch culinary team, in conjunction with Wilson’s management team, developed the menu. During the first month of opening the business, she only served her own employees.

“We did this a – to make sure we were doing it right and b – to test the menu to see what worked and what didn’t,” Perillo said.

The best seller on the menu is the Build-Your-Own-Breakfast Sandwich, said Perillo.

Salads include eggplant, tomatoes, pickled green beans and Brussels sprouts. The sandwiches include prime rib, roast chicken with herbs, prosciutto and parmesan.

The cafe can seat 15 people in total and has three tables outside.

The idea of ​​creating a place like Wilson’s came about as a way to help complete the program.

“We, as a company, felt it was the right thing to do,” said Perillo. “Our guests are only with us for a while and one of the things we believe very strongly in is giving them the tools necessary for a successful recovery after leaving High Watch. One of the things we wanted to do was provide opportunities for skill and career development, and Wilson was a natural fit for that goal.

The story of a guest

Verrilli was the first employee hired by Wilson’s when it opened.

He works full time at Wilson at the front of the house, having previously worked in the kitchen at High Watch.

At 25, he has already been through a lot.

“I started smoking weed and using drugs when I was 13,” said Verrilli, who grew up in Southington. “I always wanted to be out of my head so I didn’t have to deal with emotions. I wanted to numb everything for quite a long time.

Over time, Verrilli became more and more addicted to his habit and also developed a drinking problem.

Things went downhill from there.

“When me and an ex-girlfriend broke up I didn’t care anymore. I thought my future was destroyed,” he said. “I dove pretty deep into opiates and fentanyl . “

Although he worked at a “pretty nice” construction site, he said, no matter how much he was paid, he still couldn’t keep up with his habit.

“It got to the point where I was so addicted to it that I thought there was no way out,” he said. “I thought this was the way I would live for the rest of my life. I didn’t know there was a way to get sober.

After two suicide attempts, he had planned the third, when he made a phone call that would change his life.

“I was about to go park my car and try to kill myself again by deliberately overdosing,” he said.

But then he took a different path – and never looked back.

“I was in a Home Depot parking lot and pulled over. I called High Watch, ”he said, adding that his mother had sent him a brochure about the facility several months earlier.

High Watch picked him up a few days later.

“I left my house for Halloween rehab and stayed there for 57 days,” Verrilli said. “I left the day after Christmas.

He said the only way to get sober is to really want it.

“No one is going to get sober if they are doing it for someone else,” he said. “You have to do it only for yourself. “

Now he wants to give back.

“My goal is to be able to work to help others in any way I can,” said Verrilli. “I’m doing my first door job at Wilson’s, trying as much as possible here to help others.”

Recently, Verrilli became an entrepreneur. He makes and sells tie and dye shirts. Her Instagram is Dyin’Brianco.

He said he felt he had lived separate lives – one in the past and one now – “and the one now is beyond your wildest dreams,” he said. “From this rocky bottom where I was, until now. It’s unreal.

“There is a way out,” added Verrilli.

Wilson’s by High Watch, 10 N. Main St., is open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Monday.

Reservations are not required. Take-out meals are available. For more information visit

or call 959-300-0080.

[email protected] 203-948-9802.

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Restaurants are getting ready for the end of year celebrations | Connecticut News

CONNECTICUT (WFSB) – Restaurants are gearing up to meet the demand for large gatherings this season.

Experts say you should book early and be prepared for a different kind of service.

Parties and gatherings are back, but restaurants aren’t quite back to normal.

There are a few things that the managers wanted to keep in mind this season.

Trumbull Kitchen Managing Director Michael Pitocco said: “It was fantastic. The phone rang for the holidays, so we’re happy.

Pitocco says people are coming back after a difficult year with the pandemic.

Hartford Restaurant has five to six parties a week booked.

“December is historically our busiest month and it is with the holidays,” said Pitocco.

At Esca Restaurant and Wine Bar in Middletown, owner Marisa Bramato says there is no curfew or capacity limit this year, they are booked for December.

“We have daytime parties, we have parties, we have family reunions, we have people who wouldn’t normally go out, but for the holidays, they do so it’s a big month out,” he said. said Bramato.

As restaurants navigate this busy season, they will also face a labor shortage.

The Connecticut Restaurant Association says most of its members have 60 to 70 percent less staff than before the pandemic.

They are also struggling with supply chain challenges, which means delays and shortages of key food supplies.

“One month you will get a product, the next month you won’t see it for six weeks,” Pitocco said.

Bramato said: “We will source more to make sure we don’t run out, and our quality is still there.”

For people who come to the holiday season, restaurants require a bit of understanding, especially if they are understaffed.

“Guests need to know that we are doing our best and our best,” Pitocco said.

They also ask you to show up only with the number of people in your booked group and make sure you book very early.

Bramato said: “As soon as possible. We already had corporate reservations three months ago for December.

Don’t be surprised if the food is more expensive than the last time you stopped by your favorite restaurant.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, everything from poultry to beef is expensive.

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State, Shady’s Bar and Grill settle pandemic lawsuits

(KNSI) – Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced Friday his office has settled the lawsuit against Shady’s Bar and Grill and another business that violated or threatened to violate executive orders during the COVID-19 emergency in time of peace.

Gov. Tim Walz has closed all bars and restaurants for in-person dining, and Shady’s owner Kris Schiffler has said he won’t be doing so much longer if he can’t open his doors. He had planned to open his location in Albany, but Ellison applied for and received a temporary restraining order prohibiting him from opening the doors. A GoFundMe page had been set up to help Shady’s and other bar and restaurant owners pay legal fees. In a few days, more than $ 200,000 was raised.

Under the terms of a consent judgment filed in Stearns County, Shady’s will pay the state $ 30,000. All funds received under this settlement go to the State of Minnesota General Fund, not the Attorney General’s office.

According to a press release, the settlement comes after more than a year of litigation. The press release says Shady’s has filed counterclaims against the governor and other state officials who were removed from office following opposition from the attorney general’s office. In August 2021, the attorney general’s office obtained summary judgment on his claims and was allowed to seek fees for his litigation costs.

Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks was also ordered to pay $ 25,000 for violating emergency orders.


Copyright 2021 Leighton Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be broadcast, published, redistributed or rewritten in any way without consent.

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“They call me the king of nightclubs”: beta owner on the defensive in hearing

Denver Police Department body camera footage shows officers interacting with Beta nightclub owner Hussam Kayali, right, also passing by Valente Corleons, July 18 after receiving a fire safety complaint . (Screenshot of the hearing of the Department of Excise and Licensing)

The owner of a Denver nightclub defended himself as a legitimate businessman who maintains a safe environment for his patrons at a city hearing on Thursday.

Beta Nightclub owner Hussam Kayali, also known as Valentes Corleons, said after problems were observed by the city over the summer he took steps to improve security and compliance. capacities.

“I had new leadership, new security,” Kayali said during the second day of the hearing, which could end with the club’s liquor and cabaret licenses penalized or revoked for alleged violations.

“I’ve been there since (the club) opens and closes. I (entered) clubs (from) 15 years ago and studied everything before I got into this business. I usually do my research before I embark on anything. They call me the king of nightclubs.

As BusinessDen previously reported, the Denver Police Department, Denver Fire Department, and Excise and Licensing investigated the Beta Nightclub at 1909 Blake Street between June and August after receiving several complaints and noticed an increase in 911 calls near the business.

The city became concerned after a shooting took place on May 23 near the club. Police also reported that a man was shot around 1:40 a.m. on August 22 at the corner of 19th Avenue and Blake Street, but the department did not link the shooting to Beta in a press release. .

Beta faces 10 alleged violations of Denver municipal code and Colorado state law, according to the hearing order. City lawyers have asked the hearing mediator to recommend revocation of the permits.

Aaron Acker, Beta’s lawyer, tried to prove that the club weren’t overcrowded on July 17 and until the early morning hours of July 18. Town lawyers, firefighters and police say there were problems that night, including Kayali being “agitated” by their presence.

Acker suggested that Beta may not have been able to prevent small amounts of narcotics from entering the club, even with trained security guards.

He also argued that the Beta was not responsible for the violence that occurred near the company.

On Wednesday, DPD officer Alexandra Spencer said she infiltrated twice in June and on one occasion entered with a concealed gun. The officer said security guards did not detect him, even after a pat-down.

Kayali said it couldn’t be true.

“You can’t come in with a razor or anything, (security) will catch it, and if Spencer had a gun, and I put that on God, whom I love, security will catch him.” , Kayali said.

When asked if Kayali said Spencer lied about the gun, he replied, “(The officer) came in with a gun and we didn’t grab it? Impossible.”

Asked about his words claiming to be a member of Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian Mafia, Kayali replied that he was.

When asked about an incident in which an officer was checking to see if the club was overcrowded and Kayali allegedly confronted the officer, he replied, “It wasn’t like that. “

“One of the officers went upstairs and jumped in my face (and said), ‘I don’t like what you’re doing here,” Kayali said. “I said, ‘I’m not taking orders from you. I know you are a sergeant. … I said, ‘I’m a grown man in the Mafia, and you should be careful what you say.’ “

Kayali has stated that it is not illegal to be a “grown man,” and the FBI is aware of that status. He said the office offered him “a job six years ago,” but did not specify.

10.19D beta at scale 1

The Beta nightclub, located at 1909 Blake Street, has been charged by the city with several offenses and could lose its liquor and cabaret licenses. (BusinessDen File)

At one point, as the city’s lead lawyer handling the case, Katie Conner, was preparing an exhibit, Kayali attempted to speak to the courtroom judge Federico Alvarez, but his lawyer l ‘has stopped.

“No one for years has wanted to talk to me,” Kayali said. “I’m just asking to be treated like a human.”

Michael McCray, one of the former co-owners of Beta Nightclub, said he initially had a “tumultuous” relationship with Kayali, whom he hired to run the bottle service and grow his business.

McCray said Kayali’s methods fell short of the standards he wanted and their relationship quickly deteriorated. In 2019, when Kayali became director at Beta, he obtained around 20 to 25% of the company’s ownership and liquor and cabaret licenses, according to a hearing document.

“I just didn’t think it was responsible management,” McCray said. “With the beta being as important as it is, I just didn’t think it was a good solution. We were worried enough that we no longer wanted to be attached to this place. “

Kayali said he didn’t need to take advice from McCray, someone who had let the club almost fall into expulsion proceedings.

“He’s the last person I would ask for advice,” Kayali said.

McCray said he and his business partner Brad Roulier sold the business to Kayali, but they were not paid. McCray said he and Roulier had tried to help Kayali with advice and had tried to sort out some of the club’s problems because “helping him helps us get paid”.

The city’s excise and licensing department oversees the club licensing hearing. Department spokesman Eric Escudero told BusinessDen that Alvarez would likely issue a recommendation in about a week and then executive director of excise and licensing Ashley Kilroy would issue a final decision.

During Thursday’s hearing, Acker called Kayali to the stand with Bryant Watts, who worked at Beta and was asked about posting occupancy signs; Christopher Vitale, who worked for Beta as a manager during the summer and was recently promoted to general manager; former Beta employee Armando Martinez; and Denver Police Department officer Ramone Young.

Acker asked Young, who worked off duty at Beta, if there were any times at the club where he didn’t feel safe, and Young replied, “As far as gangs are concerned, yes.” After two “insufficient” managers were fired, Acker asked if Young thought the security concerns had improved, to which he replied, “Some have, yes.”

Vitale said Beta security worked to ensure no weapons or drugs entered the club and that he oversaw the operations of the contracted security company over the summer.

“If it’s something minor like a pocket knife, I’ll take it, but if it’s drugs or paraphernalia, they’re not allowed in,” Vitale said. “We have two entry points, but only one that we use when we operate. There is one at the back, but we don’t use it during opening hours.

Vitale answered questions about whether people were served after 2 a.m. on July 11, Denver’s cut-off time for serving alcohol.

Transactions, according to records provided by Beta, showed that the last alcohol purchase took place before 2 a.m. on July 11. Other purchases took place between 2 a.m. and 3:06 a.m., but Vitale explained that it was to service the bottles. the records of purchases made earlier that night were correct.

Day two of the Beta Nightclub liquor and cabaret license hearing began with a two-hour cross-examination of a Denver Police Detective, who testified about the management of the venue the day before.

Retail Derrick Keeton worked off duty from June 18 to August 22 at Beta, where he said he tried to ‘change the culture’ to make the club safer.

Acker introduced emails between Keeton and Det. Paul Streate who showed they spoke about the issues that arose at Beta over the summer. Acker also protested that more emails were not produced through a subpoena after witnesses said there were more, but Alvarez continued with the hearing nonetheless. .

Beta email

The emails are posted Wednesday by lawyers for Beta Nightclub at Det. Derrick Keeton and det. Paul Streate at an online hearing on the club’s liquor and cabaret licensing. (Screenshots of the Excise and Licensing Department hearing)

Beta2 EmailAcker tried to get Keeton to name specific people he identified as possible gang members or known drug dealers at the club, but the detective said that could jeopardize their safety.

“I will not give names because of confidential informants and security,” he said.

Acker asked Keeton if he thought his suggestions for “changing the culture”, which included implementing a dress code and using discretion to not let people in the club, were discriminatory. He said this type of app could have made Beta vulnerable to a lawsuit.

“No, I’m definitely not going to agree with you on that,” Keeton said. “I never said that someone couldn’t get into the club because of a criminal history.”

Beta Nightclub owner defends operation at city hearing

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Eatery Business

Upgrade Personal Loans Review 2021

Personal Finance Insider writes on products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. The conditions apply to the offers listed on this page. Read our editorial standards.

Appreciate loan amounts and interest rates

When upgraded, personal loan amounts range from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000 and can be repaid over two to seven years, depending on what best suits your repayment needs. There are no early repayment penalties for early repayment of the loan.

While you need good credit to qualify for the lowest interest rate, the 5.94% upgrade minimum interest rate is competitive when compared to similar lenders. For example, the minimum APR for Payoff and Best Egg is 5.99%. You can apply to a fellow borrower with good credit to potentially get a better price upgrade.

On the other hand, if your balance is in worse shape, upgrading may not be a great option for you. The upgrade’s maximum APR is 35.97%, significantly higher than Best Egg’s rate of 29.99% or Payoff’s rate of 24.99%.

Advantages and disadvantages

This is how the upgrade works

Upgrade offers unsecured personal loans through its credit partners Cross River Bank (member FDIC) and Blue Ridge Bank (member FDIC). You don’t have to put on collateral like a house or a car to get an unsecured personal loan. You can get a personal loan for various purposes.

You cannot obtain a personal loan in all 50 states with Upgrade because the lender does not serve borrowers in Iowa or West Virginia.

After applying and approving your loan, you should receive your funds within one business day. With an upgrade loan, you do not pay a prepayment penalty, but you do pay a commitment fee of between 2.90% and 8%. You will also be charged a late fee of up to $ 10 if the lender does not receive your payment in full within 15 days of the payment due date.

Depending on what you need help with, you can send an email to the company’s customer support account. You can also call 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT Monday through Friday or 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT on the weekend.

Upgrade lists common reasons for taking out a personal loan on its homepage, such as: B. the refinancing of credit cards, home improvement, or major purchases Debt consolidation.

You must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident, or live in the US on a valid visa
  • Be at least 18 years old (19 years old in Alabama)
  • Have a verifiable bank account
  • Please provide a valid email address

What creditworthiness do you need?

If you upgrade, you will need a minimum credit score of 620 to qualify for a loan. This minimum is similar to that of other personal lenders who have similar interest rates and loan terms. For comparison, the lowest credit score Best Egg and Payoff accepts is 640.

When you need access to your credit report, it can be obtained for free from any of the three major credit reporting agencies weekly through April 20, 2022. This report provides information about your payment and credit history, but not your credit history. By reviewing your credit report, you can spot mistakes and find room for improvement.

You can see your score on your credit card statement or online account for free. You can also buy it from a credit bureau.

The upgrade does two soft credit requests – which won’t affect your creditworthiness – once you check your price and again accept your offer and submit your bank account information.

Once your loan is funded, the lender will run a tough loan application that will likely affect your credit score. A hard query gives a lender a full view of your credit history, but it can negatively affect your credit score.

Is Upgrade Trustworthy?

Upgrade is a Better Business Bureau accredited company, and the BBB, a not-for-profit organization focused on consumer protection and trust, is giving Upgrade one A + rating. The BBB rates companies by reviewing company responses to consumer complaints, honesty in advertising, and clarity about business practices.

Remember, a great BBB rating does not guarantee an excellent relationship with Upgrade. So be sure to read the reviews and ask friends and family about their experience with the company.

Upgrade has no current controversy. Its clean history and great BBB rating make you comfortable using Upgrade as your personal lender.

Comparison of upgrade

Although the interest rates depend on your individual situation, the interest rates of Upgrade are comparable to those offered by similar lenders. This is how Upgrade compares to the competition:

Upgrade has a lower credit score than Best Egg, but it comes at the price of a higher APR if your credit isn’t in the best shape.

