October 2021


Fall flavors in grocery stores and restaurants

Beyond the changes you’ll discover on so many seasonal menus in town, there are also local events to help mark the passing of time.

To exploreThe poet’s work on display at Dayton Arcade

On November 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13, the Carillon Historical Park Tavern Dinner Series will host their annual Harvest Festival with an authentic three-course baked meal and historic entertainment in the oldest Dayton Building – the 1796 Newcom Tavern.


Newcom Tavern, now located in Carillon Park in Dayton, was built in 1798 by Colonel George Newcom, one of Dayton’s first settlers. TO FILE

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell

Newcom Tavern served as the city’s first county jail, church, general store, and county courthouse. With recipes taken from 19th century cookbooks, this is your chance to get a candlelight taste of how other Daytonians ate in the 1800s. Talk about marking the passing of time.

The cost is $ 45 for Dayton History members and $ 50 for non-members. Private dinners in a tavern are also available by reservation for the holidays. To learn more, visit

On November 6, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Fall Festival will be held at Gem City Market (, featuring local beer and wine tastings, cooking classes, hands-on art, live music and more. grocery shopping experience around. This is your chance to experience an awesome new shopping place built for people, by people in a food desert, and to pick up some of the aforementioned seasonal ingredients to cook for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

On November 6, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Fall Festival will be held at Gem City Market (, featuring local beer and wine tastings, cooking classes, hands-on art, live music and more.  grocery shopping experience around.  JIM NOELKER / STAFF

On November 6, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Fall Festival will be held at Gem City Market (, featuring local beer and wine tastings, cooking classes, hands-on art, live music and more. grocery shopping experience around. JIM NOELKER / STAFF



It’s the last day of October and if the displays at local vacation shops haven’t knocked you over, the vacation is definitely upon us. The fish fry season will be shifting into high gear, holiday bazaars will be here in no time at all and festivals like the 34th Annual Springboro Christmas in Springboro on November 19 ( are approaching. to big steps.

With four weeks until Thanksgiving and eight until Christmas, time will fly faster than you or I can keep up with. Just be sure to trim a bit to take advantage of the flavors of fall. You will not regret it.

To exploreCity, non-profit organizations work with homeless people in Xenia to make a difference

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Virginia Beach man to serve 10 years behind bars for burglary with invasion of another sailor’s home

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – A 22-year-old Virginia Beach man and Navy sailor will serve 10 years behind bars after being charged with breaking and entering the home of another sailor.

According to the Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Jacarie Harry Wynn has been charged with three counts of robbery, armed robbery and use of a firearm in an August 2020 incident He was sentenced to 53 years in prison, including 43 years suspended.

Court documents indicate that the victim, who knew Wynn from serving in the Navy together, agreed to purchase marijuana from Wynn on August 15, 2020. Seven people were in the victim’s apartment when he and Wynn visited agreed to meet there to complete the transaction.

When Wynn and another person arrived at the victim’s apartment, the victim attempted to pay for the marijuana with Apple Pay, then returned to the apartment. Wynn then told the victim that the deal had failed, and when the victim returned outside, Wynn and his co-conspirator fired a handgun at the victim.

The victim, Wynn, and his co-conspirator returned to the apartment, where Wynn allegedly hit the victim with a pistol on the back of the head before firing his gun at the other people in the room and to take four cell phones and a wallet from them. Wynn also attempted to transfer money from the victim’s stolen phone to his own account.

The victim and her friends called the police and, after an investigation, the police identified Wynn as a potential suspect.

Wynn was found in a Norfolk apartment 10 days after the incident. He was arrested after jumping from a second floor balcony and trying to escape from the scene.

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Jordan De Goey pleads in New York court over alleged assault at nightclub

Jordan De Goey was released on bail in New York after pleading not guilty to forced touching and assault charges.

The 25-year-old Collingwood AFL player and his friend Luke Dyson were arrested on Saturday following an alleged incident at a Halloween party involving a woman and her male friend.

Police allege De Goey and Dyson groped the woman on a nightclub dance floor before attacking her friend as he tried to intervene.

The Australian men were arrested and sent to a Manhattan holding cell after the woman called 911.

De Goey – still in a bathrobe, his Halloween costume – appeared before a New York judge around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night (2:30 p.m. AEDT Sunday) to plead not guilty.

He was released on bail and ordered to make one telephone recording per week.

He is due in person in court on December 8, leaving his next moves unclear.

The Collingwood players are set to begin pre-season training in Melbourne on December 6.

De Goey, entering the final year of his AFL contract, remained silent when questioned by reporters as he left the courthouse on bail after midnight in New York City.

Earlier, Collingwood said they had not yet been in contact with the footballer after his arrest.

“Collingwood is aware of a report involving Jordan De Goey,” the statement read.

“The club is trying to contact Jordan, who is in the United States, to determine the facts of the case.

“The club won’t be able to comment further until they do.”

Jordan De Goey pictured at a Halloween party in New York City this week. Credit: Instagram

The AFL said it was aware of the allegations against De Goey.

“The AFL Integrity Department will look into the matter once more information is obtained, so far the AFL is unable to comment,” a statement said.

Dyson posted several videos with De Goey on his Instagram page before the alleged incident.

The couple wore only bathrobes to the Halloween-themed party, joking that they didn’t have an outfit.

They were filmed shirtless posing for the camera, with Dyson pretending to take down a large bottle of vodka.

Luke Dyson and Jordan De Goey at a Halloween party this week.
Luke Dyson and Jordan De Goey at a Halloween party this week. Credit: Instagram

De Goey traveled to America to undergo an intensive fitness program as a W workout center in California before his offer to secure a lucrative contract extension.

He recently appointed his brother-in-law, Melbourne firefighter Ryan Vague, as his new manager.

“Everyone knows their last 12 months on contract are a big time,” De Goey told 7NEWS.

“For me it really starts from now with this preseason.”

Jordan De Goey is entering the last year of his contract with Collingwood.
Jordan De Goey is entering the last year of his contract with Collingwood. Credit: Getty

De Goey was allowed to leave Australia on a permit due to his sponsorship with Monster Energy.

He ran a camp with fitness trainer Johnny Louch in California.

“I wouldn’t say it’s enjoyable, I think that’s definitely what I needed and what’s going to get the best of me,” De Goey said.

“There is a lot of talk about the way I travel right now and to be honest I feel really good.

“It’s a whole different kind of training than I’ve ever done before.”

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State College Women’s Football Raises Over $ 10,000 For Good Day Cafe

The State College girls' soccer team reveals that they have raised $ 10,138 for Good Day Cafe as part of their annual When the Soccer Gets Bigger efforts.

The State College girls’ soccer team reveals that they have raised $ 10,138 for Good Day Cafe as part of their annual When the Soccer Gets Bigger efforts.

[email protected]

What started as an idea of ​​a few seniors and turned into a one-season fundraiser culminated on October 21 with a check for $ 10,138 at the Good Day Cafe.

With the rain pouring in, State College Women’s Football made a commitment to Good Day Cafe ahead of their game against Central Dauphin at North Field. Matt Porter, who is an employee of the cafe, did the coin toss and another employee, Brooke Fisher, sang the national anthem. Good Day Cafe is a State College cafe that employs disabled adults.

“I was a little stunned by that number,” said Cindy Paquinelli, Managing Director of Strawberry Fields Inc. “These girls just raised over $ 10,000 for Good Day Cafe and they are probably our youngest donors. I think it’s so special that these kids feel that way about their community. So it’s overwhelming – it’s a lot of money. I think it’s so wonderful that the school, the coach , parents instill in these kids from an early age that when you live in a community we take care of each other. This football team – we are the third or fourth charity that they have done [this with]. I feel very honored at the Strawberry Fields and the Good Day Cafe.

Located at 286 W. Hamilton Ave., Good Day Cafe was developed by Strawberry Fields Inc. in response to the 80% unemployment rate for adults with special needs. The cafe sells tea, coffee, espresso, breakfast and lunch items, while also supporting people with disabilities. But just like most small businesses, the cafe has seen challenges over the past year and a half due to COVID-19, having to put staff on leave, most of whom fall into the high-risk category. , for their safety.

State College senior Emma Corby said the team tied themselves to the work of Good Day Cafe and “its mission to empower people and enrich lives through meaningful employment,” making them a selection easy as the subject of this year’s “When the Soccer Gets Bigger” campaign. .

“We heard about Good Day Cafe through a relative who was related to the organization,” Corby said. “We really liked that it’s a place where all abilities can contribute and belong to a community and where diversity is celebrated. We just really connected with their mission… so that made sense to our campaign. ”

Although the Little Lions were unable to secure the victory over Central Dauphin, losing 9-1, their season was defined by more than wins and losses – learning to work hard to achieve their goals. while helping others.

The girls worked throughout the year to raise funds, selling green “When the Soccer Gets Bigger” bracelets for $ 2, collecting pledges and promoting fundraising each year. whenever they had the chance. Julia Lundy, mother of senior team members Kate Lundy and junior Grace Lundy, watched her daughters and their teammates struggle to build the fundraiser piece by piece.

“The girls – they did the fundraising, they did the online posting, they did sales at football games and promotional things at school,” Lundy said. “So it’s really run by all the girls. It pushed them beyond finding other people, realizing that there are other communities that need services. They come out of the football field and realize that they can help others.

When the Football Gets Bigger began when the 2021 State College Women’s Football Seniors were freshmen. The program is designed to keep student-athletes engaged in community service by having them choose “a person or organization to raise awareness, support, encourage and help financially” for each year, according to a press release.

The Little Lions have continued the mission of the WSBG through each of their three campaigns. The team raised $ 8,158.23 in 2018 for Center Safe to help raise awareness and fund the fight against domestic violence and sexual violence. In 2019, they raised $ 24,180.29 to support a local family fighting against pediatric cancer. COVID-19 put the program on hiatus last year, but seniors have continued to push to shape this year’s efforts through planning and goal setting.

“It’s great to see them get involved,” State College head coach Todd Roth said. “We’re talking about what the whole concept is: when football gets bigger. They are fantastic football players and teammates and to see them giving back to the community, getting involved and caring about something outside of our squad I couldn’t be more proud of the effort they put there devoted.

State College women’s football travel to Bellefonte on Monday for the District 6, Class 4A semi-final against Mifflin County at 5:30 p.m.

District 6 Football Playoff Schedule for Central County Teams

On Monday

Semi-final 3A boys: No. 2 Bellefonte vs. No. 3 Central Mountain at 7:30 p.m. in Bellefonte

Semi-final 3A girls: # 3 Bellefonte vs. # 2 Tyrone at 5:30 p.m. in Hollidaysburg

4A girls semi-final: No. 3 State College vs. No. 2 Mifflin County at 5:30 p.m. in Bellefonte


2A girls semi-final: Number 6 Bald Eagle Area vs. No. 7 Juniata at 5:30 p.m. at Bald Eagle Area


Girls’ championship class 4A: Winner of State College / Mifflin County against No.1 Altoona at 5:30 p.m. in Bald Eagle Area

Boys championship class 3A: Winner of Bellefonte / Central Mountain against No.1 Hollidaysburg / No. 4 Winner Penn Cambria at 6:00 p.m. at Mansion Park

Boys Championship class 4A: No. 1 State College vs. No. 2 Altoona at 7:30 p.m. at Bald Eagle Area

Girls’ championship class 3A: Winner Bellefonte / Tyrone vs. Hollidaysburg # 1 at 8 p.m. at Mansion Park


Boys Championship class 1A: No. 2 Saint Joseph’s vs. No. 1 West Shamokin at 6 p.m. at Mansion Park

Girls’ championship class 2A: Winner BEA / Juniata against No. 1 Bedford / No. 4th Somerset winner at 8 p.m. at Mansion Park

This story was originally published October 30, 2021 2:36 pm.

Kyle J. Andrews is a 2018 graduate of the University of Baltimore, home of the lifelong undefeated Bees. Prior to going to the Center Daily Times, he was a sports reporter for the Baltimore Sun Media Group, covering the Ravens and Orioles for 105.7 The Fan, Baltimore Beatdown and Fox Sports 1340 AM.

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Is the US helping the January 6 rioters plan a behind-bars sequel?

Strange things are brewing in the DC Correctional Treatment Center, aka DC Prison, where around 40 of the most violent January 6 insurgents are being held.

The men are housed in a unit separate from the other detainees, awaiting trial. These men engage in a number of activities, singing the Star Spangled Banner every evening at 9 p.m. sharp and even by writing a handwritten prison newsletter.

These seemingly small community actions of incarcerated men awaiting trial are exactly how other radical groups have organized and forged their identities in prisons. Some of these groups then became effective forces that challenged armies and governments.

Further, by mixing the die-hard ideologues with others who may falter in their anti-democratic sentiments under adverse conditions – and by not giving them an offramp for their beliefs – DC prison could inadvertently be the box. petri dish of a future American terrorist group.

Prisons are well-known incubators for terrorists. Like I wrote in my book Disruption: Inside the biggest anti-terrorism investigation in history, prisons can be the place where blood ties are forged and grievances are nurtured. Once released, former detainees can unleash their ideological violence. During his sentence, the ideologically committed terrorist can also influence and recruit from among a rotating series of candidates, dragging them into his violent ideology.

Many individuals who had carried out terrorist operations in Europe had been transformed from ordinary, rootless criminals into something much worse while incarcerated. For example, one of the brothers who made the 2015 Charlie hebdo attack on a magazine, Chérif Kouachi, was radicalized during a 20-month stay in a French prison by an Al-Qaeda agent in the same establishment. Another man from the same prison, Amedy Coulibaly, synchronized his attack on a kosher supermarket in the wake of the Charlie hebdo massacre, killing a policeman and massacring four buyers. A number of the 2003 assailants who slammed into trains in Madrid – Europe’s worst terrorist attack in memory – radicalized in Spanish prisons while serving time for minor offenses.

Perhaps the most notorious example of large-scale radicalization happening right under the noses of authorities was at Camp Bucca, a large US-run prison in southern Iraq during the occupation. This place has become a notorious finishing school for jihadists, as diehard ideologues have ruled the prison yard for years without their American overseers paying much attention. Once these people left Camp Bucca, many retained their new friendships and networks, becoming not only forwards but also talent scouts, fundraisers, coaches and quartermasters.

The Camp Bucca detention center.

David Furst / AFP via Getty

Indeed, many of the men who formed the core of the Islamic State spent years incarcerated at Camp Bucca, including its now-deceased leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and several members of its governing council. A former detainee told Al Jazeera that US officials had done little to stop the radicals in the camp. “Extremists had the freedom to educate young detainees,” he said. “I saw them teaching using classroom charts on how to use explosives, weapons and how to become suicide bombers.” The same dynamic appears to be at play in Egyptian prisons, where Islamic State ideologues are recruiting new members for the cause.

Radical groups even exploit prison sentences as symbolic acts in their greater struggles. Paradoxically, a prison sentence confers a certain degree of gravity on a subset of individuals, making it easier for them to recruit new people from outside for the cause. Adolf Hitler’s stint in Landsberg prison after the Beer Hall putsch became an important ideological touchstone for the Nazis. Most of the senior Irish Republican Army have passed through British prisons and left as the heroes of the cause – or its martyrs, like Bobby Sands, who died on hunger strike. Palestinians celebrate Palestinian Prisoner Day every April 17, cementing the time spent by terrorists and non-terrorists in Israeli prisons to a larger ideological struggle.

Rioters besieging the Capitol on January 6.

Lev Radin / Pacific Press via Getty

Which brings us back to the January 6 insurgents in DC jail. Some indeed might have realized the error of their ways. But those who might want to turn away from radicalization Jan 6 style in DC Prison may be more at risk inside the facility, as they are housed with dedicated people to deepen their engagement. ideological. At the end of October, a federal judge released Thomas Sibick, accused of assaulting Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone and stealing his badge and radio, from prison while awaiting trial at his parents’ home. , in part to escape others. But social pressure on those still in custody to remain loyal to Trump and “the cause” must be strong, especially when surrounded by like-minded violent individuals. Mixing the committed ideologues with the less committed, and letting the former lead their unit as they wish without too much interference, is precisely how radical groups strengthen their power.

Are the prison authorities meticulously monitoring the activities of the January 6 people? Probably not. DC Jail suffers from many other issues, such as overcrowding, understaffing, and poor living conditions overall. Either way, the United States is unlikely to do much to stop these efforts at recruiting and ideological indoctrination. A few years ago, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York noted that there were “few de-radicalization programs or initiatives in place that aim to rehabilitate and assist extremists. to reintegrate into society as legal individuals ”. And this recruitment is certainly happening in US prisons right now: for example, a federal inmate in a Texas prison in October 2020 was sentenced to an additional 300 months for actively recruiting other inmates for the Islamic State.

It is difficult for a radical ideology to exist for long without a committed human infrastructure. But we have seen that several federal politicians publicly support the insurgents, calling them “political hostages” who are “persecuted” for their beliefs. Former President Donald Trump wrote in September: “Our hearts and minds are with those so unfairly persecuted in connection with the January 6 protest over the rigged presidential election… Ultimately, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVISE! There were also small rallies on their behalf as well as a letter-writing campaign by Trump supporters. Those involved in the January 6 uprising are on both sides of the prison walls and in the halls of Congress.

Thus, between the identities reinforced inside a prison and the obvious slice of political support outside, we can see the emergence of a new radical group – with a national network and skilled ideological agents. – ready to threaten the streets of America. in the years to come.

A future fighting force may have cut its teeth not on Capitol Hill grounds on January 6, but in the bowels of a prison a few miles away and months later.

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Concerns over regulating nightclub bouncers amid fears of an increase in fortified drinks

Questions have been raised about the number of club and pub bouncers complying with Security Industry Authority regulations, despite assurances from the Minister of Justice that his department regularly engages with the industry.

DLP MP Sinead McLaughlin asked the minister about industry regulations following the growing number of reports of fortified drinks in recent weeks.

And as nightclubs open for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown on Sunday night, there are fears the number of reported incidents may increase.

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Sidney limits outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes – Victoria News

There will be fewer outdoor options for those dining out in Sidney.

Sidney’s council repealed a temporary bylaw passed in the summer of 2020 that allowed local restaurants and cafes to convert up to 50% of their required parking space to outdoor seating (assuming it didn’t (there is no reduction in the existing number of designated accessible parking spaces).

Council made this decision after receiving a staff report. “Staff believe the change should be revoked at this time due to provincial protocols in place,” said Alison Verhagen, current senior planning director. As the report notes, Sidney introduced the temporary measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, while physical distancing protocols and indoor dining limits affected the seating capacity inside these businesses. .

“While the pandemic is still ongoing, the province now allows indoor dining and requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all customers dining inside and outside at a restaurant or restaurant. a pub ”, we read. “(Therefore) restaurants are less restricted in their operations and may no longer need this allocation of parking spaces to complete their operations.”

The Council first adopted the provisional regulation in June 2020, subject to its cancellation no later than six months. He was back before the board in October 2020, with the board renewing it subject to consideration of the repeal of the by-law in October 2021.

Verhagen said staff contacted both restaurants using the settlement last week. “One of them effectively removed their outdoor patio,” she said, adding that the other did not respond to the municipality after receiving the information.

The Council’s vote in favor of the repeal of the provisional regulation was unanimous.

Companies interested in continuing to offer outdoor seating can apply for a permit from the municipality.

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Restaurants Sidney

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Product Shortages Affect Local Restaurants | Business

Many businesses face product and food shortages, and local restaurants must adapt to unpredictable changes in unique ways.

Adams Bar & Grill co-owner Whitney Loehnig said product shortages were weekly. She noted that she and her staff have responded to product shortages by getting creative, mixing menu items and advising their customers to try different menu items.

“It seems like every week we have, we place orders three days a week. And it seems like every day is something that comes out or only happens the following week, out of stock. So it’s a constant battle, ”Loehnig said. “And like I said, it’s all across the board.

She explained that Adams responded to their shortages by getting a new supplier, which is beneficial as they added a new delivery day. In addition, she said that they have run different promotions based on their available items.

“(The) quality of our food is our most important concern,” Loehnig noted. “And so if we’re running out of something, it’s just because we’re not willing to sacrifice quality for it.”

She praised her husband for doing everything to ensure that the business has food and that its shortages are rare.

Loehnig said it was amazing how understanding and cooperative their customers were when responding to menu items that weren’t available.

Like Adams, Pappy’s Grill & Pub owner Michelle Margulies said product shortages vary and are inconsistent. Margulies said Pappy’s had shortages of items such as chicken, take-out containers, onion rings and jalapeño poppers.

Along with sporadic shortages, Loehnig added that Adams has seen a dramatic rise in prices.

“Our price increase has been astronomical, nothing we haven’t seen since we’ve been in the restaurant business. It’s clear across the board, it’s all in place, and I’m talking about, you know, top ends of over 60 percent on some items, ”she said. “It’s been a whirlwind trying to get this under control.”

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Local bars and restaurants prepare for an active weekend

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (FOX 47) – The scariest vacation of the year is fast approaching. Kids will be heading to the neighborhood for treats on Sunday, but in the days leading up to the family affair, young adults tend to spend Halloween in a different way.

“This weekend is busy,” said Andy Ferguson, co-owner of Bitter and Pour. “It’s always a crazy, busy weekend. It’s funny. Usually I have no problem because people are in a good mood.

Like other bars and restaurants in downtown Rochester, Bitter and Pour prepares for an active weekend.

“It’s very busy,” Ferguson said. “Weekends downtown are usually pretty busy anyway. But, it is a longer period of activity. Instead of being busy from 7 a.m. to midnight, it’s 6 a.m. to midnight. You are full all the time. It’s not half full, half full, it’s just full.

With a vacation known to disguise yourself as someone other than yourself, there could be a question of safety. But Ferguson is not worried.

“We don’t allow people under the age of 21 to come in. To have a drink you have to be seated,” he said.

Plus, as someone who has worked in the industry, he knows how to spot a forger.

Bitter and Pour’s Andy Ferguson is ready for the busy Halloween weekend ahead and is confident he’ll be safe too. “You can usually choose a minor,” he said.

“You can usually choose a minor. Some of them might have been in places a while and they could get good, ”Ferguson said. “But they’re clumsy, hide in a corner, have someone else order for them. They won’t make eye contact with you. There is little clue they give you that they could be sketchy. We don’t have a generally younger crowd here.

Just down the street, CRAVE is adding patrols to keep up with what is sure to be a busy rooftop weekend.

“We’ll have more security,” said Hannah White, CRAVE Services Manager. “We will have cooks, managers who will step in and be at the door. And make sure people are safe.

Friday, Aventi Entertainment transforms the CRAVE rooftop into a dance floor.

“They take the whole floor, it’s a huge dance floor with fog and lights,” White said. “… We are very busy and people are having fun dancing. “

The Aventi Entertainment team then heads to the Workshop Foodhall and Bar on Saturday.

The roof of CRAVE turns into a nightclub with the help of Aventi Entertainment. “We work very well with them,” said Hannah White, CRAVE Services Manager.

“We are working very well with them,” White said. “We work as a team. We make sure they’re safe, they make sure we’re safe. We sort of do everything together.

Costumes and all, downtown employees are confident Halloween weekend will be sure to be.

“If someone comes in with a full gorilla mask, or any mask, I’ll just ask them to live it real quick,” Ferguson said. “I mean, they’re gonna have to do it anyway, have a drink of their cocktail.”

Weekend Halloween Events:

-The Mayo Civic Center welcomes Rochester on Tap for its third year. On Saturday there will be a Halloween costume contest with a prize of $ 500.

–Halloween Hootenanny at TheFarm, 7 p.m. potluck

-Trunk or Treat events, Sunday

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Eatery Business

Best Personal Loans For Fair Loans In October 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Launched in 2017, Upgrade offers accessible online and mobile credit and banking services in all states except Iowa, Vermont, and West Virginia. Since then, the platform has provided more than $ 3 billion in loans to more than 10 million applicants and continues to expand its online and mobile services. Although the maximum APR are on the high end compared to other online lenders, Upgrade does make loans available for those with poor credit ratings.

Loan amounts that start at just $ 1,000 are flexible but capped at $ 35,000 – lower than lenders who focus on more creditworthy borrowers. Three and five year loan periods are available. Upgrade will charge a commitment fee of between 2.9% and 8% of the loan, and borrowers will pay a $ 10 fee if their payment is delayed or missed by more than 15 days; there are no discounts for autopay. However, upgrade borrowers are not subject to prepayment penalties, so if you can prepay it early, you can reduce the total cost of the loan.

In addition to offering accessible personal loans, Upgrade is optimizing the lending process with a mobile app that borrowers can use to view their account balance, make payments and update personal information. Upgrade’s Credit Heath tool also makes it easy for you to keep track of your credit history over the life of your loan.

Eligibility to participate: Prospective borrowers should have a minimum score of 580 to qualify for an upgrade personal loan (the average borrower score is 697), making it an accessible option for those with fair credit. In addition, the lender does not require applicants to meet a minimum income, although borrowers make an average of $ 95,000 per year. Applicants should have a maximum pre-loan debt to income ratio of 45%, excluding their mortgage.

The lender also takes into account each applicant’s free cash flow, which shows their likely ability to make consistent loan payments on time. Ideally, applicants should have a minimum monthly cash flow of $ 800.

Upgrade increases the accessibility of the loan by also allowing co-applicants.

Credit used: As with most other personal loans, Upgrade Loans must be used to pay off credit cards, consolidate other debts, do home improvement, or pay for other large purchases. However, Upgrade stands out from some lenders by allowing borrowers to use personal loan funds to cover business expenses. Additionally, Upgrade pays out third-party lenders directly, making debt consolidation more convenient than some competing lenders.

Apart from the legally prescribed prohibitions on the use of upgrade loans, there are no special prohibitions.

Change of page: Once an upgrade loan is approved, it typically takes up to four business days for a borrower to receive the funds. However, if Upgrade is paying off a borrower’s loan directly to an outside lender, it can take up to two weeks for the funds to clear.

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The Best Low Interest Personal Loans In November 2021 – Forbes Advisor

A US bank personal loan gives you quick access to funds for your one-time financing needs, whether it’s to consolidate your debt or to cover large expenses. US Bank offers existing US bank customers unsecured personal loans between $ 1,000 and $ 25,000. The loan terms are between 12 and 60 months.

The US Bank’s loans have low interest rates of 5.99% to 16.49%, depending on their creditworthiness, which include an autopay discount of 0.50%. Higher credit borrowers are more likely to qualify for interest rates on the lower end of the spectrum. Similar to other top providers, the US Bank does not charge any commitment fees and there is no prepayment penalty, so you can always make loan payments before they are due.

Applying for a US bank loan is easy and can be done online. However, you must be a current US bank customer. Some customers may need to visit a US bank branch if additional information or documentation is required.

Eligibility to participate: The US bank requires applicants to be existing US bank customers. If you’re a current customer, you can qualify for a personal loan with a credit score of at least 680. However, those with a credit score of 680 will not benefit from the lowest interest rates available.

Since you may need to go to a branch to take out your loan, you need to live near a physical location. US Bank has offices in 26 states: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon , South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Credit used: US Bank personal loans can be used for any purchase or product other than residential or educational expenses. For example, they can cover vacation expenses, home renovations, medical bills, or help consolidate debts like credit cards.

Change of page: An applicant will typically know their loan approval status in less than a minute. If you qualify for the personal loan, you can finance your loan online; However, you may need to visit a branch if a US bank representative needs more information. Once your loan has been completed, the funds will be available to you within one working day.

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Isolation rooms and social distance of one meter in the queues of bars

Updated 1 hour ago

Patrons of nightclubs and nightlife events will be required to adhere to a one-meter social distancing rule when lining up for the bar in accordance with revised guidelines released tonight.

The government announced new proposals for the sector on Tuesday evening, which indicated that ticketing for nightclubs and events would be electronic and would need to be booked by customers at least an hour in advance. This rule comes into effect tomorrow.

Tickets must also contain personal information to enable “robust contact tracing”.

The updated regulations released today, putting the new rules into effect, state that from tomorrow, customers will only be able to approach the bar to order, pay for or collect food or drink.

A social distancing of one meter must be respected in the queue, and be supervised by an employee.

Regulations also suggest that smoking areas may also require monitoring and management to avoid overcrowding.

Masks must be worn at all times by staff and by customers who are not dancing, drinking or eating.

In the case of a transformation of a room into a nightclub or nightclub, customers present during the changeover will not have to go out but will still have to bring an electronic ticket.

The regulations also state that performers should not be allowed to participate in “high-risk activities” such as crowd surfing, moving around in crowds, or throwing personal items into crowds.

For guests showing symptoms of Covid-19, organizers should provide isolation rooms to allow the person to remain isolated before returning home, or to facilitate the presence of a doctor.

Event organizers are also advised to develop a media strategy in the event of a positive case or outbreak of Covid-19 following an event.

“It can take the form of an expectation statement with some key points and information. This will help protect the reputation of the venue and the organizers and reassure customers, ”says the regulation.

Teething problems

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar admitted earlier this week that there would be “start-up problems” with the new system and that the new rules would be kept under “constant review”.

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Talk to The newspaper in Ashbourne in County Meath on Tuesday, he said the most important thing was to keep the nightlife industry open, but that such rules “exist for a reason”.

“To be very frank, I think there are going to be some start-up and implementation issues,” he said.

Varadkar said the government would continue to engage with the sector, but defended the restrictions, saying they had to be put in place to “keep people safe.”

The first government guidelines for nightclubs were released on Friday night, just before the clubs reopened for the first time in nearly 600 days.

The guidelines said that in addition to a Covid-19 certificate and photo ID, anyone attending a nightclub will need to have purchased a ticket in advance.

With a report by Cónal Thomas and Christina Finn.

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Genshin Impact Developers Team Up With San Juan Cafe For “HoYo Fest”

Michelle Lojo –

October 28, 2021 | 10:24 am

MANILA, Philippines – Genshin Impact MiHoYo’s annual developer celebration for its games and gamers, HoYo Fest is heading to Southeast Asia in November with multiple cafe collaborations, including one in the Philippines.

Local cafes will host events to celebrate the myriad of titles from game developers.

In the Philippines, MiHoYo collaborated with Moon Rabbit Café + Restaurant in San Juan.

While food, take-out and delivery options are available, miHoYo encourages fans to order through take-out or deliver for the health and safety of all during the continuing threat of COVID-19.

The Collaboration Cafe is slated to open on November 5 with miHoYo’s main theme Honkai Impact.

Tears of Themis will follow on November 19 and Genshin Impact will close the Collaboration Café from December 3 to 14.

In addition to specific events, players can enjoy menus inspired by miHoYo tiles, as well as exclusive products available in pop-up stores in select cafes.

For more details on the event, menu prices, merchandise available, and specific COVID-19 protocols, you can visit the official HoYo FEST website.

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Restaurants are creative in keeping menu prices low for customers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – Restaurant owners across the country are facing higher food and labor costs, but increasing menu prices isn’t an option many want to consider .

“I know restaurants change their menus every week and raise the prices a bit here, a bit there, but to be price-friendly and price-conscious you have to be flexible on your menu,” says Vino Grille & Spirits co. – Owner Chuck Van Fleet.

He says the changes to his menu have come at no cost to customers, adding that “the fillets have gone up by over $ 10 a pound. When we looked at the price we were going to have to charge, we said we weren’t going to use nets anymore, so we went to New York. “

With supply chain shortages, many foods and everyday products used by restaurants are much more expensive.

Van Fleet says: “The price of lemons and limes per case has doubled. Due to the drought and the lack of water, we get an inferior product. Cooking oil has also doubled in price.

Delivery delays also have an impact on restaurants.

“It’s hard to get Italian, French, Spanish wine, but you also look at wineries that can’t get the glass to put the juice in,” Van Fleet said.

Restaurants like Vino Grille and Spirits are taking advantage of the addition of outdoor dining areas and hosting banquets to equalize costs, but that brings up another problem: finding employees.

While the future is uncertain about restaurant overhead costs in the coming months, there are programs to help them recover from the pandemic.

Earlier this month, California decided to expand the sale of take-out cocktails and maintain alcohol service for alfresco dining in parklets.

Copyright © 2021 KFSN-TV. All rights reserved.

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The Daily Bar will open next month in the Italian village

COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) – One of the owners of The Daily Growler is opening a new bar.

John W. Blakely, who owns the three-unit beer bar with his parents, is on his own with The Daily Bar, which will open on November 5 at 883 N. 4e St. in the Italian village.

“It’s a place that invites you to linger,” said Blakely. “More funky. More madness, more my personal aesthetic.

The bar takes up a 2,000 square foot freestanding building tucked away in the middle of all new construction on 4e Street. The building was built in 1900 and is the oldest of its type in the Italian village.

Blakely said he ogled this space as early as 2017 when they were preparing the Brewery District / German Village bar. The time was not right then given this project, but it is now.

One of the perks of the wait was the influx of other dining establishments that made their way to Italian Village.

Blakely said he was excited to join this bustling part of the neighborhood. His only regret is that he was unable to open in time to take advantage of the space patio during the summer.

The Daily Bar isn’t giving up on beer – there will be 40 beer, cider, and seltzer choices on tap – but the new space will be more of a traditional bar than The Daily Growler locations, which make for a solid beer business. to take away.

“We actually do more sales on-site than outside (at the Daily Growler), but it’s more of a take-out business,” he said. “I mean, Growler is right there in the name.”

While The Daily Growler started with beer and has gradually added wine and cocktails, The Daily Bar will have a full cocktail list and wine offering from the jump.

Blakely’s personal tastes will also be on the menu. The bar will offer a wide selection of Ports, one of his favorites which he says is under-represented in town. It will also have a soda water faucet – regular soda water, not a flavor – which will be used for the bar’s spritz menu.

“Simple drinks,” he said. “One or two ingredients.”

The decor is vintage with wallpaper, colorful tiles, and pews. Unlike the Daily Growler’s electronic menu boards, the Daily Bar will have old-fashioned paper menus (although there is a QR code for those who want the menu on their phone).

