October 2021


Fall flavors in grocery stores and restaurants

Beyond the changes you’ll discover on so many seasonal menus in town, there are also local events to help mark the passing of time.

To exploreThe poet’s work on display at Dayton Arcade

On November 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13, the Carillon Historical Park Tavern Dinner Series will host their annual Harvest Festival with an authentic three-course baked meal and historic entertainment in the oldest Dayton Building – the 1796 Newcom Tavern.


Newcom Tavern, now located in Carillon Park in Dayton, was built in 1798 by Colonel George Newcom, one of Dayton’s first settlers. TO FILE

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell

Newcom Tavern served as the city’s first county jail, church, general store, and county courthouse. With recipes taken from 19th century cookbooks, this is your chance to get a candlelight taste of how other Daytonians ate in the 1800s. Talk about marking the passing of time.

The cost is $ 45 for Dayton History members and $ 50 for non-members. Private dinners in a tavern are also available by reservation for the holidays. To learn more, visit

On November 6, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Fall Festival will be held at Gem City Market (, featuring local beer and wine tastings, cooking classes, hands-on art, live music and more. grocery shopping experience around. This is your chance to experience an awesome new shopping place built for people, by people in a food desert, and to pick up some of the aforementioned seasonal ingredients to cook for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

On November 6, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Fall Festival will be held at Gem City Market (, featuring local beer and wine tastings, cooking classes, hands-on art, live music and more.  grocery shopping experience around.  JIM NOELKER / STAFF

On November 6, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Fall Festival will be held at Gem City Market (, featuring local beer and wine tastings, cooking classes, hands-on art, live music and more. grocery shopping experience around. JIM NOELKER / STAFF



It’s the last day of October and if the displays at local vacation shops haven’t knocked you over, the vacation is definitely upon us. The fish fry season will be shifting into high gear, holiday bazaars will be here in no time at all and festivals like the 34th Annual Springboro Christmas in Springboro on November 19 ( are approaching. to big steps.

With four weeks until Thanksgiving and eight until Christmas, time will fly faster than you or I can keep up with. Just be sure to trim a bit to take advantage of the flavors of fall. You will not regret it.

To exploreCity, non-profit organizations work with homeless people in Xenia to make a difference

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Virginia Beach man to serve 10 years behind bars for burglary with invasion of another sailor’s home

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – A 22-year-old Virginia Beach man and Navy sailor will serve 10 years behind bars after being charged with breaking and entering the home of another sailor.

According to the Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, Jacarie Harry Wynn has been charged with three counts of robbery, armed robbery and use of a firearm in an August 2020 incident He was sentenced to 53 years in prison, including 43 years suspended.

Court documents indicate that the victim, who knew Wynn from serving in the Navy together, agreed to purchase marijuana from Wynn on August 15, 2020. Seven people were in the victim’s apartment when he and Wynn visited agreed to meet there to complete the transaction.

When Wynn and another person arrived at the victim’s apartment, the victim attempted to pay for the marijuana with Apple Pay, then returned to the apartment. Wynn then told the victim that the deal had failed, and when the victim returned outside, Wynn and his co-conspirator fired a handgun at the victim.

The victim, Wynn, and his co-conspirator returned to the apartment, where Wynn allegedly hit the victim with a pistol on the back of the head before firing his gun at the other people in the room and to take four cell phones and a wallet from them. Wynn also attempted to transfer money from the victim’s stolen phone to his own account.

The victim and her friends called the police and, after an investigation, the police identified Wynn as a potential suspect.

Wynn was found in a Norfolk apartment 10 days after the incident. He was arrested after jumping from a second floor balcony and trying to escape from the scene.

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Jordan De Goey pleads in New York court over alleged assault at nightclub

Jordan De Goey was released on bail in New York after pleading not guilty to forced touching and assault charges.

The 25-year-old Collingwood AFL player and his friend Luke Dyson were arrested on Saturday following an alleged incident at a Halloween party involving a woman and her male friend.

Police allege De Goey and Dyson groped the woman on a nightclub dance floor before attacking her friend as he tried to intervene.

The Australian men were arrested and sent to a Manhattan holding cell after the woman called 911.

De Goey – still in a bathrobe, his Halloween costume – appeared before a New York judge around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night (2:30 p.m. AEDT Sunday) to plead not guilty.

He was released on bail and ordered to make one telephone recording per week.

He is due in person in court on December 8, leaving his next moves unclear.

The Collingwood players are set to begin pre-season training in Melbourne on December 6.