However, you may be able to get a slightly lower APR with Upgrade than Best Egg. Since companies have similar APR ranges, it is likely in your best interest to obtain your rates from lenders to compare your options.

When upgrading, you pay a processing fee of between 2.90% and 8% of your total loan amount, and this fee will be included in your total APR of the loan. At Best Egg you can pay a slightly lower origination fee as the range is between 0.99% and 5.99%.

You will likely get your money in roughly the same time with both companies within one business day of approval.

Upgrade has a maximum term of seven years, while Best Egg has a maximum term of five years. If you want to spread your payments over a longer period of time, upgrade might be a better choice for you.

Upgrade and Payoff have relatively similar minimum credit requirements, but a significant difference in the maximum APR. Payoff’s highest interest rate is 24.99%, which is over 10% lower than Upgrade’s maximum APR.

Repayment personal loans are designed to help borrowers pay off high-interest credit card debt. This means that you have limited options in using your loan – you can opt to upgrade if you are not trying to consolidate credit card debt.

The upgrade will likely send you your funds faster than the withdrawal. Upgrade typically sends funds within a day of approval, while Payoff takes at least three business days.

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Bleu & Fig Café opens in Franklinton; Watershed’s Nocinofest returns

Openings and announcements

Franklinton has a new lunch option. Longtime Columbus caterer Bleu & Fig, owned by chef Brooke Kinsey, opened its first stand-alone cafe this week at 1160 W. Broad St. inside Jubilee Market, a non-profit grocery store operated by the Lower Lights Christian Health Center. Blue Coffee & Fig is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays. The café offers a salad bar and sandwiches such as egg salad, crispy chicken or pork tenderloin with candied figs. Accompaniments range from mac and cheese to a quinoa and chickpea salad. Pastries and soft ice cream are also available.

A new take-out and drive-thru restaurant called Str8 in the kitchen open this month on the East Side at 4825 E. Main St. The soul menu features lamb chops, fried fish, beef brisket, candied yams, collard greens, cornbread and Moreover.

The Café du Capitole, located inside the Ohio Statehouse, is closed this month but is slated to reopen on Dec. 1 with a new operator, which has yet to be announced. The outgoing operator, Milo’s Catering, has been managing the café for over 10 years.

This year, several local restaurants offer to take care of the Thanksgiving cook for you. The Market Italian Village offers take-out meals to feed two, four or six people; Veritas hosts a take-out Thanksgiving feast for four to six people; Ray Ray’s Hog Pit is accepting orders for ham, turkey, and Thanksgiving sides until Friday, November 19, and Weiland’s Market is also accepting orders for its pre-cooked meals through Friday. For more ideas, check out this roundup of Columbus Food Adventures’ Thanksgiving offerings.


Watershed Distillery Annual Meeting Nocinofest returns this year, along with the release of a new Nocino product from the local distillery: Bourcino. Watershed is known for its annual release of nocino, an Italian liqueur that’s typically made by taking a neutral alcohol like vodka and infusing it with unripe black walnuts. Watershed’s new Bourcino uses bourbon instead. The free, family-friendly event will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 4 at the Watershed Distillery (1145 Chesapeake Ave.). Nocinofest will feature complimentary Watershed Kitchen + Bar appetizers, hot chocolate and Winan truffles, marshmallow roast, Jeni’s Splendid ice cream, distillery tours and an outdoor fire pit. Limited edition Bourcino bottles will be sold on a first come, first served basis at Nocinofest. Learn more about the event here.

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From Manhattan to the Middle East, the best new restaurants are truly huge

Is bigger is better when it comes to glamorous New York restaurants?

Considering the many large-scale restaurants that have recently opened in the city, some restaurateurs say yes. Forget the uninspired places that flip table after table at a brisk pace and serve mass-produced food: we’re talking about bustling places where dining is an event, reservations are a hot ticket, and design is a talking point. major.

Take Ci Siamo, Danny Meyer’s and chef Hillary Sterling’s new Italian restaurant in Manhattan West. The two-level spot spans nearly 8,000 square feet and features an open plan kitchen, living room, main dining room with a wood-burning oven, outdoor patio, and private dining room with Empire views State Building. Just try to reserve a table, even at 5pm on a Tuesday night, and luckily if you come in.

New York interior design firm Goodrich is behind the aesthetic, which is both modern and warm, according to company founder Matthew Goodrich. “It’s a great setting, but we wanted it to be intimate,” he says.

To amplify the wood-fired menu, Goodrich turned to the elements formed by fire: terracotta, ceramics, metals and blown glass. The main dining room features a terracotta wall painting, for example, and ceramic columns of red tiles. In addition, the fixtures incorporate metals and blown glass. Vintage furniture from European and US markets can be found throughout the space – the magnifying glass cabinet behind the host stand which is filled with Italian vases from the 1940s and 1950s is especially worth a visit.

Avra Midtown in New York.Photo: Rockwell Group

In anticipation of upcoming openings, Avra ​​Rockefeller makes its spring debut at Rockefeller Center and measures 17,000 square feet spread over three levels. It will be able to accommodate 340 guests, according to co-founder Nick Tsoulos, who adds that he and his partners love the energy of large rooms. “They are dynamic and look like destinations,” he says.

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Crackdown ahead for more than a dozen bars, restaurants and cafes in Miami Beach – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Restaurants on Ocean Drive and others elsewhere are struggling after Miami Beach struggled to clean up a noisy entertainment district.

“Repeat offenders, repeat offenders. It kills me. It’s embarrassing, ”said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

In a few days, they will no longer be allowed to operate the sidewalk café part of their business.

Some restaurants in violation are accused of being shady.

“Scam! Stay away from this place,” said one of dozens of reviews on Yelp of a penalized Ocean Drive location. Another reviewer called it a “nightmare of the experience of the”. hell “.

“We don’t expect our restaurants to rip off the people who eat there,” Gelber said. “We don’t expect them to try to grab them and sit them in their seats when people go by. We expect a certain level of conduct.

In a letter to commissioners on Tuesday, the Miami Beach city manager wrote: “The city has identified 13 sidewalk café operators whose sidewalk café permits were denied for 21/22. Two (2) sidewalk café operators are located on Espanola Way, two (2) sidewalk café operators are located on Lincoln Road and nine (9) sidewalk café operators are located on Ocean Drive.

“Restaurants have lost their coffee tables that don’t follow these rules,” Gelber said.

Restaurants that break the rules have helped create a Bourbon Street vibe in the area, the mayor said.

“Insanely huge drinks that really don’t do anything other than get everyone to drink and then we end up with the misconduct that we observed,” Gelber said.

The city passed an ordinance in 2019, removing sticky and deceptive sidewalk cafe signs. They also established a code of conduct.

More than two years later, those accused of breaking this code are on the verge of suffering the consequences.

Copyright 2021 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Lanarkshire nightclub to host two popular Ibiza artists for a special big night

One of Lanarkshire’s most popular nightlife venues brings a sunny vibe with an exclusive night out featuring two popular Ibiza residents.

Wishaw’s Live Lounge will host Lovely Laura and DJ Ben Santiago this Saturday, November 20.

The charming Laura, renowned for her sets of saxophones in Ibiza rocks and Cafe Mambo, will be joined by DJ Ben Santiago to play an uplifting fusion of live saxophone and house music.

The Lanarkshire Live app is available for download now.

Get all the news for your area – along with features, entertainment, sport and the latest information on Lanarkshire’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic – right at your fingertips, 24/7.

The free download features the latest breaking news and exclusive stories, and lets you customize your page according to the sections that interest you most.

Head to the App Store and never miss a beat in Lanarkshire – ios Android

DJ and radio presenter Stevie Lennon, a regular guest of the Live Lounge, will also be present.

Tickets for the exclusive concert are on sale now for £ 15 per person plus booking fees and can be purchased here.

Tickets for the early birds are sold out, with sales coming from all over central Scotland. The venue is therefore encouraging fans to book tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Carlton Graham of the Live Lounge said Lanarkshire Live : “We are delighted that Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago are joining us.

“We are extremely proud of the quality of renowned artists and DJs that we get at the Live Lounge and we are always committed to presenting some of the greatest club bands to our local audience.

“Their uplifting sets are just what we need right now as the dark winter nights approach – who wouldn’t want to be transported to the sunnier shores of the White Isle.”

And did you know Lanarkshire Live is on Facebook? Why not go our page and give us a like and share.

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Toronto cafe serves coffee with Lady Gaga’s face from “House Of Gucci” on it

Lance McMillan | Narcity

Now, before we go any further, mushrooms are not shrooms or psychedelics. They are carefully chosen along with other ingredients by coffee naturopathic doctor James Yoon, who told Narcity that the mushrooms he incorporates have been practiced for “hundreds, if not thousands of years in traditional herbal medicine as well as ‘in traditional Chinese medicine’.

The cafe has two locations in Toronto, one on Spadina and one on Queen West, and its third location on University Avenue will open on October 18.

Infused coffee and drinks

When you hear mood-enhancing mushrooms, you may raise an eyebrow, but Strange Love uses herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, and naturopathy to kick you in the right direction.

Along with their regular teas, coffees, and lattes, Strange Love offers three boosts made with mushrooms, herbs, and other ingredients that can be mixed with any drink of your choice.

Brooke Houghton | Narcity

“These booster shots are basically things you can add to your coffee or teas to help support your stressful lifestyle and give you a boost throughout the day,” Yoon said.

Brain Boost, one of Yoon’s most popular boosters, is made from ginkgo bilboa, bacopa, and lion’s mane mushrooms and helps with sharpness and productivity.

Energy Boost helps with mental stamina, energy and stamina and is made up of ashwaghandha, rhodiola, cordyceps mushrooms and guarana.

The Stress Reset boost helps sleep, well-being and calm and is composed of reishi, lemon balm, holy basil and passion flower.

Each boost costs an additional $ 2.50 and can be included in any drink, and if you’re the active type, you can also grab one of the boosters in a shot or juice from “The Feelings Fridge. “.

The coffee area

The cafe area is modern, elegant and the fancy of any marble lover. The open concept space inside the lobby of the 1 University Ave building. has a marble coffee bar located in front of a wall of post-it notes surrounding the quote “All you need is love”.

Each post-it is a stranger’s confession at the prompt for notes, which are things like “What childhood dream am I neglecting?” “

Brooke Houghton | Narcity

Two cube chandeliers hang from the ceiling and to the left of the bar are seating. Coffee lovers can choose between a long wooden table or small two-seater tables leaning against the window.

Next to the cash register, “The Feelings Fridge” is a tropical AF with a pattern of pink and green leaves. The fridge is stocked to the brim with juices, coffee, boost shots, and snacks.

Brooke Houghton | Narcity

Resetting the community from agitation to holistics

In downtown Toronto, it’s pretty rare to see someone in a cafe take 10 minutes of their life to focus on their mental, emotional, or physical well-being, but Strange Love Cafe is trying to change that.

Chief Executive Officer Marvin Macalino says they “empower people to live more holistic lifestyles.”

The cafe offers three interactive activities that customers can participate in, including a BioCharger, also known as a Human Charging Station, HeartMath, a Guided Breath and Heart Rate Monitor, and a Wall of Gratitude with prompts so deep that ‘they might put you in therapy.

Brooke Houghton | Narcity

The BioCharger NG has certainly intrigued me the most – next to the wall of gratitude (because snooping through other people’s hopes and dreams is always fun.)

To use the charger, you can sit at the table, choose your preferred settings, and spend ten minutes soaking up the electromagnetic energy field made up of voltage, light, harmonics, and pulsed electromagnetic energy that would impact your well-being and cellular health, according to Strange Love.

While you are enjoying your energy bath, you can also spend some time coloring in their adult coloring books, as they recommend that your phone stay six feet from the charger.

Lance McMillan | Narcity

The HeartMath station is perfect for wellness enthusiasts with a competition streak. The machine connects to your earlobe and chest and monitors your heart rate and breathing to determine your level of consistency and records your scores so you can compete with yourself next time around.

Macalino says, “These techniques are really designed to make you pay more attention to the way you breathe because it has a direct impact on your heart rate and overall mood.”

All in all, Strange Love is a weird yet wonderful experience that breaks out of the traditional mold of the coffee chain into the world of wellness.

Brooke Houghton | Narcity

Price :

Address: 1 University Avenue, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: to try mushroom-infused coffee and connect to a human powered charger.


In Ontario, a vaccination passport is required to access certain events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

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7 fantastic restaurants to try in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama, is a city in constant transformation. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its dark past, the city has come a long way and is gradually advancing towards the bright light of vibrancy, diversity and inclusion. This forward movement can be seen in all aspects of Birmingham life, but perhaps most surprisingly is its food scene. The city has become a haven for innovative American and international cuisines to discover.

The following is a small sample of the best dining options Birmingham has to offer. They represent creativity, hard work and most of all the kind of food you will savor while enjoying your time in Birmingham. These are the places – in no particular order – that my husband and I recommend and look forward to.

Our experience in Birmingham was organized by the Greater Birmingham Convention and Tourism Office. However, all opinions are entirely my own.

Lemon meringue pie (Photo credit: Simon Lock / MyEclecticImages)

1. Restaurant Hélène

For Southern cuisine with a twist, served in a relaxed atmosphere, the Helen Restaurant is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. Open since August 2020, chef Rob McDaniel and his wife Emily have transformed this century-old building into a modern restaurant.

The food at Helen is locally sourced and served in a contemporary Southern style, with an emphasis on sustainability. A smoker and a special grill do the heavy lifting, and the results are exceptional.

Start with an order of Angel Biscuits, topped with butter, whipped cane syrup and sea salt. For your entree, try the thin-cut pork chop, or the plancha catfish, served with a homemade tartar sauce. . Okra a la plancha is garlic, with sesame seeds to give the texture a crunch. And if you still have room, indulge in the refreshing lemon meringue pie.

Pro tip: Choosing between Helen’s offerings can be a challenge. Try to order multiple items to share.

Pile of Heirloom Tomatoes at the Hot & Hot Fish Club
Pile of heirloom tomatoes (Photo credit: Simon Lock / MyEclecticImages)

2. Hot and hot fish club

A mix of French, Southern and Californian cuisines may seem difficult to achieve, but at the Hot & Hot Fish Club, everything goes as if it should be. That’s because the owner, Chef Chris Hastings, has a remarkable way of cooking and has received national recognition for his culinary skills. The James Beard Foundation named him Best Chef: South in 2012, Chris then beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay in an episode of Food Network. Iron Chef America.

A chef’s counter, open kitchen, exposed brickwork, and Italian marble table tops give the bright interior a touch of class without feeling cluttered. But when the weather permits, the patio is the place to be.

Hot & Hot offers a variety of expertly prepared starters, such as wood oven roasts: dayboat scallops, chicken roulade, bowl of Asian noodles, with frog legs and braised ribs with wild mushrooms on its regular menu, but be sure to check out the specials. My fish in tile with basmati rice was perfection on a plate. Meanwhile, the charred tomato, lima bean and charred okra Rabbit Roll that earned Chris the Iron Chef America title was a definite winner for my husband.

If you visit Hot & Hot when the tomatoes are in season, the Heirloom Tomato Salad is a must. Thick slices of sweet and juicy locally grown tomatoes are layered with fresh corn, field peas and crispy fried okra rings. Fresh garlic basil, aioli and a drizzle of sweet balsamic vinaigrette give the dish a distinctive finishing touch. The salad is available in two sizes. A single stack and a triple stack. The latter is garnished with large succulent prawns and easily feeds two.

Pro tip: Hot & Hot is so hot you’ll want to make a reservation to make sure you get a table.

Eggplant parmesan sandwich at L'Essentiel
Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich (Photo Credit: Simon Lock / MyEclecticImages)

3. The essential

Located on Morris Avenue, Birmingham’s oldest street, The Essential is a charming all-day neighborhood cafe, offering familiar fare expertly elevated to a new level of modern sophistication. The coffee is the brainchild of owners Kristen Hall, a professional pastry chef, and chef Victor King. In 2018, the duo transformed Birmingham’s first drive-thru banking service into a European-style cafe that customers can visit at any time.

The interior of Essential is chic without being pretentious. But in fine weather, a table on the terrace will give you a perfect view of the comings and goings along the cobbled street in front of the café.

My husband and I shared the eggplant parmesan sandwich on exceptional sourdough and the Caesar salad, and both were excellent. Everything, including the pasta, is made on site or at the bakery next door which Kristen and Victor also own.

The Texas Special at Bright Star Restaurant
The Texas Special (Photo credit: Simon Lock / MyEclecticImages)

4. The brilliant starred restaurant

Local history and exceptional cuisine meet at The Bright Star restaurant in Bessemer, 20 minutes from Birmingham city center. Alabama’s oldest restaurant, The Bright Star began in 1907 as a small cafe serving 25. Today the restaurant is bright, airy, and seats 265 people. What has remained constant for over a century is the dedication to quality and freshness of the Greek families who have owned it, as well as the exceptional selection of seafood, steaks and more. Greek influence offerings.