The Daily Bar will be managed by Ryan Williams, former House Beer and Platform Beer Co.

The opening event on November 5 will feature the Biscuit Boss and Sweet T’s Southern Style food trucks.

The building has a dedicated car park at the back of the building and a common car park for its 4e Entrance street.

For more business news, visit

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Eatery Business

The pros and cons of unsecured loans

LOS ANGELES, Oct 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Loan buyers should consider a variety of factors when looking for the right loan for their needs, including whether they will get secured or unsecured loans. Unsecured loans can be a great option for borrowers who have to pay for expenses such as major purchases or medical expenses without the use of collateral, but it is important to weigh the pros and cons before proceeding with one. Here is how unsecured personal loans Work, the pros and cons, and how they compare to secured loans.

What are Unsecured Loans?

Unsecured loans are loans that do not require the borrower to use any asset they own as collateral to secure the loan. Lenders offering this type of loan take into account factors such as the borrower’s creditworthiness, income, employment history, and current debts when deciding whether to approve it.

Some examples of unsecured loans are:

  • Installment Loans

  • Cash withdrawals

  • Credit cards

  • Credit lines

Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

Unlike unsecured loans, secured loans such as mortgages and auto loans require that the borrower leave collateral to secure the loan. If the borrower defaults – meaning they won’t pay back their loan – the lender can repossess and sell the asset to offset their losses.

The benefits of unsecured loans

Simple application process

Many unsecured loans are very easy and quick to apply for. Many online lenders have a short application process that only asks for some basic personal and financial information. In many cases, the borrower can complete the application within minutes and receive their loan either on the day of application or the next banking day.

No danger to personal property

Since no collateral is required for unsecured loans, the borrower does not have to risk any valuable items in order to obtain the loan. This can be helpful when the borrower’s personal property is useful or has sentimental value.

The disadvantages of unsecured loans

Less favorable terms

Lenders can offer better terms on secured loans when the borrower’s collateral is in place as the loan is considered less risky. Borrowers applying for unsecured loans can get higher interest rates, which translates into higher payments.

Additionally, the amount of credit the lender is offering may be less as they have no asset of value to base the amount on. This means that for bad credit borrowers, it may take more time and research to find an unsecured loan with loan terms that are suitable for their situation.

Effects on creditworthiness

Unsecured loans have no collateral, so borrowers who fail to meet their repayment obligations can receive collection notices and have a negative impact on their creditworthiness, making it harder to obtain loans in the future.

The bottom line

Unsecured loans provide borrowers with a quick way to get a loan without using any personal property as collateral. And there are many lenders who have milder credit standards, so borrowers may still be approved with poor or fair credit. Borrowers should research and compare options to find the right loan for their needs.

Note: The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only. Check with your financial advisor about your financial situation.

Contact: [email protected]

This content was published by the Press release distribution service on

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Inside Kerry’s first alcohol-free nightclub as opening night sold out

Kerry’s first alcohol-free nightclub will open on Thursday, promising “0% alcohol and 100% craic”.

The Virtue Club in Tralee, Co. Kerry is now fully booked for its launch party which will run from 7pm to 11pm.

Nightclub organizer Lisa Curran said the idea came about after realizing there was a void in the market for those who don’t drink but still want to hang out.

Speaking to Newstalk’s Lunchtime Live, she said: “It comes from a personal perspective – I think when you’re over 30 drinking isn’t so much fun anymore.

Disco (stock image)

“You want to sit down and talk to people, and you want to make real connections with like-minded people.

“We looked for studies when we got the idea – myself and Ger O’Sullivan – of what people really do with alcohol.

“And we’ve found that 25% of the adult population in Ireland don’t drink – and they don’t have a place to go where they’re not surrounded by other drinkers, or with peer pressure.”

Guests will enjoy renowned tapas and sharing platters as well as soft drinks and live music at the exclusive launch party.

Drinks offered

The nightclub announced that it will offer drinks such as:

Heineken 0.0%

0.0% Cronin cider

Carlsberg 0.0%

Kopperberg strawberry and lime 0.0%

Selection of non-alcoholic cocktails

Wine options


The nightclub will offer a variety of entertainment on launch night, from magicians to musicians.

The first host of the evening will be Magic Steve.

Announcing the lineup, the Virtue Club said, “MagicSteve is Co Kerry’s # 1 family entertainer! By putting the mind in mentalism, magic in magic and com in comedy, you will never see another show like a MagicSteve show!

“He’s a comedy wizard like no other with comedically executed magic and magically executed comedy leading to both magical and comedic comedy magic!

“With appearances nationwide and on TV, MagicSteve will keep you and your guests entertained, no matter how old (or young) you are! “

Gillzie Fitz will be the second artist to take the stage.

The Virtue Club said: ‘Crowned’ One to Watch ‘after the Funny Women Awards 2020, from Kerry, Gillian Fitzgerald has brought her sharp wit and hilarious anecdotes to audiences across Ireland and beyond.

“In August 2019, she presented her show ‘Friends with No Benefits’ with two fellow comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has also performed in major festivals such as Electric Picnic and The Vodafone Comedy Festival.

“Gillian performs regularly all over Ireland. Gillian’s sets cover everything from dating tribulations in the Tinder era to creepy tactics used by a loving Irish mother.

“As a recent semi-finalist of RTE’s Stand Up and Be Funny competition, whatever she’s talking about, Gillian captivates her audience and makes her one of the most promising Irish actresses.”

Finally, Michael Wager will take the stage with an acoustic set with the frontman of ‘Queenless Kings’.

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Fintech firms offer on-demand personal loans. Do you have to be careful?

Almost every other day you will receive a message stating that you are eligible for a pre-qualified personal loan, but getting one has not always been easy. That has now changed to a certain extent as fintech firms and platforms come into play.

A personal loan is unsecured, unlike a home loan where the house is the security that secures it. Hence, a person comes with high interest rates of up to 24 percent plus a lot of paperwork. However, with the advent of fintechs, the entire lending process has changed.

“Fintechs have changed the area of ​​finance through improved and convenient access to credit. They use digital lending to deliver personal loans quickly and with a more refined customer experience, ”says Vivek Veda, co-founder and CFO of KreditBee, a personal loan platform, and co-founder of FACE (Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment).

Better access to personal loans

The fundamental reason traditional lenders are unable to provide loans to borrowers is the lack of data to back them up. “Unlike traditional lenders, fintechs use advanced AI models powered by efficient underwriting algorithms to use alternative data to assess borrowers’ current and future cash flows and more effectively assess their repayment ability,” says Veda.

This has enabled them to offer tailored and more personalized financing products to new customers otherwise underserved by traditional lenders.

Traditional banks look at criteria such as loan duration, debt level, salary, financial history and repayment rate to assess the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. However, this leaves out many potential borrowers with the ability to repay loans due to the lack of standard data researched by these traditional lenders.

“As fintech borrowers analyze alternative data such as borrower’s rent, utilities and auto payments, this information helps lenders weigh the risks of that particular borrower, whether or not the borrower has a creditworthiness,” said Agrees Gaurav Jalan, CEO and founder, mPokket, an app lending platform.

documents required

Traditional lenders often require proof of residence (vacation and license agreement / utility bill (not older than three months) / passport), proof of identity (passport / driver’s license / electoral ID / PAN card) and pay slips for the last two or three months or the bank statement of the Borrower.

Fintech firms don’t always have such borrowers, who often only need a copy of the borrower’s PAN and Aadhar card. In the case of a self-employed person, the borrower may also be asked to provide additional documents such as proof of business or evidence of business continuity, or even the company’s income statement, depending on the lender’s requirements. In some cases, fintechs could also ask for bank statements from the last few months. But that’s not always a prerequisite, ”says Jalan.

The KYC process

Fintechs use the most efficient forms of customer verification processes with digital KYC and video KYC as opposed to traditional personal KYC, ”says Veda. These are paperless processes in which the fintechs check and process live photos and the Aadhaar ID of the borrowers online.

The officially valid documents (OVDs) such as Aadhaar, PAN Card or driver’s license are submitted online without the borrower having to get out and visit a financial institution. Video KYCs saw a boom during the pandemic, with an agent or auditor collecting the details using video-audio capabilities and AI technology.

“Borrowers can complete their KYC digitally using Aadhaar’s OTP-based e-KYC and then video-call the lender’s representative for audio-video-based verification. The video KYC would be conducted through a live video feed with the agent, which would take a photo of the borrower and clear pictures of the documents to be verified, ”says Jalan.

Reasons for rejection

However, personal loans can be turned down by lenders for a number of reasons. Easiest of all, it may be that the borrower has not filled in their personal information correctly or has not provided the lender with the complete information as required. “All borrowers must meet the minimum KYC requirements set by the RBI. Traditional lenders often turn down borrowers when their creditworthiness is low or the borrower has a lot of outstanding credit, ”says Jalan.

Lenders can also decline a personal loan application if a borrower does not have a permanent job or changes jobs frequently. The borrower’s income is also an important consideration when deciding on creditworthiness.

Keep in mind

Personal loans should be kept as the last option when you need money. “Make sure you have the option to repay,” said AK Narayan, CEO of AK Narayan Associates, a financial planning company.

It is also important that you make your family aware of your financial obligations and not take out too many loans at the same time. The idea is not to have too much debt.

Also, before taking out a personal loan, make sure the EMI is suitable to avoid defaults. “The availability of a loan should never be a factor in obtaining such loans,” says Narayan.

Also, you shouldn’t inquire about a personal loan from multiple lenders as it can affect your creditworthiness.

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New: at the Big Big Table nonprofit cafe, pay what you want

Photo courtesy of Big Big Table

Advertise any efforts to help disadvantaged people on social media and you can bet your last Bitcoin .000000001 the self-proclaimed sympathy police will be to shoot first, ask questions later.

That’s exactly what happened when news of a new pay-per-view restaurant on Buffalo’s West Side hit Facebook. “How will this place make a profit?” ” asked armchair contractors, obviously not realizing that the restaurant is not for profit.

Yes, the non-profit Big Big Table is based on a viable concept and similar restaurants across the country have had success with it. It works like this: you get a meal and pay whatever you want, whether it’s 20 cents or 20 dollars, and if you can’t pay, you can volunteer to “work on your bill.” The cafe also accepts food donations as payment.


Photo courtesy of Big Big Table

While restaurant receipts play a role in covering costs, Big Big Table is not completely dependent on it for its most important expenses: labor and ingredients. In addition to getting free labor from “paying customers,” the restaurant has mostly volunteer staff. Meanwhile, many products purchased for the restaurant’s kitchen come from donations.

According to Stephanie Smith, chair of the Big Big Table board, the coffee has received a lot of ingredients from local farmers looking to get rid of distressed produce that they are unable to sell. It’s an arrangement that allows farmers to reverse a charitable donation, reduce food waste, and feed those who need it most.

“If I’m a farmer and have a bunch of bruised pumpkins, I could bring home some for my family, friends and neighbors, but I will feel a lot better knowing that they will be used for feed the people, ”Smith said. “They’re probably not going to generate any income on this product anyway. They may feel good that there is less food waste and that their work continues to feed people.


Photo courtesy of Big Big Table

To be fair to the Facebook comment squad, it’s not a simple concept. There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of generosity. It wouldn’t work in all neighborhoods either. With a large underprivileged population and a liberal culture (judging by the number of India Walton road signs), the West Side is the perfect place for a la carte coffee.

“(We have to) be very accessible to those who need our food the most,” Smith said. “But also close to those who are really enthusiastic about our model; the people who get it. These people come in and are happy to pay $ 20 for their meal. They say, ‘Hey, I’m going to cover my meal and the meals for the next two people.’ “

Photo courtesy of Big Big Table

It’s easy to look at that and be cynical. There is no free lunch, they say. But like cynicism, generosity is part of human nature, and at Big Big Table, generosity goes both ways. People willing to pay a little more can help other customers. People who can’t pay are often willing to do the dishes or sweep the floor in exchange for a hot meal.

“When they receive something, people feel a lot more dignity when there is a way to give something back,” Smith said. “Everyone feels good when they can give back. “

If you are interested in giving back, Big Big Table is currently looking for volunteers and some promotions. If you can’t volunteer your time, consider sharing this article. Or you can just go out there and drop $ 20 on lunch.

Opening Hours: Days of the week 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Large Large Table

272 Hudson St. Buffalo, NY 14201 • $$



Cafe / Cafe, Counter Service / Quick Casual

Our mission is to provide a dignified response to hunger in our community, by providing Buffalo and Western New York with accessible, affordable, nutritious and delicious products …

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Sarasota’s Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants at Bradenton Beach

While we love our Florida beach bars and oceanfront restaurants, we also love to drink and maybe dine on a fab rooftop. Just five years ago, however, there were few or none in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Fortunately, that all started to change in 2017, with openings continuing through 2020. Shown from oldest to newest, here’s a look at our five favorite rooftop bars and restaurants for cocktails, craft beers and can. -be a light bite or even a full meal.

Ticket Information Bulletin:Sign up for the latest news on things to do, restaurants and more every Friday

Restaurant Reviews:Best things to eat in Sarasota-Manatee, October 20-26

10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Sarasota:serve Florida stone crab from October 15 to May 1

The rooftop bar and eats

100 Marina View Drive, Sarasota; 941-217-4777;

Opened in 2017 and located on the 19th floor of the Westin Sarasota, the Roof Bar and Eats easily offers the highest vantage point of any rooftop bar in downtown Sarasota with spectacular views of the waterfront and the city ​​skyline. The pool is only available to hotel guests, but is otherwise open to the public, drawing visitors in for its expansive views of downtown and Sarasota Bay. The Roof Bar and Eats offers a selection of craft cocktails, beer, and wine, along with a menu of laptops and small platters such as burgers and quesadillas. There are a variety of living room furniture to take your drink or meal, including fire pits when it gets colder at night.

7 best restaurants, bars and hotels in downtown Sarasota:near Van Wezel, Mangrove Walkway and The Bay

Bar tab:The Roof Bar and Eats at Westin Sarasota dazzles with its view

The Perspective Rooftop Pool Bar is located at the Art Ovation Hotel in the Theater District of downtown Sarasota.

Rooftop pool bar in perspective

1255 N. Palm Ave., Sarasota; 941-316-0808;

Part of the Art Ovation Hotel in the Theater District of downtown Sarasota, this eighth-floor rooftop bar opened in 2018. The Perspective Pool is for hotel guests only (except when you buy a day pass), but is otherwise open to the public, with its own view of Sarasota Bay and downtown, and late-night Fridays and Saturdays that draw a nightlife crowd. It also regularly hosts events, including a rooftop reggae party hosted by Shantel Norman of Jah Movement. The Perspective’s menu offers signature and classic cocktails, beer and wine, as well as dishes such as a burger and a blackened grouper sandwich.

Sarasota Bucket List:100 fun things to do in Sarasota County, including restaurants, bars, beaches and more!

Bar tab:Art Ovation Offers Another Rooftop Bar Option In Sarasota

In downtown Sarasota, Sage serves a selection of creative cocktails, beers and wines at its rooftop bar.


1216 First St., Sarasota; 941-445-5660;

Opened in 2019 in the former Sarasota Times building on the National Register of Historic Places, Sage recently reopened its rooftop bar on the fourth floor. In addition to its historic background, the allure of Sage’s rooftop bar is its privacy, not reaching the heights of its downtown counterparts, but almost feeling like it is hanging out on the rooftop of Sage. ‘a friend, also with a big home. Sage serves a selection of creative cocktails, beer and wine, and plans to offer a menu of dishes on its rooftop in the near future. For now, you can go downstairs to try its acclaimed international cuisine.

Bar tab:Sage, another welcome addition to downtown Sarasota’s rooftop bar scene

News from restaurants and bars:Restaurant Sage, rooftop bar now open in downtown Sarasota

The Deck at Oak & Stone in downtown Bradenton is a 3,400 square foot rooftop bar with stunning views of the Manatee River.

The terrace at Oak & Stone

1201 First Avenue West, Bradenton; 941-357-4306;

Opened in late 2019 and located atop the eight-story Springhill Suites hotel in downtown Bradenton, The Deck at Oak & Stone overlooks the Manatee River with views of the Palmetto Shore, Tampa Bay, and the Bridge Sunshine Skyway. At the covered rooftop bar you can order from their menu of craft cocktails or help yourself to the beer wall with taps for craft beers, ciders and wine selections. There is also a large open-air space with several seating areas with coffee tables and fire pits. Hunger? The Deck now offers Oak & Stone’s full menu with thin crust pizzas, oven-roasted chicken wings and a tasty burger.

Best restaurants in downtown Bradenton:And what to eat and drink once there!

10 best restaurants by the water:for alfresco dining in the Bradenton area

Daiquiri Deck Restaurant and Bar opened its location on Anna Maria Island, on Bridge Street in the town of Bradenton Beach, in March 2020. This photo was taken on March 8, 2020.

Daiquiri Bridge Anna Maria Island

107 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach; 941-253-3300;

The Sarasota-based Daiquiri Deck has five impressive locations, but our favorite is the most recent, which opened on Anna Maria Island in early 2020. Located near the west end of bustling Bridge Street in the small town of Bradenton Beach, it occupies the second and third floors of a beautiful new Key West-style building. The rooftop bar and accompanying terrace offer views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as much of the island, as no structure can exceed three stories. Along with the alcohol infused slushies that made the Daiquiri Deck famous, they also offer seafood and raw sea bass, along with plenty of other menu items.

Bradenton Bucket List:100 Fun Things To Do In The Bradenton Area Including Restaurants, Bars And Beaches!

The 10 Best Places to Visit in Manatee County:And what to do once there!

Wade Tatangelo, the entertainment and dining editor of the Herald-Tribune, can be contacted by email at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Email entertainment reporter Jimmy Geurts at [email protected] Support local journalism by subscribing.

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Meeting to finalize the operation of nightclubs and nightlife establishments

Government officials and industry stakeholders are scheduled to meet on Tuesday morning to finalize plans for the operation of nightclubs and night spots in the coming months.

The Ministry of Enterprise and the Ministry of Arts and Culture will hold a meeting on the new guidelines in which groups representing pubs, nightclubs and theaters will also participate.

One of the main sticking points is the requirement for venues to give customers tickets that need to be secured prior to the event.

As part of the plan, tickets must be purchased in advance for live events and nightclubs where attendees are not seated “in order to facilitate contact tracing and to avoid mass gatherings at home. ‘outside the premises by walk-in clients’. Details will be sought today (Tuesday) regarding the timing of advance ticket delivery.

Following Tuesday’s meeting, regulations will be developed to give effect to the guidelines.

A spokesperson for the Licensed Vintners Association said “substantial anomalies” with the reopening plan needed to be addressed.

As for how the first weekend unfolded, “the initial reaction was a reaction of happiness,” with increased activity and the return of live performers, he said. “However, there remains significant uncertainty about upcoming regulations, without which the industry has operated this weekend.”

Ticketing system

While pubs with live music won’t be required to run a ticketing system, this will only be the case when customers are seated.

If a pub wants to allow dancing like nightclubs or concert halls do, it will need the appropriate licenses and it will need to be ticketed.

Industry stakeholders have called for the new regulations to be released by Tuesday evening.

The Department of Health reported 1,845 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the daily seven-day average to 2,148, an increase of 23% in one week.

There were 497 people with Covid-19 in hospital on Sunday, up from 484 a week ago, and 99 in intensive care units, up from 73 a week ago.

Four more people with Covid-19 have died in Northern Ireland and 1,019 more cases of the virus have been confirmed.

Doctors in Northern Ireland have called for the introduction of vaccine passports for clubs and other venues in the North, over concerns over the high positivity rate.

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William Hill accused of “cynical” tactics on cafes serving hot food in his stores | Guillaume Hill

William Hill has been accused of deploying “cynical” tactics to keep people playing after the bookmaker launched an in-store cafe selling hot food, with some items cheaper than at McDonald’s.

At a branch of the bookmaker in Arndale Shopping Center in central Manchester, a sign advertised a “WH Cafe”, selling offers of meals, burgers and breakfast.

The promotion included a special offer for a £ 2 sausage and egg muffin, less than the equivalent menu option at McDonald’s, while Big Al’s Chicken Burger is £ 2.50, even cheaper than a sandwich McChicken.

William Hill is testing the idea in five of its 1,048 betting shops and said it was a response to customer requests rather than an attempt to keep players in the stores longer.

Bookies have often sold snacks and provided tea and coffee, sometimes for free, to regular punters betting on horse races or on gambling machines such as the controversial fixed odds betting terminals.

A menu at a branch of William Hill in Manchester. Photograph: Joel Goodman / The Guardian

Activists for tighter control of the gaming industry said the introduction of hot food, at very low prices, appeared to be conceived of as a “starter”, an offer that did not make money. but that makes people stay and spend the money on other things. .

Matt Zarb-Cousin, a recovering gambling addict, founder of Clean Up Gambling and former advisor to Jeremy Corbyn, said: is there as a lead product, in an attempt to generate new customers.

The criticism comes with the gaming industry under heightened scrutiny, as the government prepares to release a white paper that is expected to herald a rollback to the liberalization of gaming regulations that took place under Tony Blair in 2007.

Carolyn Harris, the Labor MP who chairs an all-stakeholder group examining gambling damage, said cafes appeared to be an example of the tools used by betting companies to get punters to gamble.

“It sounds like a cynical plot to keep customers at the bookies,” she said. “Yet another tactic of an industry determined to extract every pound it can from its customers.”

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A spokesperson for William Hill said: “We are currently testing WH coffees at five of our 1,408 stores in the UK, and while early feedback from our customers is positive, there are no plans to roll out to the scale of the domain.

“All five stores are licensed to provide betting services and are registered with the relevant authorities to sell food and non-alcoholic beverages.

“The WH Café concept was born from customer suggestions and aims to improve our customer experience and not increase the time they spend in our stores. “

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Best restaurants to eat ramen noodles in Charlotte, NC

Futo Buta's Fire & Ice ramen bowl.

Futo Buta’s Fire & Ice ramen bowl.

More and more ramen restaurants are popping up here in Charlotte, and we love it. The experience is comfortable and the atmosphere is sure to bring a smile to any ramen bar.

So, to help you choose your next noodle dish, we’re sharing the best places to have a bowl in and around town. From the tastiest broths to the many protein choices, there is a ramen dish for almost everyone.

Here are our picks for some of the best restaurants to find your favorite Japanese noodle soups:

Bao and broth

Location: Optimist Hall, 1115 N. Brevard St. Suit # 5, Charlotte, NC 28206

Neighborhood: Optimist Park


Try: Tonkotsu Ramen is served with pork broth, chashu pork belly, shoyu egg, bamboo shoots (menma), mushrooms and green onions.

Price: $ 13

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 704-625-2269. Open Monday to Sunday.

Cafe Binki

Location: 9211 N. Tryon St. Suite # 5, Charlotte, NC 28262

Neighborhood: University town


Try: Spicy salmon ramen is served with Tonkotsu broth, your choice of noodles (ramen, udon, or soba), grilled salmon, naruto (fish cake), bamboo shoots, spring onion, nori and egg.

Price: $ 17.99 +

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 980-859-2002. Open Monday to Sunday.

Binki Cafe’s spicy salmon ramen. Courtesy of Binki Café


Location: 7416 Waverly Walk Ave. Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Neighborhood: Waverly / South Charlotte


Location: 4201 Park Road D, Charlotte, North Carolina 28209

Neighborhood: Park Road Shopping Center


Must Try: Vietnamese ramen is served with pork belly, pulled pork, poached egg, egg noodles, and bok choy, served in pork broth.

Price: $ 16.50

What to Know: Order in person, order online, or call 980-245-2584 in Waverly or 980-237-4655 on Park Road. Open Monday to Sunday.

Futo Buta

Location: 222 E. Bland St. Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

Neighborhood: South End


To try: The Fire & Ice Ramen is served with kimchi and dashi broth, hot smoked salmon, fresh mint, bok choy, grated carrots, radish, black sesame, leek julienned and diced Green onions.

Price: $ 15

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 704-376-8400. Open Monday to Sunday.


Location: Ally Charlotte Center, 601 S Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28202

Neighborhood: Uptown


What to try: Premium Tonkotsu Red is served with pork broth, pork chashu, kikurage, green onion, seasoned egg, dried nori seaweed, red pepper oil and Spicy bean sprouts, served with thick noodles. Choose a spice preference from level 1 to 6 for free, or from level 7 to 10 for an additional $ 1.

Price: $ 16

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 704-817-7911. Open Monday to Sunday.

Roppongi ramen bar

Location: 9626, chemin Monroe. Charlotte, North Carolina 28270

Neighborhood: Sardis Woods / MoRA


What to try: Shio Ramen comes with natural salt flavored ramen with dried chicken and seafood broth topped with egg, pork chashu, leek, seaweed, sprouts bamboo and dried scallop powder.

Price: $ 10.95 – $ 11.95

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 980-339-5353. Open Tuesday to Sunday.


Location: Camp North End, 1801 N Graham St. Charlotte, North Carolina 28206

Neighborhood: Lockwood


Must Try: Kurozaru is served with pork broth, pork chashu, green onions, bamboo shoots, egg, sesame seeds, and black garlic oil.

Price: $ 16

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 980-819-5889. Open from Wednesday to Sunday.

The Kurozaru Ramen dish at SARU.  Photo credit_ SARU.jpeg
The Kurozaru Ramen dish at SARU. Courtesy of SARU

Sheng Ramen

Location: 15201 John J Delaney Drive B, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Neighborhood: Ballantyne Commons East


What to try: Seafood ramen is served with shrimp, clams, scallops, fish patty, seasoned eggs, cabbage, bean sprouts, onions, and green onions in a seafood broth made from chicken.

Price: $ 18

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 980-335-2738. Open Monday to Sunday.

Silverlake Ramen

Location: 8694, boulevard Concord Mills. Concorde, North Carolina 28027

Neighborhood: Concord Mills

Location: 2041, boul. Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

Neighborhood: South End


What to try: The Shoyu Ramen comes with your choice of protein (pork, chicken, or tofu), clear chicken broth with shoyu, bamboo shoots, spinach, green onion, seaweed, and egg.

Price: $ 13.95

What to Know: Order in person, order online, or call 980-585-2008 in Concord Mills or 980-299-2400 in South End. Open Monday to Sunday.

Silverlake Ramen’s Shoyu Ramen. Courtesy of Silverlake Ramen


Location: 1508 S Mint St. Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28203

Neighborhood: Wilmore


What to try: Thai coconut curry ramen comes with Thai coconut curry broth, pork chashu, boiled eggs, vegetables of the day, corn, green onions, roasted seaweed, sesame seeds and sesame oil.

Price: $ 15

What you need to know: Order in person, order online, or call 980-858-5678. Open Monday, Wednesday to Sunday.

Thai coconut curry ramen at Yume. Courtesy of Yume

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Court bans auction of Anglo Leasing suspect’s properties


Court bans auction of Anglo Leasing suspect’s properties

The offices of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in Nairobi. PHOTO FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP



  • Judges Asike Makhandia, Jamila Mohammed and Dr Imaana Laibuta, it was only right to preserve the properties and prevent the EACC from selling them pending the decision of the appeal.
  • Mr. Patrick Ochieno Abachi said that among the properties to be seized by the EACC was the family home in Kitengela and others, which he acquired well before the alleged period.

Court of Appeal banned anti-corruption agency from auctioning multi-million shillings worth property belonging to former National Treasury chief accountant suspected of having been acquired with the proceeds of the scandal Anglo Leasing.

Judges Asike Makhandia, Jamila Mohammed and Dr Imaana Laibuta, it was right to preserve the properties and prevent the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) from selling them pending the appeal decision.

Mr Patrick Ochieno Abachi said that among the properties to be seized by the EACC was the family home in Kitengela and others, which he had acquired long before the alleged period when the anti-transplant agency had investigated him.

“We are convinced that the applicants’ fears are not in vain, especially when part of the property includes a family home, which could lead to their eviction from it, as well as money held in their accounts” , said the judges.

Judge Mumbi Ngugi had ruled in November last year that the properties belonging to Mr. Abachi, estimated at 80 million shillings when appraised in 2008, were proceeds of crime and should be confiscated for profit. of the government.

The appeals court judges noted that if sold, the move would cause hardship for Mr. Abachi and his family.

“It is also clear that if the assets are sold to third parties as planned, the substrate for the appeal will have been lost as the third parties will have been introduced, which will ideally make reversal difficult for applicants. We do not see the prejudice that the 1st absent defendant could suffer ”, declared the judges.

The properties include nine plots of land in Mavoko (Machakos) and Kitengela (Kajiado), a four bedroom house in Mavoko, four apartments at Parkview Estate South C, a house at Mugoya Estate and a property in Nyali, Mombasa.

The court also ordered the confiscation of five motor vehicles, money in three (undisclosed) accounts and 1.99 million shillings seized from his house on November 28, 2007.

Judge Ngugi (now a judge of the Court of Appeal) noted that Mr. Abachi had been given the opportunity to explain the source of the funds, as they did not correspond to his salary.

Evidence presented to the court showed that Mr. Abachi was the chief accountant of the Ministry of Agriculture and earned a gross salary of Sh 54,000. He was later transferred to the treasury.

In 2008, Mr. Abachi had acquired properties worth more than 80 million shillings, which he registered in his name, that of his wife, children and relatives as well as the companies of which he is. the majority shareholder.

The EACC said investigations revealed it was directly involved in Anglo Leasing’s transactions and authorized payments to bogus companies.

The anti-corruption body said the property was the proceeds of crime because it failed to indicate it in its asset declaration forms and that it was acquired through abuse of power as it allegedly used its position to unduly claim benefits, within five years, between 2002 and 2007.

Evidence showed that Mr. Abachi made daily deposits, amounts which amounted to Sh 70,000 in two days and a minimum of Sh 300,000 per month, but he earned a net salary of Sh 35,000.

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2 Arrested in connection with a homicide outside the Tulsa nightclub

Two men were arrested outside a nightclub after their alleged role in the death of a man early Sunday morning.

Officers were dispatched to the scene shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday near the intersection of South Sheridan Road and East 21st Street.

Tulsa police said the men, identified as Jose Ledesma-Hernandez and Ramon De Jesus Garcia-Ibarra, were among the few who refused to leave the club and were engaged in a confrontation.

The club owner tried to stop the fight and asked the men to leave the club parking lot. The men then decided to redirect their anger to the club owner and started assaulting him.

Authorities said the men started kicking him as he fell to the ground. Security guards were trying to break the scene between the men and the club owner. A suspect’s vehicle then rushed towards one of the security guards who jumped briskly onto the hood of the car, avoiding injury. The vehicle left the scene.

During this time, the owner went into cardiac arrest, was taken to a local hospital and later died there.

At the scene, several witnesses reported the suspicious vehicle to officers as it was driving along East 21st Street. The authorities were able to arrest the men and arrested them.

During the interview process, officers said Garcia-Ibarra was identified as one of the two men who assaulted the owner. The other man is an unknown man who is still pending at this time. Ledesma-Hernandez was identified as the man who struck the security guard with the vehicle.

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We had lunch at one of Derby’s top rated cafes

We’re back in search of the best Derby spots for lunch and this week we visited The Squashed Tomato.

You will find the restaurant, tucked away among the independent shops and businesses located on The Strand in Derby town center.

The premises were once home to Baked, a popular bakery that has won several awards over the five years of operation.

The Squashed Tomato opened in 2017 and received rave reviews on all platforms from the public, so of course we had to pay it a long overdue visit.


The crushed tomato is the “dream of a lifetime” for its owner, Anna Haynes, who declares on the cafe’s website: “I have always had a passion for food, since my mother helped me make my very first batch of cookies when I was just six years old. “

According to Anna, The Squashed Tomato aims to “create a warm and welcoming atmosphere” and in our experience, that was definitely the case.

When we were there at least the sun was shining and the space was light and airy. Above the cash register are dozens of cookbooks, all well used and reminiscent of any foodie’s collection in their kitchen. It was really simple and we immediately felt right at home.

The food

The menu is simple and not overcrowded. We could feel that in the years since The Squashed Tomato opened, they’ve established what worked and were rolling with it.

They also had a little promotion board that offered some intriguing alternatives.

We ended up ordering the pizza from The Squashed Tomato from the regular menu and the nacho jacket potato from the promotions board.

Crushed tomato gives pizza its own touch by using a tortilla as a base rather than dough. The pizza was topped with homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, and oregano, along with fresh Buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, arugula, and balsamic glaze.

Crushed tomato pizza

The pizza was really well presented, felt really light, and was utterly delicious. The thin tortilla base was crisp around the edges and we thought the balance of the toppings was perfect.

We enjoyed the tomato sauce so much that we asked Anna for the recipe and she was more than happy to give us a breakdown.

The sauce is made special by the addition of lentils to the sauce which gave the sauce a really interesting texture.

We decided to indulge ourselves with the potato from the nacho jacket and it didn’t disappoint either. It’s a really interesting concept to have such an adventurous garnish on a lunchtime staple.

The jacket was topped with nacho cheese, jalapenos, and tortilla chips and came with a side salad, house coleslaw, and jars of guacamole and sour cream.

Overall the food was fresh and the portions were such that we were both full and not feeling too guilty for the nacho cheese.

Potato in a jacket topped with tortilla chips and nacho cheese

The law project

Pizza € 7.95

Nachos jacket potato 8,25 €

Flat white € 2.95

Can of San Pelligrino € 2.50

Total £ 21.65

The verdict

Online reviews are right in this case and it was clear that Anna is truly passionate about the service she provides to The Squashed Tomato.

The food, service, and location are all fantastic and you should definitely get a coffee ASAP if you walk past The Strand.

The Squashed Tomato is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Hawaii restaurants dealing with staff, supplies, and capacity issues ahead of the holiday season

HONOLULU (KHON2) – During the 2021 summer season in Oahu, long lines were observed outside restaurants and wait times were well over an hour.