De Goey, entering the final year of his AFL contract, remained silent when questioned by reporters as he left the courthouse on bail after midnight in New York City.

Earlier, Collingwood said they had not yet been in contact with the footballer after his arrest.

“Collingwood is aware of a report involving Jordan De Goey,” the statement read.

“The club is trying to contact Jordan, who is in the United States, to determine the facts of the case.

“The club won’t be able to comment further until they do.”

Jordan De Goey pictured at a Halloween party in New York City this week. Credit: Instagram

The AFL said it was aware of the allegations against De Goey.

“The AFL Integrity Department will look into the matter once more information is obtained, so far the AFL is unable to comment,” a statement said.

Dyson posted several videos with De Goey on his Instagram page before the alleged incident.

The couple wore only bathrobes to the Halloween-themed party, joking that they didn’t have an outfit.

They were filmed shirtless posing for the camera, with Dyson pretending to take down a large bottle of vodka.

Luke Dyson and Jordan De Goey at a Halloween party this week.
Luke Dyson and Jordan De Goey at a Halloween party this week. Credit: Instagram

De Goey traveled to America to undergo an intensive fitness program as a W workout center in California before his offer to secure a lucrative contract extension.

He recently appointed his brother-in-law, Melbourne firefighter Ryan Vague, as his new manager.

“Everyone knows their last 12 months on contract are a big time,” De Goey told 7NEWS.

“For me it really starts from now with this preseason.”

Jordan De Goey is entering the last year of his contract with Collingwood.
Jordan De Goey is entering the last year of his contract with Collingwood. Credit: Getty

De Goey was allowed to leave Australia on a permit due to his sponsorship with Monster Energy.

He ran a camp with fitness trainer Johnny Louch in California.

“I wouldn’t say it’s enjoyable, I think that’s definitely what I needed and what’s going to get the best of me,” De Goey said.

“There is a lot of talk about the way I travel right now and to be honest I feel really good.

“It’s a whole different kind of training than I’ve ever done before.”

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State College Women’s Football Raises Over $ 10,000 For Good Day Cafe


The State College girls’ soccer team reveals that they have raised $ 10,138 for Good Day Cafe as part of their annual When the Soccer Gets Bigger efforts.

[email protected]

What started as an idea of ​​a few seniors and turned into a one-season fundraiser culminated on October 21 with a check for $ 10,138 at the Good Day Cafe.

With the rain pouring in, State College Women’s Football made a commitment to Good Day Cafe ahead of their game against Central Dauphin at North Field. Matt Porter, who is an employee of the cafe, did the coin toss and another employee, Brooke Fisher, sang the national anthem. Good Day Cafe is a State College cafe that employs disabled adults.

“I was a little stunned by that number,” said Cindy Paquinelli, Managing Director of Strawberry Fields Inc. “These girls just raised over $ 10,000 for Good Day Cafe and they are probably our youngest donors. I think it’s so special that these kids feel that way about their community. So it’s overwhelming – it’s a lot of money. I think it’s so wonderful that the school, the coach , parents instill in these kids from an early age that when you live in a community we take care of each other. This football team – we are the third or fourth charity that they have done [this with]. I feel very honored at the Strawberry Fields and the Good Day Cafe.

Located at 286 W. Hamilton Ave., Good Day Cafe was developed by Strawberry Fields Inc. in response to the 80% unemployment rate for adults with special needs. The cafe sells tea, coffee, espresso, breakfast and lunch items, while also supporting people with disabilities. But just like most small businesses, the cafe has seen challenges over the past year and a half due to COVID-19, having to put staff on leave, most of whom fall into the high-risk category. , for their safety.

State College senior Emma Corby said the team tied themselves to the work of Good Day Cafe and “its mission to empower people and enrich lives through meaningful employment,” making them a selection easy as the subject of this year’s “When the Soccer Gets Bigger” campaign. .

“We heard about Good Day Cafe through a relative who was related to the organization,” Corby said. “We really liked that it’s a place where all abilities can contribute and belong to a community and where diversity is celebrated. We just really connected with their mission… so that made sense to our campaign. ”

Although the Little Lions were unable to secure the victory over Central Dauphin, losing 9-1, their season was defined by more than wins and losses – learning to work hard to achieve their goals. while helping others.