CNN recognized The Bright Star as one of America’s best historic restaurants, and in 2010 the restaurant was named one of the America’s Classics winners of the James Beard Foundation Awards.

Hand-painted mirrors, marble tiles and murals are reminiscent of another era. And the Greek music playing in the background transports you to another place.

I recommend starting with the seafood okra. Then choose from a variety of fresh seafood transported daily from the gulf coast: the Greek-style grilled seafood platter consisting of snapper fillet, scallops , of prawns, oysters, lobster and crab meat au gratin, fulfills a seafood lover’s wildest fantasy. Carnivores have a number of steak options to choose from, but if you want to have a Feet in both camps, try the Texas Special: a generous platter of beef tenderloin, Greek snapper and lobster and crab meat au gratin

Pro tip: The Bright Star has a split personality. At noon, it’s traditional southern meat and three comforting dishes. After 3 p.m., it turns into a steak and seafood restaurant.

Johnny's Restaurant Homewood Menu Board
Photo credit: Simon Lock / MyEclecticImages

5. Johnny’s Restaurant Homewood

For southern cuisine and Greek hospitality, Johnny’s Restaurant Homewood will nourish you body and soul. Located in Birmingham’s Homewood district, this welcoming restaurant has been offering its guests tasty and freshly prepared cuisine since 2012. Owner Tim Hontzas, whose family has worked in the food business for generations, named the restaurant in honor of his beloved grandfather. And Grandpa Johnny would be proud. Tim has not only built a successful business in a highly competitive market, but he’s also been a 2020 James Beard Foundation Semi-Finalist, Best Chef South.

At Johnny’s, traditional meat and three comfort foods coexist in a pleasant way alongside favorite Greek dishes, such as Spanakopita cheesecake and Souvlaki. Choose from two chalkboard menus based on seasonal availability, find a table, and wait to be impressed.

Greek chicken is tender, juicy, and full of flavor. Greek meatballs are a favorite, for good reason. Crispy oatmeal cakes pair well and salads are mouth-wateringly fresh. For dessert, try the Brownie Truffles, rich, nearly-baked brownie balls rolled in espresso ganache and served with custard and strawberry coulis if this decadent creation is on the menu. Banana pudding, which is commonly available, is made with mashed bananas and banana moon pies.

Pro tip: If you have the opportunity to chat with Tim during your meal, encourage him to tell you about his Greek heritage. You’ll find the story inspiring, and Tim tells it so well.

The 1907 Alabama Peanut Company Roaster
The 1907 Alabama Peanut Company Roaster (Photo Credit: Simon Lock / MyEclecticImages)

6. Alabama Peanut Company

While not exactly a restaurant in the truest sense of the word, the Alabama Peanut Company is a great place to pick up a bag of freshly roasted or boiled peanuts to munch on. And while you’re at it, take a trip down the history of peanuts.

Alabama Peanut Company is one of the last independent peanut vendors in the United States. You can watch peanuts roast in a 1907 roaster and learn the difference between boiled and roasted peanuts.

You will find around 100 different flavors to choose from. Try the bison ranch, the Cajun or the pickle. All the flavors are homemade.

Pro tip: Don’t leave without taking a look at the photo on the wall of Morris Avenue in 1909, when it was a farmers market

Big Spoon Creamery Ice Cream Sandwiches
Photo credit: Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau

7. Big Spoon Creamery

Another snack option is Big Spoon Creamery, an artisanal ice cream company specializing in artisan frozen treats. From ice cream trike and truck to two Birmingham storefronts, Big Spoon owners Geri-Martha and Ryan O’Hara have turned their dream into a hit that people will love.

The O’Hara strive to produce seasonal flavors using local ingredients and offer their customers innovative versions of ice cream classics. Try the Valrhona 66% dark chocolate, the caramel apple crunch with goat cheese, or the brown butter ice cream. Big Spoon also serves sammies (ice cream and cookie sandwiches), sundaes, banana splits, milkshakes, malts, and floats.

Pro tip: Big Spoon offers vegan options and the allergens are listed after each flavor.

Birmingham’s tourist attractions are as unique as its food scene:

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Delhi HC allows the sale of herbal hookah in bars and restaurants. Details here

Judge Rekha Palli, who has heard a series of pleadings from several restaurants and bars against the ban on the sale or service of herbal-flavored hookahs, said the bans imposed due to Covid-19 “cannot last forever ”and said authorities have already allowed cinemas and swimming pools to operate at full capacity.

Noting that he was granting permission on an interim basis, Judge Palli made it clear that bars and restaurants would commit to serving only herbal hookah in accordance with strict coronavirus protocols.

“Subject to the applicants filing an undertaking, until the next hearing date, the respondent (the Delhi government) will refrain from interfering with the herbal hookah service,” the judge noted. .

“In the event of a change in the situation of Covid-19, the respondent will be free to move the tribunal,” she added.

The court also ordered the AAP-led Delhi government to file its response to the petitions and asked it to “take a call” if other restaurants and bars contact it for permission to serve water-based hookah. plants according to the coronavirus protocol.

Separate petitions have been filed by Breath Fine Lounge and Bar, TOS, R High Speedbar and Lounge, Verandah Moonshine and Sixth Empirica Lounge in West Punjabi Bagh claiming that they serve herbal hookahs for which no license is granted. required because they are completely tobacco-free. but the police continued to carry out raids, seize equipment and launch challans.

The petitioners challenged the order of the Joint Commissioner of Police (Licensing Unit) prohibiting the sale or service of herbal flavored hookahs.

The Delhi government has opposed arguments claiming that for a single mistake the whole of Delhi would have to pay a heavy price, and allowing hookah consumption in public places could spread COVID-19 since people would share it.

“Now you have everything opened. Cinema room, full capacity. Swimming pool, full capacity. You want to ban hookah, you can do it but not on COVID grounds, ”the judge told Delhi government lawyer Santosh Kumar Tripathi.

“What’s going on? These people (the petitioners) don’t have to survive? I gave you a long rope. But there must be a limit. You cannot have such restrictions at the expense of of your livelihood. I know we can’t let our guard down but this can’t go on forever “,

The Delhi government attorney reiterated the official position that herbal hookah cannot be allowed to be sold and used at this time.

The petitioners argued that the continued ban on the sale and use of herbal hookah was unjustified.

The High Court had previously ordered the Delhi government to reconsider the ban and file an affidavit.

The Delhi government then told the court that now was not the time to ‘let our guards down’ for unnecessary service that is likely to contribute to the transmission and severity of the coronavirus.

The court was informed that under the latest order of October 14, the Delhi government decided to maintain the ban on the use of hookah, with and without tobacco, i.e. hookah to herbal, water pipes and other hookah-type devices, in all public places, including hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc.

The Delhi government had clarified that the Delhi Disaster Management Authority only allows activities, such as opening cinemas, restaurants, etc., which are essential, are of social welfare and of the public and can be tracked in accordance with all appropriate COVID behaviors.

However, the very nature of the hookah mechanism increased the risk of transmitting the virus, it was said.

The court registered the case in February next year for a new hearing.

With PTI inputs

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Editorial: Still Life Nightclub Comes to Chapel Hill

From mom and pop stores and college bars to local restaurants, Chapel Hill and the surrounding area are known for their college aesthetic.

Local places – like He’s Not Here and Sutton’s Drug Store – help keep the vibe of the college town of Chapel Hill going. But, this fall, a new club is opening on Franklin Street that could bring a new going out experience to Chapel Hill.

Still Life Chapel Hill, a nightclub and rooftop bar, will be located above Sutton’s Drug Store on Franklin Street. Its official opening date has not been disclosed.

After losing many businesses on Franklin Street to the pandemic, the addition of a nightclub in the area is a promising sign that life is coming back to Chapel Hill after the pandemic.

As the number of COVID-19 remains relatively low, bars and restaurants in Chapel Hill can operate at full capacity. Unlike this point last year, going out on a weekend night in Chapel Hill is reminiscent of life before the start of the pandemic. This means that students and people in the community are eager to go out and visit the bars, restaurants and clubs. Still Life Chapel Hill opens just at the right time to capture this demand.

The nightclub is said to be Chapel Hill’s premier entertainment experience. This may be what Franklin Street needs. At present, the nightlife in Chapel Hill is relatively limited to college bars.

The library was once a bar with plenty of space to dance, but it was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic this summer. Other Chapel Hill nightlife spots that have room for drinks and dancing are often crowded and have long lines. Anyone who has had to wait over an hour to get into Goodfellows knows what we’re talking about.

Although Chapel Hill is definitely a college town, the addition of a large nightclub will provide new and different options for going out on Franklin Street. With bottle service, a sweatshop, and a rooftop bar, Still Life Chapel Hill will be unlike most nightlife spots in the area.

Still Life has owned several nightclubs throughout North Carolina, including in Greenville at East Carolina University. The Still Life at ECU is a popular nightlife space – the Instagram account alone for this location has 20,000 followers. But not all locations in Still Life were successful. Raleigh’s Still Life closed this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the location has not yet opened, we are already awaiting the opening of Still Life in Chapel Hill. Social media accounts for the venue are popular, and bouncers, bartenders and promoters are already in the process of being recruited.

The opening of Still Life in Chapel Hill is a promising sign that businesses are still drawn to the area, despite the high costs of renting space on Franklin Street. This venue is going to be a different experience than most of the nightlife spaces already in Chapel Hill, which is exciting when you think about what Franklin Street will look like after the pandemic.

With so many businesses shutting down during the pandemic, it’s exciting to think about what’s new in the region. A nightclub – with all of its attributes – is a welcome addition to Chapel Hill nightlife.


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Eatery Business

Broadmark Realty Capital completes $ 100 million senior unsecured debt offering

SEATTLE, November 15, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Broadmark Realty Capital Inc. (NYSE: BRMK) (“BRMK” or the “Company”), an internally managed secured real estate finance company, announced today that it has received a private placement of $ 100 million in aggregate face value of 5.0% senior unsecured notes maturing in 2026 (the “Notes” ) has completed.

The company intends to use the net proceeds from the offering to make new investments related to its business.

“We are pleased to announce our first bond offering, which ushers in our strategic approach to diversifying and improving our capital structure to enable accelerated growth of our business,” said David Schneider, Chief Financial Officer. “By quickly leveraging these competitively priced proceeds into new investments, we expect that we will continue to deliver superior risk-adjusted shareholder returns with low leverage.”

Piper Sandler & Co. acted as the placement agent for the offering.

The Notes have not been and will not be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, amended or any other state securities laws, and may not be offered or sold in the United States except under an exemption from registration or in a transaction that is not subject to registration of the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws.

This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the Notes or any other security and does not constitute an offer, solicitation or sale in any jurisdiction in or to any person to whom such an offer, solicitation or sale is unlawful.

About Broadmark Realty Capital

Broadmark Realty Capital Inc. (NYSE: BRMK) is an internally managed commercial real estate finance company that provides short-term, real estate-backed trust loans to finance the purchase, renovation, redevelopment, or development of residential or commercial real estate. Broadmark Realty Capital manages and services its loan portfolio across a variety of market conditions and economic cycles.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements made herein are not historical facts but forward-looking statements within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are generally denoted by words such as “may,” “should,” “would,” ” plan “,” intend “,” foresee “,” believe “,” estimate “,” predict “,” potentially “,” seem “,” seek “,” continue “,” future “,” will “” expect ” “,” Outlook, “or other similar words, phrases, or expressions. These statements are based on current expectations and are not predictions of actual performance. In addition, actual results are subject to other risks and uncertainties that broadly affect the company’s overall business including those described more fully in the company’s filings with the SEC. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of performance and speak only as of time kt of publication, and the company assumes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements except as required by law.

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Media work
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Netherlands faces three-week partial lockdown, cafes to close at 7 p.m.

Many places canceled the Carnival kickoff on November 11, but Den Bosch did not. Photo: Sem van der Wal ANP

The cabinet is expected to announce a three-week partial lockdown at Friday night’s press conference, in a bid to contain the surge in coronavirus infections in the Netherlands, Dutch media report.

Cafes, restaurants and bars will have to close at 7 p.m., as will non-essential stores. People will also be advised to work from home as much as possible and limit the number of visitors to no more than four, sources at the firm told broadcaster NOS.

The measures will take effect at 7 p.m. on Saturday, NOS said.

Cafes and bars may also need to reinstate mandatory seating, AD says, but there are no plans to introduce a general curfew.

The new restrictions were prompted by an increase in coronavirus cases and hospital admissions. As of Thursday, more than 16,300 new cases were reported, a daily record, and the number of people in IC departments has now reached 330.


A three-week partial lockdown is more than recommended by government health advisers, but is seen as a compromise compared to other advice. The government does not plan to close cinemas and theaters – which had been suggested by the outbreak management team.

Sports matches can take place but without supporters, NOS said. This means Tuesday night’s World Cup qualifier between Oranje and Norway would take place in an empty stadium.

In the meantime, the cabinet wants to anchor other measures – such as the return of social distancing – in law, NOS said. It will take a week or two for this to pass through both Houses of Parliament.


However, ministers have yet to decide whether they should switch to the so-called 2G system, where coronavirus passes are only issued to people who are either fully vaccinated or have recently had coronavirus.

This discussion will continue at the cabinet meeting on Friday morning, but preparations are underway to implement it, RTL Nieuws said.

The ministers will also brief the 25 heads of the regional security councils of the changes on Friday morning.

The press conference will take place at 7 p.m. and will tweet live as ministers outline the new measures.

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15 Boston bars and restaurants serving hot cocktails

Breweries & Bars

Warm up with spicy hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and drizzled chai tea.

CYOC hand warmer series at City Tap House. Town tap house

  • Wine glasses

    Wondering which wines to drink this fall? Here’s what local wine experts recommend.

As igloos and fireplaces began to reappear across the city, it was only a matter of time before Boston bars and restaurants began adding hot cocktails to their seasonal drink menus.

Not that we were complaining. There are few things that compare to sipping rum hot chocolate by a fire pit or warming your hands around a hot toddy in a bar while the threat of snow looms outside. And while frozen mai tais and frozen margaritas may miss us for a few months, there’s hot cider to keep our spirits up.

To help guide your next order as the temperatures continue to drop, here are 15 Boston bars and restaurants with hot cocktails to keep the cold at bay.

Tequila Toddy at A&B Kitchen • Bar
Tequila Toddy at A&B Kitchen • Bar. – A&B kitchen • Bar

Hot toddlers are usually made with whiskey, but this West End restaurant gives the drink a twist by using tequila instead. On your next visit, try Tequila Toddy made with aged añejo tequila, agave nectar, lime, and hot baking spices, topped with a stick of cinnamon and star anise for garnish. (115 Beverly Street, Boston)

Wassail at the alcove
Wassail in Alcove. – Alcove

Want to combine your hot cocktail with a sweet sight? Take a seat on the Alcove patio overlooking the Zakim Bridge and order the Wassail, a soothing blend of Ferrand 1840 cognac, apple cider, orange and cloves. (50 Quai Lovejoy, Boston)

Apple Seed Sipper at Bambara Kitchen & Bar
Apple seed sipper at Bambara Kitchen & Bar. – Bambara Kitchen & Bar

Miracle, the Christmas-themed holiday event that is taking over bars around the world, won’t appear at the Kimpton Marlowe Hotel’s Lobby Bar until November 26. In the meantime, you can stop by Bambara, the Cambridge hotel restaurant and bar, for the equally festive Appleseed Sipper. Served hot, the drink is made with red lillet, altos blanco tequila, honey, lime and apple bitters, making it a smooth and fruity cocktail. (25, boulevard Edwin H Land, Cambridge)

Salvatore Toddy at the Mezzana bar
Salvatore Toddy at the Mezzana bar. – Reagan Byrne

This South End coastal Italian restaurant is heating things up with Salvatore Toddy, made with rum, honey and Averna amaro, the latter of which is named after its inventor, Salvatore Averna. (360 Harrison Avenue, Boston)

Bourbon hot chocolate at Buttermilk & Bourbon
Bourbon hot chocolate at Buttermilk & Bourbon. – Buttermilk & Bourbon

What else would a hot chocolate at Buttermilk & Bourbon be enriched with if not … bourbon? The South Back Bay hot spot this year has hot chocolate with bourbon, cherry jam and a flambé fluff topping. (160 Commonwealth Ave., Boston)

Hand warmers at City Tap House
Hand warmers at City Tap House. – Town tap house

Seaport Restaurant’s new CYOC (“Make Your Own Cocktail”) hand warmer series allows patrons to prepare their favorite version of a hot and alcoholic beverage. Choose from a base of hot chocolate, coffee or apple cider, followed by your choice of $ 4 shot: Stoli vanilla, Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, Baileys, Frangelico and other options. Finish it off with a filling of whipped cream, marshmallows, Christmas chips, Heath bar, crushed candy canes or chocolate shavings. (10 Boston Wharf Road, Boston)

Happy Birthday at Juniper

Happy Birthday at Juniper
Happy birthday to Juniper. – Juniper

A cheeky nod to Alice in Wonderland Tea party, Wellesley’s Juniper is now serving Happy Unbirthday, featuring Bully Boy dry gin, brewed green tea, Giffard pineapple liqueur, chartreuse yellow, and lemongrass simple syrup. Topped with hot water and a lemon wedge, this cocktail encourages sipping slowly – and maybe a finger in the air. (13 Central Street, Wellesley)

Chocolate peanut butter at Liberty & MAIN
Chocolate peanut butter at Liberty & MAIN. – Freedom & PRINCIPAL

At Liberty & MAIN, the recently opened American bistro at Legacy Place in Dedham, chocolate and peanut butter find a happy marriage in this decadent drink. The hot cocktail uses Skrewball peanut butter whiskey, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and Illy coffee, and is topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder. A final garnish: a chocolate munchkin. Who needs dessert after a drink like this? (500 Legacy Place, Dedham)

Warm Italian wood-fired apple pie MidiCi
Warm Italian apple pie over a MidiCi wood fire. – Italian wood-fired MidiCi

Fancy a hot apple pie? Assembly Square’s MidiCi gave the popular fall dessert a boozy twist, combining hot cider with vanilla whipped cream vodka and topped with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick. (463 Assembly Row, Somerville)

Spicy hot chocolate at Publico Street Bistro
Spicy hot chocolate at Publico Street Bistro. – Bistro on rue Publico

Publico’s post-ski-style facility, the Lodge at Publico, is expected to return in mid-December. Until then, you can stay warm with the restaurant’s spiked hot chocolate made with Kahlua and Baileys and topped with a good serving of marshmallows. Visiting with a crowd? The drink is also available in a large format cocktail served in a French press carafe. (11 Dorchester Street, Boston)

Hot apple cider at Puritan & Co.
Hot apple cider at Puritan & Co. – Puritain & Cie.