“It was partly because we had reduced hours because it was difficult to find staff. We still had the plus-up which had not yet expired. We had then and still have terrible supply chain problems and increasing costs; meanwhile, the number of guests returning to the islands was growing like crazy, ”said Greg Maples, president of the Hawaii Restaurant Association.

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“We saw this kind of special storm that hit, and if you didn’t have reservations at some of your favorite places, you either didn’t go in or you waited two or three hours to get in.”

Greg Maples, President of the Hawaii Restaurant Association

He said restaurant sales fell 50% after Governor David Ige asked visitors not to come during the delta surge, and as businesses head into the upcoming holiday season, most of the summer’s problems still haven’t been resolved.

“We’re still struggling with staffing issues because there just aren’t enough people here who want to work and especially in our industry,” added Maples.

He said the lack of workers and declining sales in addition to higher shipping costs resulted in businesses closing on any given day. Maples noted that many restaurants also switched to take-out when COVID vaccine requirements took effect on Maui and Oahu.

“If more people are staying to take out, that means there will be less seats to sit inside restaurants,” Maples said.

The state forecasts between 35 and 40,000 arrivals and more per day in this 2021 holiday season, and restaurants remain capped at 50%.

“If things are to get back to normal, we want normal, we want to be able to get all of our tables back to 100% capacity and if we can’t start with that then we need to at least give us three. feet, ”Maples said.

Kauai and the Island of Hawaii do not require proof of COVID vaccination for dinner. But in areas more populated by tourists, like Poipu, it’s always difficult to find dinner reservations.

“We recommend that people book at least two to four weeks in advance,” said Darin Tann, general manager of Keoki’s Paradise in Kauai.

Tann said the restaurant tries to offer walk-in tours, but wait times can sometimes exceed an hour. He explained that there are fewer restaurants on Garden Island, which makes it harder to accommodate everyone. He also said it was even more difficult to find workers in Kauai.

Find more COVID-19 news: cases, vaccinations on our Coronavirus News page

KHON2 asked if returning to 100% capacity by the holidays would be a good or bad thing:

“For us, it’s all really about the experience because if we sacrifice having more guests and sacrificing the experience, that won’t help us in the long run,” Tann added.

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New Concert Hall and Restaurant to Take Over Former Colorado Springs Dive Bar Space | Culture & Leisure

The dive bar long known as a stopping place to catch a show at the Black Sheep is now another place to see a show.

Vultures, a restaurant, dive bar and concert hall, is slated to open this week at 2100 E. Platte Ave., formerly the site of the Angry Pirate Bar and a short walk from the Black Sheep.

It’s handy for Geoff Brent, owner of The Black Sheep and co-owner of Vultures. He teams up with Mike and Aspen Nipp, the husband and wife team who are used to building beloved dive bars. They co-founded The Burrowing Owl, the vegan restaurant and bar on Eighth Street.

“(We do this) because we believe in our neighborhood,” Brent said. “And we wanted to provide people with a great place to party before and after the show, as well as get closer to a quality dining option.”

The three owners are familiar faces of the Colorado Springs scene and have been friends for over 20 years. For most of that time, Brent and Mike Nipp performed together in various groups.

Now they are joining forces to launch the new concert hall in Colorado Springs. Brent describes Vultures as an intimate space with a gentle environment. It has a small stage and a capacity of 150 people, much less than the neighboring room with 450 seats.

For The Black Sheep’s little sister, Brent wanted a place to host emerging bands to ‘give them roots in the city’ with the goal of growing up enough to play in a bigger venue, aka The Black Sheep, at the ‘to come up.

Brent, who also hosts shows for venues in Denver, sees this as a way to strengthen “the pipeline” between Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. Its goal is to make it a routine for bands based elsewhere in the state to build a fan base here.

Unlike The Black Sheep, with a busy schedule of over 20 shows per month, Vultures won’t be the perfect place to see live music on any given night. Brent said they will focus on quality over quantity.

“If a band is playing there, at least one person on our team is really excited about it. It’s an opportunity that you don’t necessarily get in a suitable place like The Black Sheep where it’s kind of a catch-all, ”he said. “I want him to feel organized.”

Don’t expect typical food from the dive bar either. The menu will initially include charcuterie boards, panini sandwiches, salads and soups, as well as vegan options. The drink menu will be a mix of inexpensive beers, wines and fine cocktails.

Even when there is no show, the vultures will feel like a music-themed hangout with walls covered with flyers or posters from past shows in Colorado Springs.

Previously, the Angry Pirate Bar billed itself as a “concert pre-match headquarters” for spectators and musicians. One wall was covered with autographs of bands playing The Black Sheep.

As Vultures, the bar next door will have its time in the spotlight. The venue’s first show is scheduled for Saturday and will feature Laney Lou and Bird Dogs, an American band based in Bozeman, Mt.

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Two popular nightclubs will close on Wednesday to support student protest against drinking spikes

Two of Manchester’s popular nightclubs will close on Wednesday evening to help students boycott nightlife venues in a bid to take drink spikes more seriously.

42nd Street, known to many as 42, and independent club The Venue will be shutting down overnight in support of the boycott, put in place by members of the University of Manchester Students Union.

The Nightlife 42s, on Bootle Street, have confirmed they will pay staff in full for their work that evening, though they remain closed.

READ MORE: Call after thug threatened store worker with knife before stealing money and tobacco

An article on the club’s social media pages read: “After careful consideration we have decided to close next Wednesday October 27th.

“This is not a decision we have taken lightly, especially since we have a lot of employees who depend on their income of 42. As such, we will continue to pay our staff for the night, despite the closure.

“Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure at a party, it is important that our staff and customers know that we take their safety very seriously.

“It’s not a knee-jerk reaction, we have always put our customers and staff at the forefront of who we are.

“We support the ‘girlsnightinmanc’ initiative to improve the safety of people at a party.”

The site confirmed that all ticket holders for Wednesday’s event will be automatically refunded and the club are in discussions with the Manchester City Council licensing team to find a solution.

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A post on the club’s Facebook page on Thursday afternoon read: “We made the decision to close on Wednesday October 27 in support of the ongoing protest calling on nightclubs to take more action to protect people. against damage.

“Although we have taken a number of steps ourselves, no one should ever feel unsafe at a party. We are in constant dialogue with Manchester Licensing, our security team and our staff to do more to stop which is an increasingly worrying problem.

“As a nightlife operator, the safety of our customers has always been and will remain our number one priority.

“Since more and more reports of these issues have arisen, we have already put in place a number of procedures to ensure a safe environment, such as increased research policies, welfare policies, customers and creating an environment where customers feel able to raise concerns to staff while on site.

Posters inside Manchester’s 42nd Street nightclub warn of the dangers of consuming drinks

“We will continue to welcome any feedback on what we can do as a nightclub to make you feel safer.

“We stand with all those protesting that this problem must be targeted and eradicated from the nightlife industry.”

The Girls Night In initiative will see protests across the country, with people urged to boycott nightclubs to encourage leaders to take action against the recent spate of incidents.

In Manchester, police are investigating after three girls fell ill at Ark nightclub on Deansgate Locks last month, with a series of young women showing up to say their drinks had been spiked in Fallowfield and the city center.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, one of the boycott leaders, Emily Bennett, 19, said: “Obviously we are concerned about the rising peaks.”

The University of Manchester Students Union Release and Access Officer added: “People need to feel safe when they go out and people who smash need to know that they are not. can not, that the places will not accept it.

“The number of emails we’ve received from students saying ‘we don’t feel safe’ and don’t feel safe going out.

“We would like a response from the Manchester Combined Authority, Andy Burnham and Sacha Lord. We want to see them put in place measures.

“We want to see them finance anti-doping devices, clearly indicating that they do not accept doping. We want clear policies in place.

“Having policies and procedures and doing their best to catch people who are doping, and knowing that there is support for those who are doping. “

Burnham: “Words fail me completely”

Speaking to Mike Sweeney on BBC Radio Manchester this week, Andy Burnham discussed the issue of fortified drinks.

He said, “It’s just completely off the scale.

“This thing is about the safety of women and girls again, you know I said it before Mike my daughters tell me some of the things that happen when they go out at night and it’s just that’s ridiculous .

“Fortunately, I checked with GMP, we haven’t had a lot of reports on this. Although there were some in the Fallowfield area by the time the students returned to college.

“There have been about five reports of beverage consumption and we have looked at that.”

The Mayor of Greater Manchester then passionately explained that this issue was “one for men”.

Anyone who wishes to seek help but does not want to speak to the police can contact the St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Center on 0161 276 6515 or visit by visiting the website.

St Mary’s provides medico-legal, counseling and after-care services to victims of rape and sexual assault.

The national helpline for male survivors, Safeline, can be reached on 0808 800 5005 or through the website here.

Manchester survivors supports boys and men who have been victims of rape and sexual assault.

The association provides therapeutic support and independent sexual violence counselors (ISVA). They provide assistance throughout the criminal justice system, from initial reports to court and beyond.

ISVAs work independently of the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the judiciary.

Boys and men in Greater Manchester affected by sexual abuse, regardless of when it happened, can access Survivors Manchester by calling 0161 236 2182 or sending an email to: [email protected] .uk

A weekly welcome session takes place every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

You can donate to Survivors Manchester here.

Greater Manchester rape crisis works with women and girls affected by rape and sexual assault. They can be reached on 0161 273 4591.

Victims of sex crimes have the right to anonymity for life.

He said: “If you know of any of your companions, or of a so called companion who is doing this, you must call them immediately and if they don’t arrest him you go to the police. . It’s that simple.

“I’m aware that this has happened in my own kind of circles and it’s not fair. I mean what kind of sane guy sees this kind of behavior happening and thinks “well, I’m going to close my eyes on this”.

“If you know someone you know pulls out a syringe with them… words fail me completely.”

“This one is for men. This one is for boys. Catch yourself, settle it, don’t put up with it. You know, we all have moms, we all have sisters, we all have daughters. This is ours. Not on women, it’s on us.

“Clubs need to do more, men and boys too. “

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Eatery Business

Why you shouldn’t be in default on credit

Due to Covid-19, retail lenders faced several challenges. On the one hand, the demand for small loans has risen as lockdowns affect livelihoods; on the other hand, the recovery rate has slowed. As a result, the rise in loan defaults has lowered the creditworthiness of borrowers.

“The creamy layer or low-risk borrowers saw their creditworthiness drop by around 5 percent from March 2020 to March 2021,” said Subhrangshu Chattopadhyay, national sales head, CRIF High Mark, a credit bureau recognized by the RBI. A credit score shows your creditworthiness. Because of this, lenders have tightened their credit guidelines. Most loans are only granted to existing customers with good credit ratings. A CIBIL score of 750 or higher is ideal for taking out loans. If your score is below 750, you will find it difficult to get loans from banks and NBFCs. If it’s near 750, you can get loans but at a higher interest rate.

While the trend of increasing loan defaults affects lenders, defaults have serious consequences for borrowers as well. First, it can affect his ability to get a loan in the future. Second, even if such a person is able to take out a loan, it will come at much higher interest rates. A failure that is declared “willful” can also lead to criminal proceedings. Here are the facts about the consequences of a loan default for borrowers.

Trend reversal: small is big

Travel, weddings, home renovations, down payments on a home, used cars, educating children, and paying back loans with higher interest rates were some of the main reasons people took out loans before Covid-19. After the outbreak of Covid-19, the trend shifted towards consumption-related and essential expenses. “Borrowing related to travel has slowed down. People are now borrowing for home renovations, paying off high-interest debt and paying home down payments, ”said Gaurav Chopra, founder of IndiaLends, an online loan aggregator.

According to the RBI’s Financial Stability Report, the industrial sector’s share of bank credit has decreased in recent years, while the share of personal credit has increased. In 2014, personal loans accounted for 16.2 percent of total loan volume. This rose to 26.3 percent in 2021. The share of smaller loans is also increasing. A report by TransUnion CIBIL and Google shows a 23-fold increase in loans to up to Rs 25,000 between 2017 and 2020. The proportion of ‘

The trend is also reflected in the credit card numbers of banks. According to RBI data, the value of transactions via credit cards at ATMs and point-of-sale terminals increased by 23 percent from March 2020 to June this year.

Adhil Shetty, CEO and co-founder of, says easing KYC norms has made it easier for credit card issuers to serve customers in Tier II and Tier III cities. “As a consequence, the demand for credit cards from non-metros continues to peak. The proportion of non-metros in total applications rose to 35 percent in FY21, compared to 24.8 percent in FY20, ”he adds.

Increase in retail NPAs

The downside of the increasing popularity of retail lending has been an increase in non-performing assets (NPAs) at most of the major banks. ICICI Bank, the country’s second largest private lender, added Rs 6.773 billion gross NPAs from retail and commercial banking portfolios in the first quarter of FY22, compared to Rs 4.355 billion in the fourth quarter of FY21. Axis Bank reported Rs 6,518 crore gross slippages compared to Rs 5,285 crore in the fourth quarter of last year. “Axis’ slip-ups were dominated by retail credit,” said a report by ICICI Securities.

Credit Bureau CRIF High Mark Agrees Credit Defaults Have Risen During Covid. The credit platforms have become cautious as a result. A recent report by PwC Equifax says that over 70 percent of credit managers have changed their standards, especially for those with poor credit histories, in an attempt to preserve asset quality. Online lenders are rejecting 45-50 percent loan applications after the pandemic. This is mainly because they are now factoring in additional parameters for underwriting such as recession, unemployment and insurance claims.

As people become more comfortable taking on debt and new lenders increase both online and offline, both borrowers and lenders need to act responsibly to avoid problems later on. Lenders, says Chopra of IndiaLends, have already become cautious when it comes to underwriting. Likewise, borrowers should be responsible and do their best to repay the loan. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences.

Consequences of default

Credit history takes a punch: The lender informs Schufa of the payment status monthly or when the loan installment is due. While a few days delay can be ignored, any payment that is delayed beyond 30 days will be reported to the credit bureau. This can have some impact on the person’s credit profile. However, a delay of 30-60 days will definitely tarnish the borrower’s credit history, while a delay of more than 60 days can severely affect creditworthiness.

A low credit score reduces a person’s ability to borrow in the future. “Today you might have borrowed a phone or a two-wheeler, but next time you will most likely have a bigger need or an emergency. You may be denied the loan due to bad credit, ”says Chopra of IndiaLends.

Online loan platforms that grant small loans are even more conservative. Even a single day late, says Bhavin Patel, co-founder and CEO of LenDenClub, can put the borrower on the list of defaulters. “A defaulting borrower will no longer be able to take out a loan in the future unless he pays back the older loan on our platform.”

Higher interest rate: Lenders today link the interest rate to your creditworthiness. Bad credit increases your borrowing costs and reduces your long-term savings.’s Shetty explains. “On a home loan of Rs 50 lakh for 20 years at a low interest rate of 6.8 percent, the total interest paid would be Rs 41.60 lakh. But if your credit was bad and you had to pay 8.5 percent on the same loan, your interest payment would be Rs 54.13 lakh. So you pay almost 12.53 lakh Rs more. “

For secured credit categories like home loans, the difference will be smaller – 10-200 basis points in most cases. For example, two very large home financiers have a 70 basis point and 125 basis point difference, respectively, between their lowest and highest interest rates, Shetty says. With unsecured categories like personal loans, the difference can be much bigger. “A private bank pays interest on personal loans between 10.5 percent and 19 percent.” You can save this money for other life goals such as investing in retirement or financing your child’s education.

Fintech loan platforms are one step ahead. Their algorithms adjust the interest rates according to the current default rate in order to minimize the impact on your portfolio. For example, in the first quarter of 2020, IndiaLends increased its lending rates by 0.8 percent as the default rate on its platform rose by one percentage point.

Legal implications: Loan defaults are a civil offense. However, the lender may attempt to cash blank checks from the borrower, says Shetty of Failure to cash a check for lack of money is a criminal offense.

If a customer does not pay within 90 days, the case is usually referred to legal action. The lender may, after 180 days of default, bring proceedings against the borrower under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881. If the borrower does not pay despite the ability to do so, the RBI can declare him to be “willful default in payment”. However, if he is unable to pay for valid reasons, he can reach an agreement with the lender that gives him more flexibility to pay.

However, to date, most fintech lenders disbursing small loans have not faced such cases. “These are tough and high-level steps. We have not yet seen a case like this. In most cases, when the customer reaches the court, they offer to settle the loan, ”says Bhavin Patel from LenDenClub.

Real estate auction: In the case of secured loans such as a home loan, the lender has the right to auction the property through the judicial process. Likewise, the lender can confiscate the vehicle in the case of car loans. Lenders can also auction the borrower’s gold if the borrower does not repay the loan against the yellow metal. However, it must give the borrower 30 days before taking such a step.

Job loss: Most companies do not hire people to be involved in criminal activities. For certain senior positions, especially in industries like financial services, companies review the candidate’s credit history to see if he or she is trustworthy. “A bad credit history will make it difficult for a defaulting borrower to get a good job,” says Chopra of IndiaLends. Criminal proceedings also have a negative impact on the defaulting person’s passport.

Should you take out one loan to repay another loan?

“If it saves money, it definitely does,” says Chopra. For example, a credit card can have a very high interest rate of around 3.5 percent a month or 42 percent annually. “Taking out a personal loan that starts at 10-12 percent to pay back the credit card debt would be a good strategy,” he says. Most people can get a personal loan at an annual rate of 14-15 percent.

“Even if the intent is to refinance a home loan because it will save the borrower many rupees over the life of the loan, it is a good idea,” says BankBazaar’s Shetty. But if the person’s credit habits stay bad, refinancing may not help, he adds.

The second loan is to be used to repay existing high-interest loans. It shouldn’t add to the debt burden, experts say. Credit must be used wisely. The generally recommended rule is to use 30 percent of your credit limit. “The more you use your credit limit, the greater the impact will be on your score,” says Shetty.

Borrower Rights

First and foremost, borrowers have the right to be treated fairly and politely. “No lender can harass or intimidate borrowers,” says Shetty. Lenders should send notices, messages and emails to the borrower in the event of default. If the loan has become an NPA due to 90 days late payment, the bank or financial institution must issue a 60-day period to repay the contributions.

The defaulting party is also entitled to the difference earned by the lender (through the sale of the confiscated asset) beyond the due date, Shetty says.

The defaulting person is also given the right to due process, which can include a moratorium, restructuring or even a one-off settlement.


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Research by the Elliot Group shows that investors’ money was used to make unsecured loans

Investors have expressed concern about how a property developer has used their deposits to make unsecured loans.

Last week, investors in the Infinity Waters program on Leeds Street shared their guilt, shame and fear after the program collapsed.

The Elliot Group’s Infinity Waters, Aura, and The Residence programs all came under administration last year.

CONTINUE READING:Elliot Lawless Dream Program investors share their pain, shame, and guilt

Liverpool businessman Elliot Lawless, who founded the group, said his arrest in December 2019 on suspicion of conspiracy involving fraud, bribery and corruption led to the collapse of operations.

The police investigation continues, but Mr. Lawless denies any wrongdoing.

Following an investigation by the Elliot Group, Liverpool-based ECHO can now reveal that Mr Lawless used the money from investors to extend large unsecured loans to affiliates in 2019.

The legal documentation filed with Companies House shows that the various intra-group loans were granted before December 2019.

Over £ 4 million has been loaned unsecured from Residence and Infinity to Aura alone.

The Residence Program has loaned the Aura Company £ 3.5 million and Infinity Waters has loaned Aura £ 746,000. The loans were unsecured as they were not secured by debt securities.

Equity Group Limited, a company controlled by Mr Lawless, loaned the Aura company £ 6,415,634 in 2019. However, this loan, which did not include investor funds, was protected by a bond.

Legal documentation filed with Companies House shows that the Infinity company has received £ 28 million from investors who have deposited funds.

Elliot Lawless of the Elliot Group

The website was purchased for around £ 5,050,000 and the fees were around £ 4.67 million. Investors put around £ 27,292,872 in, but it’s not yet clear how much was paid to the Vermont construction company.

Investors received notification in September 2019 that the financial firm was providing funding to Maslow Capital, but it is now clear that Maslow did not grant a loan.

Mr. Lawless also sold a large stake in the Infinity Waters site to a sister company. Land was transferred from Queensland Place to the Elliot Group and from Parliament Place to 1DOM.

An Elliot Group spokesman said, “Mr. Lawless has provided all necessary assistance to the administrators of his various developments, including providing a full business statement for each project showing the allocation of all funds. It remains an ongoing, formal process, and that’s the way he has to deal with requests of this kind. “

Max Murphy, who invested in Infinity Waters, said, “I am concerned to learn that Elliot used investors’ money to make unsecured loans within the group. It now appears that the company had some financial problems prior to Elliot’s arrest . “

A letter from administrators to investors recently revealed that investors face “enormous losses”.

It read: “The failure of the company has caused enormous losses to large numbers of investors, commercial and ordinary creditors. This is not the Joint Administrators’ fault. The failure and the structure of the company are subject to an ongoing The creditors have decided that liquidators should be appointed and that the liquidators continue the investigation “.

Liverpool real estate company Legacie Developments has agreed a deal with administrators David Rubin and Partners to purchase Infinity Waters and The Residence. Both sales must be approved by a court.

Last week, Infinity Waters investors told ECHO troubling stories about the breakdown of the program that hit them.

Mom Jacqui Parker said she bought two units and is planning to move to Liverpool with her son, who has mild learning difficulties. Mrs. Parker from London said the plan seemed perfect for her, but now she was left with nothing.

Speaking to ECHO in 2019, Mr Lawless told ECHO that after starting a building services company in 2010, he started buying land on the city’s waterfront.

He said he was committed to regenerating the city and supporting jobs in the region.

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North Berwick’s best cafes, restaurants and food businesses

It’s time for a gourmet day trip to this East Lothian town. There is a lot of vibe in the colder months, when wild swimming becomes an extreme sport and Bass Rock is covered in snow as well as guano.

We are also big fans of his food companies.

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Interspersed with charity shops, there are plenty of cozy cafes, like Buttercup Cafe and Tea at Tiffany’s. There’s also Alandas, which is opening a branch in Edinburgh, the Why Not? Indoor market, The Puffin for fish and chips, Fenton Barns Farm Shop and the Scandinavian housewares and accessories store, Norden, which sells our Lakrids liquorice favorite. So many places, although the places below are probably our current favorites.

Whitekirk Hill Orangery

It’s easy to get carried away when entering this boutique, which has a second branch in East Linton, as it smells of coffee and pastries. There is bread stacked against a wall, with varieties such as their sourdough, country white and bagels, as well as various cakes in the window. A visit is always a highlight of our visits to North Berwick. Prepare to queue.

Their bostock – a plate of brioche, covered with frangipane and flaked almonds – is the pattern, like all their pastries, of croissants with cinnamon knots. Plus, their gummy natas pastels are just as good as those from Lisbon. Otherwise, they’ve gotten very autumnal, with recent additions to the menu including seasonal sausage rolls, pecan pie, and croissant croque.

The lawn

This dog-friendly roaster and cafe recently had a facelift and streamlined its menu. There is now a neon Solas bike on a wall, plants, new seats to enjoy the wood-burning stove, and the concrete floor has received the kintsugi treatment with a gold stitching. They also organize occasional Steampunk sessions, with live music. If you are based in Edinburgh, you will regularly see Steampunk appear at the Stockbridge Market.

A white dish, of course, and take some of their freshly roasted coffee to make at home.

Bostock cakes

Although it opened just before the lockdown, this place has quickly found its marks now that restrictions have been relaxed. There is an on-site spa, beautiful new independent pavilions, a play barn and also a family-friendly, dog-friendly restaurant, The Orangery, with an outdoor area, The Walled Terrace. The food that is served is heartwarming and familiar, with macaroni and cheese, burgers, and other stuff to protect your bones from the cold. As this location is outside the center of North Berwick, you will need to drive or take a taxi.

They have just relaunched their Sunday lunch menu, available from noon to 6 p.m. at the Orangery, with two courses at £ 22.95 and three at £ 27.95. Dishes include a haggis candy starter, roast beef main course (and toppings), and desserts including a caramel pudding or chocolate cheesecake.


There aren’t any better views than from this clifftop cafe, which is housed in a recycled shipping container alongside a horse trailer that serves coffee and cakes to go. This is the perfect stop for hikers, if you tackle the hill all the way to Quarrel Sands, and like so many other sites in North Berwick, you can take your pup.

By popular demand, they’ve just relaunched their brunch menu, which is served from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. It includes herring in lemon butter, capers and parsley, and bread, or rye and spelled granola with caramelized plums, honey and yogurt. There is also an autumnal lunch menu, available from noon to 3 p.m., which includes their excellent Scottish assortment of cheeses and cold cuts, or roasted pumpkin and root vegetables, a warm lentil salad, wilted greens and vegetables. nuts.

Owned by the American company Marine & Lawn Hotels and Resorts, the executive chef of this hotel is Chris Niven, of Masterchef: The Professionals 2017. He takes care of the food at The Lawn, with its view of the golf course, and at the Bass Rock Bar & Lounge. They only opened last month, so you might be one of the first to christen their lavish dining room benches.

Skip breakfast on the day of your visit so you can make room for Tweed Valley beef, oyster, caviar and potato, followed by a whole plaice to share, with capers, vegetables seafood and IPA sauce, then fresh rice pudding with hay, strawberries, verjuice and basil. We also like the sound of an accompaniment of crispy Anna apple and salt and vinegar. They will also be launching an afternoon tea soon.

You’ll find a second branch of this restaurant, bar and cafe in Edinburgh’s Goldenacre, but this is the seven-year-old original. It’s spacious and bright, and the kind of place for everyone to be happy, from kids to 90s. They offer live music on Sundays.

Their fall menu includes za’atar salmon with a warm Mediterranean salad and feta, as well as cured salmon at North Berwick Distillery Gin with pickled shallots, chili and arugula. They are also fond of cocktails and usually have a pitch at Edinburgh Cocktail Week. Try the Gin & Juice, with Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, Cointreau, passion fruit, pineapple and orange.

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New board game from game publisher WV to feature restaurants and WV folklore

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia – West Virginia board game publisher Lonely Hero Games has announced its second title Hungry for Humans, which will feature West Virginia restaurants, cryptids and landmarks.

The publishers plan to use this new game to shed a positive light on the state of West Virginia by showcasing some of the state’s best restaurants, talented artists, stunning scenery, and friendly nature to its people.

Cards in hand while the player is playing Hungry for Human

“After the success of our first title, we felt like we owed something to our community with this new game,” said Chris Kincaid, co-founder of Lonely Hero Games and resident of Morgantown. “West Virginia is not only naturally beautiful, but it also has a lot to offer the world beyond what people attribute to us. The state is teeming with creative businesses, talented artists, incredible cuisine, friendly people, and fascinating folklore. We really think this game will introduce all of that to a growing world of tabletop players. “

In the game, each player has a monster friend that they must feed the best food they can find so that the monster does not eat them instead. The dishes players use in the game are all from West Virginia restaurants such as Pies & Pints, Tudor’s Biscuit World, Mario’s Fishbowl, Terra Cafe, The Chocolate Moose, Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream, Oscar’s Breakfast, Burgers & Brews, The Dish Cafe, The Wild Ramp, I Scream Sundae, and more from across the state.

In addition to restaurants, cryptids such as The Mothman, The Flatwoods Monster, The Grafton Monster, and many more appear in the game to help you sabotage your opponents and help your monster win. The game box artwork features The New River Gorge, Seneca Rocks, Summersville Lake, and Babcock State Park. All artwork was created by Morgantown resident Liz Pavlovic who has become well known in the WV art community over the past few years with her unique art style and popular cryptid WV illustrations.

One of the monsters from Hungry for Humans

Kincaid said incorporating elements of West Virginia into the game felt right and natural.

He and his partner, Jared, are both from West Virginia and believe the state shaped them and helped them become the men they are today.

Kincaid said he left the state and returned, and nothing is like the Mountain State, known for its hospitality and kindness. That’s why he felt it was important to bring West Virginia into the game.

“I just feel like we should be giving a little something back, or at least highlighting it because I don’t think West Virginia gets highlighted in a positive way very often,” Kincaid said. “And if we can showcase some of our cool folklore and some of our cool historic sites and, really, all the delicious food all over the state that, you know, we enjoy on a regular basis, we felt like it was kind of a little way to give back a little to the state that we love and appreciate. And, you know, it kind of works like a cool theme, we think for the game. “

Players playing Hungry for Humans

You can support the game and get a copy by visiting the Kickstarter campaign where the company is raising funds to help market the game to the world.

“Our first game was a Kickstarter success in October 2019 which allowed us to reach hundreds of new customers across the United States and even more around the world,” said Kincaid. “We hope that with the support of our community, we can bring this game to an even larger audience who will see what an amazing home we have in West Virginia.”

Hungry for Humans is now on Kickstarter. You can preorder your copy by visiting

“We’re trying to produce this game through Kickstarter, which is a crowdfunding site,” Kincaid said. “And basically you go over there and you pre-buy the game and then that money is used to have it made. We were fortunate enough to hit our goal within the first 24 hours, so we had a financial goal that we hit on day one. And at this point, we’re just trying to get as many backers as possible so that we can order as many games as possible to get them in the hands of people to share and play and hopefully come and buy them in some. retail stores. when they come in.

Hungry for Humans played on a table

ABOUT LONELY HERO GAMES – Lonely Hero Games is a West Virginia-based board game publishing company founded in Beckley in 2019 by Jared Kaplan and Christopher Kincaid. Kincaid has since moved to Morgantown and Kaplan still resides in Beckley.

The company’s first release, Bank Heist, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2019. The game raised over $ 13,000 from over 300 backers in just 30 days. Since then, the game has been shipped to customers all over the United States and to many countries around the world including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Norway , Singapore and many others.

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Houston Bar and Lounge announces expansion and new community program

The owners of Third Ward’s Emancipation Avenue dive bar, The Spot Lounge and Bar, have big plans that come to fruition and they lift up as they climb. Co-owners Adfanie Smith Gray and Aaron Gray have announced the official opening date for a new location, The EaDo Spot (East of downtown) and the launch of a new community outreach program. The program will sponsor a local business in their new East Downtown mall development.

The couple, who opened their original location on Emancipation Avenue in the Third Quarter, opened a second outpost in 2019. According to a press release, the new EaDo location is a beautifully decorated bar and lounge, spread over 4,000 square feet and is scheduled to open next month. The new location will run parallel to the original location, offering the same neighborhood vibe and craft cocktails.

The neighborhood bar is also working to expand its influence in the community. The new community investment program for businesses opens up new avenues for homeowners to pay it back. “My husband and I are proud to be a part of our community and we are thrilled with this new venture,” Adfanie Smith Gray said in a statement.

The husband and wife duo continue to deepen their roots in Houston through the investment program. The couple offer support for expanding a local business, which includes up to $ 50,000 in financial resources and professional assistance required for a showcase. Businesses and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to submit videos and business plans to The Spot’s website. The top 10 submissions will be selected for in-person interviews with the program’s community board. A winner will be announced at the grand opening.

“We have met so many amazing and hardworking people through our company. As we grow we want the community to grow with us. This showcase is one way we can give back to make a real impact on someone’s business and help make their entrepreneurial dreams come true, right here in the heart of Houston, Texas.

The grand opening of Spot EaDo is scheduled for November 11, 2021. For more information, visit the website website.

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Nightclubs Ireland: Everything You Need To Know About Nightclubs Reopening Tonight

For the first time since March 2020, Dublin nightclubs are scheduled to open tonight.

It comes after the latest easing of restrictions from Covid-19 means the hospitality industry can reopen with only a few restrictions remaining.

Despite the continued increase in cases and hospitalizations, restrictions on nightclubs have been relaxed. NPHET believes that the number of hospitals is unlikely to change if nightclubs remain closed.

Here’s everything you need to know about reopening nightclubs, from wearing a mask to getting vaccinated.

Any restrictions that are being removed from today?

Not only can discos reopen tonight, but they can also operate at 100% capacity. If the venue is hosting a live music event, it can accommodate up to 1,500 people standing and 100% seating.

And the masks?

Masks are compulsory so as not to eat, drink or dance. Masks are also required when social distancing in a bar queue.

Does my vaccination status matter?

People can only access indoor hospitality settings with a Covid-19 digital pass. The government has called on companies to crack down on Covid pass control and strictly follow regulations.

What about the curfew?

The 11:30 p.m. curfew is over. Sites may stay open late depending on the type of license currently held by the company.

What other restrictions remain in place?

There are still restrictions on table reservations at hospitality establishments. Customers can reserve multiple tables but with a maximum of 10 adults per table. This figure increases to 15 if there are children included.

Sitting at the bar is still prohibited, but people can line up if they are socially distant and bring the drink back to the table.

Do nightclubs accept walk-ins?

Some venues that have sold tickets to live music events will not accept walk-in tours. Most other sites will operate normally and accept walk-in tours.

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14 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Unsecured Personal Loan – Forbes Advisor INDIA

There are many occasions when a person is in need of money in the short term. This could include a child’s college education, marriage expenses, medical emergencies, and other scenarios. In such situations, a personal loan is the best and fastest option.

Unsurprisingly, a survey by a consumer finance firm shows that medical emergencies account for 28% of personal loans, while family needs such as wedding expenses, parenting and home renovation account for 25%. Almost 77% of respondents opted for a personal loan in such cases.

Benefits of personal loans

Aside from providing faster payouts, personal loans have another advantage over other loans – they can be used for a variety of purposes with no questions asked. For other loans, the end purpose is well defined, such as home, car, two-wheeler, gold, or education loans, which limits their use.

Pre-approved offers

Since these are unsecured loans, despite the slightly higher interest rates, people prefer personal loans as these are paid out without unnecessary problems. When it comes to offering personal loans to their trusted customers, many lenders give pre-approved offers.

Typically, these borrowers are granted with salary accounts. From time to time, lenders may notify such customers of pre-approved personal loan offers. Although these are readily available, financial experts advise customers to only obtain such loans when they are needed and not because of their ready availability.