The girls worked throughout the year to raise funds, selling green “When the Soccer Gets Bigger” bracelets for $ 2, collecting pledges and promoting fundraising each year. whenever they had the chance. Julia Lundy, mother of senior team members Kate Lundy and junior Grace Lundy, watched her daughters and their teammates struggle to build the fundraiser piece by piece.

“The girls – they did the fundraising, they did the online posting, they did sales at football games and promotional things at school,” Lundy said. “So it’s really run by all the girls. It pushed them beyond finding other people, realizing that there are other communities that need services. They come out of the football field and realize that they can help others.

When the Football Gets Bigger began when the 2021 State College Women’s Football Seniors were freshmen. The program is designed to keep student-athletes engaged in community service by having them choose “a person or organization to raise awareness, support, encourage and help financially” for each year, according to a press release.

The Little Lions have continued the mission of the WSBG through each of their three campaigns. The team raised $ 8,158.23 in 2018 for Center Safe to help raise awareness and fund the fight against domestic violence and sexual violence. In 2019, they raised $ 24,180.29 to support a local family fighting against pediatric cancer. COVID-19 put the program on hiatus last year, but seniors have continued to push to shape this year’s efforts through planning and goal setting.

“It’s great to see them get involved,” State College head coach Todd Roth said. “We’re talking about what the whole concept is: when football gets bigger. They are fantastic football players and teammates and to see them giving back to the community, getting involved and caring about something outside of our squad I couldn’t be more proud of the effort they put there devoted.

State College women’s football travel to Bellefonte on Monday for the District 6, Class 4A semi-final against Mifflin County at 5:30 p.m.

District 6 Football Playoff Schedule for Central County Teams

On Monday

Semi-final 3A boys: No. 2 Bellefonte vs. No. 3 Central Mountain at 7:30 p.m. in Bellefonte

Semi-final 3A girls: # 3 Bellefonte vs. # 2 Tyrone at 5:30 p.m. in Hollidaysburg

4A girls semi-final: No. 3 State College vs. No. 2 Mifflin County at 5:30 p.m. in Bellefonte


2A girls semi-final: Number 6 Bald Eagle Area vs. No. 7 Juniata at 5:30 p.m. at Bald Eagle Area


Girls’ championship class 4A: Winner of State College / Mifflin County against No.1 Altoona at 5:30 p.m. in Bald Eagle Area

Boys championship class 3A: Winner of Bellefonte / Central Mountain against No.1 Hollidaysburg / No. 4 Winner Penn Cambria at 6:00 p.m. at Mansion Park

Boys Championship class 4A: No. 1 State College vs. No. 2 Altoona at 7:30 p.m. at Bald Eagle Area

Girls’ championship class 3A: Winner Bellefonte / Tyrone vs. Hollidaysburg # 1 at 8 p.m. at Mansion Park


Boys Championship class 1A: No. 2 Saint Joseph’s vs. No. 1 West Shamokin at 6 p.m. at Mansion Park

Girls’ championship class 2A: Winner BEA / Juniata against No. 1 Bedford / No. 4th Somerset winner at 8 p.m. at Mansion Park

This story was originally published October 30, 2021 2:36 pm.

Kyle J. Andrews is a 2018 graduate of the University of Baltimore, home of the lifelong undefeated Bees. Prior to going to the Center Daily Times, he was a sports reporter for the Baltimore Sun Media Group, covering the Ravens and Orioles for 105.7 The Fan, Baltimore Beatdown and Fox Sports 1340 AM.

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Is the US helping the January 6 rioters plan a behind-bars sequel?

Strange things are brewing in the DC Correctional Treatment Center, aka DC Prison, where around 40 of the most violent January 6 insurgents are being held.

The men are housed in a unit separate from the other detainees, awaiting trial. These men engage in a number of activities, singing the Star Spangled Banner every evening at 9 p.m. sharp and even by writing a handwritten prison newsletter.

These seemingly small community actions of incarcerated men awaiting trial are exactly how other radical groups have organized and forged their identities in prisons. Some of these groups then became effective forces that challenged armies and governments.

Further, by mixing the die-hard ideologues with others who may falter in their anti-democratic sentiments under adverse conditions – and by not giving them an offramp for their beliefs – DC prison could inadvertently be the box. petri dish of a future American terrorist group.

Prisons are well-known incubators for terrorists. Like I wrote in my book Disruption: Inside the biggest anti-terrorism investigation in history, prisons can be the place where blood ties are forged and grievances are nurtured. Once released, former detainees can unleash their ideological violence. During his sentence, the ideologically committed terrorist can also influence and recruit from among a rotating series of candidates, dragging them into his violent ideology.