It’s the season for anything hot, including the festive Hot Apple Cider from Puritan & Co.. The cider is spiced up with brandy, figs, orange peels and winter spices, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to some of the dishes on Puritan’s new fall menu, like a dry-aged pork chop with fall veggies or a squash and honey risotto. (1166 Cambridge Street, Cambridge)

Chocolate in Rochambeau
Chocolate in Rochambeau. – Rochambeau

For another boozy version of hot chocolate, consider Rochambeau in Back Bay, where sweet lovers can find Chocolate. Made with amaro and Pernod, hot chocolate is a very grown-up take on a classic cold-weather drink. (900 Boylston Street, Boston)

Hot chai at Rowes Wharf Bar
Hot chai at Rowes Wharf Bar. – Rowes wharf bar

Named one of the world’s best hotel bars for 2019, Rowes Wharf Bar is a drinking destination on Boston’s scenic waterfront. Stay warm during your visit with Hot Chai, a seasonal drink made with Wild Moon chai liqueur, blood orange puree, lime juice, yuzu and Cointreau. (70 Rowes Wharf, Boston)

Burrabirra at SRV

Burrabirra at SRV
Burrabirra at SRV. – SRV

Harry potter fans, take note: SRV’s Burrabirra was inspired by Butterbeer, a caramel-centric drink that appeared frequently throughout the series. At SRV, Burrabirra is made with bourbon, cardamaro, hot spices, apples, brown sugar and butter, and finished with vanilla and apple whipped cream. (569 Columbus Ave., Boston)

Espresso train to the North Pole at Tuscan Kitchen
Espresso train to the North Pole at Tuscan Kitchen. – Tuscan cuisine

Snowport, the vacation home of the Seaport, returns to the neighborhood on November 19 with an outdoor vacation market featuring 60 small businesses. After you’re done shopping, head to the market’s Tuscan cuisine, where thirsty guests can find cocktails like the espresso train to the North Pole. Featuring Bully Boy Vodka, a double dose of hot espresso, vanilla ice cream and gingerbread, the cocktail is a great tribute to the holiday season. (88 Seaport Blvd., Boston)

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An ode to Eddie’s Place, one of Miami’s oldest dive bars

Eddie’s Place isn’t your average Miami watering hole.

Located west of the Florida International University campus in Lord’s Plaza Mall on SW Eighth Street, Eddie’s shares a parking lot with a pharmacy, bakery, and dry cleaner. It doesn’t serve any food, have a fancy cocktail menu, or discount drink promotions to attract customers on weekdays.

Over the years, however, the small space has hosted several weddings and at least one funeral.

Like a magical town Cheers, customers here are regulars in every sense of the word, returning several days a week to enjoy a no-frills pub experience. As with any fancy dive bar, this is the kind of establishment where everyone knows your name – and your business too.

And this weekend, Nov. 13, the establishment will celebrate its 50th anniversary, according to owner-operator Eddie Sarussi, which would not be possible without his founding team: his parents.

In 1971, Wanda and Eddie Sarussi, Sr., founder of Sarussi Subs, opened their first partnership business. At the time, Eddie Sr. had just sold the sandwich shop and his wife was eager to open something for her.

“Everyone knows my last name these days – for a place that’s now more famous than my parents’ bar,” says Eddie Jr. New times. “But that was what they really wanted to do.”

The young couple chose an independent building in the far west of Miami-Dade. To this day, the bar continues to operate at the same location. Over the years, the Sarussi have seen the metropolitan area expand around them, including the mall where they reside.

Click to enlarge Eddie's Place Co-Founder Wanda Sarussi and Son Eddie Sarussi, Jr. - PHOTO COURTESY OF EDDIE'S PLACE

Eddie’s Place co-founder Wanda Sarussi and her son Eddie Sarussi, Jr.

Photo courtesy of Eddie’s Place

“Back then there was nothing here after the freeway – no commercial buildings, no businesses and certainly no bars,” recalls Eddie Jr., whose father died two years after the opening of the bar. “But it was my mother’s dream.”

Eddie, a 51-year-old day software developer, says he spent his childhood in one of his mother’s three Miami bars. While the others – Blue Moon and Coral Gate – are now closed, Eddie’s Place has stood the test of time.

Now, five years after Wanda’s death and almost two years after the pandemic began, Eddie is happy to see his parents’ bar remain a popular destination.

“I got involved out of necessity, and I guess I fell in love with it myself,” he says. “My mom did everything to keep this place alive for so long, I couldn’t let this legacy end. Now here we are, celebrating five decades in Miami.”

One of the few old-fashioned dive bars in the county, it’s also – no coincidence – still the place where regulars go for cheap drinks, throw darts, shoot pool and relax.

“It’s always the place where everyone knows the bartender’s name, and the bartenders know their names. It’s just a great down-to-earth place where you come as you are,” says Eddie. “Nothing has changed about that, and that’s what keeps me going.”

Click to enlarge Guests shoot free pool on Sundays at Eddie's Place.  - PHOTO COURTESY OF EDDIE'S PLACE

Guests shoot free pool on Sundays at Eddie’s Place.

Photo courtesy of Eddie’s Place

He is right. Not much has changed about Eddie’s Place.

Not only does the establishment still not serve food, but a few dollars will still get you a vodka cocktail or a bottled beer. Eddie’s still sports the same U-shaped bar with a padded faux leather edge that invites you to rest your elbows for multiple laps. And, as it has been since the early 90s, it’s still open until 5 a.m. every day.

Some things, of course, have changed. Since COVID-19, the bar has officially gone non-smoking.

And the demographics are changing too. The daytime crowd has given way to a nocturnal clientele. While locals continue to be a big part of the business, people in the industry now stumble around 3 a.m. from the mall, downtown, and a nearby Flanigan.

“And there’s karaoke,” Eddie adds.

Indeed, weekly events include a rowdy late-night karaoke that starts at 10 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday evenings, in which customers emboldened by alcohol keep guests entertained until the early hours of the morning.

There is also poker on Mondays, stand-up comedy on Wednesdays, beer pong on Thursdays, and free pool tables on Sundays.

That, and Eddie’s most popular pastime: good company chatting.

“These days, that’s what keeps me going,” Eddie days. “Eddie’s Place has always been, and still is, a really special place.”

Eddie’s place. 12606 SW Eighth St., Miami; 305-226-1421; Open Monday to Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. and Thursday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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New immersive nightclub experience, House of Leaves gears up for Las Vegas debut: Dancing Astronaut

House of Leaves is an immersive new nightclub experience landing in Las Vegas, aimed at bringing the vibe and atmosphere of the outdoors to the confines of an indoor club. House of Leaves will debut on November 13 at the impressive Keep Memory Alive center designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. The vision of House of Leaves is based on a narrative unfolding of the seasons in a nightclub environment, complemented by performances by more than 20 international electronic talents.

Dance enthusiasts may recognize the venue as having previously hosted a live performance by the late Avicii, and newcomers will find that the unique venue boasts concert-level acoustics, accented by nearly 200 windows scaling the curved walls. and curved of the auditorium. The room itself feels like part of the show, making it the perfect location for House of Leaves. Bringing the revelry of the jungle inside Las Vegas, House of Leaves aims to reinvent the nightclub experience as 2021 draws to a close. To buy tickets here.

The selected image: FHH Review

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Another Broken Egg Cafe Speeds Up Renovation Initiative As New Design Outperforms System

The leader in culinary innovation and cocktails is reshaping 11 corporate cafes in 2021, commits to making 11 more; Offer financial incentives to franchisees who complete the first renovations in 2022

Another Broken Egg Cafe Speeds Up Renovation Initiative As New Design Outperforms SystemOrlando, Florida ( Another broken egg coffee, an innovative full-service breakfast, brunch and lunch franchise specializing in Southern-inspired menu options and creative cocktails, today announced it has opened more than 20 new cafes with its New Design prototype South and completed 13 renovations to existing restaurants. New and renovated cafes are outperforming the system, and plans are underway for more business and franchise renovations over the next year and beyond.

First introduced in Spring 2019, the new design of Another Broken Egg Cafe significantly highlights the brand’s full bar and double bar seating by providing access to terrace diners. Plus, it creates space to accommodate the rapid increase in off-premises activity and adds seating to track increases in the brand’s same-store sales, which have grown by more than 20% this year. In 2020, Another Broken Egg Cafe completed a test redesign of a corporate cafe using the New South design, which also modernizes the color scheme and updates the decor with a brighter, more airy look. Renovation efforts have now intensified, as the brand pledged to renovate 11 more corporate cafes next year and announce a financial incentive to franchisees who will complete the first renovations by the end of 2022.

“We now have over two years of operational and consumer insight from our new prototype design, which has exceeded our expectations by enhancing the bar experience and driving overall sales,” said Paul Macaluso, President and CEO of Another Broken Egg Cafe. “It is rare for a franchisor to want to contribute to the expenses of renovating its franchise units, but we strongly believe in this initiative, our franchisees and the future of our brand. We look forward to continuing to revitalize our existing cafes with these modern updates and to work with franchisees to support them in their renovation efforts as well. “

Franchisees like Jake Alleman have already taken the opportunity to renovate, recognizing the opportunity to update the overall look of the dining room and capitalize on the popularity of Another Broken Egg Cafe’s bar-forward approach. . Alleman, who opened the first of eight Another Broken Egg cafes in 2007, recently completed renovating their location in Panama City, Florida to reflect the New South design.

“Our guests and team members are delighted with the modern and updated farmhouse look,” said Alleman. “Since the renovation was completed in mid-September, our Panama City coffee sales have increased from what was already a double-digit increase from 2019 levels. mobilized to help us with the remodel package, which shows their confidence in the remodel program and commitment to the long term success of the brand.

Full-service breakfast, brunch and lunch has become one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry, and growing AUVs, solid ROI, creative menu and The cocktail innovation of Another Broken Egg Cafe makes it an attractive investment opportunity for catering operators.

Specializing in Southern-inspired breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu options and handcrafted creative cocktails, Another Broken Egg Cafe currently has 77 locations and is looking to expand into U.S. markets significantly. with plans to reach more than 200 cafes open by the end of 2026, the company is aggressively seeking single and multi-unit operators to drive growth. Interested applicants should visit or call 407-440-0450 for more information.

About another broken egg cafe

Another Broken Egg of America Franchising, LLC is an upscale breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant that specializes in award-winning Southern-inspired menu options with innovative touches and signature cocktails. Another Broken Egg Cafe® is one of the nation’s fastest growing day-only franchise concepts, with over 75 locations in 14 states and dozens more in development. With over 25 years of experience in the daytime cafe category, the company was honored in July 2021 by Franchise Business Review as one of its top 30 food franchises to own based on survey feedback from existing franchisees. FSR Magazine named Another Broken Egg Cafe its Franchise Brand of the Year for 2020, and FSR Magazine ranked Another Broken Egg Cafe among its top 10 full-service restaurant franchise offerings for 2019. The brand is well positioned. for further growth with a new prototype, redesigned menu and bar of future initiatives designed to generate additional sales and profits for individual cafes. For more information on franchise opportunities, please visit

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Greenwood Village ends temporary restaurant patio extensions

A spokesperson for the City of Greenwood Village did not give a specific reason why the city allowed the patio extension program to expire.

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colorado – It cost a small fortune, but the rigs Peakview Brewing owner Sean Peters built outside his brewery during the COVID lockdown literally kept his young business alive.

But amid a further rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations, Greenwood Village, where Peakview is located, has chosen to let its temporary outdoor patio extension program expire, unlike the larger city of Denver, which has made its temporary patio extension program permanent last month.

Peters estimates that between lumber and fishing tents, his company spent around $ 8,000 to build an enlarged patio, as permitted by a temporary ordinance from the Town of Greenwood Village to help keep businesses like his afloat. when people weren’t allowed to drink beer inside.

“These platforms are pretty much the only reason we’ve survived COVID,” Peters said. “We were just under a year old when it all hit. So we haven’t really had a lot of time to develop as a business as a craft brewery.

When restrictions eased and some people were allowed to return to his small sales room in a mall off Arapahoe Road, the platforms outside still offered additional space to make up for the loss of returned during the closures, Peters said.

When the weather turned cold, the brewery dragged fishing tents, so parties could have space while supporting the brewery.

“We put lanterns in there and people kind of had that camping vibe in the Denver Tech Center, which is pretty fun,” he said.

When all restrictions were lifted, the platforms continued to help the brewery rebuild their nest egg which was strained during the pandemic.

Peters, a veteran, found out about the policy change in Greenwood Village through his business partner who is currently on deployment.

“He said we had to get rid of it by Monday last week or they would start fining us,” Peters recalls. “They didn’t really give us a lot of warnings.”

A spokesperson for the city of Greenwood Village did not give a specific reason why the city allowed the patio extension program to expire.

“So far, the city has not received any requests from our companies to extend this program,” spokeswoman Melissa Gallegos wrote in response to questions from Then with Kyle Clark. “City Council, in coordination with our partners at Tri-County Health, will continue to monitor conditions and take appropriate action.”

Peters said he and his business partner were unaware the city was considering letting the program expire.

“If they’d given us the opportunity to say ‘Why do we want these platforms or why do we still need the extended patio?’ I would have easily gone to the town hall meeting and I would have been like looking, these are the numbers, ”he said.

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Peters said he doesn’t understand why keeping the expansions at least until the pandemic goes away really hurts the city.

“Denver’s sprawling patios are on busy streets,” he said. “Greenwood Village is in the parking lots and if parking isn’t a problem it never is, why can’t we keep it.”

According to the Colorado Restaurant Association, the state still has a temporary rule in place allowing patios to be extended until at least May 2022, but individual jurisdictions can make their own decision. The association says restaurants are still allowed to request patio extensions in towns where temporary programs have expired, but they should follow pre-pandemic authorization procedures.

The city of Aurora also allowed its temporary patio program to expire at the end of October, citing a lack of business interest. A spokesperson for that city said most restaurants that wanted to keep their enlarged patios had already applied through a normal process to make them permanent. He said Aurora would allow some companies to temporarily expand patios for social distancing on a case-by-case basis.

Peters has already found someone to take the wood from his parking platforms, when he quickly dismantled them to follow Greenwood Village rules. Now he’s focused on getting the city approved for permits for a permanent extension of his indoor valve room to the unit next door, hoping the latest increase won’t cause too many problems.

“Now with some kind of COVID number on the rise, there are a lot of unknowns,” he said.

Contact 9News reporter Steve Staeger with advice on this or any other story by sending an email to [email protected]

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The sacred cow! History: famous candy bar name set

In the aftermath of the big elections in Virginia and New Jersey, experts say a red wave could replace a blue wave. But one thing’s for sure: American kids are riding a wave of sugar as they finish off the last Halloween candy.