Amount and timing

Once the requirement is established, prospective borrowers can check their lender’s mobile banking feature for relevant loan offers. The borrower needs to be aware of two elements before proceeding. First, the amount of funds required. Second, the length of time that the loan is needed.

Importance of the term of office

The other important point is deciding on the term of your loan. Personal loans are granted with terms between one and five years. While a shorter tenure is better because you pay less interest, the EMI is relatively higher. So decide the tenure based on repayment capacity and convenience.

If you only need short-term money and can repay with a higher EMI, a personal loan over a shorter term is preferable. When in doubt, it is safer to choose a longer term.

Compare interest rates

After that, the borrower is advised to compare the interest rates offered by different lenders. While a customer’s credit rating is the same, different lenders may offer different rates to the same person. This is because every lender, traditional or new age, pursues an individual, bespoke risk assessment.

Personal loans are typically given to first class clients at interest rates that range from 15% to 36% per annum. Lenders are likely to charge a higher interest rate if the perceived risks are higher. The risk score is based on creditworthiness, job profile, employer reputation, payment history, relationship with the lender and various other factors.

Secured personal loan

A personal loan can be obtained at a lower interest rate by opting for a secured personal loan. These are backed by securities such as time deposit certificates, vehicle papers, gold, etc. Secured personal loans are easier to come by because the bank can keep the collateral in the event of a default.

Decision on the lender

In addition, depending on the urgency, borrowers can opt for a personal loan from a bank or a fintech lender. In general, it can take a week or more for banks to approve and pay off a personal loan. Digital lenders, on the other hand, can do the same thing in minutes if all of the Getting To Know Your Client (KYC) documents are clear.

The reason banks and other legacy lenders take longer to approve loans is because they have high documentation requirements and the risk assessment process usually also involves many manual steps. Fintech lenders, on the other hand, focus on speed and convenience and evaluate eligibility using online data sources, including social media profiles and credit history.

Therefore, when time is of the essence, fintech lenders are the quickest option. Still, it is important to first make sure that you are eligible for a personal loan according to a particular lender’s standards. In this case, it makes sense to only contact the lender whose eligibility criteria a borrower can meet.

Knowledge of the approval standards

When it comes to eligibility standards, lenders consider the applicant’s current income, current employer, repayment ability, creditworthiness, and monthly payment obligations, among other things. The credit rating is crucial here, as a higher score can improve the chances of admission with more favorable conditions.

Terms and conditions and loan amount

Assuming the prospective applicant is eligible for a loan from both legacy and digital lenders, the next step is to compare their terms, as well as interest rates and fees. It is important to compare the full range of fees and other terms, not just the total interest rate.

The next essential element is the loan amount available. It depends on the lender’s risk tolerance and internal guidelines. While banks can grant personal loans of up to INR 50 lakh, new age lenders are only allowed to grant up to INR 5 lakh. But there may be exceptions to the above.

Verifying the credibility of the lender

Although borrowers typically don’t care about the lender, it makes sense to check the company’s credibility before borrowing to avoid any unwanted complications later. Credibility is not an issue with banks. However, with digital lenders, it is important to check the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) registration status and the lender’s disclosure standards. The reference to the ratings of other users and the rating in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store can also be helpful.

Both positive and negative comments can tell whether a lender was honest and straightforward with customers. One should consider whether the lender will contact borrowers if they have problems and try to resolve them. negatively, you should rethink the credit agency.

Secured gold loan

When applying for a personal loan, keep both your short-term and long-term interests in mind. If an unsecured personal loan solves a short-term problem but creates long-term problems, it is wise to consider another funding method, such as a secured gold loan, to help solve the current problem.

Of course, secured gold loans have their advantages and disadvantages, such as their short term. Hence, people need to carefully weigh all of their options before making the best choice in their current circumstances.

Check the fine print carefully

For this reason, borrowers are always advised to read and reread the fine print. Most people make the mistake of ignoring the terms and conditions completely or just rashly checking them. They later regret it when they cannot fully meet strict repayment conditions.

So take the time to understand the terms. Ask questions if you are unsure about certain standards. Review late payment, prepayment, and loan foreclosure charges. Only when you have clarity on these points should you proceed to sign on the dashed line.

Clear your doubts

Fortunately, all the terms and conditions are posted on their website by organized lenders. So you don’t have to rush to read these standards at the last minute. After reading the terms beforehand, write down your doubts and clarify them before accepting the personal loan.

Creditworthiness and prepayment

Still, customers need to meet minimum KYC requirements and maintain healthy creditworthiness. The latter will help borrowers get loans at a slightly lower interest rate. A credit score greater than 750 is considered good by all lenders.

Borrowers with a credit score less than 750 may still be eligible for personal loans from fintech companies. But interest rates will be higher as lenders have to compensate for the greater risk of such unsecured loans.

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Milano Cafe & Deli opens Italian restaurant and market in downtown Burbank

Milanese chicken sandwich from Milano Cafe & Deli. (Photo by Lisa Paredes)

Potted olive trees stand like sentries at the entrance to Milano Cafe & Deli, welcoming lovers of Italian food and sundries to the newly opened Italian Market on the corner of Palm and Third Street in downtown Burbank .


With a well-thought-out menu of Italian dishes, French and Italian pastries, cold cuts and essentials, Milano Cafe & Deli has generated a good community buzz since opening in early September.

Everything we have ordered has been fresh and of high quality; we have ordered take out twice in recent weeks.

The two sandwiches we tried were delicious and each came with a bag of crisps. The Milanese chicken was well done and a solid fried chicken sandwich made in a subtle style.

The special Milano sandwich of mortadella, capicola, salami and provolone was wonderful; the cold cuts were tasty and with the addition of lettuce, onions, tomatoes and sautéed peppers and onions the sandwich turned into one hell of a lunch.

Apartments BurCal8715

The stuffed seashells are a welcome addition to the offerings of Italian cuisine in the Burbank area, reminding us of home-style Italian restaurants in New Jersey and New York. We added a meatball and sausage with peppers and onions on the side. The perfectly prepared sausage with peppers and onions also reminds us of popular Eastern Italian dishes.

Milano Cafe & Deli stuffed shells with marinara and focaccia, served with a meatball and a sausage with peppers and onions. (Photo by Lisa Paredes)

The Aglio e Olio Peperoncino spaghetti was also very good, with a slight heat of chilli and garlic. We added grilled diced chicken breast for a more filling meal.

The seashells and spaghetti were both accompanied by homemade focaccia bread which is light, soft and delicious.

Since we hadn’t planned on ordering a whole daisy pizza, which requires ordering at least the day before, we got slices of pepperoni and veggie pizza. The pizza was excellent – the dough was airy and light and perfectly chewy and topped with a delicious simple red sauce and cheese. The pepperoni was tasty but our favorite was the vegetarian one, pieces of zucchini, eggplant and diced tomatoes topped the square slice, cut into 4 triangles, to perfection.

Whole focaccias are available with a minimum order of two hours in advance and can be garnished with vegetables on request.

Slice of vegetarian pizza at Milano Cafe & Deli. (Photo by Lisa Paredes)

In fact, many of Milan’s offerings are highly customizable and also have a good number of vegan and gluten-free options for pasta and plates.

Online ordering is convenient on the Milano website, using the Toasttab app. A 12% service charge is added to online orders.

The restaurant has a large outdoor seating area, as well as some indoor seating in more private nooks. The atmosphere of the restaurant is open, clean, airy and bright.

We look forward to shopping the Italian specialty aisles and further exploring the deli and bakery offerings, as well as the rest of the menu. Although we didn’t have a chance to try the pastries, they look absolutely appetizing. The menu includes a number of pastas, sandwiches, burgers, salads, entrees and more.

For fresh and delicious food, served quickly and very well prepared, Milano Cafe & Deli wins a Tops in town for Italian cuisine in Burbank.

Parking is available in nearby public structures, with the first two hours free.

Restaurant information: Milano Cafe & Deli is located at 269 E. Palm Street, Burbank, CA 91501. (747) 477-1108. Milano Cafe & Deli is open Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Closed Sundays.

Milano Café & Deli receives: Tops in town

MyBurbank Ratings:
Tops in town (exceptional)
On the marquee (really good)
Could use rewrite (medium or slightly lower)
Don’t quit your daily job (poor)

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Local restaurants face labor shortages – The Famuan

Little Italy restaurant owner, Vjollca greeting and socializing with customer. Photo courtesy of Plummer

According to the National Restaurant Association, more than eight million restaurant workers have been laid off or on leave since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The country’s restaurant suffered a loss of $ 280 billion in sales in the first 13 months of the pandemic, according to the trade association.

In the wake of the return to normal, restaurants have still faced challenges since hiring began in early September 2020. Many simply cannot find enough workers to operate as they once did.

The controversial debate over the reluctance of restaurant workers to return to work is now shifting. The idea that citizens would rather stay home and collect benefits than return to industry became a faded fantasy once federal loans backed the idea, ending unemployment assistance in the event of a loss. pandemic in September 2021. Florida and a handful of other states stopped accepting federal unemployment benefits in June.

Little Italy’s Outer Court at lunchtime. Photo courtesy of Plummer

While many economists and business owners expected demand to return once hiring begins, the National Restaurant Association conducted a survey last month that found that 78% of operators said their staff “was not sufficient” to meet customer demand despite hiring. efforts.

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association told Tampa Bay ABC Action News that the service industry faces barriers beyond staff shortages.

“I think it may take a while,” said Peter Kilgore, senior vice president of FRLA. “But, as we say in our campaign, together we will overcome this. And that is patience, understanding, and empathy. This is what it takes.

Supply shortages and inflation, increases in minimum wages and rising labor costs are some of the many challenges plaguing the restaurant industry.

“The understaffing is felt on all sides,” said Cassidy Mccreery, front desk manager at Sage Restaurant in Tallahassee. “We realize that front desk workers are slightly easier to recruit than house managers, but it’s still a struggle. Farms and local distributors are suffering from supply, which adds to our problem of meeting customer demand. “

Sage announced last month that it was ending its Sunday brunch, citing labor and supply shortages.

Popular distribution companies like Chaeney Brothers, among other companies in the supply chain of many local restaurants, have been hit by supply disruptions since the midst of the pandemic.

“This creates an even more complex situation for management,” said Mccreery.

The Little Italy restaurant menu. Photo courtesy of Plummer

Many restaurateurs remain optimistic as the holiday season approaches. They said they were expanding their hiring efforts.

Operators are still investigating why this remains an obstacle for the management of this industry.

Little Italy restaurant owner Vjollca says most of her staff are students.

“We’re doing fine right now, but we need about three more servers for the upcoming holiday season,” said the local owner. “The servers I have now are great, but students in the past have been hired, they work and then leave. I only have two employees who have worked for me for some time, one of them for over 13 years.

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Palm Beach County’s best sports bars for dolphin watching, heat, and marlins

We all have our favorite sports bars, the place where you can meet friends and watch your favorite sports team while enjoying chicken wings, burgers and your favorite drink.

Of course, there are the big national and statewide chains such as Duffy’s, Beef O’Brady’s, and Hooters which are extremely popular with sports fans. They probably would make this list – but we wanted to stick to real local places that can double as a neighborhood bar.

Even places like Applebee’s and Chili’s still have sports on their TVs and certainly serve sports bar food, but really aren’t sports bars.

Chicken wings are always a customer favorite at any sports bar.

10 Best Beachfront Restaurants in Florida:10 of our favorite beachfront restaurants in all of Florida

10 best iconic restaurants in Florida:History, Fresh Seafood, Famous Cubans: Here Are Our Top 10 Iconic Florida Restaurants

Popular channels born in Florida:Hooters to Home of the Whopper: An Overview of Popular Restaurant Chains That Started in Florida

We also didn’t include NBA icon Michael Jordan’s restaurant 1000 North in Jupiter, as it’s not a sports bar. Anyone who orders nachos and Bud Lite will be escorted to the door.

Ditto for the three restaurants that make up Charlie & Joe’s in Love Street, the Joe being Joe Namath of Super Bowl III fame who has lived in Jupiter / Tequesta for 30 years.

We wanted to focus on Palm Beach County and will likely expand this list to include sports bars in South Florida – and across the state – in the near future.

Most importantly, we value feedback from all of you on your special sports bar, no matter where you live. Or accuse us of not including it and mentioning some of those on this list. Hey, if you live at Duffy’s and love him, tell us we’ve crossed this list and why.

That said, here’s our top 10 list (in no special order) from hours of in-depth research at various sports bars in Palm Beach County. Hey, it’s a dirty job but someone had to do it:

The woods, Jupiter

Whether you think this is a sports bar or not – and even if you will never be able to afford a meal here – this place makes the list. Quoting the establishment’s website: “After years of dining on the road, he decided to bring his vision of an elevated sports bar to life at his home in Jupiter.”

The Woods is Tiger Woods' sports bar and the atmosphere reflects that.

The him, of course, is Tiger Woods, who lives down the street on Jupiter Island.

Obviously, the attraction here is as much the hope that Woods or some other professional sports celebrity will be right where you dine as the food itself.

Address: 129, avenue Soundings, Jupiter

Boston on the Beach, Delray Beach

Boston is on the beach

When Boston teams are successful, so are the bars that cater to Boston teams. This means that Boston’s on the Beach has been very popular over the past 20 years. If you want to watch a big game involving the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins – and there have been a lot of them over the past two decades – Boston is the place to be.

Address: 40 South Ocean Boulevard, Delray Beach

Snuggery, Palm Beach Gardens

It’s a Steeler and West Virginia bar, but fans from all teams show up for the games. Bit pricey but the food still gets good reviews.

Address: 2556, boul. PGA. Palm Beach Gardens.

Carolina Ale House, Boynton Beach

Carolina Ale House in Boynton Beach offers great food in large portions

Great menu. Drinks always deliver. Killer TV layout inside the restaurant or in the covered patio, so you can watch any game you want to watch and have an amazing view of the action. Bring your appetite (plus a few friends) and try the Carolina Queso loaded Nachos. Huge and tasty.

Address: 365 N Congress Ave, Boynton Beach

Hijinks Sports Grill, Boca Raton

Good food. Good drinks. Good atmosphere. Be sure to try the Habanero Ranch & Honey Mustard Sriracha BBQ Baked Wings. High-end casual. Sit at the bar, on a high table or on a table. Or even book a VIP table on weekends or for a big UFC fight.

131, boul. South East Mizner, Boca Raton

McKenna’s Place, Palm Springs

Has by far the best wings any of our writers have ever had in South Florida. It’s also a great place to watch college football games when places like Buffalo Wild Wings or Duffy’s are too crowded. This place should be more popular than it is. Great food and a fun environment. The burgers are always good, but go for the Baja Shrimp Burrito and you won’t be disappointed. Exceptional promotions and best service.

Address: 4068 Forest Hill Blvd., Palm Springs

Stadium Grill, Jupiter

Located right across from Roger Dean Stadium, it’s a hot spot during spring training when the Marlins and Cardinals train and play. There are a ton of TVs inside and out. The food is great and they tend to give you a lot of it. Definitely more of a family environment compared to some of the bars which cater more to younger crowds.

Address: 1203 Town Center Drive, Jupiter

Kirby Sports Grid, Juno Beach

The best reviews for this place always praise the crab cakes. In fact, they’re having a 16th birthday special where Wednesday is $ 16 crab cake day.

And they always have entertaining commercials on the local radio station.

Address: 841 Donald Ross Road, Juno Beach

Brogues Down Under, Lake Worth

An Irish bar with an Australian touch. Forget the wings and the fries; this place has class. Brogues Down Under is owned by Tania, Emily and Rod Regan, who say, “Our kitchen features longtime Executive Chef Joseph Angelucci, 2010 People’s Choice Award winner, former chef of Secrets Piano Bar & Grill at the Windsor Gardens Hotel, as well as South Shores Tavern & Patio Bar. ”

Address: 621 Lake Ave, Lake Worth.

Article editors Hal Habib, Joe Schad, Tom D’Angelo, Emilee Smarr, Alex Peterman, Zach Buckley, and Nick Pugliese contributed to this report.

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Lancashire nightclubs to be ‘boycotted’ amid nationwide reports of needle-stick women

Lancashire university student groups have created social media pages promoting a boycott of all clubs following reports of women being needled by needles across the country.

Recent stories have been shared of women reporting being ‘pricked’ with a needle.

The boycott comes weeks after people visiting the Switch Night Club in Preston said they remained “shaken” after consuming drinks believed to contain drugs.

Women all over the country, in particular in Nottingham and Leeds, shared personal accounts of going out to clubs and pubs where they were unable to remember the events of the night and waking up to find strange bruises and marks where a needle was used to drug them.

Red plus: Girl rushes to hospital with head injury as crash closes Preston’s road

Victims in various areas said they were pierced with a needle in their leg, arms or hands, which left them unconscious overnight.

University of Nottingham student Zara Owen, 19, from Surrey was on a night out in Nottingham with her friends on Monday.

Upon entering the club and passing security, she went for a drink at the bar, but that’s where her memories of that night end.

The next thing she remembers is waking up the next morning with no memory of what happened after entering the club, something that had never happened to her before.

Speaking to the Mirror, Zara said: “I was originally very confused because I woke up with no memory of the night.

“It’s something that never happens to me and it was confusing because I hadn’t drunk a lot of alcohol.

“When it hit me, I had been drugged, I was so shocked to realize that it had happened to me as I take the given safety precautions very seriously.

“I cover my glasses and cover my bottles to make sure nothing gets in, but realizing that I have been given an injection is terrifying.”

One person was arrested in Nottingham in connection with another investigation.

Student groups from Lancaster and Preston have now created social media accounts dedicated to raising awareness of the sinister attacks carried out in the dark.

The peak drink attacks that took place at the Switch Night Club reportedly occurred on separate dates in August 2021 with night accounts shared through social media.

Bernie and Alex, both 20, dated August 28 with another friend and immediately arrived at Switch before 11 p.m.

Change nightclub

The couple say they ordered drinks separately at “different points of the same bar”. Alex ordered two drinks and after drinking later he “threw up” immediately.

The couple decided to leave where they went to sit in Wetherspoons.

Alex said: “By the time we got there, Bernie was just awful. Bernie was falling asleep on the table, and it was all out of nowhere. From being ‘a little tipsy’ to falling asleep on a table, that’s something Bernie doesn’t. “

By the time they returned to Switch, Alex said Bernie had started to get “scared” so they decided to go home. Alex told LancsLive that Bernie “just collapsed on the couch and felt really shaky. I’ve never seen Bernie like this.”

Alex waited for their friend to come home and recalled feeling “shaky and in pain”. Bernie doesn’t remember the night.

Another visitor, who requested anonymity, visited Switch on August 7. She says she was transported out of the location around “3:00 am” and brought home by a friend’s relative.

The visitor said she had no understanding of what had happened, and while friends pointed out the unusual incident, she continued to ignore it.

She said: “I was in denial, I thought I had the worst hangover ever, but the symptoms of physical discomfort lasted for five days. I could not eat or drink without being sick and I ended up going to the hospital on the fifth day because I was so dehydrated that I couldn’t even drink water. “

As medical treatment took place more than 72 hours after the incident, the hospital was reportedly unable to test the substance she had consumed.

Following these events, discussions erupted on social media regarding recent reports of doping attacks carried out via injections.

The Lancaster-based Girls Night In group is a replica of many of the same pages created for other towns that all share the same goal.

Each page ran an article that reads: “The peaks have become an epidemic. Never before have we heard of so many students waking up with no memory of what happened the night before.

“It’s not ‘getting drunk on the dark’, it’s getting high, and it’s something that can be changed.

“We are asking clubs and bars to increase their entry security. We are asking clubs and bars to provide protective devices against drinks (divers, etc.) free of charge.

“We ask clubs and bars to provide a clear and obvious medical center and a safe way to come home.

“It is NOT a message to stay at home. It asks our students to protest against clubs and bars.

“They are not responding to our complaints, so we have to do them.”

In addition to organizing a boycott movement at each university, the pages are used to collect signatures for a petition created to “make it compulsory for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests at the entrance.”

Support for the petition quickly gained momentum as more women and girls shared their stories of the recent attacks on the rise.

Now the petition has grown to over 134,000 and the figure continues to increase hourly.

Following the incident in Preston, a spokesperson for Switch said, “” We were only personally informed of one complaint about a spike inside the room, that was the next day. Switch has dedicated customer service and an in-house first aid team every night we operate, including improved site-wide signage to remind customers to keep their drinks safe with them at all times. We pride ourselves on being a safe night out and have been doing so since our opening in 2017. “

Download the LancsLive app for free at iPhone here and Android here.

To stay informed, follow LancsLive on Facebook and @LiveLancs on Twitter.

Do you have any news for us? Contact our editorial staff at [email protected].

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Eatery Business

Oportun Issuance aims to raise $ 500 million in consumer credit

Oportun, Inc., a publicly traded consumer finance company based in Menlo Park, California, sponsors the 18thNS Asset-backed securitization (ABS) business backed by fixed-income consumer installment loans.

Most of the transactions have been secured by unsecured loans, and now the Oportun Issuance Trust 2021-C is one of the first deals on the platform to be backed by Secured Personal Loans (SPL), according to the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

As of the statistical calculation date, auto-title-backed personal loans accounted for approximately 1.72% of OPTN 2021-C’s collateral pool, according to KBRA.

The SPLs must not exceed 10% of the specified transaction concentration limits. The rating agency noted that SPL products may have a lower failure rate and higher recovery rate than their unsecured counterparts. For this transaction, however, KBRA kept the same failure and recovery assumptions as the comparable unsecured product from Oportun.

Currently, SPL products are only offered in California, Florida, and Texas, KBRA noted.

OPTN 2021-C will raise $ 500 million through four tranches of debt. KBRA expects to assign class A bonds an “A” rating and class B bonds “BBB”. The bonds have a credit rating improvement in the form of overcollateralization, subordination, reserve account and excess spread. Additionally, the transaction has an initial hard credit enhancement level of 26.5% for the Class A bonds and 14.9% for the Class B bonds.

The loans in the pool have balances between $ 300 and $ 12,300. Plus, they have an initial maturity of seven to 54 months and an annual percentage cap of 36%, KBRA said.

Oportun operates through government licenses and offers its credit products to low and middle income consumers with limited or no credit history. The average initial loan amount is $ 2,442 for new customers and $ 4,235 for renewal customers. The company’s average customer has approximately $ 50,000 gross annual income, and approximately 50% of Oportun’s new customers do not have a FICO score.

In August 2021, Oportun began offering loans as part of its partnership with MetaBank, National Association.

The transaction also has a three year revolving period which allows the transaction to fund new collateral as long as the collateral meets the eligibility criteria and concentration limits, KBRA said. Capital payments will not be made during the revolving period while the coverage tests are met. Among other things, the trust must hold the required over-collateral amount.

The deal provides for a quick payback. The trust has certain triggers which, when triggered, end the revolving period and start paying out the banknotes.

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Amazon and Starbucks have planned a joint coffeehouse chain

Image from the article titled Chilling Report: Amazon and Starbucks plan joint coffee shop chain

Photo: David ryder (Getty Images)

Amazon would have an idea: Starbucks. Business intern obtained an internal Amazon document showing that Amazon and Starbucks had planned a joint operation, a sort of cashier-less cafe. Code name: “Verde”. Wi-Fi password: BarnesandNobleCanEatBoogers! Haha

A render shows that the vending machine-style cafe looks like a Starbucks, with vending machines featuring Amazon food, which Business Insider describes as an “assortment of pastries and baked goods.” According to Insider, the joint store needed to develop a unique brand.

It was designed for 25- at 45 city ​​dwellers, or “time-pressed professionals,” Insider says. Take action for Millennials. The demographic that will be the first to survive on Amazon’s yogurt cups in nursing homes watching Ring cameras so we don’t die of heatstroke in record temperatures on the way to the office. Sorry. SORRY.

The partnership makes ominous sense, in the same way that Amazon accounts will someday be so essential (if not more essential) as social security numbers. Starbucks no longer has to make paninis and rightly believes that hitching up your wagon to Amazon is the only way to survive. But Amazon already Starbucks offers in Amazon Go grocery / convenience stores, so why create a new chain disguised as Starbucks? A big advantage, perhaps, is that Amazon takes one step closer to converting every upper middle class. young urban professional on Earth as an Amazon customer.

This is because salons have reportedly implemented Amazon’s contactless cashierless payment application, which requires buyers to create an Amazon account. Amazon uses Amazon Go’s fully robotic payment system, another dystopian nightmare that asks customers to decide if they are hungry and lazy enough to enroll in a corporate monitoring state. Download the app and connect it to the mandatory Amazon account, then allow cameras to capture your face. As TechCrunch described it in 2018:

At this point (in fact, the moment you walked in or maybe even before), your account is associated with your physical presence and cameras start to track your every move.

The cameras then track everything you do and what you pick up and put in your bag, in exchange for the convenience of getting out. The plan appears to be to make every store dependent on Amazon and every customer accountable and subject to its spy system, via the Insider snippet of the document. Unnnghh:

“Verde is Amazon Go as a Service, which means retailers integrate an Amazon Go (where Amazon owns customer identity / authentication, catalog, merchandising, supply chain, planogram, accessories and the income statement) in their stores to offer customers a new selection and new purchases. experiences, complementary to theirs.

Amazon owns the identity of the customer …

Gizmodo looked halfway, then asked Amazon what “customer identity” meant. Responding to the Business Insider article, a spokesperson said, “We do not comment on rumors or speculation.” Starbucks declined to comment.

In all cases, the project may or may not move forward. Insider also reports that companies missed their deadline to open the flagship, which was slated for the end of 2020 (yes, it was a pandemic). Amazon has opened a hair salon, it owns 500 Whole Foods, 26 Go stores and 11 much larger Amazon Fresh stores in the US, with 28 more on the way, Bloomberg reports.

Will Starbucks Survive? Or will Amazon start making hot drinks with milk and pumpkin spice? We will be back in a few years.

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Returns on capital from Darden restaurants (NYSE: DRI) do not inspire confidence

If you are looking for a multi-bagger, there are a few things to look out for. A common approach is to try to find a business with Return on capital employed (ROCE) which increases, in connection with growth amount capital employed. Put simply, these types of businesses are dialing machines, which means they continually reinvest their profits at ever higher rates of return. Although, when we considered Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI), it doesn’t appear to have ticked all of those boxes.

Return on capital employed (ROCE): what is it?

For those who don’t know what ROCE is, it measures the amount of pre-tax profit a business can generate from the capital employed in its business. The formula for this calculation on Darden restaurants is:

Return on capital employed = Profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) ÷ (Total assets – Current liabilities)

0.10 = US $ 880 million ÷ (US $ 11 billion – US $ 1.7 billion) (Based on the last twelve months up to August 2021).

Therefore, Darden Restaurants has a ROCE of 10.0%. On its own, that’s a low return, but compared to the 7.7% average generated by the hospitality industry, it’s much better.

See our latest review for Darden restaurants

NYSE: DRI Return on Capital Employee October 20, 2021

Above you can see how Darden restaurants current ROCE compares to its previous returns on capital, but there is little you can say about the past. If you’d like to see what analysts are forecasting for the future, you should check out our free report for Darden restaurants.

What the ROCE trend can tell us

When we looked at the ROCE trend at Darden Restaurants, we didn’t gain much trust. About five years ago, returns on capital were 20%, but since then they have fallen to 10.0%. Although, as income and the amount of assets used in the business have increased, this could suggest that the business is investing in growth and that the additional capital has resulted in a short-term reduction in ROCE. If these investments prove to be successful, it can bode very well for stock performance in the long run.

The key to take away

Although returns on capital have declined in the short term, we find promise that both income and capital employed have increased for Darden Restaurants. And the stock has performed incredibly well with a 167% return over the past five years, so long-term investors are no doubt thrilled with the result. So while the underlying trends can already be explained by investors, we still believe this stock is worth looking into.

On a final note, we found 2 warning signs for Darden restaurants that we think you should be aware of.

While Darden restaurants don’t earn the best return, check out this free list of companies that generate high returns on equity with strong balance sheets.

This Simply Wall St article is general in nature. We provide commentary based on historical data and analyst forecasts using only unbiased methodology and our articles are not intended to be financial advice. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell shares and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation. Our aim is to bring you long-term, targeted analysis based on fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest announcements from price sensitive companies or qualitative documents. Simply Wall St has no position in the mentioned stocks.

Do you have any feedback on this item? Are you worried about the content? Get in touch with us directly. You can also send an email to the editorial team (at)

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Oklahoma City Fire Department warns of anti-theft bars after fatal house fire that claimed the life of his grandfather

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Fire Department warns of the dangers of anti-theft bars and house fires after a grandfather was killed in a house fire in northeastern ‘OKAY.

At around 2:40 p.m. Monday afternoon, a fire broke out in a house near Northeast 23rd and Lottie. Neighbors said they could see smoke and fire coming from the house.

Neighbors and friends said they had taken action to break locks on anti-theft bars so the 67-year-old could escape the flames. Family members told KFOR the man’s name was Lynn Whitaker. He was the father of three daughters and had several grandchildren.

“People would stop to try to get him out. I just couldn’t, ”said fellow neighbor and 25-year-old good friend Edwin Moreland. “I was using that ax to try to break the windows on this side and try to hit the lock on the bar. It just wouldn’t work.

Lynn Whitaker with her family.

Oklahoma City firefighters showed News 4 what it takes to break locks on Tuesday. They said they used special tools and force in seconds, which civilians and Whitaker’s friends just couldn’t do.

“This is our weak point that we are going to attack so that we can come in that direction to open it up,” said Sgt. Chris George pointing at a pair of simulation anti-theft bars at the fire department training ground. “They are still dangerous, but we have the breathing apparatus to be able to work through the smoke.”

“Those same bars could be the difference between life and death,” said Battalion Commander Benny Fulkerson. “The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to get out quick, when seconds really count, you don’t want to be looking for a key. “

The photo goes with the story
Firefighters in front of a set of anti-theft bars.

On Tuesday, Moreland said he was making changes to the anti-theft bars on his own windows and doors.

“I’m actually going to be buying new locks and putting them on all of my anti-theft bars this week so I know where the key is,” Moreland said. “This taught me a valuable lesson: ‘Okay, I need to know where the keys are.’ “

Others change when they lock the bars.

“We always keep the key to the door at the front door,” Harris said. “During the day, I will leave it open and then at night, when we are about to go to sleep around 10 or 11 o’clock, then lock it. Because I know I don’t want anyone to come into the house when I’m trying to sleep.

Fire officials said the victim did not have working smoke detectors in his home.

Moreland said he is now going door to door to make sure his elderly neighbors all have working smoke detectors.

“He will not lose his life in the vein,” he said. “This is one of the activities on my to-do list that I want to do, make sure all my neighbors have working smoke detectors. “

The Oklahoma City Fire Department installs smoke detectors free of charge if you call (405) 316-BEEP (2337).

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Officials scramble to assemble new set of nightclub guidelines

Ministry of Tourism and Culture officials are scrambling to develop a new set of guidelines for nightclubs so they can reopen in 48 hours.

fusion ruled yesterday over how nightclubs would operate with “safeguards” in place such as masks and social distancing.

The Taoiseach was forced to admit there would be “anomalies” in the guidelines.

Nightclubs will be able to reopen from this Friday to people with Covid certificates, with contact tracing and wearing face masks “except for eating, drinking and dancing”.

The 11:30 p.m. curfew has also been lifted.

The government’s expert advisory group on rapid tests has also been asked to review self-tests performed by people without any symptoms who might visit a nightclub.

“Ministry officials are urgently working on the detailed government-reported guidelines underpinned by the Work Safely protocol to ensure they are in place as soon as possible,” a spokeswoman said. of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Catherine Martin.

“The ministry understands that there are clarifications and anomalies
which need to be investigated and will engage with An Taoiseach’s department, industry stakeholders and others over the coming hours and days to find solutions to any issues that may arise.

Taoiseach Michéal Martin said last night that he would engage tomorrow with the entertainment and live music industry to “solve” some problems with the government’s reopening plan.

“There are going to be anomalies,” he said.

“There will be specific guidance for each sector over the next few days, which will be ironed out and worked out in great detail.”

He added that “obviously” people would be “able to dance in a nightclub”.

“What traditionally happens in a nightclub will continue to happen in a nightclub,” he said.

He also indicated that there may be different rules for nightclubs and pubs as they are “different sectors”.

He declined to say whether people would be able to dance on dance floors in clubs but could then order a drink only while seated. He indicated that there may be different rules for pubs and nightclubs.

“Generally speaking, we want people to offer a drink where they are seated, but there will be specific guidelines for different sectors,” added the Taoiseach.

Matt McGranaghan, from
Irish Music and Entertainment Association
(MEAI), said the sector was in a “worse position” now as it was on track for a “bad reopening”.

“In nightclubs you are allowed to dance, but you are not allowed to stay at the bar and have a drink,” he said.

“If you have a live band in a pub nobody can dance but if you have a DJ and a dance floor they can.

“They are in the worst possible situation.

The Association of Approved Winegrowers (LVA) declared the government’s latest announcement left “more questions than answers”.

“We are delighted to see the return of dancing, for example, but where is the logic that allows this activity but excludes the use of the bar counter? said Donall O’Keeffe of the LVA.

“Their anomalous approach to restrictions will not be practical in the real world.”

The Irish Winegrowers’ Federation (VFI) called it “another devastating day” for the pub business.

Managing Director Padraig Cribben said the removal of the 11:30 pm curfew was “a fig leaf” if bar counters were “off limits”.

“We thought this crisis was coming to an end on Friday, but now we are faced with the prospect of severely curtailed negotiations during the busiest time of the year,” he said.

“Instead, the government has guaranteed more pubs to close over the next few months.”

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Eatery Business

Capitec offers student loans at reduced interest rates

Capitec offers USB students low-interest loans of 7% with a term of 84 months.

Capitec has partnered with the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) to offer low-interest loans to people seeking graduate studies.