Many individuals who had carried out terrorist operations in Europe had been transformed from ordinary, rootless criminals into something much worse while incarcerated. For example, one of the brothers who made the 2015 Charlie hebdo attack on a magazine, Chérif Kouachi, was radicalized during a 20-month stay in a French prison by an Al-Qaeda agent in the same establishment. Another man from the same prison, Amedy Coulibaly, synchronized his attack on a kosher supermarket in the wake of the Charlie hebdo massacre, killing a policeman and massacring four buyers. A number of the 2003 assailants who slammed into trains in Madrid – Europe’s worst terrorist attack in memory – radicalized in Spanish prisons while serving time for minor offenses.

Perhaps the most notorious example of large-scale radicalization happening right under the noses of authorities was at Camp Bucca, a large US-run prison in southern Iraq during the occupation. This place has become a notorious finishing school for jihadists, as diehard ideologues have ruled the prison yard for years without their American overseers paying much attention. Once these people left Camp Bucca, many retained their new friendships and networks, becoming not only forwards but also talent scouts, fundraisers, coaches and quartermasters.

The Camp Bucca detention center.

David Furst / AFP via Getty

Indeed, many of the men who formed the core of the Islamic State spent years incarcerated at Camp Bucca, including its now-deceased leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and several members of its governing council. A former detainee told Al Jazeera that US officials had done little to stop the radicals in the camp. “Extremists had the freedom to educate young detainees,” he said. “I saw them teaching using classroom charts on how to use explosives, weapons and how to become suicide bombers.” The same dynamic appears to be at play in Egyptian prisons, where Islamic State ideologues are recruiting new members for the cause.

Radical groups even exploit prison sentences as symbolic acts in their greater struggles. Paradoxically, a prison sentence confers a certain degree of gravity on a subset of individuals, making it easier for them to recruit new people from outside for the cause. Adolf Hitler’s stint in Landsberg prison after the Beer Hall putsch became an important ideological touchstone for the Nazis. Most of the senior Irish Republican Army have passed through British prisons and left as the heroes of the cause – or its martyrs, like Bobby Sands, who died on hunger strike. Palestinians celebrate Palestinian Prisoner Day every April 17, cementing the time spent by terrorists and non-terrorists in Israeli prisons to a larger ideological struggle.

Rioters besieging the Capitol on January 6.

Lev Radin / Pacific Press via Getty

Which brings us back to the January 6 insurgents in DC jail. Some indeed might have realized the error of their ways. But those who might want to turn away from radicalization Jan 6 style in DC Prison may be more at risk inside the facility, as they are housed with dedicated people to deepen their engagement. ideological. At the end of October, a federal judge released Thomas Sibick, accused of assaulting Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone and stealing his badge and radio, from prison while awaiting trial at his parents’ home. , in part to escape others. But social pressure on those still in custody to remain loyal to Trump and “the cause” must be strong, especially when surrounded by like-minded violent individuals. Mixing the committed ideologues with the less committed, and letting the former lead their unit as they wish without too much interference, is precisely how radical groups strengthen their power.

Are the prison authorities meticulously monitoring the activities of the January 6 people? Probably not. DC Jail suffers from many other issues, such as overcrowding, understaffing, and poor living conditions overall. Either way, the United States is unlikely to do much to stop these efforts at recruiting and ideological indoctrination. A few years ago, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York noted that there were “few de-radicalization programs or initiatives in place that aim to rehabilitate and assist extremists. to reintegrate into society as legal individuals ”. And this recruitment is certainly happening in US prisons right now: for example, a federal inmate in a Texas prison in October 2020 was sentenced to an additional 300 months for actively recruiting other inmates for the Islamic State.

It is difficult for a radical ideology to exist for long without a committed human infrastructure. But we have seen that several federal politicians publicly support the insurgents, calling them “political hostages” who are “persecuted” for their beliefs. Former President Donald Trump wrote in September: “Our hearts and minds are with those so unfairly persecuted in connection with the January 6 protest over the rigged presidential election… Ultimately, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVISE! There were also small rallies on their behalf as well as a letter-writing campaign by Trump supporters. Those involved in the January 6 uprising are on both sides of the prison walls and in the halls of Congress.

Thus, between the identities reinforced inside a prison and the obvious slice of political support outside, we can see the emergence of a new radical group – with a national network and skilled ideological agents. – ready to threaten the streets of America. in the years to come.