Which begs an interesting question: Are you familiar with the stories behind the names of America’s beloved candy bars?

We start with the Kit Kat bar. One day in the 1930s, a worker at a large confectionery factory in York, England slipped a recommendation into a suggestion box for a small candy bar that a worker could easily carry in their lunch box. The British quickly fell in love with the crunchy taste when Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp debuted in 1935. But they were less enthusiastic about its goofy name.

Stepping into English history, when a mutton pie called Kit Kat was served at meetings of the Kit-Cat political club in London in the 18th century, the name was resurrected. The new title played just as well when it was introduced on this side of the Atlantic after WWII.

Think the gooey goodness of Milky War candy bar was inspired by our galaxy? Think again.

When Mars Candy rolled it out in the early 1920s, it borrowed the name from a milkshake that was popular at the time. Americans weren’t afraid of this bit of plagiarism because when the Milky Way became national in 1925, it racked up $ 800,000 in sales, or roughly $ 12.5 million today. Not bad when you consider that they were selling nickel each.

Speaking of Mars, who hasn’t at one time or another fallen for the nougat on peanuts on caramel on the milk chocolate feel of a Snickers bar? A logical guess would be that its name came from sneers that followed a funny idea. But no. Snickers was actually named for the favorite horse of the Mars family!

Then there is the very popular 3 Mousquetaires Bar. What does Alexander Dumas’ 1844 novel about 17th century adventurers have to do with a chewy whipped mousse covered in milk chocolate?

When it debuted in 1932, it was different from the candy bar we know today. The original version had three sections: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Three tastes led to 3 musketeers. Rationing during WWII forced Mars to ditch the vanilla and strawberry chunks. Americans seemed happy to settle for the chocolate part, as it remained popular after wartime restrictions ended.

What about M&M? Americans were devouring pill-sized candy long before rapper Marshall Mathers appropriated his popularity by calling himself Eminem. The concept was taken from the candies eaten by soldiers during the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. A hard coating prevented the chocolate from melting in hot climates.

When M & Ms debuted exactly 80 years ago in September, its name was taken from confectionery royalty. It was created using the first letter of the surname of Forrest Mars, son of legendary Mars Candy founder Frank Mars and Hershey Chocolate president William FR Murrie, who owned 20% of the proceeds.

Which brings us to the mother of all candy names.

When the Curtiss Candy Company of Chicago introduced their Kandy Kake peanut, caramel and chocolate combination in 1920, it experienced what the makers of Kit Kat encountered. People loved the taste but hated the name. In 1921 he became Baby Ruth. It just so happened that a New York Yankee by the name of George Herman Ruth was scoring home runs to become a baseball superstar. So Baby Ruth was named in honor of Babe Ruth, right?

Oh no, Curtiss said with a straight face. The new name was actually a tribute to President Grover Cleveland’s daughter. Born in the White House in 1891, she was nicknamed “Baby Ruth”. The Americans of the time were captivated by the child, following his first words, his first steps, etc.

But believing Americans were motivated to shell out a dime for a candy bar named after a girl born 30 years earlier (and who sadly died of diphtheria at the age of 12) has stretched credulity. A more likely explanation is that Cleveland’s “Baby Ruth” claim was a cover story that prevented Curtiss from paying royalties to the Sultan of Swat.

By the way, Baby Ruth’s ancestor himself changed his name. Otto Schnering originally sold sweets under his last name for years. Until World War I, when having a Germanic last name was suddenly bad for business. So he adopted his mother’s maiden name, and it was now the Curtiss Candy Company.

What’s in a name, Shakespeare asked? When candy is involved, a lot!

The sacred cow! The story is written by novelist, former television journalist and history buff, J. Mark Powell. Do you have a historical mystery to solve? A forgotten moment to remember? Please send it to [email protected]

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New nightclub’s cocktail bar closed for several weeks after an early morning fire

A cocktail bar inside Middlesbrough’s new superclub was closed several weeks after a fire.

Love & Potions inside the downtown STEREO club was hit by fire around 4:15 am.

Cleveland firefighters attended the scene on Zetland Road and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Go here for the latest news from all over Teesside

A post on the STEREO Facebook page read: “Unfortunately our lovely little Love & Potions cocktail bar was caught in a fire this morning and will be closed for the next few weeks.

“Customers with functions and reservations are informed now. “

STEREO opened in July on Freedom Day, welcoming returning clubbers to the city’s nightlife.

Formerly the Atik Nightclub in the Spensleys Emporium Grade II listed building on the corner of Albert Road and Zetland Road, it has been renovated and refurbished to provide a modern and versatile bar and event space.

The Love & Potions Cocktail Bar is located on its middle floor.

Opening night at the Stereo club, Middlesbrough

Fortunately, the main part of the STEREO hall was not damaged by the fire and the club and the club will still be open on Tuesday for its YOYO event.

“The fire systems and doors were in place so the main part of the building is intact, which is a big relief,” Gary Dobson said from the site.

“It’s a bit of a punch, but these things are sent to try us out.

“We have a professional company coming to review it.”

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Austin Cafe and Bar Buzz Mill opens in East Austin

Austin Buzz Mill Cafe and Bar opened a new location in East Austin this fall. Buzz Mill East Side has taken over the space that previously belonged to the bar and burrito restaurant Troublemaker / New Hightower American Restaurant at 1209 East Seventh Street in mid-September.

Buzz Mill East Side operates the same as the original location on East Riverside Drive. There are beers, cocktails, brewed spirits and coffee. The cafe is also the vegan restaurant’s new home for Brunch Bird breakfast and brunch. The restaurant has actually moved from its original location to South Austin’s storefront, River City Market.

Unlike Buzz Mill Riverside, the East Austin location is not open 24/7. On the contrary, its hours are from 7 a.m. to midnight every day. The Bird Brunch serves food daily from 8:00 a.m. to midnight. There are indoor and outdoor dining areas.

This isn’t the first time Buzz Mill has visited the East Austin area north of the river. It opened a location in Govalle in October 2019, aka Buzz Mill Shady, which closed in April 2020 due to the pandemic. There was also this location planned for the Southern Congress for 2016 which never opened (the building eventually became Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden in 2017). The original Riverside Buzz Mill opened in 2013.

The East Seventh address was home to co-owners Chad Dolezal and general manager Victor Farnsworth’s new casual American restaurant, The Hightower, which took over the former Ethiopian restaurant Karibu in 2014. They closed in September 2019 and turned the space into a Troublemaker , a San Diego bar, record store and burrito store, in November. Seven months later, they closed the bar because of the pandemic.

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Eatery Business

Things to Check When Taking Out Unsecured Business Loan

When you are thinking of starting a business it can be a daunting task to fund it to expand and develop in a dynamic market. However, you can do this by taking out an unsecured business loan. While these loans are readily available, you need to keep certain factors in mind in order to get approval.

A business loan helps you borrow money from financial institutions. However, you have to repay this amount together with the interest within a certain period of time. Plus, you don’t need to provide collateral to the financial institution when you take out unsecured business loans.

Nitin Mathur, CEO of Tavaga Advisory Services, said, “An unsecured business loan, or popularly known as a business loan, is a loan that is granted with no collateral or security guarantees. Both banks and non-bank finance firms offer borrowers business loans such as working capital loans, start-up loans, bill financing, equipment financing, and overdrafts. “

Ajay Mishra, Head of Business Loans,, said, “As with all loans, those looking to obtain business loans should choose a lender who can provide the desired loan amount at the lowest possible interest rate for a comfortable loan term represents its repayment capacity. Since the processing of corporate loan applications can vary widely from one lender to the next, those looking to obtain unsecured corporate loans should compare the disbursement TAT (lead time) while evaluating unsecured corporate loan options. “

In addition, the loan applicant should also consider the type of business loan facility, such as a term loan or an overdraft / cash facility. For example, loans in overdraft / cash facilities would be appropriate for those who need credit to deal with common cash flow mismatches.

Loan applicants should also keep in mind that when evaluating unsecured corporate loan applications, lenders may consider the type and year of business, credit applicant’s creditworthiness, business turnover, average bank balance, bank turnover, bank statements, outstanding commitments, etc.

Many lenders may not lend money if your business does not have enough cash flow. Lenders usually evaluate the business model before approving the loan amount. Hence, you need to maximize cash flow through efficient cash management.

On the other hand, the likelihood of receiving a loan approval increases if you present a business model with an attractive sales forecast. That being said, you should always be prepared with a blueprint of your business model. It should contain details such as: B. how much money the company needs to start up and how much money is invested in growing the company from time to time, the earnings model, etc.

When taking out a loan, applicants should ideally compare the unsecured business loan options offered by as many lenders as possible. You can do this by visiting online financial marketplaces that offer business loan options from a wide variety of lenders.

Most lenders present a loan amount up to ₹50 lakh, but some offer up to ₹1 crore. The term of the loan is 1 to 5 years. Eligibility criteria for a business loan are age, business activity, sales, income tax return, bank statements for the last six months, creditworthiness of the business owner, etc. However, creditworthiness plays a crucial role in the immediate approval of business loans. It defines your ability to repay a loan amount.

“Corporate loans are available to property owners, partnerships, private companies, related companies, and individuals. Corporate loans are best for businesses that are just starting operations and may not provide material assets as collateral, “Mathur said.

“A business loan can be used for any business expansion, equipment purchase, etc. The lowest interest rate on an unsecured business loan is 14%. The interest rate on a corporate loan depends on factors such as the company’s age, profitability, future growth prospects, the company’s creditworthiness (in the case of a self-employed, owner, or partnership), “he added.

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Whittier restaurants hit by burglars during power outage – CBS Los Angeles

WHITTIER (CBSLA) – Two small Whittier restaurants were hit by burglars during a power outage scheduled for Monday morning.

The break-ins took place around 2 a.m. at the family-run El Camino restaurant and Pizzamania, both located side-by-side in the same mall in the 13000 block of Telegraph Road.

READ MORE: City of LA’s strict COVID vaccine proof warrant for restaurants, cafes and gyms takes effect

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the burglars smashed the front windows and took an undisclosed sum of money from the two restaurants.

READ MORE: United States lifts COVID-related travel ban on long list of countries, including Mexico and Canada

The two suffered hundreds of dollars in damage, the sheriff’s department said.

NO MORE NEWS: Dozens of cars invade Hwy 91 at Bellflower in the takeover of the street

The circumstances of the scheduled power outage were not immediately confirmed. It is not known whether surveillance cameras captured the break-ins.

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Protein Bars Market Revenue to Skyrocket in Near Future Due to Increasing Consumer Adoption

Emerging fitness trends, the availability of protein bars to meet the needs of people with various allergies, and the high demand for ready-to-eat foods are expected to benefit the protein bars market for the foreseeable future. Consumers look for protein bars primarily for general wellness as opposed to any specific medical requirement. Protein bar manufacturers have witnessed strong demand for their products, which has forced new entrants to enter this very dynamic market. The protein bars market is expected to register a robust CAGR of 7.8% from 2017 to 2022.

Planning for the future? Access a sample report on the Protein Bars Market @

  • Plant-based protein dominates the protein bars market in terms of protein source and is expected to retain this share in the future. The plant protein segment is valued at over US $ 720 million in 2017 and protein bar manufacturers are expected to focus on this key segment. Animal protein is considerably smaller as a source, but it can hardly be overlooked anyway. Animal protein has a larger share in North America and Europe and companies are urged to take note accordingly

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  • Energy protein bars account for over a third of the revenue share of the global protein bars market and are expected to gain share in the future. A robust CAGR above 7.5% from 2017 to 2022 makes the Energy Protein Bars segment very lucrative for all major players in the Protein Bars market. Protein bars for women are also growing in popularity, as more women have now entered the workforce or participated in strenuous physical sports requiring a high protein diet. Along with North America, companies could target Europe for women’s protein bars, as the market potential is greatest in these two developed regions of the globe.
  • The online store segment represents a small portion of the protein bars market by distribution channel, but is set to become extremely important in the days to come. The proliferation of smartphones coupled with declining 4G LTE data rates could lead consumers to e-commerce portals. On top of that, the convenience and convenience of online shopping may triumph over all other distribution channels in the future. APEJ Online Store Segment Expected To Be Valued At Just Under US $ 41 Million By End Of Forecast Period
  • The modern commercial segment occupies the first position of the protein bars market by distribution channel in 2017 and is expected to remain so. The major players in the protein bars market may want to focus their attention on North America and Europe as these two regions are on track to surpass US $ 120 million by the end of 2022 with a Slightly higher estimated CAGR in the former.
  • The companies studied in the Protein Bars Market report are Vitaco Health Group, Glanbia Plc., GNC Holdings, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Abbott Laboratories, Amway Corporation, General Mills, Kellogg Co., Premier Nutrition Corporation, and The WhiteWave Foods Co.

Thinking of introducing an offbeat product / technology to the protein bar market? Go to “Buy Now” for our report on the Protein Bars Market!

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Video shows man setting fire to memorial to those killed in Pulse nightclub shooting

Video footage released on Saturday shows a man setting fire to a temporary memorial for the victims of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.

The video, captured on October 12 and published on Facebook by the onePULSE foundation, shows a man in a wheelchair approaching one of the exterior walls of the memorial.

The man appears to set a banner on the wall on fire with a lighter, and as the fire escalates, he leaves the scene. The fire burns for several minutes, appearing contained within a section of the wall. At the end of the video, which lasts approximately 18 minutes, the fire has gone out and someone approaches the memorial to extinguish a remaining flame.

In its Facebook post, the onePULSE foundation wrote that on “October 12 at around 8:30 p.m. EST, an individual damaged our wall of offerings.”

“Three Angel banners were burned along with other items in the affected area,” the organization wrote, urging those who may know the man in the video to contact the Orlando Police Department.

News week contacted the ministry for comments and updates on its investigation, but did not receive a response until the publication on Sunday evening.

Forty-nine people were killed and many more were injured in the 2016 mass shooting at Pulse, an LGBTQ nightclub, on June 12, 2016.

In its Facebook post, the onePULSE foundation describes the display that was vandalized last month as a “temporary memorial.”

The organization says on its website that it “was created to create a sanctuary of hope after the tragic day in American history – Sunday, June 12, 2016 – to honor the 49 angels who were abducted, the 68 others who were injured and the countless first responders and medical professionals who treated them.

“This fund is intended to support a memorial that opens hearts, a museum that opens minds, educational programs that open eyes and heritage scholarships that open doors,” writes the organization.

Video footage released on Saturday shows a man setting fire to a temporary memorial for the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Above, people visit a memorial in Orlando for those killed, days after the shooting in 2016.
Spencer platt

Last month’s incident is not the first time that a memorial to the tragic mass shooting has been vandalized.

In May 2020, a mural commemorating the Pulse shooting was degraded when a Pulse nightclub logo in the middle of the screen was covered with a Patriot Front sticker. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Patriot Frong a “white nationalist hate group.”

The memorial mural was located on an exterior wall of the Center, an Orlando LGBTQ rights organization.

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Get up to $ 150 off your bill at restaurants, cafes and bars around town with Midweek Melbourne Money

With reception areas open again and density quotas soon to be abolished, the city of Melbourne is relaunching its Melbourne Money remittance program.

If you need a quick reminder, Melbourne Money was an $ 8.4 million initiative launched by the council in June to get people to dine at restaurants in the city of Melbourne, including the CBD, Carlton, Docklands, North Melbourne, Parkville, Southbank, Kensington and parts of Flemington and South Yarra.

It allowed diners to claim 20% of their meal bill simply by uploading a receipt from cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. The government refunded the money directly to your designated account.

It comes back as Midweek Melbourne Money, with a higher discount but a smaller offer window. You can now recoup 30% of your meal bill instead of 20, but this is only valid Monday through Thursday in an effort to bring people back to town to eat during the week.

The pool costs just $ 5 million this time around, but will likely last longer with the weekday limit alone. The discount can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks – as before, you must order food to be eligible (meaning you can’t spend it all on drinks). It’s also only available for receipts between $ 50 and $ 500, so you can grab between $ 15 and $ 150.

To claim your money back, take a photo of your receipt (make sure it is detailed and shows the company’s ABN as well as the date of purchase), go to the Melbourne Money website, download your receipt and share your bank details, and you’ll get 30 percent in your account within five business days.

The deal is not available for mobile food trucks, pop-up restaurants, home delivery services (like Uber Eats and Deliveroo), food service, convenience stores, milk bars, and lollipop stores. It only covers take-out if customers order directly from the company (in person, online, or over the phone) and pick up their food in person at the site.

Midweek Melbourne Money begins Monday, November 15 and lasts until the $ 5 million pool is depleted.

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Three Door County Restaurants with Unique Soups for Cold Days

Soup isn’t just for when it’s cold outside. Just ask the folks who run some of Door County’s soup joints.

“We also sell a lot on hot summer days,” said Sarah Gibson, co-owner and general manager of Jackson Harbor Soup & Sandwiches on Washington Island.