Capitec has been offering some of its high-yielding customers unsecured loans at a premium rate since last year. And for many years, the bank said that its customers use unsecured loans for a variety of purposes to improve their lives, such as home improvement and, for example, to finance higher education.

But the partnership with USB is the first in which the bank explicitly offers student loans.

The bank offers USB students 7% low-interest loans payable by family or student over 84 months. In order to apply for a loan, however, prospective students must be at least 18 years old and have a valid South African ID.

Owen Mbundu, director of marketing at USB, said the loan application process fits in seamlessly with the business school’s existing admissions process. Applicants do not have to visit a Capitec office or be a Capitec customer to qualify.

“With the Credit-for-Education solution from Capitec, a postgraduate degree can become a reality for even more students,” says Mbundu.

Capitec’s Marketing and Communications Director Francois Viviers said Capitec has simplified the application process so that loans can be granted online or on campus in hours. Once a prospect’s credit is approved, Capitec pays the money directly to USB on the student’s behalf.

Viviers said this “purpose-built loan solution” is one of many ways Capitec is constantly innovating to improve people’s lives.

“One of those ways is by providing affordable credit to finance education. Our data showed us that we can continue to drive access to finance and affordability, as consumers who take up higher education loans are more likely to manage their loans well, ”Viviers said.

Partnering with USB is another example of how Capitec is working with other companies to expand their offering beyond unsecured loans.

In 2020, the bank began offering Capitec Home Loans in partnership with SA Home Loans. Capitec plays the role of a bond originator for SA home loans.

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Ready Set Coffee’s Gordon Square Café is now open (photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ready Set is finally ready to go!

Cleveland’s Ready Set Coffee Roasters have opened in their new home at 7306 Detroit Ave. Monday, October 11. Dangremond worked on transforming the space – a former performing arts school – into their new home.

In the back room they have a roaster from San Franciscan busy producing bags of beans for coffee and wholesale. The shelves contain some of Ready Set’s most popular mixes, including its signature “Deep Track” garage mix. The name refers to the early days of Ready Set in Chris’ garage.

Ready Set also connects to Chris’ music experience, with a close-up photo of a vinyl record on the product. (He also heads rock groups Rosavelt and Falling Stars, and performs in vacation rock supergroup Ohio City Singers.)

“There is definitely music flowing through the veins of this place,” Chris said of Ready Set.

(Photo by Anne Nickoloff,

Chris said the Ready Set team aims to create a cafe that is accessible to any type of coffee drinker.

“We want coffee geeks and just your average coffee lover here. We know a lot about coffee, but we’re not snobs about it. If you want to put cream on it, that’s cool. But at the same time, we will show people different techniques.

This is reflected in the Ready Set Coffee menu, which focuses on batch brews of roast beans, espresso, pourers and a few seasonal specialty drinks. For fall, there’s a salted maple latte, a black cat mocha, and two chocolate drinks called “Sunburst” and “Cloudburst”. Cold and cold nitro drinks are also on tap, and locally made baked goods, including vegan options, are available behind a display case.

“We make a lot of fun specialty drinks that showcase the roasting side,” Chris said. “The other aspect is that we have coffees from all over the world there, so we can bring and try different things as served coffees – coffees of the day from Bali or Sumatra, Colombia, Mexico. It’s fun to be able to bring them in and try different things.

Ultimately, Chris said, the Ready Set team hopes to offer coffee-making classes and coffee tastings. He also plans to use the space for events, including an upcoming book signing and a holiday pop-up shop featuring local manufacturers.

Ready Set has been gaining traction since it started out in Chris’ garage a few years ago, when he first focused on local delivery and partnering with local grocery stories. Prior to opening the café, Chris and his partners developed partnerships and collaborations with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Go Buddha, Propaganda Coffee, Terrestrial Brewing Company and Immigrant Son Brewery. Recently, the company took second place in this year’s Cleveland Chain Reaction competition, earning $ 20,000.

The owners of Ready Set plan to use these funds to expand its team and reach.

“I’m not saying we’re going to expand into more places, but basically our business case was to invest in people and get more people to help us make it a bigger thing,” Chris said. . “We want to invest in people and invest in our own growth as a national brand. “

You can find more information about Ready Set at

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New Haven Restaurant Week Boosts Business Diversification Efforts

New Haven hosted its 13th annual Restaurant Week promoting new, culturally diverse restaurants.

Alessia Degraève

12:17 a.m., October 19, 2021

Contributing journalist

Daniel Zhao, senior photographer

Last Tuesday, New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker joined city officials in celebrating the return of the 13th annual New Haven Restaurant Week.

From October 3 to 16, more than 20 of New Haven’s most beloved restaurants adopted prix fixe menus in an effort to encourage residents to branch out and try the city’s international cuisines. Elicker brought city officials together on the College Street Promenade to celebrate the return of Restaurant Week and Sidewalk Saturdays, an out-of-town shopping promotion that works in conjunction with the Week that promotes Smaller Stores in New Haven.

As the site of Connecticut’s first “Restaurant Week” promotion, New Haven Restaurant Week seeks to empower local businesses with exciting offers.

“After 13 years, promotion is a well-oiled machine,” said Bruno Baggetta, Marketing and Communications Director of Market New Haven. “New Haven Restaurant Week was a huge success, in large part thanks to the inspiring resilience of our partner restaurants. Our restaurateurs and their staff work tirelessly to create a memorable dining experience.

Baggetta has been part of Restaurant Week since its inaugural season.

New Haven Restaurant Week also supports Connecticut Foodshare, the New Haven area’s leading food bank. The organization is the official charity of Restaurant Week. Baggetta said that over the past 12 years, participating restaurants have raised more than $ 50,000 for food actions in Connecticut.

In addition to helping local organizations, Restaurant Week encourages residents to explore new restaurants and stores through its partnership with Sidewalk Saturdays.

New Haven Deputy Economic Development Administrator Carlos Eyzaguirre told The News how the city of New Haven is economically benefiting from Restaurant Week’s increased trade and high levels of consumer diversification.

“Sidewalk Saturdays is a way for non-restaurant retailers to be a meaningful part of the Restaurant Week action and take advantage of increased foot traffic by selling their wares outdoors,” Eyzaguirre said. . “It is also an opportunity for the participating local New Haven artists and designers, many of whom are from the black and brown community, to promote and sell their work as well as gain well-deserved notoriety.”

Eyzaguirre explained that New Haven residents of Afghanistan, Syria, Peru and other countries are opening new restaurants across the city, signaling a recent international expansion within New Haven’s food culture.

The continued success of Restaurant Week has continually showcased New Haven’s diverse dining scene and further strengthened our position as a fine dining destination, ”said Eyzaguirre. “As the demographics of New Haven continually change and more and more people arrive in our city from all over the world, this will remain an opportunity for the people of our city to enjoy cuisines from other cultures that may be theirs. less familiar. “

Yale students also took advantage of New Haven Restaurant Week, many taking advantage of lower prices and dining deals at restaurants.

Pia Baldwin Edwards ’25 explained that Restaurant Week’s lunch option includes an appetizer and a main course, and her dinner option is a full three-course meal with options such as pasta, pizza, and salads covering a variety of international cuisines.

“It’s really nice knowing that I can get a luxurious lunch in the $ 20 range,” Baldwin Edwards told The News. “I really used Restaurant Week’s $ 21 lunch option to spice up my dining choices and expand my palate, eating at Café Soul de Cuba, a Cuban restaurant I had never tried before.”

Market New Haven was established in 2000 and strives to promote downtown New Haven as a culturally vibrant city.


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17 best cookie bar recipes for a small bite

I like a good cookie. But you know what’s even better? When said cookie comes in the form of a bar and takes half the time and effort, no difficulty transferring hot cookies to a cooling rack, no messy portioning of subsequent batches, no devastating Pangea cookie. It’s a unique and hassle-free crowd pleaser; the reliable and low-maintenance alternative to its more demanding, autonomous and unique counterparts.

© Provided by Food52

A team player at heart, the cookie bar does not allow latecomers, runt-offs or duds. At the end of the day, each bar is as good as its lot. Plus, bar cookies are fun to bite into – they’re soft and gooey and sometimes surprise us with a nice crunch or a hidden layer. They are dense and easy to eat, as well as easy to share. Plus, everyone has a favorite: the midpoints, the two-edged wedge, the one-edged side. So I urge you: on your next pastry bender, think about the bar. Here are 17 recipes to get you started.

1. Magic cookie bars

The five-layer bars are a dream. No they are Magic. Layers of sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, nuts and grated coconut are a nostalgic combination that I will never get tired of.

2. Sugar cookie bars

Kelly, why would I be making cookie bars when I could just make sugar cookies cut into seasonal shapes for Halloween or Christmas? Let’s ask recipe developer Grant Melton. “Regular sugar cookies are easy enough to bake, but this version is even simpler. No cooling, rolling or cutting, ”he says. A simpler version but just as delicious? Enough for me!

3. Malted Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bars

Malted milk powder and two kinds of chocolate (cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate) make this cookie bar taste like an old-fashioned chocolate bar, in the best possible way.

4. Cranberry cookie bars

If you’re fed up with pies in the fall and winter, turn to these festive, seasonal bars instead. They only ask for six ingredients, including some leftover cranberry sauce, which makes for a gentle use of leftover Thanksgiving.

5. Coconut Dream Bars

Two kinds of coconut – coconut flakes and sweet grated coconut – are folded into a vanilla custard. The mixture is poured on a layer of precooked shortbread dough then the whole is again cooked until the filling is set.

6. Nanaimo Bars

These classic Canadian cookie bars consist of three distinct and delicious layers: a chocolate and coconut graham cracker crust, a creamy cream filling, and a layer of chocolate ganache on top.

7. Chocolate and tahini shortbread bars

Gallery: 50 Ways to Get Your Fix of Pumpkin Spice (Taste of Home)

a table topped with plates of food on a plate: I make these tasty pumpkin cupcakes every Halloween, but they are wonderful all year round.  —Amber Butzer, Gladstone, Oregon Go to Psst Recipe: Here are other pumpkin spice products you'll love.

These festive shortbread cookies combine tahini, dark chocolate, and crumbled marbled halva for a buttery, crumbly bar recipe maker Melissa Clark loves to serve on Chanukah.

8. Chocolate Caramel Nut Bars

An old-fashioned treat, Pecan Turtle Bars, are deliciously added with the help of a chocolate crumble filling.

9. Cinnamon and rye shortbread

“My version of the traditional Scottish shortbread is pretty much the perfect cookie,” writes recipe developer EmilyC. “They’re rich, buttery, sweet and savory, and deliciously crumbly. The malty sweetness and warm spices of rye and cinnamon greatly increase their charm.

10. Biscuit Butter Blondies

Cookie butter is so good, especially by the spoonful. But it’s one of those ingredients that can be hard to know what to do with. The solution? Cookie butter cookie bars. The spicy butter, white and dark chocolate chips, and blondie base are a combination I can’t live without.

11. Cream shortbread bars with Boozy Meringue filling

“Topped with fluffy Italian meringue, flavored with port and generously sprinkled with cinnamon, limeña suspiro is a rich pudding that tastes like the offspring of dulce de leche and custard,” writes recipe developer Carlos C. Olaechea. The cream is placed on a simple shortbread crust for a bite of decadent butter.

12. Cookies and cream bars

It’s not exactly a cookie bar. In fact, it’s not a cookie bar at all. It’s white chocolate bark with crushed Oreo cookies, but it’s as smooth as it gets iteration that everyone will love.

13. Lemon bars

There’s more lemon flavor than ever – 2 teaspoons of grated zest and ½ cup of fresh lemon juice – in these tangy bars with a pure sunshine taste.

14. Pecan pie bars

OK technically they might be pie bars rather than cookie bars, but potatoes, poh-tah-to. A classic pecan and fondant pie filling is spread over a brown sugar shortbread for the perfect fall bite.

15. No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars with Oreo Crust

Five ingredients, no bake and make ahead, these Emma Laperruque chocolate-peanut butter bars are simply perfect.

16. Brown Butter Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese and Brown Sugar Frosting

Even if you’re not a fan of some of the spicy and sugary pumpkin treats in grocery stores, you’ll love these spicy nutty pumpkin bars that are closer to cake than cookies (but I don’t hear anyone complaining. ).

17. Blondie Carrot-Halwa Bars (Blondies Carrot Cake)

For those not quite cookie bars, the carrot cake marries blondie bars, then they go on their honeymoon to India and take on the flavors of fresh cardamom seeds.

Are you a team cookie bar or stick to the classic rolled and cut cookies? Share your sweetest thoughts in the comments below!

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Nightclub owners plead for a lifeline

The Union of Night Liquor Business Operators has called on President Hage Geingob to throw a lifeline to the industry by extending their hours of operation by two hours, as current regulations require nightclubs to close before 11:00 p.m.

The Union of Night Liquor Business Operators (Unlibo), which represents the interests of all nightclub owners across the country, said they needed immediate intervention or nightclubs could be forced to close. and hundreds of employees could lose their jobs.

Unlibo’s national coordinator Philip Ajueshi told the government bends over backwards for bar and shebeen owners, while club owners are being treated like outsiders and punished because of Covid-19.

He said they risked bankruptcy if the president did not immediately step in to save them from impending destruction, as many nightclubs are heavily in debt as they struggle to survive.

Ajueshi stressed that they cannot compete with the bars and shebeens open to all, while the nightclubs charge an entrance fee.

Ajueshi believes the health minister misled the president, after the union and its 37 or so members went to great lengths in several meetings to explain how the industry is affected and what it needs to stay afloat.

“We are living in hell and no one understands. The president is not the problem here, he trusts the reports he receives and they don’t give him the real truth. I’m sure the president would act immediately, just like he did with the bar and shebeen owners. He should respond to people’s cry or else they just have to say we have to shut down all the nightclubs in the country, ”he said.

The union’s grievances follow the announcement of the end of the curfew and the relaxation of several regulations put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The president on Friday adjusted the number of people allowed at public gatherings to 200 and ended the curfew to allow economic activity to resume. However, nightclubs are still only allowed to operate until 11:00 p.m.

“We really need the president to revise this and give the nightclubs at least a few extra hours so that we can make some income. We cannot wait for November 15th. We can’t take another loan to pay the October rent. We really need a lifeline, ”he said. – unpack. Online

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Eatery Business

Banks are likely to keep lending to households firmly under control in the fourth quarter

SEOUL, Oct. 18 (Yonhap) – Banks in South Korea are expected to keep their household lending under control in the fourth quarter of this year as the government tries to limit borrowing, a central bank survey found on Monday.

According to a survey by the Bank of Korea, the index, which measures banks’ attitudes towards domestically secured and unsecured credit, was minus 15 and minus 32 for the period from October to December.

The corresponding numbers in the third quarter were minus 35 and minus 29.

The lower the value, the more likely banks will tighten their lending restrictions. A score below zero means that the number of lenders restricting lending exceeds that of banks trying to relax lending criteria.

“A significantly stronger trend in lending to private households is expected to continue from the previous quarter, influenced by the tightening of regulations on household loans,” says a press release from BOK.

A BOK official said the survey also showed that banks are likely to tighten regulations on unsecured loans more than domestic loans in the fourth quarter.

Financial regulators will take further steps to curb household debt in a follow-up step this month after applying stricter lending rules in July.

Banks expected household credit risks to “significantly” increase, in part due to increased borrowing costs and concerns about borrowers’ incomes falling amid the coronavirus pandemic, the survey showed.

At the end of September, outstanding bank loans to households increased by 6.5 trillion won to 1,052.7 trillion won (US $ 877.9 billion), according to central bank data.

Last Tuesday, the BOK left its key rate unchanged for October at 0.75 percent after a quarter of a percentage point hike in August, but indicated the possibility of a further rate hike next month.

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New Columbus South Cafe Aims To Provide Opportunities

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A vacant property in a mostly vacant South Columbus block is undergoing a major facelift, in an effort to help the community in several ways.

At its last meeting, Columbus City Council approved $ 75,000 for what will be the South End Café. Organizers said the money is expected to cover most of the construction costs for the project.

There are a few holes in the walls and clearly a lot of work remains to be done.

In a few months, the property should be a cafe, but not just any cafe. The café is a non-profit community development project for all.

The organization’s director of engagement, Mike Premo, said the cafe had three goals: to be a nice place in the region for people to come together, to increase access to healthy and affordable food, and to provide employment opportunities for those who have difficulty finding work. .

Premo said it would provide on-the-job training for those who have been released from prison and are struggling to find work, or those who have been out of the labor market for some time.

“This building was an opportunity to create a new format where people can get a job, get training on the job, and then leverage it for even better work on the road,” Premo said.

For now, the cafe is scheduled to open in February.

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Atlantic Station Restaurant Week starts October 18

Atlantic Station Restaurant Week will be held from Monday October 18 to Saturday October 23, to mark the 16th anniversary of the development.

Participating restaurants include Allora, Atlantic Grill, Bantam + Biddy, BGR, HOBNOB, NaanStop, Poke Bar, The Pig & The Pearl and Toscano Ristorante Italiano.

Special offers include a three-course meal for $ 25 per person with a choice of starter, main course and dessert at HOBNOB; a three-course meal and a glass of wine for $ 30 from Toscano; and a Surf and Turf Southern-Style platter with smoked brisket, lobster mac and cheese, collard greens and strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting for $ 35 at The Pig & The Pearl.

Special offers from participating restaurants are available on the Atlantic Station website.

Customers who present receipts from two or more Atlantic Station retailers or restaurants between October 18 and 23 can redeem for a “Fork it.” Let’s go out to eat! embroidered denim apron at Concierge near Atlantic Green, while supplies last.

During restaurant week, Atlantic Station retailers and services, such as Atlanta Dermatology & Aesthetics, atl kula, Athleta, Bodied by Patrice, charming Charlie, Dillard’s, fab’rik, Great American Cookies, H&M and Tony’s Barber Studio, also have special offers. if guests present a receipt from a participating restaurant. A full list of discounts offered can be found here.

To learn more about Atlantic Station Restaurant Week, visit

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Has the pandemic killed the stomach to the bar?

Earlier this week, the New York Times published an article claiming that COVID-19 is not a crisis, but rather an era, which humans will face long after the disease is gone. The article includes an interview with Harvard University historian Allan Brandt who says that “we tend to think of pandemics… as episodic” when in reality they are much more impactful and long-lasting.

“We live in the age of Covid-19, not the Covid-19 crisis,” says Brandt. “There will be a lot of substantial and persistent changes. We won’t look back and say, ‘It was a terrible time, but it’s over.'”

There have been so many heartbreaking changes in our lives, but there have also been smaller, more nuanced changes. The little details of life may seem unimportant, even silly, compared to the horrors of the pandemic. But they also give us tangible examples of how we will evolve in this new world.

This is the case with the barricade, a centuries-old tradition that can become one of those “substantial and persistent” changes that occur once society is completely reopened. To put your stomach in the air is to enter a neighborhood dive, find a free spot along the bar and stick to it. It is establishing a relationship with the bartender, engaging in conversations with strangers and finding fellowship in a sacred space.

It also means not standing in a line like we are boarding an early morning flight to a terrible place. Queuing to order a beer is boring. Before the pandemic, if there was a queue, nothing thrilled me more than watching someone bypass it and head straight for an empty space. First of all, I was inspired by their gall. Second, they were always – every time – served immediately because in my experience most bartenders also hate lines.

Over the past few months, as we’ve come out of lockdown, masked and struggling peak after peak, the line is everywhere. It makes sense – we had to space out, the bars are understaffed and it helps tame the chaos of a packed house. But it’s also a reminder that the belly-to-bar experience is probably gone, numbed with everything else.

Since the country’s inception, the Neighborhood Bar has always not only been a place of community, it has been the backdrop to some of America’s most significant moments. In an interview with Smithsonian Magazine in August, Christine Sismondo (who has written an entire book on dive bars titled America walks into a bar), discusses the cultural significance of a local water point.

“Bars have always been the place where people share news and discuss it. And there is an unspoken code in most neighborhood bars that people are supposed to check their diplomas at the door, ”says Sismondo.

Standing around a bar, she says, is the great equalizer. It breaks the classroom structure and creates one of the only spaces where “the lawyer, the college professor, the taxi driver and the dishwasher” unassumingly come together and exchange ideas.

Sismondo also notes that almost all American cities have a bar with a historical marker, an illustration of the saloon’s place in United States history. Some historic events that started in a bar include the American Revolution, the Stonewall Riots, and the planning of the Boston Tea Party. Would we still have seceded from the British if we stood in line and quietly looked at our phones? Probably not.

Are these romantic bars? Absoutely. But 18 months without something allows for some idealization. The belly at the bar creates a space of possibility (alcohol helps too), whether we’re looking for a partner, a heated chat, or just a good time. After months of isolation, seeing clients standing quietly in single file just seems sad. They take their drinks, slip a card and return to their small tables and to the friends they already know.

If we weren’t in this pandemic era yet, maybe this story would end by suggesting that the next time you head to your favorite neighborhood hangout, you go around the line and head to that bar. But everything is still changing and hinting that it seems irresponsible. Instead, we’re waiting to see if this is just a small hit on the way back to normal, or if the pandemic has really killed the great American plunge.

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“Give nightclubs a chance to reopen safely as planned”

Businesses across the country are on a razor’s edge as they await a government decision on whether the easing of Covid restrictions will continue as planned next Friday.

October 22 was to be the date nightclubs would reopen and the remaining restrictions on other businesses such as pubs and restaurants would be lifted.

However, the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in recent days has put this plan in jeopardy.

During the week, the Tánaiste said that a decision on whether or not to proceed with the complete lifting of the restrictions will be made at the Cabinet meeting next Tuesday.

Business owners and those working in the entertainment and hospitality industry say they need clarity because their livelihoods are at stake.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan is the Managing Director of the Scholars Townhouse Hotel in Drogheda, Co. Louth.

“This has been the most difficult time of my career,” he said when asked how the past 18 months have been for the company.

The hotel had a busy few months when it reopened over the summer, but Mr McGowan said business has since plummeted and reservations for October and November were poor.

“Reservations are significantly lower than pre-pandemic activity levels which is concerning,” he said.

If restrictions ease next Friday as planned, McGowan said he believes it will give the business a much-needed boost.

For hotels, easing restrictions would mean they would no longer have to limit the number of people dining at each table in their restaurant, and they wouldn’t have to worry about social distancing.

“Guests could sit at a bar counter and enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail,” McGowan said, which is currently not allowed.

“Vertical consumption would be back, which would create the much needed atmosphere that has diminished since our business was curtailed,” he added.

Mr McGowan said they are currently taking reservations for larger groups for dates after next Friday and should cancel reservations for all tables over six if the restrictions are not relaxed.

“It would have a ripple effect, reducing turnover,” he said.

Next week, McGowan is hopeful the government decides to ease all restrictions in the hospitality industry – on guests who are vaccinated.

This would mean that the use of Covid digital certificates would continue, which was raised as a possibility by Minister Simon Harris, former Minister of Health on Morning Ireland last Friday.

Sunil Sharpe

Closed since the start of the pandemic, nightclubs were eager to welcome customers back to the dance floor next Friday.

Some places are “clinging to the skin of their teeth,” said Sunil Sharpe, DJ and spokesperson for the Give Us The Night campaign, a group that represents places and nightclubs across the country.

He hopes the government will continue the planned easing of restrictions on October 22.

“The October holidays and the Halloween period are big nights in the annual calendar for venues, promoters and artists.

“It’s a big chunk of vital revenue that the government will wipe out if it decides to keep us closed,” he said.

Sunil Sharpe, DJ

If the government decides to postpone the reopening, Sharpe said there would be many “logistical nightmares” to deal with.

“It’s going to cause a lot of problems, a lot of them financial of course, but what does it do for morale or mental well-being?” He asked.

“It is not an easy game, and the mental anguish this puts on business owners, staff, artists and the public cannot be quantified using simple financial numbers,” he said. -he declares.

Mr Sharpe said he did not believe the growing number of Covid-19 cases would justify delaying the reopening of clubs.

“Closing us due to a small situation of increasing cases that was inevitable as winter approached anyway would be a complete escape,” he said.

He said he believes the industry should be given the opportunity to safely reopen.

“Is it fair that our industry, which has had 19 months to learn about Covid-19 and prepare for a safe reopening, remains closed?” ” He asked.

“We are being tried with no possibility of reopening, and if the government thinks that closing the sites is going to prevent the spread of the virus, think again,” he said.

According to Sharpe, a prolonged closure of venues and events only increases unregulated gatherings.

“As we approach winter, the government should learn from the lessons of last year and understand that the virus does not stop spreading if you close businesses.

“If the government really values ​​the nighttime economy, it will find a way to get us to fully reopen on October 22,” he said.

Angela Ruttledge

Angela Ruttledge, owner of Monck’s Green restaurant and Olive’s Room tea room

Angela Ruttledge is the owner of Monck’s Green restaurant in Phibsborough and Olive’s Room tearoom in Clontarf, both in Dublin.

She asks the government to know when the remaining restrictions on her business will be lifted.

Like many, Ms Ruttledge is hoping the restrictions will be lifted as planned next Friday.

“Extending the date for easing the last of the restrictions would perpetuate the atmosphere of uncertainty that hangs over us,” she said.

At the moment, his two companies are limited in terms of the number of clients they can accommodate.

“The easing of the restrictions means that we will be able to take reservations for evenings that we have been quite limited so far due to the size of our premises at Monck’s Green.

“Obviously not having to check the Covid certificates and take details for contact tracing will make life a lot easier for our team,” she said.

Ms Ruttledge is also worried about what lies ahead for her businesses and said she was disappointed with some of the measures announced in Budget 2022 earlier this week.

“Over the past few months we have focused a lot on the future and our main concerns are with recruiting and the cost of doing business.

“I was hoping that the VAT rate would remain at 9% for at least the whole of 2022, and I am concerned about the effect on our competitiveness as a destination and also on the viability of many companies in our industry when it will go up., “she said.

Ronan Lynch

Ronan Lynch is the owner of Swan Bar, a traditional pub located on Aungier Street in Dublin city center.

Under current restrictions, Mr Lynch said the pub was operating at reduced capacity.

“We have to come back to full capacity because we have a lot of ground to catch up with due to the closures,” he said.

If the restrictions are lifted as planned next Friday, Mr Lynch said it would take a lot of pressure off the company.

“The amount of work involved in checking in clients, assigning them to a designated area and maintaining their tables is enormous.

“Being able to offer bar service would solve a lot of problems compared to the operating model,” he explained.

The Swan Bar, rue Aungier

At this point, Mr Lynch said he believed people should take personal responsibility for their own health.

“We have no excuse not to lift the restrictions because our immunization levels are the best.

“These are people who take personal responsibility and we must continue,” he said.

Mr Lynch said the industry must be allowed to return to the “new normal” as soon as possible.

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Blind Café Experience brings music, food and guide dog puppies to Wesley Chapel – Boulder Daily Camera

Enjoying the cooking, chatting and live music in complete darkness might seem like a bit of an odd way to spend an evening, but for The Blind Café Experience attendees it turns out to be a very enjoyable night, where other senses are heightened and a deeper connection flourishes.

A group of Blind Café patrons prepare to step into the dark during a Blind Café experience in Austin, Texas, in 2011. (The Blind Café / Courtesy Photo)

The Boulder-based organization, which specializes in creating carefully curated events in a blacked-out venue, offers a series of intimate dinner concerts at the Wesley Chapel at the University of Colorado in Boulder from Thursday until the 23rd. October.

“Wesley Chapel is our home, which means it’s the first place we hosted a ‘Blind Café Orchestra: The Music in the Dark Experience’ in 2010,” said musician Brian “Rosh” Rocheleau, founder and director of The Blind Café Experience. director. “Very excited to be back and restarting from our original location.”

While the unique concept was born in Boulder, Rocheleau took it on the road with Blind Cafés that have popped up in Seattle, Austin, Texas, San Francisco and Portland, Ore.

Pop star Katy Perry – while on tour in 2017 – took her team to a Blind Café Experience pop-up in Chicago, just days before her 33rd birthday.

The unusual offer is also sought after by businesses and individuals looking to provide something in lieu of a standard team building exercise or retreat.

Brian “Rosh” Rocheleau, Founder and CEO of The Blind Café Experience. (Le Blind Café / Courtesy photo)

“There is something powerful going on at our Blind Café events that goes beyond a unique and cool experience in the dark,” said Rocheleau. “When we completely lose our sight in the Blind Café, there is a surrender of control that has to happen. Participants do not have their cell phones to check in usually every few minutes. They have to trust their colleagues and our blind staff to navigate the experience. “

Tickets for dates from Boulder to Wesley Chapel are $ 85 and all participants must provide full proof of vaccination prior to admission. Photos of vaccination cards can be emailed to [email protected] during the ticket purchase process. Masks should be worn where appropriate.

“Participants must learn to listen better, be more attentive to their presence in the moment and dig deeper into themselves to communicate with each other,” said Rocheleau. “All of their usual little habits are broken and there’s a window there – while they’re in the dark – to approach a different way of relating to their world.”

The experience turns out to be somewhat meditative and zen. When people come out of total darkness, it almost feels like waking up from a dream. This is often done in a subtle way, with the lighting of a candle at the end of the evening.

“There’s something about being in pure 100% organic darkness with others, with guide dog puppies, dark chocolate, some really cool sighted and blind musicians and artists playing music. live that gives audiences the experience of feeling music on a fully embodied level, ”Rocheleau mentioned.

Pricing has yet to be revealed for upcoming dates in Boulder, but a “mystery meal” is part of the fun. Vegan and gluten-free options will be available.

“I met Rosh on September 11, 2001 and we’ve been close friends ever since,” said Dango Rose, founding member of Elephant Revival and artist of Blind Café Experience who will be performing on the Boulder dates. “He invited me to play in the dark with him in 2018 and I found it to be an experience that opened my heart. Being in 100% darkness catalyzes the active listening experience as it promotes adherence to a true presence in every passing moment.

Dango Rose, founding member of Elephant Revival, will perform at Red Rocks in 2018. He will perform at the Blind Café Experience with Rosh & the Blind Café Orchestra and Richie Flores, at Wesley Chapel, October 21-23. (Lisa Siciliano / Dog Daze Photos / Courtesy Photo)

The experience proves to be impactful for participants and musicians who seek to perform in an environment completely opposite to that of a typical spotlighted.

“Without our regular visual social cues, a whole new world of authentic relationships opens up that is difficult to describe without first experiencing it,” said Rose. “Conversations take on more depth and meaning and music is heard and integrated in a way that has been lost in our modern screen-based society. A true personal and interpersonal connection occurs at The Blind Café Experience in a deep and meaningful way. “

The nuances and flavors of the food and the elements of the live soundtrack are really eye-catching when visibility is limited.

“Kind of like when you were 16 and you really felt the music – every word, every melody meant something because you’re fully focused and embodied by it,” Rocheleau said. “The experience of loud music in the dark creates that experience – on some level – that most of us cannot come back to on our own.”

Before forming his organization, Rocheleau discovered a blind cafe while touring Reyjkavik, Iceland. He later made a blind friend to Naropa in a diversity class and began to think about ways he could bring sighted and visually impaired people together through the arts.

As a musician he has always looked for opportunities to unite people and the strength of his award winning social impact organization is proof of that.

A Blind Café Experience takes place at the First Congregational Church in Boulder in 2012. (The Blind Café / Courtesy photo)

Over 50,000 people have experienced The Blind Café to date and with the addition of new dates as COVID restrictions loosen somewhat, that number is only growing.

As well as providing attendees with a meaningful evening, it also allows attendees to experience what it’s like to navigate the world – at least part of it – without a view.

“They are offered a new perspective,” said Rocheleau. “We have seen from hundreds of letters from our guests how it has changed their way of seeing the world, how they relate to blind people and people with disabilities, and how they just feel a deep sense of gratitude.”

Richie Flores, the Blind Café’s main ambassador for the blind, is also one of the group’s main artists. He is a songwriter and musician who will perform for the Boulder dates.

Senior Blind Ambassador Rick Hammond connects with patrons after being brought back to light during a blind coffee experience at First Congregational Church in Boulder in 2014 (The Blind Café / Courtesy Photo)

There will also be a positive social impact Q&A with Blind Café’s legally blind ambassadors and a certain amount will go to initiatives that help puppies become certified guide dogs.

“My favorite moments come from recognizing that the public was no longer caught up in the ideas of what the future is going to be here,” said Rocheleau, “they are in the present moment”,

The Blind Café also hosts events at the Dairy Arts Center and will host intimate dinner concerts there in the spring of April 14-17.

“There is something about sharing and revealing experiences with each other through conversation, as well as breaking bread together, as well as actively listening to live music that just hits the body, l ‘spirit and soul,’ said Rocheleau.

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Judge bans Chicago Police Union President John Catanzara from encouraging officers to defy city’s vaccination mandate – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – Amid the ongoing standoff between City Hall and the Chicago Police Fraternal Order over the city’s vaccination mandate, a Cook County judge on Friday issued a temporary restraining order barring union president John Catanzara to encourage the police to refuse to comply with city policy.

The decision came as Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the FOP escalated their dispute by going to court.

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Friday morning, the city lodged a complaint against the FOP and Catanzara, for supporting a “work stoppage or strike concerning the vaccine mandate”. State law and the FOP contract with the city prohibit officers from going on strike.

Hours later, the FOP filed its own lawsuit against the city, Lightfoot, and the Chicago Police Superintendent. David Brown, accusing them of not having negotiated properly with the union on the mandate of the vaccine.

In a hearing late Friday afternoon, city lawyers assured that a Cook County judge, who shows up for work on weekends, will be able to work and be paid, but said he ‘He could be subject to disciplinary action if he fails to comply with the obligation to report their immunization status by the Friday night deadline.

After lengthy arguments, the judge granted the city’s request for a temporary injunction barring Catanzara from making public comments that encourage FOP members to challenge the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate until the end of the day. next city trial hearing on October 25.