A future fighting force may have cut its teeth not on Capitol Hill grounds on January 6, but in the bowels of a prison a few miles away and months later.

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Concerns over regulating nightclub bouncers amid fears of an increase in fortified drinks

Questions have been raised about the number of club and pub bouncers complying with Security Industry Authority regulations, despite assurances from the Minister of Justice that his department regularly engages with the industry.

DLP MP Sinead McLaughlin asked the minister about industry regulations following the growing number of reports of fortified drinks in recent weeks.

And as nightclubs open for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown on Sunday night, there are fears the number of reported incidents may increase.

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Sidney limits outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes – Victoria News

There will be fewer outdoor options for those dining out in Sidney.

Sidney’s council repealed a temporary bylaw passed in the summer of 2020 that allowed local restaurants and cafes to convert up to 50% of their required parking space to outdoor seating (assuming it didn’t (there is no reduction in the existing number of designated accessible parking spaces).

Council made this decision after receiving a staff report. “Staff believe the change should be revoked at this time due to provincial protocols in place,” said Alison Verhagen, current senior planning director. As the report notes, Sidney introduced the temporary measure during the COVID-19 pandemic, while physical distancing protocols and indoor dining limits affected the seating capacity inside these businesses. .

“While the pandemic is still ongoing, the province now allows indoor dining and requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all customers dining inside and outside at a restaurant or restaurant. a pub ”, we read. “(Therefore) restaurants are less restricted in their operations and may no longer need this allocation of parking spaces to complete their operations.”

The Council first adopted the provisional regulation in June 2020, subject to its cancellation no later than six months. He was back before the board in October 2020, with the board renewing it subject to consideration of the repeal of the by-law in October 2021.

Verhagen said staff contacted both restaurants using the settlement last week. “One of them effectively removed their outdoor patio,” she said, adding that the other did not respond to the municipality after receiving the information.

The Council’s vote in favor of the repeal of the provisional regulation was unanimous.

Companies interested in continuing to offer outdoor seating can apply for a permit from the municipality.

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Restaurants Sidney

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Product Shortages Affect Local Restaurants | Business

Many businesses face product and food shortages, and local restaurants must adapt to unpredictable changes in unique ways.

Adams Bar & Grill co-owner Whitney Loehnig said product shortages were weekly. She noted that she and her staff have responded to product shortages by getting creative, mixing menu items and advising their customers to try different menu items.

“It seems like every week we have, we place orders three days a week. And it seems like every day is something that comes out or only happens the following week, out of stock. So it’s a constant battle, ”Loehnig said. “And like I said, it’s all across the board.

She explained that Adams responded to their shortages by getting a new supplier, which is beneficial as they added a new delivery day. In addition, she said that they have run different promotions based on their available items.

“(The) quality of our food is our most important concern,” Loehnig noted. “And so if we’re running out of something, it’s just because we’re not willing to sacrifice quality for it.”

She praised her husband for doing everything to ensure that the business has food and that its shortages are rare.

Loehnig said it was amazing how understanding and cooperative their customers were when responding to menu items that weren’t available.

Like Adams, Pappy’s Grill & Pub owner Michelle Margulies said product shortages vary and are inconsistent. Margulies said Pappy’s had shortages of items such as chicken, take-out containers, onion rings and jalapeño poppers.

Along with sporadic shortages, Loehnig added that Adams has seen a dramatic rise in prices.

“Our price increase has been astronomical, nothing we haven’t seen since we’ve been in the restaurant business. It’s clear across the board, it’s all in place, and I’m talking about, you know, top ends of over 60 percent on some items, ”she said. “It’s been a whirlwind trying to get this under control.”

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Local bars and restaurants prepare for an active weekend

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (FOX 47) – The scariest vacation of the year is fast approaching. Kids will be heading to the neighborhood for treats on Sunday, but in the days leading up to the family affair, young adults tend to spend Halloween in a different way.

“This weekend is busy,” said Andy Ferguson, co-owner of Bitter and Pour. “It’s always a crazy, busy weekend. It’s funny. Usually I have no problem because people are in a good mood.

Like other bars and restaurants in downtown Rochester, Bitter and Pour prepares for an active weekend.

“It’s very busy,” Ferguson said. “Weekends downtown are usually pretty busy anyway. But, it is a longer period of activity. Instead of being busy from 7 a.m. to midnight, it’s 6 a.m. to midnight. You are full all the time. It’s not half full, half full, it’s just full.