“Even in the summer it’s surprising how much soup we sell,” said Susan Guthrie, co-owner of the Bluefront Cafe in Sturgeon Bay. “I’m like, ‘Really? It’s 90 degrees in there!'”

That said, this is the time of year when temperatures drop and winds blow coldly in Wisconsin. Not to mention the autumn rains, with sleet and snow probably not far behind.

And when that happens, people who are out in this weather – like holiday shopping, enjoying fall or winter recreation, attending a tree-lighting ceremony – and are ready for lunch. are often looking for something warm and filling to warm their icy bones. Like the soup.

Most Door County restaurants have soup on their menu, but many make a point of creating and serving unique soups made from scratch that diners are unlikely to find in other restaurants, let alone. in a box at the grocery store. One of those locations, The Summer Kitchen in Ephraim, is not open during the colder seasons, typically closing on the weekends after Halloween.

Here’s a quick look at three restaurants on the Peninsula that currently have a steaming cup or bowl of something special for lunch on a cold day.

Bluefront Cafe, Sturgeon Bay

The Bluefront only has one soup of the day on its menu (although now that it is November it also has an Asian noodle bowl which is truly an everyday soup), but it won’t be like a soup that you will find in most places. How about moqueca (a Brazilian fish stew), butternut squash with maple curry or a Tex-Mex corn chowder?

The Asian Noodle Bowl at Bluefront Cafe in Sturgeon Bay.

Guthrie said she, chef and co-owner Patrick Barbercheck and their kitchen staff have suggestions and are free to experiment. Chef Adriana Zumpeno-Stack from Brazil created the moqueca that ended up on the menu, for example, and sometimes a soup is made from what is normally a main course, like Indian soup chicken tikka masala with coriander and lime rice.

“(The different soups) are more interesting to us, and we’re interested in different ethnic flavors,” Guthrie said. “And, we have talented cooks in the kitchen who like to do different things … do different things. We prefer to make just one good soup a day.”

Guthrie said that of the 10 to 12 different soups the Bluefront serves each month, the Thai-style and curry-based soups have proven popular with customers, as have the chowder and chili varieties in the cafe, such as a chili made from butternut squash. . One of his favorites, besides the various curry and coconut soups, is the Chicken and Meatball Soup that Zumpeno-Stack makes from scratch, right down to the meatballs.

Adriana Zumpeno-Stack of Bluefront Cafe in Sturgeon Bay makes dumplings for what cafe owner Susan Guthrie calls the "best chicken meatball soup ever."

Local produce is used wherever possible – you won’t find coconuts in Door County for curry – and can influence the menu as well. Guthrie said that when corn is plentiful in the summer at Sully’s Produce, for example, many corn chowders are made.

Besides the homemade taste, she said she thinks diners appreciate the variety and effort involved in creating and making such soups.

“(The variety) is very well received,” Guthrie said. “You can go to a lot of places to get the usual. A lot of places are just bagged porridge.”

The Bluefront Cafe is located at 86 W. Maple St. Soups are served by the cup, bowl or pint and in combination with half sandwiches. Open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday (closed in January). For soup of the day and specials, visit; for more information call 920-743-9218 or visit

Czarnuska Soup Bar, Ephraim

Named after a black seed popular in Polish cuisine, Czarnuska is one of Ephraim’s most popular establishments, offering a rotating menu of four soups and two sandwiches each day. The soups are made from scratch much like soups in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Central America and West Africa, according to its Facebook page.

Bohemian potato chowder is an everyday item, but the rotation includes soups like khao soi (a Thai curry noodle soup with beef and pickled mustard greens), sesame kielbasa, Spicy ginger, black-eyed peas and andouille, cheddar bratwurst and kraut, and miso roasted parsnip, to name a few. More familiar soups like rustic beans and ham are also on the menu.

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FOR MORE DOOR COUNTY NEWS:Visit our home page

Czarnuska Soup Bar is located at 9922 Water St. Hours of operation are 11 am to 3 pm Thursday through Monday. Soups are served by the cup or bowl. For the daily menu or more information, visit the Facebook page “Czarnuska Soup Bar”.

Jackson Harbor Soup and Sandwiches, Washington Island

This restaurant just off the Rock Island Ferry dock on the northeast side of the island offers three soups each day – baked French onion, beer and cheddar, and Gibson’s favorite, Grammy’s Creamy Potato – as well as two to four more soups of the day made by Gibson’s sister, Becca Gibson.

Gibson said their location is one of the keys to the restaurant’s success, giving people traveling to and from Rock Island the chance to grab a soup and a sandwich or a salad. The other is the food itself, of course.

“There are a lot of places for burgers,” she said. “There aren’t many places for a soup with a sandwich.”

Bisques are popular soups among customers, like the recently served shrimp bisque, and the pumpkin black bean and Thai coconut shrimp soups have also gone really well this year, Gibson said.

Other unique soups that have recently appeared on the menu are whitefish or salmon chowders, chorizo ​​hominy, chili corn chowder and ginger carrot, as well as a borscht prepared in recognition of the Russian employee. of the establishment. These soups join old school favorites like creamy chicken and rice, Italian marriage, and split peas and ham.

Jackson Harbor Soup & Sandwiches can be found at 1904 Indian Point Road. Fall hours are 11 am to 3 pm Thursday to Monday; the restaurant closes for the season on november 27 and reopens in april. Soups are served by the cup, bowl (bread bowls available), and pint with half sandwich combos available. For daily soups and daily specials, visit; for more information call 920-847-2589 or visit

Contact Christopher Clough at 920-741-7952, 920-562-8900 or [email protected]

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Blaze devastates the beloved bar; second business in Fulton County to be rocked by fire this week

The week Dave Waterman, 26, was scheduled to open Top of the Hill Bar and Grill in the town of Johnstown was the same week in 2020 when bars and restaurants in New York State were forced to close in due to the pandemic. Still, the young owner said he was not discouraged. He waited a full year to finally open Top of the Hill in the spring of 2021.

And things were going well. In June, Waterman, who also owns his own construction company, renovated the exterior of the building, which had once been the Rockwood Tavern. And last week, the bar, which has over 2,000 likes on Facebook, hosted one of its biggest events to date: a Halloween party with around 50 or 60 people – a sizable turnout for one. upstate New York hometown bar.

“It was crazy. We had a lot of people,” said Katelyn Kwiatkowski, the only bartender at Top of the Hill. The 22-year-old is also Waterman’s girlfriend. She said people were dancing and put a lot of effort into their costumes. One guy dressed in Old Spice deodorant; another guy like a bag of Wonder Bread. Kwiatkowski and Waterman wore matching cowboy and cowgirl outfits. And even though he was difficult to keep up with all food and drink orders – Waterman is also the Top of the Hill cook – Kwiatkowski said: “It was one of our best nights.”

Six evenings later, Thursday November 4, Top of the Hill, at 4700 State Highway 29, experienced a fire that destroyed his kitchen and damaged the bar, according to Fulton County Emergency Management Director Steven Santa Maria. No one was injured and the cause remains under investigation by the County Investigation Team, but the Top of the Hill fire followed a catastrophic blaze that destroyed another beloved Fulton County business more early in the week.

That Sunday fire completely wiped out Colonial Overhead Doors, on State Route 67 in the town of Johnstown, which had been open since 1989. Owner Michael McGregor said news of the fire had made him ill.

Equally heartbreaking was the Top of the Hill fire, just an 8-minute drive from the Colonial Overhead Doors site.

“It’s just unfortunate for the region,” said Santa Maria. “Let’s face it, times aren’t 100% perfect right now. We’re still a little reeling from the pandemic, so for a person to start a business and try to build something in Fulton County, that’s a wonderful thing. ”

See two Fulton County businesses badly hit by fires in a week?

“It’s still devastating,” said Santa Maria. “They put their necks in danger to try to get things done and they want to get involved in the community. It is always difficult.

The night of the fire was surreal for Kwiatkowski and Waterman. They were at the bar just an hour before they heard of the flames, Waterman said. It had been a slow night, like many weekday evenings, so they closed around 9 p.m.

Fulton County Fire and Emergency Department Deputy Sheriff Christopher Ortlieb discovered the blaze around 10 p.m. when he saw smoke and flames coming out of the back of the building, according to Steven Santa Maria. Ortlieb walked around the building to assess the extent of the fire and to see if there was anyone inside. Fortunately, no one was.

Ortlieb reported the fire to the Fulton County 911 dispatch center, which promptly dispatched the Rockwood-Garoga-Lassellsville Station (RGL) Company of volunteer firefighters on the scene. The RGL Fire Department responded under the direction of RGL Fire Chief and Fulton County EMS Coordinator Mark Souza, according to Santa Maria. Deputy Fire Coordinator Ralph Palcovic was next to arrive at the scene and reported a massive fire in the back of the building, where the kitchen was located, with flames through the roof in that same area, said Santa Maria. Palcovic immediately asked the Ephratah Volunteer Fire Company to come to the scene with manpower and equipment, according to Santa Maria. Seconds later, RGL Chief Souza arrived and immediately requested additional resources from the Caroga Lake Volunteer Fire Company to attend. Several other units eventually joined the fight, according to Santa Maria.

While all of this was going on, Waterman and Kwiatkowski were getting calls from friends about the fire. The couple ran back from Fort Plain. The 25-minute ride had never been so long, Kwiatkowski said.

When they got back to the bar, they didn’t see any flames, just thick smoke and lots of flashing lights.

“My heart sank. I wanted to throw up. I was just heartbroken,” Kwiatkowski said.

Waterman said: “It has taken its toll. Honestly, we’re still grabbing it.

The flames were quickly extinguished with swift action and effective tactics, Santa Maria said, with teams entering the building through the unburned front section and making their way to the kitchen in the back.

“As soon as the crews got there, they got down to work. The guys did a phenomenal job. Truly the fire never progressed further than it was when they arrived. They did all the right things. They attacked him from the right side, ”said Santa Maria. “They came in and went to get him. ”

Firefighters went up to the attic to fight the blaze that had spread there, and they remained at the scene until about 3:15 a.m., extinguishing hot spots, ventilating the building and supporting the investigation. , according to Santa Maria. The fire reportedly started in the kitchen, he said.

The building’s kitchen, back and attic were badly damaged, but the rest of the building suffered only heat, smoke and water damage.

“The kitchen area suffered the most damage. The bar had smoke and heat damage, ”said Santa Maria. “That will kind of be what the insurance company and the owners decide to do. I think it could be saved, but sometimes it’s cheaper to start over.

Although Waterman said, “It’s a pretty good mess,” he also said the plan is to rebuild with the help of insurance.

If and when that happens and Top of the Hill finally reopens, Kwiatkowski has said his heart will be healed.

“This piece that broke last night will almost be healed because we can do what we love to do again,” she said. “We will be happy to be able to do it again and see everyone’s faces again. This room will be almost full.

Andrew Waite can be contacted at [email protected] or at 518-417-9338.

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Student collapsed in A&E waiting room after needle stick in nightclub

A college student said she collapsed in an A&E waiting room after being allegedly drugged by injection at a nightclub.

Amy Taylor said her legs were “blurry” and her arm was bruised as she began to feel unconscious.

The alleged incident happened during the Fab ‘N’ Halloween Guild of Students club party on October 30 Birmingham live reports.

The third-year human biology student said she noticed a “puncture wound” on her arm after being helped in an Uber for A&E.

She claimed she was doped at the end of the night, between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Amy said The Birmingham tab : “I started to feel a throbbing in my right arm and looked down to see a strange bruise, but I ignored it and thought I was overreacting.

Have you been the victim of a needle stick? E-mail [email protected]

The student said she noticed a bruise on her arm


Amy Taylor)

“My legs started to get blurry and my teeth started to chatter and although I had been drinking heavily that night, I never acted like this when I had been drunk before.

“My eyes started to roll in my head and I started to drift in and out.”

She said she was taken to the club’s “relaxation room” after staff were alerted that she couldn’t feel her legs or walk properly.

Amy said her friends were advised to take her to the hospital and, while in the waiting room, she collapsed and was taken to intensive care.

Amy attended a party with her friends when the alleged incident happened


Amy Taylor)

She explains: “Here, the hospital staff looked after me, watched my arterial pressure and took ECGs to observe me and verify that I was okay.

“They also took a urine and blood sample for toxicology and said my pupils were very dilated.

“They also found a puncture mark in the bruise on my arm. Once I felt better, they gave me a hepatitis B vaccine and sent me and my friend home to go home and advised me to call the police.

She has since reported the alleged incident to West Midlands Police and contacted the Birmingham Guild of Students.

Video upload

Video unavailable

Amy said: “The police were very factual about this – they came to the house the next morning to ask questions, take a picture of the outfit I was wearing to follow me on CCTV and take another urine sample. .

“The Guild was actually very helpful to me – they called me to find out how I was feeling and to offer help.

“They have kept me posted on their plans on how they are going to make Fab (‘N’ Fresh) and Sports Night safer in the future.”

Following the incident, Amy said she would avoid going out for a while and would be more aware of her surroundings when on the move.

However, she said she was grateful for the help her friends gave her.

Police forces in the UK have received a growing number of reports of people infected in bars and nightclubs across the country, some of whom have reportedly been targeted with needle injections.

West Midlands Police previously revealed they were investigating ten reports of injection doping from Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull and Wolverhampton in a single week between October 18 and 26.

On Tuesday, Sussex Police said they had made two arrests in connection with an incident of “needle stick and drinking spikes”.

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Toasted Yolk Café to open new location in Port Arthur

To celebrate the grand opening, they will be giving away a free breakfast for one year to one lucky online winner and the first 25 parties will receive a free $ 25 gift card!

PORT ARTHUR, Texas – The community of Port Arthur will soon have a premier new destination when The Toasted Yolk Café debuts on Monday, November 8.

The new destination for breakfast, brunch and dinner will be at 7675 Memorial Blvd. According to a press release, the cafe will offer full bar service, online orders, multiple delivery partnerships, 10 flat-screen TVs and a scratch kitchen.

To locate it even further, a local artist is about to paint two different murals inside the new restaurant.

To celebrate the grand opening, The Toasted Yolk Port Arthur will be giving away a free breakfast for one year to one lucky online winner on the morning of November 8th. Plus, the first 25 online games will receive a free $ 25 gift card.

MORE | Port Arthur grilled egg yolk

MORE | Beaumont Toasted Yellow

The cafe will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., making it the only system-wide location with extended hours. According to a press release, this was done to better serve the hard workers at the oil refineries in the community of Port Arthur.

Bret Baumgartner, who also owns Toasted Yolk Café in Beaumont, said he’s excited to bring a Southeast Texas favorite to a new location.

“In addition to the best food and service in town, the new restaurant will have an incredible atmosphere that will be perfect for enjoying an alcoholic brunch with friends and delicious food with the family,” he said. declared.

Baumgartner said hand-prepared food is guaranteed to be fresh, so you won’t find a microwave anywhere in the restaurant.

“We can’t wait to open and celebrate with everyone next week,” he said.

According to a press release, customers can expect to find fan favorites like churro fritters, “cowboy scramble,” shrimp and grits, a range of Egg Benedictine creations known on their menu as “Arnolds”, club sandwiches, soups, salads and more. Guests can also enjoy a full bar with everything from classic mimosas, ‘frozen bellinis’ and Bloody Mary’s to ‘rise’ n ‘shine punch’ and ‘jackie’s morning rita’.

Also on …

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WNY Restaurant Owners Group Calls on Congress for Help

Restaurant owners in western New York state have expressed concern over the loss of outdoor dining options as winter approaches.

BUFFALO, NY – As alfresco dining ends and winter weather arrives, local restaurateurs and the New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) are calling for continued covid-related restaurant aid.

On Thursday, restaurateurs in western New York, along with restaurateurs in the Capital Region and the NYSRA, came together to call on the federal government to sue the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Continuing the program would help restaurants overcome challenges they would face as outdoor dining options are being phased out due to weather conditions, according to NYSRA and restaurateurs.

Restaurant owners say they still face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. An NYSRA investigation found that 85% of restaurants have seen a reduction in indoor dining since cases started to increase. Al fresco dining has expanded their options, but this will no longer be possible for some businesses with the cold and snow on the way.

In New York State, most restaurants that requested RRF assistance received none; of those who requested it, 35% received assistance. A total of $ 9.6 billion was requested by the restaurants that applied; a total of $ 5.9 billion in aid has not been received.

“The RRF program was deemed necessary to help relieve many ailing restaurants during the height of the pandemic, but this help is still desperately needed today. Replenishing the RRF will provide additional resources to restaurants struggling to see another day and help offset the loss of income as alfresco dining is no longer a viable option. Many industry players have benefited from the RRF program, and many more deserve the same relief, ”said Melissa Fleischut, President and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association.

US Representative Brian Higgins has expressed support for the request from restaurateurs in western New York.