Shortly after the ruling, Catanzara posted a video online, almost testing the judge’s line, telling FOP members “I won’t be able to talk about politics anymore” and urging them to “do what’s in their heart. and their spirit ”.

At the end of his video, he held up a campaign sign saying “” John Catanzara for mayor 2023 “as he proclaimed” enough is enough “.

CBS 2 legal analyst Irv Miller said a judge will examine the practical effect of what will happen if a large number of officers are not working due to the vaccine mandate dispute.

“Would this create irreparable harm to the city of Chicago? And knowing what’s going on in the city of Chicago these days, I can’t imagine Chicago would say no, it isn’t, ”he said.

Lightfoot didn’t mince words when he spoke about the city’s decision to sue the FOP, exposing Catanzara and her past, while maintaining his ground on the city’s vaccination mandate.

The mayor said Catanzara will ruin the careers of officers who choose to follow his example.

But with lawsuits brought by both the city and the police union, the fate of the city’s vaccination mandate is now in the hands of a Cook County judge.

“Follow directions, follow the chain of command, and the chain of command has been very, very clear. To get vaccinated. Register for the portal. If the test option is what you choose, you have it available to you until the end of the year, ”said Lightfoot.

The mayor was firm and clear in his message to CPD agents on Friday, amid a persistent stalemate between his office and the FOP, especially Catanzara.

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“He tells them, ‘ignore your supervisors, because I say so,’” said Lightfoot.

For days, Catanzara very publicly demanded that officers ignore the city’s warrant, fill out an exemption form, and report to work for failing to meet the city’s requirement to get vaccinated or to report to work. ‘opt for weekly tests.

“This notion that individual agents become insubordinate, as they wish, and choose and choose?” We don’t have that. And if that’s the police department they want to be in, they should go to another police department, because that’s not going to happen in the city of Chicago, “Lightfoot said.

This is the sentiment behind the city’s lawsuit against the FOP and Catanzara, saying its repeated calls for officers to ignore the warrant and risk being placed without pay constitute an illegal strike.

“His directive to violate the city’s vaccination policy, if followed by its members, would result in an illegal and dangerous work stoppage that would endanger the whole city as well as its own members,” says the city’s lawsuit.

However, Catanzara has repeatedly stated that he is not calling for a strike or other work stoppage.

“The union has never called for a strike or union action. We told our agents to keep working. It was the city that threatened to lock our agents out for not complying with an inappropriate directive, ”Catanzara said in a video posted to social media on Friday.

Catanzara said he was speaking on behalf of thousands of officers, who he said will not be on the streets, choosing instead to enter unpaid status.

But now it’s up to a judge to decide, with the FOP filing its own complaint in the FOP tribunal, seeking to dismiss the city’s complaint, and forcing the city to enter into arbitration over the vaccine mandate. , claiming the city is illegally trying to impose new employment conditions without collective bargaining.

The gaze between the mayor and the FOP is fueling concerns that the safety of Chicagoans may be in jeopardy.

At 11:59 p.m. on Friday, all city employees, including CPD officers, must enter their immunization status on an online portal. If they are not vaccinated, they must agree to be vaccinated twice a week until Dec.31, the deadline for all city workers to be fully vaccinated.

All city employees who do not provide their immunization status by the Friday night deadline could be placed on “unpaid” status.

Lightfoot said she is not worried about officers showing up for work, but adds that there is a back-up plan that she is keeping a secret.

“We expect members to show up, and unless they are told to go home, they are to report to work. Now if they don’t show up that’s a whole different problem, ”she said Thursday.

Chicago’s First Deputy Superintendent of Police. Eric Carter said the officers had to meet the deadline and if they didn’t they could face disciplinary action, including possible “separation”.

Lightfoot said all agents who have to work weekends must report for their shifts and must comply with the vaccine reporting deadline, or will move to “no pay” status. However, she said that would not happen right away, as the city will need more time to contact people who have not reported their immunization status and confirm that they are not following the rules.

NO MORE NEWS: The sky’s the limit, on and off the court, and these girls have the next ones

Meanwhile, it was revealed in court on Friday that Catanzara had been vaccinated, but he refuses to officially inform the city of his vaccination status.

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Car Repair Loan: What You Need To Know, And Where To Find One

Our goal here at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS Number 1681276, hereinafter referred to as “Credible”, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we promote products from our partner lenders who reward us for our services, all opinions are our own.

Do you need cash to pay for unexpected vehicle repairs? A car repair loan can be a solution to get you back on the road. (iStock)

If you own a car, at some point you will come across a car repair that is not covered by your vehicle warranty or insurance. That could mean a big bill or be stranded with no wheels.

Without enough savings to spend on repairs, you will have to raise the funds to get your vehicle back on the road. A car repair loan is a solution to getting your vehicle repaired and running again. Here you will find everything you need to know about this financial product.

What is a car repair loan?

A car repair loan is any type of loan that can be used to pay for car repairs – this is usually an installment-based personal loan.

With a car repair loan, you borrow a lump sum that you can use to cover your car repair bills. You are responsible for the monthly repayment of the loan for a specified period of time including interest at the agreed rate.

You can Compare personal loan rates from different lenders in minutes with Credible.

How do auto repair loans work?

When you take out a car repair loan, you can expect it to work just like any other personal loan. Once approved, your lender will offer personalized loan terms. These dictate how long do you have to repay the loanwhat your fixed monthly payments are, what the interest is, and whether you can repay the loan early without any prepayment penalties.

Personal loans are usually unsecured. This means that borrowers do not have to guarantee the loan with existing assets – also known as collateral. However, borrowers typically need to have good credit ratings and a stable source of income to qualify.

Benefits of Car Repair Loans

When faced with a heavy bill from your mechanic, there are a few advantages to taking out a car repair loan:

  • No collateral is required. Unlike many other loan products, car repair personal loans are unsecured. You do not have to do not deposit any collateral – like the title of your car, home equity, or savings account – to take out the loan.
  • You receive the loan in a one-off payment. Your lender will provide you with the entire loan amount at once so you can pay for your repair shop and get started.
  • Funding is generally pretty quick. Depending on which lender you choose, you might be able to get your car repair loan as early as the next business day.
  • The interest rates are often lower than other products. The interest rates on personal loans are usually lower than credit cards or payday loans. Your actual interest rate will depend on your creditworthiness, income, and loan terms.

How to apply for a car repair loan

Borrowing money to pay for car repairs can be a simple process. Depending on your individual situation and financial history, it can also happen relatively quickly.

1. Determine how much you will need to cover your repair costs. Take into account things like parts, labor, and any towing fees incurred.

2. Shop around a lender. Apply for a car repair loan from multiple lenders or shop through a platform like Credible for multiple quotes in one place. This not only saves you time and you can do without it Affecting your creditworthinessbut also tells you how much you can qualify for and offers you the best deals possible.

3. Choose your loan. Choose your lender based on the best loan terms they are offered (e.g. repayment duration, monthly payments and interest rate) and even how quickly you can get your loan funds.

4. Apply. Submit a loan application includes a tough credit check, which temporarily lowers your score by at least a few points.

5. Get your money. Your lender will deposit your loan money into the account you specified. Depending on which lender you choose, you might get your money the same or the next business day.

Where can I find a car repair loan

Most banks, credit unions, and online lenders offer personal loans for car repairs.

If you already have a relationship with a bank or credit union, you may want to see what loan terms and rates they offer. Otherwise, shopping online can be a great way to get multiple quotes at once without sacrificing your credit score.

Credibility makes it easy Compare personal loan rates from multiple lenders.

15 Lenders You Should Consider For Car Repair Loans

If you are in need of a car repair loan, you should consider these 15 credible affiliate lenders.


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 550
  • Financing time: The next working day


  • Loan Amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 740
  • Financing time: The next working day

Best egg

  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 50,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 600
  • Financing time: Just one to three working days after successful verification


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,500 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 660
  • Financing time: The next working day after acceptance

Freedom plus

  • Loan Amounts: $ 10,000 to $ 35,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: Does not disclose
  • Financing time: After just two working days

Lending Club

  • Loan Amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 40,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 600
  • Financing time: After just two working days


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 36,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 580
  • Financing time: The next working day


  • Loan Amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 100,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 660
  • Financing time: Already on the same working day

Marcus from Goldman Sachs

  • Loan Amounts: $ 3,500- $ 40,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 660
  • Financing time: Usually three working days

OneMain Financial

  • Loan Amounts: $ 1,500 to $ 20,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: None
  • Financing time: On the same working day (but usually requires a visit to a branch)


  • Loan Amounts: $ 600 to $ 50,000 (depending on the loan period)
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 670
  • Financing time: Just two to four working days after verification


  • Loan Amounts: $ 2,000 to $ 40,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 640
  • Financing time: Already on a working day


  • Loan Amounts: $ 5,000 to $ 100,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: Does not disclose
  • Financing time: Three working days


  • Loan Amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 50,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 560
  • Financing time: Within one working day after approval of the necessary checks


  • Loan Amounts: $ 1,000 to $ 50,000
  • Minimum creditworthiness: 580
  • Financing time: Already on a working day

When you’re ready to apply for a car repair loan, use Credible to Compare personal loan rates in minutes.

3 Car Repair Financing Options That You Should Avoid

If you have to pay for a car repair and can’t (or don’t want to) take out a personal loan, you have a few other funding options. However, they can be costly and should only be considered as a last resort.

Payday loan

  • Short credit periods, often around two weeks
  • Very high fees that correspond to an APR of 390% to 780%
  • Low credit limits (anywhere between $ 100 and $ 1,000, depending on government regulations)

Car loan

  • Loans are usually limited to 25 to 50% of the vehicle’s value
  • The title of your vehicle is kept as a security
  • Average financing fees that correspond to an APR of around 300%
  • Usually, the repayment has to be made in just 15 to 30 days

Cash advance by credit card

  • Usually have higher financing fees than normal credit card purchases
  • May also charge transaction fees
  • If you do not pay the remaining amount in full, the interest will be topped up with the next billing cycle

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Montreal nightclub owners protest Quebec dance ban

MONTREAL – Closed since March 2020, Montreal nightclubs were arguably the businesses most affected during the COVID-19 pandemic and now owners are taking to the streets to demand that they finally be allowed to welcome again people on the dance floor.

As restaurants and bars rejoiced on Thursday when the Quebec government unexpectedly announced that these businesses will be able to operate at 100% capacity from November 1, nightclubs have been snubbed about soon-to-be relaxed health measures. .

From that date, bars will also be allowed to stay open until 3 a.m. instead of 2 a.m., however, dancing and karaoke are still prohibited under current regulations.

Owners like Tommy Piscardelli, owner of Stereo, an iconic Montreal nightlife spot for 23 years, say it was a slap in the face, not least because of the controversy last weekend where thousands of maskless fans were seen dancing inside the Bell Center at a Ricky Concert by Martin and Enrique Iglesias.

“It just made me even angrier because it’s, like, now that they’re really single [us out]He said in an interview with CTV News on Friday.

“We are literally the last business to open in the entire city of Montreal. “

He said the latest blow was the loss of federal government grants, such as the Canada Emergency Rent Grant (CRS) and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (SSUC), which are due to expire on October 23. . It is the same day Piscardelli and other bar owners chose to organize a big demonstration in Montreal.

The “Dancer’s right” The protest will look more like a parade, according to Piscardelli. Sound trucks will play music as crowds descend Park Avenue starting at 2 p.m. and ending at 8 p.m., according to a Facebook event.

“We are not anti-virus, we are not anti-government, anti-vaccine, anti-everything – we are for everything,” Piscardeli said.

“It’s a festive parade. It’s not – it’s nothing negative. It’s just to make noise, to let people know we’re here.

Piscardelli said he would gladly apply the vaccine passport to the door and even welcome a policy of masking inside if public health recommends it, provided it means it can reopen its doors.

The head of the Association des bars du Québec also stands behind the nightclubs.

Jean-Jacques Beauchamp, president of the Quebec Bar Association, CPBBTQ, also said he was disappointed by the province’s announcement on Thursday.

“Why is there still no dancing and no karaoke in a bar?” He said Thursday, adding that he intends to address the issues with Quebec officials next week.

The Department of Health and Human Services did not immediately respond to a request from CTV News regarding when dancing and karaoke would be allowed.

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Patriotic “People’s Cafe” a hit on National Day and beyond

If you appreciate a slice of Chinese patriotism as much as your morning brew, the brand new People’s Cafe, located inside the site of a major battle between the Chinese and Japanese invaders in 1937, will be just your cup of, uh, coffee.

And what better time to go soak up the patriotic atmosphere than during the national holiday? As it turned out, a lot of people had the same idea, boosting People’s Cafe to the top spot of all cafes in Jing’an District during the week-long vacation.

Luckily my friend and I were able to grab a small table in the crowded cafe inside the Sihang Warehouse – made famous by the movie “The Eight Hundred” – which is perfectly designed to blend the feel of old-fashioned patriotism and modern cool.

Andy Boreham / SHINE

People’s Cafe is designed to blend the feel of old school patriotism with modern cool.

The interior design of the cafe was done by Daylab Studio, who took on a huge challenge by creating something that was not only “red” but also trendy.

“The challenge was whether we could create a space that has a strong ‘red atmosphere’ that can also make young people feel fashionable,” they said of the 300 square meter location.

They decided to go for bold colors and elements that would not usually be combined in a modern place: “pig liver red” wood and army green. “We hope that the consumers of this space can effect a cultural diffusion, an emotional resonance, to make it a place that has a sense of history as well as the hallmark of Generation Z.”



“Pig liver red” wood and army green are boldly associated with coffee.

From the looks of the crowd enjoying the coffee, the food and taking pictures, I think they’ve done it.

Since it was late in the morning, I thought I would try their breakfast: some sort of egg benedict with bacon and steak, a combination I had never encountered before. The eggs were good, although the bread was a bit small. The steak, while it looked great, was rubbery as hell, even though it was supposed to be done just right. The big boss said it’s because a lot of kids came over for the holidays so like their meat a little more cooked, but I’m not buying that excuse. Even a well-done steak will be tender and juicy if the quality is right.

My friend ordered their kumara (sweet potato) fries which were actually very good. The coffee is also ok and I love their cutlery which fits into the revolutionary Art Deco slash theme.

The movie “The Eight Hundred” was playing on the screen around the counter, which is appropriate as it is set in the same building as People’s Cafe, and most of the customers, I imagine, visited before or after their visit. at the museum next door.

If you really want to take photos for Instagram, you will probably want to take photos in the stairwell decorated with televisions and Art Deco style, and also in front of the big red 5 pointed star which was installed as a last decision. minute.

I’d definitely be interested if they sold any merchandise, especially their old enamel mugs that they use for water, but I won’t 100% try their rubbery steak no matter how beautiful the photos are.

People’s Cafe is located inside the Sihang Warehouse Battle Memorial at 9 Guangfu Road, Jing’an District.

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Eatery Business

The Best Wedding Loans In October 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Launched in 2017, Upgrade offers accessible online and mobile credit and banking services in all states except Iowa, Vermont, and West Virginia. Although the APR are on the high end compared to other online lenders, Upgrade does make loans available to those with poor credit history – with a score of just 580.

Wedding loan amounts that start at just $ 1,000 are flexible but have a cap of $ 50,000 – less than lenders who focus on lower risk borrowers. Three and five year loan periods are available. Upgrade charges a commitment fee of between 2.9% and 8% of the loan, and borrowers pay a $ 10 fee if their payment is delayed or missed by more than 15 days. There are no discounts for Autopay.

However, upgrade borrowers are not subject to prepayment penalties, so if you can prepay it early, you can reduce the total cost of the loan.

In addition to offering accessible personal loans, Upgrade is optimizing the lending process with a mobile app that borrowers can use to view their account balance, make payments and update personal information. Upgrade’s Credit Heath tool also makes it easy for you to keep track of your creditworthiness over the life of your loan.

Eligibility to participate: Prospective borrowers should have a minimum score of 580 to qualify for an upgrade wedding loan (the average borrower score is 697), making it an accessible option for those with fair credit. In addition, the lender does not require applicants to meet a minimum income, although borrowers make an average of $ 95,000 per year. Applicants should have a maximum Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) of 45% prior to the loan, excluding their mortgage.

The lender also takes into account each applicant’s free cash flow, which shows their likely ability to make consistent loan payments on time. Ideally, applicants should have a minimum monthly cash flow of $ 1,000. Your free cash flow is the amount of money you will have left after paying all of your financial obligations.

Upgrade increases the accessibility of the loan by also allowing co-applicants.

Credit used: In addition to covering wedding expenses, Upgrade loans can also be used to pay off credit cards, consolidate other debts, do home improvement, or pay for other major purchases. Unlike most other lenders, Upgrade allows borrowers to use personal loan funds to cover business expenses. Additionally, Upgrade pays out third-party lenders directly, making debt consolidation more convenient than some competing lenders.

Apart from the legally prescribed usage bans for upgrade loans, there are no special bans.

Change of page: Once an upgrade loan is approved, it typically takes up to four business days for a borrower to receive the funds. However, if Upgrade is paying off a borrower’s loan directly to an outside lender, it can take up to two weeks for the funds to clear.

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Haunted Lehigh Valley Restaurants To Visit This Halloween, Pt. 2

East. Reading time: 4 minutes

Editor’s Note: To read the first installment in this series, click here. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Saucon Source newsletter and follow Saucon Source on Facebook, because there is nothing scarier than missing out on important local news and information.

The Lehigh Valley has no shortage of bars and restaurants housed in historic buildings. Many of these great restaurants have been operating for generations, and in some cases they have apparently done so with a little help from certain “wits”, both literal and figurative. ??

Legends of haunted establishments abound in our region as well, which is why we are highlighting some of them this Halloween. We hope you not only investigate their reported ghostly associations, but also dine with them and support them as local businesses.

Feel free to tell us your stories about these and other historic places, and of course, create new memories by visiting them for festive fun and great food all year round.

For more on each of the current and former restaurants listed below, please check out Ellen’s interview on Saucon Source’s No Rain Date podcast, episode 76 (release date: October 15, 2021).


The Iron Mule restaurant and bar, located at 831 S. Delaware Drive, Easton, was built as the Black Horse Inn in 1783. Many years later it became Stemie’s Place, and the tradition of riverside hospitality continues today under the owners of the “Mule”. Almost a century ago, however, the hospitality that was served was enjoyed not only by local patrons but also by Prohibition-era gangsters. On July 22, 1928, one of these figures was enjoying a meal at the Black Horse Inn when he was brutally murdered by an unknown suspect. At around 9 p.m. Saverio Damiano, aka Johnny “The Wop” Farrara, went to make a call in the pub phone booth when a gunman opened fire on the room. Farrara fell down a series of steps and into the basement, where he crawled around the corner and later died. It was believed to be an organized mob strike, and all witnesses immediately fled the scene. Oddly enough, Farrara’s body was not discovered until two days later, when a delivery boy stumbled upon it. Several people were believed to have ordered and executed the coup, but no motive was ever firmly established and no one was ever convicted of Damiano’s murder. Since then, dark silhouettes have been reported around the property and items have been found out of place, particularly in the kitchen. The appearance of a large black dog has been repeatedly spotted on the basement steps where Farrara died, and the dogs are known to act strangely there. The appearance of a little girl who allegedly drowned in the nearby canal was also observed.


Previously known for many years as Widow Brown’s, this former inn and stagecoach stop at 200 Main Street in Stockertown is haunted by a ghost named “Marvin,” according to the restaurant’s website. I love that they kiss their ghost as part of their business! The owner of The Widow’s Tavern and Grill isn’t 100% sure how old the tavern is, but the fact that it was once a stagecoach stop means it probably dates from the mid-1800s or earlier. As the story goes, Marvin worked at the Inn for the first few years of its existence. He fell in love with a woman who also worked at the inn, but the owner disapproved of their affair. Marvin was fired, which apparently led to his demise. We don’t know exactly what happened after this, but some time later Marvin was found hanged in the back staircase of the tavern. It is also not known whether he was hanged or himself, but what many believe is that Marvin continues to “hang around” to this day.


Credit: Township of Lower Nazareth

Above, the Newburg Inn is pictured in the late 1800s. The historic building was demolished in September 2021. For more on what led to this, as well as the site maps, read the edition Fall 2020 of the Township of Lower Nazareth newsletter.

Built in 1750 and recently razed, the Newbourg Inn in Newburg Road and Nazareth Pike was an iconic foodie destination in the Nazareth region for generations, until it closed in 2018. In its early days, the inn building served as a stagecoach stop, Indian trading post , farm and, during the French and Indian War, protection of the settlers against the attacks of the Amerindians. According to legend, a Native American was hanged in the inn’s attic, while other stories tell of the appearance of a little girl who customers and employees say frequented the bar. Some have claimed that more than 30 spirits haunted the Newburg Inn, which was demolished so that the intersection it bordered could be widened.


The old one Magnolia vineyard on Village Road in Orefield was named for Magnolia Evans, who was the daughter of a Major General serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. According to legend, one day she found an injured Confederate soldier in the vineyard behind the house and secretly began to help him regain his health. Perhaps predictably, during this time, she fell in love with him. When the soldier left to return to his regiment, he swore to Magnolia that he would return after the war, and she swore that she would wait for him. When the war ended, she waited by Jordan Creek, and waited, and waited and waited. He never came back. People say they always see her by the creek waiting.

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No decision has yet been made on whether the murder suspect will remain behind bars pending trial

Gutierrez is charged with the murder of his wife Kristy Rivera in a domestic violence dispute in May. According to documents, law enforcement responded to the house just days before she ended up in hospital.

Gutierrez told responders she fell. Hospital staff informed MPs that the injuries did not match.

“He beat her so badly that she died,” said Jordan Machin, a state attorney. “If he’s willing to do it in front of his own child, I don’t know how the court could design conditions of release that would reasonably protect, number one, his own child.”

On Thursday, the state asked Judge Cindy Leos to detain Gutierrez. According to court documents, he admitted to hitting her, pointing a gun at her and strangling her. Machin said their daughter even told MPs it was their first time fighting.

“’Mum and dad are fighting with their bodies’ and that scares her,” Machin said.

But defense lawyer Ahmad Assed is telling a different version of events, saying Gutierrez should not be detained because he is innocent. He questioned various medical findings on the victim’s injuries.

“We are going to have a second injustice if we continue on the path to prosecute this man,” Ahmad Assed said. “This man is innocent, judge. “

Assed pointed to testimony and medical evidence that the victim had abused alcohol – which not only caused her to get injured at times, but also to have health problems.

In addition, Assed said Gutierrez was released from prison and had already complied with the conditions of his release. He also highlighted his interrogation interview with MPs to counter allegations of voluntary admission.

“I would love to make a decision in this case today,” Justice Leos said. “Believe me, it’s been happening for a long time. “

Leos said she plans to watch the six-hour interrogation interview between MPs and Gutierrez before making a decision.

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NI nightclubs: New Covid rules as restrictions ease on Halloween

Halloween is set to be wild in Northern Ireland this year – not just because of the crazy costumes, but because nightclubs are finally going to reopen.

From October 31, a number of restrictions will be relaxed, including the reopening of clubs.

Club lovers across the country will no doubt be delighted to return to some of Northern Ireland’s most iconic nightlife spots.

But what exactly will the rules be when they get there?

From October 31, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen.

The restriction on indoor dancing will be lifted, which means clubbers can dance until they have a blast.

Ministers have agreed on a number of mitigations and it is believed that companies will be asked to verify vaccine certificates.

But vaccine verification will be a guide and not be a legal requirement.

The rules will also be relaxed in a number of other contexts in Northern Ireland.

People will be allowed to move around the reception areas and indoor areas, including the ability to stand up for a drink or eat food.

Social distancing in all settings will be done away with – and become a guideline rather than a law.

People will also be asked to minimize face to face contact.

Ministers agreed to keep the face covering rule mandatory in certain settings, such as shops.

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Eatery Business

The Basics of Ipass Loans – Film Daily

When looking for a payday loan for bankruptcy, there are many things that you need to know. You may not realize this, but you will get a payday loan after bankruptcy is actually possible. However, it is important that you understand the basics of how these loans work and who they are available to before applying. This article will give you some insight into what they entail. So read on!

How do I get one after a bankruptcy?

You are actually able to get a payday loan after bankruptcy once you have submitted the appropriate papers to your court. If so, there is no reason not to do this as long as you adhere to certain guidelines when applying.

What do i need to qualify? There are a couple of things that all borrowers must meet in order to apply and one of them is that they are over the age of 18. You’ll also need an active checking account, as well as identification documents such as your driver’s license or government-issued ID that must match the debtor (this should be you).

This information is required by each individual lender before they can process application forms on your behalf; however, some companies may request additional.

How do I know if I am eligible for a payday loan after a bankruptcy?

While there are certain eligibility requirements for obtaining a payday loan after bankruptcy, these may not be as strict as you would expect. In fact, it is possible that borrowers who have run into financial difficulties will still qualify as long as they meet the basic criteria above.

To determine if your application is going smoothly and without problems, all you need to do is ask yourself one question; Am i over eighteen?

If the answer is yes, it means you should be eligible for most types of loans (including payday loans), regardless of what type of credit problems you currently have on file, such as: B. Payment defaults, missed payments, etc .; However, if the answer here is other than yes, then you will not be able to apply for payday loans at all after bankruptcy.

What is the difference between secured and unsecured loans?

In most cases, there isn’t much of a difference between the two and this can be one of the first questions to ask yourself before applying for a loan.

However, it gets a little more complicated with Post Bankruptcy Payday Loans as each company has its own requirements when it comes to what type of loan it offers; However, in general (and especially if you’ve been approved), you can expect an unsecured option to come with lower interest rates than secured loans.

That being said, many companies still require collateral from borrowers who want quick access to cash. However, if these guidelines don’t match, you can get some other form of security such as power of attorney on property or specific item and / or others to access your bank accounts in an emergency.

What is the approval process like?

Different companies will approve these loans for different reasons and this can be one thing to look out for when applying; However, most lenders will ask you a number of questions before considering an application. So always keep that in mind. These can include: What type of loan did you apply for (secured or unsecured)? How much do you want to borrow?

What are you going to use it for? When do you think you can repay it and how long would the repayment period take? With all of this information gathered from borrowers, any business should have no problem making decisions about whether or not to get the money you need.

What information do I have to provide in order to apply?

When applying for a payday loan after bankruptcy, it is important to keep everything organized and this will increase your chances of getting approved by lenders; Before doing anything else, however, make sure you have on hand all the necessary documents such as identification documents (driver’s license / photo ID) that must be valid so that others can determine who is responsible for paying back debts.

When received, this should also match the address given on these forms so that there are no questions or problems later when you try to collect the money owed if necessary.

Where can I find companies that offer payday loans after bankruptcy?

If you’ve applied for a loan before, you know that there are several different companies that offer these services and their websites help connect borrowers with the right lenders.

These websites should be easy to navigate, so take a close look at these to see which ones fit well with your current needs. However, if this seems daunting or confusing, it may be best to speak to someone on the phone who can walk you through each step in more detail as you fill out forms online (if necessary).

You can visit if you are looking for more information on applying for a payday loan after bankruptcy.

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New cafes and restaurants in Singapore for dinner in October 2021

Tired of take out and home deliveries? Well, treat yourself to a dining experience with these new cafes and restaurants that have just opened in Singapore. These openings are a treasure trove of culinary delights that will satisfy just about any craving you have.

Fancy a reliable burger? Hambaobao has just returned to Jalan Besar after closing its doors at Beauty World in 2019. A gelato fix after walking through the lush green gardens of Gardens by the Bay? Mylo’s has 23 flavors for you to choose from.

We also don’t forget those who prefer seated dates. Choose between Sushi Ichizuke or Hamamoto for a chic Omakase night, or catch up over a few craft beers at the Thirty Six Brewlab and Smokehouse. Before you get overwhelmed with special Halloween menus that’ll be reaching you twice, here are all of Singapore’s new cafes and restaurants for dinner in October 2021.

(Hero and featured image credit: Sushi Ichizuke & Mylo’s)


Miznon North

110 Amoy St, # 01-01, Singapore 069930

Book here

While music still remains banned in restaurants in light of COVID-19 restrictions, you will find that you will not even realize it is absent in North Miznon. The cozy boutique has a lively atmosphere punctuated by the chatter from each table, and at the heart of it all, a beautiful open kitchen. Unlike the casual pitas at its other Israeli sister restaurant, Miznon, North Miznon offers an ever-changing menu of dishes, perfect for a sit-down dinner over wine and cocktails. PS, they even make free flowing focaccia all night long.

Meat lovers will exclaim with joy over the sirloin roast beef carpaccio – served on top of an entire rock, mind you – while seafood lovers will fall in love with the wild grouper and deliciously aromatic Mediterranean vegetables, but it’s the vegetables that take center stage here. Think a marble slab topped with Naked Heirloom tomatoes, olive oil and fleur de sel, a fluffy whole Indian cabbage, and chef Eyal Shani’s personal favorite (and ours too), the humble tomato pasta.


Thirty Six Brewlab and Smokehouse

36 Club St, Singapore 069469

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Thirty Six Brewlab and Smokehouse

Beer is the go-to drink of choice for the summer, and Thirty Six Brewlab and Smokehouse got the mission. Located in the space that once housed Little Creatures, the laid-back joint will feature an ever-changing range of home-brewed beers, as well as a selection of flagship and seasonal beers from Lion Brewery Co, bringing the total tap count to 23 – for now. If you’ve missed the beers from Little Creatures, don’t worry, as home brewer Greg Brown will continue to produce his creations here.

The new space is armed with a solid arsenal of plates that complement the beers, all of which highlight open-flame grilling. We especially liked the Spicy Pork Belly Satay. A kebab of sweet, sticky pieces of pork that doesn’t skimp on the flavorful fat, the snack delivers a lovely warmth of the sambal marinade that lingers softly in your mouth even long after you’re done – perfect with an iced pint.


Sushi Ichizuke

3E River Valley Road, # 02-02, The Cannery, 179024

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Sushi Ichizuke

Following the success of their Capital Kitchen pop-up earlier this year, Zouk opened a permanent space for his Edomae-Omakase style at Clarke Quay. Sushi Ichizuke, run by chef Ryoichi Nakatani, uses many seasonal products here. Notable items on the menu include an appetizing bun that’s packed with a serving of deliciously rich otoro and sweet Japanese radish.



58 Tras St, Singapore 078995

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Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto, formerly known from Ki-Sho, opened an eponymous restaurant during the pandemic – Hamamoto. The 12-seat space along Tras Street will serve a menu of produce-based Kappo dishes and is open for lunch Monday through Friday and for dinner Monday through Saturday.

At the time of writing, Hamamoto is full until the end of December 2021, and reservations for January 2022 will be released on October 1 at 12 p.m.



37 Craig Rd, # 01-01, Singapore 089675

Book here


Nothing like an outdoor grill that reminds us of an Italian summer. Griglia – a contemporary grill-focused restaurant conceptualized by chef Andrea De Paola from Zafferano – highlights the wonders that fire can do to fresh meats and seafood. Here you will find more filling plates like the Whole Spanish Turbot. This delicious dish is simply seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, and is a crowd favorite for its deliciously crispy skin and tender flesh. However, we also really enjoyed the Hokkaido scallop crudo, served with toasted white corn kernels and an Amalfi lemon caper sauce.



11 Sam Leong Rd, # 03-08 Trio Building, Singapore 207903

Book here


After closing its doors in 2019, Hambaobao has returned to the scene. This time it’s in the picturesque district of Jalan Besar. What was once a hawker stand has evolved into a casual 30-seat restaurant, and the menu – if loyal fans still remember – has remained the same. What’s new is the dessert menu, which features a range of homemade goodies like Mama G’s Sugee, Apom Berkuah, and Pineapple Cake.

(Image credit: @aldericc via Instagram)


by Mylo

18 Marina Gardens Drive, # 01-01, Active Garden, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 018953

by Mylo

Do we need another ice cream joint in our sweltering summer heat? Obviously the answer is yes. Located in the green outdoor space of Gardens by the Bay, Mylo’s is the latest joint that will feed our frozen treat addiction. The menu here features 23 flavors ranging from classic options to alcoholic and dairy-free options. Those who like unusual flavors will appreciate those like pineapple, Szechuan pepper, oolong jasmine and gin and tonic. Do you take your dog for a walk? The outdoor area also accepts pets.

(Image credit: @vén_leigh via Instagram)

This story first appeared in Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

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Haunted Lehigh Valley Restaurants To Visit This Halloween, Pt. 1

East. Reading time: 4 minutes

Credit: Hanoverville Roadhouse

An early photograph of the Hanoverville Roadhouse in Bethlehem Township shows its large porch filled with guests, some of whom have apparently never left.

The Lehigh Valley has no shortage of bars and restaurants housed in historic buildings, many of which have an excellent reputation as foodie destinations. Most of the restaurants featured below have been in business and have been in operation for generations, and in some cases apparently have done so with a little help from “wits”, literally and figuratively. ??

Legends of haunted establishments abound in our region, which is why we’re celebrating eight of them this Halloween. We hope you will not only investigate their alleged paranormal associations, but also dine with them and support them as local businesses.

Of course, there are plenty of restaurants besides the ones listed below with scary stories.

Don’t hesitate to tell us about it and visit them for some Halloween fun and great food.

For the full story of each of the restaurants listed below, please check out my interview on Saucon Source’s No Rain Date podcast, episode 76 (release date: October 15, 2021).


The old one King George Inn is located in the Dorneyville section of the Township of South Whitehall at 3141 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown. A renowned foodie destination in its day, the oldest part of the inn building dates from around 1755, when the surrounding area was little more than wilderness. In its early years it functioned as a center for the nascent border community, and it was during this time that it was attacked by Native Americans, during the French and Indian War. According to legend, the attackers killed most of the customers inside the inn, including a young mother and her baby. They allegedly threw the baby into a cistern (throwing bodies into wells was done to contaminate the water supply). Over the following centuries, visitors to the inn claimed to have heard a baby cry near where the cistern was located. The King George Inn narrowly escaped the wrecking ball after closing in 2012. According to a May 2020 report Morning call History, according to plans approved by the Township of South Whitehall Commissioners, the Inn building will be restored in conjunction with the redevelopment of the surrounding property, where a bank, hotel and pharmacy are expected to be built.