With a vacation known to disguise yourself as someone other than yourself, there could be a question of safety. But Ferguson is not worried.

“We don’t allow people under the age of 21 to come in. To have a drink you have to be seated,” he said.

Plus, as someone who has worked in the industry, he knows how to spot a forger.

Bitter and Pour’s Andy Ferguson is ready for the busy Halloween weekend ahead and is confident he’ll be safe too. “You can usually choose a minor,” he said.

“You can usually choose a minor. Some of them might have been in places a while and they could get good, ”Ferguson said. “But they’re clumsy, hide in a corner, have someone else order for them. They won’t make eye contact with you. There is little clue they give you that they could be sketchy. We don’t have a generally younger crowd here.

Just down the street, CRAVE is adding patrols to keep up with what is sure to be a busy rooftop weekend.

“We’ll have more security,” said Hannah White, CRAVE Services Manager. “We will have cooks, managers who will step in and be at the door. And make sure people are safe.

Friday, Aventi Entertainment transforms the CRAVE rooftop into a dance floor.

“They take the whole floor, it’s a huge dance floor with fog and lights,” White said. “… We are very busy and people are having fun dancing. “

The Aventi Entertainment team then heads to the Workshop Foodhall and Bar on Saturday.

The roof of CRAVE turns into a nightclub with the help of Aventi Entertainment. “We work very well with them,” said Hannah White, CRAVE Services Manager.

“We are working very well with them,” White said. “We work as a team. We make sure they’re safe, they make sure we’re safe. We sort of do everything together.

Costumes and all, downtown employees are confident Halloween weekend will be sure to be.

“If someone comes in with a full gorilla mask, or any mask, I’ll just ask them to live it real quick,” Ferguson said. “I mean, they’re gonna have to do it anyway, have a drink of their cocktail.”

Weekend Halloween Events:

-The Mayo Civic Center welcomes Rochester on Tap for its third year. On Saturday there will be a Halloween costume contest with a prize of $ 500.

–Halloween Hootenanny at TheFarm, 7 p.m. potluck

-Trunk or Treat events, Sunday

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Eatery Business

Best Personal Loans For Fair Loans In October 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Launched in 2017, Upgrade offers accessible online and mobile credit and banking services in all states except Iowa, Vermont, and West Virginia. Since then, the platform has provided more than $ 3 billion in loans to more than 10 million applicants and continues to expand its online and mobile services. Although the maximum APR are on the high end compared to other online lenders, Upgrade does make loans available for those with poor credit ratings.

Loan amounts that start at just $ 1,000 are flexible but capped at $ 35,000 – lower than lenders who focus on more creditworthy borrowers. Three and five year loan periods are available. Upgrade will charge a commitment fee of between 2.9% and 8% of the loan, and borrowers will pay a $ 10 fee if their payment is delayed or missed by more than 15 days; there are no discounts for autopay. However, upgrade borrowers are not subject to prepayment penalties, so if you can prepay it early, you can reduce the total cost of the loan.

In addition to offering accessible personal loans, Upgrade is optimizing the lending process with a mobile app that borrowers can use to view their account balance, make payments and update personal information. Upgrade’s Credit Heath tool also makes it easy for you to keep track of your credit history over the life of your loan.

Eligibility to participate: Prospective borrowers should have a minimum score of 580 to qualify for an upgrade personal loan (the average borrower score is 697), making it an accessible option for those with fair credit. In addition, the lender does not require applicants to meet a minimum income, although borrowers make an average of $ 95,000 per year. Applicants should have a maximum pre-loan debt to income ratio of 45%, excluding their mortgage.

The lender also takes into account each applicant’s free cash flow, which shows their likely ability to make consistent loan payments on time. Ideally, applicants should have a minimum monthly cash flow of $ 800.

Upgrade increases the accessibility of the loan by also allowing co-applicants.

Credit used: As with most other personal loans, Upgrade Loans must be used to pay off credit cards, consolidate other debts, do home improvement, or pay for other large purchases. However, Upgrade stands out from some lenders by allowing borrowers to use personal loan funds to cover business expenses. Additionally, Upgrade pays out third-party lenders directly, making debt consolidation more convenient than some competing lenders.

Apart from the legally prescribed prohibitions on the use of upgrade loans, there are no special prohibitions.

Change of page: Once an upgrade loan is approved, it typically takes up to four business days for a borrower to receive the funds. However, if Upgrade is paying off a borrower’s loan directly to an outside lender, it can take up to two weeks for the funds to clear.

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