“I rise to add my voice and support for restaurateurs in Buffalo and Western New York State, rising today to call on Congress to approve additional restaurant relief. Congress authorized, through the American Rescue Plan, the Restaurant Revitalization Fund providing $ 28.6 billion to help restaurants hit hard by the pandemic. While the program has been able to help more than 101,000 small business owners, more than 63% of eligible applicants – more than 177,000 restaurants that the Small Business Administration deemed eligible for funding – received nothing, ” Higgins said.

“Restaurants support jobs, fuel our local economies and, as gathering places for families and friends, help rebuild stronger communities. I strongly support the early replenishment of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund and urge my colleagues to do the same. “

Higgins is a co-sponsor of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund Replenishment Act which is said to provide $ 60 billion in funding nationwide. With the first RRF, $ 28.6 billion has been provided and more than $ 76 billion has been requested, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service.

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Moonflower, a plant-themed cocktail bar, opens in Portage Park this month

PORTAGE PARK – Three longtime friends and bartenders are opening a plant-themed bar this month in Portage Park.

Moonflower, 4359 N. Milwaukee Ave., replaces Hops and Barley, a sports bar that closed in October. Business partners Zach Rivera, Marvin Boeving and Christina Chae hope to open by the end of November.

The trio said Moonflower will be an affordable place that they hope will attract younger customers and offer something different from the many sports bars on the Northwest Side.

“We love the idea of ​​bringing a concept to a neighborhood that doesn’t exist yet, and filling a void there and being able to build and grow with the neighborhood,” Rivera said.

Moonflower will serve cocktails, draft beers, and comfort food to share, like Bolognese fries, country ham fritters, grilled cheeses, melting patties, leek potato soup and salads. The drink menu will include classic cocktails, like Manhattans and Negronis, and quirky cocktails, like a gin and lime infused with coconut and rice.

Customers can also expect cocktails that reflect the team’s cultural backgrounds, such as Korean pop and a German version of an Old Fashioned.

“We try to be unique, but also representative of our origins,” said Rivera.

Moonflower will also feature many greens, earth tones, and plants throughout the space. The team will work with a local artist to decorate the space and hope to work with local stores to obtain houseplants.

“The goal for us is to partner with as many businesses, individuals and people in the community to keep things as close to our surroundings as possible,” Rivera said. “We’ll also look to partner with a local school or charity whenever we do fundraisers and things like this. “

Moonflower is also planning a underground underground bar called Nightshade with different plants, dim lighting and its own menu of music and drinks. It should open a month after Moonflower debuts, Rivera said.

It’s “kind of like a date versus upstairs, which is just the place where friends and family can meet and hang out,” Rivera said.

Rivera and Marvin worked at Hogsalt Hospitality, the group behind restaurants like Au Cheval and Bavette’s. Rivera is also the Director of Beverages at 16 on Center Restaurant Group. Chae works at Celeste, a bar, restaurant and club in River North.

The three have worked together before and have remained friends. After recognizing their mutual values ​​of hospitality and service, they discussed starting a business together.

Now Rivera has said he and his friends are eagerly awaiting to see how Portage Park reacts to the bar.

“We’re really just regular people all three of us – not with a ton of money,” Rivera said. “Over the years we’ve just scratched off whatever we can put together, and we’re lucky to be able to open this business just the three of us without any outside investors or anything like that. ”

Check Moonflower’s social media pages for opening dates and more information.

“Our three faces will be here pretty much every day. And so we’re really excited to be able to do it as a home-made effort, ”said Rivera.

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Eatery Business

EXCELLENT: BPR raises unsecured loan limit to Rwf | 30 million The new time

Rwandans can now get up to Rwf 30 million unsecured personal loans from Banque Populaire du Rwanda Plc (BPR).

The unsecured personal loan has doubled from Rwf 15 million as the bank wants to make it easier for its customers to access credit.

This means that both existing and new BPR customers with a stable monthly income can access the loan without collateral after fulfilling the conditions.

Maurice Toroitich, the bank’s executive director, said the move was part of the bank’s strategy to make it easier for customers to do business with the bank through ongoing policy adjustments.

“We exist as a bank to enable all of our stakeholders to achieve their goals, and we are always looking for the barriers in policies, processes and systems that make it difficult for our customers in particular to do business with us. They redefine our customers easier and easier to serve. That is why we have reviewed our existing credit eligibility requirements so that we can deliver a compelling value proposition to our customers so they can move forward, ”he said.

The modified credit access conditions for personal bank loans include home loans, personal loans, and home equity and vehicle loans.

The lender announced that monthly home, personal and car loan payments will be up to 50 percent of the customer’s monthly disposable net income, an increase from the 35 percent limit.

The amount that the bank can lend in the form of home equity is up to 70 percent of the estimated market value of the property.

Xavier Shema Mugisha, the bank’s chief business officer, said the development aims to improve the livelihoods of its customers after finding the existing conditions to be challenging for a large number of customers.

“The previous amount limited options for customers who wanted credit to purchase assets like land or a vehicle, but now with the new changes, they have the opportunity to do more and improve their way of life,” Mugisha said.

The lender will also allow a customer with an existing loan that is repayable to top up their current loan balance.

BPR’s journey began in 1975 as a community-based savings and loan program and became a full-fledged commercial bank in 2008 with a focus on retail and SME banking.

In January 2016, Atlas Mara acquired a stake in BPR, which was subsequently merged with Atlas Mara’s existing business, BRD Commercial Bank, making the merged company the second largest bank with retail, SME and corporate activities Banking became.

In August 2021, KCB Group Plc acquired the majority stake in BPR by purchasing all of the shares, making the bank a subsidiary of KCB Group Plc.

KCB Group initially intended to acquire 62.06 percent of the shares in BPR Plc owned by Atlas Mara Group and later in February to acquire 14.61 percent of the issued share capital of BPR held by Arise BV

BPR currently operates across the country through an extensive network of 137 branches, 51 ATMs and 350 bank agents, contributing to Rwanda’s socio-economic transformation.

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Undercover police will stand outside nightclubs to protect women

The move was unveiled by the Metropolitan Police as part of a larger plan to tackle the issue of violence against women in London following the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard.

The objective is to “tackle predation offenses” in nightclubs and bars (stock photo)

Police will be deployed outside nightclubs to reduce violence against women.

The move was unveiled by the Metropolitan Police as part of a larger plan to tackle the issue of violence against women in London.

Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick previously announced that undercover officers would video call a uniformed sergeant to prove their identity if they ever had to arrest a single woman.

The move comes after Sarah Everard was arrested by Met officer Wayne Couzens in Clapham, who made a false arrest claiming she was breaking Covid lockdown rules.

Monster Couzens then raped and killed Sarah after driving her through a Kent forest.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick (center) with Sherifa Carr of the Lambeth Independent Advisory Group (right) on a walk in Brixton



The force has been criticized after entering to give advice to women who feel threatened, including hailing a bus for help or entering someone’s home.

In a published plan, the Met said police activity would be stepped up “to prevent nighttime violence.”

He explained, “This activity includes the Met trialling Project Vigilant, an operation originally developed by the Thames Valley Police to tackle predatory crimes around the nighttime economy.

“It is flown from London to Lambeth and Southwark, where teams of colleagues in civilian clothes and in uniform are deployed together to identify and prevent predation offenses around busy nightlife spots.

Couzens was sentenced to life imprisonment in September – the first for a single adult murder that was not committed during a terrorist attack



“Officers continue to work with Safer Sounds and licensing sites, delivering the updated Ask for Angela safety campaign and providing vulnerability training to bar and club staff.”

Dame Cressida said, “This plan details how we will do more and better to keep women and girls safe.

“It brings together all of our work to prevent male violence against women and girls, in public spaces as well as in homes and online; to target perpetrators, and with the broader criminal justice service, to improve outcomes for victims.

“We will increase officer skills and maximize the impact of key units such as our predatory offender units, downtown teams and other specialist units, and further improve digital investigations, intelligence, and case quality. . “

Sarah Everard was kidnapped by Couzens on her way home to Clapham



Scotland Yard has ended its policy of allowing plainclothes officers to patrol alone after Couzens used his position to organize the arrest of Sarah Everard on March 3.

Couzens was sentenced to life imprisonment in September – the first for a single adult murder that was not committed during a terrorist attack.

An appeals court official confirmed that Couzens had appealed his conviction, saying: “An application (for leave to appeal the conviction) has been filed.”

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe® Rings In The Holiday Season With Cranberry Smoothies

ATLANTA, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tropical Smoothie Cafe Celebrates the Holiday Season with the Return of Two Festive Favorites, the Very Berry Cranberry Cranberry smoothie and truffle Smoothie, as well as the introduction of its new, limited-time Caprese Grilled Cheese.

Very Berry Cranberry Smoothie features strawberries and cranberries, while Cranberry Truffle Smoothie features strawberries, cranberries, fat-free yogurt, and white chocolate. Both are served with an edible strawberry-flavored straw.

Caprese Grilled Cheese is a seasonal twist on the classic, with fresh mozzarella, Parmesan, American cottage cheese, fresh tomatoes, basil pesto and balsamic frosting on toasted sourdough bread.

In the spirit of this season’s generosity, guests can help raise funds for the camp Sunshine, situated in Casco, Maine, an organization that provides retreats for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Customers can donate when ordering at the cafe, online, or in the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app.

“Our mission at Tropical Smoothie Cafe is to inspire better, and this holiday season we are doing it by offering our customers the opportunity to raise funds for a wonderful organization that is helping families in crisis in our local communities,” said Charles watson, CEO of Tropical Smoothie Café, LLC. “Our Camp Sunshine fundraiser is our way of celebrating the season by being a ray of sunshine for those who need it most.”

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is also showcasing its limited-time Sunshine Smoothie®, inspired by Camp Sunshine, made with mango, pineapple, orange juice and banana.

Whether it’s a smoothie in the sun to brighten up a cold, cloudy day or a grilled Caprese cheese after a busy day of vacation shopping, guests can treat themselves to a getaway by ordering easily in the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app, online at or at the cafe for quick and convenient curbside pickup or delivery.

About Tropical Smoothie Café®
Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a national fast-paced, relaxed cafe concept inspiring a healthier lifestyle with over 1,010 locations nationwide. Serving healthier smoothies, wraps, sandwiches and flatbreads, Tropical Smoothie Cafe also features improved app technology and enhanced mobile ordering capabilities to further elevate the digital and coffee experience and highlight the brand emphasis on convenience. The rapidly growing franchise has received numerous accolades, including rankings in the Entrepreneur’s 500 Franchise, Forbes Top Franchises and Franchise Times Fast & Serious List, as well as the Franchise Times Top 200+ rankings. Notably, the franchise was also recognized in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers, Nation’s Restaurant News Top 200 and Top 10 Fastest Growing Chains, and America’s Favorite Restaurant Business Chains.

Media contact:
Karina Cervantes [email protected], 512-909-5169

SOURCE Tropical Smoothie Coffee

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Lexington is home to Davidson County’s five best restaurants for lunch, survey finds

Whether it’s fried chicken or a chopped barbecue sandwich, Davidson County residents don’t want to skip lunch, according to a recent social media poll.

Best of Davidson County:Readers share their favorite local Asian restaurants

Readers who voted in the poll for their favorite Davidson County lunch restaurants offered many suggestions. Votes have shown that apparently the top five places for lunch in the county are located within a mile of each other in Lexington.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking Dispatch readers to tell us about their favorite local businesses across various categories through social media posts. We hope to highlight some of our readers’ favorites such as the best place for lunch, the best pizza place, the best boutique for women’s clothing and more.

We’ll create a top five list (or more in case of a tie) based on our readers’ votes and tell you a bit more about each company. Check back each week to The Dispatch’s Facebook and Twitter page to see which category of reader’s choice we’ll highlight next. Look for social media posts this week asking readers what are the best places to eat steak in Davidson County.

Here are the results of the reader’s choice for the best local restaurants for lunch.

JJ's Mama's Soulfood & More in Lexington.  (November 2, 2021)

1. JJ’s Mama’s Soulfood & More

Address: 601 W. Fith Ave, Lexington

Working hours: 12 p.m.-6.30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 12 pm-7.30pm Friday and Saturday; noon to 5 p.m. Sunday

What is happening:Lexington spa and boutique will move to Thomasville; new store taking up space

Price level: $$

Famous for: “I didn’t have anything wrong there. I love her spring rolls, oxtails and rice, fried chicken, greens, green beans and macaroni and cheese. sometimes seafood too. potatoes and salmon patties are to die for. I would definitely recommend his restaurant to anyone !! ” – Facebook commentator Raneisha Ariél.

Main Street Pizza & Deli on Main Street in Lexington.  (November 2, 2021)

2. Main Street Pizza and Deli

Address: 13 N Main St., Lexington

Working hours: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 4.30 p.m.-6.30 p.m. Tuesday

The Homemade Roast Beef Sandwich is a favorite for those who dine at Main Street Pizza & Deli.  (November 2, 2021)

Price level: $$

Famous for: “Roast beef sandwich and hot fudge cake for dessert.” – Facebook commentator Diane Grant Miller

South lunch in Lexington.  (November 2, 2021)

3. South lunch

Address: 26 S. Railroad Street, Lexington

Working hours: 11 am-7:30pm Tuesday to Friday

Price level: $$

Know for: “Fried chicken, country steak; they have a lot of food choices and it’s delicious! ” – Facebook commentator Michael Miller

BBQ Center in Lexington.  (November 2, 2021)

4. BBQ center

Address: 900 N Main St., Lexington

Working hours: 11 am-9pm Monday to Saturday

A cook in the kitchen at the Barbecue Center pours a barbecue dip on a sandwich.

Price level: $

Know for: “A chopped sandwich and a side of hush puppies with a Cheerwine at the BBQ Center is hard to beat.” – Facebook commentator Garland Beamer

Village Grill is located on West Second Avenue in Lexington.  (November 2, 2021)

5. Grill Village

Address: 31 W. Second Ave., Lexington

Working hours: 11 am-9pm Monday to Saturday; 11 am-3pm Sunday

Reader choice::Readers Rank Their Favorite Davidson County Mexican Restaurants

Price level: $$

Know for: “Chicken Finger.” – Tiffany Everhart, Facebook commentator

Jill Doss-Raines is The Dispatch’s senior reporter on trending topics and personality profiles and is always on the lookout for advice on entertainment businesses and events, secret and new menu items and interesting people in the county. by Davidson. Contact me at [email protected] and subscribe to

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Samsung adds an option to move the address bar of its browser down

This year, Apple made some significant changes to Safari with iOS 15, which has been redesigned with a new unified address bar at the bottom of the screen. While this change has upset a number of iOS users, Samsung is now following Apple with a new option to move its mobile web browser’s address bar down, just like Safari.

The new layout has been added with an update to the Samsung Internet Beta App, which is now available for the company’s Android smartphones.

Going into the layout and menu settings in browser preferences, there is now an “Address bar position” option. There, users can choose between the classic web browser layout and the new one with the unified address bar at the bottom of the screen.

With the “Down” option turned on, the Samsung internet app looks a lot like Safari in iOS 15. The address bar appears above the navigation controls and buttons for tab management, sharing and viewing. ‘other application settings.

It should be noted that Apple was not the first company to try a similar layout for a mobile web browser, as other companies such as Google tried a few years ago. However, Samsung seems to have decided to change the layout of its web browser soon after Apple did.

After several complaints, Apple let users revert to the old Safari design in iOS 15, although the new layout is still enabled by default. The company also released updates to the iPadOS and macOS versions of Safari that roll back the controversial design changes.

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Eatery Business

According to a new study, small dollar loans are up to 24x cheaper with Oportun

Released one day ago

Submitted by Oportun

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Nov. 2, 2021 / CSRwire / – Today, Oportun (Nasdaq: OPRT), an AI-powered fintech that brings hard-working people access to responsible and affordable credit, released results from the Real cost of a credit analysisconducted by the Financial Health Network. This new report shows the need for less expensive US dollar small loans. One solution is the type of AI-powered underwriting offered by Oportun, which could dramatically reduce the cost of small loans for hard-working people.

The study’s conclusions include that an online installment loan of $ 500 could cost someone with poor or no credit worth more than $ 2,400 in interest and fees over the life of a loan. In comparison, a responsibly structured loan taken out using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning would cost only $ 102 in interest and fees, a savings of more than 24x.

The analysis, conducted by the Financial Health Network and commissioned by Oportun, provides an independent look at the lifetime cost of the various small dollar loan options that are most easily available to people with poor credit or no credit history. Importantly, these comparisons are typically not available to consumers looking for credit options and affordability.