The Auberge du Soleil, at 564 Main Street, Bethlehem, has a long and illustrious history. Built in 1758, nearly two decades before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the stone fortress-like building was home to many legendary patriots of that era, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and John Hancock. Heavily enlarged and architecturally altered over the years, by 1971 the inn had fallen into disrepair and was on the verge of demolition. Through the efforts of one of Bethlehem’s early advocates of preserving historic resources, Hughetta Bender, the Sun Inn Preservation Association was founded and work to restore the building to its colonial-era appearance began. The popular Ghost Hunters show visited the Sun Inn in 2011 and filmed there for its “Christmas episode”. The GH team were looking for evidence of a little girl believed to be residing in the hostel’s attic, and what they found – or rather heard – were footsteps upstairs and what looked like the voice of a little girl. Using their devices, they recorded electronic vocal phenomena (EVP) of a laughing girl and recorded thermal readings where the girl was apparently sitting. Reopened to the public after its restoration in the 1980s, the Sun Inn now houses a tavern and a museum, and its courtyard serves as the city’s important public space.


Built in 1825 as a stagecoach relay, the Hanovreville Roadhouse is located at 5001 Hanoverville Road, Bethlehem. Over the past two centuries, the building has become a local landmark, repeatedly housing a post office, general store, biker bar, and even a brothel. Today it is home to a much-loved restaurant – and apparently the ghost of a young boy. People who have seen the boy say he looks very sad, often holding his head down. It is said that the boy slaps people on the leg or arms and came to visit the owner, who lives in the building, at night. The Hanoverville Roadhouse has been investigated by ghost hunters, who heard a young child’s moans and footsteps during their stay. The team concluded that the Roadhouse ghost boy could very well be a residual appearance, as they were unable to come into contact with him during their investigation and the boy tends to either take no action or pay attention to them. visitors. The current owners of the hostel have adopted their building’s spooky reputation and regularly host Halloween-themed events that are planned around it. To learn more about them, as well as the colorful history of the Hanoverville Roadhouse, visit the hostel’s website.


Before it was Braveheart Highland Pub, this building housed the Hellertown Hotel, and before that, the Eagle Hotel, which was built around 1907. Investigators from the City Lights Paranormal Society declared it “haunted,” and it is possible that the individual who be haunted by someone who once sought refuge in the building. Over the years, employees have also reported hearing voices and a female apparition was reportedly seen roaming the property. In the restaurant area, this sighting was reported by company investigators as having been seen walking into a wall and disappearing. It was later discovered that a door was in the part of the wall she had passed through. After sitting vacant for several years, the building was bought by local entrepreneur Andy Lee, who turned it into an authentic Scottish pub. Opened in December 2006, Braveheart has become a favorite dining and beverage destination in the borough over the past 15 years. It is located at 430 Main Street, Hellertown.

“Afraid” You’ll Miss Pt. 2 from our Haunted Lehigh Valley Restaurants series? Don’t forget to subscribe to the Saucon Source newsletter and follow Saucon Source on Facebook.

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Ten Great Bars of Colorado Road Trip

These waterholes are all worth a visit – and a ride or two or three. And I should know this, because I just bought a bar in Oak Creek, the Oak Creek Tavern.

Fortunately, these favorites are all close to places you can hang your hat and rest your head after you settle down.

3 North Glasgow Avenue, Rico

It’s billed as “Colorado’s Sixth Oldest Bar”, so when you drink at “Prize” you end up drinking a lot of fuss as well. It’s a homey spot for locals that also caters for cyclists, hikers, and anyone exploring this true film set of a small town just 27 miles from Telluride.

3311 County Road 54G, Laporte

It is not uncommon to see horses moored in front of the Swing Station, a honky-tonk that offers several shows per week. If you like music, consider coming for the open mic night. Considering the bar is just ten minutes from downtown Fort Collins, it couldn’t be easier to arrange accommodation and a safe ride – so stay late enough that the vocals are sloppy.

The Fortune Club

300, avenue Victor, Victor

Who needs Deadwood when we have Victor? Rebuilt after a fire in 1899 with money from Adolph Coors, the Fortune Club is surrounded by over sixty other Victorian structures. Many, like Fortune, are old brothels. If you’re planning on going out late, book a room across the street at the boutique Black Monarch Hotel.

2858 Upper River Road, Woody Creek

Filled with Polaroids from local ne’er-do-wells, there is enough lore under the classic pewter ceiling to match the abundant castings. This place was a favorite haunt of Hunter S. Thompson, and his spirit lives on in an eclectic setting that makes you forget you’re only fifteen minutes from downtown Tony Aspen.

Live music and cold beer can be found at the Little Bear Saloon - JON SOLOMON

Live music and cold beer can be found at the Little Bear Saloon

Jon Solomon

28075 CO-74, evergreen

With names carved into the bar and bras and dollar bills hanging from the ceiling, the Little Bear is exactly the kind of place you’d expect to see a legendary live performance – that’s why everything everyone, from Leon Russell to Count Basie, has played here. over the years.

421 North Commercial Street, Trinidad

You’ve probably heard of Trinidad’s economic and cultural renaissance, and the “Dad Lounge” played a big part in it. Reopened for the first time in a decade under the firm hands of Denver high-diving veterans Curt Wallach and Suzanne Magnuson, the ‘Dad is cozy, colorful and regularly features world-class musical numbers.

15921 South Elk Creek Road, Pine

Almost every surface in the Bucksnort is adorned with dollar bills except for its famous Antler Taps which serve – you guessed it – Antler Ale. It’s a rite of passage for drinkers to add your cash to the Bucksnort Saloon – whether you can find space on the ceiling or on the walls. And that’s if you can find the place: it’s well hidden off the beaten track in Sphinx Park, near Pine.

33355 East Highway 36, Watkins

With high ceilings, lots of neon lights, a huge dance floor, and the ability to cook your own meal, Lulu’s is a classic bar for drinkers. This truck stop is good for steak and mousse, and it’s the perfect excuse to take a trip to an outpost on the outskirts of Colorado’s Eastern Plains.

Gray’s Coors Tavern, Star Bar, Gus’ Tavern, Eilers Place

Various locations in Pueblo

You have to love a bar with a beer to its name, and even more so when it comes to Gray’s Coors Tavern, the purported inventor of the famous Pueblo chili smothered Slopper – although the nearby Star Bar also makes a very good claim. . Try both. To learn more about the history of Steel City, saddle up with a schooner and Dutch lunch at Gus’ Tavern and the city’s coldest beers at Eilers Place.

Kochevar lounge and games room

127 Elk Ave, Butte Crested

One interesting thing we can do as Coloradans is drink and drink in places frequented by legendary Westerners. Butch Cassidy reportedly left his gun after a bad night at Kochevar’s house, but you should be luckier. Located at the end of the main drag in Crested Butte, this bar has plenty of pub games to keep you busy on low-key nights, though there’s always a good chance you’ll run into a block party.

Skyler McKinley is a fourth generation Coloradan and owner of the Oak Creek Tavern, a neighborhood bar in the rural heart of the Yampa Valley. A former political staffer and founding vice president of the state of Colorado, he now oversees the AAA’s regional public affairs division. He lives in Denver, but drinks – and occasionally runs a bar – in Oak Creek.

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The nightclub essential item you need – Brig Newspaper

The nightclub essential item you need – Brig Newspaper

Welcome to Brig diary

Click to listen to the highlighted text!
Welcome to Brig diary

Previous story

Can my jeans save the planet?

Latest blog news

LIFESTYLE / NEWS: A preview of the Stirling Climate Festival conference on sustainable jeans.…

A summary of a wet and potentially decisive afternoon for the title in Istanbul…

Light, camera, action! Recap of Cinema Week in the Strictly Ballroom…

Missy Malek delivers a short film with excellent portrayal, but maybe that’s the only good thing …

Jesy Nelson, the former member of Little Mix, decided to leave the group in December 2020. Now…

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Hard Rock Cafe adds 3 new burgers to its Pinktober menu

In October, the Hard Rock Cafe will launch its 22nd annual Pinktober Campaign in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The rock and roll memorabilia chain has added three burgers and a margarita to its menu to celebrate.

Until October, for every Pinktober menu item sold, $ 1 will go to the Hard Rock Heals Foundation to benefit the American Cancer Society and the Caron Keating Foundation.

Here are the new bites:

  • Bourbon onion and mushroom burger: two stacked chopped steaks topped with bourbon onions, mushrooms, bourbon aioli and Swiss cheese, served with lettuce and grated tomatoes
  • The ultimate “Pub” hamburger: house pub sauce on two steak burgers, with American cheese, bacon, pickles and baby onions, served with shredded lettuce and tomatoes
  • Blue cheese and bacon burger: blue cheese crumbles, classic Buffalo sauce and bacon on two burger steaks stacked and served with the burger
  • Tropical strawberry margarita: made with whole strawberries, tequila, orange liqueur, mixture of tropical fruit juices, agave nectar and lime and pineapple juice

All burgers are priced at $ 11.95, while margarita is $ 12.95. The Pinktober menu will be available in different locations across the country and across Europe.

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Maine restaurants may soon adopt reusable take-out containers

A change to Maine’s food code will allow businesses to provide returnable, reusable take-out containers to their customers.

In May 2019, the state became the first in the country to ban single-use foam containers, a move Governor Janet Mills called “an important step forward in protecting our environment.”

The new food code changes are the product of research conducted by Senator George J. Mitchell’s Center for Sustainability Solutions at the University of Maine.

The study result would allow any establishment regulated by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services health inspection program to provide containers that customers could return and that would be cleaned in accordance with food safety standards. . The container could then be reused by the establishment.

The policy includes both food and beverage containers.

Jared Entwistle, a University of Maine graduate student and former brewery owner who runs the Mitchell Center project, said the new policy would have environmental benefits and could potentially save restaurants money.

“The first step to keeping Maine looking good is to move away from disposable utensils – the dominant source of waste and plastic pollution – and promote reuse,” said Chrissy Adamowicz, Maine Sustainable Outreach Coordinator at Natural Resources Council of Maine.

The move is part of Maine’s efforts to encourage sustainability. As of July 1, the state passed a ban on single-use plastic bags. Buyers are now required to provide their own reusable bags or pay additional fees to purchase a bag.

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New poke bowl coffee arrives in New Jersey

A new concept of quick and relaxed Asian fusion called Poke Café is coming to New Jersey.

The Poke Café will occupy a 2,400 square foot building on the Flemington Marketplace, located at 325 Route 202 in Flemington, according to a press release.

An opening date has not yet been announced.

The restaurant will serve a variety of customizable poke bowls – which consist of raw diced fish mixed with rice, vegetables and sauces – as well as bubble and fruit teas.

“More and more, consumers are looking for freshly prepared, nutritious, tasty and high quality meals,” said Vanessa Fernandez-Kelty, a rental representative for the building. “Poke Café adds another fast and casual dining option to the Flemington Marketplace, and we are excited to bring this concept to the community.”

Flemington Marketplace includes major retailers Burlington, Kohl’s, Michaels and Aldi, which anchor the mall. Chili’s, Panera Bread, Cold Stone Creamery, and Verizon Wireless are also part of the mall.


Amazon Black Friday 2021 sale: the best early bird deals from A to Z

Vegan bakery featured in ‘Shark Tank’ opens 2nd spot in NJ

NJ’s newest Target opens this month, replacing a closed Kmart

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Christopher Burch can be contacted at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter: @ ChrisBurch856. Find on Facebook. Do you have any advice? Tell us.

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County Characters: Restaurant Reflections From A Long-Time Waiter

Sara Lentz has worked in the Maine restaurant industry for over 30 years. A single mother of four children, two of whom are still at home, Lentz has found a balance as a yoga teacher for eight years. (Photo by Nate Poole)

As a restaurant worker for 30 years, Sara Lentz of Edgecomb has seen her profession become a part of the local and national conversation to an unprecedented degree over the past year and a half.

She’s been working in restaurants since she was in high school, usually in the back of the house as a cook or dishwasher. When she had her first two children at 24, Lentz decided she needed to make some money fast, so she took a bartending class.

“Having had children and having had different periods of single parenthood, I found that restaurants had enough flexible working hours that I could make them work,” she said on September 30.

Lentz quit his job at Bath Brewing Company in 2020 when the country was stranded and went out of work for about a year to care for his two youngest children, an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old on the job. autism spectrum, while attending distance school.

She returned to the restaurant industry in March with a job at Sarah’s Cafe in Wiscasset. While all social distancing and masking procedures were new, these changes were superficial compared to staff shortages and changing customer dynamics.

“It was an interesting time to return to the restaurant business,” said Lentz.

She explained that all restaurants are stressful workplaces and calling in sick is always an inconvenience, but with the current understaffing, a waiter taking a day off can make the difference between a business that stays open or that does. closes for the day.

“Even though people tip better and the pay is better, you work twice as hard as before,” she said.

She found that many customers seem keenly aware of the challenges restaurant staff face, due to the extensive media coverage of “essential workers”. She said some clients went out of their way to thank her for what she does, something she never remembers happening until 2020.

While many high school and college students have held seasonal positions at local restaurants this year, truncated training and a glut of shifts on their shoulders has contributed to burnout and dropout.

“These 16 year old kids are trying to talk to unhappy customers or explain why they have to wait half an hour for a table when there are four empty tables. And it’s not something you have the skills to do when you’re 16, ”she said.

Lentz learned a lot about confrontation and communication during his years in the service industry, but it took time and experience to learn these lessons.

“There was a time when I would hide in the kitchen when their food wasn’t ready when it should be, and I’ve learned over 30 years that it’s much better to go to the table and say, “I’m sorry, the kitchen is really shut down right now, and it looks like your food will be ready in 10 minutes,” she said.

Lentz spent her life slowly walking up Route 1. She grew up in Topsham and lived in Georgetown for about 15 years before moving to Bath and Westport Island. Lately, she built a house for her family in Edgecomb.

In her late thirties, Lentz had four children and fast-paced physical labor. Leading this lifestyle was very stressful and she needed a healthy outlet. It was during a yoga class for mom and baby with her youngest son that she decided to pursue yoga and became an instructor eight years ago.

She started teaching about five or six classes a week, generating additional income while also bringing some degree of physical and mental well-being to her life.

“Yoga has really helped me balance my life in so many ways,” she said.

COVID-19 has hit yoga studios in much the same way as restaurants, so she has been teaching limited capacity outdoor classes and virtual home classes since March 2020. She admitted that although she liked the convenience of running classes from home, the environment was not particularly stress-free.

“As a mother of two boys in a semi-chaotic house, (it was) a bit difficult,” she said.

Even now that her sons’ classes are fully face-to-face, she said they had just come out of a week of home school because they were showing symptoms of a cold.

However, Lentz also expressed his gratitude and empathy for everything teachers have to deal with amid the pandemic.

Despite the obvious differences between the restaurant industry and the public education system, Lentz believes professionals from both walks of life have used the pandemic as an opportunity to think about what they want to do with their lives.

“I think they had to totally rethink the teaching,” she said.

Lentz said that for restaurants and school systems to emerge from the pandemic more resilient than before, they will need to reconsider their structural ways to attract and retain staff, rather than simply increasing salaries.

“I think a lot of people who worked in restaurants for a long time, when their restaurants closed for three months, they decided to go back to school or they decided to work from home,” she said. .

Many people are pursuing new avenues due to COVID-19, and Lentz said the past few years have fueled his desire to become more financially self-sufficient. She recently bought land in Alna, and intends to set up a yurt there next year where she will offer yoga classes by donation.

Despite the uncertainty of continued staffing difficulties at local restaurants and the alarming number of state government cases, Lentz is optimistic about the future based on information she and many others have gleaned over the course. of the past year and a half.

“The good thing about it all is that it really made us all rethink our priorities and think about what’s important to us and what we want,” she said.

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3 men arrested after “hellish” bar shooting in St. Paul, Minnesota leaves 1 dead, 14 injured

Three men were arrested in a devastating shooting in Minnesota at a popular bar that left one dead and more than a dozen injured, authorities said. It is the largest mass shooting in the city of St. Paul in recent history. Just after midnight Sunday, a city spokesperson said, several people called 911 to report gunfire inside Seventh Street Truck Park, “frantically” begging for help. A “hellish situation” awaited officers who arrived at the scene, inside and outside the bar, the St. Paul Police Department said.

The city’s mayor told CNN the situation was “heartbreaking and unacceptable”. Fourteen people injured by gunfire were taken to hospital following the shooting. The three arrested men are also currently being treated for injuries sustained in the incident. The trio will be taken to prison for treatment after being released from hospital, police said in a tweet, and the folder remains open. “Everyone was having fun and singing,” a DJ playing at the bar told CNN that night. “Then at 12:15 am, abrupt, without argument or fight, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. And everyone hit the ground.

Read it on CNN

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NHS Covid Passes are now required for nightclubs in Wales


People must present an NHS Covid Pass or demonstrate vaccination status to enter nightclubs and attend major events in Wales from Monday.

This means that everyone over 18 needs it to get into nightclubs, indoor events without seating for more than 500 people, such as concerts or conventions, outdoor events without seating for more than 4 000 people and any setting or event with more than 10,000 people in attendance.

People will also be able to show that they tested negative on the lateral flow test within the past 48 hours.

But those who fake a coronavirus test result or vaccination status commit a criminal offense and face a flat-rate fine.

Presenting a Covid Pass is already part of our collective effort to keep businesses open, with some major events, such as the success of the Green Man Festival, using it

The legislation was passed in the Senedd last week despite opposition from the Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats.

Wales faces some of the highest infection rates since the start of the pandemic, especially among young people.

Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said: “Our fantastic immunization program continues to strengthen, but the pandemic is not over.

“Cases remain high across Wales and sadly families across the country are losing loved ones to this terrible virus.

“The clear advice from our science advisers is that we need to take action now.

“The Covid Pass is only one part of a series of measures in place to help prevent people from spreading and catching the coronavirus while helping to keep the economy open.

“None of us want to see more closures and that businesses have to shut down again.

“Showing off a Covid Pass is already part of our collective effort to keep businesses open, with some major events, such as the success of the Green Man Festival, using it.

I just don’t think we should become a checkpoint society by introducing a vaccine passport

“Together, if we all continue to follow the clear guidelines to which we are all accustomed now, we will do all we can to keep Wales safe.”

Only people attending these places and events will need to show their Covid status.

Staff working or volunteering at these sites are encouraged to take lateral flow tests twice a week to make sure they don’t have the virus.

Workplaces are required by law to undertake Covid risk assessments and to put in place reasonable measures to ensure the safety of personnel.

The Welsh government will use the current enforcement regimes to monitor compliance.

A local could be issued with an improvement notice or a closure notice, while a fixed penalty notice and a maximum business fine of £ 10,000 can be issued.

Conservative health spokesman Russell George accused the Welsh government of doing an about-face after previously ruling out their introduction.

“I just don’t think we should become a checkpoint society by introducing a vaccine passport,” Mr George told Senedd last week.

We have asked many questions and have not received the assurances we requested, and it is for this reason that we feel unable to support these regulations.

Plaid Health spokesperson Rhun ap Iorwerth said his party was not against the principle of Covid passes but challenged the proposals in their current form, including the use of lateral flow testing.

“We have asked many questions and have not received the assurances we requested, and it is for this reason that we feel unable to support these regulations,” he said.

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‘Cereal Killer’, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ among coffee and horror-themed food specialties at this Flint cafe

FLINT, MI – It’s not everyday that you can walk into a cafe and hear people asking a barista for a “grain killer.”

No, not a serial killer. Cereal, like pouring it in a bowl over milk for breakfast.

Although, in this case, it’s served as a latte at Café Rhema, one of the many horror-themed specials in downtown Flint.

How is it made? Café Rhema co-owner Tiff Sommers provides the answer.

“We take grain milk by soaking marshmallows of any grain in the milk for 24 hours, filter it and end up with the sugars in the milk,” she said. “It’s steamed with espresso and served hot or cold depending on the customer’s preference. It’s sweet and delicious.

“My love for horror movies kicks in with these specials. We wanted to provide unique experiences for our customers and our community, ”Sommers said. “It’s October, and it’s time to dive into the horror movies and enjoy the spooky nature of the month. I didn’t see anything else like this, so we wanted to bring it here.

Sommers has always been a horror fan herself, remembering the first time she was scared of something “supernatural”.

Excited to see Michael Jackson’s last clip on MTV in December 1983, Sommers, then 3, sat on the floor of her parents’ living room in Hartville, Ohio, watching the TV for the best view.

The clip was for “Thriller” and (spoiler alert) by the time the werewolf appeared onscreen, Sommers was terrified.

“I started to cry and I ran and I hid behind the sofa because I was so scared,” she said. “So I still remember that and wanted to name a drink as well. “

The four specialties paying homage to different horror classics include the following drinks:

The thriller – An iced Matcha supplemented with a powder of Japanese green tea mixed with a touch of red velvet, which gives the appearance of blood

Rosemary baby – A café au lait with homemade espresso and artisan rosemary syrup and local honey from the Flint Farmers’ Market and steamed milk of the customer’s choice, served hot or cold

Grain killer – A one-size-fits-all latte, served hot with espresso and steamed cereal milk

The Pennywise – It’s the coffee version of a Monte Cristo. Instead of bread, the meal is served with waffles and completed with ham, Swiss, homemade jam and sprinkled with a little powdered sugar.

Drink prices are around $ 5 and $ 6, and the sandwich is $ 10.

Other seasonal dishes the cafe serves include pumpkin spice latte, cider, and chai cider which they ostensibly refer to as “chai-der.”

Cafe Rhema also has a brand new espresso machine, fully installing the La Marzocco Gb5 S last week.

The old machine has been in use since 2005, dating back to when the business was owned by different owners and was called the Brown Sugar Cafe.

“It’s made a lot of great coffee for Flint, but it’s always been in my heart to keep moving forward, to continue to provide the best coffee for this city,” Sommers said.

The purchase of the machine was made possible after receiving the Moving Flint Forward Small Business Grant, offered as part of a program that is a collaborative effort between General Motors and Flint & Genesee Group.

The grant program, established with financial support from GM, aims to expand revitalization efforts in city neighborhoods by supporting local businesses.

“We’ve wanted a new machine for a very long time,” Sommers said. “We were very lucky to get this grant and this machine. … It’s the best thing ever. The machine adapts perfectly to our aesthetic and makes a very good cup of coffee. The technology is better. The equipment is better.

“He gets a better shot of espresso. Steamed milk is just smooth and smooth. It will make the whole experience even better.

Café Rhema, located at 432 S. Saginaw Street in downtown Flint, is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday .

Learn more about MLive:

Flint is now home to one of the best ciders in the world

Mimi’s Cuban Bakery and Café opens in Flint with authentic cuisine

Community Celebrates Grand Opening of ‘Horror’ in Flint Turned into $ 7 Million Apartment Complex

Flint’s rich basketball history on display at first Gus Macker tournament in almost 20 years

Bobby Crim completes final 10 mile race, thanks Flint for “great people, community”

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The restaurant industry faces labor and supply shortages

MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) – New data from the National Restaurant Association shows restaurant sales in Wisconsin have improved since the start of the pandemic, but business operations remain far from normal.

Based on a survey of 4,000 restaurants nationwide, 70% of operators believe it will take more than a year before everything is back to normal and 11% say conditions will never return to what they were before the pandemic.

So what is driving these statistics? Labor and supply shortages.

For Tom Marks – a restaurant industry veteran and front desk manager at Hop Haus – the past 13 months have been some of the toughest in his 25-year career.

“I’m used to having stacks of applications, 30, 40 and I can’t even get people to apply for positions right now,” Marks says.

He says the problems started to escalate last September, when the brewing company opened its second site in Fitchburg at the height of the pandemic. Opening up to 25% capacity was a challenge, but when capacity limits increased, the problems increased as well; namely, a lack of staff to meet the demand.

“There is definitely a labor shortage; we definitely experience it, ”says Marks. “We have a wonderful rooftop terrace at the top and half the time I can’t even open it. it’s just unfortunate.

Kristine Hillmer, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, said restaurant owners don’t expect things to get back to normal anytime soon. In fact, she says, 38% of operators statewide say their trading conditions are worse now than they were three months ago.

This is because the labor shortage comes with supply shortages.

“You have a shortage of truck drivers to deliver not only to port manufacturers or suppliers, but then suppliers to restaurants, so we are seeing huge disruptions, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” said Hillmer.

For Hop Haus, this resulted in difficulties obtaining building materials for the second location and cans for their in-house breweries.

It may take a while for things to improve. In the meantime, Brands and Hillmer ask customers to be patient and kind.

“I just want people to go into a small business like ours and support us for sure,” Marks says.

Copyright 2021 WMTV. All rights reserved.

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North Carolina man sentenced to decades behind bars in wave of crimes linked to shooting of city police officer

Officer Charles Ainsworth and Cedric Jamal Kearney.

© Provided by Law & Crime
Officer Charles Ainsworth and Cedric Jamal Kearney.

Officer Charles Ainsworth and Cedric Jamal Kearney.

A North Carolina man was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Friday for a series of crimes related to the possible shooting of a city police officer. According to the US Department of Justice, Cedric Jamal Kearney, 26, of Henderson has learned he will spend 252 months behind bars for “auto theft and aiding and abetting, gunning for a violent crime and possession of stolen firearms “.

Raleigh NBC affiliate WRAL said it all started when Kearney used his girlfriend and a dating app to lure a man into the hijacking. The TV channel said only the weapon charge was directly linked to the shooting of a Raleigh police officer Charlie ainsworth. The Justice Department’s comments, however, suggest that Kearney and his girlfriend started a multi-day crime spree on January 4, 2019 that culminated in the shooting:

Kearney and a co-accused, Sherry Marie Richmond, stole his car keys and cell phone from a Raleigh man at gunpoint. The wave of crime continued on January 9, 2019, when Kearney and other co-defendants broke into an apartment in Holly Springs, North Carolina, and stole several guns and pairs of shoes. Finally, later on the night of January 9, 2019, the Raleigh Police Department responded to a reported sighting of the stolen vehicle in the Shaub Drive and Teakwood Place area. Upon arrival, officers saw Kearney and another man attempting to get inside the stolen vehicle. The officers gave orders to the men and while one complied, Kearney shot at the officers and fled on foot.

Sherry Marie Richmond

© Provided by Law & Crime
Sherry Marie Richmond

Sherry Marie Richmond.

Kearney hit Agent Ainsworth twice, the DOJ said. His story continued:

Ainsworth had to be rushed to WakeMed Hospital with life-threatening injuries, but ultimately survived. Body camera surveillance captured the heartbreaking incident in its entirety. Kearney was found several hours later in a neighboring owner’s shed; still in possession of the weapon used to shoot Officer Ainsworth. Kearney had previously been convicted of reckless driving outside Virginia.

Kearney agreed to plead guilty to federal charges on March 10, 2020. The case against him, however, was stayed in August 2020 because a judge determined that the accused “suffered from a mental illness or defect on making it mentally incompetent ”. and was therefore “incapable of understanding the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him and of properly assisting his defense”. To the judge’s irritation, the government dragged its feet in placing the accused in a treatment center. The plea deal was not fully accepted by the court until Oct. 7, 2021, the record says. The plea agreement document itself appears to be sealed at the time of writing. Law & Crime attempted to post the document to a forensic database, but was unable to do so.

Durham, NC ABC, affiliated with WTVD, reported that Constable Ainsworth spent about a year recovering from the January 2019 shooting – including undergoing “numerous surgeries and grueling physical therapy” – while on business were pending against four individual defendants accused of playing a role in the officer’s injuries. Ainsworth returned from hospital in April 2019, the WTVD said. WRAL said the officer eventually returned to active duty in early 2020, but a police department tweet said he subsequently retired in March 2020.

Besides Kearney and Richmond, Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher were also arrested and charged in connection with the insanity.

Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher

© Provided by Law & Crime
Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher

Antonio Dequan Fletcher and Amonie Shateas Fletcher.

WTVD said Constable Ainsworth was trying to stop Antonio Fletcher when Kearney, then 24, fled and started shooting Ainsworth.


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Court records indicate that the Fletcher’s and the Richmond’s also pleaded guilty to the charges against them in federal court. A separate attempted murder case against Kearney is being played out in state court, WRAL said.

Yet federal prosecutors are celebrating their own victory.

“Today was a good day for the Ainsworth family and the justice system. The court has sent a very clear message that this type of assault on law enforcement simply will not be tolerated, ”the interim US prosecutor said. G. Norman Acker III said of the federal sentence.

Read the original federal indictment below:

[Image of Ainsworth via the Raleigh Police Dept. Other images via Wake County Sheriff’s Office mugshots.]

The NC Man post sentenced to decades behind bars in city police officer shooting crime first appeared on Law & Crime.

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Reign restaurant and nightclub violate closing order

The nightclub is supposed to be closed for a year. City now exploring what to do about the breach of order

ST. LOUIS – A downtown restaurant and nightclub are now facing more city problems after violating an order given to them just over a week ago.

A statement from Mayor Tishuara Jones’s office said city officials were notified of an event at the Reign Restaurant, located at 1122 Washington Ave, around 8 p.m. Friday. Police on bicycle patrol reacted quickly and ended the event without incident or arrest, according to the mayor’s office.

Since a shutdown order was issued by the City of St. Louis Problematic Properties Division on October 1, the city is now exploring next steps in regards to the violation of the order.

MORE: City of St. Louis: Reign Restaurant to Close for One Year

“The City of St. Louis, along with the business, community and civic leaders of the Downtown Engagement and Public Safety Initiative, are dedicated to activating downtown to create positive spaces for all and will continue to hold individuals and businesses accountable, ”the statement said. noted.

Reign has faced problems due to an outbreak of violence in the region, with many neighbors and neighboring businesses accusing the establishment of bringing violence and chaos to the Washington Avenue corridor.

In previous conversations with Reign’s owner Dana Kelly, she argued that crime trends occurred long before they opened their business.

READ: Restaurant owner Reign addresses violence issues blamed on her business

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These are the best restaurants and cafes in Scotland’s art galleries, from Hospitalfield to Jupiter Artland

Either way, here’s our roundup of the best Scottish art gallery cafes, so you can punctuate your dose of culture with lunch, breakfast or dinner. And nowadays, they offer more than just scones.

We’re very excited about this gallery’s new cake cart, which is on the lower level of the building, and serves coffee and cakes to boost your blood sugar before you tackle the exhibits. In addition to breakfast, brunch and lunch, the restaurant, overlooking the River Tay, offers Dundee meets Japan afternoon tea. This includes a Desperate Dan-style cow pie, mini Dundee cake, and flavors of miso and katsu among other flavors. Just outside you’ll also find the Heather Street Food Van, serving donuts, coffee, and bagels.

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Edinburgh is full of café-galleries, from Paolozzi’s Kitchen at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to Cafe Portrait at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, where you can enjoy an excellent cheese scone, while browsing the Alison Watt exhibition (until January 9, 2022). However, we have a soft spot for this place, at the tapestry workshop and art place, Dovecot. It was recently taken over by the restaurant in Pinkerton, and they have lunch specials including Bloody Mary soup with lamb pie. “The best-selling right now are our savory pies and mon-scots with Isle of Mull cheddar and honey-roasted ham,” explains Floraidh Anne-Law, co-owner of the café. “On the sweet side, our fresh sponge cake with seasonal jam is a winner.”


This place of Arbroath is being restored to its site – once a 13th century hospital and monastery. It is also the location of an Arts & Crafts era home, which inspired Walter Scott’s novel, The Antiquary. Once you’ve browsed through the collections from the 19th and 20th centuries, visit the magnificent café under glass and try their menu of local produce, which showcases vegetables grown in their walled garden. There’s coffee from the local roast, Sacred Grounds, and a menu that includes Angus beef and beer pie, fries, beet ketchup, and organic leaves.


Our summers aren’t complete without a visit to this art park, featuring works by Phyllida Barlow and Rachel Maclean (also, soon to be, a Tracey Emin). They have extended their opening season, which now runs until October 31. Aside from the outdoor artwork, where else can you eat cakes and quiches at a cafe painted in chewing gum pink and covered in cartoon-looking trees, thanks to a artist design, Nicolas Party? Don’t forget the retro Airstream caravan, which serves take out goodies.


There is always a warm atmosphere in this cafe, which has a wood-burning stove and stone walls. It’s conducive to a big bowl of their homemade soup, with a gigantic “rustic” sandwich filled with Aberfeldy Butcher ham, and maybe a chai latte. The small art gallery is upstairs and curated by local artist Zanna Wilson.

Rose at the Doocot


This cafe has one of the nicest outdoor terraces, with umbrellas to protect you from the elements – rain, most likely. The all-day menu features a popular salted caramel panna cotta with biscoff crumbs and chocolate tuille, with savory offerings including barley and leek risotto. There’s also a classic afternoon tea, which includes classic empire cookies and strawberry pies. We are sure Charles Rennie Mackintosh would approve completely.


This gallery, which features collections from artists such as Joan Eardley and Samuel Peploe, reopened after a major renovation in 2019. Look for the new cafes, one on the ground floor and one with a view beautiful, on the second floor. Apparently the menu is simple, but satisfactory.

Paolozzi’s kitchen

Shop for a painting, then shop for cake and coffee at this small gallery and café, located in a traditional whitewashed building a 20-minute drive from Tarbert. We have the first dibs on their carrot cake and the chocolate cappuccino cheesecake.

We heard good things about this former fire station, which today houses artist studios, a classroom, a gallery and a café. It’s open for food and drink from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday except Friday and Saturday, where they keep their doors open until 10 p.m. The healthy menu includes a full Scottish breakfast and weekend brunch, evening sharing platters, and tea from The Wee Tea Company.

As part of the relaunch of this newly expanded gallery, which opened with an exhibition by Glasgow artist Karla Black, they have integrated their culinary offerings. We are impressed with the menu, which includes local Obadiah coffee, as well as dishes including roast lemon chicken, apricots, red onions, tabbouleh and herb dressing, fish stick brioche and children’s offers for five.

As befits a contemporary art gallery, CCA’s cafe is also quite forward-looking, with some interesting options on its ‘animal-free’ menu, like a sandwich with slices of tempeh and sauerkraut or a pizza with artichoke, tomato, olive, shallot and pesto. There’s also an outdoor patio at the back – not on the busy Sauchiehall Street – where you can enjoy margaritas with your serving of baba ganoush with garlic flatbread.

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Café Party at Jupiter Artland
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Newsom signs bill that will expand restaurants’ ability to sell take-out cocktails with food

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Friday that will expand the right to allow restaurants to sell take-out cocktails as well as take-out food orders.

The law, SB 389, was sponsored by State Senator Bill Dodd, D-Napa, and was designed to continue to help restaurants recover from the negative economic effects of the coronavirus which has severely weakened the entire industry.

As recently as last week, the Fourth Street Social Club in downtown Santa Rosa announced that it would close its doors on Sunday due to losses from COVID-19.

“The ability to sell take-out cocktails is an important step in helping our restaurants, which have been hit hard by the pandemic,” Dodd said in a statement. “This will ensure their recovery, protecting jobs and our economy. “

The bill also applies to bars, breweries and wineries that sell food. The measure will be in effect for five years.

More than 35 states have allowed restaurants to temporarily sell take-out cocktails during the pandemic. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have since passed legislation to make this permanent.

“Take-out cocktails have proven to be an essential part of the survival of businesses during COVID-19 and will only provide increased stability as they strive to get back on their feet,” said Adam Smith, vice-president. -President of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

While take-out cocktails have been remarkable, the biggest trend during the pandemic has been the tremendous growth of canned cocktails with many local distillers such as Giffo, Zaddy’s and Barrel Brothers entering the market.

Also on Friday, Newsom signed another measure, AB 61, which would provide regulatory flexibility for restaurants to expand alfresco dining in parklets and another measure, SB 314, which gives businesses with temporarily expanded premises a deadline of one year grace to apply for a permanent license. expansion.

You can reach editor Bill Swindell at 521-5223 or [email protected] On Twitter @BillSwindell.

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Proof of vaccination now required in Long Beach bars, other drinking establishments • Long Beach Post News

The city’s mandate applies to all bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges that do not have licensed kitchens. While not mandatory, the city “strongly recommends” restaurant owners to require a vaccine check for indoor meals.

“We all want to protect our community by reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a September 21 press release. “Requiring proof of vaccination in high-risk settings is an important step in achieving this. “

Bars and other drinking establishments are most often frequented by people in their 20s and 30s, an age group least likely to be vaccinated, according to city data. Less than 64% of Long Beach residents aged 18 to 34 are vaccinated, compared to over 67% of those aged 12 to 17 and over 87% of residents aged 35 and over.

Employees must also be vaccinated to work indoors at these companies, but may be granted medical or religious exemption. Exempt staff should be tested weekly.

The ordinance extends Nov. 4, requiring people to be fully vaccinated to work and drink inside drinking places.

The Long Beach ordinance, which is consistent with the county’s mandate, is tame compared to the city of Los Angeles. In a rare move, the LA city council voted to expand the county’s rules, requiring proof of vaccination at indoor restaurants, malls, hair and nail salons, coffee shops, museums and a range of ‘other interior places.

Long Beach and LA have mostly deferred to county regulations throughout the pandemic.

LA’s ordinance expires when the city’s emergency declaration expires. Long Beach, meanwhile, has not “designated a specific sunset for the new vaccine mandate,” according to spokeswoman Jennifer Rice Epstein.

The Long Beach Health Ordinance also applies to outdoor mega-events of 10,000 people or more. Participants in such events must show proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours of the event.

The mega indoor event of 1,000 people or more already requires proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter.

“It is important that people receive their COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves and others,” reads the city’s health order. “The data shows that people who have been vaccinated are much better protected against serious illnesses and infections. “

In Long Beach, 78% of eligible residents aged 12 and over received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccination on Wednesday, while 69% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated against the disease.

Unvaccinated health workers to be sacked from Long Beach hospitals

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Eatery Business

Deciphering 10 Myths Around Personal Loans – Forbes Advisor INDIA

Personal loans are a credit tool that can be used to finance most major purchases and expenses, from engagement rings to home repairs, often at a lower interest rate than paying with a credit card. Unlike credit cards, personal loans provide borrowers with a one-time cash flow. Then the borrowers pay back this amount, the so-called principal amount, together with the interest in regular monthly installments over the term of the loan, the so-called term.

Due to the advancement of technology, it takes less than ten minutes to apply for a personal loan on the internet, where digital lenders offer various types of personal loans. The entire process from application to payout takes less than a day and the loans are often customized to suit your needs.

As with any other financial decision, getting a personal loan involves several questions, such as:

  • Which Lender to Choose?
  • What type of personal loan to choose?
  • How do I get a personal loan?

While answering these questions is important, it is equally important to break the myths surrounding personal loans first, as they can tarnish judgment as they seek answers.

Myths Related to Personal Loans

If you are a first time borrower, you may be nervous about taking out a loan. Obtaining a personal loan can be expected to be a time consuming process or involve high interest rates or collateral on your loan. There are numerous myths surrounding personal loans that often discourage individuals from getting a loan when they really need access to finance. Here is a list of ten personal loan myths.

1. Personal loans are only offered by banks

The most common misconception about personal loans is that banks are the only financial institutions that offer personal loans. While banks are a part of the financial institutions that offer credit, there are several Non-Bank Financial Firms (NBFCs) that offer personal credit.

In several instances where banks can refuse an applicant’s loan application due to rigid norms, NBFCs and other digital lenders often accept these borrowers’ applications at similar interest rates and with more customization.

2. Personal loans have a long processing time

Borrowers often forego applying for a personal loan, as this involves a relatively longer processing time and a cumbersome approval process. This may have been the case in the past, but it isn’t entirely true in 2021.

The entire process from applying for the loan to be paid out in your account can now be completed within 24-48 hours. One has to fill out the application online and upload the required documents, which takes just a handheld device and less than a few minutes.

3. Low credit means credit rejection

A low credit score can affect the outcome of your loan application, but it does not guarantee a rejection. While it is an important criterion for approval, lenders also take into account other factors such as: age, income, authenticity of documents, fixed obligation to income ratio, etc.

Credit policies and eligibility criteria may vary from lender to lender, but the main assessment for loan approval is your ability and intent to repay.

4. Personal loans cannot be used if you already have an existing loan

Several loan applicants believe that if they are already paying back an existing loan, they cannot get a personal loan. It does not, and the same criteria apply to sanctioning a second personal loan as the first.

You can apply regardless of whether you already have credit or not. Your lender will review your repayment eligibility application taking into account your income, cash flow, and existing liabilities.

5. Personal loans require a security

Personal loans are unsecured loans and do not require collateral and therefore require minimal documentation. This is also one of the decisive factors why processing a personal loan is quick and easy.

6. Only employees can apply for personal loans

It is a popular belief that only employees with a steady flow of income are eligible to apply for a personal loan. However, individuals and entrepreneurs can also take advantage of personal loans.

The credit decision is not determined by the profession, but by the individual’s ability to accept credit and the ability to service the loan on a regular basis.

7. Personal loans always have high interest rates

Because personal loans do not require collateral, they are believed to come with very high interest rates. In reality, the interest rate differs from lender to lender and often depends on your credit profile.

The interest rates are usually between 16% and 24% per year and are therefore significantly lower than available with credit cards. Additionally, you are not required to pledge any security or freeze any asset, which makes it a better deal if the exchange rate is a few hundred rupees.

8. Personal loans have no prepayment option

Another myth about personal loans is that the borrower cannot repay the loan amount before the loan term expires. Just because personal loans have shorter terms doesn’t mean that personal loans don’t have prepayment options.

While banks may charge a small prepayment fee, these days digital lenders typically only have a minimum term for which individuals must make the monthly installment payments (EMI). After the minimum term of three to six months, for example, borrowers can cancel their loan at no additional cost.

9. Taking out a personal loan will only increase your debt burden

This seems logical, because taking out a personal loan when you are already in debt only adds to your burden. However, you can refinance all of your debts including multiple loans, credit card debt through one personal loan, thereby consolidating all of your debts and paying only one monthly fixed rate installment that matches your cash flows.

10. It is difficult and complex to apply for a personal loan

Compared to a car loan or a home loan, getting a personal loan can be a much easier process. Applying for a personal loan these days is as easy as filling out an application online and waiting from a few minutes to a few hours for approval.

The process is so simple that you don’t need any help, but even if you do, you can contact a digital lender’s customer service team and get help right away.

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Climate cafes offer close engagement with members of the climate working group

In Room 002 at Upham Hall, you wouldn’t normally expect to find some of the University of Miami’s biggest sustainability projects and project managers.

However, throughout this semester, this room is home to intimate conversations about Miami’s carbon neutral progress through the Miami Department of Sustainability’s Climate Cafe series.

With two sessions completed and three more to complete, members of the Climate Action Task Force (CATF) and other presenters opened up to the Miami community to discuss topics such as student engagement, transportation, diversity efforts and more.

The idea for the series came from Denali Selent, the Miami CATF student representative.

Selent said that as she researched ways to engage the Miami and Oxford community, she found her inspiration.

“I think it was a high school organization that I saw hosting these cafes, and I was like, ‘Sounds like a really cool idea,'” Selent said.

Selent said she wanted to make sure the community was included and aware of progress under the Presidents’ Pledge for Climate Leadership (PCLC).

“Often times initiatives like this may not get a lot of community involvement,” Selent said, “so [this is] just a way to really give people a place to share their ideas, thoughts, concerns and that way we can make the strongest plan possible by getting as much feedback and thought as possible.

Adam Sizemore, CATF Co-Chair and Director of Sustainability, said everyone in the community has a role to play in efforts towards carbon neutrality.

“In the middle of everything [our] work, we wanted to increase our means of communication, ”said Sizemore,“… not only to let the campus know what’s going on and what we’re going to do, but also to add the collaborative component where it isn’t. not the case. just the working group that comes up with ideas, that we really bring the ideas to the campus community.

David Prytherch, Professor of Geography, presented at the inaugural Climate Cafe on September 15 on transport and carbon offsets.

Prytherch said they are at an advanced stage in their process of opening the conversation with the community.

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“We’ve formed these committees, we’ve got some really great people who are very knowledgeable and we’ve started to set some goals that we think we need to accomplish, but now is the perfect time to open it up to the public to say, ‘S ‘Are these the right goals? ”or,“ Are we base?

Prytherch said it was amazing that a university the size of Miami was able to offer opportunities for close engagement with students and the community.

“You can sit down your first semester and participate in a conversation with the campus architect,” Prytherch said. “The next one that’s with Cody Powell, you can sit down in a conversation with someone who oversees hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in college operations.”

Sizemore said he hopes the discussions will strengthen engagement on campus and encourage faculty, students and staff to be part of the overall process.

“The level of engagement in Miami is simply phenomenal [from the] students [in] what they want to accomplish and how they are prepared to be a part of this journey with us, ”said Sizemore.

Selent said that now that the students are back on campus, she hopes to see an increase in student engagement, especially with an interest in Climate Cafe events.

“I hope after all the cafes we can make this a more regular thing and continue to have them throughout the years to come,” Selent said, “just as a place for people to come and share their comments. , share their ideas, any concerns or criticisms that they have of the work done by the working group… and feel comfortable sharing and hearing updates. ”

Sizemore also said they plan to create an online forum for people who can’t come but still want to share their concerns and opinions, and when this is posted it can be found on their page. Instagram.

[email protected]


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Nightclubs in Italy to reopen at “35% capacity” – News

After almost two years, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen throughout Italy according to the Technical-Scientific Committee (CTS).

The phased reopening date has yet to be confirmed by the Italian government, although Milan mayor Beppe Sala said last week that it was now time to “reopen discos and clubs with all the rules. relevant and the Green Pass ”.

The “Green Pass” will serve as a club entry certificate, much like the UK equivalent of the COVID pass.

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Green Passes will become mandatory for workers in Italy from mid-October, which means everyone must have one or more of the usual trio: a negative test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. If you cannot provide a Green Pass, you could be suspended from your job and salary.

Now, Green Passes will also be mandatory for entry to nightclubs and bars – as well as masks inside, although these can be removed while dancing.

A reopening date has not yet been set but could be seen in the coming weeks. According to the CTS, clubs will only be allowed to open at 35% of their capacity indoors and 50% of their capacity outdoors.

The CTS also warned that nightclubs may “present the highest risk of spreading the virus,” and urged attendees to remain vigilant as nightlife returns.

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Meanwhile, the president of the Italian Union of Dance Clubs (SILB), Maurizio Pasca, also argued that “the conditions are not favorable, as they will affect costs” while pushing the government to review capacity limits .

The CTS hopes that these limits will be raised to 100% outdoors with 80% indoors in areas with lowercase letters, referred to as “white areas”.

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Restaurants bemoan delays with non-digitized suppliers

The restaurant industry has been notoriously slow to embrace new technology. Even though consumer routines like ordering and payment were quickly digitized during the pandemic, behind-the-scenes processes have remained mostly manual for many restaurants. Yet even for forward-thinking restaurants that have taken advantage of the digital tools available to bring their operations online, there’s little they can do. After all, for B2B transactions, digitization is a two-way street.

Brandon Stewart, President and COO of Kensington Hill Capital, which owns and operates 55 Jimmy John’s branches in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Ohio, spoke to PYMNTS about the challenges the franchisee faces in trying to maintain digital efficiency in an industry whose supply chain may be blocked in the past.

“I think our electronic ordering systems are outdated – trying to order products and things like that,” Stewart said. “If it comes from a large distributor, you don’t have a problem, but there are all these accessories you need in the store… Even if [you’re ordering] online it’s still multiple websites, and we don’t have an efficient way for our guys to centrally send us these orders.

At a fortuitous moment, the company automated its operations with a digital restaurant management platform shortly before the pandemic began, so payment processes were already digital at a time when restaurants were scrambling. to make any kind of profit. Stewart noted that by comparing different technology products, he landed on Restaurant365’s solution after noting another franchisee’s success with the company’s software.

“It just made our back office more efficient,” he said. “We thought we might have to hire someone else to manage [those processes], and all of those thoughts were gone when we moved to a digital back office.

In June, Restaurant365 acquired Compeat, a company known for its back office, workforce, and business intelligence software. The combined company serves more than 28,000 restaurants and its products include tools to digitize accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), inventory management and payroll, among others.

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However, for all digital upgrades performed by Kensington Hill Capital, it is still subject to the limits of relationships with other companies and institutions. Stewart noted that local governments still often use paper mail, so dealing with these offices for issues such as business licensing can be a headache.

“I think that’s probably my biggest problem in the back office,” he reflected.

By digitizing its business processes, Kensington Hill Capital is one step ahead. Bhavuk Kaul, CEO of Plate IQ, which creates AP automation tools for restaurants, among other products, told PYMNTS in an interview that many restaurants still operate primarily through paper-based accounting.

“Before us, restaurants would manually upload invoices and push them to a manufacturer’s platform,” Kaul said. “We try to automate a lot of these back-end processes… For us the biggest challenge has always been awareness – people are not aware that a technology like ours exists.”

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On: Forty-seven percent of U.S. consumers avoid digital-only banks due to data security concerns, despite considerable interest in these services. In Digital Banking: The Brewing Battle For Where We Will Bank, PYMNTS surveyed over 2,200 consumers to reveal how digital-only banks can boost privacy and security while providing convenient services to meet this unmet demand.

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Best secured cards that get too unsecured

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Do you need to fix an ailing credit score? Alternatively, do you need to keep a credit history so you can even qualify for a three-digit FICO credit score? If you apply for a secure credit card and make your monthly payments on time, you can achieve both of these goals. You can even qualify for a secured credit card that will automatically upgrade to a traditional card after you’ve made enough on-time payments.

Here’s a look at the best secured credit cards, which are evolving into traditional, unsecured cards over time, and how these cards can help you resolve your credit history and creditworthiness issues.

What is a secured credit card?

Secured credit cards work much like traditional cards: you use these cards to make purchases throughout the month and then withdraw at least some of those purchases on or before your card’s due date. If you settle your balance in full, you will not owe any interest. If you pay out less than your full balance, your credit card provider will charge you interest on the remaining balance.

With secured cards, however, you make an initial deposit at the bank that provides the card. This deposit usually becomes your credit limit. If you apply for a secured card, you can deposit $ 600 at your bank. Your credit limit for this card will then be $ 600 and you will not be able to raise any charges equal to that amount.

This limits the amount you can spend and makes it easier for those with damaged or limited credit histories to qualify for secured cards. By setting this limit, card providers take a lower risk; If you fail to pay your credit card bill, the bank can simply deduct the amount owed from your deposit.

For this reason, secured cards are a great choice for consumers who have low credit scores or who don’t have a credit history long enough to get good credit (or a notch at all). As long as you make your monthly payments on time with your secured credit card, you will gradually build a strong credit history and solid credit history. If your score is high enough, you can apply for traditional, unsecured credit cards.

Some secured credit cards automatically become traditional cards after you make enough timely monthly payments. The number of payments varies by card issuer, but many secured cards become unsecured versions if you make at least nine to 12 on-time payments in a row.

How do secured cards differ from unsecured credit cards?

You may be wondering, “What is an unsecured credit card?” The main difference between secured and unsecured credit cards is the security deposit required with secured cards. Traditional, unsecured credit cards do not require cardholders to make deposits with their issuers.

The credit limits for unsecured cards are not tied to a deposit, but are determined by the credit of the cardholder. Cardholders with a higher credit score qualify for higher credit limits. It’s not uncommon for consumers with the highest FICO credit scores – usually 740 or higher – to qualify for credit limits of $ 20,000 or more with their unsecured credit cards.

Unsecured credit cards also usually come with more generous rewards programs. Many traditional credit cards allow cardholders to accumulate award points, free miles, or cashback bonuses, while few secured cards offer award programs. This benefit, along with higher credit limits, is why most consumers prefer unsecured credit cards.

Best secured cards that get too unsecured

Which secured cards are automatically updated to unsecured? Here’s a look at some of Bankrate’s top picks.

Discover it® Secured Credit Card

The Discover it Secured Credit Card is one of the few secured cards that comes with a rewards program. Get 2 percent cashback at gas stations and restaurants on combined purchases of up to $ 1,000 per quarter. You will also receive unlimited 1 percent cashback on all other purchases.

The card has no annual fee and allows you to open an account with a deposit of just $ 200. After eight months, Discover will review your payment history and credit history to see if you can switch to an unsecured Discover credit card.

BankAmericard® secured credit card

While it’s a fairly simple card, the BankAmericard Secured Credit Card has some nice perks. There is no annual fee and all you need is a $ 300 deposit to open an account. In addition, this card allows you to deposit up to $ 4,900 – a high maximum deposit compared to other secured cards.

On their website, Bank of America says they will regularly check your account to see if you can upgrade to an unsecured Bank of America credit card.

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

You don’t need a lot of cash to open an account with the Capital One Platinum Secured Toll Free Credit Card. In fact, Capital One requires a deposit of just $ 49. Keep in mind that your initial credit limit can also be low – just $ 200 more specifically. After six months, Capital One will begin reviewing your payment and account history to see if you qualify for a higher credit limit or an unsecured Capital One credit card.

Citi® Secured Mastercard®

Although you need a minimum deposit of $ 200 to qualify for the Citi Secured Mastercard, you are flexible. Depending on how much you deposit, you can qualify for a line of credit up to $ 2,500. Like other cards on this list, the Citi Secured Mastercard does not charge an annual fee. After 18 months of card ownership, Citi will review your account to see if you are eligible for a refund of your deposit and may upgrade to an unsecured Citi credit card.

How to update if your secured card doesn’t do it automatically

Some secured credit cards are never upgraded to an unsecured version. In these cases you will have to switch to a conventional credit card yourself.

First, you need to have a good enough credit rating to qualify for a traditional card. You typically need a FICO score of 680 or higher to qualify for traditional credit cards that also offer rewards programs. Fortunately, getting this score isn’t complicated.

The most important step is to pay your bills on time. For example, paying your mortgage, credit card bills, or student loan overdue for 30 days or more can drop your FICO credit score by 100 points or more. On the flip side, paying bills on time can help keep your score steadily growing.

Also, make sure that your credit card debt is low or nonexistent. If you have too much debt month to month, your credit score can go down. Always try to withdraw as much as you can on each due date, knowing that it is best to withdraw all of your balance on or before the due date. Not only does this help your credit score, but it also ensures that you don’t have to pay extra interest on your credit card debt.

Once your score is high enough, apply for a traditional credit card. Depending on your score and other factors such as B. Your monthly income, you can qualify for an unsecured card that comes with a higher credit limit and a rewards program.

You’ll need to decide whether to close your secured card or leave the account open, but be aware that closing your card could affect your creditworthiness. Closing an active credit card account will leave you with fewer funds – which in turn may increase your credit utilization.

This does not mean that you should always leave your secured credit card account open. If you feel that you might be tempted to pile up debts on the card and not pay it off in full, it may make more sense to close the account and remove the temptation.

This will increase your chances of qualifying for an unsecured credit card

The best way to qualify for an unsecured credit card is to practice good spending and payment habits. If you pay your bills on time each month – including paying your secured card – you will continually build a credit score or improve a poor one. You will also improve your credit score by paying off existing debts.

How long it takes to build a credit rating high enough to qualify for an unsecured card varies. If your score is low, it can take months to make payments on time to get your score up to the 680+ range likely to be required to qualify for an unsecured credit card.

The bottom line

Secured credit cards are a smart way to build your credit history so you can qualify for an unsecured credit card in the future – one that comes with a higher credit limit and valuable rewards. The key is to make your monthly payments on time and keep your debt low so that one day your secured card will be converted to an unsecured version.

All information about the BankAmericard® Secured Credit Card has been collected independently by Bankrate and has not been reviewed or approved by the issuer.

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Benton County Circuit Court Judge Bans Bentonville School District From Enforcing Mask Warrant

BENTONVILLE – Masks will be optional at schools in Bentonville starting today after a local judge ruled in favor of parents who had filed a lawsuit against the school district’s mask warrant.

Benton County Circuit Judge Xollie Duncan granted an injunction on Wednesday barring the district from enforcing its mandate, which had been in effect since the start of the school year on Aug. 16. She delivered her decision nearly a week after presiding over a hearing in the case.

Duncan discovered that the district did not have the authority to issue the mask warrant. She noted that neither Governor Asa Hutchinson nor the Secretary of Health had issued a mask policy for schools. Both have the power to issue a policy requiring masks, but the power does not lie with individual school districts, Duncan said.

Matthew Bennett, Elizabeth Bennett and Matt Sitton have been listed as plaintiffs in an August 18 lawsuit against the district. All three have children who attend Bentonville schools, according to court documents.

Greg Payne, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said Duncan’s decision means the district can no longer enforce the policy once the judge signs the order.

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The ruling only affected the Bentonville School District and no other district in the state with policies requiring the wearing of masks, he said.

“I am thrilled for the families,” Payne said. “It is redemption for them. The court recognizes that they have a fundamental interest in the liberty in the case.”

Payne noted that the case was not about preventing every child from wearing a mask.

“Parents can still put masks on their children, but those who do not wish to are not required to mask their children,” he said.

The lawsuit named Superintendent Debbie Jones and the seven school board members as defendants.

Payne told the judge at last week’s hearing that the district did not have a directive from Hutchinson or the Arkansas Department of Health to issue the policy.

Marshall Ney, the district attorney, said at last week’s hearing that parents have the right to send their children to a school district and the right not to send their children to a district. He said parents can use online education, but don’t have the right to dictate what happens in classrooms. He asked the judge to dismiss the injunction request.

Duncan said Wednesday that the District of Bentonville had the authority to issue a mask warrant related to athletics and physical education, but noted that the district had not imposed one for those activities.

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She also discovered that the district could not impose the mask mandate simply because the district had accepted money from the American Rescue Plan Act. Duncan said there was no federal authority for the district to implement the mandate.

The school board approved mask mandates for staff and students ages 3 and up on Aug. 11 by a 5-2 vote. The policy stated that they were required to wear masks indoors and when riding in school vehicles, with a few exceptions. The board has agreed to reassess the policy on a monthly basis.

The board decided at its September 21 meeting – again, in a 5-2 vote – to continue requiring masks for at least a month, with the stipulation that Jones can relax the rules if any reports of new known covid-19 infections occurring a 14-day period falls below 30 per 10,000 district residents. The rate is currently 30 in the district, up from more than 50 just two weeks ago, according to the district’s website.

“We are delighted to see the latest data showing that covid-19 infection rates are moving in the right direction,” said Leslee Wright, district communications director.

The current data would have led the district to decide to suspend the warrant regardless of the judge’s decision, Wright said. Masks will be “strongly encouraged” but not mandatory, she said.

The district on Thursday reported 34 active cases of covid-19 among its students and staff, representing about 0.2% of the 20,868 students and employees combined. A total of 148 students and staff were in quarantine on Wednesday.

Public debate over school mask warrants has been rampant this year and has led to legal battles in several states, including Arkansas.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox ruled on August 6 that Law 1002, a state law banning mask warrants for public institutions, appeared to be illegal. Fox issued a preliminary injunction against him. Many school districts across the state, including Bentonville, then issued their own policies requiring masks.

The Arkansas Supreme Court last week rejected the state’s request to withdraw the injunction before a November hearing where the ultimate fate of Bill 1002 could be determined.

Payne, at last week’s hearing in Benton County, said Fox’s authority is limited to Pulaski County and his ruling does not apply to Benton County. He argued that all mask warrants outside of Pulaski County are illegal.

Hutchinson, in an emailed statement from his office, said he continued to support the authority of school districts to make decisions about the health of students and staff.

“Local school boards have the inherent power to make these decisions and the actions that have been taken are part of the reason our cases are down and we have a successful start to the school year,” Hutchinson said.

Senator Trent Garner, R-El Dorado, was the main sponsor of Act 1002. He described Duncan’s decision as a huge victory for parents’ rights in Arkansas.

“The reason I adopted the mandatory mask ban was to give parents the choice to make health care decisions that were best for their families,” he said. “Today’s decision is a step in asserting this right. I believe this case will become a model for other parents to sue their school district for their illegal actions.”

State Representative Joshua Bryant R-Rogers said he had only seen the headlines of the judge’s decision and had not had the opportunity to study it. Bryant said he wanted Duncan’s decision to have a statewide impact similar to Fox’s decision.

Bryant said he believed the ruling could help in future rulings at the state Supreme Court.

Founders Classical Academy, a charter school in Bentonville for K-12 classes, announced Wednesday that it will also make masks optional for staff and students starting today, in light of the judge’s ruling .

Some neighboring school districts, including Rogers, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith, also have some form of mask warrant.

Rogers’ mandate applies to staff and students in Kindergarten to Grade 6. Ashley Siwiec, director of communications for Rogers, said district officials are not yet sure what impact Duncan’s decision will have on them.

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Doing our part to save Florida restaurants

The pandemic has left us all wondering, ‘What just happened? “

I never imagined that a global health crisis would change every aspect of my life, including our convenience food business that has served Tampa Bay for 17 years.

As we continue to recover and get back to normal, it’s more important than ever to remember small businesses and show our support for the community.

The national association of restaurateurs estimates that more than 110,000 restaurants have closed their doors temporarily or permanently by the end of 2020. Florida is officially reopened, but not all businesses have survived. According to Global State of Small Business Report, small business closure rates have fallen to 18% since the start of 2021. For the past year and a half, my husband Dan and I have made it our mission not to be part of these statistics.

Our business, Dinner finished!, was founded on the idea of ​​creating healthy ready-to-cook dinners using fresh ingredients. The backbone of our original business model was in-person classes, and over the years we’ve added a Grab & Go suitcase with ready-to-cook-to-pick up items.

When the stay-at-home order was issued, we had to indefinitely put our cooking classes, a guest favorite, on hold.

Faced with the loss of income from our classes, we always considered ourselves lucky.

In 2017, we updated our website with Grab & Go online ordering, which has now allowed us to fully pivot to curbside pickup and delivery. To manage this change, we have rearranged the now empty cooking class space so that our team can work efficiently while being safely remotely.

This has allowed us to stay open, keep our team employed, and continue to serve the community.

As we continued to evolve, we relied heavily on social media to communicate quickly with customers. Facebook and Instagram have been (and still are) an important part of our success. We were able to post updates to let our customers know that we are still in business and operating safely.

We used direct messaging to immediately respond to customer questions and ran Facebook ads encouraging curb pickup and adherence to CDC safety guidelines to help maintain and grow our customer base.

These efforts have been instrumental in keeping our doors open over the past year. And while Florida is reopened, our local businesses are still very much in recovery mode. Now more than ever, local restaurants need our support, or they won’t survive.

I urge my fellow community members to consider eating local at least once a week.

Support your favorite family or local restaurant by sharing recommendations and posts about these businesses with your friends and family. Join a Facebook group of local foodies and share your positive experience with members. Write a positive review for your favorite restaurants and businesses.

It is more important than ever to support our local businesses and our neighbors so that we can all come out on the other side prosperous.


Audra Nasser and her husband Dan founded Dinner finished! which has been perfecting frozen ready meals since 2004.

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Niagara Cafe’s recipe for success

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – Niagara Cafè has served the downtown Buffalo community for almost 30 years.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, 7ABC is digging into the mouth watering staple on the west side of Buffalo. The station visited the restaurant to see if they would reveal their recipe for success.

“When this place went up for sale it[Maria’s husband] said ‘I think we’re going to teach Buffalo how to eat rice and beans and go on a bigger scale!’ It was perfect: the building, the parking lot. Right in the center of the community, ”recalls Maria Hernandez, co-owner of Niagara Cafè.

On Niagara Street, in the heart of downtown Buffalo, is Queen City’s Niagara Cafè, owned by Maria Hernandez and her husband Raúl.

“Before, we had a grocery store and we always wanted to name it after the street. When we had the grocery store, he didn’t call it that. proximity to Niagara Falls too. “says Hernandez.” I wanted to include Niagara, instead of having a Spanish name that we’re very proud of, but we wanted to identify with the community, and Niagara Street was. “

The restaurant serves Buffalo’s better Puerto Rican food.

“The bestseller is roast chicken,” Hernandez said. “The rice, the roast pork, the marinated steak with onions. It is very appreciated with the sauce and the onions. It is very good.”

The popular restaurant draws customers from near and far to have a bite to eat in the house-style cafe.

“We’re proud of our community here. She’s embraced us for almost 30 years. And not just here, we have people coming from out of town, as far as California or Canada, wherever. either. They always say they have to go in and make a stop at Niagara Cafè before going home. It’s just a good feeling to hear that, “she said.

Don’t think you can make your own seasoning at home, because Hernandez says it’s Top secret!

She said, “We season our food with spices – island spices. It is not a hot food. It is not spicy. It just tastes great with the spices we have. We take great pride in the way we season our food and the taste has taken on. “

Hernandez told 7ABC that Niagara Cafè actually started out as a Puerto Rican pizza place.

“My husband has always been a person who imagines things and makes them happen. When this property went up for sale, we had already launched a satellite, say, we launched Puerto Rican Pizza just down the street. mixed with pizza and Puerto Rican food. It worked great but it was a very small place. “

However, Maria and her husband Raul eventually developed the successful business that it is today: 29 years later.

When asked what her recipe for success was, she replied:

“Oh! Never give up! He[Raul] always has a positive attitude. He says if you don’t take a risk you will never get there. Take a chance and see where it goes, and that’s what happened here, ”she explained. “We started from there. Thank goodness our pride and our community have made this such a good and very positive company. From there, it just wasn’t about looking back. “

While the pandemic has put a damper on many restaurants, Niagara Cafe has not been immune. The restaurant continued operations after three months and rebounded in revenue. However, indoor seating has been permanently removed from the restaurant.

Follow Niagara Café updates, here.
For more Hispanic Heritage Month stories from the 7ABC team, click here.

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This wallpaper contains all your favorite SF restaurants and bars

Photo by Susana Guerrero

restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper. “/>

Iconic San Francisco restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper.

Hunting paper

Giving the “Bay Area Web” a run for its money as the best local wallpaper ever, Yelp released a new San Francisco-themed wallpaper on Wednesday. It features sketches of 12 beloved San Francisco institutions including House of Prime Rib, Green Apple Books, Liholiho Yacht Club, Oasis bar, and more.

Yelp Wallpaper is in collaboration with Chasing Paper, who also designed wallpaper showcasing iconic New York and Austin businesses. A portion of the sales made from each design will also go to nonprofits that help small businesses in their designated cities. Here, La Cocina Municipal Marketplace will benefit from sales of the San Francisco-themed wallpaper.

Iconic San Francisco restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper.

Iconic San Francisco restaurants and businesses featured on a wallpaper collaboration with Yelp and Chasing Paper.

Hunting paper

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Bay Area used as a source of inspiration to decorate a space. In 2019, Fiorella’s Russian Hill outpost gained social media attention not for its pizzas, but for the wallpaper inside its dining room, featuring characters from the region. from the bay like Alice Waters, Joe Montana and E-40.

At the time, Boris Nemchenok, co-owner of Fiorella, told SFGATE he was surprised at the popularity of the wallpaper with customers.

“We literally started getting all of these tags and just everyone posting on Instagram about the wallpaper,” Nemchenok told SFGATE in 2019. “We got a lot of people from social media coming in and wanting to eat theirs. pizza in front of the wallpaper. At that point, it became that thing. “

According to Yelp, the 12 Bay Area locations pictured on the San Francisco wallpaper currently hold four stars on the review platform.

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