“The reality is that the people in need of affordable credit most often pay the highest rates and fees,” said Matt Jenkins, COO and general manager of personal loans at Oportun. “This rigorous examination of realistic credit options for these households shows that credit structure and the use of advanced technology in underwriting are important. We hope these results inspire other vendors to adopt product design and AI best practices to maximize affordability and impact for hardworking individuals. “

In a separate study, the FinHealth Spend Report 2021 found that low- and middle-income families are spending $ 127 billion in interest and fees on alternatives that include the four products used in the True Cost of a Loan analysis: Credit cards, installment loans, payday, and rent. The True Cost of a Loan study used a proprietary model developed by the Financial Health Network to analyze state price data and household incomes to determine how much a typical Oportun customer would pay for $ 500, $ 1,500, and $ 3,500 loans would.

Other important findings are:

  • Online-only installment and payday loans, as well as traditional payday loans, add over $ 3,000 for a $ 1,500 loan, while credit cards and oportun loans are less than $ 500 each.
  • A typical $ 3,500 payday loan is the most expensive at $ 10,775 in interest and fees, while an Oportun loan is the cheapest at $ 1,645.
  • On average, oportun loans were six times cheaper than alternative loans of the same amount.

“Consumers can find it difficult to estimate the cost of credit because credit products vary widely in structure and fees,” said Marisa Walster, VP of Financial Services Solutions, Financial Health Network. “This rigorous analysis shows that responsible credit management combined with competitive interest rates can deliver significant savings for consumers.”

Oportun uses advanced data analytics, proprietary risk assessment, AI, and 15+ year old consumer insights to help low- and middle-income consumers responsibly, affordably, and on a large scale. Unique, this technology enables Oportun to rate 100% of loan applicants with a high level of accuracy.

Oportun’s core product is an easy-to-understand, affordable, unsecured, fully amortizing personal installment loan with fixed rates and fixed rates throughout the life of the loan. Oportun loans have no prepayment penalties or balloon payments, are priced less than 36% APR, and range from $ 300 to $ 10,000 with terms of 12 to 48 months.

Since its inception, Oportun has successfully extended more than 4.3 million loans and $ 10.5 billion in loans, mostly in the form of small loans, saving its customers more than $ 1.9 billion in interest and fees become history when compared to other options that are normally available to people with little or no credit. By reporting repayment performance to major credit bureaus, the company has also helped more than 925,000 people compile a credit history.

Click here to download the report.

About Oportun
Oportun (Nasdaq: OPRT) is a financial services company using its digital platform to provide responsible consumer credit to hardworking people. Using AI-powered models built on 15 years of proprietary customer insights and billions of unique data points, Oportun has extended more than 4 million loans and over $ 10 billion in affordable credit, offering its customers alternatives to payday and auto title loans. Recognizing its responsibly designed products that help consumers build their creditworthiness, Oportun has been certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) since 2009.

Media contact
George Gonzalez
[email protected]



Oportun (Nasdaq: OPRT) is a financial services company using its digital platform to provide responsible consumer credit to hardworking people. Using AI-powered models built on 15 years of proprietary customer insights and billions of unique data points, Oportun has extended more than 4 million loans and over $ 10 billion in affordable credit, offering its customers alternatives to payday and auto loans. Recognizing its responsibly designed products that help consumers build their creditworthiness, Oportun has been certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) since 2009.

More of Oportun

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Fargo nightclub liquor license sale gets conditional approval

The owner of the building, 518 Properties, owned by Tyler Brandt, aims to take over operations with an agreement to purchase the license from the club’s former owners.

Commissioners had previously revoked the license due to public safety concerns, including the shooting death of a club bouncer in a nearby parking lot in May.

518 Properties representative Dan Hicks said a management team was not yet in place. The plans call for keeping the same business concept.

“We think it’s an underserved area in the metro,” he said.

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The Fargo Liquor Control Board unanimously approved the conditional plan before forwarding it to the City Board.

The conditional clause was encouraging for Commissioner Dave Piepkorn, who also sits on the liquor board.

“I think it’s a good company, and with good ownership and management it’s a good addition to the community,” said Piepkorn. “But I think it’s very important that we know who the manager is… because I think it’s essential for future safety and success.”

Others questioned the lack of a comprehensive management plan.

“We have had (applicants for) liquor licenses presented to us in the past who wanted a liquor license, but we turned them down because they didn’t have a plan of the facility,” said Commissioner Tony Gehrig. “So we are bending over backwards for this… We shouldn’t be voting on this just yet.”

Commissioner John Strand noted that the contingency given to 518 properties matched the reason the commission did not allow the original owners to retain the liquor license.

“They didn’t have a leadership. They didn’t have a plan,” he said. “But now we’re back to square one. We have another candidate who doesn’t have a plan and doesn’t have a manager.”

Strand also said both parties to the liquor licensing deal had run-ins with the police over their files. However, Corey Schultz, the former license owner, has had a more recent and negative interaction with the police, Piepkorn said.

Police chief David Zibolski echoed Piepkorn and added that the charges against the new director several years ago have been dropped.

“An arrest probably should not even have been made in this case,” he said.

After a lengthy discussion, Commissioners approved the conditional sale by a 3-2 vote with Commissioner Arlette Preston, Mayor Tim Mahoney and Piepkorn in favor. Strand and Gehrig voted against approval.

Once the management team is in place and the business concept is firm, the beverage license transfer will come back to the Liquor Control Board and Municipal Commission for final approval.

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Japan’s Gundam cafes to all close nationwide

The staff at the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara wear Gundam-themed outfits and hold trays with drinks.

Soon, it seems, these cafes will be gone.
Photo: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / AFP (Getty Images)

If you were hoping to visit the Gundam Cafés in Japan, you better do it soon, because at the start of next year it looks like they’re all will close.

In an official announcement, the cafe’s management announced that the Gundam Square location in Osaka will close on January 1. The Gundam Café Tokyo Brand Core location in Akihabara as well as the Gundam Café in Odaiba in Tokyo and Fukuoka will close on January 30.

Gundam Café Tokyo Brand Core opened on July 31, 2020, which means its run certainly looks short.

The is a cafe at Gundam Factory Yokohama, but this attraction is only temporary and will end on March 31, 2022. Once this is completed, it looks like all official Gundam Cafés will be closed.

The first Gundam Cafe opened in 2010 and locations are spread across the country.

The establishments served Gundam themed drinks as well as dishes including curry, burgers and sweets. Restaurants also have stores selling Gundam merchandise and models, making it a one-stop-shop for fans of the series.

The official announcement thanked fans for their sponsorship over the years, but did not explain why the cafes were closing. Currently, Japan has banned tourists from entering the country, but will ease restrictions for business trips and students. No doubt, the lack of tourists as well as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic have not been good for Gundam Caféthe bottom line. It’s a real shame because tourists seem to like to visit these places and they won’t be there when they return.

However, the Gundam Café The announcement hints at a “new project” that “will suit the times” and provide fans with a venue for communication. Whether it’s a digital or a physical space, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Detroit restaurants face new challenges, fewer commuters, as the second pandemic winter approaches

On a typical afternoon in a typical year, Detroit restaurateur Tom Teknos says the ten-year-old Hudson Cafe Woodward Avenue is normally bustling with downtown office workers stopping by for lunch.

“Obviously during the day we’ve had a lot of business people and a lot of business lunches here. The restoration was [also] a huge, huge part of our business, ”Teknos recalls.

That changed in 2020, when the 20-year industry veteran was forced to lay off 100 of his 134 employees at six restaurants, including Hudson Cafe and the Serrated forkMetro Detroit’s five locations, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Like many local restaurants, Hudson Cafe, which is open for breakfast and lunch, has been forced to pivot, switching to a take-out model that saw revenue drop 45% last year.

“I’ve never had to fire anyone in my life,” Teknos says. “It still bothers me to this day.”

The Hudson Cafe was able to resume its in-person meals last summer, staff were brought back and earlier this year the restaurant’s income finally rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. However, Teknos says he recently noticed an increase in takeout orders as fall sets in – a trend that other Michigan restaurateurs have expressed concern about as health officials continue to push back. sound the alarm about increase in new cases COVID-19 statewide.

Among state restaurateurs, 58% said in August that their establishments had “seen a drop in customer demand for on-site indoor dining in recent weeks due to the increase in coronavirus cases due to to the Delta variant ”, according to Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association data. Of those, 23% said their restaurant was unlikely to be open again in six months if business stayed the same.

As crowds increase, restaurants in the Detroit area still face huge hurdles during the ongoing pandemic. Photo: Steve Koss.

The virus isn’t the only challenge local restaurants face this fall, as staff shortages, delivery delays and supply chain issues create stubborn new hurdles for owners and staff before their second. pandemic winter.

For Teknos, the pandemic has highlighted the links between its industry and others. Shortage of affordable parking for staff due to nearby lots closed amid the pandemic, restaurant opening an hour later to accommodate employees with school-aged children (Teknos says work-life balance is a priority), unpredictable deliveries and rising business costs have all required big adjustments for the small restaurant in recent months.

“Previously my deliveries would arrive here at 5 am and we would start getting ready at 6 am, but today, for example, they arrived at 9 am, so everything is sort of delaying,” says Teknos.

These delays are linked to larger issues in the global supply chain, which has experienced staff shortages and other challenges since last year and has impacted a variety of businesses at all levels, contributing to the rising costs of products and ingredients that many business owners rely on to operate – costs Teknos says it can only pass them on to its customers a certain number of times.

“I had to increase our prices twice in the last year,” Teknos explains. “But I can’t charge people $ 30 for an omelet. “

Bash Original Izakaya opened in 2020, amid the COVID-19 upheaval. Photo: Steve Koss.

Against all odds

Across town to Bash Original Izakaya, which opened last year in Woodbridge just before the pandemic hits, owners and staff have had an equally unpredictable year.

“We knew it would take a while to become really profitable, just because typically when we look for restaurants it takes 18-24 months,” says co-owner Ben Nolan. “What’s really cool is that we hit [that goal] even with COVID.

Shifting from a traditional izakaya to offering take-out sushi in response to restrictions on indoor dining last year, Bash was able to build a following amid the pandemic even as a brand new restaurant. Nolan attributes their success, which has defied even his own expectations, to a variety of factors, including a talented team of chefs, clever marketing tactics, and experienced management who put the financial well-being of the servers first – a decision that has maybe helped to avoid a potential endowment. shortage.

Tom Myers (left) and Ben Nolan of Bash Original Izakaya have been able to overcome the challenges of COVID-19, but still face the same issues as other local restaurateurs. Photo: Steve Koss.

“We were paying the waiters $ 10 an hour when it was just take out […] When we reopened, I said, “We’re going to stay at that number,” co-owner Tom Myers said, adding that he was concerned about losing staff to busier and more established restaurants amid the pandemic. The plan worked, and Bash was able to keep 90% of its employees (around 15 people) by offering higher hourly wages until the restaurant could fill its dining room again.

As a brand new restaurant with no established clientele, marketing has been another area of ​​concern throughout the pandemic – it was addressed by hiring a marketing company that specializes in promoting restaurants and using the reach of apps from popular food delivery to alleviate the loss of pedestrian traffic in the neighborhood.

Although Nolan says the delivery apps were “instrumental” in attracting customers and promoting the new restaurant, their fees, which he said were around 30% of gross revenue, were high.

Photo: Steve KossStill, Bash was able to turn a profit earlier this year (Nolan says they’re now bringing in about three times as much business as in 2020), and even landed top-tier restaurant clients over the summer. , including several local and visiting professional teams. when the sport returned.

Despite their success, Myers and Nolan admit there are still challenges in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. Like many of their fellow local restaurateurs, they have also experienced delivery delays and had to contend with ever increasing ingredient costs in recent months.

“Every day is the ‘big unknown’ at this point,” Myers says. “All I can do is compare it to where we were last winter. “

Yanni Dionisopoulos has witnessed a decline in the number of customers at Woodbridge Pub, thanks to remote and virtual working trends. Photo: Nick Hagen.

Defend an inheritance

One block to Woodbridge Pub, a popular hotspot for neighborhood residents and Wayne State University students, co-owner Yanni Dionisopoulos struggled to set new hours of operation last year as the college and offices in proximity were going virtual, draining the restaurant’s normally busy lunch hours – a trend that continued into this fall.

Since reopening last summer, the Woodbridge Pub remained open for dinner only, with revenues down 30-40% from pre-pandemic levels.

“When the school is in person, fully, we will reconsider [opening for lunch]Dionisopoulos says, explaining that the daylight hours are still not busy enough to bring in what he describes as an already overloaded staff of six, compared to the usual 12.

“We only have a handful of employees since our reopening. We were very lucky that they stayed and helped even during the long hours, ”he says.

Like other local restaurateurs, Dionisopoulos says supply chain issues and product shortages have compounded his challenges this year, with prices for ingredients and supplies nearly quadrupling pre-pandemic costs – an issue to which Dioisopoulos has also been confronted with the other restaurants he operates in the city. , prompting him to remove certain items from the menu.

“It’s definitely a challenge. It’s very overwhelming and very frustrating because we’ve been in the business for over 21 years and found ourselves in a new standard where it’s not as sustainable, ”Dionisopoulos said. “It costs you dearly when you have to raise your prices on something that was very cheap before COVID. “

In Greektown, Dionisopoulos is also co-owner of the Golden Fleece (the oldest restaurant in the area was originally opened by his father and uncle in April 1970), Exodus Lounge, and Bakalikon, a Greek market in which he and his partner started working just before the pandemic. As a Greek-American whose family business has operated there for more than 50 years, Dionisopoulos says the market was part of an effort to preserve Greektown’s authentic Greek culture and heritage – something that, he says could be lost over time as businesses struggle.

“One of the reasons we continued [market] was for foot traffic, ”Dionisopoulos said, noting that visitors to the typically touristy district have declined over the past two years as casinos, sports, concerts and other events normally draw crowds, as well as visitors from Canada. , were all choked by the virus. As a result, activity was lower than initially expected.

At Golden Fleece, lunch has returned with a bang, although Dionisopoulos says dinner remained unpredictable after returning to food service last year, with unusually late spikes and sometimes erratic weekends.

Amid the uncertainty, Dionisopoulos remains hesitant to set expectations as he prepares for the coming winter, although he is grateful for the support he has received from his loyal customers throughout the pandemic. .

“I’ll be completely honest – I don’t have high expectations right now. I’m just grateful to be here, ”Dionisopoulos says. “We’re still in business and still open and able to make ends meet, even without making a profit. But we can only tolerate this for such a long time, so we expect a better spring and a better summer next year.

Photo: Steve Koss.

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Several bar break-ins and thefts in southern Illinois target slot machines

MCLEANSBORO, Ill. (KFVS) – Southern Illinois bar owners want answers after a spate of break-ins and thefts.

According to the police, there is a common theme. Most thieves go directly to slot machines for money.

“We knew it would be a matter of time before they probably tried to break into ours,” said Lynn Bouseman.

Bouseman said her phone rang around 4:30 a.m. and she immediately knew thieves broke into her bar, The Liquor Hut.

“And then I looked at my cameras on my phone, and I could see the only guy in the playroom tearing up the machines,” she said.

His Mcleansboro bar is the latest target in a wave of bar thefts in southern Illinois.

“You just feel like you’ve been raped, because we work, we work hard to grow our business and we take pride in what we do. So why are you trying to rob us, ”Bouseman said.

“You still think it’s okay and will be okay, and it’s just kind of a sense of security that you don’t have anymore,” said Diana Robinson.

Robinson’s bar in Whittington, The Barn Bar, was hit on October 11.

“They have just been destroyed,” she said.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Kyle Bacon said they were investigating what happened.

According to Bacon, authorities are investigating several recent incidents in surrounding counties, and the majority of them involve bars with slot machines.

“I think someone knows something, and maybe someone will speak up, because so many of us have been affected,” Bouseman said.

“You’re scared if you’ve been hit, because they’ve been back to the same place a few times, or if you haven’t been hit, it’s kind of like who’s going to be next,” Robinson said.

Robinson said she doesn’t let anyone work alone at night now. If you have information on the break-ins, call Hamilton County Sheriff’s or Franklin County Sheriff’s Services.

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Greenville: a dead man outside the nightclub

One person died after an early morning shooting outside a nightclub in Greenville, according to the Greenville County Coroner’s Office. two gunshot victims were found and taken to hospital, where one later died. The coroner identified the victim as Torri Adaryl Pone, 27, of Greenville. Coroner Parks Evans said Pone was involved in an altercation with another person in the parking lot. They said he was taken to the hospital where he died just after 2 a.m. The cause and mode of death were not disclosed. Police say they have a suspect in custody.

One person has died after an early morning shooting outside a nightclub in Greenville, according to the Greenville County Coroner’s Office.

(Video above: morning headlines)

Police said they were called to “Reign” on South Pleasantburg Drive around 1 a.m. Monday.

They said two gunshot victims were found and taken to hospital, where one of them later died.

The coroner identified the victim as Torri Adaryl Pone, 27, of Greenville.

Coroner Parks Evans said Pone was involved in an altercation with another person in the parking lot. They said he was taken to the hospital where he died just after 2 a.m.

The cause and mode of death were not disclosed.

Police say they have a suspect in custody.

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